War of the Witches (Multi,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE]

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War of the Witches (Multi,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE]

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Title: War of the Witches
Rating: Mature-adult
Summary: No one is sure where the power comes from but it seems to have always existed. A war is coming and they must pick their side very carefully for only one can win the war. In sleepy Roswell the war begins.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Covenant, Roswell, or Charmed! They belong to rich people and I have nothing so please do not sue me!

Added Note: This takes place after Destiny in Roswell, Liz has left but not to Florida. The Covenant this takes place right after the movie. Charmed this takes place after Prue has died, Paige is there and Cole is not yet the Source.


Destiny, it was a word they all hated but something they had to live with. She had run away from her fear of it, but it always seemed to follow her. Finding out that the love of her life was destined to be with another woman was like a knife to the heart. Even worse she had a destiny and he was not a part of it and that only seemed to solidify the fact that she was not meant to be with Max.

“Liz, ready to go?” Her cousin asked sticking his head into her room. Pogue was great he was the exact opposite of her but they seemed to click. It helped that they both shared a secret, they were witches.

“Where are we going again?” She asked getting up pulling up her mini black skirt that fell mid thigh showing off her golden legs. Her red tank top hugged her curves very nicely.

“No way are you wearing that.” Pogue said standing in front of her door not letting her out.

“Why the hell not?” She asked flipping her long hair over her shoulder staring up into her cousins eyes.

“It is too revealing, what would your friends back home think?” Pogue asked I could see the corners of his lips twitching.

“Pogue you know as well as I do that I could never dress like this in Roswell.” Liz said twirling around making her skirt flare up slightly showing off even more thigh and the bottom of her red panties.

“Liz you should not wear stuff like that it makes you look…different.” Pogue said looking confused, it was so cute.
“Pogue your girlfriend dresses far more revealing then this.” Liz said sliding under his arm leading the way out of her room, Pogue was home for the summer now that he had graduated from prep school. Liz unfortunately was only going into her junior year but you would never be able to tell that by the way she dressed when she was with her cousin and his friends. She loved the attention Tyler and Reid gave her and how protective Caleb was.

“Well that is my girlfriend she is supposed to dress like that but you are like my little sister you are not supposed to dress like that.” Pogue said following her out.

“How are you going to ride on the back of my bike like that?” Pogue asked as they came to the driveway of the huge manor.

“You see dear cousin I thought ahead and asked someone to pick me up.” Liz said as a silver hummer pulled into the drive and two guys jumped out, the blonde barreling towards her at light speed.

“Damn little Lizzie is not so little anymore.” Reid said twirling Liz around.

“Nice.” Tyler said his blue eyes sparkling. Pogue just shook his head at his best friends as they ushered his cousin into Tyler’s car. They were all headed to an end of the year party at the quarry where the local kids partied without the cops getting called, unfortunately that was not always the case.

The four friends had planned on meeting Caleb at the top of the cliffs the way they had done at the beginning of the year where they would crash the party, now though they were going to bring along Liz, not that Caleb knew this of course.

“Well Liz let’s party.” Tyler said pulling her out of the car meeting Caleb who stood in front of his car with a blonde girl attached to his arm, they appeared deep in discussion.

“Hey Caleb.” Pogue said as Reid pushed her behind him to hide her, he wanted to surprise his friend with the appearance of Liz.

“Hey guys, Reid what are you holding behind your back?” Caleb asked letting go of Sarah.

“Me.” Liz said poking her head out from behind the blonde who let her go so that he could have a good look at her. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

“Liz? Little Liz?” He asked his voice sounding oddly high. Liz just laughed as Caleb tried to compose himself. The blonde girl who had been next to him suddenly looked annoyed.

“Hi I am Sarah.” She said sticking her hand in Liz’s face.

“Liz.” She said shaking her hand trying not to laugh at the angry blonde.
“Caleb I see you remember my cousin.” Pogue said putting an arm around her drawing her close as if to protect her from Sarah’s harsh gaze. Tyler grabbed her hand as if letting Sarah know she had nothing to worry about, and she didn’t Liz and Caleb were not like that.

“So what do you say we drop in on the party?” Liz asked grabbing Tyler’s hands as her eyes turned jet black like all of the members of the Covenant’s eyes did. Tyler’s, Reid’s, and Pogue’s turned black as well.

“No Liz it is too dangerous it is addictive.” Caleb said.

“Yeah but not yet.” She said meaning unlike them she was not ascended yet so there was no danger.

“Guys.” Caleb said giving up on Liz since he really had no pull over her, she was not a direct member of the Covenant she was just a part of it.

“See you later.” Liz said as she grabbed Tyler and the two of them plummeted to the ground dropping perfectly on their feet. “Man that is not so much fun in a skirt.” She muttered trying to re adjust it.

“Oh yeah it is.” Tyler said with a silly grin on his face.

“So you going to win the bet?” She asked

“What bet?” He asked playing dumb.

“On what type of panties I wear?” She asked with a knowing smirk.

“You know about that?” He asked looking ashamed.

“I have for a long time. They are red lace.” She said making him do a happy dance. Shortly after Pogue and Reid landed looking sullen and all around cranky.

“Let me guess he pulled the I am more powerful then you card.” Liz said.

“Exactly.” Reid said.

“Figures, guy has a stick up his ass the size of a red wood.” Liz mumbled making the other three laugh.

“Come on cuz time to make a killer entrance without Caleb who has to enter with Sarah since she is not special like us.” Pogue said as Tyler put his arm around her, it looked like she was spoken for that night, not that she minded. She looked over at her cousin and saw that he was creating this unnatural fog around them and giving them this supernatural glow making all eyes turn.

Caleb and Sarah were already there looking on in awe as the four of them entered the party, they were standing with Pogue’s girlfriend. Liz had never met her only seen her in pictures and she looked like a less then friendly character.

“Hey Liz when did you get here exactly?” Caleb asked handing her a drink, Pogue was talking to his girlfriend who kept shooting glares at her. Tyler again seeing how uncomfortable the other girls stare was making her pulled her close, his hand resting comfortably on her hip.

“She is just worried that you pose a threat to her. She is not very trusting or confident not like you.” Tyler whispered his breath tickling her ear.

That night the group had a blast even though Sarah and Kate took an instant dislike to Liz. Liz did not care her and Tyler were too busy having fun and making fun of the easy girl Reid hooked up with.

“Thanks for keeping me safe tonight.” Liz said as Tyler dropped her off at her Uncle’s home. They were by the pavilion, it was Liz’s favorite place on her uncle’s property. Tyler pulled her close to him hugging her hips, she linked her hands behind his neck, their foreheads touching. Out of everyone her and Tyler were the most alike and he was the only one Pogue trusted her with, which might have been a bad thing.

The previous summer when Liz had visited the two had started something and one thing led to another and they had ended up sleeping together. No one besides Reid knew about that night since Reid caught them, he had been pissed that Tyler had touched her but he got over it after Tyler promised he would never do anything to hurt her. They had all agreed not to tell Pogue and Caleb knowing that would start a fight. So a few weeks later Liz had left and the two stayed in touch through e-mails and daily phone calls.

“So why did you run away this time?” He asked his breath tickling her lips.

“You remember that guy Max I told you about?” She asked, she felt him stiffen against her, she took that as a yes. “Well do you also remember what he is?” She asked she looked into his piercing blue eyes and saw he remembered and was not overly happy about him being an alien.

“Well it turns out that he like me has a destiny. All of these years I have tried to fight mine and then I find out my boyfriend has one as well and it turns out we are not meant to be together. He has a wife and this whole other life and it brought all of my destiny fears back up front. He kept telling me it was nothing that she meant nothing but, Tyler, I saw them kissing.” She whispered sighing as she felt him kiss her nose.

“Why do you fear your destiny? I don’t fear mine.” He asked.

“I am afraid of my feelings, that they are somehow being controlled by outside forces.” She mumbled making him laugh, he put his hand under her chin forcing her to look at him.

“Liz does this feel fake or wrong?” He asked.

“No, and that scares me.” She whispered.

“Yes it is scary but it is real, hundreds of years ago someone knew that the two of us were meant to be. They probably had visions like you do and saw us together.” Tyler said laughing his blue eyes sparkling with his happiness. Liz suddenly smiled.

“Okay so maybe that part of my destiny is not so scary after all.” She said laughing as he pinched her sides.

“Good.” He said suddenly becoming serious. She could never help but stare into his eyes, they were so deep, so perfect. He was beautiful by everyone’s standards and he was hers.

“You Tyler Simms are my destiny.” She whispered finally kissing him the way he had been hoping for all night, with him she was home.

San Francisco

Phoebe hated doing laundry, it was so mundane, so dull. Yet there she was with her brother in law doing the laundry while her boyfriend and sisters were off cleaning the house. It started with a twinge in her left temple.

“That is weird.” She muttered getting Leo’s attention.


“Nothing.” She quickly said and he went back to staring off into space. The twinge suddenly felt different like her brain was fogging up, now she knew what was happening, it was a vision.
There were five teens standing in formation looking ready for battle, their eyes solid black. Before them stood another teen his eyes the same color. The five teens looked less than thrilled by his appearance, the girl looking scared.

“It’s time to make you my witch Caleb, and I am going to take her as well. She is so pretty.” He growled flying into the air. The others snapped into action, they all flew into the air, the blonde boy getting blasted by an energy wave first and falling flat on his back in obvious pain.

Behind them was a house, an old house it looked to be hundreds of years old, candles were lit in the windows.
“Get her inside!” Someone yelled and the blonde teen jumped up grabbing the girl running towards the house.

“No I have to fight, I can’t leave him there!” She yelled hysterical.
The vision passed leaving her gasping for breath. “Phoebe!” Leo yelled grabbing her arms in worry. She looked up at her sisters husband in fear.

“We have a problem.”

Okay guys should I continue this or not please let me know!
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Thanks so much for all of the replies I was so nervous to post this fic and I still kind of am but your reviews help! I am enjoying writing this and I could not wait to post this next part!

Jensen Lover 37

Thanks guys for your feedback it keeps me writing! Please let me know what you think of this next part! Let me know if I should go on!

Part 1: Witch Envy

She heard arguing, that much she knew. Slowly Liz opened her eyes it took her a few minutes to get used to her surroundings, she was at her Uncle’s place in her room. There was an arm draped over her stomach and she was pressed up against a hard chest. Turning her head slightly she saw Tyler, he was still asleep with his head buried in her hair snuggled up close to her. He looked so cute when he was asleep, with his slight beard coming in from not having shaved yet. The angry voices filtered in again.

“That was so stupid of all of you I mean using as often as you do could kill you! She is a bad influence.” It was Caleb’s voice. Great he was probably harping on her and her use of magic last night, the guy was a total nag.

“What is he going on about?” Tyler mumbled into her neck.

“Someone being bad influence.” Liz mumbled as she felt Tyler pull her even closer apparently not wanting to get up. “Tyler we need to get up otherwise Pogue will find us undressed and kick your ass.” She said giggling as he flew away from her scrambling to get dressed. She sat up clutching the sheet to her watching him, it was funny to see him trip over himself as he pulled on his jeans.

“So not funny Liz, babe your cousin could kill me here. I mean I don’t think he would appreciate the fact that one of his best friends had sex with the girl he considers a sister.” Tyler said searching for his undershirt.

“Well he is going to find out eventually I mean our getting together was written down in the Book of Damnation.” Liz said finally getting dressed as well, she used her powers on her body to hide the marks Tyler had made making him pout.

“Why did you do that?” He asked wrapping his arms around her.

“Because if you do not want Pogue to know we are sleeping together it would be better if he did not see the imprint of your mouth on my cleavage.” Liz grinning when Tyler’s cheeks turned pink.

“Alright I guess that would have been obvious, but did you get rid of all of them?” He asked.

“Nope, just the ones he would be able to see.” Liz said pulling on dark jeans and a white tank top that popped against her golden skin. “Let’s go Romeo.” She said dragging him from her room down the stairs. There at the bottom of the stairs was Pogue and Caleb, Pogue red in the cheeks obviously angry that he was being yelled at.

“Hey guys.” Tyler said trying to un rumple his brown locks. The two guys stared at him in confusion.

“Did you spend the night?” Pogue asked noticing that his friend was wearing the same clothes that he had on last night.

“Yeah he did, he was tired after he dropped me off last night so rather than have him drive and use his powers I let him crash in my room.” Liz easily explained, Tyler was impressed with her skills of hiding the truth.

“You slept in her room?” Caleb asked sounding worried.

“Nothing happened.” Tyler said but it was obvious that Caleb was not buying it but he was not going to bring it up in front of Pogue.

“So who is a bad influence on Pogue?” Liz asked.

“You heard us?” Pogue asked.

“Yes.” Tyler said.

“Kate, he thinks that just because I did a little magic last night to impress her that she is a bad influence on me.” Pogue said.

“What part of it is addictive do you not get I mean I expect this crap from Reid, not you.” Caleb said.

“Here I thought you were talking about me.” Liz said with a pout.

“No you are a bad influence but you know the risks, Kate is clueless.” Caleb said which only made Pogue angrier.

“Listen just because Kate wanted me to use my powers once…” Pogue was clearly spitting mad.

“Guys calm down. Caleb you are not his master you do not own him and you can’t tell him how to use his powers. Pogue you do need to be more cautious with your powers, granted the use of them for trivial stuff is not life threatening but it is addictive .” Liz chastised both boys before she swaggered towards the kitchen, Tyler following her.

“Those two never fight.” He said sounding a little lost. Making sure no one was around Liz pulled him into a hug.

“They are aloud to rumble once in awhile. Besides Caleb is just jealous that he is not as free to use his powers as Pogue since his father was addicted.” Liz explained.

“So it is a case of witch envy.” He said a broad grin spreading across his face.

“Yup.” Liz said giggling as he kissed her nose.

San Francisco

“What did they look like?” Cole asked. The family was all upstairs looking through the book of shadows for any of the teens in Phoebe’s vision.

“Well they were teenagers. The boys looked to be older probably around nineteen or so and the girl looked a few years younger. They all had solid black eyes.” She said Cole and Leo started at that.

“Solid black?” Cole asked.


“By any chance did you see them use their powers?” Leo asked a touch of fear in his voice.

“Yeah they flew in the air and they shot what looked like waves of energy at each other and…” She trailed off seeing the looks on their faces. Cole looked sick and Leo scared.

“Now what did the one guy say exactly?” Cole asked his voice nothing but a whisper sending stabs of fear down Phoebe’s spine. Piper tried rubbing her husband’s back but it did nothing to help.

“Something like ‘I will make you my witch’” Phoebe said.

“Cole is it them?” Leo asked.

“Sounds like something they would do. Damn this is not good, this is the last thing we want to get involved in.” Cole said running his hands through his dark hair.

“Who are we talking about here guys? What kind of demon?” Paige asked.

“Not a demon.” Cole said.

“Well who then?”

“Witches, the Covenant to be more precise. Only they have that kind of power.” Leo said.

“Are they good or evil?” Phoebe asked.

“I wish it was that simple sweetie.” Cole said hugging Phoebe.

“What do you mean, are they good guys or bad guys?” Piper asked.

“They are not either really. They have the sway to go either way they are sort of on the fence about that issue.” Leo said.

“They are powerful that is for sure.” Cole said it appeared that he and Leo were the only ones with a clue on this issue.

“Do you think she saw a witch war?” Leo asked.

“No I think she saw the start of one. It sounds like one of their own has betrayed them. This girl though she is new, I thought all the members of the Covenant with active powers were males.” Cole said.

“That is true, but if she is who I am thinking of she is not a full member she is the cousin. You know the one.” Leo said.

“The Book of Damnation.” Cole whispered.

“Okay for those of us who are getting the Readers Digest version care to elaborate a little?” Paige asked.

“Sorry.” Leo said rubbing his neck looking sheepish.

“Now what are you two babbling about?” Piper asked. Cole went over to the Book of Shadows and flipped to a page of five teens all male.

“Are these the people in your vision?” Cole asked. Phoebe looked down and the faces of the teens glared back at her, the only difference was their clothes.

“Yes and no. They were wearing normal modern clothes not clothes from the 1600’s.” Phoebe said.

“Well that is because this is not really them but their ancestors. See hundreds of years ago in Europe witches were being persecuted and to escape many came to the United States, some settled in Ipswich. Five families of witches to be exact settled the area.” Leo explained.

“Contrary to popular belief the trials did not start in Salem but the town over, Ipswich. The five families were persecuted the men you see in the book are actually the original settlers, they were all murdered, each leaving behind a child, except for John, the one of the left.” Cole said pointing to a boy with an evil glare.

“I think you have heard the story.” Leo said.

“What story?” Paige asked.

“The Crucible by Arthur Miller.” Cole said.

“What?” Piper asked.

“John Proctor seducing the young woman that was John Putnam he was hung in his barn. The others were burned at the stake.” Cole said.

“Four of them left behind sons. All of their trials and tribulations were then recorded in one of the worlds most infamous books, the Book of Damnation.” Leo said.

“But if those are not the boys in Phoebe’s vision then why do they look alike?” Paige asked.

“It is one of those weird genetic corks of theirs, they all are cursed with the supernatural beauty of their cursed forefathers.” Leo explained.

“Well they must have done something bad to get into the book.” Piper said.

“True, these guys were pretty powerful. They and their descendents have the power to take over the world if they wanted to, they are immortal practically.” Leo said trying to impress upon the sisters how serious a threat the four were.

“You said that there were four boys but in my vision there were five.” Phoebe said.

“That is because John Putnam was a bad boy, he really deserved to be killed.” Cole said, Leo shot him a nasty look.

“John really did seduce a woman and she unknowingly bore his bastard son now the line had no idea what they were so for generations they abused their powers never knowing the consequences.” Leo said.

“About a year ago the fifth son of the Putnam line made himself known. Chase Pope.” Cole said.

“Pope, where have I heard that name before?” Paige asked.

“Have you ever read the Book of Damnation?” Phoebe asked being cute.

“Chase Pope, that’s it Chase Collins I handled his adoption. His adoptive parents were killed in a car accident on his 18th birthday.” Paige said.

“More like he killed them on his 18th birthday.” Cole said.

“That is the evil she saw.” Piper said putting the pieces together.

“Probably, Chase made a play on the four sons earlier this year but somehow he managed to get away from Caleb the oldest son.” Leo said.

“Alright so who is the girl?” Phoebe asked.

“Elizabeth Parker, she is the cousin of Pogue Perry the second family. She is a pretty powerful witch and she has not even ascended yet.” Leo said.

“She is mentioned in the Book of Damnation.” Cole said.

“Why?” Paige asked sitting down on the couch.

“She is destined to bare the child of influence, a child born of two of the most powerful magical beings.” Leo said.

“Who is the daddy?” Phoebe asked.

“Tyler Simms.” Cole said.

“When does this happen?” Paige asked.

“Yeah see that is the problem with the book it does not exactly give dates.” Leo said.

“So I saw a what?” Phoebe asked.

“It sounds like you saw the start of a witch war.” Cole said.

“It is when covens choose sides and then the winner is the new dominant coven. The winning coven has the power over the Book of Damnation and the lines.” Leo said.

“So we want who to win?” Paige asked.

“Well if I had my choice I would want whatever side Caleb is on. Add in Liz’s powers and you have a powerful combination.” Leo said.

“I say we go and meet them.” Phoebe said bouncing up and down.

“Alright but first you need to calm down.” Cole stopped her bouncing.

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Thank you guys so much for all of the replies I love writing for this fic!

At first I was going to pair the two together but then I thought about it and he is just too similar to Max for it to work. Then I had her with Pogue but I liked them better as cousins they just fit better that way. Then it was down to Tyler and Reid and since both had amazing eyes I had to go deeper and based on the movie, Tyler was someone Liz would go for.





Jensen Lover 37




Thanks guys I love reading what all you have to say! Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 2: Beautiful

The drive was silent, but not one of those, oh my god I need to speak or else it will become even more awkward, silences. They were comfortable, holding hands enjoying the canopied drive. As they passed the remains of the old Putnam Barn they shuddered at the loss of a part of their past but soon they came face to face with the ancestral home. They got out and headed towards the basement, their usual haunt now that Mr. Danvers was no longer there.

Tyler grabbed her hand again as they entered the candle lit basement. There in the basement were the other three all standing around the blazing fire looking at the licking flames intently. Pogue looked up as they entered and his eyes zeroed in on their hands.

“Why are the two of you holding hands?” Pogue asked.

“We are friends, friends hold hands.” Tyler said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world as he went to stand next to Reid and Liz next to Pogue and Caleb.

“Dude don’t go holding my hand.” Reid said.

“You’re a guy it would be odd for him to hold your hand, I am a girl, it is not as weird for us.” Liz explained.

“Good, there for a moment I thought the two of you were together.” Pogue said as he and Caleb laughed at what they thought was ridiculous. Reid looked between the two and saw the hurt flash over Liz and Tyler’s faces, he knew in that moment that they really had embraced their destiny, they were together.

“Hey guys cut it out.” Reid said instantly calming the two older boys who looked at the blonde in his wife beater stunned. Reid had just taken up the role of Caleb and brought order.

“Sorry.” Caleb said looking down at the badge stone floor in embarrassment feeling bad that he had to be reprimanded.

“So Caleb why are we here?” Pogue asked as all of them sat down on wooden crates, Liz taking up the spot of the member of the fifth family even though she was a member of the second.

“Last night a darkling visited me. It was in the shape of my father.” Caleb said stunning the room into a short silence, Liz hugged herself as if trying to keep the demons away.

“Who would send a darkling after you?” Liz asked.

“What about Chase?” Pogue asked.

“That is what I am thinking.” Caleb said Liz scooted closer to her cousin as if hoping he was going to protect her.

“We need to take care of this and fast man, Liz is only here for two more weeks.” Reid said.

“I know and we also go to school in two more weeks.” Pogue said hinting that they were all starting school at Harvard.

“Why with Liz?” She asked.

“Because little cuz like it or not we are stronger with you, you have taken up the place of the fifth family. That is also a reason for Chase to go after you.” Pogue said.

“I would prefer we take care of this before Liz leaves so that we do not have to risk her safety when she goes back home.” Tyler said Reid looked at his best friend knowing his dilemma, he could not come right out and declare that he was dating Liz there was no way that would go over well with Pogue.

“Agreed but at this point there is really nothing we can do but wait, remember last time? He waited for a few days and then made his presence known.” Caleb said.

“Liz he is going to target you because you have taken the position he views as his.” Pogue said.

“Is she going to be safe by herself?” Tyler asked his eyes darting around the room.

“Probably not, soon his attacks on Liz will begin. Also make sure that any girl you are seeing is safe, last time he went after Kate and Sarah.” Caleb said. Reid saw Tyler flinch thinking that since he was dating Liz that she was now in even more danger.

“Well last time the darklings came during the night, how I am I supposed to be with someone at night?” Liz asked secretly hoping that her cousin would say that someone should stay with her at night and then Tyler could volunteer.

“She has a point man someone needs to stay with her at night as well.” Pogue said looking distressed, his long brown locks falling into his eyes.

“Well even if Liz is like my sister I know Sarah will be pissed if it was me.” Caleb said sounding very annoyed. It was clear to the others that there was trouble in paradise.

“Well what about you?” Caleb asked Pogue.

“Yeah like Kate will let me spend all of my time with my cousin, she does not seem to get the fact that Liz and I are related and that our being together would be incest and that is not something either of us are into. Basically she has come up with the plan to spend all of her time with me until we go to school. After all she is going off to Brown.” Pogue said.

“Well I think that leaves Tyler.” Caleb said.

“Why not me?” Reid asked feigning hurt.

“I have known you all of my life Reid, I would not trust you alone with a girl ever, let alone my little cousin.” Pogue said.

“Hey I happen to respect Liz thank you very much I would wait at least until you guys were gone to try anything.” Reid said.

“And that is why I want Tyler there. Also, he will not lie to me and sleep with her.” Pogue said. Caleb noticed that Tyler would no longer look anyone in the eye after Pogue’s comment and Reid could not stop the silly grin from crossing his pale face.

Caleb looked to Liz only to see her golden cheeks were tinged with red. “Right.” Caleb said not mentioning his fear that Tyler would do that to Pogue. From the looks of things Tyler had already had the forbidden fruit.

“Alright are we done?” Reid asked.

“Yes we are done now.” Caleb said as Pogue got up and dragged Liz with him up the stairs.

“Tyler go home and get some stuff and then set up in Liz’s room.” Pogue said missing once again their grins. This was a brother’s worst nightmare come true but as they say ignorance is bliss.

“Alright see you later Liz. We are so going to have a girls night.” Tyler said.

“Oh we can paint each others nails and gossip about boys.” Liz said getting all excited.

“I will bring the sappy movies.” Tyler said his blue eyes flashing with mirth. Pogue just shook his head at his cousin and best friends antics.

“Later Tyler.” Liz said as she hopped on the back of her cousins motorcycle putting on his helmet, he went without. Liz was not a fan of motorcycles but to get home she had to get on one, she wished she could have just gone with Tyler but Pogue would not allow that.

The ride back to the house was short with the speed limits that Pogue broke. He always went fast on his motorcycle. Liz was afraid that he was going to get into an accident one of these days, not that it would kill him but still the thought of him hurt was not pleasant. She nearly broke down last year when she learned about what Chase had done to him. Her parents were beside themselves after she destroyed her room with her magic.

There in front of her Uncle’s home was a red jeep with an angry girl standing in front of it. Upon closer inspection Liz saw that it was her cousin’s girlfriend and she looked less than thrilled about seeing a girl on the back of her boyfriends bike. Pogue came to a stop and Liz took off her helmet, the wind catching her long brown locks tossing them about making her look even more beautiful.

“Pogue!” She snapped making him groan. Liz got off first and he followed her off the bike keeping her close.

“Not now Kate.” He said looking around checking to see if they were being watched, he reached out with his powers to see if someone was using magic.

“Pogue!” She gasped sounding even more horrified.

“Pogue I can make it into the house without getting attacked.” Liz laughed trying to get her cousin out of trouble.

“Not willing to take that chance.” He grumbled motioning for a steamed Kate to follow them. Her glare that she shot at them as she followed the cousins was hot enough to melt the polar ice caps.

“When do you think Tyler is going to get here?” Liz asked as Pogue released her upon crossing the threshold.

“Not for awhile, the guy is a total girl with all of his crap.” Pogue said grinning as Liz smacked him in the back of the head for his comment. Kate looked between the two hating how close they were. Before Liz got there Pogue wanted to spend all of his time with her but now that Liz was there Kate was practically dead to him.

“So Liz when do you go home?” Kate asked not caring how snotty she sounded.

“Two weeks.” Pogue glared at Kate when he saw how sad his cousin was.

“Liz you know if you really wanted to my parents would let you stay here and go to my old prep school.” Pogue offered.

“Even though that offer sounds great the only reason I would want to stay is because you guys are here but since you all are going off to school it would be pointless.” Liz said looking glum. Liz made her way to the stairs and trudged up to her grand room, going to make room for Tyler’s things. Pogue was right about one thing, Tyler was like a girl and he had a lot of crap. She smiled as she viewed her walk in closet full of new clothes that her aunt bought her, she did not have girl and loved to dote on Liz.

Liz walked along the rows of gowns and dresses and outfits her aunt had bought, a little green sundress with a matching sweater caught her eye, it was the perfect thing to wear back to Roswell. It was simple but classy and showed off just the right amount of skin, but if you asked Tyler he would say it did not show enough.

“Liz, Tyler is here, Kate and I are leaving for the night!” Pogue yelled. Liz calmly left her room not wanting either guy to know how excited she was. There at the bottom of the steps was Tyler with his three suitcases.

“You really do pack like a girl.” She teased, he just stuck his tongue out at her as she lifted one of the suitcases up to her room. Tyler walked behind her enjoying the view, not that he was going to tell her that.

Liz pushed her way into her room and threw the suitcase onto her bed and he put the other two on the floor. “I will help you unpack!” She said bouncing around the room, Tyler could not help the grin that spread over his face as he watched Liz bounce about in her little white top and jeans, she looked so cute.

“Oh very nice!” Liz said coming across his boxers. “You will not be in these for very long staying here.” She said as she put them in a drawer.

“Is that a promise Miss. Parker? Because if it is I intend to hold you to it.” Tyler said grabbing her from behind, she cocked her head to look at him her doe eyes dancing with happiness.

“Maybe, Maybe not.” She said letting out a scream when she felt his hands digging into her sides as they fell to the floor, he had her pinned to the ground in no time. He suddenly stopped and stared down at her his crystal eyes shined as he searched her face. He could not help but admire the way she looked under him at that moment, her long locks fanned out around her, her cheeks red from exertion and lack of breath. Most of all he loved the look in her eyes, it was one of complete trust and something he would always hold dear.

“Awe isn’t that sweet.” A voice rang out from the door, the two sprang apart, Tyler pushing her behind him much to her annoyance. It was a man in a long black coat, a crossbow in his hands.

“A darklighter.” Liz whispered.

“Very good little one.” He said in a patronizing tone.

“Your little arrows will not work on us.” Tyler said but he still made sure Liz was tightly pressed against him.

“Want to test that theory?” The darklighter asked with a nasty little smirk. He fired a shot at Liz only for her to dissolve it with a wave of her hand, in the process moving away from Tyler.

“What do you want?” Liz felt stupid for asking such a question.

“Your powers of course.” He said firing his weapon again when he saw a weak spot, in a blur of black mist and haze he disappeared.

“What an idiot to think he could hurt us.” Tyler said turning to Liz, her face was twisted in pain and her left hand was clutching her side, he looked down and chocked; a black arrow was sticking out of her side.

“No!” He yelled scoping her up in his arms. “Stay awake Liz.” He said as he raced down the many flights of stairs towards his hummer where he gingerly placed her in the back seat.


“I am taking you to Gorman he will know what to do.” Tyler said as he sped away from the house not caring how fast he was going as long as he got to the house in time to save Liz. Soon the ancient home loomed ahead of them, Tyler being careful not to stop too fast as to jar Liz painfully. He hopped out and gently pulled Liz out carrying her inside.

“Gorman!” He yelled he heard the old man moving around upstairs. “Tyler is that you?” The man asked making his way downstairs towards the distressed teen, when Gorman saw Liz with an arrow in her side he stopped looking horrified.

“Mother of God, a darklighter!” He breathed.

“Can you help her?” Tyler asked not caring that he was crying now, he was too worried to care.

“I know someone who can.” Gorman said motioning for Tyler to bring Liz upstairs to the attic. Along the way they passed piles of books and knickknacks on the stairs that had been there for generations, some looking as if they were from the original owners.

“How bad is it?” Tyler asked putting her down on the bed that Caleb’s father used to sleep in. Gorman moved the teen aside and lifted up Liz’s shirt, it was obvious the arrow was in her deep, she was loosing too much blood.

“LEO!” Gorman yelled. “Leo get down here now!” Gorman yelled. In seconds blue orbs filled the room and then a man was standing there in a flannel shirt.

“What the hell!” Tyler yelled his eyes turning black thinking this guy was going to try and attack Liz. Gorman jumped up looking alarmed.

“Tyler no, he is here to help.” Gorman said. Leo looked at the teen startled to see it was a member of the Covenant and he looked ready to party. He glanced over at the bed and saw Liz bleeding. He raced over to her groaning when he saw the arrow.

“Gorman you are going to have to pull it out I cannot touch it.” Leo said. Tyler looked between the two men alarmed, Gorman obviously saw his charge was distressed and tried to ease his fears.

“He will not harm her he is going to heal her.” Gorman said.

“How?” Tyler growled.

“I am a whiteligther now can we please do this before she dies?” Leo asked trying not to show how afraid he was of Tyler whose eyes had yet to return to their dazzling blue. Gorman pulled the black arrow out of Liz after a second and then Leo got to work stopping the red river, his hands glowed gold and the blood evaporated around the wound and soon the wound was gone leaving only a whole in Liz’s shirt.

Leo stepped away from Liz quickly as Tyler raced over to her and pulled her into his lap. She just made soothing sounds trying to calm him down. “It is okay I am fine, see no more Ouchy.” Liz said giving him a small smile. Suddenly Tyler’s black eyes returned to their normal color looking worried, he ran his hand over her side then he looked at Leo who was looking at them in awe.

“Thanks for saving her life.” Tyler said as he kissed the top of Liz’s head, Gorman’s eyes narrowed.

“Not a problem it is part of my job description.” Leo said.

“Thanks.” Liz said smiling at Leo, he looked at the two teens shocked at how normal they looked. They looked like a normal couple who had just been through an enormous ordeal. Tyler still looked at him wearily as if he was afraid that he still posed a threat.

“What happened son?” Gorman asked.

“We were unpacking when a mans voice came from my door there was a man in a long black coat there with a crossbow, then after some verbal sparing he shot me, we had no time to react. I have only read about darklighters never fought them.” Liz whispered.

“Nice meeting you two but I have to get back home before my wife kills me.” Leo said quickly orbing away to relay his finds to his family.

When the blue lights faded the three sat in silence. “I am happy that the two of you have finally come to terms with your destiny. Mr. Danvers was worried that you would never see what was right in front of you.” Gorman said as he cleaned up the room.

“How did you know?” Liz asked watching as the older man smiled.

“It was Tyler’s look he had the look of a man in love about to lose the love of his life. Your actions show that the two of you have an intimate knowledge of each other. I take it that you both picked up where you left off last summer.” Gorman said laughing at their shocked looks.

“You knew that we were sleeping together?” Tyler asked.

“I live here Tyler, the fact that the two of you consummated your relationship on the bed of your ancestor was a bit obvious but very symbolic.” Gorman said. Liz’s golden cheeks flamed red at the older mans comment and Tyler scratched the back of his head in embarrassment his cheeks going pink.

“We should get going before Pogue calls the home and finds us missing and flips out.” Liz said standing up groaning at the whole in her shirt.

“Better that then your life.” Tyler said as they got into his hummer and headed home.

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Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 3: Exposed

He had been utterly shocked when he heard Gorman calling out for his help, he was bound to answer his call since Gorman was his charge. There on the bed had been Liz and in front of him looking hostile was a member of the Covenant ready to kill him if he hurt the girl on the bed. Why a darklighter attacked her was a mystery to him and something he wanted to bring up to the sisters and Cole, maybe Cole would have a reason for the random attack. Orbbing into the attic Leo was bombarded with questions from his wife.

“Who needed help are you alright you look like you have seen a ghost?” Piper asked.

“No not really, I think I just met a member of the Covenant.” Leo said.

“Wait they are your charges?” Piper asked sounding angry.

“No but apparently a future whitelighter is their caretaker, he called me tonight. When I arrived at the home I saw a young girl bleeding to death and dying of poison on the bed but before I could get to her a teen blocked my path. His eyes were jet black and the air around him crackled, he was a member of the Covenant.” Leo said pacing the attic.

“All of these years I have visited Gorman and his charge but I never put it all together I never realized that the house he took care of was the ancestral home of the Ipswich colony.” Leo said.

“Who attacked the girl?” Paige asked.

“Now see that is the interesting part, after Gorman got the boy to back off I learned that a darklighter attacked her and her friend. They did not know what a darklighter could do so they were not prepared.” Leo said.

“I thought you said they were practically immortal.” Piper pointed out.

“The members of the Covenant are, Liz is not a member.” Cole said.

“Is she alright?” Phoebe asked.

“Now she is, but I was more scared for my life then hers at the time, I knew that I could heal her but her friend was looking ready to rumble, he was pretty territorial.” Leo explained.

“Then he must be the Simms boy.” Cole supplied.

“Why would a darklighter attack her though?” Piper asked.

“She could be a future whitelighter.” Paige suggested.

“Is there a way to find out?” Cole asked.

“I can check with the Elders.” Leo said before he orbed out again.

“That poor girl must have been so scared.” Phoebe said Cole just shook his head.

“More like the poor guy must have been so scared, there is nothing worse than seeing the one you love dying and in pain.”


Tyler would not let go of her hand for the life of him, Liz could feel him shaking slightly. She gently ran her thumb over the back of his hand in a soothing motion hoping to calm him down, it was not working she could still feel the fear radiating off of him. She knew that she would just have to wait until they got back to the house before she would be able to do anything. The house looked the same as when they left, Pogue’s bike nowhere to be found which was good considering. Liz had to practically pry Tyler’s hand off of hers so that she could get out of the car.

Right when her door closed arms wrapped around her, and she felt his head burry into her neck. “I am fine.” She whispered kissing his cheek.

“I should have protected you. How could I let you get hurt?” He asked fighting back tears. Liz pulled him closer rubbing his neck dotting little kisses on his face. He grabbed her hands and pulled her into the house and up to her room using his powers he sent his belongings towards her closet clearing her bed. He did not care if Pogue found them or if the others did not approve all he wanted was Liz.

“You did not let me get hurt Tyler, I left myself in danger. You took me to the one person you knew could help and you saved my life.” Liz said kissing his eyes as he hovered over her, she pulled him down so he was completely resting on her. She hated seeing the sadness in his sapphire eyes. She ran her hand down his stomach and grinned when she saw his eyes flash.

“I need to protect you now and forever.” He whispered kissing her softly, his lips just barely brushing hers.

“You will.” She said pulling him down for a real kiss. Neither knew how it happened but their innocent kissing soon led to the disappearance of their clothes and much more.

“Pogue I thought you were going to spend the night!” Kate said irritated that her boyfriend was leaving her at her home, Sarah who was staying with her was at Caleb’s for the night.

“Caleb I don’t understand…” Sarah trailed off seeing her best friend and her boyfriend on the front steps apparently arguing. The two boys just looked at each other as if coming to some silent agreement.

“You felt it too.” Caleb said.

“Yes and so did Reid, he called.” Pogue said.

“So that was who was on the phone.” Kate said sounding happy.

“How bad do you think it is?” Pogue asked.

“For Tyler to express such pain it has to be bad.” Caleb said as the two raced to Caleb’s car, Pogue would come back for his bike later. In no time they were at the Parry home, Reid waiting for them on the front steps bouncing on the balls of his feet his hands shoved in his pockets.

“Neither of them are answering.” Reid said as the three entered the home cautious of any foe that may still be in the house. They quietly crept up the stairs pausing in front of Liz’s door, all taking note of the blood that littered the floor leading to the front door. Inside they heard a groan, it sounded like Tyler was in pain. Cautiously Caleb opened the door, their eyes all black. There on the bed was Tyler, he appeared to be moving, the three stood there confused until they saw golden legs wrapped around his bare waist and a moment later Liz’s face that was being peppered with Tyler’s kisses.

“What the hell!” Pogue growled catching the two on the bed off guard. Liz screamed as Tyler used his powers making his friends soar backwards into the far wall as Liz pulled up the sheet having realized it was her cousin and his friends. Tyler still in defensive mode moved to continue the fight.

“Tyler it is Pogue, Caleb and Reid.” She said pulling him back down. Soon the teens black eyes were their normal crystal blue, and they looked alarmed.

“Oh no.” He groaned. The three teens that had been thrown across the room got to their feet quickly their eyes returning to normal. Pogue stepped forward and looked between his cousin and best friend in confusion.

“What is going on here? Tyler I did not think you were the type of guy to just sleep with women and not date them?” He asked.

“Hey.” Tyler growled not liking what his friend was implying but Pogue was not interested instead he turned on his cousin who was beat red clutching the sheet to her neck.

“Liz I know that this is not you, why would you sleep with Tyler?” He asked sounding so lost.

“Wait a minute here, guys get dressed meet us downstairs.” Caleb said leading the other two out of the room, practically dragging Pogue out who did not seem too thrilled about leaving his cousin alone in a room with the same guy that was just having sex with her moments ago. A few minutes later the two teens emerged fully dressed looking ready to face the firing squad or more like the wrath of Pogue.

“So how long has this been going on?” Pogue asked his eyes flashing with anger. Liz wanted to run and hide but for Tyler’s sake she stayed put and put on a brave face.

“Pardon me?” Liz asked.

“How long has my best friend been screwing my cousin?” Pogue asked not caring how harsh he was.

“Since last year.” Tyler answered in a steady voice, Liz turned to him only to see the determination on his face. He was going to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, sometimes it sucked that he would not lie to his friends.

“What?!” Pogue yelled his eyes turning black briefly.

“Pogue.” Caleb said in a warning tone. He turned to the two with a confused look. “This somehow seems familiar.” Caleb pointed out.

“That is because they are destined to be together man.” Reid said.

“What?” Pogue asked annoyance apparent.

“In the Book of Damnation it states very clearly that Tyler and Liz are destined to be together that she will bare his child of influence and that the forces of evil will find within her a power they know not.” Reid recited.

“You know this how?” Caleb asked.

“I can read you know.” The blonde replied straightening out his gray T-shirt pretending to be offended.

“Figures I would miss that, I have not read the book since middle school.” Caleb muttered.

“Wait a minute so last summer the two of you were…” Pogue trailed off not knowing how to talk about their relationship.

“Intimate, yeah.” Liz replied not missing Tyler’s little grin.

“When, where, why?” Pogue fired as he began to pace the expanse of the red sitting room.

“So not telling you.” Liz replied.

“Where Liz? Here in our home? I mean is my best friend honestly going to tell that tonight was not the first time that he has bedded my cousin in our home!” Pogue yelled.

“Hey man calm down!” Caleb said realizing that things were getting out of hand.

“Where?” Pogue asked again.

“On the bed my line was first started.” Tyler said.

“What?” Caleb asked now very interested.

“In the home of the first settlers, on the bed my family line was continued I guess. Simms room.” Tyler said. The room went silent as Liz turned beat red.

“No way dude you got it on in the place we all hang out?” Reid asked leaning against the fireplace to support his convulsing body from his fits of laughter.

“Nice.” Caleb said smirking as Liz turned even redder. Pogue on the other hand only seemed to become even angrier at the news.

“You spoiled not only my cousin but the home our families shared?” Pogue asked in an angry whisper.

“Hey!” Liz yelled catching everyone’s attention. “Pogue this is not a concern of yours, Tyler and I were destined for each other. Besides our um relationship last year was more of an accident.” Liz said and Tyler quickly nodded in agreement.

“An accident? How is my best friends dick in my cousin an accident? I mean come on he did not just fall in.” Pogue said which only made Reid laugh harder, Tyler cracked a smile as well.

“Dude that is a good image there.” Reid said his baby blues flashing with his amusement.

“Well if you must know I was hiding in the house from Arron Abbot when I found Tyler in the library reading a book. One thing led to another and the two of us ended up sleeping together.” Liz said looking her cousin straight in the eye, she was not ashamed of what happened she had come to accept over the summer that this was her destiny.

“Neither of us realized how strong the feelings were between us, how strong the pull was until that day.” Tyler explained.

“I tried to fight it all year I even dated another guy but still I could not help but feel like I was somehow cheating and that it was all wrong not being with him.” Liz said.

“I even tried going out with other people but nothing helped I still only wanted Liz.” Tyler said.

“At the beginning of the summer I only had contact with Pogue because my aunt was keeping me busy then it was Reid and Pogue and then Tyler finally. Eventually I just stopped fighting what I wanted.” Liz said her voice cracking slightly with emotion.

“Then tonight we really had not intended to start anything.” Tyler said taking a deep breath, Liz just squeezed his hand letting him know that she was still by his side.

“What changed?” Pogue growled.

“A darklighter attacked Liz, he shot her and she was dying. I panicked and took her to Gorman who called in his whitelighter and he healed her. I had never been so scared in my entire life.” Tyler explained.

“I know that feeling.” Caleb said.

“No I don’t think you do Caleb. Sure you were close to Sarah when Chase got her but you were not as intimate with her as I am with Liz. I felt like I was dying, the mother of my baby was slipping away from me.” He whispered, it was the first time he ever acknowledged the fact that he and Liz were going to have a family together in the future, hopefully the distant future.

The other three boys were silent trying to comprehend just how deep their friends emotions went. That night the group had unknowingly almost lost not only Liz but the future heir to Tyler’s line. Pogue stared at his friend and cousin for a moment as if hoping that one of them was going to say got ya, but it never came. Understanding soon flashed across his eyes and he looked closer at the two.

“No wonder you were so interested in accepting the position of protector.” Pogue said and in that moment the group knew that all was forgiven.

“Well I couldn’t let my girl spend the night alone with Reid.” Tyler said putting his arm around Liz and pulling her close. At first Liz thought Pogue was going to rip Tyler’s arm off but after giving it a second thought he appeared to think better of it.

“Hey I knew she was taken, you were acting way too weird for you two to not to be involved.” Reid said.

“Yeah I have to admit I did see this coming.” Caleb said.

“Was I the only one in the dark here?” Pogue asked grinning at Liz.

“Yup.” She said.

“Alright I am okay with this as long as you two don’t get all public display on me, I do not want a repeat view of the two of you in that position.” Pogue said visibly shuddering.

“Awe someone is just bitter that he did not get any tonight.” Liz said in mock sympathy.

“Hey we felt Tyler’s pain and abandoned our dates!” Pogue said looking offended.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Tyler said scratching the back of his head looking everywhere but in his friends eyes.

“He was just worried about me.” Liz said kissing his cheek making him redden slightly and push her in front of him so that if Pogue was thinking of attacking him she would shield him which only made her laugh.

“Thanks man for keeping a level head and getting her help. We might be immortal to some things but magical attacks are a different matter and since Liz is not fully like us yet she was not immune.” Pogue said.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Well we are impervious to the affects of a darklighter but there are other more powerful things out there that can harm us.” Caleb said.

“Well then I am really in danger from them since I am not immune from the poison of a darklighter.” Liz said.

“Eventually you will be.” Caleb said.

“Then look out bad guys I can kick ass!’ Liz said looking excited.

“Maybe we should just lock her in the basement and never let her out.” Caleb said, the other four nodding in agreement.

“Ah you guys are no fun.” Liz pouted.

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Wow reading all of these replies is great thank you all so much! Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 4: Charmed

They had decided that they were going to go and meet the Covenant and get a feel for what is exactly going on, or at least that was the sisters plan. Cole and Leo were not so sure that their plan was going to work, the boys were protective of territory and were not going to take kindly to other witches invading their space. Even if the girls were charmed they were no match for a pissed off member of the Covenant. Leo had from the Elders that the darkligther had been hired by someone to attack Liz specifically, it looked like the person after the witches wanted her not only as leverage but dead. Cole grabbed Phoebe and shimmered with her as Leo, Paige and Piper orbed.

“Why are we here?” Piper asked staring up at an enormous home, it looked more like a castle. There were numerous lights on in the home but not much noise, only the distant sound of a stereo.

“Yeah why did we not orb into the house?” Phoebe asked.

“They would have seen that as a threat and killed you before you had a chance to defend yourselves.” Cole said. Phoebe apparently still did not care and opened the unlocked front door without knocking. Following their sister in the girls gasped at the beauty of the house. The large murals on the walls, the ancient cherry wood floors, and the delicate wooden carvings were breathtaking.

“Wow.” Paige said when a laugh rang throughout the home, it was a girls voice and she appeared to be heading their way.

“More like he was going to kill you.” She sang as she bounced down a flight of stairs and within vision of the charmed ones. Liz turned to go down the stairs when she saw the three sisters and two strange guys.

“What the hell!” Liz screamed throwing an air punch sending a wave of energy at the sisters throwing them against the far wall.

“Oh no here we go.” Cole said knowing he had to distract Liz now so that the girls could get to safety. He threw an energy ball at her running towards the sisters waiting for impact but it never came. Cole turned around and saw a blonde guy holding the energy ball his eyes solid black, it was obvious to the demon that the witch was beyond furious.

“Now you die.” Reid said hurling the energy ball back at Cole as well as a blast of pure energy large enough to dent the earth, Cole ran out of the way as the wave hit the opposite wall blowing it apart.

“Hey!” Another guy yelled his eyes black as well, he appeared even more menacing to the sisters. Two others followed all looking ready to rumble.

“You just messed with the wrong witches.” Liz said her eyes focused on Phoebe who could not help the overwhelming fear that was taking over. Piper tried to freeze them but her powers appeared to be useless against them.

“Candle stick!” Paige yelled and a silver stick flew in her hand, she threw it at the five knowing it was no good.

“Try a spell!” Cole yelled throwing another energy ball only for it to be caught again and hurled back at him.

“Ah we have three witches.” Liz said flying down to their level.

“We are the charmed ones.” Phoebe said.

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” Liz asked kicking her foot, a wave of power shot out of the appendage at Piper knocking the woman out, a bloody cut ran across her forehead.

“Hey guys we mean no harm!” Leo yelled hoping Tyler or Liz would recognize him. It worked because Tyler motioned for the others to quit.

“Whitelighter, how dare you bring strangers into a home of the Covenant.” Tyler said his eyes returning to their natural blue. Phoebe gasped at their beauty but shuddered at their anger.

“My sister-in-law had a vision about all of you and I thought you should hear it.” Leo said hoping they would cease.

“Nope don’t buy it.” Caleb said raising his hand to fire. Leo looked closely at the teen and recognized the same eyes as the charge of Gorman, this was his son.

“Danvers?” He asked.

“Do I know you?” Caleb asked lowering his arm.

“I remember your father, powerful witch.” Leo commented hoping to win some sway, it did not appear to be working so well.

“Listen you little brats we are here to help.” Cole said, which judging from the look on Liz’s face was the exact opposite of the right thing to say. She extended her arm towards the sky and the pointed at Cole, bolts of electricity shot out of her hand zapping the demon painfully but not enough to kill him.

“Oh for the love of all things, that is painful.” Cole wheezed clutching his side.

“Listen guys we just want to talk.” Paige said, for some reason the teens listened to her and they dropped their stances.

“Fine, talk.” Pogue said as he and Tyler flanked Liz.

“I did some digging and I found out that a witch hired the darklighter to attack Liz. According to the Elders, my bosses.” Leo supplied seeing their confused looks. “This witch hired the darklighter to get Liz out of the way.” Leo said.

“We figured Chase was up to something.” Caleb said.

“Looks like this time instead of sending spooks he is trying to do more damage.” Pogue said.

“Looks like this time he is trying to do more than scare us into giving him our powers.” Tyler said.

“You said something about a vision?” Liz asked.

“Oh right.” Leo said looking sheepish, “Phoebe’s main power is the power of premonition, she saw what we think is the start of a witch war.” Leo said.

“I hope that is not true.” Liz said.

“Ah man this is not good we are going off to Harvard this fall there is no way we could fight a war and go to school.” Reid said looking upset, no one could tell but he really was devoted to his studies he just found that in prep school he was smarter than the vast majority of his teachers therefore he fell asleep a lot in class.

“You, what about me I am going to be all by myself in Roswell? The last thing I need right now is for a war to follow me to a town full of already suspicious people.” Liz said and the four other teens knew she was referring to the aliens who saw any new person as a threat and would throw suspicion on Liz and out her as a witch.

“That is also why we are here, we do not want a war either. We would like to help you.” Piper said looking at the teens wearily, getting knocked out tends to do that to a person.

“We will need to think about this and bring it up with the others.” Caleb said going into leader mode, it was times like these that her friend reminded her of Max.

“Alright just call either Cole, Paige, or myself and we will come.” Leo said as the group disappeared. The silence that filled the room after their departure was loud. A loud silence, full of unanswered questions and unspoken fears.

“What are we going to do?” Pogue asked all of them looking to Caleb for answers.

“We need to call a meeting of the covens.” He said waving his hand to fix the destroyed wall.

“This will be fun.” Liz said laying her head on Tyler’s shoulder.

“Yeah and the two of you might not want to act all couple like otherwise the women will start to slip fertility potions into your food and drink.” Reid said making the two spring apart.

“Relax guys they are not here yet.” Caleb said slapping Tyler on the back.

“This is really not going to be fun.” She groaned. Pogue went over to the shelf on the far end of the red sitting room and removed a thick leather volume, there on the other side was a flickering light, Pogue stuck his hand inside and pulled out another even thicker volume, the Book of Damnation.

“Let’s do this.” Pogue said handing the book to Caleb, the five teens walked outside to the clear night. Caleb opened the book to the very first page and started the incantation.

“I the heir of the first family summon thee to thy presence, fear thy wrath if you do not appear. Through portals of time enter through mine.” Caleb said as a blue whole opened up in front of the five teens.

“Neat.” Liz said and Caleb shrugged his shoulders bashfully. Soon around fifty people were standing in the drive way, Pogue quickly led them inside, his parents shooting him and his cousin a questioning look.

The great room was silent as they waited for the five teens to fill the rest of them in on the big emergency. “As you all know Chase Pope is still out there. We have reason to believe that he is now making another move, targeting Liz now since she is taking up the place of the fifth family. We were told by a whitelighter that Chase or another one of our enemies had ordered a darklighter attack on Liz.” Caleb said the room broke out in anxious whispers, Liz’s parents pulling her close.

“It gets worse.” Pogue said giving the floor back to Caleb.

“The Charmed Ones contacted us tonight, they had a vision of Chase attacking us and starting what they believe to be a witch war.” Caleb said.

“A witch war? There has not been a war amongst our kind for centuries.” Reid’s mother said her blue eyes full of terror.

“Or else a really big battle.” Reid said making his mother whimper.

“We need to decide what we are going to do.” Caleb put forth finally.

“I say we fight.” Christopher Parry said, his sister Nancy nodded in agreement.

“Then if it comes down to a witch war we fight, the Charmed Ones have already pledged their support to us.” Caleb said.

“So now what do we do?” A man asked.

“As much as it kills me to say this, all we can do is wait for Chase to make a move.” Caleb said. Then the group broke up taking the same portal back home. Liz’s parents stuck around for a moment to see how she was doing.

“You look better sweetie.” Jeff said hugging his daughter.

“Thanks to the boys, they lifted my spirits.” Liz said winking at Tyler.

“So what have you all been up to?” Nancy asked.

“Mostly we have been just hanging around.” Liz said blushing slightly it was not like she could come right out and say she had been spending all of her time with Tyler as of late in bed. Jeff and Nancy filled their daughter in on all that had been going on back in Roswell, the four boys listened in eagerly. Apparently Max missed Liz like crazy and he had taken up residence in his usual booth. Maria was taking pity on him and had become his new best friend. Alex was moody and withdrawn. Michael was apparently still acting like Michael and Isabel had been spending an unusual amount of time with Tess the new girl.

“So has Liz been going out with any boys?” Jeff asked Pogue all of the boys shifted uncomfortably. He laughed but then stopped when he saw that they were not meeting his eye.

“Wait she has!” He yelled.

“Ah sort of dad.” Liz mumbled while Tyler’s cheeks reddened.

“Tyler.” Nancy said making him look at her. “So you are the one my daughter has been seeing.” Nancy said Jeff looked between his sixteen year old daughter and the eighteen year old boy.

“No.” He said shaking his head vigorously, “No there is no way my daughter is going to get pregnant.” Jeff said.

“What? Dad…”

“No Liz I read the book, I know that you are supposed to have his child there is no way I am going to allow this I thought the two of you would get together once you are both out of collage and have good jobs. I did not think this would happen while my daughter was still in high school.” Jeff said his eyes taking on a wild look.

“Jeff…” Nancy tried.

“No she is coming home with us, there is no way I am going to allow this to happen.” Jeff said pulling Liz along with him.

“Dad nothing happened we are not up to anything.” Liz was desperate and willing to lie to get to stay there.

“She is telling the truth Jeff, one of us is pretty much with them at all times.” Caleb said wanting to keep Liz there with them where they had better access to her and could protect her better.

“Uncle Jeff, Liz is like my little sister there is no way I would let Tyler do…that to her.” Pogue said shuddering at the thought of the two of them intimate.

“It’s true sir Liz and I keep it innocent.” Tyler said his cheeks taking on an even deeper shade of red. Jeff looked to his wife for help but she just glared at him, he let out a deep sigh.

“Alright I will let you stay.” He relented looking sour about the idea. Inside Liz and Tyler were both doing happy dances.

“Liz we will see you in two weeks.” Her mom said kissing her cheek her father hugging her all the while glaring at Tyler who shrank back to stand next to Caleb. Jeff might not have any powers but he sure was a piece of work. Then they were gone.

“Leo!” Caleb yelled as Pogue turned to his cousin and best friend.

“Now your staying here Liz does not give the two of you a free pass to twenty four hour nakedness. I will be keeping an eye on you.” Pogue said as blue lights filled the room and Leo appeared.

“Hey guys.”

“Our representatives agree that this is a potential witch war, we are going to do all that we can to prevent matters form getting that far but any help that you and the Charmed Ones can offer would be greatly appreciated.” Caleb said making Leo smile.

“We are here if you need us.” Leo said before he orbed away.

“Now what?” Liz asked.

“Again, now we wait.”

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hey guys thanks so much for all of your reviews I get so excited when I see what all you guys have to say! Thanks so much for reviewing...

Jensen Lover 37
forever dreamer
Touch of the Wind

please let me know what you think of this next part! Oh and the stuff in italics is a phone conversation

Part 5: Something Alien This Way Comes


Liz had not called once over the span of the summer and the aliens and humans were starting to worry about the girl. Thousands of possibilities went through each of their heads as to what Liz could be up to or what could have happened to her. Not even Maria and Alex had heard from her yet making the two of them very bitter. Isabel sighed as she heard the depressing music her brother was once again playing in his room, he was so hung up on Liz. Not that she minded Liz but he was getting a little pathetic.

“Isabel?” Diane Evan’s asked coming into her daughters room without knocking, not something unusual for their mother. She was worried about her son and figured that his twin sister might have some answers to explain his current behavior.

“Hi mommy.” The blonde said motioning for her mom to enter further.

“Sweetie do you know what is bothering your brother?”

“He misses Liz, the two had a huge fight and then she left for the summer. It is complicated.” Isabel said.

“Where did Liz go?”

“Maria says she went to her aunts in Florida but Alex thinks that Liz went someplace else that she just said Florida to get Maria off her back.” Isabel said believing Alex’s story over Maria’s.

“What have her parent’s said?”

“Max is too afraid to go and talk to them because he knows they are not his biggest fan, but Michael said he heard something about Salem.” Isabel told her mother.

“Well I hope she comes home soon or at least calls to put your brother out of his misery.” Diane said leaving her daughter alone. Through talking with her mother Isabel suddenly got a fantastic idea, she was going to dream walk Liz!

Pulling out an old year book from under her bed Isabel quickly found the page with Liz Parker’s picture on it. Turning off the lights in her room to make it appear that she was sleeping, Isabel laid down touching the picture of Liz Parker that soon began to ripple. She was surprised that Liz was already asleep but since Isabel had no idea where Liz was she had no idea if it was night or day there.

She was in a basement of stone, it looked like a yellow stone with shadows flickering all around. Hundreds of candles lined the floor and walls. Isabel was slightly creped out by her surroundings, but she pressed on. Coming around a bend in the stairs Isabel saw four boys all around her age if not older. They were standing around a roaring fire, tomes of books and years of melted candles surrounded them.

“Where is Liz?” She asked knowing that none of the boys could see her. One of the boys on the far side of the room suddenly looked up.

“Took you long enough to get her baby.” He said his blue eyes flashing, Isabel gasped at their beauty.

“Now that she is here we can begin.” Tall dark and handsome said Isabel stood next to him at the only empty space, the guy next to her gave her a weird look.

“The book.” A blonde said waving his hand, a book flew from the shelf and landed in the center of the fire and burst open.

“They have powers.” She gasped.

“He is going to make his move soon and when he does we need to be ready for him, he is going to go after Liz again.” The guy on her other side said.

“What is going on?” Isabel asked.

“Isabel?” A voice rang out from behind her, the blonde whipped around and came face to face with a very different Liz.


“Why are you in my dream?” Liz asked her arms folding across her chest in a menacing position which only fueled Isabel’s anger.

“Look Liz I am here to say get over whatever it is you are dealing with and come home. You have no idea what you are putting everyone through Max, Maria and Alex are miserable.” Isabel said but she backed off quickly when she saw Liz’s look.

“In case you did not realize Isabel I have had a rough time lately so I left to get away from all of you because you were all making my decisions harder. I have a life outside of all things alien.” Liz said.

“Liz if you tell anyone about us…”

“Oh is she really threatening me, now this is interesting. Isabel I have never been afraid of you and I never will be because know this…” Liz got right up in the blonde’s face her eyes flashing black for a moment, so fast Isabel thought she was imagining things, “I am more powerful then you.” Liz said in a false sugary sweet voice. “Now Isabel get the hell out of my dream.” Liz said and suddenly the blonde was thrown roughly from the dream waking with a gasp.

“Isabel?” Max asked poking his head into his sisters room she looked like she was going to be sick.

“Max something is off with Liz.”


Liz woke with a start jarring Tyler as woke. “Liz?” He asked grabbing her shoulders.

“Isabel was in my dreams.” Liz said.

“What?” He growled.

“She was dreamwalking me. That stupid alien princess decided to invade my privacy!” Liz steamed. Tyler kissed her bare shoulder hoping to calm her down.

“What did she see?” He asked.

“Luckily she entered just after I started dreaming about us, I would have died if she saw those moments.” Liz said leaning her head on top of his shoulder.

“What did she see?” He pressed again.

“She saw the meeting in the basement we had before bed.” Liz said.

“Did she hear anything important?”

“No I think she only saw the book fly to the center and when she started acting differently than me dream boys were getting suspicious so I entered and she confronted me.” Liz explained.

“So she did not hear anything about your powers and the Charmed Ones?” Tyler asked kissing her forehead knowing she felt betrayed.

“No none of that.” Liz said.

“Then she is not a threat to you, she can tell the others all she wants about what she saw they are going to think it was just a weird dream of yours.” Tyler said.

“You do have a point.” Liz said kissing his soft lips.

“Now can we please go back to sleep before I have to leave, I don’t really want Pogue to find me in here but at the same time I don’t want to leave.” Tyler said pulling her close before they both fell asleep.

Caleb was upset and the others could clearly see that the next morning. Apparently the attacks on Sarah had started again, spiders once more came crawling through her room. She of course will not remove herself from his side but he was not going to complain, the others on the other hand could do without her.

“So Liz and Tyler were together?” Sarah asked in the basement of the ancestral home. Pogue looked ready to scream, Reid ready to cry, Tyler looked angry and Liz looked ready to rip the blonde girls head off, she reminded her too much of Tess.

“Correct.” Caleb said trying to get back to what they were talking about.

“But why?” Sarah asked.

“Because we want to be.” Tyler said getting fed up with her presence.

“I thought you were dating Mindy.” Sarah said.

“No I am dating Liz. I have been with her for a while now.” Tyler said.

“Then why did Kate call Liz a boyfriend stealer?” Sarah asked her ditzy comments getting the better of the normally composed group.

“Besides Tyler was with Liz last year as well.” Reid said sticking up for his best friend, he really hated the blonde girl she was always trying to get in on their business when she had no part of it. She was a problem and a weakness but Caleb would never see it. Kate was also a weakness but not as much as Sarah. When Sarah was involved all Caleb saw was her and not the other dangers which made the situation with Chase that much more dangerous.

“He was?” Sarah asked looking at the brown haired beauty with a calculating look.

“Well then where was she all year?”

“We told you she lives in Roswell.” Pogue said.

“So why did she not transfer and go to school with you guys?” Sarah asked.

“Because I did not want to.” Liz said getting more frustrated as time went on.

“Grades not good enough.” Sarah said with mock sympathy.

“Actually Liz’s grades are better than mine.” Caleb said sticking up for Liz finally, there was one thing he hated and that was people insulted Liz’s intelligence, her friends in Roswell did that a lot.

“Oh.” Sarah said her cheeks turning red, served her right.

“Listen I have to go and call Maria, after the whole deal with Isabel last night I don’t want her poking around again and the best way to do so would be to tell Maria how I am doing in Florida.” Liz said bouncing up the stone steps, Tyler following.

“What are you going to tell her?” He asked.

“Oh the usual, having a great time miss her loads saw some cute boys, you know the good stuff.” Liz said making him laugh.

“Are you going to tell her you have been sleeping around Miss Parker?” Tyler asked grabbing her middle as she pulled out her cell phone, the two sitting on the front steps.

“No because then she would ask a million and one questions like who, what, when, where, why, and how and then she would want very graphic details.” Liz explained.

“That bad, wow and I thought Reid was pushy.” Tyler said.
“This is Maria.” A voice rang out.

“Hey Maria, it’s Liz.”
“OMG Liz!” She screamed and Liz pulled the phone away from her ear hitting Tyler who was silently laughing at her choice of friends.

“Yup, sorry I have not had a chance to call I have been all around for the last month and getting to the phone has been so hard. I have missed you and Alex so much!” Liz said Tyler was impressed by the passion in her voice, he knew she really had not missed Maria all that much, but she did miss Alex.

“Girlfriend I am mad at you still I mean you just up and left us and poor Max has so much to deal with right now and then you abandoned him…”

“Maria he has a destiny to follow and I could not stand in the way of that. I have had a lot of time to think about this past year while at my aunts and I have come to realize that I want nothing to do with the aliens. They are selfish Maria they just use us for their own benefit and I am sick of it I am sick of being just a toy for them. Max thinks that he can take me off a shelf and use me when he wants to and then put me away so he could go and play with Tees, I don’t want that life Maria.” Liz said making the girl on the other line go quiet.

“What has happened to you Liz?” Maria asked.

“Nothing Maria, I have just come to realize that I want more out of my life then running from the FBI everyday. I am not saying that you need to give up on the aliens but I am.” Liz said.

“Liz you don’t understand, Max has been miserable without you…”

“I know, Isabel saw fit to dreamwalk me.” Liz snapped making Maria once again go silent.

“She did what?”

“She dreamwalked me Maria and chewed me out for not being there for her brother in his time of need.” Liz spat.

“That little witch.” Maria growled.

“Exactly, she is part of the reason I want to get away why I ran away. They meddle with our lives and turn them upside down to the point where last year I did not even recognize myself and I never want to feel that again Maria.” Liz said.

“I know, you are right and it kills me to say that.” Maria said.

“I think we both knew getting into that mess that things were going to be tough but neither of us foresaw them taking over our lives.” Liz said.

“When are you coming home Liz?” Maria asked.

“In a little under two weeks.” Liz said.

“You sound sad about that.”

“I am in a way, sure I cannot wait to see you, Alex, and my parents but I could do without the aliens.” Liz said with a soft laugh.

“Liz if you really want to stay away from them I am behind you on this. I might not stay away but I will support you and not abandon you because of your decision.” Maria said, and it was in that moment that Liz realized how great a friend Maria was.

“Thanks Maria. Love you.”

“Love you too chica.” Then the line went dead.

“You two back on good terms?” Tyler asked wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“As good as we can be at the moment. She does not know about my life with all of you and until she does she will never be as close to me as she wants to be.” Liz said. After she called Alex and the two had a good laugh Tyler and Liz went back inside.

“Hey guys.” Reid said from the kitchen, he was eating a sandwich.

“So this is like you clubhouse.” Sarah said.

“Not exactly.” Pogue said coming down the stairs looking ready to smash something.

“How did it go?” Caleb asked Liz.

“My friends forgive me for not talking to them and they now think that I am really in Florida.” Liz said making Reid laugh.

“Don’t we wish.” The blonde said taking a gigantic bite of his food.

“So why then do you guys always hang out here?” Sarah asked.

“This is the house our ancestors settled in and with this house comes certain magical properties, it is a safe haven for us, a place where bad things can’t get us. Ancient magic protects this place. Chase since he declared himself our enemy can’t enter the house.” Caleb explained to his girlfriend.

“This house was the place our lines continued and it will always be here, magic has ensured that.” Pogue said.


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Thanks so much everyone for all of your replies! For those of you who do not like Sarah I am there with you but this next part will explain a few things! Thanks to...
Jensen Lover 37
forever dreamer
Touch of the Wind

please let me knwo what you think of this new part!

Part 6: The Chase Is On

Something was wrong she could feel it, but what was a different story. Slowly Liz got out of bed careful not to wake Tyler up who was sound asleep. As she slipped away she saw him cuddle her pillow she had to stop and smile at that. In her red shorts and tank top Liz went downstairs to see if anyone was up, maybe that was what she sensed. She saw a light on in her uncle’s study and went to turn it off but as she reached the door it clicked off.

“You know a pretty girl like yourself should not wander by herself.” A chilling voice sang from behind her, Liz slowly turned around and saw Chase Collins.

“Chase.” She said in an even tone not letting on to how terrified she was. He was dressed in dark black dress pants and a white dress shirt and tie looking ready to go to a funeral.

“Liz Parker, the girl who thinks she is powerful enough to play with the big boys.” Chase said neither of them moving from their spot.

“Why are you here?”

“Here I thought you were supposed to be the smart one Liz, or at least that is what Sarah told me. So I cannot enter the ancestral home, that is a drag, but I wonder if I can if I have your powers.” He sang.

“That is not how it works.” Liz snapped.

“Really see I think it is I think that you took my position in the Covenant and that the house no longer recognizes me and instead it recognizes you. So Liz are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” Chase asked rolling up his shirt sleeves, Liz’s eyes darted around praying that Tyler or Pogue would have heard their voices and come to investigate but apparently that was too much to hope for.

“Do what?” She asked.

“Why give me your powers of course.” He said with a nasty grin.

“I vote hard way.” She said bolting into her uncle’s study, slamming the door knowing that was only going to stop him for a moment and sure enough the door blasted open and she was trapped, but she hoped the blast made enough noise to wake the others.

“Liz?” Pogue asked yelling down the stairs.

“Make a noise and I kill you now.” Chase growled.

“I would like to see you try!” Liz yelled ducking as a wave of energy soared towards her, she vaulted over the mahogany desk and raced into the foyer smaking into Pogue, Tyler caught her before she fell. Chase exited the study and stopped grinning at the three.

“Well this is a pleasant surprise. Here I thought Pogue was the only witch in the home, guess I was wrong.” Chase said.

“Sarah has been feeding him information.” Liz whispered to her cousin and boyfriend their eyes darkened dangerously.

“So do you boys want to see what happens when someone looses their powers because Liz here is about to.” Chase said as he shot an energy ball at Liz, her and Tyler slammed to the floor, Liz rolling away so that Tyler would not get hurt on her account. Tyler apparently did not like that and went after her keeping an eye on Chase who was battling Pogue.

“Liz stay with me he is coming after you.” Tyler said pulling her close.

“He is going to take you out in the process.” Liz said as she fired at Chase distracting him from Pogue for a second so Tyler could send a blast as well.

“He is too strong!” Tyler said when like smoke Chase was in front of Liz, holding her by the neck, Tyler suddenly felt as if someone took a sledge hammer to his body and he slumped to the floor. Pogue looked between his fallen friend, choking cousin and Chase.

“Say goodbye to your cousin Pogue.” Chase said then like a light switch the light in eyes went out and she slumped to the floor. Tyler and Pogue looked on in horror.

“No.” Tyler whispered. It was surely for the two boys to watch as Chase magically raised Liz from the ground laying her in a position so that she was laying on her back floating in the air, her hair floating around her, her limbs looked as if they were held up by strings. What scared the two boys the most was the unnatural glow surrounding Liz.

“What are you going to do to her?” Pogue asked in a harsh whisper afraid to move knowing that Chase had no problem killing Liz even if he wanted her powers.

“Let’s just say she will be much more willing to give me what I want after I am done with her.” Chase said his black eyes dancing with anger. One moment they were there and the next they were gone. Tyler tried moving but found he couldn’t.

“Damn!” He yelled causing Pogue to turn to him, his eyes red.


“I can’t move, I think he broke my bones.” Tyler ground out.

“LEO!” Pogue yelled his yell was that of a wounded animal. The whitelighter appeared looking alarmed.

“What?” Leo asked looking at the destruction around him, he saw Tyler on the floor, he looked to be in an intense amount of pain. He crouched down next to the boy who looked to be fighting tears.

“Chase took Liz.” Tyler ground out Leo recoiled in horror.

“Heal him please.” Pogue whispered, Leo saw his eyes were still red. Leo ran his hand over the teen surprised at the amount of damage, Tyler had broken both legs, feet, his hips, four ribs, and he had massive internal bleeding.

“Chase did all of that?” Leo asked when he was done horrified that a witch or human in general could do such horrible things.

“He has not only his powers but the powers of his father as well, only Caleb is equally matched.” Pogue said.

“Now what happened?” Leo asked and Pogue quickly filled him in as Tyler called Reid and Caleb. He told Caleb to not bring Sarah that she would be safer with Kate.

Leo left to go and get the sisters and Cole and then they would meet back and talk strategy, Caleb ran into the house his eyes wild. “Where is he?” He growled.

“He took Liz.” Tyler ground out for the second time.

“Where could he have taken her?” Reid asked slinking into the house.

“Why did you not want me to bring Sarah she could help.” Caleb said only to be thrown into a wall by Tyler whose eyes were jet black.

“It is because of your girlfriend that Liz is gone, it seems she has a big mouth and has been filling Chase in on all of our moves.” Tyler said Caleb just shook his head.

“Just because Liz is gone does not mean that any of this is Sarah’s fault.” Caleb said.

“Actually it is her fault, Chase told us who his little informant is, he knew way too much for her not to have told him. She was there for all of our talks Caleb she told Chase where and when to strike, good thing she did not know about Tyler spending the night otherwise we might all be dead right now.” Pogue said. Caleb looked lost like his world was crumbling around him.

“How could she do this to me, to us?” He whispered sinking to the floor. “How could she do this to Liz?”

“Well she has not exactly been overly fond of my girlfriend.” Tyler spat. The three could feel the pain and anger radiating off of him. Blue lights filled the room and Cole emerged from the shadows, there stood the Charmed Ones.

“What can we do?” Piper asked stepping into the role of big sister.

“We need to find where he took her.” Pogue said.

“Right we can get the stuff for scrying but we need something of Liz’s.” Phoebe said.

“I can get it, Pogue get the stuff.” Tyler said running upstairs to retrieve Liz’s thumb ring. As he came back down stairs he saw that Pogue had a U.S. and world map and a scrying crystal on a string, they had not used one of those for years.

“Here let me.” Paige said knowing how frazzled the boys were. She first used the World map and saw that Liz was in the U.S. still. She then turned to the U.S. map and started floating the crystal over the map, it zoomed over to New Mexico.

“Do any of you guys have a map of New Mexico?” Piper asked.

“Actually I do.” Pogue said going into his father’s study returning with a giant map of New Mexico.

“I have an idea of where the crystal is going to land.” Reid said with a dark look. The purple crystal landed right over Roswell.

“Roswell, why would he take her there?” Cole asked.

“Because that is where Liz lives.” Caleb said running his hands through his hair.

“So we orb to Roswell.” Phoebe said.

“We need to come up with a game plan first.” Caleb said patting Tyler on the back knowing that he was feeling like he was dying.

“Agreed.” Cole said.

“Where in Roswell would he take her?” Piper asked.

“There are a lot of abandoned warehouses just outside the town next to the old military base.” Tyler said.

“Eagle Rock.” Pogue said, the Charmed Ones noticed their collective anger at the name of the place.

“There is also the desert just outside of town. Dark and secluded with rocks to hide, perfect place.” Reid said.

“Knowing Chase though he will not chance the desert, he knows that Liz knows the area and in the off chance that she would break the spell he could not risk her beating him in the desert. He is at the warehouses.” Caleb said.

“The old Soap Factory.” Pogue said suddenly.

“What?” Phoebe asked.

“Liz talked about it all the time it was the place the local kids went to have parties, it is in the middle of nowhere and abandoned.” Pogue said.

“That is probably the place then.” Cole said.

“Cole is there any way you could scope the place out before hand?” Phoebe asked.

“I can but there is the risk that he will sense my magic.” Cole said.

“He will not be looking for your signature.” Caleb said.

“So get the details and then we can figure out how to kill him.” Tyler said his blue eyes hard with rage.

“Will do.” Cole said shimmering out of the Parry home.


She hated that even though the two of them were destined to be together he refused to see it or even act on it. Then there was Michael and Isabel and how neither of them were looking to follow their destinies either. It was those three humans those three stupid humans they messed everything up for her and Nasedo.

“Where are they?” She heard a growl, she looked around and saw that she had walked all the way to the old soap factory. There were three men out front, one in a black suit with a red tie, one in a long black trench coat, and the third was young around her age.

“They will be here, I know Caleb. None of them will let anything happen to her and when they do come I will have all of their powers.” The young one said. Tess moved closer to get a better look, the guys as if sensing someone was watching them moved inside. She slowly and quietly crept towards the building, thanking whatever god was up there that there was a window on the ground level she peered inside.

Tess’s blue eyes peered into the window and then she stumbled backwards her hand flying to her mouth. There in the center of the room was Liz Parker the bane of her existence floating in mid air surrounded by a golden light. The three men were watching her greedily as if she was their food.

“So much power in such a little thing.” The man in the suit purred. Behind her Tess felt something suddenly move, she quickly moved to the shadows and saw a tall dark man in a suit come out of the shadows. He looked around the building and then through the window.

“Why Lokey you rascal working with a darklighter and a witch you naughty little boy, the source will not like this.” The man said sounding oddly pleased.

“Then again, I think the sisters will be even more pleased.” The man said suddenly disappearing into thin air. Tess blinked several times to see if she was seeing things but he was no longer there. Backing away slowly Tess got the heck out of there, something was going on and she knew that she should not get involved. Giving one last look to Liz who was supposed to be in Florida she ran for it.

About fifteen minutes later blue lights appeared a good distance from the old soap factory, and nine people appeared in the dark of night. Tyler looked around his blue eyes shifting to pure black the instant he spotted the old soap factory.

“Let’s fix this little problem.” Tyler said as his friends eyes changed as well, Cole put on his demon face. The group looked amazing against the night sky approaching the old building. The sisters each clutched several potions in pouches several useful spells stored in their heads. Tonight was the night they would vanquish Chase.

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Hey guys thanks so much for all of your reviews! I am not a fan of Sarah or Tess and they will be delt with! Max will be taken care of as well! Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 7: The Beginning

It was decided that Tyler was going to enter first, that alone would throw Chase off since he was so sure he knew Caleb and thought that Caleb would be the first in the battle. Ripping the door from its hinges Tyler stood at the threshold surrounded by unnatural fog and a white light.

“So Chase you want a fight?” Tyler asked enjoying the other teens shocked look, the men on either side of him looked to Chase for answers but he would give none to focused on the new arrival.

“I killed you or at least made it so you would never walk again.” Chase said sounding mystified. Tyler let out a cold hollow laugh.

“Chase did you really think that your powers were even a fraction of mine? Your family has been polluted over the years you have minimal knowledge of how to use your powers and how to hone them.” Tyler said keeping an eye on Liz who was in serious danger in the middle of the room, so close to the action.

“Awe how sweet you came to save your girlfriend.” Chase said putting up a brave face once more.

“Well what did you expect.” Leo said from behind the trio, the darklighter made his crossbow materialize but Leo was quicker chucking a vanquishing potion at him. He might not have defensive powers but he sure could throw.

“And you are?” Chase asked.

“Leo.” The man in the suit said adjusting his tie.

“Lokey.” Leo said nodding at the upper level demon.

“You two know each other?” Chase asked.

“He is married to my greatest enemy.” The demon said.

“Your too kind.” Piper said from beside the demon.

“You.” He snarled, none of them seeing Tyler move Liz to the corner of the room with his magic so that his skin would never touch her knowing that would only kill her faster.

“What not happy to see her?” Phoebe asked from the other side of Chase.

“Okay what is going on here?” Chase asked giving off a laugh trying to cover up his fear.

“Never heard of a witch war have you Chase?” Pogue asked from next to Tyler making the teen turn suddenly.

“I have.”

“Well then you should know that an entire coven is involved.” Paige said from next to Leo.

“An entire coven?” Chase asked.

“You did not seriously think that it was just the four of us did you?” Reid asked from next to Piper.

“All the Charmed Ones.” The demon said sounding a little more uncomfortable.

“Very good Lokey I see I taught you well.” A harsh voice rang from the floor above, Chase and Lokey looked up in the face of a black and red demon whose razor sharp teeth were in a grin, surrounding him were dozens of faces, Liz’s mom and uncle among them all looking ready to party.

“See Chase you really need to look more closely at the fine print next time you declare war on a coven.” Caleb said from behind Chase.

“Fine print?”

“Yes, the part saying that when you declare a witch war you involve hundreds of others essentially making it a war.” Tyler said suddenly slamming an energy ball at the upper level demon who groaned in pain long enough to distract him as Caleb and Pogue moved to attack Chase with Reid and him joining the fight as Cole, Leo, Paige, Piper and Phoebe going after Lokey.

Those above rained down spells and blasts hoping to distract the two and frighten them. “You are not going to win this Chase.” Caleb said nodding for Tyler to go in, Tyler looked Chase dead in the eyes and Chase’s face contorted in rage suddenly changed to intense fear as a gigantic blast rippled towards him, more powerful than anything he had ever seen the blue eyed boy do. The blast hit Chase’s retreating back, Pogue saw pain flash across his face as his eyes shifted to their normal brown and then they were vacant. Next to him Lokey burst into flames withering in pain before he exploded. Chase rolled over onto his side looking at Liz in the corner of the room.

“I” he croaked. “Will you…my…powers.” He gasped then his eyes flashed black and then gray as his life left him. Lightening shot through the old soap factory exploding in the corner of the room.

“Liz!” Tyler yelled her mom screaming in horror, Pogue slumped to the floor watching as his cousin was electrocuted, then the bolt released leaving still slightly battered Liz on the floor. Tyler ran at her pulling her into his lap, stroking her cheek to get her to respond.


“My head hurt.” She groaned, the room let out a collective breath her mother releasing her tears as she cried into her brothers shoulder her nephew wiping his eyes got up off the floor and went over to his dad and aunt both pulling him into a hug. Reid’s mom had him and Caleb in a bone crushing embrace, his father trying to pry her off the struggling boys. Phoebe leaned against Cole smiling as she watched the two teens interact.

“They are so sweet.” Paige said as Leo pulled her and Piper close, kissing his wife’s head.

“They sure are.” Piper said wiping tears from her eyes.

“That was a hard battle.” Cole said.

“Harder than I thought it was going to be.” Phoebe muttered.

“They were both so strong.” Piper said.

“But we won.” Leo said.

“Yeah we did.” Paige said.

Tyler looked down at Liz, her eyes still slightly blurry from her ordeal. She snuggled closer to him enjoying the feeling of being close to him. “Liz?”


“Liz…I love you.” He whispered his blue eyes shimmered with thousands of emotions. Liz nuzzled his chest, she could not help the giddy feeling that ran through her at his words.

“I love you too Tyler.” She whispered closing her eyes as he gave her a soft sweet kiss.

“Liz?” Pogue asked coming over to the two he was the first to approach them.

“I am fine, just in a bit of pain and I am really tired.” She said giving her cousin a small smile.

“Mind if I heal you?” Leo asked flexing his hand.

“No I would be very grateful if you did actually.” Liz said not moving from her position which suited Leo quite well.

“All better.” Leo said making the others laugh.

“Thanks.” Liz said giving him a genuine Liz Parker killer smile.

“Anytime.” Leo said going back over to his wife just as Nancy flew to the ground to get to her baby girl who had yet to move away from Tyler.

“Oh Lizzie.” She cried pulling her out of the boys arms much to his dislike.

“Mom I am fine.” Liz said struggling to break free.

“I was so worried when Caleb said you were taken I felt like my heart was gone.” Nancy cried.

“I know mom.” Liz said getting up off the floor. Caleb came over to them looking haggard and in need of a shower.

“Looks like Liz just got a hell of a lot more powerful.” He said giving her a small grin.

“I know.” She said with a sheepish smile.

“What?” Nancy asked.

“Chase willed Liz his powers.” Pogue said.

“No way!” Reid’s dad yelled looking impressed.

“An ascended being just willed Liz his powers and she has not even ascended yet, when she does, look out.” Pogue said patting her on the back.

“My girlfriend is more powerful than me, this does not bode well for my ego.” Tyler said bringing her close once more much to her mother’s dislike but it was not like she could just pry a covenant members arms off her daughter. She was just going to have to accept that the two were going to be together.

“Come on guys let’s go home.” Caleb said motioning for everyone to follow him out of the building.

“Liz?” Nancy asked as Liz moved with Tyler and the boys to head back with them.

“I am going to finish out my summer with them mom like planned, I will see you in a few days.” Liz said running to quickly hug her mom who was going to walk back to town.

“See you soon sweetie, be good.” Her mom said sending Tyler a warning look.

“I will be.”

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Thanks guys for the reivews I am glad that you are all liking this! Now all of you want to know why Chase gave Liz his powers, that will be answered in a few parts! Those of you who pointed out the fact that Phoebe's prem. did not come true yet...you all are close to something :twisted: ! There is much to be taken care of :twisted: With that said please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 8: Departure

She did not want to get out of bed because she knew that when she did she would have to leave him. Tyler seemed to sense her movement and pulled her closer not wanting to let go of her. “Stay asleep longer.” He whispered.

“As much as I want to I can’t I have to catch my plane.” Liz said turning to face him. His brown locks were rumpled from sleep and his eyes had that blurry morning look that she found so cute.

“It is going to be so long before I can see you again.” He said burring his head in her neck, she turned her head slightly so she could kiss the shell of his ear, she felt him shiver. The two were interrupted by a pounding on her door.

“Liz come on time to get up you need to get to the airport in an hour.” Pogue yelled through the door.

“Coming.” Liz yelled back slowly detangling from Tyler and the sheets much to his frustration. Liz bent over and gave him a quick kiss as she went to go and get ready, he followed slowly.

“I am going to come and visit you on weekends or whenever I can.” He said knowing the first statement was going to be on the hard side.

“I know and you know that whenever I can I will go and visit you. For holidays I am going to come up here to Ipswich and breaks that I have that you don’t I will go up to Harvard.” Liz said through the shower curtain.

“Well now that we have that settled.” Tyler said ripping the curtain open and hopping in making Liz squeal.

Half an hour later the two descended the stairs seeing their three friends down at the bottom waiting for them, Sarah attached to Caleb’s arm once again. It turned out that Chase had bewitched her to spy on them and that she had been under his control for months, explaining her behavior as of late. Now Liz and her actually got along now that Chase was no longer controlling her.

“About time you two got down here.” Pogue grumbled not wanting to know what the two had been up to.

“Well Tyler takes as long as you do to do his hair.” Liz said earning a giggle from Sarah and Reid.

“That is true.” Caleb said.

“Come on we need to get going.” Pogue said slinging his arm around Liz as the five of them piled into the hummer with Liz’s belongings and headed to the airport. Standing near the gate Liz said goodbye to her boys people stared as a young girl was hugged by four very attractive boys.

“I am going to miss you Lizzie!” Reid said picking her up and twirling her around. He gave her a kiss on her cheek setting her down and passing her off to Caleb who grabbed her in a bear hug holding her close.

“You are like my sister, Liz if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to call especially now that you have new powers to deal with.” He said giving her forehead a kiss passing her off to Pogue who was looking down at his feet.

“I am going to miss having you around Liz.” He said hugging her close, she pulled him close smiling at him.

“I am going to miss you too Pogue.” She said kissing his cheek making him go bright red. Tyler was last leaning against the pillar girls giving him looks as they passed.

“Come here.” Liz said opening her arms and he gladly went to her scoping her up burying his head in her hair.

“I hate that you are leaving.” He whispered.

“I hate it too.” She said rubbing his back kissing the side of his head.

“Excuse me?” A girl asked Caleb gaining his attention.


“Um is that your sister?” She asked, her friends giggling behind her.

“No.” Caleb said gaining the attention of Pogue and Reid.

“She is our best friend.” Reid explained not liking the envious looks on the girls faces.

“So is she dating that guy?” They asked pointing to Tyler who was in a whisper conversation with Liz.

“Yes.” Pogue said.

“Oh.” The girl said looking disappointed.

“Are they available?” One of her friends asked.

“No.” Reid said speaking for all of them. The girl went away looking depressed. Liz gave Tyler one last kiss before she grabbed her carry on and went through the gate.

“Call me boys.” Liz said before leaving. The four of them stood there watching their friend in her short baby green summer dress heading away from them.



Maria was getting fed up with Max’s wounded puppy act, ever since her phone conversation with Liz she began to see the aliens as invasive little people who suck the life out of a person. She was excited, Liz was coming home today, not that she was going to tell Max that she did not want him waiting around to bagger her. Nancy ran down the stairs a large grin on her face.

“Any minute now.” She said pulling Maria and Alex outside, Max followed closely behind them wanting to know what was going on. A gray bus pulled away from the far corner of main street and there stood Liz Parker looking even more beautiful then when she left. Her mother noticed her friends eyes and how shocked they were by her transformation.

“Liz!” Maria yelled still soaking in her friends appearance. Liz grinned and leaped onto Maria as the two girls started screaming and jumping around.

“Alex.” Liz said peppering her friends face with kisses.

“Liz?” Max asked poking his head around Alex, his hands in his pockets a silly grin on his face. Liz’s face slipped off her face.

“Max..” Liz’s phone blared interrupting the group. Liz quickly pulled out her phone grinning.

“Hello!” She yelled a huge grin across her face, her eyes and skin glowing. The others, except Nancy, were shocked to hear a loud scream on the other end.

“LIZ!” Pogue, Caleb, Reid, and Tyler yelled.

“Boys!” Liz yelled back giggling.

“So how was your flight?” Tyler asked laughing.

“Boring. There was this girl next to me and she would not stop talking!” Liz said ignoring the others next to her.

“Awe poor baby, we miss you here and you have only been gone a few hours, how am I going to survive without my Liz?” Tyler asked.

“Well if you want to know…” Liz trailed off with a giggle.

“Don’t say it Parker, besides it is no where near as good as the real thing.” Tyler said making Liz laugh.

“Well you Mr. are just going to have to wait. We will see each other soon, besides if you get too lonely Leo can help out.” Liz said.

“Too true.” Tyler said sounding much happier.

“So what are you boys up to?”

“We are packing for school we leave in two days and none of us have even a bag packed and you know me when it comes to packing.” Tyler said.

“Yeah you are worse then me.” Liz said.

“I miss you Liz.” Tyler said.

“Miss you to, I will see you soon though.” Liz said.

“Love you.”

“Love you too, talk to you later.” She said.

“Bye.” Then the line went dead.

Maria and Alex stared at her in shock, Max just stood there not knowing what was happening but he knew that it did not bode well for him. Nancy just shook her head at her daughter knowing exactly who was on the phone but she did not mind too much as long as she did not have to see or hear any funny business.

“Liz?” Maria asked.


“Who was on the phone?” Maria asked her hands going to her hips, Liz’s cheeks took on a pink tint.

“Ah a good friend.”

“Liz.” Nancy said giving her daughter the mom look.

“Oh alright he is my boyfriend. I have known him all my life he is friends with my cousin and the two of us got really close this summer.” Liz said forgetting to mention she was already extremely close to him last summer.

“How come we did not know about this?” Alex asked slinging his arm around Liz as the three friends headed into the Crashdown leaving a distraught Max in their wake.

“Well I did not tell you because I did not know how you were going to react. I mean I know you both said you are okay with me not being with Max but I did not know how you would take the news that I had already moved on to another guy.” Liz admitted, she just omitted the fact that she was afraid that by telling her friends about Tyler they were going to figure out she was a witch.

“Okay chica you have to tell us everything.” Maria said leading the way towards Liz’s apartment.

Outside Max was distraught he felt as if his world was crumbling around him and there was no one there to save him. Liz, his Liz was dating another man. She did not even seem to care that this news crushed him, she did not even seem to notice he was there. It was as if she had just up and forgotten about him.

When she left for the summer he had been miserable but with Maria’s guidance and support he had been so sure that when she came back to Roswell he would be able to win her back. Now she had a boyfriend and his chances were looking grim. She sounded so happy on the phone with the other guy, it was like she was in her own little world when she spoke to him.

“Hey Max.” Tess said waving her hand in front of his eyes to catch his attention. She noticed that he looked lost and hurt.

“Tess.” He spat.

“Are you alright?” She asked not showing how hurt she was by his reaction.


“What is it?” She asked walking with him as he stormed down the street towards his jeep.

“Liz.” He ground out.

“What about her?” Tess asked remembering the night she saw the girl floating in midair.

“She has a new boyfriend.” He spat.

“What?” Tess asked, she stopped walking. How did she go from looking dead to dating.

“Yeah that was my reaction! She apparently has known the guy forever but now the two have decided to make it official.” Max said in a growl.

“Well that is good.” Tess said realizing her slip. Max rounded on her his eyes wild with anger.

“No Tess this is not good! I love Liz she is supposed to be with me not some other guy. The two of us were supposed to be together, get married, have kids that was us and then you came along and messed it all up!” He yelled storming away leaving behind a very hurt Tess. She gave him one last glance before she walked back towards the café looking at her feet.

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Thanks everyone for all of your replies I smile every time I read them! jamy21 and SnowyOwl-17 I think the two of you have my dorm bugged and are reading what I write as I type it, you two are close on a few things but how close...! Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 9: Something New

Maria noticed something was wrong a few weeks after Liz came back from Florida. Sure there were the minor personality changes and Liz was more carefree now but lately there was just something off about that girl. Liz came through the back door of the break room looking tired and worn down.

“Hey babe.” Maria said.

“Hey Maria.” Liz said giving her a small smile.

“Alright girlfriend spill, what is going on with you? Lately you have been in this funk…”

“I am just not feeling too well Maria.” Liz said sitting down on a stool since the café only had one customer, Alex.

“Something wrong with Liz?” Alex asked scooting closer to his two favorite ladies.

“Yes.” Maria said.

“No nothing is wrong I just have not been feeling that well.” Liz said tired of explaining herself. She had been feeling crummy for a little over two weeks.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t work today, go and rest.” Maria said pushing her friend towards the door. Liz gives her a small smile thanking her and Alex for understanding. Liz slowly marched upstairs away from everyone, her parents were away on business and would not be back for a few weeks so she had the place all to herself.

As she reached her room she felt progressively worse until she had to bolt to the bathroom where she got sick. “Something is wrong.” She groaned. She did not know what to do she had never gotten sick like this before the worst thing she has ever had was a cold.

Not knowing what to do Liz called the one person who was good with this sort of thing. “Leo!” she yelled. Soon the man appeared in her bathroom looking worried when he spotted her on the ground next to the toilet.

“Liz what happened?”

“Leo I have been sick for weeks now and I never get sick. Is there anyway to tell what is wrong with me?” Liz cried feeling nauseous again.

“There is not much I can do Liz I can only heal. Where are your parents?” Leo asked looking around as if expecting them to pop out of the laundry basket.

“Away on business.” She grumbled.

“So no one is around to take you to the doctors?” He asked, she shook her head no. He looked at her feeling sorry for her and then it was as if a light clicked on in his head.

“I will take you to the doctors, or more like see if one of the girls will because it would be too awkward if I took you.” Leo said helping Liz up, he could feel how unsteady on her feet she was. Soon the room was filled with blue lights and Liz was standing in the kitchen of what she assumed was the Charmed Ones home.

“Liz?” Piper asked setting down her baking sheet.

“She needs to go to the doctors but she has no one to take her, would you honey?” Leo asked, Liz looked down feeling both stupid and sick.

“Of course I will take you Liz.” Piper said rubbing her back like a mom would, Liz gave her a warm smile enjoying the comfort.

“Do you want Leo to go and get Tyler?” Phoebe asked from the table with a wicked smirk.

“Yes please.” Liz said her face tuning paler by the moment.

“Sweetie you don’t look so good.” Piper said ushering her towards the bathroom.

“Going to be sick.” Liz said thankful for the sight of the room. Leo quickly orbed out to go and get Tyler hoping he would help Liz feel better, or at least be there for her. Piper just rubbed her back as she continued to get sick.

“Liz!” Tyler yelled from downstairs, two sets of feet ran up the stairs. Leo appeared first followed by Tyler who looked around wildly finally spotting a sick Liz. He pulled her into his lap hugging her close.

“What’s wrong? All Leo said was you were sick.” Tyler asked.

“We need to take her to the doctor’s to find out.” Piper said handing Liz a washcloth.

“How long have you been sick?” He asked

“A few weeks.” She mumbled enjoying the cool washcloth.

“Do you think this has anything to do with Chase willing Liz his powers?” Phoebe asked.

“No.” Tyler replied.

“Why not the guy was evil?” Pieper asked.

“Our powers have a fail safe for that reason exactly so that when a person does will another their powers they cannot be used to destroy that person, the powers are not the problem.” Tyler said clearly worried about Liz.

“Liz when was the last time you had the flu?” Leo asked.

“Never, there is some little genetic quirk about us where the worst thing we get is a cold and a minor one at that.” Liz said.

“That is it I am taking her to the doctors.” Piper said as Tyler helped Liz up.

“I am going with her.” Tyler said and Piper nodded that he could come along. Soon the three were waiting in Piper’s doctors office waiting for him to see Liz. Apparently her doctor was not opposed to seeing new patients.

“Miss. Parker.” The nurse called leading Liz and Piper out of the waiting room leaving a very antsy Tyler in their wake.

“The doctor will be with you in a moment.” The nurse said leaving Liz and Piper with a green and blue gown for Liz to put on. Liz sat up on the table feeling spent. She knew she looked disgusting but neither Tyler nor Piper seemed to care, they were more worried then anything.

“Hi Liz, my name is Dr. Philips.” He said. He looked like a fatherly sort of man, tall with salt and pepper hair.

“Hi.” Liz said shaking his hand as he nodded at Piper who was hovering like a helicopter.

“So what seems to be the problem?” He asked.

“I have been sick for a few weeks now and I am not getting any better. I am always tired and I can barely keep food down.” Liz said. He looked thoughtful for a moment then started her check up. After all of the routine checks he snapped off his rubber gloves and threw them into the trash.

“Well Liz I believe I know what the problem is but I do need to run a few tests first.” He said.

“What kinds of tests?” Piper asked rubbing Liz’s back.

“Just some blood work.” He said making notes on her chart. He then got up and motioned for a nurse and told her what was needed.

“Pleasure meeting you Liz, your tests will be back in three days, at that time I would like you to come back.” He told her leaving the nurse to do her job.

“Well that was evasive.” Liz said not looking as her blood was drawn.

“Yes it was.” Piper said sounding suspicious. Soon Liz was done and they headed out towards Tyler and check out. When he spotted the two he pounced.

“Liz what did the doctor say?” He asked pulling her close.

“They need to run some blood work but he said he thought he knew what the problem was, but he did not tell me which leads me to believe it is something bad.” Liz whispered as Piper took care of the paperwork and then the three were out of there all looking worried.

“Liz can you stay with us for the next three days?” Piper asked.

“No I have to go to school.” Liz mumbled. Tyler kissed the top of her head as they rode back to the manor.

“Is there anyone who can stay with you?” Piper asked.

“Maria, when she is not working and Alex.” Liz said she noticed Tyler pull her closer and hold her tighter at the mention of Alex.

“He is like my big brother.” Liz whispered kissing his cheek. She could see the relief in his eyes but his grip did not ease up.

“The boys and I could use portals and take turns watching Liz, we don’t have any classes at the same time so one of us is always available.” Tyler said.

“That is not necessary.” Liz said.

“Please when they find out you are sick they are going to be beating down the door to get to you.” Tyler said making Piper laugh. Liz knew that her boyfriend was right the others would take the first portal over to Roswell to get to Liz.

“Are the portals safe for continual use?” Piper asked.

“Mostly.” Tyler said.

“Is there anything else you can do to get there and not use a portal?” Piper asked.

“We have not tried anything else but in theory we could do anything we wanted depending on how deep a drain it is.” Tyler said.

“I read a spell in the Book of Shadows that is for teleporting, it is sort of a combination of orbing and blinking.” Piper said.

“None of us have ever tried that but if I looked at the spell I bet I could figure out what I would need to do.” Tyler said.

“Well then it is settled, you Tyler Simms are about to be the first person to look at our book who is not a member of the family, or Cole.” Piper said.

“Why thank you.” Tyler said grinning. “I would offer you a glimpse at our book but there is this nasty little curse on it where if you are not part of the bloodline and you read the original copy then your eyes melt.” Tyler said.

“It’s true.” Liz added upon seeing Piper’s horrified look.

“Yeah Putnam did that one.” Tyler said.

“That man and his line do not sound like good people.” She grumbled.

“They were not good people.” Liz said.

“What I do not understand is why he gave you his powers.” Piper said. It was something that had been bugging them all, why had Chase given Liz his powers.

“Caleb has a theory that Chase felt that the only way the Putnam line could be carried on was through Liz. I think that is as close to an answer we are going to get.” Tyler said.

“Speaking of Caleb how are he and Sarah doing now that they are up at school?” Liz asked. Tyler scratched the back of his head not wanting to answer her knowing it was just going to make her upset.

“Not so good Liz, Caleb walked in on her and this guy Marc having sex. They are over and he is pretty broken up about it. He felt that after the whole Chase thing they would be find but it pushed them apart she no longer feels safe around him and he feels that he is responsible for every little thing that happens.” Tyler said. Liz even in her sick state looked murderous.

“I cannot believe I ever thought of her as a friend, she is nothing compared to Caleb, she is out of our lives for good, Caleb will find someone better.” Liz growled.

“I know sweetie.” Tyler said kissing her forehead.

“Phoebe is just glad her vision did not come true.” Piper said.

“Has that ever happened before?” Liz asked.