Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) A/N 3/14/16

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 4 6/17

Post by tl431 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:19 pm

Omg. I love this and I am so happy someone is updating. I don't usually post reviews or replies but I wanted you to know that people are still reading and appreciating great writing. Keep it up. Look forward to every chapter!

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 4 6/17

Post by Soopke » Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:17 pm

^ Yay another silent lurker! :lol:
I'm just so happy that people still write Roswell fanfics (and even more Drifter fics :P) The show been off the air for so long. And I think most of the Roswell fans are the ones that watched it when it was on tv. It's still a great show for me, but I think it's kind of "outdated" for the new young fans sadly :lol: But I love when there are new fans popping up on Tumblr, their reactions are the best (The Tess hate) :lol:
About UnReal, yup, I'm still not really liking the show that much. But Rachel and Adam chemistry is hot. Shiri just has chemistry with everyone XD (The best with Jason Behr, dreamer/chemist at heart)
(Whoops, going way too o/t here)

About chapter 4 I love that Missouri is still sassy :lol: I actually can't remember if she died in SPN or is she still alive? Cause SPN tends to kill off all the characters. SMH. (Do you still watch SPN, I do btw)
Can't wait for the new chapter...the squad is coming soon!! <3

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 5 6/23

Post by MelissaD » Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:57 pm

tl431: Thank you! :mrgreen: I'm happy there's still roswell fanfic sites to post on and fellow lovers happy to take the ride with me! :)

Soopke: YES! The Drifter ship seems small.. and broken but still good. Haha, a gif of Stitch just popped in my head when I read your comment. Seriously though! haha I'm a silent lurker on Tumblr to follow supernatural stuff and tried looking up roswell a couple times but there's not much there. :( I was one of those who watched when it was on the air, I was in high school and absolutely loved it from the Pilot. Supernatural on the other hand, I remember seeing pics of two guys throughout my years of reading roswell fic but never knew what it was until my sister in law told me about it a couple years ago. Mid Seventh season and I was up late with my second son anyway and she was like oh you should check this show about urban legends its like a horror movie, right up your alley. And my obsession with Supernatural was born. Took me a month and a half and I had somehow made it through all six seasons on Netflix.. haha a lot of late nights up with a baby. I'm still a tad obsessed with supernatural.. obviously haha. I got my parents into it and my husband. We're eagerly awaiting season 11! :D (btw, my tumblr is campbellwrite, I don't really post anything but always looking for supernatural posters to follow.)

Chapter Five

Lines from Supernatural season one episode 11, “Scarecrow” in italics. This chapter opens in the beginning scene with the boys and I tried not to write out the whole thing.. so I summarized the conversation for the most part to give the important parts for those who haven’t seen this season in years or you know months.

April 8th 2006

Sam was woken up by Dean’s cell ringing and answered the call when Dean didn’t wake. Sam shot up in bed when he heard his father’s voice. “Sam, is that you?”

Hearing his father’s voice after so long, he almost didn’t believe it. “Dad? Are you hurt?” His brain was firing on all cylinders now that he finally had contact but he was feeling that old familiar frustration building as they went back and forth with small talk that frankly was starting to piss him off. He tried to get back to the important information he needed. “We’re fine. Dad, where are you?” He saw Dean pop up on his elbow out of the corner of his eye.

“Sorry, kiddo, I can’t tell you that.”

Once again the frustration flared and he ignored Dean’s question as his father once again asked him to trust him. Then it hit him, why his father wasn’t answering him. “You’re after it, aren’t you? The thing that killed Mom.”

“Yeah. It’s a demon, Sam.”

Sam’s mind spun with the information he had on demons which was at the moment little to nothing. He asked a stupid question knowing his father wouldn’t give him false information then heard Dean almost repeat him and again he ignored him.

“I do. Listen, Sammy, I, uh…I also know what happened to your girlfriend. I’m so sorry. I would’ve done anything to protect you from that.”

A rage was building inside him at the memory of Jess and that night and he asked for the information that he really needed that he knew his father must have.

“Yeah, I think I’m finally closing in on it.”

In his mind he was screaming for the location, for everything his father knew so he could finally avenge Jess but what actually came out of his mouth was nothing but a simple plea, “let us help.”

His father’s voice denying him any place in the fight confused him and the anger built again. He quickly asked why and Dean grabbed for the phone, telling him to give it to him. Just as before, he ignored him.
“Listen, Sammy, that’s why I’m calling. You and your brother, you gotta stop looking for me. And the girl too. Alright now I..”

Sam interrupted him, the stab of fear replacing his anger. “Wait, what? What girl? Talk to me, tell me what’s going on.”

“Look, we don’t have time for this. This is bigger than you think, they’re everywhere. Even us talking right now, it’s not safe.”

“Then tell me what’s going on and who you’re talking about!”

Dean raised his voice, “give me the damn phone sam!”

I have given you an order. Now, you and that girl stop following me, and you do your job. You understand me? Now, take down these names.”

The anger and frustration that exploded within Sam made him shake ever so slightly. Dean ripped the phone out of his hand and Sam let it go as he focused every inch of his strength on calming down and not punching through the wall. He thought about Liz, about her words on controlling her emotions, her powers, and how he was the one in control. He had to have control. He looked to Dean, a part of him hoping Dean would fight him but knowing he wouldn’t. That just wasn’t Dean, his brother who had no problem with control.

Dean spoke quickly. “Dad, it’s me. Where are you?”

“You need to stop looking and the girl too, Dean. You need to get her to stop.”

“What? What girl?” Dean’s gaze connected with Sam who gave him a face that showed his own confusion.

“You know who I'm talking about. She's going to stumble into something she doesn't understand and she'll get hurt. I don't want that and I know if you've got a girl willing to go searching because she cares for you, you damn well better take care to keep her safe. I thought I taught you better.”

Some frustration started to mix with his confusion that showed on his face. Sam leaned forward as Dean asked, “what the hell are you..”

John’s voice rose, just slightly short of a bark. “Call your girlfriend and tell her it's not safe to keep asking questions. That's an order, Dean.”

“Yes sir.” Dean’s face went slack and he grabbed the pen and small pad of paper on the night stand in between their beds.

Sam frowned but waited as Dean wrote down the information his father gave him then when Dean pulled the phone from his ear and closed it, Sam pounced. “Who’s the girl? Is it Liz?”

Dean rubbed his face then ran his hands through his hair. “I guess. I have no idea.”

“You going to give “the girl” your order?” Sam said a little more roughly than he meant to.

“Hell no! Are you crazy?”

“But you always..”

“Come on, Sam!” Dean stood from the bed interrupting his brother’s familiar tirade, “don't you realize this means Liz could be in trouble?” He started pacing in the small room. “Dad said it’s a demon! And if it really is Liz and she is sniffing around..” Dean turned his head towards Sam as he continued to pace, “did you know about this?”

“No!” Sam furrowed his brow as his gaze dropped to the phone in Dean’s hand. “But how did he know?”

Dean froze. “Good fucking question.” Dean lifted his hand staring at the device as if it would yield the answers with a hard gaze. “That I'm not going to ask him.” He opened the phone and held down the well-worn speed dial number.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked.

“Asking her what she's been up to. Maybe then we'll find out how he knew.” He pressed the phone to his ear and tried to release the growing tension in his shoulders.

Sam watched his brother as he listened intently, waiting for her to pick up. He knew the moment Liz spoke because Dean’s face changed slightly. As if a light turned on, his face lit up and some of the hardness melted away. It was something that amazed him from the first time he saw it. It also gave him hope that things could change for them. Dean’s volume jumped and Sam tried to listen to as much of the conversation that he could hear from his side.

“Why would you go to Lawrence?”

There was a slight hesitation that made Dean open his mouth to ask again when she started speaking. “I just wanted to meet Missouri, I felt like I needed too.”

Dean turned and caught Sam staring, hard concentration scrunching his face. Dean shrugged. “So, what did you find out?”

“She didn't get much but that the demon that killed your mom and Jess..”

“Demon? How did you know?”

“She told me. That much she was able to get out of John. This demon is nothing ordinary. She didn't want me poking around either. She said you two had been through enough. She thinks pretty highly of you, Dean Winchester. She said you didn't deserve to lose more than one important woman in your life. So what’s with the sudden inquisition?”

Dean sat on the bed and sighed, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. “Dad called. He said he was afraid you were going to get in trouble. I am too if I’m completely honest.” Dean pressed his thumb and forefinger against his temples to fight the increasing throbbing telling him his day was already starting out shitty.
“I get it. I’m back where I should be, don’t worry. If your dad calls again you can let him know you put me in my place.”

“Liz, it’s not like..”

Her musical laughter not only interrupted him but caught him off guard. “I’m just kidding. Geez, you’re too tense. Where are you guys heading next?”

“The phone call was also about a case. Missing couples.”

“I bet Sam just loves that. Be careful, you don't end up being the next missing couple. Okay?”

Dean glanced up at Sam and caught him still watching. He lost the intense focus and seemed to be staring off now. He had a feeling Sam was bitching to Liz even if sometimes it could possibly be ava, it would still get back to her. At least he could talk to someone that could actually deal with his shit. “Please. Sammy and I?” He saw Sam’s brow raise and he waved him off.

“Hey, creatures don't judge.”

“You’re hilarious, Parker.”

Sam whispered, “did she see Dad there?”

Dean shook his head but Sam pointed to the phone. “Hey, Sam wanted to know if you saw dad there. We don’t know how he knew you were out there.”

There was another hesitation that only reminded him of the one earlier in the conversation when he asked about Lawrence. He started to get a weird feeling but he had no idea what it could possibly mean. “No, he wasn’t there when I was but I know he talks to Missouri, she might have told him. I don’t know.”

Dean repeated what she said to Sam then added, “doesn’t really matter anyway.” He shrugged. Dean saw the tension in his brother’s jaw as he shook his head and turned away.

“Be safe.”

He caught the tone in her voice and closed his eyes. “We will. You know we will. I’ll call you later once we get in for the night.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to you later then.”

“You know it.” The sound of her soft laugh was everything to him right at that moment. He closed the phone and placed it on the night stand with her soft melodious laughter fluttering in his head. Sam got up without a word and walked into the bathroom. Dean shook his head as he started to get dressed. Why couldn’t he just get with the plan? Dad would show when he needed them. He would need them at some point. He wouldn’t be dumb enough to go at this demon alone. Dean glanced towards the bathroom as he buckled his belt. Why couldn’t Sam see that?
Dean pulled into an open parking space in Burkittsville, Indiana. The only town around that didn’t seem to be either a ghost town or slowly turning into one. He parked and checked his phone. Sam hadn't called. He looked at the empty passenger’s seat. “Damnit Sam.” He flipped the phone open and hit Liz's speed dial.

“Hey. Didn't think I'd hear from you this soon. Weren't you just..”

Her voice still had the ability to lift his spirits and he hated to bring it down. He rushed over her. “Have you heard from Sam?”

“Please don't tell me..” He could picture the look on her face as her voice seeped concern through the phone.

“No, no. He got all pissy again and stormed off. I thought he'd have cooled off by now and told me where to pick him..”

“I'm sorry, are you saying you left him somewhere?”

“He wanted me too! He told me..”

“Damnit, I thought you guys worked this shit out!”

“What shit are you referring to?”

“As if you don't know.”

“What? He keeps wanting to track down dad instead of do the job. I know he's not going to find anything! I'm so tired of this..” He pressed the heel of his hand to his forehead hoping the pressure might counteract the building headache.

Her voice was softer. “I'll talk to Ava, see if she's heard from him. I’m just.. the way Missouri talked about this demon.. the kind of energy he left at your old house. I don’t like the thought of him alone.”

“You sure Ava's not pushing..”

“Dean Winchester, you shut your trap right now if you ever..” There was a short pause and he could hear her blow a deep breathe out through her mouth. He cringed, knowing her little trick for calming herself. “Ava hasn't been pushing him to anything. They are both taking things slowly. Sam was ready to marry Jess. He can't just get over that and start a relationship with someone else right away.”

“Hey, hey I'm sorry. I’m just..” He sighed and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t saying anything about Ava. You know he seemed fine until Dad called. Like it was some hot lead he finally had. I’m worried about him too but I don’t want to force him to stay on the road with me when he doesn’t want to be here. It’s not him, this lifestyle was never him.”

Her voice was still soft as if she was forcing a soothing tone but there was also an air of authority to it. “He's hurting and he knows that finding your dad isn't going to fix it but it's not something he can just get over either. Your dad just feels like the only link he has to .. close that open wound. I don’t know if he minds being on the road with you. Just talk to him, be open with him. He’s spent the last couple of years with people who don’t exactly hold back their thoughts, good or bad.” He felt slightly scolded yet calm and not mad. It confused the hell out of him that she could do that.

“Yeah, I get it. I still don't like him just going off on his own either but he knows how to push me.”

“Neither do I but he's a grown man. Like I said, I'll have Ava check into it and I will too. You be careful in the meantime.”

“Yeah, yeah. “

“I’m serious. I don’t like you going on cases alone especially when you don’t know much about what you’re dealing with. Call me later.”

He smiled. “I will.”
Sam sat with Meg at the one of the small tables in the bus terminal finishing the crap meal of vending machine junk and warm beer. He thought it was nice and maybe a bit eye opening getting to know someone in the same kind of situation as he was except for more on the normal side. He felt his phone vibrate and rolled his eyes but when he looked at the screen and saw the name on there, he stood up. “Excuse me for a minute.” Sam said to Meg as he turned away from the table and opened the phone. “Hey.” He took a several steps away from the table for privacy.

“Hey Sam, what are you up to?” He couldn’t help but smile at her voice even though he already had a feeling that she wasn’t just calling out of the blue.

“Just.. trying to figure some things out. I’m on my way to California actually.”

“Sam.” Her voice was low with just a touch of caution.

“I know what you’re going to say.”

“What am I going to say?”

“That I shouldn’t be going off after him but he knows what’s going on. He knows where the Demon is and he won’t let me..” Sam trailed off.

“You know I support you, no matter what. But.. and I hate to be the one to say this, but if your dad doesn’t want to be found, no matter how hard you go searching, do you really think you’ll be able to find him?”

Sam glanced back at Meg who dropped her gaze when she saw him look her way. “I have to do this.”

“Then I support you as long as you’re being safe. And please just give your brother and Liz a text or something letting them know you're not dead on the side of the road. Liz has an overactive imagination, please humor her.”

He smiled, “I will. Thanks. For looking out for Liz and having my back.”

“It's what I do. What about your brother? Should I call him and tell him to shove it?”

Sam laughed out loud and covered his mouth. He dropped his head knowing that he probably brought attention to himself. “He knows I'll talk to him when I'm ready.”

“Okay. I'll stand down. For now.” There was a pause then she rushed on when Sam started to answer her, “just remember.. sometimes that person that you always expect to be there can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. Don't take too much time making him sweat.”

Sam smiled, “thanks. You know I’m looking forward to spending some time with you when I get there.”

“I thought you were tracking down your dad?”

“I can do that too.” Sam frowned as the cracks in his impulsive mission started to peek through. “I'll keep you updated.”

“Sounds good. You do what feels right, trust your instincts, and I’ll be here. Liz too.”

“I know. Thanks. Tell Liz for me?”

“Yeah but you’ll still send her a quick text, right?”

“I will. She would probably call me a million times if I didn't.”

Ava chuckled, “that might be the least she would do. You be safe, Sam. Make good choices.”

Sam laughed at that. “I’ll try.” Sam threw a glance back at meh again. “I’ll call you soon.”

“Okay. Night, Sam.”


Sam closed his phone and shoved it back into his pocket as he walked back to the table. Meg looked up, “that brother of yours?”

Sam shook his head, “no, no. A friend of mine.”

“Just a friend?” She glanced down before looking back up at him with a shyness he hadn't seen before.

Sam sat down and nodded, “yeah. A good friend.”

“That's nice. Maybe someday I can be a good friend.” She smiled.

Sam scratched behind his ear, “yeah maybe.”
“You should be kissing my ass, you were dead meat, dude.”

“Yeah, right. I had a plan, I’d have gotten out.”


Sam glanced back at the bus station building. A lot had happened in the last two days. His gaze slid to the now disappearing bus that held a girl who now knew more than she’d probably like about the weird things out there and what people will do because of it. Maybe his family wasn’t so bad after all, at least his family hadn’t tried giving him up as a sacrifice. He heard Ava’s voice in his head, ‘you do what feels right, trust your instincts.’ He smiled.

“Dude, are you getting in the car or what?” Dean called from the driver’s seat then started the car.

Sam slid into the passenger seat of the impala while pulling out his phone. “Just thought about something.”

Dean leaned over, glancing at Sam’s phone. “Yeah, what?”

Sam chuckled as he tapped out a quick message. “Okay, someone.”

“Ooh yeah? Ava, huh? Shit, I should probably text Liz.” He smirked, “oh wait, I did that before we came here.” He put the car in reverse and backed out.

“Good for you because you wouldn't like her when she's angry. And I did text her last night after I saved your ass.” Sam laughed as he hit send. Everything’s good. Going with my gut and making good decisions. Thank you.

“Shaddup.” Dean hit the gas and sped out of the parking lot.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 5 6/23

Post by pandas2001 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:20 pm

Happy to see it worked out with Sam.
can't wait for more.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 6 7/1

Post by MelissaD » Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:58 am

Sorry guys! I wanted to have this up when I got home from my girls weekend in Dallas but I was exhausted and life gave me little time.. but I'm here! :) Next chapter in a couple days? Five at the most, hopefully.

Chapter Six

Lines from Supernatural season one episode 12, Faith in italics. Once again trying to walk a fine line to show the important parts affected in the story.

April 20th, 2006

Ava opened the door to the apartment and muffled ringing jingled in her bag. "Damnit, every time.." She pulled the keys from the door knob and kicked the door closed behind her as she rummaged through her book bag for her phone. "Try to plan a relaxing evening.. A glass of wine, a warm bath but noo, not for Ava. Where is that damn thing!" She turned her bag over above the living room table and looked for the phone as the contents of her bag scattered across the wood surface. "There you are!" She snatched it up, quickly flipping it open hoping she caught it in time. "Yo."


She heard Sam's hesitant voice and smiled. "Sorry.. I've been wound a little tight today." She rolled her shoulders as she moved to the kitchen searching for a bottle of water. She knew Liz would bitch about her using the bottle instead of just pouring a glass of the filtered water in the fridge but she didn't feel like cleaning the glass. Ava smirked at the thought of Liz’s ramble about needing the bottles in case of some random emergency where they’d have to leave quickly. Ava twisted the cap off the bottle.

"How much can Liz heal?"

Ava froze with the mouth of the bottle pressed to her lips. She pulled it away slightly. "Why?"

"Dean.. he’s..” There was a pause and then the words rushed out, “he’s in the hospital and I haven’t been able to bring myself to call Liz. It’s bad.”

“What the hell is going on? The last I heard from you a couple days ago, this was a routine job.. In and out I believe you said!" Her hands were shaking but she hadn’t noticed until some of the water splashed onto her leg. She glanced back towards Liz’s room and forced her arms to stop shaking.

"We hit a snag.. Or really dean hit the mark. The only problem is the mark was in the same puddle of water."

She closed her eyes against the pulsing ache behind her eyes. "He electrocuted himself?"

"Yes, the doc said there's a lot of damage to his heart. He can't perform miracles."

She felt the pressure start to recede. "Good thing we know someone that can."

"He doesn't want max. He doesn’t want him involved."

"Stupid fu.." Ava took a deep breath and blew it out. "I'll call max and tell him to be on standby. Liz and I are coming."

"Wait, I do have another option but it’s outta left field and I’m pulling at straws. If it comes down it, I can’t.. I don’t want to go against his wishes but if it saves..”

Ava interrupted him, her voice cool and calm. The change as always was fluid when action needed to be taken, something in her DNA switched to the warrior and she was on the move. "Check out your other option but Liz and I are on the way. We'll try to get the first flight out..” She swept everything back into her bag and placed it on the table.

“To Nebraska. I’ll text you the address.”

She strode into her room going for the packed bag under her bed. “Nebraska? I thought you were in Iowa? Never mind, I'm not even gonna ask. We’ll get on the first flight we can get. If the other option doesn't pan out, hopefully Liz and I can do enough that we won't have to call max and if we do, we should be able to keep his dumbass alive until he can get there." She glanced around her room quickly going over the other things she wanted to throw in her bag.

"Okay. Send me the info once you get it and we’ll pick you up. "

"Don't worry about it. You see your.. Whatever it is your taking him to and we’ll come to you.” She paused a moment and her voice was a softer when she spoke again. “I know it’s horrible circumstances but I can’t wait to see you again."

Sam smiled, feeling a little bit better for the first time since hearing the doctor's words and dean’s flat out refusal of max’s involvement. "Me too." A knock at the door brought his head up.

“What was that?” Ava asked.

Sam walked to the door without a word and opened it. He almost dropped the phone at the sight of his brother leaning against the door frame looking like death. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Who is it?” Ava's voice through the phone pulled him out of his shock as Dean answered him.

I checked myself out. Who’s that?” Dean made his way slowly through the door and to the bed leaning heavily on anything nearby.

“Dean, shoulda known. Crazy bastard.” Ava said, not hiding her annoyance at the older Winchester.

Sam’s gaze tracked Dean’s progress across the room as he clutched the phone to his ear like a lifeline. A part of him wanting to laugh and part of him worried sick that Dean was going to kill himself before he got the chance to save him. “It's Ava. Are you crazy?”

“Well, I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot.”

Ava barked out a laugh and Sam smirked then shook it off. He turned away from Dean, “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Good luck with that. I'm going to throw some stuff together and then get Liz.. hopefully Dean talked to her.”

Sam glanced over his shoulder, “you didn't know.”

“Yeah, I don't think so either. He’s got no idea what he’s got coming when she gets there.”
Moments earlier.

Liz was asleep in her bed when a buzzing sound started to pull her from her nap. Once she realized it was her phone, she groaned. With eyes closed and her head still in her pillow, her hand smacked around on the night stand until she finally landed on her target. She flicked it open with her thumb and placed it on her ear, "this better be a damn emergency Aves."

"Well, that's a new one."

It wasn't so much his words as the weakness in his voice that had her bolting up to a sitting position, suddenly wide awake. "Dean? What's wrong?" A familiar cold sensation crawled up her back causing her to shiver.

"Nothing. Just a little beat up. Wanted to hear your voice." His voice seemed to drop slightly, taking on a softness she didn’t hear often. “You’re the only one .. I wanted to hear.”

"You sound more than a little beat up." Liz felt her heart racing and knew something wasn't right.

"Nah, just a little tired. A little drugged." He chuckled softly, "hospitals are good for one thing."

"Hospital? Where are you? I'm coming." She threw off the sheet and stood up.

"No need for that. The docs patched me up besides you've got school. I don't want anything screwing that up. You’re supposed to graduate. That's your thing."

"That's not more important than you. I can graduate at any time." She was frozen in place using every ounce of energy to listen and hoped something would spring loose to tell her what was really going on.

"Yeah. Maybe that's why I love you."

Her heart stopped. Her voice squeaked out, "what?"

"That probably wasn't the best way to say it huh? Maybe it's the drugs.. maybe it was just time to say it. I've thought it for a long time."

"Dean.." Something was really wrong.

"I gotta get going.. my battery's dying. I'll call you soon, okay?”

"Where are you? This isn’t funny."

"I'll see you soon. I love you."

"Dean?!" She heard a knocking sound before the click of the phone disconnecting. “Sonofabitch!” She ran to her dresser and started pulling out clothes. With a tee shirt and a pair of jeans in hand, she moved to her desk and opened her laptop then stabbed the power button. She pulled her pants on as it started up then grabbed her shirt with her teeth to free her fingers to start up a trace on the GPS in Dean’s phone. “Where are you?” She spoke to the screen as her skin started to tingle. She pulled the shirt on over her tank top and tried to get her body under control. Her thoughts ran a mile a minute. ‘Deep breathe, Liz. Calm down. Everything's just fine.. He just drunk dialed you, that's all.’

“Yeah right.” She spoke out loud as she rolled her eyes, “now I'm just arguing with myself. I sound like a crazy person.”

Her bedroom door swung open and Ava came in like a strong wind. She went straight to the closet. Liz glanced over her shoulder. "Aves? What's going on?"

"We're leaving. Where's your go bag?"

Liz turned towards her. "What the hell is going on? I get this weird call from dean.."

Ava turned from the closet and interrupted her, "he didn't tell you?"

"TELL ME WHAT?!" She felt the shockwaves rush through her arms and cringed.

Ava shook her head, "stupid ass. We have some time but we need to go, I'll tell you on the way." Liz looked back at her laptop and Ava brought her attention back. “I talked with Sam. I know where they're going. Come on.”

Liz shut her laptop, picked it up, and followed Ava while muttering under her breath. “I'm gonna kill him when I see him.”

Doctor’s office. Two days later.

"When I was healed, I just.. I felt wrong. I felt cold and for a second I saw someone. This, uh, this old man. "

The door to the room opened and a whirlwind with dark hair flew in, "you stupid son of a bitch!" Before Dean knew it, a hard fist slammed into his stomach knocking the wind from his lungs and doubling him over. "I love you? You call and just tell me you love me and you'll see me soon?!"

Sam stood with his mouth hanging open. He felt a soft hand to his arm and looked to his side to see Ava shaking her head. She whispered, "sorry, freaking weather delayed us.” She glanced at Dean, “he’s lucky she’s not more like me. I would have punched him in the balls."

"Liz.. I didn't think.." Dean groaned, trying to lift his head to look at her while sucking in as much air as he could.

"You didn't think what? That you were going to just die when we had.."

He lifted his hand in surrender unable to bring his face up yet. "Sammy said he found something before I got.. up the courage to call you back."

When he felt slightly confident to straighten, he started to when Liz's hands grabbed his face and crushed his lips with hers. She broke the kiss slowly and stared in his eyes, "I swear you ever try something that stupid again.. I will kill you myself."

He nodded, seeing the fear in her eyes and kissed her. "I’m sorry.” A bit of a smirk lifted the corner of his mouth. "I like that greeting better."

"Shut up before I use Ava's idea." She deliberately turned her back on Dean to face Sam. "So what was this other option that obviously worked?"

Sam watched her for a second before her question finally registered. "A faith healer that.."

Liz and Ava spoke in unison, "what?"

Dean rolled his eyes, "as I was saying, something's not right with the faith healer. I've been hunting long enough to trust a feeling like this. Sam is going to check out the heart attack guy and I'm going to see the reverend. If you two would like to join us.."

Ava grabbed Sam's hand and started to pull him from the room. "We got it."

Dean looked at Liz, "you’re not going to hit me again, are you?" His hand moved in front of his crotch.

Liz quirked her brow, "that depends on you."

Dean grabbed her hand, "let's go then."

They started out the door, “just so you know.. We’re not finished yet. I'm going to help you figure this case out but we’re not shoving this under the rug.” She caught the hard swallow from the muscles in his throat. He nodded as they made their way down the hall.

Dean and Liz walked out of the reverend's house. Liz had watched Dean since the door closed behind them. "You know what Roy said, he felt it as truth. It's not him. The poor schmuck genuinely thinks he heals people. The thing he said about you.."

"Dean, hey."

Liz's head snapped forward at the voice. Her eyes widened, "Topolsky?"

Dean threw a confused glance at Liz as Layla gazed at Liz with the same confusion. "No, sorry." She looked back to dean, "how are you feeling?" She glanced at Liz again.

Dean turned his focus back to Layla, "I feel good. Healed.. I guess."

"Layla." The reverend’s wife appeared at the top of the stairs and Layla walked up towards her.

Dean turned back to Liz and saw her watch Layla. "Who's topolsky?"

Liz didn't look away, "that's topolsky. She was an FBI agent that was looking into max because of my healing but she tried to help us and this.. other agent killed her. At least that's what we thought."

Layla's mother stomped down the stairs and stopped in front of dean. "Why are you still even here?"

Liz interrupted, "what's wrong.. Layla?"

Layla's mother gave Liz a look that had dean clenching his fists. Layla stepped down next to her mother, her voice was soft but her face still showed a bit of her bewilderment. "I have this thing.."

Layla's mother answered. "It's a brain tumor, inoperable and Roy could heal.."

Liz interrupted, never looking away from Layla. "Did you work for the FBI?"

Layla's mother gasped and Layla shook her head, "no. Sorry. Is that what.. Your friend did?"

Liz nodded as her head spun wondering just what Pierce had done to her.

Layla's mother took Layla's arm. "Come on Layla."

Dean turned to Liz as Layla's mother led her away. "What is that all about?"

Liz shivered as her gaze still followed Layla then she turned away and rubbed her arms seeking warmth. Dean wrapped an arm around her pulling her into him. "I know some of the things Pierce did to Max but I can't imagine what he did to her. She doesn't even remember.."

"Dean." They turned and Layla's mother was walking towards them alone. She looked at Liz, "how did you know about the FBI? Did you work with my daughter?"

She shook her head, "no. She.. helped my friends and I from bad people a couple of years ago. I never saw her again."

Layla's mother glanced behind her as if afraid someone would overhear. "She used to work for the FBI, she told me she used a different name and it was for my safety that I didn't know. That should have told me that she was in something dangerous because it wasn't long after that when something happened. They wouldn't tell me but I know it was bad. She had nightmares for weeks but then one day she woke up and didn't remember anything. Doctors said it was just a coping mechanism and that it was for the best but then they found the tumor."

"I'm so sorry." Liz glanced back at the house, "but he isn't the answer." She looked back at her. "It's not his fault but.. his healings.. they’re complicated but it’s not as free and clear as everyone believes. I know someone.. Layla helped him and he could help her. No one would get hurt."

Fear coupled with confusion crossed her face and she shook her head. "I don't.."

Liz grabbed her hands. "Please trust me. I'll give you a number, no waiting for someone to choose you. He'll help her, I promise." Liz tapped her pockets, "do you have a pen and a piece of paper?"

Layla's mother dug into her purse and pulled out the items. Liz quickly wrote down Max's number, "you have to promise not to give this out to anyone or tell anyone about this. The people that hurt your daughter want to hurt him."

She nodded almost dumbly as she watched Liz. "I don't understand."

"She saved us and we owe her. He has a true gift, one without repercussions to other people. She deserves to be happy."

She looked down at the paper. "Thank you. I should get back to Layla." She looked up and nodded politely before turning to walk away.

Dean turned to Liz, "max?"

Liz watched her go. "Yeah. I'll have to give him a heads up but he'll do it. She's the reason he wasn't captured and tortured.. at least the first time they were onto us anyway." Liz turned to Dean, "it's Sue Ann, it’s gotta be. He believes what he's doing is real but she's.. Dark. Hidden. I couldn't get anything off her except this feeling that something is off. And she makes the most sense. I mean did you see the way she was with Layla and her mother?”

He nodded. "Okay. Let's get back to Sam and Ava." He grabbed her hand before glancing back at the reverend’s house and walking away.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 6 7/1

Post by pandas2001 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:21 am

interesting part. Glad Dean is healed and so funny when Liz goes off on him.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 7 7/10

Post by MelissaD » Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:45 am

pandas2001: and she's not quite done with him yet.

Well, I'm definitely not getting these up as fast as I intended but hopefully when things get back into a normal routine it will be easier. There's no holidays coming up soon, is there? Lol And this chapter has some sexual situations.. so definitely Mature.

Chapter Seven

April 22nd, 2006
Immediately following chapter six.
Lines from Supernatural Season One Episode Faith in italics and underlined.

After checking into Marshall Hall, Sam and Ava stopped at a restaurant near the motel to grab dinner. Sam was quiet as they waited for their food and Ava nudged him with her elbow. “What’s up with you?”

“A lot. But ah.. I would like to take you out somewhere nice.. you know when we’re not.” He looked around, “when we’re not on a case.”

Ava smiled, “this is fine. You don’t need to do some fancy thing to impress me.” She shook her head, “I’m not that type of girl.”

“Well, I’d like to take you somewhere nice because I want to.. thank you. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it’s what you deserve.”

Her face scrunched up, “but those places usually don’t have the best stuff and people at places like that are always so hoighty toighty.”

“True.” He smiled, “you’re going to make this hard for me.”

She shook her head, “you’re over thinking it. I just want you to be yourself and know that I don’t like crazy foods.” She laughed, “I’m a pizza and beer kinda girl. I mean we can try different stuff if you want to but I don’t want you trying to be someone else. You’re more than fine as you are.”

Sam laughed, “I was a little nervous about this and now I kind of feel like an idiot.”

“You’re adorable.” She kisses him then pulls away, “I’m sorry.”

The corner of his mouth turned up, “I’m not.” He leaned in kissing her with purpose and someone cleared their throat nearby. Ava turned her head about to unleash but Sam touched her cheek bringing her attention back to him. “I was nervous because I’m ready to ask you to go on that date.” Ava smiled.

“Winchester take out?” A waitress called out.

Ava stood and winked as she said, “that’s us.” Sam moved to the counter to get the bags and Ava glanced at the people around them wondering which one was rubbed so wrong by their public display.

Sam bumped her slightly from behind then held the bags up, “okay, none of that.”

“What? I didn’t do anything.”

Sam chuckled, “yeah, yet. Come on, I want to get back and check out a couple more things before Dean gets back.” The mirth fell from his face as he moved out the door thinking of his hypothesis of Roy’s magical healing.

Liz had been quiet the entire drive back to the motel. The further they drove away from the healing tent revival, the more tension seemed to fill the car and squeeze the breathable air out. Dean glanced at her a few times and caught her throwing a look his way once but it wasn’t the normal eyeing that he was used to from her, not even close. Her words from earlier that morning rang through his head, “we’re not finished yet.. we’re not going to shove this under the rug.” It was so painfully normal, like something from a tv show, that it was almost funny. He would’ve chuckled at the thought but knew she wouldn’t find it funny. Not even a little bit right now.

As Dean pulled into the motel parking lot, he was running through the possibilities of how mad she was and what she would do when Liz grabbed the steering wheel. “Woah! What are you doing?” His stomach dropped as he hit the brakes gently, suddenly thankful he wasn’t driving that fast as he usually did when he saw a bed coming. He tensed his arms hoping she didn’t cause too much damage.

“I still have some unfinished business.” She turned the wheel slightly while guiding him to pull behind the motel and drive a little ways past the building. She looked around and seemed satisfied. “Okay, you can stop here.”

Dean eyed her trying to figure out what she was planning. He glanced around and they were basically surrounded by trees. This was a safe place to get rid of a body. He couldn't help the thought as he shut off the car. He glanced into the rearview mirror seeing the back of the motel. “So.. what did we need to come over here for?” His attention turned back to her when he heard the car door open. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Get out of the car.” Her voice was harsh and she slammed the door behind her then made her way around the front of the car.

He climbed out cautiously observing her stiff movements that were honestly a bit of a turn on. He cleared his throat and closed the door. “So.. why are we over here?”

She came around the rest of the way quickly and shoved him against the car. “I never really got an answer this morning. You told me you loved me and then just figured what the hell, I can die now?”

He lifted his hands in surrender while trying to keep the stirring sexual thoughts at bay. “Hey wait! I thought we already discussed this? I was scared okay! And when Sam said he found something I jumped at it but I didn’t have the.. guts to call you back after that. I knew you’d be mad and I didn’t want this!”

With a hard straight punch, she slammed her fist into his chest. “You’re damn right I’m mad!” Then she pulled back and punched him again. He grabbed her wrist gently. “I’m not going to lose someone else and if you ever..” She leaned against him, some of the anger draining as her fear threatened to choke her. With her forehead pressed against his chest, she breathed him in. “I know what it feels like to think you're dead and I don’t want to feel that again. You promised.. no more lies.”

Dean’s arms wrapped around her and he pressed her tighter against him. He pressed a kiss into her hair on the top of her head. “I’m sorry. It was stupid, I know. You know I would never let it go that far.. if Sam’s lead hadn’t paid off..”

“We may not have had time if he didn’t call Ava.”

“Yeah right, like you wouldn’t have tracked me down after my call? I may not have said where I was but I know you, you wouldn’t stop.” He tilted her head up, “I love you.” The tear slipped down her cheek as she listened. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you and I knew.. I knew that not wanting to involve you would but.. It’s hard for me to fight that part of myself that wants to protect you.. to keep you as far away from this shit as possible.” She opened her mouth to argue but before she could say a word he covered her lips with his hand. “I’m trying. I’m trying to..” His hand moved to her cheek, smoothing away the tear track as his eyes pleaded for her to believe him. “I want to be that man for you, Liz. I’m trying.”

She reached up, grasping the back of his neck and pulled him down to her. She pressed her lips to his and released the fear and anger as she breathed him in. The first kiss was slow, gentle, forgiving. His hand still on her cheek slid down to her neck and around into her hair as he gently tilted her head back. Soft kisses teased along her lips and instead of continuing the slow pace, she dove in. Her lips became more demanding as her body craved more. She pulled herself closer to him, tightening her arms to lift herself just a bit higher.

Sensing her true goal, he slipped his arms around her and hoisted her up. He turned and carried her to the front of the car that was hidden more by the tree he parked next to then sat her on the hood. Her hands slid inside his jacket and shoved it off his shoulders. He pulled the jacket off his arms and stopped himself from pulling her shirt up. He stared at her heaving chest and puffy lips then the question that colored her face.

“Liz.” His glanced toward the motel.

She pulled her shirt up and over her head with a smirk. “It’s dark and there’s more than enough coverage. I know what I want and I know you want it too. I thought you were into adventure?” Her hands fell to his belt and quickly undid the buckle then unzipped his jeans. His eyes snapped to hers and she saw the hesitation start to recede as his body reacted to her fingers softly running across his stomach. “You can’t lie to me because your body will betray you every time.” Her hand slipped into his boxers and his mouth was back on hers as his hands trailed up her sides. She pulled at his shirt and he quickly pulled it up and over his head. “No more words. Make me feel it.” She whispered. He stared at her for a second once again taking in her puffy lips, heaving bra clad chest, and the messy hair falling across her shoulders. She watched him with pleading eyes.

Dean glanced at the back door of the impala and she pulled his hips against her. “Dean.” It was a breathy plea, a prayer for his ears and all hesitation finally disappeared. His lips found her sweet spot along her jawline as his hands slid inside her bra. A moan slipped past her lips and his mouth followed down her neck along her collarbone then down the valley of her chest. His hand pulled aside the right cup of her bra as his mouth trailed behind. Her head fell back as her hands, one in his hair and the other on the back of his neck, urged him forward. His tongue teased around her small bud of nerve endings eliciting more moans from her. Her hips ground against his as he pushed her further and further to the brink of ecstasy until she finally fell releasing a cry.

He slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders and down her arms until both cups of her bra followed the straps down revealing her completely. She pulled his head to hers as her lips sought out his again. He laid her back against the hood of the impala and her feet pushed at his boxers, slowly shoving the waistband down. His lips once again trailed down her body. He pulled her underwear down agonizingly slow and she whimpered, “dean please.”

He grinned, “I thought you said no more words?”

She sat up, moved to the end of the hood, and wrapped her legs around his waist. “I also said make me feel it.” Her hands slid up his chest and over his shoulders, one arm wrapped around his neck while her other hand moved up to his cheek. She gazed into his eyes, still breathing heavily but knowing there was something she needed to say. “I love you.”

His lips captured hers, her legs tightened on his waist, and he finally connected them as one. Their movements fell in sync easily and quickly as they both built upon the fire the other had started. In the dark of night, under the stars, they came together. There was a lot in those touches and seemingly unintelligible communication. Every touch, kiss, moan, and movement was an act of apology, of forgiveness, of coming home after time apart, but most of all, an expression of words left unspoken for far too long.

An hour later, Dean and Liz finally made it to the door of the motel room. Their quiet laughter faded quickly when they stepped into the room and saw Sam sitting in front of his laptop with his head in his hands. Ava stood behind him, her hands on his shoulders.

“Sam? What is it?” Liz asked.

“Sorry, Dean.” Sam’s head came up slowly.

“About what?”

“Marshall hall died at 4:17.”

“The same time that I..” Dean trailed off and the blood seemed to drain from his face.

Ava glanced between Dean and Liz. “The dude is playing God and trading a life for a life. Someone’s healed, someone else dies of same ailment. Six people that we found so far.”

“So wait Marshall hall died to save me?” Dean dropped onto the bed.

“If it wasn't you, it would've been someone else.” Sam said.

“Maybe topololsky.. Layla.” Liz added.

“You never should've brought me here!” Dean jumped up and stormed across the room towards the door.

Sam dropped his head. “I'm sorry. I didn’t know, I was just trying to save your life.

Ava stepped out from behind Sam’s chair towards Dean. “Don't you even dare!”

“Some guy is dead because of me..”

“Don't you put this on him! He was only looking for an alternative because you didn't want to use the option that we had!” Ava stalked towards him. “And if he didn't bring you here, we never would've found this case and how many more people would have died? Huh?” Ava was almost in his face when Liz stepped in between them watching Ava with soft eyes.

“Woah Ava, calm down. I wasn't..” He held his hands up in surrender at the look in her eye, “okay maybe a little bit..” His gaze traveled to his brother who was now standing watching them apprehensively. “I know this is my fault too, okay? I'm just trying to deal with the fact.”

Liz turned around and touched his chest drawing his gaze to her. “We know.” She rested both hands over his heart and her eyes fell to his chest. “We needed to be here to end this.” Her gaze traveled back up to his. “What’s done is done.”

“The thing I don't understand is how is Roy doing it?” Sam asked.

Dean’s eyes never left Liz's. “He's not. There's only one thing that can give and take life like that.” Dean looked at his brother. “The old man that I saw. We’re dealing with a reaper.”

“Shit.” Sam dropped into his chair.

Liz and Ava exchanged a look. Ava asked, “so.. reaper as in.. the grim reaper?”

“Not the... A reaper. There's reaper lore in pretty much every culture on earth, it goes by 100 different names, it's possible that there's more than one of them. We gotta figure out how to stop a reaper.”

“Can they be controlled?” Liz asked.

Sam turned towards her. “I don't know. Why?”

“Because Sue Ann is hiding something shady and she has the most to gain. Roy truly believes he’s healing people and she’s just the proud yet humble wife controlling who gets to see him and be seen by him.”

Sam’s eyes widen then he nodded and opened his computer, typing furiously over the keys, starting a search. “Here. I noticed it in the church. This cross.” He turned the laptop around so they could see the picture.

“Okay, so we look into this and find out how the hell she’s doing it then we take her down.” Ava said moving towards the bed.

Dean smiled, “you know I think we might make a hunter out of you yet, kid.”

Ava turned towards him with look that could kill, “excuse me?”

Dean threw his hands up in front of him. “What? What did I say?”

Liz chuckled, “she doesn’t like to be called kid.”

Ava’s face smoothed out and she smirked, “the fear is strong with this one.”

Sam barked out a laugh and Ava looked back at him with a smile. Dean chuckled nervously, “so we’re good, right?”

Liz laughed, “put your hands down. Let’s get to work.”

“I’m just batting a thousand today. Damn, did anyone remember I almost died..” He felt their stares and trailed off. “Yup. Going to shut my mouth now.”

A few days later.

Liz and Ava arrived back in Palo Alto after finishing the reaper case. They said goodbye at the airport where the boys dropped them off before heading to Missouri on a case for an old friend. Ava eyed Liz as she parked the car in front of their apartment. “So, you sure you’re totally cool about him taking that case?”

Liz gave her a reassuring smile. “He told me the truth. I don't have anything to worry about. She could’ve been something to him.. wanted to be something to him but because of him and I, he didn't try. He wanted to but what happened with us held him back. Honestly, I felt a little bit guilty about it when he first told me because of..”

“You weren't at fault Liz.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “no, just the craziness that surrounded me.” She brushed the hair behind her ear. “But maybe because of that, Dean and I have a chance to try again.” She smiled, “we’re not hiding anything from each other.. trying not to anyway and that's a pretty good start.”

Ava chuckled, “and you have a really healthy sex life.”

Liz got out of the car laughing. “Why is it always about the sex for you? Come on, I really need to stretch. Why do plane rides almost seem harsher on my body than car rides do?”

“Because you almost puked like ten times? I think you might've been better just getting it out.” Ava pulled her bag out of the trunk. “You need soup and crackers or something?”

Liz pulled her bag from the trunk and shook her head. “I think I just need to get into my normal routine, ya know? More sleep, better food, more exercise.”

Ava shut the trunk and rolled her eyes. She poked Liz in the side as they walked up to the apartment building. “Yeah, you are getting a little bit of..” She poked her again and Liz swatted her away while tightening her lips trying to hide her smile. “Yup, getting a bit of a love handle.. watch out.. Next those clothes aren't going to fit and I'm going to find you lounging on the couch everyday stuffing your face with ice cream and brownies.”

“Wow.. That was really..”

“Spot on?” She turned to Liz with a lopsided grin.

Liz laughed, “so ridiculously exaggerated!”

Ava shrugged, “I thought it was funny. You usually like my ridiculous humor.”

Liz grinned as she started up the stairs, “I do. I'm just tired and feeling like crap. I'm tired of feeling like crap. Ever feel like you really need to go for a run? Get some fresh air?”

Ava puckered her lips and turned thoughtful for a second then shook her head. “Nope.”

Liz shoved her gently, “not all aliens are like you, you know! I'll have you know Isabel loves to run.”

“Isabel is also a crazy nazi at times. Unless I have an actual reason to run, I'm good thanks.”

Two hours later, Liz came back down the stairs dressed in a pair of her running shorts and tank. She was determined to get back into her routine after all the craziness. She set off on her jog with a slow start giving her muscles time to stretch and adjust after not being pushed in a while. She was just starting to feel the familiar burn in her legs when she also noticed the hair on the back of her neck stand up. The tingling sensation ran down her arms and she knew someone was watching her.

She took the next left and decided to take her shorter route and kept tuned into everything around her. She couldn't see anything out of place and no one who seemed more interested in her than anyone else yet the feeling of being watched became more intense. She slowed as she came around the final corner back to the apartment. She walked down her street taking in everything but still nothing seemed out of the norm except of course for the person doing a damn good job of following her, if it wasn't for her enhancements she would have no idea someone was intent on her.

Just before her apartment, she ducked into a row of bushes and waited. A few minutes of nothing but the normal sounds of a quiet Palo Alto night around her with some slight wind then she heard slow footsteps, boots that reminded her of Dean, taking care to stay undetected. She waited until the bootsteps past her and almost gasped when she saw his face. She stepped out behind him. “I hope you’ve got better stealth skills than that since you were the one that said I shouldn’t be looking into the demon.”

He turned around and she wanted to see the surprise on his face but he didn't give anything away. “I wanted to make sure you weren't being followed. How the hell did you know I was back there?”

Liz thought about telling him the truth, that she has a heightened instinct with some added skill of being able to sense things around her but instead she shrugged, “I have really great instincts.”

He watched her for a few seconds and Liz got the feeling she was being sized up. He gave her a single nod and said, “that’s good but it won't be good enough if a demon decides to lock onto to you. I hope my boys have given you enough to make you wary.”

She crossed her arms over her chest then dropped them, not wanting to seem confrontational. “Don’t worry, I'm not going off on some quest. I just wanted to meet Missouri. Im not going into the demon hunting business. Not yet.”

They both eyed each other for a few moments then Liz broke the silence, “so why come check on me and not go see your boys? Let them know what is actually going on.”

“Some things are better from a distance.”

“You mean safer, right? Yeah, I think I heard something kinda like that from Dean once. Something about attachments.”

A tension in his jaw was the only tip off that something actually bothered him then his gaze moved away as he seemed to check out the area around them. “I can’t help but worry about my boys and the decisions that they make.” His gaze came back to her and she could see the sadness swimming there. “I wish I had gotten to Stanford before Sam’s girlfriend..”

Liz thought to herself, me too. “Her name was Jess. I'm pretty sure we all do.” She kept the rest of her reservations to herself, there was no point rehashing the past.

“I can see what Dean saw in you. You’re strong and stubborn. His mother was the same way. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with my decisions but I’ve kept my family alive this long and I plan to make sure that continues.”

Liz nodded. “So, am I not to mention this to them?”

He eyed her and she felt something like approval in his small smile. “That’s up to you. I have to head somewhere but I wanted to check on you. You going to Lawrence asking questions..”

She interrupted to clarify. “Asking one person..”

John shook his head, “sometimes that’s all it takes.”

Liz watched him and remembered what Missouri said about him being lost when Mary died. She felt like she was looking at a man on a mission but one who was also still lost. She couldn’t help but wonder if that would ever go away even if they were able to defeat the demon. “We’re both doing what we feel is best and trying to protect the ones we love. I understand that more than you could think by just looking at me but don’t forget that they know what they’re doing and some of their friends do too. You’re not alone in this fight and neither are your boys.”

“I suppose I have you to thank for that?”

“You can thank whoever you like. I just need you to know that if it comes down to it.. I will be there. They haven’t let me down and I’m not going to let them down.”

John watched her then said quietly. “I’m glad that they have someone like that. That they have someone like you.”

Liz waited, thinking he had more to say by the struggle on his face. She wondered if he would say something about her relationship with Dean but he only nodded and started walking away. “It was nice to meet you.” Liz called out but John didn’t look back.

“Keep those instincts up. Stay safe.”

“You too.” Liz watched him disappear around the corner and wondered briefly if he was truly leaving. She turned and walked home with more questions about the demon and what the end game was for something that had been started so long ago. There was something about how long this had been going on that scared her. Something like that required patience and discipline. It was a huge picture and she didn’t think they would ever see the whole thing and without that knowledge, how could they ever stand a chance to stop it?
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 7 7/10

Post by pandas2001 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:40 pm

John trying to make sure what happened to Jess won't happen to Liz?
can't wait for more

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 8 7/16

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:56 pm

pandas2001: John's definitely worried about something.

Trying to get the next chapter up by Sunday..

Chapter Eight.
A few lines from Season one episode 14, “Nightmare” Underlined.

May 3rd, 2006.

Liz walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of iced tea heading for the living room. She put her drink and snack on the coffee table then grabbed the TV remote and her phone before sitting on the couch, pulling her legs up underneath her to get comfortable. She turned the TV on and her phone rang. She answered with a smile, “right on time, Ria.”

“You have it on?”

“Just going to the channel now.” Liz hit the channel number then put the control down on the table and grabbed the bowl of popcorn.

“Love me some Derek Morgan.”

“Hush.. he’s not even on the screen. I like to actually follow the storyline.”

“Boo.. Holy shit, look at that.”

An hour later, Liz turned off the TV. “The rumors about this episode being like that 24 show were right.” Liz grabbed her empty glass and headed to the kitchen.

“Yeah, it was okay. I can’t wait for next week. That preview looks awesome. I love it when it’s crazy. So.. how are you and the shorter but older Winchester?”

Liz chuckled, “we’re good.”

“Hmm. Just good? I thought you just saw him? Shouldn't you be great?”

“We’re fine. I just.. sometimes it just seems.. I don't know difficult.” Liz refilled her glass and headed back towards the couch.

“Difficult?” Maria chuckled, “your boyfriend is driving around the country killing monsters. Long distance relationships are difficult.”

Liz felt like Maria had a lot more to say but she was wisely biting her tongue and joking instead of unleashing. Liz wasn't sure if she’d rather have her unleash with some crazy story instead of keep quiet to listen to her rambling theories. “He’s afraid.”

“Of you?”

“No.. For me, for Sam, for us. There’s so much that's unknown about this demon and everything else they deal with that just makes it worse.”

“Oh, so this has to do with him not telling you about his less than two weeks diagnosis because he was protecting you?”

“Partly.” Liz frowned as the now familiar dream seemed to jump into the foreground of her mind.

“You know I'm not there.. I can't read your face. I'm good but not that good.”

“I can only guess at some of it. He's always been the protector, ya know? Always looking out for Sam and then tried for me but we all know how that worked out. I think maybe that has something to do with it. That he can't truly protect me against my enemies but feels like maybe if he doesn't do enough he won't be able to protect me from his enemies. I thought that our thing would make it easier.. because we’ve been through the fire, we’re equipped for a fight. Somehow I feel like maybe that only makes it worse. And these dreams I keep having..”

“You’ve really been thinking about this. Wait, what dreams?”

“I don't know.. I don't really understand them myself.” Maria stayed quiet and Liz rolled her eyes as she started picking at the end of her shirt. “I'm just running.. continuously. I think I’m in the woods or a wooded area but it’s dark and I can’t see much. I keep hitting something that stings but doesn’t stop me from moving. It reminds me of Frasier woods but I don’t really know where I am. It feels like there are eyes everywhere. I have no idea who's there and I can't make anything out but I have this feeling telling me that if I stop.. I'm dead. Because I can’t see.. it’s just all about what I feel.”

“Liz.. that’s.. terrifying. Do you think this is a premonition type dream? Because honestly it sounds like a stress nightmare. And I’m stressing the word nightmare.”

Liz felt a chill up her spine just thinking about it. “That's what I don't know. It feels real yet it doesn't seem to tire me out like premonitions do or I just can't tell because I've just been so tired recently. With everything going on, I haven't exactly been getting a good amount of sleep.” She rubbed her arms. “Why can't it ever be normal, ria? Why couldn't he just be some regular guy that swept me off my feet and I'd be worrying about whether to get my masters or not, about whether I should go into teaching or a lab?”

Maria’s voice took on that soothing quality she usually pulled out when she was trying to put her worries at ease. “Oh honey.” Maria chuckled, “remember way back, when I would wish Michael was more like Max?”

Liz laughed softly, “yeah. Well, I always knew he was good for you.”

“I didn't. I thought it would be so much better if he was different, like Max, always showing how thoughtful he was and putting work into showing me.”

“But that's not..”

Maria interrupted her. “Are you going to listen?”


“When I went to New York and was hanging out with Billy, he was that max. Always attentive and getting me things and yada, yada. I hated it. I felt like I was suffocating or like I was just this baby he had to take care of. The strong woman inside just flipped a table and lost it. And I missed Michael, God I missed him so much. He didn't have to do all that to prove to me that he was thinking about me or constantly show me his love outwardly like that. It took me a while to figure it out but I wouldn't change it because it made me appreciate Michael more. Are we those same kids? No, we’ve both changed. Both as individuals and as a
couple because we know what the other one likes and we want to make the other happy. Love isn't one size fits all. It takes work and it takes patience to find out you’re balance. Just because things are crazy.. it doesn't change that. You know damn well if you were with some boring guy, you’d be scratching your eyes out and bored out of your mind. Sure, you could probably learn to love someone like that but do you really think you’d actually be attracted to them in the first place? I mean, really Liz?” She giggled. “You and I both know Disney lied to us, we figured that out a long time ago. It's just like they always made everything about love seem like it'd be this magical thing that just happened and don't get me started on all the bs about your first time. Not that mine wasn’t fantastic but you know what I’m saying.”

Liz laughed. “How did I ever doubt you? I miss you so much.”

“Right back atcha, chica.” Her voice changed and took on a less serious tone. “So.. no more stress dreams from hell. Ava mentioned something about you and Dean on the impala?”

“Oh my god!”

“I KNEW IT! You totally did, didn't you? That is hot. You need to tell me everything.”


“What? Come on, I need some tips. Something new and different would be fun but I don't know how I'd get Michael to go along with it.”

“Well, we were hidden behind the motel and had some tree coverage but obviously not enough that Ava didn't see.”

“She didn't. She overheard Dean make a comment to you.”

“That figures.” Liz shook her head and laughed.
Three days later.

Sam paced around the motel room clutching his cell phone in his hand. Dean had only been gone two minutes and he had been arguing with himself ever since. He stopped in front of the mirror and looked at himself. “What the hell is wrong with you? When have you ever had a problem talking to Liz?”

He heard her voice in his head from the last time he talked to her. Hey lover, how's it hangin’?
He shivered. He was never going to be able to get that out of his head. Yet the memory from the day before flooded in.

"No. It's never been us. It's never been in the family like this. Tell the truth, you can't tell me this doesn't freak you out."

Dean kept his eyes on the road and was quiet for a long moment then said, “this doesn’t freak me out. Liz has premonitions. She deals with them without side effects.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket, flipped it open and held down a number.

Sam looked out the window. “Yeah, well Liz knows where her visions are from, why she has them.”

Dean’s voice made him look back at him, “hey.” Dean tossed his phone over.

Sam’s brow furrowed until he looked at the name. “What are you doing?”

“Cutting this shit before you start thinking too much into this. Or you know.. pulling another one of these passing out things.”

“Hey lover, how's it hangin?”

Sam's face screwed up then he glared at Dean who was grinning ear to ear. “Hi Liz.” Sam said flatly.


Dean grinned at Sam and shrugged, “okay behave, there's children in the room.”

Sam scoffed, “shut up.”


Dean chuckled, “something's come up and it's not what you think.”

“Jesus Dean, can you cut out the innuendo?”

They both heard Liz’s laughter and Dean smiled. “She liked it. That's all that matters.”

“Sorry Sam. I'll be on my best behavior.” She cleared her throat. “So what happened now?”

Dean said, “Samantha here had an episode and is starting to get a little freaked out.”

“What do you mean by an episode?”

Sam answered, “I had another vision in my dream. It was a man’s death.. He was locked in a car by an invisible force and I found out it's real. Then we get here and it happened again but I was awake. Liz, it felt like my skull was going to explode and my body.. I just had no control.”

She took an audible breath. “You’re not used to them and if you’re fighting it.. it can be extremely painful. Remember when I told you my powers first started? My arms felt like they were on fire and it felt like lightening through my veins. I couldn't control it and my first vision knocked me out for a couple of hours. It takes time to figure it out, to work it but the premonitions.. I still can't control them. Sometimes I get to change it and sometimes I don't.”

“But my.. visions.. They might not be the same as yours. You know where yours come from.”

“That doesn't change anything, Sam. You think every person with different abilities woke up one day with them and knew exactly how to handle them?”

“Some of them also find out they’re monsters.”

Dean looked at him and opened his mouth to say something when Liz’s voice came through the phone.
“Sam, you ARE NOT a monster. You think I'm not a good enough example? Fine, how about Missouri, she was a little girl when she realized that what she felt wasn't something everyone did. I don't care how you got them the abilities are yours and no one else’s. Do you make your own path?”

“Yeah but..”

“There are no buts. You do what you want with the gifts you are given. You don't have an evil bone in that body Sam Winchester.”

Dean smirked. “I couldn't have said it better myself.”

Sam looked at his brother, “ok, I get it. It still doesn't explain why I'm seeing these people die. Why them?”

“That's up to you to find out.” There was a pause, “Sam.. Wherever you got your abilities, that doesn't change who you are. You are a good man down to the marrow of your bones. No one can change that.”
Sam looked at Dean and saw the worry on his face before he hid behind his well-worn façade. “Don't look at me. She’s the brains.”

Sam's gaze moved back to the phone in his hand. “Thanks Liz.”

“Anytime you need a good ass kicking you know I'm always here.”

Dean pressed the brake and slowed the car down. “We’re here.”

“Wow, Dean. That’s deep.”

Dean’s brow knit together, “what? No, we’re at roger’s apartment.”

Liz chuckled, “that makes more sense.”

Dean turned to Sam with a crinkle in his brow then it dawned on him. Sam chuckled as Dean’s face lost all signs of humor.

“Talk to you later Liz.” Sam said.

“Stay safe boys.”

Sam closed the phone and threw it back to Dean. “Thank you.”

Dean smiled. “I've got your back. Even when you’re being weird.”

Sam shook the memory off and looked at himself in the mirror. “Just call her, your already talking to yourself.” He looked down at the phone and held number one for a few seconds then heard the ringing. He put the phone to his ear as he sat on the bed.

“Sam. Or is this Dean?”

“It's me.” He answered quietly and ran his hand through his hair.

“Are you okay? What happened?”

“I.. just really need to talk to someone who.. won't freak out.”


“We.. he..” Sam took a deep breath in and then blew it out slowly. “I moved something.. without touching it.”

“Well, that's new.”

“I was locked in a closet by this huge cabinet that Ma.. The kid killing his family with telekinesis put there. I saw a vision of Dean dying.. I just lost it and the cabinet moved.”

“Which enabled you to save your brother.”

“Yeah but not Max. This kid that was somehow connected to me. I was seeing the visions because of him, because he was doing it but why was I seeing it? I couldn't even stop the first two.”

“We can't change everything Sam. Sometimes I think certain premonitions aren't supposed to be changed. That maybe in some weird way I’m being shown an impossible situation just so I don't start thinking I'm god or something crazy. Remember when I saw the vision of the girl behind the library?”

“Didn't you see the aftermath? A news story or something, wasn't it?”

“Yeah, I had to hope that I could get there in time and we could've gotten there at the end of it.”

“But we didn't. We got there before he..”

“I could've gotten it before she was even grabbed but I didn't. I can't change them all. And I've had a few that I had no idea who the person was or where the vision was happening. I don't know why but the only thing that I can come up with is that I'm not all powerful, I can't solve all problems. I can only work with what I have and do the best I can. I have to know that I will deal with disappointment and failure but I am not a failure or a lost cause. You take your loses and move forward.”

Sam was quiet for a few minutes letting her words sink in. Then Liz asked, “have you tried moving anything since?”

“No. I.. well I tried closing the bathroom door here in the room but nothing.”

“Want some advice?”


“Start small and don't hurt yourself. Oh and I was thinking about the pain you've been getting with the visions, when you feel the pressure don't fight it. Don't tense up or freak out. Just relax, sit down, and breathe. See if that works.”

“Will do. Thanks Liz.”

“And Sam?”


“Don't be afraid to tell your brother. He's not as weirded out as he was before.”

Sam chuckled, “yeah thanks to you.”

“Your welcome.”

Sam heard the impala pull into the parking lot. “He’s almost back. You want to talk to him?”

“I'll wait until he calls me later.”

“Okay. I think he wanted to pack up and leave tonight. I think he's onto another case.”

“You know how he likes to fill time. I think it makes him feel like you guys will get closer to finding your dad if you keep busy. Never know when dad might be on the same case.”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

Liz laughed. “I don't think so either but as long as it keeps him from going crazy. I’m happy that you’re not still on the ‘gotta find dad’ kick. I know it was really getting to you.”

“I still want to find him but.. you were right about finding him and I know that when it does finally come time.. that he’ll have to call us.” He paused, “thanks. For everything.”

“Always love.”

Sam cringed. “That still weirds me out.”

“Don't be such a prude, Winchester.”

Sam smiled. “Wouldn't want to let down the family name.” Dean came in the room and caught the end of Sam’s sentence, raising his brow in response.

“Oh burn.” Liz chuckled, “tell your brother I said hi. And I'm not wearing..” Sam hung up the phone before he could hear her revenge response.

Dean pulled a burger out of one of the bags he put on the table. “Who was that?”

“Your girlfriend.” Sam winced, “still weird.”

“Jealous?” Dean got out around a mouth full of food.

“That you turned my best friend into a horny little..” He shook his head, “I can't even finish that sentence.”

Dean grinned and swallowed. “You’re such a prude.” Dean took another big bite of his burger.

Sam smirked, “she says hi and that she's not wearing any underwear.”

Dean started coughing harshly and pounding his chest. Sam only smiled as he stood to retrieve his bag. “I’m sorry, did those words hurt you’re precious prudish ears?” Sam gave Dean one good smack to the back. “Careful there. You really shouldn’t talk with your mouth full.” He grinned as he took his bag over to his bed.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 8 7/16

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It's great that Sam has Liz to talk to when he needs someone to understand

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