Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) [WIP]

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Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) [WIP]

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sun Nov 30, 2008 8:21 pm

Title: Battle for Freedom
Author: Ansleyrocks
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Roswell, or the Covenant so please do not sue me!
Rating: Teen-Adult
Couples: Liz/Caleb the rest you will have to wait and see
Category: Roswell/Covenant/Harry Potter Crossover
Summary: Alex fell; they watched the light dim before them erupting a rage within them. Hogwarts is falling around them and Liz and Caleb stood alone, all that remained of their friends that were destroyed by the war. At the end a war that has been going on for over two decades reaches its finest hour.

Spoiler Alert!!: Harry Potter Book 7 and below!

Added Note: Takes place during end of Covenant while gang is still in school but for the storyline the members of the Covenant get their powers at 11. Roswell they are all eighteen and seniors and the story flashes back through all that has happened. Harry Potter takes place during the final fight in book 7.


The foundation of the ancient castle shook as spells hit the magical walls. The shouts in the distance and flashes of light filled her senses as she stood frozen in place. She could not believe what was happening around her, the life she had been living for the past eight years was being destroyed in front of her as good and evil battled to the death before her eyes. Yet in all of the chaos her eyes remained focused on one point, him. His lifeless eyes once so happy and carefree stared up at her, mocking her.

“Liz come on we have to go.” Caleb said grabbing her arm pulling her away from the pile of rubble covering her best friend.

“No, I can’t leave him.” She whimpered.

“Liz, he is dead there is nothing you can do for him except fight for your life and avenge him.” Caleb said his dark coffee eyes staring into hers trying to get her to see reason.

“They killed Alex.” She whispered tears pooling in her chocolate eyes.

“I know, now are you going to sit here and die or are you going to kill the person who did this to him?” Caleb asked his words so similar to those Potter spoke only hours before in the come and go room. She remembered the events leading up to this moment from the moment she first met Caleb to when he came running into her parents café in Roswell, New Mexico telling her that the final fight was going down at Hogwarts and all Order members were going. She had kissed her dad on the cheek and her and Alex had raced out of the café leaving behind confused friends and terrified parents.

“I am going to kill them.” Liz said her voice hard as she grabbed Caleb’s hand the two of the running purposefully down the main stairs and outside of Hogwarts onto the school grounds. Flashes of green light erupted all around her, forms of students, professors and deatheaters falling about.

“Let’s do this.” Caleb said raising his hand in sync with hers. His coffee eyes turned jet black as he prepared to use his powers and her deep chocolate eyes turned onyx as well as the two unleashed their powers on the deatheaters around them. Then the fighting stopped suddenly startling the two teens until they heard the hissing voice of the Dark Lord booming over the school grounds the ultimatum he delivered, Potter or they all died.

Caleb grabbed Liz’s arm leading her back into the Great Hall of Hogwarts where everyone other than the deatheaters was assembled. Looking around at the faces around her she noticed several were missing, Alex, Reid, Tyler, Pogue, Lupin, Tonks, Sirius, one of the twins, Katie Bell, and Serena were the ones she noticed right away; several unfortunately had been long dead for months if not years. As the group waited for the deatheaters to do something Liz was stuck thinking about her fallen friends and what brought her into the fight, what led her to the battle for her freedom and it all started eight years ago in Roswell, New Mexico in her parents café.
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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pro 11-30-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:04 pm

Hey gusy thanks for the replies, I will continue this as long as people want to read! Just a warning the first few chapters are going to be fast but then it will slow down after that. Harry Potter characters are not going to come into play a whole lot at first but they will slowly be brought in. Thanks...


Well guys I love reviews and they keep me writing so please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 1: The Past Secrets

Elizabeth Parker was a bright child, always inquisitive and noticed small things around her that others did not. This unnatural observance for a child led to her discovery that her mother Nancy Parker was not her mother. It was when she was six and had first used accidental magic that her father was forced to tell her the truth. That he was a wizard and that her birth mother was a witch, a witch named Bellatrix Black Lestrange. After pressuring her father for months he reluctantly agreed to take Liz to Azkaban wizard prison to visit her mother.

She still remembered the feeling of Azkaban, it was cold and lifeless and the cheer in her had been replaced by turmoil and despair. It was rather traumatic for a six year old to feel as if she was never going to be cheerful again and then the grizzly sight of her birth mother put more fear of the prison in the young girl.

Liz knew that her mother was not in love with her father but she had hoped that her mother would at least love her in a way that Nancy Parker never could. Upon seeing her mother Liz could not deny the instant connection to the woman with long raven hair and porcelain skin whose dark and heavy lidded eyes matched her own. Liz remembered her mother crawling across the stone floor of her cell in a crazy manner before resting in front of the small girl, even in her craze she stared in awe at the little girl before her. “Mommy.” Liz had breathed eliciting a gasp from the woman who had once been an extraordinary beauty but six years in Azkaban had easily taken away her glamour.

“Lizzie.” Liz still remembered the dark voice of her mother, croaking from little use except to scream, and rich with something unknown to Liz at the tender age of six. Every year after Liz and her father made the trip to Azkaban prison to visit her mother who looked worse each time. It was not until she was nine when Liz asked her father what the funny tattoo on her mother’s arm meant.

Jeff Parker explained to his young daughter the reason her mother had been locked away all those years ago. He explained who her mother was and all that she had done hating that with each word he destroyed the image his daughter had of her birth mother. Liz did not stop caring for her birth mother but she no longer held the fantasy that her mother had been wrongfully imprisoned. It seems her best friend Alex Whitman had similar issues to deal with. When she was nine her father told her how her and Alex were cousins, her mother and his birth father were cousins and both loyal to someone named Lord Voldemort and it was because of him that they were both serving life sentences in Azkaban Prison. Ever since they were nine, Liz and Alex formed a unique bond both knowing that their parents had deceived them for so many years and both knowing that one day they were to attend magic school just like their parents.

“Liz, chica you okay?” Maria asked startling her brunette friend out of her day dream. Eleven year old Liz Black Parker stared at her best friend Maria Deluca giving her an annoyed look.

“I’m fine Ria, just thinking about the history test tomorrow.” Liz said when really she was wondering when she was going to get her letter to magic school. It was the spring of her eleventh birthday the year she would receive her letter to the magical school she had been selected to attend.

“Liz this is ridiculous you know all of the material I mean come on you even helped me study you have nothing to worry about.” Maria said taking a large gulp of her blood of alien smoothie.

“Hello girls.” Alex Black Whitman said coming into the café followed by his mother. To the outsider Alex looked exactly like Charles Whitman his supposed father but to those who had seen Sirius Black, Alex was his son in every way. Both Alex and Liz had inherited the Black looks right down to the smirk that came front and center when they were up to no good. Jeff even had to stop himself at times from calling his daughter Bella when she went into fits of rage and her wild Black eyes showed who her true family was. They were Black’s through and through but none of the others in Roswell knew this.

“Hey Alex.” Liz said looking expectantly at her friend but he merely shook his head no saying he had not received his letter yet. Liz’s shoulders slumped as she stirred her smoothie. The bell over the door rang once more and a man in a long sapphire cloak with a silver cane entered the café sniffing the air with disdain.

“Hi welcome to the Crashdown would you like smoking or nonsmoking?” The waitress asked the man making his lip curl in distaste.

“Neither, I am looking for Elizabeth Black Parker and Alexander Black Whitman.” The man said gaining the attention of Maria, Liz, Alex, and their parents.

“I’m Liz and this is Alex.” Liz said standing up to the strange man looking him dead in the eye ignoring the slight tremors of fear running through her; the mystery of the man intrigued her. The older man removed his blue hat revealing long black hair tied back with a blue ribbon.

“So you are, I am Headmaster Theodore Krane of Salem, might we speak in private?” The man asked looking kindly at the two children.

“Right this way Headmaster.” Alex said stumbling off his stool leading the way towards the back room, Maria moved to follow but Nancy held her back as Jeff and Maddie followed their children into the back room. The two had been accepted to Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The headmaster had come personally due to the tense situation involving the parentage of the two pupils and wanted to work out any possible problems since both children had also been accepted to Hogwarts. Jeff and Maddie agreed that Salem was the better choice for their children; less people would know their names and there would be less prejudice towards the children. To Liz and Alex it did not seem long before the spring and summer months went by and they were boarding the train to Salem, Massachusetts where they would stay as full time students until fourteen and then from there they would be part time students using time turners to attend muggle high school and magic school at the same time like many students of Salem did.

Saying goodbye to Maria had been hard but they both promised to write her often letting her know all that they were doing, but not at the same time since she had no idea that the two were attending magic school. It did not take long for the train to reach Salem and soon Alex and Liz were being herded into the school with the rest of the first year students to wait their sorting. Sorting, was something all magic schools did since not all students were alike and some traits stuck out more than others the students were always divided.

“Welcome first years to Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I am Professor Plank and I will be your Dark Arts teacher. Now here at Salem there are four houses and they are Blood, Hawksworth, Lionides, and Fear. Your house is your team, you are all expected to play, and like a game being good and playing hard wins you points and rule breaking earns you penalties and you lose points. At the end of the year the team with the most points wins the Salem cup. Now come with me it is time to be sorted.” Professor Plank said. He was a tall man with long blonde hair but he looked no older than twenty five but there was a dark presence around him that warned all of the children that this was not someone to take lightly. He led the children into a large decadent hall where the floor was black onyx and reflected the ceiling creating the illusion that they were walking on nothing. Hundreds of faces stared at the young students all in different robes; Liz noticed that at one long table all the students were wearing a blood red uniform, another table sapphire, the next black, and the last white.

“This is scary.” Alex whispered in her ear and Liz nodded in agreement. Professor Plank motioned for all of the students to stand before a sword in a stone as he held a large scroll.

“When I call your names pull the sword out of the stone and depending on the color the stone flashes that is your house.” The Professor read many names before Liz was finally called.

“Elizabeth Black Parker.” He read, she noticed that several students shifted at the mention of her name as she shakily walked towards the sward and the stone. Taking a deep breath she looked hard at the object before she determinedly tugged.

“So brave.” A voice hissed in her head, it sounded a lot like a snake and a very happy snake at that. “So much anger, passion, knowledge, you want revenge little one for the way your father and mother lied to you. You are cunning and calculating. A bright mind oh yesss I see many great things in your future. Welcome Ms. Black to the house of Fear.” Liz gasped as the stone in the sword turned white and the table at the far right clapped loudly, smirking at Alex she made her way over to the white table. Liz watched waiting for Alex to be called and smiled when he made his way up to the stone and tugged with all of his might. The stone flashed red and Alex made his way over to the Blood house.

“He a friend of yours?” Serena Cornwall asked with a Brooklyn accent, Liz remembered she was one of the first people called.

“Yes he is my best friend and cousin.” Liz said giving the girl next to her a calculating look.

“Good, the Blood’s are our allies. I would never want to be caught talking to a Hawksworth they are all a bunch of goody goodies. Don’t get me wrong us Fear’s are not a bunch of evil jerks but we don’t exactly use the light path to get what we want.” Serena explained.

“Perfect.” Liz said giving Serena a large smile, Liz knew she was going to like the girl there was just something about the red head with blue eyes sitting next to her that called to her. Soon the start of the year feast was underway and Liz and Serena talked about their home lives and what they hoped to learn in their lessons. It was at the end of the feast when Liz looked down the table to study who was all in her house, she knew Ryan was the captain and Beatrice or B was his co captain and Chris was Serena’s older brother a fifth year student, but there were two in the middle who caught her attention. It was two boys with dark looks, one with short dark brown almost black hair and coffee eyes, the other with long light brown hair and sinister looking brown eyes.

“Serena, who are they?” Liz hissed motioning towards the two boys. Liz saw her new friend’s eyes light up.

“Those are two of the sons of Ipswich, my brother talks about them all the time they are supposed to be really powerful or sumthin.” Serena said gasping when both boys looked down their way as if sensing their gaze they glanced at Serena before turning their gaze on Liz, Liz held her breath as they took her in before nodding at her and then they continued on with their conversation.

“Theys nodded at you.” Serena hissed.

“I know.” Liz said blushing slightly.

“Parker this is huge.” Serena said.

“Actually it’s Black and I don’t think it is that big of a deal I mean they are just boys.” Liz said. She would be eating those words later on in life that was for sure.

It was not long before the captain’s were leading their housemates to their dorms. They had one large dorm with a common room for each house and then each dorm was then divided into sex and then year, Liz and Serena were two of four first year girls in Fear.

“I’m Jasmine Estrana.” A tall blonde girl with large brown eyes said, she had a superior air about her but Liz knew that was just an act.

“I am Louise Kinkle.” Another blonde, although a great deal shorter, said. She reminded Liz a lot of Maria, they both bounced around a lot and talked a mile a minute.

“Serena Cornwall.”

“Elizabeth Black.”

“No way you’re a Black?” Louise squeaked.

“Guilty.” Liz said sitting on her bed.

“Wow.” Jasmine said looking as if she was ready to faint.

“Cool right.” Serena giggled. “Get this her cousin Alex Black is here too.” Serena said making Liz blush once more.

“No way, two of them, this is so cool. Normally the Black’s all go to Hogwarts.” Louise said.

“Well my dad wanted me here he thought there would be fewer people who knew my name.” Liz said.

“That is true we only know your name because we are purebloods.” Jasmine said and the other two nodded in agreement.

“Most people here are half blood or less almost all purebloods are in either Fear or Blood.” Serena said.

“Yeah well my dad was afraid I was going to run into too many deatheater children at Hogwarts.” Liz explained.

“Good point, I don’t think anyone here has deatheater parents.” Jasmine said.

“Why not?” Liz asked.

“Because according to Voldemort people here at Salem are as good as mudbloods, we were deemed un important.” Louise said.

“I guess that is a good thing.” Liz said.

“For us it was, our parents fought for the good guys.” Serena said making the other two laugh Liz eventually joined in. She knew that these three were going to be her best friends.

Classes soon started and Liz introduced her three new friends to Alex and his three new friends Brian, Seth, and Cory. Liz and Alex soon forgot all about Roswell and the people they left behind.

“Crap I am so late!” Liz squeaked as she raced down the corridor towards her ancient languages class, just as she rounded the last corner she hit a solid mass falling flat on her bottom. “Ow.” Liz said rolling onto her side to collect her fallen belongings.

“Ow is right.” She heard a guy hiss, she saw a tall blonde with baby blue eyes in a red robe get off the floor.

“Sorry about running into you, I am late for ancient languages.” Liz said swinging her bag over her shoulder.

“Reid man what is…” Three other teens rounded the corner two from Liz’s house, another in red.

“Oh hey.” Her two housemates said Liz recognized them as two of the Sons of Ipswich.

“Hi.” Liz said before she looked at her watch once more, her doe eyes widened when she realized how late she was. “Bye.” She said before she raced off to class once more, but not before she heard one of the boys say

“So that was her.”

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt. 1 12-4-08

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Hey guys sorry it has taken me so long to reply I had finals this week and no time to reply! Thank you all who took the time to review I love reading what all you have to say! Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 2: Making Nice

Liz sighed as she looked over her notes for her potions test tomorrow. There were so many ingredients and special temperatures, and stirring methods she had to memorize she felt as if her brain was going to melt. Liz shuffled her scrolls around searching for one she had not yet looked over when she felt someone come up behind her.

“Potions test?” A gruff male voice asked from behind her, Liz turned around in her wooden chair and saw one of the Sons of Ipswich standing there with his book bag.

“Unfortunately, there are so many different things to memorize it is frustrating I mean I have been studying for this test for a week and I still don’t have the Korkoran potion memorized.” Liz huffed shifting her stuff about when she saw him sit across from her at the common room table. The two were the only ones up at that time of night both doing school work.

“Wait you have been studying for a week?” He asked making Liz blush but she shook her head yes. “Well I guess it is safe to say you are a brain.” He said laughing slightly as she turned even redder.

“No I’m not.” Liz muttered jumping when she heard a groan from the couch.

“She is lying she is a total brain all she does is study.” Serena said sitting up tiredly, she rubbed her eyes slightly and saw a startled older boy and a furiously blushing Liz sitting at the table. “Well Liz have fun studying I am going to bed.” Serena said patting her shoulder as she marched up the wooden stairs.

“So a friend of yours?” He asked.

“Yeah she is my roommate, Serena Cornwall.” Liz said.

“Ah yes Ryan’s little sister, he said she was a spitfire.” The boy said.

“That she is, she reminds me a lot of a friend from home even my cousin Alex agrees.”

“That must be nice having family here.” He said.

“It is but he is more of a best friend.” Liz explained.

“Oh. So what is your name?” He asked smiling once more when he saw her go red, she seemed to do that a lot.

“Liz Black Parker.” She said sticking out her hand which he grasped.

“Caleb Danvers.” He said waiting for her to react; he was startled when she did not. His shock must have shown because she looked at him questioningly. “Sorry it’s just most of the time when I tell someone my name they freak out.” Caleb said laughing slightly.


“Because I am the oldest of the Sons of Ipswich.” He said blanching slightly when her nose scrunched up in confusion. “You know a member of the Covenant…” He said his eyes widening when he saw she was still confused. “Wow I have to say this is a nice change; most people around here know what the Covenant is.”

“I have heard of you but I don’t see what the big deal is.” Liz explained and understanding suddenly flashed in his coffee eyes.

“Oh. Well the Covenant is a group of five magical families bound together by our secret, magic. We have been together since before our ancestors came to America and settled the Ipswich colony. Each generation a male heir is born to each of the families. Unfortunately for us the fifth family no longer exists since the last male heir was wiped out during the Salem Witch Trials.” Caleb explained.

“That is terrible.” Liz gasped.

“We have accepted it. So need any help with your studies?” He asked.

“Yes actually if you wouldn’t mind?” Liz asked.

“Not at all.” Caleb said giving her a small smile which Liz returned. That night was the start of an interesting friendship.

The next morning at breakfast Liz was surrounded by her three gal pals when she felt a person plop down on her right side. “Morning Liz.” Caleb said grinning at the wide eyes of her three friends.

“Morning Caleb.” Liz said before glancing at his friend who was grinning at her.

“Pogue Parry.” He said catching her gaze.

“Elizabeth Black Parker.” She said.

“Nice to meet you, so you’re a first year?” Pogue asked looking at the four girls.

“Yes.” Jasmine said.

“You?” Louise asked.

“The two of us are third years.” Caleb said looking up when he saw four boys approaching in red uniforms.

“Lizzie, Maria sent another letter.” Alex said throwing said object in front of the brunette.

“That is the third one this week.” Liz muttered.

“Yes well apparently Kyle has taken to shadowing her and Max Evans is brooding around school.” Alex said with a roll of his eyes making his three friends laugh.

“She misses us you know.” Liz said.

“I know but she needs to learn to get by.” Alex said.

“Caleb, Pogue.” Two older boys in red approached the table. Liz noticed how all the heads in the hall seemed to follow them.

“Tyler, Reid.” Caleb said grinning at his two friends who stopped and looked questioningly at the eight younger kids. Reid looked at Liz before laughing.

“Knock anyone else over?” Reid asked making Liz blush, but she looked defiantly at him.

“Nope you’re just special.” Liz said making her friends and Pogue laugh.

“Why thank you.” Reid said bowing slightly.

“Dude coming from Liz that is not a good thing.” Cory said.

“Oh really?” Tyler asked staring at his housemates.

“Really see coming from Liz, special means well slow.” Cory said laughing at the boy’s confused look.

“What?” Reid asked.

“He means that to me you are special in an eat paste kind of way.” Liz said as she picked up her books and left the hall leaving behind four stunned third years.

“She is something else.” Pogue said chuckling slightly.

“That she is.” Caleb said.


Caleb shook his head staring at the stone wall in front of him, his arm securely around Liz. He was surprised that after all that they had been through that Liz still spoke to him let alone let him touch her. The two of them had become fast friends when she first started at Salem and the younger girl had soon become his confidant.

“Have any of you seen Harry?” Ginny Weasley asked.

“No.” Caleb said not looking at the young girl in front of him not wanting to see the terror and pain on her pale face.

“You don’t think he is going to…” Ginny trailed off not wanting to believe that the hero was going to sacrifice himself.

“He is going to think about it.” Liz muttered.

Liz and Caleb watched as several of the Order members carried in the bodies. A strangled sob escaped her when she saw Alex, but it was the next body that came in that had her sobbing on the ground. It was Louise her eyes open staring lifelessly ahead.

“Oh god.” Caleb chocked out.

“How did all of this happen Caleb?” Liz asked looking up at him her watery eyes matching his.

“I don’t know Lizzie, I don’t know.” He said pulling her to his chest as he kissed the crown of her head.

Liz and Alex’s first year at Salem was flying by faster than an angry Hippogriff. The school had started buzzing right away when word of Liz and Caleb’s friendship leaked. Everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen between the eldest son of the Covenant and the daughter of the house of Black.

“Yous going to eat that?” Serena asked looking longingly at the cupcake in front of Liz

“No.” Liz laughed pushing the sugary goodness towards her friend who snatched it up with frightening gusto.

“Someone is hungry.” Pogue chuckled in his gravelly voice. Liz giggled slightly when she realized how much his voice had changed that year. It had gone from a slightly high and boyish pitch to dark and rich and so…masculine. Caleb was no better if anything his voice sounded more like silk to her now than ever. She heard Serena sigh next to her and knew that her friend’s thoughts were following hers.

“Shut it Parry I am nervous I have a test next and I eat when I am nervous.” Serena pouted taking a bite of the cupcake.

“Pogue never get in the way of my sister and her dessert.” Chris called from the other end of the table; Serena’s face turned an interesting shade of red as she nibbled at the treat.

“You excited for break Liz?” Pogue asked the little brunette who grinned at him when he brought up her return home.

“Yes, dad said I get to…” The smile dropped off her face when she realized what she almost let slip as she returned to picking at her food.

Caleb looked at her and noticed her unusual behavior. “You get to what?” He asked softly as Pogue shifted in his seat uncomfortably realizing he had touched on a sore subject with Liz.

“I get to visit my mom.” She whispered so only the three around her could hear.

“And that would be unusual how?” Pogue asked as Serena gave her friend a sympathetic look rubbing the back of her hand.

“Her mom’s locked up in Azkaban.” Serena hissed.

“Sorry.” Pogue whispered chancing a look at Caleb wanting to see how his friend was going to react to this news.

“Well then it looks like we are going to be doing the same thing this break.” Caleb whispered, “My dad is locked in Azkaban as well.”

Liz looked up at him with watery eyes feeling stupid for wanting to cry but it was a scary subject for her. “Why?” she asked.

“Well why is your mom in there?” Caleb asked softly.

Liz looked down at her plate and then at Serena who just nodded at her. “My mom was a big supporter of the Dark Lord. She was a member of his inner circle and was well known for her muggle tortures and killings as well as the horrors she put witches and wizards who disobeyed the Dark Lord through. What got her chucked into Azkaban though was the torture of Auror’s Frank and Alice Longbottom.” Liz said her lower lip trembling slightly. She hated to think of the woman who birthed her like that, the woman whose eyes stared at her every time she looked in the mirror.

Caleb let out a sigh that could rival hers as if his story was much worse. “My dad was powerful and hoards of wizards followed him to the death. His magic consumed him to where he was addicted to using and the ministry had no choice but to lock him up.”

“Sorry.” Liz said.

“Me too.” Caleb said.

Serena looked at Pogue a sly grin on her pretty face. It looked as if their friends had more in common than they thought.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.2 pg.3 12-12-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:08 pm

Hey guys thanks so much for all of your replies I am glad that you are liking this so far and want me to continue! Thank you...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 3: Years End

Jeff Parker clasped his daughter’s hand in his tightly as they made their way through the cold dank halls, screams vibrating off the tick stone walls making his little girl shake. There was no happiness, no cheer only despair. The chocolate he had given his little girl before she entered the wizard prison was wearing off slowly and he knew that their visit with Bellatrix would not be long one. There at the end of the dark hall where two demontors swept by was Bellatrix Lestrange’s cell. Liz scurried over to the cell and pressed her face close to the bars looking in.

A woman in a long black and white stripped dress sat huddled in the corner her finger twirling in her dark locks. Her skin was waxier than Liz remembered and the smell was worse making the now twelve year old Liz gag slightly.

“Hi mommy.” Liz whispered not wanting to scare her.

Bellatrix froze in her corner and peaked out from behind the veil of her dark wild hair. Her dark eyes met Liz’s and a ghost of a smile appeared on her face. Jeff patted his daughter on the back. “Sweetie you say hi to mom I am going to go and see Rod.” Jeff whispered and Liz nodded watching as her mother slowly crawled across the floor like an animal but her movements were slow and precise.

“Lll Lizzie.” The husky voice of her mother croaked, her voice only used to screaming.

“Hi mom.” Liz breathed gently reaching out a hand through the bars. Liz watched as her mother’s dark hollow eyes widened in wonder at the small hand as her pale clawed hand gently reached up to touch the extended appendage. Liz gasped at the cold feeling of her mother’s hand but kept it up as her mother pulled back in surprise at her warmth.

“Mom I started school, magic school. I am going to Salem in the States and it is so much fun.” Liz babbled a surprising joy overtaking her in the depressing prison. “I have made so many friends they are really great. My best friend is Serena she is tough and speaks her mind about everything; if she thinks it she says it. I also made friends with some older students; I am the closest to Caleb Danvers though.” Liz said watching as her mother’s eyes flashed with vacant recognition at the name.

“James.” She breathed and Liz nodded eagerly.

“Right mom that is Caleb’s father. He and his friends are great and they protect my friends and I from those older students who try and pick on us first years. Reid Garwin hexed a boy for me once!” Liz said as her mother grabbed her hand again.

“Need need need ta be good Lizzie.” Her mother muttered, “Gotta be strong and and learn all you can. School is different.”

Liz squeezed her mother’s cold bony hand and nodded. “I know mommy.” Liz whispered as her father appeared at her back gently tugging on her shoulder. “I have to go now. Love you.” Liz whispered as Bella sulked and crawled back to her corner.

Jeff dragged Liz along the corridors to the apparition point where witches were coming and going. Liz clutched her father tightly watching the flow network fireplace as a mother and son exited the fireplace. Liz gasped when she saw Caleb. “Caleb.” Liz called startling her father and the other boy.

Caleb grinned when he saw Liz and waved at her. “Hi Liz. Mr. Parker.” Caleb said nodding at the older gentleman.

Mrs. Danvers looked pleased when her son said that the girl was Liz. “Ah so this is the Liz I have been hearing so much about.” The woman said much to Jeff Parker’s chagrin. “Evelyn Danvers.” She said extending her hand to the young girl.

“Elizabeth Black Parker.” Liz introduced herself ignoring her father’s groan at her inclusion of Black in her name.

“Come on Liz your mother is expecting us.” Jeff said.

Caleb watched as Liz flinched at the term mother, he knew that Nancy Parker was a sore spot for Liz. She still considered the woman her mother but there was now a barrier between them that Liz had never noticed before. “See you after break.” Liz said before her father apparated away with a pop.

Caleb looked at his mother who gave him a rare grin, “I see what you mean. We will have to do something about that later.” Evelyn said.

Too many dead faces glared up at her, their faces frozen in pain and terror would haunt her forever. Liz and Caleb stood off to the side of the hall watching the people run about looking for their loved ones, they had already claimed their dead; all they had left was each other.

“Have you seen Harry?” A frantic voice called to them. Caleb turned and saw the youngest Weasley appraising them with panicked tears rolling down her pale cheeks.

“No.” Caleb whispered watching as her face crumbled in despair.

“He really went to them.” She whimpered hugging herself not realizing her emotional display was making the duo uncomfortable. They had never been close to the girl and her family, their different upbringings and ages kept them apart.

“He is probably searching the grounds with the others.” Liz offered but Ginny just shook her head frantically.

“No something is wrong I can feel it.” Ginny whispered.

“It is probably nothing.” Liz said. Ginny looked at her through narrowed eyes, not the reaction they were expecting.

“What do you know about it?” Ginny snapped, “It’s not as if you have ever been in love or ever felt the way I do about Harry. People who are in love can just sense these things.” Ginny snapped at Liz who had long since learned to tolerate the outbursts from the redheaded family.

Liz chanced a glance at Caleb, “yeah I guess you are right.” She whispered.

First year was coming to an end far sooner than Liz and Alex would have liked. Exams started Monday and Liz was frantic as she studied with Caleb. Their friends would laugh at how similar the two really were.

“Where are my note cards?” Liz asked Serena who was finishing up the last inch of her scroll for Dark Arts.

“I don’t know make new onez.” Serena grumbled. Pogue who was sitting next to Caleb at the table set down his quill and grinned. Caleb looked up at her tone and his dark eyes widened. Pogue chuckled softly, this was what he had been waiting for.

“I just can’t make new ones Serena they took forever. I had even charmed them to flash the answers. I don’t have time to make new ones because then my schedule would be thrown off and then I would not be able to study everything and I will fail my exams. I am going to fail now that I don’t have my flash cards!” Liz shouted the common room now silent watching the show as Pogue laughed into his spell book.

Caleb looked at his friend and rolled his eyes, “Give them back Pogue” Caleb hissed when he finally figured out why his friend found the whole thing so funny.

Liz’s head whipped in Pogue’ direction her hair flying about as she pinned him with a death glare that easily silenced him now that her furry was directed at him and not Serena. “You took my flash cards?” She asked in a vicious snarl her upper lip curling over her teeth.

Pogue stared at her with wide eyes as he nodded. Liz whipped out her wand before the older witch even knew what was happening and pointed it right at his heart. “Hand them over now and nobody dies.” She growled. Pogue quickly bent down to retrieve his bag as he scrambled to do as she said.

Liz stretched out her hand for the cards and when they hit her hand she removed her wand; Pogue visibly breathed a sigh of relief when he was no longer at wand point. Liz might be a first year but she was at the top of her class and knew spells she was not supposed to; not exactly the witch to anger.

“So Liz excited to be going home?” Caleb asked now that the young witch had calmed down to a dull roar.

Liz looked down biting her lower lip as she shook her head, “Why not?” Serena asked twirling her quill between her fingers.

Liz shrugged, her attack on her lip more pronounced. “I am going to miss everyone.” Liz whispered. Pogue glanced at Caleb and smirked at the soft giddy smile he was trying to hide.

“Don’t worry little Black we will owl you all the time.” Pogue said grinning when he saw a soft blush stain her olive cheeks.

“Thanks. Alex and I are going to need contact since our parents, who are the only magical people in Roswell, are not too fond of sharing the magical experience with us.” Liz mumbled tucking a dark strand of hair behind her ear.

Serena grabbed her friend’s small delicate hand and gave it a soft squeeze. “Don’t worry Liz, my mom will owl your dad to see if you can come and stay with us for a few days.” Serena said trying to make her friend happy.

“Liz we aren’t going to let you have a full on Muggle summer” Caleb laughed.

“Yeah where is the fun in that!” Pogue chuckled. “Besides if I tell my mom that Elizabeth Black is in desperate need of magical exposure she will go wild and demand to come and rescue you from the muggle life your father is imposing on you.” Pogue said smiling inside when jealousy flashed in Caleb’s dark eyes. Oh yeah he knew his friend was into the young girl.

“Thanks,” Liz sighed, “But I get the feeling my dad is not going to be happy with my magical exposure this summer.”

“Why?” Serena asked “I mean he is a wizard he should be happy that you are so excepting of our world and that you fit in so well.”

Liz gave her friend and uneasy smile. “I think he is afraid of how well I fit into the magical world.” Liz said.

“Why?” Pogue asked his eyebrows knitting together.

Caleb sighed looking at Liz, he understood because his mother had the same reaction as Liz’s father. “He is afraid you are going to end up like your mother.” He said and she nodded stiffly.

“His greatest fear is that his only daughter is going to end up in Azkaban like his ex.” Liz whispered.

Caleb watched as Liz emotionally pulled away from him as the little Weasley girl left them. He supposed he had that coming but it still hurt. He hadn’t exactly done right by her when it came to their relationship. In the past he had been selfish and used her and in doing so cost himself a best friend.

“I need to go and run something by Longbottom.” Liz whispered as she moved away from him.

Caleb looked after her longingly. “Hey mate.” Seth Lavanue a seventh year Hogwarts Ravenclaw said sliding up beside him.

“Hey Seth,” He whispered still watching as Liz talked to the tall wizard Neville Longbottom.

“After this mess are you going to go after her?” Seth asked proving he was much too observant for his own good.

Caleb ran a hand over his face. “I have a lot of making up to do.” Caleb said and Seth nodded in agreement. “She might not want to hear a thing I have to say.”

Seth hummed in agreement watching Liz’s small form as well. “But first you have to break up with the Muggle.” Seth said startling the elder witch.

“How the hell do you know about her?” Caleb asked fear gripping his heart. If everyone knew about Sarah that would really hurt Liz.

“Caleb our mom’s have been friends for years and they tell each other everything. When you chose the muggle over Liz your mom had a fit. Of course she told mum who told me.” Seth explained.

The burning feeling returned to Caleb’s stomach. He knew his mother was not fond of his relationship with Sarah at first but the fact that she still was not happy hurt him. Liz had always been his mother’s favorite and she made no secret of it. He had really messed up in the past and he knew it was going to take more than a few words to get Liz to agree to at least spend the day with him.
Liz stood at the train station with the other students waiting to get taken back to the city where she and Alex would take a plane back to New Mexico. It was a somber occasion for the duo unlike the rest of the students who were thrilled about getting home for a summer break. The four Sons of Ipswich were especially ecstatic since next year marked the start of their dual enrolment in muggle and magic school.

“Cheer up Liz.” Louise sang hugging her arm as they got onto the train.

Liz gave her friend a forced smile which only made her laugh, “You look like yous in pain.” Serena said and Louise nodded giggling. Jasmine had her nose buried in a magazine as usual but she did look up and give Liz a sympathetic smile, she knew Liz was silently screaming begging to not go home.

The other four first year boys from Alex’s house soon joined them in their cramped compartment. “Mom sent an owl before we left. Apparently we are going on vacation right when I get back.” Alex growled.

“You and your mom?” Liz asked and Alex nodded.

“My dad is acting funny now that I know he is not my real father I think he feels weird around me.” Alex whispered so no one but Liz could hear him.

“I know my mom is the same way. I mean I guess she always acted different around me and now I know why, I am not hers and she does not like that constant reminder of my father’s past.” Liz whispered.

“Guess the two of us are just lucky like that.”Alex whispered.

“Yeah we both got the short end of the wand.” Liz grumbled as the train pulled into the Salem station.

Parents from magical families swarmed the platform searching for their children. The eight friends saw the Sons of Ipswich standing with three men and a woman. Liz and Alex waved by to their friends and headed for the barrier that would take them onto the main street. Caleb and Reid shoved their two friends and pointed to the two twelve year olds.

“By Black!” Reid called and Alex and Liz waved their hands at the four before they took their things and stepped out onto the other side.

“Come on Liz let’s grab a cab and go home.” Alex whispered.

The flight was only a few hours and the two Roswell preteens found themselves at the Las Cruces airport where Liz and Alex’s parents were waiting for them. Liz groaned when she saw the bags next to Alex’s mom it looked as if they were really leaving right away. Charles took Alex’s trunk while Alex kept his suitcase. “Say goodbye Alex.” His mother instructed her eyes tired as she stared at her son. Alex pouted as he hugged Liz.

“See ya Lizzie.” Alex whispered.

“By Al.” She said before she went to her father.

“Come on Liz let’s go home Maria and Kyle are waiting for you at the café.” Jeff said cringing when he saw his daughter’s pout. “Hey now none of that.” Jeff warned his daughter.

“I miss my friends.” Liz huffed sliding into the back seat of her father’s car.

“Well you will get to see Maria and Kyle soon enough.” Nancy said and Liz scoffed at that.

“No I miss my other friends. I miss looking at Witch Weekly and Gossiping Gargoyles with Jasmine, playing games with Louise and sitting around with Serena talking about nothing and everything. Heck I even miss Pogue picking on me.” Liz pouted.

“Oh is Pogue your boyfriend.” Nancy sang looking excited.

Liz let a small smile cross her face at that. “No way he is totally like a brother to me.” Liz said. Thinking about her friends was depressing her further. Liz leaned her head against the window feeling sad. It was going to be a long summer.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.3 pg.4 12-17-08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I loved reading what all you had to say. Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 4: Summer Letters and Secrets

Maria had yet to leave her side since she returned apparently the little blonde demon of a human thought it was her obligation to fill Liz in on all the towns gossip. At twelve Maria did not bother with adult matters and instead felt the need to tell Liz who was popular that year and who was not in school making Liz wish more and more that her new school friends were there.

“Liz.” Maria hissed nudging her friend in the ribs. Liz looked up sharply from the book she was reading to glare at her oblivious friend. “That cutie Max Evans is like totally staring at you.”

Liz glanced in the direction that Maria was blatantly staring at and saw a dark head duck bashfully. “No he isn’t.” Liz sighed flipping the page of her book again. She had been back in Roswell for three weeks and had yet to receive an owl from any of her friends, she hated to dwell on it but she felt as if she was forgotten.

“Liz put that book away.” Nancy hollered at her daughter who was ignoring the girl next to her in favor of losing herself in another world.

“No.” Liz said ignoring her mother and Maria as she went back to reading. Maria seemed not to mind as she munched on her fries and flipped through a magazine.

“Jeff.” Nancy hissed when her husband came back to the window in the kitchen to drop off an order. “Tell Liz to put that damn book away.”

Jeff looked out at the café and saw his quiet daughter reading in the corner booth with her friend. “Liz put the book away now; you and Maria should go and do something.” Jeff said. Liz looked up at her father out of the corner of her eyes the dark lidded look she gave him chilled him to his core.

“Bellatrix “he breathed before he shook out of his stupor.

“What?” Nancy asked looking at her husband confused and a little hurt that he had just spoken the name of his imprisoned old flame.

“Nothing.” Jeff whispered turning his gaze away from Liz who had put her book away and tapped Maria and the two girls slowly left the café.

“No what was it?” Nancy asked sensing a serious shift in her husband’s mood.

Jeff set down his spatula and looked darkly at his wife. “Liz is looking more and more like her mother each day Nancy, and her attitude is becoming frighteningly familiar. I feel as if I am watching Bellatrix’s life repeat itself through my daughter.”

“What makes you say that other than her looks?” Nancy asked in low whisper mindful of the kids in the café that Wednesday.

“You know how I have been keeping Liz’s letters that her friends have been sending her well recently I have started to look at who exactly has been sending her letters and I saw two names in particular that have me worried.” Jeff said.

“Who?” Nancy asked.

“Reid Garwin and Pogue Parry.”

“Why would they worry you?” Nancy asked watching her husband’s eyes nervously dart about.

“Reid Garwin is the nephew of a close friend and brother-in-law of Bella’s. Her sister’s husband Lucius Malfoy; Reid’s mother Loral is Lucius’s younger sister.” Jeff explained running a free hand through his dark hair, “and Pogue Parry’s mother is Helen Rosier. My daughter is making friends with family members of the two people her mother considered close confidants. Her life it taking a path far too close to that of her mother’s for my liking.” Jeff whispered.

Caleb moved away from his position on the wall next to Seth and moved to stand next to Alex’s body feeling his hands shake. Life had been so unfair to the man before him, even his death was unfair. “He a friend of yours?” A little man Caleb knew to be Professor Flitwick asked his high squeaky voice oddly subdued.

“Yes.” Caleb whispered.

“He is Sirius Black’s son yes?” The tiny professor asked and Caleb nodded.

“I went to school with him. He is my best friend’s cousin.” Caleb whispered a dark lock of hair falling into his eyes. “We have lost too many to this fight.”

“That we have lad that we have.” The professor agreed. The tiny expressive eyes of the professor roamed over him uncomfortably. “How did you get into this fight?”

Caleb glanced up from staring at Alex’s froze face to stare at the professor before his eyes darted to Liz and Neville. “Oh I see.” The professor said a small smile on his face.

“Come quick something is happening by the forest!” Someone yelled. Caleb shot up as Liz raced towards him with Neville hot on her heels. Caleb grabbed her tiny hand and they ran outside with the others, Neville, Hermione, Ginny and Ron at the front of the group.

Hundreds of cloaked figures moved away from the trees jeering and dancing as a giant of man came out holding something in his arms. “No.” Someone whimpered when they saw the outlines clearer.

“What is it?” A teen asked from behind Liz and Caleb.

“Potter is dead.” Liz whispered.

“You alright Liz you seem a little off?” Maria asked.

“I am just a little annoyed right now.” Liz admitted sitting next to Maria on a swing as the two enjoyed the freedom of the swings.

“Tell Maria all about it.” The blonde giggled. Liz bit her soft pink lip thinking about it for a moment and decided that she could tell Maria her problem if she just left a few of the details out.

“Maria you know Nancy is not my mom right?” Liz asked in a soft whisper her voice almost lost to the wind but Maria managed to catch the soft voice. Maria slowed her swinging down and stared at Liz.

“I figured since you are always so distant from her I knew that something was up.” Maria admitted.

“Well let’s just say that I am starting to feel a little resented. I mean it’s like she doesn’t know that I can see her glaring at me or muttering under her breath.”

Maria sighed grabbing Liz’s hand. “You know what they say Liz, adults are stupid. They think they know everything and that us kids are stupid. As if.” Maria huffed.

“Even worse is my dad though, it’s like every time he looks at me he sees my mother and is disgusted. Even more so now that I am starting to look like her.” Liz said feeling her lower lip tremble as the emotions she had been holding in since she came home spilled to the surface. “And I felt as if I had no one to talk to because no one besides Alex understood.” Liz said feeling Maria tighten her hold on her hand.

“I will always be here for you Liz even if you just need an ear to vent.” Maria whispered.

Liz turned and gave her friend a watery smile tears filling her dark brown eyes. “I don’t deserve you Maria I have been so unfair to you.” Maria gave Liz a small smile nodding.

“I get it Liz, you have a lot of new friends. Right now you just need to work on finding a balance.” Maria said.

Liz swiped at her eyes with her free hand laughing. “How did you get so smart?” Liz asked laughing softly.

“My mom.” Maria whispered her green eyes shining in the sunlight. “When you and Alex first left I was so lost and so sure that you were never going to come back to me and there for awhile I was sure that my worst fears were coming true. Then good old Amy sat me down and told me point blank that life was about change and that I had to get used to it. She promised me that you were going to make new friends and that it was just going to take you awhile to find the balance and you would come back to me when you did.” Maria said.

“Smart woman.” Liz laughed launching herself off her swing to hug Maria sending her backwards off of her swing as the two hugged on the rocks.

Liz returned home later that evening to an empty café at eight at night. Her mother and father were sitting at the counter going over the books. “Hi Lizzie.” Her dad called but she just glared at him storming past him and up to their apartment.

“Liz.” Nancy called trailing after her. “You alright honey?” Liz’s dark eyes glared at her but softened slightly.

“I am having a bad time but I am fine.” Liz said turning to leave.

“Maybe there is something I can help you with.” Nancy tried but her preteen daughter just brushed her off with a roll of her dark eyes.

“Nope. Not unless you can owl my friends and get them to return my letters.” Liz grumbled before she slammed her bedroom door closed sliding down the wood panel feeling her throat tighten as she fought more tears.

Nancy Parker stared at her daughter’s door feeling guilty. She knew exactly where Liz’s letters were, with her father, and she also knew that there was no chance she was ever going to find out that he was keeping them from her. She could hear the soft sobs from the twelve year old girl on the other side of the door and she felt ill, what used to be so simple was now hard and with each passing day she felt Liz pull farther and farther away from each other.

Liz swiped at her eyes furiously clearing her throat as she stood up and went to her private bathroom to wash up for bed. She was determined not to cry, crying was a weakness and she was not weak. “Come on Liz you are better than this.” She whispered as she pulled on her night clothes opening her window to allow the cool summer air of the desert into her hot room. “You are not weak you are not going to be a baby, just get over it.” She whispered.

“You know they say talking to yourself is the first sign of going crazy.” A deep voice chuckled from her balcony. Liz froze her hand clutching her lace curtain in her small hand in a death grip. Her dark eyes slowly peaked out onto her balcony and a scream ripped from her throat as a face suddenly popped into her view.

“Shh!” Another voice hissed. “Do you want to get us into trouble?” A familiar female voice asked.

“Oh hurry up already.” Someone else groaned.

“Pogue? Serena? Reid?” Liz asked making the three chuckle.

“Gee and she has the nerve to call me the slow one.” Reid grumbled.

“What the heck are you three doing here, how did you even get here?” Liz asked as Serena pushed her way through the window and into her room and the other two followed.

“We are here to rescue you of course.” Serena said looking around her room.

“From what?” Liz asked crossing her arms over her chest when she realized she was in her night clothes.

“From your parents, after you didn’t respond to our first hundred or so letters we decided to plan a rescue.” Serena explained.

“My mom is down in the ally waiting for us.” Pogue said laughing at Liz’s stunned expression.

“I didn’t get any letters.” Liz whispered.

Reid nodded pulling put a piece of parchment. “We know we figured that out after I sent this, thanks to my dad, it was rigged to record who all touched it and then appear back to me a day later.” Reid said looking smug, “Cool huh.”

Liz took the paper from him and saw the small area where the names were scratched of the people who held it. “Reid, Pogue, Kip, and Jeff Parker.” Liz read her lower lip trembling as she read her father’s name; he was the one who was hiding her letters from her.

“My dad…”

“Has been keeping your letters from you.” Reid nodded. “So Pogue’s mom her got royally angry and all Pogue here had to do was ask her to come and bail you out and here we are my lady.” Reid said giving Liz a small bow.

Liz sat down on her bed clutching her letter angry tears forming in her dark eyes. “Uh oh wet stuff.” Pogue muttered.

“Dude I won’t deal with this hormonal teenage girl stuff.” Reid said raising his hands in surrender.

“I knew we should have brought Tyler.” Pogue muttered, “He is such a girl.”

Serena glared at the two as she sat down next to Liz looping her arm around her friend’s shoulders seeing the stricken look on her face. She knew that Liz was already in a tizzy from her father never telling her that Nancy Parker was not her biological mother until Liz cornered him and now this, it had to be rough on Liz.

“It’s alright Liz.” Serena whispered.

Liz shook her head her face reddening as she fought tears. “No it isn’t.” She whimpered. Liz’s dark eyes looked into her friend’s lighter ones bitter pain searing in their depths. “Why does he always do this to me?” Liz asked, “Why doesn’t he want me to be a part of his world?”

“It is no longer his world Liz and he doesn’t like that we are taking you away from him.” Serena said.

“Ahem.” A woman’s voice cleared at Liz’s window. Liz’s head snapped in that direction and she saw a pretty woman sitting outside a warm smile on her face.

“If I might help here sweetie I think I might be able to give you some insight into what your father is going through. See he knows of a dark past, he lived through a time that killed half of our kind. He sees the new friends you are making and from what little I have learned from Pogue and Caleb it appears you are leading a life very similar to Bellatrix Lestrange’s childhood. He is afraid you are going to live her life all over again.”

Liz looked at the older woman through a shrewd eye, “You know what my mother was like?”

The woman looked away for a moment a guilty look on her face, “Not much just a little, I was married and in the states by the time she really got going and I went to school in France.” She said.

Liz nodded looking away. “Mom can we take her with us? Please?” Pogue begged.

“Pogue Philadorous Parry she is not a dog!” The woman raged glaring at her son who had the grace to blush and look away.

“Philadorous?” Serena snickered looking at Reid who nodded eagerly enjoying his friend’s embarrassment.

Pogue glared at the blonde his dark eyes smoldering. “Laughing it up Jamiliah Garwin.” Pogue growled.

Reid gasped at his friend, “Dude you promised not to tell! I can’t help that my mother has a sick sense of humor.” He cried.

Serena snorted into her hand next to Liz as Pogue’s mother stifled a laugh. Liz looked at the two women confused. “What is so funny?” She asked her friend who was shaking with barely contained laughter.

“Jam Jammm Jamiliah…” Serena broke off into a fit of giggles. “Jamiliah means fat pig in Urdu and Reid means king so Reid’s name means king of the fat pigs.” Serena snickered.

Liz looked at the blonde shocked. “Wow and I thought my parents were evil.”

They were stunned there was no way this could be happening. All they had fought for all they had bled and died for was ruined in one moment. It was all for nothing their last hope of winning was dead in the arms of the half giant.

“No!” Ginny wailed softly when she saw Hagrid set Harry on the floor.

Caleb clutched Liz’s hand tightly in his own as he felt her shake. He knew that the dark thoughts clouding his mind had taken over hers as well. Serena’s death, Pogue’s death, their son…it had all been for nothing because the Boy Who Lived was no longer alive. Their war had come to its finest hour and they were ruined.

“You sssee what I can do. Give up now and I may ssspare you.” The Dark Lord hissed a figure moving anxiously at his side.

Liz whimpered when the dark eyed woman came into view, her mother. Caleb knew she was itching to get to Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Lucius and have them make it all better but it was too late their fates had already been sealed.

“Give up now.” The Dark Lord commanded.

“No.” A strong voice on their side said. Caleb turned and saw Neville Longbottom standing proud and tall at the front of the line his wand raised and pointing at the Dark Lord. Before anyone could comprehend what was happening a spell shot out of the boy’s wand racing towards the dark side faster than the others knew was possible as they watched in wonder as the spell collided with the snake around the Dark Lord.

That was it; Caleb squeezed Liz’s hand one last time as the last piece of the Dark Lord’s twisted soul was destroyed. The deatheaters and Dark Lord were enraged and the battle commenced once more. The two groups charged at one another. A loud horn sounded in the depths of the Forbidden Forest and hoofs clomped in the distance and enraged yells.

“The centaurs.” Someone breathed as arrows shot out of the forest connecting with the dark cloaked figures.

Small shrieks of rage rang through the night, one yelling, “For master!” Liz turned and saw hundreds of house elves running out of the castle carrying kitchen knives and whatever else they could find as they protected their school.

Liz turned back to the fight only to be met with a mass of green. A scream ripped from her throat as she froze in place. “No!” Caleb roared watching the spell connect with Liz as she crumpled to the ground. “No.” He whispered looking at her face frozen in pain.

Anger and pain flowed through him numbing his body his black eyes flaring with a strange fire. A loud inhuman roar left his throat startling those around him as he rounded towards the deatheaters. “Now you die.” He snarled raising his hand jets of energy connecting with foreign bodies eliciting screams of pain and agony.

Jeff Parker heard his daughter scream up in the apartment. His wife who had just joined him shared an anxious look as he raced up the stairs tripping as he missed a step before he continued up. He knew that scream it was a scream of fear and it made his blood pump frozen through his veins. He paused before Liz’s door and heard nothing, opening the door he saw her room missing several items and a strange woman sitting on his daughter’s bed.

“Ah good about time you arrived, I am glad that my son thought ahead to place a silencing charm on Liz’s room and have her scream once more when we were done to finally get your attention. “ the woman said standing up to wander towards him the dark light of the night finally illuminating her dark features. “You know for someone as paranoid as you are your home is severely lacking in wards. It was easy for my son and his friends to break in.”

Jeff pulled out his wand and pointed it at her heart making the woman laugh. “What the truth hurt?” She laughed watching his hand shake.

“Where is my daughter?” Jeff ground out.

“Down in the ally with my son waiting for me. It seems you have been keeping Liz’s letters from her and when none of the children received replies from her they became worried. Naturally we came to inspect the situation. Liz was less than thrilled to learn that you were the one keeping her letters from her.” The woman sneered.

“You have no proof.” Jeff growled.

“Actually we did. It seems Reid is far smarter than people give him credit for and he spelled a piece of parchment to list the names of all who have touched it, your name was on the list but never Liz.” The woman said laughing softly when she saw his panic stricken expression. “For someone who is so worried about their child turning out like their mother, you sure are forcing her into situations that are forcing Liz to turn to that side of her.”

“I want my daughter back up here now.” Jeff whispered.

“I understand but all she wants is a weeklong visit. Why don’t we go down to the ally and discuss this with them because the children are the ones we need to convince. “

Jeff scoffed lowering his wand. “They are children they have to do as we say not the other way around.” Jeff said.

The woman just raised her eyebrows at him not agreeing or disagreeing. “Sure.” She said, “Try convincing my Pogue of that.” She whispered moving towards Liz’s window.

“Where are you going?” Jeff asked.

The woman was halfway out the window as she paused to look back at him. “Down the fire escape.” She said as if it were the most obvious answer in the world. Jeff heard the metal clang on the ladder as she climbed down.

Jeff stood there for a moment unsure of what to do when he finally decided that he needed to climb down his daughter’s balcony ladder and go and hash out their problem. Jeff cringed when he looked down and saw a small group assembled off to the side standing in the shadows, one boy looking particularly unfriendly as a strange girl hummed a strange song, the boy next to her picking it up as well until the two started to belt it out.

“Cross my heart and hope to die
I shall fall down dead if I tell a lie
Mother mother come quick
I saw a muggle quick quick quick…” Jeff shook his head when he heard the beginnings of one of the Dark Rhymes that wizards told to their children. The one the two were singing always made him ill when it spoke of muggle killings and brutal beheadings; not exactly the things fairytales are made of.

Jeff finally hit the ground of the dark ally and saw his daughter standing next to the dark teen with ridiculously long hair. When he looked closer he had to fight the urge to shudder, in the dark the duo looked like Bella and Rod.

“Dad.” Liz breathed. “These are my friends. Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, and Serena Cornwall.” Liz introduced each of the kids, Jeff mentally breathed a sigh of relief when his daughter introduced the surly looking one as Pogue the one she considered a brother.

“Ah huh.” Jeff said crossing his arms.

“They came to make sure I was alright after I didn’t reply to their letters.” Liz said her voice very calm, surprisingly so.

“Again I know.” Jeff said glancing at the woman behind Pogue who was apparently his mother.

“What I don’t understand is why you kept the charade up.” Liz whispered. “You knew how much I missed them and how badly I wanted to talk to them and yet you continued to keep them from me even when you knew how hurt I was.”

“Liz I made this decision as your father and…”

A loud bark of laughter left Pogue. “Some father, you should be so lucky that Caleb isn’t here.” He seethed moving to continue but his mother touched his shoulder, the teen grit his teeth tightly but stopped.

“Pogue we agreed to discuss this not yell.” His mother said and the teen nodded.

“Here is what we propose.” Reid said.

“You are in no position to be bargaining here son.” Jeff said.

“He might not be but I am.” Liz whispered.

“We will deal with our issues later young lady after these people are gone.” Jeff said but his daughter just shook her head at him.

“No we will deal with this now and not somewhere you can brush what I have to say off to the side. I have not given you a reason to not trust me and yet you continue to give me reasons not to trust you. Hiding so many things from me…”Liz stopped to take a deep steadying breath. “Here is what I propose. I go with Pogue and stay with his family for a week and then come back home where you will allow me to communicate with my friends.” Liz said.

“What if I don’t?” Jeff asked knowing he had his daughter cornered after all there was nothing she could do at her age that would really affect him.

“Or I will tell Caleb exactly what you have been doing.” Liz said.

Jeff laughed at what his daughter was telling him, as if the threat of sending a silly little boy after him was enough to get him to bend to her childish will. Pogue rolled his eyes at Liz’s father. “Caleb is the son of James Danvers…” Pogue watched as the man before him froze, “And judging from your reaction I gather you know what Mr. D is all about. Caleb was very close to his dad growing up so it is reasonable to assume he is very skilled in certain areas.” Pogue growled, “Liz is important to Caleb and hurting her is a sin in his eyes, what do you think the son of James Danvers is going to do to you?”

Pogue’s mother snorted into her hand behind her son. “Oh Pogue Philadorous Parry be truthful.” His mother chastised. “It is not Caleb that Jeff has to fear but Evelyn his mother, well I guess you could fear Caleb since he is the one pulling his mother’s strings but that woman is off her rocker.” His mother continued to rant.

“Mom.” Pogue stopped her with a tap on the shoulder apparently that was the family signal to shut the hell up. “We got it.” He whispered and she nodded settling down.

Liz realized the scare tactic was not working and that she had to turn to her daddy’s girl routine. “Daddy please.” Liz whispered plumping out her bottom lip to pout making sure her eyes filled with tears. “I miss my friends daddy. Please?” Liz asked making her lip tremble.

“Boy you would be one hell of a Slytherin.” Jeff muttered looking at his daughter. The older man rubbed his forehead tiredly before he nodded. “One week Liz and then you come home, but you will not pout the rest of the summer.”

Liz eagerly agreed as Serena squealed in delight. “Liz thiz iz a great thing my bruda will love this.” Liz just raised an eyebrow at her friend.

“You all packed?” Jeff asked and Liz nodded. “Alright see you in a week sweetie.” He sighed kissing the top of her head. He didn’t know it then but that week away from him was the start of a change for Liz and one that would turn his daughter into someone he would no longer recognize.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.4 pg.5 12-21-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:09 am

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I loved reading them! As for the baby question and who its parents are, well this part should answer it I had left it unknown like that in the last part for a reason :wink: Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 5: Summer Letters and Secrets II

Caleb walked down the street towards his friend Pogue’s house where Liz Black Parker was staying. When he saw her three nights ago it was as if all had been right in his world, there was a sudden ah ha moment and he felt all warm and tingly inside. He didn’t know what the feeling was but he wasn’t about to let it go. Passing through the front gate that had been charmed to allow him entrance he walked towards the back where the Parry Pond was located a place that Liz frequented with the others during her holiday in Ipswich.

Caleb heard Serena and Louise’s tell tale shrieks in the distance and the gruff laughter that was Reid’s trademark. He paused at the side of the house as he stared at his friends who had come to visit. Liz was sitting on the stone side of the pool her feet dangling in the purple water that smelled of jasmine that Pogue’s mother loved, the soft trickle of the pond beside the pool a gentle hum in the background.

“Caleb!” Jasmine and Liz screamed making him laugh, he should have known that they would sense him the moment he was near, it was an uncanny ability of theirs to sense a magical presence.

“Girls!” He greeted his eyes snapping to the new swimsuit Liz was wearing. He heard Jasmine snicker at his stunned expression. “Liz you’re wearing…”

“A bikini I know, Serena bought it for me she said it was time to ditch the one piece and show off my twelve year old ass.” Liz said watching as the fourteen year old just nodded stupidly still staring at her. She wanted to cover up and hide from his gaze. It wasn’t as if she had anything to show off she was still boy like as far as she was concerned. Liz turned away from his gaze and went back to looking at the Witch Weekly magazine with Jasmine.

Tyler came out of the Parry house and stood next to the stupefied Caleb slapping him on the back. “I know man I know.” Tyler sighed.

“She has…”

“They are called hips Danvers and she is getting them. We noticed.” Tyler chuckled.

“But she is not supposed to…”

“Grow up; well she was going to eventually. Geez I can’t believe how attached to her you have become in one year, it is not natural.” Tyler scoffed but his giant grin was still in place so Caleb knew he wasn’t upset by it. Tyler shoved him over to sit by Liz making him stumble next to her.

“So Liz anything interesting in that gossip rag?” Caleb asked.

“Yeah everyone in the UK is in a tizzy because this is the year Harry Potter is going to start school.” Liz said.

“So they finally found him?” Reid asked.

“He was never lost dumb ass.” Serena huffed, “Just misplaced by that Dumbledore fool.”

“I bet Dumbledore knew where Potter was the whole time.” Pogue said silencing the entire group.

“What do you mean Pogue?” Louise asked as she swam closer to the group huddled together.

“Well think about it they say the old man knows everything and nothing can get by him. I find it hard to believe that Black stashed Potter someplace before the Auror’s showed up. I bet he stashed the kid with someone he knew wouldn’t snitch that they had the Boy Who Lived and he is just waiting to surprise the world with his wonderful return.” Pogue said.

Caleb bit his lip and nodded, “Sounds plausible actually and from what my mom has told me about the guy it sounds like something he would do.”

“Well that just makes me even more glad that my dad decided to send me to Salem instead of Hogwarts, the headmaster sounds manipulative to me.” Liz said.

Caleb and Pogue sent Liz dark looks. “You have no idea Liz.” Pogue whispered

Bellatrix Lestrange froze in place her fanatical gleam left her eyes in a flash of green as she watched her daughter standing next to the young Caleb Danvers pause before turning in shock as a green jet of light flashed before her striking her in the chest. The air left her as she watched her girl crumple to the ground her face a mask of petrified pain. “No.” She whispered not seeing the wands pointing in her direction as people tried to fire spells at her that her husband was deftly deflecting for her. “No.”

“Bella.” Lucius snapped bringing her back to reality.

“Go find Draco.” She whispered her dark eyes trained on the Death Eaters in front of her. “I have work to do.” She whispered as the crazy gleam slipped into her eyes again, but there was now a strange pain with it. “And people to kill.”

The two Lestrange brothers moved behind Bellatrix forming the tip of a wand as they moved. Wizards and witches alike shrieked in terror at the sight of the three brutal killers moving together fearing that they were the next targets. Bellatrix Lestrange raised her wand, aimed, and fired hitting Krause a deatheater in the chest. The throng of white wizards didn’t know what to believe, they thought it a fluke until the Lestrange brothers began firing on their own as well. The death eaters were turning on each other.

The week was over before the friends would have liked, but through the week they learned more about each other than they could believe. On their last day in Pogue’s study the group of Blood and Fear students fathered together wands present in the room Paul Parry had spelled for his son to block Ministry tracking spells. The lights had been snuffed and only the light of the red orange fire danced around the room sending them into shadow and darkness.

“Pogue mind telling us what we are doing here at midnight in your study in our night clothes?” Tyler asked indicating to his boxers and the dark room.

“Shove it Simms and I will explain.” Pogue said adjusting his night pants; he had been a little more prepared for the evening event than the others since he was the one who called it.

“We are waiting.” Alex huffed leaning against Liz as she blinked to stay awake.

“Okay well I was talking to my mom earlier and she had said something about how it was so great that we were friends and how she hoped that our close friendships would last forever. Well that got me thinking so I went to my dad and asked him if he knew of a spell that would bind us all together in a sort of pact.” Pogue said grinning at what he thought was a brilliant idea.

The group stared at him their mouths hanging open. “You want to bind us together?” Reid asked looking horrified. “Dude that is mean.”

“Yeah being bound to Reid for eternity by one pact is enough for me thank.” Tyler said, “No need to add another.”

“Exactly.” Reid said.

“Besides it sounds like blood magic.” Caleb said and Pogue nodded sheepishly.

“But it isn’t that dangerous and it is similar to our Covenant except we aren’t bound by a secret we would be bound by friendship.” Pogue said.

“Um I feel like an idiot here but since I was raised a Muggle I think I am justified in asking this, what is your Covenant and what is this binding pact deal?” Liz asked.

“Good question.” Serena hummed. “Since you boys are the only ones who know the full details you might want to share with Liz and Alex.”

Reid, Tyler, and Pogue all turned to Caleb who saw everyone looking at him and groaned. “Why am I the one that always has to explain everything?” He grumbled.

“Because you are the oldest.” Tyler said.

“Now get to it.” Reid added.

Caleb shot Reid a dark look but rolled his shoulders back as he prepared for his tale. “There are many Covenant’s in existence each is an oath taken by all parties involved binding them together in some way. Back in the time of the Dark Lord’s reign his Deatheaters were a Covenant bound by their pureblood principles and all that jazz, there was also some group Dumbledore supposedly ran and they were bound trying to get back and stop the Dark Lord. The original founders of Salem were bound in a pact to teach the young witches and wizards of the States all that they knew same with the founders of Hogwarts. Our Covenant the Covenant of the Sons of Ipswich is an ancient Covenant that dates back to the Old World and ancient times.” Caleb explained.

“How ancient exactly?” Alex asked.

“Our families are old enough that we have existed before Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. It has been rumored that our five families were some of the first people with magical cores in them. We don’t know where the power comes from but it has always existed in our families.” Pogue said his deep voice sending shivers down their spines in the dark room.

“The Covenant of the Sons of Ipswich was one of silence it was silence in keeping muggles from our secret. It existed in the Old World and here. We never let them into our circle and we never marry a muggle.” Caleb explained.

“That’s harsh.” Jasmine scoffed.

“That’s the deal.” Reid sighed.

“So no one in your families is Muggle born?” Liz asked.

“We never said Muggle born witches weren’t allowed in, but Muggle’s themselves, no.” Caleb said.

“Interesting.” Liz whispered.

“So this friendship covenant would be what?” Louise asked rubbing her eyes to try and stay awake. Cory the only other second year boy besides Alex was staring dead into space. Louise raised her hand and waved it in front of his face. “Um I think Cory is dead.” She whimpered.

“No he is just asleep.” Alex grunted.

“His eyes are open.” Caleb pointed out.

Alex snorted as he reached over and pinched his dorm-mate. “Wake up buddy.” Alex laughed as Cory blinked a few times a light rose color tinting his cheeks as he looked away from the others.

“Sorry.” Cory muttered running a hand through his stray blonde locks.

“Dude you sleep with your eyes open?” Reid asked laughing at his house mate.

“Yeah, my brother used to try and pull pranks on me in my sleep and I found if I sleep with my eyes open he is less likely to do something since it freaks him out.” Cory said not looking them in the eye his embarrassment apparent.

“Back on topic here people!” Serena barked twirling a piece of blue hair between her fingers that she recently dyed. “What are the risks and benefits here Pogue?”

“Well it is blood magic so there is a lot of risk involved and we are not that powerful yet so I will need my dad’s help.” Pogue said not meeting their gaze hating to admit that he would need help.

“What are the benefits of doing this Pogue I mean why do we need a pact?” Caleb asked knowing that if his friend was bringing this up to a group of a people that he had only known for almost a year than he had serious reasons for doing so.

“Well the whole thing with Liz not getting to speak to us and see us really got me thinking I mean there had to be a way around it. Deatheaters were able to be at work one second where there are intense wards and then the next they were together in some unknown location.”

Liz sat up straighter at that looking to Caleb to see if what Pogue was saying was true. “Yeah it was a variation on an traveling spell that was bound in their blood, the dark mark.” Caleb said.

“Any spell that you use to summon people like that will leave a mark.” Tyler cautioned his blue eyes unusually dark. “Not only physically but it will leave a magical signature on you.”

“Right but it is dead useful, it is like a portkey but built in. For Liz and Alex whose parents are against all of us being friends it would be great.” Pogue said.

“But the ministry.” Serena huffed folding her arms across her chest. “Yous know the trouble wez would get in for that and your pops.”

“Well to make my mother happy it is a risk my father is willing to take.” Pogue said turning to wink at Liz who got to experience his testy mother first hand.

“How would we contact each other and get together with this mark?” Liz asked leaning forward slightly shocking Serena.

Pogue smirked at Liz; he knew that she would be the first to go for it after what her dad pulled. “From what dad said all you have to do is think of the person and touch your mark and it will transport you there.” Pogue said.

“Wicked.” Louise sighed, “Can you imagine how cool that would be I mean we could like get together like whenever we like wanted.” She said.

“Right.” Pogue drawled rolling his eyes at her sudden exuberance.

The light of the flickering flame danced over Caleb’s calm body; even then he was their leader and the one they all looked to for guidance. “I think we should do it then, even if it is just to keep in contact with each other. This way if one of us is in trouble we can get to them easier.”

Pogue looked excited. “My dad also mentioned that the mark would let us know if one of us is in trouble and apparently we would somehow know who it was.” The roll of his dark eyes made Jasmine snicker, it was obvious that he didn’t buy into that bit of the spell.

“Downside being we can’t reverse it right?” Cory asked and Pogue nodded.

“And that would be bad why?” Alex asked.

“Well if someone in here pissed you off enough to want to get away you never could you would always feel them there like a second presence. It would make you crazy.” Caleb said watching the twelve year olds shudder at the thought.

Tyler cringed at their reactions but he could understand it after all he had to suffer with constantly being aware of the other three. “Pogue we can’t do this to them they are only twelve and I don’t think they realize what they are really getting into.”

“I think we should do it.” Liz said glaring at the teen.

Tyler rolled his eyes at her. “Black sit back and think about this for a minute, do you really want to be connected to Reid and feel him with you all the damn time?”

Liz turned her dark eyes on the blonde she had gotten to know better the past week and her eyes set in determination. “Yes, he is my friend for life.”

A brilliant smile spread over his face as her words registered. “Same here.” He whispered.

Pain and rage raced hotly through his veins as he stared at the war before him. Nothing mattered anymore there was nothing left for him in this world. The mark on his wrist that had been there since he was fourteen tingled on his tan flesh. “We are one flesh.” He whispered tracing his finger over what looked like a slightly raised scar. “We are forever.”

A soft wind kissed the back of his neck in its comforting touch. As Caleb Danvers stood in the tick of death he could feel the presence of the fallen behind him, he was the last of his Covenant‘s, the last of his coven. He could feel Liz’s soft fingers grazing his arm, hear Serena’s throaty laugh mixed with Pogue’s bark. He could smell Cory’s sweet scent and feel Louise’s energy. Reid’s snicker tickled his ear and Alex’s snorting laugh warmed his heart as he listened to the gentle hum of Tyler’s voice guiding him on following Jasmine’s light. They were one in life and would be one again in death. The soft scent of cinnamon and baby powder overwhelmed him nearly knocking him over.

“For my family, for my son.”

Alex looked at Liz his best friend and the one person who was honest with him always. Where she went he knew he would always follow it was their way, if she was going to do this then so would he. “I’m in.” He whispered grinning when Liz rewarded him with one of her rare dazzling smiles.

Serena released her blue strand of hair looking at her two friends and then the older boys. “Bring it on.”

Louise squealed bouncing in her seat oddly awake for the late hour. “Me too.”

“Might as well join that band wagon.” Cory sighed.

“Count me in as well.” Tyler grinned and Jasmine nodded.

“Me too.”

Everyone in the room turned to Caleb who was looking at Liz. “How about it Danvers, you in?”

“I am in. Friends to the bitter end as they say.”

Reid snorted across the room, “You make it sound as if we are all going to die horrible and painful deaths.”

Caleb gave his friend a forced smile. “Yeah because that doesn’t run in our families.”

Serena twirled her hair uncomfortably hating the tension that had fallen over the room. “So Parry whenz do ya wanna do do diz?” She asked.

“How about tonight since it is Liz and Alex’s last night since their mom and dad gave conditions on how and when they were to return home. I think it is also safe to assume that neither of their homes is connected to the floo network.” Pogue said.

“Yeah like my dad wants me shooting out of our fireplace.” Liz snorted.

“So that means we have to do it tonight.” Pogue said going over to his study door and throwing it open allowing light to spill into the room. The occupants let out yelps of pain as the sudden light stung their eyes. “Dad we’re ready.”

A tall older and weather-bitten version of Pogue lumbered into the room, Pogue only being a few inches shorter than his father. Paul curled his lip in what the others knew was a smirk after dealing with Pogue for a short time. “Everyone ready to get their griffin on?” He asked.

Serena snorted and the others snickered. Pogue rolled his eyes at his dad but nodded anyway. Paul Parry grinned and pulled a book out from behind his back. Reid flew back in his seat confused. “Whoa papa Parry where the hell were you hiding that shit?”

“I pulled it outa my ass Reid where do you think I was hiding it?” Paul drawled.

“I love’em.” Serena sighed making the older gentlemen wiggle his eyebrows.

“Yuck.” Pogue groaned.

“He was holding it in his other hand Reid.” Caleb laughed.

Paul grinned at Caleb. “Thank you Caleb my favorite son.” Paul chortled.

Pogue glared at his dad, “Hey I am your favorite.”

“Only because you are biologically mine.” Paul admitted and Pogue nodded adjusting his pants as if trying to reassure himself that he still wore the pants of the favorite.

“But we all know I am your mother’s favorite Pogue.” Tyler sang flashing his pearly whites.

“Yeah only because you constantly tell her she is the star of your wet dreams.” Caleb grunted.

Paul set the book down on the ornate wooden desk before he crossed his arms over his bare chest and glared at the Simms boy. “That was you?” Paul growled his eyes darkening to an angry brown. “Because of your comment my wife had the nerve to tell me I wasn’t romantic enough. Apparently a teenage boy telling her she was bone worthy was better than rose petals on a bed.”

Pogue pulled a face moving away from his father. “Too much information dad.”

Paul just grinned at his son. “Aw come on don’t ya want a sister?”

“You’re sterile.”

“Am not, that is a myth. We are allowed to have more than one child thank you very much.” Paul huffed, “Otherwise Reid would be an only child.”

“I wish it wasn’t a myth.” Reid grumbled.

“How many siblings do you have?” Liz asked cocking her head to the side as she stared at the blonde.

“Six and a half.”

“How can you have a half?” Cory asked.

“Dude your mom is expecting again?” Tyler asked and Reid nodded trying to cover a grimace.

“If your parents keep popping them out man…” Pogue laughed.

“Well according to mom they can have as many as they want because they have galleons out the butt to spend on them.”

“Wait so how does that work into the Covenant than?” Alex asked.

“It only applies to the first born sons. If a girl had been born first it would not go to her but the first son.” Paul explained.

“So the spell!” Caleb exclaimed drawing the room back to order which was difficult since they all seemed to have the attention span of a fruit fly.

“So Pogue you went over everything with them?” Paul asked his son.

Pogue nodded, “All but how the spell is performed.”

“Great. Well I can quickly answer that.” Paul laughed. “It is done with blood magic which connects to the core of your magic. By combining your blood you are essentially connecting your magical cores. This is the connection that allows you all to stay connected. I will slit your wrists and perform the unbreakable vow and add a little of this and a little of that and then perform the incantation and we are done. Oh and then there is the whole two week insomnia bit but…”

“Whoa hold up!” Alex said standing up throwing his arms into the air. “Insomnia?” He asked his hands on his hips as he glared at his friend’s father.

“Well yeah, after powerful magic like this hits you it leaves you on an intense high. You will be unable to sleep for a while but after the two week period is up you will go back to somewhat normal.” Paul said.

“Somewhat normal?” Tyler choked out.

“Well you will always feel the others around you. If you wanted I could do the extra bit and make it so you can hear each other’s thoughts…”

“No!” The kids yelled the girls looking horrified at the thought.

“Alright sheesh I was just asking no need to get snippy with me.”

“Dad just please start the spell.” Pogue begged his father.

“Alright, anyone who wants to back out better do so now or forever be bound together.”

Four hours later and each with a fresh slit on their left wrist with a new scar in the shape of a pentagram in a circle the new Covenant was bound. The friends sat in the middle of the room leaning against one another as they adjusted to the feel of the magic pouring through them. Alex had a towel to his nose as the rush caused him a severe nose bleed.

“That was wow.” Louise gasped out staring blankly in front of her.

“Totally.” Reid wheezed.

“Guyz I tink Im gonna pass out.” Alex mumbled.

“No you won’t.” Caleb grunted.

“My head is spinning.” Jasmine sighed.

“I feel like I am shooting through the damn stars.” Pogue giggled.

Paul Parry stood in the doorway laughing at the kids with his wife at his side. They made a funny sight all clumped together in their scant night clothes as they stared in space higher than a kite. “Ready to get home Liz, Alex?” Pogue’s mother asked softly.

“Sure.” Liz breathed standing on shaky legs. “Whoa head rush.” She sighed.

“Oh their parents are going to hate us.” She fretted, “It looks like they are on drugs.”

“Them some good drugs then.” Paul laughed.

Mrs. Parry rolled her eyes at her husband biting her lip furiously. Alex and Liz were all packed but they were still in their night clothes and she didn’t think that they were going to be in any state to change for hours at least until some of the edge of the spell wore off and the fog surrounding their minds cleared. She had seen such affects before when her son and his friends were inducted into the Covenant of silence like their fathers before them. The haze stuck around for hours until just the euphoric high was present and even then it wasn’t pleasant for those around the person to experience since the person in the state was irrationally happy which could lead to dangerous situations.

“Come on you two we need to get you dressed. Paul help Alex I will help Liz.” She instructed and her husband knew better than to question her. Even if he was some powerful wizard that many feared there was nothing scarier to Paul Parry than his wife angry.

“Yes dear.” He mumbled leading the lanky teen into the side room where he could assist him in putting on pants and a top.

“So demanding.” Alex hummed making the older man laugh as he nodded in agreement.

“Welcome to married life Alex.”

Alex grinned at the wizard removing his bloody towel from his face as he wiggled his eyebrows. “But for a wife that hot I would be willing to follow her lead.”

Not long after Paul led Liz and Alex past the front gate of his home and outside his anti apparition field. “Ready?” He asked.

“No.” They groaned.

“Great let’s go, hold on tight now.” Paul said and the two did so reluctantly if only so they would be split in half.

Paul looked around the dark alley he and the two children had appeared in with distaste. “Sorry Paul but my parents own a café, this comes with the territory.” Liz hummed as she and Alex practically danced their way onto the main street with the older man trailing after them looking far less graceful. An annoying bell rang above the door as the three entered and Paul wanted to leave right away.

“Good Merlin these people are batty.” He breathed.

“I think so too at times.” Liz sang as she twirled in place.

“Liz, Alex.” Jeff Parker looked up from the paper work he had spread out on the counter as the café bustled about.

“Hi daddy.” Liz breathed in her airy tone she had taken since the spell. Jeff blanched when he saw the glazed over look in their eyes. His eyes darkened as he sensed powerful magic surrounding them leaving a scar on their cores.

“What the hell happened?” Jeff growled in a low voice not wanting to alarm his customers as he stared down the imposing man before him.

“Well my brothers and I were less than happy with the situation Liz and Alex are in and we decided to air on the side of caution when it comes to their future.” Paul said drawing on his years of intimidation as the Parry heir.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Jeff snarled.

Paul smirked at the man before him looking him dead in the eye. “They are members of a new Covenant Parker and anyone who tries to break it will face consequences they can’t fathom.”

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.5 pg.6 1-3-08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:20 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I am so happy that you are liking this so far! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 6: Second Year Secrets

Jeff Parker walked slowly behind his daughter as he watched her walk towards the security check point with Alex. His worst fears had come true when he felt the magic on his daughter upon her return to Roswell after her week away from Roswell that summer. She was different so very different and the dark power clinging to her was a bitter reminder of the stench of magic residue on her mother. A still pink scar stood out on their wrists making him grind his teeth, it was a symbol of all he hated; a dark binding oath similar to the one that enslaved her mother.

“Well this is where we have to go alone.” Alex said kissing his mother on the cheek and shaking hands with his father.

“Be safe Alex.” Charles Whitman whispered. Jeff watched the man silently as Nancy said her goodbyes to Liz. Charles had been acting differently with Alex the past few weeks, clinging to his adopted son. A dark haunted look replaced the sad look in Charles’s eyes as he watched Alex wait at the check point for Liz.

“Bye daddy.” Liz whispered never meeting his eyes. Jeff bent down and kissed her forehead not wanting to let her go. She was so young and so grown up at the same time.

“Charles you alright?” Jeff asked as they watched their kids walk away holding hands as they talked.

Charles shook his head as he stared after the two. “Something is wrong Jeff I can feel it, I can’t help but feel that something terrible is going to happen to my son this year and he will never be the same again.”

Jeff sighed patting his old friend on the back, “Trust those instincts Charles they usually end up being right.”

Liz and Alex were anxious to get away from their parents and meet their friends; nothing had been the same after that week. “Black and Black.” A familiar voice laughed from beside them Liz turned and saw Tyler Simms leaning against a pillar in the Salem train station. “We were wondering when you were going to get here, come on the others saved compartments for us across from each other.” Tyler said leading the way.

“How come you got stuck with watch duty?” Alex asked.

Tyler laughed at their question as he looped an arm around Liz. “I volunteered,” he said.

“Why?” Liz asked watching as Tyler pulled a pained face.

“Reid and Caleb have new girlfriends.” Tyler whispered, “And boy can I not stand them so Pogue and I fought over who got to leave and who got to stay. I won.” Tyler said.

Alex shot a pained look at Liz who appeared unusually cool and aloof. “Oh really when did this happen?” Alex asked,” And why are we just now hearing about it?”

“I am guess Reid started dating her three weeks ago?” Liz asked Tyler nodded stunned that she figured that out, she must have noticed his expression because she was grinning at him. “Come on Tyler it fits. Remember at the campfire he skipped out and then he was always ducking away to talk on the phone or in the fire?”

“Caleb started dating Melinda Marrows four weeks ago and Reid finally asked Bethany Wilkins.” Tyler grumbled.

“You don’t like them do you?” Alex asked.

“That obvious?”

“Only to those of us who know you.” Liz admitted slapping his chest trying to make him feel better as elves loaded their trunks onto the train.

“Come on I think if we are lucky we can get a compartment away from them.” Tyler said his blue eyes brightening at the prospect.

The train was full of kids eleven to seventeen all shouting out greetings. When they spotted Liz and Alex their greetings were turned to them. Towards the middle of the train Tyler stopped and squared his shoulders looking as if he were getting ready for battle. “You two ready?” Tyler asked.

Liz and Alex could feel through their connection that their friends were all on the other side of the two doors on either side of the hall. Liz tapped Tyler on the shoulder and pointed to the other door before she whispered, “That is the one we want Reid and Caleb aren’t in there.”

Tyler looked relieved that she knew that as he turned and opened the door to the cramped compartment. “Welcome.” Pogue said to the safe haven.

“The only place safe from thoz horn dogs.” Serena muttered.

“We had to kick Caleb out after we heard a groan, a little too much of him for my taste.” Cory muttered as he flipped the page of his new second year potions book.

“So any room for us?” Alex asked.

“Yeah wez just have ta double up.” Serena said shoving Pogue’s book to the side as she sat in his lap. Alex quickly sat down and took her place as Tyler pulled Liz down into his lap in the only other free seat.

“Thanks.” Liz mumbled. “I was afraid I was going to have to go and find someplace else to sit.”

Pogue laughed as he opened his book back up, it appeared to be some wizard mystery novel that was popular. “Like we would let that happen.”

“So all of you are avoiding them?” Alex asked.

“Hell yeah.” Pogue admitted. “You all haven’t had to see them everyday all summer. I swear there wasn’t a day where I didn’t have to see Bethany’s tongue rammed down Reid’s throat.”

“Sounds pleasant.” Cory hummed from behind his book.

“Caleb is worse.” Tyler groaned laying his head against Liz a sharp pained look on his face. “He just forgets all that is around him when he is with Melinda.”

“Well you know what you gotta do ta get back at him.” Serena giggled.

“What?” Pogue asked.

“Get your own girls and rub it in their face.” Jasmine said and Liz nodded in agreement.

“Devious.” Alex sighed, “But yeah it would probably work.” Alex agreed.

“Or at least you wouldn’t be miserable since you would have your tongue rammed down some other girl’s throat.” Liz snickered.

Tyler pinched her side making her shriek in laughter. “Think its funny do ya Black?” Tyler asked as the two fell to the floor, Liz in a fit of giggles as he tickled sides mercilessly. Her bouts of laughter grew louder and louder the longer he tickled her as tears poured out of her eyes and her cheeks reddened.

“Tyler!” She shrieked in a breathy gasp.

“Come on Black you know what to do I am not going to ease up on you until you say it.” Tyler laughed. The others just watched their friends in fascination as they rolled about on the compartment floor. Neither Liz nor Tyler saw the compartment door slide open as Tyler straddled Liz and continued to torture her.

“Are we interrupting anything?” Reid’s voice startled the two out of their little world. Liz and Tyler gasped and their heads swung in the direction of the door where Caleb, Reid and their girlfriends stood looking down at the floor where Liz and Tyler were tangled together. Reid and the girls looked amused while Caleb looked at the two with some unknown expression on his face and strange dark emotion shimmering behind his dark brown eyes.

“Yes now go away they were just getting to the good part.” Pogue said.

“Tyler get the hell off of Liz.” Caleb growled. Tyler shot is friend a look wondering what crawled up his butt and died as he got back into his seat and pulled Liz up with him. “Why are you doubled up?” Caleb asked watching as Liz sat comfortably on their friend.

“Not enough room.” Alex said grinning when he saw the flare of anger in Caleb’s eye.

“Well we are almost at school so you should get into your uniforms.” Melinda said as she ran her hand down Caleb’s arm.

“Alright thanks.” Liz said getting up to retrieve her backpack from above the others moving to get theirs as well. The four in the doorway watched in horror as Serena stripped off her shirt at the same time as Cory.

“Not in the same compartment.” Caleb ground out.

“Why we have underclothes on.” Louise giggled flinging her top at Reid who tried to duck out of the way.

“Reid Garwin shut your eyes.” Bethany snapped.

“Nothing he hasn’t seen before.” Jasmine muttered.

“Heck he’s seen us in less.” Liz grumbled as she adjusted her uniform.

“Yeah which by the way is so not fair.” Cory huffed.

Reid crossed his arms in annoyance, “Hey I didn’t know they were in there changing I thought they were just sting around it was more than a little shocking to see the four of them like that.” Bethany shot him a withering look before she tugged on his arm.

“Come on Reid the train is going to get there soon let’s go wait with the others.” She said leading him out of the compartment.

“See you all later.” Reid called back to his friends.

“Won’t count on it.” Tyler grumbled as Caleb and Melinda started to leave. Caleb turned back looking at his friend puzzled trying to figure out what he meant.

“Come on Ty let’s go.” Jasmine whispered tugging on his hand leading him in the opposite direction of Caleb and Reid who stared after their friends in confusion.

“See you at the feast Caleb.” Liz said waving to him as she joined the others.

“Aren’t you all coming with us?” Reid asked.

Liz gave her friend a small smile feeling bad for him, it wasn’t their fault that they were so caught up in their new relationships they didn’t realize how uncomfortable others were around them. “No, we will see you later though.” She said winking at him before she left with the others linking arms with Serena as they made their short walk to the school.

“You two going to work on Pogue?” Louise asked.

“Yup you and Louise going to work on Tyler?” Liz asked and the blonde nodded.

Louise ran a small hand though her curly blonde hair as she looked at the two boys ahead of them walking with Jasmine, Alex and Cory. “They are going to have to get used to Caleb and Reid having girlfriends and they are going to have to accept that they are going to find friend’s outside our group as well.” Liz said.

“They just needs ta realiz that even if wez have other friendz we will always be together. After all thatz what da pact waz about.” Serena mumbled.

Louise suddenly let out a small squeal. “What is your deal?” Liz hissed looking at her suddenly bouncing friend at her side.

“Liz, Seth Baker is staring at you. At first I thought he was just glancing this way but no he keeps looking over here at you.” Louise giggled.

“How do you know it’s not at you or Serena?” Liz asked rolling her eyes at her friend.

“Because I just know this kind of stuff.”

Serena looked over at the dark haired teen a year above them and then back at Liz a sly grin on her face. “Black I think shez right.” Serena said.

Liz blushed furiously ducking her head as she felt people staring at her. “You are wrong.” Liz muttered as they settled down at their seats in the dining hall.

“What took you three so long?” Caleb asked watching the three girls sit down, Melinda still clinging to his side.

“Oh Lizzie has an admirer.” Louise giggled looking across the hall to Alex’s table where Seth still kept stealing glances at Liz.

Caleb glanced at Seth and back at Liz an uneasy look on his face. “Oh good for you.” He muttered.

Pogue smirked at his friend before they all stared at their headmaster waiting for him to get his usual spiel over with. “Welcome back students and staff it is great to see you all happy and healthy ready to learn. Now professor if you would please start the sorting.” The headmaster said and the new first years paraded in.

“Pst Liz,” Ryan Cornwall hissed at his sister’s friend.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Check out the new professor, I hear she is the new dueling instructor.”

Liz glanced up at where the teachers were all congregated and saw a tall thin redhead, a grim look about her. “Who is she?” Liz asked.

“Her name is Heidi Prince. She is our latest import.” Ryan snickered.

“What do ya mean?” Serena asked her brother.

“Shez one of those English Prince’s you knowz from the pure blood Prince family.” Ryan hissed and a few students who had been listening in gasped in horror.

“What is wrong with that?” Liz asked.

“Wellz theyz are kinda dark Liz, like worse than the Black family even. It was rumored that therez were none left that theyz were all wiped out in the last war.” Serena whispered as the dark eyes of Heidi Prince flickered to their table almost as if she had heard the students speaking.

“I didn’t know it was possible to be darker than a Black.” Liz mumbled, “my dad always said my family was the worst sort.”

“The Black’s were bad Liz but they were never overly sadistic.” Pogue whispered, “the Prince family would take prisoners and torture them for days just for the fun of it. Then they would set them lose and go hunting for them and finally kill them.”

Liz shivered at the thought of hunting a human. “Ultimate predator better prey.” Caleb whispered.

“More like twisted and disgusting.” Melinda hissed at her boyfriend. “Anyone who kills another should be killed themselves.”

Liz and Caleb stiffened at her declaration their friends shifting around uncomfortably, except for Serena. “Not all of uz have that option girly. Sometimes killing is a way of survival.” Serena spat turning away from the girl to face the sorting.

Melinda rolled her eyes at the younger girl and went back to smiling at Caleb who looked even less interested in her. The sorting of the dorms was finally over and the headmaster in all his imposing glory stood before the silent hall. “Students welcome back and welcome first year students I hope your time here will prove valuable and educational. Now for a few announcements. This year we have a new dueling instructor Professor Prince who comes to us from Drumstrang in Bulgaria where she was known as Order of Tarsus world class dueling champion. She along with Professor Jackaelis will be instructing you in the finer points of dueling. Also this year due to an unfortunate incident last year students will no longer be allowed in the mirror library until the proper wards are put in place.”

“What happened last year?” Liz asked looking behind her at Pogue who’s grim face made her uneasy.

“A seventh year student was killed.” He whispered

Liz gapped at him, “How come we never heard about this?” Liz hissed.

“Liz the seventh year student was killed by dark magic like really dark. Problem is no one knows how the wards didn’t go off and why they are unable to track the killer.” Pogue explained.

“Still doesn’t explain why the school didn’t tell us I mean we have a right to know if one of our classmates dies.” Liz grumbled.

“The parents know Liz which is how we found out, obviously your dad never told you. I imagine many parents didn’t tell their kids.” Pogue said.

“Why not?” Liz hissed.

“Because it would scare them and make them not want to go to school.” Caleb whispered finally joining the conversation when he saw Melinda talking to her friend now that the speech was over and the food was on the table.

“Well it sounds like they have reason to be scared if they can’t even find the killer.” Louise said.

“You have no idea.” Pogue whispered darkly.

Jasmine stared at Pogue shrinking away from him when his dark eyes landed on her, “What is it Pogue?” She asked.

“It’s just weird that there was no magical trace to be found, nothing to track.”

Caleb nodded in agreement spearing a pea with his fork, “It’s also weird that they picked that girl to take out.”

“How so?” Liz asked.

Caleb and Pogue shared one of their looks before they turned back to the tiny brunette. “Calisto Barbas was the girl killed.” Pogue growled.

Serena and Louise winced at the name while Liz and Jasmine stared at them confused. “So?” Jasmine asked.

Serena ignored her friend leaning closer to Pogue, “I didn’t know she still went here I thought her dad pulled her out.”

Caleb rolled his eyes at her, “That is what a lot of people thought and because she was a seventh year not many saw her. She and her family wanted it that way.” Caleb said, “I can understand why what with all the shit people put her through.”

“Okay I am seriously missing something here care to fill me in?” Liz asked

“Yeah seriously.” Jasmine huffed.

“Barbas Liz as in the Barbas family.” Louise hissed.

Liz just shook her head not seeing what was so important. “Rena she hasn’t had to deal with them yet she wouldn’t know.” Louise whispered.

Serena’s shoulders slumped and she looked to the boys to explain. “Liz the Barbas family is pretty old themselves like our families. They are sort of like living magical secret keepers. It is said that each member of the Barbas family is entrusted with a secret one very big very powerful secret that is revealed with their deaths.” Caleb explained.

“So whoever killed Calisto thought she had a secret and that she would tell them.” Liz whispered.

Pogue shook his head at his friend, “They didn’t think she had a secret Liz they knew she did.”

“Wait that whole secret thing is real?” Liz asked her large doe eyes wide with shock. “How the heck do you all know?”

Serena looked down her eyes never meeting those of her friend, “Liz my dad killed Calisto’s aunt.” Caleb whispered his voice low and rough full of pain. “He killed her for her secret and boy did she blab.”

“Oh.” Jasmine gasped.

“So someone killed Calisto for her secret.” Liz whispered and Pogue nodded.

“Must have been a hell of a secret.” Jasmine huffed.

“What secret did your dad hear?” Liz asked. Caleb blanched, “But you don’t have to.” She quickly added when she saw him flinch.

“When the banshee cries and the watch stops on twelve the eldest son of the blood line would die.” Caleb whispered sipping his apple cider.

“Meaning what?” Jasmine asked.

“It waz a death omen.” Serena muttered looking ill and Caleb nodded. “That waz the big secret she was keeping waz da death of your dad?” Caleb nodded.

“Why would that be a big secret?” Liz asked.

“Because it was part of a prophecy, supposedly when James dies Caleb will inherit his powers.” Pogue filled in.

Louise released a shuddering breath her shoulders shivering in the warm hall, “That is scary.” She whispered.

“Well how did your dad know it was about him how did he know she knew a secret about him?” Liz asked.

“Liz always the inquisitive one.” Pogue chuckled making her blush.

“Good question Liz.” Caleb said glaring at Pogue. “I think we miss informed you a bit see when we said they knew a secret we meant that they know a bunch of them and the way you find out your secret is by killing one of them and they will reveal it to you.”

“That is just wrong.” Jasmine muttered.

“Never said it wasn’t.” Caleb sighed.

“So whoever killed Calisto knew that there was a secret out there about them and they picked off the easiest target.” Liz said and the others nodded. “That is just mean.”

“That is the life of the Barbas family; I think all of them expect to be killed at some point because no one wants a juicy secret like theirs to go to the grave with them.” Pogue chuckled.

“Do they have any suspects?” Jasmine asked and Pogue nodded.

“A fair few and each one seems less possible than the other.”

Caleb sighed putting down his fork to stare at the four girls, “But there is one thing they do know.”

“What?” Liz asked.

“They know that there is no possible way it was another student.” Caleb whispered darkly.

“How?” Liz glanced between the two older students wondering what would make them say that after all another student would have the opportunity.

“Liz the magic used on Calisto was dark like darker than anything even Salem could teach us. Only a really powerful wizard could pull off the kind of spell that killed Calisto.” Pogue whispered his eyes darting about nervously flickering to the area in the hall where the teachers were sitting. “Only someone who is deeply immersed in dark magic could pull it off.”

Jasmine looked baffled that such a spell existed, “What spell was used?” She asked.

“The killing curse.” Serena whispered those around them that were listening shuddered violently.

Liz was now the only one who didn’t understand why that was so terrible. Louise looked at her friend and sighed when she saw her confounded look, “Don’t worry Liz be happy you don’t know what the killing curse is. It is one of the unforgivable curses that will give you a life sentence in Azkaban.”

Liz’s dark eyes clouded over with worry as her head whipped in Caleb’s direction tears filling her eyes, “Caleb is that the same curse my…”

Caleb nodded sadly at Liz feeling terrible for her; apparently her father had never told her what spell her mother had used on her victims. “That is the curse she used Liz.” He whispered, “Only someone powerful and full of intent could have done so which is why the ministry knows that a student couldn’t have done this to Calisto, our magic is nowhere near developed enough to put the intent behind it. Not even a seventh year would be able to muster up the core power needed.”

“Do they think it is a member of the staff?” Louise asked, “My dad wouldn’t say.”

“No they are pretty sure it’s not one of them but they are looking into all possibilities.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled across the table.

Liz snorted at that, “Well then they should be looking at the students as well, they should know by now that appearances are deceiving. Who is to say if a person is not powerful enough? Look at what we did this summer. If we could do that and practice magic in secret then there is nothing stopping other students from doing the same.” Liz pointed out.

The others were silent as they digested what Liz had said. “Merlin she is right.” Louise breathed, “It could be anyone.”

“Wez are screwed.” Serena whimpered.

Liz and Jasmine once again stared at their friend in shock, “What the heck makes you say that?” Liz asked tucking a strand of hair behind her ear nervously, “I mean they were after Calisto for her secret not the students.”

“No Liz if the ministry iz looking in ta matterz wez are gonna be looked at az well. Theyz are gonna sense our pact.”

Liz blanched at that, “Oh.”

“We can’t get in trouble though I mean even if they do pick up on it they can’t prove that we were the ones to perform the ritual.” Pogue said.

“Well this year will sure be interesting.” Caleb groaned.

Liz snorted looking away from him, “What are you worried about Caleb, it’s not like you are going to be here most of the time just for a few classes.”

“Yeah you don’t have to eat meals and sleep here.” Louise grumbled.

“I am still staying here, and so is Tyler.” Pogue said nudging Serena in the side hoping to get her to smile. Her lips twitched as she fought a grin before her petal pink lips revealed her bright white teeth in a blinding smile.

“That’s good.” Liz giggled.

Caleb stared at his friends an odd feeling building in his chest. “Well I am just staying home with my mom; I think she gets lonely there by herself.”

Serena stared hard at him as if she sensed something was wrong her eyes roaming over him in an uncomfortable way. Her eyes flickered to Melinda and then Liz before they focused back on her plate grimly. He didn’t know what she saw but Caleb knew that Serena had come to some conclusion and it was not one she was happy with.

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.6 pg.7 1-9-08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies I am so happy that you are liking this. Thanks...


Part 7: Second Year Secrets II

The first month of school had gone by quickly and by the end Pogue and Tyler were feeling more and more distant from their best friends since birth Reid and Caleb. Between attending Spencer Academy as freshmen, their fourth year of magic school and their girlfriends; Caleb and Reid had pulled away from the group drastically. Even more devastating for the group was the official launch of the investigation of the students at Salem for the now publicly recognized murder of Calisto Barbas. The group feared that any day now their secret would be revealed.

A pleasant surprise the group encountered was the dueling instructor Heidi Prince. Her quick wit and unique teaching style fascinated the group and Liz quickly found her new favorite class, dueling. Prince’s motto was, “If you are in a duel your brains will come in handier than your knowledge of dark spells.” Liz loved that finally her brain could be a powerful weapon.

Liz stuck her wand in her hip holster that Professor Prince had given to all of her students and want to the common room to wait for Serena; the two of them had been asked by Professor Prince to come in for a few out of class assignments since they showed the most promise as duelists. “Rena you have five minutes.” Liz grumbled to herself as she waited by the door for her friend.

“Hold your hippogriffs Black I’m here.” Serena chuckled adjusting her underskirt.

“Sorry I am just so excited.” Liz giggled as she looped arms with the other girl as they began their long trek to the other side of the school where Professor Prince’s office was located.

“Understandable, even I am excited wez are going to be learning some wicked moves,” Serena chuckled. The two walked in comfortable silence for a few moments as Serena’s eyes ran over her friend worry clouding the deep orbs for a moment. “Hey Liz youz talk ta Caleb lately?” Serena asked softly.

Liz shook her head looking down letting her dark hair fall in a curtain around her face to hide her miserable expression from her friend. “No,” She whispered.

Serena shook her head as she looked away from her friend, “Figures,” Serena snorted. Liz flinched hurt by her friend’s words. “Sorry didn’t mean it like that Liz.” Serena whispered squeezing Liz’s arm. “Iz Just mean that da idiot hazn’t even spoken to Pogue or Tyler. Theyz had hoped he would have at least spoken ta youz.”

Liz snorted rolling her eyes, “Yes because he would rather talk to a twelve year old girl than one of his buddies.”

Serena chuckled softly giving her friend a sad smile. Apparently Liz was just as oblivious to her feelings and connection to Caleb as he was her. “Well theyz were hoping he was still talking to you.” Serena sighed as they rounded the corner into a dark corridor.

Liz’s wrist gave a small twinge as she looked down at her beautiful scar. “Well Serena I guess we are just going to have to force him to talk to us. This Wednesday night he and Reid have a free block no muggle or magic school. I think it’s time we forced our friends to talk to us.” Liz said a dark look flashing in her eyes. Serena smirked at her friend and nodded.

“‘Bout damn time someone mentioned that we could do that I always wanted to test the summoning aspect of our pact.” The two walked farther down the corridor when the flicker of candle light off to the side caught their attention.

Liz shot Serena a suspicious look and Serena nodded giving her consent to tag along and check it out. The two girls quietly crept along approaching the partially open door that was allowing the small amount of light to spill into the corridor.

“And you really think it was him headmaster?” A worried female voice trilled in the room.

“Yes I am almost certain it was him.” Their headmaster sighed. Horrified gasps sounded in the room.

“But how headmaster?” the panicked voice of their magical history teacher asked. “How could he have gotten into Salem so easily I mean our wards…”

“Are nothing compared to the likes of him. I should have asked Albus to fix them, but I let my damn pride get in the way and now because of it a student is dead.” A weary sigh escaped his lips, “I should have listened to the old fool when he told me what he suspected.”

“There was no way to know for sure Theodore we all just thought he was a rambling old man. I mean who would have thought it possible…”

“I know Plank I know but still. We should have known by now that when Albus Dumbledore tries to warn us about something than he usually has a good reason.” Headmaster Krane spat.

“So you really think it’s true?” The deep throaty voice of Professor Prince surprised the girls. “You think the Dark Lord killed Calisto.”


“But why would he come after Calisto when there are others here more valuable students for him to go after?” Another professor asked softly.

“For her secret of course,” Krane spat. “But I fear that you are also right that it does not make sense for him to just leave the others alone when they are much more valuable to him.”

“Forgive me headmaster but maybe the reason he didn’t go after the others is because he simply didn’t know that they were here or he was not in a position to go after them.” Plank said.

“Yes headmaster I mean it would make sense. If it was the Dark Lord and he is weak at the moment he might not be in the position to challenge the Covenant just yet and if he were to go after the children then that is exactly who he would be facing.” Another professor added.

“They are correct headmaster I have seen the mark they bear myself. The Dark Lord must have sensed the dark power within them and found them too formidable for now. He will be back for them though if he is indeed the one who killed Calisto.” Prince hissed.

“They didn’t have that mark last year,” Plank spat, “That is a new acquirement.”

“Yes but Frank surely you remember that all last year wherever the Ipswich boys were the Blacks were as well.” Tinka the potions professor reminded her colleague.

“For now we are going to treat this as a threat. I will contact the ministry and ask for more security. We cannot risk the Black heirs in the hands of the Dark Lord nor the Sons of Ipswich.” Krane whispered.

“Well how are you going to get the ministry to help Headmaster? I mean just out right telling them we think the Dark Lord is back will only make them send us all to the loony bin.” Plank snapped.

“We are going to lie to them of course.”

Serena gripped Liz’s arm in a death grip her pale face a sickly gray in the dark as her small body shook with terror. Liz saw Serena’s throat bobbing and knew her friend well enough to clamp a small hand over her mouth to stifle the building scream as she dragged the taller girl away from the room and down the hall to a distant classroom. Liz pulled out her wand pointed at the door. “Silencio.” She whispered before she removed her hand from her friend’s face.

“Liz oh Merlin this iz bad I mean did ya hear them?” Serena wailed as she paced the dark classroom.

“Yes I heard them. Right now Serena you need to take a deep breath and calm down because freaking out will not help.”

Serena shot her a hysterical look, “Liz I think panicking iz perfect right now. Fuck Liz theyz think that da Dark Lord iz gonna come after all of us especially you and Alex. Liz freak out!” She screamed.

“Serena that will solve nothing.” Liz hissed at her friend, “We need to keep a level head here Serena come on here, think. We at least have information now before we were blind we had no idea he was even going to come after us. None of this is for sure Serena but now at least we know to be on the defensive and we can warn the others.” Liz tried to calm her friend who looked close to hopelessly sobbing.

Serena’s watery eyes stared at her smaller friend miserably. “Liz da staff thinks dat the Dark Lord still exists. He neva came to da States before.”

Liz held her friend’s shoulders tightly in her hands forcing her to meet her brown eyes. “They are just guessing here Serena, they don’t know. We will not panic until they do, they are adults Serena, if they felt we were going to be in trouble or in danger they would tell us. It is their job to keep us safe for the next six years.” Liz said.

“Real good job they did wit Calisto.” Serena grumbled.

Liz sighed pushing away from her friend as she sat down on one of the desks. “Serena we can’t panic yet.” Liz whispered.

“Liz I’m scared.” Serena whimpered.

“Me too.”


Draco Malfoy was scared. He couldn’t remember a time in his life when he ever trembled with as much fear as she had coursing through him in that moment as he stood on the steps in the front hall watching all that was happening around him the black mark on his arm searing with sickening pain. They were gone he could feel it; the small connection he had to an unconditionally loving family was gone.

“Draco where are you?” The frantic voice of his mother called out he could hear a sob building in her voice.

“Draco son where are you?” His father’s normally silky voice thundered over the shouts and screams surrounding the castle.

“Mother, father!” Draco yelled running towards them heading outside where he heard their muffled voices.

A loud enraged scream startled him as he exited the ancient castle. That scream was too familiar to him too close to the heart. His eyes scanned the grounds before they landed on the form of his aunt her dark raven hair streaked with gray flinging spells left and right at every deatheater she saw. He couldn’t stop his mouth from falling open at the sight as his uncles joined her. They were turning on their own, their friends since school, it was unheard of. The Dark Lord’s most intimate followers; his parents and family were turning on their dark master.

“Draco!” His mother shouted as she sprinted towards him tears streaming down her pale face when she saw him.

Draco moved to meet her when he stumbled over something on the ground. He met the ground with startling force the air escaping him in a pained rush. Draco gently rolled over as spells shot around him. “Draco are you alright?” His mother asked as she and his father raced towards him helping him up off the ground.

“Yes I just tripped over…” Draco looked down and gasped. “Liz.” He whispered.

“Come on Draco we must go and get inside it is far too dangerous for you out here.” His father hissed grabbing his arm firmly.

“No, Liz!” Draco shouted trying to wrench away from his father to get to his fallen cousin staring lifelessly into the distance her body stiff and rigid contorted in an unnaturally pained pose. Draco finally managed to get free from his father as he fell near Liz again scrambling on the ground towards her. He touched a pale hand to her face and flinched at slight warmness of her skin.

“Draco come.” His father ordered.

Draco glared at his father, “I am not a bloody dog.” He snapped.

The elder Malfoy glared at his son grinding his teeth sharply, “Draco there is nothing you can do for her now, come on the deatheaters and Order members are out for blood and I do not want my son caught in the mess.” Lucius snapped.

“Come Draco please.” His mother begged, Draco hated seeing his mother beg it was so unlike her. The seventeen year old growled before he slowly got up sparing one last glance at Liz before his parents dragged him inside. Unknown to the trio the fight had already moved inside and they were walking into the final battle for freedom.


Once Liz had calmed Serena down the two of them made their way to their meeting place with Professor Prince. They knew that they had to act as if they had heard nothing and Liz knew it was killing Serena inside, her fiery friend wanted to rip into the new professor and ask every question that jumped into her head.

“Good evening girls.” Prince said in her throaty voice that sent shivers down Serena’s slender spine. The professor raised an eyebrow at the movement but said nothing. “Tonight we will be working on something that is far more advanced than any second year can perform but I feel it is time to at least introduce the concept to you.” She said.

“What professor?” Liz asked leaning forward in her seat slightly biting her bottom lip in rapt anticipation.

“Wordless spell casting.” She said softly drawing gasps from the two girls.

“But most seventh years can’t even do that.” Liz whispered her doe eyes wide with concern.

Heidi raised her hand to silence her students. “True but there is something hindering them that the two of you do not have.” She whispered.

“What?” Serena asked.

“You are not set in your ways your minds have not been conditioned yet to relying on your wands for magic; you are still unconsciously using wandless and wordless magic. It will be easier for you to get over the idea of not being able to say what you want your wand to do.” Their professor said as she waved her wand at a desk and animated it to walk across the room. Liz and Serena gapped when they realized they never heard their professor speak.

“Cool.” Liz breathed.

Heidi Prince spent the next two hours demonstrating and going over the theory of wordless spell casting with the two young witches. Little did Heidi know but in a matter of two years her lessons in spell casting in battle would serve the two young girls well when they would face a stark brush with death at the hands of true evil.

Liz and Serena rushed down the halls back to their dorm. Wednesday could not come fast enough for the girls as they bubbled with nervous energy wanting to tell their friends all that they learned and heard that night. As their eyes fluttered closed that night a shaky voice croaked in the bed next to Liz.

“The end has begun.” Liz bolted upright in bed and she heard two others do the same. Liz looked next to her at Louise’s bed and in the dark of night saw her friend’s normally clear and bright eyes ghosted by a milky white color so dark and lifeless like the eyes of the dead.

“Louise?” Jasmine called.

“Yo what is up with dat shit?” Serena asked looking at her friend panic clear on her face as she clung to her covers.

“Louise.” Jasmine called again. The blonde slowly blinked her eyes as they cleared up a look of sheer terror on her face.

“Louise what is it?” Liz asked.

“I know why Calisto was killed; I know what secret she was hiding.”

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.7 pg.7 1-18-08

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Hey guys thanks so much for all of your reviews I love reading them! Thanks...

pandas2001- All of those questions will be answered slowly throughout this, a main part of this fic is going to be what happens when families turn against their own and finding out who is related to whom is a part of that! :D

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 8: Second Year Secrets III

Pogue rolled over in bed happily dreaming of home and his friends during the summer. He let out a contented sigh in his sleep before a pained gasp left his throat his brown eyes flying open as they watered profusely his wrist burning painfully. He sat up in bed clutching his arm to his chest, “Louise,” He gasped out. Pogue flung off his covers as he stumbled out of his twin bed half dressed ignoring the sleeping snores of his roommates as he stumbled out the door and down to the common area.

Around the school Reid, Tyler, Alex and Cory bolted up in bed letting out shrieks of pain. They could all feel it pulsing through their connections this inner voice shouting at them their friend’s name, “Louise”. Something was wrong they could feel it they could feel her and her fear.

Caleb Danvers set down his book in his room rubbing his eyes tiredly. He was finding it oddly hard to fall asleep at home even though he had stayed there through the summer. It was as if not having Pogue sleeping in the same room with him barred him from sleeping. “Caleb you still awake?” The throaty voice of his mother asked as she leaned against his doorframe, drink firmly clasped in hand.

“Yeah, hard time sleeping.” He grumbled.

“Probably from guilt.” She hummed.

Her son wrinkled his brows at her as her gaze swept over him absently. “I’m not feeling guilty; I have nothing to feel guilty about.” Caleb pointed out watching as his mother took a sip from her crystal bar glass.

“Sure, sure you don’t feel guilty that you have been spending all of your time at school or with your girlfriend that you haven’t even spoken to any of your other friends in weeks.” Evelyn hummed her dark eyes grinning at him viciously as she twisted a sore nerve with her son.

“I spoke to Pogue this morning in Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Caleb pointed out.

His mother nodded pressing her lips in a tight thin line, “Of course but what about Liz Parker, excuse me Black? What about Alex and that Cory boy?” She asked raising a thin eyebrow at her son.

“Yeah I just spoke to them…” Caleb paused trying to remember exactly when he had last spoken to any of them apart from Reid, Tyler and Pogue; he was drawing a sad and depressing blank.

“That’s what I thought.” Evelyn said setting her glass down on her son’s dresser sitting down next to him on his bed. Caleb would no longer meet her eyes as his dark gaze kept to the ground. “Want to tell my why you aren’t speaking to your other friends, a fight maybe?” She asked.

Caleb shook his head his brows furrowed. “No nothing like that, I just haven’t…had time.” He whispered.

“More like my son didn’t make time for his friends.” She clucked her tongue at that.

A deep sigh left the boy as the reality of what he was doing started to sink in. He really was ignoring the others. “I don’t know what happened mom. Why haven’t they said anything to me?” Caleb asked his stomach tightening oddly.

“Perhaps because they feel that you are happy and do not want to ruin that by begging for your attention that they feel you do not want to give them.” She said gently running her hand through her son’s dark locks.

Caleb went to deny that when a sharp searing pain burst through his wrist. He clutched his wrist to his chest as he fell off his bed and onto the floor looking ready to be ill. “Louise,” He groaned, “Something is wrong with Louise she is scared and so are the others.” He gasped out.

“Caleb your mark…” his mother breathed turning his wrist over, “It is inflamed. Caleb if you think something is wrong with your friends then you need to get to them, heaven forbid it is…” His mother held in a sob as she threw a shirt at him and helped him up. “Get to them now.” She choked out.

Caleb could feel this unnatural pull in him as if his body and mind were leading him somewhere. He closed his eyes as his mother stood at his bedside and he felt his body pull at the navel and then he was gone from his room. Caleb opened his eyes and saw that he was standing on the edge of the forest beside his school and a group of people, his friends, were standing there. “Caleb!” Pogue hissed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Alex asked looking like he had seen a ghost.

“I felt Louise was upset and then I was here.” Caleb explained shoving his hands in his sweatpants pockets approached his friends.

“Glad youz here.” Serena said briefly looking at him before her gaze went back to a shaking Louise.

“What happened?” He asked standing next to Pogue.

“I don’t know we were just…”

The sounds of running footsteps startled the group as different voices shouted out, “Stupify!” and red jest of light raced towards the small group.

The fourth year wizards acted on instincts their wands drawn as they pushed their friends to the ground to dodge the stunning spells.

“Stop stop!” The familiar voice of the Salem Headmaster Krane cried, “They are students!” He yelled.

“Oh Merlin.” Professor Tinka breathed as the group of ten adults approached the students.

“What are you all doing out here past curfew and what on earth are you doing here at this time Mr. Danvers?” Plank growled.

“The better question Headmaster is how did they get past the wards and out here and how did Caleb get in?” Prince asked looking over the students with a sharp eye. Caleb looked at her and noticed an almost fearful look in her eyes as she traced their forearms. Something about her searching their arms struck him odd, it was a gesture he had seen the adults from Europe do to each other as if they were looking for something.

Caleb felt as if someone had punched him in the gut when it suddenly hit him what Heidi Prince was looking for. “We are not deatheaters.” He spat practically growling when he saw Prince’s eyes flicker to Alex and Liz.

Liz and Alex stiffened behind him, their clothes sullied by the mud. Liz rolled up her sleeves and showed the professors and three other individuals they had never seen before her arms. Alex did the same his normally happy disposition was now closed off, his eyes cold to the world. “See.” Liz hissed.

“Mind explaining then how all of you appeared out here and didn’t set off our wards?” Plank asked.

“Mind telling us how you knew we were out here?” Reid shot back wincing when he realized he had just sassed the most feared teacher at Salem.

“Our wards did pick up a large magical burst in this area, a dark magical burst.” Plank snarled.

“We didn’t even do anything all we were doing was meeting up.” Jasmine whined stomping her feet playing helpless brat very well. “We haven’t been able to see each other as a group since school started so we decided to meet outside tonight.”

“There are other places to meet.” Professor Tinka hummed.

“There is a way to test if they are telling the truth headmaster.” A decisively short English accent startled the teens. One of the strange new people off to the side in billowing black robes glared hard at Liz and Alex. “A simple spell really.”

“What spell are you thinking of Professor Snape?” Heidi Prince snapped at the man inching closer to her students has the dark haired man with a long hooked nose glared at her students she was sworn to protect.

“Yes Severus what spell are you thinking of?” An angry woman huffed behind him her stern face pinched and shining in the moonlight.

“Ppp per perhaps a priori ssspell ah Sss Sev Severus.” A man bumbled behind the man.

“Exactly Quirrell. Except I am going to make it much larger, after all we are dealing with Black’s.” He spat.

“Severus calm down.” An old man whispered his bright eyes staring at the students through half-moon glasses. Pogue and Serena curled their lips when they realized who the man was after all his picture was found in their favorite candy.

“Well if it isn’t Headmaster Dumbledore, Hogwarts too boring for you?” Pogue snapped. The others in the group took on looks of either confusion or disgust when they realized it was the famous wizard.

Liz and Serena shared a look when they realized that the four English professors had to have just arrived, after all they had just heard their own professors speaking about them just hours ago. “And who might you be?” Dumbledore asked stepping closer to Pogue.

“Pogue Parry.” He growled out.

“Ah yes the youngest Parry a pleasure to finally meet you.” Dumbledore said putting on a grandfatherly smile.

“I don’t remember there being a scheduled visit.” Tyler spoke up shocking his friends. He was the quiet one of the group the one who was always afraid to speak up and had gentleman like manners; speaking up to an authority figure was not like him.

Headmaster Krane cringed visibly when he realized that he had been caught and by the worst person manageable. “No this was a surprise visit of old friends.” Krane said trying to pacify the youth.

“No I think this is a little more than a friendly visit.” Tyler said as he stepped forward his blue eyes shining brightly in the night. “I don’t remember my father telling me anything about a visit, do you Reid?” Tyler asked.

“Nope. The board didn’t approve of this.” Reid said.

“Now see here.” Professor McGonagall choked out outraged that a student would speak to their headmaster in such a way.

“Silence.” Caleb ordered glaring at Tyler and Reid before he turned his gaze onto the two headmasters. “You both have violated international law by scheduling a visit and not alerting the board of trustees. Headmaster Krane by all rights you could lose your job for this.” Caleb said, “Now mind telling me why you felt the need to invite the Headmaster of Hogwarts and three of his staff to Salem?”

“Because they fear for our safety.” Liz spoke up, “They think that whoever killed Calisto is going to come back, they want to know how not only the killer got past the wards but how we did as well. The one called Snape keeps looking at us as if we were scum on the bottom of his shoe so I am guessing he now believes that we had something to do with it.” Liz said.

“How do you know that?” Prince asked staring at her students suspiciously.

Serena snorted softly turning her gaze onto her teachers, “Next timez yoz all want ta have a get together youz might want ta put a silencing charm on da door. Anyone might hear ya.” Serena said raising an eyebrow at Heidi Prince who had an oddly relieved look on her face.

“So I wasn’t crazy.” She muttered, “I could have sworn someone was listening in earlier but I could sense no one.”

“We were on our way to meet you when we heard your voice.” Liz said and Heidi nodded.

“How much did you hear exactly?” Professor Tinka asked.

Serena subtly shook her head at Liz, “Not much, we left once we got scared.” Liz said shivering for effect.

Snape curled his lip at that a sneer taking over his disgusted expression. “Figures the little girls would be spooked I imagine they are easily terrified.” He spat.

“Severus.” Dumbledore said his eyes never leaving the group of children. There was no longer a sparkle in his old eyes but sadness. “There is no need to use a spell to discover the source of the dark magic it is right before us.” He whispered.

Plank scoffed at the old man clearly frustrated with his presence. “If you are referring to the magical trace on them we already know. It has been there for weeks.”

“Yes but you have yet to discover the source of it, it is the mark on their writs. A mark very similar to that of the Dark Mark if I do say so myself. Same purpose, same qualities. It even allows a person to materialize from one place to another much like a built in portkey that the ministry cannot detect. That is how they all arrived here and why we sensed the dark magic, it was their arrival that sent out a burst of magic that was keyed into their magical cores.” Dumbledore said.

Snape reached out and snatched Louise’s arm up much to her discomfort, “Hey!” She whinned.

Snape ran his ringer over the raised scar shivering at the dark magic pulsing from it. “There is no way these children could have done this headmaster I doubt even many of age wizards could pull it off without killing themselves.” Snape said releasing her arm.

“Tell us who did this to you.” Dumbledore ordered in his whispery voice. It was supposed to sound old and comforting as if they were supposed to tell him all of their deepest darkest secrets but the kids knew otherwise. They knew that this was not someone they could trust, he did not have their best interests at heart.

“No.” Liz growled her dark eyes haughty and defiant. Snape and McGonagall reeled back at the sight of her and Dumbledore let out a disappointed huff.

“Frightening isn’t it.” Heidi whispered staring at her student before she looked at her colleagues. “They look so frighteningly alike, but yet they are so different.” She said making sure they understood that Liz was not who they thought she was.

Headmaster Krane pinched the bridge of his nose as he let out a frustrated sigh, “Children off to bed, Mister Danvers to your former room as well, it is late and you all have school in the morning. Now!” He ordered and the students scurried off. “And don’t even think of not going to your rooms because I will be checking.” He added.

“Oh man.” They heard Reid groan.

“Goodnight Mister Garwin.” Krane bellowed.

“Night.” The few staff members heard him grumble.

Krane turned to Dumbledore his blue eyes clouded with worry. “So about those wards?”

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Re: Battle For Freedom (Multi XO, UC, Adult) Pt.8 pg.8 1-24-08

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Hey guys sorry about the wait on this fic I know it takes awhile for me to get parts out, but I am hoping that the longer length makes up for that! A huge thanks to all the people who keep reviewing I love you all and I love everyone who is reading this! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 9: Second Year Secrets IV

The group of friends slowly made their way through the silent school eyes flickering to the Louise constantly, pulses of fear still fresh in their minds. She could feel their eyes dart to her each glance a zap of fire on her skin. The farther along they got the worse it became until it was too much for her. “What?” She hissed at the others.

“Mind telling me why I was woke up with bouts of your fear rushing through me?” Tyler asked.

The girls all shared a look as they stopped in the middle of a corridor. “Louise had a bad dream.” Jasmine said but her eyes were telling them otherwise.

Caleb rolled his eyes at her, “I think that is a grouse understatement, I felt pained as like I was going to hurl. That was more than some bad dream.”

Louise let out a small sigh nodding as she bit her plump lower lip her eyes nervously darting about searching the shadows as if she were looking for something. “Not tonight,” She whispered, “It doesn’t feel safe. Tomorrow night all of us need to meet someplace, someplace where we won’t be over heard.” She hissed her eyes once again darting to the shadows.

Reid groaned, “I can’t I have a date tomorrow.”

“Cancel it.” Pogue snapped.

“I can’t,” Reid growled, “Some of us just can’t drop our lives whenever one of the girls wants us to.”

Caleb stood off to the side silently taking in the dynamics before him feeling the air rush out of him. He could not believe what he was hearing from Reid, but then again he had said something similar to his mother not even an hour ago. “Reid,” Caleb breathed mentally taking note of the line drawn between the two of them and their friends. “We need to get together with them.”

Reid’s blue eyes flickered to him in shock. “I thought at least you would understand where I was coming from.” One of their friends snorted at that making Caleb’s dark brows furrow.

“Earlier today I would have said the same thing Reid but someone pointed out to me tonight that I have been spending time with everyone but my friends. It is a little pathetic don’t ya think that the only way to get us all together was for Louise to somehow send out a distress call?” Reid looked away his pale cheeks turning a brilliant shade of pink. Caleb sighed as he watched his friend Reid never meeting his eyes. “The two of us have not been very good friends lately.”

Serena leaned over to Liz, “Hey look at dat Black, looks like dez starting ta get it now.”

Liz smirked when she realized Caleb and Reid were listening intently to their conversation, “Yeah maybe we should fill them in on the whole plot we uncovered tonight.”

Serena giggled, “Nah maybe tomorrow.”

Pogue rolled his eyes at their antics, “Meet us tomorrow in the old medical wing at eight, no one goes there so we will be alone.”

“You all better be there or so help me…” Cory huffed, “I want answers people and it looks like the girls are holding all the cards on this one.”

Headmaster Krane watched his students head into the building a heavy sigh escaping him. “You were right Heidi they are very good.” He said turning to look at his newest staff member.

“How did you know they were listening in?” Plank asked.

“My mentor taught me well, I learned to pick up on things that shouldn’t be there. In the staff room I noticed all of the scents that should be there and one that should not have been, strawberries.”

Professor Tinka sighed shaking her head, “Miss Parker Black.” She said and Prince nodded.

“Her shampoo is rather distinct.” Plank agreed.

“That’s not a shampoo.” Professor Snape from the Hogwarts staff spoke up. “Her mother and aunts have a similar scent to them, the Dark Lord thought it amusing he used to say that the scent of strawberries was the stench of death. So true many witches and wizards found when right before they were attacked the sweet scent of strawberries ghosted by them.”

“Moody said as much when I was going through my training.” Heidi said.

“Curious.” Dumbledore chuckled.

“You should watch those children Krane they are getting involved in something they have no business meddling with.” McGonagall huffed.

“They are good kids.” Krane huffed not liking what the woman was implying, as if he were a bad headmaster.

“They are headed down a dangerous path.” She said her voice raising to an almost shrill level in her anger.

“They are not the ones who performed the spell.” Heidi pointed out.

“No but they are associating with someone powerful enough to pull a spell like that off.” Snape growled his dark eyes flashing dangerously.

“It would have to be someone close to them.” Dumbledore agreed.

“You just described their fathers.” Plank muttered.

“Pardon.” Dumbledore said turning his grandfatherly gaze on the professor.

“I said you just described their fathers or the Sons of Ipswich anyway. I swear those boys are frighteningly like their fathers at times.”

“They are heading down a very dark path.” McGonagall reminded in a huff.

“A little dark magic never hurt anyone, besides they don’t seem to be the ones performing the spells.” Plank grunted.

McGonagall narrowed her eyes at the man before her, “Figures you would say such a thing but you should know from working in your field that dark magic has a habit of corrupting people, it is addictive. The more you use the farther you slip until it consumes you and then you are destroyed by your own magic.” She whispered an odd gleam in her eye.

Plank nodded, “I know that as do those children Minerva. They have seen what abuse of power can lead to, they know better than you think.”

Krane knew that this conversation was getting them no where it was the same fight they kept having over and over again just about different students. Hogwarts and its staff would always be opposed to the teaching of dark magic fearing it would corrupt their students. Salem on the other hand took the stance that students needed to be aware of what was out there and there was no better way than for students to get hands on experience. “We should get to work on those wards; I hate feeling exposed like this.” Krane said and Dumbledore nodded solemnly.

“If anything your students have proven how lacking the wards really are. After the war with Grindwald, Hogwarts made many modifications and then during Voldemort’s reign of terror they were improved upon more. Now not all can be applied to Salem but a great many will serve your school well.”

McGonagall and Quirrell followed after the other staff while Snape trailed behind with Prince. “How are you liking Salem?” He asked his voice oddly soft.

“It is an adjustment and has far less excitement than I was used to but it is a nice change.” She said.

“Your mother is worried about you. She thinks Salem is far too dangerous.”

Heidi laughed, “Severus my mother feels everything is dangerous. Although, I do have to admit there have been a fair number of surprises here.”

“Such as…” He drawled lazily.

Her eyes flickered about checking for straying ears, “The Black girl and her friend the Cornwall’s youngest are exceptionally talented in many areas. In fact a great number of the students are more talented than I thought they would be.”

“What do you mean?” Snape asked.

“Well you know as well as I do the bad hype American wizards and witches have, that they are as good as muggles. I am finding this to be incredibly wrong, many of my students are more advanced in dueling and in different areas of magical studies than half of the Hogwarts seventh years.”

“How so?” Snape asked curiosity coloring his deep voice.

“Like Hogwarts, Salem is divided, all magical schools are. It is just that here at Salem it seems that the division of houses is based on talent rather than personality. It does not seem that way at first but I have been compiling a list of which areas each student excels at and I am finding that each house seems to specialize in something. Take Fear house for example they all are incredible duelists, many of those students I have had to put on advanced tracks. I have two second year girls I am training in silent spell casting.”

Snape stopped grabbing her arm to halt her movements his dark eyes wide with worry. “Why are they so good?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” she said rubbing her forehead, “It is as if the sword in the stone knew what magic inclinations each student had. The Blood house happens to be exceptional with potions and transfiguration. It is as if they have all come to school with training under their belts.”

“Is it possible their parents are teaching them ahead of time?” He asked and Heidi nodded.

“In some cases I am thinking that is what is taking place, but with the two Black children I know that is not the case since their parents are strangely against their magic tutorial.”

Snape eyed the woman in front of him with a fierce gaze, “You care for them cousin, these two have struck something in you I can see it.”

“Yes I suppose they have.”

Snape nodded, “What is it about them that has melted the Ice Princess’s cold heart?” He grumbled.

“They have no one to turn to no one to guide them. They have their friends and no adult to speak of who will teach them what path is best for them. I don’t want to see them end up in Azkaban like their mother and father.” She sighed.

“Heidi sometimes there is nothing that can be done, I fear that blood might turn out to be thicker than your guidance. They don’t want to be saved, not even someone as skilled as you can stop them from this course if they don’t want to be stopped.” Snape whispered.

“I know,” she sighed, “But that doesn’t mean I am not going to try.” The two remained outside for a moment longer before they headed off to find the others.

Quirrell slowly emerged from the shadow of the front entrance an oddly pleased look on his face. “You are right master…yes of course master…it will be done master.” He whispered before he too went in search of the other staff members.

The next day seemed to drag by for all parties involved, with the late night the students and staff pulled they all felt as if they were dragging by in a fog. Reid and Caleb went about canceling their dates for the night much to their girlfriends displeasure but they both knew they couldn’t back out on their friends again. At half past seven the friends started heading the old medical wing from different parts of the school quietly hoping to sneak in without someone seeing them.

Caleb approached the old wing full of old hospital beds and old potion bottles from the charms wing. He peaked around the corner and saw the large double doors that led to the wing looking to see if anyone was around. He saw no one but for some strange reason he felt as if he were being watched. Caleb shook it off as his paranoia catching up to him and he slowly went through the doors looking around for any of the others.

Soft frantic whispers brought him to the end of the corridor into the old healer’s office. All of his friends were there gathered around a desk looking at the newspaper, its figures of goblins moving around the front page seemed to have their attention. “Bout time you got here.” Tyler grumbled, “Look at his.” He said shoving the newspaper towards his friend.

“Gringots Break In.” Caleb read.

“They Goblins are worried, everyone is no one has ever succeeded in breaking into that bank and living to take something out.” Jasmine said.

“With all the damn spells and wards around that place not to mention the creatures guarding the old pureblood and high security vaults it is supposed to be impossible. Whoever did this is up to no good.” Pogue whispered.

“I don’t understand.” Alex huffed, “Are you all just paranoid or something because to me it seems like all you ever do is freak out.”

Reid laughed at their friend grabbing his stomach as he tried not to fall to the ground. It was nice to have innocence around like Liz and Alex; they didn’t grow up fearing the dark like they did. “Alex my friend the reason…” Reid had to stop because giggles overtook him again.

Tyler rolled his eyes but a grin was present on his face, “Alex the reason we are so scared and worried about every little thing that happens is because we have learned the hard way that there are a lot of bad people in the world. When something makes the paper like this is strikes us funny. We have seen a lot of good wizards go bad.” Tyler said.

“Gringots is the safest place in the world Alex, the protection around that place rivals Hogwarts which was smack in the center of several wars. It would take someone with not only a lot of power but dark power at that to get in and out of there alive. Whatever they were after is nothing good.” Caleb said.

“And wit da whole Calisto thing wez are worried Alex. Too many things are starting ta add up and not in a good way.” Serena said a shiver jerking her body about

“This is part of what I saw.” A low whisper broke through the conversation. All eyes flickered to a scared Louise who was hugging herself off to the side.

“What?” Pogue asked.

“Last night when I got scared it was because of what I saw. My mom always told me she had dreams and if they were strong enough they would sometimes come true just like grandma, but I never believed her.”

“Wait like a seer?” Reid asked and Louise nodded.

“At first my grandma just brushed off her dreams as intuition that something bad was going to happen until she started to see things that she couldn’t possibly predict.” Louise groaned running her hands through her long blonde locks. “I thought they were both crazy but now I am starting to dream things.”

“What did you see?” Liz asked.

“I saw a dark shadow enriching on us on the world. It wasn’t much it was hard to understand what was going on but we were sitting at a table in the library and this newspaper and three others were in front of us. One had Calisto’s death as a headline, the bank break in was the second, and the third…”

“What?” Corry asked.

“It said mass break out from Azkaban.”

“What about the forth?” Reid asked.

Caleb didn’t like how Louise was now visibly shaking where she stood, Liz putting an arm around the girl to steady her. “The Dark Lord has returned.” She whispered.

“Well dere is another piece of the damn puzzle. Maybe we should tell dem what we heard Liz.” Serena said.

“What?” Caleb demanded.

“Remember how the professors said that they were talking about Calisto’s death in the staff room and how we overheard. Well they were talking about improving the wards around the school. They think that whoever killed her is going to come back but for us this time.” Liz said motioning to their group.

“They are afraid.” Serena mumbled, “Cause they think dat the Dark Lord might be behind all of this that he is sneaking into Salem somehow.”

Caleb blew out a deep breath trying to fight off the sick feeling building up in him. “Oh god this is bad.” He gasped out.

“Why is this happening?” Jasmine whimpered, “Why all of us?” Corry seemed to sense her mounting distress as he pulled her into a hug rubbing her back.

“It will be okay Jas we won’t let anything happen to you, never.” He whispered.

“He’s right; we are not going to let anyone get hurt.” Pogue growled.

“What exactly do you propose we do?” Alex asked, “Because from where I am standing we are just kids, there is not much we are able to do without getting ourselves killed.”

Tyler nodded, “He is right Pogue while we want to do something there is nothing we can do.”

Liz suddenly looked to Louise, “You said you knew what secret Calisto was hiding.”

Louise’s face brightened slightly and she nodded eagerly. “That’s right I almost forgot about that part, it was the one that didn’t freak me out as bad so I didn’t focus on it. As we were sitting around the table Alex had said something like, ‘so dark is the night but there remains a light, a covenant bound. The darkness will rise and crash over the earth and the old master will seek new powers. The covenant will be found.’ It didn’t sound that scary to me but I know that Calisto had to have said that.”

Caleb really did look ill this time, “Louise that’s not a good omen.” He whispered.

“But there was nothing scary in what he said.” She pointed out.

“If you look hard enough yeah there is.” Reid laughed darkly. “Louise we are the new covenant. The darkness rising is the Dark Lord and apparently he is going to make bitches out of all of us.”

Louise blanched at that, “Oh.”

“How do you know Calisto was the one who said that though?” Alex asked.

Louise got a far off look in her eyes, “I don’t know…” They could practically see her mind working as she replayed her dream over in her mind’s eye. “Your hands.” She whispered her eyes flying to Alex. “When you were saying that you were holding something in your hands it was…a necklace I think or a talisman.”

Pogue shifted around a strange look crossing his face before he started rummaging around the room pulling open drawers until he found a quill and ink. “Louise…” He said getting her attention. “Did the talisman look something like this?” He asked drawing what looked like a diamond with a small square in the center. “Was in onyx is a strange colored stone in the center?” He asked as Caleb gasped his eyes widening.

“Yeah.” She said.

“It was Calisto’s she used to wear it all the time, never took the damn thing off.” Pogue muttered. “That is how you knew it was her secret you saw the talisman.”

Louise shook her head her curls bouncing about, “But I never saw her.”

“It doesn’t matter it was symbolic you didn’t have to see her for your seer abilities to recognize that it was important, it just made the connection for you.” Caleb said.

“So Louise is a seer?” Corry asked.

“Looks like it.” Pogue chuckled darkly. “This could turn out to be interesting.”

“I so owe my mom an apology.” Louise mumbled.

“We should tell your dad Pogue. As the current leader he has a right to know what is going on and he is in a position to actually do something.” Tyler voiced.

“He is right we need to tell him.” Caleb agreed.

“For now though he and our dads are the only ones to know. They need to figure out what to do. There is no need as of yet to cause a full blown panic.” Reid cautioned.

“No reason!” Serena yelled making Louise jump. “Of course there is a reason too many damn pieces of this freak of a puzzle are fallin inta place here. Something bad is coming for us and we are sitting ducks.”

“Serena let me talk to my dad, he has dealt with this kind of thing before, he might be able to advise us on something we can do so that we don’t feel as helpless and useless as we do.” Pogue said trying to calm the raging girl down.

“I hate that we can’t do anything.” Alex grumbled.

“I know we all do but right now if we try to do anything it could draw unwanted attention to us. If it is You Know Who then we have to figure out how he is getting into Salem and how he knows who we are. Last time around he wanted nothing to do with American magic, what changed.” Caleb whispered.


The Great Hall was packed full of wizards and witches spells flying around the room in an alarmingly small space. Caleb slammed his elbow into a deatheater’s mask making the man scream in agony. “Stay the hell away from my daughter you bitch!” The voice of Molly Weasley screaming startled him. Caleb looked up and saw the redheaded woman’s wand pointed at Bellatrix Lestrange who looked oddly satisfied.

“Go Molly.” Someone whispered as many stopped to stare at what was sure to be a spectacle.

“No.” Caleb whispered moving through the crowd towards two women. Bellatrix saw him coming and gave him a grim smile.

“Oh she wants to play.” Bella trilled laughing manically. Caleb knew the woman well enough to hear the lie, she was up to something.

Caleb tried to move closer to her when he felt two sets of hands grab onto him one small and delicate the other large and muscular. “She needs to do this.” The shaky voice of Narcissa Malfoy shocked him. “My sister has a lot to atone for and this is her way.”

“By getting herself killed?” Caleb growled the other set of hands tightening on his arm painfully.

“No you do not understand.” One of the Lestrange brothers whispered. “But soon you will.”