Regent (UC,M/L,K/L,ADULT) complete, 4/7/2012

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Regent (UC,M/L,K/L,ADULT) complete, 4/7/2012

Post by ken_r » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:42 pm

The Regent

This is a Max and Liz story

WARNING, WARNING There may be content that offends some readers. If so, please give me the respect to go somewhere else to read and let me post for those who do like what I write. kr

Title: Regent
Author: ken_r AKA Kenneth Renouard
Couples: Max/Liz Kyle/Liz
Alternate Universe with aliens, unconventional couples, but this is a Max/Liz story
Rating: adult
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. I am suggesting that if Max was a king and loved Liz there might be complications.

Summary. In this story, Max knows he must leave. He is not sure he can return. Liz has a four-year-old child. Max is determined to leave someone to care for her. Kyle is charged with being the regent. He must stand in place for everything until Max returns, including making sure that Liz is given a chance for a larger family. When the king returns, he wants what is rightfully his. The king cannot stay long. What happens to Kyle during this time?

After making every promise in the universe to Liz, Max becomes, in someway, indispensible to his people. The topic of how Max goes to what he considers his responsibility and his relationship to Liz is fertile ground for writing. I Heard You Calling This was an attempt to show Max leaves for 40 years and then tries to return to Liz. Even I, thought this very irresponsible. ... e-complete

can probably be found on RF, but I couldn’t find it. This story has Max returning after walking out on Liz the eve of their leaving for college. Anne only makes Max leave for 10 years.

Here is another suggestion. It flies against most of our social conventions, but a king might find this suggestion to his fancy.


Kyle had hurried home from school. There had been a time in his life when he would have said the game was the most important thing. That was before he took on the mantle of Regent. Kyle, now, was the first to say that home, family and responsibility was what was dearest to him. When he was young and the glory of being in the big leagues had faded, all Kyle could think about was to someday coach a state winning team. The time that coaching stole from his family just made that dream fade into the past.

As he opened the door and a small blue-eyed boy with brown hair ran to him yelling, “Daddy, daddy, hey mom, daddy is home,” more than made up for the roar of the crowd and the thrill of victory. Kyle now, taught boys and co-ed Physical Education at Roswell High.

Liz came to the door with her arms full of toys, that she had been picking up and leaned toward Kyle to give him a welcoming kiss. “Did you hear anything from Evans?” was the first thing that Kyle asked.

“Yes, the security officer from Antar dropped by and said that his ship was a week out,” she stated.

About that time another boy, about 14 years old, came in. “Hi Kyle, hi mom,” he said. He had light brown hair and light amber eyes. AlexZander had told both his mom and Kyle that he was too old to be hugged any longer. Kyle extended his hand. “Hi Alex, did you have a good day?” he asked.

Like most 14-year-olds, getting useful information about the school day was like pulling teeth. “Yeah, I guess I did,” was the reply.

“AlexZander, you and Jimmy go wash up. I will fix you both a snack if you hurry. Kyle and I have something we need to talk about,” Liz command.

“Come on sprout. I will race you to the bathroom,” AlexZander yelled.

Jimmy followed his half brother with, all the admiration that a younger brother has for his older sibling, the admonition of their mother, “Boys, no running in the house.” was lost.

Liz turned to Kyle. “Are you still worried about Max returning?” she asked.

“Well, I am living in his house and I am sleeping with his wife, I have fathered a child with her. Yes, I am concerned,” Kyle stated.

“Kyle, Max knew that it would be 10 years or more before he could return. He made you regent. He talked all that over with you before he left,” Liz explained.

“Yes Liz, I know. It is still hard for me to understand. “Kyle, old buddy, I am gonna be out of town for a while. I want you to take my house and fuck my wife while I am gone. That is still so strange for me,” Kyle said.

“Kyle, Max never explained it that way. He saw that you had no prospects, you had almost lost your way in life. If you tied up with any new girl, you would have to let a complete stranger into our world. Max knew that you had history with me. Leaving me to find another man, who had no knowledge of our alien relationship would have been dangerous, also. Max did not want me to have to live most of my life alone. He had already seen the changes starting in you. The changes in both of us would have been difficult to live with unless we had support. Bringing any a stranger into our family would have been difficult. He tried to offer both of us the best deal for he knew how.” Liz knew of Kyle’s worry. She also knew her husband and she understood that Max always tried to have everyone’a best interest when he made his decisions. That was what made him a king and that was what took him away from her.

The six of them, in that worthless piece of hippy junk that Jesse had found at the last minute, had just encountered their last battle. For a year, they had run just ahead of the “Special Unit.” All six of them were becoming battle hardened. For a time, the battle was all one direction. The Unit had used bullets, bombs and sometimes more sophisticated weapons against them. They had managed to survive, not that they didn’t suffer wounds many times. The healing power of Max had been taxed from the beginning.

For Kyle, the worst wound came, not from their enemies, but from within. Early in their flight, Max and Liz had taken time to be officially married. The other couple, Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca had been sleeping together since the first time Tess had left. Max and Liz’s honeymoon was, the other four sitting out side the van around a campfire, while the vehicle rocked to the passions of the newly weds.

From the first, Kyle had been an outsider. Kyle only left with them because, he had also been named by the Special Unit, for study. Kyle had also received the curse/blessing from Max of being healed. There might be a time when he would sparkle like tinfoil in a microwave. Liz already was showing changes in her body and in her mind. These were changes which needed to be monitored by Max. Only Max would be able to care for her if the changes became too great. Now with Max gone, she surrounded herself with those not from around here.

Moaning his own bad fortune, Kyle could only think how much worse were the conditions for Isabel. Kyle felt tuggings at his groin, while listening to the moans from the back of the van. Max had curtained off the rear seat of the van so the two couples could have privacy while the van kept up its almost unceasing travels. Michael and Maria took turns with Max and Liz making love behind the curtains while the un-joined members could only sit and shudder.

For a high school kid, Kyle had had a fairly active sex life. He was a sports hero and there were plenty of honeys who would spread their legs for him. Dating and then losing Liz to Max had been the end of Kyle’s social life. Kyle had never made it with Liz, but he was sure that it was only a matter of time. Liz wasn’t a girl to just casually spread her legs. As far as Kyle could tell, she had been a virgin. He was still sure that his charm would open her up to his seduction. He was sure that is, until Evans came by.

Isabel Ramirez had lost one boyfriend through tragedy, he being murdered by one of their own. Tess, the fourth hybrid, had also been an outsider because she hadn’t been raised close to the other three hybrids. She had been tutored to believe she had the connubial rights to the king, Max. In an effort to take those rights and deliver the other three hybrids to their enemies on Antar, Tess had pushed Isabel’s new boyfriend to mental efforts until his mind broke. Isabel then married, some say to quickly, Jesse Ramirez, only to lose him as the special unit attacked their group. Isabel would not let Jesse leave his productive life to become a fugitive like the rest of them, but there were many nights when Maria’s sighs were heard behind the curtain that Isabel would have given anything to have a naked Jesse in her arms.

Kyle wasn’t, at that time, into married women and Isabel took her vows seriously, so they just sat in sexual frustration as the other two couples found relief for theirs.

In the last battle, they had caught most of the leadership of the special unit in the fortress of Eagle rock research facility. It had been just two weeks before that a bomb, meant for them, had gone off in a park killing three children. Max just shook his head. “It stops here,” he stated. The unit, trapped within its own fortress, while the three aliens began to pour energy, through their power blasts, into the edifice. It was only a matter of seconds that Kyle and Liz, their beginning powers becoming visible joined in the effort. In the end, it was only Maria who was untouched by alien power. As she made love to Michael, all wondered when it would be her turn.

Isabel, now, was returned to Jesse. The other two couples were married again before their families. Kyle was, now, the only outcast. For him to have someone, it would be necessary to let someone new into their group. Even Kyle was hesitant about this.

Then, that fateful day, word came from Antar that Max was needed to control the rebellion. Neither Isabel nor Michael were any longer wanting to return to a place of which they had no knowledge. Nor, were they willing to leave the love they had recently found. Kyle was taken aside by Max.

“Kyle, I may not ever come back or I may return when they allow me. It would still take ten years or more to accomplish this. Liz has a four-year-old son and neither of them could survive the trip to Antar. It would please me if you would take this ring of regency and take my place, caring for my family and for my friends.” Max placed a ring on Kyle’s finger. It would cost a fortune if it had been crafted on earth.

For a time, Kyle felt that he had only taken on a responsibility to look after Liz and AlexZander. Liz soon made it clear, “Kyle, Max wouldn’t want either of us to remain celibate while he is gone. With her encouragement Kyle returned to school to get his teaching degree and he came to her bed to satisfy their carnal needs.

For a while, Kyle tried to be careful and as he made love to Liz, he always used a condom. Finally, Liz informed him, “Kyle, I want more children.” She convinced him to throw away the condoms. Kyle and Liz, now, made love like an old married couple.

When little Jimmy was born, named after Kyle’s father, Kyle asked, “Do you suppose Evans will be angry that now he has a son who is not his own?”

“No, Kyle, Max loves children. He will cherish Jimmy just like you love AlexZander. Like you, he will not supplant Jimmy’s father, but he will always praise and bring Jimmy up to love both of you,” Liz stated.

Liz was visited often by hybrids from Antar. There was a bodyguard around herself, her children and also around her consort, Kyle. How good this security, was shown in the fact that none of the bodyguards were ever seen by any of the household.

Liz was also in contact with officials who guided her through this unusual relationship. Liz was given a household allowance that more than covered their needs. Kyle, likewise, was given a salary. He was confused about this. “Liz, am I being paid to service you? Am I just a male whore?”

“No, Kyle, you are an employee of the Antarian government. You are a direct employee of the king. Your job is to stand in place of the king until he returns. They sent you back to school so you could be a role model for our children. The money is yours to do whatever you want with it.” Liz tried to have explanations for Kyle, although some of them she didn’t completely understand herself.

Liz managed the household with the help of two ladies who were hybrids themselves. The ladies often took time off to return to their own devices and every couple of years, they were exchanged. Not only did they assist Liz, but they also advised her.

“The king is required to sire an heir who can live on Antar. The woman he chooses there will, in no way, supersede you in authority or in position. She would be unable to ever see earth just as you could never see Antar,” Kaitlain told Liz.

For a while, Liz was hurt. Yes, he had sent her to Kyle, but that he must take another woman and sire a son with her, was a little hard at first. Liz remembered a saying of a navy wife. “I don’t care what he does as long as it is more than one thousand miles from home port.”

Liz guessed that Altar fit that description. It was millions of light years away. That was when Liz became more comfortable with her relationship with Kyle. Kyle liked being a teacher. He saw the value of showing his two sons the necessity of a vocation and the joys of a job well done. He had all the money he could ever want, but he learned to live almost like he would have done normally. Well almost. Kyle did buy a new pickup every two years.

Marcie, the other lady who assisted Liz, said one day, “The king will take a furlough on earth in six months. You and your consort are to prepare for this.”

“Marcie, what am I supposed to do?” Liz inquired.

Marcie just shook her head, “I don’t know, my lady. I have just been told to tell you to prepare for this.” With that, Marcia went back to laying out the fresh laundry.

That night after the children had gone to bed, Liz came to Kyle and sat in his lap. “I have been informed that Max will return for a brief period of time. I was told that we had to prepare for this.”

Kyle looked at her, “Does this mean I am thrown out?” he asked.

Liz shook her head, “Kyle, I am just as confused about our actions as your are. I think that the king does not follow the same rules as everyone else.”

“Liz, I love you. I, also, love AlexZander and Jimmy. Do I just give way for the king whenever he desires it?” Kyle asked.

“Kyle, I love all of you. I also love Max. I don’t know what we are supposed to do.” Liz replied.

Kyle had taken to stopping by for a beer after school. The first time he did it, one beer led to two, which led to three. Kyle, was brought home by two men, who introduced themselves as Ralph and Eddie. They parked Kyle’s pickup in his driveway and carried him inside the house. “Don’t be too hard on him, Liz,” Ralph said. “Kyle is still getting used to Max returning.”

Liz knew immediately that these men must be part of the security force who guarded Kyle.

For a whole week, Kyle came straight home every evening. Almost every night, he and Liz made love. It was as if Kyle was trying to store up images to sustain himself, while Max was back. It was a week later when, again, Kyle returned to the bar. He sat down and ordered a pitcher of beer. He barely noticed when two men sat on either side of him. They all three began telling stories. “This football coach used to always scream to the half back when he wanted him to pass, ‘Throw him the chicken, throw him the chicken.’ Well one day when I was playing, I heard him shout his favorite saying. Glen, one of the other backfielders, slipped me a rubber chicken. I threw it. The receiver was laughing so hard he forgot to run and the coach was so mad. All of us ran laps for two hours. We puked our guts out at the end, but it was worth it.”

Ralph stood up, “Kyle let’s move to a booth.” They sat there just nursing Kyle’s one pitcher while they each told stories to top the other.

Eddie looked at his watch. “Kyle, its late. We better get home. Do you think you can drive?” he asked.

“Yeah, I don’t know how many beers I have had, but I feel pretty good,” Kyle having only had one glass from the pitcher, two hours ago made it home in top condition. Liz didn’t say anything about the beer on his breath. She knew that he was having trouble adjusting.

This went on for some time. The time at the bar was shorter and shorter until it was just a stop for one beer with the guys. Then for some reason, Kyle just stopped at a coffee shop and had an espresso. He was surprised that Ralph and Eddie also stopped by. They all told jokes for a brief time. Then, Kyle laughed, “Guys I gotta go. The little lady works hard to have supper ready for me. I don’t want to disappoint her.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens, Ch 3, Oct. 21, 2011

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Chapter 2

Max returned.

AlexZander and Jimmy were dressed in their best. Liz had on a dress that was conservative, but she looked lovely in whatever she wore. Kyle had on the clothes he had worn to school. AlexZander, like a true prince, walked up to Max. He extended his hand. “Are you my father?” he asked.

Max had tears in his eyes, “Yes, Zan I am your father. I am so sorry that I had to miss your growing up. You are a fine young man.”

Jimmy looked big eyed as he looked first at Kyle and then at Max. “Are you my father?” he asked.

Max took him in his arms and held him up. “No, Jimmy, Kyle is your father, but I think I will love you almost as much as he does.”

Kyle had a lump in his throat so large he could hardly breath. Why had he made this agreement with Max? Did this mean that he would be hurt every time the king wanted to return?

Kyle took one chair and Max the other. Liz and the two boys sat together on the coach. Max regaled them with tales of the universe. The boys both looked at him spell bound. Kyle couldn’t tell what Liz was thinking. As Max went on and on, Kyle slipped into a trance as he studied Max. Kyle noticed that Max bore on his arms and face scars that were too deep to heal or maybe, Max didn’t want to heal them.

It was late. Liz got up and ushered the boys upstairs, to bed. Max turned to Kyle. “What I have asked you to do on, Antar would be a simple deed. Here on Earth, I realize the magnitude of what I asked. I can only remain on Earth a short time. I only hope you will let me have what is rightfully mine and some day, I can return to you riches enough to pay for it. I meant it when I said I would try to love Jimmy just as you have loved Zan.
Jimmy’s education will be assured every bit as much as that of Zan or any other children that Liz shall produce. I hope you can still honor our agreement and care for the family after I return to Antar.”

Kyle stood up. “Max, I will do everything I can to honor our agreement. I gotta go, now. The idea of me staying down here while you are fucking Liz in her bedroom is just too much for me to take.”

Max nodded, “Yes, Kyle, I think going on walk-about might be the best thing for you. Don’t be gone too long and remember, I really do love Liz. I am sorry this is so hard on you. It is much easier on Antarians.”

Kyle got into his pickup and stopped at the first bar he saw. He ordered a beer as he thought. I will get so stinking drunk that they will fire me from school. No job, no future, lets see what those Antarians can make of me then.

Kyle was sitting at the bar, watching the foam in his glass. As the bubbles broke, Kyle felt that he was seeing his life break also. A blonde sat down. Her short skirt rose up to where Kyle could see her panties just peaking out from under it. “You seem down in your cups, tonight, honey,” she said.

“Yes, my love is in the arms and bed of another man, tonight,” Kyle moaned.

“That is rough, honey. Maybe, you should do something to deaden the pain,” She breathed.

Kyle leaned back and looked at her. She must be a professional. Her breasts were fighting to escape from her blouse. Kyle couldn’t tell what she was wearing under it. Her blonde hair was of medium length and it hung in ringlets. Not only by seeing her panties, but Kyle could see that her legs were naked, with out any hose. Only a hooker could look that good and would be willing to talk to a man clearly depressed. “Sweetheart, you are way out of my league.” Kyle raised his beer, while trying to imitate a bad Humphrey Bogart. “I am afraid that this is the best I can afford.”

She smiled. “Honey, it is hard to tell what league you are playing in until you get past first base.” With that, she took Kyle’s arm and for reasons he never could explain, Kyle followed the strange woman. Her ass bounced against him, as they walked out of the bar. She led Kyle to a black limo. Something in his warning system should have kicked in. A strange woman, picking him up in a bar and taking him into a darken vehicle, this would have made a two hour show on America’s most wanted. At the moment, the aspect of becoming a missing person didn’t phase him at all. Kyle had no idea of how his pickup managed to get back home for his use when the king had finally left.


Liz came down the stairs. She saw Max sitting there by himself. “Where is Kyle, Max?” she asked.

Max looked at her sadly and said, “Kyle thought he should leave. I agreed. It would be too hard to think of us making love while he is under the same roof.”

“Max, be kind to Kyle. He is having a very hard time of this. This might be normal for Antarians, but for Earth folk, it is foreign indeed,” Liz stated.

“I know Liz; if there was any other way I would have done it. I wanted to leave you with somebody I could trust and somebody you could trust. All of us thought letting someone new into our circle would be dangerous. Bring you and Kyle together seemed the natural thing to do. We had taken so much from Kyle, this was the best I could do,” Max said sadly.

Max reached for Liz. She couldn’t help, but to fall into his arms. It was as if a large force was pushing her. This was her husband. He was the king. He was a law unto himself. “Liz, Liz, I wish I could tell you about the people of Antar. Love to them is nothing like it is on Earth.”

Liz looked at Max, “I understand you have produced an heir on Antar.”

“Yes, and he is nothing like AlexZander. I will never see him play baseball. He will never have that light in his eyes that AlexZander and Jimmy had as I was telling stories. People on Antar just do not have emotions like they do here.” Max was thinking about the frail looking people he saw in his court. On Antar, he like wise had that body. While he was there, he wasn’t supposed to have the same feelings that he did on Earth. Max had grown up on Earth. All the time he was at his court, there was something eating at him. It wasn’t until he had changed back to human form that he understood what that was. His people were right to send him back from time to time to rekindle his Earth roots.

They did not go to Liz and Kyle’s bedroom. The house was a present from the Antarian government. It was purchased shortly before Max was called to leave for Antar. There had been one room that Liz had never entered. Max led her to that room. Liz had not questioned that the room had been locked ever since they took up residence. Tonight, she learned that this room held the bed of the king.

Marcie and Kaitlain were waiting. Liz noticed that Max silently left, closing the door behind him. “My lady, we are to prepare you for the king,” Marcie stated.

“What is expected of me?” Liz asked.

Kaitlain answered, “My lady, we have no idea. We have our instructions and that is all we know. Remember, this is a first time for us ministering to the needs of the queen at the orders of the king.” Kaitlain and Marcia had been with Liz for several years. This was the first time they had referred to her in the third person as the queen. The two women facing her now could have been complete strangers.

Liz looked at the two women she had been so close to for so many years. Normally, Marcie and Kaitlain helped with the household chores and helped with the care of the children. Liz wasn’t fooled. They both were capable fighters, chosen to protect the family of the king. The two women usually wore the casual dress of a suburban family. Now, they both were dressed alike. Both wore towel turbans covering their relatively long hair. Their upper garments were simple terry cloth tank tops. Their lower garments were sort of shorts-kilts of the same material. The first thing Liz saw about the room was that it was very large, much larger than any other room in the house. There was a large bed, king size or larger; it was covered by a single satin or silk sheet. Liz saw no other covering. The next thing she saw as she was led to double doors was that they led to a bathroom with walk in shower. The three women stood before these doors as Kaitlain and Marcie proceeded to remove all of Liz’s clothes. At first, Liz resisted. She was a grown woman, she didn’t need assistance in disrobing for her bath. “My lady,” Kaitlain said, “you don’t want us to fail in our duties, do you?”

With that, Liz relaxed. The two women had been more than servants or even bodyguards. They had become friends. Usually, they were not that formal, but as they said, this was a time of the king. Max was her legal husband and her first lover. That he was the king was hard for Liz to understand.

As they led the, now, naked Liz to the, walk –in-shower, Liz noticed that somewhere they had removed both their garments. Only the turbans protected their hair. Liz reached for the soap. Kaitlain beat her to it. “My lady, just be still. We will see to all of your needs,” Kaitlain stated.

Liz’s body was soaped and rinsed. Then, her body was washed again in conditioner to remove the soap. The conditioner had a very slight fragrance. The last rinsing was done and the shower shut off. Liz was led from the shower and both women began to dry her off. As they walked back into the bedroom, Liz noticed that the women had, again, donned their terry cloth uniform. Liz was led to a table and encouraged to lay face down. She felt a gentle oil or body lotion being rubbed into every part of her body. The scent was very slightly of strawberries. “This is the scent the king wants to most remember,” Marcie stated.

Liz was made to turn over and the massage with the warm oil continued. Liz became sleepy as she felt the intimate touches made by the women. Although the touches bothered Liz, she drifted off into a sleep without making any complaint. The drowsy Liz was made to sit up and she felt first a garment she had never worn before. The women pulled a G-string over Liz’s hips. Next she felt a gown pulled over her head and she was led to the huge bed. The women pressed a drink into her hands saying, “Drink, it wouldn’t be right for the queen to fall asleep on the first night of the king.” Kaitlain then faced Liz. “My lady, soon you will feel the sword of the king. As you do, remember that you are the first one in the entire universe.”

Liz felt fear flood through her being. She thought she understood the metaphor about the sword of the king. She didn’t fear that Max would approach her with an actual sword. It was the attitude of Kaitlain as she delivered what was a memorized message for her queen.

As she drank what was given to her, Liz felt a warmth flood her body. She began to take interest in her surroundings. The gown she was wearing was of white gauze. Every bit of her body could be seen through it. She looked down and clearly saw the black triangle of the g-string.

Max entered.

Liz jumped up at first. Then, she remembered, in the presence of the king, she was to wait his bidding. With a pass of his hand, his clothes fell the floor. For the longest time, Max stood there staring at her body. Liz finally, understood that Max hadn’t seen a naked human woman for almost ten years. Looking at Max was a surprise also. There were scars about his body. He showed the evidence of many battles. “Max, why didn’t you heal your scars?” Liz asked.

“Liz, a king without scars is not a powerful king. I can heal my people, but for myself, I must bare the burden of showing that I was willing to be in combat,” Max explained. “The scars of Antar must be carried even to my human form.

Liz’s sight proceeded down to his crotch. She remembered the high school kid who had dropped his pants as she lay on a blanket back in the dark park. This had been the first time that Liz had gazed at a partially naked boy with knowledge of his intent. Max and Liz had learned about sex together. They had endured many fumbles as once, when she set Max off, as she tried to help him roll his condom on. Max was so embarrassed. It was to Liz to comfort him and assure him that as soon as he could, they would have another go at it. There were many times when their excitement would pull the condom off, in Max’s immaturity, he would be unable to stop his stroking, especially when they were in the back of the van. That was what probably caused AlexZander.

Just out of high school, having returned from their flight from their enemies, they were waiting for college and pregnant. After the disappointment of both sets of parents, everyone surrounded them to help. They had the marriage certificate they had gotten on the road. Making love in the back of the van had been far from satisfactory. Liz never asked Maria how they managed, but she and Max had to return to Roswell and arrange their affairs for Max to attend a state school while Liz took on small jobs to help out until it came her time. With help from both parents, they made it. Max got his degree and was preparing for graduate school. The plan was when AlexZander was old enough, Liz was to attend school also. AlexZander was four when Max left.

Now, Liz didn’t understand much about the bodies the aliens wore when they were on Earth, but the hangings Max bore, were not those of a high school boy.

They sat on the bed, Max took her hand and put it in his crotch to feel his manhood. Liz was surprised to feel the organs even though large, had little life. Max began kissing her. His hands were exploring her entire body. Liz could slowly feel his sex organs begin to grow as he progressed in his exploration. Under her kneading, she felt him become the Max she had known a long time ago, only more so. It was almost an hour before they could make love. Some how in this time, Max had removed her gown. Her g-string was pushed aside. Slowly, memories came back to Liz. Indeed, she felt the sword of the king. There was pain when Max thrust himself into her. There was more pain as she felt him swell as they lay there, him pumping his seed into her body to overflowing. When they finally collapsed into a deep sleep, it was almost morning. Liz had dreams of all sorts of strange beings. They were all looking at the naked couple lying in each other’s arms. They were all nodding their affirmation.

It had been only a short time when Kaitlain had gently shook Liz. “It is time to get up,” she said.

Liz noticed that Kaitlain couldn’t help but see the king lying naked beside Liz, but Kaitlain tried to avoid staring. She was trying very hard to keep her eyes on the body of Liz. Kaitlain had been chosen as the one who would approach the queen first in the morning. Kaitlain would be one of the few who gazed upon the naked body of the king without being impressed into the royal harem. As soon as her lady-in-waiting had left, Liz gently shook Max. “Your highness, it is time to get up,” she whispered.

Chapter 3

Kyle woke up late in the morning. The first thing that struck him was that he over slept. He would be in trouble at school. The second thing that hit him was what had he done last night. Kyle faintly remembered the bar. There was something about a whore. He faintly remembered the skin so lovely that to touch it gave him tingles. He remembered her breath of mint and honey. He remembered all this for the first time, even more than the high school honeys he had laid in his youth and even more than his time with Liz. The tension that had built against Max, left as he fucked or as he was sort of thinking, made love to that strange woman. There was a knock at the door and Ralph came in. “How do you feel this morning?” was his cheerful greeting.

Kyle felt his head. He didn’t have a hangover. If his memory was right he hadn’t even finished his first glass of beer. Then, he remembered the woman. Going with a whore, he should feel dirty, but he didn’t. Looking at Ralph, Kyle said, “Any idea of who the whore I was with, last night?”

“Hey wait, bucko. Don’t you dare let Karen hear you say that. She is part of your bodyguard. She volunteered for this job. She works for you. You ought to have a little more gracious tone when you speak of her,” Ralph stated.

“She volunteered to sleep with me?” Kyle queried.

“Yes, that and other things,” Ralph explained. Kyle wasn’t sure what had been explained. “Kyle, you are completely human, except for some alien overtones that are growing within you. You have been sleeping with the queen and now the king returns. You fell in love with the queen. She fell in love with you also. Neither of you can afford that. You are the regent. You stand in place of the king, but remember that the king can return at any time to reclaim his own. The king must return to Antar soon, but he will come again. You have use of everything he has, except, when he wants it. Then, you must be willing to give way, no matter how you feel.”

Kyle rolled over and pulled a pillow over his head. Last night Evans was fucking his own wife. He had allowed Kyle to be with her for almost ten years. He would soon return and Kyle had promised to again attend to the king’s family. Kyle must always remember that the curse of the king’s return, would always be with them.

Kyle groaned, “What about my teaching job?”

Ralph smiled. “All taken care of. Here, call your principal,” Ralph said as he handed Kyle the telephone.

The phone rang and the school office answered. “Mr. Garcia, please,” Kyle asked.

“Hey, Kyle, this is wonderful news. We got word late about the seminar. Hey, Buddy, don’t worry. We have your assignment all covered. We expect you back filled with ideas to start off next semester.” Kyle hung up the principal was so jovial.

He looked at Ralph, “Now, what?” he asked.

That depends on you, buddy. If you promise not to hurt her feelings, I can try to get Karen back. We think the king will want you back as regent a couple times before he leaves. The rest of the time, why don’t you just let Karen screw you silly. She has been studying on that. I am sure that she has become a woman of considerable skill.

Kyle just nodded. He was still sitting up in bed when the woman he remembered from last night returned. Gone was the short dress and the peek-a-boo panties. Gone were the extreme high heels. In their place she was wearing simple slacks over slip on loafers. This was all topped by a sweater. “Look, Kyle, there are not many times that a girl gets to make love to the kings regent,” she stated. It might be years later that Kyle would ponder the fact of differences in his loves. There was something about Karen, almost the fragrance of anise. Just as the king had commanded that his queen be anointed with the smell of berries, a smell, which he vaguely remembered from the time Liz worked in her parents restaurant. The tendrils of anise would forever bring thoughts of Karen to Kyle throughout his life. These thoughts probably should have been forbidden because Karen would be forever exiled from Earth, as the once concubine of the regent, after the king returned home.

For now, Karen did something to her clothes and they fell to the floor. The sight and smell he had of Karen, would make her everyman’s dream girl. Kyle would think of her figure, her skin and most of all her willingness to be with him. She extended her hand and helping Kyle up she led him into the shower. They lathered each other with soap and rinsed each other with their hands. By that time, Karen had touched Kyle so much that he had no clear memory of what they had been doing. They, again, collapsed into the bed. Kyle had no idea of where they were. When Kyle was in high school before Liz bewitched him, he had screwed many high school girls. He hadn’t brought any of this into an art form, as he did now. No woman on Earth could bring forth from Kyle, the heroic abilities as did Karen.

Lying beside Karen, Kyle was exploring her body. “Deeper, Kyle,” she exclaimed as he ran his fingers over intimate parts of her body. Now, Kyle’s turn, he felt her fingers probe and knead everything about him. Karen had showed him that, between them, nothing was off limits. He and Karen no longer had any secrets from each other. Even when he made love to Liz, it was nothing like this. Kyle tried to think. It was difficult because of what Karen was doing to him. He loved Liz. Liz had probably loved him. Liz belonged to the king. Liz was his to tend when the king was absent. What was this woman who brought him to term so many times in one night?

Kyle thought of the little girls he had screwed in high school. They were just that, little girls. Neither Kyle, nor they, would admit that they were playing with fire. It was only by the roll of the dice that Kyle didn’t end up like Evans and Liz. With Kyle, it would have been more serious. At least Max and Liz believed they were in love. What would it have been for him? He hadn’t loved any of those girls as he pulled their panties down and screwed them behind the bleachers. For him, it was just excitement. At that time, he didn’t even have an appreciation for what he took from them or of their immodest, but beautiful bodies, as they spread out before him. They didn’t appreciate anything in him, at that time either, except he had a willing and useful prick.

There had been Cindy Lou. Her parents were almost as wealthy as Max’s folks. Cindy Lou was one of the most uppity girls at school. Her boyfriend was a college boy named Craig. Sometimes, he brought her to school in his Jaguar. Craig had taken Cindy to the prom. Right after the dance, instead of attending any of the after prom parties, he took her to one of the best motels. He stoked her with champagne and stroked her with sex until check out time the next day. Cindy had bragged to both the boys and the girls about the number of times and the hours they had spent. Kyle almost lost his cool when one night after practice, Cindy was waiting for him in the shadows.

Kyle saw the girl standing in the shadows. She must be getting out of girl’s field hockey. He mumbled a greeting as he passed her. He wasn’t prepared for her grabbing his arm and pulling him into a savage kiss. “Kyle, screw me hard,” she demanded.

She led Kyle to a place she had prepared behind the bleachers. She already had laid out a blanket. Standing on the blanket she pulled at something on her dress and it slid to the ground. Cindy was wearing nothing under it. She knelt before Kyle and began to pull at his belt. His pants and shorts on the ground, she began to kiss and nip her way up. Finally, she had everything off and she pulled Kyle between her legs. Kyle rammed her and she quietly moaned. “Harder, Kyle, harder,” she exclaimed. Even when he grabbed her breasts, she only moaned, “More Kyle, more.”

The only pain Kyle was into was football. He surely didn’t want to hit a girl. She had sucked and bit him all over his chest. He was going to have to make up a whopper of a story for gym class tomorrow. She pulled his face into her chest and Kyle felt that he was almost forced to return the same. When they both collapsed out of fatigue, she whispered, “There will be more if you keep your mouth shut.” She had come on to Kyle three more times before he became bewitched with Liz. What had Kyle meant to Cindy? He always saw her the next day on the arm of her college boy. She never looked his way. Kyle imagined she wasn’t nearly that wanton with her boyfriend or he would see the bruises and ask questions.


The time Kyle spent with Karen, had slowed down. He had a credit card from the Antarian government. Of course it was under the name of Universal Investments. In the closet where they were staying Kyle found a complete wardrobe. He still didn’t have the foggiest idea of where he was, but Karen wanted to go out. No longer was rutting in bed sufficient. They danced and dined as she assured him that no one knew them in this town. Where ever it was, Roswell was some distance away. After their date, Karen would return to the bedroom and keep them going until wee hours in the morning. They seldom got up before noon.


At breakfast the next morning, Jimmy asked, “Where is daddy?”

Max gave him a sad smile, “Your daddy is gone for a few days, but he will return soon. I will take care of you until then.”

AlexZander looked up, “How long will you stay with us?”

Again, Max looked sad, “Not long enough. I have to get back to my people. I will try to return again soon.”

Max looked at Liz. “Can they miss a day of school?” he asked.

“I think so. I will write a note tomorrow explaining we had a special visitor.” Liz said.

Max turned to the boys, “Can you play ball?”

The excitement was infectious. Even little Jimmy had his own glove. He had Kyle’s natural ability. The four of them, Max taking Kyle’s old glove and the two boys chattering as they all walked to the park. Liz had prepared a lunch so she sat in the shade watching her sons as Max tossed the baseball to each of them. She saw Max grimace as he caught balls from AlexZander. AlexZander had picked up a pretty good fastball for his age. Jimmy had to lob the ball into the air to reach either of them, but most of the ones they threw to him, he caught.

Being with Max since he was king, was so different from the Max she had loved so much before. Even when they were running from the special unit, Liz always thought she was part of his life. They did things together, especially making love together. Now, there was a whole section of the king that she was not allowed to know nor could she touch. She was seeing that people did things for the king. They did not do things with the king. Because his human side had been dormant for so long, Liz had to work extra hard to get response from him. As a family, they were forced to do things together. Max enjoyed the boys showing him new things about Roswell. He seemed to enjoy the time he spent with her. There was something that was just different.

“Max, what is your life like back on Antar?” Liz asked.

“Different, so different,” Max replied. “I hope you understand that I had to take a wife to produce an heir. You will always remain the queen, but she is a legitimate wife. Marriage with us on Antar is so different. That is why so many volunteer to come to Earth. Even though it is for so short of a time, what they experience on Earth remains with them.”

“What is happening to Kyle while we are together?” Liz asked.

“One of those I was talking about, a volunteer from Antar, is taking care of him,” Max answered.

A flash of jealousy went through Liz. “Liz,” Max cautioned. “You wouldn’t want Kyle to remain alone while I am sleeping with the woman he has come to love, would you?”

“I don’t know,” she murmured. “I care a lot for Kyle and I understand your agreement with him. I just fear that, maybe, going to another woman might turn his head and he no longer want to keep up his bargain.”

“Liz, the woman he is with must return with me back to Antar. She has a family and mate that need her. She is on special assignment working for the king,” Max explained. “I promise to never leave any woman who has garnished the bed of the regent to further explore this relationship.

Liz still didn’t understand how she felt about this whole arrangement.

Liz caught herself missing Kyle. One evening, Max announced that he would be gone for a few days. “Kyle will be back with you. I charge you to make up to him the time he has had to be away from his post. The next morning right after breakfast, Max left.


It would be two weeks before she brought Kyle back to reality. “Kyle, honey, you need to go back to the king’s wife. He will be gone for four days and he wants you to be with her during that time,” her statement was confusing to Kyle. What about what he wanted? What about what Karen wanted?

It was the middle of the afternoon when a limo drove up and Kyle got out. He quickly ran to his door and Liz met him there. The minute the door was closed, she had her arms around him. Kyle was surprised. If he had been taken away from her for ten years, he would have screwed her every minute he could. She wouldn’t have had enough energy to put her arms around anyone. She asked, “How have you been?”

Kyle frowned. He really couldn’t answer that question. He couldn’t answer where he had been either. All that Kyle knew was that the kids were at school and they had three hours before they returned. Without a word Kyle started to lead Liz to their guest room. Damned if he would lay Liz on the same sheets that Max had been using for however long he had been home. Kyle wasn’t even sure that he could ever return to that room. That was another thing Kyle didn’t know. How long had he been gone?

“Kyle, we didn’t sleep in our bedroom. I understand your reluctance to make love in the room where I was with Max. It wasn’t in our bedroom,” Liz informed him.

Kyle thought, “Good. At least for these few days, I can sleep in my own bed.”

AlexZander came home first. His father had told him that he must be gone for a while. “Son, I don’t want you to let a day go by that you don’t remind Kyle how much you love him. I don’t want you to let a day go by that you don’t remind Kyle how good he has cared for you.” Max told him. When AlexZander saw Kyle he walked forward to shake hands. Then, AlexZander leaned forward and threw his arms around Kyle. Come to think of it, AlexZander had never shown that much emotion for Kyle. He liked Kyle and he respected Kyle. It was as if some permission had been given for him to let down any block in his emotions. Kyle liked that.

Jimmy was much more demonstrative, “Daddy, I am so glad you are home,” Jimmy cried. Kyle hugged Jimmy as AlexZander stood at his side. “Daddy, Max took us to play ball. He said we were fit for the major leagues,” Jimmy said with enthusiasm.

Kyle couldn’t help it, he had to laugh. “Well, Max has a lot of pride in you boys, but I think there is going to be a lot of work, before we worry about the majors,” Kyle told them

Dinner that night was a lot like normal. Normal, what was normal about fucking a man’s wife when he wanted you to and then letting him back into her bed at his command? What ever dinner was, the specter of the king still ruled. Jimmy and AlexZander were full of their activities of the last few days. Liz would comment on what the boys said, but she was so careful not to mention anything about herself and Max. Kyle noticed that Liz was, also, careful about asking about anything that Kyle had been doing the last few days.

Back in bed with Liz had seemed so right. Kyle kept searching to see if he had any guilt about the last few days with Karen. Surprisingly, he couldn’t find any. The days went by too fast. Kyle went back to school, telling about his seminar with surprising excitement. The other coaches had a special meeting as Kyle regaled them with psychological ideas in making exercise more fun. They all asked questions and to his surprise, Kyle had very insightful answers.

The principal called Kyle in to congratulate him about being chosen for this honor. “We have been very fortunate in that there has been a large donation to put so many of the new ideas into practice. We even are considering an evening session for parents who might want to train with their children. I understand that you will have to finish the seminar next week. I want to tell you the whole school is grateful for what you are doing,” The principal said excitedly.

“For what you have done.” Kyle had fucked a surrogate standing in for Liz. Kyle had given up his love of Liz to her true husband. Yet, somehow, in his mind, Kyle had dozens of ideas of how he would improve his department. Kyle had no idea where he got them.

Every minute he was not in school, Kyle spent with his family. After school, he and Liz played with the boys and later at night Kyle and Liz played with each other. The play he got from Liz was so different from what he had gotten from Karen, no wonder Kyle mistook her for a professional.

To Liz, the love she got as they collapsed in bed was so much more family. Liz wasn’t prepared for Kyle like she had been for the king. Kyle took Liz in tenderness, without any of the fanfare or necessity to demonstrate any greatness. The way they slept together, again brought forth in Liz the desire for more family.


A black limousine drove up and Max got out. The boys ran to him and he greeted them as before. They sat down to dinner and, again, Max told the family stories about the conclaves of aliens scattered about the Earth. After Dinner, Kyle could sense that Max wanted time with his wife. Kyle walked outside and saw the black limo waiting. Almost without volition, Kyle found himself walking toward the vehicle. Immediately, Ralph and Eddie, in chauffer’s uniforms, got out and stood by the door as Kyle climbed into the rear seat. Waiting for him was the soft body of Karen. This time, Kyle noticed that there was a lot more room in the back seat than he had imagined.

The window to the front was closed and darkened. It wasn’t long before Kyle had most of Karen’s garments lying on the floor and she had helped him out of his pants. Kyle woke up without having any idea of how long the limo had been traveling. Finally, they arrived at where ever they were intended and Kyle followed by Karen, both now dressed got out before a modest house. It may not be a mansion, but when they entered, Kyle found that every need he or Karen had, was met.

That night, they went to dinner. The restaurant was very upscale. Nothing like the Crashdown, you know, a burger and fries for five dollars. Here the liquor was fine. Kyle had never tasted anything so smooth. Since he didn’t have to drive, Kyle did over indulge. The meal was the best steak. The conversation with Karen was highly intellectual and geared to his interest. They talked of teaching and the importance of carrying the love of learning rather than any certain subject to his students. Kyle talked of making the appreciation of exercise a life style instead of any classwork. Kyle had no idea of how she did it, but Karen made him forget everything he had done the last week. In bed that night, Kyle could only think of how much he loved the woman beside him. No thoughts of whore, like last time, entered Kyle’s mind. Surprisingly, no thoughts of Liz ran through his thinking either.

It was after making love and as they lay in each other’s arms that Kyle asked, “When Evans goes back, what happens to you?”

There was brief sadness in her voice. “I go back to my family. I have had the honor of loving the king’s regent. I now can return to my mate and we can produce more children,” she stated.

Produce children, that brought forth in Kyle’s mind the thought, while making love to Karen they had never used anything like a condom. “What if you get pregnant by me?” he asked.

Karan turned over and took his face in her arms. “Kyle, as much as I love you, I could never allow myself to get pregnant by you. Any child we could produce could never go back to Antar and not only do I miss my family, the edict of the king is too strong too allow me to stay here forever. Besides, when the king returns, he will take me with him. You have your own obligations to his wife. The king has an heir on Earth and will not give Liz any more children. I understand that she wants a bigger family. That will be up to you. On Antar, this is a common arrangement, especially with royalty,” she related.

“Its not common on Earth,” Kyle growled.

Karen was running her soft hands on his face. “We know Kyle. We are all trying to help you the best we can. Liz was the king’s first love. He can’t let her go. You are the only one he can trust on Earth,” Karen said.

“Yeah I am just a whore. For favors the king gives, I service his wife and conveniently step aside when he desires,” Kyle said.

“Kyle that first night you called me a whore. That wasn’t true. You hurt me very much. Ralph explained that you didn’t understand. I wasn’t going to come back, no matter how much it might anger the king. It was Ralph who talked me into fulfilling my agreement. I am not a whore and neither are you. We both have difficult agreements to fulfill and we should do our best. The king is never not generous to those who follow him,” Karen explained.

Kyle still had no idea what city they were in. The days were filled with sight seeing, ball games and dining. The nights were filled with love making, except when they finally drifted off to sleep. Then, Kyle was having disturbing dreams.

Kyle was a junior in high school. He was the fullback on the team and the girls could not help but throw themselves on him. There was Sandy. She was his steady, if you could call it that. Kyle, no matter how many times he returned to Sandy, he insisted that he wasn’t ready to settle down.

It was the Junior-Senior prom. Kyle had played a stunning season. His coach had promised him a chance to talk to college recruiters, even thought he was still a junior. “Just listen to them Kyle. Don’t commit to anything yet,” the coach had ordered.

Like many boys going to prom, Kyle had reserved a room. This was more a gesture, as not that many girls agreed to go, even with the glamour and excitement of the prom. Sandy did agree.

The dance was beautiful and it wasn’t as if she was a virgin. Sandy had slept with Kyle before, just not in this state of excitement. The tuxedos, the gowns, the romance and the feeling of growing up, all made many passions over ride careful thought. This all culminated in Kyle exceeding the number of condoms he owned. Kyle had no idea that he had that much stamina. They did get home by sunup. After all it was prom. They didn’t over stay her parents wishes that many times.

Kyle was looked at like a racehorse. Many of the big schools were looking at him. They made it clear that, all depended on what kind of season he had in his senior year, but they were clearly interested. “Kyle, I am pregnant,” was not the speech, Kyle wanted to hear. No Sandy had no interest in an abortion. She had strong religious prohibitions against that. To Kyle thinking of killing a part of himself sunk into his mind. No he had created life and he would support it. High school gave in to night school and football gave into sacking at the local grocery.

The marriage was short and sweet. All their friends wished them the best. Then, the so called friends left to pursue what their senior year was all about. Kyle had made the junior year of the junior senior prom, but he didn’t make it his senior year. While his dwindling number of friends bought gowns and tuxedos, Kyle was learning to change diapers.

Kyle woke up. He had never known any girl named Sandy. All he could think about was how easily a life could suffer change. The dream was a complete fantasy and not a happy one.

Kyle and Karen again played the day away. Kyle still didn’t know where he was, but there was an ocean nearby. They swam and lay in the sun. That night, Karen was even more passionate. Kyle understood that this was the end of something for her. The dreams came again.


Kyle was getting out of the showers. He deftly slipped the Super Bowl ring on his finger. We wore that ring with pride. He had slaved for that ring. The coach even told him that he was playing better than ever. He could go out on the town or return to a cold apartment. Claudia had left. Kyle had been served with a writ of divorcement just before the game. Maybe every man he hit on the other team was one of her secret lovers. Claudia was going to get a lot, but the prenuptial agreement meant Kyle would not face ruin. Kyle hadn’t always been faithful to her, but she hadn’t ever said anything. Kyle had become bolder and bolder in his escapades letting them get closer and closer to home. When Claudia walked out, she was driven away in a Ferrari. Kyle hit the town with the boys, but the woman he woke up with was far from satisfactory. As before Kyle suddenly woke up for real.

Once again, Kyle faced that his life could have gone along the lines he had dreamed of as success. No matter what he achieved, there might be payment demanded. No matter what he had, when the king left, payment had been demanded and given.

This night as they made it in bed, Karen told him that she would be gone with the king tomorrow. The love they made was bitter sweet and the final dream was disturbing.

Kyle had woken up in a hospital. All he remembered was challenging that full back on the other team and the crunch. Sitting beside him was Claudia. This time she had stood beside him all the way. The first thing Kyle saw was her tearful face. She wouldn’t explain anything so it was up to the doctor to tell him. “Son, your spine was broken. We can do a lot to help you, but your days on the field are over,” the green suited man informed him.

Kyle thought that life could have gone on without any duplicity. What ever companions he made could have remained loyal. But, what was loyalty when fate again chose to deal you a joker? Kyle’s mind didn’t kid itself. His body, no matter how strong, was still susceptible to fate. Control was not a power allotted to man. You took the cards you were dealt. If you called for more cards, they could always do you in.

Kyle woke for real this time. He woke to an empty bed. Ralph came in and said, “Buckaroo, rise and shine. You are going back to the queen this afternoon.”

Kyle felt helpless after the dreams. They all showed things that he couldn’t control. Kyle was seeing that he was in control of very little in his life.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens, Ch 3, Oct. 21, 2011

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Chapter 4

The first thing Liz had noticed about Kyle was that he was a lot more amorous. Kyle had always been a good lover. He had to learn something, in high school. It wasn’t that Kyle was demanding, he did reach for Liz the moment they went to bed. Liz had done everything the king had demanded and she felt a little guilty. Was she as willing to be as free with the man who shared her body everyday?

Kyle wanted a lot more foreplay. Liz didn’t object, but Kyle almost felt like a stranger. Her gown was lying on the floor while Kyle hadn’t even bothered with boxers. His hands coating her with body lotion had probed every curve and crevice of her body. It reminded her much of the ministrations of Kaitlain and Marcia. The first night Max had returned, they had been the most intense. They prepared her most of the nights, but the ministrations were less. Now, Kyle was bringing back those feelings. The difference for Liz was that the two women were preparing her for Max. Kyle was preparing her for himself. The touches of the women were plutonic. The touches Kyle dealt her were full of his desire. When Kyle was finished with his preparation, still holding her breasts he mounted her, the difference from the huge engorgement she had received from Max was noted. There was something else different about Kyle. During the day while Kyle was back in school, Liz sat thinking about what it was. Max had been a starving man. For ten years he hadn’t tasted human sex. He greedily wanted from Liz what he considered was his. Liz, understanding this, gave Max all she could. Kyle was using sex to bring his family closer. He had missed her for only a few weeks, but Kyle wanted her to accept him again as her mate. Yes, Kyle was her mate. Soon, Liz was pregnant.


The timing had been way too far off to involve Max. This would surely be Kyle’s child. AlexZander was now 16 and Jimmy was entering middle school. They both understood that their mother was having a baby. They both were old enough to understand how babies got there. They were both asking each other questions about Max/Liz/Kyle. They saw that their family was not conventional.

Maria Lynn came into the world. She had no idea that she automatically inherited an educational endowment. Many other things were assured for her, unlike so many other babies. She did learn that she had two brothers who cared for her and a mother and father who loved her very much.

Kyle had only a few more years until he could retire. He still felt young, but working with children, he worried that his judgment had slowed down. When he got to his 25 years, he intended to step aside and allow some younger buck to take over. Maybe he would involve himself in some volunteer work or maybe, in community college exercise classes.


AlexZander had entered graduate school. He was in a premed program. Jimmy was a senior in high school. They were still very close as brothers. Little Maria Lynn was ten. She didn’t know why, but she sensed that her family was in turmoil. Something was about to happen. Her oldest brother had dated very little. She had heard that they were worried if he even liked girls in that way. She wasn’t exactly sure what that way was. They were just as worried about her other brother having too many girls. Parents could be so strange. She had been brought up that if she had an excess and a friend had none, to give some of her excess to the friend and they would be even. Maria had tried to explain this to Jimmy. Why couldn’t he send some of his girls to AlexZander. That would make them even.

Kyle saw himself in Jimmy. He saw himself without a Liz to bewitch him out of this cycle. “Jimmy, aren’t any of those girls some how special to you?” he had asked.

“Not really, dad. The girls keep coming. They don’t seem to mind, so why should I?” he asked.

“Do you ever worry about safe sex?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, but we all get checked at the clinic, so the chances are pretty good that I won’t catch anything,” Jimmy replied.

“What about getting a girl pregnant?” Kyle asked.

“There is that worry, but we try to be careful,” Jimmy answered.

“If you did create a child, would you take care of it or would you destroy it?” Kyle asked very seriously.

Jimmy was quiet for several minutes. “I don’t know, dad. Getting married to someone I could never love would be a bummer. Remember she would have a lot to say about what would happen to an unplanned child,” Jimmy stated.

AlexZander wrote Liz that he had someone he wanted his family to meet. Both Kyle and Liz were excited as the taxi drove up and a couple got out. AlexZander was AlexZander. His parents saw little difference in him, except that he seemed happier that he had this creature on his arm who he wanted to introduce to his family. Her name was Maya. She was tall, slender and her tanned Mediterranean completion was set off by the brightest eyes Kyle could imagine. Her long straight hair hung down her back. In her high heels, she was almost as tall as Alex.

Jimmy broke up the seriousness of the event. “Gosh, Alex, you don’t catch many girls, but when you do, you bring home Miss Universe.”

Alex was terribly embarrassed, but Maya took it all in good humor. Liz came out looking tiny beside the tall stranger. “I am so happy to meet you,” she said.

Once inside while making small talk, Liz spoke up again. “Alex, I don’t want to embarrass you, but how do you want to arrange the sleeping arrangements tonight?” she asked.

Maya was surprised that Alex’s mother was so direct. Alex calmly stated, “Mom, we have been sharing an apartment for several months. We didn’t want to say anything until we saw how things were going. The reason we came home was to announce our engagement.”

Liz nodded and turning to two women, who Maya hadn’t seen and stated, “Winnie, Zabra, set up the guest room on the ground floor for our guests.”

That night in the privacy of the guest room, Maya commented, “Alex your mother took us living together so calmly. I don’t think my parents will take it so well.”

“My family is pretty broad minded. Kyle is my step father and Jimmy and his sister Maria Lynn are my half siblings. Maria is on a sleep over with her friends. You will meet her tomorrow. She is ten,” Alex explained.

“Does your family have servants? I saw the two women who set up our room?” Maya asked.

“No, not servants, more like bodyguards. Those two women could handle half a dozen attackers. They help out around the house to have something to do,” he explained.

“Wow, bodyguards, what does your family do? You said that Kyle is a PE teacher,” Maya remarked.

“Yes, but my father is a very important person very far away. My mother is his wife. She inherits the bodyguard. Kyle is the regent. Don’t try to understand too much too fast. Trust me, it is complicated,” Alex stated.

“But you said that Kyle and your mother are parents of Jimmy,” Maya started.

Alex pressed his finger to her lips, “Please, let me explain in my own time. As I said it is very complicated.”

The next morning, Maya saw things were even more complicated. Jimmy was off early for his own affairs. Liz called to him. “Jimmy, we need you home tonight.”

“Sure mom. I will be here for supper,” Jimmy called back.

Alex wanted to show Maya all about Roswell. They visited the museum and visited several theme establishments. “Aliens seem so important,” Maya said.

“Yes, they are,” Alex stated.

Playfully, she asked, “Do you know any aliens, Alex?” Maya wasn’t prepared for his very serious answer.

“Yes, I might know a couple,” he stated.

They had been walking all morning and the heat of Roswell was getting to them. “I think we need to head home,” Alex said. He raised his hand as if to summon a taxi and a black sedan pulled up beside them. They got into the sedan and Alex stated to the driver, “Arnold, could you take us home, please?”

Maya was not prepared for the answer she heard. “Yes, my prince.” The driver said.

Maya looked to Alex. Alex had already run the window up for privacy. “What was that prince stuff about, Alex?” Maya asked.

“Alex wasn’t looking at her at the moment. Maya found this very disturbing. Finally, she heard, “Arnold has only recently arrived and he isn’t with the customs yet.”

“Alex, I definitely heard him say my prince. What was that all about? Who are you?” Maya asked.

Alex turned to Maya. “I am a graduate student preparing for a medical degree. I am, fortunately, lucky enough to have a famous father who has given me sufficient funds to continue my college. He comes home about every ten years or so. That is why I want to talk to my mom to see when he might come back. I would like him to be at our wedding, if he can.”

“Comes home every ten years or so! Where does he live?” Maya asked.

“It is a long way off, I said. That is another thing I have to explain,” Alex stated.

Chapter 5

After supper, Jimmy and Maria Lynn, carefully trying to follow what was said without interfering, joined the others as they sat down to explain their life to Alex’s girl. Liz spoke first. “AlexZander’s father was my first love. We met as teenagers and our romance was typically high school. There was one difference. Max and his family found out that they were different. They were involved in a federal persecution. Those of us who knew them were included as well. The Feds followed us relentlessly. Because of who they were, several assassination attempts were made. We ran for almost a year after high school graduation. AlexZander’s father, Max and I were married. Finally, the Federal persecution was ended, partly by legal and partly by semi military procedures. We were free, or so we thought. No sooner had we returned to Roswell, than we found out I was pregnant. Plans for Harvard and other famous schools had to be rethought. AlexZander was born and I helped put Max through school. Our parents helped, also. That was when we learned that the stories about who Max was, were true. Max was an important person to his people. They needed him to return home, but the baby AlexZander and I couldn’t stand up to the trip. Max left for ten years. He placed Kyle, my former boyfriend and a man Max learned to trust, as his regent. Remember, Max wasn’t sure that he could ever return or he would even live through the experience.

Kyle and I lived as a family and we had a son, Jimmy. Kyle has cared for both AlexZander and Jimmy equally. About ten years ago, Max returned. Now, Max is my legal husband. He embraced both AlexZander and Jimmy. Max knew that he couldn’t be present so he, again, charged Kyle to fulfill the part of regent. Max also, knew I wanted more children. I know it might seem strange, but Max charged his regent to make sure I had that opportunity. Maria Lynn was born after Max returned to his people. She is Kyle’s daughter,” Liz finished.

Alex took up the narrative. “It has been about ten years since my father was last home. We are hoping that he can return soon. If possible, I would like him to be at our wedding. I have been talking to mom about getting word to him. That is why I have been putting off the date. It might not be possible. My father would be the first to understand that we must do what we must. Still, if possible I would like it if, my father, along with the man, Kyle, who raised me, would attend at my wedding,” Alex stated.

The conversations went on to details about the wedding, Maya’s family and other things of much less consequence. Finally, Liz, taking Kyle’s hand, led him upstairs to their bedroom. With a frown from Liz, Maria Lynn scuttled off to her bedroom, also. Jimmy and AlexZander were left alone in the living room. “Alex, I know how important it is for you to have Max at your wedding, but remember, Max returning is hard on dad. Having them both at the wedding is going to be difficult. I am sure that when you ask him, dad will do his best, but Max is a reminder that Mom belongs to Max and dad is just the regent. He stands in Max’s place,” Jimmy stated.

AlexZander sat with his head in his hands. “I know, Jimmy. Every time dad returns, mom says that he is more and more alien. The things he does to deaden the pain for Kyle, do just that, they deaden the pain, not eliminate it. Kyle loves mom and in his alien way, so does dad. Dad gave me life, but it was Kyle who brought me up. Kyle taught me to throw a baseball, Kyle took me to Driver’s Ed classes. It was Kyle who stood at the end of the reception line when I graduated both times, once from high school and once from college. As much as I love dad, I know it will be Kyle who bounces my children on his knee and takes them fishing. Jimmy, the more I love Maya, the more I almost resent dad. I can’t imagine having to let another man sleep with my woman, while I wait outside. Jimmy, your dad deserves more than I, Max or anyone else can ever give him. My dad is my dad. He is my heritage, but Kyle is my anchor. He will be the one who helps me through my first fight with Maya. Mom and Kyle will be there in the waiting room when our babies are born. I wish I could explain why I want Dad so badly to be there; shouldn’t Kyle be enough?” AlexZander finished.

“You know, I envy you. Dad had a talk with me the other day about the girls I date. You have found one person who you want to stand by you no matter what. You also have a brother and sister who will stand by you,” Jimmy said.

AlexZander looked up. “What do you mean, you envy me? I thought you always had it made. All the girls and no consequences. From the stories, Uncle Mike told me about Kyle, you are much like him,” AlexZander said.

“I may be like him, but my life isn’t. Alex, the one thing we both have to bond us is that we were both conceived in love. When Mom became pregnant with you she was deeply in love with Max. She tells of difficulties, but looking at her as she tells the story, she wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Dad has always been in love with mom. That is why Max chose him as regent. Max always knew that dad would care for mom and her family because he loved them. Dad asked me the other day, what would I do if one of the girls I have been screwing became pregnant? The truth is, I don’t know. Having a child with any of them would not be a child of love. Mom broke the cycle for Kyle. Even though the years she was with Max were painful for dad, still he wanted a child made in love. That is what he got with Maria and me. Two children he got from the woman he loved very much.” This was probably the most serious conversation the two brothers had ever had.

AlexZander stood and stretched. “Yeah, bro, and now to continue our family, we are going to bring more pain to it. There is no way that someone doesn’t get hurt. I better tend my own fires, before I become the one. I am sure that Maya has many questions that need quick answers if I am to even have a wedding. Night, Jimmy, tomorrow is always a new day,” AlexZander said as he turned to the guest room.

“Yeah, nite bro, a new day, hunh. That is what dad always said,” Jimmy stated.

Both Kyle and Max had worked to make sure that the three children never felt that any one of them had an advantage. Maria Lynn hadn’t yet, met Max, but when she did, his charm was sure to win her over. Both boys, now that they were grown, had mixed feelings about their family. Both boys enjoyed Max when he came. It had been ten years, but the time they spent with Max had been an historic marker in their lives. Both boys now understood the pain, Max brought for Kyle. Both of them wondered how their mother handled the situation.

Now AlexZander walked up to the door of the guest room. What he said next would determine his future.
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Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

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Chapter 6

“Sorry, hun. I was clearing up some things with Jimmy,” AlexZander stated. “This is the first time we have ever talked since we became adults. We both have concerns about our family, but from different perspectives,” AlexZander explained.

“Alex, I have concerns about your family. On the surface they seem to be a solid normal family, with one child, from a previous marriage, who seems to be very integrated into the rest of the family. But, and for me, it is a big but, there are things that don’t fit. Did your parents get divorced?” Maya asked.

“No, dad is mom’s legal husband. Kyle is the regent,” AlexZander stated.

“What is this regent? That is what I most do not understand,” Maya said.

“A regent stands in for the king for a specific time. So says the regent, so says the king. Obviously, the regent must be a very trusted person. History is full of regents failing their duties. They forget that they stand in for the king; they are not the king,” AlexZander explained. “Kyle is a very trusted person,” AlexZander finished.

“Who is your father? Who is this Max fellow? Why can’t he come home more often than every ten years? Why can’t your mother or you visit him?” Maya gushed questions.

“I was hoping to put those questions off until we got more explaining. Who is Max? That is the most unbelievable part of my story. I am hoping that you will still love me when you find out the entire truth,” AlexZander said.

“Alex, I am in love with you, but there are many questions that I need to answer about your family. Why are they so secretive? You have chauffeurs and household maids who are body guards. You raise your hand and a limo drives up. What is your family?” Maya asked.

“My father, Max, is an alien king. He lives at a place very far away. My mother is his queen, but where he lives, he has a wife who has given him an heir. Neither me, nor my mother can ever visit him where he lives. It takes a huge expense and a great stress for him to visit us. That is why he can only come back every ten years or so. Max is my father, but he considers all of us his family. Kyle is my stepfather, but he also considers me part of his family. In the absence of the king, Kyle steps in for him. Kyle is my mother’s lover when the king is gone. When the king returns, Kyle must step aside, that is very painful for him,” AlexZander related.

“Alex, I’m not ever sure that is legal,” Maya stated.

“Oh it is legal alright. Mom and dad have a legal marriage certificate. Both Kyle and dad do rely in their faith in each other. Kyle has the word of the king and where dad lives, his word is his bond. To break his word would probably subject him to death. Dad relies on Kyle not to press any legal issues. By Napoleonic Law, which we don’t recognize here, but it does make up some of the common law, the children of the wife are those of the husband, no matter who their father is. Kyle could contest this, with DNA testing, but that would be breaking his word to my father. Kyle is more of a gentleman than you can ever imagine. He would never do that. My father finances most of our family. As king he has plenty of wealth. Kyle is very sensitive that he is a paid whore. That is not true. Kyle is the second most important man in my life. Sometimes he is the first,” AlexZander explained.

“Where do these servants come from?” Maya asked.

“They come from my father’s world. They are aliens,” AlexZander stated.

“Aliens, is your family in trouble with immigration?” Maya again asked.

“No, no, they are much above any Earth government. They are fully documented. I don’t know who endangers us, but I was talking with Eddie the other day. He has been with our family the longest. Most of the household staff rotates back to their homes every few years. Eddie lost his family, so he remains with us. Well, I asked Eddie who he was protecting us from and he asked if I had ever been attacked. Of course, I answered no. ‘Well, then, young prince we do a good job don’t we?’ He answered. The times I was with my father, I was too young to ask questions. This time, maybe, he will tell me more,” AlexZander stated.

“Where is this mysterious place where your father lives? This is the second time I have heard the word ‘Prince.’ What does it mean?” Maya asked.

“I am a prince, because I am the son of the king. I will never rule nor will my station be recognized. It is just a family term. There is another prince in a galaxy far, far, away and he will take over my father’s throne. Maybe someday he can under go the transformation and I can meet him. That might make my family complete,” AlexZander said.

“Alex, don’t go all StarWars on me. Where is your father’s kingdom? In this day in time, how can any place be that difficult to reach?” Maya asked.

“Difficult for them, but impossible for me. Aliens can adjust to the transformation, but humans can’t,” AlexZander explained.

“Aliens, humans, what are you, Alex?” Maya cried.

“Maya, I am as human as you can get. I imagine a few of my genes are strange, but the number of years aliens have been in contact with Earth, there are many strange genes floating around. Usually when discovered, they are called anomalies,” AlexZander stated.

“Then what is your father? What is Max?” she asked.

“Maya, look around you. Where are we? Roswell is the alien capital of the world. We make fun of our aliens, because that makes most humans not take them seriously. Most of the time, fables, stories and such have some basis in fact. In this case, my father was an alien king. He was called back to his world. Now, we only see him every ten years or so. Kyle agreed to take care of the queen and the queen’s family. Now, you know all about us,” AlexZander concluded.

“Alex, if we marry, what will our children be like? Will they be green and slimy or gray and three feet tall?” Maya wondered.

“Maya, our children will be pink and wiggley. They will squall and get their diapers dirty much too often. We will watch for months to see what color their eyes become. They will have your tan complexion and hopefully my interest of looking up at the stars, wondering where we all came from. They will have an uncle and aunt who spoil them along with a grandmother and grandfather who take them places we don’t have time for. Rarely, they will have strange visitors who look on them with pride. Financially they will be well off, being part of the king’s family. They will have friends who appear when they need help. They will have a father and mother who become famous curing all sorts of things. They will inherit a strange history that they don’t take to show and tell at school. Other than that, they will be like all the other children you trip over at the grocery store,” Alex said.

Maya had already gotten ready for bed. She had been waiting for AlexZander. “Alex, come to bed. Just hold me tonight. I have a lot of things to think about. I want you near so I know all these things are real,” Maya requested.


Jimmy was getting out of the showers, having finished practice. He hadn’t slept well last night. His father talking to him about girls, seeing his brother and his fiancée, that is if she didn’t run as she learned about the family, were preparing for a marriage. Where did a boy named Jimmy fit into the universe? It bothered him that his mother would go to the bed of the king and leave his father so distraught. Jimmy was barely ten when he last saw Max. He didn’t understand anything except that his father had to go away and this likable stranger took his place. Jimmy could see his father, when he thought no one was looking at him. The mention of Max caused things to pass in front of Kyle’s face. Now at his present age, Jimmy could only wonder how his dad could let another man come in and take over. Yes, Jimmy understood the agreement between Max and Kyle, but how could anyone get into that sort of agreement? Jimmy knew of his father’s early life, of how Kyle’s mother had picked up and left. Was that a curse he was to inherit? Jimmy knew that Liz, his mother, wouldn’t think of leaving her family, but she was willing to be in bed with a stranger. Jimmy knew that this hurt Kyle. A lot of Jimmy’s actions with the many girls who hung around football players was from his insecurity. His dad had fallen in love. That must have been his mistake. That was the only way Jimmy could imagine getting into such an agreement. Now, Kyle told Jimmy that being in love with his mom, even though she was the wife of another, was what had saved him from a very unhappy life. Jimmy in his carelessness, could well end up in a situation that had nothing but unhappiness for everyone. Get a girl pregnant that he didn’t love, pushing her to an abortion, accepting and trying to care for a baby without loving help, marrying a girl he didn’t love and probably wouldn’t ever love; these were all troubling thoughts. That is why when walking out of the locker and seeing the gaggle of girls waiting to see who got a tumble from Jimmy, he shook his head. “Not tonight girls, not tonight,” he said.

As he was walking out the door he heard a giggle. “What’s the matter Jimmy? Can’t get it up tonight?” she asked.

Her name was Laurie. Jimmy only slightly knew her. She definitely was not one of those who vied to screw the quarterback. All Jimmy knew was that she was incredibly smart.

“No, Laurie, not tonight. What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you are looking for hero meat to screw?” Jimmy said with a bit of bitterness.

Her demeanor changed abruptly. “Don’t kid yourself, Jimmy. When I go down, it isn’t going to be for a one night stand or in your case a fifteen minute stand,” she snapped. “I am taking a short cut to the parking lot. That is all.”

“Well, lets walk together. It is dark in the parking lot and my fathers taught me to be a gentleman. I can’t get it up and you don’t want anything fast so I think we are both safe,” he invited. He was surprised that she took him up on the invitation.

“What did you mean, fathers, plural?” she asked.

“Aw, come on, Laurie, you know most homes are fractured in some way. We just make the best of what we have,” Jimmy said.

He was even more surprised when she said, “Wanta buy me a shake?”

“Yeah, I would like that, but I will have to take a rain check on that. My brother brought home his fiancée and we are all trying to make her feel at home with us. After they go back to college, I will take you up on that,” Jimmy replied.


Liz had told AlexZander that she wanted to spend the afternoon with Maya and for him to take a hike. “Just don’t be late for dinner,” was her parting call.

Maya saw nervousness in Liz. She never stopped doing things. There were two women working in the kitchen, helping Liz prepare dinner. Liz introduced them as Kattie and Ruphia. “Did AlexZander explain every thing last night?” Liz asked.

Maya noticed that the women did not act like servants, they were more like three women preparing supper. She would learn that these two women would take part of the supper they prepared back to their homes. They had mates or companions who were of part of the bodyguard. The one named Kattie handed Maya a peeler and a bowl of potatoes. As she began to help, Maya replied to Liz. “I am still not sure of much. The regent things bothers me along with Alex claiming that his father is an alien.”

The two women helping Liz looked up and giggled. Liz answered, “Yes, and all of us have some trouble coming to terms with that.”

“Will Alex someday want to take off for some far away place?” Maya asked.

“”My dear, AlexZander can’t possibly go any place that you can’t find him with a private detective and a bloodhound. Aliens can convert to human, but it doesn’t go the other way. That is why I couldn’t follow Max,” Liz explained.

“Alex says this whole situation is hardest on Kyle. Why does he put up with it?” Maya asked.

“That is strictly from AlexZander’s viewpoint. He has no idea of how hard it is on me. Max was my first love and I will always remember that. I gave Max a child, AlexZander. I also love Kyle. To see how he is hurt, I cry in private many times. I am the queen and I must keep up appearances,” Liz stated.

Ruphia spoke up, “The king has to renew his human components every so often. It is very painful for him to make this change.”

Maya turned to the two women helping Liz. “Isn’t it hard for each of you, this change making?” Maya asked.

Ruphia looked at Kattie who nodded. “Yes, the change is very painful but while we are here it is worth it. We are lucky, our mates made it with us. We both will be human for the days we serve the queen,” she said.

Maya shook her head. “Then why do you make it? Does the king order you to do so?” Maya asked.

Both women looked at each other. “No, m’lady. We all volunteer. To be human is to feel. That is what makes it worth it,” Kattie said.

Liz smiled and said, “They look at Earth and humans as a vacation. It is a honor to serve the queen on Earth.”

“Is Alex expected to do anything I might think of as strange?” Maya asked.

“No, Alex is a perfect, human gentleman. He is a little shy and you might have to take the lead sometimes if you want to enjoy his affections to their fullest. He worries about the exchange between Kyle and Max as much as anyone. It can’t be helped,” Liz smiled.

Maya found that, except for that one comment, the women helping Liz kept quiet. Finally, Liz took Maya back into the living room leaving the two women to their own devices. “The strangeness in our relationship concerns Max, Kyle and me. It would take a very careful DNA scan to see differences in AlexZander. What you tell your parents is your business. Handle that as you see best. Maya, we all want to welcome you into our family. We want to do whatever it takes to make you feel at ease,” Liz said.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens, pg2, Ch 7, nov12, 20

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Chapter 7

The semester would be over soon at college. Jimmy had graduated well up in his high school class. Graduation was a disappointment to many girls. They had planned a group party with Jimmy, but he showed little interest. He did take Laurie out after the ceremony and she was the girl he introduced to the group gathered at home to congratulate him. Laurie met all of Jimmy’s family that was home. AlexZander was at college taking his finals and, of course, Max hadn’t arrived, yet. He had sent word that he would be proud to be at AlexZander’s wedding. Jimmy and Laurie disappeared and Kyle was surprised that the crowd was still in his living room when Jimmy returned. “No late night trysts, son?” he asked.

Jimmy almost seemed embarrassed. “No, dad, our relationship isn’t like that. We are good friends, that is all,” Jimmy explained.

It could be seen that the relationship between Kyle and Liz was becoming more intense. Max was reported to be only a week out, the distance the Antarian detectors could sense him.


AlexZander and Maya were at the house. They were waiting for Max. They all would travel to Phoenix for the wedding. AlexZander wanted Maya to meet Max as soon as possible. Maya could see that Kyle became more agitated by the minute. Kattie reported that Max had landed and would be in Roswell in a few hours. Maya saw that AlexZander was wearing a suit so she dressed accordingly. Maya saw that Jimmy was wearing slacks and a sports jacket instead of his usual Levis and sneakers. Kyle dressed like he did every day for teaching. A black limo drove up. A man got out and walked toward the door. Maya noticed that he was a little stiff. That could be explained by the long trip. Maya wondered what amenities the ship to another galaxy would have.

The first thing Max did when he entered was to take Kyle’s hand. Holding his hand with one arm around his shoulders, Maya heard him say, “Kyle, I owe you what I can never repay.”

The next thing Maya saw was how scared Max was. Alex saw what she was looking at and said, “My father is a warrior king. He has fought many battles and is forced to wear those many scars of the battles.”

It wasn’t until Maya learned a lot more about aliens that she understood the gravity of Max’s scars. The king can heal others, but he must bear his scars alone.

The next person Max greeted was Liz. “My queen, you become more beautiful each time I see you,” he said.

Maya felt a tug and she followed AlexZander. “Father, this is my wife to be. Her name is Maya,” he simply said.

Maya felt Max’s warm hand, “Maya, Maya, the name for a true princess. I hope I can bless your marriage many times before I must return,” he whispered.

Then, Max turned to Jimmy. “My boy, you’re are all grown up. You are a prince yourself,” Max said.

“Not really Max. I toss a mean pass and my fast ball will burn your hand, but I am not much in leading,” Jimmy replied.

“Jimmy, there will always be those who must follow their own path. Where ever it takes you, may my blessings go with you. Your father is a great man and I am very proud of you as much as I am proud of AlexZander.” Max turned to Liz, “I heard we had a little one. Where is she?” he asked.

“Maria Lynn, please come down and meet Max,” Liz called out.

Everyone took a deep breath as the little girl appeared at the top of the stairs. She was only ten, but Liz had bought her a party dress and she looked like a million dollars. “Oh, my,” Max breathed. “She is a true princess.”

Maria Lynn walked up to Max and extended her hand. “What am I to call you?” she asked.

Max smiled, “I know your mother and father brought you up to be polite with adults, but I am sort of special. It would please me greatly if you would call me Max.”

“Then it will be Max,” the small china doll said. With a small curtsy, she stated, “Welcome back to Earth.”

Maya saw that AlexZander’s father was a very impressive figure. She was watching the family dynamics as Max greeted each person. Alex was nervous, but he was very proud of his father. Jimmy was sort of reserved. Maya would think about that later. Kyle accepted Max’s embrace with a fatalistic reserve. Maybe that had something to do with Jimmy’s attitude. Little Maria Lynn was all eyes as she took in every move Max made. It was clear that she was impressed. Liz was the most complex study of all. It was clear that she was glad to see Max, but Maya saw her making several covert glances toward Kyle. Liz was clearly worried about how he was taking things.

Max was gracious, but Maya saw that there was no question that he was the king. They all sat in the living room as Max regaled them once again with stories about the universe. Maya was surprised at how well she accepted stories that belonged in a science fiction digest. Max had become a powerful man.

Kattie called them to supper. Maya was surprised that the supper was simple Earth food. Then she thought, a traveler might yearn for the food of their youth, which could only be found in the country where they grew up. The table chatter still centered around Max. Max, for his part, did ask Maya several questions about her studies, her family and where she grew up.

Maya let the many conversations that she did not completely understand drift by her while, again, she surveyed the room. Liz was toying with her food. Maya couldn’t understand what was wrong until she thought, Liz might be slightly embarrassed at what she might feel as Max bragging. Maria Lynn was still, all-eyes. She had been told that whatever she learned tonight or any other time while Max was home was strictly family business, not to be discussed with her friends. Alex was attentive as he should be, but Jimmy was trying to not show annoyance. Kyle was becoming a study in frustration. Maya was seeing cracks in the structure of Alex’s family. This was something she had not seen before Max arrived.

Dinner over, they retired to the living room. Jimmy broke first. “Max, I have to pick up my girl where she works. I promised her that I would walk her home tonight. I hope we have several talks before you have to return. Also, you need to see my fastball. It is improving.”

“That is good, Jimmy, and if Kyle will loan me his mitt, maybe we can have a three way game of catch tomorrow before the wedding. We need to test AlexZander’s ability so we can test it later after marriage, need to see how his change-of-life affect him.” They all laughed as Jimmy kissed his mother and shook hands with Max. Then, with a nod to his father, Kyle, he left.

“They grow up so fast. It was reported that Jimmy was not very steady with girls. This, his girl business, must be something new,” Max stated.

“That they do, and I think a certain little miss better get ready for bed. She can hear all about Jimmy’s girl tomorrow,” Liz stated as she stood and held her hand out for Maria Lynn.

“Dad, I think Maya and I should retire also. We have a big day tomorrow. In two days, we have to leave for Phoenix,” AlexZander said as he and Maya stood and headed for the guest room on the first floor.

Only Max and Kyle were now left in the living room. “I guess it is about time I depart,” Kyle sighed. “Max, you have always been more than generous, but frankly, I have to tell you this regent stuff sucks the big one.”

Max sighed. “I know Kyle and I don’t know if I would have done it if I knew how bad it would be. I believed I had to leave. Liz wasn’t someone I wanted to sit by waiting for a lover who would be years returning, if at all. Kyle, you were the only one I could trust. You wouldn’t have wanted me to leave Liz to a stranger, someone who would make false love at the order of the king. You were the person I wanted to help raise AlexZander. I wanted you to also have children of your own and I knew that Liz wanted more children.”

“Yeah, I was there and I loved Liz. I like children and I have carried out the orders of the king. I don’t know what you have planned for me. I am sure that it will be interesting,” Kyle stated.

“Kyle, I don’t plan what happens to you. I told my people to care for you the best they could. Whatever they do is their own choice. Kyle, I wish it could be better,” Max said.

“It is what it is, Max. See you in Phoenix.” With that, Kyle got up and left. He was surprised that Liz was waiting for him at the door.

“Kyle, no matter what, I love you,” she said as she kissed him.

As Kyle walked out the door and to the black sedan waiting for him, it was seen that he carried no luggage. Whatever he was to face would be prepared for him by his companion. “Follow your orders, Arnold,” Kyle said as the sedan took off. Soon, they were on the two lane road leading out of Roswell.

Roswell is about two hours from anywhere. The road to Albuquerque is absolutely empty except for a cow or two. At night, the only thing to see were the shinning eyes on the other side of fences as they proceeded. Eventually, they were on the I-40 freeway headed west. Albuquerque would be their first stop. Kyle was passed out when they pulled into the Albuquerque International SunPort. He came awake just enough to hear Arnold close the trunk and say, “They sent two of you this time.”

Both rear doors opened and Kyle, still in a very drowsy state, felt two people enter the sedan, one on either side. Soon, they were back on the freeway, passing the big trucks, which were the principle traffic this time of night. The drone of the wheels and the whoosh of the traffic, lulled Kyle into a restless sleep.

Kyle didn’t know what time it was, but it was the relative silence that awakened him. They were now on a less traveled road. The only sound was of their own vehicle. Maybe, it was something else that aroused him? Kyle felt a soft face on each shoulder. The aroma of the faint perfume filled his senses. Somehow his pants had become undone along with his shirt. Kyle felt slender fingers gently probing his groin. Kyle felt himself come to orgasm several times in the next few hours. That, and the two faces resting on his bare chest helped carry him into a strange sleep.

The vehicle had stopped. Kyle heard Arnold close the trunk and then he felt whoever was with him begin to stir. Somehow, his pants were re-buttoned, Kyle was sure that they were still unzipped. He felt one of the passengers help him out of the sedan and Arnold came back to help them get him into the cabin. In his drowsy state, Kyle heard, “You girls be okay? Then, I will see you in three days. Be ready for the wedding. The cabin is stocked and I supposed you have your instructions. Good, he is a pretty nice guy for a human. Have fun.” A few minutes later, Kyle heard the vehicle leave. The air was cool and thinner. Kyle knew that they must be in the mountains, somewhere.w

The next thing Kyle felt was the pulling off of his trousers and shoes. Someone supported his back as they removed his shirt and then, in his boxers he was lowered to fall back into the middle of a very large bed. What he didn’t see and that was too bad, as it was a very good show as the two women, took off their dresses. They were wearing only scant panties under the dresses. Their shoes and garter belts with hose were placed on a chair on either side of the bed, they climbed in on either side of Kyle. Soon, all three were sound asleep.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens, Ch 6, nov 5, 2011

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Chapter 8

Liz came into the living room. “Kyle is gone,” she simply said.

“I know, I am sorry, but there is no other way. The doctors say that I am good for only about one more trip. These changes and my age are beginning to stress my being. I can’t give them up for anything or anybody. It is what I must have. Will you await my pleasure in my chamber?” Max asked softly.

Liz bowed her head slightly and said, “Yes, my lord.” With that, she walked up the stairs to the room that she never entered, except when Max was home.

Karttie and Ruphia were waiting for her. “My lady, will you allow us to apply the ministrations for the needs of the king?” Kattie asked.

“Kattie, Ruphia you have been my friends, you have been my assistants and now, I accept you as my guides. I await your pleasure,” Liz said softly.

Kaitlain had told them that the queen just needed to know what was expected of her. The first time, Kaitlain hadn’t known much of what was expected, except for her simple orders. She had left better instructions for those who followed her. There had been several changes of ladies, bodyguards or whatever you wanted to call them. It fell to these two to prepare the queen for the presence of the king. They had read all of Kaitlain’s notes.

Again, once disrobed, Liz was led to the doors of the bathroom. Kattie and Ruphia removed their tops and shorts at the door. The three naked women entered the shower. This time, Liz understood they had their orders and made no resistance. Showered, her skin conditioned, her hair dried and prepared, Liz was once again led to the mysterious table. She didn’t know what happened to the table afterward, but she had no memory of seeing it after her preparation.

Liz had learned to not be bothered by the intimate touches as they applied the oils and when they helped her to sit up, she struggled to pull the g-string in place. Liz sat as they pulled the gossamer gown over her head and they helped her to the huge bed of the king. Again, Liz was given a drink. “To prepare you for the king,” was whispered.

The drink warmed her and she felt more alert. It was several minutes before Max entered. Once the doors were closed, Liz knew that no one would disturb them until one of the ladies would enter to call them to wake. Max now stood before her. He did something and his clothes fell off. Max was standing before her in all his glory. Again, his manhood was much larger than what she was used to. At the moment, it was limp.

“Liz, please stand,” Max requested. Liz stood as Max drank in every part of her body. “Most Antarians have no idea of what they are missing. The only ones who understand are those who choose to serve the king and come to Earth.” Then Liz heard. “Please turn,” Max requested. Liz standing in her bare feet, slowly turned as she heard Max sigh.

On her second turn, Liz felt Max behind her. She felt the gown lifted over her head and Max pulled her against his naked body. “Please sit,” Liz was asked or was it a command? Max, standing before her took both of her hands and placed them on his limp manhood. As Liz kneaded the almost dead feeling flesh, she felt it coming to life. “Please lie back,” Max ordered. Liz could feel him fumble with her g-string and then in frustration, she felt him break it. Max mounted Liz and she felt her body struggling to accommodate his needs. Yes, preparing for Max could be painful.

Max moved her into many different positions and he did try to be gentle. “I am sorry Liz. Those who prepare a human body for the king, tend to be over zealous in their preparation of our sex glands. It is something they get from reading your novels.”

Finally, the king having his fill for the night, they collapsed into sleep. Much like Kaitlain before, Kattie, in the same uniform Liz remembered from last night, gently shook her as she tried to avert her glance from the king. Liz was sure that Kattie had stood for some time gazing at the body of the king. To not do so would be too tempting for his subjects. Liz saw fit not to mention this to Kaitlain and she would make no notice to Kattie. Unlike Kaitlain, Kattie would later face her mate who also had undergone the transformation. They would make human love many times, especially if Kattie and her mate were scheduled to return to Antar with the king.

As soon as they were alone, Liz gently shook Max. “Max, you have a full day facing you. You promised to play catch with the boys, perhaps for the last time as AlexZander will not be here next time you come, unless we can specially arrange it. You and I also talked about you taking AlexZander and Maya to the pod chamber so she can better understand our family. Tomorrow, we have to leave for Phoenix.”

“Okay, I guess there is no rest for the king. I will have to wait until I get back to Antar to stay in bed as long as I want,” Max groaned.

“Max, after the wedding I want you to take Jimmy and Maria Lynn to the pod chamber. I don’t want something to happen to you before you show them your origins, also,” Liz stated.

All three children and Maya were waiting for Max at the breakfast table. Maria Lynn not wanting to miss anything had been up for two hours. Neither Kattie nor Ruphia had been home yet. Liz could see a hunger as Kattie looked at the now clothed body of the king. Liz knew that Kattie entertained no ideas of anything with the king, but she had her own mate and they would indulge in as human-like sex as they could manage. Liz had no idea of what Ruphia was thinking.

Kyle had left his mitt in the living room near the door. “Max, watch out for Jimmy’s fast ball. Here is a pad I use to make it easier to catch. He really can burn them in. Now, I hope you are proud of Alex’s control. He can put a pitch anywhere you want him to. Have a good time.” It was signed Kyle.

The five of them and a picnic lunch went to the park. Max, AlexZander and Jimmy entertained the two girls with their skill. Liz leaned over and whispered to Maya. “Jimmy and AlexZander are using skill, but Max is using his alien control of physics.”

When they opened the lunch, Max just groaned as he savored the fried chicken. “To think I gave up all of this for a silly throne,” he moaned. When he got to the potato salad, Max was almost shaking. Maya thought that the lunch that Liz had thrown together with the help of Kattie and Ruphia was excellent, but she marveled at how much the lunch meant to Max. He hadn’t had anything like this in over ten years.

After lunch, Jimmy was left to his own devices. Liz told Maria Lynn that she had chores back at home and Max, AlexZander and Maya took off for the pod chamber.

When Max had been home last time, he felt that AlexZander was still too young to appreciate the chamber. Now, Alex was in awe as well as Maya. “This is really alien machinery,” Maya said.

“Yes,” Max stated. “It originally held four children. My sister and I left at the same time and were found by the Evans family. They considered it an act of God because they had been trying to have children for years. There had been a child before us. He had wandered out on the desert and was found by the welfare system. Since we could never trust this secret to mom and dad, there was no way to tell them that Michael was part of our family. The fourth alien, was the girl, Tess, she was found by another alien. He raised her alien and she always acted quite differently from us. She killed a boy who Isabel liked. It was an accident, but it was her alien feelings that kept her from any sorrow. I am afraid that she did seduce me, or maybe it was my raging hormones. I got her pregnant and she tried to return to Antar. They sent her back ahead of an execution order. She tried to present our baby as an heir to the thrown. He was completely human and that nearly got her killed. She gave me the child and committed suicide, destroying some of our enemies. I was in high school at the time. We got the child adopted in secrecy to protect him. That left me the chance to return to Liz,” Max explained.

It was late when they returned. “Wash up. I saved some supper,” Liz declared. “We have to get ready to leave tomorrow for Phoenix.” Liz turned to Maya. Your parents called to make sure we would be there tomorrow sometime. Pack your things and we will send them ahead by car. We will take a plane. It isn’t easy, but it is possible with a change of planes in Albuquerque.”

Jimmy was already out with Laurie. It would be almost a week before he could spend time with her again. Jimmy had already packed his bag and it was waiting in the living room. Alex and Maya hurried to pack their things. Her mom would have her dress all ready in Phoenix. Alex and his best man, Jimmy would each rent a tux when they got to Phoenix. Liz knew that what ever clothes Max needed would also be waiting in Phoenix. She had shipped the dress that Maria Lynn would wear as flower girl. Maya had a little brother who would be the ring bearer. Maya and her mother had been planning this event for months. Liz remembered Isabel. She had no idea of where Isabel was now days. Isabel would have jumped in with both feet to help plan this wedding. Imagine, her nephew getting married. Liz would have called her, but since Max had left, she had no idea where Izzy was living or what had happened to Maria and Michael.


Kyle woke up by being shaken by one of the scantily clad women in bed with him. “Kyle we have a big day ahead of us,” one of them said.

The other lady spoke up. “Kyle, you may call me Jenny and she is called Sissy. We will be with you until the kings returns back home,” she said.

Kyle studied the women as he tried to remove the cobwebs from his mind. Jenny had a dark complexion as Sissy was fair. Both women had long hair. Jenny had long straight hair while, Sissy’s was probably naturally curly. Their youthful athletic bodies told nothing about them. Aliens were given human bodies when they came to earth. The bodies showed some of their nature, but Kyle was sure that they were designed to best entice him. “It’s gonna take two of you this time?11 Didn’t you think one woman was enough to distract me last time?” Kyle asked.

“Kyle, you started off calling Karen a whore last time. She was never a whore and what you said was unfair. Don’t make the mistake of calling us whores either. We did volunteer for this assignment. Karen wrote out a whole book of instructions. Karen made a mistake and she paid for it dearly. Karen fell in love with you. We don’t know what you thought about her. We are here to entertain you and to distract you for the time the king is with the queen. We, also, want to protect ourselves. Karen says that deep down, you are a remarkably charming fellow,” Sissy informed him.

Hand in hand, a woman on either side of him, Kyle walked to the shower. At the door, they stopped. “Drop ‘em, Kyle,” Jenny said as she bent to slip off her panties. Kyle saw that Sissy was doing the same thing so he stepped out of his boxers. The three naked people walked into the large shower. Kyle did take time to wonder about a cabin with this facility.

Both women took pleasure in teasing Kyle in the shower. Finally, they called it a truce and then they dried each other off. After their shower, which Kyle did find was an adventure he found a set of cargo shorts along with a tee shirt laid out. After donning their g-strings, both women pulled on a short skirt of sorts with slits all the way to the belt on each side. Both women had brief tank tops and all three of them had walking shoes.

Breakfast was English muffins and some sort of preserves with coffee. This was kind of light for Kyle, but Sissy said, “Tonight, Kyle, we are having thick steaks. We will expect you to set up the grill.”

Jenny tossed Kyle a water bottle, “Come on Kyle, let’s go for a hike,” she said.

Sissy handed each of them a knapsack and said, “You guys go ahead. I will get things ready for tonight.”

They were walking along a path. Kyle was surprised that no one else was on the trail. “Kyle, this is all private land. It is owned, by the government of Antar. We have the wilderness all to ourselves,” Jenny said.

“I thought you two were supposed to do everything in pairs, since I am such a powerful figure,” Kyle stated in a teasing way.

“You are a powerful figure. On Antar, as the king’s regent, among the people, you are revered. When Karen returned, she was proclaimed as a heroine. She was the lover of the king’s regent. Her mate embraced her and they began a campaign to produce more children. The trouble was`, remember she didn’t tell anyone else on Antar except for us, she fell in love. That is difficult to do on Antar. Antarians, by their physical structure don’t have the concept of love as you do on Earth. Now, my job this morning is to totally distract you so you don’t think of anything else but me. Tonight, Sissy will attempt to drive you totally mad. She will scare away any thoughts you have of me and totally capture your affections. Yes, we all three might get in bed at the same time, if that pleases you. Let’s play it by ear,” Jenny declared.

As they walked down the path, Jenny did distract Kyle. Her skirt was essentially only a flap before and one behind. As they walked, Kyle found himself looking mostly at her g-string from the side. At noon they stopped in the shade of a tree over looking a vast valley. Jenny shook out a blanket from her pack and even though it looked thin, when they sat on it, Kyle could swear that it was a thick mattress. In Kyle’s pack, he found a sandwich of cold cuts and a can of beer. Kyle had no idea how the beer was so cold, but he had no idea of how the blanket was so soft, either.

Jenny talked a little about Antar. “Kyle, it isn’t as exciting as Earth. A few couples are keeping their human bodies and migrating to Earth. They have to practice, but they can produce human type children and those who stay wouldn’t give it up for anything,” she explained.

“What about you? Do you have a lover or mate waiting until you get human training?” Kyle asked.

To his surprise, Jenny blushed. “No, Kyle, I am not important enough to find a lover or a mate. Maybe when I return, but now, I am a nobody,” she stated.

“I find that hard to believe,” Kyle mused. “I know Max and the king would not send a nobody to care for his regent. Max must have some respect for you.”

“Thank you, Kyle, on Earth you see Max as a man, but on Antar he is a king and very wise. It was an honor that he chose me.” As she spoke, Kyle saw that she did something to her tank top and it fell away. “Kyle, you have been staring at my g-string all morning, you may take it off if you want,” Jenny said.

“Jenny, I am in love with Liz. I guess I always have been. I hate to think of cheating on her,” he replied.

“Kyle, Liz is in the arms of the king. She is totally his to command. Don’t think he isn’t taking full advantage of her. The king is no longer the Max you grew up with. When she is with him, Liz is no longer the woman you love. The king made you regent to care for Liz when he is gone. He asked me to be her regent when she can’t be with you. Like with Karen, in no way will I try to replace Liz in your life. For you, it bites that Liz makes love to the king. Don’t think she isn’t making love. If, she was faking it, the king would punish her and never return. I am offering to allow you to make love to me as well as to Sissy. When the king goes, so do we. The king would never leave someone who made love to you to remain on Earth. He wouldn’t want anyone to try to replace Liz, either,” Jenny explained.

Kyle just kept sitting there staring at Jenny’s breasts. He felt pressure and it all wasn’t from his groin either. Kyle stood and lifted her to stand before him. He savagely ripped the g-string from her body, then, they collapsed on the blanket. Suddenly, his mind grew cloudy and Kyle couldn’t think of anything except for the woman in front or now, under him.

Kyle never thought of himself as a lover of superhuman strength, but today, they played and screwed and played again for most of the afternoon. Finally, they stood. Jenny placed her tank top and skirt in her pack. Then, they walked back to the cabin hand in hand.

When they arrived, Jenny was stilltotally naked except for her shoes. Walking naked with Kyle, Sissy only raised her eyebrows. “Guys, get washed up. Kyle, the grill is ready,” was her comment.

Jenny walked back from the cabin. She was now dressed in a full skirt and a blouse. She began to help Sissy fix things for the table. Kyle knew how he took his steak, but he didn’t know what the women wanted. “Medium, Kyle just past any part being pink,” Sissy called out.

Kyle nodded as he tended the grill. He wondered why the women insisted that he grill the steaks. He was sure that they either could have done a lot better job with their alien powers. As if they could read his mind, Sissy called out, “Kyle, we are your companions, not your servants. We do things together.” That would remain with Kyle for years. Companion, was taking on a powerful meaning.

They all sat around the table. The steaks were excellent; Kyle imagined that they were what fifty or maybe even a hundred dollars would buy, if they had been at a restaurant. After Kyle had dished up the steaks, but before they began to eat, Jenny fished among the coals and pulled out several foil-covered potatoes. A salad, the required pickle spears and fresh baked rolls almost finished the dinner. At the last minute, Sissy brought out an apple pie. They finished the night huddled around the hot coals with sticks roasting marshmallows.

No one was talking; this was not a time for words. The flash went through Kyle’s mind. Now Liz, was at the call of the king. It was brief, but Kyle wondered what the king demanded of her tonight and how willing was she to give it.

Not a word was said as Sissy took Kyle’s hand and led him inside to bed. Once again, memories of Liz with the king, seemed to dissolve in his mind.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens, pg 2, Ch 8, nov 20,

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Chapter 9

This was the second night the king had been back. When everyone else had gone to bed, Max led his queen to his bedroom. As he always did, he left her at the door. As they aged, when she and Kyle went to bed with the intention of making love, they would start the minute they got out of sight of the children. Part of their joy was helping each other get undressed and later dressed for sleep. With Max, she was always prepared. Liz gave a little shudder she was prepared like a lunch. Liz couldn’t help but think of a comment Maria had made so long ago. “Liz, how do we know what these aliens might do? They might bite your head off when they finish mating.” Liz wasn’t sure that this was the exact quote, but it got the idea across.

No, Max wouldn’t bite her head off, but he did dine off his prepared dish. Liz couldn’t help but wonder, could Max still do it in the back seat of a Chevy? The women were waiting for her. They still insisted on the shower, but they didn’t indulge in the deep massage. Liz didn’t know whether to be disappointed or not. She had found the intimate touches troubling, but it had stirred her for Max.

Tonight, the women had not allowed her the g-string or a gown. They had sat Liz on the bed, naked, to await the king’s pleasure. No sooner had the women left, than Max entered. There was no preamble, Max dropped his clothes and immediately mounted his queen.

The suddenness of his approach troubled Liz. It not only was painful, but he was not typically Max. Something was troubling him tonight. Finally, he was satiated in his passions and he lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. Liz lay on her side and crawled over so she could look into his eyes. “Max, what is wrong?” she asked.

“My son is to be married soon. I know nothing about him. You and Kyle raised him and did a wonderful job, but what do I have of his life?” he asked.

“Max, you said you had no choice. You had to leave. Kyle and I have given our all to you. We have given up our own lives for your convenience. Kyle always reminded AlexZander that his father was a great alien king. He always cared for him, but he never tried to take your place. What more could we do?” she asked. “When you visit, I am at your call. What more do you want from me?” Liz continued.

Max stood up. He began to pace in his nakedness. “I don’t know. It is so much easier on Antar. “When I give audience to my heir, he is totally attentive. AlexZander is polite, but I sense that he is not under my command. Now he is much more worried about his intended bride. He is bringing someone new into the family and he is worried how they will accept me. He should be worried how I will accept her. My wife on Antar takes the regent when I send him. She is not allowed to make love to him, but they do everything else. When I demand audience she erases the regent from her mind. You come to me and do my commands, but there is another part of you I may never possess. You always have some of yourself reserved for the regent. Kyle always does as our agreement says, but he resents me and my time with what is mine. Your son, Jimmy, would prefer the company of some girl than his king. On Antar, the regent glories when he is asked to stand in for the king. That is what is wrong,” Max explained.

Liz stood and walked to the closet built into the wall. She found a silk robe for herself and another one for Max. She threw it to Max and demanded, “Put it on and come sit here.”

Max frowned “Who are you to demand of your king?”

Liz looked him right back in the face. “Max, I am your Liz. I am the girl you got pregnant screwing in the back of a van. I am the mother of your Earth child. Sit beside me, now,” Liz demanded.

For reasons he couldn’t completely understand, Max put on the robe and sat beside Liz.

“Max, you didn’t leave your gray image back on Antar this time. On Antar, you are king. Here, you are just the adult image of the boy, who sitting on a rock with his friends, stated you renounced the throne. Max, we don’t have kings. We don’t even like our elected officials very much. You are the man who made a pact with a friend to undertake something he can, almost, not do. That Kyle and I can fulfill our obligation should be praised. When you arrived, you had praise for what Kyle had done. Now, you face your son grown. He is out of any control you might have. He might go along with some leaders and he might follow some rules, but he will be controlled by no man. Max, you showed me your alien side tonight. I don’t think I like it much. Don’t make that mistake with AlexZander. If he sees you as a gray despot, he will never return to you. Don’t try to make Alex choose between his bride to be and the father he knows only by story.

Don’t try to make Jimmy choose between you and the girl he thinks he is in love with. Don’t lose the hero worship you still have in Maria Lynn’s eyes. Max, Kyle gave you my bed. Tonight, I think you abused that bed. Tomorrow, you will meet the people who will become relatives by Alex’s marriage. Yes, Max, Alex, you and I are the only people who use the alien name AlexZander. Alex is named after my old friend Alex Whitman. The boy who one of your people killed, the boy who Isabel was beginning to love.

Remember, Max, this family we are to meet tomorrow will see you as a powerful man, but they will not see you as king. That must remain our secret. Your son, Alex, will take to this family all the genes you gave him. You are to take pride in what he does. He, also, will take all the values that Kyle slowly built in him. You can take pride in that you chose wisely the man to raise your son. Max, a wise man once said, ‘Demand nothing and glory is what is freely given.’ You need to think on this. “

Liz saw the fire in Max’s eyes. For a minute, she feared that she had gone too far. After all, the Max sitting beside her was not the boy who saved her life. “A gray despot. Is that the way all of you see me?” he chuckled.

“No, Max. That is the way you are presenting yourself tonight. I remember a time when you would never bring me pain. The time you grabbed my arm when I wanted to go to Sweden, I could feel your guilt as soon as I pulled away. Tonight you were like the time you refused Isabel the right to go to the college of her choice. Izzy and I talked later. We both felt that you were under the influence of Tess. Tonight, you have no excuse. You lost control,” Liz informed him. Liz knew that sometimes even a king must be treated like a little boy. Especially, if he forgets what a king is. As goes the king, so goes his people.

Max hung his head for several minutes. “Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“Yes, Max you hurt me badly! You were not making love to me, you were using me for what ever was your passion,” Liz replied.

“Liz, this is why I need to return so many times. You always were my compass. I turned from you to Tess and created a life not from love. I also allowed Alex Whitman to be killed. Liz, I wish it was possible for you to be my queen and rule on Antar. I am sure that I would be a much better king,” Max stated softly.

“Max, do you ever talk to your wife? Sometime break with the traditions of royalty and treat your wife, like a daughter of Earth. Sit down, look at the stars and tell her about the times you have been in love? Listen to her worries and concerns. Max, a king who doesn’t listen is not a strong king. Tomorrow, a king who takes pride in what he has asked others to do for him will be the father Alex’s in-laws learn to respect. Max, you say that you can’t return too many more times. Leave me, Kyle and your three children, no matter who fathered them, something of which to be proud,” Liz lectured.


As they walked through the living room anger came over Kyle. Here he was at the command of the king and his agents. Kyle violently pushed Sissy against the arm of an easy chair. With a ferocity that he had never felt before, Kyle forced her head almost to the seat of the chair. “What if I bang the agent of that king until we both are wasted,” Kyle said as he pulled her skirt from beneath her and grabbed at the g-string.

Sissy didn’t struggle, “If that is your wish, we are charged by the king to satisfy his regent.”

For several seconds, Kyle stood there, holding Sissy bent over the arm of the over stuffed chair with one hand as he held the back of her g-string with the other. Then, Kyle relaxed. “That is not my style,” he said as he helped Sissy to stand.

“I know, Kyle. There are agents of the royals, who would do that to me, but remember, you come with a manual. You would never hurt me on purpose any more than you would hurt Liz. If you hurt any of us accidently, you would suffer great guilt.

Her skirt remaining on the floor, Kyle pulled Sissy close to his chest. As they walked back to the bedroom, her tank top along with his shirt joined the skirt. Cradled in her arms, Sissy only with her g-string and Kyle only in his shorts fell on the bed. Kyle would try not to think of Liz back home in the arms of the king. Briefly, he couldn’t help it. Did Liz pull the boxers off the king and cast them across the room? Then, Kyle fell to the wiles of the willing woman in his arms. Liz not forgotten, just eclipsed for a time.

It was about mid-night when Jenny followed the trail of clothes, picking them up to be placed in the laundry. In the bedroom, Jenny found Sissy curled up against Kyle. They both were gently sleeping. Jenny gazed at the couple for several minutes. This was why they both had applied for the privilege to care for the regent. Because they both had slept with the regent, Jenny knew that neither she nor Sissy would be permitted to remain on Earth. Back home, they could contract for a child and even for a family if they found a willing mate. Kyle had said, “I know Max and the king would not send a nobody to care for his regent.” That was a complement, indeed.

“Jenny knew that any Antarian who had lived on Earth would be at a premium as mate, lover or companion among other Antarians. They would be able to share the emotions that had been lost on Antar thousands of years ago. Jenny was counting on what she learned about Kyle and human affections to make up for insecurities she had always felt.

Jenny pulled off her tank top and dropped her skirt to follow the rest of the clothes in the laundry. Stepping out of her g-string, Jenny climbed behind Kyle to pull the couple close. All three of them drifted off to individual dreams.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens, pg 2, Ch 9, nov 26,

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It was still dark when Kattie came into the king’s bedroom and shook Liz. Kattie looked at the couple. This time, she saw both the king and Queen wrapped in robes. They were lying together, but had they made love? In her instructions she remembered that it was stated, “You shall see the king and the queen disrobed. This is your privilege. Do not be obvious as you gaze at the king. You will be familiar with the body of the queen because of the care demanded of you. Waken the queen and depart before she sees fit to arouse the king.” Kattie’s first time, waking the couple, was as expected. Did the couple now robed before her mean trouble and if it did, what would be her duties? She quickly departed.

Liz leaned over and shook Max. “It’s the big day, your highness,” she whispered.

Max made a terrible face. “Don’t Liz. It is Max. Last night I almost lost to the alien king. That is not who I want to be,” Max grumbled.

Liz bounced out of bed and quickly showered. Their clothes had been packed last night and she was sure that the limo for their use in Phoenix had left with their baggage early in the morning. The staff had breakfast ready when Liz and Max entered. Alex and Maya entered and took their place. Maria Lynn was dressed in jeans and a light sweater. She was wearing tennis shoes that would be easy to remove and put back on at the airport. Jimmy was wearing very loose cargo shorts and a tee shirt. On his feet, he had loafers, which would be easy for airport inspection.

Liz was concerned how Max would take the security in the airport. Jimmy tended to tease the TSA folks. Then, when they were getting mad, one of his body guards would bring up a message for the security and they all would be hustled aboard the plane without further incident.

They were known at the Roswell airport and usually didn’t have to face much security. It was almost noon when the company walked through security at the International SunPort in Albuquerque. The women accompanying them walked through without a thought. Antarians had no hang ups about showing their bodies. When one of the security TSA s patted Kattie on the ass, Liz saw that she didn’t even shudder. Then, Liz saw that the scanner was showing all sorts of obscene cartoon images. Before any of the other passengers could see this, the agents quickly wheeled in another machine.

Maria Lynn was next, followed very closely by Jimmy. Liz should have thought that they had something on their minds. As one of the agents placed his hand on Maria, Jimmy leaned forward and touching the security man’s shoulder, he whispered something in his ear. The agent spoke up, “These aren’t the droids we are looking for.”

The other agents quickly looked up, but the rest of the wedding party were waved through. Once through security, Liz quickly pulled Maria Lynn and Jimmy aside. “What was that all about?” she asked.

Maria looked a little nervous, but Jimmy spoke up. “Aw, mom, Maria Lynn and I have been planning that ever since we learned we would have to take Max through airport security. You gotta admit, it was better than Max boiling someone’s liver,” he stated.

Liz shook her head. She had been worried how Max was going to take being scanned and how he would take them with their hands on his queen. Liz knew that Max, also, was feeling protective to Maya, the newest addition to his family.

Sitting in the waiting room, Liz with her two bodyguards, Kattie initiated a conversation. “M’lady, I noticed you and the king were clothed this morning, is there a problem?” she asked.

“No, Kattie, things were a little rocky last night, but I think the king got himself under control. Remember, he must meet people who know nothing about him this afternoon. For once, the king has a roll to play and he has to adjust himself to it,” Liz answered.

Kattie went back to holding her magazine. She had noticed that this was what humans did when they wanted to think, without being bothered. Kattie had the charge of caring for the queen. She also was under the orders of the king. She might have a narrow line to tread with these two charges. Kattie, since the king had arrived, had seen how strong a character the queen actually was. Kattie had met the wife of the king, on Antar, the person who had brought forth the royal heir. Kattie had some very treasonous thoughts. If the king could have taken Liz back with him, how powerful the royal family would be indeed.

The limo was waiting for them at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Liz wondered every time she traveled, why cites gave their airports such imposing names.


Kyle woke with the two women tightly sandwiched around him. As he stirred, he felt the two women waking. Jenny leaned over and blew in his ear. “Good morning, Kyle,” she said.

He felt Sissy turn in his arms, “Yeah, it was a good night and now, it is morning.”

Both women sat up and the two women filed to the bathroom. “Jenny stuck her head into the bedroom and called, “Ready for a communal shower, Kyle?”

Dressed and preparing breakfast, Kyle couldn’t tell what either woman was wearing. They were dressed in white shorts and some kind of a button down shirt. Out of curiosity, Kyle couldn’t help but look to see if either woman had a panty line under their shorts. He couldn’t see one.

Kyle could feel his boxers under his slacks. He was wearing a polo shirt, which normally, he didn’t like. Unless he was teaching, dress for Kyle was loose tennies, sloppy jeans and Banana Republic shirt, found in the discards or factory seconds bin. Of course during classes, Kyle wore dress shorts, short sleeved shirt and sometimes even a tie. Here, his companions wanted to take care of him and if he thought too much, there would be many things he didn’t want his mind to get into. The women insisted, as they did, that Kyle wear good walking shoes.

Kyle was pouring orange juice, Sissy was turning toast and Jenny was mixing scrambled eggs and sausage. They both explained last night the best way to avoid thoughts he couldn’t control, was to completely get into the group camp idea. Normally, Kyle didn’t even like to camp.

“Sissy and I thought we would take a hike up along the canyon rim,” Jenny suggested. “It isn’t the Grand Canyon, but the view is pretty spectacular.”

Kyle nodded. The exercise would be good and he was sure that the two women would include enough sex games to keep his mind occupied. He did take time to wonder if they would have time to see the Grand Canyon before they had to return to Antar. Back in Roswell, Liz should be organizing the wedding party to depart for the airport. Kyle had to laugh to think of Max’s royal ass viewed in the TSA security screen. Or maybe, Max would say something and piss them off and that would bring out the genetically challenged lady wrestler with the latex glove for a body search. Kyle could see the entire International SunPort in ruins after a siege with an alien king. Kyle shook his head. That wouldn’t ever happen. Liz and the bodyguards would have all the TSA officers playing with them selves in a corner before anything like this could happen.

Soon, they were off down the trail. Sissy had brought a camera and she was snapping digital pictures with abandon. It was seen that she took no pictures of the three hikers. “Kyle, what the three of us do, stays with the three of us,” she explained. Later, Kyle would wonder about a certain picture that got back to the queen, liz.

It was hot along the trail. Soon Kyle saw that both women had their shirts pulled out of their shorts and the buttons were all opened.

“You guys, have to worry about Ultra violet rays from the sun?” Kyle called out.

Jenny turned to Kyle. “Our bodies don’t have to last that long. We won’t ever be allowed to return to Earth so these bodies will be destroyed when we leave, but,” and she turned to Sissy. “I think we need a ‘rub down Kyle’ party, pretty soon,”

Sissy gave a wicked grin leaving Kyle to wonder what he was in for. About mid morning, Jenny stepped off the trail into some shade. She shook out one of those super soft blankets and the two women shook off their shirts while they pulled down their shorts. “Come on Kyle, be a sport, get with the program,” She called.

Kyle saw that they each were wearing thongs and he wondered why they bothered. “Hey Kyle, you can’t wear more than we do! Come on, strip down,” they called as Kyle stood before them in his shorts.

“Hey, you guys have your g-strings and your thongs. I don’t have one of those things, or as the French would say, le minimum,” Kyle called back.

“Kyle, you didn’t dig deep enough in your undies drawer. I am sure that there was at least one thong there. So come on, let’s see your goods,” they laughed.

Kyle wasn’t going to get anywhere with these two women, so he dropped his boxers and stepped out of them. “Ladies, here I am as God made me,” he called.

Jenny took one of his hands and holding it out, she turned Kyle around. “And, a loving God he is, Kyle,” Jenny answered.

The three of them sunk down on the super blanket and Jenny and Sissy both took a tube of sunscreen and began to rub it onto Kyle’s body. “Kyle roll over on your chest,” was Jenny’s order to him. They started at his head and worked down his back down his legs to his feet. With all the work they put on his butt, when the order came, “Kyle turn over and let us get the front,” Kyle turned with a full blown erection. At first, Kyle was slightly embarrassed at the two women looking at his erection in the middle of the wilderness. Then, he thought they brought me to the party, so what they see is what they should expect. Their continued applications assured the erection remained at full mast.

Finally Kyle heard. “What do we do with it?” He wasn’t that clear who had said that.

“We can’t waste it,” the other voice said, no matter who that was.

“Scissor, rock, paper to see who goes first?” one voice asked.

Kyle’s whole body was very red and it wasn’t from sunburn. “Oh my, now, they are dividing up the spoils,” he murmured.

Kyle felt cool hands lifting his head and he felt his head and face softly cradled in someone’s naked lap. Kyle had still not opened his eyes. Did he want to see how they were sharing him?

Kyle felt himself engulfed in soft flesh and he felt his orgasm as he also felt soft kisses, upside down bestowed on his face.

“Okay, its your turn,” a voice said.

“I don’t want sloppy seconds,” the other voice replied.

“Well, wash him off,” the first voice answered. “We have to get him up again, anyway,” she stated.

Kyle still hadn’t opened his eyes. Soon, he felt an urgency in his groin and the episode was repeated again.

Kyle’s mind ran back to school and the line from Rudyard Kipling. “The colonel’s lady and Judy O’Grady are, but sisters under the skin.” Old Rudyard must not have gotten very much screwing or maybe, he didn’t have any discrimination. From his wildest days back in high school, Kyle always felt every lady was slightly different. His eyes closed, Kyle had no idea which woman had him first. The best sex Kyle ever had was what he had last. Then, his mind took a turn. That was unfair. The best sex he had, was given by Liz, when she, finally, came to him in love.

Being manhandled by the two women, Kyle had become drowsy. It was only hunger, as lunchtime crawled by, that brought him to full consciousness.

“Kyle, you missed half the fun keeping your eyes closed,” Jenny said.

“Yeah,” Sissy chimed in. “You don’t know who did what,”

“Look, I am trying to remember the experience and not the details,” Kyle moaned.

The women were on either side of him and they both leaned their heads on his shoulders as one of them said, “Kyle, Karen was very right. You are a very good sport.”

After sandwiches, and they even allowed him two beers. They all dressed, packed up and Sissy went back to her photography. As the sun sunk in the west, they walked back along the trail, Kyle in the middle and a girl holding each hand. Once home, Sissy went into the kitchen, “Clear the table,” she called and she brought out the pot of her slow cooker. They had pork roast that evening.

It was late when they all three walked into the bedroom. “Kyle,” Jenny said. “let’s take a vacation tonight. Tomorrow we have to be up early. Arnold will be by for us. It is wedding day.”

The three of them crawled into bed, and snuggling together, soon they were sound asleep.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens pg 2, Ch10, 12/3/11

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Chapter 11

They had been at the church that afternoon. The two families were now standing in a meeting room of the Sheridan hotel. Mr. Wrey, Maya’s father was talking to Max. “So, you are Alex’s father,” Alan Wrey said.

Mr. Wrey was holding a scotch and soda. Max only nursed his iced tea. “Yes, but I wasn’t able to raise him. The fellow who raised him will be here tomorrow, name of Kyle Valenti. He was a wonderful guy,” Max said.

“And, what is it you do?” Alan Wrey asked.

“ I run a large, but secretive corporation. I am not allowed to talk much about it, but it is spread out over a large area,” Max stated.

“Is that why you were gone so much?” Alan Wrey asked.

“Yes, I couldn’t tend the home fires very well. Kyle has tended both Liz and my son as well as the two children of his own. About the best I could do was to leave my family a good endowment. I had to let Kyle do every thing else,” Max said.

“Look, Max, I don’t want to pry into things that are not my concern. I worked on a couple hush, hush jobs myself. I recognize what your two drivers are. I also recognize the several men who circulate among your family. You have pretty heavy bodyguard, don’t you?”

Max nodded.

“Are you bringing any danger to my daughter?” Alan asked.

“I can only be here for a little over a month. Then I will take most of them back with me. I will leave a skeleton crew along with lawyers to over see my family. Alan, only for some thing like this, do I even register as part of this family. Usually when I come home, no one outside of my household know I am even here,” Max explained. “Your daughter is in no more danger than is normal about Earth.

“That is good. I just don’t want Maya to get into something she can’t handle,” Alan stated.

Max turned toward Alan Wrey. “Alan, let me be straight up. I had a long talk with Maya and so did Liz. We both think she is going to bring a lot to our family. You have raised a strong daughter,” Max stated.

Alan couldn’t argue with that, but he still wanted more information. “Do you intend for Alex to take over the family business?” he asked.

“No,” Max said in an almost dreamy voice. “Alex will make his own path, as will Jimmy and Maria Lynn, Kyle’s children. There will be people who have been with me for years, they will tend to what ever the family business needs,”

People drifting about the room and soon the announcement that they were to proceed to dinner, separated the two men.

Most of the traditions in a wedding are for a purpose. A marriage is a contract between two people, which ends up involving two or more families. The dinner is to allow the families to get to know each other. Alan Wrey had interviewed Max, Alex’s father, but he didn’t kid himself that he knew anything about him. There were toasts, over drinking on Maya’s side of the family. When everything was over, Maya had to face her parents who insisted she return with them. “Maya, I don’t care what carelessness you might have indulged in at college. You are representing this family and you will stay with us, as is tradition. Alex can go to his own people. You can see him next at the end of the aisle, standing by the alter,” Alan Wrey told his daughter.

Alex leaned over to Kiss his bride to be and whispered. “Remember we pick our wars and this is not the one to pick. I will see you at the wedding. Don’t worry.”


“That Max fellow is a strange duck. He was up front that he hadn’t had time to spend raising his son. He claims that Alex’s step father or something will be here tomorrow,” Alan Wrey stated.

“Alan, a lot of fathers get wrapped up too much in business. They end up losing their families. A woman can only take so much of her man being gone all the time. Remember, you weren’t so great those first few years,” Vivan Wrey told him.

“Yeah, but then this Kyle fellow must be her second husband. You saw that her other children are all younger than Alex. Why didn’t he come with his wife instead of leaving her with her former husband. I wouldn’t trust my wife like that,” Alan reasoned.

“This is Alex’s wedding. Maybe, this Kyle Valenti thought he should let Alex’s parents plan the wedding with out interference. Alex’s father speaks well of the stepfather,” Vivian explained.

“That is not all. I was in the hall getting ice when I heard Max call out to Alex’s mother. She came to the door and let him in. The kiss she gave him wasn’t platonic. Do you suppose she is sleeping with her first husband as well as being married to another man?” Alan asked.

“Alan, don’t you think that a woman can still love a man, even though she can’t live with him?” Vivian asked.

“No, I don’t understand. How can a woman screw one man and live with another?” Alan asked.

“Well, I do understand. Don’t worry, if I decide to sleep with some other man, I will just have you shot on one of those wild hunting trips you always take. Now come on and get ready for bed if you want to bless our daughters coming marriage by making our own love,” Vivian concluded.


“Kattie and Ruphia don’t have many resources to prepare you for me tonight,” Max said.

“Yes, Max if you want me tonight, you are going to have to take me, unwashed and hip deep in mud,” Liz replied.

“Liz, Liz, you were never unwashed nor were you ever hip deep in mud,” Max observed. “It doesn’t rain that much in Roswell.”

“I know, Max. For you as king I have to be prepared and pampered to appease your favor. What happened to the old Max who cuddled me in that old wreck while Pierce was beating the junkyard looking for us? What happened to that Max who stripped me in the back of the van, knowing that it would be three or more days before we could even wash up. Max I know you are a king. I know you can afford the best. I know you want me to be my best to grace your bed. Sometime, haven’t you ever wanted to walk out to the garden and pull both our pants down and make love in the dirt?” Liz asked.

“Is that what you do with Kyle?” Max asked.

“No, Max, of course not. Kyle has become pretty conservative in his love making since you made him regent. I am not even sure if I could get him to go down behind the bleachers anymore,” Liz replied.

Max looked at Liz for several minutes. “What do you think Kyle is doing now?” he asked.

“Max, don’t go there. If I am going to make love to you for the time you are here, then I have to not know or care what Kyle is doing. After what I am doing to him, anything he does has to be accepted by me,” Liz said.

She might say that now, but a seed had been planted that later might grow; what did Kyle do while she was with Max? Max wouldn’t keep him drunk, knocked out in a stupor until he was ready to leave. Liz and Kyle hadn’t ever talked about what their lives were when they were forced apart. Liz knew that her bodyguards talked about having sex and making love while they were in human bodies. They all claimed that being human meant having human sex and that was the reward for coming through the pain to be on Earth for a time. Did Max prepare certain women of his world to take care of Kyle while she was in the king’s bed? Did Kyle experience things he didn’t share with his wife? No, she wasn’t Kyle’s wife; what was she? In between the times Max was here, Kyle did feel like her proper husband. Her marriage to Max was something in the past.

Liz took a lot of joy that Alex wasn’t heading for that. Alex was heading for a marriage for better or for worse ‘til death did them part. Of course, most marriages had no chance of succeeding.

What would be in Jimmy’s future. The last thing Liz knew was that some of his classmates talked about the stud. That was not exactly the way a mother wanted to think about her son. She remembered when Kyle had held that title. Kyle told her that Jimmy was settling down a lot. Now he had one girl, whom Kyle was pretty sure that Jimmy hadn’t even slept with yet. When Max returned to his throne and the wedding was over, Liz wanted to make it a point to sit down with this Laurie. Jimmy was still young, but if this girl was important to Jimmy, then she would be important to Liz, his mother. Jimmy had been with some girl who he introduced at his graduation. Was she the one?

Then there would be Maria Lynn. “Oh please let me get Jimmy safely off before I have to start worrying about my daughter,” Liz prayed.


It was still dark when Jenny gently shook Kyle. If you want the group shower, you better come on. Arnold will be here about sun-up. We have a room in Phoenix, so you can change after we get there. We don’t like wearing those uniforms all day in a hot car either. We already have a slight problem with the father. Eddie, you know the man who has stayed with you the entire time. Anyway, Eddie says that Maya’s father saw Max going into Liz’s room. He is trying to make it look like Liz is cheating a little bit since her husband isn’t there. When you arrive, Liz is going to make a big fuss over you as if to cover up a cheating heart. It’s Okay to glare at Max a few times, but things will seem that no one is sure that anything happened. Max’s party will be out of there on the night plane. Sissy and I haven’t decided where we want to go next. We only have a week before you have to be back with Liz for a week. Then, we will pick another place to stay, maybe. Max’s entire stay is going to be over a month. If you are tired of us, you can request that we be replaced.

Driving a sedan down from a private mountain retreat is interesting, but Kyle wasn’t the one who was driving. WithJenny on one side and Sissy on the other, the scary views of going over the precipice were lessened. Arnold was a perfect driver. His reactions were inhuman. Of course they were. Arnold was an alien. He was becoming more and more relaxed as he served the regent of the king. He knew that Kyle looked upon him as a professional. Kyle was becoming trustful of his skill. Arnold, was like all the other Antarians who served the king; he had volunteered his services. The reputation of being on Earth opened many doors when he went back to Altar. Privately, Arnold wondered about the two women who served as companions of the regent. How professional did they consider themselves. Of course, Arnold had never been privy to what they did for Kyle. He could only imagine. The first night when he drove them all to the mountain retreat, it had been night time and the women had darkened the screen between the passenger and driver’s compartment.

The trip to Phoenix took about three hours. Day’s Inn had reserved three rooms for the party. Arnold had a private room and he carefully unpacked his suit from his luggage. Arnold was still the driver, but he also would stand as a security person. He was complete with dark glasses, ear pieces and that funny pigtail which peaked out of his suit jacket sleeve. If stopped by the police he could show his concealed carry license from New Mexico, which was accepted by Arizona. All the bodyguards were given very intensive training. Unless an adversary was alien, when they were taken down, they better show a bullet hole from a Glock. Otherwise, it was trusted that an alien would blow away if they were accosted. So, if there were no witnesses, blast away.

Kyle and the two women had two rooms, but they were connected. The wedding would be at 10:30 that morning. It was hoped that the church ceremony, reception line, the photographer and any incidentals would get the party to the dining room of the Sheridan by noon, roughly. Black suit, white shirt and black tie, showed Kyle in a way he had never been known before.

There was a knock at the adjoining door. “Kyle, are you decent?” was heard.

Kyle thought what did that mean? They had all three spent much of the time in the last few days in various states of undress. What was decent at this time? “Come in,” he called out.

Jenny and Sissy both had their long hair pulled back in a strict bun. They had obvious ear pieces along with the pigtails in their sleeves. They wore white blouses, black skirts and jackets over white blouses. Along with the dark glasses, they would not be mistaken for anything except security. A brief message given to the cuff of her blouse and Jenny announced, “Arnold is ready for us in the parking lot.”

Arnold was standing beside the driver’s door and Sissy was standing at the open passenger door. Jenny held the door for Kyle as he entered the rear seat. With a glance around their location, Jenny got into the sedan beside Kyle. Same glances from Arnold and Sissy, then, the sedan was on the way.
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Re: Regent, M/L & K/L adult, AU/aliens pg 3, Ch11, 12/12/11

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Chapter 12

Alex was standing nervously in the church foyer. He wasn’t worried about the ceremony, from what he had seen of Vivian Wrey, she was a close second to Aunt Isabel, or least from the many stories Alex had heard. Alex was frightened with things this close, something alien would crop up to scare off the Wreys. Maya wouldn’t be scared, but her parents might pull her away if they ever knew the truth of all those present. “Hey calm down, bro. Maria Lynn and I will handle any difficulties. Look over there, no one would suspect that under those blonde curls lurked an alien princess. Mom and Dad gave us a lot of alien magic in our genes. Remember, they both were healed by Max.”

“I am worried a little about dad going off. Mom warned me that he was having a hard time with his alien side this visit,” explained AlexZander.

“Hey, Max has always been the best. He won’t do anything to ruin his son’s wedding. If he does spark a bit, Maria and I are ready to cover for it,” Jimmy stated.

“Do you have the ring?” Alex asked. Now this was better. This was a question the groom was supposed to ask.

“Sure do and when the time comes, I will hand it to Maya’s little brother. I have been cautioning Maria Lynn not to throw out too many flowers at first, so she has to manufacture more of them at the end of her walk. Jimmy was silent for several minutes. A couple of those bride’s maids are pretty good looking,” he commented.

“Hey hold up, bro. Remember that you are on a one girl mission now,” Alex reminded his brother. Jimmy was always the lucky one; he could get a girl in a room of boy scouts. They seemed to flock to him. Maya was the product of a long and often frightening campaign. Her acceptance of his family and their acceptance of her meant a lot to Alex. It also meant a lot that his father, Max, could show up. Max had always told Alex to acknowledge what he owed to Kyle. Alex knew that Kyle showing up with Max in the middle of Max’s visit with Liz was difficult. Security had informed Alex that Kyle was on his way.

The sedan stopped and Sissy got out first. She surveyed the area. Then, she signaled Jenny to open the rear door and allow Kyle to step out. Kyle walked into the church alone. The two women walked behind him. The usher met him at the entrance to the sanctuary and asked, “Friend of the bride or the groom?”

“I am the groom’s step-father,” Kyle stated. The ushers had been given strict instructions that, when the groom’s stepfather arrived, he was to be seated in the row behind the groom’s father and mother, even though, this was against bridal etiquette. Kyle, after all, wasn’t married to Liz. Was Alex rubbing this in?

Alan Wrey, waiting for his daughter to appear, had seen the dark sedan drive up and he had seen the two female body guards step out. He noted that the stepfather walked alone, but the body guards were following behind. By the way the bodyguards handled themselves, Alan would not have liked to tackle any of these people.

Wagner’s Bridal Chorus started and Alan felt a pull at his arm. “Ready, daddy,” Maya said.

Was a father ever ready to give his daughter away?

As they walked down the aisle, Alan saw the several people standing in the back of the room all dressed alike, including the dark glasses. This must be some of Max’s security.

Charges to the bride and counter charges to the groom. Vows from the church and vows the couple wrote themselves. A short sermon attesting to the sanctity of marriage and soon, the party was walking back through the crowd. When the ushers had released Kyle’s row he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. “Are you Kyle Valenti?” a young man asked.

Kyle nodded and he was lead to the reception line. Max shook his hand, Maya and Alex hugged him closely. Then, Liz threw her arms around his neck and passionately kissed him. In the receiving line, Maya’s parents stood as hosts; then, Alex and Maya followed by Max, Liz and finally, Kyle. That wasn’t exactly the right order, but Alex had insisted. As the reception passed, when they came to Alex, he would present his new wife, his father, his mother and then remind everyone that Kyle, his step father had been the man who raised him.

Kyle glanced at Max a couple of times, but Max was being king. His face was unreadable.

Rice flew, cameras flashed and the wedding party was all called back to the sanctuary. They had it for real; now, they had to stage it for the pictures.

Kyle was standing around trying to not be conspicuous. “We need to get to the hotel,” a whispered voice from Jenny was heard in Kyle’s ear.

The tables all had name cards. Kyle, looking for his name picked up a flute of Champagne. Before he could drink any of it, he felt a gloved hand resting on his wrist. That same whisper. “Not now Kyle, you still have to navigate some deep waters. When he found his name, he understood. He was seated at the table with Alan and Vivian Wrey. Jenny brought Kyle a tall wine glass. “It’s raspberry iced tea, Kyle. There are still some rough moments,” Jenny repeated.

There was a lot of noise at the door and Kyle saw the wedding crowd entering. He watched as they all were seated and then, Kyle saw. He had been set up. Max, and the party, including Liz, were at one table while Kyle had been seated with Alan Wrey and his family. Kyle nodded and saluted Mr. Wrey with his tall wine glass of tea. “You are mighty trusting, son. I wouldn’t let my wife alone with her previous husband?” Alan said.

“She and Max are Alex’s parents; it is right that they share the spot light with him,” Kyle answered.

“How long have you known Liz?” Alan asked.

“Since grade school. We all went to school together,” Kyle stated.

“You knew Liz before she started going with Max?” Alan quizzed.

“Yeah, we went together briefly when we were sophomores. I just wasn’t any match for old Max then,” Kyle informed.

“Don’t you find it strange that she was available when Max had to leave? Where did he go anyway?” Alan needled again.

“Not really, we all remained friends. When Max left, Alex was only four. Max didn’t think he would be coming back. He asked me to look out for his family. It seemed only natural that he would trust me to look out for his wife and son,” Kyle replied. Alan did notice his question of where Max had gone was ignored.

“Yet, you look after his wife and son so well that you married his wife. Didn’t that cause Max some worry?” Alan asked.

“Not really, Max loves Liz. He wouldn’t want her to remain alone trying to raise a son. Max was ten years getting back. He looked at what I did as a natural progression of things,” Kyle explained.

“You even had a child by her. Didn’t that frost Max’s pumpkin?” Alan asked again.

“Two children, Kyle corrected. Max knew that Liz wanted a bigger family and he wasn’t going to be there to give it to her. I loved and cared for Alex and Max has come to love and care for Jimmy and Maria Lynn,” Kyle again stated.

Then help came to Kyle. “Come on, Alan, quit trying to quiz Alex’s step father over there. I think what he did is wonderful. I think the relationship between Max, Liz and Kyle is great. They had a stressful thing and they rose to solve it. Look at how well Alex turned out. You said yourself that he was going to be a great son-in-law,” Vivian Wrey redirected her husband.

Alex and Maya went out on their first dance as a married couple. Kyle saw Jimmy dancing with one of the bride’s maids. Max and Liz danced and, as custom, they split Liz was dancing with her son and Max was dancing with Maya. Everyone clapped. Kyle felt a hand on his shoulder. “There always has to be one scandal at a wedding, come on. We are going to make it,” Kyle looked up to see Jenny minus the dark glasses extending her hand toward him. They danced several sets as the wedding party went through their many partner changes. Jenny returned Kyle to the table about the same time some relative returned Vivian.

“Who was your partner, Kyle? She would be a charming girl if she wasn’t dressed so austerely,” Vivian said.

Kyle found the ability to bring up a laugh. “That was one of the security chiefs of Max’s bodyguard. She wanted to needle her boss a bit, since he was with Liz,”

Max stood and clanked his spoon against his wine glass. “I have come a long way to see my son AlexZander get married. It was a lot longer than any of you can imagine, to see my new daughter-in-law. I thank AlexZander’s mother for what she has done for Alex. She and Kyle are responsible for bring up AlexZander. Since I danced so much with AlexZander’s mother, I see that Kyle stole one of my security chiefs.” There was laughter, then Max rambled on a bit more, but Kyle didn’t hear any of it. Max knew what he had been doing with the two ladies of security. Kyle knew that they would have one more week and then, Kyle would return back to Liz for a week or so. Then when the king wanted his own, Kyle again would be out in the cold. Sometimes, this agreement really sucked.

It was getting dark. The sun had dropped in Phoenix and pretty soon you would be able to walk about the city without ducking into one air conditioned business after another. Alex and Maya were off on the plane to the rain forest of the west coast. One TSA official had made an off color comment about Maya’s butt as she passed through the scanner. No one could figure why he threw up his supper in a gagging nausea that swept over him before he could even leave his station. There were two couples who seemed to have no connection to each other. Looking at them, you might remark that they had no distinguishable features. They never approached the wedding couple, but at least one of them was never very far away.

Max and his party were now on the plane, which eventually would get them back to Roswell. Max had gone first, and Liz was determined for him not to get angry as the TSA gazed at his butt. One agent was determined to give Maria a pat down. Then, he sort of forgot what he was doing and she scampered through the scanner. No one noticed that her scan looked just like the woman weighing over 200 pounds, who had gone before Max. Not at all like an early teen girl. Liz was last and she glared at the scanner, it was seen that he made no comment at the middle aged woman who still had a good body.

The Wrey family was back at their home in Phoenix. Alan was still insisting that there is something about that Max fellow. The relationship between all three of them, Max, Kyle and Liz is screwy someway. “I am going to call a friend in Washington, tomorrow,” he said

“Fine,” Vivian said. “Meantime, my daughter is getting in her wedding bed with her husband for the first time. I am sure that they have been doing something like this for a long time, but as she makes love tonight, I want us to do the same,” Vivian said very positively.

Kyle was back in the sedan with Sissy on one side and Jenny on the other. Arnold was speeding back to the private resort. Somehow, Kyle’s shirt had become opened, Jenny was playing on his chest from one side while Sissy did the same from the other. Like his shirt, both of their blouses had been pulled from the waistband of their skirts. Their buttons had become unfastened and Kyle was idly stroking their bare backs. Kyle was thinking that they had a week or so until he would be called back to Roswell. For that week or so, the three of them would be playing like three teens on a road trip. Kyle understood the purpose of the two women, but what were they accomplishing? By the law of the king, no subject who had serviced the regent could remain on Earth. Max was determined to not leave any of his people who might distract Kyle from his duty to Liz as regent. If Kyle went outside his family to find a distraction, it wouldn’t be someone the king had set up or left behind. For Kyle to be unfaithful in Max’s eyes, Kyle would have to deliberately step out on Liz. Max didn’t think that Kyle would do that to their agreement.

As Jenny and Sissy were playing with and blowing at the hairs on his chest, Kyle felt arousal. He still wasn’t yet ready to give in. A picture of Max in a luxury liner, heading for another galaxy, grew in his mind. What did Max do in this time? Kyle had a picture of Karen, Max’s first offering, totally stripped down laying in Max’s bed. “Now, show me what you and the regent did,” was that the question Max had asked?

Max spent some time away from Liz when he was back on Earth. He said it was to oversee his subjects living on Earth. When he did this, did he wear his human body or did he revert back to his alien features. Human or alien, did Max have a body in his bed, to return to, when his day was over?

Kyle and Liz had a healthy sex life, but it wasn’t as if they went down every day or night. They didn’t spend every minute in bed together. They had arrived at a relationship where they both felt comfortable. Kyle could see that Max’s hunger for human sex might make him monopolize every night he was with Liz. Did his libido still make demands when he made short trips to meet with his subjects? Did he have a secret companion who graced the king when the queen was absent?

Kyle felt about himself. Sissy and Jenny would try to make every minute they were with Kyle memorable. They would do all they could to make sure that Kyle’s thoughts didn’t stream themselves to Liz and what she was doing with the king. Kyle was in his forties. That wasn’t old, but try to keep up with a couple teens and see if you don’t see and feel the difference!

They arrived at the cabin. Arnold, as usual, unloaded their luggage and departed. The three passengers stumbled into the cabin and from there into their bedroom.

Sometime during the night, Kyle felt himself helped to sit up and his opened shirt and jacket removed. Then he remembered vaguely, being asked to raise his hips so his pants could be removed. Kyle woke up well after the sun to laying on his back, a naked lady on each of him and Jenny having her hand in his fly, playing with his balls. Whatever was done to him last night, didn’t do any good as Kyle felt his shorts and there was no dampness or stickiness in evidence. This was nothing like days ago when Kyle woke with both ladies playing with his groin and his boxers showing ample evidence of subconscious activity.

Kyle got up and swung himself off the side of the bed. He showered alone and when he re-entered the room, the two women were still asleep. “We are your companions, not your servants.” rang in his head. Kyle wondered if Max ever had that relationship. Wasn’t every word out of the mouth of the king a command to his subjects, which was just a nice way to say servants? The smell of fresh coffee and the crackling of bacon brought the two women into the kitchen. White tank tops and short white skirts, with a split on each side, were the uniform of the day. As they moved around, Kyle could see that they each were wearing a black g-string, again.

“Girls, what is it for today?” Kyle asked.

“The canyon we were walking on is the edge of the property. We were informed that there is a meadow in the middle of the estate. We thought we might go there. We need to talk about where you want to go when you return from Roswell, next time. You need to think if you want us or not. You can order other girls if you please and if you want, you can increase the number of girls if you think you need more distraction,” Jenny informed him.

“My years into group sex, were when I was a kid. I think the two of you are probably as good as it is going to get. I have a question. Did either of you service the king either as aliens or in your human form?” Kyle asked.

Kyle wasn’t prepared for the reaction. “Sir, please, even that thought could be thought as treasonous!” Sissy exclaimed.

Kyle saw their fear, but he wasn’t about to leave it there. “Did Karen the writer of the book of Kyle ever service the king?”

“Sir, we will answer your question, but please don’t follow this line of thoughts further. Anyone servicing the king would, in all probability be installed in the royal harem. No one can give their seed to eclipse that of the king. You, sir, are the only one who ever sleeps with a woman who also sleeps with the king. It is true that the king could assign a regent on Antar, but the rules are usually different than those on Earth,” Jenny answered.

Both women left the table, their sausage and coffee still not finished. Kyle had set off something that was unthinkable to the Antarians. That had to mean that Karen had not been taken over by Max to learn what he could learn about Kyle. It was almost 30 minutes before the two women returned. Their eyes showed that they had been crying. What Kyle had said to them frightened them greatly. Unless he didn’t care about the two women, he would have to be careful in the future. They, along with Karen, had told him that having sex with the regent, would bring honor and fortune when they returned. They had, also, told Kyle, one time that Karen assigned two women after her time, because she didn’t want something to be created with Kyle on his part or on the companion’s part. They were to distract the regent so the king being with the woman he loved would not be so painful, but they must not supplant the queen in anyway.
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