The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MATURE) [COMPLETE] 12-29-08

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The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MATURE) [COMPLETE] 12-29-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:16 pm

Title: The Haunting

Author: Ansleyrocks

Rating: Mature

Category: Roswell/The Covenant/Supernatural

Couples: Liz/Dean, Maria/Reid

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, the Covenant, or Supernatural so please do not sue me!

Summary: They thought it was over, but some things just won’t stay in the past. It started with a familiar scream and soon Liz Parker found herself back in the one place she never wanted to be, Skyler Hill Sanitarium.


Liz was never late and she rarely missed school unless it was for an alien emergency. So when the four aliens showed up to school that day and still no Liz, Maria started to worry. After calling the Parker residence and still no one answered the panic started to set in; Liz was alone for the month since her mother and father Nancy and Jeff Parker were off at a business course in Las Vegas learning how to run the café better.

“Yo Blondie you alright?” Michael asked at lunch when he saw Maria pull out her cell phone for the tenth time.

“No.” She whispered.

“What is it?” Max asked.

“Liz isn’t picking up and I know she wouldn’t skip today, there is a history test. Guys something is wrong.” Maria whispered tears filling her green eyes.

“She is right.” Kyle huffed putting down his burger. “Liz wouldn’t just skip. She would have a damn good reason and she would answer her phone.”

Michael sat back watching the others bicker it out trying to find out where the girl went. He didn’t want to tell the others but he was worried. Liz had been acting strange for the past month. Jumping at the slightest noise, the dark circles under her eyes; she looked terrified most of the time but did a good job of hiding it.

“I am going to her place.” He finally spoke up.

“I will go with you.” Tess muttered five heads turned to her in shock. “What?” She asked raising her hands in surrender. “If something is wrong it would be better to have someone with power training there, besides Michael and I skip all the time it won’t seem odd for us to be gone.” Tess said and the others nodded reluctantly.

Michael and Tess threw away their food and headed out to the parking lot to Tess’s Explorer. “You’re worried about her.” Michael said once they were on the road. Tess was silent for a moment chancing a glance at him.

“Yes.” She whispered.

“You noticed it too then.” He said running a hand through his hair, “The jumpy behavior the disordered look.”

“I also heard something.” Tess whispered looking dead ahead. “Liz was late for the meeting at the Crashdown one night last week so I went to look for her. I went to her room and I heard her talking to someone on the phone.” Tess said finally looking at him. “She was terrified.”

Michael released a loud sigh and nodded. “I knew something was up, now the two of us have to figure out what.”

The Crashdown was dark, unusual for this time of day. He knew that Liz had Jose open. “Come on we can go up her ladder.” Michael said leading the way through the back ally. The two looked into Liz’s dark bedroom and cringed at the mess they saw.

“Something is very wrong Michael.” Tess said opening the window not caring that if a crime had been committed she was ruining the evidence. Tess looked around the room and saw slash marks everywhere and the red rusty stains on the carpet and walls. “That’s blood Michael blood is all over the place.” Tess hissed her blue eyes wide with panic.

“What the hell happened?” He whispered touching her desk.

He saw Liz pacing her room, the door creaked and she jumped a foot into the air. Liz bit her lip and let out a whimper clutching her journal to her chest. He saw her climb out her window and pull out a brick in the wall and slide the black leather book inside before closing it back up.

“I’m sorry.” He heard a hissed voice say. Michael looked at Liz and saw her mouth was closed but her eyes were wide with terror.

“No.” She moaned. “Please just leave me alone.” She whimpered.

“I’m sorry.” He heard again.

Michael shook himself removing his hand from the desk. “Michael?” Tess asked.

“I saw Liz; she was worked up about something.” He said motioning for her to stay there as he crawled through her window and went over to the brick in the wall he saw her at. He removed the brick and pulled out her journal. “I also saw this.”

“Her journal.” Tess breathed.

“Whatever is going on, I think Liz wrote about it. What we are looking for is in here.” Michael said.

“Well open it.” She hissed waving her small hands at him. Michael rolled his eyes but moved to comply. He flipped it open to the middle and moved to her latest entry.

October 15, 2008

I started hearing them again a month ago. After seeing her face the fear finally got to me and I called my cousin Pogue. He and Reid had been seeing them as well and it has Caleb worried; all of us seeing them at the same time was not a good omen.

The cuts started to appear again and I found myself donning the same long sleeved shirts and pants that I used to, to hide the welts appearing on my skin. I didn’t want to worry my mom again. I feel her everywhere I go I can’t get away from her. I can smell the blood, the metal smell making my head swim. I am scared. All I know is the screaming won’t stop.

Michael if you are reading this call Dean Winchester at (517) 833-9691 and tell him Skyler Hill is screaming.

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pro 10-29-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Fri Oct 31, 2008 9:14 am

Wow! I can't believe the response I got to the pro. that is amazing thank you all so much! Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37

Please let me know what you think of this first part!

Part 1: A Secret Past

A strange beeping nose made the two teens jump. It was Liz’s cell phone but the ring tone was different than the one they usually heard. Michael looked over at Liz’s desk and picked up her small phone and saw the name Tyler flashing across the blue screen when it suddenly stopped. The room seemed to be growing steadily colder and Tess could have sworn she was being watched as the hairs on her arms stood on end. “Michael we need to get out of here.” Tess whispered clutching his large arm and Michael nodded pushing her towards the open window where the warm air was blowing in. Michael was climbing out the window when he felt a strange sensation; he could have sworn he was not alone in the room. He brushed it off quickly closing the window and heading for the ladder to join Tess below. He never saw the knife just narrowly miss him as a bloody pale hand slashed down towards his back.

Michael and Tess rushed back to the car and headed back to school; the note in Liz’s journal burning fresh in their minds. Liz’s writing had been hard and jagged as if her small hand had been shaking as she wrote. Michael knew that Tess had also seen the disturbing stains on the white pages, rusty and brown; blood. Small drops at times and in other areas large streaks of the red brown blotted out portions of the writing.

“Michael.” Tess whispered as she drove her hands white on the steering wheel. She chanced a glance at him her throat spasmodically working to swallow the bile for coming up, “I think something is seriously wrong.”

“Yeah I got that too. The blood was a dead giveaway.” Michael said rubbing his forehead. “What the hell could have caused Liz to bleed like that Tess? I mean that was a lot of blood for someone as small as her.”

Tess pulled into the school parking lot and shut off her Explorer. She lifted a shaky hand and ran it through her blonde curls her whole body practically shaking. “I don’t know Michael and that terrifies me.” Tess whispered turning to look at him. Her normally impassive blue eyes were oddly bright and watery. “Michael what do we do?” She asked her lower cherry lip trembling as she started gasping for breaths through her nose, her chest heaving slightly. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Neither do I Tess.” He whispered closing his eyes images of Liz’s bedroom flooding his muddled brain. “We need to tell the others.”

Unknown Location

Pain spread through her small frame as she shook on the cold floor. Her lungs felt like they were on fire and her throat was raw from her endless screams. She could cry no more tears as the shadows encroached on her.

“Please.” She gasped out the horse sound of her voice sounding foreign to her ears, “Please leave me alone.”

The voices started again and she groaned squeezing her eyes shut. “You can never leave us.” A voice hissed. “We are here forever.” And the screaming started again as she thrashed on the floor.

“Help me!” She sobbed before a slash ripped across her stomach and her world went black.


Michael sat stiffly on his couch as the others slowly trickled into his apartment. When they saw the state he and Tess were in they had called an emergency meeting all of them skipping their last class. Liz’s black journal lay on the old coffee table no one dared touch it.

“Michael what is going on?” Max asked.

“Read the last entry.” Tess whispered scooting closer to Michael her lip trembling again. Maria snatched the journal away from Max and started reading her hands starting to shake. The others slowly read the entry as well but only Alex and Maria looked as bad as Michael and Tess.

“Who is Dean Winchester?” Max asked shakily.

Maria suddenly fell to the floor her knees no longer able to hold her up. Michael rushed over to her as she shook on the ground looking ready to be sick. Isabel quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and handed it to Maria who took it with a shaking hand, some of the water slopping onto her and the carpet.

“Dean is someone from Liz’s past.” Kyle said suddenly breaking the thick silence. “All of our dads go way back.” Kyle said looking at Maria and Alex.

“Before my dad split he was friends with John Winchester.” Maria explained taking a sip of the water as Michael moved her to the couch. “Our dads all worked together even Liz’s dad. Their job was how Jeff met Nancy.” Maria whispered.

“What job?” Tess asked.

“Hunters” Alex said from his spot behind Isabel’s chair. “Our fathers are hunters. Demon hunters to be more precise” Alex whispered a bitter look on his face.

Isabel let out a snort and Max smiled. “Good one Alex demon hunters.” Max chuckled but the three humans weren’t laughing.

“You’re serious.” Tess said and Maria nodded.

“Dean Winchester is John’s eldest son, Sam is the baby, and they are hunters as well. Dean was killed a little over three months ago.” Alex said.

“So why the hell would Liz have us call him?” Isabel shrieked when she realized that they were telling the truth. It was not a hard stretch to make after all she was living proof that aliens existed.

“Dean’s phone would be hooked up to a call service that other hunters would answer; our dads all have one.” Kyle said.

“Sam will probably pick up.” Maria said wiping at her eyes.

“What happened to Liz? What is Skyler Hill?” Tess once again stunned the room into a terrified silence. Maria suddenly slapped her hand to her mouth as she raced to the bathroom the sounds of her getting sick reaching their ears in the silent room.

Alex cringed at the sound but decided it was best to let Maria stay in the bathroom for this part of the conversation. He ran a hand through his short dark locks motioning for Kyle to join him. “Skyler Hill is something that none of us dare mention. Every hunter fears it.” Alex explained in a soft whisper the others had to lean closer to hear him.

“Back in the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundred there were more criminally insane then the United States knew what to do with. Many were thrown in jail others into basements to keep them out of the public’s way to keep the public safe.” Alex said.

Kyle let out a disgusted snort as everyone looked at him, “It might have kept the public safe but not the people locked away. In Massachusetts the problem was terrible so two prominent doctors set up one of the first mental institutions; Skyler Hill Sanitarium. The worst of the worst were sent there.” Kyle said.

“It was set up by Doctors Charles Parry and Edward Garwin.” Maria’s strangled voice said from the doorway of the bathroom. Her face looked clammy and pale as she unsteadily moved further into the room. “The hospital was a success hundreds of the criminally insane the worst of the worst were sent there until 1928.”

Isabel shifted in her seat nervously not liking how disgusted the three humans looked. “What happened in 1928?” She finally asked.

“A riot broke out on the second floor; it was mostly the minimum security patients. They stormed the damn place wreaking havoc. When they were done most of them were dead and those who were left set fire to the damn place. Over five hundred patients burned including doctors and nurses.” Alex said.

“The ones in the basement the ones who were actual murderers never stood a chance.” Kyle said looking disgusted.

“See one of the doctors had hit a kill switch of sorts. When he hit the button the guards on the outside sealed the damn building and no one got out.” Alex said.

“What about the doctors?” Tess asked.

Alex laughed darkly the sound making her shiver, “Ah Tess always the smart one. What about the doctors.” The dark glint in his eye was worse than any words he could have spoken.

“They weren’t there.” Tess whispered and Alex nodded.

“So what does this have to do with Liz?” Max asked.

“Good question Max.” Kyle laughed. “See hunters have been trying for years to salt that place and burn it to the ground to get the damn spirits out but nothing works.” Kyle said.

“I thought you said it burned down.” Tess again proved to be more perceptive then the others gave her credit for.

Michael looked at the three humans and scoffed, “How stupid can people get.” He muttered, “They rebuilt it didn’t they.”

Maria nodded wiping her forehead, “It closed for good in the early eighties.”

A strange ringtone streamed through the room again the same one Michael and Tess had heard in Liz’s room coming from her phone. Michael pulled it out of his pocket and saw Tyler flashing on the screen again. “Who is Tyler?” He asked as the phone was plucked out of his hand by Alex who flipped it open.

“Tyler? It’s Alex.” He said briskly. Isabel gapped at him having never heard him so in charge and so in control before. “No Liz is gone as well. According to Michael and Tess her place is trashed.” Alex said running a hand through his hair as he spoke to the person named Tyler.

Maria wrung her hands pulling on the dead skin of her hangnails in her fear. Kyle put a comforting hand on her arm and she gave him a weak smile as she tried to listen to the one sided conversation.

“Fuck!” Alex yelled slamming the phone closed the others jumped having never heard the soft spoken boy swear before.

“Alex?” Maria asked unsteadily.

Alex closed his eyes the phone pressed into his forehead forming an angry mark. “Pogue and Reid are missing. Pogue’s place is covered in blood as well and over half of his stuff is smashed. Reid’s room is no better.”

“Oh god.” Maria whimpered clutching Kyle’s arm her body shuddering harshly as he moved to hold her as she started to sob. “Oh god this is really happening.” She cried her face turning red as she clung to him.

Their phones started to ring in their jean pockets the same high pitched ring. Kyle pulled it out and read the text message. “Shit.” He muttered and Alex nodded.

“Caleb sent out an alert. By now every hunter in the United States is on alert.” Alex said.

“What does it say?” Max asked as Maria flipped her phone open.

“It says ‘Skyler Hill Sanitarium active take precautions. Details soon.’” Maria read wiping her eyes.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Michael asked.

“It means that Liz is in a lot of trouble and right now every damn hunter in the country is going to try and save her.” Alex said as he flipped his phone open again and dialed the number Liz had left for them in her journal.

It rang for a few seconds when it clicked over and a voice picked up. “Hello?”


Caleb slammed his phone down on his table the five men stared at him numbly. “It’s true.” Tyler whispered and Caleb nodded.

“Liz has gone missing as well. Alex and the Roswell hunters are on alert the others need to be as well. If Skyler Hill is active again then we can expect a whole hell of a lot of activity.”

Tyler scoffed shaking his head flopping onto a chair. “I don’t get it they shouldn’t have come back.”

“We thought we had taken care of it.” Paul Parry whispered his pulled eyes looking older and more tired than the boys had ever seen them. “This should not be possible.”

Caleb closed his phone as he sent out the last message. The front door opened and Sarah walked in. She saw the fathers and two boys and stopped cold. “Hey what is going on?” She asked, “Ready for our date?”

Caleb closed his eyes clutching his phone. “I can’t go.” He whispered finally looking at her hating to see the pain in her eyes. “I have some family business that needs to be taken care of.” She looked at him her expression easy to ready; rejection. Sarah nodded once before she turned and left.

“You can make it up to her later Caleb.” His best friend said. Caleb looked at Tyler and smirked grimly.

“That’s if we make it out alive.”

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.1 pg.2 10-31-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:20 pm

Well I am in a happy Halloween mood so I took your reviews as an indication to post another part today just for Halloween! Thanks...

o0IceBubbles0o- Very similar concept with the Sanitarium and reason for haunting but very different spooks!
Jensen Lover 37

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 2: A Secret Past II

It felt as if his bones were being crushed by a sledge hammer; all he could feel was the searing pain that left him unconscious after minutes. He could hear screams in the distance but he did not know if it was them or just his imagination. The smell of his blood and theirs made him sick it was chocking the air around him. Pogue opened his eyes fighting against the dark but as the next blow hit him he let go and welcomed the cold darkness, anything was better than this.

Reading Pennsylvania

The old black 1967 Chevy Impala drove down the road smoothly navigating the winding curves of Reading with ease as Metallica pumped through the old speakers. Neither of the brothers was interested in talking, Dean was too pissed at Sammy to even try.

A buzzing broke the deafening silence. Dean reached into his pocket keeping one hand on the wheel as he pulled out his cell phone, Whitman, flashing across the screen. “That’s odd.” Dean muttered.


“One of the Whitman’s is calling.” Dean said flipping his phone open. “Hello.” He said pulling off to the side of the road. Dean listened as the voice of Alex Whitman babbled through the other end of the phone.

“Whoa Alex slow down and start over.” Dean instructed looking at his brother. “Now what happened to Liz?” Dean rolled his eyes as Alex babbled something at him. “Yes I am alive Alex. Now what happened to Liz?” He asked again and Sam chuckled hearing Alex’s hysterics. “Alex!” Dean yelled making Sam laugh louder. “What happened to Liz?”

Sam watched as Dean’s face grew more and more pinched and his hazel eyes widened. It left a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, it took a hell of a lot to scare his brother and right now Dean looked scared. The last time he had seen Dean like this Lilith was there to kill him.

“Are you shitting me?” Dean asked his hand moving to the bridge of his nose as he sucked in a deep breath. “Damn I am heading there now. Get to Ipswich as soon as you can Alex. Do not go anywhere near there alone you hear me?” Dean asked. “See you soon.” Dean barked closing the phone and his eyes in the process.


“Skyler Hill is active and it has Liz, Pogue, and Reid.” Dean whispered putting the car into drive again before he did a U turn and headed towards Ipswich.

“You’re kidding.” Sam breathed.

“I wish.” Dean growled. “They found her journal and it told this Michael guy to call me.”

“Liz knew you were alive?” Sam asked surprised.

“Why does this surprise you Sammy? Liz seems to know this kind of stuff.” Dean whispered.

“How long has she been missing?” Sam asked pulling out their father’s journal as he started to take notes.

“At least a day. According to Alex she was showing strange symptoms for a month two of their friends were the ones to notice.”

“Why the hell didn’t Liz say anything?” Sam groaned rubbing his forehead.

“Knowing Liz she probably did.”

“Who?” Sam asked.

“The one person she trusts most in this world, Pogue.” Dean said and Sam nodded flipping the journal closed.

“Makes sense, call the one person who would be experiencing it just like you.”

“What did dad’s journal say?” Dean asked.

“Nothing that we didn’t already know; Skyler Hill Sanitarium has been paranormally charged from the start, many hunters believe it has something to do with the Covenant and their past. Since closing down it has had two major sparks one over twenty years ago when our parents all first met and then again eight years ago apparently that one was the worst.” Sam said.

“Eight years ago Liz would have been nine.”

Sam nodded “And Pogue and Reid were ten. According to dad’s records the kids had been having problems sleeping for weeks before they went missing. Liz had mysterious cuts all over her body and Pogue was battered. Reid though was the worst with random burns appearing on his skin.” Dean froze at those words images of the pale blonde coming to him.

“His back.” Dean breathed and Sam nodded. “Son of a bitch.”

“Dad had a theory as to why the ghosts went after the kids instead of the parents.” Sam said. “The first time around it was all about the ghosts getting revenge and since Nancy, her brother Paul, and Ryan Garwin were the only living members of the Parry and Garwin lines the ghosts went after them. The second time around they went after the kids.”

“What better way to torture a family then to go after their children and last hope for carrying on the lines.” Dean said.

“Right. See dad had another theory. Going after Liz never made sense since she and Nancy have no powers but dad thinks that if something were to happen to Pogue the responsibility of carrying on the Parry line would fall to Liz and her son would be the new heir to the Covenant.”

Dean rubbed his forehead a tension headache building, “They were going to kill the possibility of those two lines continuing all together.” Sam nodded at his brother.

Sam licked his lips knowing that it needed to be said, “Dean if anything happens to the three of them you know that the shit is going to hit the fan. Those two lines are major forces in our world.”

“Somehow I get the feeling that whoever woke the damn place up was counting on that.” Dean mumbled pressing his foot down on the gas pedal, they needed to get to Ipswich fast before time ran out.


Alex flipped his phone shut and ran a hand through his hair trying not to get sick. “Alex?” Maria asked hugging closer to Kyle.

“Dean is alive.” He whispered his eyes staring blankly at the wall in front of him. “Dean Winchester is alive. I just spoke to him on the phone.”

“Dude that is not possible we got the call from Sam ourselves.” Kyle growled.

“It was him Kyle I swear he told us to head to Ipswich with our parents and not to go near Skyler Hill alone but with more swearing.” Alex said.

“Sure sounds like Dean.” Maria admitted.

“When are we leaving?” Maria asked.

“I have to check with my dad but I am assuming we are leaving right when I get back.” Alex said pulling out his phone to make another call he stepped into the kitchen so he would not bother the others.

“I want to go with you.” Michael said as Maria turned in Kyle’s arms to look at him. The two humans seemed apprehensive. “Liz is my friend and has always been there for me, I am not about to let her down now.” Michael said.

“I want to go too.” Tess said biting her lip, “It would feel wrong not to go.”

“My dad wouldn’t mind taking you along with us.” Kyle said.

Max let out a sad laugh as he stared at his friends, “I am going as well I am not going to let anything happen to Liz.”

“Well if you all are going…” Isabel said.

“Isabel this is dangerous.” Maria said, “If you don’t want to go you don’t have to because chances are we are going to get into the thick of it real fast and it is going to get messy.”

Isabel looked at the others and saw the firm determination in them and knew that her decision was made. “I want to go, I owe it to Liz.”

Skyler Hill Sanitarium

A horse groan brought him back to the world of the living. The room was darker then before letting him know that it was night, he had been there for two days now. He rolled onto his side and immediately the burning pain raced through him the horrible roar of pain that left his throat surprised him.

“Stay still.” A familiar voice croaked and he did moving his head only slightly in the direction of the voice.

He squinted his eyes against the harsh darkness and saw her sitting there huddled in the corner. “Liz.” He croaked.

“Yeah.” She whispered moving slightly as the moonlight illuminated her small pale form.

“Oh god.” He croaked when he saw her tiny shape battered to an almost unrecognizable state. Deep slices marred her skin and caked on blood left her olive skin barely visible. The deep cut across her face had him worried; blood still freshly weeping from the wound. “Liz.” He tried to move towards her when pain slammed through him again and another terrible moan left him.

“Stay still Reid!” She cried shaking now. “You can’t move it will make it worse.”

Reid was going to try and move again when he felt the frighteningly familiar cold seep into the room. “Close your eyes Reid.” Liz whispered and he shook his head his blue eyes never leaving her. “Do it Reid.”

“No.” He croaked as his breath visibly left his mouth. Before he could react he saw a silver blade strike through the air and slash through Liz. She didn’t move for a second when a wail rivaling any he had ever heard left her as a large slice appeared across her chest blood running down her.

“Ah!” She cried slamming into the wall clutching her head clawing at an unseen force as her petite frame started to struggle up the wall off her feet as if someone was dragging her along, a trail of red following her.

“Liz!” He screamed as she suddenly fell with a loud smack. A loud cackle sounded from inside the room as if the thing was right by his ear, he could have sworn he felt them breathing on him. Reid watched waiting for her to move but she remained still and fear griped him tighter. “Liz!”

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.2 pg.4 10-31-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:37 pm

Hey guys thanks for the reviews on the last part, I am glad that it had a chilling feel to it. Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37
forever dreamer

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 3: A Secret Past III

Route 78

It had been over six hours and the brothers were getting nervous. They were used to long car rides and this one was short in comparison but their worry kept them on edge. Dean shut off the music for the sixth time glaring at his brother.

“Call Bobby.” Dean said staring straight ahead down the road.

Sam looked at his brother as if he just told him to jump out of the moving car. “Think that wise considering?”

Dean glanced at Sam and turned back to the road, “We need him in on this, she will understand.”

“No Dean I don’t think she will. Maria has never forgiven him for leaving I don’t think seeing him again after all of these years is going to make her feel all warm inside.” Sam scoffed.

“It will if she knows that he is trying to help save her best friend.”

“Dean.” Sam groaned rubbing his eyes. “Bobby left Maria and Amy when she was eight and he has never even contacted her. Maria will not understand she is probably the least understanding person out there.”

“Sam we need him. Liz, Pogue, and Reid depend on us and we need him. Bobby has seen a lot more than us. Make the call Sam.” Dean said as he turned off the interstate to pull into a rest stop. Dean got out of the car to stock up on goodies leaving his brother to make himself useful and make the call.

Dean walked down the aisles when he felt it, the familiar feeling of being watched. He glanced around and saw that the store clerk was in the back Dean turned to head out of the store when he came face to face with a man.

“Jesus.” He cried.

“No, Castiel.” The angel said adjusting his long coat.

“Dude did you just make a joke?” Dean asked looking miffed.

“Dean Winchester something terrible is about to happen.” The no nonsense angel he was all too acquainted with said. His dark eyes roamed over Dean in their annoyingly all seeing way.

“I know I got the memo from Alex. Skyler Hill Sanitarium is active.”

Dean moved to walk out and Castiel followed. “Ah yes Alex Whitman another man important to our fight. Dean this is more serious than you realize.” Castiel said his firm grip on Dean’s arm jerked him to a halt.

“How much more serious can my friends dying get?” Dean asked looking upset for the first time all day.

“When Liz Parker happens to be one of the final seals. Liz and the members of the Covenant are two seals that we cannot afford to lose.”

Dean felt sick as everything stopped around him. “Do they know?” Dean croaked.

Castiel nodded, “The Covenant knows what they are and Liz has been told. We have lost too many seals already and with these two gone this war might not turn out in our favor.”

“So I need to save Liz, Pogue, and Reid.”

“It is His will.” Castiel said Dean turned to look at him only to find the angel gone as usual.

“Well damn.” He breathed, “This just keeps getting better and better.”

Dean got into his beloved Impala stiffly as Sam hung up with Bobby. “Well he is in; he is going to take a plane to Ipswich to save time.” Sam said noticing for the first time how off his older brother looked. “Dean?”

“We are so screwed here Sam.” Dean stared at his brother his fear blaring in his hazel eyes. “Liz, Pogue, and Reid are seals and if we don’t save them then we are just that much closer to Lucifer walking the Earth.”

Sam’s breath left him in a harsh exhale, “What? How did you find this out?”

“Castiel just told me. Sam whoever started the Sanitarium up knew what they were doing and I am willing to bet it is that same person who has been opening all the other damn seals.”

“Lilith.” Sam breathed and Dean nodded.

“That would be my guess. Sammy we are so screwed.”


She didn’t know what she was doing there but for some reason she felt compelled to show up unannounced at his home for the second time that day. He had already broken their date once that day but something in her gut was telling her that something terrible was happening. Kate had been trying to call Pogue all day and he was not answering his phone and that confirmed it for her, Caleb was hiding something.

Sarah rang the doorbell this time and waited for someone to answer. The large front door slowly swung open to reveal a tall slightly graying man with a hard displeased face. “You are no hunter.” He chuckled motioning her into the house.

“Hunter?” She asked but he was not paying attention. The sound of harsh raised voices startled her as Caleb and a man she had never seen exited the office.

“No I can’t risk anything happening to Liz!” Caleb yelled and the other man froze looking furious his green eyes glaring hatefully at Caleb.

“And you think I do? I know the damn score Danvers but she is insignificant in the long run. You need to look at the bigger picture here.”

Caleb’s eyes sprang with a dark fire as his iris swan in liquid flames turning into a dark black. “The bigger picture is that if anything happens to Liz we are that much closer to losing. I am not about to let Pogue’s cousin, my friend, die because you want to blow the Sanitarium up. That would do nothing!” Caleb hissed.

“Caleb.” Tyler called always the mediator when it came to his coven. The older witch backed off the hunter and moved closer to Tyler. “Our answer is no, you will not touch the Sanitarium.” Tyler said

“Get out of here Frank.” The man who answered the door said. “This is a fight for hunters of a different caliber. We will call you if we need any assistance.”

Frank gave once last furious glare in Caleb’s direction before he stormed out of the house. Caleb seemed to notice she was there for the first time as he took a step back moving visibly away from her. “Sarah.”

“Caleb what the hell is going on?”

“Good question.” The older gentleman chuckled.


“What?” The man asked a familiar impish grin on his face.

“You’re Reid’s dad.” Sarah breathed and the man nodded.

“Well if you will excuse me Caleb I need to make some calls.”

Sarah waited a beat before she began her usual interrogation of her boyfriend. “Caleb what is going on?”

“Reid and Pogue are missing.” Caleb said the sadness in his eyes knocking the wind out of her. “And Pogue’s cousin Liz. Right now it is not looking good for them.”

Sarah held her stomach as if that was all that was keeping her together, “Who would take them? Do you know?”

Tyler looked at Caleb warning him not to say too much. “We know where they are but getting them out is the hard part.” Caleb finally said.

“What can I do to help?” Sarah asked.

“Nothing.” Tyler’s voice cut through the tension. “It is best for you to stay away it is too dangerous for you to get involved. Any little slip up could get a lot of people killed.” Tyler said as Caleb silently thanked his friend for once again soothing a volatile situation.

A loud bang on the front door made Sarah jump back as Caleb yanked her towards him pushing her behind him. Tyler moved to open the door and a man in flannel and a trucker hat stood there with three duffle bags. “Hi there.”

“Bobby.” Tyler gasped. “Bobby Singer.”

“Simms are you going to let me in or am I going to have to shoot you?” Tyler stepped out of the way his face pulled into a funny expression.

“Thanks for coming.” Caleb said easing away from Sarah.

“Well it’s Lizzie, you know I need to be here.”

“Come on we can set up in the office.” Tyler said leading the way, Sarah peaked inside and gasped; it looked like a war room. Blueprints, maps and weapons were piled all over the place and several men she did not know were huddled around books.

“This is bad.” She said and Caleb nodded.

Skyler Hill Sanitarium

He could hear their screams in the distance and it made him ill to know that he was happy to hear them; he knew that they were still alive. It was times like this when he hated that he couldn’t die right away like a human, no his magic had to save him. He could feel his bones mending and he wanted to yell at them to stop because they were just going to get broken again anyway, the psycho was going to make sure of that.

It took all the strength he had to roll over onto his side. Black spots swam in his vision as pain rolled through him in sickening waves. Anything was better than this, death was better than this. He knew it was wrong but when he heard the shuffling on the floor and felt the cold seeping into his bones he could not help but pray to the big guy above to take his pain away and just let him die.

“Crush their bones to make them better.” The wheezed hiss bounced off the walls. He started shaking when he felt it get closer. “It will make them better.” It hissed and Pogue closed his eyes bracing for what he knew was to come. His side caved as an invisible force slammed into him breaking his ribs again as an unholy scream ripped from his throat.

He couldn’t breathe and it no longer sounded harsh and winded but wet. Pogue rolled onto his back again as blows continued to hit him and as his breathing worsened he couldn’t help but smile; it looked like God was listening to him after all.

Liz slowly crawled along the moldy floor shuddering as she felt them watching her, waiting to see what she would do. She could them pressing down on her tightened the pressure in her chest to the point where she could barely breathe. She had to find Reid again; after she passed out she woke up in the room alone, only his blood letting her know she had not imagined him there.

“I’m sorry.” She heard the hissing voice that haunted her for over a month and chocked back a sob. She hated that voice she wished the woman would just leave her alone but she seemed intent of making Liz feel every ounce of the pain she felt.

“Leave me alone!” She sobbed huddling in a ball on the floor hiding her battered face. Her tears burned as they fell out of the corners of her eyes as they rolled over her open wounds, the slightly salty liquid felt more like liquid fire.

“I’m sorry.” The blade bore down on her and stabbed her leg.

“Ah!” Liz screamed a strangled sob clogging in her throat as she cringed in pain. It was too much her body was no longer able to handle that much pain and her empty stomach heaved but nothing came up.

“Someone please help me.” She sobbed her harsh breath spraying dust over the floor, “please”. Liz opened her eyes and bawled as she met the face of a woman laying on her stomach looking at her intently, the slices all over the woman’s skin mirroring her own.

“I’m sorry.” The woman hissed before she disappeared.

A loud cackle sounded down the hall and Liz clawed her way to her knees fighting the pain as she started to scuttle across the floor moving away from the sound that was getting closer and closer the manic laugh terrifying her to her core. She felt a tug on her feet as they were swept out from under her. Liz screamed and clawed at the floor trying to hold on as she was dragged backward down the hall as the manic laughter increased.

“Help!” She screamed.

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.3 pg.5 11-2-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

forevre dreamer- Yup it is kinda graphic at some spots

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 4: A Secret Past IV

The large group exited the airport terminal looking even more haggard than the usual passengers. “I can’t believe we took a plane.” Alex hissed at Maria who was clinging to Kyle as if her life depended on it.

“Mr. P wasn’t about to let his daughter wait in that place that long.” Maria said. “Driving would take days.”

Max and Isabel followed behind the others silently as they headed to baggage claim and then out towards two waiting black vans. Isabel shivered as she stepped closer to the vans hugging her sweater tighter around her. “Is?” Max asked.

“Sorry.” She gave him a small smile. “I just had this weird sense that’s all.”

Alex stopped in front of her and abruptly turned around. “Isabel get in the van.” He whispered his eyes darting about. “Now.” He ordered his body shielding hers slightly.

“What is going on Whitman?” Michael asked as Max followed his sister into one of the vans.

“Something isn’t right I can feel it and apparently Isabel did as well. I think we are being watched.” He whispered as he crawled into the van as well.

“Where are we headed?” Max asked as Jeff Parker took his place in the passenger seat.

“We are heading to Ipswich.” Jeff said.

“The place of the witch trials?” Tess asked looking excited.

“No that was in Salem Tess.” Max laughed.

“No she was right they were in Ipswich.” Nancy Parker said, “They started in Ipswich anyway. Five families in the area were targeted the Danvers, Parry’s, Simms, Garwin’s and Putnam’s.”

“Let me guess they had it completely wrong and they attacked innocent people?” Isabel asked and the car was silent.

“No.” Nancy whispered. “They were right they are witches.”

“Are as in like they still exist?” Michael asked as the area around the van became less populated and trees took over the roads. The vans made a steady climb and drove up a private drive where four large houses could be seen in the distance.

“Yup they still exist.” Maria said pointing to the homes.

In minutes the van was in front of the largest home where several cars were parked “Man there sure are a lot of cars here.” Kyle said groaning when he felt Maria’s hands dig deeper into the flesh of his arm. “Maria please retract your claws.” He hissed and she eased up her grip slightly but still held on as Nancy rang the doorbell shifting on her feet anxiously.

The door swung open and a large burley man stood there with long brown hair covering his head. He took one look at Nancy and grinned. “Hey little sister” He laughed hugging her tightly to his large chest before pushing her away to get a better look at her. “Jeff, Jim, Charles nice to see you all again. Kyle, Alex, Maria it good to see that the three of you are doing alright.”

The man’s gaze swung to the four aliens and they froze. His eyes were not normal. Paul Parry looked at the four and raised his hand ready to fire on them. “No Paul they are with us.” Nancy said and her brother reluctantly lowered his hand.

“They are not human Nancy.” He growled.

“I know I have known them since they were children it was quite obvious.” She muttered.

Max, Isabel and Michael looked down feeling ashamed, it was their job to protect their secret and apparently they couldn’t even hide it from real hunters. “Right…” Paul drawled motioning them inside and towards the study. “Well the Winchester boys will be here momentarily Sam called and said that they were close.” Paul motioned for them to follow him into the large office where several men and two boys were sitting.

Maria walked into the room and froze. Kyle looked at his friend anxiously when he felt her grip tighten and her breathing increased. Bobby Singer looked up from his book and gaped at her. “Maria.”

The small blonde shook holding onto Kyle before she bolted out of the room and out of the house. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she ran down the gravel driveway towards the pond where she finally collapsed falling to her knees by the water. Maria wrapped her arms around her knees and started an old rocking motion as she hummed to herself closing her eyes fighting the painful tears. Car lights bounced in the distance but she couldn’t move as she rocked back and forth over and over in a desperate manner.

She heard the soft footfalls behind her and knew that they were too light to be any male’s especially his. “Maria?” Isabel called softly as Maria hugged her knees tighter. “Maria?” She asked softly sitting down next to her. Isabel for once remained silent and undemanding as she watched her friend crumble before her.

“I can’t believe he showed up.” Maria whispered her tears falling onto her jeans as she tilted her head to look at Isabel. “After all of these years with no contact he suddenly decided it would be a good idea to answer a summons.”

“Who is he?” Isabel asked.

“Bobby Singer.” Maria spat her green eyes full of pain. “My father”

Isabel’s mouth fell open and her breath left her. “Oh Maria…”

“He left my mother and I when I was eight. He promised to call me Isabel and keep in touch he promised.” Maria sobbed as Isabel scooted closer and wrapped an arm around her. “I can’t believe that this is the promise that he chose to keep, I can’t help but feel jealous of Liz, Isabel I mean she is not even his daughter and yet he is willing to uphold the promise to come to the rescue if she ever needed it.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.” Isabel huffed.

“I know but I hate myself for being jealous of Liz. Isabel she did not ask for this hell she does not want any part of this but she has Bobby’s undivided attention, something I never had.” Maria whispered.

“I take it he is a hunter.”

Maria nodded wiping her eyes, “Always has been, my mom worked at a bar that was frequented by hunters in Albuquerque. Bobby came in one night after a hunt and they hit it off.” Maria whispered.

“I’m sorry Maria” Isabel said not knowing what else to say there was really nothing she could say in a situation like this.

“Not your fault Isabel. I just need to learn to suck it up and get over it.” Maria said wiping furiously at her eyes.

Isabel squeezed Maria’s shoulder pulling her closer, “Maria that is something a girl never gets over.” Isabel whispered. “I know it sounds hokey and stupid coming from me Maria but, you can’t let your past with this man damn your future, you are better than that.” Isabel said.

“Thank you Isabel.” Maria whispered giving her a weak smile, “You know you are more like Liz than you realize. Just like her you are more interested in protecting your family then yourself and you are more interested in how they are feeling then how you are.” Maria said standing up waiting for her friend. Maria did not realize it but she had just given Isabel Evans the Ice Queen of Roswell a compliment that meant more to her than any other compliment she had ever received.

The two girls made their way back up to the house in silence preparing themselves for the outbursts awaiting them when they stepped inside. Isabel opened the door for Maria and the two girls found the house in a hum of wild activity. Two young men stood in the foyer with duffel bags at their feet.

“Dean?” Maria squeaked and the shorter male turned around a cocky smirk on his face.

“Ria.” He chuckled as the girl bounced towards him in a ball of giggles and squeals as she wrapped her arms around his neck jumping up and down. Maria pulled away and noticed that something was off with the brothers; the Winchester boys did not have their usual snap about them.

“So Dean, would you mind telling us how you are standing here before us and not in a grave?” Jeff Parker asked raising one of his thick dark eyebrows at the boy.

The two brothers exchanged an uncomfortable look before they glanced at Bobby. “They need to know Dean.” Bobby said his gruff voice unsettling in the uneasy atmosphere of the home.

Dean pulled of his brown leather jacket and then rolled up his left shirt sleeve to reveal the mark. Caleb and Tyler moved back instantly recognizing the mark for what it was, their dark nature warning them to be weary. “Is that what I think it is?” Alex asked.

“What the hell is that?” Michael asked, “It looks like you have a handprint scorched onto your arm.”

“That’s exactly what it is, a handprint.” Paul Parry said.

“A divine hand.” Tyler said and the two hunters nodded.

Dean looked uncomfortable as he shifted on his feet pulling his sleeve down. “I was in hell and um…”

“Wait he was in hell?” Isabel hissed and Maria nodded.

“Made a deal with the devil.” Maria hissed back.

Jeff Parker cleared his throat and the two girls closed their mouths audibly turning back to an uncomfortable Dean. “Well like I said I was in hell and then suddenly I wasn’t. Later I found out I was pulled from hell by an angel, an angel named Castiel.” Dean said.

“Why would an angel pull you from hell?” Kyle asked.

“Because God commanded it.” Bobby said, “The mark on his arm is from Castiel’s hand. Whatever happened to Dean was powerful enough to even scare these guys.” Bobby said motioning to the witches in the corner of the foyer pressing as far away from Dean as possible while still being able to see him.

“Oh come on guys I am not going to kill you.” Dean huffed looking disgusted.

“Yeah we rather not take our chances buddy. See angels have a habit of smiting first and never asking questions. Evil is evil in their book and dark is dark, there is no gray area.” Ryan Garwin said.

“Why did he want you out of hell?” Tess asked the burning question on all their minds.

“Yeah see this is where none of you are going to be happy.” Sam said for his brother who was now grinding his teeth.

“What?” Maria asked scooting closer to Kyle again a gesture that did not go unnoticed by the others.

“The reason I was brought out was to help them fight. Lilith is hell bent on letting the dark one out of hell.”

“Lucifer.” Caleb breathed grabbing Tyler’s shoulder as the two boys visibly cringed.

“In order to do that she has to break 66 seals that keep Lucifer in hell.” Sam explained.

“Several of the seals have already been broken.” Bobby said and the hunters in the room groaned.

“Which ones?” Jim Valenti asked rubbing his forehead.

“The rising of the witnesses, the slaying of Cerberus, releasing the demon Astoral from his exile and several more. They are having a hard time fighting off her minions and protecting the seals.” Dean said glancing at Caleb and Tyler.

“So that is why Skyler Hill is active.” Caleb sighed rubbing his face to ease his tension. “She is trying to get rid of two seals in one shot.”

“What seals?” Max asked.

“In order to get Lucifer out of hell there are several powerful seals that need to be broken. The Covenant of five families is one and the herald is the other.” Jeff said chuckling darkly. “These boys and my daughter are two of the final seals.”

“Liz is a seal?” Maria looked devastated by the news as a new wave of tears overcame her. “My best friend who is like a sister to me is the herald the bearer of news and one of the damn seals.”

“Yes.” Sam whispered.

“Except Liz isn’t the bearer of news she is the herald that marks the end of the world, the message she brings is the apocalypse.” Bobby said.

“No!” Maria screamed shaking, “She is not a seal I will not let this happen!” She roared at a piercing level her face reddening in her hysterics. “Why the hell didn’t she tell and why the hell does she have a special name and and I don’t and I don’t understand any of this!” She screamed never taking a breath.

“Just like her mother.” Bobby muttered.

“Does Liz know?” Alex asked and Dean nodded.

“We know she does.”

Maria’s red face was frighteningly calm, “Well then we are just going to have to save her because I will be damned if I let anything happen to my best friend because some hell bitch heaven reject wants to end the world.” Maria said.

“Amen to that.” Kyle laughed.

“On that note,” Bobby Singer motioned for the group to follow him into the study his eyes never leaving Maria who refused to look at him, “I have something you all need to see.” A large tome was opened on the grand desk. The pages were old and worn, but the words and pictures were frighteningly perfect looking. “I believe I have figured out who has been haunting the three kids.”

“Is it the same person?” Jeff asked his old friend.

“No and that is what is so bad. Jim was right when he called me and told me to look in Parry’s old records. I have the three culprits picked out and it is not good.” Bobby said pointing to the book.

“Who are they?” Nancy asked.

“Well they are patients from the basement.” Bobby said.

“You mean the real killers not the ones who did so accidently on a break.” Caleb said and Bobby nodded pointing to the figure on the page that Parry had drawn all those years ago with breathtaking clarity and accuracy.

“This is the ghost that has been going after Liz. Her name is Darla Williams a house wife.”

“Some house wife.” Dean muttered staring at the battered woman’s image. The large scars across her skin and vacant expression was terrifying, she looked so empty.

“What’s with the scars?” Michael asked.

“Those she did to herself.” Bobby said making Tess shiver, the intense mutilation on the woman had to have been blindingly painful. “After she killed her husband she started cutting, each cut meant another kill.” Bobby explained.

“That is a lot of kills.” Alex muttered.

“143 to be precise.” Bobby said.

“What makes you so sure that she is the one haunting Liz?” Caleb asked.

“It was something Liz’s last few entries in her diary alluded to that caught my attention. Not only the placement of the cuts but the woman’s actions. Liz said in her diary that the woman kept screaming which granted is not unusual for any of the patients but what she was screaming was.”

“I’m sorry.” Michael breathed freezing the room, “She was screaming I’m sorry.”

“How did you know that? Liz only mentioned that briefly.” Bobby said.

“I heard it, that day in Liz’s room when I saw where Liz had hidden her journal; I heard a hiss saying I’m sorry.”

“Well that confirms it; Liz is being haunted by Darla Williams or The Salem Screamer.”

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.4 pg6 11-4-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies! There is a reason the ghosts that are haunting Pogue, Liz, and Reid chose to go after them but that will be explained in a few parts. Thanks...

forever dreamer
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Lighting Summer

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 5: The Ghosts

“The Salem Screamer?” Tyler chocked out looking sick, “Great one of the most notorious serial killers is attacking my friend.”

“I have never heard of her.” Michael said.

“You wouldn’t women killers weren’t made that public, it was very taboo back in her day.” Caleb said, “She is notorious in the supernatural world not the human world.”

“She is a dangerous ghost.” Jim Valenti said.

“Why?” Max asked.

“Because of how she went about killing her victims and what led to her break. Ms. Williams apparently caught her abusive husband in bed with another woman and that sparked her killing. She would stalk her victims and plan them out carefully. Every cut she had on herself she would place on her victims. The more cuts she had the more her victims received.” Sam said.

“What about Pogue and Reid who is haunting them?” Paul asked.

“Like I said this is going to get ugly. Pogue is haunted by Billy Roberts a…”

“Wait Billy Roberts?” Jeff chocked out his face going chalk white. “As in Battered Baby Face Billy?”

“That would be the one. Apparently he was transferred to Skyler Hill a week before it burned down, he was another one put in the basement because of his rather violent nature.” Bobby said.

Paul Parry groaned clutching his head. “Paul?” Nancy asked worried about her brother.

“My baby boy.” He whispered, “My boy!” He yelled, “Is being battered by a teen punk. Nancy you heard the stories of what Billy Roberts did and what was done to him by our grandfather. He had all of his bones crushed to keep him in line.” Paul snarled at his sister.

“And it is now happening to your son.” Nancy whispered.

“Unlike Billy, Pogue has healing abilities thanks to his powers.” Bobby said.

“His powers can only heal so much.” Caleb whispered.

“What about Reid who is after him?” Tyler asked as Maria let out a whimper remembering the beautiful blonde.

“He is the one you all need to be the most worried about right now. He has Kalvin Peters after him the murderous little runt of a kid.” Bobby growled. “Kalvin was nine when he was admitted to Skyler Hill after he burned down his tenth building and the police finally figured out that he was doing so on purpose.”

“Nine years old?” Tess whispered and the hunter nodded.

“See Kalvin is a rare breed of human.” Bobby explained to the girl. “He is one of the truly terrifying because unlike the demons and creatures out there Kalvin was not born to kill. Garwin described the young boy as having no soul; he was just an empty vessel who took pleasure in hearing the screams of others. He killed his family in his first fire at the age of five and then burned down his foster homes after that. At Skyler Hill they originally had him on the first floor because he was a child but soon they found they had to move him to the basement after he killed his roommate by setting the teen on fire.” Bobby said.

“That’s sick.” Isabel hissed and Bobby nodded.

“Garwin thought so too. Part of Kalvin’s therapy was putting him through the same torture he put others through.”

“They burned him.” Dean said shocking the others. Dean rolled his eyes at their looks, “I have seen Reid’s back as has anyone who has gone to see him swim. The burn marks gave it away.”

“How bad is this going to get?” Sam asked.

“Well if it was just those ghosts roaming around I would say bad, but the other ghosts walking around that place are even worse and one in particular you don’t want anywhere near them especially Liz…”

Skyler Hill Sanitarium

Reid held his stomach trying to control his breathing not wanting to pass out again. The smell of his healing flesh still taunted him. His only consolation was that unlike when he was a child and powerless, his body could now heal the burns inflicted on his pale flesh.

A child like giggle bounced off the walls and he let out a whimper. “Leave me alone.” He groaned.

“No silly I want to play.” The little boy laughed his figure flickering into view. He was a strong ghost if he was able to not only talk but inflict physical pain.

“I am done playing.” Reid growled and the kid laughed harder. A manic laugh sounded in the distance and the child froze. Reid slowly inched away from the ghost drawing on some of his power to defend himself from the new foe. He shivered in place when he felt the frigid temperature as the laugh grew louder and a form appeared at the end of the hall crawling on the floor towards him.

“Oh fuck.” Reid muttered when he saw the caged head, bars melted away and a pulled corpse like face.

The thing entered the room and was crawling at an inhuman pace towards him and Reid scurried across the floor as fast as he could fighting the burning pain running through him. He felt something catch his foot and saw one of the thing’s hands holding his leg a look of terrifying pleasure on its face. Reid tried to brace himself on the floor using his powers but found that they weren’t working. It laughed at him and pulled knocking the wind out of him as his chest slammed to the ground. He could feel the ground sliding under him as the thing pulled him down the hall. Reid tried to grab onto the wall and hold on but the thing wrenched him hard enough to pull his shoulder out of its socket and continued to pull him down the hall.

Reid tried to kick it off his leg but that seemed to excite it more. “Let me go!” Reid roared kicking at it harder his stomach tearing as he was dragged over the remains of a broken window. The thing just laughed louder in a violent fit of screaming laughter before it bit him in the ankle. “Ah!” He screamed when he felt his flesh ripping from his leg.

Reid cried out as he felt himself hurtling down a flight of stairs the movements jarring his seared flesh opening the burns, the sting coming back with a vengeance. The smell of the new floor was different than the others he had been dragged to; it was moldy and rotting. Reid recognized it as the basement, where the killers were kept. Reid glanced at the room number he was being dragged into, 13. “Oh shit.” He groaned. The thing dragged him inside cackling the whole time as he was thrown into the corner landing on something soft and wet. Reid looked down and saw it was a body he was laying on.

“Liz?” He croaked. He heard a different laugh now, it was dark and amused. He turned his head and saw the thing in the corner crouched down, its caged head grinning at him as he lay on Liz. Reid noticed that the thing was wearing a straight jacket, clearly ripped open and that unlike his previous theory of the bars of the metal cage being melted open he saw that they were actually ripped open from the outside. The thing gave Reid a toothy grin and then disappeared.

Reid looked down and felt Liz again moving off of her small form. “Liz.” He called again but she didn’t budge. Reid turned her over gently fighting the sting in his back and shoulder. Her eyes were swollen shut and her lips were cracked open, the cuts on her were starting to close but that was not what had his stomach rolling. All over her chest and thighs were bite marks, human bite marks like the one on his ankle.

“So it is you.” Reid whispered looking towards the corner where the thing sat. “I thought you were a myth.” Reid chocked out tears stinging his eyes when he realized how bad things had gotten.

“I am feeling much better today Dr. Garwin.” A deep raspy voice chuckled. Reid froze when he heard the voice beside him. He turned his blonde head to his right and came face to face with the grinning caged head. “Oh yes much better.” It laughed. Reid whimpered at the sound and it only made the thing laugh harder clapping its dead hands. He knew he was in trouble now because the infamous rapist and serial killer John Brooks was holding Liz and him captive; Skyler Hills worst criminal The Demon of Millersville.


Michael hated how calm the night was in Ipswich it just seemed so wrong when so many bad things were happening. It should be storming with end of the world type weather, not calm and peaceful. He almost hurled when Bobby Singer told them what kinds of people were kept in Skyler Hill’s basement, the worst of the worst in the country. John Brooks made his stomach heave and he had to hold onto Tess and Isabel to keep from falling over. He couldn’t help but be worried for Liz, having seen her terror in the flash and knowing that there were people out there specifically targeting her just seemed so surreal and wrong.

“You okay?” Maria asked steeping out onto the porch hugging her sweatshirt closer to her to keep in the heat. The stars of the clear Ipswich sky twinkled down on them mockingly.


She snorted as she sat down next to him on the bench. “Yeah I feel the same.” She whispered just staring into the sky. “I am going to destroy them Michael.” She whispered her voice strong as she spoke her green eyes finally moving to meet his. “They messed with the wrong people and I will kill them all.”

Michael moved his gaze away from her stinging one, “Good, I have your back Deluca.” He grunted and he could tell she was nodding.

“I know which is why I am going to let you in on my plan.”

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.5 pg7 11-6-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part. As for what happened to Liz a little will be explained in this part but the whole story will come out eventually not to worry. Thanks...

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Please let me know what you think of this new part it keeps me writing faster!

Part 6: The Ghosts II

The place before them was gigantic; it practically blotted out the sky behind it looking more like a mountain in the dark than a hospital. Skyler Hill Sanitarium was six floors and had four different wings and a tunnel in the basement used to transport supplies and patients of the dangerous nature.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Tess asked staring at the large mass before her. Maria had told Michael that she was going to go into Skyler Hill herself to get her three friends and wanted him to come with her. Michael showing a rare genius thought it best to have backup and asked for Tess to come along with them. That was how the three wound up in front of the Sanitarium chills crawling down their spines as they felt unseen eyes watching them.

“No I am positive that this is one of the worst ideas I have ever had and believe me I have had some bad ones but I need to save them Tess. I can’t let them suffer anymore.” Maria whispered.

“We have your back.” Michael grunted.

Maria nodded taking off the backpack she was carrying. “Remember your powers won’t work on them. Rock salt is the way to go.” She said handing out canisters and backup rounds for the guns they were holding.

“Right, except I have never shot a gun before.” Tess mumbled.

“Tess you shot off a few rounds before we got here.” Maria reminded her in a huff as Tess curled in on herself before the other girl.

“Not very well.” The little blonde mumbled.

“It will do.” Maria said.

The three just stood there, Michael watching the building anxiously and listening. The place had the same odd feeling that Liz’s bedroom did but it was more intense in front of the hospital. Instinctive pricks of fear stabbed through him but he knew that he couldn’t run away, as the protector of the group he had to go with Maria no matter what.

Michael walked towards the building first making sure the two girls stayed behind him. The closer he moved to the building the tighter the feeling in his chest got, as if someone was pressing down on him. He could have sworn that the air around him was getting colder and if that was true it meant death was just around the corner. The door of the sanitarium squeaked open as Michael pushed against it. The three of them paused in the entrance wrinkling their noses at the strange smell.

“What the hell is that?” Tess asked her finger firmly placed under her nose.

“Sulfur.” Maria whispered her green eyes wide. “Shit it’s sulfur.”

“And that is bad because?” Michael asked.

“Demons leave sulfur trails, powerful demons. This is recent too.” The large door behind them slammed shut with deafening force sending the three into the air as they jumped away in fear. Maria moved to the door and tugged at it with all her might trying to open it but it wouldn’t budge. Tess motioned for Michael to blast it but Michael found his powers unable to work.

“Why the hell aren’t they working?” Tess squeaked. Maria looked around fearfully before her eyes flew up to the ceiling.

“Shit.” She breathed.

“What?” Michael asked looking up as well to see the old moldy ceiling of the elaborate entrance covered in strange symbols and swirls that he supposed were supposed to be words. “What the hell is that?”

Maria swallowed harshly fighting hysteria. “That is what is keeping Pogue and Reid here. It is binding their powers and yours as well. We are screwed here.” Maria hissed tears filling her eyes as she realized what she had led her friends into.

“Why?” Tess asked.

“Because only a demon that is very powerful would be able to do something like that and I have no idea how to break it.”

“You were right Maria.” Michael grunted hitting the door one last time. “This was the worst idea you ever had.”

“Hey you went along with it buster.”

“I was trying to prevent you from getting yourself killed.” He hissed.

“Well great job Michael!” Sarcasm dripped from her shrill voice. Tess looked between the two her blue eyes wide.

“Quit it you two!” She hissed, “We need to do what we came here to do and find a way out.” Tess said stopping their childish squabbling.

Loud cackling could be heard in the distance and the three froze. Michael pushed the two behind him as he stared down the main corridor waiting for the unseen force, but nothing appeared. “What the hell is going on?” Michael ground out.

Maria whimpered clinging to Tess her few years of hunting hadn’t prepared her for something like this. “They are playing with us.” Maria whispered.

“Trying to make us as crazy as they are.” Tess muttered.

Maria whimpered at that and held onto the little blonde tighter. A loud roar of pain sounded through the empty halls and Maria stopped her shaking her breath escaping her painfully. “Reid.” She whispered fresh tears glistening in her green eyes. “It’s Reid!” She gasped out, “He is still alive.”

Tess had to hold onto her to prevent Maria from stupidly running off into the building after the voice. “We stick together.” Tess hissed. “Besides how do you know it is not a trap?”

Maria froze cold sweat trickling down her back when she realized Tess was right. “Oh god.” She gasped out feeling the start of one of her panic attacks coming on. “Oh god. You’re right it is a trap they killed Reid oh they killed him and Lizzie and Pogue and oh god oh god.” Maria gasped out her small frame jerking about as she tried to suck in deep breaths that kept escaping her.

Tess clamped her hand over Maria’s mouth to muffle the rant that was increasing in volume. “Maria.” Tess hissed, “If you don’t quiet down you are going to give us away and then all the bad things are going to come after us and we don’t want that do we?” Tess asked and Mara shook her head shaking Tess’s hand with her movements.

“Okay now I am going to remove my hand are you going to be quiet?” Tess asked and Maria nodded as Tess slowly removed her hand prepared to slap it back in place at a moment’s notice.

“Alright now we are going with my plan.” Michael grunted. “We are going to do a floor to floor sweep starting with the top ending with the basement. Sound good?” He asked and the two girls nodded.

“Maria you know the layout of this place the best which way to we go to head up?” Tess asked.

“Um well I don’t know this place that well actually.” Maria muttered her cheeks turning a guilty shade of pink.

“Maria.” The aliens groaned.

“Hey I didn’t get that far ahead in my plan.” She huffed.

“Great.” Tess muttered shivering at the slowly dropping temperature of the sanitarium, “We are in way over our heads here.”


Isabel closed the door rubbing her eyebrow and the wrinkle that was forming as she searched for Tess, Maria, and Michael. She hadn’t seen them for hours and she was starting to get worried. “Max!” Isabel called finally an odd pinching sensation forming in her stomach that she only felt when she was upset.

“Yeah?” He asked rounding the corner. “Isabel you alright?”

“No I can’t find Tess, Maria, or Michael.”

Max relaxed smiling at his sister, “They are probably just outside Isabel.” Max laughed.

“No Max something feels really wrong here.” Isabel whispered the wrinkle deepening.

“Come on let’s go talk to the others and see what they have to say.” Max said grabbing her elbow gently as he led her down the stairs to the office.

Sam looked up from his book when he saw the twins raising an eyebrow. “Have you seen our friends?” Max asked.

“Which ones?” Sam asked looking oddly amused.

“Maria, Michael and Tess. I can’t find them.” Isabel said.

Sam rolled his eyes as he pulled out his cell phone dialing Maria’s number. The phone rang for a moment when a kitten meowing sounded in the office. Sam got up and looked around the office trying to find the source of the sound and found a phone on a pad of paper as he hung up. His dark eyes flickered over the paper widening as he scanned the page. “Son of a bitch!” He yelled. “Dean, Bobby!” He yelled louder than any of the others had ever heard him.

“What?” Dean asked stumbling into the room as he slid on the wood floor in his sox.

“Maria took Michael and Tess to Skyler Hill; she is planning on getting Pogue, Reid and Liz out by herself.” Sam spat shoving the notebook at his brother. Dean read it and groaned.

“That girl really has a death wish” He muttered “How did you find that anyway?” Dean asked.

“I called her cell and it was on top of the notebook.”

“You mean to tell me that those kids went into that place unprepared and without their phones?” Bobby growled his eyes reddening the longer he stood there.

“Looks like it.” Dean said as the Ipswich witches joined in on the party.

“We need to get them out of there.” Caleb sighed running his hands through his dark locks his frustration mounting as time passed and he was unable to do anything to help his friends.

“We are working on it.” Dean said but the room was oddly still and silent. The whole room was staring openmouthed at the foyer and Dean turned around and saw two men standing there, giant winged shadows dancing behind them.

“Cas.” Dean said fighting the smirk that wanted to come out when he saw Caleb and Tyler cringe.

“Dean.” The angel nodded as the two angel’s entered the office. The other angel Dean had never seen but he had a feeling that this was someone who was not as nice and forgiving as Castiel. The tall black man gazed at the occupants of the room sneering slightly when he saw Sam.

“Oh my god it is so nice to meet you.” Sam blurted out looking excited at the divine presence. The two angels looked at him and then looked away uninterested leaving Sam confused at their brush off.

“Dean Winchester something has changed.” Castiel said.

“We just figured that out as well.” Dean said waving the notebook at him bringing a cold grin to the black man’s face.

“So then you know that your friends just got themselves killed and possibly the others as well. Lilith found out that you are planning a rescue mission now and you no longer have the element of surprise.” The man said.

“Uriel here has expertise in this area; he might be able to help you.” Castiel said.

“Well we can use all the help we can get.” Bobby said.

“I didn’t know rescue missions were one of your expertises.” Tyler grunted staring at the angel. “I thought it was destruction.”

The angel smirked at Tyler making him cringe back mentally kicking himself for speaking up. “Tyler Simms you never cease to surprise me, I think we have all underestimated you.” Uriel said.

“What did he mean by the destruction thing?” Dean asked Castiel not liking how the angel wouldn’t meet his gaze.

“Uriel is of a higher choir than I am; he has been called on in the past to…”

“Destroy towns.” Caleb said looking furious. “That is what he does him and Michael that is. The reason Tyler knew who he was is because we have seen him before or at least our families have, when he destroyed our people in the Old Country.” Caleb ground out.

“Your coven’s memory is greater than I had anticipated.” Uriel acknowledged.

“What is he talking about?” Sam asked glancing between the witches and angels.

“Meet the reason our five families had to move to the New World.” Caleb said gesturing to Uriel.

“It was necessary.” Was all that the angel said. Sam felt ill and wrong; the angels he had heard about were not supposed to be destroyers of towns.

“How can you help with Skyler Hill?” Bobby asked breaking the tension. Uriel looked to Dean not wanting to speak with the others he felt below him.

“Lilith has placed power binding spells all over the sanitarium so the Covenant’s powers are useless to save them. You will need brute force and a well thought out plan of action to break them out.” Uriel said.

“The problem is going to be getting in.” Dean said and the two angels agreed. Castiel looked to Uriel who looked displeased about something. The man opened his suit jacket and pulled out a strange looking knife.

“Oh hell.” Paul Parry groaned pushing Caleb behind him.

“Relax witch.” Uriel growled as he handed the knife to Dean. “You will need this.” Uriel said.

“What is it?” Jeff Parker asked.

“It was originally a spear head but over the centuries it has been transformed to this.” Castiel said.

“And this is what?” Dean asked.

“The spear of destiny.” Uriel said, “The one thing strong enough to kill Lilith.”

Skyler Hill Sanitarium

Reid shook Liz trying to wake her up before the killer came back. Fear gripped him when he realized she was not going to wake up. “Lizzie come on please don’t do this to me, wake up.” He whimpered but as he suspected she did not stir. He felt around her neck ignoring the bites his fingers encountered searching for a pulse; the small pumping of her veins comforted him. “Guess I am going to have to carry you out of here. I can’t say I blame you for not wanting to wake up.” Reid grunted grabbing her arm as he pulled her limp form up and he held her fireman style.

“First thing I am going to do when we get out of here is feed you a sandwich Parker, you are too damn light. Pogue will probably force feed you ice cream and Caleb with shove a cake down your throat.” Reid grunted as he gingerly walked out of the room and looked around the hall. He felt nothing off so he walked towards the stairs wincing as the movements irritated his healing burns and ankle.

“I hate cake.” Liz grumbled making Liz jump jarring her body. “Ouch.” She mumbled wiggling in his arms.

“You’re awake?” Reid asked as he continued walking.

“Yeah unfortunately” she wheezed, “Hey Reid can you please put me down I can’t breathe too well in this position.” Liz grunted and the blonde moved to comply grinding his teeth as her body moved over the burnt flesh on his shoulder. He saw her battered face contorted in pain and knew that the movement hurt her as well.

“Can you walk?” He gasped out fighting tears as the pain started to dull to a low throb.

“I think so.” She whispered not meeting his gaze.

“Lizzie what did he do to you?” Reid asked his blue eyes glancing around the hall looking for an enemy.

Liz still wouldn’t look at him, “I don’t want to talk about it. Come on we need to keep moving and find Pogue.” Liz whispered not realizing that her comment made Reid ill.

“Lizzie he didn’t…”

“No.” She whispered, “But he came close.” Liz said finally looking at him her swollen eyes glistening with tears. He was surprised she could still see. “Come one we have to keep moving.” She whispered gently tugging on his hand. They didn’t know what all they were going to find as they looked for Pogue but they knew that anything was better than being left in the basement.

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.6 pg8 11-8-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 7: A New Destiny

It seemed as if the walls were watching them, Maria could have sworn that the pealing flowery wallpaper in a few of the rooms was really eyeballs glaring at her. Every gust of cold wind felt as if it was someone breathing on her neck and every creak of wood was a footstep. “This floor is clear.” Michael said clicking off the flashlight that Maria had at least thought ahead to bring, the only thing besides weapons she thought to bring.

“Is it just me or does it feel like we are being herded somewhere?” Tess asked as they walked down another flight of stairs.

“I am starting to get that.” Maria muttered, “We should have run into something by now it is as if they are just waiting for us to get where they want us before they strike. A little too well thought out for a bunch of ghosts waiting to get their revenge for being tortured and killed.” Maria said.

Tess walked into the room on her right checking for a sign of life anything that would lead them to the others. The room smelled moldy and stuffy, but there was a faint floral scent in the room as well like a woman’s perfume. “Hey guys do you smell that?” Tess asked looking back towards the door but her Maria and Michael weren’t there.

“Guys!” Tess called moving to the hallways but it was silent. “Come on Michael, Maria this is not funny where the hell are you?” Tess asked walking farther down the hall glancing into the rooms but there was no sign of them, not even dusty footprints on the wood floors.

Tess saw the back of Maria’s head dart around the corner down the hall and Tess jogged down after her, “Maria wait the hell up!” Tess hollered as she rounded the corner. She saw a door on the right close and Tess went towards it.

“Tess where the hell have you been?” Maria asked from behind her Tess jumped and let out a scream making Maria scream as Michael stumbled back.

“How the hell did you get behind me?” Tess asked, “I was following you down the hall.” Tess said, “Besides it was you two who disappeared.” She pointed out.

“We waited for you to come out of the room but when we looked inside you were gone so we went looking for you.” Michael grunted.

Tess froze her blue eyes blinking furiously as terrified tears stung her eyes. “What is going on? I mean how the hell could we see two different things?” Tess asked as Michael hugged her to him trying to stop her shaking.

“This place is messed up and I think we were right when we said that it was trying to mess with us, get us where it wants us.” Michael grunted.

“It wants to separate us.” Maria said staring at the door Tess was heading towards. “The ghosts realize we are easier to take out if we are separated.”

“Why were you headed towards the room Tess?” Michael asked.

“I thought I saw Maria enter it.” Tess whispered as Michael dragged her and Maria over to it. The number 321 was scratched on a faded plate.

“321 familiar to you Maria?”Michael asked.

Maria ran her hand over the door and pulled it open. It was a medical room; the odd part was it seemed to go on for the expanse of the floor in that wing. “No, but it is obvious what it is.” Maria said.

“Why did they have the treatment room on the third floor and not the basement?” Tess asked.

“They probably have more in the basement but this is just the one for show, for guests if you will. I imagine the basement is where all the bad stuff happened.” Maria said walking into the room.

“Ah Maria are you sure this is a good idea?” Tess asked hanging back by the door. The air felt colder in the room than any of the other rooms they had come across and the awful stench from before was stronger.

Tess felt the air behind her shift when she was suddenly thrown into the room with Michael and Maria landing by a metal table her back stinging. “Tess!” Maria screeched as the door to the room slammed closed.

“What the hell.” Michael breathed standing over Tess.

“Guys my back hurts.” Tess groaned.

“I’ll say.” Michael muttered his eyes wide as he stared down at his friend looking afraid to touch her.

“What?” Tess asked trying to look at her back but the movement hurt as it stretched her skin. There on Tess’s back were two large handprints that not only melted her blue shirt but burnt her skin to a red mess.


“The Spear of Destiny?” Isabel asked looking confused, she could have sworn she had heard that term somewhere before but she was drawing a blank.

“As in the ah spear that ah…” Sam looked sick as he stared at the knife in his brother’s hand.

“The spear that stabbed Jesus on the cross. That is a myth.” Castiel said.

“Thank god.” Jeff Parker breathed.

“It was created by a demon hunter hundreds of years before the Jewish faith even came into existence. It is created from powerful magic, something powerful enough that even Lilith can’t stop it.” Castiel said.

“The Spear is different than most weapons though, it chooses who will wield it, and it has chosen Dean.” Uriel said.

“Creepy.” Dean muttered looking at the knife.

“Well then now that we have the means to take care of Lilith we need to work on getting into Skyler Hill and figuring out how the hell we are going to get around all those ghosts.” Jim Valenti said patting his sullen son on the back. Kyle was devastated that Maria went into Skyler Hill without him; he was supposed to make sure that she stayed safe.

“Are you coming in with us?” Alex asked the angels, Castiel looked uncomfortable.

“We are not allowed. We were only supposed to hand you the spear and then leave. Helping you with the plan is even dangerous for us.” Castiel said.

“But if it is going to save the seals…” Uriel said and the hunters understood. The angels did not want to be there but it was their job to make sure that the seals that held Lucifer in were not broken and if it meant helping a bunch of humans plan a rescue they were going to help as much as they could.

Skyler Hill

Liz stopped walking hugging the wall as the white spots danced in front of her eyes. She could hear Reid wheezing behind her as they stopped for what felt like the thousandth time but to them it was not enough. Their bodies wanted to drop to the ground and sleep the sleep of the dead but their fear of death kept them moving.

“You okay?” Reid asked his breath tickling her neck as she clung to the wall for support. She felt something warm and sticky running down her stomach and legs, cringing when she realized it was her blood as her wounds opened the more she walked.

Reid must have noticed her bleeding as his breath left him in a strangled hiss. “Liz you can’t continue walking I am going to need to carry you.” Reid muttered.

“No, I can keep walking.” She mumbled her head lolling to the side as she fought to stay conscious. She had apparently lost more blood the past few days than she realized. Reid looked down the hall feeling as though they were being watched when he turned back to Liz he found her slumped over on the ground.

“Liz.” He called bending down gingerly to shake her but her eyes wouldn’t open. “Shit.” He muttered when he realized she was not going to wake up.

“Now now Mr. Shanks you shouldn’t be wandering the halls.” A soft voice called. Reid turned and saw a young woman in a nurse’s uniform at the end of the hall walking towards him clipboard in hand. The spattering of blood on her uniform freaked him out more than her presence.

“Nope not Shanks.” Reid muttered moving to pick Liz up but she wasn’t there, only a small pool of blood and a trail leading down the hall and back towards the basement.

A cold hand gripped his shoulder. “Now Mr. Shanks.” She hissed her form shaking slightly. Reid turned his head to look over his shoulder. The woman looked a mess, hair coming out of her hat and blood all over her, but it was the odd slices in her skin that had him worried, they looked so similar to those on Liz.

Before Reid could deny her he was being thrown down the hall forcefully with inhuman strength. “It is time for your treatment.” The nurse said a sick smile on her face. “It will make you all better.”

“No way!” Reid roared moving to stand up only to be knocked down again. Reid looked up and saw the nurse standing over him before she bent down and grabbed his arm dragging him down the hall away from where Liz’s blood was leading and into a large room. Reid looked around and saw the assortment of medical equipment and started to struggle more not wanting to have any part of what the evil witch had planned he knew what kind of sick crap his family had done here and he wanted nothing to do with it.

He could hear a gentle hum of machinery and the sloshing of water. It suddenly occurred to him that the lights in the room were on, the building was not supposed to have electricity and yet the machines working and the light bulb above his head proved otherwise. Reid gasped when he felt something being wrapped around his head conforming to his face making it impossible for him to breathe as wires bit into his skin, his hands being wrangled behind his back and tied together with a biting wire. He felt several pairs of deathly cold hands on his burned skin hauling him up, the sound of the water growing frighteningly louder as he was dragged up a flight of stairs. He wanted to yell he wanted to scream, do something to let them know that this was not right but the thing over his face wouldn’t allow a sound to come out

The water hit him in a painful punch the cold ripping into his flesh. He couldn’t breathe he couldn’t move all he could do was sink and wait to hit the bottom.

Pogue grunted as he made his way down the hall on his stomach crawling army style his limbs protesting every move. He had to find the others he knew were in there. He heard a sloshing noise to his right and saw a testing wing on the first floor. The familiar pull he felt when he was around one of his own alerted him that it was Reid in the room. “Reid.” Pogue groaned clutching the door jamb as he tried to stand up. His body burned with a painful fire as he moved but he was finally able to stand in a stooped hunch. His blurry eyes saw a group standing around a metal tank. He looked around the room and saw a pipe running through the room. Pogue took a silent deep breath and focused on getting his strength knowing he was going to have to kick the pipe hard to break it; he felt the shift in his body and slammed his foot at the old iron pipe remembering what his uncle Jeff had told him about ghosts’ aversion to iron.

He knew it was a stupid move as it alerted the others to his presence. Their claw like hands ripped at him as he crawled around looking for a bit of pipe when his hand landed on a good sized piece. He started swinging all around him ignoring the gut rolling pain in his limbs. The ghosts burst into dust as they moved away from him as he made a path to the tank. Pogue looked into the water colored red and could barely make out a form on the bottom. Pogue jumped in and grabbed Reid pulling him out of the water hauling him onto the landing. He removed the hood over Reid’s head and wire not liking that Reid’s chest was no longer moving.

“Come on man don’t make me breathe into your mouth.” Pogue grumbled as he knocked his fist into his friend’s chest. Reid’s body flinched as he started to gag up water, his chest heaving.

“Dude those lips come anywhere near mine I will zap you.” Reid grumbled.

“What the hell happened Reid?” Pogue asked.

“How the hell should I know I mean one second I was being thrown down the hall like a fucking rag doll and the next I am being bound and thrown into a pool of water?” Reid growled wiggling around so that his hands were facing Pogue. “Undo me man.”

“Yeah yeah.” Pogue huffed working at the wire that was too neatly wound.

“I wish I had my powers.” Reid grumbled rubbing his wounded wrists.

“Me too man.” Pogue said looking around. “Have you seen my Liz?” Pogue asked.

“I was with Lizzie right before the she bitch threw me for a loop.” Reid said struggling to stand up. A loud scream ripped through the air freezing the witches in place.

Reid looked at Pogue looking sick. “That’s not Lizzie.” Pogue said.

“No it sounds like…”

“Maria.” They breathed.

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.7 pg9 11-10-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Sorry this part is so short but it needs to be! Thanks...

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Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 8: A New Destiny II

Castiel watched Dean Winchester flip through an old journal in the corner of the large office. He glanced at the others and saw that they were preoccupied which pleased him. Taking a seat silently next to Dean, Castiel waited for the hunter to speak.

“What?” Dean asked.

“Dean listen carefully what I am about to reveal to you could mean life or death for a lot of people.”

Dean leaned forward flipping the journal closed. “What?” his eyebrows knit together as he glanced at the others.

“There is one among you who is going to betray you.” Castiel whispered his dark eyes worried. Dean felt the air leave his chest painfully as he glanced at those in the room.

“Who?” Dean asked his knuckles white as he clutched the journal.

“Uriel and I were trying to figure it out; whoever it is though is powerful and is covering up better than we had anticipated. Even now when we are in the vipers nest we cannot tell.” Castiel whispered.

“So you’re saying that one of my friends is going to stab us in the back?” Dean asked.

“Not the others, you. It is you the person is going to betray Dean you whose destiny is far greater than any of the human’s in this room.” Castiel said.

Dean clenched his jaw painfully as he tried not to yell at the angel next to him who always seemed to deliver bad news at the worst possible moment. “And you seem to think that this person is going to make their move when we go into Skyler Hill?” Dean asked and Castiel nodded.

“Trust only Tyler and Caleb in this mission Dean for they are the only ones who cannot betray you. It is imperative that you see this mission through and survive.”Castiel said, “A lot more is at stake here than you have yet to realize.” Castiel said.

“What the hell does that mean?” Dean growled trying to not draw attention to their corner.

Castiel looked annoyed but he answered anyway. “There is more than one destiny that is at risk.” Castiel said his eyes glancing at Alex Whitman and Kyle Valenti in the other corner.

“You hinted at something with Alex before.” Dean pointed out and the angel nodded.

“His journey will be revealed to him when the time comes.” Castiel said his eyes meeting Dean’s, “All of your destinies are woven together more than you realize, and all it takes is for one of you to fall in order for the rest of you to fail. Be safe Dean Winchester.”

Skyler Hill

Cold. She felt very cold and she could barely move her toes and fingers, they no longer felt as if they were part of her body. She tried to move but she found she was unable to, something was pressing sharply into her chest and thighs constricting her breathing and movement. She wanted to tell Reid to let her go but the pressure did not have the comforting feeling of soft hands but biting leather.

Liz tried desperately to open her puffy eyes. A blinding yellow light forced her cracked eyes shut as tears seeped into their brown depths from the sudden change. The air smelled stale and moldy but there was a definite sterile smell lingering in the background burning her nose.

“Bad girls must be punished.” A low growl made her freeze. Liz felt the straps around her tighten as they bit into her skin as she realized with terrifying clarity that she was naked. “Need to kill the bad.”

A whimper escaped her as shook on the table the masculine voice muttering around her. She cracked her right eye open and saw the face that had haunted her dreams since childhood. “I’m sorry.” The girl hissed as the man muttered in the background, “So sorry.”

“I will cut the sex out of you.” The man growled walking through the woman to look down on her his half removed face covered by a white surgical mask. His white linen uniform a symbol of his past, a cold difference from the soft yellows and pinks of modern hospitals. It was too sterile the white too cold and made the doctor look even more murderous.

“No.” Liz whimpered squirming on the cold metal table wincing as the leather rubbed her cuts. The glint of the silver saw made her scream in fear as it closed in on her. “Stop!” Liz yelled but the blade had already punctured red her skin digging in deeper and deeper into her belly. “Help!” She screamed as another piercing scream ripped from a distant voice as terrified as her own. “Please help me!” Liz sobbed as the pain overtook her and she welcomed the darkness.

Maria fought against the restraints feeling the delicate skin on her wrists tear open a warm liquid trickling slowly over its worn surface. “No!” She screamed as her head was fitted with a strange leather hat and something was placed in her mouth; it tasted of old salty rubber. “AH!” She screamed against the gag tears pouring out of her eyes as she sobbed. The women tightened her restraints ignoring her desperate cries.

They seemed to not even notice her. It was as if they were just going through the motions; throw the patient on the table and hook them up. They mumbled back and forth to each other in a dark hiss their burned hands felt scaly on her skin.

“Heewwap!” She hollered as loud as the gag would allow her head twisting to the side as she watched one of the women head over to a switch board. Maria could no longer control her breathing as panic overtook her, the loud pants grating on her ears as she fought the bile rising in her throat. The woman started to flick the switches a slow low hum building in the room, ringing in her ears.

She saw the woman in crisp white flick a green switch and her body froze. It felt as if her temples and skull were tingling when a sudden punch hit her and her eyes rolled back into her skull. Her body twitched softly on the table the hum growing steadily louder as the women monitored the meters. They were going to fry her.

Michael couldn’t see the room was too dark and too silent. The air felt thick and warm making breathing hard for him as his lungs fought to work harder than they ever had in his life. “Such nasty little bits they are such nasty little bits.” A small voice muttered. Michael pressed closer to the wall wanting desperately to close his eyes and will the monster away but he knew from what Maria had told him, that never worked.

“Not there nope not there.” Michael whispered clamping his eyes shut as the muttering stopped. Michael slowly opened one eye and saw nothing in the dark room and then the other eye.

He felt a chilly puffy on his right cheek and turned slowly to see a withered face with long scraggly hair covering an obviously female head. “Bring us a present they did look at what they bring us.” It hissed and Michael screamed making the woman laugh as she bounced in place.

His eyes adjusted to the lack of light and he saw her small shriveled form, her right arm hanging funny and withered to the bone. Michael could feel the scream building in his throat as she stared at him the noise deafening in the silent room as the horrified roar left him. Michael remembered hiding a canister of salt in his coat and quickly whipped it out throwing a handful at the woman who snarled at him before disappearing. He didn’t know what he was going to do but he did remember something about a salt circle so he quickly spread some around him and hugged his knees, this was messed up.

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Re: The Haunting (Multi XO, UC, MA) Pt.8 pg10 11-12-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Don't worry the others are coming to the rescue soon! Thanks...

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Please let me knonw what you think of this new part!

Part 9: A New Destiny III

The sounds were horrendous and he knew that they would haunt him forever. The two raced up the stairs not caring how much noise they made or what kind of attention they drew, they knew they had to get to Maria before it was too late. Her anguished screams had stopped and they feared the worst knowing that in Skyler Hill when the screaming stopped death was the most likely culprit.

Reid moved quickly into the hall feeling drawn to the area for some reason, a slight pull in his chest leading him on in the darkness. Pogue trailed behind lead pipe in hand ready to swing at anything that moved. The all too familiar cold settled into their bones as they moved down the hall towards the crack of light. Pogue raised the pipe like a bat and nodded at Reid who pushed the door open.

Pogue swung as a woman charged at him and another at Reid, the lead slicing through her apparition making her disappear along with the other woman. Reid chocked when he saw what was happening. Maria’s small body shuddering on the table as her head was cooked.

“Shut it off!” Pogue roared shoving his friend at the panel as they looked for something that would turn it off.

“I don’t know how!” Reid snarled not wanting to push the wrong button and make Maria worse.

“Look for something large, it should be different than the other buttons, hell it might even be a lever.” Pogue said his dark eyes flickering over the switch board landing on a large black button.

“Is that it?” Reid asked and Pogue shrugged hitting it, the hum of the machines whining down.

“Careful don’t touch her yet, let her body rest before we remove anything. We remove the bite guard last in case she is still seizing.” Pogue ordered and Reid nodded itching to rip the contraption off her head. “Start with her bindings.” Pogue said moving to unhook the leather belts.

Reid’s eyes nervously darted around the room waiting for the next evil ghost stuck in the mental health hospital to come charging at them. When he turned back to Maria he saw that Pogue had her restraints off and was removing the cap from her head being careful to leave the mouth bit in. “Reid when I tell you to I need you to turn Maria onto her side and remove the rubber.” Pogue said and Reid nodded gripping her small form that was shockingly warm to his cold skin.

“Alright on three now, one, two, three.” Pogue hissed and Reid rolled Maria so she was facing him as the rubber was removed a trail of blood following the piece as it left her mouth.

“Shit.” Reid whimpered fearing the worst.

“Calm down Reid she probably just bit her tongue; it was common among electroshock patients.” Pogue grunted using the corner of his mangled shirt to wipe her mouth. “We need something to clear it the rest of the way.” Pogue said.

“We are just going to have to use our shirts Pogue this place doesn’t have running water and even if it did I wouldn’t trust it.” Reid muttered as he used his disgusting wife beater to wipe out her red mouth.

“Her heartbeat is a little erratic but at least she has one.” Pogue muttered and Reid nodded stroking her forehead. Pogue looked up at his friend and winced when he saw the blonde’s miserable look. “You okay man?” Pogue asked.

“I shouldn’t have let her go.” Reid muttered rubbing her blonde eyebrow tenderly. “I should have told her I wanted her to stay with me, forever. I was too stupid though I just wanted her to be safe and look at what happened.” Reid muttered.

“She will always follow you and Liz it is just how Maria is Reid. You giving her up so she could have a normal life was noble and all that jazz but her showing up here just proves that she wants you in her life and she willing to risk the danger for you Reid, for you.” Pogue whispered.

“I am starting to get that now.” Reid muttered. “Come on we have to get out of here and get Liz.” Reid said.

“You are going to have to carry Maria, can you do that?” Pogue asked as he picked up the lead pipe again.

“I can do it.” Reid assured him and they were off searching the halls again trying to follow the pull that would lead them to Liz and hopefully away from the danger. Little did they realize they were being pulled right into the heart of it.


Dean loaded the last of his supplies into the bag not looking up. He knew that his brother was confused but Dean didn’t have the heart to look at him. The thought that his own brother might be the one to betray him left a bitter taste in his mouth and he was helpless to do anything about it.

“Dean.” Caleb grunted sliding over to the hunter his eyes darting around nervously a rare occurrence for the kid.


“Something is wrong.” Caleb hissed looking at the group as Tyler stood off to the side looking put off by something.

“I know Castiel told me to watch my back and stick with you and Tyler. Someone is out to get me apparently.” Dean muttered and Caleb nodded.

“That would explain the weird vibes Tyler and I are getting. If someone is looking to come after you that will leave an imprint in the area a negative feel if you will.” Caleb explained.

“This is more than a little unnerving not knowing which one of my friends is going to stab me in the back.” Dean grunted closing his trunk.

“Stick with us and we will keep you as safe as possible.” Caleb whispered, “But I suggest that you not have Sam in our group just keep it to the three of us, that will cut down on the danger.” Caleb said and Dean nodded his lips set in a stiff thin line.

“Boys ready to go?” Jeff Parker asked the dark circles under his eyes taking on a sickly purple tint.

“Ready.” Caleb said as Tyler joined them next to the Impala. Sam started to head towards them but Bobby stopped him.

“Sam why don’t you come with me.” The older man said staring at Caleb and Tyler noticing how they stiffened when Sam got closer to them.

“Good idea Bobby spread the talent around.” Dean said laughing the tension off. The group split up into teams making sure that everyone had enough weapons as well as a cell phone, radio walky-talky and a flashlight.

“Be safe everyone.” Nancy said as she got into the car with her brother, her husband and her splitting up knowing that it would be safer for them.

Castiel and Uriel stood off to the side in the shadows. Dean glanced at them and saw Uriel staring at him intently. The dark man nodded at him slowly and Dean returned the gesture before he waved at Castiel the gesture feeling oddly final. Caleb nudged him in the side bringing his focus back as he hoped into the driver’s seat. All they had to do now was pray that the six were alive when they got there.

Castiel looked after the black Impala a strange feeling in his chest. “You are worried.” Uriel’s husky voice croaked in the darkness.

“I sense great danger.” Castiel whispered.

“As do I brother, the darkness is rising now.”

Castiel shoved his hands into his coat pockets, “I just don’t understand why she went after these two seals.” Castiel said as the two angels started their walk, “After all she has over 600 to choose from.”

Sklyer Hill

Tess rounded the corner hugging the wall and the gun to her waiting for something to pop out at her. She had to find Liz or one of the others. She didn’t know what happened to Maria and Michael, one minute they were all in the medical lab and the next something hit her again and she woke up in a flowery room and she got out of there as fast as she could when she realized the others were not with her. Tess had heard a series of screams and one she could have sworn sounded like Liz, another didn’t even sound human it was so garbled.

“Come on Tess keep it together here.” The blonde whispered as she fought exhaustion she felt as if she hadn’t slept in weeks and she was dead thirsty. The strangled whimpers were getting louder as she moved down the hall the moldy scent turning metallic to where she could practically taste the metal in her mouth.

“Cut her up good.” She heard a male cackle from a room on her right. Tess pressed tightly against the wall holding her breath. The man sounded oddly pleased and if there was one thing Tess had learned in her short time at Skyler Hill, when the guests are happy it is time to worry. Tess peaked into the room and chocked on the terrified sob that wanted out. Liz was being hacked at by the rather solid looking man; if it wasn’t for the jerky movements and ruined flesh she would have sworn he was alive. Tess raised her gun and prayed to whatever force was out there that she didn’t miss as she pulled the trigger the gun kicking back painfully into her shoulder sending waves of pain through her chest and arm.

Tess sobbed in relief when she saw the shot hit the ghost sending him flying apart. She shakily walked into the room feeling like jelly, there was so much blood. “Liz.” Tess whimpered looking down at the human girl who was barely recognizable. “Liz!” Tess sobbed touching her shoulder and then her neck feeling around for a pulse. Tess scrambled to press her fingers tighter against her neck when she felt nothing.

“No.” Tess mumbled her blue eyes wild. “No!” She gasped when she still felt nothing. Tess didn’t think she just reacted she tilted Liz’s head back plugging her nose as she breathed into the brunette’s mouth before waiting a beat as she pumped her chest five times before repeating her actions gagging as she tasted the blood on her mouth fighting her tears. “Come on Liz!” Tess hissed, “Don’t do this to me.”

“No Liz come on!” Tess sobbed as she practically beat Liz’s chest.

“Did you hear that?” She heard someone hiss.

“Yes sounded like it was coming from down here.” Another male voice said. Tess sobbed as she darted out into the hall. She saw two boys, the blonde carrying Maria.

“Oh thank god!” Tess screamed gaining their attention. “Please help Liz isn’t breathing!” Tess sobbed as the tall dark one shot towards her pushing her out of the way.

“Oh fuck.” He muttered. “Come on Lizzie don’t do this to me now.” Pogue muttered as he started where Tess left off.

“I can do mouth to mouth if you keep pumping.” Tess said and Pogue nodded as she plugged Liz’s nose again.

“How long as she been like this?” Pogue grunted.

“I don’t know I found some guy hacking at her and I shot him to make him go away.” Tess sniffed. “Is Maria okay?” Tess asked.

“No.”Reid muttered or who she assumed was Reid. “She went through electroshock therapy.” Reid growled.

“Oh.” Tess whimpered when she heard a wet rattle. “Liz!” Tess gasped and Pogue stopped pushing on her chest his hand going to his cousin’s neck.

“Pulse.” He muttered his shoulders sagging in relief.

“Great now we can get out of here.” Reid muttered.

“Where is Michael?” Tess asked freezing the two witches in place.

“There was another one of you?” Pogue asked and Tess nodded biting her red bottom lip looking ready to cry again.

“Yes just him. I got pushed away from them and followed the screams.” Tess whimpered.

“Smart.” Reid said looking impressed.

“We have to find him it is our fault he is here.” Tess whimpered tears pulling in her eyes as her breathing started acting up.

“Don’t worry we will find him. As long as we stick together and you keep that gun handy we will be alright.” Pogue said Tess nodded trying not to cry.

“Now come on we can pick up our search from here and work our way down since we came from upstairs.” Reid said as Pogue lifted Liz.

“She has lost weight.” Pogue grunted.

“I know she was light when I was carrying her earlier.” Reid muttered.

“I need to feed her a sandwich.” Pogue muttered.

“How many times do I have to tell you people no food.” Liz muttered as she cracked her non puffy eye open a sliver to see her cousin holding her looking shell shocked. “My Pogue.” She whispered, “I knew you would find me.” Liz wheezed.

“Shh it’s alright Lizzie we are going to get out of here. Just have to find Michael and we are good.” Pogue said.

“Michael?” Liz groaned.

“Yes.” Tess squeaked.

Liz stiffened in Pogue’s arms a ghost of a smile crossing her face. “Figures Tess and Michael would come after me; I knew I could count on them.” Liz muttered before her head lolled to the side as she passed out again.

“Come on we have to keep moving.” Reid muttered and they were off.

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