Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 27(Complete) 9/30

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Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 27(Complete) 9/30

Post by MelissaD » Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:10 pm

Title: Perception
(With many thanks to the amazing RoswellOracle who created this wonderful masterpiece for me!)

Disclaimer: Don’t own it. No profit, just fun. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.

Category: XO with Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Liz
Rating: Mature

Summary: A pre season one supernatural crossover, Roswell everything up to It's too late and It's too bad where my universe veers off slightly. Also in my alternate universe the years in which things happened in Roswell are changed slightly, from Liz and the rest graduating in 2002 to 2003. So everything still happened the same years of high school up to It's too Late and It's too bad but I changed the actual year i.e. Alex died in the spring of 2002 and their senior year was 2002-2003. The years aren't really that important but for the story I had Liz starting her freshmen year at Stanford when Sam is starting his sophomore year besides that the years don't really matter. :)
Liz goes to Stanford and becomes friends with Sam only to find out he's the brother of someone she has a past with. A past she isn't forthcoming about but things outside of her control bring that past crashing into her present.

Part one. New Beginnings.

Chapter One

*Lyrics from "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner are not mine and underlined.*

Liz Parker was nervous. It wasn’t like every other first day of school because this was the first time that she wasn’t confident that she was the smartest and most prepared student at school. She told herself that didn’t really matter, that as long as she was focused on her classes she would be fine. She already had a bunch of credits from work she had done over the summer plus her college credit classes she had aced at Roswell High yet she still couldn’t shake the nervous flutters in her stomach. Technically it wasn’t even her first day of class but it was her first mandatory appearance so it felt the same. Kyle Valenti drove the speed limit as he drove south on Interstate 280 and Liz bit her tongue so she wouldn’t yell at him to go faster.

The music over the radio changed and Kyle yelled, “YES!” Turning up the volume and glancing at Liz, “come on Valedictorian, you still have a little time left until you’re officially a student again!” Liz smiled at her friend then rolled her eyes as he obnoxiously sang along with the song blasting from the speakers of his Mustang. “Well I’m hot blooded, check it and see. I got a fever of a hundred and three.” When she didn’t start to sing along he glanced at her again yelling over the music. “Come on Liz! This is the last time I’ll get to hang out with you for a month at least! Sing with me, for me please..” He gave her his best poor puppy face while keeping his eyes on the road. “Come on.. Stanford isn’t that far away and I’m already missing my friend!”

Liz finally caved and started to sing, “you don’t have to read my mind, to know what I have in mind. Honey you oughta know!”

Kyle drummed the wheel, “That’s my girl! You move so fine, let me lay it on the line. I wanna know what you’re doing after the show!”

Liz laughed as they both lost their selves to the music, singing and gesturing like they always did when their favorite songs came on the radio, more often than not recently they had a few drinks in them but this time was purely for the fact that they both were going to separate colleges and Kyle had a point that they wouldn’t see each other for a while. Even though he was only going to a college an hour away, they had to get used to their schedules and get used to the new world they were jumping into.

Of course Kyle had it a little bit easier since he was joining Isabel at San Francisco State and she had already been there for a year. Liz didn’t have someone to guide her around and give her tips and tricks about the area and teachers. She was still excited for all that even if she knew she was going to miss her friends like crazy. Kyle also had Michael and Maria just across the bridge at Berkeley so she was really the only one outside of their circle without someone but she reminded herself they were only an hour away and she was going to Stanford, her first choice school since she didn’t want to go to Harvard all the way across the country. That alone made up for the distance.

The song played out and they laughed at their own antics. Kyle glanced at her suddenly serious, “there’s the first sign for Stanford. I’m really going to miss you Parker.”

Liz smiled, “you too Valenti.”

“You know we’re going to come up here to kidnap you often. So you might as well enjoy the alone time while you can.”

She giggled, “I know and you’re only a phone call away if I need anything.” She rolled her eyes as she recited the promise he’d been repeating to her all week. “You’ll be up here in an hour, give or take with traffic.” He nodded stiffly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Maria and Isabel will keep you occupied enough that you won’t miss me too much.”

He smirked, “are you kidding? This is Maria we’re talking about. You won’t answer your phone one time while in class and Maria will freak out that you’ve been kidnapped by some Stanford frat boy.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Maria hired a frat boy to hit on me.”

Kyle laughed, “not unless she was able to approve of him first.”

Liz laughed along with him and couldn’t stop her mind from traveling back to the past week spent with her friends. They had driven to San Francisco with Michael and Maria to meet up with Isabel who had flown in a few days prior to their road trip because of an opening on an apartment she had been eyeing since her second month at San Francisco State in one of the most coveted buildings near campus. Apparently she had gotten in with the right people because when the apartment she wanted opened up, she had gotten a call that she was first on the list to take it but she had to come in as soon as possible to sign the lease.

When they had arrived on Friday, Isabel only had a few pieces of furniture left from the last resident and four bottles of wine, four bottles of champagne, and three cases of beer. Maria was the first to point out her priorities were more along the lines of a bachelor then a tall, blonde alien from Roswell but she liked it. They all had laughed at Isabel’s eye roll and her quick response that they were also left behind. Liz was sure that Kyle and Michael were the only ones to believe her and even then it was probably only a partial belief. Isabel and Maria had declared the weekend a pre-college celebration. Maria insisted they have one just like their pre start of the year parties they’d been having since middle school, parties that used to just consist of herself, Maria and Alex. Isabel had started the whole thing off with a toast to new beginnings and Liz loved the sound of that.

She was suddenly sucked into the memory of last night when they were all in Isabel’s living room.

Kyle and Michael leaned back in the two chairs while the girls lay on pillows on the floor with their heads together. Two empty wine bottles sat in the middle of the lazy circle created by each girl’s messy halo of hair while a few empty bottles of beer sat around the guy’s chairs, more around Kyle’s than Michael’s. The last of the alcohol that was supposedly left in the apartment and the last night they would all spend together before the next free weekend they had.

Liz glanced around at her friends, tilting her head a bit to be able to see Maria and then Isabel. “You know for years I wanted to get out of Roswell so badly and I always thought in the back of my mind that it wouldn’t be as great as I had built it up to be. I am so thankful that thought was completely wrong.”

The silly laughter broke out around the room.

Maria said, “you got that right, chica.”

Kyle chuckled, “I second that.”

Michael’s voice was somber, “I’m still a little worried about leaving Max alone with Tess though.”

Kyle rolled his eyes, “way to go killjoy.”

Liz looked up at Michael, “there’s nothing we could do because Tess already has him wrapped around her finger.”

Isabel added, “she couldn’t hurt him Michael. She needs him too much. It’s actually kind of disgusting for a 21st century woman.”

Kyle and Michael spoke together, “excuse me?”

Maria smirked, “like either one of you would be able to deal with us as super clingy, co-dependent, uber-jealous..”

“Okay that’s enough.” Kyle shivered and looked at Michael’s wide eyed expression clearly disturbed by the idea. The three girls laughed.

Liz had taken a deep breath of the humid air that was pretty much the complete opposite of Roswell and felt relief. She felt that she was exactly where she was supposed to be, her friends around her all bound for the new challenge ahead of them. It was exactly what she needed, a new start and life away from everything that tried to destroy her.

“Hey Liz.” Kyle’s voice broke through her thoughts and she looked at him with a smile.


Her brow furrowed, “you okay?”

She nodded with a soft laugh, “just thinking about last night.”

Kyle chuckled, “at least you can remember most of the weekend.”

“Well some of us don’t start drinking games they can’t win.”

They both laughed and Liz finally realized that the car was parked in a lot. She looked around her and recognized it from the picture she had. She heard Kyle’s voice, “you didn’t hear me when I said we were here.”

She looked at him and smiled, “alright let’s get my bags inside and then you need to get back and I need to get ready for that orientation this evening.”

Later that night, Liz felt anxious as she rushed up the stairs to the building where the scholarship orientation and party was being held. She wasn’t sure what to expect so she had gone through four different outfits in her jittery rush before finally settling on a simple knee length sundress that Isabel had given her as a welcome to California gift. She hoped that Isabel’s fashion sense might help her fit in with the new environment without looking too out of place. The heels Isabel gave her to go with it weren’t exactly her friend though. She was never a big fan of heels ever since she realized she wasn’t very good at walking in them. She didn’t have a problem with her height either, she liked the fact that people underestimated her because it gave her the advantage. She didn’t really mind this pair because they were deceptively comfortable until it came to stairs. She was almost at the top when she tripped and flew forward but instead of crashing painfully to the cement she was caught by strong arms. She glanced up but couldn’t see who her saving grace was through her mess of dark curls that now hung like a heavy curtain in her face. She tried straightening herself, “thanks.”

He helped stand her up right with a smile, “gotta be careful with some of these stairs. It’s a pretty old building.”

She chuckled nervously as she brushed her hair back, “believe me it’s not the stairs. It’s these damn heels my friend talked me into wear..” Her gaze finally caught his hazel eyes in the fading light and something about them made her lose her train of thought.

He watched her. “Are you new? A first year, I mean?”

She nodded, shaking herself out of her stupor giving him a shy smile, “yeah.”

“I’m Sam. Second year.”

“Liz. Obviously nervous first year.”

“Nice to meet you.” He held out his arm, “can I help you? I can show you inside.”

“Oh that's not necessary. I mean you don't have to."

A large genuine smile spread across his face. "I'm going to the same place so it's not a problem."
Liz blushed and took the offered arm, "thanks. Sorry I'm not usually like this.. all flustered and sounding like a crazy person."

He chuckled as they moved easily towards the building, "don't worry, first year. You'll ease into it. Do you have any friends? That go here I mean.. not to say you don’t have any friends.”

She grinned at his blush, briefly wondering if he was acting just to make her feel at ease. “I know what you mean. No, I’m here by myself. I have some friends up in San Fran though.”

Sam opened the door, “well, let me be the first to say welcome to Stanford. Don't worry about the orientation they'll throw out all the rules and responsibilities of being a scholarship student but as long as you keep the grades that got you in and attend classes you'll be fine. If you need any help you can always call me as your first official Stanford friend."

Liz giggled then took her first calming breath since arriving at Stanford, “you really remind me of an old friend.”

“I hope to learn about him, please tell me it’s a guy.”

Liz’s bark of laughter echoed around the hall making Sam chuckle as well. Liz smiled up at him, “his name was Alex. I have a feeling that you and I are going to get along really well.”
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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 2 7/10

Post by MelissaD » Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:59 am

pandas2001, cupcake_55,HypnotiqBlueEyes,roswellian love : :D Thank you!!
barbara87413: :lol: I was going to put a reply on Angels to tell you I actually had two more Dean/Liz ideas but figured you'd see the new story posted here.

*Hopefully if all goes well I can keep up this pace but if not I'll definitely have at least one post a week!*

Chapter Two

Liz Parker was never late on the first day. She never had to hustle or maneuver quickly to get around people blocking her path to the classroom because she was prepared and arrived early, at least within the first month of school. She never slept through her alarm or forgot to set it the night before either. Apparently Stanford changed a person or at least didn't get the memo. Liz Parker didn't recognize the crazy girl rushing through the quad and through the students milling about the halls who obviously weren't about to be late for their first class. Thank God I scouted out the classroom before today, she thought as she finally saw the door to her classroom. As she approached, she slowed to a walk and stepped through the doorway trying to appear as though she hadn't just run a mile.

The professor stood in the front of the room speed writing on the large white board and paid her no mind. Liz took a deep breath and glanced quickly around the room as she took a few steps towards the stadium seating with long curved tables filled with students. A few days before when she came to check out the classroom she marveled at the way the classroom seemed to be created so everyone had this feel of being right in direct view of the teacher. She had run her hand along the tables feeling the smooth wood under her fingers and sat in a few of the rolling chairs realizing this would probably be the best class she was ever in. Of course that was before she entered her lecture hall for one of her science classes that had padded seats almost like the movie theater with three large white boards at the front of the room that also had a huge drop in projection screen. She couldn’t imagine any student, even those that weren’t as excited about school as she was, not loving that class room. Movement caught her eye and she spotted Sam waving her to him.

She grinned broadly and heard the professor start role call behind her. She moved quietly towards Sam's row as she thanked whatever good karma she had earned to have someone she knew in this class instead of standing awkwardly trying to find an open seat. I sound like Kyle.. he’s got that Buddhist stuff going off in my head now.

When she reached his row, she was suddenly thankful the open seat next to him was on the end so she wouldn’t have to disturb anyone. Sam smiled as he pulled out the chair then his brow drew together. "Wait, what are you doing in this class? This is a second year English course."

Liz sat down with a shy smile, "I took the pre-req over the summer online. I had time to kill and wanted to get a head start."

Sam chuckled, "I pegged you as an overachiever, didn't I? Should've known."

She started to get situated as the teacher continued roll call. Liz had everything ready and didn't know what to do with herself, she stared at the table in front of her marveling at the fact she was finally in her first official class at Stanford. Pulled from her thoughts by her name, she threw her hand up then noticed the teacher was still looking at her list so she threw out a quick, "present." She leaned her elbows on the table, holding her head in her hands, and looked towards Sam with a grin. He chuckled softly at the excitement on her face.

The teacher's voice droned on from the front of the class until a name caught Liz's ear, "Winchester, Sam." Her gaze shot towards the teacher as she listened for the answering call from the student.

"Here." The familiar voice next to her spoke and her elbow slipped off the edge of the table when she jerked her head his way. She just barely caught herself before her chin could slam into the edge of the table. She straightened and tried not to stare with a gaping mouth at Sam. She failed, miserably.

"You okay?" He turned towards her, showing nothing but concern.

She broke herself out of her shock, "Sam Winchester as in Dean Winchester's younger brother?"

She hadn't seen someone's expression change so quickly in a long time. His concern flipped to a steely facade as his eyes darted around the room. His voice was low yet commanding, "who are you?"

She took in his defensive posture and tight muscles. She shook herself, feeling guilty for making him feel the need to be on guard. She lowered her voice, "it's okay Sam. I'm not a monster or anything. Your brother and I go way back." The students around her hushed what little talking was going on and focused at the front of the room. Liz followed suit opening her notebook and grabbing her pen, "how bout we talk after class."

Sam stared for a couple more seconds before the professor’s voice brought his attention to the front of the room but he couldn’t help the glances he threw towards Liz during the lecture. First days were all the same. He had his syllabus so it didn’t really matter if he couldn’t concentrate on a single word the professor said. How the hell did she know his brother and if they go way back, why didn't he ever hear of her? How far back did they really go?

The clock ticked slowly by until finally the Professor dismissed the class. Sam turned to Liz and suggested a new coffee cart not too far from their building. She nodded as she packed her bag and they made their way at a stroll even though Sam wanted to move quickly, he adjusted his stride so Liz wouldn't have to run to keep up. They kept their conversation easy, both silently agreeing not to go into what Sam really wanted to know until they weren't surrounded by so many people.

When they finally made it to the cart, Sam paid for their coffee then they moved over to a quiet area settling under the shade of a tree. Liz sipped her coffee surprised by how good it was, coffee carts may just be her new favorite thing. She briefly wondered if San Fran had them and if Isabel knew how good they were as she fiddled with the grass. She could feel Sam’s gaze on her and could swear she felt his curiosity coming off him in waves but he kept quiet, no doubt waiting for her. She sighed then her eyes finally came up from the grass to meet his. "This is great. Thank you.” She almost laughed at the quick quirk of the corner of his lips instead she told him what he wanted to know. “Two years ago, a shape shifter killed my best friend. It was the lowest point in my life, at least so far, and Dean showed up and helped me." She trusted Dean and she had a feeling she could trust Sam but she decided against the alien part of the story for now.

Sam's expressive eyes were sympathetic but still glittered with curiosity. "So what happened?"

Her brow furrowed, "what do you mean?

He fiddled with his coffee cup, “well.. I have a feeling if you two were still talking you would have known I was here. My brother and I didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. So what happened between you two?" Sam caught the quick flash of something on her face almost as if his words triggered a memory but it vanished before he could pinpoint what it was.

She shrugged as she took another long sip from her coffee. "He just left."

Sam noticed her look away. He was taught the fine art of reading people when he was young and it became an integral part of the job with his dad. Most times he did it without thought but one thing he learned about Liz in the short time he knew her was she was good at hiding her emotions. Now that he knew she knew about the supernatural that actually shed some light on the reason for it. He didn’t know what happened between her and his brother but it didn’t look like it ended well with them either. He gave her a soft smile, “onto the next hunt, continue the family business.”

“You could say that. Our trail on the shape shifter dried up, not much else to do but keep an eye out.” The corner of her mouth quirked up, “he talked about you, that's why hearing the name threw me. He talked about how you got out of the life. He seemed pretty proud of his crazy smart brother. He never said where you were going.” She chuckled, "obviously. Small world huh?”

Sam smiled although something seemed to flicker across his face that Liz couldn't figure out. “Yeah, you could say that except for someone who grew up driving all over the country. You meet a lot of people, I'm surprised I haven't bumped into more really.”

Liz visibly relaxed as she beamed at him, “that must have been amazing. Definitely a lot better than growing up in a small desert town.”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t know Roswell has quite a reputation.”

Liz laughed, “still a boring little town with a bunch of crazy conventions." A small smile brightening her face, "it has it’s small interesting touches though.”

A few weeks later, Liz and Sam were once again at the local college bar blowing off some steam from studying. Liz moved around the pool table easily as Sam stood to the side leaning against his pool stick grinning like a fool. Liz knocked the last two balls into the closest pocket and straightened with a childish glee. "I'm really good at this!"

The two guys standing on the other side of the table didn’t seem amused. One still had his jaw on the floor while the other glowered at the short brunette. "You've played this before." The one with the angry face scoffed.

Liz turned to Sam, "this really is just like mini golf!" She turned back to the two with a grin, "I've played that game a lot."

The slack jawed one pulled the money they bet from his wallet then walked to the dart board and grabbed the pen connected to the scoreboard by a string. He quickly scrawled on the top bill before walking back and handing the money to Liz still in full giddy-school-girl character. "My number's on there. Give me a call." He winked before dragging his friend away from the table.

Sam looked down at Liz in shock, "I think you’re better than my brother." He grabbed the bill with the numbers scrawled on it, "you should call him." He smirked, "he really liked you."

Liz laughed, "I am better than your brother and of course he liked me, I'm cute." She grinned up at Sam wiggling her eyebrows as he chuckled, "what? You know it's true."

He threw a glance towards the retreating men. "Well, at least I won't get thrown into a bar brawl with you, no one will believe you were hustling them and the rest won't admit it." Sam saw the angry guy glance towards Liz then quickly look back at the bar.

Liz split the rest of the money with him as she heard her name screeched from a few feet away, "Lizzie!!" Liz turned just in time to catch Maria who threw her arms around her hugging her tightly. Maria pulled away taking a good look at her friend, "you have no idea how much I missed you! You look good!" Her eyes slid sideways then up Sam's body to his face. "Well, hello handsome. Liz, introduce us."

Liz giggled, "Sam meet Maria."

Maria's eyes grew round, "are you shitting me? This is Sam Winchester? Really?! Seriously?"

A soft blush bloomed on Sam’s face, "hi Maria."

Maria’s eyebrow rose as she rested her hand on her hip. "And there was no plastic surgery involved in this family?"

Liz admonished but couldn't hide her amusement. "Maria!"

"What? I think it's a very relevant question." Maria’s eyes roamed up and down his body once again as Sam scratched the back of his neck and threw nervous glances at Liz. He chuckled, “I..”

Maria's eyes narrowed, "are you anything like your brother?"

Sam's gaze flicked back to Maria and he felt foolish for the sudden urge to hide behind Liz, "umm.."

Liz put a hand on Sam's arm, "he's not his brother Maria. Where's Michael? Or Kyle and Isabel for that matter?"

"Parking the car or something." Maria's gaze had yet to leave Sam making him more nervous.

Sam watched her carefully then saw Liz wave and move away from them. "Ahh Liz?"

Liz waved behind her without stopping, "you'll be fine. I promise!"

He tried not to flinch as Maria came closer, "if you hurt her I’ll end you. Capisce?"

His brow drew together and he lifted his hands in surrender, "capisce." He felt a little silly like he had somehow been transported into a mob movie.

She smiled, "well then let's meet the others."

He heard his name and looked up to see Liz waving him over, two guys and a tall blonde with her. Hopefully they weren't like Maria. He reminded himself that Liz warned him Maria was a little over protective. What the hell had Dean done in Roswell?
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 3 7/14

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pandas2001: Thank you!
barbara87413: LOL demands.. Don't worry! We'll be getting a good amount of flashbacks and knowledge of Dean and Liz's meeting, him leaving, and a few of the in-between! I wouldn't leave you hanging like that.
AvalonRose: :D You'll probably get more questions than answers about what Dean did before we see that flashback..

Chapter Three

Sam lay on his stomach with his head buried in his pillow. His long body stretched out and sprawled across his rather small bed with one arm hanging off the mattress where it could no longer accommodate his favorite sleeping position. Loud banging on his door started to pull him from his deep sleep and he mumbled into his pillow, “come back later.”

The banging stopped and he smiled as he shoved his arms under his pillow to get comfortable again. Just as he was falling off into his dream, he heard the click of the lock disengaging and then the door opening. His muscles tensed and he silently cursed not having a weapon closer. Then he heard her voice and relaxed.

“Sam Winchester, why the hell are you ignoring my phone calls?”

He lifted his head from the pillow and squinted at her, “what? You didn’t call me.” He dropped his head back down.

He heard her footsteps towards his desk and she laughed. “You didn’t plug your phone in. It’s dead.”

“Me too. Night Liz.”

“Sam, it’s morning and you said you owed me a favor plus last night you promised you’d come with me!”

Her footsteps came towards his bed and he sighed, “yeah a favor, not in the morning.”

He felt small hands on his shoulders and then she started shaking him as hard as she could. He shoved his face into his pillow willing her to leave. "Come on Sam! We finished our exams! It's time to go shake off some of this cabin fever."

His voice was muffled by his pillow. "Wait. What?”

She shook him harder, “you know exactly what I’m talking about Winchester!”

He grabbed his pillow and held it tight so she couldn’t take it if she started playing dirty. “I don't really do Christmas."

Liz punched his shoulder. "Bullshit everyone does Christmas!"

Sam buried his head further into his pillow, "not me."

Liz jumped on his back, immediately smiling at his loud groan. "Come on Sammy, please!"

He lifted his head and turned to the side trying to see her. "Why don't you just go up to San Fran yourself? You don't need to drag me along."

She whined, "because I'm not gonna have any fun while I’m preoccupied thinking about you moping around here by yourself."

He dropped his head into his pillow with a groan. "I won't be by myself, I don't think Brady's going home either."

She bounced on his back with her best whiny voice, "Saammmyy."

"Fine. Fine! If you stop I’ll go with you. Happy?"

A large grin spread across her face as she slid off his back, "yes. I told you I get what I want." She smirked as she moved towards the door, "we leave in about an hour. I know you don’t need more time than that to pack. I’ll be back."

She closed the door behind her and Sam threw his pillow at the door. He lay his head back down but couldn’t wipe away his smile. Liz Parker was becoming more like the annoying little sister he never had but he couldn’t really complain because he liked her company. He liked the bond he shared with her ever since they met. A bond that only strengthened when he realized they shared more than just overachieving, workaholic traits. His thoughts traveled back to a few nights before while they were studying for their English midterm.

Sam sat across Liz at a table in the library reading over his notes. He yawned and glanced up with heavy eyes to find Liz asleep on her book. He chuckled softly, “yeah we should call it a night.” He tapped her arm gently then tried lightly tapping her face with no reaction. He looked around quickly, noticing they were basically alone in this part of the library. He picked up his water bottle and squeezed a small amount of water into his hand. He reached towards Liz to splash the water on her face when she shot up straight in her chair, eyes wide with a loud gasp. Sam’s jerky reaction forced the water into the air and ended up splashing on the table along with both their books. “Shit!” He whispered as he dabbed at the pages with his shirt sleeve. He glanced up to find Liz glancing around the room with a panicked look. “Liz? You were dreaming.. it’s okay. We’re at the library.”

Her gaze met his and he knew something was wrong. She stood quickly from her chair and moved around the table then yanked him out of his. “I need you to come with me right now.” He stared into her desperate eyes then looked down at the table. Her voice was determined, “we can come back for our things. Please just come with me.” His eyes came back up to hers and he nodded. She pulled him out of the library and then moved quickly along the side of the building towards the back.

He stared at her wondering where in the world she needed to be in the middle of the night. Then he heard some rustling and then a scream that was quickly muffled. His confusion and the rest of the sleep fogging his mind drained as his training kicked in. He picked up speed moving in front of Liz towards the growing sounds of a struggle. He made it around to the back of the building first and saw the jerky movement of the bushes against the building. He turned to whisper to Liz to tell her to stay there but she flew past him towards bushes. He heard the scream again and could tell it was a girl trying to call for help.
Liz made it to the bushes and yelled, “stop!”

Sam caught up with her just as a hand grabbed her pulling her down behind the bush, “you want some too girly?”

Sam saw the girl lying on the ground with blood running from her nose looking both terrified and relieved. Liz sucker punched the man trying to push her back down on the ground and he cursed, “you little bitch!”

He pulled back to hit her but Sam grabbed his fist and yanked up, pulling him out of the bushes. He heard a pop and knew he probably pulled the guy’s arm out of its socket or at least dislocated his shoulder. “I believe she said stop asshole!”

The guy stared wide eyed at Sam and Liz jumped from the bushes and kicked him hard in between the legs making Sam wince. “No means no you son of a bitch!” She padded his pockets as he bent over in agony then she pulled a wallet from one of his back pockets. She opened it and pulled out his ID then threw the wallet back at him. “Get the hell out of here or I’ll let my friend here beat the shit out of you!”

They watched him scramble away as best as he could then Sam’s eyes went to Liz who was back behind the bushes helping the girl up. They helped her to the front of the library and once inside they used the library’s phone to call the campus police. Once the report was given along with the guy’s ID, the officer took the girl back to her dorm. Sam and Liz gathered their things then headed to her dorm. They got halfway there in silence until Sam had asked the question that had been running on a loop in his mind since they got the girl to safety. “How did you know?”

She glanced up at him then sighed without a change in stride. “I saw it in my dream.” Sam froze and Liz stopped as well, turning towards him slowly. “Sometimes I see things. Sometimes when people touch me or I touch them and sometimes they just come in my dreams. I saw us hearing the news of a girl raped on campus behind the library and I felt guilty because I knew we were there, that we were so close and could have stopped it then I woke up. I don’t know how I know that it’s not just a dream but I do and I knew we needed to act fast. I didn’t even know that it was happening right then, just that it would happen tonight.”

His eyes widened, “wow.”

She rolled her eyes, “yeah I know, weird right?”

He shook his head, “no. Not weird. You saved that girl.”

She shrugged, “I could have saved her from the whole ordeal if only I’d gotten it sooner and headed the asshole off before he got the chance to grab her.”

He touched her shoulder gently, “Liz, you saved her from that awful experience and she knows what can happen when she’s walking around here alone at night. She’ll probably protect herself now and make smarter choices. I say that’s a lot.”

She looked up at him with a small smile, “Sam silver lining Winchester.”

He grinned and turned her around then slipped his arm around her shoulders. “Come on let’s get you to bed.”


Sam woke up early the next morning and made his way into the kitchen enticed by the smell of coffee and bacon. He found Maria at the stove and Isabel leaving the room sending a smile his way. Maria threw a glance over her shoulder and smiled, “morning Sam. Coffee?”

Sam moved further into the room as Maria grabbed the coffee pot and filled a nearby mug with practiced ease. She moved back to the stove checking the sausage and bacon sizzling in their pans. Sam picked up the mug and took a sip, “thanks. This is pretty good for black coffee.”

“Oh there’s creamer in the fridge and sugar in that tall, white container next to the coffee maker.”

He opened the fridge and was shocked by the selection of creamer, “wow.”

He heard Maria chuckle, “Isabel likes variety with her coffee and she over prepares for guests.”

Sam poured some creamer with a little bit of sugar in his coffee mug then took a seat at the table. He saw the morning paper sitting in a nice pile in the middle of the table and pulled it to rest in front of him. A comfortable quiet settled in the kitchen with only the sizzle from the breakfast meats and Maria’s soft humming keeping it from complete silence. Sam scanned the paper for weird stories, a habit he hadn’t been able to drop since leaving the family business.

A short while later, Sam noticed the sizzling and humming stop then Maria sat down at the table placing two heaping plates of bacon and sausage in the middle of the table. She sipped from her mug as Sam glanced up in question. “Cook it and they will come.” She grinned. Her eyes fell to the paper, “anything interesting?”

Sam shook his head as he turned to the comics. “No, just the same old stuff.”

Maria’s hand landed gently on his, “thank you for taking care of her.”

His eyes met hers with a soft blush, “I think she’s been taking care of me.”

A small smile curved her lips as she pulled her hand back to her mug, “you don’t know how down she had been before but she’s so alive now. I know I owe you at least a little bit for that.”

He quirked an eyebrow at her, “what do you mean? Is this about Dean? What happened between them?”

Maria shook her head, “sorry Sam but that’s not my story to tell but I’ll tell you one thing, she hasn’t seen anyone since your brother and it took a while just to bring her out of that funk.”

“So they.. dated?” Sam asked.

Maria just smiled sadly, “that’s all you’re going to hear from this girl. Telling you that much is probably more than Liz would like.”

Sam nodded, “yeah I know. Anytime I try to find out what went on between them she changes the subject or completely shuts me out.”

“I think she just wants to put it behind her.”

Kyle walked in moving straight to the coffeepot, “who we talking about?”

Maria rolled her eyes, “the latest centerfold.”

Kyle poured a cup of coffee, “ha ha very funny Maria.”

Sam’s gaze flicked between the two friends. “So.. are you two brother and sister or related somehow?”

Maria’s jaw dropped and Kyle chuckled as he moved to the fridge, “very good observation young grasshopper. Step brother actually.”

Michael stalked into the kitchen and like Kyle, he moved straight for the coffee but without a word or any attention to anything but his caffeine. Kyle watched Sam’s questioning gaze, “he’s basically a zombie before his morning cup of joe.”

Michael grumbled, “shut up Kyle.” He grabbed the closest object that just happened to be the empty package of bacon and chucked it at Kyle who ducked the oncoming attack.

Isabel stepped into the kitchen and caught the greasy package against her chest. Kyle’s eyes went wide, “oh shit.”

Her icy gaze snapped to Michael who only pointed to Kyle. Maria chuckled, “yeah nice try spaceboy.” No one noticed Sam’s questioning gaze at the nickname.

Sam looked back towards Isabel who stood stock still glaring at Michael, it seemed no one had moved. Isabel finally pulled the packaging off her shirt and handed it to Kyle, “please dispose of this properly.” Then her hand waved over the grease mark on her shirt clearing the stain immediately. She pointed to Michael, “you’re just lucky I’m in a good mood Guerin.” Her eyebrows furrowed when Michael just stared at her in shock. “What?” She looked down at her shirt looking for anything she missed.

Kyle moved closer and whispered, “umm, nice tide stick.”

“What are you talking abou..” Her voice trailed off as comprehension dawned. She turned toward the table catching Sam’s calm yet curious gaze.

Sam smiled, “oh I am all ears for this.”

Isabel turned to Michael, “I thought Liz told him.”

Michael smirked as he took a seat next to Maria. “Just tell him Iz, Liz was planning on telling him this weekend anyway.”

Isabel turned back to Sam, “so tell me, how much do you know about the 1947 crash in Roswell?”

Maria eyed Isabel, “don’t you think Liz should be here?”

Isabel waved her off as she pulled out a chair next to Sam, “she always says it’s our story to tell right? She can tell her stuff when she wakes up.”

Sam interjected, “I know about her psychic visions.”

Isabel smiled, “see. She already told him about her premonitions. Now it’s our turn.”

Sam quirked an eyebrow as he leaned forward on his elbows, a small smile playing on his lips. "Wait, are you telling me you guys are psychics too? The ‘47 crash mess up the town water supply or something?"

Isabel laughed, "oh Sam.. If only it were that simple. We're not psychic. Michael and I are alien human hybrids sent to earth after we were killed on our home planet. Kyle and Liz were changed by my brother who is also one of us when they were fatally shot. Liz said that his healing powers tweaked their DNA so to speak." She glanced towards Maria, "and Maria is a groupie."

Maria threw a piece of bacon at her, "hey! I’ll have you know I'm the lynchpin!"

Kyle chuckled, "please if anyone is the lynchpin, it's me."

Michael rolled his eyes as Sam watched Isabel carefully, looking for any sign of deception or that she was just plain messing with him. She met his gaze straight on without even a twitch. He had seen some great actors but this was something else. This was someone laying their cards down and waiting to be judged. He knew these people, he knew how guarded they were, how tight their group was. He had thought it was a shared secret of a shape shifter killing their friend when really it was a whole lot bigger than that. Sam sat back in his chair, "maybe you should start at the beginning."
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 4 7/17

Post by MelissaD » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:54 pm

barbara87413: :)
AvalonRose: I guess we could assume Dean knows and maybe that's why they figured they could trust Sam.. or they just trusted him because they knew Liz did.. :) We'll find out soon though, I promise!

Chapter Four

Liz lay stretched out on a towel in the quad behind her dorm enjoying the sun and a book she had picked up earlier at the store after selling her class books back. She reached for her water bottle but only hit grass, she felt around blindly for a few more seconds before she looked up from her book to find Sam seated Indian style just out of her reach drinking from said bottle. She smiled, "what are you doing here?"

"What I'm not allowed to be here?"

She shrugged as she looked back to her book. "I thought you'd be going with Jess for break."

Sam moved to lay down next to her, stretching out then clasping his hands under his head with an exaggerated sigh. He rolled his head to the side to look at her, catching the grin she was trying to hide. "I didn't really feel up to meeting the parents yet. Besides who would make sure you don't get yourself into trouble over the summer?"

Her eyes flicked towards him. "You’re not worried her parents wouldn't like you are you? Cuz let me tell you that doesn't change a girl’s mind. Believe me on that."

"I just met her two months ago."

"I thought it was love at first sight."

He challenged, "I thought you didn't believe in that?"

She dropped her book on the grass in between them then turned on her side, propping her head up with her hand. "Sam you didn't have to give up the trip for me. I'll be fine. I was thinking of maybe going home for a week or something."

He gave her a knowing look. "Liz, summer break is three months."

She shook her head, "not if you’re taking extra classes."

He rolled his eyes, "why am I not surprised?"

She shrugged. "I only took two pre req's though so I’ll still have time to relax."

Sam rolled his head to look towards the sky then closed his eyes. "Well, I took a class too so I guess we’re stuck with each other."

She chuckled softly. "You're such a bad liar."

"What? Just because I just finalized that decision doesn't mean I'm lying."

With a small quirk of her lips she whispered, "thanks Sammy."

His eyes popped open as he rolled his head to face her and scoffed, "do you have to keep calling me that?"

She picked up her book then settled on her back again. "Nut up Winchester."

He narrowed his eyes, "kinda hard to do that when you keep calling me by a pudgy 12 year old’s name."

“So you were a pudgy kid huh?”

"Lizzie!" He pulled off Maria's high pitch excited shriek pretty well. She raised her brow and Sam sat up and started to flick his hair managing to look completely ridiculous.

“Maria doesn’t do that!” She bit her lip to keep from laughing. He added the shriek to his hair flicking and she finally lost her hold, bursting out in laughter at his antics. They drew quite a few stares from students passing by but they paid them no attention.

As their laughter tapered off, she looked at Sam. “Since you’re staying..” Sam raised his brow and Liz grinned, “are you ready to meet my parents?”

He chuckled, "that I think I can handle."

Isabel drove the mustang with a slightly drunk Kyle in the passenger seat while Liz and Sam sat in the back seats quietly giggling at Kyle trying his best to act like he was completely sober. Kyle turned and grinned at them, “so Parker it seems everyone in our class thinks you got yourself a hot new boyfriend at Stanford. You should have seen Pam Troy’s face.. it was priceless.”

Liz blushed, “you know damn well Sam is with Jess.”

Sam chuckled, “yeah but all your old classmates don’t.”

Kyle pointed to Sam, “Sammy knows what I’m talking about!”

Isabel punched Kyle lightly in the arm, “you know only Liz gets to call him that.”

Sam let out a bark of laughter, “only because she is the only one I can’t get to stop calling me that.”

Liz beamed, “and you never will my friend. You never will.”

Isabel glanced in the rear view mirror, “should I drop you off in the front or the alley?”

Liz turned to Sam, “you think you can manage the fire escape?” Sam nodded and Liz looked into the mirror, “the alley’s good.”

Isabel pulled into the alley, let the two out, and waited for them to climb over the balcony wall. Liz waved down and Isabel pulled back onto the main drag. Liz turned to find Sam sit down on one of the two lawn chairs and lay back looking up at the stars. Liz chuckled softly as she walked over the neighboring chair and collapsed, “I can’t believe we made it up the ladder.”

Sam glanced at her, “seriously? You’re fine.” He grinned, “now Kyle.. I would have paid to see him try to make that climb.” Liz laughed and agreed. Sam turned his head towards her, “you know Kyle wasn’t joking. People were not only eyeing us but the way they were looking between me and Max, it was like they expected a fight.”

Liz chuckled as she rolled her eyes, “yeah I bet Tess loved that. People still think we’re somehow getting it on behind her back or something. Yeah right.”

“Well, the way he looked at you and the way he was looking at me.. he had me thinking the same.”

She gave him an amused grin, “he gave the same looks to your brother.” Then she seemed to sober quickly and changed the subject. “So what do you think of the infamous Roswell now?”

He chuckled, “I can see what you mean by it being pretty boring but then again I personally know aliens now. In fact I’m friends with them.” The quiet settled over them as they looked up at the stars. Sam’s voice was quiet when he finally spoke again. “Can I ask you something?

She nodded, “of course.”

His head rolled to the side to look at her. “Why didn’t you go to Harvard?”

She curled up on her side to face him then smiled. “I totally blew my interview. My green around the gills started showing and let’s just say I probably looked like a schizophrenic mental patient and what university wants that?”

“You’re telling me the amazing Liz Parker didn’t get into Harvard?”

A small smile played at the corners of her mouth. “Well, I didn’t say that. I went there for this week long workshop thing for perspective students.. it was horrible and cold. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Boston area but I was so far away from the people I loved, from my family. I knew that if I couldn't handle it for a week then I’d be a wreck trying to do a whole semester worth of work while trying not to think of the distance. And yes I told myself what if I meet people and it gets better with time. But really the problem was.. what if it doesn't? I built it up as this amazing thing in my mind and then I got there.. and it was just a university. A university on the other side of the country of where I truly wanted to be. I didn’t even last the whole week. Five days in, I drunk dialed your brother during some party the upperclassmen leaders took us to and he drove there to get me.” She looked up at the sky, “he must have been close by on a case or something because he got there before morning. It was a little embarrassing.. he knocked out some guy trying to take me into his room. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping the guy off me. I don’t really remember too much about the night but I remember Dean carrying me out to the car then waking up in a motel bed. I didn’t drink that much so I know something else happened but neither of us spoke of it. He got all my stuff somehow too and I never asked him how he pulled it off. It took the whole weekend to drive back to Roswell and I started the application for Stanford online on the second night. I told my parents that my flight got delayed then called again and said I bumped into Dean and he offered to drive me home so they didn’t have to come pick me up.” She chuckled, “I don’t really know if they would have believed me had I said it was anyone else.” She turned back to Sam, “You know, I never even opened the letter from Harvard when it came in the mail.”

His brow rose and he was almost speechless because that was the most she had talked about his brother. “Wow.

“Yeah, that easily what you think you’ve wanted your whole life can change.”

“So you and dean were pretty tight before he left.”

She shrugged, “we were friends. Like I said he helped me out. I could always count on him to be there for me.”

“But then he left. Why did he leave?”

She shrugged again then turned onto her back and looked at the sky again. “I guess it was just his time to go.”

Sam knew he probably got as much as he was going to get on the subject and dropped it. He could practically see her walls going back up. He looked up at the stars and really loved her balcony. “This is really an amazing view. I can’t believe this is right off your bedroom. I couldn’t imagine having something like this growing up.”

Liz smiled, “yeah it was pretty great. If nothing else I always had the stars. By the way if you ever need some place to escape, you know this place is yours now too. My parents will always give you a place to stay.”

Sam turned his head towards her but she was still looking at the stars. Did she know how much that meant to him? It’s not like he didn’t have other places to go, Bobby would always open the door for him but he was practically family. He had basically raised him and dean for a few years when dad just dropped them off there and left with only a few calls or drop in’s every now and then. He just met Liz less than a year ago but he did feel like she was family. He didn’t have much though so it made sense for him but Liz, she had the whole package with parents and the whole circle of friends that she called family because they were that close. How had he been pulled into that circle so fast? He wanted to ask but it didn’t seem right. “Thank you.”

Her head rolled towards him with a smile, “oh please. There’s no need for thanks!” She chuckled, “you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not Sam Winchester and that comes with the few perks I’ve got to give.” Her eyes glittered in the light of the moon and the smile on her face told him she understood. And just maybe that she felt the same.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 5 7/21

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SO Sorry I didn't keep up with my normal posting! I meant to get this up yesterday but real life kicked my butt.. So here's the next chapter and I'll get six posted by Tuesday to make up for the delay! :)

AvalonRose: A little glimpse into the dean/liz history here too.. :) We're getting closer to seeing the reason he left.. and don't worry I'll be shedding some light on the tess/max relationship in coming chapters too.
barbara87413: More of both in this chapter! :)

Chapter Five

A few months later.

Liz, Sam, Jess, and a few of their friends met at the local bar to celebrate Halloween. Although Liz and Jess tried their best to get Sam to dress up with them, he stood his ground and never gave in. As the night wound down Sam and Jess started to get their things together to leave. Sam glanced around to find Liz to let her know they were heading out when he noticed her practically sprinting out the front door by herself. Sam gestured to Jess and she nodded, following him outside. Once outside they saw Liz moving a little awkwardly down the sidewalk and they called out to her. Sam and Jess shared a few whispered words about her condition then Sam successfully hailed a cab while Jess convinced Liz to come with them. They got in the cab and Liz thanked them for the ride then leaned her head back on the seat closing her eyes. Sam’s worried gaze met Jess’ and she nodded. She asked the driver to switch the directions and drop her off first then the other two at the first address they gave him. She looked back at Sam with a smile, knowing he wanted to make sure Liz got to bed alright. Sam smiled and lipped, I love you.

Sam helped Liz into her apartment and she didn’t fight him as he got her into bed. He turned and started for the bedroom door when he heard her first words since the taxi ride. “Would you stay? At least until I fall asleep. I don’t want to be alone.”

He turned back to her. “Yeah, I’m just going to get you some water. You’re gonna need it.”

Sam grabbed a bottle of water from her fridge and came back into the room. He got her to sit up and drink some water then she dropped herself back down. Sam sat on the side of her bed and watched her silently. She looked up at him from her pillow, “sorry. You didn’t have to leave Jess. She could’ve come over too.”

He gave her a small grin, “she understood.”

“Understood what?”

“Something I didn’t obviously. How come you didn’t want Brady to take you home? You were both flirting all night.”

Liz shoved her hands under her pillow, “got a bad feeling off him. Just didn’t want to.. I don’t know. I’m not making sense.”

“It’s not the first time you seemed interested in someone then left alone.”

Liz peeked up with heavy eyelids. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sam didn’t budge. “Yeah, I’ve noticed. What’s that all about?”

Liz pulled her hands out from under her pillow and slowly rubbed her temples. “Nothing. I just want to go home without someone annoying me or expecting something or both.”

Sam watched her for a moment. “Why does it seem like you’re punishing yourself for something?”

“What? Punishment? I think you have that twisted Sammy. Usually it’s the ones giving it out freely that are punishing themselves. At least that’s how they make it seem at those meetings on campus.. besides I already learned from that mistake.”

Sam’s brow lifted as he waited but she didn’t elaborate. “Does this have anything to do with my brother?”

“Where the hell would you get that idea?”

“Kyle told me something happened and that nobody knows what but he said you weren’t the same after he left. He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

Her voice came out defeated as she stopped rubbing her temples and flattened her hands over her eyes, “you know your brother better than that Sammy.”

He shook his head slightly, “not like that. I mean, the way we .. he lives, constantly on the move. It doesn’t really work well with normal relationships. I know you said you guys were friends and he was there for you but it really seems like you were more. He was more of a one night stand opportunist so just hearing how long he kept coming around.. if he made you think..”

She turned onto her side, facing him. “That’s not it so please don’t worry about it.”

“Why don’t I believe you?”

“We knew each other for a handful of months, how much do you think could really happen? Everyone had a lot going on at the time so Kyle saying your brother was the one that.. what? Changed me? I just lost my best friend, Max got Tess pregnant and was going to leave the planet without helping us find the shape shifter that killed said best friend. The one person who said he loved me more than anything else, who said he’d always choose me, he turned into an overbearing ass and pissed everyone off. A lot of stuff hit the group at the same time and your brother was the one person who was with me from the second I asked him for help. He just got caught in the crossfire.”

His eyebrows rose at the fact that she was only talking about when they met and not when Dean had left. “How come you never say his name.. unless you’ve had one too many? You shy away from any conversation that involves him, not that there’s many. You won’t even talk about what happened between you two.”

“Can we just drop this, my head is killing me.” She rolled away from him and pulled the blanket over her head.

Like now, Sam thought but didn’t say. “Do you still want me to stay or should I leave?”

Liz pulled the blanket down just past her eyes as she rolled back slightly towards him. Sam noticed the change from angry frustration to fear, he was amazed once again at how well she kept her emotions in check when she was completely sober. “Please stay Sam. I was serious about that bad feeling tonight. I don’t know if it was from Brady or someone else, I just really don’t feel safe.”

Sam nodded as he brushed the hair off her face, “you know I will always be here if you want. No matter what you want or don’t want to talk about. I’m still your friend.”

She grabbed his hand gently and squeezed. “Thanks.”

Sam got up and pulled the extra mattress out from under her bed that she kept for visitors, usually Maria. Then moved to the closet, “I told Jess I’d probably stay the night anyway.”

Liz gave him a small tired smile, “I don’t deserve you Sammy.”

He pulled an extra blanket from the top of her closet easily, “that’s bullshit and you know it.” He moved back to the mattress and got settled. “You’re just in one of your moods because you got scared by something. You’re probably just stressed over some class. Tomorrow you’ll be fine and pretend this never happened.”

Liz chuckled as she poked her head over the side of her bed looking down at him. “Nope. I can never forget you being the ginormous brother I always wanted.” She giggled as she laid her head back on her pillow. “Hoist me up on your shoulders when I couldn’t see the band, parade, whatever. Beat up the idiots that try to mess with me cuz they think I’m an easy target but then my skyscraper of a brother steps up behind me like Megatron gonna kick some ass and they run away tripping over themselves.”

Sam laughed, “you really need to sleep it off. Good night Lizzie.”

She scrunched her nose, “goodnight bumble bee.” She heard him chuckle then listened quietly as his breathing evened out. She waited for the tell-tale soft snore that he always seemed to get after a night of drinking. Maybe she should warn Jess about that. Nah, she’s spent enough nights with him to know. She turned over and looked out her window. The clouds were blocking out most of the moon, probably a gathering storm from the looks of it. The clouds moved slowly, uncovering a full moon as her mind transported her back to another full moon not so long ago.

She settled back against Dean on the lawn chair as his arms wrapped around her, his hands coming to rest on her stomach. A few lit candles on the balcony providing them with all the light they really needed but mainly so her father wouldn’t pull out the shotgun if he found them. She pointed out a few stars and constellations in exchange for information from him.

“Okay my turn. Is it true werewolves only come out on a full moon?”

He chuckled, “technically they’re always out but if you mean when they change to feed then yes. Something about the lunar cycle triggers their hunger causing them to wolf out.”

“So the full moon comes out and bam! They’re hairy beasts that crave soylent green?” She felt his silent laugh rumble against her back and she smiled.

“Yeah, hearts to be exact.”

“Wow and disgusting.”

“My turn. Teach me something smart so I can bring it up casually with Sam and make him feel stupid because he doesn’t know it.”

Liz giggled, “that’s really vague.”

“My brother thinks he knows everything. It’s annoying.”

She turned her head and looked up at his face. “So how am I supposed to know what he doesn’t know?”

“You’re smart, what’s something the other smart kids around you don’t know and hate you for being smarter than them?”

Liz bit her lip as she thought about it. A small smile bloomed as she sat up and turned around, throwing her leg over the side of the chair. Dean eyed her curiously as she straddled his legs. “Close your eyes.” He raised his brow in question and she smiled, “what, you don’t trust me?” He wiggled his brows before finally closing his eyes. She waited a few seconds and then touched the back of his hand lightly. She noticed the confusion on his face and smirked as she slowly climbed his forearm with her light touch until she met his sleeve. She leaned up on her knees and brought her face close to his without touching him and whispered, “do you feel the change in your heart rate? The rush through your veins?”

His eyes opened slowly meeting hers. She watched his pupils dilate then she put slight pressure on his chest with her hand. “Your brain is telling your adrenal gland to pump adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine causing your heart to race and..” She lowered herself onto his lap and grinned at the pressure she met there, “causing your body to react to something as simple as a touch on your arm. It wouldn’t matter how hard you’d try to hide from me because your body would betray you. Your brother could do the same touch on your hand but it wouldn’t cause the same effect because he doesn’t hold the same power that I do.”

Dean couldn’t take his eyes off her lips so close to his and she had also caused his brain to fog. He was surprised when he heard the words fall from his lips, “what power is that?”

“You really want to know what my secret weapon is?” His eyes flicked up to hers and he nodded once as he swallowed thickly. She leaned in closer, her lips only a breath away from his. “My boobs.”

In his haze he didn’t realize she had given him the punch line until she chuckled knowingly and pressed said breasts into his chest as her words finally seeped through the fog. He didn’t think that was accidental at all. His arms wrapped around her, pressing her against his body, his gaze went from her lips back to her eyes and she sucked in a breath. His right hand snaked up into her hair and he pressed his lips to hers. Their lips were gentle at first until they both craved more and kisses deepened as hands explored.

They broke apart for air and dean smirked, “I guess I have power over you too.”

She smiled as her eyes fell to his lips, “I guess you do.”

Liz rolled away from the window and shoved the memory away. She should have known right then to end it. That was her red flag to run but because of the chemicals flooding her brain she couldn’t see the tell-tale signs that she was falling. It was the same reason she wouldn’t let herself get drunk. She just couldn’t allow herself to be completely out of control. She could get close but when she felt that control start to slip, she’d switch to water or plain soda. Usually without anyone knowing but she had a feeling Sam picked up on that one too. At least that one would be easy to explain. Who really wants to black out? But relationships, that was an entirely different matter, at least when it came to her friends and her lack of romantic relationships with men.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 6 7/23

Post by MelissaD » Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:26 pm

roswellian love: LOL you're jumping ahead! Liz is a sophomore and Sam is a Junior. Sam was a Senior when that whole night went up in flames.. that may or may not still happen in this story..
barbara87413: It was junior year that Alex died. Liz and Sam are the same age but Sam was born in May and Liz in November and at least where I grew up on the east coast(and a lot of other states) you had to be a certain age before the start of the school year or you had to wait to start school the next year. So Sam is a year ahead because of that 6 month age difference. lol They still have a year to figure something out with the outcome of the pilot episode of Supernatural..
AvalonRose : We'll delve a little further into that feeling in this chapter.. and there's a lot of memories coming up soon!
HypnotiqBlueEyes: Thank you! :D You don't have much longer to wait for that meeting.

And you're amazing questions actually reminded me of something I meant to put in the summary of the story pertaining to my alternate universe. Because I wanted Sam to be a year ahead of Liz it actually conflicts with the years in Roswell because if Liz graduated in 2002 then she would be a senior along with Sam during Halloween of 2005. So for my story I did tweak the years even though everything happened the same in Roswell up to It's too late and It's too bad but not the same years as they said in the show.. so instead of graduating in 2002 that was when Alex died and Isabel did her early grad and the rest of them graduated in 2003 putting Liz at Stanford in fall of 2003 making her a junior during Halloween 2005 while Sam is a Senior. Does that make sense?

So, see you Friday, yeah?

Chapter Six
*Lines from Roswell episode “it’s too late and it’s too bad” underlined.*

A few months later.

Liz sat next to Isabel on a bench at the basketball court acting as refs for the game going on in front of them. Isabel and Kyle had surprised her with a visit only an hour prior and while they were at lunch the boys ended up making a bet with two of Sam and Liz’s friends. The girls sat on the bench making jokes about Kyle and Sam if only to maybe even out the playing field because Sam and Kyle were killing the other guys.

Isabel sent a sideways glance to Liz, catching her looking for maybe the tenth time that afternoon. "You okay? Sam told me you've been getting a lot of bad feelings lately."

Liz rolled her eyes, "no he's just wondering why I'm not going home with other guys. I had maybe one too many and didn’t want to go home with a friend of ours a while back so Sam took me home."

Isabel turned to her and put her hand on Liz's arm gently, "that wasn’t the only time but that was the one time he said you were scared. Legitimately scared. You asked him to stay with you because you didn't feel safe."

"What happened to that girl who would roll her eyes at that?"

Isabel watched her quietly, "I think we both know she died, at least when it came to her friends, with Alex. And you only get like this when something's got you confused."

Liz smirked though it didn’t reach her eyes, "when did we become friends again?"

Isabel raised an eyebrow, "I'm pretty sure you know exactly when that was solidified."

Max stood in front of Isabel in the hallway of Roswell high school. “If you ever leave Roswell without my consent I will physically drag you back. For the last time the answer is no. Period.”

Liz stood in shock behind Max hearing his every word to Isabel. The sound of Isabel's voice brought her eyes up to Isabel's face. "You’re killing me."

The anger boiled in Liz's veins as Max replied, "you let it get that far."

Like a switch had been flipped, Liz snapped. She grabbed his arm and whipped him around to face her, "no YOU.. YOU let it get this far! Believe it or not, you aren't king on this planet and NO one wants to follow asshole max!"

Isabel walked around Max and looped her arm through Liz's, "if the alien mafia won’t support me, I guess the human one will."

Max's eyes flicked back and forth between them and he opened his mouth to say something but Isabel interrupted him, "you wanna be the leader? See how it works without any followers."

Max stood stock still as Isabel and Liz turned and walked away without another glance in his direction.

Liz's eyes came up to Isabel's as the memory faded, "alot of people changed that week."

"Yeah, you could say that.”

Liz’s gaze dropped to her hands, “why did you change your mind so quickly? Why did you really come to me that day in the diner?”

Isabel was quiet but confident. “Alex.”

Liz’s head snapped up, “what?”

Isabel's smile had a hint of sadness to it, "I know it sounds weird but he came to me. I saw him a few times. I thought I was dreaming.. but he told me if there was one person that would understand me and what I was feeling, it would be you. He told me that just because I lost him didn't mean I had to lock myself away again. He didn't want to see that and he didn't want me to go through life like that." The tears shimmered in her eyes, "Alex was always smart and I spent too much time pushing him away. Too many regrets. So I took his advice."

Liz stared into her friend's watery eyes and knew she couldn’t look much different. A small smile came to her face, "he was smart and he gave me another thing to add to the list to thank him for. Even in the afterlife he makes me feel like I owe him." Both girls chuckled softly as they blinked the tears away and looked back to the game.

After a few minutes Isabel gently elbowed Liz with a smirk. “So are you going to tell me what's going on or am I gonna have to stalk your dreams?"

Liz chuckled softly but it didn't seem genuine. She sighed and kept her eyes on the game, "I've just been getting bad feelings, I don't know what it is or if it’s even anything. Just sometimes I feel like someone's watching us."


"Yeah, I only seem to get them when Sam and I are out or Sam, Jess and I. Sometimes it's just that feeling like you know someone's watching you but sometimes it feels like more than that.. like something bad but I don't understand it. I can't reach it."

Isabel threw a glance at Kyle and Sam, "do you think its alien related?"

Liz shook her head, "I don't know. That's just the thing I can't get anything even when I try, it’s like it backs off or simply disappears. When we were drinking that night.. the feeling was worse, stronger. It took over my senses like these loud sirens going off in my head and red flags blinding me. That's why I backed off Brady, the only thing I could think was get out of the bar." At Isabel's questioning look Liz elaborated, "Brady is our friend that Sam thought I'd end up going home with that night. It had never been that strong so it freaked me out but when Sam took me home I could still feel it like this suffocating feeling of being watched.. or hunted."

Isabel’s eyes grew, "and that was it?"

"When I woke up the next morning Sam was still there and the feeling was gone. I didn't feel it again, not as strong so I just brushed it off. But that feeling of being watched, it still pops up every now and then but it's just unsettling not fear inducing, you know?"

Isabel glanced around them. "Just the fact that we never found Nasedo makes me unsettled but it also means we have to stay on our toes."

Liz threw a quick glance at Sam, "add in the Winchester legacy and I know these feelings could be telling me something. Hell maybe part of me wanted Sam to stay so that I could protect him."

"You really are drawn to all things crazy and complicated, aren’t you?"

Liz giggled, "what can I say, it's a gift."

Both girls laughed but it didn’t sound very real to their own ears as they studied the surrounding area and anyone standing in it. Isabel spoke, "so we just keep an eye out and stay alert. I guess the break is over."

Liz nodded as she watched Kyle and Sam high five each other for scoring once again. With Kyle’s basketball skill and Sam’s height it wasn’t really a fair fight but she smiled as they looked over at her and Isabel. Both girls gave them a thumbs up as Liz chuckled, “you’d think by Sam’s height alone people would be hesitant to make a bet on basketball.”

Isabel smiled, “never underestimate the ego of a male around women, especially beautiful women.”

A month later.

Liz strolled through the campus towards the library enjoying the beautiful spring day. She loved how different the weather was here in California. By this time in Roswell, the heat would be moving in foreshadowing the hot, sweaty days of summer instead she was spoiled with a breezy seventy something degrees. No, she was definitely not missing Roswell right now. She quickly ran through her to do list for this afternoon in her head already crossing off meeting Sam when her cell phone started ringing. She shoved her hand into the side pocket of her satchel then pulled out her phone opening it as she put it to her ear, "hello?"

"Where are you?"

"Maria? I'm on my way to meet Sam at the library. Where are you?"

"I'm staring at an empty dorm room is where I am."


"You know I'm getting tired of you constantly ruining my surprise plans!"

Liz chuckled, "awe Maria you drove all the way down here for me?" She checked her watch, she had time to go back and get Maria before Sam's shift ended. She turned around and started jogging back towards her dorm.

"You knew we were coming, didn't you?"

"What? No, I mean how could I possibly know?" She did know about Maria's surprise visit because Kyle had slipped about Michael borrowing the mustang only a few days prior but Maria did manage to surprise her with how early they had made it.

"I'm gonna strangle that good for nothing brother of mine." Liz heard Michael's laughter in the background.

She chuckled, "come on Ria, it's not his fault. I was talking to Isabel when he came in and she asked him something. I may have overheard him saying he wouldn't have the mustang this weekend." Liz slowed her pace when she turned into the quad behind her dorm building. She could hear Maria murmuring to Michael, she must have been covering the phone. "Maria I'm just outside of my dorm. Why don't you guys come down and we can go get Sam."

Maria agreed and Liz closed her phone then put it away as she continued around to the front of the building. Maria and Michael came out of the front door with a wave, "surprise!" Maria grinned as she made her way to Liz crushing her in a hug. "It feels like I haven't seen you in months!"

Liz patted her back, "you say that every time."

Once Maria let go Michael threw his arm around her shoulders and squeezed, "that's what I tell her too. Alright Parker lead the way to the bookworm."

Liz chuckled as she turned and started towards the library once again. Maria asked, "of all the jobs why do you two choose to work at the library? It just so boring."

Liz smiled, "because it's a job where we can study. So technically we're getting paid to study."

Maria smirked, "you got me there. Just gotta wave those smarts around, don't ya?"

Liz shrugged, "well I thought about getting a job at that bar we always go to. I have the waitressing skills and any place with alcohol can rake in some major tips and maybe I can learn to tend bar, that's where the real money is."

Michael chuckled, "and when are you going to find time to do that? Between classes and working at the student center and the library?"

Liz fiddled with her watch, "I don't know maybe this summer."

Maria froze, "wait, you're staying again?"

Michael's gaze narrowed on Liz's fidgety hands, immediately on edge. "What's going on?"

Liz glanced around, taking account of the small amount of students moving around them going about their business. "I was talking with Isabel about it. I was thinking of taking a couple classes anyway and Sam is staying." Liz's eyes met Michael's gaze, "I just feel like I can’t leave, that I have to stay with Sam."

Michael added, "to protect him."

Liz started moving again and Michael and Maria caught up. "I don't know, maybe. Maybe I don't want to bring anything home with me either."

Michael scanned the area around them seemingly casual, "Isabel told me about the feelings. We've been keeping an eye out around us but nothing out of the ordinary. Are you still getting them?"

Liz nodded, "every now and then but I still don't know what it is or what it means. Sometimes I feel like I'm going nuts."

Maria slipped her arm around Liz's waist, "Isabel got that job in San Fran so she's not going home either. We can all stay this summer. I don't want to be too far from you."

Liz smiled at Maria, "I'm just being cautious. I mean this could be nothing but jitters or maybe I have an admirer or something and this will all blow over."

Michael sent Liz a look and she gave him a stiff nod knowing what he was thinking. Things were never that easy for them.

Maria chuckled halfheartedly. "Well, you are known for those puppy eyed followers."

Liz rolled her eyes, "good one Ria."

Maria smiled and decided to move on to better topics, "so if you knew I was coming what amazing plans did you make?"

Liz grinned, "Sam and I thought we'd take you out to dinner and there just so happens to be a concert going on nearby.."

Maria shrieked and Michael winced, "nice Liz."

Liz quirked her eyebrow, "who said you wouldn't like it?"

"Now we're talking." Liz couldn’t help the bark of laughter when she saw how Michael’s eyes lit up with excitement.
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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 7 7/25

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:15 am

barbara87413: :) Don't we all wish that? Although I don't know if I'd really want my brother to be that good looking.. can you imagine how your friends would be every time they came over? :lol: It was bad enough with my own brothers because they were older!
HypnotiqBlueEyes: I'm back early and with the anticipated chapter.. :D
AvalonRose: Well.. this is that chapter so this will answer your musings. :)

And the highly anticipated chapter is here! I hope you like it or at least don't want to kill me by the end of it.. :wink: Saturday or Sunday sound good?

Chapter Seven
Lines from pilot episode of supernatural underlined.

Sam moved around the room he shared with Jess while throwing things into his old duffle. He answered the questions Jess asked him as best as he could without giving away the real crap his dad could have gotten himself into. With a final look around the room, he was satisfied he had everything he needed and closed the bag. Jess stopped him as he moved for the door, "please just stop for a second. You sure you're okay?"

"Hey, everything's going to be okay. I promise." Sam's phone vibrated against the dresser and shook his head. He almost forgot the most important item he needed to bring. He picked up the phone, saw Liz's name and flipped it open, "hey you didn’t make it to the Halloween party tonight. I was wondering when I'd hear from you.. I didn’t think it'd be in the middle of the night."

"Sorry, I thought I'd get your voicemail. Kyle’s here, something came up in Roswell. I have to head home for a bit.. wait. Why are you awake?"

Sam sat down on the bed and lipped Liz to Jess to answer the question in her eyes. "Funny, I had a visitor tonight too. Dean broke into my apartment."

There was a moment of pause and he knew that took her by surprise. "What is he doing here?"

"My dad's been gone awhile on a hunt and he’s worried. I'm going with him for a few days to help him check into it. When are you leaving?” Jess moved over to the bed and sat down next to him.

"Not for a few days at least. I have to talk to all my professors and see what I can do so if I’m stuck at home for a few weeks I don't kill my GPA or get kicked out."

"You're their best student, I'm sure it won't be a problem. So if I get back before you leave, we can talk?"

"Yeah hopefully. Just keep me updated on when you’re heading back and I’ll see how long I can stall."

"I gotta be back by Sunday night because of my law school interview on Monday. I told Dean I had to be back by then."

"Crap.. I totally forgot about that. I guess Jess will have to help you with those interview questions.” He could hear the humor in her voice before she took an audible breathe then her voice went right back to business. “I'll see what I can do. And Sam.. Don't say anything to him."

"What? Why?"

"He doesn't know I'm here, does he?"

"I don't know.."

She cut him off before he could argue, "then don't say anything. Please Sam."

Sam sighed, "fine."

"I'll talk to you later."

"Night Liz."

Sam closed the phone and met Jess’ worried gaze. "What did she say?"

"Something happened in Roswell. Kyle drove down to get her to take her back. I don't think they told her what happened just that she needs to go home."

"Oh god that sounds serious."

"Yeah.. I just hope it's not too bad. She's taking precautions just in case she's stuck there for a while."

His phone rang again and Sam looked at the screen. He stood from the bed as he flipped it open, "I'm on my way down Dean, chill out." He moved towards the door then stopped and turned around, "everything's fine, I’ll be back by Sunday night. Don't worry." He kissed her goodbye and went out the door.
Sunday Morning.

Liz was pacing throughout her small apartment as Kyle watched her from the couch. "Liz I don't see how that's helping you calm down."

She threw a glance his way as she moved back into the living room. "I just don't get it. So there's rumors of UFO activity in Fraiser Woods, that means crap by itself because when has there ever NOT been rumors about Fraiser woods? Then the Evans' house gets broken into but it looks like nothing's missing. It's like someone is trying to recreate our high school years but to what end? What the hell is the point?"

Kyle scrubbed his face, "that's all we got. Well.. that and Tess' cryptic words that Max has been acting weird but maybe he just decided to stop catering to her every whim."

Liz sat heavily, "I don't know. With the crap I've been dealing with here, what if this is just some way to get me out of town?"

Kyle turned to her, "I really don't think that's it. I mean that's a pretty big leap, how could anyone here know about that stuff? It's just not possible."

Liz nodded, "you're right. I'm just.."

Kyle filled in the blanks. "Confused? Torn? I know, we all know."

Liz's phone rang causing them both to jump. Liz grabbed the phone off the table in front of them, "Sam?"

"Sorry Liz, it's me."

"Izzy, what's up? Are you there already?"

"No I'm at my layover but I got a call from Max. Liz.. Mr. Harding was in the Crashdown this morning."

Liz stilled, "what?"

"Nothing happened. He ate breakfast then left, paid with cash. Max saw him leaving when he was going in."

Kyle watched the color drain from Liz's face, "what is it? What happened?" She stared forward and he noticed her hands beginning to shake. He took the phone from her and moved out of the room to talk with Isabel. Kyle spoke in hushed whispers as he gathered the little amount of information she had. He ended the call and moved back to Liz still in the same position on the couch except now she was cradling her head in her hands. He knelt in front of her, "Liz.. I know Sam is supposed to get back today but we need to go."

Her head tilted up slowly as she pulled her hands away. Kyle saw the building tears in her eyes and knew she wouldn't argue. Her voice was quiet; if he wasn’t kneeling directly in front of her he never would have heard her. "Okay." She wiped her face without another word and stood stiffly then walked into her room. She came out a few minutes later with her packed duffle in one hand and her old book bag and satchel slung over her shoulders. Kyle moved quickly over to help her even though he thought he'd have to fight her to carry something down to the car but she handed over her duffle easily.

Once everything was situated in the mustang, they both climbed in and Liz pulled out her phone. Kyle started the car as Liz hit Sam's speed dial number and waited. The call went straight to voicemail twice and Liz decided to send a text message instead. I have to go. Harding was at the crash this morning. Talk to you soon.

Five hours later, they had made it out of the mountains of southern California and were entering the Mojave Desert. Kyle glanced over at Liz to crack a joke about deserts when he noticed she was asleep. He chuckled to himself thinking about the fact that they could never really get away from the desert. Kyle started switching the radio stations trying to find good music since his radio controller was sleeping when all of a sudden, Liz shot straight up in her seat with a blood curdling scream. The mustang swerved from Kyle’s frightened, jerky reaction then he quickly gained control and pulled the car over to the side of the road. Liz went quiet and Kyle threw the car in park and killed the engine.

He turned towards her speaking quietly, "Liz?" Her muscles were tense and her hands were gripping the seat. He reached out to her, touching her shoulder gently, "Liz?"

She took a deep breath then turned wildly towards him, her haunted eyes piercing his. "We need to turn around."

Kyle was not only freaked out with his heart pumping a mile a minute from her high pitched return to reality but her eyes sent a cold chill up his spine. "What?"

"We need to go back. We need to get to Jess."

"Liz we're five hours away!"

She flicked her hand towards the keys and the ignition revved all while her eyes burned steadily into his, "I'll try getting a hold of someone but we have time.. we have to have time. Sam's there when it happens and it happens at night. We need to get there before tonight."
Kyle felt the chill slither up his spine again. "What happens Liz?"

The tears were back, shimmering in her eyes. "She dies, Kyle. I can't let her die."

Kyle sat back in his seat, spinning the wheel and hit the gas. His thoughts went straight to the sweet, funny girl he'd gotten to know over the last year and prayed that Liz was right, that they had time to get there.

Four and a half hours later, Kyle slid the car to a stop across the street from Sam’s apartment. They could already see the flames lashing out of the upstairs window.

“No no no no.” Liz jumped from the car and ran towards the apartment, "JESS! SAM!"

Dean was pulling a screaming Sam out of the door by the time she reached the front steps. She froze when she saw the broken, frantic look on Sam's face and the strain on Dean's.

Dean shoved Sam down the steps to keep him from foolishly going back into the building and froze when he saw Liz at the bottom catching Sam easily. The flames of the fire above them reflected off the tears in her eyes. Sam clutched onto her, still screaming out for Jess, his large frame completely swallowing her small one. Liz did her best to calm him but Dean didn’t think anything could do that. Not now.

The scream of the fire engines reminded him he was standing in front of a burning building and he moved quickly down the stairs. He pulled his brother and Liz across the street where he found Kyle staring at the upper windows of the apartment. This just wasn’t real. He saw the look of grief on Kyle’s face as he watched Sam fall apart on Liz. He turned back towards the fire raging in Sam’s bedroom. How the hell did he wake up in the damn twilight zone? He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard Liz speaking to Sam through her tears, “I’m so sorry. I tried calling but couldn’t get through to you or anyone here. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Dean turned back towards them to find Sam on his knees, his arms wrapped around Liz. He was clutching her as she stood in front of him running her hands through his hair. Her eyes traveled up from the top of Sam’s head to meet his gaze and her name fell from his lips, “Liz?”

She watched him, her face completely blank besides the tears in her eyes and the tracks they left on her face. She nodded once then turned her attention back to his brother. He couldn’t believe his eyes, that she was actually here, consoling his brother. What the hell was she doing here? He watched Kyle walk up behind her but stopped shortly before reaching her, leaving a small distance between them.

Dean couldn’t help the scowl that came to his face, warranted or not, it had no place there. Her face alone brought up memories he tried so hard to put behind him but both their faces just brought up the worst of them and rubbed it like salt in an open wound.

Dean parked the impala in front of the Crashdown, one final check on his hair in the rearview mirror, a puff of air in his hand to check his breath then he climbed out of the car. He fixed his jacket and walked confidently towards the front door ten minutes early. He smiled when he saw her as he reached for the door but before his hand touched the handle his smile faltered and his hand froze.

Liz was inside in Kyle’s arms, her lips on his with his hands shoved under her red tank top making it bunch up around his forearms. He backed slowly away from the door and made his way back to the impala in shock. He got behind the wheel and shut the door. He sat there dazed for longer than he cared to admit before his eyes moved to the door he just left, questioning what he had seen.

The front door opened and he watched Kyle walk out with smile. Kyle turned as Liz held the door open, Kyle waved and walked away. Max had told him they had something going on but Liz didn’t seem like she was anything more than friends with him. Kyle didn’t seem to be anywhere on her mind when her hands had been all over him. He had to hand it to her, she was way better at this than him. She looked his way and smiled with a small wave but he was too distracted by her puffy red lips, the pieces of hair hanging loose from her ponytail, and the sloppily buttoned, too big for her plaid shirt. Was she wearing his shirt that he left there the day before?

He finally noticed the smile on her face as she beckoned him to come in but he couldn’t return it. How did she think she was fooling him? She wasn’t even hiding it. He hadn’t exactly been known as a one woman man but he had become one for her. Obviously that wasn’t going both ways and he didn’t like the idea of hooking up barely ten minutes after some other guy. He started the car and saw her face fall in confusion. He pulled out and drove away without a glance behind him.

Movement pulled him from his unwanted memories and he noticed Kyle had moved next to Liz, whispering in her ear. Sam stood and nodded at Kyle. How the hell did Sam know them? What was going on?

Sam turned towards him, “they’re going to get us hotel rooms. The police or firemen will probably want to talk to me.”

Dean walked over joining their small group as more and more people gathered to watch the firemen battle the blaze flaring out from Sam’s apartment. He caught the end of Liz’s sentence, “you sure you’ll be okay with him?”

Dean scoffed, “what was that?”

She threw him a quick glance, “nothing that concerns you Winchester.”

“Funny because last time..”

“Dean.” Sam’s voice was firm as he cut him off.

He rolled his eyes as Liz and Kyle walked off towards the mustang. When Sam’s devastated eyes returned to his apartment, Dean’s glanced back at Liz as she slid into the passenger seat of Kyle’s car. For a second he thought he caught her gaze but she quickly dropped her eyes then starting speaking to Kyle. Well, at least some things didn’t change.

Liz got two rooms right next to each other, one for her and Kyle and one for Dean and Sam. Kyle had passed out in their room before Dean and Sam had arrived but Liz had waited up for them and sat with Sam on his bed completely ignoring Dean. After five minutes Dean left saying he was going to find some place to get food. Liz sat at the head of Sam’s bed with her back against the headboard with Sam's head in her lap. She ran her fingers through his hair and massaged his head as he stared at the ceiling.

His quiet voice finally spoke, “I need to find what did this.”

Liz looked down into his eyes, “I wish I could stay and help you but Nasedo was at my place. I can’t leave my parents vulnerable.”

He looked up at her with his red rimmed eyes, “I know. It’s okay. You have things you need to do. Thank you for being here.. right now.”

“You need to be careful. Whatever did this.. it’s powerful. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone in the Stanford area, that’s just insane. What could keep me from calling anyone that could get Jess out of there? It’s terrifying.”

“It’s what got my mom. It’s the thing my dad has been chasing since I was a baby.”

“You should stay at my place while you look around here. That way you save your money and your brother doesn’t burn your name around here with his credit fraud.”

Sam nodded but he wasn’t sure he’d ever really be coming back. His voice was quiet, "Liz?"


He sucked in a breath, "I dreamt it. I saw it happen."

Liz felt the guilt weigh heavily, "I did too. That's why I tried calling, why Kyle and I were here."

A few tears rolled down the sides of his face disappearing into his hair. "No.. I dreamt about it for days." His sobs came again and Liz tried her best but failed at keeping her own at bay. All she could do was be there for him as they both mourned her loss. She just didn't have the energy to think about his dreams, his recurring premonition.
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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 8 7/27

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HypnotiqBlueEyes: Mmm.. all very good points but answers would be spoilers.. booo :lol: How about some more trips down memory lane? We're going to be drowning in them with the next few chapters! :D
roswellian love: Sadly for my story, that bit of the original SPN storyline had to happen.. And Liz and Dean.. well they're stubborn.. :roll:
barbara87413: LOL lucky you! My brothers were older and I mean older, 10 and 12 years older and still had friends getting crushes.. *GAG*
AvalonRose: More interesting flashbacks on the way!

Chapter Eight

Liz bolted awake hearing the screams coming through the wall. She jumped from her bed and went out the door. With a quick use of energy, she opened their door with ease and went straight for Sam pushing Dean out of the way who was trying to calm him. She climbed on the bed and hugged him, “shh Sam shh. It’s over Sam. Shh.” She ran her hands slowly through his hair, his shag hiding the slight green glow coming from her palms that were soothing him back to sleep with a little extra help.

Dean sat on his bed where he fell when Liz pushed him out of her way. He stared at them shocked. Where Sam thrashed and punched the shit out of him, the second Liz came on the bed he had reached for her and latched on like she was a damn life raft. He was the older brother since when had he been replaced by not one but two females. He eyed Liz as she calmed Sam like a mother soothed her child. For a second, he saw his own mother, how she would hold him when he woke from a nightmare. She’d run her fingers through his hair humming a Beatles song that didn’t make sense to him at the time but it didn’t matter because his mother had her arms around him and protected him from whatever demons haunted him in his nightmares.

Liz’s eyes connected with his and for just a minute it was like it was before between them. Heat, attraction, maybe that small hint of something more but then her eyes broke their staring contest and went back to Sam. He felt the flare of jealously and squelched it. He blew out a breathe he didn’t realize he was holding and stood from the bed. He moved towards the bathroom with heated words leaving his mouth, “I can take care of my brother.”

“Yeah until the threat seems to be gone then you hit the road.”

He threw a glance over his shoulder to see that she didn’t even bother to look up at him. He stepped into the bathroom. “Nice to see you still haven’t lost your touch with Kyle.”

In the mirror he saw her head tilt up and he shut the door. He turned on the water and splashed his face, giving it a few good scrubs then turned the water off. He grabbed the towel and dried his face. He caught his tired eyes in the mirror and felt the tug of a memory he had successfully not thought about in months.

Dean dried his face and caught her watching him in the mirror. He smirked as he turned and leaned against the sink. The blush colored her cheeks and she dropped her eyes to the bed she was sitting on. She played with the frayed end of her jeans. Something about her was a major turn on and he had to remind himself she was still in high school.

“So are we just going to act like students or are you going to flash your bulge.” Her eyes shot up to his, “badge. Flash your badge.”

They both watched each other quietly then as if the tension that bubbled in the air had popped, they both chuckled. He strutted over to the neighboring bed, “I’ll be happy to flash my badge if you want me to.”

She hid her face behind her curtain of dark hair as her giggles tapered off. “Thank you. For helping me find Leanna, helping me find out what really happened to Alex. For everything.”

He smiled, “No problem. It’s what I do.”

Her head came up revealing her angelic face and that shy smile that stirred something in him he couldn't quite figure out. What the hell did he get himself into? His dad was going to kill him. She brushed her hair behind her ear and bit her bottom lip as her eyes dropped from his. He felt his jeans tighten suddenly. That's it, he wasn’t going to jail, he was going to hell.

Knocking on the bathroom door snapped him back to the present.

“Are you done?” Liz’s voice was hushed but tight.

He opened the door and they stood there staring, each waiting for the other to move.
“Can I get in there now or are you sleeping in there?”

He watched her for a moment, taking in the small changes from the girl he had gotten to know those years ago. Her eyebrow quirked and he stepped out of the bathroom, not bothering to move around her but forcing her to move around him. “It’s all yours Parker.”

She watched him move to his bed from the corner of her eye. “Asshole.” She cursed under her breath as she moved into the bathroom. She filled a glass with water and carried it back to the night stand between the two beds, placing it on Sam’s side. She sat next to Sam’s sleeping form and whispered to Dean, “I’m leaving tomorrow so don’t worry about me getting in your way. Just promise me you won’t let him out of your sight.”

He watched her back and saw her hand brush some of Sam’s hair away from his forehead. He felt the spike of jealously again. “He’s my brother. I’ve been watching his back since he was in diapers so I don’t need your advice.”

Liz stood from the bed, “good to know.” She walked to the door and paused with her hand on the door knob. She glanced at Dean laying in the bed closest to the door staring at her. She knew he probably hadn’t noticed she was only wearing a pair of small boxers and an old worn band tee before, with his concern for his brother, but he probably did now. She was about to ask him something and she got the feeling that he saw the question in her eyes but instead she opened the door. “I’m sorry your dad left.” His brow rose but he didn’t say a word in reply, just watched her. "Goodnight." She closed the door softly behind her leaving him staring at the door.

Dean laid in the bed stewing. There was a part of him that was angry that she said that, bringing up something she knew hurt him while another part was actually relieved that she thought of him at all. He hated being torn but he also hated that she could still read him so easily.

Dean was alone. Sam left and Dad told him never to come back. He dropped himself on one of the beds in the room and saw Liz appear in front of him. He stared at her in confusion for a few seconds before his instincts kicked in telling him it wasn’t really her but a trick by something. He reached for the gun underneath the bed and she flickered, he paused watching her face. The concern he saw there confused him and without thought he reached for her. His fingers went through the image and she flickered out. For three days he couldn't get her out of his head so he decided to take another trip to Roswell. He grabbed a few lame articles of odd stories around Roswell as an excuse for a case and left a note for his dad.

The next night, Dean parked in front of the Crashdown and saw her cleaning inside. He could tell music was softly playing because she swayed slightly as she continued the process of closing up the restaurant. He smiled when she turned and caught him staring through the window of the front door. She quickly moved to the door, unlocked it, and invited him in for a piece of pie. He sat at the counter with his favorite dessert sitting in front of him but he had a hard time taking his eyes off of her as she moved easily around completing tasks she had probably been doing since she was a child. When she finished, she put his empty plate in a tub and took his hand leading him upstairs.

Once in the apartment she asked him if he wanted anything else. He shook his head and she pulled him into her room and sat him on the bed as she moved to her dresser, "I just need to change." His brow rose and his eyes darted to the door. "In the bathroom, Winchester. My parents went out for dinner and a movie for date night but don't worry as long as the door is open you're fine. He likes you." She chuckled as she took her clothes into the bathroom. "You can talk, I can still hear you." She pushed the door almost closed, leaving it open a crack.

"Talk about what?" He tried to ignore the fact that she was getting naked in the adjoining room and that he was sitting on her bed.

"I saw you dean." He heard material muffle her voice and couldn’t stop the image of her pulling the dress over her head in slow motion. "The other night something happened." He told himself the dress had buttons, his fantasy didn’t make sense but his reasoning did nothing to banish the images. He groaned. Her head popped out the door, "what?"

His head snapped up as his voice came out strangled, "what?"

Her brow scrunched together, "you okay? Just give me a minute."

Her head disappeared behind the door again and he sprang up from the bed pacing around the room with his hands shoved in his jean pockets going over every monster he could think of along with the tools needed to kill them or slow them down. He bumped into a solid body and froze. His eyes came up from the floor and met her concerned brown irises. She gently grasped his arm and pulled him back to the bed. She sat down pulling her legs underneath her at the head of her bed then patted the space next to her, "if you don't want to talk about it you don't have to but I know something happened. I may have only seen you for a few moments but it was enough to see you were upset."

He sat down making sure there was a good amount of space between them, "how exactly did that happen anyway?"

She bit her bottom lip, "remember when I said Max changed me when he healed me?"
She waited for him acknowledge he was following her then received a quick glance and a stiff nod. "Well.. That came with some side effects. The healing altered my DNA a bit, giving me some extracurricular abilities." His eyes moved to hers, "one of which being astral projection, I’m guessing you actually did see me. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not until I saw you at the front door tonight."

"Abilities huh?"

"You've seen what Michael can do and I'm hoping you believe my story of what Max did."

Dean chuckled softly, "I may have thought you were hot enough to be a little crazy but I saw Michael throw that floating bomb thing without touching it and couldn’t argue with that plus the blood samples you showed me. Even for me, it’s pretty hard not to see the difference."

Liz smiled, "so why did you come here if you don’t want to talk?"

He smirked but the playfulness didn’t reach his eyes, "I believe there are better things to do than talk."

She watched him without judgment, "is that why you came?"

His eyes fell to his hands. That was a good question, why did he come? Because he saw her and he wanted to know if he was going crazy? Because he couldn't get her out of his head after he saw her? Because she was the only person he wanted to see.

"So I'll just pretend I didn't see you the other night. How have you been? How's your brother?"

His gaze shot to hers and he could tell she knew she hit the right note. Concern flowed through her features and he wondered if that concern was for Sam or him, maybe both. She read him so easily it baffled him. She knew Sam was important to him, that Sam’s safety was the most important. She stayed quiet just watching and listening even if he wasn’t saying a word. The words flowed before he even made the conscious effort. "It was just a fight. A fight that might have ruined everything I've been fighting for my entire life."

She crawled down the bed and sat next to him laying her hand gently on his, "what do you mean?"

Dean's shining eyes met hers. The fresh wounded memory coming back to him. They sat quietly staring as if waiting for the other to be the first to break the moment. She didn't say another word, leaving it to him to explain if he wanted. He knew that it was up to him, she made that perfectly clear and he knew if all he wanted was for her to hold him then she would do just that. His eyes fell to her hand holding his as his quiet words tumbled from his lips, "Sammy left. They yelled at each other and dad told him never to come back and Sammy just left without another word, just gone. I know the old man was hurt, he left not that long after him saying he had a hunt to look into and would be back in a few hours. I had just sat down when you suddenly appeared in front of me. It freaked me out just as much as it comforted me. Which confused the hell of me so I came.. I came because you were the only person I wanted to see." He squeezed her hand and she saw the small drop of liquid fall from his chin.

Liz let go of his hand and climbed into his lap as her arms wrapped around him. There was a moment of shock as his body tensed but then his arms wrapped around her, holding onto her tightly. The dam broke. Tremors shook his body as frustrations finally found their outlet and she held him tighter as his soul purged itself of sorrow and frustration, anger and pain. Broken whispers reached for caring ears, "I knew the life wasn't for him.. but how could he just leave like that?"

"I'm sorry he left. He's you brother, he loves you Dean. He just needed to find his own way, he'll be back."

He was quiet for a while as the tremors tapered off and his breathing started to regulate but she still held him as if her arms alone kept him together. His voice was stronger but still soft when he finally spoke again. "He got into some fancy college and I think this will be the first time he actually follows dad’s order."

“That's only four years and it’s not like he can't call you. He'll invite you to some college parties. Maybe hook you up some with sorority girls." He snorted and she pulled away slightly to look at him, "what? No sorority girls?"

In the very next room, Liz tossed and turned in her bed. Her bed that she knew was only separated from his by a thin piece of wall. Of course he would still sleep in the bed by the door. Why did she have to say anything? Why did she have to say that? To spite him? To force him to think about how much she cared about him? That maybe he would remember and know that she still cared about him? He was probably sleeping peacefully while she brought up a memory she couldn’t push from her mind.

"What? No sorority girls?"

He lifted his head, swiping his face on his sleeve before looking her in the eye. The intensity she saw there made her shiver as his eyes lowered to her lips. Her breath caught in her throat as he moved in. "I think I prefer a smart girl.."

His eyes flicked up to hers just before his lips crashed against her own. It was full of need and reassurance as she tasted pie with a salty twist. She pushed at the material of his jacket and they both worked around getting the material off without breaking their lips away for too long. With his jacket out of the way, her hands went to the bottom of his shirt and yanked up. He broke away, ripping the shirt over his head then pulled her back to his lips as he fell back to the bed.

They had gotten carried away that night and had gotten extremely lucky not to get caught either. When her parents had returned they were both fully clothed on the couch watching TV. Her parents had insisted Dean stay the night in the guest room despite his argument that he could stay at the local motel. Her mother wouldn't hear it and surprisingly her father wouldn't either. Spouting off something about no marine’s son was going to sleep on some stained piece of crap mattress when there was a perfectly good one in his home along with a good breakfast in the morning. The look on dean's face had been priceless.

Liz didn't think she could ever forget that night. If only her father knew what Dean had been doing in his daughter’s bed just an hour prior. The things he was making her feel.. the muscles she never knew about that were pleasantly sore. She blushed at the image and moved to the kitchen as if her father would hear her thoughts if she stayed in the room.

She poured herself a glass of water and drank greedily.

“Hey.” Warm hands grasped her hips gently and she almost choked.

“Sneaking up on me?”

“It’s my job.” His voice was warm and made her melt against him, "you probably shouldn't think about things like that. Your blush is irresistible."

She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of his strong chest against her back even though her mind was a little worried by his words. "Oh god if you knew then it’s possible my parents did too."

She felt the slight shake of his head, "no I knew because I was thinking about it too. I was terrified your dad would find out but when I saw your blush I knew that wasn't what you were thinking."

She turned in his arms, "you know you’re pretty brave for a guy who was freaking out and glancing out my door earlier tonight."

He smirked, "a good woman can do that to a man."

She laughed and he smiled, “plus I told your dad I’d make sure you were okay because you weren't feeling too great earlier, you thought you might be getting a fever or a cold."

She smacked his chest as she laughed harder, "you’re awful. You know that right?"

"That's not what you were saying earlier."

Liz knew for sure now that she would never forget that night, the night she gave herself to him, not just because he needed to know he wasn’t alone and that someone cared deeply for him but because she wanted to. She wanted to give herself to him in more ways than one but apparently she was the only one that felt that way. If he had really felt the same for her, he wouldn’t have left. He would have talked to her about whatever was bothering him. She saw the look in his eyes when he looked at her. He still had that intense look that set her skin on fire but he also had anger and maybe even hurt that dumped a bucket of ice on her. What was that all about? He was the one that left her.

Nov. 3rd, 2005
Beginnings are easy.. it’s the long haul that's tough. Bumping into one of those beginnings, especially one that burned hot so quickly then froze over just as fast without any idea of why is one of most difficult encounters ever. I didn't know how to act, hell I still don't even know how to feel about it. Am I still angry at the way he just left or am I more curious as to why he left the way he did? Angry that he cut me out so easily or frustrated as all hell that I don't know why? This is why I just never wanted to have to deal with him again but I can't fool myself that I didn’t know one day I would have to. I couldn't become best friends with his brother and really believe I'd never run into him again. Maybe I just thought I'd have more time or maybe I've been burying things so deeply that I've actually lost sight of them myself. Can self-preservation really be that powerful?
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 9 7/30

Post by MelissaD » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:20 am

AvalonRose, barbara87413, HypnotiqBlueEyes: Thanks! More flashbacks.. more history revealed. Might have to wait a bit before our favorite pair find out the truth..

Part Two. Back in the Abyss again.

Chapter Nine

Kyle drove at a steady seventy five on the last leg of their trip. Liz knew he was anxious to see Isabel, to make sure she was okay, but frankly she wasn’t sure if she was ready to be in Roswell. Not after having her past slam into her present so amazingly fast and unbelievably. She tried not to think about him during their two day trip but now that Kyle had turned onto 285 South towards Roswell she didn’t have anything else to keep the memories away. The dry, flat New Mexico landscape gave her nothing to distract her ever pressing thoughts and the familiar smell invaded her senses as if the very air around her was conspiring to drop her head first into memories buried long ago.

The Crashdown bustled around her as she dragged herself to the counter. She knew she needed to eat but she just had too much to do. She glanced over her shoulder catching her mother’s watchful eye from the break room.

Her father appeared in front of her, “mom says you need to eat. What do you want honey?” She turned back to her father and sighed. “Are you okay? Did you catch something at school?”

She glanced up from the counter and gave him a small smile. She knew they were both worried about how she was taking Alex’s death but they didn’t want to bring it up all the time. “No, I’m fine. It’s just this thing Maria and I are doing for the yearbook. We just want to get it perfect.”

Jeff laid a gentle hand on hers, “your favorite then. Gotta keep your strength up if you want perfection.” He smiled and moved away to the order window.

Liz took a deep breath and started going over her next move. She needed to find Alex’s papers for Sweden. The school had to have something in their files for his trip.

“Hey Liz.”

Liz froze when she heard Isabel’s voice. Her eyes quickly glanced to the side to see the other girl seated on the stool next to her. “Hey.”

“Listen.. I’m sorry about.. what happened after the funeral. It was just.. I thought.”

Liz touched her hand gently, “Isabel I never meant for you to think I was blaming you.. any of you.”

Isabel’s watery blue eyes met hers. “I know that now. I want to help.”


“Max has been complaining about how you’re obsessed but I think you might be right and I want to help.”

Liz couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. “You believe me?” Isabel gave a slight nod. “Thank you.”

“Isabel, how are you?” Both girls turned to Mr. Parker who had placed a full plate in front of Liz.

“Hi, Mr. Parker. I’m doing okay.”

Her father gave Isabel one of his concerned look but tried not to press, “can I get you anything Isabel?” Liz didn’t realize how hard it would be seeing her parents like this when she couldn’t even tell them the truth.

Liz turned to her father, “you know dad, I’m sure I can share with her since you gave me a portion to feed three people.”

Isabel smiled and nodded, “that sounds great.”

Mr. Parker smiled at both of them then moved off into the back room no doubt to share glances with her mother. Liz turned back to Isabel as she slid her plate down the counter to rest in between them, “hey did I hear something about you getting recommendations for college?”

Isabel grinned, “yeah. San Francisco State actually.”

They talked over their shared plate of food about Isabel’s early graduation and all the things she would need to do before heading to California to start in the fall. Every now and then they would fall into hushed whispers that to any outsider looked like two girls gossiping when really the two were creating a plan. Liz shared details and ideas she had in mind to continue her search while Isabel gave feedback.

Thirty minutes later, Isabel stood from her seat to leave when Mr. Parker appeared in front of them again, “Liz can you get table four for me? Agnes just stepped out for another break and I can’t seem to find her. I don’t want that man to wait any longer.”

Liz nodded and stood up with Isabel. “I guess I can walk you out. Maybe Max will hear about us talking and have something else to complain about.” Isabel chuckled as they moved towards the door. Liz stopped at table four and waved to Isabel as she continued out.

“Hi I’m Liz. Sorry for your wait, I’m not your waitress but I didn’t want you to have to wait any longer so I can get you started if you would like.”

The man at the table looked up from the menu and his face brightened with a grin. “Thanks Liz, that’d be great.” He dropped the menu, “Will Smith with fries and a cup of coffee.” He leaned forward, “any chance I can bribe someone to keep you as my waitress?”

Liz blushed as she nodded, “I’ll get that in for you and see if I can get a rush on it since you already waited so long.” She turned then paused, looking back over her shoulder. “I’ll see what I can do about the waitress thing.” His grin turned into a wide smile as he leaned back against the bench.

Liz came back with his coffee and froze when she caught the flash of light off the badge at his waist.

“Are you okay?”

Her eyes moved up from the badge to his concerned green gaze. She nodded slowly as she carefully placed the coffee on the table. “Yeah, sorry about that. Long day.” She cringed at how lame that sounded. She glanced around and then slid into the other side of the booth. “Can I ask you a question?”

His brow rose, “a pretty girl like you? Of course.”

She leaned forward on the table, her voice low. “Are you really FBI?”

He glanced down and seemed to realize he left his badge in his belt. He looked at her and quirked a brow, “not used to seeing these around here?”

Liz laughed on the inside, if only he knew. She smiled shyly, “it’s just that you’re kinda young compared to..” She shrugged.

He grinned as he tugged at the collar of his jacket, “well thank you.”

She chuckled at his gestures. She didn’t feel that he was a threat at all. She didn’t get the fear off him like she did from the agents that came for Max. In fact she almost felt like she could trust him. She shook the thought off but decided to take the chance. “What’s your name?”


She glanced down at the table and took a deep breath before meeting his eyes again. “Do you think you could help me?”

His interest piqued, “with what?”

“Finding the person that killed my best friend and tried to make it look like a suicide.” His brows rose and she slid out of the booth, “think about it. I’m going to check on your food.” She moved quickly away from the booth not looking back while berating herself for blurting it out like that. Who the hell was she kidding? She can’t get FBI involved.. but he seemed genuine and he could help get those files at the school. If Max knew what she was doing he would be beyond furious. She grinned, maybe that’s a sign that she was doing something right. She just needed to follow her heart and her heart was telling her Dean could help. She picked up his food and moved back to the table. She didn’t have to give any of the alien detail just that she needed those files to find out about Alex’s family in Sweden. Easy as pie. Maybe she could offer him some free pie with a free meal for helping her.

She was ripped from her memories as Kyle pulled into a gas station. “You want anything?” Liz glanced towards him and shook her head then lay back against the seat. Things had gotten so crazy after that. Dean got the files from the school without problem and wrote his number down on the cover of the file while telling her that he was working on a case just outside of town. Of course now she knew he was hunting a Chupacabra and not some missing persons thing. She called him at a desperate moment when she was planning to head to the airport saying she needed a ride but really she wanted someone to talk to. Isabel agreed that her theory was possible but she couldn’t figure out how it could all be put together. She thought that Dean might be able to tell her how easily someone could create all of these travel plans and false identities.

Then Max came to their meeting place and they fought before Dean showed up. Max had grabbed her arm and tried pulling her into the jeep when Dean showed up and punched Max. That was probably the first time she really admitted to herself that she was starting to feel something for Dean. The look on Max’s face when she pushed Dean away and turned to him, she couldn’t understand why he could look so hurt when she was the one he was pushing away with both hands forcefully. She couldn’t blame him really, she was the one who pushed him away first but this mess with Alex was different.

Dean drove her to the airport only to turn around and drive her home when she found out Alex never went to Sweden. She had rambled about Alex that whole drive home and it had definitely been a really revealing drive.

“I can’t believe he never went. I mean this is like ten times more complicated than a few faked pictures and false identities! Leanna is not Leanna. He never went to Sweden! Who the hell is Leanna? She has to be the key. Why the whole story of Sweden? Where was he really at and why kill him? It has to be alien related, it’s the only way.”

Dean laughed breaking her out of her rant completely missing her wide eyes. “So are you asking me any of these questions or just getting them out of your head?” When she remained quiet he glanced over at her, “aliens aren’t real but there are plenty of other things that could’ve done it.”

She smiled keeping her alien secret for now, “oh really, like what?”

“Leanna is not leanna was the computer thing right?”


He shrugged, “Shape shifter.”

Her eyes widened as she turned towards him, “how do you know about..”

He grinned,” I have a book filled with shit like that.” He eyed her, “question is how do you know about them?”

“My grandmother was an archeologist who loved mythology and I grew up near an Indian reservation. I know a lot. It still doesn’t explain why someone wanted him dead.”

“Shape shifters don’t like people to know about them, kills the whole mystery. If he figured them out, they definitely wouldn’t want him around to talk about it.”

Kyle jumped into the driver’s seat, “you want to drive or are you still tired?”

Liz turned to him catching his worried look. “I’m fine. Do you want me to drive?”

“Liz I know those.. moods. I know there’s a lot happening all together and it’s okay if you’re having a hard time dealing with all of it. Seriously, Jess was our friend but you were closer with her and.. then Dean showing up.”

Liz interrupted him, “I’m okay. I’m just worried about Sam. We’re gonna figure out what the hell is going on in Roswell, we’re going to fix it and then we’re going to get back to our lives.”

Kyle eyed her for a few moments, making a mental note to have Isabel and Maria talk to her. “Okay, let’s get home then.” He started the car and pulled back onto the highway. “Not much longer now.”

Liz looked out the windshield, “yeah, home sweet home.” The words sounded wrong even to her own ears. The image of the stupid embroidered pillow in Leanna’s dorm room popped into her mind.

Getting the information they needed from the college about Alex had been easier than she thought. Of course with Dean there and having an FBI badge to flash helped. Michael showing up didn’t go over too well when he saw Dean. Somehow Dean was able to sense Michael’s unease with FBI and he admitted it was fake, just something he used to get information he needed when he was working a case. Surprisingly, Michael believed him without much question and for a guy who was suspicious of everyone it was shocking. It took both her and Maria a minute to recover from it. It was a good thing too because when they got to that house that had the computer with the translation, Dean hadn’t really questioned what he saw.

They had walked into the rundown building both Maria and Dean making comments until they found the computer. The floating beeping red triangle made Maria scream and Dean stared in confusion. Michael quickly reacted throwing his hand up and pushing the alien bomb out the window. Dean turned to Michael with wide eyes, “what the hell was that?”

Liz stepped in between the two looking at Dean, “he’s telekinetic. He can move things with his mind, it’s kinda unpredictable but it always comes through when we need it.” She turned around to face Michael, “thank you.” She threw a quick glance at Maria then continued, “for everything.”

Michael’s guarded gaze moved from Dean to Liz and he nodded, “no problem.”

Dean looked between them then his eyes fell to the computer. He sat down and started tapping a couple of things on the keyboard. Something she knew now he’d seen Sam do countless times and the screen came alive with writing. “Hey, those markings from that super computer are here.”

“Welcome to Roswell! The crappiest place on earth.” Liz sat up when she heard Kyle. “Hey maybe you should call Iz and see if she’ll meet us at the Crash. God I could use some real food.”

She smiled and grabbed her phone from her bag. “Do you want me to call my parents and put an order in?”

Kyle’s glanced at her, “this is why you’re the best.”

Liz grinned, “I’ll be sure to tell Isabel that.”
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Perception (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Ch 10 8/2

Post by MelissaD » Fri Aug 02, 2013 10:49 am

HypnotiqBlueEyes: more flashbacks and maybe a little bit of reaction on the alien front..
barbara87413: lol me too! hopefully I can keep up with it. :)
AvalonRose: might be a while before that mystery is solved.

I'm leaving early Saturday morning for a trip to the in-laws so another three day drive. I'm going to try to see if I can post on Sunday or Monday, all our hotels have Wi-Fi but we'll see how well they work! Hopefully I'll be able to get as much done on this trip as my last long trip and be able to keep up this post timing. :)

Chapter Ten

Kyle pulled into a parking spot in front of the Crashdown and jumped out of the car, stretching his back and legs. Liz grabbed her bag and climbed out moving slowly to the front door. Kyle picked up speed and opened the door for her, “you sure you’re okay?”

She nodded, “just hungry, that’s all.”

They moved inside and spotted Isabel at their old booth with three plates of food already waiting. Isabel hugged Liz before they sat and started to eat with quiet chatter. Liz tried to ignore the worried glances Isabel and Kyle gave each other in between looking at her. She spotted her father come out of the back and she waved as he moved by giving them a smile, “I’ll be over in a minute sweetie!”

Liz concentrated back on the meal in front of her and tuned out the noises around her then gave in to the memories pushing their way to the front of her mind.

Dean had taken her back to Las Cruces to find out just who Jennifer Coleman was and of course they ended up bumping into Max on their way out of her dorm. She was actually happy to see the look on Max’s face, that she dared go there without him and with Dean no less. Shoving the fact that she had evidence to prove their theory wrong was just the cherry on top of the cake. That was also the first time she found out that John Winchester had terrible timing.
They were moving to the car with Max following behind them saying he would follow them home with some crap about making sure she made it safely, not that he seemed all that worried about her safety before then, when Dean’s phone rang. His father needed to see him and he needed to go.

Dean turned to her, watching her closely before asking if she’d be okay with Max. She told him to go even though her insides were screaming for him not to leave her alone with Max. He kissed her as Max stood close by and said he would see her soon. She watched him drive away like an unmovable statue as the feel of his possessive yet soft kiss lingered on her lips until the tail lights of the impala disappeared into the night. She took a deep breath and turned to Max catching the look on his face. She was torn, part of her was overjoyed that Max was so hurt by seeing that but part of her was beyond pissed that he would make her feel guilty when he was parading around with Tess. She really wanted to say something like looks like you’re not the only one moving on but she knew she had no right. She pushed him away first, it didn’t matter that she prayed with her whole heart that he’d realize it wasn’t true, that there was a purpose for her lie but she couldn’t say she was blameless. She dropped her eyes from his and just asked where he parked and simply stated that they should get moving.

Less than an hour later, Max told her Tess was pregnant and they were leaving in the morning. Her anger towards him that had been slowly intensifying over the fallout of Alex’s death seemed to suddenly snuff out. She lost that last bit of whatever it was that was tying her to him. All that time she spent praying that he would know there was more to the story, that things weren’t always what they seemed, that she could never do that to him.. that he would keep fighting for her.. it was all for naught. Not only had he slept with Tess but they had a child on the way, maybe just another thing she couldn’t give him anyway. Maybe he was supposed to be with Tess. She may never admit it out loud but that hurt the most. Max chose Tess.

She may have slipped the truth about Kyle and some part of her wanted to throw it in his face yet she just couldn’t do it. She still couldn’t purposely hurt him but when he asked she nodded, letting him know that she never slept with Kyle. He finally realized when it was too late to matter. She said a soft good bye and walked to the front door of the Crashdown without the strength to look back. This is what future Max said needed to happen, he just never knew how much his plan would destroy. Alex.. her.. the whole group torn apart. She was only fooling herself that maybe there’d come a time when she could tell Max without dooming everything to the future that the other Max had come back to stop.

She walked into the restaurant and heard her father’s voice. She quickly wiped at the tears she felt on her cheeks. At the sound of the door closing behind her, Jeff turned and Liz saw Dean sitting beside him at the counter, his trademark grin faltering at the sight of her. “Hey honey, you’re friend stopped by for you and we got to talking.” Mr. Parker stood and smiled at Dean who quickly recovered. “I’ll let you two talk.” Jeff then looked at Liz with a bright smile, “you didn’t tell me Dean’s father was a marine.”

Liz pulled her eyes away from Dean to her father, “yeah. I guess it slipped my mind.”

Mr. Parker moved to the back room, “lock up before you head up, okay?”

Liz nodded as she moved to take her father’s seat. She stared at Dean once again, stunned that he was there. “What happened with your dad?”

“He had information for me on the shifter.” He rolled his eyes, “he could’ve just told me over the phone but he didn’t. I figured you’d beat me here. I guess the blood test thing took longer than expected.”

Liz dropped her eyes, “yeah, you could say that.” She leaned her elbows on the counter suddenly tired. “So what did your dad say?”

“He talked to some of his contacts and found out a shifter has been followed by a few other hunters circling the towns around Las Cruces. They haven’t been able to get a handle on it but guess what is right in the middle of the circle?” She glanced his way and he continued, “the college and that crap house with the computer, right in the damn middle. The crazy thing is we’ve never seen anything like this but I figured you’d want to know. Doesn’t seem like coincidence at all and he had a picture from a surveillance camera near the campus that matched one a hunter had from a camera near that house.” Dean pulled the picture from his pocket and slid it across the counter to Liz.

She stared at the picture and couldn’t believe her eyes, “you’ve got to be kidding me. Mr. Harding? It’s Nasedo!”

“What?” Dean looked at the picture again.

“He was this guy that helped Max and Michael with their abilities. How could I be such an idiot?”


“It all makes sense. This whole time I thought someone like Nasedo could possibly be looking like that girl and controlling him but he was just making sure Alex did want he wanted, she was just a face for his cover story. Nasedo has always been behind the whole destiny bullshit.. he’s been making false identities for his entire life and he trained Tess so maybe he has his own form of mind control.”

“Mind control? And what the hell is it a translation of? Why do I feel like there’s a huge part of this story I don’t know?”

She glanced up from the picture. “They’re leaving anyway. The symbols are alien and since their ship crashed in ’47 and they were raised by humans, they don’t know how to read it. Now Tess is pregnant and the baby’s dying and they have that crystal and the translation to fly home.”

He sat staring at her like she had suddenly grown another head. She started to shake her head and sighed as her eyes began to glisten. “Hey.. don’t do that. I’m not good with tears.. with women in tears.”

Liz leaned closer to Dean and he wiped the tear away as her eyes stopped on his lips. He leaned down and kissed her softly. He pulled away slightly while looking into her eyes, questioning. Liz pulled him back, crashing their lips together. Her hands went around his neck as his hand cradled her head. She broke apart just so she could climb off her seat and onto his lap. He caught her movement and lifted her hips helping her over. Their lips sought each other out and Liz let all of her worries and stress be drowned out by Dean’s lips and hands. Their bodies pressed against each other spiraling the heat between them until Dean pulled away slightly. He looked into her eyes with a whispered question, “Liz?”

They both dragged air into their lungs and stared for a few seconds before her eyes dropped from his, “I’m sorry I’m jumping all over you and..”

Dean smirked, “I have no problem with that, you’re free to jump all over me whenever you please but..”

Liz looked away, “I’m not really in a good place to be doing this to you. I don’t even know what I want from this. Max just has me so..”

Dean’s forehead scrunched together, “Max?”

Her eyes met his, “he broke my heart and slept with that.. Sorry you don’t need to listen to this..”

She went to move off his lap but his hands stopped her, bringing her eyes back to his. “Liz, whatever he did.. he’s an idiot. If you want to vent to me you’re welcome to. You want to jump all over me to forget about that asshole.. we can do that too. Don’t let some idiot..”

She looked into his eyes and could see the genuine concern. She leaned in and kissed him softly cutting him off then pulled away, “thank you.”

Maria walked through the front door. “Liz, they’re leaving.” Her head came up and saw Liz on someone’s lap, “who?”

Liz pulled away and turned to look at Maria and gave her a view of who she was sitting on. “Oh Dean.” Her eyes went back to Liz, “you know what, good for you.”

Liz blushed and climbed off of Dean’s lap, “I know they’re leaving and I know why too.” Liz threw a glance back at Dean, “I don’t really care but the problem is Nasedo is still out there and we don’t know why he killed Alex.”

“Nasedo?” Maria whispered as she walked over to Liz.

Dean spoke up, “the only thing I don’t get is if you think this Nasedo guy wanted the translation to get to Max so badly then why did he kill Alex?”

Both Maria and Liz looked at Dean as they processed the information. Liz looked to Maria, “maybe he didn’t. Maybe someone else did because they didn’t want them to get home.”

Maria looked at Liz, “the dupes? Maybe they wanted the key so they could get back?”

“Who knows but if Nasedo was a part of this then Tess could be too.”

Maria added, “I never trusted the little gerbil.. if she had anything to do with Alex’s death..”

“Liz you okay with that?” Isabel’s voice broke through her trip down memory lane.

“Huh?” Again Liz saw their gazes and sighed, “okay I know I’m not the only one taking Jess’s death hard so can you stop giving me the poor little sister deal? I’m working through it just like you guys.”

Isabel glanced down at her plate before meeting Liz’s eyes again, “you were closer to her than we were and we both know seeing Dean on top of all the crap happening here is a lot to be hit with in a very small time frame. I just want you to tell me if you need a moment even if it’s just to scream or go out to the quarry and blow something up, okay?”

Liz nodded and gave her a small smile, “thanks Izzy, now what were you talking about?”

“You and me going over to see Max and Tess because I’ve been with my parents all morning and haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary with them and I talked with your parents, they did see someone they thought looked kind of like Mr. Harding but nothing out of the ordinary around here either. My mom said Max has been spacy lately but I mean Max was always quiet and brooding when he was worried something alien was happening.”

Liz nodded. “I guess we need to find out what the heck they think is going on.”

Kyle smiled, “yeah you guys have fun doing that and I’m going to check in with my dad and see what he’s got.”


Isabel and Liz sat awkwardly on the couch in Max and Tess’s living room while Max and Tess sat across from them on their love seat. Isabel and Liz shared quite a few glances while Max caught them up on things at his dad’s office, it wasn’t so much what he spoke of or the fact that none of it really mattered but the fact that every so often he’d just stop and stare then pick right back up again like nothing happened. Isabel glanced at Tess a few times catching her concerned gazes at her longtime boyfriend. Tess touched Max’s shoulder lightly, “honey can you go get us some drinks? We have some cans of Cherry Coke left in the fridge.”

Max nodded with a smile and left the room. Tess looked at Isabel, “he's been acting odd like this for the past couple of months and I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

Liz and Isabel shared a glance then Isabel focused back on Tess, “he's been acting odd for a lot longer than that.”

Tess's forehead scrunched, “I don't know what you’re talking about but I'm serious, he's been spacing out like that randomly for months and I think it's getting worse.”

Isabel threw a worried glance towards the doorway her brother went through, "what do you think it is?"

Tess shrugged, "I don't know but it's weird that it started around the same time he said he started seeing things, like he thought someone was watching us."

Isabel and Liz tensed as Isabel asked, "what do you mean?"

Tess glanced between the two of them then leaned forward lowering her voice, "I thought he was just being paranoid. Nothing's happened in so long.. but he said he thought someone was following him one day but didn't really see anything. Then he kept saying he felt someone watching him or us randomly. We never saw anything or found anything so I just chalked it up to him being overly cautious and paranoid."

Isabel huffed, "and you didn't think to say anything about this when my parent’s house was broken into? Now Nasedo shows up at the Crashdown and you've been telling Max it's nothing and not letting anyone else know? Damn it Tess!" Isabel shot up from the couch and moved across the room towards the doorway Max left through. She paused at the opening and glanced down the hall.

Tess snapped, "I told you! This isn't really something I could say over the phone!"

Liz rolled her eyes, "yeah because no one says I feel like someone's watching me over the phone."

Tess shot Liz an ugly glance, "your jealousy is showing Liz and it’s not a good color on you."

Liz chuckled, "right because you've got the best relationship. Don't fool yourself Tess. No one wants it."

Tess narrowed her eyes, "just because everyone leaves you.."

Isabel abruptly interrupted Tess by blocking her view to Liz and speaking over her in full ice princess mode. "Alright, we need to meet Kyle. We can talk about this later when Michael and Maria get here."

Isabel shot a warning glance at Tess as she lead Liz out of the room, "we'll call you later."

Tess nodded and waited for the front door to close behind them before the anger contorted her face and moved towards the front door. “What a bitch.. in my own house no less! One of these days Liz.." She heard Max’s footsteps behind her and stopped.

"Tess what are you talking about?"

She turned with a sweet smile, "Hey.. Nothing you know me just thinking out loud."

Max stared for a few seconds then turned around walking back towards the kitchen, "you want some lunch?"

Tess smiled, "sure what are you in the mood for?"
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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