Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

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Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Mon Feb 18, 2008 10:19 pm


Title: Magical Secrets

Author: Ansleyrocks

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or the Covenant!

Rating: Mature-Adult just to be safe

Couples: Liz/Pogue, Maria/Reid, Caleb/?, Tyler/?

Category: Crossover/ Roswell and the Covenant

Summary: It started with a tingling in the back of her mind and when she realized what was happening her heart slammed against her chest painfully; they were dead. Liz Parker and Maria Deluca came off to their friends as pathetic humans but when two old friends drop by with bad news their secret life comes crashing into reality. Time is running out and the girls must turn to the sons of Ipswich for help.

Added Note: In the Covenant this takes place right after the movie, in Roswell this takes place after the Harvest and from there the story goes in a whole new direction. For the sake of this fic, the timeline in Roswell is pushed up a year so Liz was shot junior year. Also a huge thanks to Touch of the Wind for the amazing banner!


She ran as fast as her legs would carry her hating the stinging feeling in her chest from her quick intake of breath. Her destination loomed in front of her like a lighthouse at sea spurring her on faster. Blasting the front gate open she ran down the drive towards the front door; pounding on the solid wood door with all her might ringing the bell continuously.

“What?” A gruff voice barked before gasping.

“Caleb.” She chocked falling into his arms, he looked around before he pulled her limp body inside.

“Caleb?” Sarah asked coming into the foyer followed by his mother.

“Oh my god!” Mrs. Danvers gasped. “Serena.” She choked out rushing towards the girl on the floor in her sons arms.

“You have to help them” Serena wheezed.

“Help who?” Caleb asked.

“The others…they are too strong I did not see them coming.” Serena sobbed.

“Serena what happened?” Caleb asked looking into her green eyes begging her to help him.

“I was attacked, it was the Horaci.” She gasped out feeling Caleb go rigid.

“The Horaci?” He whispered.

“They are after us, they are going to go after the others next. Please you have to help them, Lizzie and Maria are all alone.” Serena suddenly started coughing, blood escaping from her mouth.

“Damn.” Caleb groaned.

“Is there anything we can do for her?” Sarah asked.

“No the Horaci injected me with their blood.” Serena wheezed.

“No!” Mrs. Danvers sobbed.

“Help them Caleb please, don’t let my sisters die.” Serena said searching his golden eyes for help, she coughed violently again before she lay motionless in Caleb’s arms.

“No.” He whispered feeling for a pulse but he found none, he knew there was nothing he could do.


Liz hated having to work on the weekend, she would much rather be out having fun with her friends but no she was stuck there working at her parents restaurant as usual, but at least she had Maria to keep her company. For as long as she could remember it had been her, Maria and Alex but lately with all of the alien craziness Alex had been pulling away from them leaving Maria and Liz by themselves. She hated all that was happening around her, she knew the other’s secrets but her and Maria were not allowed to share their own; bound by an ancient code.

Liz suddenly stood up gaining the attention of the entire café which consisted of the aliens and Liz’s parents. Clutching her head she started screaming falling to her knees. “Liz!” Maria screamed running over to her best friend followed by Alex and her parents.

“No. Please no…” Liz sobbed.

“Lizzie what is it?” Jeff asked grabbing his daughter’s face forcing her to look at him, none of them noticing the four aliens that crowded around them.

“It’s Serena…she’s dead.” Liz sobbed into her father’s shoulder. Maria shook her head vigorously not wanting to believe her best friend who was shaking on the floor of her parents café. “Daddy it hurts so bad she hurts so bad!” Liz screamed out her small form convulsing in her father’s arms. The aliens stared in awe as their strong friend cried her distress.

“Lizzie…” Jeff tried to get his daughter to look at him.

“She is dead…”Liz suddenly went still her head falling backwards. Jeff and Nancy shot a look at each other and then Jeff quickly got up off the ground carrying his daughter out of the café faster than the others had time to comprehend with Maria trailing behind. Alex was left to keep the aliens from following.

Upstairs Jeff set his daughter on the couch and stood back as his daughter’s body began to glow green and a black pentagram glowed on her forehead four of the points glowing brightly, the fifth gone with Serena. Maria and Nancy lowered to one knee in front of Liz bowing their heads.

“Hail to the eldest daughter, leader of the Scions.” They chanted.
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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Pro 2/18/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:09 pm

Hey guys thanks so much for all of the responses!

Pandas2001- Yes Liz is now the oldest. There are other members of the Scions and they will be introduced soon. I was unsure of the Pogue/Liz pairing at first as well but the more I started writing the two of them together the more I liked it. The way I write Liz in later chapters she fits better with Pogue. Don’t worry though I have another idea for a Liz/Tyler fic. Thanks for the response.

Jensen Lover 37- Thanks!


Jean- Thanks!

LizNdAlec 4 eva – Thanks and Alex will get it together soon but it will take some work.

Force- Thanks!

Carter 13- Thanks I hope you like them!

Garcia88- Thanks and I hope you like them in this fic!


KiaraAlexisKlay- Thanks! I just really love the Covenant. Yup the girls are not really related they just have a close magical bond that creates a magical sisterhood. I love your Covenant fic but it is hard to finish and a little on the sad side.


TuggyAngel- Thanks!

o0IceBubbles0o- Yeah Liz is the leader and she will have a few interesting twists. As for Maria and Liz and the aliens they are at odds right now because of the whole Liz pretended to sleep with Kyle so her and Max are at odds and Tess is on his side. Michael is being the stone wall but he might surprise you, Isabel is up in the air at the moment. Thanks for the response!

Vampyrolover86- Thanks!

Rachelg224- Thanks!

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 1: The Sons and the Daughters

Liz sat on her bed hugging her legs to her chest staring at the wall in front of her with a dead look in her doe eyes. She felt amazing and terrible at the same time creating a war of emotions in her small form. The power of being the eldest in the Scion line was a heady experience and one that she took with the death of her best friend and life sister.

The Scion line was an ancient line of witches that has existed since the ancient times of the Roman Empire. They were five families who had powers unlike those of any other witch; they were the ultimate female witches. They came into their powers when they were thirteen and then when they were eighteen they went through ascension and their powers doubled. There was a downside to using their powers though when they were older; the more they used their powers the more addicted they would become and the more they would use their powers eventually draining the life out of them.

“Liz?” Maria asked from the doorway of her bedroom. Liz turned her blank eyes towards her friend whose face was puffy from her tears.

“Oh Maria.” Liz said crying when she saw her friend. The blonde rushed at Liz clutching her tightly both of them shaking in their grief.

“Caleigh and Faith are coming down here today. Your mother called them last night and told them what has happened.” Maria said wiping at the tears that were running down the side of her face.

“Oh god they must be devastated.” Liz chocked.

“They are but they know that they have to be strong and that we need to kill whatever killed our sister. Liz we have to take down whoever did this.” Maria whispered her eyes welling with fresh tears. Liz looked at her friend her eyes hardening.

“We will Maria; oh I promise you we will.” Liz said.


Caleb ran a hand through his hair as Sarah and his mother stared at him. They were waiting for the other three to show up so that he could tell them what had transpired last night. Sarah stared at her boyfriend with worried eyes knowing that whoever that girl was she was important to Caleb.

“Caleb!” Pogue Parry’s gruff voice rang out in the foyer of the Danvers home.

“In here.” Caleb called back and Pogue came in with helmet in hand his brown eyes searching his best friend and captain’s face.

“What is going on?”

“Wait till the others get here.” Caleb sighed rubbing his face again as the front door opened and Reid and Tyler walked in.

“What is the big emergency?” Reid asked flopping onto a chair raising one of his eyebrows at his longtime friend.

“Serena is dead.” Caleb chocked out his chocolate eyes shimmering with pain.

“No.” Tyler whispered looking sick; the others looked to be in similar states of shock.

“How?” Reid asked looking ready to cry until finally a tear leaked out the corner of his crystal blue eyes.

“She came here last night in a panic, she was dying.” Caleb chocked out. “She said that she had been injected with Horaci blood.” Caleb said.

“Oh god.” Pogue sobbed his face contorting in pain as he slumped to the floor. The thought of his friend suffering such pain was unbearable. He did not care about saving face or looking macho in front of his friends. Serena was dead and died the most painful death and he was in pain.

“We have more trouble though.” Caleb said gaining their attention again as his mother held Pogue.

“What?” Tyler asked wiping his eyes furiously.

“Liz and Maria are in Roswell, far away from the Scion territory like Serena and they are in danger. They don’t have the family ground protecting them and Nancy and Amy are the least powerful of the parents. They are sitting ducks in Roswell and they are no match for a Horaci.” Caleb said.

“We have to go and get them.” Pogue said leaning away from Caleb’s mother.

“My thought exactly. Knowing Caleigh and Faith they are on their way to Roswell. Tyler call them and tell them to head here instead.” Caleb said and Tyler got up to call the two girls leaving Pogue and Reid.

“I want to go and get them.” Reid said startling Caleb.

“I want to go as well.” Pogue said and Caleb nodded at his two friends.

“Alright you two can go but let your dad’s know what is going on so they can be prepared. If the Horaci are attacking then that means something big is about to go down.” Caleb said and the other two witches left to go and get ready for their trip to Roswell.

Tyler came back into the sitting room looking relieved. “I just got them before they got to the airport. They are going to change flights and come here instead.” Tyler said.

“Is that a good idea Caleb I mean they are leaving their sacred ground?” Mrs. Danvers asked.

“Mom I get the feeling that it would be much worse if they did not leave. They need our help and we are stronger in Ipswich, they have magical ties here as well.” Caleb said.

“Caleb what is going on?” Sarah asked speaking up for the first time. Caleb saw that her pale face was full of confusion and he instantly felt guilty for not realizing she was there.

“Some friends of ours are in danger and we need to bring them here in order to keep them safe. Serena is an old family friend from the Scion witch line. They are the female equivalent of the Covenant. Each of them matches each of us power wise.” Caleb said trying to get her to understand.

“Think of it like this Sarah.” Tyler said trying to help his friend out. “Serena was the oldest like Chase. They both had the same powers and capabilities but since the two of them are now…” Caleb looked sick as he said the next part. “Dead…Liz and I are the eldest heirs. The two of us have always had similar powers and I guess you could say Liz and I are alike in almost every way.” Caleb said not seeing the look of fear pass over his girlfriend’s face.

“Faith is the next oldest and has the same powers as Pogue, then Caleigh who has the same powers as Reid, and last is Maria who has the same powers as me. Maria and Reid are more alike personality wise though it is kind of weird they are like the same person just different sexes.” Tyler said and Caleb nodded his head in agreement.

“They are two halves of the perfect whole.” Mrs. Danvers said suddenly gaining Sarah’s attention. “For each son there is a daughter who completes him in every way, but you have nothing to worry about my dear for there is only a magical connection.” She said giving the blonde girl some relief.

“Liz and I might work well together but there is just one major barrier that will make it so that the two of us are never intimate in that way.” Caleb said giving Sarah a weak smile.

“Oh and what is that?” Sarah asked expecting it to be her. Tyler let out a small chuckle.

“She is like your sister.” Tyler laughed and Caleb nodded.

“Excuse me?” Sarah asked.

“Liz and I are so alike that the two of us are more like siblings than anything else. She is like my baby sister.” Caleb explained. “The two of us think alike and act alike down to our very mannerisms it is kind of odd to look at.” Caleb said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well out of all of us the two of you are the most alike.” Tyler said.

“Too alike sometimes.” Caleb muttered.

“Well I can’t wait to meet this Liz, if she is anything like Caleb then I know the two of us would get along great.” Sarah said.

“I wouldn’t bet on that.” Tyler muttered but only Mrs. Danvers heard and she let out a strangled laugh but quickly covered it up with a cough.

“Sarah will not last long when they get here.” Mrs. Danvers whispered to the boy she considered one of her sons and Tyler nodded in agreement.

“Sarah has no idea just how feisty Liz Parker really is.” Tyler said his eyes flashing black for a moment changing the feeling in the room.

“And she has never met the real Caleb.” Mrs. Danvers said with an evil smirk.

“I think Liz is just the person to bring Caleb out to play.” Tyler laughed.

“Oh now this is going to be entertaining.” Mrs. Danvers said before downing the last of her scotch.


Liz sighed as she made her way down to her parents café. The pain she felt consumed her and she did not know how to get past it. Sure she has lost other friends before to the good fight but never had she lost a sister. Serena and her were closer than close they knew everything about each other and not having Serena around was killing her inside. Liz looked through the back window of the break room and saw the café half full, aliens seated at their usual table. Taking a deep breath Liz made her way out into the café and sat at the counter away from the aliens who wanted nothing to do with her.

“Liz?” Michael asked coming to sit next to her. He had never seen Liz break the way she had yesterday and he hated to admit it but he was scared, whatever happened had killed Liz inside and he could not suppress the urge to make it better.

“Hey Michael.” Liz whispered in a dead voice.

“Liz ah who was Serena?” He asked knowing that he had to tread carefully, the two of them had never really been friends. He also knew that something had happened between her and Max because the temperature seemed to drop whenever the two were in the same room.

“She was my best friend, my sister.” Liz whispered feeling tears well up in her eyes again. She had no idea why she was telling Michael of all people this but maybe it had something do with the fact that he was removed from the situation that had her feeling as if she could talk to him.

“What happened to her?” He tried to ask as gently as possible.

“She died, she was killed.” Liz whispered a tear falling down her golden cheek. Maria suddenly burst through the break room door holding Liz’s cell phone.

“Liz phone.” Maria said handing it to the small brunet who took it carefully dreading to find out who was on the other line.

“Hello?” She asked shakily.

“Caleb?” She asked her voice raising slightly and her tears coming faster. “Caleb where are you I need you.” She suddenly started to sob catching the attention of the aliens.

“When?” She asked wiping furiously at her eyes.

“What do you mean they are not coming to Roswell?” Liz asked gone was her sad demeanor and in place was a very angry Liz.

“Caleb Elias Danvers you had no right to do that!” Liz roared angry tears forming in her brown eyes. Maria stared at her friend in fear she had never seen Liz that angry. Suddenly Liz deflated and sat down again resting her head on the cool counter her ear still attached to the phone.

“Alright I am sorry I am just not handling this well.” Liz whispered.

“When?” She asked again.

“Okay see you later.” Liz said hanging up the phone before getting up from her stool and heading back upstairs not feeling up to being around people any longer.

“Okay what was that about?” Isabel asked once Liz and Maria had left and Michael rejoined them.

“Liz’s friend died and she is not handling it very well.” Michael said and Isabel instantly felt sorry.

“Serena.” Alex whispered.

“Yeah how did you know?”

“I met her a few times, hell of a girl. She was a knockout too with long red hair and these bright greenish eyes that seemed to look right into your very soul.” Alex said with a wistful look not seeing the hurt look on Isabel’s face.

“Who is Caleb?” Max asked a bitter look on his face. Alex shifted in the booth not looking any of the aliens in the eye. He knew who Caleb was but he did not think that the girls would want him to go spilling his guts on that whole back story so he remained quiet.

“Sounds like a friend of the family.” Tess mumbled not really caring.

“Alex?” Isabel asked noticing his skittish behavior.

“Tess is right he is a friend of the family.” Alex said before excusing himself to go and find Maria and Liz. He knew that he had some major butt kissing to do with his distant act lately but he knew that his girls needed him now more than ever.

Knocking on the apartment door Maria slowly opened the door and saw Alex standing there with a sad drawn face. Maria’s lower lip started to tremble until she finally threw herself at her friend. “Alex she is gone.” Maria sobbed breaking her best friends heart.

“I know Ria. I know.” Alex said closing the door behind him, neither seeing a pair of amber eyes staring wistfully at the apartment door.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Part 1 p.2 2/20/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:22 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! I am glad that you all picked up on the change in the room when Tyler and Mrs. Danvers were talking, that will become important later on in the fic.

Jensen Lover 37- Thanks for the reply!

LizMichael 4 Ever- Later on in the fic you will find out what exactly was going on, it has something to do with Tyler's powers though. Thanks for the reply!

mrsjbehr- Thanks for the reply!

Maiqu- Well I hope you like this fic! Thanks for the reply!

Reidsldy27- I was unsure of Liz/Pogue at first but the more I wrote the more I liked them together and the more I saw how well they could fit together. I do have a Liz/Caleb fic in the works you can see some of what it is about at my authors page! Liz/Reid I never really thought about them but it is something to look into! Thanks for the reply!

garcia88- Thanks for the reply!

omby- Thanks for the reply!

pandas2001- :oops: Thanks for the review!

KiaraAlexisKlay- Sorry I meant Supernatural :oops: but when I was writing I had the Covenant on my mind, I was thinking about your fic Blood WIll Tell, I love that fic :oops: ! Thanks I am trying to get Maria more into the fic, I read so many fics where she is blah and I want her to have more of a story line than she did in my last fic. Don't worry Alex is slowly going to make up with the others. Yup Max is the bad guy in most of my fics he is just an easy target :lol: . I like Michael so I am going to try to keep him on the good side, I can see him as a good confidant. Thanks for the reply!

Blink1lit- Thanks for the reply!

rachelg224- Nope you did not miss something i did not explain what was happening, that will come later on in the fic. Thanks for the reply!

SnowyOwl-17- There is a little interaction in this part but the heavy stuff between Liz and Pogue as a couple comes later on in the fic because right now he is with Kate. Thanks for the reply!

Part 2: The Sons and the Daughters II

Pogue and Reid got out of the yellow airport cab and paid the enormous bill before the cab departed leaving the two teens in front of the oddest building they had ever seen. Pogue blinked his eyes a few times not believing that Liz could live above such a place.

“Is that a…” Reid trailed off.

“Yeah.” Pogue said in disbelief.

“Flying a…”

“Uh huh.” Pogue said.

“Damn Liz lives in a building that has a huge alien in a space ship out front I can’t wait to tell Tyler!” Reid laughed.

“Come on let’s get inside.” Pogue said shaking his head slightly so his chin length hair fell perfectly around his face giving him that troubled, tortured soul look all the girls at his school drooled over.

The two boys walked in and saw the café was pretty empty except for a booth full of teenagers and a waitress who looked more like a grandmother sitting in another booth. When the two walked in the few occupants of the room turned to look at them but the two sons ignored them all. The waitress in the back looked up from her spot and rolled her eyes.

“Sit anywhere.” She grumbled making Pogue roll his eyes.

“We are not here to eat.” Pogue said in his deep gravelly voice that caught Isabel and Tess’s attention.

“Then leave.” The waitress said.

“We are here to see the Parker’s we are…friends of the family.” Reid added staring hard at the woman in front of him willing her to go and get one of them. The waitress suddenly stood up and marched into the backroom shocking the occupants of the booth. Moments later she returned with Jeff Parker in tow.

“What seems to be the…” Jeff stopped when he saw the two boys in front of him his dark eyes widening. “Boys what are you doing here?” He asked looking alarmed.

“We need to talk to Liz, Mr. Parker.” Reid said. The aliens were shocked when Mr. Parker nodded sadly and motioned for the two boys to follow him. Pogue and Reid were lead up to the Parker apartment where Alex and Maria were on the couch holding each other.

“What did they want?” Maria asked not looking up. Reid smiled softly when he saw the blonde on the couch.

“Hey Maria.” Reid called softly startling the blonde girl who bolted upright knocking into Alex slightly who grunted as the wind was knocked out of him. Reid’s heart broke as he felt the pain coming off the occupants of the house. He knew that the sons were taking Serena’s death hard and that it had to be even worse for the daughters.

“Where is Liz?” Pogue asked quietly trying not to upset anyone.

“In her room, she is having a hard time.” Alex said and Pogue nodded heading in the direction Alex pointed towards. Pogue stood in front of a door where muffled sobs emitted from behind it. Taking a deep calming breath Pogue gently opened the door and went inside knowing that Liz would not let him in otherwise.

“Liz.” He called out softly. Pogue saw Liz’s small form curled up on the bed she was laying on her side hugging her pillow to her chest, dark circles under her eyes. Her eyes slowly drifted up his body finally landing on his face, her eyes widened slightly before she sat up.

“Pogue.” She whispered before she flew off the bed and at him. Pogue crushed her to him knowing that she wanted to be held close. “I didn’t believe Caleb when he said that you and Reid were coming.” Liz breathed into his shoulder enjoying the comforting embrace of her lifelong friend.

“Reid and I volunteered to come here we knew that the two of you were going to have it rough.” Pogue said sitting down on her bed kicking off his shoes as he pulled her into his lap. Liz rested her head against his chest listening to the strong steady beats of his heart as she used to do when she had nightmares as a child.

“How are you handling the new powers?” Pogue asked his chest rumbling against her cheek.

“It feels weird and my skin feels strange.” Liz muttered.

“Like it is not your own?” Pogue asked and Liz nodded. “Caleb said he felt the same way when Chase died. He said that he did not know that there was a difference until it happened and then all of these new powers and this new feeling surged into him. For days he said his skin tingled and ached and he felt as if he was living in a stranger’s body. It gets better Liz, easier to deal with.” Pogue said rubbing her back slightly hoping to calm her down.

“I am scared Pogue.” She whimpered.

“I know Liz I know. Liz did your mother tell you what happened to Serena?” Pogue asked dreading her answer.

“I know she was killed but by what I have no idea.” Liz whispered.

“Liz.” Pogue said trying to get her attention. She turned her face up to look at him seeing the war going on behind his brown eyes. “Serena was attacked by the Horaci and they injected her with their blood.” He whispered steeling himself for her reaction and she did not disappoint.

“No!” She screamed in agony attracting the attention of the others. Reid, Maria and Alex came running into her room and saw Liz beating Pogue’s chest trying to get him to take back what he said.

“Liz, she went to Caleb to warn him that we needed to get to you. Liz they are coming after you next.” Pogue said holding her thrashing form the best he could.

“How could they do that to her she never did anything to them we stayed away from them!” Liz sobbed her voice shrieking slightly.

“I know there is never a reason for someone to take away someone we love and we both know that there is no reason for the way the Horaci act. Lizzie, Serena died trying to warn us what is coming, she wanted her sisters to be safe Lizzie you need to be safe and live for Serena.” Pogue tried to get through to his hysterical friend. Reid, Maria and Alex watched in horror as their friend broke.

“It hurts so bad make it stop please make it stop!” She bawled her face red in her distress. Pogue stroked her hair trying to get her to calm down. He knew that Liz needed to cry out her issues but she was crying hard enough to make herself sick.

“I wish I could.” Pogue whispered looking over her shoulder at Reid who looked sick.

“Pogue I want to go with you and Reid to Ipswich I can’t be here right now.” Liz finally said as she calmed down some, her lower lip still trembling.

“That was the plan Parker. You, Maria and your mom’s are supposed to come to Ipswich with us.” Reid said coming to sit on her bed with her and Maria sat on his other side.

“Ah guys I hate to be the downer in this situation but how are you going to explain your absence to the others?” Alex asked feeling terrible for raining in on their party.

“What like they care what happens to us.” Maria huffed.

“Who?” Pogue asked.

“Oh just some people we hang out with they are a bit on the paranoid side. They make Caleb and Liz look sane.” Maria said giving Liz a watery smile.

“I don’t care what they say we are going to Ipswich to be with our friends and family.” Liz whispered.

“Where we can keep you fine ladies safe.” Reid said giving them a small Garwin smile, he did not have the energy to put in much effort.

“Great let’s get packing.” Liz said bolting upright shakily wiping at her eyes as she pulled her suitcases out of her closet and started throwing her belongings inside.

“Liz…” Pogue said and Liz suddenly stopped her shoulders shaking.

“I hate how hard this is.” Liz started crying again.

“Me too chica.” Maria said hugging Liz tight. The two friends stood there hugging each other trying to move past the overwhelming pain in their hearts. Pogue and Reid shared a look before they got up off the bed and joined the hug; Reid hugging Maria from behind and Pogue doing the same with Liz.

“It’s going to be alright guys.” Reid whispered as he rubbed Liz’s arm and Maria’s side.

Alex stared at the four his heart heavy as he watched them grieve. He watched as Pogue kissed the top of Liz’s head before leaning his forehead against the back of her head closing his eyes as he held her middle. It was amazing watching the four of them together and he knew that if he was there for the reunion between all eight of them that the sight would be breath taking. It was as if they were healing each other with just their presence. Nancy and Jeff came into the room behind Alex watching the four teens.

“Should I be worried that Pogue Parry is hugging my little girl?” Jeff asked his wife who just chuckled.

“Sweetie let them be, you can lecture Liz when we get to Ipswich.” Nancy smiled at her husband.

“But Pogue Parry honey…” Jeff whined as he and his wife left the room. “The kid rides a motorcycle and has hair longer than Michael Guerin.”

Jeff went downstairs to get Michael and Jose and tell them that for the time being they were in charge of the café. “Michael.” Jeff called getting the attention of his cook who looked up from the table he was at with his friends.

“Yeah Mr. P?”

“Listen my family is going out of town for awhile and we need you and Jose to run the show.” Jeff said.

“Sure no problem, what about Maria?” Michael asked.

“Her and her mother are leaving as well. We are needed elsewhere at the moment.” Jeff said rubbing his hands over his face, the stress from the last day wearing on him.

“Alright. How are they both handling things?” Michael asked startling his friends and Mr. Parker.

“Well to be honest not so well especially Liz, her and Serena were really close but being around her family will help her.” Jeff said Michael sighed he felt bad that two of his friends were in pain and he was not allowed to be there for them because of his stupidity and Max’s dumb decree to stay away from the humans, not that he was really doing that when they hung out with Alex.

“Mr. P do you have something called an Alien Blast?” Reid asked coming down the stairs with only his wife beater on giving the aliens a good view of his muscles and tattoos that had previously been hidden. Jeff looked at the confused blonde guy and laughed.

“Yes Reid we have an alien blast, let me guess Lizzie and Maria want one?” Jeff asked and Reid nodded running his hands through his blonde locks.

“Yeah, Liz is packing and well I got to the underwear drawer and Pogue and I decided to play and now the two of us are in hot water.” Reid said not looking the least bit ashamed, he was Reid he did not get embarresed easily.

“Going through my daughter’s unmentionables.” Jeff said raising his eyebrows at the teen as he prepared the treats for the two girls.

“What can I say we are guys and they were there.” Reid said laughing slightly.

“Do you and Pogue want one?” Jeff asked motioning to the concoction he was pouring into shake glasses.

“No thanks Pogue and I will just mooch off the girls.” Reid said.

“Some things never change.” Jeff laughed handing over the two treats to Reid who made his way back upstairs followed by Jeff.

Max scowled after the blonde, there was something off with him and that other guy. They were close to Liz and he was not sure he liked that, he was going to have to watch them when they got back.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Part 2 p.3 2/22/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:42 pm

Hey guys thanks so much for the reviews I love reading what all you have to say

garcia88- Thanks!

Jensen Lover 37- Thanks!

Synera- Thanks!

SnowyOwl-17- Thanks!

ReidsLdy27- Yes I never saw Max as weird in the show and stalker like but then after reading my first fanfic that bashed him I went back and watched the show and it opened my eyes. I am looking into the Reid/Liz aspect of a fic so it is possible :D . Thanks for the reply!

LizMichael 4 Ever- You did not miss the Liz/Caleb story it is still to come. There is a summary of it though on my author page. Thanks for the reply!

Vampyrolover86- Thanks!

Maiqu- Thanks for the reply!

Asabetha- If you have any trouble following the fic because you have not seen the movie just ask and I will try to fill in any gaps you have if I don't explain an aspect in the fic. Thanks for the reply!

behrstars- Thanks!

pandas2001- Thanks!

Please let me know what you all think of this new part!

Part 3: The Sons and the Daughters III

Maria looked out the window of the plane as the world passed below her as her and her family made their way to Ipswich with two of the sons. Her heart felt more settled the farther she got away from Roswell and the aliens. She had never really taken the time to think about how messed up the aliens made her life until now and she realized that even when she was away from them and they were in their little camps, the aliens still found ways to unsettle their lives.

Ipswich was different it was alien free and a magical epicenter which was why so many covens had settled there when they fled to the new world. The Scions had originally settled there as well but three generations ago they decided to move to New York where another powerful magical center rested, but still Ipswich had always called to them.

Maria looked over at her best friend Liz who was passed out against Pogue Parry, every mother’s worst nightmare. He was not such a bad guy he just looked different and gave off this gruff edge but he was a great guy at heart. Maria smiled softly when she saw Liz snuggle closer to the warm body next to her. Poor Liz was exhausted from all of the stress of the past day and a half. Not only had she received new powers but she had also lost someone she was close to and now she was being uprooted, although voluntarily, it was still hard.

Pogue smirked at Liz’s sleeping form. He knew that he was going to have to be there for Liz because there was no way he was going to let her go through the pain alone and he wanted to be there for her, the only problem was that his girlfriend Kate was less than understanding. Kate always found things to pick at and he knew Liz was going to be a sore subject, and Faith. Kate got jealous easily and when she saw him and the two beautiful girls he was going to get an ear full but it was worth it if it would help Liz and the others feel better. He also worried about Caleb and his girlfriend Sarah. He knew that when Liz and Caleb were around each other their true nature tended to show through and it was not the shy good little boy and girl everyone was used, it was not the Caleb, Sarah was used to.

“Rena…” Liz mumbled in her sleep. Pogue reached up and gently rubbed her head hoping to chase away her nightmares.

“Shh Lizzie it is alright everything is going to be alright.” He whispered running his hands through her dark locks.

“Rena…” She groaned again.

“Liz it is alright.” He said again as he lifted up the armrest to pull her closer.

“Nightmares?” Reid asked across the aisle.

“Unfortunately.” Pogue muttered in his gruff voice. Looking over Liz out the window Pogue realized that they did not have too much longer now until they reached Salem and then from there, Ipswich.

“Pogue?” Liz mumbled waking up slowly rubbing her dark eyes to get them into focus.


“When are the others going to arrive in Ipswich?” Liz asked.

“They should be getting there late tonight. Faith is going to stay with my parents, Caleigh will probably end up staying with Faith so that puts her at my place as well. You are staying with Mrs. Danvers and we all know that Maria is going to want to stay with you so that puts both your families there.” Pogue said.

“Figured I was with Caleb. Did you all figure out what us girlies are going to do about school?” Liz asked her eyes brightening some.

“Yes and Lizzie darling you are going to love it.” Reid said from across the aisle catching Maria’s attention.

“Oh really?” Liz asked and her mother and father laughed from in front of them.

“Yes Liz you are going to love it, we spoke with the headmaster late last night and the two of you and Faith and Caleigh are all signed up to attend Spencer Academy with the boys.” Nancy said and Liz’s eyes lit up.

“I get to attend Spencer this is so cool I always wanted to go there!” For the first time since the news of Serena’s tragic death Liz Parker looked happy.

“This sucks!” Maria groaned and her mother hissed at her making the blonde groan again.

“Maria this is like a ticket into Harvard!” Liz squealed.

“Again I ask why I would want to do that. Liz you know how much I hate school.” Maria sighed.

“Well then you and Reid can spend the entire day sleeping in class together.” Pogue laughed.

“Yet I still manage to get straight A’s.” Reid grumbled.

“Because Tyler helps you out.” Pogue laughed.

“Only in math class, I really hate math.” Reid grumbled. “Besides I help him out with his American Literature papers all the time, hell once in freshman year I did his paper for him and you if I remember correctly.” Reid argued.

“Yeah and in return I did all your French homework for a week.”

“Sounds like us Lizzie.” Maria laughed.

“Oh really?” Amy asked turning to face her daughter ignoring the leering guy next to her.

“No.” Maria and Liz quickly denied, Liz glaring at her friend.

“Good.” Amy said giving all four a stern glare before turning back around.

“What classes do I have?” Liz asked her mom who chuckled at her daughter’s enthusiasm for school.

“I told them to place you in the same classes as Caleb and Tyler.” She said.

“Oh that means I have good ones.” Liz said making her friends roll their eyes.

“Why is it that the two of them are so interested in school?” Reid asked looking pained.

“Because they are book worms.” Maria giggled.

“Well at least we are good looking.” Liz sighed.

“Damn straight chica.” Maria said. The pilot of the plane came over the com and announced they were landing shortly and that they needed to buckle up.

“Great I get to see my Care Bear.” Liz sighed.

“Oh my god I forgot you called him that.” Pogue laughed his deep voice sounding around them.

“I can’t wait till she reminds him of that one.” Reid said with a vicious smirk, the others knew the gleam in his crystal eyes meant trouble.

“I will be sure to do it in front of you then. It is my job after all to embarrass him as much as possible.” Liz laughed.

“Not too much Honey Bear.” Pogue smirked as Liz turned red at her childhood nickname.

“Thanks Pogue.” Liz said pinching his side.

“Oh Caleb is going to love having her around.” Jeff sighed.

“Hey Caleb loves me to death I am the light of his life, the sun to his moon, the apple of his eye, the angel on top of his tree, the peanut butter to his jelly.” Liz said with fake sweetness.

“And the one person who can let the animal out.” Reid added under his breath.

The group of seven got off the plane and headed over to the van waiting for them with Parry on a tag in front of it. Forty five minutes later the van pulled up in front of the Danvers home where all their bags were unloaded.

“Go on Liz I have your bags.” Nancy said as she and Maria ran at a sprint up the driveway before quickly fixing their hair. The two did a once over of each other before Liz rang the doorbell. Sarah opened the door slowly and blinked when she saw two stunning girls on the other side one blonde, the other brunette.

“Hi can I help you?” She asked not liking the vibes she was getting from the brunette.

“Is Caleb here?” Maria asked her empathic abilities picking up on Sarah’s fear and dislike for Liz which she did not understand, she would have to talk to Tyler about that later after all they did have the same gift.

“Sarah who is it?” Caleb’s gruff voice rang out as he approached the door. Suddenly a wave of energy hit him, it was Liz and Maria.

“Hey there Care Bear.” Liz smirked her eyes going a shade darker in the presence of her equal. Caleb grinned when he saw her leaning against the doorway.

“Hey Honey Bear.” Caleb said as he picked up the little brunette and swung her around before planting a kiss on Maria’s forehead.

“Of course you greet them like that and the two of us just get a grunt.” Amy whined but then giggled when Caleb kissed her cheek. “So like your father.” She giggled as Caleb kissed Nancy on the cheek as well and shook Jeff’s hands while grabbing some of Liz’s bags.

Sarah stood to the side watching as the group interacted. Tyler had come out from the kitchen and grabbed Maria into a bone crushing hug and spun Liz around and then gave the moms kisses on the cheek. They were so close and she could not help but feel as if she were invading on private time. She did not like how close Liz and Caleb appeared, he gave Liz a grin that she had never seen before it was this full blown happy carefree grin unlike the haunted one she was so used to.

“How are you doing?” Caleb asked Liz his lips touching her ear.

“As well as can be expected but being here helps. Pogue and Reid have been great; they were just what I needed.” Liz said squeezing his arm slightly.

“Hey no hogging Honey Bear.” Pogue said laughing when Caleb rolled his eyes. Caleb’s gaze hit Sarah and he suddenly remembered she had no idea who was in the room.

“Sarah.” He said sticking out his hand for her to come so he could introduce her to two of the girls who were a major part of his life. She tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her left ear suddenly feeling very inadequate. “Sarah this is Elizabeth Parker, her mother Nancy Parker and father Jeff Parker, Maria Deluca and her mother Amy Deluca.” Caleb said pointing each person out to the blonde next to him.

“Everyone this is my girlfriend Sarah.” He said not noticing Maria and Tyler share a look.

“Oh a girlfriend.” Liz said looping her arm with Maria. Maria nodded at Reid and Pogue, Caleb never knowing that some unspoken conversation was happening between his friends.

“Don’t worry Lizzie you’re still his number one girl.” Reid said knowing it would royally tick off Sarah and Caleb after all it was his job to mess with Caleb.

“As I should be.” Liz pretended to be huffy but she could not hold it up and let out a giggle.

“Alright let me show you to your rooms. I know how girls are so you will not be sharing rooms.” Caleb said and Maria and Liz smirked at him.

“Why Caleb planning on having your wicked way with us in the middle of the night?” Maria asked with a purr running her hand down the colossal man’s chest. Caleb spluttered not knowing what to do.

“No Maria he is putting you someplace where I have easy window access.” Tyler said throwing his arm over the small girls shoulders.

“Parents in the room.” Jeff growled and Tyler quickly removed his arm.

“Don’t worry dad we are not sleeping with them we are just yanking Caleb’s chain I mean come on he is easier than Alex to wind up.” Liz said giving her dad a sad smile. Mrs. Danvers led the three parents to their rooms on her wing of the home while Caleb showed the girls where their rooms were. Caleb was holding hands with Sarah as he showed Liz where her room was, right across from his and Maria’s was next to her.

“Nice away from the rents.” Maria said.

“Now we really can have sleepovers.” Liz giggled softly.

“Oh can I be your first?” Tyler asked getting down on his knee in front of Liz.

“Sorry pal that honor went to Sean Deluca.” Liz said and Maria gasped.

“No.” Maria said sounding scandalized.

“I was drunk and he was there.” Liz said getting defensive.

“I think all of us have had those nights.” Reid laughed all the teens looked to Maria.

“Fine! It was Chris Blazer.” Maria grumbled.

“Ha I knew it I thought I heard the two of you in the woods.” Liz said jumping around.

“So it now looks like the girlies are no longer part of the big V club.” Reid said cackling slightly.

“I am still a virgin.” Sarah said making Caleb blush.

“Oh.” Pogue said shifting slightly, all the guys looked everywhere but at Sarah.

“Good for you girlfriend, Liz and I are weaklings who gave it up to scum of the earth.” Maria said and Liz nodded her head in agreement.

“Sean Deluca is a dog.” Liz agreed.

“You know I should be offended because he is my cousin and all that but I have to say chica I so agree with you.” Maria said.

“I know.” Liz sighed.

“So…” Sarah said feeling uncomfortable. “Where are you two going to school?”

“Spencer.” The two girls chimed.

“Liz’s dream.” Pogue said.

“And Maria’s nightmare.” Reid added.

“Oh Maria you will love Spencer it is such an amazing school I mean the work is amazing.” Sarah said. Maria cringed her green eyes looked panicked.

“I hate school.” Maria stomped her foot.

“Well Spencer is fun. Hey listen there is this party tonight at the beach are you guys coming?” Sarah asked.

“I’m in.” Maria said.

“Same here, but I want to wait for Faith and Caleigh they should be here soon. We will get changed and meet up with you all there.” Liz said.

“How will you know where to be?” Sarah asked. Liz looked at Pogue and he grinned.

“Oh trust me I know how to find them.” Liz grinned before dragging Maria into her room.

“Oh that sounds nice.” Sarah muttered.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Part 3 p.5 2/24/08

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Hey everyone thanks for the replies to the last part! I am glad that you all like this fic!
garcia88- Thanks I was trying to create this close bond between Liz and Caleb so that it seems as if there is more going on between them than there really is, but the two are really only just friends. Thanks for the reply!

LizMichael 4 Ever- Sarah is going to feel left out a lot! Thanks for the reply!

behrstars- Thanks for the review!

SnowyOwl-17- Yes Sarah knows that the girls have powers, Caleb and the boys started to explain a little about the girls. Thanks for the FB!

ReidsLdy27- The boys are just starting to wake up, in a few parts you will begin to notice some very differnet behavior from all of them but Caleb and Pogue more so. The beach party there is a hint of the new Caleb...! I am still messing around with the other fics, right now the Liz/Caleb one is coming along but I want to try and finish LWOY first before I post a new one so it will be a while but it will come eventually, I might even post it sooner it just depends on school at the moment. Thanks for the FB!

TuggyAngerl- Thanks!

pandas2001- Thanks for the FB!

Maiqu- She is not going to love them :twisted: but Maria is not in her way there is someone else besides Liz who makes her rip her hair out! Thanks for the reply!

Jensen Lover 37- Thanks!

rachelg224- Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for the reply!

jamy21- Yup another Cov fic, what can I say I love the two together! Caleb did appear to be like Max at first which was why I wanted to have Liz and the others cause changes in his personality because both have that controling, need to do what I say now or else persona and I am not a fan of that. Thanks for the reply!

o0IceBubbles0o- Thanks for the reply!

WinchesterBunni- Yup and it will make Sarah crazy at times! Liz and Pogue will be close for now but when Kate gets into the mix...let's just say there is a road block that needs to be taken out! Thanks for the reply!

Christable- Liz/Pogue is going to take a while to bulid but once they are together it will be great!! Thanks for the reply!

Vampyrolover86- Sarah is going to be around for awhile, Caleb likes to hold onto things. I have no idea who I am going to pair Tyler and Caleb with but the other daughters was a thought but I am still playing around with them to see what workds best. Thanks for the FB!

Okay guys please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 4: The Sons and the Daughters IV

Liz stared at herself in the mirror hating everything she saw. Her skin was crawling and the ache in her stomach and heart would not go away and yet there was her image as perfect and innocent as ever staring back at her. She put on a happy face for her friends so that they would not worry about her but that only made her more tired and fried her nerves more.

Looking down at her arms Liz saw green streaks flowing across her skin, access energy from her new powers that she was trying to reign in. It did not hurt so much as tingle but it sent her nerves into overdrive and she was tired of her skin being so sensitive.

“Knock, knock.” A soft voice rang from Liz’s doorway. She knew who it was instinctively her magic recognizing her right away.


“That’s right girly it’s me.” Liz turned around and saw the girl who was only an inch taller than her standing haughtily in her doorway. Her red brown locks were curled sensually around her pale face, her blue eyes glittered dangerously. Liz had to school herself so that her lip would not tremble and the tears would not fall no matter how much her eyes stung.

“It’s okay to cry Lizzie, you don’t have to be brave for me.” Faith whispered hugging the smaller girl to her and Liz let her tears fall yet again that day, it felt as if she was always crying and she was tired of it.

“I know what you are thinking Liz and don’t be afraid to cry, you need to deal and crying is your way.” Faith whispered soothingly.

“I feel so weak and stupid Faith, all I seem to be doing is crying. I mean I am not out there looking for her killers killing those damn Horaci who dared take her from us. Faith I am just sitting here feeling sorry for myself.” Liz sobbed.

“Liz the only way you are going to be able to go out there and fight for Serena is if you have a clear head and the only way to do that is for you to work through your pain like the rest of us.” Faith said rubbing Liz’s head.

“But Maria is not sobbing all the time.”

“Liz, Maria handles pain differently she throws herself into things. Caleigh goes quiet when she is dealing and I get angry, very angry and the only people who can calm me down are you and Pogue. What I am trying to say Liz is that we all deal with our grief in different ways, don’t be afraid to deal the way you need to because weather you like it or not Liz you are now our leader and we need you to be strong.” Faith said rubbing Liz’s back.

“I didn’t get to say goodbye to her.”

“Neither did I sweetie. The last time I saw her was about four days ago at school. I told her I would see her on Friday but she never showed up.” Faith said a stray tear falling. “I hate her for leaving us Liz and I hate myself for hating her.” Faith said as a few more tears fell.

“You want to know a secret?” Liz asked.


“I kind of hate her too.” Liz said her small form shaking with each sob. “I know I should not hate her but she left us all alone here Faith. Unlike the sons we have not been together all of our lives and I am not as great at using my powers because I always have to hide because people where I live are nosy and I just don’t know if I am going to be able to lead all of you.” Liz cried.

“Liz look at me.” Faith said cupping her small face blue eyes meeting brown. “You are going to be an amazing leader Liz. You are going to be great because you are smart and know how to think on your feet. You think a problem through first before reacting and you try to protect everyone around you before yourself. You are not power hungry and you have a heart of gold. This job was made for you babe.” Faith said. A knock sounded on Liz’s door startling the two.

“Liz, are you and Faith ready to go?” Maria’s muffled voice sounded.

“Yeah just give us a minute.” Liz called back in a chocked voice.

“You ready to go show Ipswich what the Scions are all about?” Faith asked standing up extending her hand for Liz to grab. Liz took her hand checked her face over, satisfied she grinned wickedly at her friend.

“Let’s go raise hell.” Liz cackled.

The beach was alive with students from Spencer, music pumping through loaned speakers and fires roaring all around as the party slammed around them. The night was fogy and waves of white smoke rolled around the beach giving the students party an ethereal feel. Sarah clung to Caleb darting looks over her shoulder every few minutes as if expecting one of the girls to magically appear. Kate saw her friend was acting weird but she chose to ignore it and instead pester Pogue about his clinginess, she felt that he was not letting her have fun, she didn’t even hear the part about his friend passing away or that he had family in town. Kate suddenly turned grabbing Pogue’s arm as she pointed to the far end of the beach where four shadows were moving towards them. Pogue smirked knowing exactly who they were, he tapped Caleb on the shoulder.

“Looks like they arrived.” Pogue rumbled and Caleb’s face lit up.

“Who are they?” Kate asked noticing Sarah’s stiff figure.

“The daughters of Scion.” Reid said looking giddy not realizing his slip but apparently no one else noticed either.

“Never heard of them.” Kate snapped.

“No but the older generations have, they moved away a few years ago, but now they are back.” Reid said rubbing his hands together. His blue eyes saw the small form on the end with long curly hair and he knew it was Maria. Liz and Faith had a dark look about them, from their eyes to their clothes the two oozed danger. Maria and Caleigh, who was a tall blonde with an angled bobbed hair cut that shone against her bronze skin and green eyes, the two were more fairy like.

“She said she would find us and she did.” Tyler said laughing as he got an eyeful of the girls. The students of Spencer stared as the new girls boldly made their way towards the infamous Sons of Ipswich.

Tyler suddenly shot a sideways look at Kate his eyes narrowing slightly. He could have sworn he felt contempt coming from her, very odd. He watched as her dark eyes took in the girls and she did not like them one bit apparently. He sensed Sarah was more apprehensive and insecure than anything else. He knew that none of the others would say anything but they all knew she was as well but he was the only one bold enough to admit that she should be nervous, when Liz was involved Caleb tended to change, they all did.

“Told you I knew where to look.” Liz said her voice still slightly raspy.

“So boys who is willing to play tonight?” Caleigh asked her green eyes shining as she took in her surroundings.

“Oh who is that over there?” Faith asked spying a tall skinny kid sipping a beer in the bed of a truck looking sullen.

“That’s James, he is new to Spencer as well.” Sarah said hoping the brunette would go for him and leave Caleb alone, she hoped they all would leave Caleb alone.

“Oh new kid, he has potential Faith but I think we could do better.” Maria said her eyes dancing.

“What about him?” Caleigh asked pointing to Aaron Abbot.

“That’s Aaron he is a total creep.” Kate said.

“But he is a cutie.” Maria growled.

“But could he handle us?” Liz asked.

“Nope looks like he is spoken for.” Faith said when a tall girl with curly red hair attached herself to him.

“When has that stopped us?” Liz asked.

“Never.” The others chorused laughing.

“Alright ladies let’s tone it down no need to scare everyone tonight, maybe you all should wait on the whole devouring the entire male population until next week.” Caleb laughed as Liz and Faith pouted.

“Care Bear you are no fun.” Faith pouted.

“Care Bear?” Kate asked sounding disgusted.

“Childhood nickname.” Pogue said letting go of Kate to hug Faith and Caleigh.

“Our pet name for him.” Caleigh added.

“Just like Liz is our Honey Bear.” Faith said pinching Liz’s cheek.

“Our grandmothers give us one stupid name and it has to stick.” Liz grumbled.

“So who is this?” Faith asked nodding at Sarah and Kate.

“Oh right sorry, Faith Caleigh this is my girlfriend Sarah. Sarah this is Faith and Caleigh.” Caleb said introducing Sarah to the final two. “And this is Kate she is Pogue’s girlfriend. Kate this is Liz, Faith, Caleigh, and Maria. They are old friends of the family and will be finishing their senior year here at Spencer.” Caleb introduced the girls. He could tell right away that Faith hated Kate and that Maria and Liz obviously felt the same way, Caleigh was harder to read. He just hoped that they all like Sarah.

“Nice to meet you.” Liz said but the others could tell she was not sincere.

“Yeah you too.” Kate said hugging closer to Pogue who looked uncomfortable all of the sudden. Caleb just knew that this was not going to end well, the girls did not take well to Kate and when they wanted someone gone, they were gone.

That night Maria and Liz stormed to their rooms leaving a confused Caleb at the bottom of the stairs. He knew that he needed to find out what was wrong so he quickly went after them only to hear Maria’s door slam closed but luckily Liz was not as quick and he caught the door.

“Alright Parker spill, what is with the temper?” Caleb asked sitting down on her bed.

“I am not a fan of Kate.” Liz was not going to be overly rude about it but Caleb knew that her feelings were much stronger than she was letting on.


“She hates us! Caleb we did not even step two feet within her before she hated us.” Liz pouted.

“I’m sure that’s not…”

“Caleb, Maria is an empathy reader like Tyler. The hate coming off of her was strong.” Liz huffed. Suddenly something clicked in his head.

“So that was why you four were making such a fuss about checking out the other guys, it was to get her off you.” Caleb said.

“Yes and it did not work. She has no reason not to like us Caleb. I tried to talk to her because Pogue and Reid said she was really nice but she kept shutting me down and giving me all of these fake little laughs. I am sick of it Caleb I get enough of that in Roswell but, at least there people let me know that they don’t like me.” Liz said before sitting down on her bed.

“Kate is just acting strangely soon she will get to know you and then I am sure that all of you will be great friends.”

“Caleb.” Liz placed her hand on her friends arm to make sure he was listening. “It’s not going to happen. If you guys try and force it that will only make the situation worse.” Liz said thinking back to when Tess first showed up in Roswell, their forced togetherness made most of the group hate her.

“Fine I will not push it but please for Pogue’s sake give her a chance.” Caleb begged.

“I am giving her a chance Caleb, but again don’t push it.” Liz said rubbing her arms.

“You alright?” His dark eyes searched her for anything out of place.

“I just feel weird, dealing with all of these new powers is unsettling to say the least.” Liz let out a dry laugh. Caleb sat there for a second biting his lip in the same fashion Liz did when she was upset about something.

“I have an idea, just let me go and tell Maria I will be right back.” Caleb said before rushing next door, moments later he was back looking pleased. “Alright Liz grab a coat we are going out to the ancestral home.” Caleb said grinning stupidly.

“Alright but may I ask why?”

Caleb grinned at her “We are going to use our powers.”

“No.” Liz breathed stunned that Caleb of all people would mention that.

“Well it won’t kill you yet and we are not going to do enough to get addicted, but I think letting off some steam and learning about your new powers will make you feel better. When Pogue and I did this it helped me a lot.” Caleb said leading her to his car that all the guys and girls at school drooled over.

“You still drive this piece of crap?” Liz asked laughing at her friends hurt look.

“No one says that my baby is a piece of crap.” Caleb growled.

“Oh come on Caleb you know I love your car.” Liz placated the wounded witch.

“That’s better now get in.”

“Alright already geesh you are worse than my ex boyfriend.” Liz grumbled.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Part 4 p.6 2/26/08

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Hey guys wow that was a turn out for the last part.

LizNdAlec4eva- Well the two do have similarities so I thought her comment was fitting :lol: I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for the FB!

Blink1lit- Thanks!

garcia88- Thansk!

roswellian love- I hope you like this! Thanks for the FB!

Jensen Lover 37- Thanks!

SnowyOwl-17- Thanks!

christalbe- Thanks for the FB!

synera- Thanks!

jamy21- Good times are coming! Thanks for the FB!

Maiqu- Thanks!

ReidsLdy27- I am trying to show this bond that Liz and Faith have that is different than that of the other girls because the two of them are closer in age. Thanks :oops: I am glad you are liking this!

pandas2001- We shall see about Kate :twisted: ! Thanks for the reply!

mrsjbehr- Thanks!

vampyrolover86- Thanks!

LizMichael 4 Ever- Max does come up! Thanks for the FB!

KiaraAlexisKlay- Glad you noticed that Kate was acting oddly that might be important later on! Thanks for the review!

Asabetha- Thanks!

Hey guys please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 5: The Sons and the Daughters V

Caleb pulled up in front of the ancient wood gate and had to duck when shots rang out. Liz squeaked inside the car. “Gorman it’s me!” Caleb yelled. The old man stuck his head out the attic window and glared down at the teen.

“Caleb? Who is that with you?”

“It’s Liz.” Caleb hollered back. “Listen Gorman we are going to be out back practicing.”

“Alright I will keep a look out for any passersby.” Gorman said closing the window slightly.

“Man I love your caretaker, he really takes his job seriously.” Liz sighed.

“He is the best; he looked after my dad for years making sure that he was alright.” Caleb said as the two trekked through the wet leaves covered ground.

“It’s great that your dad had someone there to make sure that he was not overly suffering. I guess I never really thought that it was possible to be consumed by your magic but after seeing your dad and hearing about Chase I do have to admit I am more than a little afraid to use my powers.” Liz whispered Caleb stopped and turned towards the smaller girl.

“Liz, look at me.” Her doe eyes stared up at him, “Don’t be afraid of your magic I used to be as well, but I just learned this year that it is okay to embrace your magical side but you just have to know your boundaries, your limits. We are witches Liz and I have learned that we can’t deny that part of us.” Caleb said grabbing her hand and leading her the rest of the way to the clearing where he and the others practiced.

“Hey Caleb…”

“Yeah?” He asked turning slightly.

“Thanks for having us here and for taking the time to work with me.” Liz whispered. Caleb turned towards her his heart breaking slightly at the look on her face, he had never seen Liz so unsure of herself.

“Liz I love you and I would never want anything to happen to you or the others. You are one of my best friends and you are practically my sister. I need you here Liz and I need the others. Now that Serena is gone Liz you need help dealing with these new powers and I am not going to let you go through that alone, the guys helped me and now I am going to help you.” Caleb said.

“Thanks.” Liz whispered tears swimming in her eyes.

“Liz, what happened to you?” Caleb asked the question that had been bugging him since he laid eyes on Liz. There was something different about Liz that made her appear broken and it was something besides Serena.

“I am such an idiot Caleb.” She whimpered.

“Sweetie what do you mean you are not an idiot?” Caleb asked hugging her, apparently the problem went deeper than he realized.

“Caleb, remember that guy Max Evans I told you about?”

“You mean that guy that you dated for awhile?” Caleb asked sitting down on a tree stump. Liz nodded.

“Caleb there is something you need to know about him and what happened this past year and a half.” Liz whispered. She told him everything knowing that he and the sons were going to keep the secret after all they had a dark secret themselves. It felt great being able to talk to someone who was outside the situation. The more she told Caleb the darker his look got.

“So let me get this straight he kissed her…”

“Right.” Liz said wiping her eyes.

“Then he said he could not control himself.” Caleb growled.

“Right.” Liz cried.

“And then this future version of him came and made you fall out of love with him?” Caleb asked getting up to pace, Liz nodded.

“Liz I really hate this guy.” Caleb growled.

“I know Caleb and you want to know the funny thing?” She asked crying.


“I think I hate him too, I hate him for trying to save me when I can’t be killed by a damn bullet. I hate him for telling me his secret and pushing me away from my parents and Alex. I hate him for all of the crap he has put me through and most of all I hate him for making me feel like crap.” Liz sobbed as Caleb pulled her into a hug.

“Liz he is a jerk who is so messed up he doesn’t deserve you.” Caleb barked he was raging mad.

“I can’t help but feel like I am just scum or something when I am around him and I hate it. I hate him and Tess. I can at least stand Michael and Isabel, or well Isabel when she is not being such a bitch.” Liz said through her tears.

“Forget them Liz. I am not letting you go back to Roswell and if you somehow find a way to get around me you are going to be the old Liz again not this doormat they turned you into.” Caleb said his eyes glaring in determination.

“Show me how to be Liz again.” She whispered.


Back at the Danvers home Maria was disturbed from her reading when the doorbell sounded through the house. Maria groaned knowing she was the only one home and that she was the one who was going to have to answer the door. Jumping off her bed Maria ran down the stairs and cautiously opened the front door, they were expecting trouble after all.

“Hey Maria.” Tyler said grinning at her stupidly. She gave him a funny look and he pointed to her, she looked down and blushed.

“I probably should have put pants on.” She mumbled.

“Good thing it was just me.” He laughed coming inside. “So is it just us?” Tyler asked looking around.

“Yeah Caleb took Liz to your ancestral home to work on controlling and dealing with her powers.” Maria said.

“Good because there is something I need to talk to you about.” Tyler said leading her towards the sitting room.

“What’s up?” She asked curling up in a wingback chair. Tyler’s blue eyes finally met hers and she knew he was upset.

“Maria I don’t like Kate. I am always sensing these weird emotions coming from her and I know that she hates Reid and me and the only reason she is with Pogue is because she can’t get Caleb. Tonight though it was different she felt…”

“Hatred.” Maria filled in.

“Yeah you picked up on that?” He asked and Maria nodded.

“It was coming at me like a damn train Tyler. She does not like us she sees us as competition or something.” Maria said.

“See that’s the thing you guys are competition but not in the way she is thinking. I mean yeah you girls demand our attention but she seems to be thinking that you all are out to get in our pants or something.” Tyler said.

“But she has nothing to worry about with Pogue I mean he is faithful to a fault.” Maria growled.

“I know why can’t he just open his damn eyes for once and see what is in front of him.” Tyler grumbled startling Maria.

“What are you talking about?” She asked sitting up straight.

“Oh come on Maria like you can’t sense it or see it, hell I know that even Faith has seen it.” Tyler said looking exasperated rolling his blue eyes.

“No tell me.” She demanded her green eyes drilling holes as they faced off.

“Fine.” Tyler relented. Maria gave a squeal and clapped slightly bouncing in her seat waiting for the latest bit of gossip to be dished.

“Pogue and Liz like each other.” Tyler said and Maria’s eyes widened comically.

“No!” She hissed looking scandalized.

“Yes I mean they are good at hiding it but I can feel their attraction charging at me like a jet engine! I think that the two are just too afraid to do anything about it.” Tyler huffed.

“Well that makes sense with what Liz has gone through this year.” Maria said before slapping a hand to her mouth, her eyes going wide. Tyler moved forward on his seat his eyes narrowing at the blonde.

“What is that supposed to mean Maria? What happened to Liz?” Tyler asked.

“I promised Liz I would not say anything.” Maria moaned.

“She is probably going to spill to Caleb anyway.” Tyler said hoping his gossip girlfriend would spill. Maria appeared to ponder his statement for a moment before she smirked at him.

“Fine I will tell you but you have to promise not to tell the others.” Maria said and Tyler stuck out his hand.

“You got it.” They shook hands red sparks flowing between their hands in the magical promise, one Liz never made her perform. So Maria filled in her little buddy on all the happenings of Roswell, alien madness included. At the end Tyler’s blue eyes were jet black as his magic surged through the air.

“I am going to kill him.” Tyler roared.

“Yeah you and I am guessing Caleb.” Maria said trying to get Tyler to sit back down not wanting him to do anything stupid.

“Oh now I really want to tell Pogue and Reid and watch Pogue rip Max’s guts out and sick Faith on Tess oh she would love to play with the blonde.” Tyler growled.

“I know which is why Liz never mentioned anything knowing how Faith reacts. I am willing to bet that Caleb is not going to let this sit either he is going to make sure that this is taken care of.” Maria said.

“Not right now though, our main concern is keeping the four of you safe and getting rid of those damn Horaci.” Tyler muttered flopping back on the chair deflated.

“So Pogue has lusty feelings for my besty.” Maria said.

“Next time you are around read him, but make sure he does not know you are doing it because he really hates it when I do it.” Tyler shuddered.

“He zap you?”

“Yes.” Tyler grumbled.

“Well we are not supposed to use our powers on each other.” Maria sang laughing when Tyler merely flipped her off.

“Tyler Simms I had no idea you even knew what that meant.” Maria laughed.

“Shut up.” He grumbled. “I know you read Liz at times as well as your mother.” Tyler said.

“I read my mother for survival.” Maria gasped. “She flies off the handle at the slightest thing, it helps being able to read what she is feeling so I know how to play my cards.” Maria defended.

“Right okay whatever you say Maria.” Tyler said laughing when she threw a cushion at him. After a few more red and gold pillows were thrown the two finally calmed down.

“So Liz has feelings for him?” Maria asked and Tyler nodded.

“She is not as obvious but I can sense them, they are different than the feeling she has for the rest of us. I sense…desire.” He said shuddering slightly. “Sorry it is weird to think of either of them having those feelings.” Tyler said and Maria nodded in agreement. The two of them just sat there for a moment in contented silence.

“Want to get out of here?” Maria asked and Tyler nodded.

“Great just let me go and put some pants and shoes on and we can go find something to do.” Maria said running up to her temporary room.

“Ready?” Tyler asked.

“Yes, where are we going?” She asked hoping into his Hummer. Tyler gave her a wicked grin.

“How do you like bars?” He asked before speeding away.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Part 5 p.8 2/28/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part!
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Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 6: The Sons and the Daughters VI

A green mass flew towards them hurling faster than anything they had ever seen, just before the mass connected with them the two managed to slam to the ground as the green heap hit a tree behind them with a deafening boom as it turned the dead tree into sawdust. “What the hell was that!” Pogue roared standing up with a shaken Reid. The two looked and saw a horrified Liz and Caleb.

“Oh my god I am so sorry!” she said coming up to the two who were checking themselves to make sure they had not lost anything in the attack.

“Liz that was you?” Reid asked his blue eyes wide.

“Yeah sorry Caleb and I were practicing with my powers and I did not see you two, oh no are you alright?” Liz asked running her hands over the two, spending extra time on Pogue, not that either Reid or Caleb noticed.

“Yes my ego is just wounded.” Pogue laughed making Liz blush slightly.

“Yeah it’s not every day a girl tries to kill us and almost succeeds.” Reid laughed wincing when Caleb hit him in the stomach.

“So what are you two doing out here?” Caleb asked his two friends stared at him noticing the slight changes that their friend was beginning to go through. Caleb’s body was not as tense as it usually was but at the same time he stood more erect, more sure of himself. His brown eyes were now the color of dark chocolate and had gold swirls in them, but there was one major difference that they picked up on; Caleb was pulsing with power and energy. They knew that the changes within their friend had begun and soon he was going to come out of the stupor he had been in.

“We were board so we were going to come and work on our powers.” Pogue said.

“Where are the girls?” Caleb asked.

“No idea where Tyler is nor Maria, but Faith and Caleigh are asleep.” Reid said laughing when Liz pinched him for calling Tyler a girl.

“So Lizzie what else can you do?” Pogue asked raising one of his eyebrows that had a thick scar across it.

“I don’t know what do you say we find out?” Liz asked before bolting back to her position so she could show off.

“Okay Liz let’s try something new…” Caleb said. Reid and Pogue watched for a good two hours and Liz learned all about her new powers and watched in awe as the green bursts of energy she possessed transformed before their eyes. Liz could create energy balls, shields, an electrical current, and so much more.

“Now Liz I want you to try something for me alright?” Caleb asked.

“Sure what?”

“I want you to try something that Serena could do, the wall of fire.” Caleb said he knew that she was going to be apprehensive about that but it was worth a shot.

“I don’t know how.” She mumbled.

“Pogue?” Caleb asked knowing that Pogue was the best out of all of them when it came to using their manipulation of fire.

“Sure I can try and help but Serena’s power was different than mine.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled across them. Pogue grabbed one of Liz’s smaller hands and covered it with his larger one.

“Alright Liz look at me.” Their eyes locked and Pogue’s fingers drew out her power, green streaks appearing on her skin. “Feel that?” He asked and Liz nodded. “Concentrate on making it hot, make it blister.” Pogue watched in awe as the green currents on Liz’s hand and arm started to smoke, knowing that it was not going to harm either of them, but others…

“Good now let it build until you feel that tugging in your stomach that lets you know that it is ready to go.” Pogue instructed.

Caleb and Reid stood back in awe knowing neither Pogue nor Liz could see what was going on around them. A blistering wind had picked up and was tossing their longer hair about as flames started to lick around their bodies steadily growing brighter, even Pogue’s body became covered in the magical flames. Suddenly Liz raised her arm and in a deafening silence fire burst forth from the two witches hurling in front of them where Liz’s hand had directed it. Caleb gasped at the sight as a huge wall of red and orange flames with hints of green and black whooshed out of Liz and Pogue destroying everything in its path. The wall was huge and stretched for at least a mile and was around a mile high.

“Oh crap.” Reid whispered.

“Guys stop!” Caleb bellowed sending a small power surge towards them to get their attention. Liz and Pogue dropped hands gasping for air stumbling slightly after the intense usage of their powers.

“Look at that.” Reid gasped out. The four looked around and saw a mile stretch of black ash around them, Liz and Pogue and destroyed all in their path leaving nothing behind.

“Oh god.” Caleb blinked several times not believing the destruction.

“I am so sorry Caleb we did not mean to do that.” Liz said as she regained her bearings.

“It’s fine Liz I understand but I mean look at what the two of you did I mean this is unbelievable. Liz, Serena never had that kind of fire power hers was like a small little shield of fire but yours was an actual wall Liz a huge mile long all encompassing wall.” Caleb choked out.

“That was intense.” Pogue groaned.

“The two of you together are pretty powerful.” Reid agreed.

“Caleb would you be able to do something like that with Liz?” Pogue asked.

“You know I can’t control that power well, you are the one that can.” Caleb said not seeing the happy grin that came over Pogue’s face.

“Well I am beat, want to go home?” Liz asked the boys.

“Yeah we have school tomorrow.” Reid groaned.

“Great!” Liz laughed.

“See you two tomorrow bright and early.” Pogue said slapping hands with his two brothers and hugging Liz as he hopped onto his bike.

“I can’t wait to see what alterations Faith has made to her uniform.” Liz sighed as she got into Caleb’s car.

“I don’t think Spencer is ready for the Daughters of Scion.” Caleb laughed as his car roared to life as he pulled away from the home that started it all.

“I have to agree with you there.” Liz said her eyes flashing slightly. Liz and Caleb made it home by three knowing they had to get up in a few hours. Liz went to check on Maria only to discover her best friend was missing from her room.

“Ah Liz.” Caleb said handing her a note that had been taped to his door. It told the two that Maria was out with Tyler and that she would be home later.

“She is so going to hate herself in the morning.” Liz laughed before heading to be herself. She just knew that tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

Liz was jarred out of her peaceful dream by a shaking bed, it felt as if she was on a raft going over the rapids. “Lizzie wake up.” A voice whispered in her ear.

“Come on Parker.” A deep rumbling voice said on her other side.

“Go away.” Liz groaned.

“Come on Lizzie we have to go to school.” Another voice rumbled.

“Yeah come on Honey Bear.” Liz opened her eyes at that and saw Maria, Caleb, Pogue, and Faith in her room all on her bed. Maria, Caleb and her were still in their PJ’s while the others were in their uniforms.

“How long do I have to get dressed?” She asked with a groan.

“Twenty minutes to be downstairs and ready.” Caleb said laughing as Liz pushed them off her and made her way into the bathroom.

“This is the last time I let you keep me up all night Danvers.” Liz grumbled.

“Love you too baby.” Caleb called only to be met with a slammed bathroom door.

“I see sunshine is finally awake.” Caleigh said coming into the room with Reid and Tyler.

“Yup now I need to go make myself beautiful.” Maria said.

“You’re already hot Deluca!” Tyler called and Maria flashed him a grin. When she was gone Reid smacked his friend upside the head.

“What?” Reid just walked away.

Caleb had been surprised earlier that year when Pogue, Reid and Tyler moved back home instead of staying at the dorms. Pogue had mumbled something about appreciating his family more. Caleb knew that the close call with Chase had put them all on edge. Pogue had taken his bike to the Danvers home and had Reid and Tyler pick up Faith and Caleigh. It was decided that Pogue was going to go to school with Caleb, Maria, and Liz.

“Okay everybody scoot!” Liz suddenly yelled coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Pogue’s eyes bugged out of his head and Tyler stood there open mouthed.

“Come on.” Faith said dragging Caleb and Tyler out as Caleigh pulled a gaping Pogue out as well.

Pogue eventually came out of his stupor when Maria, Liz and Caleb finally came downstairs.

“Alright let’s go I can’t wait to start!” Liz giggled with a slight skip in her step.

Liz stared in awe as Spencer Academy loomed ahead as Caleb parked the car and the four got out. Liz saw Faith stop beside her both of them not believing how large their new school was.

“Lizzie we are not in Roswell anymore.” Maria whimpered.

“Nope.” Liz breathed as Reid dragged them into school to them their timetables. The four girls were oblivious or at least acted oblivious to the stares the students of Spencer were giving them. It was not every day after all when the infamous Sons walked in with four new girls.

Sarah frowned when she saw Caleb with the new girls. She could not put her finger on it but there was something different about him and she was willing to bet that it had something to do with that Liz girl. She felt someone come up beside her and knew that it was her roommate Kate.

“Who do they think they are?” Kate asked in a huff.

“The guys are just being nice and showing them around.” Sarah tried to sooth her friend as well as herself.

“They have people for that here, those girls should just stay away. I did not spend all of my high school years trying to get in good with the sons of Ipswich only for new girls to take my place.” Kate growled her eyes glaring daggers at Faith and Caleigh who were hanging off of Pogue.

“I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.” Sarah said but when she saw Caleb whisper something in Liz’s ear, the gesture far more intimate than she could stand, she suddenly felt ill. “Nothing to worry about.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (UC, Adult, Ros/Cov XO) Part 6 p.10 3/1/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part!
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pandas2001- Thanks!
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Vampyrolover86- Reid and Pogue will not take what happend with Max well! Thanks for the reply!
jamy21- Yeah I am writing their relationship that way because it creates more fear in Sarah, but if you think Liz and Caleb are explosive wait and see what happens with her and Pogue :twisted: ! Thanks for the FB!

mrsjbehr- Thanks!
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rachelg224- Liz and Caleb will always be close, but they will be with other people. Tyler and Maria you will find out are a lot alike...and he might just be the little kink in the line for her and Reid. Thanks for the reply!

Synera- Thanks!
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Hey guys please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 7: Abbot Alert

Liz could honestly say that she loved school, no she more than loved it she craved it. There was just something about the competitive atmosphere that called to her. “So Caleb what class is next?” Liz asked linking arms with her best friend. As the two strolled down the hall the crowd parted as it usually did for any of the sons, but today was different because it seemed that a new girl was attached to each of the boys.

“Gym.” Caleb said and Liz gasped in horror.

“Oh no my mother did not tell me about that, there has to be a way to get out of running, Maria and I don’t run.” Liz said as Caleb pushed her towards the girls locker room. Caleb laughed at her.

“Liz we don’t run in this class, we swim.” He laughed deeply when he saw her horror.

“A bathing suit, oh no people not gonna happen.” Liz said.

“Oh come on Parker it’s not so bad, you get to see us in bathing suits the whole time.” Reid said snaking an arm around the small brunette who was looking to Faith for help knowing that Maria and Caleigh were not going to help.

“How many people are in this class?” Faith asked not looking forward to people seeing her in a one piece.

“Not too many, now go get changed.” Pogue said pushing the two girls into the locker room.

“I hate people seeing me in a swimsuit.” Liz grumbled.

“But you’re okay with the swimming part?” Caleigh asked.

“Beats running.” Liz muttered pulling the swimsuit out of its plastic bag that Pogue handed her.

“Oh this is gonna suck.” Faith hissed.

“It’s not so bad.” Sarah said startling the four girls. She was already in her suit and had a white towel wrapped around her waist, Kate was standing a few feet away looking sulky.

“Well Lizzie the sooner we get in these things the sooner we can get out there and ogle some goodies.” Maria said stripping faster than a porn star.

“Alright, I suppose looking at Simms for two hours won’t be so bad.” Liz sighed.

“Simms, everyone knows that Parry has the best body.” A girl down their row said not seeing Kate around the corner.

“Nah seen him enough.” Faith laughed.

“Simms it is ladies.” Maria laughed.

“Or Garwin.” Caleigh sighed.

“Come on girlfriends let’s go ogle some goodies.” Faith said laughing as she saw Liz trying to adjust her chest in the suit.

“Damn thing it too tight.” Liz muttered.

“I think they did that on purpose.” Maria said as she did the same thing.

“That’s the last time we let Pogue tell the gym teacher our size.” Liz grumbled. Sarah led them out towards the bleachers off to the side of the gigantic swimming pool where around fifty guys and girls were sitting. Liz saw the guys swimsuits and her mouth dropped open.

“Is that legal?” She asked Caleigh who was giggling.

“Pogue Parry you’re an ass.” Maria hissed punching him in the arm.

“What?” Pogue asked with a slight grin.

“My breast are ready to burst out of my damn suit.” Maria growled.

“It’s painful.” Liz whined.

“But you all look great.” Reid said.

“Yeah don’t you fems say that pain is beauty.” Tyler said. Sarah looked at the four girls in front of her and then at herself and she could not help but cower. The four girls had chests to die for, even Liz who apparently hid her assets well, if Sarah had to guess it looked like the four were at least a cup size larger than her and Kate and the suits did nothing to hide that.

“You try having your dick bound and then tell me how pretty you feel.” Faith growled at Tyler.

“Ah guys people are staring.” Kate hissed. Liz looked around and sure enough most of the males in the class had their eyes glued to the four girls.

“Oh well then that’s better.” Maria said sitting down next to Tyler leaning back slightly so that her chest was sticking out more giving every guy a great view.

“Ria!” Tyler hissed throwing a towel over her.

“Oh come on you wanted everyone to look at us.” Faith said as her and Liz took a seat on Pogue’s lap making him gulp. He could feel Kate glaring daggers at him, it’s not like he could help looking at their chests after all they were right in his face.

“Okay I will get you new sizes.” Pogue said and the girls breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks Pogue.” Faith said kissing his cheek as they sat on the bench with the other girls.

“That was scary.” Tyler said when the four were a good distance away leaving Kate and Sarah with their boyfriends.

“Tell me about it.” Reid muttered.

It appeared that Liz was actually good at swimming as was Caleigh, the coach even said so and that if the season was not already over she would have asked them to be on the team. Many of the girls in the class were quickly becoming envious of the four new girls and of course with envy comes popularity. Look out Kate and Sarah there are four new girls and town and they have officially taken over.


Alex wandered the halls of West Roswell looking at his shoes the whole way. He felt lost, his two best friends were away in Ipswich and he was stuck in Roswell to deal with the aliens. Right when Liz and Maria left Max and Michael made it their missions to stick as close to Alex as possible and it made him uneasy.

“Hey Alex.” Isabel said sliding up to him in the busy hall. People stared at the Roswell queen and the geek.

“Hi Isabel.” He grunted before quickly walking away. He could not believe how he had treated Liz and Maria before they left. He was distant with them feeling that it was the only way he could protect himself. The two of them were in deep with the aliens and the only way he saw out was to get away from all of them including his best girlfriends. He did not want to stay away from Isabel because he liked her a lot but unfortunately for him with Isabel came her alien drama.

“So are you going to the Crashdown with us after school?” Isabel asked hoping to get him to open up.

“No probably not.” Alex said walking away only for her to follow.

“Well we miss you and I know the others want you to come.” Isabel tired.

“Isabel what are you doing?” Alex asked stopping in the middle of the hallway.

“What, I am asking you to hang out with us.” She said.

“After Tess and Max made their aliens only decree. Listen Isabel I am not an alien therefore I am not invited.” Alex said.

“No but you are our friend and I want you there.”

Alex let out a dry laugh looking at the alien princess in front of him. “We are not friends Isabel, we have never been friends. I am just the guy that you all had to tell your little secret to and got sucked into your lives. From the beginning you made it clear Isabel that the two of us were never going to be friends. Now that your only allies are gone you all turn to me, I am not your play thing Isabel and I am not your friend. Stay away from me.” Alex ground out before stalking away.

Isabel stood there stunned her breathing short and erratic. It felt as if an elephant was sitting on her chest. “Isabel?” Tess asked coming up to her friend who was standing in the middle of the hall looking lost.

“Oh god Tess.” Isabel gasped out her golden eyes looking horrified.

“What is it?” Tess asked now worried for her friend.

“I think I am going to be sick.” Isabel said before rushing off to the bathroom, Tess hot on her heals. Tess winced when she heard Isabel get sick.

“Isabel what’s wrong?” Tess asked from the other side of the bathroom stall.

“I think we made a huge mistake Tess.” Isabel gasped out before she got sick again. Tess’s blue eyes widened.

“What do you mean?”

“We have lost the only people we had on our side. God Tess we pushed Alex, Maria, Kyle and Liz away and they were the only ones we could go to if we needed them. I lost the only friends I really had that accepted me for who I was.” Isabel cried not seeing the hurt look on Tess’s face.

“So what you want to be friends with the humans again?” Tess hissed.

“Yes.” Isabel said opening the stall door, brushing past Tess to the sink where she washed up before she left the bathroom and Tess.


Liz flopped onto the couch right when she walked through the door, Caleb toppling onto her and Maria onto him. “I hate school.” Maria groaned.

“Me too.” Liz groaned startling her two friends.

“Since when?” Maria asked from on top of Caleb.

“Since Pogue made me wear a swimsuit in front of a room full of guys that was two sizes too small. The rest of the day guys kept coming up to me and giving me their numbers.” Liz groaned as Caleb shifted his weight on her.

“How many guys?” Caleb asked resting his head on her chest.

“Reach in my jacket and find out.” Liz said and Caleb did pulling out a stack of ripped and folded papers.

“Liz there are like twenty numbers there.” Maria laughed.

“I know.” She groaned.

“Who are you gonna call?” Maria asked looking around Caleb’s shoulder.

“I’m thinking Aaron Abbot.” Liz sighed.

“No!” Maria and Caleb yelled startling the little brunette beneath them.

“Why the hell not?” Liz asked.

“Because the guy is a total jerk.” Caleb said.

“Besides you are still getting over his majesty.” Maria said and Liz sighed.

“I guess you’re right.” Liz grumbled.

“Of course we are.” Caleb said rolling his eyes.

“So what time is it? I am supposed to meet Caleigh at five.” Liz said. Caleb and Maria shared a look, an evil glint in their eyes.

“Oh we know what time it is Lizzie.” Maria said as the two shifted on top of her.

“What?” Liz asked not liking the looks they were sharing.

“It’s tickle time.” Maria yelled as her and Caleb rolled onto the ground taking Liz with them. Maria pinned Liz down as Caleb attacked her sides. Liz’s face turned red instantly as her small form shook with her hysterical laughter. She did not know how she did it but Liz somehow worked her legs around Caleb’s waist and pulled with all of her might until he toppled onto her. Liz wrapped her legs around him tighter bringing him closer to her center, she had him right where she wanted him.

“Oh Caleb.” Liz moaned startling Maria who watched as her friend ground against Caleb. “Oh yeah right there.” Liz purred. Maria released Liz’s hands and stared in horror as Caleb was mercilessly tortured.

Sarah let herself in as Mrs. Danvers and Caleb always told her to. She heard a noise coming from the parlor and saw Liz and Caleb on the floor looking flushed, Liz with her legs securely wrapped around Caleb as she ground into him moaning. Her blue eyes filled with tears before she ran out of the house, never seeing Maria on the other side of the room.

When Liz realized her hands were free she pushed Caleb off of her. “Now that is how a girl gets away from a tickle fight.” Liz said rolling away from Caleb.

“Damn Liz that was brilliant.” Maria laughed helping Liz off the floor.

“Oh god.” Caleb groaned.

“Got a little problem there Caleb?” Maria giggled.

“There is nothing little about my problem.” Caleb groaned as Tyler walked in.

“You okay man?” Tyler asked.

“Liz gave him a happy.” Maria laughed as Tyler spluttered.

“All I did was a little bump and grind.” Liz laughed.

“Okay I’m good.” Caleb said getting up looking rumpled.

“What did you do to deserve that?” Tyler asked.

“They tickled me.” Liz pouted. “Maria held me down and gave Caleb the honor of tickling me to death.” Liz said.

“Then he had that coming.” Tyler said slapping Caleb on the back.

“Yes he did.” Liz huffed before walking away. She had homework to do and then she had to get ready to go out with Caleigh, she just knew that it was going to be another late night.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 7 p.12 3/3/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies!

Jensen Lover 37
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Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 8: Abbot Alert II

Sarah sniffed again as she took a drink of her orange soda, the drink of pain. She could not believe Caleb was cheating on her with a girl who was living with him, it made her sick. To see the two of them on the floor going at it had hurt more than she cared to admit, apparently the whole no sex thing was getting to him more than she thought and he was sleeping with the nearest warm body.

Looking up from her drink when she heard a sudden increase in chatter she groaned at the source; it was Liz and her friend Caleigh. Lucky for Sarah the two did not see her and sat down right next to her. “So then Maria pins me down on the floor…”

“No!” Caleigh laughed.

“Yes and then Caleb takes it upon himself to tickle me to death. Well being the smart tart that I am I managed to free my legs and I wrapped them around him and started grinding on him to the point where Maria let go and scatted across the room in horror and Caleb let up.” Liz laughed.

“No way!” Caleigh laughed.

“Yes and then Tyler walked in as Caleb was trying to calm down on the floor, poor boy I felt so bad for him but he had it coming.” Liz said but stopped when she heard a sob behind her. Liz turned around and saw Sarah red faced and blubbering at the next table.

“Sarah?” Liz asked looking at the blonde in concern.

“So you and Caleb did not have sex?” Sarah asked in a quivering voice.

“What? Hell no!” Liz said and Sarah sobbed in relief. “Wait a minute you saw us…” Liz suddenly realized what was going on. “Oh Sarah I am sorry that you thought that, but Caleb and I were in a tickle fight with Maria and I used dirty tactics to get him off of me…it worked.” Liz blushed.

“I was so afraid when I walked in and saw the two of you.” Sarah said as Caleigh and Liz sat at her table.

“Sarah you have nothing to worry about, Caleb and Liz are only friends and will never be anything else.” Caleigh said rubbing Sarah’s back.


“Really. Sarah I am not interested in Caleb.” Liz said blushing.

“But the two of you have the chemistry and this spark about you…”

“Sarah that has come from years of knowing each other, inside and out.” Liz said.

“But I mean there is this…”

“Sarah I am not interested in Caleb I am interested in Pogue.” Liz blurted out hearing Caleigh gasp.

“I knew it!” Caleigh squealed.

“I figured you, Maria, Faith and Tyler would know.” Liz muttered as Sarah gaped at her.

“I never would have thought…” Sarah appeared mystified.

“But we all know that is not going to happen since he is with Kate.” Liz said smiling sadly. Sarah stared at the brunette in front of her and felt this unnatural tugging at her heart, she blames that feeling for the words that came out of her mouth next.

“He and Kate are not as into each other as they appear, Kate has been itching to get out of their relationship for a while. I think the two of you would be good together.” Sarah said shocking the two girls in front of her.

“Wow that is wow.” Liz said stunned she thought Pogue’s relationship was solid that’s why she always stayed away.

“I just don’t understand Kate sometimes I mean she should just end it rather than drag him on.” Sarah huffed.

“Sarah let me tell you a little something that my buddy Faith once told me.” Liz said swinging her arm around the blonde. “Men are like panties. All girls have that pair of granny panties that they keep around because they feel comfortable, but at the same time women like their sexy lacey thong because they want to feel dangerous and desirable. What every woman needs to do is find that one pair of panties that is a perfect balance, you are comfortable and sexy at the same time.” Liz said a stunned silence followed her. Caleigh let out a snort and Sarah soon followed laughing.

“Liz I can’t believe you compared a guy to your underwear.” Caleigh laughed as Sarah shook with laughter. Liz turned red when she realized she had repeated what Faith told her.

“Alright laugh it up, but you both get the point.” Liz said and the two nodded.

“Now come one let’s go back to Danvers place, Sarah and Caleb need to get cozy.” Caleigh said and the three left the bar in their cars. Soon three cars had pulled into the large driveway and all three ran into the house in a fit of giggles.

Caleb and Pogue looked up when they heard the three enter and were shocked when they saw that it was Sarah with Caleigh and Liz. The three took one look at them and burst out laughing.

“Caleb?” Calegih asked the question only the girls would know.

“Red thong.” Liz said and Sarah nodded in agreement.

“Lace, red, and bikini style.” Caleigh said.

“Pogue?” Sarah asked giggling as Liz looked at him.

“None.” Liz laughed as the other two giggled.

Pogue and Caleb stared at the three not believing what they were seeing, and not understanding their conversation. “I am a thong?” Caleb asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yup.” Sarah said.

“And I am none?” Pogue asked.

“You are the equivalent of the girl who has not worn panties since she was twelve.” Caleigh laughed.

“Okay I am confused.” Caleb said.

“We are describing how you make us feel.” Liz said filling in the blanks and the two males nodded in understanding as Sarah gave her boyfriend a proper hello kiss. Suddenly Caleb pulled back looking upset.

“So wait my best friend makes you feel naked?” Liz and Caleigh burst out laughing realizing he still did not get it.

“Ah no Danvers she did not mean that.” Caleigh said trying to save both Sarah and Pogue who had started chocking at his friends comment.

“Nope Pogue just makes us nice and wet.” Liz amended and Caleb pulled a face.

“Oh not right.” Caleb growled and Pogue grunted.

“Relax Danvers we are just messing with you.” Liz said pinching his cheeks before slapping Pogue’s tight butt as her and Caleigh made their way up to her room.

“Liz Parker wet now there’s a thought.” Pogue laughed slapping Caleb on the back before heading out the door. Caleb saw Sarah sigh at his words and he could not help the coil of jealousy welling inside of him.

“Wait you aren’t interested in my best friend are you?” Caleb asked.

“Pogue no way.” Sarah laughed she looked around and saw they were alone. “Besides Liz likes him.” She whispered knowing he was not going to say anything.

“Wait what?” Caleb asked pushing away from Sarah. His eyes flashed black and then turned normal and then black again several times in his shock and slight anger.

“Hey she swore me to secrecy, I think it’s an all girls secret or something.” Sarah said feeling guilty now.

“But Pogue is with Kate.”

“We both know that they are not going to last and if my roommate is not going to be with him then I am rooting for Liz.” Sarah said wrapping her arms around his waist.

“But Liz…” Caleb whined his eyes flashing black once more as he stared up the stairs leading to the upstairs wings where Liz and Caleigh were.

“Caleb?” Tyler asked coming into the house, they all had a habit of not knocking.

“In here.” Sarah called and the blued brunette came in looking flustered.

“Is Maria here?” Tyler asked.

“She is upstairs in her room.” Caleb said and Tyler started heading in that direction. “Hey Simms!” Caleb called and Tyler turned back around and stood in front of the oldest looking impatient.


“Is it true that Liz likes Pogue?” Caleb asked and Tyler’s eyes widened.

“Uh yeah it goes both ways actually.” Tyler said shocking the couple.

“What am I like the last to know these things?” Caleb grumbled.

“No Reid and Pogue still don’t know.” Tyler said before rushing off to be with Maria. As he walked away Sarah started to giggle.

“What?” Caleb asked.

“He is sooo lacy boy short material.” Sarah said.

“Okay you fems are as bad as Reid, Tyler, and Pogue when it comes to deciding what panties the girl has on.” Caleb grumbled.

“They are white, silk, bikini style.” Sarah whispered before kissing him on the cheek as she left the house. She loved messing with him

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 8 p.14 3/5/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:59 pm

Hey guys thanks so much for the FB on the last part. Okay so as for who Caleb is going to be with I have it down now, but you all will have to wait and see :twisted: . I am trying to give Sarah a chance in this fic, in my last one she did not fare well but I always saw her character as one with a lot of meat and she is fun to write so she will be around for awhile. Thanks for the FB...

Jensen Lover 37

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 9: Abbot Alert III

Liz darted a look around the hall making sure he was not around, when she did not see his curly mane of hair she rushed out into the hallway. “Elizabeth there you are.” Aaron Abbot said making the small girl cringe as he cornered her in the hall. This had been a habit of his for the past week; apparently he now had her schedule memorized and took it upon himself to corner her after every class.

“Aaron.” She ground out looking over his shoulder for someone anyone who could help her.

“So I was thinking that the two of us should stop playing these little games and just cut to the chase already.” Aaron whispered in what he thought was a sexy voice, but really Liz was just trying not to choke from the overwhelming smell of his cologne.

“Oh and what would that be?” She asked fidgeting, she knew where this conversation was headed and wanted nothing to do with it.

“That the two of us are deeply attracted to each other and are fighting the urge to rip each other’s clothes off every time we glance at each other.” Aaron said startling Liz that was not what she was expecting, she was expecting a date.


“So I propose that we go out tonight and then finish the evening off in your bed.” Aaron said.

“Not going to happen Abbot.” A cold voice rumbled from behind the cocky senior. Aaron turned around and saw a glowering Pogue Parry. Pogue’s cold eyes bared down on Aaron letting him know that he was sniffing someplace that was already marked.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend Parry?” Aaron asked.

“Pogue, let’s go to class.” Liz said grabbing his arm and dragging him away now that she had her escape route. Pogue trailed behind her as they headed to government looking surly.

“Why were you walking by yourself? Why was Abbot all over you?” Pogue asked pushing Liz into yet another corner of the hallway.

“Caleb is off sucking face with Sarah and Faith saw a cute boy.” Liz explained hoping to leave it at that, but his arm stopped her from moving. “That explains the walking alone but why was the scum of the school looking to hook up with you?” Pogue asked.

“No clue, apparently the two of us have been sending each other looks for the past week and he thought it was high time to have his way with me. Problem is I think he is gross especially after the stories I have heard in the locker room.” Liz said there for a moment she thought she saw relief flash before his golden eyes but when they returned to their normal blaze she thought she had imagined it.

“Listen Liz you should stay away from Aaron he is only out to use every girl in this school. As the new girl he is going to take it upon himself to make sure that he is the first one to have you.” Pogue said.

“Trust me Pogue there will be no having of any kind.” Liz said placing her hand on his arm. The glowering figure appeared to think about that for a moment before he nodded.

“Come on let’s get to class where I can rip Danvers a new one for leaving you alone.” Pogue said flashing her a smile. Liz rolled her eyes this was typical of her boys.

“I can take care of myself Parry.” She grumbled as he swung an arm over her shoulders.

“I know that you can but us guys need to feel useful.” Pogue said making her laugh. Neither of them saw two pairs of brown eyes glaring at them.

Liz sighed as she made her way up the stairs in her class to her seat next to Caleb, Pogue sitting on her other side. Most of their friends were in that class including Pogue’s girlfriend, but the others tried to avoid her as much as possible.

“Hey Liz how are you today?” Kate asked from the other side of Pogue, Faith who was in front of us coughed to cover up her laugh.

“Just peachy since I spent all last night on the phone with a irritated Max Evans who demanded that I get back to Roswell as soon as possible.” Liz said and Maria scoffed.

“Yes I got one of those from Tess telling me I was being selfish.” Maria snapped bitterly.

“They what?” Pogue hissed his dark eyes flashing in furry.

“They just don’t know when to stop.” Caleb growled.

“This Max guy has been hassling you for awhile?” Sarah asked.

“He is Liz’s ex.” Pogue growled taking a deep breath so that the big cat within would remain calm. He could tell that the other boys were fighting the same battle, there was just something about another guy moving in on their turf that hit a nerve.

“Oh you should give him a call and try to work things out with him.” Kate said flashing Liz a smile. Pogue sent his girlfriend a sharp glare.

“No she should not!” Caleigh growled her green eyes flashing.

“We are not fans of Max.” Pogue explained. Soon their teacher walked in and their government lesson began. Liz did not know what came over her but soon she found herself nodding off, her head coming to rest on her desk, at the same time Pogue’s head dropped as well.

Pogue looked around feeling sick stumbling slightly. It felt as if his blood was on fire ready to explode from his skin. His vision was blurry but he could make out faint shapes in front of him, he knew instinctively that she was there next to him, he could always feel her.

“Liz?” He rasped out.

“Pogue?” She wheezed he grunted in response, it was too painful to say or do much of anything. “What the hell is happening? Where are we?” She asked he could tell that speaking was taking a lot of effort.

“Well I have to say this is not the pair I was expecting, or I should say half the pair.” A familiar voice laughed. Their vision cleared just enough that the two witches could see the figure in front of them.

“Serena.” Liz breathed. The redhead in front of them shifted slightly looking anxious.

“Yes Lizzie it’s me. Pogue good to see you.” She said with a slight giggle, he just nodded.

“Serena you are…” Liz chocked slightly.

“I know I am dead Lizzie that is how I am able to be here right now to protect you from the others. The two of you are not supposed to be here, this is the shadow world. Listen your enemies are close, closer than you think.” Serena said her green eyes boring into the two.

“Who?” Pogue asked his eyes glowing dangerously.

“Now that I can’t tell you it’s like against the rules or something. Obviously the person is not accurate with their spells because they pulled Pogue in here and not Caleb, he was the originally target.” Serena said.

“Why?” Liz gasped out.

“To take you out of the way, the group is weaker without you two, well four actually. Pogue and Faith are the next strongest and the next set that are the strongest with their powers. Taking out Caleb and Liz though is a sure way to wipe out the rest of you. I am holding the shadows at bay though but I don’t know how long I can keep this up.” Serena said looking fearfully around her.

“This is nuts why not just come at us in a direct attack?” Liz raged but regretted it instantly when fire burst in her chest, she leaned on Pogue who wrapped an arm around her trying to keep her on her feet.

“Be careful what you wish for Lizzie.” Serena said giving Liz a dark look. The redhead in front of the two living witches shuddered slightly looking at the moving shadows fearfully.

“Okay so how the hell are we supposed to get out of here?” Pogue asked.

“Good question.” Serena said giving him a small smile. Liz and Pogue looked at her expectantly.

“Well?” Liz asked.

“I ah actually don’t know.” Serena mumbled looking anywhere but at the two witches in front of her. Liz’s face fell and she clung to Pogue, they were stuck in the shadow world, a world they had only briefly read about as children.

Caleb stared at his two friends who were asleep in class, that fact alone had him worried since the two were serious about their work. That was what first tipped him off that something was wrong, but it was their breathing that worried him more, they both seemed to be taking shaky breaths. He looked at Faith and Tyler who had turned around hearing the rattling that was coming from the two. Suddenly Liz stopped breathing.

“Liz!” Caleb yelled shaking her catching the attention of the room. Reid turned around and saw the two passed out and started shaking Pogue.

“She stopped breathing!” Maria screamed her eyes wild with fear. The friends stared each other trying to help their friends as an ambulance was called. They knew that it was no coincidence that the two were hurt at the same time in the middle of class, it was magic.


Isabel walked into the CrashDown feeling sick, it had been days since she and the others spoke to Alex and it looked like he was still not willing to speak with them. She sat in her usual booth with her brother, Michael, and Tess and watched the glass door hoping to catch a glimpse of his tall lanky form. Isabel was rewarded when an hour later Alex walked in, but her triumph was short loved when she saw the devastated look on his face.

“Alex?” She asked gaining the tables attention. She got up and went to him as he stood there in the center of the café looking lost. “Alex what is it?” Isabel asked dread building within her, she knew that whatever was bugging him was serious.

“I just got a call from Maria.” Alex whispered his red eyes suddenly looking up into her golden eyes. Isabel was strangled by the wave of emotions coming off of him. “Liz is in the hospital, her and her classmate passed out in the middle of class and stopped breathing. They slipped into comas two hours ago.” Alex whispered tears flooding his vision.

“Oh god.” Isabel gasped the others behind her had heard what Alex said and were on their feet.

“Where is she?” Max asked.

“Out of state, she is with her family.” Alex said. “Maria said that the two of them looked like they had just fallen asleep in class but then when Caleb saw Liz stop breathing…”Alex stopped gasping trying to keep the tears in.

“The doctors said that it was not looking good for the two of them, they give Pogue a day and Liz…” Alex stopped and looked Max in the eyes. “They give Liz hours.” Alex whispered.

“What the hell is causing this?” Michael asked having never heard of an illness such as this.

“The doctors don’t know they are stumped. They know that it is not drug related because they tested their blood. They did a CT scan and saw swelling of the brain putting them in comas but other than that they have no idea what caused it.” Alex said he was terrified for his friend.

“Is there anything we can do?” Isabel asked and Alex let out a dry humorless laugh.

“No.” Alex said before sitting at the counter, turning his back on the aliens. He wished he was with Maria right now beside Liz who was fighting for her life. He wished he was any place other than Roswell.


Caleb stared through the glass door into the room where Liz and Pogue were resting, fighting for their lives. He felt like the world’s biggest idiot for not realizing his friends were dying right beside him. Kate and Sarah were hugging each other in the chairs outside of the room not believing that something such as this could happen. The hiss of the machines could be heard in the hall and the group watched as nurses checked on their friends before leaving the room. As he watched his friends Caleb could not help but notice the tingle in the back of his head, the one telling him that what was happening to his two best friends was magically induced.

“You feel it too don’t you?” Faith asked in a low voice so only he could hear. “The pulse telling you that not only are we close to losing them and the sting letting us know that whoever is doing this is magically holding them hostage.” Faith hissed.

“I feel it too.” Caleb’s deep voice rumbled he closed his eyes taking a deep breath trying to fight the beast inside that was roaring to be let out to fight for his family. Liz was in trouble, his sister, was fighting for her life and he was stuck on the other side of a glass door unable to do anything.

“We have to do something Caleb. I can’t lose Pogue and Liz, they are the closest thing I have to a brother and a sister and now that Serena is gone I don’t think any of us can take losing them.” Faith hissed and the beat within him agreed.

“Come with me and get Reid, we have work to do.” Caleb growled his eyes glowing black. Faith smirked before she grabbed the blonde witch dragging him away.

“Caleb…” Sarah tried to catch her boyfriends attention, she grabbed his arm and turned him only to be assaulted by his jet black eyes glaring furiously at her.

“Back off.” He growled in an inhuman voice. Sarah shuddered at the sound it sounded so foreign to her ears. Maria saw Sarah’s horrified face as the three stalked away.

“He is upset, Liz and Pogue are his family and he is in a fight or flight situation. The witch is taking over and he is royally pissed off.” Maria whispered.

“I have never heard anything like that.” Sarah gasped out tears swimming in her eyes.

“You have never seen Caleb when Liz is trouble before. He was furious because Pogue his brother is hurt but Liz on top of that has made him…” Tyler paused trying to find the right word.

“Bloodthirsty.” Caleigh whispered.