Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) A/N 3/14/16

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 9 7/20

Post by MelissaD » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:54 am

Okay.. just in case craziness rains down upon me on the day I'm planning to post.. I'll just say Friday or Saturday this time. :)

pandas2001: A lot less confusion, heartache, and alterior motives being used against him if he did have someone like that.. of course the show is Supernatural.. LOL

Chapter Nine
May 18th, 2006
A couple lines from Season One episode 16, “Shadow”, in italics.

Dean hummed as he drove through the neighborhood drumming his fingers on the steering wheel while he glanced at the numbers on the buildings. Sam smirked, “someone seems happy.”

Dean threw a glance his way but couldn't keep the smile off his face, “it’s a good day.”

“You know I think you might owe me for this one.”

“For what? Finding a case?”

“How about finding a case so close to a certain someone?”

“Are you trying to say that you don't want to see Liz or maybe Ava?” Dean watched him from the corner of his eyes. “Yeah, thought so.”

“Okay, so we both needed this.”

“Hey, I'm not the one that got his ass jumped and captured by regular backwoods joe and joe pschyo.”

“Ha ha very funny. You were the one that got a hot poker shoved into your arm.”

“I'm just sayin’, no one is going to judge you for your little slice of deliverance.”

Sam rolled his eyes then pointed to the next building. “Right there.”

“Nice subject change.”

“Would you just get out of the car?” Sam climbed out and moved to the trunk. “It wasn't even close to deliverance, ass.”

“Alright, let's do this. I've got plans.” Dean pulled the toolbox out of the trunk. He looked down at the jumpsuit he was wearing. “Definitely gotta change before we go to Palo Alto. Dad and me did just fine without these stupid costumes..”

An hour later, Dean and Sam were walking into the bar they were told the victim had worked. Dean walked in and scanned the bar area then walked over to an open table. Sam chuckled, “you look like you lost your puppy. She’ll be here.”

“Shut up. You look at your books, I'm going to order some drinks.”

“Whatever kills the time before she gets here.” Sam smirked and Dean gave him the middle finger as he walked away. Sam chuckled, shaking his head as he opened the journal. He knew they could both use some friendly faces but he also wanted to get this case settled quickly. Something about the whole thing bothered him. He didn't like the fact that they had no idea what did it and that it was so close to Liz and Ava. He kept telling himself that weird things strike everywhere but this one just rubbed him wrong. He couldn't even really explain why it bothered him.

He felt arms wrap around him and smelled a familiar scent of coconuts and vanilla that he knew was from her summer shampoo. He never understood her thing with scents that reminded him of sun tan lotion but he always knew when she was around. “Long time no see Sammy.” She pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek.

He smiled and touched her arm before turning to hug her. “Hey Lizzie. Too long. You’re a breath of fresh air. Back to the summer fragrance a little early, aren't you?” He squeezed her then let her go.

She chuckled, “thought we could use some good vibes. Maybe kick start summer.” She glanced at the table seeing the journal. “Whatcha looking at?” Liz moved around him to the table looking at the clippings sitting on the journal. “Oh yeah, this has been all over the news around campus. Some rumors are even going around that she took some classes at Stanford.” She looked up at him, “you know the old annoying ‘make everything about me’ thing that drove us nuts.”

Sam shook his head, a small nostalgic smile gracing his face. “Gotta love it. Or pretend to just so they move on.”

Liz grinned then Ava stepped up to the table placing two beers down before hugging Sam. Dean following behind her with a beer and what Liz suspected was a rum and coke. He placed the two drinks down without taking his eyes off her then wrapped his arms around her.

He leaned down. “Hi.” He smiled before she reached up brushing her lips against his. Liz’s hands slipped into his hair and she hummed as he deepened the kiss.

Sam coughed and Ava smirked at him. “Let them say hello.”

“You guys know you’re still in public right?” Sam said glancing around.

They came up for air but didn't disentangle from each other. Dean lifted her up, sat on the nearby seat then Liz twisted herself on his lap so she could face Sam and Ava. Liz picked up her drink and sipped. She looked over her shoulder smirking at the look in his eyes, “thanks for the drink.”

Instead of answering, he kissed her again. “Behave. Remember keep it g-rated for the children present.”

Liz chuckled then turned back to her friends. “Any ideas?”

Ava perched on her chair next to Sam reading the paper. “They think an animal did it?”

“We found a symbol at the scene but we ne..” Dean cleared his throat and stared at Liz who glanced over her shoulder with a smirk. “We need to find out what it is.” Dean grabbed his beer and knocked it back.

Sam shook his head, “what he's trying to say is that I have to find out what it means.”

Ava swatted Sam’s arm. “Can't you see they've missed each other?”

Dean’s hands went down to Liz’s hips to still them as he whispered in her ear, “you're killing me. You think I can keep up with a conversation with you doing that?” Liz looked around then looked at him tilting her head towards the bathroom with a mischievous smile. He shook his head and whispered in her ear, “no. Believe me, it’s not going to happen.”

Ava coughed loudly causing the two to look towards her. Liz blushed and smiled into her drink. “As I was trying to say but you two were a little.. distracted.. Sam and I can look up this symbol and you guys can check out the connection.”

Sam interrupted, “I already..” He felt a small hand squeeze his side and eyed Ava.

Dean nodded. “Hey, we can look up the symbol. It's not a problem. We’ll go do it now.”

Liz knocked back the rest of her drink. “We could definitely do that.” They both got up and Liz looked at Ava, “meet you back at the apartment when you guys are done here?”

Ava rolled her eyes, “sure. We’ll let you guys.. Catch up.” Ava winked.

Dean wrapped an arm around Liz's shoulders while her arm went around his waist and they left the bar.
Sam shook his head. “I'm happy for her but I don't think I ever imagined actually having to see that.”

Ava sighed dramatically, “oh, young love.” Sam chuckled. Ava felt a tingling on the back of her neck and scanned the room. She didn't see anyone openly watching them but knew the feeling well. “I think you might know someone here. We are or definitely were being watched.

Sam surveyed the bar then spotted a familiar look but her back was to them. “I think.. Maybe.” He glanced at Ava and saw her looking in the same direction. “It's worth a shot.” He got up and moved towards the girl with Ava following close behind.

Sam tapped the girl on the shoulder when the name suddenly came to him, “Meg?”

She turned then smiled. “Sam! Is that you? Oh, my god!” She stands and hugs him. She saw Ava standing slightly behind him but ignored her. “What are you doing here?”

Sam smiled, “I'm just in town, visiting friends.” Ava stepped up next to him slipping her hand around his waist. Ava gave a small wave and Sam continued, “this is Ava.”

Meg’s smile dropped for a second as her gaze slid to Ava. “Hi.” She turned her attention back to Sam and brightened.

Sam asked, “what about you? Did you find what you were coming to California for?” Ava smiled tightly as she threw mixed glances at Sam.

After a short conversation with Meg, they gathered their things from the table before heading for the door. Sam held it open for Ava and glanced back towards Meg. Ava waited until they were both outside before she exclaimed, “what a bitch! She was practically throwing herself at you right in front of me. I don't care if we just said we were friends, I was attached to you!”

Sam chuckled, “that's for sure.” Sam put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. “I'm amazed you didn't do something to her. I mean she really was brazen.”

“Shit yes. But if I could give the clap to someone with the flick of my wrist..”

Sam’s brow rose, “that's horrible!” He couldn’t stop the bark of laughter at the idea.

His laughter made her smile. “But true.”

Ava led Sam to her car and then held out the keys for him. “You want to drive? I'm sure you've been sitting in the passenger seat more than enough times the last couple of months.” Sam was looking back at the bar and Ava asked, “what is it?”

His eyes came back to hers, “sorry. It's just.. I met Meg weeks ago, literally on the side of the road. And now, I run into her in some random bar? I mean.. the same bar where a waitress was slaughtered by something supernatural? You don’t think that’s a little weird?”

Ava didn’t hide the disgust she felt when thinking of the blonde. “That chick was all kinds of weird.”

“How long do you think it's been since they left?”

Ava checked her phone, “I don't know, twenty minutes maybe?” She realized why he asked, “definitely not long enough.”

Sam looked around and spotted the diner across the street, “you wanna get something to eat?”

She smiled, “we’ve got time to kill. Beats going back to the apartment anytime soon.”

Sam pulled out his phone. “Speaking of, I need to add something to dean’s list.” Sam eyed his phone then looked back to Ava, “think I should call or text?” Ava laughed and got in the car. “Yeah.. text is probably better.” Sam got into the passenger seat and tapped out a message for Dean to do a search on Meg Masters and get back to him when he found anything.

An hour and a half later, Sam and Ava strolled back into the apartment. Ava smiled when she saw Liz and Dean lounging on the couch watching tv with bowls of ice cream then frowned when she remembered the scene at the bar. “Sam has a stalker.”

Dean laughed turning towards Sam, “oh really?” He turned to Liz, “I taught him everything he knows.”

Ava narrowed her eyes at Dean. “Probably why she looks like a skank.”

Dean and Liz spoke in unison as they both turned towards Ava. “Hey!”

Ava chuckled softly, “besides you cornball.” She eyed Dean, “according to Maria, you and him not workin’ out is why he lowered his standards so he wouldn't fall for girl again.”

Sam looked pensive and Liz asked, “what is it?”

“It's just.. I don't know. California is a big state and she just happens to bump into me again? In that bar after these weird deaths so close to you guys. Just feels weird.” Sam turned to Dean, “did you find anything..”

Dean interrupted him. “The Masters chick? Come on Sam, all the towns around here are so close to universities and that one IS a college town. Everything checks out. She's a college girl isn't she? It makes sense.” He shrugged, “but I mean you were taught by a master so her stalking you also makes sense.” He laughed and Liz smacked him.

“We can look into it if you want.” Liz threw a glance at dean before turning her concern back to Sam, “I know to trust my instincts. If something feels off to you..”

Ava added, “I said the same thing over dinner.”

Sam shook his head. “Dean’s probably right.”

"Okay." Ava and Liz shared a look. Liz put the bowl of ice cream on the table and grabbed the papers she had printed out earlier. "If you think so. But still these deaths, this chick showing up, and the victims from Lawrence, Kansas? None of it makes sense but it all seems to be pretty close to connected.” She handed the results from their search to Sam.

Sam looked at Dean then down at the papers. “We’ll dig a little deeper and keep the options open. What’s this?” Sam lifted the top page that had the Stanford stationary stamp at the top. He looked at Liz and she smiled.

“Those are your final steps to receive your degree. Just two tests that you can schedule and these papers,” she pulled two off the bottom. “This is your copy of your diploma application and this is the record of the professors who gave you the credit for your time and notes that if you pass the tests then your diploma is to be awarded.” She smiled.

Sam looked back down at the papers and then back to Liz. “You got this all.. you did this.. for me?” Tears welled in his eyes as the smile slowly bloomed on his face.

A brilliant smile lit her face. “Of course I did.”

He wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his chest. “Thank you.” He whispered.

She hugged him back. “You deserved it. I did nothing but get it all arranged for you.”

“Thank you.”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 9 7/20

Post by pandas2001 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:44 pm

Glad they're suspicious.

It great to have good friends isn't it.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 10 7/24

Post by MelissaD » Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:12 pm

pandas2001: The relationships (both friends and romantic) were one of the things that really pulled me in with Roswell. :)

Don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up but here's a nice long chapter and striving to get the next chapter up by next Friday if not sooner. :)
Oh and I think it was Soopke that asked if Missouri was still alive in SPN, I was skimming through the story this week and noticed I never answered that question. They never really mentioned her again after that episode I don't think. So.. she's still alive and I always wanted to see her again. I don't think I'm the only one. :wink:

Chapter Ten

Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry lyrics in italics.

The next night.

Sam and Ava walked leisurely down the street, hands twined together in between them as Sam listened to Ava talk about the final assignment for her psychology class. She grew quiet after their laughter faded. She bit her lip, worried about the dead space. The dinner at the restaurant had been nice but now it seemed to be failing or really, she was. She tried to remember how easy it was with him before, how the silence wasn't awkward or out of place but familiar and comforting. Now she felt like if she didn't fill the dead air growing between them, they may never get past it.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked with a squeeze of her hand.

“What? Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't I be?” She chuckled but it sounded odd to her own ears. She cringed inwardly.

Sam looked down at her. “Did Zan not.. take you out for ice cream or is it the hand holding thing? We don't have to if..”

She cut him off, “no! No, this is nice.” She felt the heat flush her cheeks and looked away. “It's nothing like that.. I'm just..”

“Fidgeting like your trapped somewhere you don't want to be?”

“I am not!” She looked down at her hand still in his then back up at him catching the concern marring his brow. “I just..” She blew out a breath and her gaze dropped to her feet. “Maybe I am a little out of my league. It's been a long time.. and even then Zan and I were always together. There was no awkward..”

“Awkward huh?”

“No.. I didn't mean it like that.. I'm awkward.. Not you. I get lost in this touchy feely stuff. I just used to.. Well.. you know the baser instincts not the whole relationship thing.”

Sam stopped walking and turned towards her, not letting go of her hand. “Ava, you don't have to be someone different with me. If you don't like something you can tell me. I don't want to change you, I just want to get to know you.” The corner of his mouth lifted slightly, “I seem to remember you saying that to me at one point.” She smiled and he lifted their joined hands, “does this make you uncomfortable?”

She shook her head. “No. It's.. Nice.”

He brought her hand up to his lips and she glanced around. “What about this?” His lips brushed against the back of her hand with each word and she felt the flutters in her stomach.

“I.. Ah..” Her gaze settled on his hand holding hers just in front of his lips. “That’s okay.”

He pressed his lips against her hand then lowered their hands. “What is it that’s bothering you?”

She rolled her eyes as she rubbed her free hand against her Jean clad hip. “It didn't feel like an awkward silence to you?”

He chuckled, “nope.” His shy smile sent tingling goosebumps down her arms. “I was just enjoying the warm night with you. I can tell you some stories if you want but I think you’re just thinking about it too much..” He pursed his lips, “hmm. I thought that's what you said I was doing too.”

She tried to hide her smile then laughed softly. “Yeah.. maybe.” She punched his arm playfully and he smiled. Her gaze went to the sidewalk then she looked further ahead of them. Her smile faltered as her brow knit together. She narrowed her eyes. “Is that? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” Sam followed her gaze and saw a woman walking ahead of them. “It can't be.. Meg? What is she doing here?”

“I was thinking the same thing.” Ava started walking and pulled him with her. “Come on, let's find out.”

An hour and a half later, Sam and Ava burst through the apartment door causing dean and Liz to jump in their seats on the couch.

“What the hell got into you two?” Dean stared from the couch, his arm still around Liz’s shoulders.

Liz caught the look on Ava’s face and bent down, reaching under the couch. She pulled her hand out from under the couch with an accompanying rip. Dean’s jaw dropped as his gaze landed on the small smith and Wesson hand gun in her grip.

Ava rolled her eyes at Dean’s reaction. “It’s okay. No one is following us. But we found Meg, Sam’s hunch was right. That chick is twisted and dabbling in some dark shit. We followed her to this crap warehouse where she’s got the whole Manson setup conversing with blood on the shrine crazy daeva shit. She's gotta be the one controlling them but from the sounds of it someone else is giving the orders.” Ava disappeared into the kitchen then came out with two water bottles. She handed one to Sam. “Did I miss anything?”

Liz glanced at Dean and caught his slack jaw close then turn into a frown. His gaze met hers and she almost heard him lock down as he quickly turned to Sam and Ava. Liz felt the uneasiness bloom and gnaw at her gut.

Sam glanced between Dean and Liz, his gaze lingering on Liz’s gun. “No.. Not really. Whoever she was talking to.. by way of a bowl she was swirling something in.. she told them the brothers were there. I’m pretty sure she was talking about us.”

“There?” Dean asked.

Sam scratched the back of his head. “There was this restaurant there that I wanted to take Ava.”

“There as in Fremont, where the murders happened?” At the guilty look on Sam’s face, dean dropped his head for a moment then stood up. “Damnit Sam, after finding out those people were born in Lawrence and we all agreed we wouldn’t stumble into something blind..”

Sam bristled, “we didn’t go there for the case! I took Ava there for dinner not to stumble into ancient demons!”

Dean watched him quietly then said. “You and I are going back.”

Liz shook her head as her hand tensed around the gun she kept carefully at her side. “It doesn't feel right.”

Ava nodded. “I agree and I don't know much about demons but.. it's too easy. She just happened to walk in front of us near the restaurant and we just happened to see her to get the chance to follow her?” Ava turned a skeptical eye on Dean.

Liz glanced between her friends before settling her gaze on Ava catching her eye. “We should go with them.”

Dean’s head snapped in her direction. “No way.”

“What?” Liz turned towards him, “we'd hang back just in case this isn't as easy as you seem to think it is.”

“I never said it'd be easy but this bitch is dabbling in shit I don't want anywhere near the two of you.”

“We’re big girls. And we’re packing heat that, let's be honest, is a little more reliable than yours!” Ava threw out glancing at Sam’s face, reading something there that worried her.

“No.” Dean said flatly as he looked for his jacket.

Liz stepped up to Dean. “Oh but you two can go right into the devil bitch’s playroom?”

“We’ve done this before..”

Liz couldn't help but notice how he didn't meet her eye as he started in on his tirade. She interrupted him, “oh really? Do you even know what she really is? What exactly she's playing with? Besides the fact that they're really old and tear people to shreds? Or maybe who she's working for and what her big picture is?”

“You don't need to be anywhere near any demons.” He glanced back at Sam and Ava, “we don't want them to know about you guys at all. If you think there's connections to us you have to understand..”

Ava put her hands on her hips. “She knows about me.”

“Yeah but for all she knows, you’re just a friend of Sam's.” Dean turned to Sam, “right?”

Ava quirked her brow, “I was a pretty damn possessive friend.”

Dean paced to the other side of the room getting some distance from Liz. “I can't let you get involved. You just got out of all the shit that made your life hell for how many years? NO! I'm not screwing your life up!” He turned a pleading look on Liz even though he was answering Ava.

“Maybe it's not your decision!” Liz raised her voice as she glared while moving towards him.

His muscles tensed as his hands balled into fists. “It is my fucking decision! This is my fight and you’re not going to be part of it!”

She stopped in front of him, catching his glance back and watched the realization hit him that he cornered himself. “I'm pretty sure I became a part of it when I became a part of your life!” Dean stepped around her and started to move away as she continued. “We agreed! You agreed that we wouldn’t hold each other..”

Dean slammed his open palm against the wall. “DAMNIT LIZ, I LIED!” Liz pulled back and looked at him, the anger still burning in her eyes. Dean continued with stiff movements to punctuate his words. “A monster doesn't give a shit about appearances! They're not going to bury you alive in the desert! Don't you get it? They will skin you alive and leave me nothing but a god damn head in a box in the desert just for laughs! And that gun will only make it more fun for them!”

Her voice lowered as if to counter his high volume yet the steel in it matched perfectly. “My head is not the only one they’d like to put in a box.”

“This is not..” The anger on his face simmered as his shoulders fell but the determined set of his jaw made his point loud and clear. “This is different and I will not let you become a game piece to them. My dad didn’t want you even asking questions because he didn’t want you to get hurt and that’s something that I agree with him wholeheartedly on.”

Liz stared for a second without a word. The thought of throwing her little meeting with his father in his face seemed appealing but would do nothing to help the situation. She remembered the look in John’s eyes as he told her about wishing he was there to save Jess and warning her that asking questions about the demon could get her in trouble. She threw the gun down on the table and spun away from him. “Fine. Do it your way but if I'm the one left with directions to your fucking casket..” She stalked out of the room letting her words trail behind her.

Dean dropped himself onto the sofa and covered his face with his hands. “I just.. can’t.” A voice in his head was screaming for her to fight him. He felt no relief from her backing down because it wasn’t her way and the fear that she would follow no matter what he said was suffocating.

“Holy shit.” Ava whispered only loud enough for Sam to hear. “What the hell just happened?”

“You just saw the stubborn drill Sargent. The piece of our father that dean apparently picked up. At least he showed more emotion than dad.”

“This is bad, isn't it?”

Sam nodded. “If he's this adamant about her staying away from the demons so they won't find out about you guys then the whole ‘join us on the road’ is definitely out of the question.”

“There goes that surprise.”

Sam toward turned to her, a mix of worry and curiosity written in his features. “What?”

“You really think she only got you all set up for your finals? Liz is a graduate of Stanford. Everything's done. She chose to receive her diploma instead of wait til the end of spring to walk in graduation. Maybe she'll be changing her mind now though.”

Sam's eyes were as big as saucers. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, she wanted to help you guys, after all you were there to help us.”

Sam frowned and looked back to dean. “I don't think he sees it that way.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

An hour later, Sam found Dean under the hood of the Impala. Sam leaned against the side of the car. “Pretending something’s broken so you actually know how to fix it?”

Dean leaned up and glanced at his brother then only grunted in response. A few minutes passed with only the sounds Dean made under the hood and the occasional car passing by. “Well, are you just going to stand there or give me a speech?”

Sam walked around to the front of the car and leaned under the hood looking at the impeccable contents. “You know you have to fix it before we can leave. There’s no way in hell I’ll let you screw it up again.”

Dean looked at his brother indignantly. “Me? Are you kidding?” Sam folded his arms and Dean cursed under his breathe, “shit. Shoulda known you’d take her side.”

Sam straightened. “You know damn well this isn’t about sides. She just wants to help like we helped.. well kinda helped them.” At Dean’s rising hackles, he lifted his hands in surrender. “Hey, I agree with you. I’m not sure how wise it would be knowing what they could do to them both and not knowing exactly how they would play it. But you spent enough time being mad at each other for nothing. Don’t put each other through it again just because you don’t agree. In a real relationship you’re going to find yourselves in that position a lot. Believe me. It’s just a lot tougher with our situation. Jumping back on the road and letting that fester.. you don’t want that. I know you don’t want to lose her. Letting that anger grow will do pretty much the same thing that you’re afraid a demon will do. Don’t let them take her away from you.”

Dean’s gaze fell to the engine in front of him then moved back up to his brother and nodded his head. “Don’t worry about it.”

Sam shrugged, “can’t help it. You’re my brother and like it or not, she’s my best friend basically like my little sister.”

Dean cringed, “please don’t say that.”

Sam chuckled, “if you ever get married you’ll just make it legal.” Sam turned, “don’t waste too much time out here fiddling with your toy if you really want to leave tonight.”

Sam walked back into the house and Dean leaned against the car and watched him go. He looked up towards the room where he and Liz had just spent a couple of amazing nights. “Shit.”

It took Dean forty-five minutes to build up the courage and get a couple of strong thoughts planned out before entering the apartment again. It was quiet as he made his way towards Liz’s room. He paused right in front of her door and took a deep breath in, mentally went over his list of proper arguments quickly before raising his hand to knock. His hand froze in mid-air just in front of her door and his heart pounded. He felt like he had an impossible task in front of him and he wasn't sure if he could actually attempt it. Music from the other side of the door broke through his rising panic. It was something soothing, a flowing melody from the deep, rich sound of a cello. A fact he probably never would've known if he never got to know her. It seemed useless when he learned it but there was something about it that stuck with him. Something that seeped under his skin just like her.

The door opened and he watched her back as she slowly moved to her desk on the other side of her room. He broke from his shock and closed the door behind him then took a seat on the edge of the bed facing her back as she sat at the desk, fingers flying across her keyboard. He sighed, “I know that wasn't what you wanted to hear but I can't take the risk. It may seem like a long jump to you but this is my world..”

“I get it.” She whispered.

He continued on as if he hadn't heard her even though he barely heard her over the music coming from the laptop’s speakers. “I know how they play and it ain't pretty.”

“I know.”

“They don't have a cover to keep and they don't give a shit if someone knows they’re evil, hell they pride themselves on it.”

She spun the chair around to face him, “for god’s sake! I said I know! I understand and I would still go!”

He gazed into her brown eyes clearly seeing the fight going on inside her head. “I know you would but I need you safe.” She didn't look away but he caught the irritation that flickered across her features. “If we need the extra help, you know I'd call.”

She interrupted, “yeah right. Not even on your death bed.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up. “I promise. If we need the help I will call you.”

Her face remained blank. “No, you won't.”

Dean watched her for a moment and his smile faded. He stood from the bed and moved to her then knelt in front of her chair. He cupped her face with his hands and she closed her eyes, pressing her face into his palms. “I can't let the same thing happen again. Twice in my family. That's too many. I..”

She opened her eyes, “I told you I get it.” Her hand came up from her lap and pressed against his chest just above his heart. She whispered, “I understand why, I do.”

He nodded then felt the tear roll down the inside of his finger. He looked down at her lips. A quick pull of air opened her mouth slightly and he captured her lips. It was soft, promising everything he couldn't with actual words. When he broke apart from her, he kept telling himself he had to do this, he had to keep her safe even though his gut twisted as he slowly backed away unable to turn away from her.

Liz suddenly broke from her frozen state and ran the few steps to him, grabbed his arms to stop him from turning and going through the door. “Just remember where I am when it's over. I may still be pissed so you have some major making up to do.” She gripped the edges of his jacket and pulled, forcing him to lean down to her. “But you come back to me in one piece. Do you hear me?”

He nodded once staring into her eyes almost like a deer in headlights, not quite sure what her next move would be.

She watched him for a few quick moments with only a slight bit of anger left at the situation then pressed her lips to his. Her hands slid up and around his neck and his arms wove around her back pulling her to him. He lifted her from the ground as he straightened and moved her to the bed. He placed her down on the mattress then broke the kiss. The conflict his body was dealing with read easily on his face. He pressed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. “I love you. I need you safe.”

“I want to keep you safe.” She whispered.

“You already did and the only way to do that now is to stay here, stay away from them. If they can't get you.. that will keep me from doing something stupid.” He opened his eyes and sighed. “We’ve got to go if we want to make it there in time.” He pushed up off the bed and started backing away again. “I’ll call I promise.”

She propped herself on her elbows and watched him. “I swear to god if I have to hunt you down because you don't answer after an appropriate amount of time..”

He smirked, “I will never again feel the warmth of your skin or the touch of your goddess like hands.”

Her smile held a sadness she couldn't hide as a tear slipped down her face. “Damn straight. Now get out of here before I change my mind and follow you.”

His smirk faltered as he watched her. He nodded once, swallowed hard, and forced himself to move out of the room one step at a time.

Liz sat still, storing up every ounce of willpower possible to keep from moving as the glowing red numbers on the clock counted off the minutes since he left the room. She heard the impala start up and jumped to the window. She pressed her hands onto the windowsill and stuck her head out. She caught him staring up at her before finally driving off.

“I don't like it.” Ava said from behind her.

Liz turned to Ava who was leaning on her doorframe. Liz swiped at her cheeks. “It's going to be fine.” She sounded more confident than she felt.

“Did you see something?”

Liz frowned as she turned to look out the window again. The impala was already out of sight. “I think. Their dad.. I think he's there.”

“You think?”

“It was more of a feeling than an actual vision. Someone was going to that warehouse and their concern wasn't her, it was them. I think it's John. If I wasn't sure.. at least sure enough that they'll pull through this then we’d be following them whether they knew it or not.”

“I still think it wouldn't hurt to be there. Just in case.”

Liz shook her head, “actually I think we'd be more of a liability than a help.” Ava's hand squeezed her shoulder and she brought her own hand to rest on top of Ava’s. “This thing.. it has a long reaching.. gaze. Believe me I wish I could say that he was wrong.. but I feel if we’re there.. it will only end badly.” They looked out the window as the music from her laptop filled the otherwise quiet space.

“Well, we know I'm going away and how I wish - I wish it weren't so.”

Liz turned and stared at the laptop almost as if it betrayed her in some way.

Ava glanced at the computer then took Liz’s arm gently and started to pull her away from the window. “Come on, let's get some ice cream or something.”

“So take this wine and drink with me and let's delay our misery.”

“I don’t remember putting that song on my playlist.” Liz craned her neck to look back at her laptop.

Ava turned Liz’s head to face her with a gentle hand. “It’s a friggin computer.. shuffle mode whatever. It can play whatever song it wants to. Who cares? Let’s go downstairs and get something to eat, okay?”

“Save tonight and fight the break of dawn.”

The lost look on Liz’s face morphed into mildly contained anger. She turned on her heel walked stiffly back to her desk and slapped the laptop shut. After a few seconds, the music cut out and Liz turned back and moved out the door. “I could use some vanilla ice cream about now. That sounds fantastic.”

Ava watched her quietly then followed behind her. “Vanilla. So you want any flavor with your ice cream? Some candy perhaps?”

“Maybe a shot of bourbon. Or two.”

Hours later.

Dean drove. Even though the blood still dripped from the gashes on his forehead, he drove with his hands wrapped tight around the steering wheel. He was annoyed by the fact that someone working with demons had been right so he drove. He needed to think and he did his best thinking while free on an open highway. He wiped at the gash leaking blood into his eye, the answering stab of pain a welcomed and deserved punishment. He glanced at Sam who sat stoically next to him dreading what he knew he needed to say. "We're not the only ones that can be used against someone."

"What?" His brother’s confused countenance proving his mind was far off from their current position.

"You know what. Meg saw Ava with you.. If we.. If we let them know. Hell, they might already know about them. She used the Kansas link to draw us in but she might have been using the proximity to them too. If they get even the slightest hint of what they mean to us." Dean threw another glance towards his brother and swiped at the blood slipping into his eye again. He couldn't read Sam with his face turned towards the window. He had a feeling that was Sam’s main reason for turning away but not the only one. "Maybe just for a while. Until things cool down."

"You don't know how long that could be. And if you think they know about them.. that’s crazy! They will never go for it." Sam watched him skeptically.

"Liz is pretty much pissed at me so she's going to need a cooling down period anyway. I'll just tell her things are picking up and keep her off for a while. She's got her stuff so she'll be pissed and focus on that. Ava is taking classes maybe you can keep her at bay enough that she doesn't question. We found dad but we got separated and we've got some leads to chase. Take a couple of cases.." Dean sighed, “I’m sorry. I know you and Ava were just.. you know getting it together.”

"You were the one that said they'll never stop."

"That's why we need to stop them. So, they don't hurt anyone else."

Sam turned towards him, “and you think just shutting them out and..” His voice rose as he continued on angrily, “just pretending they never happened is a solution?!”

Dean’s grip on the wheel tightened. “It’s the only thing that will keep them safe! I didn’t say they never happ..”

“That’s bullshit and you know it! I will not just shut them out! I can’t just throw away people I love like you can!”


“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Sam swung his fist towards his brother’s face as hard as he could. The car swerved sending Sam crashing into Dean. The car swerved again as Dean over corrected and shoved Sam away with one hand as he tried righting the car with the other, only causing it to swing hard the other way.

“Son of a..” Dean’s hands tightened on the wheel as he tried to take back control. Once the car was heading straight on the right side of the road again, he fumed but wouldn’t look at Sam. “Are you trying to just get it over with and kill us both?”

“You started this shit with..”

Dean interrupted him. “No. NO! I gave a solution to a very real problem! What did you do but bitch? You had no problem walking away from me and Dad and there was no big bad on our ass!”

Sam stared hard at Dean and the silence in the car only exaggerated their heated breathing. A few minutes passed then Sam finally spoke in a civil and controlled tone. “There was always a big bad, Dean. There obviously still is. It wasn’t easy to go on my own but I had to do it because that life.. this life was suffocating. It wasn’t the same for you because you enjoyed it..”

“Yeah, I know.” His hands tightened on the steering wheel again. “It was just fucking perfect for me.”

Sam threw a glance at his brother, his fury ebbing at the tension on Dean’s face. “But I also found out that walking away isn’t an option. Look what it got me? Just because I wasn’t in the life anymore didn’t mean I was completely out.. that I was safe, that the people around me were safe. That tells me that even if we try to walk away.. there will still be those ties. They won’t just disappear.”

“But right now they are safe and if we can keep them safe for a few months by staying away how is that a bad thing?” Dean peeked at his brother from the corner of his eye, “I almost lost her before. It’s not like I’m not thinking about that but there’s no way I can keep her safe by throwing her on the demon’s radar. Who the hell knows who else it’s got working for him.”

Sam nodded once before looking back out the window. "I can't guarantee anything but I'll try my best to keep them safe so I'll go along with this for as long as I can. I'm letting her know about the daeva's. They need to know how to protect themselves. And to keep an eye out because there's still nothing that tells us they aren't already on someone’s radar. Just like you said.. it was too close to them not to be suspicious."

Dean gave a stiff nod but kept his eyes on the road, his jaw still tense. He couldn't think like that. The demons would have used them. She wouldn’t have needed the little tricks like having Sam just happen to find her and follow her to that warehouse. No, they would have used Ava and Liz to draw them out. He had to keep them at a distance, keep them safe. But he was dreading having to keep Liz as far from him as he possibly could. He knew she'd be pissed when she found out, even more than she was now but she said she understood. She told him to remember where he belonged when it was over and like dad said, it was just getting started.

He just wished the tightness in his chest didn’t hurt so damn bad. He wished that he didn't feel sick at the thought of staying away from her for an open ended amount of time. He needed a distraction. He reached for the tape deck, “and if I find a scratch on Baby from that stunt I’m going to kick your ass.” An image of Liz in the backseat saying she had an itch he could scratch popped into his mind. He shoved the tape into the cassette dock, letting the beat of the drums and rifts of the guitars drown everything else out. Liz was too smart. Her little trick of connecting her memory with his car worked better than he ever thought.

He couldn’t be wrong about this. He had to take every precaution because he had too much to lose if he was wrong. An image of her smiling at him while sitting half naked on the hood of the impala flashed in his head. He wouldn’t lose her, he couldn’t, not now. If he had to stay away until this was over to make sure she was still alive at the end of this whole thing then so be it. He could deal with her anger as long as he still had her to deal with at all.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 10 7/24

Post by pandas2001 » Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:32 am

This sounds like a bad idea even if it has some merit.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 11 7/28

Post by MelissaD » Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:03 pm

pandas2001: LOL I said the same thing and then laughed because.. I mean really how many times did we think that during both shows.. :lol:

So hopefully.. all things go well.. another chapter up on Sunday.

Chapter Eleven

May 23rd, 2006

Liz strolled into Professor Adam’s office with a quick look around. He wasn't there but with a glance at the clock on the wall she knew he probably wouldn’t be in for at least another fifteen to twenty minutes because he was always late for his morning office hours. She continued to the cabinets behind his desk with a sigh of relief. She’d been feeling sluggish for a few days and as much as she wanted to blame it on the recent drama in her life, she couldn't deny that the light headedness and tickle in her throat pointed to something viral. She had hoped if she got here early enough she’d be able to pass through uninterrupted and get back to the apartment for some much needed sleep- not that she’d been able to get much even when she did try.

She pulled the graded worksheets from her worn brown leather satchel and placed them into their appropriate drawer. Once satisfied that the folders were in the correct order, she closed the drawer and turned to the first computer next to the cabinets. The bouncing bubbles screen saver dissolved when Liz taped the enter key then logged in with her username and password.

“Liz. I didn't expect to see you today.” Liz jumped slightly at the voice in the quiet room and looked over her shoulder. Professor Adams eyed her as he walked to his desk. “Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Are you feeling okay?”

She laughed it off, “sorry. Lack of sleep getting to me I guess.” She turned back to the computer, finding the file she needed, and updated it. “I was just returning the worksheets from yesterday. Got them done faster than I thought.”

He placed his bulging black leather satchel down beside his chair. “You know, I didn't get to congratulate you the other day. Since you're getting your diploma early, that kind of makes you a graduate already.” He chuckled, “I was never one to stay the expected course either.”

“Thank you.” She logged out of the computer and hiked her satchel up on her shoulder.

Adams seemed to consider her with a concerned gaze. “You sure you’re feeling okay?”

She nodded, “yeah, I just need some sleep and maybe some cold medicine.”

“Ah yes, end of cramming cold, huh?” He said with a small smile. “All that hard work did pay off though.”

She returned the smile even though her stomach flipped and she felt a wave of heat rush up her body. The sudden nausea made her head spin. She waved with a tight smile and started for the door.

He rushed on as she passed by him. “You know, I was going to ask if you wanted to do any more lectures? I know the class absolutely loves you so all you have to do is ask and you've got it. Not that there's much left but we still have a few days.” She had paused just a few feet from the door and he walked to her. “You could just have fun with it. You’d really make a great professor.”

She shook her head slightly then stopped when she felt another wave of nausea. “Yeah, I don't know if I'd have the energy to prepare anything. I think.. I'm going to go try to get some sleep.”

His hand touched her shoulder and she flinched slightly surprised that he was behind her. “Okay. You know Liz.. You're not a student anymore and I don't know if you..” His hand dropped away and he ran it through his hair. “Well, I guess I'll never know unless.. if you ever want to go grab drinks or dinner or something. I mean when you feel better.” He let out a half-hearted chuckle.

She coughed and frantically looked for the trash can. She slapped her hand over her mouth and ran towards the can she spotted next to his desk. Her stomach heaved and she bent over the trash just in time to keep the remnants of her small breakfast in the can instead of all over the floor.

“Oh god! Are you okay? Shit, that’s a stupid thing to say.” He ran to his desk and grabbed the tissues then handed her the box. “Here. You’d probably like some water to.” He looked around then ran to the mini fridge on the other side of his desk. He opened it, “thank god, I still have one left.”

“It's okay. I think I'm good. I'm so sorry I just.. ugh.” She wiped her mouth with the tissues.

“Nonsense. Here wash your mouth out. Oh! I bet I have some mouthwash in my bag if you want some.” He handed her the small bottle of water and reached for his bag.

“Thank you but I think I'm just going.. to go. I'd rather get home just in case this wasn't a one-time thing. I hope I don't have the flu. That would suck.” She threw the dirty tissues in the trashcan and moved towards the door while opening the water bottle. “I'm sorry about that.. I could have someone..”

He interrupted her, “you take care of yourself. Don't worry about anything here. You just worry about yourself, okay?”

Liz waved before moving as quickly as she could without causing the dizziness or nausea to rear its ugly head again. She sipped from the water bottle and prayed she could make it home without another incident. She didn't miss the fact that although that was terrible and left her feeling more drained than she was before but it had also given her an excellent easy out. She wasn't looking forward to having to deal with that once she felt better. She knew she would see him again and hopefully by then she’d have enough time to think of the right way to let him down.

She should have seen this coming but had thought that they had gotten along well as friends but apparently they had gotten along a lot better than that in his eyes. Why couldn't friendship be good enough?

“Not everyone can be Sam.” She sighed as she pushed out of the building. She felt her stomach flip as the sunlight made her squint. She dug in her bag for her sunglasses and concentrated on breathing. Her hand hit her cell phone and she pulled it out with her glasses. She slid the glasses on and started walking the familiar path away from campus with her phone still clutched in her hand.

She finally flipped it open and thought about calling Ava but decided against interrupting her class. She eyed the text message icon and hit it quickly before she could rethink it. His name still at the top of her messages list, she opened the message and scanned the last few messages between them.

DEAN May 20th. 12:30am
We’re good but need to lay low.

May 20th. 12:31am
What happened?

DEAN May 20th. 12:35am
The less you know the safer you are. I’m sorry. It was worse than we thought and we need to draw them away.

DEAN May 20th. 3:00am
I love you.

She stared at the words as if she hadn’t already read them a hundred times. She couldn’t help read in between the lines, knowing he was giving her the sugar coated version even with his clipped version of conversation. Her thumb hovered over the numbers, just like so many times before but nothing seemed right. She still didn’t know what to say to fix any of it. None of her words would be truth, she couldn’t help anything, she didn’t know the first thing about demons let alone what she could do to help them but she knew he wouldn’t accept any of her help anyway.

She snapped the phone closed and shoved it back into her bag then wiped the single tear that was slowly slipping down her face. She realized she was standing still on the sidewalk just beyond the main part of campus. She felt another round of heat and dry heaved. She took another sip from the water bottle and started moving again, giving herself a pep talk as her stomach rolled. You can do this. You just need to make it home and you can ride this stupid virus out in your comfy bed.

Later that evening.

Ava walked into the apartment and spotted Liz’s keys hanging from the first hook by the door. She put her keys on the second and moved further into the apartment. “Hey, I was thinking of grabbing some pizza, you in?” She saw the living room empty, felt a chill run up her spine, and headed into the kitchen. “Liz?” Another empty room.

She picked up her pace towards the bedrooms but tried not to freak out. The list of legitimate reasons Liz wouldn’t answer running through her head. I can feel her nearby. She’s just got headphones on studying, scratch that no tests left. Headphones on trying to drown out the thoughts in her head, very possible, too much has happened recently for it not to be.

She opened Liz’s door and found her sleeping in her bed. Her heart immediately started to slow. Fuck. Why do you do that to yourself? She closed the door slowly and walked back to the living room grabbing her bag that she hadn’t even realized she had dropped on her way to the kitchen.

She pulled her laptop out then dropped the bag beside the table before plopping onto the couch. She opened the laptop and waited for the machine to boot up. “Come on, piece of crap. I knew I should’ve gotten a new one.” She tapped the enter button a couple times and almost heard Sam’s voice in her head saying ‘you know that’s not going to do anything, right?’.

The machine finally brightened as the background picture of her home screen came alive. She opened her email hoping he finally got back to her. “No more silent treatment, Sam. Talk to me.” She scanned the list of emails quickly and saw his name. “Yes.” She clicked it and read.

I really shouldn’t be saying anything but you don’t deserve to worry. I know when I told you that things had gone bad.. and that we had a trail to follow. Well, things went really bad. Our dad was there and the daevas attacked him and us. We had to split up to keep them from using us against him. I’m sure you’ve figured some of this out or maybe just suspected this much but.. they could use you against us and we can’t take that chance. Dean doesn’t even want Liz to know. I think he’s afraid that will make her more determined to come with us but after being attacked by these things, I can see where dean is coming from. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if you guys.. you know what I’m saying. So if you don’t “hear” from us in a while, that’s why. He wants to create a little distance while the heat is on. Hopefully, that will keep them away from you.
I’ll send updates when I can, okay? Let Liz know we’re okay and give her whatever information you want. Just.. be careful. It’s killing me to not tell her but.. he’s my brother and maybe his gut feeling is right.


“Stupid sonofa..” She blew out a breath and hit reply, typing furiously.

Why does your brother think the only way to protect someone is to keep them away? She hasn’t said anything but I know she’s been worried. She covers it well but how can she not? You guys leave to take on some demon and all she gets is a text from him saying, “we’re okay. Need to lay low.” ??? He could’ve at least called so she didn’t have any doubts it was actually him. Let her hear his damn voice. Your brother infuriates me sometimes. I can’t promise that I won’t tell her but as long as you keep me informed I’ll make sure she stays here. Take care of yourself Sam and make sure your brother doesn’t get himself killed. Liz will never forgive us if something happens and she feels she could’ve helped.


Ava heard a knock at the door and clicked send then shut her laptop. She walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. “Isabel?” She opened the door and was engulfed in the taller woman’s arms.

“Hey Aves! Where’s Liz?” Isabel walked around her into the apartment. Ava stared with a bit of shock at Kyle with his small smile and two bags in his hands.

“Hey Kyle.” Ava said moving aside so Kyle could come through. She closed the door then followed him to the living room.

“Sorry to burst in but Isabel wanted to surprise you guys.”

“She sure is chipper. How does she do that so much? I feel like my face would freeze and then I’d die.” She smirked.

Kyle set the bags down behind the couch and looked down the hallway catching Isabel slipping into Liz’s bedroom. “Sometimes even I don’t know.” He leaned against the back of the couch. “How’ve you two been?”

Ava shrugged, “well enough.” She glanced down the hallway, “had a little visit from the guys last week. It didn’t end well.” She looked back to Kyle and read the flash of concern in his brow.

Isabel came back down the hallway and went into the kitchen and they heard the coffee machine sputter to life. Kyle focused back on Ava, “what happened?”

Ava glanced down the hall seeing Liz shuffling out of her room with a small blanket wrapper around her. She’s been so tired recently. “Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to tell. At least, not all of it.”

Kyle read the flicker of concern on Ava’s face and followed her gaze, catching Liz step into the kitchen then pushed off the couch, “well I guess everyone’s got some news.”

Ava watched him walk towards the kitchen, “what news?”

In the kitchen, Isabel had four coffee mugs lined up on the counter next to the coffee machine and was pulling out the take out menus. Isabel looked up, “anyone in the mood for anything?”

Liz grabbed a coffee mug, “something spicy.” She grimaced, “maybe I'll just get some soup with something slightly spicy in it.”

Isabel eyed Liz as she picked up an empty coffee mug. “Something’s different.”

Liz looked at Isabel with heavy eyes, “seriously? I’m exhausted. Please don’t play the guessing game.”

Ava glanced between Isabel and Liz. Kyle sat down at the kitchen table and propped his head on his hand. He was looking at Isabel with a mixture of humor and mischief. What the hell were they up to?

Kyle smirked and asked, “so how’s Dean?”

Liz didn’t hide the flash of emotion before Isabel touched her shoulder, “what happened?”

Liz rolled her eyes as she pulled a teabag out of the box on the counter, “could I at least get some tea and sit down first?”

Isabel nodded, “sure.”

Liz filled her cup with water and put it in the microwave. Isabel waved her to the table and she took a seat without a word. Isabel filled and handed out the rest of the coffee mugs then pulled Liz’s mug from the microwave and placed it in front of her.

Once everyone was seated, Ava caught the silent conversation between Isabel and Kyle. Ava pointedly coughed. “What’s up with you two?” Isabel turned to Ava with a question on her face and Kyle tried hiding a smile. “Seriously, I know you two didn’t just show up out of the blue because you were bored. Not this time.”

Liz’s head popped up from her mug at that and took a closer look at the two. “Yeah, you two are..” She looked at Kyle who grinned like the Cheshire cat. Her eyes narrowed. “What is it?”

A huge smile lit up Isabel’s face as she looked at Kyle and took his hand. She looked back to her friends, “we’re pregnant!”

Ava smiled, “congratulations guys!”

Liz got up from her seat and moved to Isabel, “oh, Iz!” She hugged her, “that’s amazing!”

Isabel giggled, “I know! I mean there’s a lot but.. I’m going to be a mother!”

Ava quirked her brow, “aren’t you already a mother?” She pointed to Kyle and they laughed. The mirth spread quickly.

Kyle pinned Ava with a look he couldn’t keep up, “okay, okay. Poke fun at the soon to be dad.”

Liz laughed, “that sounds so weird.”

“Not as weird as it feels.” Kyle said.

Isabel smiled and kissed him. “He did freak out a little bit. We both did but I mean this is big and a first.”

Ava got up from the table and climbed onto the counter next to the fridge to open the cabinet above it. “This calls for the good stuff.”

Kyle quirked a brow, “you seriously keep champagne in the liquor cabinet?”

“I love a good champagne specially after a bad day but this is a celebration!”

Liz grabbed glasses from another cabinet while Isabel chuckled, “seriously guys, it’s two in the afternoon.”

Liz placed the glasses on the table. “Not a factor. We need to toast to our first mama to be!”

Ava handed the bottle to Kyle, “father to be gets the honors.”

Isabel couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as much as she tried. “I can’t even drink that!”

Liz smirked, “you don’t need it. We’re the ones that have to deal with you.”

Isabel swatted her on the arm. “You really think you should be drinking that? Miss ‘I'm pretty sure I'm sick’?”

Liz glanced at her with a smile. “It's for you. I can handle it.”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 11 7/28

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Hmm could Liz be pregnant too? she shouldn't be drinking that.
Good luck dealing with the professor.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 12 8/2

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Seriously August already?! I've got a bunch of chapters written out just need the time to edit them. I've haven't been getting too much time recently so I'm working it best as I can. :) THANKS FOR READING GUYS!!
pandas2001: :wink:

Chapter Twelve

The next night.

Ava left the other three talking in the living room as she walked into the kitchen to make some tea for Liz. Her gaze bounced from the fridge to the clock on the wall. She grabbed a mug, filled it with water, and put it in the microwave before moving over to the fridge. She opened the fridge door. “What are we doing for dinner?” She called over her shoulder.

Isabel chuckled as she walked into the kitchen. “Why do we always wait til the last minute? I swear it takes us days to get things back in order when we get together.”

“Something spicy!” Liz hollered from the living room.

Isabel glanced at Ava, her brow creased and Ava shrugged. Ava called back, “I think your alien is showing.”

Isabel grabbed the take out menus from the drawer by the fridge and walked back into the living room. “So what should it be? Come on, you can't keep the pregnant lady waiting for food. It's bad form.” She looked up from the menus to Liz and Kyle sitting on the couch. She caught Liz grimace for what seemed like the tenth time that day then her hand pressed on her lower abdomen. The menus fell from Isabel’s hands and her jaw dropped as a thought suddenly clicked into place. “Oh my god.”

“What?” Kyle jumped up from couch. “You okay?”

Ava rushed into the room behind Isabel. “What is it?”

Kyle and Ava followed Isabel’s gaze to Liz. Liz was looking at Isabel in confusion until she noticed all three of friends were now staring at her- Kyle and Ava in confusion while Isabel seemed to be in shock.

“What?” She looked down at her shirt, “what is it?” She looked up at them and Kyle and Ava were now watching Isabel who was still staring at her, only now her eyes were narrowed.

“Do you not know?” Isabel asked.

“Not know what? “ Liz stood up from the couch and looked down at her shirt, brushing absently at any unseen debris.

Isabel turned to Ava, “tell me you don’t know?” Ava just returned the same confusion.

“What the hell is going on?” Liz put her hands on her hips and eyed Isabel.

Isabel’s eyes grew, “Jesus. Neither of you know.”

Ava and Liz yelled, “KNOW WHAT?”

Kyle cringed. “Please just spill it. What do you see that none of us obviously see?”

Isabel looked at Liz, “I think you should sit down.”

“Quit the dramatics.” She cringed again and decided to sit down.

Isabel smiled, “I don’t think you were allowed to drink the champagne yesterday.”

Ava’s eyes widened then she shook it off and laughed. “Iz, you can't be serious. She's just got the flu.”

Isabel’s brow rose, “been feeling tired lately? Run down? Obviously vomiting and lower abdominal cramps.”

Ava held the back of the couch, leaning on her hands she looked down at Liz, “tell Isabel when you got your period so she can drop this crazy idea.” Ava’s smile fell at the look on Liz’s face.

Kyle looked at Liz, whose eyes were as big as saucers and both hands were on her stomach. “Liz?” Her eyes started to glisten as they moved to meet his. “You okay?” Her mouth opened and closed twice but she didn’t make a sound.

Isabel’s voice was soft, “how long do you think?” Liz’s gaze moved to Isabel and she shook her head side to side unable to speak.

Ava asked quietly, trying to help her. “When was your last period?” A tear ran down Liz’s cheek and she shook her head again. Ava’s brows hiked up, “you don’t know?”

Liz finally found her voice, slightly hoarse and strangled with emotion. “A lot’s been happening. I realized just the other day that I hadn't gotten my period in a while and I just thought I missed a month and the stress can do that.. it jacks everything up.”

Ava squeezed her eyes closed and rubbed her temples. “Shit.”

“It’s not uncommon. It happened to Maria in..”

Ava waved her off, “doesn’t matter. Liz, this is serious.” Ava looked to Isabel, “how did you.. you know, make it official? Or find out officially..”

Isabel laughed softly, “it’s okay. I’ve researched like crazy and I had Max check me out.”

Ava and Liz turned wide eyes to Isabel. Isabel’s smile dropped and horror replaced her mirth, “no! Not like that! Jesus.. No, he just scanned me. Like how he heals only he checked on internal.. baby areas.”

Ava’s eyes snapped to Liz as a thought hit her. “Dean.”

Liz was quick to respond with a quick shake of her head, “we’re not telling them.”

Ava let out a whispered shout, “what?!”

Liz shook her head. Kyle sat next to her again and said, “you know from a guy’s perspective.. it would be a huge shock but he deserves to know before the kid comes. He’s a standup guy, he’s not going to do something crazy or ask you to.. you know. He’s not that kind of guy.”

Liz waved him off, “that’s not the problem. We're not telling them because they're worried about just us getting sniffed out by the demons. How the hell do you think he'll react to a baby?” Ava’s brow furrowed as she looked at Liz.

Isabel knelt in front of Liz then placed her hand on her leg giving her a smile that let her know she understood. “What if these demons somehow find out?”

Liz wiped at the tears that had broken through her hold and sat up straight. “They can't.”

Ava pushed, “Liz..”

Liz turned to Ava. “You swore Aves.”

Ava’s eyes went wide, “are you serious? I think this is a little different situation.”

Liz stared at her, “it doesn't matter. You swore you would always have my back.”

Ava ran her hands through her hair. “Jesus, Liz.”

Isabel smiled as she squeezed Liz’s leg, “until it’s actually a problem.. we’ll keep your secret but if something comes up.” Liz nodded as Isabel grabbed her hands. “You’ve been cringing and touching your stomach tonight.”

Liz looked down at her stomach, “I thought it was cramps. I figured it was my period.” Liz looked up, her face brightening. “It could still be you know. We might be freaking out over nothing.” She smiled at her friends but the glazed look to her eyes and the signs of exhaustion underneath them belied her words.

Isabel raised her brow, “when was the last time you were craving spicy?” Liz shrugged, her eyes turning away from their gazes. Isabel watched her hand brush the hair behind her ear even though her hair was up in a ponytail. Isabel patted her hand and chuckled softly, “from what I’ve read, moms sometimes have cramps when the body starts to change for the baby and they start feeling the baby moving anywhere from sixteen to twenty five weeks. First time moms are closer to twenty five though. Of course with the alien quirks, who knows how much the time period will be off for both of us or if it will be affected at all. Between you and me, I think we could make our book.” Isabel smiled trying to lighten the mood as Liz’s gaze came back to hers.

Ava walked around the couch, “maybe we can try connecting with her or the baby. Maybe get an idea of how big it is or something and you can do your baby knowledge thing.”

Isabel turned her attention back to Liz, “what do you think?”

Liz nodded, “let’s do it.”

Isabel looked up at Ava who sat next to Liz and touched her shoulder. Isabel smiled at Liz then they both closed their eyes. “Now Max knows more of what he’s doing but I think you could do the same thing. Just go along as you would if you were trying to find a difference, like one of us had been hit by something in our lower abdomen. Maybe that will get you down there and we’ll easily be able to move to the baby from there.” Liz nodded.

Ava glanced at Kyle watching them with concern. She wondered if he was still worried that Isabel was pregnant and if Liz being pregnant would just pile on top of that. She dismissed the thoughts and concentrated back on her two now silent friends. The few moments of quiet seemed eerie and almost unbearable until Liz’s eyes finally popped open. A sound that seemed to be a mixture of a laugh and a cry escaped her mouth. Isabel’s eyes opened only seconds later and a warm smile bloomed on her face. A few tears ran down Liz’s cheeks as she and Isabel quietly looked at each other.

Kyle’s impatient voice broke the silence. “So? Come on, you guys are killing me here!”

Liz turned her head towards him, a small smile lighting her face as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. “It’s a boy. Healthy.”

His eyes widened as he looked to Isabel who shook her head. “She’s farther along than me, by like two months I would say. Just going by growth, I’d say three probably closer to four months. If it’s growing at the normal human rate.”

Ava squeezed Liz’s shoulder. “Wow.” She did the math quickly in her head then smirked. “That visit in February?” Liz paused then nodded, a blush creeping up her cheeks. Ava chuckled, “I’m gonna say that night you two disappeared with the impala.”

Kyle stood up covering his ears, “lalala.. don’t need to hear this.” He walked out of the room as the girls laughed.

The next morning, Isabel found Liz sitting in the kitchen a cup of tea by her right hand and the local newspaper in front of her. Her laptop open just to the side of the newspapers with multiple windows open of news outlet websites but she wasn't really looking at either. She was staring off into space with probably a million things going through her brain.

Isabel remembered when she first found out she was pregnant. How excited she had been but also the terror that quickly followed. They had no idea how a pregnancy would actually work for them, if any of it would be normal let alone something they could make a cover story for. She had become an excellent story teller through the years but there was only so much she could hide when it came to pregnancy, at least that’s what she thought at first. Once she read a bit about what she was going to face, she found out how different pregnancies could be for every woman. It was the first spark of hope.
Kyle had been stuck on the worry about delivering at a hospital. She was completely against that idea but she let Kyle go on believing that it would be possible if it came down to any complications but she knew when his mind was clear instead of in freak out mode he would see the danger in it as well.

Those were just the worries without any outside dangers that they had dealt with in the past. She had no illusions that they were completely in the clear of dealing with any number of them in the future. The thought of a child in their situation was almost suffocating but she had to get past that to see the other side, the joy that she was able to have a child at all. It was the only thing that helped her break to the surface. Poor Kyle had been so strung out trying to do everything to help her in those first few terrifying days and it was a simple silly card with a stork carrying a baby in a blanket on the front. She still remembered his scrawled words on the inside of the card- We’re having a baby. Holy shit! She smiled at the memory.

Isabel came back to the situation at hand and wondered how Liz and Dean really were. Her relationship had helped her through that mess but she didn’t really know what was going on with them. She knew they had made up and from the way Liz had been talking before this visit everything was going really well. Obviously a few things had come up recently, that ended with a major fight before they left to meet up with a demon. A demon. It still sounded ridiculous.

Isabel couldn’t help feeling that there was something Liz was definitely keeping back. What else could have happened after that fight that she could be hiding? Had they cut it off? Would she say goodbye? No that wasn’t the Liz she knew. This was her friend, her sister. She just needed to get her to talk it out.

Isabel took the seat across from Liz. “Lazy morning?” She glanced at the still dark window. “Morning-ish.” Isabel glanced over the things in front of her. Liz shrugged and took a sip of her tea then winced. She glanced down at her mug. Isabel asked, “how long have you been awake?”

Liz took the tea over to the microwave and heated it up. She glanced back at Isabel, “I couldn't sleep.”

“Mmm. Restless night or two. I've had a couple but then I haven't had.. So many uncertainties either.”

The microwave dinged and Liz pulled her mug out. “What do you mean?” Liz came back to the table and sat.

“How are you and Dean? Really?”

Liz wrapped her hands around the mug. She sighed, “we’re fine. I was mad he didn't want me to help but I know that his whole.. crusade or whatever is dangerous and scary. Scarier than Tess.”

“I get that, is that why you don't want to tell him?”

Liz looked up at her, the façade she so often wore fell. “You don't understand how afraid he is. What this demon or demons would do to us, he flipped out just because he didn't want them knowing about Ava and I. Could you imagine his fear if he knew we were trying to hide a baby too? Right now he's got it at least manageable, he knows we can take care of ourselves if something should come after us we’ll have some surprise factor and fire power of our own, that for the most part we’re off the path. But add the fear of losing a child to these monsters? If he gets distracted or even thrown off his game just a bit.. he's dead. His dad has the answers.” Her eyes narrowed then popped. “Shit!” Her fist hit the table, “damnit!”

Isabel’s brow shot up, “umm.. did I miss something?”

Liz rubbed her forehead with her hand. “John was here. I talked to him briefly.. If I knew..”

“Wait what? What was he doing here?”

“He said he wanted to check up on me, make sure I wasn’t being followed. I felt him watching me, didn’t know who he was until I saw him up close. I could’ve pushed the issue. Made him tell me what we were really up against. Instead I just let him go and now it’s just one hunt after another for Dean and Sam until they get some lead to find their father. I’m such an idiot.”

“Liz.. you didn’t know.”

“But I knew how much Sam wanted to find him, dean too. The answers that John had while this demon that he’s so afraid of is looking for all of them!”

Isabel felt the worry and fear build in her gut. “But you said this girl that was controlling them came here.. well close by. She saw Ava, how do you know that they don't already know about you?”

“I’ve thought about it but do you really think we’d still be sitting here if they did? That girl, demon controller, whatever the hell she was.. she died. Even if they saw us we’d just look like another friend and I don't think they've really looked into that much or all of us would have been targets instead of those random people from Kansas. Sam and Dean may come back this way once in a while but not enough to draw that much attention.”

“Or you're just telling yourself that.”

“They've been gone for over a week. After they got away if they thought we would bring them running back I'm pretty sure they'd be all over us. But.. one thing I keep coming back to.. I think there might be a bit of fear on their side too. Something about John or information he has or whatever. Something about John scares them. Maybe that’s why this girl was just killing people that were born where Sam and Dean were from instead of looking into whose death would really gut them. Like they wanted to get their attention but not exactly their fury. I don't know maybe that's stupid.” Her gaze fell back down to the table.

Isabel couldn't argue with her logic but it also pointed to the fact if they wanted to, it wouldn’t be that hard to easily draw ties to her at least with Sam. She pushed the thought away for the time being and nodded. “So what's the plan? Hope he finds his dad before it comes time to have the baby?”

“If he doesn't get any closer in the next month or two, I’ll go find him myself. We can finish the conversation we started.”

Isabel rolled her eyes. “Yeah, cuz that's safer.”

“You got any better ideas?” Her friend looked genuinely open to it.

“Yeah, just tell your baby daddy.” Isabel shrugged. Liz just shook her head and her gaze once again went back to the liquid in front of her. “Didn’t you say you two made an agreement to keep everything open? No holding anything back.” She lowered her voice. “Did you see something?”

“No but this is different.”


Liz shot a quick glance up at her. “I already told you.”

“Yeah yeah, distractions, stress, fear. All that stuff.” Isabel touched Liz’s hand. “I'm worried about you.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Not just about this mess but the stress on you. It's not good. For you or the baby.”

Liz touched her stomach. “It's still so weird.. I just.. Never thought.”

Isabel took her free hand and squeezed. “It takes a bit. I went through it all. Excitement, terror, grief, more fear, but at the end of the day..” She touched her stomach, “he or she is my little piece of perfection and nothing is going to ruin that. And Kyle helped me out of that funk that tried to drag me under.”

Liz smiled. “I'm so happy for you, Izzy.”

“I'm happy for both of us. I'll feel better when the father knows but I'll go along with your wishes. Mother knows best right?” A small smirk pulled the corner of her mouth.


“Don't you wish there was a way to just control it all, see what's coming and fix it before it even goes wrong?”

“Yeah but that'd be way too easy.”

Isabel stood up and grabbed a pad of paper and pen. She turned back towards Liz with smile. “Okay, enough of the weird and depressing. We need to get you on pre-natals right away. You need to be taking in more calories for that growing baby and making sure you're getting enough protein. You need to be eating right and keeping up your strength. No more forgetting to eat.”

“Thank you doctor.” Liz chuckled.

Isabel noticed Liz’s face screw up. “What is it?”

Liz looked up at her, “it's not the first time I heard that.. except..” Liz’s face went slack and her eyes widened, “she knew.”


“Missouri. The psychic family friend from Nebraska. How long ago was that..?” Liz stood up and went to the calendar hanging on the wall. “Almost two months ago and she knew.”

“But she didn't tell you?”

“She.. well, she probably.. I don't know. She did say she didn't like me poking where I wasn't supposed to be. But she told me almost the same thing except for the pre natal thing.. Just that I shouldn't be forgetting to eat. That I needed to keep up my strength. She just.. there was this smile on her face like she had a secret and I just dismissed it.”

Isabel face brightened. “Maybe she knows about the demon.”

Liz shook her head, “no, I asked her. She said John is careful around her so she won't get herself in trouble by knowing too much.”

“Well, back to task. We need to get some things for you today. You probably won't start showing for a while and you’re so tiny you might not even need actual maternity clothes until the very end. From what I've read each woman shows differently but you know it would be fun to shop together. But we have time, we could always shop later.” Isabel walked out of the room writing things down.

Liz stood in the kitchen watching her friend in full task master mode. Liz took a deep breath and looked down at her stomach. Her hand touched it gently but it still felt like a dream. How could something be growing in there and she had no idea? She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes taking another deep breath to keep the fear at bay. She knew it could swallow her whole and she couldn't allow that.

She felt something like a flutter against her hand and pulled it away as her eyes shot open. She stared at her hand then looked at her stomach. She lifted her shirt and pressed her hand against her lower abdomen with a little more pressure and closed her eyes again. Once again another flutter, this one slightly longer. Maybe it was just in her head but it also felt stronger. A smile spread on her face. Hi little one. I feel you in there. Sorry it took me so long.

“Hey Liz, you coming? Oh, are you okay?”

Liz’s eyes opened and she smiled at Isabel who stood in the doorway, “for right now? Perfect.”

Isabel glanced at Liz’s hand on her stomach and a smile lit her face. “Are you coming or hanging out against the wall all day?”

“Coming. What's all this stuff I need anyway?”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 12 8/2

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Aww a baby Winchester.
Wonder what is gonna happen when Dean finds out? Wonder if John had an idea?
Will everything be ok?

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 13 8/6

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Popping in for a quick post. Maybe next chapter up by Sunday? Trying my best!

pandas2001: I answer one of your questions in this chapter. :) Yeah.. the stories that I came up with while pregnant have all had a pregnant character.. I wonder why.. LOL

Chapter Thirteen

Lines from Supernatural episode Shadow underlined.

Next day. May 26th, 2006

Liz walked out of the bathroom rubbing the towel against her wet hair. She knew she could just as easily dry it but it took too much energy. She found it extremely upsetting how many signals her body was sending her that something was different that she had completely missed or passed it off as stress. She had been tired sometimes during her study crams but nothing like she had been during this semester and she had already passed her complicated courses. How did she really fool herself that the stress of getting her and Sam’s affairs in order to graduate was that drastic? It was just paperwork and scheduling, it was nothing.

She turned into the kitchen and found Kyle cleaning dishes. She glanced around, “what in the holy hell? Is Kyle Valenti to doing dishes?”

Kyle tilted his head up, a smirk teasing the corner of his lips. “Oh, ha ha. You know damn well I've always dealt with my own dishes.”

She smiled as she moved to his side. “Want some help?”

He shook his head. “Nah, I've got this. You should go take a nap or something. You know those things they advise for little ladies growing babies.” A brilliant smile lit up his face and he ducked his head.

She smacked his back. “Watch it, Valenti.”

“Just saying what all the books recommend.” He put the last dish in the dryer rack and dried his hands on the towel in front of it with a smile crinkling the corners of his eyes.

“Where's Isabel and Ava?”

Kyle jerked his head to the side, “they went into the living room. I think Isabel wanted to show Ava some baby catalog she got.” He rolled his eyes but smiled at the same time. “The baby craziness is in full force.” He turned around and leaned back against the counter getting a good look at her. “Now I'm not saying you look any different but you could really use the sleep. It’s stressful enough being in the family way in our position but being so worried about Dean's stuff on top of that. I'm worried about you, Parker.”

Liz hugged him. “Thank you but you know I'm good.” She glanced up at him, “the family way? Seriously?”

His arms wrapped around her and he kissed the top of her head, ignoring her last comment. “No, I don't and that's what worries me. This is a big thing for you two and not being able to watch out for both my..”

Liz pulled back, “don't say it.”

He looked at her, raised his brow, and said with a flourish. “Girls.”

She tried giving him her evil eye but she just couldn't keep a straight face. She laughed softly, “I know. Everyone is going to worry but so far so good, right?”


Liz stepped back and rubbed at her hair again. “You know everyone keeps asking us but how are you doing?”

Kyle was taken aback for a second but then a goofy smile appeared. “You know I always thought it would be terrifying but.. it’s still a little terrifying. I mean we don't know what to expect with the pregnancy and delivery and who knows what else but.. It's also amazing. This little person that I’ll get to teach all kinds of things. I guess it just totally changes my perspective on things too. I mean we’ve been through a lot of crazy shit and we've grown not only more mature but stronger. I think we’ve grown into better people. I mean when you first started bringing Ava around, Isabel could barely stand in the same room as her and now she's in the other room talking about baby plans. It's..”

She watched his face light up at what he must’ve been imagining as he stared off into space and she couldn't help but smile as she finished his thought. “Amazing?”

He nodded as his gaze came back to hers. “Yeah. And you know.. you should let Dean have that opportunity. He's a different person..”

Her amusement crumbled and she dropped her head. “That's not what is keeping me from telling him. I think he’ll be a great father but the things he's dealing with right now. They're seriously scary and if the wrong person finds out or he's distracted at the wrong moment.. it could mean my child's life. Either by losing his father or the wrong people trying to take him away from me. I..” Her voice shook then tapered off.

Kyle watched her then put his hands on her shoulders. “If you can keep a secret, don't you think he can too? And if he's fighting for his family.. how would that not make him stronger? More motivated to not make a stupid decision because he's protecting more than just himself but his family.” Liz felt the tear roll down her cheek and brushed it away. “I'm just saying, give the guy all the facts to make the right decisions.” He pulled a napkin from the holder on the counter and handed to her. “But I’ll still love you either way.”

Liz wrapped her arms around him, “thank you.”

A few hours later, Liz was sitting on the couch with Isabel who had fallen asleep with her head in her lap. The show playing on the television still droning on but Liz had lost interest a few episodes ago as she delved deeper into her thoughts. She couldn’t exactly remember where Ava and Kyle had said they were going or how long they said they would be gone. She looked down at Isabel and lifted her head as gently as she could while maneuvering out from under her. She grabbed the pillow on the floor in front of the couch and placed it under her head.

She went to her room and picked up her cell, quickly finding the contact she needed. The phone rang as Liz sat down on her bed.

“Hello?” The familiar voice warmed her.

“Missouri, it’s Liz.”

“Liz! How are you? Taking better care of yourself, I hope.” A soft chuckle made Liz smile.

“You knew didn’t you?”

She sighed. "It wasn't my place. I told you I don't poke where I don't belong."

"But you made the comment about me keeping my strength and eating.."

"Aw honey, you were glowing the moment I saw you. I didn't need to go looking around and it wasn't my place to spill that kind of announcement on you. If you wanted to tell me you would. What is it?" Liz could hear the concern in her voice and almost pictured her face.

"I just.. It's not.." Her throat felt like it was closing off as the tears threatened again.

"Every Mama is scared for their child."

She coughed, trying to clear her throat. "I haven't told him because I know it will terrify him and distract him. He's worried enough as it is that the demon will find out about me and..”

“You’ve got good instincts, honey. If that’s how you feel you need to trust them. Are you trying to ask me if you’re right to feel that way?”

“I’ve also got an overactive imagination.”

Missouri chuckled. “Well, people who’ve seen what we have tend to have that too. No one can tell you what to do with your child. You need to trust your instincts and try to make the best decisions for you and yours.”

“Even if those instincts tell me to keep the baby’s father in the dark?”

“When that baby’s father is a Winchester? I’d say yes. Listen to that voice that tells you something before it comes, that’s your best asset. Just remember, sometimes being too afraid of the future can cause you to lose your present.”

“Yeah.. you could say that. Sometimes the fear.. this worry that he won’t be safe.. that if any of those monsters find out about him..”

“It’s a boy? Aw honey. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

“Take precautions but don’t forget to let yourself breathe, to let yourself enjoy the moments. And don’t forget to come visit with me.”

Liz chuckled as she brushed at the tear slipping down her cheek. “I will. Thank you..” A thought suddenly occurred to her, “did you.. did you tell John?”

“No sugar. That secret has stayed with me. Like I said, none of my business.”

Liz frowned and looked down the hall towards the living room when she heard a thump. “Thank you. Sorry, I have to go I think my friend is here.” She stood and walked down the hall then heard what she thought sounded like a whimper. She said her quick goodbye then rushed into the living room when she heard the scream.

She saw Isabel thrashing about on the couch, shocked that she hadn’t fallen off already. She grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Izzy! It’s okay, you’re okay!”

Isabel’s eyes shot open and stared at Liz, her chest heaving. Liz tried to smile, “it’s okay.”

Isabel grabbed her head, “this coming from the woman who is afraid to tell her..”

Liz handed her the glass of water on the coffee table and corrected her. “Not afraid.”

Isabel shook her head as she sat up. She looked at Liz as she held the glass. “Who won’t tell her boyfriend slash baby daddy that she’s pregnant because she doesn’t want demons to find out.” She pressed the glass to her lips and sipped. Liz sat back against the couch and shrugged.

Isabel put the glass back on the table then drew her legs up to her chest. “Not only do we have this alien shit and fear of government psychos who would just love to carve us up to test us and now you’re afraid of demons? Why they hell would they come after a baby? Why do we have the worst luck? Why can’t things just be our level of crazy?”

Liz sat down on the couch next to her a small tugging at the corner of her mouth. “I’m not quite sure which question you actually want an answer to.” Isabel eyed her without humor and Liz raised her brows. “Besides the fact that it would give them control over Dean?”

“Well.. yeah. Besides that.” Isabel rested her chin on her knees looking so much like a child in the moment.

Liz leaned in close to Isabel. “You can’t say anything to anyone.”

Isabel watched her with suspicion. “Okay.. what do you have going on in that head?”

“I don’t think we have the worst luck. I mean we’ve made it through some pretty terrible times.”

Isabel grabbed the pillow she had been laying on and hit Liz with it. “Damnit Liz!”

Liz chuckled, “what? I’m serious!”

Isabel hit her again. “God, even Kyle has grown past..” Isabel rearranged herself with her legs crossed indian style in front of her and dropped the pillow to her lap. “Okay, maybe not entirely but he knows when I’m being serious. I swear I was close to calling Dean myself today. It just..” She shook her head then rubbed her temples.

The mirth disappeared from Liz’s face as she looked at Isabel. She knew when she was truly worried or scared just by the mere loss of her primary defense, her wall of confidence that portrayed the always in control facade. Liz’s voice was quiet when she started speaking, “one time while Sam and I were crashed out after studying.. I woke up and touched his arm to shake him awake and was hit with this.. memory. Or at least it felt like a memory but..” Her brows furrowed.

Isabel leaned in slightly. “Just tell me what you saw. What has you so afraid?”

“I saw a mobile, like baby mobile and the bars of a crib. Then this shadow of a man moved to the bars and leaned over to look at me.. But I couldn’t see anything.. just blackness and these.. yellow eyes. Then he cut his hand and squeezed blood out and let it drop in my mouth. I couldn’t wipe it away.. or roll away.. I just laid there, too afraid to move I guess until my hands came up and they were the tiniest hands, a baby’s hands. I thought maybe it was a nightmare then it skipped ahead and a young boy was running out of the house and I was looking up at him..” She looked away and heaved a breath.


Liz looked back at Isabel. “The young boy looked down at me and said, don’t worry Sammy. I’ll protect you.” Isabel’s eyes grew. Liz wiped the tear off her cheek and rushed on. “But a memory that young.. it’s just not possible. It’s more likely just a nightmare. A terrifying, unnerving nightmare.”

“You never asked him about it?”

“I did. He had no idea what I was talking about.”

“Did you ask him about it or just go around and give him that thing you do where you ask them nonchalant..”

“No, I didn’t directly say, do you remember getting blood in your mouth? He couldn’t remember anything from that young. No one can.”

“You were the one that told me the brain keeps vital information. I’d consider that vital and terrifying. Terrifying memories are always harder to get rid of.”

“Well, now you see why even though I don’t have a shred of proof.” Liz shook her head. “I have enough to worry about anything in that sort of world getting a hold of this type of information.”

“This type of information?”

Liz looked at her. “A hunter and a slightly alien human with powers having a baby.”

“Right.” Isabel closed her eyes and rubbed her temples again. “We really just can’t keep it simple, can we?”

“Simple? What’s simple?” Liz smirked. “I asked Maria the same thing not that long ago.”

A few hours later, Liz was asleep in her own bed. Her eyes rapidly bouncing back and forth under their lids as a nightmare of her own played out.

John Winchester was standing in a dirty room with Dean and Sam. He was looking at the, mixed emotions clearly visibly on his face. “No, Sam. Not yet. Just try to understand. This demon is a scary son of a bitch. I don’t want you caught in a crossfire. I don’t want you hurt.”

Sam’s stubborn determination was front and center. “Dad, you don’t have to worry about us.”

John glanced between Dean and Sam. “Of course I do. I’m your father.” Liz was drawn to the look on Dean’s face. Then John started talking again. “Listen, Sammy, last time we were together, we had one hell of a fight.”

“Yes, sir.” Sam said but Liz was once again drawn to Dean standing beside Sam but the look on his face told her he was somewhere else. She pictured him walking into the Crashdown, trying to hide the turmoil inside him. Then the image of him sitting on her bed holding her hand, his words ghosted through her. ‘I came because you were the only person I wanted to see.’ The images flashed quickly, her climbing onto his lap holding him tightly as he broke down. Her arms holding him together as he released fears to the only person he felt safe enough with.

John’s voice pulled Dean back and she realized she had been seeing and feeling Dean’s thoughts. “It’s good to see you again. It’s been a long time.”

Sam’s voice was quiet. “Too long.”

Suddenly, John was thrown across the room and everything blurred. The only sense she had was chaos and a bright light then the vision sped forward. The three men were standing outside looking worse than moments before. Four gashes on dean’s head bleeding into his eye as he held his left arm tight around his rib cage.

Sam was raising his voice and leaning in towards his brother. “Dean, we should stick together. We’ll go after those demons..”

Dean was resigned to whatever idea he had and Liz could read it on his face as he interrupted his brother. “Sam! Listen to me! We almost got Dad killed in there. Don’t you understand? They’re not gonna stop. They’re gonna try again. They’re gonna use us to get to him. I mean, Meg was right. Dad’s vulnerable when he’s with us. He—he’s stronger without us around.”

Sam looked at his father fighting against splitting up. Liz couldn’t help but see the switch in roles. “Dad--no.” He grabbed his father’s shoulder as Dean watched sadly, most likely thinking the same as her or really she was thinking the same as him. “After everything-- after all the time we spent lookin’ for you—please. I gotta be a part of this fight.”

John’s voice was steady and strong, backing Dean’s plan. “Sammy, this fight is just starting. And we are all gonna have a part to play. For now, you’ve got to trust me, son. Okay, you’ve gotta let me go.” They stood quietly, so much emotion in between them that Liz could feel the heat of the energy it created. Sam patted his father’s shoulder once then let it drop away. John and Dean shared a look then John walked to his truck but paused before he climbed in. “Be careful, boys.

Liz bolted up in bed, a sob erupting before she could cover her mouth. Dragging in haggard breathes around the cries that wouldn’t subside. Her bedroom door swung open and arms wrapped around her pulling her against a warm body. “Shh, it’s okay.” Isabel’s voice was low and soothing but it only seemed to hurt more.

Liz mumbled in between involuntary gulps of air. “They use those.. we love to hurt us.. and we fight tooth and nail to.. save those we love. It’s like.. a damn broken record and.. a circle of never ending torture.”

Isabel smoothed Liz’s hair down, “what are you talking about?”

“I saw them. I saw.. get attacked. That’s why they haven’t called. We were right. They saw their dad.. and demons attacked.. they’re not calling because they’re worried about them.. coming for us.”

“Are you really sure you should stay here? You already graduated, nothings holding you here.”

Liz forced herself to take deep breathes and spoke around them. “I don’t want to leave. This is mine. It’s small but it’s mine. I don’t want to give up..”

“You know you always have room with us.”

The fear that slipped into her voice brought Liz’s head up. Liz pulled away and looked at Isabel, the concern shining from her eyes. “I know. Thank you. If I ever feel anything here.. you know I’d go.”

Isabel nodded with a small smile. “You know it just seems like half this trip has been one of us calming the other.”

Liz hiccupped and they both chuckled. Isabel said, “mother instinct kicking in early, I guess.”

“That still sounds scary as hell.”

“Yeah and you’ve only had that feeling for a couple days.” Isabel smiled then laid down beside her. “Mind if I stay in here tonight?”

Liz nodded, “yeah. Wouldn’t want to wake up Kyle, right?”

Isabel smiled as Liz lifted her shirt to rub her face then laid down and closed her eyes.

Immediately, Dean’s face flashed in her mind. The look as he watched his father talk to Sam but was thinking about his time with her, the first time they came together. She thought about the emotions that went along with the images, the thought that slipped into her mind along with them. The first time he felt a real connection with someone he wasn’t afraid to open up to. Then another flash of his face outside as he told Sam they couldn’t stay together. She knew he was also thinking of her as he argued about his father being vulnerable around them.

She wished she could call him and tell him he was wrong but she couldn’t. She couldn’t fight his argument because she agreed with him completely and that frightened her to the core. How long would they have to stay away and how long would she have to hide this from him? Her gaze fell on her phone on the night stand and before she could rethink it, she grabbed it. She wrote a quick text and hit send then stared at the message. I love you.

She wasn’t sure exactly what she expected as she watched the screen for a few moments before closing it and sliding it under her pillow. If he was awake at that time, it was probably because he was working on a case. She closed her eyes and tried to let her mind blank out so she could hopefully get some uninterrupted sleep but she wasn’t optimistic. She fell into a fitful sleep with her hand still wrapped around her cell phone.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 13 8/6

Post by pandas2001 » Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:38 pm

I hope everything will be ok.
Curious what Isabel's nightmare was. I'm glad she is there for Liz even if she doesn't understand or agree with her.

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