Lost With Out You (DA XO, Adult, UC) COMPLETE 10/20/08

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Lost With Out You (DA XO, Adult, UC) COMPLETE 10/20/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:39 pm


Okay yes I know that this has been posted MANY times before but this time I have most of the fic done and a posting plan. I have re worked A LOT of this fic so it is different in some ways like there are now paragraphs! Please let me know what you think!

Title: Lost With Out You

Author: Ansleyrocks

Disclaimer- I do not own any of these characters

Rating: Adult

Couples: UC but Liz/Alec for sure

Category: Crossover/Roswell and Dark Angel

Added note-Takes place in present day so Dark Angel is in our time period. In DA it is at the end of season 1 and Zack did not die and max was not shot. They all made it out okay with the added help of Liz. In Roswell it takes place after season 2.

Summary-Liz is an X5 who was one of the original escapees. She was adopted by the parkers and is living in Roswell New Mexico. Maria and Liz's parents know she is an X5, but what happens when Isabel finds out at a sleepover, and when a few X5's show up to visit their baby sis Liz.

X5 566 = Biggs
X5 277 = Ice
X5 513 = Liz
X5 452 = Max
X5 494 = Alex
X5 698 = Zack
X5 499 = Krit
X5 666 = Blaze
X5 665 = Ryan
X5 293 = Faith
X5 294 = Hawk
X5 362 = Sara
X5 299 = Jack
X5 332 = Crystal
X5 716 = Petal
X5 372 = Fauna
X5 788 = Babette
X6 223 = Rose

Lost with out you
I Elisabeth Parker am lost. No not lost as in took a wrong turn on the highway, and am on the other side of the state lost. But lost as in my life is way too crazy and is now spinning out of control. You see my ex boyfriend and his sister and best friend and the other girl who made my life hell are aliens. Now before you say go check yourself into the nearest hospital there’s more. You see I was shot in the stomach and Max, the ex ,healed me. Then he told me their secret and I was, assumed by them, to jump up and down at their every command. I even dragged my two best friends and another ex boyfriend into this. Everything was going great I was dating Max, my best friend Maria was dating Michael Max’s best friend and Alex my other best friend was getting closer and closer everyday to his dream girl Max’s sister Isabel when all of the sudden Tess shows up with their protector creating this new drama. You see Tess was Max’s wife on their home planet and kept pushing the Aliens to pursue their destiny, which conveniently enough did not include the three of us.

It was after Alex’s death when things started to get worse. I found out Max slept with Tess, got her pregnant and that Tess was the one who killed Alex. Max then let Tess get away. Maria I am so angry with I could give her to the nomiles. Michael and Kyle were the only ones on my side the others thought I was crazy. We eventually got Maria to believe me then Isabel and of course last Max because he wanted to believe his precious Tess was all sweet and innocent. So now Tess is gone Alex is dead, Isabel heart broken because she was just now realizing how great Alex really was, Maria and I are friends again, and Max is now groveling at my feet saying how sorry he is and how he needs to find his son.

Of course he expects me to help when it could yet again compromise me and give away were I am to Manticore.

You see none of my friends, except Maria and Kyle, know what I am, and besides them my parents. I am X5 513 a transgenic who escaped with her siblings from the monsters who created us to be the perfect soldiers. There were twelve that escaped that night all those years ago, but after the escape I was only allowed to keep in contact with Zack our eldest brother and CO. Whenever we would need anything all we had to do was call his voice mail. I have somewhat of an idea how the others are doing because I saw Max, Krit, and Syl when we took down Manticore. I also saw Brin who was captured and turned back into a mindless super solider by Manticore. She died when helping us because the small part that was left in her of her old self still felt the need to protect us. Zack, Max, Krit, Syl, and I got out okay with the help of Logan, Max’s boyfriend, and an unusual ally Lydecker the former head of Manticore.

So now here I am a month after Tess left sitting on my balcony whishing I was in Seattle with Max were I would finally be able to meet Alec, who is the clone of my older brother Ben but the exact opposite and is said to be the biggest smart mouth, or off checking up on my older brothers and sisters with Zack.

Maria is coming over and is due any minute along with Isabel.
After Maria and I made up we became closer to Isabel and now continue the weekly girls night ritual. We usually watch movies gossip and stay clear of all alien and transgenic subjects.

“Chica tell me how cute my new outfit looks.” Maria said coming up onto my balcony after dropping her stuff off in my room.

“Awesome.” She is wearing a baby blue short skirt, a white sparkling tube top, with a matching baby blue bag and sparkling white sandals.

“Hey guys sorry I’m late my mom was lecturing me again on how I need to spend more time with my brother and try to find out what’s wrong. So I told her he was depressed because no one will baby-sit him anymore.” Isabel said annoyed. She was right though none of us have really spent much time with Max lately because we don’t want to hear him whine all of the time.
Three hours later in the living room

The girls had ordered two pizzas and finished them all. They had the house to themselves due to Mr. And Mrs. Parker being out of town for the week. They had just gotten done watching Whatever It Takes staring Shane West. During the whole movie Liz kept having steamy thoughts about Shane West. She was feeling hot and fidgety now sort of how a person gets after watching a porno not a chick flick.

“Collin Hanks was funny in that movie.” Maria giggled

“Yea but did you get a load of Shane West man talk about fine.” Liz purred letting her thoughts travel again.

“Liz you okay you seam really flushed?” Isabel asked worried. It was at Isabel’s statement it hit Liz why she was so hot and thinking about jumping all the guys in the movie.

“OH GOD I ‘M IN HEAT” which received a worried look from Maria and a confused look from Isabel.
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Post by Ansleyrocks » Sat Sep 02, 2006 10:09 pm

Wow thanks for the FB it is great to see! As the fic continues the changes will increase but not too much it is more along the lines of adding things and fixing a few of the grammer things but I know there are so many grammer mistakes but I am trying to fix some of them! Let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 2

~ indicates someones thoughts.

“OH GOD I ‘M IN HEAT” which received a worried look from Maria and a confused look from Isabel.

“Ah Liz, what do you mean your in heat your not a cat?” Isabel asked thinking it was a joke.

“Oh no, Liz I think you should tell her. She will understand probably.” Maria said sitting down next to Liz putting a hand on her arm as a signal she was there for her, Maria could feel the heat coming off Liz. If Liz was normal she would have been worried

“Okay. Isabel Maria is right I should tell you. You see I am not exactly human either…”

“Wait what? What do you mean?” Isabel asked fear evident in her voice.

“Isabel I was created in a government lab. I am part of a series of super humans who were created to be the ultimate soldiers. Were are transgenic which are hybrids of human and animal DNA making them have the strongest of abilities from both. They were created in series from X1’s all the way to X7’s. The X5’s were the first successful batch. I am an X5; my designation is X5 513. My unit and I escaped when I was ten I was the youngest, twelve made it. We have all had to hide since. Just a while back a few of my brothers and sisters and I along with one of my sisters boyfriends and the old head of Manticore, the place we escaped from, teamed up to take it down; we did. Aside from Maria only my parents and Alex knew.” Liz said fearful Isabel would hate her now for not being honest and that she would tell the others.

Isabel seeing the look on Liz’s face when she was done was enough to convince her that this was still Liz and that they were a lot a like both in fear of being caught and scared they wont be accepted. “Liz I am glad you told me I don’t think any different of you, if anything I think more highly of you that you are so good at hiding and I am glad you are trusting me with your secret.” Isabel said giving Liz a small smile.

“So do you have any questions?” Liz asked a little unsure of what to do.

“Yea you said you had animal DNA in you, what kinds and why?” Isabel asked curies as to her friend’s abilities.

“There is cat for sight, hearing and jumping, and I think even a little shark because we don’t need much sleep and can hold our breath for long periods of time.” Liz said.


The next day in the café

Last night Liz stayed up along with Maria all night telling Isabel everything she knew. Maria even through in all of the wacky times she had seen Liz use her abilities. They all agreed not to tell the boys not even Michael. Isabel also got to see how out of it Liz got during her heats but Maria assured her that Liz would be fine and that the first day is the worst and that it only lasts for three days. As Maria and Isabel were sitting at the gangs usual both talking as Liz held up the place while her parents were gone in walked the last person Liz wanted to see today; Max.

“Hey Is, Maria have fun last night?” Max asked in a not so eager voice. He looked bad, hair all ruffled, ripped blue jeans and a dirty black t-shirt. I guess he did not get much sleep.

“Yea.” Isabel said not really wanting to talk to her brother because she was still angry with him for letting Tess get away.

“Good. Is ah Liz here?” Max asked looking around eagerly.

“Yeah since her parents are away she has to run the place, so I don’t think she really has time to talk to you.” Maria said pointedly.

“No one is here except us and a few others I am sure she has time.” Max said getting up after he has spotted Liz entering the back room with a cell phone in hand. Max never knew Liz even owned one. As he approached the door of the back room he could hear Liz talking so he stopped so as not to disrupt her, though the door he could hear her end of the call.

“No Zack I had to tell her she heard me yell it. Its not like I could just say oh just kidding when she saw the way I looked.” Liz said in a somewhat pleading voice. “It seems to be better then it was last night but I still feel all hot and I can smell every guy in the room and it is driving me crazy.” Liz said quietly.

~Who is Zack~? Max decides to wait and listen more. “I know but she trusted me enough with her secret why can’t I trust her?” Liz asked Zack

~Wait Liz has a secret and who did she tell. Maybe I can have Isabel find out what the secret is if I find out who she told~ he knew his sister would do it because he has been down lately and would do anything to cheer him up.

“Thanks Zack and please don’t give her a hard time just because of who she is related to because she is on my side on this one.” Liz said, and this just made Max even more confused. “Okay tell the others I love them and to keep safe and tell Logan to be good to her other wise I will kick his @#$%. Love ya bye.” Liz said hanging up. When Max heard Liz say love you he felt like a knife went through his heart.

In the back room Liz had just gotten off the phone with Zack and was feeling ten times better. Zack told her all is well with the others and should be by in a few days to check up on her. He was not too happy about Liz telling Isabel who she was, but he knew Liz trusted her. He was also worried that Liz might go and screw the next guy she saw because of her heat. As Liz was getting ready to go back out into the café she sensed someone was listing in behind the door as well as smell it was a male; she hoped who ever it was that they heard nothing.

As Liz stepped out of the back room she ran right into Max who she assumed was listing in. ~I so don’t have time for this what does he want now~?

“Hey Liz how are you?” Max asked trying to sound like his world was not coming to an end.

“Fine excuse me I have to get back to work.” Liz said and walked away and went over to sit with Maria and Isabel clearly not working.

“So how did Zack take the news that Isabel knew?” Maria asked knowing how protective Zack was of Liz.

“He was a little annoyed and a little unsure if Isabel was okay because she is Max’s sister and he did not know if she would tell Max, but I cleared it all up. Zack was worried about my little “problem” but he knows that I can handle it. He also said he will be here in a few days” Liz said smiling.

“Great I can not wait to meet him from what Maria says he is interesting to put it mildly.” Isabel said smirking; Maria had told Isabel about the time when Liz and Maria had gone skinny dipping and Kyle and Alex had snuck around the trees and were watching only to be caught by Zack and thrown into the deep end of the lake then later being tied up to a tree for five hours until Zack told Liz were they were and she had to go cut them out.

“Yea he is great you just have to do what he says and alls well. Oh and you have to be nice to his siblings other wise look out.” Maria said in mock terror.

“Well Isabel will get to meet him soon he is coming down here sometime to check up on me.” Liz said.

“Oh no I have to go before my mom goes on the war path. I am supposed to watch the store today while she and the sheriff go on their date.” Maria said with a look of disgust.

“See you tonight at seven right?” Liz asked.

“Right the three of us and that new club Flash.” Maria said and then she was out the door.

“Yea I better get going as well mom already told me last night I had to run errands today for her.” Isabel said then left.

Max saw his sister leave and knew now was the time to ask her.
Running to catch up with her Max yelled “Isabel” after she stopped he asked, “Do you know Liz’s secret?”
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Post by Ansleyrocks » Sat Sep 09, 2006 9:15 pm

Thank you all for the wounderful reviews I loved reading them all and it has made me write three new parts bringing the total up to 53 chapters so thanks! Starting around chapter 12 the parts before are rather on the short side for me so sorry about that and if I think a part is too short I might do two chapters at once just an FYI! Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 3
Max saw his sister leave and knew now was the time to ask her.
Running to catch up with her Max yelled “Isabel” after she stopped he asked, “Do you know Liz’s secret?”

Isabel was shocked about what Max said because she knew for a fact Liz never told him. So what could he be talking about? Did he listen in on one of their conversations? Yea that was probably it he has been desperate lately. ~I can deflect this. Just don’t go into detail about anything~

“Yea don’t you I mean everybody does where have you been?” Isabel said pretending like the whole world knew something about Liz except him.

“You knew and you never told me. Didn’t you think I would care that my ex girlfriend is dating someone else?” Max said his temper flaring because no one had told him. Isabel had to bite her tongue and hold her lips together to prevent her self from laughing. ~Hey I can finally pay him back for the whole Tess thing. I cannot wait to tell Liz and Maria~ Isabel thought mischievously already a plan was forming in her mind. All she would have to do is run a few things by Liz and then its pay back time!

“Oh I am really not supposed to say.” Isabel said pretending like she let something slip.

“Tell me Isabel!” Max said getting angry. ~I hate it when he orders me around. But for Liz I will do what he says and tell him all about Liz’s “boyfriend”~

“Well I don’t know much just that he is in his twenties, blonde, buff, and really cute. She did not go into much detail.” Isabel said pretending to think hard.

“Blonde I never figured Liz would date a blonde. Thanks Isabel and if Liz or Maria say anything else about him let me know.” Max said in his most kingly tone.

“Okay” Isabel said while thinking ~oh the three of us are going to make you miserable~.

That night at seven

The girls earlier decided to come back over to Liz’s at seven so they can change and just hang more before hand. This is when Isabel decided it was best to run this plan of hers by them. “Hey you guys you will never believe what Max asked me this morning when I left.” Isabel said with a smile on her face.

“What?” Liz and Maria asked simultaneously, from the look on Isabel’s face it was good.

“He asked me if I knew Liz’s secret, and of course knowing he did not know I said yes and was playing up that there was this big secret that everyone but him knew. So he is like how come no one told me Liz is seeing someone else. And I was like well I will make some stuff up to get a rise out of him and I told him he was blonde, buff, in his twenties, and cute. He like flipped and told me to tell him if I find out more. When I told him I was thinking this would be good payback watching him squirm so I thought I would run it by you to see if you thought it would be a good idea to make Max jealous of Liz?” Isabel said smiling at the very idea, and from the huge smiles on Liz and Maria’s faces she knew they were on board all the way.

“Were do we begin?” Liz asked forgetting about her heat for the moment.

Earlier that evening at the Evens home

“Hey mom can I borrow your car tonight?” Isabel asked Diane Evens.

“Sure honey. Wait why not use the jeep?” Diane asked. ~Like its not obvious. I don’t want to have to go near Max for as long as I live~

“Because Max has the keys and if I go in there he will just baggier me about Liz and I don’t have time for his whining.” ~That and every time I see him I want to kill him! ~

“Oh all right I suppose your right.” Diane said then goes and gets Isabel her keys.

As Isabel got to her room she was suddenly stopped by the fact she heard voices in Max’s room. ~That’s odd who could he be talking to? No one can stand to be around him long enough to talk to him. ~

As Isabel kept to Max’s door she knew who it was by the sudden outburst of the second party. “Listen Maxwell, Maria and I are over if she wants to date someone else then I say who cares not me, but no you have to practically stalk your ex. Do ya want to know why no one tells you anything? It’s because you freak over the smallest things…” Michael kept ranting on and on about how Max should not keep holding on, but Isabel stopped listing until she heard the answer a question she has her self. “Anyway Maxwell how did you find out Liz was seeing another guy?”

“Well I was going to talk to her when she went into the back room with a cell phone and when I listened she was talking to some guy named Zack about a secret and how she had to tell someone who found out, and then when the conversation was done before hanging up she said…ssss…. She….she said I love you.” Max said in a dejected voice. ~So that’s how he knew he listened to Liz’s phone conversation with her brother. Ewe Max thought Liz was dating him. Hey this could work well for the plan~ then she went to her room to get some makeup to take to Liz’s.

That night at eight

Can this day get any worse? Max was listing to my end of the conversation I had with Zack and he now thinks I am dating him. I try to brush the disturbing image of Zack and me out of my head. Out of all of my brothers and sisters Zack is the only brother I have close contact with. It would just be so wrong if I were to be with Zack, with any of the people I grew up with. I constantly think back to my days at Manticore and how they made me who I am. My brothers and sisters would kill me for saying it but its true and they know it to. Even though most do not realize it I am strong and independent. I take charge of things with out the others knowing it, I always have.

I am sitting here with two of my best friends one of whom for the longest time treated me like the plague, but now we are so much closer I think our utter dislike of her brother is the reason. We are currently going over the plan to make Max jealous and all I can say is watch out Max you are about to pay oh so dearly for all of the pain you have caused the three of us. Maria, Isabel and I came up with a code name for ourselves; the troublesome triplets. You better enjoy your sweet torment Max because the troublesome triplets are putting their plan to action tonight.
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Hey guys thanks for the great FB! Incase I did not say before this is a Liz/Alec fic! These next three parts were on the short side so I put them in one post, please let me know what you think!

Part 4
Takes place two days after part 3
Alec’s POV

Zack, Max, Logan and I arrived in Roswell around nine in the morning. Zack was so anxious to get to Liz I thought he was going to ditch us and run straight for Liz. We were parking our motorcycles and Logan’s car in the Crashdown’s parking lot; apparently the people who adopted her own the place. As we enter the place I notice the extremes these people went to with the alien them ~God even the food is themed~ we all sat at a booth and were told by Zack to keep our eyes pealed, only problem is I have never seen the girl so I really don’t know what to look for.

About ten minuets after we arrived a tiny brunette girl walks through the back door closely followed by a blonde girl who is talking very animatedly about some guy named Michael and how he has done a complete one-eighty and is so sweet now? I really cannot help but to take notice what they are wearing I mean it is pretty hard to miss ~takes guts to wear that~

“Alec, earth to Alec have you heard a word we said?” asked Max. ~Hope it was nothing important~

“No” I answer honestly. ~I was to busy checking out the help~

“I said Liz should be here some place. I wish I knew what she looked like last time I saw her I only got a glimpse and it was in the dark.” Max said looking around the restaurant.


Two nights ago Isabel, Maria and I went to the club; it was so much fun. We danced with so many guys; Maria in the end felt guilty and left early and went over to Michaels. Of course Isabel and I stayed and in return received numerous numbers from guys, I lost count after twenty. We left the club around one and crashed at my place, she left at about eight the next morning. I then got up and got ready for my shift.

Since Maria got here she has been yapping none stop about Michael this and Michael that. I am happy for her really its just when she goes on and on like this about how they are getting so much closer I can not help but feel like this is a slap in the face because I am single and the only relationship were I had something like that ended very badly.

“Great Maria. Oh I should go take that groups order.” I said walking over to Alec, Zack, Logan and Max’s table (not realizing who they were.)

“Hi my name is Liz I will be your server today what can I get for you?” I asked looking up into the eyes of the one person I was waiting for.

“Zack!” I yelled.

Part 5

Zack POV

When the brunette server walked over to our table to take our order I knew she looked extremely familiar yet not ~weird~ “Hi my name is Liz I will be your surver today what can I get for you?” Then she looked up at me and if the name was not a dead give away her eyes were.

“Zack!” said Liz. I get out of the booth only to have Liz jump on me which received laughs from Logan and Max and one odd look from Alec ~if I know what that look is and I do because I have seen him give it to his one night stands he is in for a long talk because there is no way he is doing THAT with my baby sister~

“Hey this is a first. You are actually happy to see me for once.” I said, Liz still has not unwrapped her arms from around me or her legs for that matter.

“Hey I am always happy to see my big brother.” She said, I hear the front door open and since I am facing it I see a very hurt looking brunette kid who looks like his heart was ripped still beating from his chest and the tall blonde girl standing next to him looks like she is trying desperately to suppress a laugh. ~Okay something is definitely up. ~


I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to die having found out Isabel was so close to Liz, apparently a few nights ago they went to a club and it only seemed to bring them even closer. Why is Isabel still talking to Liz? She is my sister so when I am on outs with Liz she should be to and Isabel should always side with me anyway. I still can not believe Liz and I are over, I thought that since Tess was gone and we got that all cleared up things would go back to the way they used to be with me and Liz, but no she does not want the reminder of my so called “betrayal” of sleeping with Tess and that I have a son to show for it. She was the one who cheated first I mean I saw her in bed even with Kyle Valenti. Now she is apparently dating some “really cute” blonde guy as Isabel put it, so last night I decided that no matter what I would win Liz back even if it meant to permanently take this other guy out of the picture.

This morning I had a taste for a crashdown breakfast, but I cannot just walk in by my self so naturally I called Michael to come with me, he said okay; of course so I picked him up. He has this silly little smirk on his face, which is highly unusual so I had better ask him why. “So Michael what did you do last night?”

“Nothing much. Maria came over, ever since that night at the club she has felt guilty and spent so much time with me. Talk about a great girl friend.” Michael said. Why did Liz not leave early to come see me? Oh yeah that’s right I’m not her boyfriend anymore.

At last we arrive at the crash down. The place does not look too busy, just
A few regulars and a group of four; three guys and a girl, who is scoping out the place; she is probably a tourist. I see Maria waiting tables along with Liz so Michael and I head in. We notice that the new group is sitting at our usual table and Liz is taking their order.

When all of the sudden the one blonde guy gets up and Liz throws her arms and legs around him and the other people at the table just laugh like they expected it. I guess HE is Liz’s new boyfriend; he looks…fit. I guess I better go and introduce myself as the love of Liz’s life or her soul mate and have Michael put the itches on him or worse. So I pull Michael over there with me only to be stopped by a smiling Maria and oh joy Michael is smiling too. I looked at the couple and roll eyes. Guess I better go over there myself and I go unnoticed by the group until I speak.

“So you must be Liz’s new boyfriend” I said sounding very snooty I might add only to receive weird looks from all around including Michael, Maria and especially Liz.

Part 6


I felt Zack shift to look at something and did not immediately turn since I thought he was still scoping out the place. When Zack turned back to me I saw an odd look on his face like he was puzzled by something. I was about to ask him what was wrong when I heard HIM speak. “So you must be Liz’s new boyfriend.” Max said, and all I can say is huh? What the heck is he thinking? When I finally take notice how close Zack and I are.

I look around at the others and see some stunned and very wigged out looks, but none of them compared to the look of utter horror on Zack’s face. When he spoke up finally lets just say its safe to say Max was not expecting the answer he got. “Well all I can say is grouse and no I am not Liz’s boyfriend. I am her older brother Zack and you are?” Zack asked in his trademark all business not joking around voice. The color in Max’s face drained quickly and the cocky look was replaced by one of sheer horror.

“Zack I would like you to meet my ex-boyfriend Max Evens. You remember him right?” I asked with a devilish smile on my face because I knew very well how my big brother would react.

Zack took one look at Max and Max took off running for his life with Zack running out of the café after him. Faze one of the trouble some triplets plan has been put into action and lets just say phase two is a lot more painful then getting beat up by a transgenic who is beating the crap out of the scum that broke his baby sisters heart.
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Thanks for the reviews everyone here are the next two parts! Please let me know what you think!

Part 7

Gen. POV

When the people that remained in the café saw Max running out of the café for his life with Zack close behind him with a look that stated all to well how he felt it left the group to shocked to say anything; except for Maria and Liz. “Well I have to say I thought the fearless leader was going to wet him self.” Maria said doubling over with laughter.

“I know did you get a load of Zack's expression when I told him Max’s name he looked like he was about to go all…” Liz was cut short by Michael who was looking slightly panicked now after the effects of what happened set in.

“What do you mean big brother Liz you are an only child?” Michael asked with a very confused look on his face ~ I do not remember the Parkers ever mentioning any other kids besides Liz let alone a son~
Liz quickly darted a look at Maria, they knew they should tell Michael because he has proven to be trustworthy like Isabel.

“Michael I have something I need to tell you.” Liz said turning to look at the others.
Oh no what am I going to do I have a very pissed off older brother chasing me with a murderous look on his face. The biggest shock is I had no idea Liz had an older brother I thought she was an only child, but if the big guy chasing me is any indication I don’t know what is. I see my house down the street just a little further all I have to do is get home and I will be safe. I start to sprint faster when someone tackles me to the ground and turns me over to face them; it’s Liz’s brother.

“For years you have been watching my sister. Then one day you get the guts to ask her out only to reject her time after time. Remember that summer when Liz left to go to Florida to visit her aunt? Well she was not visiting her aunt she was with me. I had to listen to how much she loved you and how it killed her to leave you standing there. Then one day I get a call from her crying her eyes out saying you cheated on her and got some gerbil named Tess pregnant.” Zack spat as his fist hits my face and Zack continues as the blood starts to trickle down my face because he split my lip.

“That same girl who killed one of my sisters best friends who also happened to be a friend of mine. You are the reason for all of my sister’s troubles.” Again Zack’s fist hits my face repeatedly.

I finally get up enough guts and try to fight back. I try punching him in the face only to have him block it and with great speed he throws punches left and right at me as I lay helpless on the ground. After one final blow to the stomach Zack gets off me and looks down on me as I am bleeding with disgust. “You claimed to love my sister and yet you prove other wise time after time. I know what you are so don’t think your little powers will make a difference because I am so not impressed. I have seen six year olds who fight better than you and you are supposed to be some superior being.” Zack turns from me and leaves me bleeding and whimpering on the ground.

“This is not over I will fight for Liz, she is mine.”

Part 8

After I had lay on the ground for about half an hour I gingerly got up and continued on my way home. I was planning on locking myself in my room until the others meaning Liz begged me to come out. Even though my house was a few homes down it seamed like a million miles to me. All I know is I have to find a way to get Liz back. I walk in the front door and sneak past the family room were my parents are watching a movie. As I approach my room I hear Isabel in her room on the phone laughing hysterically.

“He what?” Isabel asks the person on the other end of the phone only to break out in another round of laughs.

“No way he said that to him?” Isabel asked the person sounding mortified. They are probably talking about me so I might as well listen some more.

“Oh so he was not meant to hear it, but still I am surprised Zack did not turn around and pound him some more.” Isabel said and you can just hear the smile in her voice at the thought of Zack hitting me more.

“So onto a new topic; was that Alec I saw in there with the others?” Isabel asked the person. She must have been pleased with the persons answer because she laughed some.

“Maria I think Liz should go for it I mean the guy is hot and so totally into her you could see it by the way he would not stop staring at her.” Isabel said. So she is talking with Maria I still cannot believe the two are actually friends. The thing that gets me is that my own sister wants my girl to date another guy and who is this Alec guy anyway.

“So Maria do you want to meet Liz and I at the mall in an hour? The others are coming with.” Isabel said. This could be an opportunity to spy on them. I leave from behind Isabel’s closed door and head over to my room to heal myself. Who care’s if that guy Zack gets suspicious if he sees me with out a scratch I am hoping it will make me look tough to have walked away from that beating not having a single scratch.

“Don’t worry Liz soon we will be together no matter what.”
Liz’s POV

Zack had come back to the crashdown and looked ready to kill again. Apparently Max had said something out loud thinking Zack would not hear, but of course he did and now he wants to kill Max.

Maria called a minuet ago saying Isabel and her were going to meet Zack, Max, Logan, Alec and I at the mall. Maria, Isabel and I need to pick up dresses for the school dance coming up and yes I have to go seeing as how Maria, Isabel and I are the decorating comity. We had convinced the principle that just the three of us could pull it off so it’s mandatory that we show up. We all wanted to go pick out our dresses together so we can all have a similar look without being corny but fashionable. For this we would need the others approval of what we choose. Also while we are there we need to pick up a few things for the next stage in our plan so we thought we would kill two birds with one stone.

Knock, Knock

“Come in” I yell, sitting down on my bed to put my shoes on.

“Hey Liz I was wondering if you would mind riding with Alec on his bike since I am not taking mine and the car is way to small to hold four people.” Zack asked me .

“Sure, but why can't I just ride your bike there?” I asked not that riding on the back of Alec’s bike is not great its just I don’t want Zack to think I am okay with it; I just want to give him a hard time.

“How about not.” He said pretending to think about it. “That thing is my baby and I trust no one with it and yes even you.” Zack said.

“Okay I will ride with Alec.” I huffed finishing tying my shoes and following Zack out my bedroom door. ~Maria and Isabel will get a kick out of this~

*********At the mall****

I have to admit riding on the back of Alec’s bike was great. He went the normal speed limit, but I still held onto him tight and lets just say he feels rather…fit.

Isabel and Maria were waiting for us in the parking lot. When they saw that it was me who got off the bike from behind Alec they almost cracked their faces from smiling so much. As we were walking in I got this weird feeling of being watched. I stopped and looked around the parking lot and saw no one.

“Liz you okay?” Maria asked.

“Yea fine” I said thinking it was just me being paranoid so I continued on my way in.

I see all of them arrive and more importantly I see Liz get off the back of some guys bike. ~So he must be Alec~ if the smiles on Maria’s and Isabel’s faces is any indication.

I see them all head in toward the mall and I start to follow when Liz suddenly stops and looks around. I quickly hide my self behind a car. When I see her continue in I resume my following.
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Hi everyone thanks for the reviews I loved reading all of your comments! Here is the next part please let me know what you think!

Part 9

I have been following them for an hour and all they have done is go into about four dress shops. Maria, Isabel and Liz tried on many dresses and modeled them for the other four. I noticed in the first store when Liz came out in her first dress the way that Alec guy looked at her appreciatively. A few times when I saw the way he looked at my Liz I thought about blasting him, but then I remembered that Liz’s brother Zack was there and refrained form moving.

As I stood in side the store and listened to what they were saying I wanted so badly to be out there and being the one to tell Liz what looked good on her the others had no idea what they were doing.

“Oh no back to the dressing room now. There is no way you are going anywhere in that.” Zack said to Liz who was wearing a very short red dress that accented her curves perfectly. It had a low-scooped neck and was spaghetti strapped. I thought she looked good.

“What’s wrong with it? I think it looks great!” Liz said turning in a circle to show it off more.

“You look like a hooker now next dress.” Zack said with a stern look. Liz went back into the girl’s dressing room.

“Okay what do you think of this one?” Maria asked coming out in the same dress Liz had on except in a shade of dark green that made her eyes sparkle.

“I will tell you the same thing I told Liz. You look like a hooker next dress.” Zack said through clenched teeth. Maria turned and went back into the dressing room.

“Well what do you think, too conservative?” Isabel asked coming out in a long black dress with long sleeves, high neck and nothing on the dress to accent it.

“Perfect.” Zack said smiling.

“What?” That girl Max asked.

“She looks like she is going to a funeral instead of a dance Zack. Isabel that is a little to conservative.” Max said to my sister who heads back into the dressing room. Hey I thought the dress looked good on her.

“So how do I look?” Liz asked coming out in a sleek long red dress. The entire dress had an ivy type design beaded in black beads and the back is a bunch of thin crisscrossing straps all down her back till and inch above her butt. The dress was spaghetti strapped and was accented by matching red-strapped shoes.

“Wow” Alec said.

“Uh, um you look good” Logan mumbled.

“You look nice.” Zack muttered.

“You look hot girl.” Max said and I have to agree she looks perfect in that dress.

“Really? I like it too and so do Maria and Isabel. I am getting this one!” An excited Liz squealed heading back into the dressing room to change into her street clothes.

“Tada so tell me how hot I look!” Maria said coming out in long spaghetti strapped black dress with light green designs on it and black satrapy shoes.

Logan whistled, “Wow you look good.”

“Excellent, not to showy and not to conservative.” Max agreed.

“You will make Michael speechless when he sees you.” Alec said.

“I like it” was Zack’s simple answer.

“Great let me go change into my cloths I am so getting this one!” Maria headed back into the dressing room.

“Well is this any better?” asked Isabel coming out in long baby blue spaghetti strapped dress. It was very simple but it looked elegant on her and was accented by clear satrapy shoes.

“Its perfect” They all said at once

“Great” is all Isabel said going back into the dressing room to change into her clothes. I do have to admit I liked her in that dress because she did not show too much skin.
Isabel POV

The three of us had picked out our dresses and were now shopping for the perfect accessories. Okay so our dresses do not match like we had originally planed, but we look good in the ones we got. We all agreed to get the same jewelry though. We thought a long silver necklace with a fake diamond heart with matching bracelet and earrings would be good.

As we were leaving the mall Liz stopped again and started looking around. “Hey Liz everything okay?” I asked

“I don’t know I keep having this feeling like we are being watched.” The others instantly went into high alert.

“You felt it too? Here I thought I was being paranoid.” Alec said a serious look on his face. We looked around the parking lot and saw no one.

“I don’t see anything, but keep a look out I have the same feeling.” Zack said. We all head back to our receptive transportation.
“Sir they are leaving” said a man in a van into the phone.

“Keep following them. What ever you do don’t let them see you.” Donald Lydecker instructed the man.

“Yes sir.” The man said.

“I mean it Rath these kids are trained to be sharp and not be tracked.” With that Lydecker disconnected.

“What did he say?”

“He said to keep following them but to make sure they don’t see us, but I guess you have that covered you can just warp them into not seeing us.” Rath smirked

“Yes lets keep following.”

“Nicholas is this really worth it can’t we just jump them you know surprise attack?” Rath asked.

“No he wants us to watch them and get to know them.” Nicholas said as Rath begins to tale the group. “Besides it will be too hard with the transgenic’s there. We wait until they are alone.”
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Thanks guys for the reviews I loved reading them! The true Liz and Alec action will not come for several chapters but up to then there is some fun! Let me know what you think of the next 2 parts!

Part 10

Maria POV

Isabel and I called our parents to ask if we could stay at Liz’s. We did not want to leave because we still had a few kinks to work out in the plan and for those we would need to talk with the other people staying with Liz.

When we were dress shopping Isabel and I noticed the way Alec looked at Liz and vice versa; I believe this could work to our advantage. So here we are at Liz’s house and the four of us are sitting in Liz’s bedroom and yes I said four because Max is here with us. We all thought it wise to include her because she is Liz’s sister and well we need her help.

“So let me get this straight. You want my help in getting back at Liz’s ex-boyfriend by torture for what he did to her?” Max asked.

“Yep” I replied

“I’m in” she said.

“Great we needed your help with some of this.” Isabel said.

“Okay so you told me the first part of the plan and how it worked out, but what happens next?” she asked the three of us.

“Well you know that shop we went into the one were we brought you in, but told the guys to wait outside?” I asked.

“Yes and you went sneaking off and told me not to ask questions and that you would tell me later.” Max answered.

“Yep and in there we bought a few things to help us.” Liz said.

“Okay so what exactly did you buy?” Max asked.

“I am glad you asked that Max” I pulled up onto the bed four bags. Max opens the one bag and quickly closes it.

“You have got to be kidding. If Zack sees this he is going to flip!” Max said smiling.
Alec POV

“So what do you think they are up to?” I asked trying to sound like I was not too interested because the last thing I need is for Zack to go all overprotective brother on me.

“Knowing Maria and Liz, they are up to no good.” Zack shuddered remembering what they used to do to him.

Zack coming into the crashdown to look for Liz he needed to talk with her. He had asked Mr. Parker where Liz was and was told to go into the back. Before opening the door heard shuffling noise behind the door. He opened it to find a balling Maria and Liz sitting there trying to comfort her.

“Maria it’s not that bad.” Liz said looking sympathetic

“Not that bad? Liz the love of my life said I am a bad kisser what am I supposed to think.” Maria asked Liz more tears falling when Liz could not come up with an answer right away.

“Maria that was just one guys opinion you need to kiss others.” Liz finally said.

“Yea, but he told everyone now no guy will kiss me.” Maria said her shoulders shaking from her sobs. This whole time Zack just stood their waiting for them to notice him.

“I know what I will do. The next guy I see I am going to kiss and ask him what he thinks.” Maria said her face showing her determination. It just so happened that this was the time they chose to notice his presence.

“Zack!” Maria yelled happily. She ran right up to him and laid a kiss on him. When she pulled away she started cracking up along with Liz.

“Oh my you should have seen your face.” Liz manages to get out.

“What?” Zack asked.

“Basically we got ya.” Maria said. “Wait don’t tell me that was your first kiss.” She said becoming serious.

“What no.” Zack said. “So let me get this straight you set me up so I would see Maria break down then test it on me by kissing me?” he asked.

“Well what can I say I was board?” Liz said

End Flash

“Yep most likely they are up to no good.” Zack took a sip of his beer.

When I first looked in the bag they had I about died. There in the bag were leather pants and a few tube tops and other reviling and sexy outfits. Looking at one of the pant sizes I am guessing these all are for Liz and if I know my sister and I do then I know what she has in store for Max Evens and that is a world of misery.

“So Liz you going to wear all of this stuff?” I asked smirking because I already know the answer.

“Yes.” She blushed.

“You see the second part of the plan was to dangle what he can not have in Max’s face and that someone else has it, but not him.” Maria explained.

“Hey what better way to torture him by showing off what he can’t have and that someone else has it. He has always been a control freak and is used to getting everything he wants so we thought we would rub it in more that the one thing he wants he will never have!” Isabel said thinking how wonderful it would be to see her brother suffer the way they did.

“So what do you need me for other than making sure Zack does not have a stroke from seeing you dressed to kill.” I asked.

“Well I am glad you asked that.” Isabel had that evil glint in her eye that the other two girls knew meant trouble.

She was about to respond when we heard a person on Liz’s balcony. Liz went to check it out only to throw a guy in the room where he landed with loud BOOM.

When Liz came back in she addressed the guy
Alec POV

Us three guys have been sitting here watching TV the entire time the girls have been in there. We have been or at least I have been thinking about what Zack said and how the girls are probably up to no good. He seamed to have had experience in getting caught up in the crossfire of one of the scams they came up with.


All three of us turned and looked at Liz’s bedroom door.
“What in the world was that?” I asked the others only to have them shrug.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” we hear Liz yell, which causes all of us to go running into her room I opened the door only to reveal a bunch of angry girls looking at the floor where some guy lay on it looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I was about to ask who he was when Zack answered my question.

“KYLE WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SISTERS ROOM?” Zack bellowed. Uh oh looks like this guy is going get.

Part 11

Isabel POV

Zack came in to Liz’s room in a hurry when he heard Liz yell and the look on his face is one of furry; guess he does not like guys in his little sisters room. Kyle on the other hand looks like he is about to wet himself and I assume this is why Maria is trying unsuccessfully to not laugh.

“I…Well…I was…Liz just…” Kyle stumbled trying to explain why he was listening outside Liz’s window.

“YES” Zack asked the vain on his forehead pulsing.

“I was just coming over to talk with Liz.” Kyle said throwing his arms around Liz’s feet seeking her protection.

“Please don’t let him kill me.” Kyle begged Liz.

“Oh just let him talk Liz.” Maria said you can tell by the look on her face she is feeling sorry for Kyle and I have to admit so do I.

“Fine Kyle and I will go out on my balcony and talk.” Liz sounded rather board just thinking of the idea. The two exited her window and I expected Zack to leave her room, but no he sits down on her bed. Can you say over protective much! So since I know they will be out there for a while I might as well use this time to do something productive; like find out more about Alec and I know just the way.

“I am board want to play a game of truth or dare?” I asked shooting a look over at Maria and Max and then looking at Alec hoping they would take the hint; they did!

“Yes I love this game,” Max squealed receiving a wigged out look from Alec. I have to say I am surprised I never would have thought she would have played this game.

“What’s truth or dare?” Alec asked a very confused look on his face. Zack and Logan on the other hand look horrified at the thought.

“No way!” Zack screamed.

“Not if my life depended on it!” Logan said with wide eyes.

“What could be so bad you guys it’s just a game; right?” Alec asked a growing look of fear on his face.

“It’s nothing.” I said sweetly. “All you do is when someone asks you truth or dare you pick one. Then if you pick truth the person asks you any question they want and you have to answer truthfully or if you pick dare the person gets to dare you to do something like say jump off a building which should be no problem for you.” I said hoping he will go along with it and the other two will not say anything.

“Fine” the three guys huffed.

“Excellent” Maria said a mischievous grin on her face.
******Out on Liz’s balcony******

“So what did you want to talk with me about?” I asked Kyle just now noticing the worried expression on his face.

“Today I was at the mall and I saw all of you there I was about to come over when I saw someone in the shadows…” Kyle said pausing to take a deep breath and probably preparing himself for the worst. “Any way I waited till you moved on to the next store and the figure moved after you. I tailed it for a while until I could see them better… Liz it was Max he was following you all and from the looks of things he was doing so for a while.” Kyle finally tells me.

“What? Why would he do that?” I asked Kyle I mean I know Max has issues and all, but this is low even for him.

“I don’t know maybe because he is obsessed with you! I mean come on Liz the guy has been in love with you since like the third grade and knows your entire routine and habits! This just screams stalker!” Kyle yelled and I can see that this troubles him as well.

“There’s something else isn’t there?”
*****Back in Liz’s room*****
Isabel POV

“Okay Zack truth or dare?” I asked arching my eyebrow and smirking. He is pensive for a moment.

“Truth” He said in a challenging tone. This is going to be good.

“Who was your first kiss?” I asked.

“That’s easy, Liz.” He said. Okay not the answer I was expecting!

“Oh yea I remember that!” Max said rolling on the bed in a fit of laughter.

“Wait you kissed Liz?” Logan asked a grossed out look on his face.

“Yea and I got put into the detention cell for a week. Although, in my defense she was…in heat.” Zack said and at the mention of going into heat Max blushes.

“Okay my turn.” Zack said clearly wanting to change the topic. “Logan truth or dare?” Zack asked Logan.


“Okay have you ever done it on a plane?” Zack asked with a straight face although I have no idea how; poor Logan he looks terrified!

“NO!!!” He screamed which causes the rest of us to bust out laughing.

“Your loss man.” Alec said. Oh yes he is perfect for our Liz!

“Kyle just spit it out already!” I yelled having gotten impatient after waiting five minuets for him to tell me the rest.

“Liz promise me you won’t freak?” Kyle asked a puppy dog look on his face


“Well who cares I’ll tell you any way. On the way out of the mall I walked by a black van and inside I could have sworn I saw…Nicholas.” Kyle said his eyes saying it was the truth.

“OH NO…Kyle are you sure I mean maybe you just thought.” I tried to come up with an explanation.

“Liz I was unsure at first as well until I looked again and yes it was him I would remember the runt any where,” Kyle said.

“We have to tell the others. He is probably watching us now.” I said and lead him back into my room.
*****Back in the bedroom*****
Isabel POV

“Okay Maria truth or dare?” Logan asked.

“Dare!” Maria said right away

“I knew you would say that! Okay I dare you to kiss Zack.” Logan said smiling thinking he had bested the spunky blonde. With out hesitation and before Zack knew what was going on Maria kissed him flush on the lips only to break away a second later. I look over at Logan and see not only his mouth hanging wide open, but everyone else in the room’s is also; including Zack, Kyle and Liz. Wait.

“Liz, Kyle!” I yelled to get the others to snap out of it. Everyone’s heads whipped around to see Kyle and Liz standing there looking very grim.

“Oh no what’s wrong?”
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Hey guys thanks for the great FB! Sorry about getting this up so late I just got home!

Part 12


“We are being watched by Max and Nicholas.” I said looking up I see utter looks of disappear on Maria and Isabel’s faces.

“Liz no please says this is a joke.” Maria whispered

“Why don’t those two ever give up!” Isabel yelled getting up off the bed.

“Look all we know is that they are flowing us and no they are not working together.” Kyle said.

CRUNCH, that does not look so good. Zack just put his fist through my wall my parents are going to love this!

“OW!” is all Zack said his eyes dark I have to say this is one of those moments where Zack looks like a serial killer. I see Zack is struggling to get his fist out of the wall so being the good sister that I am I go over and help him. Okay so his fist will not budge this is just great!

“Zack why won’t your fist come out?” I asked him which causes a guilty look to come over his face.

“I think I got it wedged between two pipes.” He mumbled. Isabel walked over to us and looked at Zack's fist in the wall and waved her hand and pulled on Zack’s fist and it came right out of my wall.

“Thanks Iz can you please fix the wall? I really do not want the parental unit to go mental on me.” I said Isabel waves her hand over the whole and it is fixed. I turn to the others and see Alec’s mouth hanging open.

“Alec you okay?” I asked him

“I think…I mean I thought Max and Zack where just joking when they told me Isabel was an alien clearly I was wrong.” Alec said a look of amazement on his face.

“Okay back onto the original topic you know the whole Max and Nicholas following us!” Zack always the whip cracker, you have to love him.

Kyle then spent the next ten minuets giving a very detailed play by play to the others of what he saw. “I can not believe it, do you think they are working together?” Max asked disgusted at the thought.

“I don’t know the two hate each other so I am skeptical.” I said.

“Yes but who knows they both have a common goal and that’s finding out as much as possible on us and you know that Max can get crazy when it comes to you Liz.” Zack said his eyes darkening again.

“So let me get this straight I know all about Max but Nicholas on the other hand I don’t get.” Alec said waiting for the others to explain.

“Nicholas is Khivar's second and has a thing for Isabel’s former self. He is like the size of a twelve to fourteen year old kid, but has enough power to wipe out the entire human race with his thoughts.” Maria said.

“Okay so clearly not a guy I want to party with.” Alec joked trying to lighten the mood.

“Okay as of right now we really cannot do anything. We need to get as much info on the situation as possible and find out their motives. Also keep on the look out skins can be anyone they look like normal humans. Whatever you do, do not go after them until we know more.” I said receiving a nod from Zack giving his okay.

“Okay so lets just get some rest, we can get into this further tomorrow. Kyle is you staying the night?” I asked as everyone started to clear out of my room.

“Yeah if you don’t mind.” Kyle said rubbing the back of his head.

“No its cool.” I said as we head out of my room.

Isabel POV

They are all in danger because of me! I am the reason Nicolas is watching them! “You okay?” Zack asked from behind me causing me to jump.

“What? Yeah I am fine.” I said trying to convince him as well as myself.

“Yeah that’s why you are standing away from everyone else.” Zack said giving me a try again look. I don’t know why but I feel compelled to tell him what I am feeling.

“It’s all my fault.” I blurted out tears coming to my eyes even as I try to suppress them they keep coming until I feel them trickling down my face.

“What’s your fault?” Zack asked softly I get the feeling he knows what I am going to say.

“That Nicolas is watching all of you. None of you need this what with all the people after you.” I said no longer trying to suppress the tears flowing freely. Zack reaches up and wipes the tears off my face with his thumb.

“Isabel this is not your fault. Nicholas is not just after you don’t worry about the rest of us we are used to being watched, chased, and captured.” Zack said the last part looking down, and this is the moment when I realize I don’t have to hide from these people. Liz and Maria I feel comfortable with because they have known my secret for a while and I have gotten used to having them around, but it is now just dawning on me that they all know how I feel.

“I know its just Nicholas is an alien and…” Zack’s lips on mine cut me off.

“Sorry I just…I have been wanting to do that for a while now and now was the perfect time because it got you to calm down.” Zack said to me and I cannot help but smile.

“Well if it makes you feel any better I wanted you to do that.” I said, Zack just chuckled. I stand there dumbly for a moment before I find my voice again.

“Now I know this is going to sound very forward of me but my confidence level is at a high right now so. Isabel Evens will you allow me the honor of accompanying you to the prom?” Zack asked me, talk about a heart stopper!

“YES!” I screamed causing him to wince and the others to look at us, I felt bad seeing Liz, Max, and Alec all rub their ears.

“Great so I will pick you up at your place just name the time.” Zack said and all I want to do right now is do a happy dance I am going to the prom with one of the hottest guys. Zack is second best in my book but that’s okay he knows he cannot replace Alex.

“Liz’s around seven.” Is all I can manage to say how lame is that?
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Part 13


Hearing all that was being said between Isabel and Zack it did not shock me when she screamed YES! I was not spying I was just worried and…oh I was ease dropping, but dang when she yelled that hurt! “Wonder what that was about?” Maria asked.

“Zack asked her to the prom.” Max, Alec and I said simultaneously.

“What?” Logan asked the three of us causing us to look guilty.

“Liz did the three of you use your “Special” abilities to listen in on their conversation?” Maria asked me but is directing the question at Max and Alec as well.

“We were not ease-dropping just listening to make sure she was okay.” Alec and I said at the same time as Max falls to the ground laughing.

“Oh you two think alike this is not good.” Max said regaining her composure I see Logan shaking his head agreeing with Max.

“Hey great minds think a like.” Alec said smirking wow he is really hot.

“So did Isabel accept?” Maria asked trying to act like she does not care. This time Max was the one to answer.

“Heck yeah she screamed her answer!” Max said chuckling.

“It’s so not fair the three of you can hear conversations across the room and I can’t this is just wrong.” Maria said in mock jealousy.

“Well I'm sure…”I trail off when I am overcome by this feeling of dizziness.

“Its not me you have to worry about 452. I am just one man and Manticore is no longer your enemy. It’s the Familiars you have to worry about. They are coming and will not stop until all transgenic, Antrians and Skins are out of their way.” Donald Lydecker says

“Oh gosh…oh no…please no.” I said falling to the floor trying to catch my breath. Alec rushes over to me along with the others.

“Lizzie what’s wrong?” Zack asked me as he checks me over for any problems.

“I had a… I had a flash.” I said finally catching my breath. It feels like I just ran across the desert.

“What?” Logan asked. Only to be pushed away by Isabel and Maria.

“What did you see?” Isabel asked worried.

“Lydecker in the café he was warning us…oh what was it.” I muttered trying to remember his exact words.

“OH! He said it was not him we had to worry about 452. He was just one man and Manticore is no longer our enemy it’s the Familiars we need to worry about. They are coming and will not stop until all transgenic, Antirans and Skins are out of their way.” I said causing Isabel to real back.

“How did he know what my race and the other alien race are called?” Isabel asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know Isabel” I said.

“Are you sure about what you saw Liz I…” Isabel cut off Logan.

“Her visions have not been wrong before…it just shocked me is all, normally Liz would get the flashes when she was with Max.” Isabel said.

“I could feel his emotions.” I finally said, after all that was the part that freaked me out the most. Feeling one of your worst enemies emotions is not something you want to feel.

“Yes but Liz, Lydecker disappeared after we took down Manticore.” Logan said as if trying to prove he was right.

“Logan, Lydecker was part of an elite army branch…he was trained to get out of sticky situations I mean the guy was in charge of Manticore where they bred soldiers and not just any soldiers the perfect solider.” Maria said and I have to say this does surprise me I had no idea she listened to me when I was telling her about Lydecker.

“Don’t give me that look I listen to you Liz…most of the time.” Maria said.

“Maria is right. Lydecker is trained to escape those situations I was dreaming when I thought maybe he really was gone.” Max said as Alec puts a comforting arm around her like an older brother would to comfort his little sister.

“But do we believe him?” Alec asked.

“In his own twisted way he cares about us like a father would his children. I do not think he wants anything bad to happen to us. I think he was telling the truth and that he is worried about us.” I said noticing Alec’s funny look.

“What do you mean he cares about us?” Alec asked.

“Lydecker calls us his kids…he says he was only hard on us so that in a tough situation we could survive, he never wanted us to die.” Max said.

“He would sit with Max and I.” I said causing the others attention to return to me. “Back at Manticore when we had bad seizures he would sit by our beds to make sure we got to sleep okay. In some weird way it was…” Max cuts me off.

“Comforting.” She said with tears in her eyes, it’s hard to admit that the man who tortured you comforted you.

“So this was like a future flash?” Alec asked changing the subject.

“Yeah I have no idea when this will happen.” I tell the others.

“AHH!” I scream I feel like I am going to be sick.

Tess in the café next to Liz and Ava.
Eagle rock Military base
“Hello baby sister.”
“You think your so clever don’t ya Liz? You thought I would not figure it out that you are with the government? I saw you at the base talking to some guy in fatigues I know you are trying to hand us over to them. Well I WON’T LET YOU!” Max yells charging at Liz.
Max stabbing Liz in the leg with a pen. “I don’t feel pain moron.” Liz says
“What are you?” Max asks
“A war is coming.”
I come out of the flashes and see the others crowded around me in worry.

“Lizzie what’s wrong?” Zack asked.

“A war is coming.” I muttered before I saw black.

Part 14


Tess and Ava, the base, who was it that called me baby sister? Max attacking me, getting stabbed and not feeling any pain, what am I? What war? These thoughts have been swimming around my head I can not escape the darkness its all around me. I can hear muffled voices in the background but I cannot make out what they are saying.

“Liz?” I hear someone ask as I see a hazy light. Opening my eyes I see the worried faces of my friends and family.

“OH my head.” I grumbled as the others check me over.

“She just passed out, but from what?” Alec asked me his hazel eyes look worried.

“Flashes…a lot of them.” I said trying to push aside the mounting fear.

“What did you see?” Isabel asked me.

“It was so weird I saw Tess and Ava…” Maria cuts me off.

“TESS!” Maria screeched her green eyes wild with anger.

“Yes Tess and Ava in the café they were standing next to me, then I saw eagle rock military base and it was active. I heard and saw some guy call me baby sister it was weird he was in a suite and looked older. Then I saw Max attacking me and he said something before like about him knowing I work for the government and that he won’t let me take him. Then I saw Max stabbing me in the leg with a pen only I felt no pain and I even told him that. Max asked what I was and then I heard a war is coming but I did not recognize the voice.” I said.

“Tess was standing by you? Did you and Ava have her in a vice grip?” Isabel asked her eyes were so cold she reminded me of a Manticore solider.

“No we were standing there talking not fighting it was almost like…almost like we were friends.” I said causing Maria to go bug eyed.

“No pain.” Max said causing all of us to look at her in question. “That sounds oddly familiar.” Max said receiving a nod from Alec and Zack.

“What did the guy look like the one who called you baby sister?” Alec asked.

“He looked like he was in his mid thirties. He was moderate height around Zack’s size; he looked muscular, dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, and a light olive skin tone. He was in a suite and he looked familiar like I have seen him before.” I said trying to describe him. We are all quiet for a second trying to picture him.

“Does not ring a bell.” Max finally said as the others nod in agreement.

“Well we will let you get some rest. Let’s think about this for a while maybe Max and Nicholas will shed some light on this.” Zack said as everyone gets up and ready to leave my room.

“I don’t need sleep shark DNA.” I said starting to get up, but Alec pins me down.

“Oh no you just went through something that used up a lot of energy. You need to rest doctors orders.” Alec said.

“You are not a doctor.” Logan said causing Max to elbow him.

“Yeah well I had more medical training then anyone else here.” Alec said challenging Logan and Logan seeing the look in Alec’s eyes knew not to question him.

“Oh all right.” I grumbled as they all leave my room I am kind of sleepy.


“So you are going to the prom with Isabel.” Alec said to Zack who is looking at Isabel on the couch next to Maria watching TV.

“Yes how did you know…you listened in.” Zack said and surprisingly he is not mad.

“Yeah the three of us did we were curious.” I said.

“I can see and yes I did ask her and she said yes!” Zack said smiling.

“Great now all we need is Alec here to ask Liz.” I said wiping the smirks off Zack and Alec’s faces.

“What?” Zack asked.

“Oh come on I have seen the way Alec looks at her he likes her and I think he should ask her.” I said.

“Really?” Alec asked sounding hopeful causing Zack to growl.

“That’s my little sister Alec.” Zack said.

“Yes and mine as well and I think he should go for it.” I said looking at Zack daring him to challenge me, and surprisingly he does.

“No Alec is too… Liz is too young for Alec and to innocent.” Zack said all flustered.

“Zack you are older then Alec and Isabel is the same age as Liz we could say you are too old for her.” I said seeing something spark in his eyes.

“Hey I am not that old.” Alec snapped disgruntled.

“For Lizzie you are.” Zack said.

“Zack how old are you?” I asked with a smirk.

“29” He said quietly.

“How old is Isabel?” I asked.

“18” he replied.

“And that does not count as too young for her. I can just see her parents now oh Isabel who is this young man? Oh mom he is my 29 year old boyfriend.” I mimicked Isabel.

“Hey back to me and Liz here!” Alec said.

“Right Zack Alec is 26 only 9 years older then Liz where as you are 11 years older then Isabel.” I said causing Alec to smirk.

“Besides Alec acts like a five year old that has to take away some of the age difference.” I say wiping the smirk off his face, which is replaced by a scowl.

“I do not act like a five year old.” Alec says pouting.

“That’s not what I meant, Alec is too…experienced.” Zack finally said causing me to bust out laughing.

“Like you aren’t!” I said.

“Hey!” Zack said.

“I’m sure Liz is experienced.” Alec said appearing to deliberate what he said.

“NO!” Zack growled seething. “She is innocent still.” Zack said slightly uncomfortable talking about his little sister like this.

“Oh.” Is all Alec said.

“Wait how does she get around the heat?” Alec asked causing me to redden.

“She stays at my house with me in the basement.” Maria said from the couch. The four of us turn to see the TV off and Maria and Isabel watching our exchange.

“There are nail marks and holes in the wall to prove it.” Maria said.

“Wait why would she stay at your place?” Logan asked.

“Because there are no males in the house…or there weren’t until my cousin moved in, but he was never around when she went into heat thank god!” Maria muttered.

“Okay well this is awkward.” Alec said trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“Listen none of that matters we all know you are wild about Liz and she is interested in you so Isabel and I say go for it!” Maria said.

“NO I will not consent to my baby sister being contaminated by playboy over here!” Zack said angry tears in his eyes.

“Whoa calm down I am not going to “Contaminate” Liz. Do you really think I am that bad?” Alec asked looking semi hurt.

“Alec how many times have you tried to get with Max?” Zack asked.

“At least a hundred.” I let slip-causing Logan to turn to Alec.

“What?!” Logan yelled.

“Hey I was just teasing all those times.” Alec said.

“I know.” I respond causing all heads to whip my way.

“Oh please Alec thinks of me more as a friend then anything.” I said receiving a nod from him. The next thing I know Alec is on the floor arms wrapped around Zack’s Legs begging.

“Oh please let me ask Liz to the prom please?” Alec asked looking like a kid begging his parent for a toy they really want.

“Ok fine, but if you try anything I will hog tie you and dangle you off the space needle.” Zack said causing Alec to shudder; Alec does not do so well with heights.

“Agreed.” Alec said getting up off the floor smiling.

A/N: Okay so I posted 2 parts so I could sort of get Alec in the door with Liz because starting with the next couple parts the two will slowly move towards getting together! Thanks for the great FB please let me know what you think of these 2 parts!
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Hey guys sorry about not posting yesterday my computer was not working so I am using my brothers today! Thanks for all the comments please let me know what you think of the next part!

Part 15


Even after Alec agreed to treat Liz well Zack still wore a scowl on his sweet face. “Can you believe those two?” Logan asked me looking at the others who are sitting on the couch.

“What?” I asked unsure of what he is talking about.

“Alec and Zack can you believe that they are more worried about Liz’s virtue that they forget that we have a Lydecker issue to deal with.” Logan said not noticing the glare I sent his way. Liz and her happiness is more important then worrying about the future and Lydecker.

“Zack was just worried that Alec would harm Liz. After all Liz is the youngest of all of us we look out for her and she is the only one who is still so…innocent. She is the only one who had a semi normal life and we want to make sure that nothing happens to it.” I said.

“Are you forgetting that she dated and alien from the 47 crash?!” Logan yelled.

“That was not her fault she was shot and besides she is not running like the rest of us.” I said in an angry whisper.

“You are not running.” Logan pointed out.

“Yes I am! I will never be able to have a normal childhood. I am always looking over my shoulder because I know I have to look out for myself because in the end I am the one that has to have my back because Zack and the others will not always be there. Liz does not have to worry about that for which I am thankful; she will always have someone there for her!” I yelled angry tears ready to spill.

“I will always have your back Max.” Logan said.

“No you won’t,” I said getting up and walking away from him I need to get away and think.

“I will be back.” I said not noticing that someone else had followed me out the door.

“You are wrong.” Liz said causing me to swivel around and face her.

“I thought you were asleep.” I said.

“I was but I got this weird feeling like you needed me so I woke up.” Liz said coming closer and pulling my sleeve indicating I should follow.

“I just don’t know Liz.” I said as we enter the back ally of the Crashdown.

“Yes you do but you refuse to see it.” She said cryptically.

“What do you mean?” I asked as she turned to look at me.

“You know Logan is true to you and that no matter what he will stand by you…he has your back…I have your back.” Liz said.

“I know you do its just...” Liz cuts me off before I can continue.

“Wrong again Maxie. No more hiding you know I am here for you I do not care what Zack says anymore if you ever need me just tell me!” Liz yelled.

“Liz…” I am cut off again.

“She is right Max.” Zack said as he and Alec come out of the shadows.

“We are always here for you.” Alec said as the two of them come stand by Liz and I.

“We have each other and our friends they will always come to our aid even when we least expect it.” Liz said causing the three of us to shoot her a questioning look.

“Do you remember when I was looking for Alex’s killer?” Liz asked us as we all nod our heads.

“Well no one would help me they all thought I was crazy. Then when I was ready to give up Michael stone wall Guerin shows up to help me.” Liz said causing us to crack a smile knowing Michael’s ways.

“Max you will always have us, your friends and Logan.” Zack said to me causing tears to well up in my eyes.

“So what were you and Logan fighting about?” Alec asked breaking the uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Uh you would not believe it!” I yelled infuriated.

“What?” Liz asked me well I cannot really say because it might upset Alec.

“Oh it was about the conversation Alec and Zack were having earlier.” I said giving the two males a meaningful look.

“Oh!” Alec said blushing causing Zack to laugh.

“So he was a little peeved that I like Liz.” Alec said a pleased look on his face. It is no secret that Alec likes to push Logan’s buttons.

“Wait…What?” Liz asked confused looking at Alec and the look on his face was priceless…I think he forgot that she was there!

“Ah…well…you see.” Alec stumbled trying to find the right words.

“Oh come on I have seen you pick up girls you never have this trouble.” I said.

“Yeah but the girl usually can’t kill me if I look at her wrong and they usually do not have their very over protective older brothers standing right next to them.” Alec said suddenly realizing what he just said he whipped around to face a slack jawed Liz.

“Ok well that takes care of the how to tell her I like her part.” Alec awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“Wow!” Liz said with a wide-eyed look.

“Liz?” Zack asked his sister.

“Hey I would have to be stupid not to admit I find Alec irresistible.” Liz said causing Alec and Zack to sputter but for completely different reasons.

“No way! You actually like him? I was hoping you would turn him down! Ok Alec I take back all I said before there is no way you are dating my sister.” Zack roared.

“What?!” Alec yelled.

“Who said anything about dating all I want is pretty boy here in my bed…” I cut Liz off by putting my hand over her mouth. Alec looks uneasy and Zack looks murderous.

“WHAT?!” Zack yelled as I take away my hand from Liz’s mouth.

“Gotch ya!” Liz said snickering at the looks on our faces.

“What you really thought I would do something like that?” Liz asked laughing at the idea.

“Hey a guy can dream.” Alec said as a panicked look crossed his face again realizing he had stuck his foot in his mouth yet again.

“Well since it would be pointless to keep the other two in suspense any longer I am just going to come out and say it Alec will you be my date for the prom?” Liz asked.

“Heck yeah…I mean yes I will gladly be your date for the prom.” Alec said.

“Great! Well you are staying with me so be ready by the time Zack leaves to pick up Isabel.” Liz said.

“Great.” Alec said with his trademark smirk.

“Well I must head back in and tell the girls about this they will be ecstatic!” Liz said as she skipped back into the crashdown.

“You hurt her I will permanently hang you off the statue of liberty.” I said patting Alec on the head and followed Liz back into the crashdown. Upon entering the Parker’s apartment I am ambushed by Liz, Maria and Isabel.

“Come on Maxie we have work to do.” Maria said as the three girls drag me into Liz’s room. Isabel used her powers and sealed the door shut and then zaps the wall, she must have seen my confusion because she explained to me what she was doing.

“So no one not even a super being can hear or get in here.”

“Okay ladies its time to put our next phase of torture into play…Isabel tell the lovely ladies what that might be.” Maria said sounding like one of TV game show hosts.

“Well Maria its dream torture.” Isabel said with an evil smile and a wicked look in her eyes. Why do I have the feeling that I might have permanent mental scars from this?
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