Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

Post by mela3 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:26 pm

Thank you for the note!
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

Post by Adian » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:05 pm

I haven't been on this site in years. Finding this story again thrills me! I've enjoyed this story so much. I hope to come back and find an update.
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

Post by flyawayraven » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:03 pm

Oh I haven't seen this story in so long! I was ECSTATIC when I logged in and found it! I loved that I had so many chapters to catch up on! Last time I read it the funeral was happening!! :shock:

I hope you don't leave it here! I can't wait to find out how Spike and Liz's story ends! And if Kyle will be a dummy and interfere with Lucas!

Come back!

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

Post by Synera » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:45 pm

Hope all is well!

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

Post by pandas2001 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:52 pm

really hope to see more soon, I miss this

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Note 2/26/17

Post by Jezebel Jinx » Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:44 pm

Hey everyone! Didn’t expect to be gone from this fic or all of my other fics for so long. No excuse, just life and this was/is a hobby that unfortunately got pushed to the side lines. Hope you are all doing well and I hope you enjoy this new chapter.

Note: This chapter went a bit off course from where I wanted it to go but I don’t mind, I don’t think anyone else will mind either because it meant more Spike/Liz in this chapter.

Chapter 39

Once they got to her room Spike enveloped Liz in his arms and caressed his cool hands down her body. Partly in comfort but also to make sure she had no injuries. She was a bit surprised that Spike’s hands weren’t colder when he first touched her bare skin, it felt nice.

When Spike’s wandering hands touched a tender spot she hissed, sucking in a breath. Spike growled unhappily. While he didn’t say anything he made a mental note to give Kennedy a few hundred hits in that same spot Liz was bruised.

“I’m ok.” Liz whispered.

“Doesn’t matter, bitch will get what’s coming to her.” Spike vowed.

Liz couldn’t deny that she got warm and fuzzy hearing him be protective of not only her but her baby as well. “How?”

“Let me worry about that.” He wasn’t much of a thinker but plans of a future maiming or death he made an exception for. He didn’t think he’d kill Kennedy…at least not right away, simply because it wouldn’t cause her as much agony as he wanted to inflict, but make her want to die, no question. Spike kissed her temple. “Are you sure you’re ok?”

Liz nodded but tears began to well up in her eyes. “When she kicked my stomach, my heart stopped. I couldn’t imagine my life without my baby, he’s not even here yet and I love him so much.” She struggled past the lump growing in her throat. “Spike if she…”

He gathered her even closer, if that was possible, and whispered to her. “She didn’t. Our boy is strong. He’s not going to let some vindictive little bitch take him from this world. Take him from us.” Spike comforted.

“Our boy?” Liz sniffed and smiled through her tears. “Really?”

“Any and every part of you, is mine. Doesn’t matter that we don’t share blood, if he’s yours, then he’s mine too. Never doubt that.” Spike stared into her eyes and caressed her cheeks.

Liz stared back into his dark blue eyes and without a doubt she knew she was in love with him. “Spike…” She whispered before kissing him.

As their kiss deepened, Spike’s hands roved over her body again. This time he wasn’t checking for injuries.
Slowly he backed Liz up till her knees hit the side of the bed. He guided her down to sit, all the while still kissing her.

Spike tilted her head to the side and kissed a trail down to her neck. He could hear her heart rate speed up but there was no fear in her that he could sense. She was excited, turned on, but not afraid. Gently he suckled the skin where the smooth column of her neck met her delicate shoulder.

Even with Spike at her neck, his sharp teeth so close, she trusted him. Liz reached up and pulled at his shirt dragging him onto the bed fully and over her. He kept his body up from hers so he didn’t lay flat on her stomach.

“Spike…” For a moment he thought she would tell him to not bite her, he wasn’t planning on biting her yet, he didn’t think she was ready for everything that comes with being a mate to a vampire, biting and sharing blood was part of that. He had hoped, however, that she would trust him to not bite her, even being so close too.

“Yes, pet?” His voice rumbled in her ear, his accent, deep and rough, made her shiver with lust. As he waited for her to speak again he kissed the warm column of her throat.

“Will you…” She licked her lips nervously, but if she couldn’t say it, she shouldn’t be doing it…right? That’s what everyone always told her. “Will you make love to me?” She was practically able to hear her own heartbeat she was so nervous. What if he said no, what if he said she wasn’t ready, what if...

“Yes.” Spike growled against her neck. “Bloody hell, fuck yes!” Not the most gentleman way to say ‘yes, he would be delighted and humbled to be able to make love to her’, but no one, in this lifetime anyhow, had ever accused him of being a gentleman.


Wesley took in the destroyed lobby. It had seen worse but it had looked better too. The pillar Liz blasted Kennedy and Willow into was cracked and would need immediate repair, leaving it would only make the upper floors on this side of the hotel collapse, not right away certainly, but over time. The front desk had handprints crushed into it from where Liz gripped it to catch Kennedy in a leg grip. And the garden fountain…that was a lost cause.

A few Potentials carried Kennedy in. “Where should we put her?” Rowan asked.

Wesley sneered. “The gutter.” A couple of the girls were shocked at his callousness.

Giles, thankfully, stepped in. “Put her upstairs, clean her up some, and one of us will be up to help bandage her.” Once the girls were out of sight Giles motioned for Wesley to follow him into Angel’s office.

“I don’t want that guttersnipe in this hotel Giles. She’s a loose cannon and you can be damn sure no one who lives here, and I’m not talking about the Potentials, is going to help doctor her.” Wesley could only remember feeling this angry when Fred was in danger. Liz was important Fred, one of the few family members she sees and likes, her parents, an Aunt and another cousin were the only other family she enjoyed spending time with. Even if they hadn’t gotten to be friends, her connection to Fred was enough for him to protect her, vehemently.

Giles put his hand up in a gesture of peace, “I understand. Kennedy can’t be here, she’s too combative, not only to Liz, and we saw she’s not willing to play by the rules.” He removed his glasses and scrubbed them clean. “But we can’t send her out as she is. She’ll be dead within seconds.”

“And Willow?” Fred stood in the doorway, so silent that neither former Watcher heard her come in. “What about her? Just Liz protecting herself from Kennedy’s attack caused her to go black-eyed.”

“I thought Buffy said Willow learned to contain that part or at least to control it.” Wesley questioned his former colleague. Thinking on it though, they were probably more alike now than they ever were as official Watchers.

In his brief time as an official Watcher of the former Watcher’s Council he was surprised at how much they frowned on Giles. After all one would assume, they would be more accommodating of a Watcher with an active Slayer. Much more welcoming and willing to help, however the opposite in Giles’s case, happened.

In Wesley’s even shorter time as Buffy and Faith’s Watcher he had many phone calls with the Council, who wanted constant updates on the two Slayers. He had many meetings with the men and women who were the liaisons of the Council, and yet as he read Giles’s account of his first couple years with Buffy there was only a handful of phone calls and two meetings. Quite frankly it baffled him.

It took him years to realize that both Buffy and Giles were “wild cards” so to speak. The Council wanted them to fail, so they could start anew with a new Slayer and Watcher team and they saw not helping as a way to further that along. Their plan, of course, backfired brilliantly. Buffy and Giles had to learn to survive, relatively on their own, and Buffy was now the longest living Slayer by a year and a half, Giles had a wide range of information stored in his head that put other Watchers to shame, and the Council was no more.

When the Council was still around and they realized Buffy wasn’t going anywhere they took an interest in Willow with her abuse of magic. Helping her control that when she went to England with Giles and pouring their resources into her giving her more help than they ever had to Buffy when Giles was in Sunnydale.

“She does. I thought she did anyway…” Giles pondered it for a bit. “Willow probably has flashbacks of Tara, it sets her off quickly.”

“Then she needs to leave too. Willow is protecting someone that just brutally kicked a pregnant mother in the stomach. If she can’t see that Kennedy is a danger to Liz and the baby, she needs to go.” Fred was rarely so firm but when it came to family she was as fierce as a mama lion.

“I don’t disagree. However I do think I need to continue working with Willow’s control. She’s extremely powerful and dangerous and if I just let her go she’ll let that part of her grow and eventually we’ll lose Willow to the dark. Not even Xander would be able to bring her back.” Giles explained.

Wesley nodded, as did Fred, but she was not budging. “Work with her, yes, but do it away from this hotel and away from my family.” With that final statement Fred left the office and began the long process of cleaning up the damaged lobby.

“She’s very protective of Liz. We all are in some ways, I guess, but Fred…that’s her cousin, family that she thought she’d never see again.”

Giles shook his head. “No need to explain, she’s not wrong. I’ll search for some place around here where we can move Kennedy and I can continue working with Willow.”

Wesley reached into his pants pocket. “You can stay at my apartment.” He held out the keys.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I know I don’t. However, I’m hardly ever there anymore and it’s close enough to the hotel that we can get to and from there easily enough. Tunnel access as well.” This time Wesley put the keys into Giles’s hand.

“It’s close enough to here but is it far enough away from here?” Giles probed. There needed to be enough distance between here and there, he couldn’t have Willow and Kennedy be relatively right next door.

“Yes. It’s five miles away, give or take a mile. Not neighbors but still within helping range.”

“Thank you Wesley.” Giles could hardly believe this was the same man that he met all those years ago back when Buffy was a senior in high school.

With a grim smile Giles left Angel’s office and went upstairs to where both Kennedy and Willow were moved. He did not relish having the conversation he needed to have with them.


Giles made his way up the stairs of the massive old hotel. He was weary, the tests, designed to both distract and find out information, namely who the next Slayer would be, turned out successful in some aspects, and as displayed shortly ago, a huge disaster.

He tried not to feel bad about Kennedy being laid up, passed out and bleeding from wounds another Potential caused but he couldn’t deny the guilt in his heart. Maybe if he hadn’t let them have, essentially, free reign. Some children thrive that way, others, needed stronger guidance, a focus, that he admittedly didn’t give the Potentials who had lived in Buffy’s home, and he still hadn’t given it to them here.

Buffy had been a free spirit, as he himself had been in his youth, but still he found the right way to guide her. His own free spirit seemed to mesh with his Slayer’s and they formed a working, cohesive Slayer/Watcher bond. It slowly turned into one of father and daughter, it was a relationship he cherished. He defied the Council, remained in Sunnydale, and remained her Watcher when Wesley arrived on the scene and he stayed long passed when he should have returned to England. With Wesley there he should have left but he felt such a tight bond with Buffy and the rest of their Scooby Gang, that he felt like leaving would be betraying her.

Then a couple years later Buffy died. While he loved the others, even Xander on most days, he couldn’t remain in Sunnydale. The city that in the end killed Buffy. With a heavy heart he chose to go back to England, only to return a couple weeks later with word that Buffy had been brought back. At first, he had been too overcome with joy to question why or how she returned, the only thing that mattered was that she had. However, once he held Buffy in his arms and he confirmed that she was alive and it wasn’t a cruel joke he realized, with Willow preening in the background, that she had meddled with the natural order of things.

At that point, he felt it had been too late to bring Willow back from the rock bottom she was headed for. Against his better judgement, he left Sunnydale. Not only leaving Willow to dive further into magical darkness but leaving his Slayer to handle what was possibly too much for her at the time. He felt huge guilt for leaving her. She had to deal with her duties as a Slayer but now with the added hassle of taking care of her sister, having two other people, Tara and Willow, living in her house and trying to find work that fit around her sacred duty. Leaving her during that time, it caused a crack in their bond, one that had only gotten bigger when he returned and left again, that time with Willow.

The chasm between him and his Slayer only widened when he brought the Potentials to her home in Sunnydale. Essentially forced her to help him train them and protect them and in the end, he realized that he may have permanently damaged his relationship with her when he didn’t stand by her. He pushed and pushed for her to be a leader, for her to protect the girls, and then when she did lead, did try to protect them, but in a way he didn’t necessarily approve of, he stood against her.

Giles reached the second floor and saw a flurry of movement coming from Willow and Kennedy’s room. A girl ran past him with a trash bin full of bloody towels and bandages. A few other girls were standing outside the room, while Buffy, Xander, Dawn, and Angel were inside the room doctoring Kennedy as best they could. Willow was on the bed, still passed out, Kennedy was in and out of consciousness, moaning and in clear pain.

Angel stood up from where he just finished stitching a wound closed. “Liz did a pretty good number on her.” He stated as he went over to Giles.

“Will she live?” Giles asked.

Angel paused a moment. The girls at the door listening intently to what he said, then shrugged. “She’s clearly not going to be a Slayer, her wounds aren’t healing as fast, like a Slayer’s would. But, she’s still a Potential with some Slayer powers. A regular human would be dead right now. Her heart is…not beating well. When Liz tried to drown her, she cut off oxygen and blood flow to Kennedy’s brain, who knows if that did any lasting damage. It doesn’t look good right now. I’ve managed to stitch up what I could, Buffy and Xander are bandaging her up but only time will tell if she makes it or comes out undamaged.”

Giles took in the information and nodded slowly. “And Willow?” He looked at her prone form on the bed and frowned with sadness.

“Just passed out. She should wake up soon. Spike only held on long enough to knock her out.” The smell of blood in the room was agitating him but he continued. “I’m sure Wesley already said this, but I don’t want either of them in my hotel. Willow and Kennedy need to be gone soon.” A small growl ended his statement.

“Yes. And as I told Wesley, I don’t disagree. Blissfully he offered his apartment. Once we’re able to move Kennedy without causing further damage we’ll take her there. I have a spell as well that will cage…for lack of a better term, Willow’s darkness. It’ll give me the opportunity to have an actual conversation with her without her going black-eyed.”

Angel sighed. “I know how it is to have something dark and evil inside and under the surface. A spell won’t deal with the problem, it’ll just make it grow and fester, she has to learn to live and deal with it so it doesn’t control her.”

“And she will, or I hope she will, this spell is just so we can talk to her without her going black-eyed and turning us all into toads or something.” Giles confirmed.

“Has anyone checked on Liz yet?” Angel asked him.

“Not yet. I wanted to get the spell cast on Willow first. That’ll only take a couple minutes to do though.”

With that said Giles set about casting the spell on Willow’s unconscious form. The only indication that she felt anything different was the quick fluttering of her eyes under her lids but then she quickly calmed.

“I’ll be back shortly.” Giles mentioned before he left the room.

Only one of the Potentials, Billie, stopped him on his way out. “Why are we even helping Kennedy? We all saw what she did downstairs.”

Giles paused, thinking about his answer for a moment. “I know what she did. And I’m going to deal with that. But we can’t let her die. She won’t stay here but hopefully she can be dealt with peacefully.”

“And if she can’t?” Another Potential murmured from behind the small group.

Giles sighed, “I hope it won’t come to that.” He simply stated and walked away. He didn’t know exactly what would happen, what he would do if Kennedy couldn’t be dealt with but, in all honesty, he didn’t want to think on it. Not until he had too.

The tired Watcher made his way to the hallway that Liz’s room resided in. He wanted to make sure Liz was all right and to assure her this would not happen again. Then maybe, maybe he would be able to catch a little shut eye before Willow awoke. He took in the room numbers, stopping at what he hoped he was remembering correctly as her room number and knocked.

To say Giles was surprised when a loud snarl came through the door would be an understatement.

“Yes?” A strangled husky feminine voice followed immediately.

“It’s Rupert Giles, Liz.” Another snarl, this one quick and low. “I just wanted to make sure you were ok after what happened downstairs.”

Low muffled voices were heard behind the door but he couldn’t make out the words, a giggle that was quickly cut off was heard, then nothing.

“Liz? Are you quite alright?” Giles again prodded.

She delicately cleared her throat and then replied. “Um,” A growl and heavy breathing followed, then, “I’m really ok…” Liz sounded out of breath. “Really, really ok.” Giles was sure he heard a male voice, Spike if he were a betting man, but he had no hope of hearing what was said.

“Are you sure? You sound very out of breath.”

Through the door Giles heard a breathy moan, followed by Liz saying, “Uh-huh.”

While he was certain Liz was all right, especially if Spike was in there, he needed a visual confirmation for his own peace of mind. “Please Liz would you come to the door?”

Suddenly within seconds of his request, an angry growl reached him, then a feminine squeak, followed by the door swinging open. Standing in the open doorway was a vamped out, shirtless Spike, he’s pretty sure his pants were also undone partly, but before he could confirm that disturbing visual his shirt was gathered in Spike’s fist and he was brought within inches of his snarling, angry visage.

“You’ve got a death wish Rupert?” Spike played with one of his fangs with his tongue.

Giles quickly darted his gaze toward Liz sitting on the bed, she was fine, clearly topless but wrapped up in the quilt to keep anyone from seeing anything.

“Spike,” Liz gently called from the bed. “Really Giles, I’m ok.” She was clearly trying to keep the mirth and what he assumed was some embarrassment out of her voice.

Although still gripped close to Spike, Giles tried to speak evenly and calmly. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you both but I just wanted to make sure you all right after what happened downstairs.”

“Clearly she’s in good hands.” He tossed the Watcher back with little care. “Anyone comes to this room again tonight they will regret it. Understood?” Spike stepped back, not waiting for Giles’s response, and shut the door, locking it firmly behind him.

Giles slowly eased back up on his own two feet and pushed away from the wall. He heard Spike chuckle low in his throat as he moved further from the door. With that Giles quickly left the hallway in front of Liz’s room, he didn’t want to hear any more of what occurred in there.


Liz snickered into her quilt, as Spike turned back to her. His low chuckle answering hers. “I think he’s sufficiently traumatized.”

“Good. It’ll be a lesson for anyone who dares to try and interrupt us again.” Spike stalked back to the bed, eyeing her like she was a meal he was going to devour. “Now, where were we?”

Liz smiled at him and ran her gaze up and down his torso. She loved his body, slender but muscled and god was he cut. Biting her lip she opened the quilt that kept her hidden from Giles’s worried appraisal, “I think, you were here,” she pointed to the area on her thighs that he had been kissing and nipping when they were interrupted. “And I was,” Liz sat up on her knees as Spike crawled back on the bed with her, “right,” she kissed the side of his jaw, “about,” she thread her fingers through his platinum blonde locks, “here.” Demonstrating where her hands were less than five minutes ago.

Growling low in his throat Spike leaned forward and gently laid her back on the bed. “That sounds about right.” He chuckled evilly as he roved down her body and back into their previous position. “Let me love you pet.”

For the rest of the night, no one bothered the two new lovers.


Hope this didn't disappoint. I don't know when the next update will be, as I mentioned in the note above writing is one of those hobbies that I've pushed to the background. For a couple years all I wrote was a paragraph every couple of months. I've gone back and reread the previous chapters more often than actually written anything. I'm not abandoning any of my fics BUT it may be a while before an update comes. I'm very sorry about that, as a reader and lover of fan fiction, I know how frustrating having an unfinished fic is, but I do hope that when I do post anyone reading will enjoy what I've written and forgive my long absences. Love you all! :mrgreen:
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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

Post by Synera » Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:41 pm

:D Yay! I'm so glad a) to see an update and b) that you don't plan to abandon it. Even if updates are months and/ or years apart. Thanks.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:58 am

Thanks for giving me something to read!
I never watched Buffy, so I'm having trouble with the characters.
It's difficult to see Liz with someone else........for me that is.
Thanks, and hope to see you again soon.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

Post by booktv-girl2310 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:39 pm

Yay, so glad you’ve posted another chapter. Loved it. Can’t wait to read more.

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Re: Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

Post by Liz2infinity4e » Mon May 18, 2020 10:20 pm

Hope you come back with another chapter soon. Love this story.

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