The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) COMPLETE 11-1-08

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The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) COMPLETE 11-1-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:22 pm

Title: The Ancient Ones

Author: Ansleyrocks

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or Moonlight

Rating: Mature-Adult

Couples: Liz/Josef, Beth/Mick, Michael/Maria

Category: Crossover Moonlight/Roswell

Summary: Max left her to go and find the other protector and she was furious. Needing to get away from the humans Liz goes to find her sister and catch up with an old friend hoping to forget about her miserable existence in Roswell. Little did she realize her family was going to cause her even more problems than the humans.

Added Note: This takes place after the series finale in Moonlight and during the episode Secrets and Lies.

Added Note 2: The prolog is written in a guest POV. See if you can figure out who it is!


There are few things in this world that humans would do almost anything for. It would have to be something so powerful and valuable that it would make them abandon all they know to seek it, but few ever really know what dear price one has to pay.

What would you do if you were dying and all hope was lost when an angel in the dead of night comes to you and offers you a way out? Would you take it, or would you make peace with the fact that your precious life would soon be extinguished?

What if no celestial being offered it to you at all, instead it was your best friend? What would you do if you were dying and broken, the world muffled to you, and you saw her face above you like a beacon at sea guiding you home? What if she offered you the chance to live forever? Would you take it? I know I did.
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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Pro 9-9-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Thu Sep 11, 2008 10:42 am

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the prolog. The mystery POV in the prolog only one person guessed who it was, but don't worry this part should answer any questions you might have as to who it is. Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever
Liz Parker Evans -I hope you like this

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 1: The Wind Blows

You ever get the feeling that something is wrong with your life? I am not just talking that you are having a bad hair day or you missed the bus I am talking about that deep sick cold feeling in the pit of your belly that slowly spreads a cold sweat down your back, the one that lets you know something is terribly wrong. I have that feeling and I feel like I am dying, again.

The voices of the sleepy town whip around in my head and I realize that I am not happy. The cold feeling fades away and I realize it is time for me to move on, the wind is blowing and calling me into a new life. Liz Parker has started to fizzle out and I will start again.

The hot dry air of the desert floated in her open window hitting her sensitive skin making it sting painfully. The hiss of her freezer sounded more and more appealing but she knew that she had to get it over with, she had to keep going or she would never be done. They sat on her bed staring at her with sad lost eyes not daring to say anything fearing that they would choke up and sob that they didn’t want to let her go.

Sparkling green eyes stared at her in unrepentant agony blinking away burning tears. “Maria…” her voice whipped across the room and the girl sucked in a shuddering breath.

“Liz I don’t want you to go.” She croaked out in a rushed hot breath filled with desperate tears. “Please I want to come with you.” Maria sobbed tucking into the solid arm that pulled her close. Liz looked at the two with her sad brown eyes wishing that she could keep them forever, but for her forever was a long time.

“I wish you could but…”

A bitter hiss cut her off, “We are mortal.” His gruff voice chocked out. He could not believe that he was losing her after all this time, he had always taken her for granted and now that he knew he would not have her quick mind and fierce passion to cling to he felt a floundering loss.

“Yes, you are mortal.” She sighed setting down her top before she joined the two on her bed. “You have no idea how I wish I could turn you, but it would just be a second death for you.” Liz said staring bitterly ahead. “He would be angry with me and kill you out of spite; I have seen him do it before.” Liz said turning her brown eyes on them sharply, “And that is something I would never wish on you.”

“But Alex…”

Liz closed her eyes at the name her back coiling, “Was different, he was Roksana’s not mine and they have no say in that.” Liz said her cold hand gently squeezing Maria’s wrist being mindful of her strength as usual.

“She can’t turn another?” Maria asked her lower lip jutting out as she fought more tears.

Liz gave her friends a small pained smile. “We never have more than one fledgling at a time, it is too dangerous and Alex is too new still. Besides she was the only one of my…” Liz paused trying to find the right word to describe the woman who had taken her human companion under her wing. “Tribe, that is still turning new ones. I am afraid that once one hits a certain age you lose the urge to make new friends.” Liz said.

“Lizzie…” Maria sobbed finally releasing her pain into the open her small frame shaking as she sucked in painful breaths. “I am going to miss you.”

Liz gave her friend a gentle smile her eyes flicking between the two seated next to her. “And I will miss you. I have to say that this life has been interesting; I made friends something I have not done for decades. There was just something about you and Alex that grabbed me and sucked me in.” Liz said her eyes twinkling at the blonde.

“Really?” Maria asked sadly.

“Yes, I think it is that you both remind of two people I knew when I was human.” Liz closed her eyes as images of that horrible age washed over her.

“What was it like?” His gruff voice asked no longer able to hide his curiosity.

Liz smiled her teeth sparkling in the light of the room. “It was an interesting time, very different from today. I was a lady of the French court…”

“Wow nobility!” Maria gasped her shock cutting off Liz’s story.

Liz snorted at her friend slapping a hand to her mouth, “Maria most vampires from the old world are nobility, it was the way of our kind. We turned the privileged not the poor. Well not always though.” Liz said the image of her sister flashing before her eyes, the little tramp.

“I sense a huge but in there.” He said and Liz nodded.

“I was thinking of my sister…”

“The one who came here?” He asked and she nodded.

“Yes Coraline. She was the court whore back in the day but she was not called that, they called her the courtesan. She slept with all the lords, princes, and kings and slept her way up the social ladder. My brother Nicholas and I were the only ones in the family who found it distasteful and then Jacques of course after he found her screwing his wife’s lover. He was not even going to turn her but Edouard…” Liz closed her eyes and took an unnecessary calming breath. “My eldest brother always had a soft spot for her.”

“Who was turned first?” Maria asked.

“I was, six years before my sister which is why I remained so young compared to the others. I met him through my husband who was a decent man and loved me kinda how I love Kyle and Michael.”

“Like a brother.” Maria said and Liz nodded.

“He didn’t want me to die from what he considered his fault…but it was silly of him to think that.” Liz whispered she saw the two look at her their faces masks of confusion. “I was dying from complications during childbirth. I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy two days prior and I was getting worse and worse. He hated seeing me suffer so he called in my sire who owed him a favor. He told my sire that he would rather I lived forever in the shadows than let my candle of hope go out sending the world into darkness.” Liz said a small smile playing on her lips. “I went to bed one night sick with fever and woke up smeared with blood my creator hovering over me waiting for me. He told me I had to come with him and leave my husband and three sons.”

“Holy crap Liz three kids?” Maria asked her eyes wide. Liz gave her a pained smile.

“Maria I had my first child when I was twelve, it was terrible but he was my pride and joy and the other two popped along not long after.:

“What happened to them after you ah…died?” She asked not liking the cold look in Liz’s eyes.

“My sister is crazy Maria remember that she always has been and she always will be.” Liz whispered.

“What does that have to…oh god.” Maria whispered her eyes widening as Liz nodded her head.

“Coraline went crazy after I died; I never realized how much she needed me until then. When I found out what she did it was too late to do anything.” Liz whispered her lip trembling. “She was so angry with Louis, she blamed him and my children for my death and she…” Liz stopped and closed her eyes. “My sister has always gotten her way.” Liz said and she left it at that but the other two knew that the witch had her family killed. “Charles was the next one turned and then Leon and Nicholas followed by Lance and Edouard then Jacques. Coraline was the last to be turned, as we always said once the baby always the baby.”

“Liz that is terrible.” His gruff voice sounded oddly chocked.

“I wish that was the worst of my memories.” Liz said as she glanced at her clock. “I have to get going, my car will be here soon.” Liz turned to the two in front of her as she closed the last suitcase. “I need you to promise me that the two of you will be alright, that you will not go and do something foolish.”

“I promise.” He grunted knowing that deep down he was going to hold to that just for her. He looked to Maria who was silently shaking on the bed in her grief.

“I-I promise.” She whimpered as Liz placed her cool lips against her forehead.

“I love you both. Be safe and happy and live your lives.” Liz whispered before she left with her bags heading down to the café where she knew the driver was meeting her. Jeff grabbed a bag from her and walked with her out to the car.

“They will be alright Liz, Narcia and I will watch out for them.” Jeff said hugging the small girl to him.

“Thank you Jeff, I am glad I found you again.” Liz laughed.

“As am I Elise as am I. I have a feeling I will be seeing you again when it is time for Narcia and I to move on.” Jeff said as the last of her things were stored away. “She was thinking that we could go someplace cold this time, I am thinking Alaska.” Jeff said and Liz nodded.

“Cold sounds like a nice change, I might head that direction after I check in with the LA tribe. It was wonderful seeing you again old friend.” Liz said kissing his cheek as he squeezed her arm one last time before he departed back into the café with a silently sobbing Nancy who could not stand to see her go even though the woman knew that their kind always ran into each other again.

“Goodbye Roswell.” Liz whispered as the air shifted around her. She could tell he was close and she turned to the ally knowing that his large form was going to appear to her. He hurtled towards her and engulfed her in a hug.

“I didn’t get to do that upstairs.” He whispered kissing her hair. “Be safe Liz I am going to miss having you around.” He sighed.

“You be safe Michael, and don’t let the others push you around.” Liz said poking him in the chest.

“Not a problem. Maria and I are going to tell the others that you are going to boarding school now that Jeff and Nancy just got too tired of you and Max messing up your life that they sent you away. I will make sure that Max stays away.” Michael promised.

Liz looked at him with warm brown eyes allowing them to flash blue for him knowing he found it interesting. “Max was a fancy and one that ended up hurting me in the end, I am not sad to leave him.” Liz said before she got into the car. “Bye Michael.”

Michael watched as the car drove away a heavy feeling settling deep into his chest as he fought to keep breathing. He could feel the ach behind his eyes build and he closed them tightly hoping to keep it in. He opened them again and saw the speck that was the car in the distance and then it was gone, and so was Liz Parker.

Los Angeles, CA

The two sat silently at the table both appearing to be staring lovingly at one another lost in thought, but if you looked closer another story was revealed. Her straw colored hair hung in flowing waves around her oddly pale golden skin her long nails biting into the flesh of her slender hand as she stared at the man. His body was tense as his fists clenched and unclenched repeatedly and he took small breaths.

“You are doing very well.” Her voice tinkered across the small table of the café as she studied him. “Better than any of my others, I am very proud of you, and she will be as well.” Her voice was like a trickle of rain to him his posture loosening as her words washed over him.

“Thank you.” He hissed. “I just need to get used to that beautiful sound.” His voice hissed with a wistful air.

“You get used to it after awhile; the sound becomes a background melody instead of a precious solo. Blood will always call to you but you need to exercise this caution always.” She said before her dark gold and honey eyes flickered to the door of the café taking in the night and the person coming in.

The young man stiffened again in his seat as he felt a sting of sorts behind his ear as the stench of decay filled his nostrils. “What is that feeling, what is that smell?” He asked gently brushing at the spot watching as the woman’s smile widened.

“I am impressed Roksana his senses are sharper than I thought they would be.” A familiar warm voice chuckled and he froze.

“Liz.” He breathed comfort and hope spreading through him as he saw his old friend.

“Hello Alex.” She said as she sat next to the blonde vampire. Alex leaned back in his seat closing his eyes as their full decay hit him.

“He is still adjusting to it.” The woman said to Liz as she stared at Alex. “Apart from me he has never been around another vampire.”

“Well it is a good thing he has you as a sire.” Liz sighed as Alex blinked up at her in wonder. “Trust me it is better having a sire as old as Roksana, Alex. She has given you an unusual strength for a young vampire, and having been around her you will be more comfortable with older vampires.” Liz said and Alex nodded.

“It is still hard to believe that the two of you are so…old.” Alex said.

“Hey!” Liz growled. “Being old is a good thing!”

“Damn straight.” Roksana said nodding her head in agreement. “I am proud to be one of the oldest vampires in existence. Going on 625 thank you very much.” She said her voice sounding oddly like a modern teen indignant that a parent told them they could not do something.

“I am only a little over two hundred.” Liz whined and Alex laughed.

“This is so amazing.” He breathed, “I am seeing so many new things, things that I looked at each day and never thought anything of it really is a whole new world.” He said his goofy smile in place.

“Last night I caught him staring at a flower for three hours.” Roksana said with a dramatic eye roll. “Why were there no romantic men like him in my day?”

Liz laughed and slapped a hand to her forehead shaking her head. “Only Alex would use his new abilities to stare at the greenery.” Liz hummed.

“So Lizzie, excited about your new life?” Alex asked leaning forward trying to block out the tempting sound of warm beating rich blood flowing through the beautiful blonde a table over.

“Ecstatic.” She purred. “Say hello to Elizabeth, Liz, Rider.”

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 1 pg 2 9-11-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:32 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part. Coraline is not my favorite person and you will see that killing Liz's family is just the start to a whole slew of bad things she has done. Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 2: Vegan Vampires

I have always been naturally inclined to believe that Vampires, my brothers of the night, are evil. It’s not like my sire, my creator and lover ever did anything to change my mind about that. My best friend Josef calls me an unusual creature for not openly embracing my gifts. I think of this life as a curse.

“It’s not natural.”

He looked up from his glass of blood and glared at his best friend. “Would you rather I pull out my syringe and…”

“No!” He roared. Josef glared at his friend unable to believe that he would rather drink blood from a bottle than the pretty little red head next to him begging for his embrace. “I thought blondie had finally convinced you to go back to fresh.” He sneered chuckling when Mick growled at him.

“What makes you say that?” Mick asked his eyes narrowing with suspicion.

“I was bored.” Josef huffed waving his hand at the women in the room watching as they scattered away heading towards their wing in his home, it was man time.

“And…” Mick hissed.

“Beth was my only friend up at the time.” Josef shrugged giving Mick an unapologetic smile. Mick pinched the bridge of his nose trying to control the rage building in him, Josef and Beth talking was never a good idea.

“And what did you two talk about?” Mick ground out.

“Oh a little of this and a little of that, she is a very interesting creature. If she wasn’t with you I would definitely consider her for a companion.” Josef said wiggling his eyebrows loving how steamed Mick was getting. This was his favorite form of entertainment, irritating Mick St. John.

“Josef…” Mick growled he could feel his control slipping at an alarming rate and he just knew his best friend was enjoying this. Josef knew that the one way to make him go crazy was to bring up Beth, she was his weakness and the ancient vampire knew it.

A flurry of movement of the security alerted the two men to the anomaly. Josef’s eyes flashed an inhuman blue as he sensed the shift in the air, the cold stench of familiarity warning him of an approaching danger.

“How many?” Mick asked sensing the disturbance as well.

“Three.” Josef snapped as the doorbell rang. Mick released his stance and stared at his friend.

“Since when do bad guys ring the doorbell?” Mick asked trying not to smile at his jumpy friend.

“Mick my enemies are civilized they will ask to be let inside so that they can kill me.” Josef hissed cringing when the bell rang again.

“Maybe you should open it.” Mick chuckled. Josef sent him a sour look but reluctantly motioned for his guard to open the large door.

“Sir a Miss Elise, Mr. Alexander, and Miss Roksana are here to see you.” The beefy male said twitching nervously in the face of the terrifying vampire who controlled the city of angels. Mick watched as his best friend stiffened and his hands clenched at his sides. He could feel the unease rolling off the ancient vampire as he stared at his guard.


“Ah let them in please.” Josef said it was as if a dark gloom had settled over the forever young man as his eyes flickered back and forth from Mick to the door. Mick was starting to feel as if the reason Josef was off kilter was because he was there.

“What’s wrong my little Joseph?” a soft voice filled the room and Mick cringed for once happy he did not have to breathe as the overwhelming stench of death assaulted his heightened senses.

Mick watched as his best friend pasted on his false happy go lucky face, “Roxy, Lizzie, and new kid.” Josef said keeping a wary eye on the glowering tall male hovering behind the two ethereal beauties. Mick could tell he was just a fledgling but the power radiating off of him sent spider like chills down his spine. The male’s eyes danced over to Mick and the older vampire stilled, he could literally feel the new vampire assessing him testing his worth and his risk; he nearly chocked when he saw the new one brush him off.

“Josef.” Liz’s voice turned scratchy with her amusement she knew her appearance here in the city was going to put off the old one but she needed a little adventure. “You don’t look very happy to see us.” Liz smiled her delicate fangs peeking out from her pretty mouth.

“Of course I am happy to see you.” Josef said but the two women could see the strain at the corners of his beautiful eyes. The honey eyes of the ancient woman snapped to him making Josef cringe.

“Lying is not becoming my little darling.” Roksana said as she walked towards him. Mick stared as the woman in the body of a golden teen floated towards them; he was stunned to see that her feet appeared to barely move.

“Sorry.” Josef grunted his eyes not meeting hers. It was apparent that he wished to be anywhere but there before the two women.

“No you aren’t.” Alex laughed gaining the attention of the room. “You are wishing that she was in her hideout in Siberia.” Alex said moving forward.

“My little one has an unusual skill for detecting lies.” Roksana explained. “According to Elise he had the ability as a human but now that he is one of us it has strengthened, very useful when dealing with hostile parties.” She said glaring at Josef.

“Josef…” Mick eyed Liz carefully she was the silent party so far but one that intrigued him. There was something about her that sang to him but the song was not one of peace it was the dire warning of a sirens call.

“Not now Mick.” He ground out.

Liz’s eyes narrowed at the man before her. “Mick.” The name slipped from her lips in a snake like hiss. He was stunned to see her previously soft doe eyes were now a furious crystal blue.

“Elise…” Josef growled. “You are in my city and you will follow my rules.” He snapped sensing as any old vampire could a vampire ready to pounce.

Her blue eyes turned on him and he fought the need to cringe, she was not happy with him. “Now, now little one she is just curious. She has never met the infamous Mick St. John.” Roksana said her voice was soft but the two males could sense the warning in her musical tone.

“Mick St. John this is Roksana she is currently the oldest living female vampire.” Josef said his eyes never leaving her but he kept Liz and Alex in his sensory range at all times. “The shrimp by the door…” Liz’s delicate growl made him chuckle. “Is Elise a French noblewoman.”

“I go by Liz now.”

“Oh right and Roksana goes by Roxy. This guy I have no idea who he is.” Josef said finally sparing a glance at Alex who just grinned at him.

“I was Alex Whitman, now I am Alex Rider. I am Lizzie’s best buddy and Roxy’s baby boy.” Alex said and the blonde clenched her teeth.

“Creation Alex you are my creation.” She hissed.

“What are you three doing here?” Josef asked his gaze finally returning to Liz.

“I needed a new life.” She said giving him a big smile. “And you were the first person we thought of.”

“Try again.” Josef said sitting down slowly in one of his white pristine chairs motioning for the others to do so as well, he could tell this was going to take awhile. Mick watched as Liz glanced at him her eyes cold before they warmed right up when she gazed back at Josef.

“Okay okay. I heard what happened and when I was given an out I came here to explore.” Liz said glancing out the large glass window.

“Figured as much.” Josef sighed sparing a glance at Mick who was thankfully still in the dark. Josef knew he would need to meet with Liz privately to talk her down, he was not in the mood to lose another friend and if Liz was here he could guarantee that Mick was in danger. “Remember…”

“To follow the rules.” She hissed. “Yes because you are all about the rules Josef.” She snarled her face an unattractive mask of fury. “I will follow my rules and you will follow yours.” She hissed. Josef knew that there was nothing else he could do at that moment so he let it go for now, he knew that he needed to speak to Liz away from the ancient woman.

“So Liz…” Mick gained the petite brunette’s attention. “Where did you live before here?”

“Roswell.” Alex snickered. “Why she chose the desert is still a mystery.”

“Hey I met you in the desert.” Liz said a smile appearing on her face the first time in their presence. Mick was surprised by how young she looked when she smiled, it was so soft and familiar somehow.

Alex shifted in his seat his eyes darting towards the distant sound that sang to him. The gentle pitter of human hearts was calling to him as the rush of blood sang for him. Josef eyed the fledging surprised at his restraint.

“Well this visit has taken up too much time. Alex needs to feed soon.” Liz said standing. “I will be seeing you Josef.” Liz said marching towards the door Alex trailing after her chuckling the whole way.

Roxy stared hard at Josef. “The Wind has blown and she has answered its call. I foresee a large struggle ahead.” Her eyes held a strange vacant look before they landed on Mick. “Be careful in this matter Josef.”

“Tell Elise to watch herself. I was serious when I said she needs to abide by my rules.”

Golden eyes seared into the four hundred year old vampire. “I doubt HE will see it that way.” Before Mick could comprehend their conversation she was gone leaving the strong stench of death behind her.

“Josef what the hell is going on, I am feeling a little lost.” Mick said trying to laugh it off but the nagging warning Liz had sent him left him on edge.

“Get used to that feeling Mick.” Josef sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose. “That is how you will feel every time you deal with their kind.”

“Their kind?”

“Ancient Ones Mick.” Josef said his troubled eyes landing on his friend. “I have a feeling that with Liz and Roxy being here the others will be on their way.”

“And that is bad I take it.” Mick said.

“Yes Mick that is very bad.” Josef sighed. “Very very bad.”

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 2 pg 3 9-13-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:37 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Answers to questions:
-Is Liz an ancient: this will be answered in the fic in a few parts. It is a complex answer and it also goes towards is Josef an ancient. How does one become an is involved but I will make it clear who is and who is not an ancient.

-Him: This person will be identified later, he is meant to be a question but don't worry I will let you now who he is.

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 3: Vegan Vampires II

There are times in life when a person can just tell that they are missing something that people are purposefully leaving out information. It starts with a tugging feeling in your stomach and then a sour taste forms in your mouth. You can tell that everyone else in the room is in on this big secret and that they are just waiting for you to leave so they can talk in secret. My best friend Josef is great for doing this but the worst thing is knowing that the secret somehow involves you.

“Mick?” The soft perky voice of his beautiful angel made him smile as she entered his apartment. He loved that she could come and go whenever she wanted.

“In the kitchen.” He called back closing his special fridge. Her warm floral scent filled his senses and warmed his frozen body.

“You alright?” She asked taking her boyfriend in, she could see the stress in his dark eyes and was worried. She knew that Mick stressed over the slightest thing but this time she could sense it was different.

“We have some new visitors in LA. Two of them are old friends of Josef’s it sounds like.”

Beth raised a blonde eyebrow at him. “You think?” She asked.

Mick sighed stepping over to the counter to face her. “It was weird there was this whole tension between them, especially this girl named Liz and Josef. It was as if they were all having one conversation that I could hear but at the same time I was missing another.” Mick said curling and uncurling his large fist.

“Oh I know how that feels.” She said smirking at him and he rolled his eyes in a very un-Mick like way.

“I think that Liz girl hates me. Granted, that is not unusual in our world since a lot of vampires don’t agree with me on my eating habits.” Mick said.

“Yeah not many vegan vampires.” Beth snickered Mick’s dark glare only fueled her mirth.

“Don’t ever call it that.” He grunted.

“It’s true though, they see you as the odd ball.” Beth said moving to hug him. “What else happened?” She asked sensing that something else was bothering him.

“Am I scary?” He asked looking down at her. Beth gaped at him not believing that he was actually asking her that.

“Why would you ask that?” She asked wanting to see what triggered the question so she could answer him without hurting his feelings.

“Today at Josef’s one of the girls had a fledgling with her and he just brushed me off, like he didn’t think of me as a threat.” Mick scoffed. “I have at least eighty years on the kid and he just took one look at me and then nothing.”

“Maybe he felt safe there he knew you couldn’t do anything.” Beth said placing a kiss on his chest.

“He is powerful.” Mick sighed stating what was really bothering him. “He can’t be more than a few months old Beth and he made me fear for my safety.”

Beth stopped and pulled away from him looking pensive. “His sire must be old.” She mumbled but he heard her.


“I said his sire must be old. Usually when you have a sire who has a few centuries under their belt the fledgling has more juice in them to start off, they have more power.” Beth said not liking the worried look Mick was giving her.

“How do you know this?” He asked.

“Mick, Josef and I talk…a lot.” She said her nose wrinkling slightly. “He sometimes gets board during the day at the office when he can’t threaten anyone so he calls me and we gab like a bunch of girls.”

Mick raised an eyebrow at her and she blushed. “Okay so it is more like I ask him a bunch of questions and then he answers them and then he can ask me anything he wants and I have to answer. I really need to amend that last one because it has gotten me in trouble.” She grumbled.

“How come I didn’t know this?” Mick asked as he led her to the sitting room joining her on the couch as she curled her feet up under her.

“It was nothing serious, just me talking Josef’s ear off to pass the time.” Beth said.

“Sorry it is just weird to think of Josef and you talking.”

“I know seeing as how not more than a month ago he wanted you to kill me.” Beth said laughing slightly at Mick’s horrified look. “Oh please I knew that the whole time, you are a terrible liar when it comes to me.” Beth said kissing his cheek.

“So this Alex guy is probably the fledgling of someone old.”


Mick looked thoughtful for a moment, “Well both women there were old, but Roxy is supposed to be the oldest female vampire.”

“I thought that was Lola.” Beth looked confused.

“So did I.” Mick sighed. “Which means that Josef is hiding something from me.”

Josef groaned as he walked into his office that afternoon. Several of his employees scattered away from him afraid that they had done something to upset him; if it had been any other day he would have found this funny and very enjoyable.

“Mr. Kostan.” The velvet voice of Simone rang after him and he ground his teeth fighting the urge to snap at her. The closer he walked towards his office the stronger the familiar scent of decay got, his guest was there already. “There is a Miss Rider here to see you.”

“Thank you Simone.” He said brushing her off.

He paused before the door and prepared himself for the hissing match with Liz. “Good afternoon Elise.” He growled playfully or what he hoped was playfully as he sat down behind his oversized desk. Liz raised a perfect eyebrow at him and slowly uncrossed her bare tanned legs smirking inside when she saw his eyes follow the movement.

“Afternoon Josef.”

“Mind telling me what the hell you are really doing here in LA?” He asked cutting to the chase as he went to his wall and hit the secret panel revealing his hidden blood stash.

“Coraline has disappeared.”

“Yeah I know, Mick flipped when she was not in her hospital bed dying. But you should already know thins since it was your brothers that took her.” Josef said leaning back in his chair. Liz’s face suddenly looked troubled as she bit her bottom lip.

“No Josef they didn’t.” She whispered, if he didn’t have dog like hearing he would have never heard it.

“Come again.” He growled feeling as if the rug had been ripped out from under him.

“My brothers did not take her. Lance came here to get her but when he went to the hospital she was already gone. Josef I made her swear to me that she would keep in contact with me, I even threatened to send our brothers after her but she called once and then that was it.” Liz said rubbing her forehead a silly habit she kept from her human days.

“Who the hell took her then?” Josef growled. “I highly doubt she walked off on her own.”

“We know that.” Liz snarled her eyes flashing their inhuman blue as her anger took over. “That is why I am here. Lance was going to come back with Edouard but since I needed to get away from Roswell I decided I would come instead. Besides I am on better terms with you than they are.” Liz said and Josef nodded, they were closer than he was with her brothers. Probably because her brothers were always causing him problems.

“What are your theories?” Josef asked.

“Um see this is where it gets bad.” Liz said looking awfully scared. Josef cringed, whatever scared Liz did not bode well for anyone else.

“Why do I have a feeling that whatever you are going to tell me is going to make me very upset?”

“Because you know that when I tell you that my sire thinks that Ivan is responsible for her disappearance that you are going to get really angry.” Liz said her eyes wide. Josef couldn’t help the furious roar that escaped him as he practically sprang on Liz.

“Ivan has been in my city?” He snarled and Liz nodded not meeting his gaze.

“That’s why Roksana is here.” Liz whispered biting her lip. “She followed him when he left and she said that he came here, but she has no idea why. We talked about it and she seems to agree that he came here for Coraline.”

“Why the hell would he do that?” Josef asked.

“Because he knows His weakness.” Liz said looking suddenly sour. “Everyone knows she is his favorite.”

“I have no idea why, that girl is more trouble than she is worth. I would have killed her long ago.” Josef grumbled.

Liz gave him a weak smile. “Believe me I have tried.”

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 3 pg 4 9-15-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:12 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I love reading what all you have to say, Moonlight is a bit new for me so this is interesting to write but I have to say Josef is the most fun to write. Thanks...

paper - I am glad that you picked up on the issue of Liz and her growing up in Roswell, that is something I will be addressing in this fic. I will say that Liz was not the little girl Max saw when he connected with Liz :twisted:

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 4: Ivan the Terrible

Henry Van Dyke once said, “Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live.” So true and yet most never see it. I used to avoid danger and the supernatural like the sickness’s that took whole families in my day. Who knew that immortality could change so much. When I was given the ability to do whatever I wanted without the burden of death hanging over my head it was as if new life had entered my frail body and I suddenly found myself more alive than ever.

He stared at her with a burning gaze. There was something strangely familiar about her and it was eating him up on the inside. Her hair the way it fell around her eyes, her cheeks and their soft pale golden color, the gentle curve of her lip. It was all so new and yet familiar to him.

“Stop staring at her.” Beth hissed looking put off.

Mick looked at his girlfriend feeling terrible, “Sorry she just seems familiar.” Mick said knowing that the vampire in question could hear their conversation which was probably why she was smirking at Josef who was looking even sourer if possible.

“What is taking them so long?” Josef snapped at Liz who just raised an eyebrow at him daring him to snap at her again.

“Alex must have just woken up, he will be hungry and since Beth is here Roxy thought it best to feed him. Even if he has amazing self control, it is best not to tempt him after all her blood smells several kinds of wonderful.” Liz’s icy blue eyes racked over the blonde making her shiver. Josef growled at Liz warning her to stop her train of thought. Beth had a restraining hand on Mick as he snarled at Liz daring her to come after Beth.

“What, it was just a comment.” Liz said shrugging her chest moving with the action. Josef’s eyes snapped to the action unconsciously. Liz had to hide a grin when she saw that, she knew she wore the slinky red dress for a reason.

“Oh please say the fun has not started without us.” Roxy’s soft voice floated towards the four as she and Alex glided towards them. Beth’s jaw dropped at the sight of the blonde.

“We know better than that.” Josef said watching as Alex sat next to Liz while Roxy remained staring off to the side looking on with a wise all knowing smile.

“Um I don’t mean to be rude…” Beth said staring at Liz, Alex, and Roxy. “But who are you three?” She asked making Roxy smile.

“You are not afraid of us?” Roxy asked.

“No not with Mick here.” Beth said as Roxy let out a musical laugh.

“My fledgling could crush your vampire with one hand, he could not stop us from hurting you if we desired.” Roxy said.

“Oh.” Beth said her eyes wide as Alex smiled at her. She found it odd that he looked so happy and carefree when he was supposed to be some bad ass vampire.

“To answer your question Beth we are friends of Josef’s.” Liz said.

“Roksana is my sire.” Josef added, “Making Alex my new brother.” Alex rolled his eyes at the comment.

“I always wanted a big brother.” Alex stage whispered to Liz, “Too bad mom had to have such a…” Liz slapped her hand over his mouth when she realized what he was going to say. She knew Alex was strong but there was no way he could stand going against Josef. Alex had the good sense not to continue his thought but smiled at Beth.

“Who are you?” Mick asked Liz who looked to Josef to answer.

“He needs to truth.” Roxy said her hand filtering down to Liz’s golden shoulder as if to pet her. Josef nodded looking unhappy that he had to tell Mick.

“As you already know her name is Elise. Mick does she seem familiar to you?” Josef asked.

“Yes.” Mick said the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end when he realized that he was not crazy that the little girl was familiar to him.

“That is because you have met a family member of hers before. Mick…” Josef sighed, “Elise is Coraline’s older sister.”

The eighty year old vampire froze in a death state. His eyes frosted over to a chilling blue as he growled at Liz. Josef could see that his friend was getting ready to lung at Liz and knew he needed to do something to diffuse the situation.

“Oh look the little baby thinks he can play.” Liz laughed her fangs creating an odd hiss at the end of each breath.

“Liz.” Josef growled. “Mick calm down she is not going to go and try and kill Beth. She is here for a reason.” Josef said.

“We are all here for a reason.” Roxy said her voice no longer honey light. There was a dark crisp edge to her voice making it sound cold and raspy.

“Coraline is missing.” Liz said.

“Yes we know you took her.” Mick growled.

“No she didn’t Mick.” Josef said. “And that is the problem.”

“We believe another ancient took her.” Roxy said looking darkly at Josef. “If he has her than we are in trouble.”

“What is an ancient?” Mick finally asked breaking the tense barrier slightly.

“It is complicated.” Liz muttered.

“To be an ancient you have to meet an age requirement.” Beth said surprising all in the room expect Josef who was nodding at her to continue. “You have to be at least four hundred years old.”

“Which is why I am not an ancient.” Liz said.

“I am not an ancient though.” Josef added confusing Mick.

“By choice.” Liz sang.

“Yes.” Roxy said her gaze hardening as it landed on her child. “By choice. It seems Josef deemed us…what was the term?” She asked looking like a blonde airhead, but her vicious growl proved she was anything but. “Archaic.”

“That is generally the idea though since you all are so old.” Beth said and Roxy gave her a delighted smile.

“My you are the perfect little one.” Roxy said confusing the little human girl.

“Who are the ancients?” Mick growled. “I want names and what the hell this has to do with Coraline.”

Liz was suddenly across the room and holding Mick’s throat before anyone could blink, her lips pressed to his ear as she hissed. “My sister was a little fool for turning you.” Liz hissed low enough that only Mick could hear her lips barely moving. “If I had my way I would drink your little pet here dry just to spite you, but I won’t because Josef likes her. I wanted you dead before she even turned you and I almost had you killed too but she chose to save you.” Liz hissed the sound similar to nails on a chalk board. “Remember that when you speak to my friends, who saved you time and time again. Patience is all that is keeping you alive right now.” She was gone and in her seat by the time Josef had started to growl at her.


“We were just talking Josef darling.” Liz said giving him a soft smile.

“Back to your question.” Roxy said gently rubbing Liz’s shoulder. “There are not many ancients, we tend to be targets for vampires looking to raise their station in tribes.”

Josef took over sipping his liquor laced blood, “Roksana is the oldest female but there are others. Pandora, and Valia are the other females. Then for the males the oldest of them is Albert who is even older than Roksana, he is believed to be one of the first.” Josef said.

“One of the first vampires?” Beth asked her eyes wide.

“Yes.” Liz said smiling at her.

“Wow he has to be very powerful.” Beth breathed.

“She is very smart Josef.” Roxy said gliding across to her fellow blonde. “Why hasn’t she been turned?” Roxy asked making Mick stiffen.

“Mick has a claim on her, I am guessing he won’t even think of turning her into a monster like us.” Alex said and Liz nodded.

“I would never subject her to that when she has a chance at a nice normal life.” Mick sighed but it did not have its usual bite to it.

“Who are the other male immortals?” Beth asked ever the reporter.

“My sire is one.” Liz whispered her eyes nervously darting around the room suddenly. “He is one of the oldest as well.”

“And who is HE?” Mick asked not even Coraline ever said the man’s name and he was anxious to finally hear who the hell the guy was.

“Laurent.” Liz whispered and even Roxy cringed.

“Okay I get the feeling he is a bad guy.” Beth said and Alex nodded, this was new to him as well.

“Bad does not even begin…” Roxy closed her eyes then seemed to stare off blankly into space. “He is not the worst of them though. There are two others, and one of them is the reason for calling this meeting.”

“Javed and…” Liz looked to Josef and Roxy who nodded. “And the reason we are here…Ivan.”

“Ivan why is he bad?” Beth asked.

“Because Ivan is the only one of us with an actual hate for humanity and the only one who now has the means to enslave an entire race.” Josef said.

“Josef that is not possible.” Mick said.

“Of course it is.” Liz snapped. “There is a reason we didn’t want you.” She hissed.

“What Liz is trying to say is that there is a reason Laurent is so picky about who his family turns.” Josef said glaring at Liz who did not back down, not that he expected her to. “Mick their blood line your bloodline is different.”

“My sister was able to turn human again Mick and so were you. The compound that she stole was created from our blood. Our line has a unique, twist if you will.” Liz said rubbing her wrist, “There are many vampires who would do anything to get a hold of one of us and use us.”

“That is why they never wanted you changed. They had no idea if you were going to be a liability for them.” Josef said.

“Like Coraline is now.” Beth whispered and Josef nodded.

“Wow you really are good at putting the pieces together.” Liz said making Beth blush.

“Coraline has always been the lose end of the family.” Roxy said looking pained. “Laurent usually keeps a very tight rein on her so that something like this would not happen. Then she turned you and made things even worse. Your blood is the key to making a vampire mortal again.” Roxy said.

“That is just one use for it though.” Liz said watching as Mick looked positively hopeful. “Our blood is also used to make humans obey us. I am not sure how it works; only the ancients know.” Liz said looking at Roxy who was running a hand through her long blonde curls staring into space again. “Laurent might be power hungry but even he does not hate humans that much, for him half the fun is human free will.”

“It does make the blood that much richer.” Josef agreed. “Controlled little puppets are no fun.”

“So Ivan took Coraline.” Beth said and the others nodded.

“For his diabolical plan.” Alex grumbled. “I really like my humans the way they are thank you very much.” He huffed crossing his arms over his chest; Liz was surprised to see he was actually pouting.

“What are you all going to do?” Beth asked looking worried.

“The easiest way to solve all of this is to kill Coraline.” Josef said and Roxy nodded.

“Easier said than done.” Grumbled Mick. “Believe me I have tried.”

Josef chuckled looking between Liz and Mick, “Funny you both have said that. Yes she is going to be hard to kill but if we work together on this we can do it.” Josef said hating that he sounded like some human motivational speaker. He was not used to having to do the grunt work.

“The problem is going to be getting past Ivan and his band of merry men.” Liz said.

“I thought finding him would be the problem.” Beth said and Alex nodded in agreement.

Josef cringed internally thinking about how they knew where to find the ancient vampire. “He is not that hard to find.”

“You know where he is?” Mick asked a growl rumbling in his chest.

“Duh.” Roxy said rolling her eyes. “What kind of wife would I be if I didn’t know where my husband was.” She grumbled.

“Oh.” Beth gasped.

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 4 pg 5 9-17-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 5: Ivan the Terrible II

James Baldwin once said, “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in people” touching words that ring more true than most people know. One would think that a walking piece of history would be more stuck in history than others but it is often those of us who are fated to live through forever that end up breaking free of history’s bonds. But when a challenge hits those people often revert back to their old ways seeking comfort in the mundane and familiar even when it is that very action that will ultimately condemn them.

No one knew what to say that much was obvious, apparently Beth and Mick did not see that one coming. Roxy looked indifferent as she continued. “I mean come on like I would really follow him all the way from Siberia if I was not with him. I happen to like the cold thank you very much and I had a nice group of freshies.” She huffed.

“So you know where he is.” Mick said looking wild all of the sudden. “Why the hell are we just standing here we should be going after him.”

“Good luck.” Roxy said taking a seat on the arm of Liz’s chair. “It was nice knowing you. I am sure that Beth will make a great mate for my little Alex here.” Roxy said. Mick stopped dead his eyes changing from their warm brown to fierce ice a deep growl springing from the center of his chest.

“Oh possessive.” Liz hummed. Beth for the first time looked worried in their midst.

“Enough.” Josef growled standing up. Liz grinned when she saw his angry expression, she loved him angry.

Mick did not back down as he crouched low in front of Beth the challenge to his claim still hung in the air. He flashed his teeth at Alex who hissed at him leaping off of his seat into a low crouch. Josef was not happy neither of them was listening to him. He let out a dark low growl warning the two to back off.

“Mine.” Mick growled at Alex as he pressed even closer to Beth.

“Enough!” Josef roared for once putting power into his command. The two males stopped feeling as if someone was clenching their insides through their bellybutton. “Sit down. Now!” Josef ordered and the two moved to obey him, Mick wrapping his arm protectively around Beth. “You need to calm down.” Josef said glaring at Mick. “No one is going to try and take Beth from you. And you.” Josef rounded on Roxy, “Don’t encourage them.”

“What?” She shrugged her shoulders unconcerned with the drama unfolding before her. Mick got the gloomy feeling that she was this way a lot; unconcerned and instigating.

“Mick.” Liz’s musical soft voice rang gaining the glowering male’s attention. “Back to your earlier let’s go and get them suggestion. That would never work. Mick you don’t understand how hard it is to fight an ancient and if you think Ivan is just going to let you walk away with my sister you are deeply stupid.” Liz said.

“She is right. He would never let Coraline go. He is not the only problem though, his guards are very good at what they do, they would all give their lives for him.” Roxy said.

“So what do we do?” Beth asked.


She didn’t know what to do with herself she felt so alone. Now that Alex was gone and Liz followed him, the only people she had in her life were Michael and Kyle. Normally she would count Isabel into this equation but ever since she got with Jesse she has spent less and less time with them and the group was starting to feel it. They used to call her for all of their gatherings but after being refused for a month, they stopped asking.

“Hey Ria. Why the long face?” Kyle asked sliding into the seat across from her in a tacky red and blue booth.

“Just miss Liz.” She whispered playing with her straw. Kyle stared at her for a moment not knowing what to say before his boyish looked down his shoulders slumping.

“She’s not coming back is she?” Kyle asked softly, Maria barely heard him.

“Of course she is.” Maria said but the dead light in her eyes confirmed what Kyle already knew. She was not coming back and she had told Maria that, Liz Parker was as good as dead to them.

“No she isn’t.” Kyle said. “She has gone to start over. With Alex.” Kyle whispered. Maria’s sharp breath solidified his theory.

“How did you…”

“Maria I am not as stupid as everyone thinks I am. I pay more attention to my surroundings than most people do; it’s why I am so good at sports. I know that Liz is not human. She never has been.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked wanting to know what exactly her friend knew.

Kyle looked at her and rolled his eyes not believing that he was going to have to explain himself. He ran a hand through his ever growing hair, “Maria the Liz we know and are friends with is not the same little girl we met in the third grade when Jeff and Nancy moved here. Actually I think there were three different Liz’s.”

“How the hell do you know this?” Maria hissed her eyes welling with tears.

“Wait Liz told you?” Kyle asked feeling hurt that she had told Maria this and not him.

“After Michael and I found out she was not exactly human she told us everything, even though she didn’t want to.” Maria mumbled looking down at the table again remembering how terrified she had been that night after that Morgan woman left. Her and Michael had seen Liz grab the woman by the throat and raise her off the ground, and her eyes, the cold blue was what gave her away.

Maria shivered as Kyle continued. “When we were in third grade Liz was warm.” Kyle said and Maria closed her eyes tears threatening to fall as images of the little girl she was friends with, who she stuck up for flashed through her mind. “Then when we entered middle school, she was suddenly very different.”

“She was cold.” Maria whispered and Kyle nodded.

“She felt as if she had just stepped out of a freezer.” Kyle said shivering at the memory of her cold hand that left jabbing tingly pains in his hand after he had held it. “She even looked different Maria. When Liz was little she had a small beauty mark over her right eyebrow that was gone by the time we started sixth grade. Her skin was darker and her hair smelled different.” Kyle said a faint blush tingeing his cheeks.

“You had a crush on her.” Maria said smiling remembering how Kyle used to follow Liz around, he was worse than Max. Max at least used to just watch from afar.

“Yeah she was so…perfect. She had this natural grace about her that made every guys head turn.” Kyle sighed his eyes glassy as he pictured the young Liz who was still fresh in his mind. “Then freshman year of high school she was very different.”

“I feel stupid.” Maria muttered her lower lip trembling as she tried to hold in her tears. “She is my best friend and yet I never noticed that she was three different people until she told me. She was always there for me always the best friend I could ask for and yet I never noticed she was not the same person.” Maria said a tear rolling out the corner of her eye and over the red apple of her cheek.

Kyle placed his soft warm hand over her small one shaking on the table. “Maria you were a good friend which is why you never noticed. You didn’t want to see that Liz was three different people, you were just happy having her as a friend.”

“Do you know what she is?” Maria asked wiping at her cheek to remove the salty wetness.

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. “I have a few theories but I am pretty sure I know what she is.”

“What are those theories?” Maria asked smiling slightly knowing that this was going to be entertaining.

“Well some of them are better than others but here are a few things that have gone through my mind over the years.” Kyle said leaning back in the booth to tell her all about it. “At first I thought that Jeff and Nancy were like spies or something and that they would hire other spy kids to pose as their daughter for their cover. Then I thought that the Parker’s were US marshals and that the kids were all in witness protection program.” Kyle said and Maria could not help but laugh at his comments.

“The Parker’s marshals.” She laughed and Kyle chuckled.

“Yeah I know it was a wild theory, but you know us humans; trying to explain away what we don’t understand.”

“So what else did you think?” Maria asked her mood slowly improving as she sat and talked to Kyle one of the few people she had left in her miserable life.

“After I found out about the whole aliens existing thing I thought maybe Liz was one, but then that was shot to hell when I realized she was not a heartless bitch so there was no way she could be ET.” Maria giggled at his comment but let him continue. “One night before we went to Vegas I was on the internet and messing around when I started to type in information about all of my friends. To make a long and very freaky story short.” Kyle sighed looking at his hands. “She never aged.” He whispered.

“What?” Maria asked.

“I found this website it was about French royalty and I was flipping through the oil paintings when I noticed one, it was a beautiful girl and a man. It was a spitting image of Liz.” Kyle whispered his eyes staring frantically at the table. “Maria it was her right now to the scar on her neck. You know the one shaped like a half moon.”

“The one she said was from chicken pox.” Maria whispered.

“Not from chicken pox apparently. I was reading the woman, Elise’s bio. She was the wife of Louis XII the third in line for the throne. Apparently when she was younger she had small pox.” Kyle said. “It left her scared, but not as bad as others.”

“Oh.” Maria said feeling glum that this was another but she had not known about her best friend.

“She is a vampire.” Kyle said watching as Maria’s small white hand clenched around her soda glass her knuckles turning a sick greenish white color.

“No she…”

“Maria I know you don’t have to lie. Besides it is not like you are breaking a promise to Liz. I mean you never told me I just figured it out. I mean come on we have seen her order food but just pick at it, she is deathly cold…”

“You are right.” Maria sighed her hand releasing its death grip.

“I know.” Kyle said. “I also know that Alex is one of them.”

Maria slowly looked up at Kyle her green eyes wide. “How?”

“Easy.” Kyle said grinning at her, “I saw it happen.”

Los Angeles

He knew she was there, she always came around this time of night it was their routine. Even after all of these years she stuck to her ways, never straying too far from him. Many of his kind found a relationship like theirs impossible, but after being together for so long it became natural to him. Her ethereal form glided across the marble floor, her feet never making a sound as she moved towards him, her soft curls barely swaying in the wind of her movement.

No words were needed between them; they had passed the point of needing idle chit chat to relay their feelings to one another. He felt her still beside him and he breathed in her scent, the warm fragrance washing over him. He stared down into her warm eyes the special look saved just for him there.

“Rox.” He said his voice sounding tired from a long day of barking and yelling at his people.

“Ivan.” She whispered her hand ghosting across his cheek and forehead in her familiar greeting. “It is agreeable to see you.”

He held out his hand and waited for her smaller tan one to flutter into his before he led the way to his room in the temporary house. The pair could feel the eyes of the guards following them as they went to their freezer. No one thought it odd except a small brunette glaring at the back of the blonde.

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 5 pg 6 9-19-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


okay many of you want to know what the deal is with the 3 Liz's, yes there are three. That is going to be answered throught the fic. Some of it is explained more in this part but it will take awhile to really figure out why Liz had set the whole thing up, there is a reason though :D .

Please let me know what you think of this new part

Part 6: Ivan the Terrible III

As Salvador Dali once said, “Wars have never hurt anybody except the people who die.” I can tell just by looking at the faces of those around me that this war I am entering is one such example. I will not be hurt by this war but those close to me, those who end up in the crossfire. I hate thinking that just one simple act on my part something so easy for me so natural could cause thousands to die, but as someone famous once said, that is the way of war.

Her scent reached him before he even heard her ghost like footsteps. The warm vanilla and strawberry scent always tickled his nose brining a reluctant smile to his face. “Can I help you with something?” He asked never moving from his white arm chair.

“Are you angry with me?” She asked her voice soft and oddly childlike. This time he did turn to face her. She was biting her lip her brown eyes clouded with worry. He hated to see that expression on her face, it always made him feel terrible. He was out of his seat like the wind and had her arms in his hands before a human could blink.

“What would make you say that?” He asked.

“You have been nothing but cross with me since I got here. I let you know I was going to be stopping by and yet you are still angry with me.” She said pouting slightly. He felt like a class A jerk which was a hard feet considering he was king of all things cocky.


“Liz.” She reminded him ignoring his eye roll.

“Fine LIZ. No I am not angry with you, more like annoyed with the situation.” Josef said.

“That is so the same thing.” She huffed.

“Not the same thing. I just hate that you and Mick don’t get along. I mean I get that he is the bane of your sire’s existence but I mean come on you don’t like Coraline that much so I don’t get why you still have no love for my best buddy.”

Liz gave him a dark look before she floated over to a couch and took a seat looking oddly stiff and uncomfortable. “He will never be my favorite person.” She hissed. “He reminds me too much of someone I used to know.” She glowered as he took a seat next to her.

“Who does he remind you of?” Josef asked knowing this was going to be a good story. Elise always had such interesting characters in her life.

“Max Evans!” She bellowed her eyes flashing their inhuman blue as a nasty hiss left her mouth her teeth raging forward.

Josef took in her appearance not knowing what to say, obviously this Max person had done something to displease Elise, which was kind of hard to do since she was normally so easy going. “And that would be…”

“My ex boyfriend.” She whined startling him.


“He was human or at least mortal and someone from my Roswell life. He was so different.” Liz said reaching out to grab Josef’s hand. “Remember when you met Sarah and you had this tug at your heart that let you know she was different somehow?” Liz asked.

“Yes.” Josef whispered. “I realized she was not like the other humans.”

“Well I felt that several times in Roswell, it was amazing. I felt it with Alex, Kyle, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Max. There was just something about them that sang to me. Max though there was just something different.”

“You loved him.” Josef said trying to mask the bitter pain building inside him.

“I thought I did but then he hurt me…”

“What?” Josef snarled pulling her closer. “He hurt you…how?” He asked.

“So many ways.” Liz said closing her eyes. “I figured out once I left that I was right to never share my secret with him. Josef I was so stupid I was so human.” Liz said opening her eyes only for him to see that they were shining with tears.

“Elise…” He cupped the side of her face.

“He reminded me of you. He was dark and quiet and always kept others at arm’s length but then he let me in. He told me his secret.”

“That would be…”

“That he and his family are aliens.” Liz whispered a tear rolling down her cheek. “I didn’t believe him until he used his ability on me, healing me. He thought I was going to die from a simple bullet wound.”

“Always thought aliens existed.” Josef hummed before focusing his attention back onto her. “So what happened?”

“He had to form a connection with me in order to heal me. He saw flashes of my life, I know he glossed over the ones that did not make sense focusing on the ones he would remember.” Liz said her eyes glazed over as she remembered the day and the numerous images that played through her mind that he had seen. “He saw the images I had from watching the other girls posing as Liz for the life I was to take over in Roswell.”

“I forgot that you had that.” Josef said allowing a ghost of a smile to cross his young face. “It’s the one where you had a human girl start the process and then put in another and then you step in?”

“Yes. I tried to explain the how and whys to Michael and Maria but I don’t know if they fully understood.” Liz said moving closer to Josef smiling when he pulled her to rest at his side.

“It is hard for our kind to keep forming new lives; people start to get suspicious so we build up elaborate lives.” Josef said.

“I even told them the reason why I had to create such an elaborate stage for my new life since my last one was so high profile.” Liz said laughing slightly.

“Yes you and Pandora do have a knack for gaining attention.” Josef growled.

“Max saw glimpses of my old life, my human and non human life. I know he saw Coraline and my brothers but I know he forgot by the time she came around.”

“What happened?”

“Apparently aliens sent to Earth have a special destiny.” Liz grumbled burrowing her head into the crook of his neck. “With each other. Just when I was starting to trust myself with him and letting him into my heart the little blonde ET showed up and took it all away. The urge to rip out her throat and drain her dry was intense.”

“Wait so some human girl was able to take this guy away from you?” Josef asked not liking the sound of that.

“Yes and no. He fought against it but aliens have powers.”

“Naturally.” Josef huffed.

“You do believe me right?” Liz asked sitting up to looking him dead in the eye.

“Elise I have known you long enough to take what you say seriously. If you say that aliens exist and have powers they do.” Josef said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she settled back against him.

“Eventually I saw how useless it was all getting. I created this whole elaborate story of a future Max coming back in time telling me I had to stay away.” Liz said sending Josef into a fit of giggles.

“So none of this so far explains why you hate Mick.” Josef said.

Liz let out a deep cold unneeded breath. “He reminds me of Max. Right down to the damn broody nature and the whole weight of the world on my shoulders bit.” Liz said playing with one of the buttons on his shirt. “He even preferred the blonde to the brunette.”

“Well Liz.” Josef said the new name feeling foreign on his tongue. “I like brunettes better.” He said kissing her nose.

“I know.” She said snuggling closer to his form. “You promise you aren’t mad at me?” She asked.


“Do you love the human more than me?” She finally asked.

Josef reached down and tilted her face towards him gently brushing his lips over hers. “No.” he sighed. “Because even though she felt different than most humans and I was prepared to give her an eternity. She would have been with me until she was out of the fledgling stage and then left.” Josef said looking sad.

“What makes you say that?” Liz asked.

“Because she never got to know the real me. She only knew me as Charles the nice guy; she never had the pleasure of meeting Josef the vampire.”

“Hey I happen to like Josef the vampire. He was one of my first friends.” Liz said undoing a third button.

“Friend?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

Liz rolled her eyes but allowed a smile to come over her. “Fine more than a friend, a drinking buddy.” She giggled when she heard him growl.

“Hey I was way more than a drinking buddy. I was the one who got to show you the joys of sex as a vampire.” Josef huffed.

“Want to show me again? I have been all by myself for years.” It did not take Josef long to think that one over, he had her upstairs and in a freezer before the laugh could escape her.


Isabel walked into the café glowing; Maria wanted to hurl the creamer at her. “Hey guys I got a call from Max he is on his way home.” She sang. “Where’s Liz I can’t wait to tell her she will be thrilled.”

Kyle shared a look with Maria and Michael wondering why they hadn’t told her. Isabel looked between the three confusion settling over her face. “What is it?”

“Isabel, ah Liz isn’t here.” Kyle said not meeting her gaze.

Her face fell as she stared at them. “Well where is she, Max can’t wait to see her.”

Michael set down his towel and left the kitchen heading out into the empty café. “She was sent away Isabel.” Michael’s gruff voice startled her. “Her dad got tired of her attitude and her falling grades and he sent her away to boarding school. In Vermont.”

“She isn’t going to come back Isabel.” Maria said finally looking up her green eyes cold and unfeeling. “Max pushed and pushed and finally she caved in. Someone can only be pushed away so many times before they stop coming back.”

“He is going to be heartbroken!” Isabel screeched looking at Maria crossly. He should have thought of that before he decided to go to LA without telling her or calling her and having the rest of us keep her in the dark. She got fed up with it and when her parents sent her off to school she did not even fight it.

“What?” A strangled whisper sounded from the door of the café. The four turned to the entrance and saw Max standing there his face looking ready to crumble. “Liz is gone?”
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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 6 pg 7 9-21-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 7: Ivan the Terrible IV

Pam Brown had it right when she said, “A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often- just to save it from drying out completely.” This especially applies to my best friend who for all of his bluster shows his affections through material wealth. It’s funny, as a human I never realized a friendship could be so much work.

He had been there thousands of times over the years and never had he paused before entering feeling as if he was about to meet his doom. Now here he was looking at the large sprawling mansion as if it was going to jump out and bite him. He really did not want to go in there, she was in there.

She might not have been his ex wife but the similarities in not only appearance but personality repulsed him. From her little snickers at comments people made to the evil glint she got whenever she looked at Josef, it was an all too familiar reminder of Coraline. Her scent was everywhere as if she had wandered all over the property which was probably true since she seemed to be such close friends with Josef.

“Are you planning on standing out there all night or are you going to come in?” Josef asked Mick blinked and he saw Josef standing on the other side of the glass wall waving at him.

“I’m coming.” He mumbled internally sighing as the decay of the older vampire washed over him.

“What can I do for you Mick?” Josef asked moving to recline on his favorite chair. Mick stopped and stared at his friend, something was off.

“I wanted to talk about Liz.” Mick said his eyes narrowed when he saw Josef stiffen.

“Not again.” He heard the older vampire mutter. “What about her?”

“How do you know she and that Roxy girl are not making this up? How do you know that this is not some ploy of Coraline’s?” Mick asked noticing that with each word he spoke the expression on Josef’s face grew harder.

“Mick sit down.” Josef said his clipped tone sending unknown emotions spiraling through Mick. He had never heard Josef so short with him. “I have had enough of this, you and Liz mean a lot to me and you two will get along even if I have to lock you in a bomb shelter till you do.” He growled.

“Doubtful that we will ever get along. To her I am just the little human that got turned out of line.” Mick grouched.

Josef looked at him and sighed closing his eyes, he knew that he was going to be breaking Liz’s trust by telling Mick her story but he knew that it had to be done if the two were ever going to get along. “Mick, Liz is nothing like Coraline and exactly like her at the same time.”

“I got that.”

“No you don’t.” Josef growled his blue cold eyes stilling Mick in his seat. “You only think you do. If anyone has a reason to hate Coraline it is Liz. You were in love with Coraline when she took your life but she didn’t kill the ones you loved.” Josef said.

“What! Josef Coraline took my choice away she…”

“Turned you. I know but at least you didn’t see a very human Coraline kill your entire family, you didn’t have your husband and three children murdered by your little sister.” Josef huffed out an annoyed breath when he saw none of this was registering with Mick. “You were the only one affected by Corlaine. She did not go after all the people you care about in a fit of rage.”

“So Corlaine killed Liz’s family?” Mick asked.

“Right.” Josef said. “I can’t go into full details but let’s just say you suffered very little compared to Liz.”

“But Josef she threatened me she…”

“Was trying to protect herself.” That one stopped Mick.

“Really?” It was obvious that Mick was not buying that answer. “Liz attacking me is a form of protection?”

“She might have threatened you Mick but trust me she never attacked you. She is far too smart to go just after you. Think about things from her point of view Mick.” Josef said as the young vampire stopped his pacing.

“What point would that be?”

Josef clenched his teeth as he fought the urge to kill his best friend. “You have been told all your immortal existence that you can’t turn anyone, not even a dying loved one without your sire and family consent.” Josef said and Mick nodded. “Then one day your little sister who murdered your human family goes and turns some human musician that you have never heard of and know your sire did not sanction.”

“Okay I get that it was not fair but…”

Josef growled silencing Mick. “Nope you don’t get it yet keep listening. Then said musician turns around and scorns the gift he was given he shuns something that you would have given everything you had to give to a dying friend. He then kills said sister who even if you hate your sister you still love her. Odd but the whole love hate relationship is so you. Then one day your sister finds out that there might be a way to get back into the brooding vampire’s good graces…turn human again so she goes out and does it.”

“Okay not getting how that would make Liz mad.” Mick agreed.

“Keep listening Mick it will come to you.” Mick listened as Josef filled him in on Liz’s life in Roswell and other aspects of her life, but it was when he got to Beth that he flinched and it all came crashing down on him.

“Shit.” Mick breathed, “She really does see me as a traitor.” Mick said.

“Yup.” Josef said glad that Mick was finally seeing the light.

“So yesterday when I was being mean about Coraline I was just…”

“Pissing her off to no end and solidifying her beliefs.” Josef said.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“She knows that…now. Just back off her a bit and she will do the same with you. She needs to get familiar with you so that she does not keep seeing this blaring reminder. Give her time please?” Josef asked practically begging.

“Sure. Now can we discuss what I really came over here to discuss other than Liz.”

“What?” Josef asked getting up to go to the wet bar.


“What about Blondie?”

“I am worried about her, being around all these vampires is not safe for her. I don’t think she realizes that I mean yesterday if I hadn’t been there Alex would have attacked her.” Mick said.

Josef chocked on the blood laced with liquor that filled his mouth and throat. “Whao.” Josef said a faint smirk crossing his face. “Mick. Alex was not going to attack Beth. He has much more control than that. Trust me if he was going to you wouldn’t be able to stop him.”

Mick gave his friend a sour look. “He is just a fledgling.”

“The fledgling of an ancient. He is stronger than you think. Besides Beth’s blood might smell tempting but your scent taints it, he wouldn’t want it, it’s a guy thing you wouldn’t understand.” Josef said waving a hand at him.

Mick nodded, “Yeah you’re probably right.” He said but then paused mentally running over what Josef had just said. “Hey!”

LAX Airport

“Stupid human contraptions.” He growled darkly. “This is why I never travel.”

“You are right very distasteful. Perhaps we should invest in a private jet of our own.” The younger man said cowering away from the tall lethal form of the older gentleman.

“Hardly. I see of no use for it.” He snapped. “Lance where do we head from here?” He turned and asked the disfigured vampire on his right who looked indifferent.

“Josef’s. We need to check in with the tribe leader.” He sneered. The little man next to the group gulped as he watched the crowd of men all giving off the rather unpleasant stench of death. He knew that the only reason he was kept around was to do their bidding, he was their grunt man. The others were so powerful and impressive that he almost always found himself messing up in front of them, which caused him to be punished.

“Ah yes Josef Kostantin, this should be pleasant.” The man said his amber eyes sweeping the crowd. “Ah there she is.” He sighed a small smile gracing his harsh features, the other men around him stopping and smirking.

“Daddy.” She squealed rushing towards him. To the occupants of the large airport it looked as if a teenage girl had just seen her father, but to the immortals it was a creator welcoming its masterpiece home.

“Ah my Elise.” He breathed as her small form clung to him.

“Boys.” She said smiling at them a few of them rolling their eyes at her.

“Always was a daddy’s girl.” One muttered getting an elbow to the ribs from one and a glare from Liz.

“Come on Josef needs to see you. This is so cool this is the first time you have been here to the New World. Oh there is so much to see I have to take you to museums around here you would find them laughable.” Liz giggled tugging on the man’s hand.

Liz turned to take them to the waiting cars nervously biting her lip. She just hoped Josef and Roxy knew what they were doing. Last night after her little reunion with Josef he filled her in on the plan that had been left out of the group conversation, not wanting Mick, Alex, and Beth to know. Apparently bringing Laurent to the New World was key to their plan. Now all Liz had to do was make sure her brothers and sire didn’t kill St. John while Josef and Roxy manipulated the hell out of everyone.

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 7 pg 8 9-23-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 8: Ivan the Terrible V

It is sad that it is so easy to trick someone who trusts you. They feel they can count on you and trust you not to turn against them. They are stupid. It is the nature of the beast to want to always get ahead to be better than the others and use any means necessary to get what it wants. It is that blind faith in the person that allows the deceiver to go about their business. Sometimes people are too trusting.

Roxy sat in her high wingback chair glaring at the girl in front of her. She hated the sight of her, the smell of her and that damn insufferable laugh. She walked around her home as if she owned the damn place and always sent snide little smiles her way. She hated her with a fiery passion, but she refrained from killing the little wretch.

Ivan didn’t know what was wrong. He sensed his mate was angry with him but over what he couldn’t come up with anything. He knew that Coraline was not her favorite person but he thought the little French woman was such a sweet little thing that he thought his wife would get over it. Apparently he was wrong. He had been watching their interactions the past few hours and noticed with alarming clarity that his wife was contemplating leaving just to get away from the girl.

Then there was Alex, sweet loveable Alex. Ivan had met the young fledgling when his wife had turned him. He remembered how even with the blood lust he was a warm and caring soul; so his utter hatred and hostility towards Coraline shocked him. He knew that he had only been around Alex for a short time but he knew that this was not normal behavior.

Roxy stood her eyes floating away from Coraline to her husband. “I am going out.” Her song like voice broke their tense silence. “I will not be back until tomorrow morning.” She sighed as Alex moved with her not wanting to be away from his sire for too long.

“Where are you going?” Coraline asked her dark eyes narrowed at the blonde.

“That is her business little one.” Ivan said his voice gruff startling the petite woman. “She is free to do as she wishes, no one commands my little Roksana.” Ivan said as she glided away her fledgling hot on her heels.

“He is like a damn puppy dog.” Coraline spat once Alex was out of hearing range. Her face pulled into a nasty contortion. “He always follows her around and is always looking to do something for her.”

Ivan looked at the girl with a blank expression never revealing his true thoughts to her, “He is a fledgling. You remember what it was like to be one and to have one. The connection is strong for the first year and the need to have the other in constant sight is overwhelming at times especially when the sire is upset. I believe Alex is feeling Roksana’s anger and is unconsciously staying close for either protection or comfort.”

Coraline looked away bitter thoughts raging over her. “I don’t remember my fledgling ever being clingy.”

“Yes at times there are exceptions. Sometimes when a fledgling feels betrayed or feels they cannot trust their sire they tend to shy away. The emotions are still there and the need to be close but it is constantly at war with them it is a constant battle of emotions.” Ivan said studying the girl before him carefully.

“But Mick loved me we were married that is more trust than…”

Ivan closed his eyes as he cut off the start of a tirade, “Being married to someone does not always mean you trust them.” He whispered. His green eyes oddly pained.

“What are you saying you don’t trust your wife?” Coraline asked eagerly awaiting his answer.

“Of course I trust her.” Ivan said, “She is more to me than just a wife Corlaine and that is a distinction you have never made. I know your sire tried to impress this on you but apparently it never took.”

“What else is there besides wife?”

“Roxy is not just a wife to me she is my mate. It is a much deeper level of commitment than just a spouse. Your relationship with St. John was that of a spouse, nothing more.” Ivan said his green eyes guarded again. “Mick left you the first chance he had when you went too far. Roxy though.” A ghost of a smile crossed his ashen face. “Even if I am a terrible monster and she abhors what I am doing, would never desert me.”


He couldn’t bring himself to care, he knew that made him a bastard in the eyes of his family but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Michael glared at the shaking form of his leader on his bed and wanted to push him off.

“Don’t worry Max we will get her back.” Isabel said rubbing his back. Kyle looked up and glanced Michael with a ‘what the hell’ look which Michael returned.

“I can’t believe she left.” Max whispered.

“I can.” Maria muttered but shut up when Isabel leveled her with an icy glare that could freeze even the warmest blood.

“How could she leave me though?” Max asked.

“Maxwell you were the one that wanted her to move on and have a normal life.” Michael grunted remembering all of the times he had ranted and raved to him about how Liz needed to get out of this life. “Remember this was your idea. You were the one that wanted Liz left in the dark. We were just following your orders as usual.”

“Maria.” Max whispered sitting up to look at the blonde. His face was a desperate puppy mask as he looked into her green eyes begging her silently for help, but when she did not respond he went on. “Please you can convince her she is your best friend please I need to talk to her I need to make her understand.”

Maria started shaking slightly all of this hitting her hard. She wanted to call Liz but she couldn’t it’s not like Liz gave her a number. Liz was effectively dead, she was not coming back. “I can’t.” Maria whispered turning her faced into Michael’s chest as sobs overtook her. Michael held her close glaring at Max over her head.

“She can’t Max.” Kyle huffed. Max looked at the sheriff’s son in confusion; he had not heard him this annoyed since the summer after his healing. “Liz didn’t exactly leave a calling card. Her parents are the only ones who know how to contact her and they are not budging on this. Maria and I aren’t allowed to speak to her. Apparently Mr. P is afraid that we are going to upset her more.” Kyle said letting out a bitter hiss of breath.

Max’s pale face puckered slightly as the news hit him. He had really lost her; there was no way for him to make up for his stupid mistakes this time.

“I could try and dream walk her.” Isabel suddenly suggested. Max instantly perked up at the idea but it was Michael who startled everyone.

“Hell no.” He barked. “There is no way we are making this any worse for her. Max, she is hurt worse than you probably think. She needs to be left alone just like you wanted. Focus on finding your son Max and leave Liz alone. Please Max if you ever loved Liz you would just leave her alone.” His voice was soft as it cracked. Isabel stared at her brother her eyes widening.

“Oh god.” She whispered. “Liz isn’t coming back.”

Los Angeles

“Okay breathe.” She instructed herself. “You have been here hundreds of times and you have yet to be scared.” She whispered looking through the large glass walls. “Except before there was never a fledgling inside and Mick not here to protect me.” Beth squeaked.

“Blondie.” Josef’s voice startled her out of her pep talk. She had not even seen him approaching let alone heard him until he was right in front of her. “Ready yet?” He asked trying not to smirk at her wide eyed expression.

“You heard that?” She asked looking sheepishly at him as a full blown grin spread over his face.

“Yup. Everyone did. Liz is practically rolling on the ground laughing. Poor Alex is offended he keeps mumbling ‘I have more control than that’ over and over again.” Josef said. “Now come on before Liz busts her gut open; she has yet to stop laughing.” Josef said leading a red faced Beth into his house.

“So why can’t Mick be here?” Beth asked as she entered the house the large door closing with a whoosh. She tried to control her racing heartbeat knowing that it would be all the more alluring for Alex the new vampire.

“You’ll see.” Josef muttered pausing before he led Beth into his home office. “Beth I need you to promise me something.” Josef said looking more serious than she had ever seen him before.

“Alright.” She said her eyes narrowing in confusion.

“Beth I am serious here. You have to promise me that what you see and hear in there will not get back to Mick. No matter what Beth he can’t find out about this meeting.” Josef said his dark eyes stating darkly into hers. The hairs on the back of her pale neck stood on end as she stared into the deadly eyes of a predator.

“I promise, but what the hell could be so bad that he can’t find out?” Beth asked immediately feeling guilty for promising to withhold information from her boyfriend, but she knew that if Josef was telling her not to it was in Mick’s best interest; he always had Mick’s best interest at heart.

“Okay, now there are some ground rules here.” Josef said stealing a glance at the closed door where he knew the others were listening. “Stay by me and Roxy at all times Beth and I mean all times. If I say run you run, if I say stay down you stay.” He said and all Beth could do was nod the feeling of dread growing into a sick ball in her stomach. He seemed to take that as a promise so he continued. “Stay to the fringes and if someone asks you a question answer and answer truthfully not how you think they want you to answer, it’s important.” Josef said.

“Okay.” She whispered taking a deep breath.

“Good.” Josef said flashing her a grin as he opened the door. The office was lavish as everything with him was, but that was not what shocked the small blonde reporter. No what shocked her was the large number of people occupying the small space.

She let out a small huff of surprise making Josef chuckle. “Everyone this is Beth Turner. Beth meet the Aesir.” At least twenty blue cold eyes flicked to her all taking her in assessing her worth.

“Beth Turner.” A deep timber voice rang out. Josef moved closer to her slightly and she noticed Roxy shifted in her seat as the man stepped forward. “We meet at last.” The slight French accent rang through the air.

She looked at him confused eliciting a dark laugh from him and a few others. “Forgive me little one I forget that you know nothing of me.” His fangs peaked out from behind plump lips as he grinned. “I am Laurent.”

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Re: The Ancient Ones (ML XO, Adult, UC) Part 8 pg 9 9-25-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 9: Ivan the Terrible VI

Humans have always worked under the notion that myths have no basis in reality. They believe that a myth is a silly little tale old women have thought up to put a senseless lesson into the minds of the young. Little do the humans realize that even the most eccentric myths have some grain of truth to them.

Her brown eyes blinked at him several times confusing shining through making him chuckle darkly. “Oh.” Beth gasped her eyes widening at the man in front of her. “It is a pleasure to meet you.” She said mentally concentrating on keeping her heart beat normal.

Laurent studied the girl his wicked grin widening with each passing second. The smell of her blood was familiar to him something so sweet that he has tasted many times, but he has yet to encounter this century or the last. “Such an intoxication.” Laurent breathed his ice blue eyes dancing over Beth’s form. “If I had not breathed you in myself I would have thought it a mistake.” Roxy hissed softly her pale eyes glaring sharply at Laurent who chuckled and backed away.

“Okay so what is going on?” Beth asked moving back as Josef’s strong cold hand guided her into a seat away from the majority of the group.

“Coraline has been swayed by Ivan.” Roxy said her eyes slowly changing back to their warm honey color. “We needed to move up our plans.”

“What do you mean she has been swayed?” A large bulky male asked hovering protectively behind Liz, Beth noticed his slicing glares directed at Josef. “She is not one to bend to the will of others.”

“When it works to her advantage she will.” Josef said eliciting several low growls from the far side of the room.

“Gentlemen.” Roxy’s soft voice sounded warm and kind but Beth could distinctly hear the warning.

“What has she agreed to?” Liz asked her small hand moving behind her to rest on the hand of the large male.

“She likes the idea of enslaving the humans…she is even more overjoyed that it is her blood that can do this.” Roxy said the slight curl of her pale pink lip betrayed her distaste for Coraline.

“She likes having the power over others.” Laurent agreed his face looked pinched and drawn. “But to make the humans slaves…”

“Is exactly like her.” Liz said. “We need to stop fighting about what she would and would not do and just accept the situation for what it is. Corlaine is working against us. This is no longer a rescue mission. We need to put a stop to this.”

“Coraline has already donated her blood and he has begun his work. He needs to start off with the compound. Fortunetly for us he has little idea how to create it, but he is making progress. From there he is planning the manipulations.” Roxy said.

“How is the security?” Josef asked

“He is a lot like you.” Alex said speaking up, Beth took note of the surprise carefully hidden on many faces. “He uses brute force, skilled people trained in the art of killing and technology to get the job done. Except he has one major difference.” Alex said chancing a glance at Roxy. She let out an unneeded huff of breath but nodded her head.

“What?” Josef asked looking irritated that someone had a better security system than he did.

“Well he has Roxy. See Ivan knows that if anyone was to ever attack him directly that his mate would step in, you don’t have that extra protection.” Alex said.

“Wait what does that mean?” Beth asked her curiosity getting the better of her. “I thought that Roxy was his wife.” Beth said.

“She is.” Liz said smiling at Beth wanting to make her more comfortable, she knew this was a terrifying situation for the young woman. “But she is also his mate. See with our species there is a fine distinction between the two that can mean a very big difference.”

“I am married to Ivan and I don’t always agree with what he does but I would never be the one to hurt him.” Roxy said. “I could just lead others to do so even if it hurts.” Her musical voice tickled Beth’s ears.

“Damn.” Josef muttered. “I didn’t see it before.” He hissed rubbing his forehead.

“What?” The bulky male asked.

“If I attack Ivan, Roxy will attack me.” Josef said.

“But her instincts will fight against it.” Liz said and Laurent nodded in agreement.

“The connection between sire and creation never really goes away it is hard to fight it.” Laurent agreed.

“But if it is between a mate and a child the mate takes precedence.” Roxy said.

“That sounds very backwards.” Beth muttered.

“You are thinking about it from a human perspective.” Liz said chancing a glance at Josef. “When you are faced with eternity, forever is a long time. Having a mate beside you is the better option it makes the time more bearable so when you are faced with the choice of your mate or your child, you chose your mate.” Liz said.

“Great.” Beth breathed. “This means someone not connected to Roxy has to fight Ivan.” Beth said mentally ticking off Josef, Alex, and the blonde herself. “So someone else in this room will have to do it because you are the only ones powerful enough to do it. It won’t be Liz because she is so young and it can’t be any of her brothers. Laurent is a possibility and that other male ancient I think you said his name is Alby.” Beth said her eyes unfocused as she mentally went through conversations.

“Albert.” A strong British voice huffed. Beth’s head snapped in the direction of the voice only to meet the sneer face of a tall pale male with platinum hair and narrowed ice blue eyes. “The name is Albert, and whoever called me Alby will have their head removed” His eyes snapped to Josef who just grinned at him.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Josef muttered.

“Good.” He droned. Beth was struck by how old Albert actually looked; he was by far the oldest looking man in the room, around his late forties.

“There was also two women ah Panny and Vala.”

“Pandora and Valia darling.” An amused voice said. “I am Pandora, she is Valia.” A pale slender finger attached to a dark jet black haired beauty pointed towards a short redhead.

“Beth has a point.” Josef said.

“I do?”

“It would have to be one of the four of you. No one else is powerful enough to take on Ivan.”

Beth looked at Roxy and saw a dark resigned look on her face and the guilt crashed down on her. Here they all were assembled together and they were discussing how best to kill this woman’s mate, the person who stuck by her forever. It just didn’t seem fair. Golden honey eyes turned to her and Beth’s heart stopped. She knew when she saw the desperate loneliness in their depths that Roxy had already decided her fate; it was better to die than face eternity alone.

Beth’s Apartment

She walked shakily through the door hours of hissed conversation fluttering around her mind. Blank looks and harsh comments all tugged at her but the worst was the look on Roxy’s face; she knew it was coming.

Beth walked to her laptop and turned it on before she put on a pot of coffee. She needed to shower; Josef told her to do so right when she got home so that the scent of all the vampires would be diluted when Mick came by. If Mick caught scent of what they were doing than all of their plans would be ruined. She knew now that keeping him in the dark was the only way to keep him safe, he was not ready to go against the people Ivan had with him and she knew that Coraline’s family was still looking to get at him.

The steam hit her and she felt the tension lessen in her shoulders, but it was not enough. “It is the right thing to do.” Her whisper bounced on the tile walls sounding back to her.

She sat before her computer, her skin pink and damp as she typed in her search; Aesir. The word sounded familiar to her but she was not making a connection and it had been bugging her all night. She knew that if she just put the few missing pieces together several things about the night were going to make more sense.

Josef’s snarled hisses and muttered words that she couldn’t hear kept nagging at her, she knew that something was off; she was missing something and it was important. The others knew what it was and she was being left in the dark. This led her to believe that whatever they were hiding that to do with her or Mick if not both.

The search ended and numerous popup windows for Norse gods and myths appeared. “What the…”

“Aesir, Norse warrior race of gods. Idavoll or Ida is believed to be their secret meeting place called only in times of great strife. Blood will flow like water and the stench of death fills the air for days.” She read. “Vampires.” She breathed.

Josef’s Home

“She knows something is wrong.” Liz said tracing a finger over the clear glass overlooking the valley.

“Beth has always been rather observant sometimes too much for her own good.” Josef agreed.

“She saw something though. Something spooked her I heard it in her heartbeat.” Her brown eyes flew to his “Something that the rest of us didn’t.”

“That is not surprising. But did she hear what we said?” Josef asked.

“No she was too preoccupied to try and figure it out. Alex made sure of it.” Liz said turning back to the window.

A solid arm slid around her tiny waist as she continued to gaze outside her brown eyes staring into the distance. “This does not feel right.” She hissed closing her eyes “I feel as if I am sending her to her death.” Liz said turning in the steel embrace to face his pale gaze.

“When the time comes she will chose what her heart is telling her to. Beth will do what she feels she has to.” Josef whispered.

“Even if it means getting herself killed.” Liz sighed, “She really does love him.”

“Which is why this is going to work.”

Ivan and Roksana’s Home

Alex watched her as she slowly drank from the male, tears of sadness rolling down his dark cheeks as she drank her emotions spilling into him. Her blue eyes remained blank as she drank and it frightened him. His sire was upset but he didn’t know why and he wanted to whimper and try to fix it. He heard the male’s heartbeat slow and Roksana removed her mouth from his arm, for some reason choosing to go without his neck. She licked the wound closed and turned to look at him, his little freshie sleeping peacefully next to him.

“You should go to your freezer, you need rest.” She said and he slowly moved to comply. The strong air of decay doubled in the room and he knew Ivan was there. Without looking at the ancient man he left the room. When he got to the end of the hall he chanced a glance into the room and saw his sire tucked under the powerful arm of the ancient male clinging tightly to him as she stroked his arm. He turned away from the sight feeling an overwhelming pain settle over him when he realized why her freshie wept. She was going to lose her mate