A New Life On The Strip (LV,XO,UC,Adult) COMPLETE..19/1

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A New Life On The Strip (LV,XO,UC,Adult) COMPLETE..19/1

Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:52 am

Title: A New Life On The Strip
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
Summary: The Pod Squad- minus Liz and Kyle- all leave for Antar. Once graduated they go and work for Liz’s Uncle Ed. What will happen when the Pod Squad return to Roswell to find out that Liz and Kyle are gone?
Couples: Liz/Danny Kyle/Delinda

Authors Notes~
1) Danny and Mary were never together or Danny/Sam or Danny/Delinda.
2) Tess isn’t pregnant in this story nor is she evil, just a bitch.
3) Alex is alive in this story.
4) Danny isn’t a manwhore!
5) My Liz is different from Roswell Liz.


My names Liz Parker and this is my first journal entry in just about 5 years. Things have definitely changed since my last entry about mine and Max’s latest argument or Maria’s new shopping spree plan.

I was just 17, trying to find a way to push Max even closer to Tess without having him to talk to me, which is what he had barely done since I had ‘slept’ with Kyle. I and Maria had planned a girly day out but when I was getting ready I was called by both Maria’s mother and Alex’s parents wondering if I had seen their teenage children. I then called the Valenti’s and the Evans’ to discover that all of the Pod Squad, minus me and Kyle, had been missing since last night. Later on that day after we had been questioned by the police and distraught parents me and Kyle took a drive up to the quarry where we found Maria’s old jetta and the jeep. We then wondered up to the Pod Chamber and found it in ruins; it was then that we knew the aliens had found a way to return to wherever the hell they came from.
Over the next few days all the parents received letters from their child. I got one from Maria and max. They both basically said the same things: That the aliens had found a way home and Maria and Alex had decided to go with them, that they were sorry and that they loved me. They also mentioned that they might be back one day so I was to watch out for them. Kyle was also delivered one from Tess.

Kyle and I grew a lot closer over the next few months, so much so that I told him about future max and he in return told me that before they left he had feelings developing for Tess. I finally thought that my life was getting back on track, until disaster struck. My parents were killed in a car accident with a drunk driver on their way to a conference. I had help from the Valenti’s, Mrs Deluca, The Whitman’s’ and the Evans’ to plan the funerals. I was really grateful when my Uncle Ed, Aunt Julian and cousins Nessa and Delinda showed up to pay their respects. I hadn’t seen them in a while even though they live in Las Vegas, but Uncle Ed and my cousins were busy working in Ed’s hotel ‘Montecito’ and my aunt was really involved with a lot of charity work. They stayed with me for the next few days and I got to connect with Nessa ‘Ness’ and Delinda ‘Dee’ again. Then when they were boarding Ed’s jet he turned and said to me that if we wanted, when me and Kyle graduated high school we both had jobs at his hotel. My reply was ‘I might just take you up on that’.

Over the next year and a half, Kyle and I became best friends and it forced me to come out of my shell. Mrs Deluca took over the Crashdown for me and I continued to work as a waitress. About 7 months before graduation I started dating a guy called Justin Brookes, we had only been dating for 2 months when I felt comfortable going with him all the way. Justin was a soccer player but also a brain, totally gorgeous and really experienced in bed. It was weird that he never once pressured me into sex and ended up teaching me everything he knew in the bedroom.
On the run up to graduation I decided not to go to Harvard as it wasn’t my dream any longer. So I sat down with Kyle and we talked all night about what we wanted to do. In the end we decided to go to Las Vegas and work for my Uncle. We then told Jim of our decision who then told everyone else. I called Ed to tell him and he was over the moon and about 10 minutes after I hung up with him Ness and Dee were phoning me screaming and shouting about how excited they were.

Jim surprised us with a combined graduation/leaving party the night before we left, the Whitman’s, the Evans’ and Mrs Deluca were all there, it was just amazing. After the party I went back to Justin’s with him and we had a little goodbye party of our own!
The next day me and Kyle set off on Uncle Ed’s private jet that he had sent over. When we arrived Ed, Julian, Dee and Ness were all there to welcome us. In the car on the way to the hotel Ed explained that were being given 2 hotel suites to live in for staff and that until we were 21 we couldn’t work in the casinos so I was going to work as a personal shopper for V.I.P guests and Kyle was going to work as a doorman.

When we got there we were introduced to Dee and Ness’s friends/co-workers: Mary Connell- A Las Vegas home-grown who handled the entertainment; Sam Marquez- An out of Towner who handled all the big ‘whales’; Mike Cannon- Who worked in security and Danny McCoy- Who was head of security and gorgeous.

The next three months flew by, me and Kyle both got settled into our rooms and jobs. We also started hanging out with Dee, Ness, Mary, Sam, Mike and Danny a lot. We were like one big family. I also got help from the girls with appearance, I got 2 more holes in each ear and a belly piercing and tattoos one on the bottom of my back that was a fairy with R.I.P underneath it for my parents and a red pair of dice on the inside of my right wrist as a dedication to my new Vegas life. I also cut and layer my hair so that it just sat on my breast and got a bit of a fringe, and I also changed the clothes I wore to tighter and more revealing.

Soon enough I was turning 19 and I received cards from everybody back in Roswell and was thrown a party by Uncle Ed in his mansion. Danny and I had been on a few dates by then and I knew that I was falling for him hard, just as Kyle was with Delinda. On the night of my party, me and Danny slept together for the first time.

When I turned 21 two years later that was a big event, Ed threw me another party this time at the Montecito. It was a really great night and I got three surprises 1) That I was going to help Mary with the entertainment, 2) That Uncle Ed bought me a yellow Murcielago Roadster to go with my black Range Rover that he’d bought me for my 20th and 3) That Danny proposed up on the stage. That night was the best night of my life so far and will never forget it, I of course said yes to the proposal because I already knew that I wanted to be with him till death do us part.

Now I’m nearly 22, and I am getting married in a few months. I still talk to everybody in Roswell, they are all being flown over for the wedding, I thought Diane and Phillip (Evans) wouldn’t accept that I was moving on with my life but accepted it really well. In just about 5 years there still hasn’t been any contact from that Pod Squad. I don’t really care anymore, but it would’ve been nice for Maria to see her mother and Jim get married almost 6 months ago.

Liz looked up from writing when a dark shadow blocks her light. It’s about midnight and her and Danny had decided to go for a late night swim with Dee and Kyle. Liz looks over at the 2 who had started dating a little over a year ago, then moves her gaze back to the dark figure.

“Can I help you Mr McCoy?” She asks with a small smile distracted as she watches a drop of water run its way down her gorgeous fiancés chest.

“Well you could join me in the water soon-to-be-Mrs McCoy” Danny replies with the smirk she knew well and loved.

Liz puts down her new journal, stands up and slowly removed the tank top and jeans that she had covered her bikini clad body under. She knows Danny is watching her without looking at his face and makes a show of taking them off. Roughly two minutes later she finds herself in the water with Danny leading her towards the waterfall hidden cave in the pool.
Once inside she swims over to the bench and sits on it, Danny isn’t far behind her and stands between her legs. His hands are on her hips, his right thumb stroking the tattoo of his name on her abdomen, she looks at his right wrist and through the water can just see the black ink the spells her name. Liz wraps her arms around Danny shoulders and notices her engagement ring of her finger glitter, bringing a smile to her face. She leans in and gives his a passionate, slow, deep kiss that soon turns into a hot make out session. She feels him pull her closer to him so she can feel his erection through his trunks and she is immediately wet.
The next thing Liz knows her red bikini bottoms are off, Danny’s trunks are down and he is entering her with one deep, hard and slow thrust that lets her feel every inch of him

“Damn baby girl……..uh I love you so much” Danny groans into her ear, using his old nickname for her.

“I love you too baby boy.” Liz returns.

The next 10 minutes all both of them can hear are each other moans. They reach their climax together and spend the next few minutes holding on each other, exchanging sweet kisses.
Once they get together they swim back out to see that Delinda and Kyle are gone. Danny and Liz then gather their stuff up and head up to their room. The last thought that runs through Liz’s head before she falls asleep wrapped tightly in Danny’s arms is that her life is perfect.

http://eurocars.wordpress.com/category/ ... ura-corse/ (Liz’s yellow Murcielago Roadster)

http://www.seriouswheels.com/2006/2006- ... 80x960.htm (Liz’s Range Rover)

http://www.diamondcuttersintl.com/diamo ... e6LRG.html (Liz’s engagement ring)
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Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:36 am


The next morning Liz and Danny went out for breakfast before Danny had work and she had the doctors. Liz had told Danny that she was going to do some shopping though as she didn’t want to worry him about the fact that she was sick 3 or 4 times a day and started feeling light headed at random moments.
They exchanged a final kiss as they stood at Danny’s car. He gave Liz a kiss on the cheek and told her not to spend too much. Once in the car, he rolled down his window and told her he loved her, with a small smile Liz repeated the words back to him and then Danny set off for the hotel.

With a sigh Liz turned around and walked back to main road to hail the cab that would take her to the doctor’s surgery, pulling up her hair that had recently had a few blonde streaks put through it she looked down at her outfit that consisted of a green/grey off the shoulder top, white skirt and black biker boots. She got into the cab that stopped near her and told the driver where to go, not knowing that in Roswell a very big something just hit the ground again.

*~~~~~~~IN ROSWELL~~~~~~~*

The spaceship came hurtling down and hit the earth with a great thump.
Slowly the 6 people made their way out of the ship, careful not to hurt themselves on the rocks and boulders that had come loose.

“It feels so weird to be back.” Isabel stated as her long time boyfriend Alex came up and took her hand in his. Isabel hadn’t changed much in the last few years; her hair was shorter and darker though. Alex was definitely still the same lanky tall guy who had the same cute smile.

“I know, well we’d better start heading into Roswell.” Max replied, he wanted to get into town as soon as possible to see Liz. Tess and him had tried to be together on Antar, but they soon realised that the two people they had left behind were the ones who had stolen their hearts.

“God, I cannot wait to see Liz, my mom and hell I even want to see Kyle!” Maria declared. Maria had changed a lot on Antar, she had put on about 15 pounds and it didn’t look good since most of the weight went to her thighs, but Maria thought it looked good. She and Michael were still doing the on/off relationship, this week it was off because Maria wanted to take the final step with him and have sex, but Michael wasn’t so sure. On the upside Maria was happy to know that the other 4 were also still virgins, Maria couldn’t believe it she and all her friends were 22 and still virginal. So all they needed now was Liz and Kyle back with them and it would be a great big group of virgins, although she did think the Iz and Alex were going to do the deed some.

Soon they all started the long trek that lay head back to Roswell, back home.

*~~~~~~~IN LAS VEGAS~~~~~~~*

Liz sat there in shock, she had been at the doctors for about an hour and she had just been told the cause of her sickness and dizziness. She just sat there, numb not hearing as the doctor wrote her prescription and told her about her appointment with the specialist.
She got out the surgery and sat down on the nearest bench, and then she finally let the tears fall. After 5 minutes of sobbing and tears falling an elderly woman approached her with a tissue and handed it to her.

“You okay, love?”

“Oh yeah, these are happy tears.” Liz said with a small smile.

The woman returned the smile and walked away after she had been thanked for the tissue.

Liz thought as she placed her hand on her stomach. I’m pregnant…..I’m pregnant with Danny’s baby. This made the tears stop and she started chuckling softly to herself with a bright smile. But the next thought that entered Liz’s head made her stop laughing and the smile slip as she unconsciously tighted her grip on her abdomen.

How do I tell Danny?

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It had been 2 days since the Pod Squad had landed back on earth. After walking back to town they had arrived at the Evans’ first.
Over the next hour all the parents had given their respective child hugs, kisses and a very stern talking to about leaving like that again.
Maria then got a shock when she found out that her mom and Jim had gotten married. Then Alex dared to ask the question that had been on all of their minds.

‘Where are Liz and Kyle?’

All the parents had gone silent at that question. Finally Mrs Whitman had stood forward and told them about Jeff and Nancy’s car crash and that Liz and Kyle were working in Las Vegas in Liz’s Uncles hotel. Then Amy stood forward and revealed that Liz and Kyle phoned once a week to check on everyone. Mrs Evans then showed them the diamond bracelet from Liz that had Maria, Isabel and Tess drooling.
The next few hours passed and everybody started heading home. Michael decided to stay at the Evans’s, even after Maria practically begging him to stay at hers.

The next day they spent it with their parents and that night they got together and then explained to them that they were going to Las Vegas to find Liz and Kyle.
Now they were on their plane waiting to descent to LV Airways.

An hour later after getting their luggage and freshening up they piled into 2 cabs and started on their way to the Montecito.

The Montecito

Liz walked through the casino taking in all the excitement going on around her. She looked up at the nearest CCTV camera and did a little wave before focusing back on the casino.
She was dressed in a light blue denim mini-skirt, a black tank top with a Rock and Roll design on the front, a pair of knee high high-heeled boots and a black bandana on her head. Her hair was down and wavy, with the blonde bits in little braids. A few months ago she had decided to grow her hair and now it was just about at her elbows.

As she listened to the happy chatter going on about her, Liz thought about what had happened over the last few days. Her morning sickness had set in really bad, she still hadn’t told Danny about the baby but she had told Kyle this morning. He was happy and as the self proclaimed Godfather he had told her that Danny would be too. Liz wasn’t so sure, Danny had told her that he definitely wanted kids but he didn’t want them until they had enjoyed a few years of marriage.
Liz was so caught up in her thoughts she nearly ran into the small group of people in front of her.

“Oh, sorry.” Liz apologised not looking up from the loose thread on her top. She went to side step the group, but one of them copied her move, blocking her.

“Hey pal! I said sorry now move outta-” Liz broke off in a gasp as she finally looked up at the group of people. She took a step back as she looked at the faces of Tess, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex and Max. Max went to step towards her but stopped when he saw Kyle, an older black man and another guy who looked about 25 come up behind Liz protectively. She (Liz) didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Kyle, Mike and Danny behind her because they had probably seen them arrive on the CCTV.
The awkward silence that settled was broken, thankfully, by Sam.

“Liz, sweetie, look I have this huge whale who has a daughter who really wants to go see the Rihanna concert tomorrow and I was wondering if you could make a few phone calls for me!”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can do, BUT I’m not making any promises Sam.” Liz replied.

“Thanks a lot. Hey is that a new top it make your chest look great.” Sam commented as she brought her hands up and pushed at Liz’s breasts before walking off, not caring about the weird looks coming from the Pod Squad.
Liz turned back to them and before any of them could say anything, she raised her hand in silence.

“I don’t have time for this right now. I do however have a few hours for lunch tomorrow.” She gave them the name of the restraint down the strip. She then turned around and walked away to make those call for Sam, with Danny and Mike behind her.
Tess was shocked and hurt when Kyle just shrugged and followed the others with out even sparing her a glance.
Michael could see that Max and Maria wanted to go after Kyle and Liz but as he saw them and the two other guys enter an employee only area, he knew it was time to go find a motel for the night. Slowly the Pod Squad left the Montecito, all their thoughts filled with scenarios about what would happen at lunch tomorrow.

Liz’s Office

Liz was fuming, how dare they show up like that? How dare Max go all pathetic puppy-dog eyes when she told them to meet her and Kyle for lunch tomorrow?
Kyle and Danny sat out the couch silently, watching Liz pace back and forth. Kyle was slightly amused at Liz’s reaction and the look on Danny’s face. He knew Danny still didn’t know about the baby and knew that Danny was jealous over Liz’s reaction. Kyle thought that seeing Tess would be a big blow to his system, but he had expected it to be a lot bigger. He was happy at the Pod Squads reaction to Liz’s outburst. But what did they expect, for Liz to stay the innocent weak little girl she was in Roswell? Tuff, because Liz was now a sexy, independent woman, who could stand up for herself. Nessa and Mary walking past the door caught his attention and he hastily made an escape so Liz and Danny could be alone.

Danny stood up and walked over to Liz, taking her in his arms. Rubbing her back gently, he felt the tension in her form melt away. Liz put her arms around her fiancés waist and spoke for the first time since entering her office.

“Why now? Huh, why now Danny? Did they sense I was happy or did they come to ruin my wedding day?”

Danny sighed and told it’d be ok. He hoped the answer was no to the last two questions Liz had just asked.

Later that Night

Liz finished changing into her p-j’s, which consisted of an old t-shirt of Danny’s and a pair of his boxers. She climbed into bed and turned off the light. She lay there in nearly darkness, the only source of light coming from the hall light which was on because Danny was working late and finally thought about seeing the Pod Squad again.
When he came in Danny stripped down to his boxers and pulled back the duvet smirking as he saw what Liz had put on for bed. He got into bed and pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her possessively. He buried his head into the crook of her neck, dropping an occasional kiss behind her ear until he fell into a deep sleep.

When Danny’s breathing finally evened out, Liz opened her eyes. She brought her hands up to clasp the ones already around her waist and her the first time in years Liz prayed. Liz prayed that things would work out and that in 2 and a half weeks she would marry Danny, the love of her life.

The Next Morning

Liz sighed as Kyle pulled her range rover up to the curb outside the restraunt she’d agreed to meet up with the Pod Squad at. She’d decided to drag Kyle along as well, so she didn’t have to fight the battle with them alone. She got out and looked down at her outfit; loose, cargo jeans, ugg boots and a white tank top that said ‘Mrs McCoy’ in big black letters. She had pulled her hair up into a messy bun and didn’t have any make-up on.
They entered the restraunt and soon found the table that was occupied by the people they hadn’t really spoken to in over 3 years. They linked arms, drawing strength from each other and started towards the table.

2 Hours Later

Liz, Kyle, Tess, Maria, Alex, max, Isabel and Michael all walked out of the restraunt feeling happier and lighter.
They had talked about everything from the aliens and co leaving, the Parkers crash, Jim and Amy getting married to Kyle and Delinda's relationship and Liz’s engagement.
Everyone had a reaction to that news. The girls all drooled over Liz’s ring, Michael quizzed her about Danny and Max just started at her with anger and hurt in his eyes.
As Liz and Kyle stood watching the 2 cabs that held their friends, Kyle put a comforting arm around her shoulders and whispered in her ear.

“It could’ve been a lot worse!”

Liz agreed 100%, it could’ve gone a lot worse, but she still had the hard part to do. She still had to tell Danny that she was 3 and half months pregnant with his baby.

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Re: A New Life On The Strip...Las Vegas XO (ADLT) A/N..1/1

Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Sat Jan 05, 2008 9:58 am

Part 3

Liz looked towards the front door from where she sat on the couch, she was on the phone to the wedding planner trying to finalise some of the details for the wedding reception when the doorbell rang. She knew that it wasn’t Danny, this was his apartment too he just walked in and all of their friends knocked first then just let themselves in.
She apologised to Gloria, the planner, and said goodbye to her, then headed towards the door. She was dressed in a brown long-sleeved top that had The Montecito Hotel and Casino stitched on the back, a pair of tight denim jeans and a pair of brown leather boots that went over her jeans and added a good 4 and a half inches to her small 5’3 frame. Her hair was down and wavy, Liz had decided to stick with bronzes for her make-up today with bronze eye shadow, blush and lip-gloss.

Liz reached the door and almost instantly her smile dropped a couple of notches when she opened it and saw Max standing on the other side.
Without waiting for an invitation he pushed passed her and let himself in. Liz closed the door, whilst muttering sarcastically under her breath ‘Come on in. She took a breath and went to join him.

“What the HELL are you doing?” He exclaimed as she did so.

“Well I was going to play the good host, you know, offer a coffee or juice. But forget it.” She replied, her eyes flashing with anger.

“No, I mean with Danny, why are you marrying him Liz? You knew I was coming back! Do you really think he can give you everything you need, everything you want? Like a big house, a white picket fence, kids, and a proper family? Do you really think he can make you as happy as I could?” He finished his rant, not noticing that when he mentioned kids Liz had placed her hand on her stomach and a small smile had lit up her face.

“No, I don’t. I KNOW, I know that Danny can make me more happy than you ever could Max. I love Danny so much that at times it hurts. Okay so we might not get the big house and the white picket fence, but I know he can make me happy and that he can give me a family.”

“How’d -” He trailed off because he then noticed the hand the lay delicately on her stomach with her engagement ring that was sparkling because of the light hitting it. “You’re, you’re not p-pre-” He stuttered.

“Pregnant, yes I am. 3 and a half months along, I found out a couple of days ago and so far only Kyle knows, well now you do too.” She finished with a sigh as she reached up to pull her hair back into a messy bun, as she did so Max caught a glimpse of her stomach that already had a small bump developing and he also saw the tattoo of Danny’s name on her abdomen. Max knew now that since she was pregnant there was no chance in hell that she would leave Danny for him. But they could at least try to be friends.

Listen Liz, I’m sorry about just barging in here asking you things that I have no right to ask. I know it’s a lot to ask but can we try to have a friendship?” He asked, sticking out his hand for her to shake if she agreed to his request.

Liz just slapped his hand out of the way and stood up on her tip-toes, wrapping her arms around his neck and gave him a friendly hug whilst whispering in his ear.

“Max, I’d like that, but if you really want this friendship you have to accept me and Danny as a couple. In a few weeks I’m going to be his wife and then in a few months I’m going to bring his baby into the world. If you can’t accept that then I can’t give you a friendship.” Max nodded against her shoulder. He would try and accept the fact that Liz and Danny were going to be together whether he liked it or not.

“Not interrupting something am I?” Danny asked as he leant against the doorframe, he’d convinced Kyle to cover his shift so that he could take Liz out to dinner. He wanted to spend some time alone with her before the big, crazy, run-down to the wedding. But when he’d gotten to their apartment on the 20th floor he’d found the woman he loves giving another man, Max he assumed, a hug.
Liz, when she’d heard Danny speak, pulled back from Max, put a smile on her face even though inside she was praying that although she was whispering Danny hadn’t heard the last part of her little friendship speech.

“Of course not. Baby this is Max, Max this is my fiancé Danny,” She finished introducing them. “And Max was just leaving.”

About a minute later the door was closing and Danny and Liz were left alone. Liz sighed and geared herself up to tell Danny about the Baby.

“Danny, we have to talk.” She said to him, missing the sadness and anger flickering in his eyes.

“Are you leaving me for Max?” Danny couldn’t help but blurt out. But he felt very stupid as Liz burst out laughing hysterically and didn’t stop for a good few minutes.
When she did she walked over to him and stood so close that he could feel their body heat mixing. Her high heeled boots gave her a nice lift so she was almost eye level with his 6’2 height.

“I’m pregnant baby!” She told him and to her surprise, he wrapped his arms around her waist, picked her up and spun her around. Liz couldn’t help but giggle at his antics as he put her down.
“I take it you’re happy with it?!” She asked him.

“Baby girl, happy doesn’t even cover it!” He exclaimed. “I love you” He whispered.

“I love you too.” Liz replied. She leant up to kiss him, the kiss was slow, sweet and soft at first but gradually it became passionate, hard and deep.
Danny started leading Liz backwards hoping to find the bedroom or a table, only succeeded in bumping into a wall which caused Liz to break the kiss with a gasp that then turned into a moan when Danny started kissing, sucking and nipping at her pulse point. She brought her hands up and dug them into his hair, pushing his head harder against her neck, he got the point and sucked harder, trying to leave a mark on her and made her moans grow louder..
One-by-one each article of their clothing was removed and Danny was lifting Liz up by her ass and slowly entering, afraid her might hurt her or the baby. Liz noticed that he was holding back and leant down, kissing his neck as she whispered to him that he didn’t have to treat her like china, that she wasn’t going to break and that she wanted all of him.
When she’d finished saying this, she noticed that his thrusts had grown harder, faster and deeper. Danny leant further into the wall so that he could support Liz without holding onto her. He brought his hands up and took hers from around his neck, held them above her head and entwined their fingers together. He looked at his wrist seeing Liz’s name tattooed there and saw his name inked into her softly curved stomach already growing for their baby. He felt a possessive and primal grin slide onto his face and thrust harder into Liz’s body making her scream and her back arch as she fell over the edge. Danny reached his peak just after her, the feeling of her tight, hot body clenching around him was too much for him to handle.

After catching his breath Danny carried Liz through to their bedroom and put her down on their bed. He climbed in behind her and soon they both fell asleep, tightly holding onto each other knowing that even though they had problems, they could get through it because they were a team. Soon to be man and wife. Soon to be a family of three. Followed shortly after by another to make it four.

A/N: Hey guys, this is the 2nd last part only the epilogue to post now! Just in case I forget next time, I want to thank you for all the feedback and BUMPS! This was only my second story and I know there are probably a few little grammar mistake here and there, but nevermind! I hope you guys like reading A New Life On The Strip.

Love Hayley.

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Re: A New Life On The Strip...Las Vegas XO (ADLT) Prt4...5/1

Post by LizNdAlec4eva » Sat Jan 19, 2008 4:00 pm

Epilogue…..7 years later

Liz Parker - McCoy sat on the deck chair in her backyard watching the starts. As a wedding present Uncle Ed had bought her and Danny a 7 bedroom house. Four months after moving in Liz had given birth to Bella-Marie who was now 6, had her mother’s eyes and her dads pout, but was a great big sister.

Yup, other kids, they had a little brood.

Next came Jayden, who was 4 and a half. He was a little cutie who loved to play wrestle with his daddy. Then there was the year old twins Reese and Ryan. A girl and a boy, making it 2 girls and 2 boys. They were definitely ‘mamas’ babies, Danny had decided it was because they were born 5 days after her due day and that was induced.
At 29 and 32, Liz and Danny had decided 4 kids was a good number for now and that they were going to give the others a chance to catch up. Although they did have fun practicing.

Kyle and Delinda had married almost 2 years ago and were starting to think about having a family. Alex and Isabel were engaged, but Liz thought that if they hadn’t taken a break for a year they would also be married and have a few pitter patters of baby feet. Maria and Michael had a son, Jacob who was 5; they were also planning on marrying soon. As for Max, he had met a woman a few years back called Serena, she and Liz were really good friends and Liz had recently went with him to choose the engagement ring.

Elizabeth Parker – McCoy was happy. She had her husband, her amazing kids and she even got the white picket fence to match!


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