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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by dreamon » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:16 pm

Sorry it posted twice
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Bubblegal » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:11 am

So it's kind of dead in here but I thought I would give it a try!

#131 - Set during 'End of The World' where Future Max comes back. This is kind of a mixed idea so hang with me here.

1 - Tess can tell something is not right with Liz when Liz shows up and offers to help Tess get together with Max. She accidentally touched Liz and she got a flash, seeing the Older Max. Now suspicious - especially when she hears the Older Max telling Liz what to do, she starts plotting on how to get more information so she goes along with Liz's plan, meets up with Max but follows Liz after Max leaves her in the Congress' office after kissing her.

2 - Michael needs to talk to Liz. Maybe it's regarding an order that needs to be made, or maybe the whole situation with Maria & Courtney is screwing with his mind - anything will do. So when he gets to Liz's room, he overhears Max talking to Liz but is confused to what Max is saying. When he looks in, he sees the Older Max.

Just as he is about to blast his way into the room, Tess shows up and stops him. Both of them listen to Max and hears Liz's protests before Michael has enough. Who is Max to tell Liz all the bad things that happened in the future and place all the burden on Liz's shoulders?

So Michael and Tess wait until Liz makes her way to go and see Max with the speech about not wanting to die for him (they heard her try and practice it in front of the mirror. It breaks Tess' heart to hear Liz crying as she tried to get through the speech and she starts to realize just how much Liz is willing to give up just to keep her in Roswell).

Both of them stop Liz while she is on her way to see Max and tell her they know. Liz starts freaking out then breaks down, relieved that someone actually knows what is happening. Michael pulls her into a hug and Tess tells her they will find a way to get Future Max to leave. Tess and Michael don't believe Future Max is actually Future Max (cause Michael refuses to believe that Max would even do that to Liz) so they confront Future Max, demanding answers.

So - Future Max, he's confused. Tess swears to him she is not going to leave Roswell yet he is still not leaving then it dawns on all of them, Max needs to accept Tess as one of them, not just as an alien, but as a friend because that was the only way they were going to be strong enough to defeat their future enemies.

So - what do Michael, Tess, and Liz do?

So give me Protective!Michael and Protective!Tess. I want to see them trying to protect Liz from Future Max (at the beginning), I would love it if this ends up developing a strong friendship bond between all three of them.

Maybe a little humor? Like Michael trying to encourage Max to take Tess out on a friendly outing. Or maybe Tess is trying to become better friends with Max but Max being Max is now suspicious considering Liz had just tried to match-make him with Tess and all of a sudden, Tess and Michael are hovering around Liz. The boy is smart, he is going to figure something out.

So while they are trying to get Max to accept Tess, Future Max is getting frustrated because his past-self isn't playing along - maybe he insults his past-self for being an idiot, Liz is trying to defend past-Max as well as deal with the knowledge that she and Max will end up cementing their relationship if nothing is done. (She knows Max will alienate Tess even further because he won't want to hurt Liz).

So it's up to you how it turns out.

Maybe Michael and Tess get annoyed and tell Max the truth? Maybe something happened in a short period of time that forced Max to accept Tess as a friend?

Bonus - Tess finds the whole thing ridiculous. Who has ever heard of someone coming back from the future to try and get their past self to fall out of love and demands to know who thought up the whole idea (It was Max's, so he ends up getting the full wrath from Tess - who makes it clear why she was Queen in her past life).

Of course - Max and Liz do end up together. It is up to you if Michael and Maria get together and Tess get together with Kyle. (I am not picky with Michael & Tess).

(and knowing me, I'll probably try and do it at some point if no-one wants to take it)
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