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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by nibbles2 » Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:20 am

#100 (a landmark!!)

taken by christmasnazi
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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by killjoy » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:59 am

101#taken by Raychelxluscious
CC but it's a tad AU
Any Rating Is Fine
K/T,M/L,M/M and A/I

Ok we all know that Tess was the last one out of the Pod and was found by Nesado who taught her all his anti human crap.But here's where everything goes AU.

What if Tess had never came out of the Pod at all? What if the Granolith was discovered by the three hybrids only for them to find Tess....the same age as them...still in her pod and still asleep?She has aged like they have but has yet to be woke up from her slumber.

The hybrids and the humans have a meeting on the fact should they or should they not get Tess out of the Pod and what to do with her if they do.For Michael,Max and Isabel recall what it was like coming out of their pods as kids but add the fact Tess would be almost an adult now would make things even harder.

Of course they get Tess out of the Pod but how will things be for her? How will she learn all the things she needs to know to be human and not draw attention to herself or the others? Who will teach her these things? And how different will she be now that she wasn't raised by Nesado and taught to hate humans or work for Khivar?

Since Nesado doesen't name her someone in the group some how comes up with the name Tess for her.....she can have Harding as a last name given to her or you can give her a new one....but Tess is still her first name.
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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Shellbell_456 » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:17 am

Taken by Hunter

Max & Liz
Any rating is fine

A fanfic to the video I made
Only one rule no Tess!
Also I will post a link to the fic on the video on youtube if you would like me too
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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by vilandragirl » Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:40 pm


This challenge looks at other people who could have actually been Nasedo. Since we know that Nasedo could be anyone at anytime, we can't assume anything about him. What if he showed up at times before when we saw him mid-Season 1.

The only requirement is that he needs to be one of the men involved in the altercation where Liz was shot, preferably the one who actually shot her. Other than that, he needs to be 3 other characters that we saw in the show. This is a canon challenge, so they can't be characters that we actually saw with Nasedo, unless it's explained (such as Max to the Max, where he was a duplicate of a character that we know).

This can be any rating.

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by behrstars » Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:50 pm


Starts out during 4AAAB only no FBI or Military. Tess landed safely. She however still uses the excuse that if she is harmed Zan will die. At Michaels when Liz goes and Max stops her and takes Tess's side she has had enough. Liz leaves Michaels and disappears. A big search is conducted but no one can figure out what happened to her.
4 years after Lizs disappearance Max and company return to Antar.(Kyle, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Tess and Zan)
During those four years Max and Tess became a couple be it a little screwed up. Isabel and Jesse got a divorce because she couldn't stand keeping secrets anymore. She and Kyle end up married. Michael and Maria tie the knot as well. All the parents involved know the secret and know where they are.
13 years later two teens arrive on Antar from Earth. During recon Max and Michael discover that they are in fact coming for the royal family Max in particular. The boy is around 6'2'. The girl is 5'3'. No one knows what they want. They are attacked while they are sleeping and Max is almost killed by the girl. Michael and his men get there just in time. During interrogation Max finds out that their names are Charlie and Alexia(Alex). And then they discover that Charlie has the pendent that Max gave Liz. Max finds out that they are his and Lizs children. He finds out about their life and how they bounced from one abusive foster home to another because Liz died during childbirth.
Want to see how Max and the others deal with the news and see how they build a new life with Charlie and Alex. Needs to be a lot a drama. The past has to be addressed from the way they lived and the connection that they share, that enabled them to find each other(they were separated). Max and Maria have a hard time dealing with Lizs death and Maria blames Max for everything. They have to eventually make up. Would like for them all to go to earth and see Lizs grave and finally give everyone a little peace.
Any questions just pm me

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Zanity » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:11 pm

#105 M/L -- Taken By Christmasnazi

Challenge text moved to:

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Kitten88 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:18 pm

Numbers 28 and 30 are being written by myself :-)

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by killjoy » Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:04 pm

K/T,M/L,M/M and A/I
Any rating is fine but seeing how this is about sex than Mature might be better.

But here's the general idea.

Tess and Kyle didn't get interrupted and did have sex.But unknown to them on Antar having sex with someone forms a mate bond with them and is the same as getting married.So now Tess and Kyle are mated in Antarian fashion.Which means they are now bonded to one another forever.They are linked by their minds....they can feel what the other is thinking,send thoughts to each other and can feel each other through this bond.

How will this now change the outline of the show? Now that's she's unable to go after Max how will this change Tess? Will she and Kyle ever come to terms with each other and fall in love?

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Bubblegal » Sun Dec 14, 2008 2:43 pm


Rating: Teen to Mature - Adult could probably be put in it if wished.

Dreamer/Lamptrimmer or Tess/Sean - it's up to you - I'm leaning toward the Tess/Sean but again, I don't mind Kyle/Tess. Slight Michael/Isabel

This is set during Season 2 - any time is up to you but would be better after the Skins

Liz Parker has gotten into a car accident (So the media, the police and the hospital think) and ended up in a coma. Everyone gathered around her bedside and Max healed her slowly each day till he finally brought her out of the coma (He was preventing from anyone finding out).

Liz comes out of the coma with the most amazing thing - the only person she remembers is Tess and firmly believes that her and Tess are best friends. The gang must deal with the outcome and Tess must put up pretence that she is really Liz's best friend (The doctors told her they don't understand why this had happened and they suggest she goes along with it in hope she could encourage Liz's mind to heal completely).

Maria is upset that Liz doesn't remember her while Michael and Isabel are considering the good side to this outcome - If Liz can't remember them, then she can't remember anything about the shooting so they are safe as Naesco has destroyed all the records and the Skins are over and done with so they think that because Liz 'betrayed' Max, he would be able to move on and leave Liz out of the equation - they are not sure if they want to do the same with Maria and Alex yet.

Kyle is the only one who is cautious about the whole thing - Liz claims she remembers everything up to the shooting (She doesn't remember the shooting, it's a blank up from then) but she can't remember dating Kyle. Alex does research on comas and tries to find out what happened to Liz. Everything Liz had done with Maria has been swapped with Tess and Alex has been put in the background and been replaced with Sean.

Over time, Tess and Liz become close with some close calls with Liz telling Tess some memories that Tess doesn't know what she is talking about but they slowly overcome it and Tess actually starts considering Liz as her best friend.

Max is curious about the whole thing that he and Kyle meet up one night and exchange theories about Liz's coma - even Max is confused to why Liz doesn't remember dating Kyle and both of them start digging deep into the 'Crash' that Liz was found in where they find her diary and they read it, finding out the whole reason why Liz set up the night with Kyle and how she really felt about Max.

Liz starts getting visions whenever she touches something or someone, at first, they are her past - moments with Maria and Alex, moments with Kyle and moments with Max - none of them with Tess but she brushes it off, refusing to believe that Tess has been lying to her. Soon her visions changes that she is actually seeing the future but only seconds/minutes before they happen and she confides in Tess what is happening.

Tess, instantly knowing that Max has done something to her when he healed her or changed the connection, meets up with the boys and tell them what's happening.

Meanwhile, Max and Kyle have been gaining clues to what happened to Liz on the night she suffered the crash. She had been visiting the reseveration and found out something that had made her upset and in denial over what it was. Alex meets up with them, giving them his own clues - he had managed to decode the books and it explains some of the things that are happening to Liz but not why she doesn't remember anything.

Jim (He can still be sheriff if you want) gets involved, especially when the FBI gets involved once more - apparently there has been a changed in Liz's blood/exams and they believe she is an alien so they want her. Michael and Isabel start thinking up ways to get Liz out of the equation all together - they can't allow her to get captured by the FBI and they can't allow her to get visions because they are in a secret relationship that they don't want the others to know and they know that Liz will stumble over it eventually.

Max and Liz have been slowly rebuilding, or just building in Liz's point of view, a friendship that slowly turns to a relationship once Max finds out the truth of what really happened that night with Kyle.

Tess has either a) being developing a relationship with Sean or b) a relationship with Kyle.

a) Sean - Sean finds out that Liz had ended up in a coma and comes by the hospital to find out what had been happening to her - he also provides clues to Liz's actions, she had been acting weird and been dizzy alot before the 'Crash', it was like she had found out something that had set her on an edge and Sean thinks she hadn't been eating properly or had slept with Max and ended up pregnant - Max firmly puts a rest to the idea that they had slept together and the doctor confirms that Liz is a virgin therefore she isn't pregnant. He and Tess had been working together to help Liz restore her memory


b) Kyle - Kyle and Tess has slowly developed their relationship despite the fact that Kyle had 'slept' with Liz. Tess had always had her own thoughts about Liz sleeping with Kyle - she actually had a feeling that Liz had been forced into the whole situation but didn't let Max know because she wasn't too sure - she didn't really know Liz well at the time and couldn't say for sure that Liz was acting of her free will or not. Tess had, somehow, accessed Liz's repressed memories and felt her love for Max and her hurt over 'betraying' Max which in turn caused her to become closer to Kyle.

Either way - it's up to you who you want Tess to get together with.

Tess provides more clues but somehow accessing Liz's repressed memories - it turns out that Liz's hurting over 'betraying' Max, her love for Max, her confusion for Tess and her stress over Michael and Isabel hating her for 'betraying' Max and Maria pressuring her into telling Max the truth was the real reason why she had blocked out everything, forcing her brain to come up with an alternate route.

Tess replaced Maria as the best friend because Tess had never pressured Liz once. Sean replaced Liz because Alex was rarely in the picture at the beginning of the whole alien saga and Liz had good memories of Sean. She has forgotten Kyle because he was part of her bad memories - first, stalking her because she had broken up with him and because he had played a part in helping her 'betray' Max. Max because her love and pain was too much for her brain to cope with so they repressed those memories completely in a way to protect her.

The FBI get their hands on Liz and take her way to the white room - they had worked under Naesco and had made copies of the files so they know that Liz was the person Max had healed and wanted to find out how much she had changed due to the healing.

The gang are now on a time limit to save Liz and the only way to do that is find out why she had been out at the reservation, why she had been acting weird and shook up and why the crash had happened.

Riverdog says the only way to completely see into Liz's mind is for one of them to access her brain and try and piece her memories back together while being warned that they would meet different Liz of different stages. It's up to you who goes into Liz's mind - either Max or Tess.

They enter her mind and start from the shooting and slowly piece everything together - they see and feel everything she had went through, her heartbreak over her and Max not being able to be together, her grandmother dying, her and Max breaking up for the first time, seeing Max and Tess kiss, seeing Max being captured by the FBI, seeing the message that Max's mother had brought, walking away, future Max coming back and telling her everything and watching Max and Tess get closer.

Her fears of Michael and Isabel as they refused to accept her at first, her fear over Kyle and Jim, her fear over the FBI.

They finally find out why Liz was so shaken up - she has been gaining powers - she accidently changed her clothing when she was wearing them and has been getting visions. They find out why she had approached the Reseveration - she needed answers and Riverdog was the one who could give it to her and he did - she had been changed to be compatiable with Max when the time came for her to give him a child - she had received a vision of her and Max in bed and it resulting in her being with a child.

She had also walked in on Michael and Isabel in various states of undress but had slipped away un-noticed and that had shook her up even more (This was before she went to Riverdog).

On the way back - her brakes had lost control so she swerved to avoid the car that had been ramming into her car from behind, sending her over the cliff - it is up to you who had done this (Nicholas, Khivar in a human body, one of the dupes or even a whole new enemy)

Once they have completely the walk, Max or Tess come out and say they know where to find Liz because they had connected to her and saw the sign on the wall that they had saw when Max had been taken.

Liz is going through the same thing as Max did but to a more extreme measure - they hooked her up to electrical current and they sent the volt through her whenever she tells them she doesn't know what they are talking about (Remember, she has lost her memories) till the highest volt that should have killed her gives her her memories back and her knowlege of powers - which she uses to get out of the chair and kills the men in the room with her.

The other FBI goes to stop her when Max, Tess, Michael, Isabel and Jim storm the FBI and get her out of the place - one of them has to blow the place up as well.

Liz is still shaky and unsure of everything but there is one thing she does remember - she and Max are close so she sticks close to Max or Tess at all points, she recoils whenever someone else tries to touch her.

Whoever it was that did the walk must confront Isabel and Michael at one point in private and tell them what they think - they have to make up their minds - be with each other then let the humans know or choose to be with the humans and forget each other - it's up to you what they do.

Of course - they find the person who drove Liz over the cliff and they are sorted out while everyone else has to rebuild their friendships once more because they realised that Liz had latched onto the two people who had rarely been in her life because they had caused her the least pain - yes, even Tess because it wasn't Tess' fault that her and Max were to be together - everyone at some point had caused pain in Liz's life that she sought to repress it all and they end up stronger because of it.

sorry that was so long - it's an idea that had been running about in my mind for a while - let me know what you thought.
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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by killjoy » Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:43 pm

If you want to make this all human instead of CC than go for it.
M/L,M/M,A/I and K/T
Any Rating is fine

Ok the layout is this......the guys and the ladies get into an argument and make a bet with each other....what the fight was about is for you to come up with.But this is the bet.

If the guys win the fight the ladies must dress up IN costume and do the dancing and singing to the skit.....Lady Marmalade.....see below....remember they have to do it in costume..which means very skimpy clothing.


If the girls win the bet than they make the the YMCA from the Village people...see below

The rest of the story is up too you.I just thought it would be funny to have this bet go down and see how far each group would go to win....and not have to do the skit :lol:

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