TAT: In The Beginning (M/L, AU, Mature) (Complete)

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Post by roswell3053 » Fri Jun 02, 2006 12:30 am

Thanks for the note. I can't wait.
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Post by BelevnDreamsToo » Fri Jun 02, 2006 2:39 am

Brave little soldier!! :wink: SO glad you got some writing in!! We're all going through Breathless withdrawals!!! :shock:

Can't wait to read more of ALL your stories!!! x0x0x, J :D
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Post by Scottie » Fri Jun 02, 2006 2:12 pm

Breathless wrote:Thanks for not forgetting me!
pfffttt...as if....

:wink: :lol:

glad you're feeling better! wonderful to hear from you again!
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Post by Ellie » Sun Jun 04, 2006 10:47 pm

Can't wait to read more. Thanks for stopping by. :wink:



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Post by mareli » Mon Jun 05, 2006 2:25 am

Breathless wrote:...Thanks for not forgetting me!

How could you think something like this? :shock:
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In The Beginning, Part 16

Post by Breathless » Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:37 am

As a reminder, from part 15...

“LeeLee, will you be my mate? To live with me always? To love me as I love you?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “LeeLee love Max for all time. Be goohd wife.”

Under the shadow of the flower filled trellis, with promises made and vows accepted, Max leaned down, smiling from ear to ear, and sealed their marriage vows with a kiss.

For this moment in time, the universe smiled with him.

In The Beginning
Part 16

Max waded knee deep into the cool clear pool near the base of the waterfall. The sun felt good, beating down from a cloudless sky, but the water felt even more refreshing. He was tempted to go for a swim, to just immerse himself in the idyllic tranquility of the day, but chores came first. He bent over and filled a water pouch, and then a second, one of the daily rituals he went through to keep a fresh supply on hand. Behind him, his ‘shadow’ waited, eager to help.

In the months since his arrival in the village, he’d become so accustomed to the boy following him everywhere, he barely gave it a thought anymore. Whenever Max left his hut, spiderboy seemed to appear, anxious to help gather herbs, or to talk, or to just walk in companionable silence. Not that Max minded. The kid had saved his hide on that first day in camp, when he’d been tied to a stake, and the ugliest damn arachnid in the universe had decided to invade his flight suit. In the months since then, a friendship had been forged between them.

“Here,” Max handed one of the pouches to the boy, who happily took it. They waded out of the water together, with Max resting one large hand on the boy’s small shoulder.

“That’s not too heavy, is it?”

“Kenny strong,” the boy boasted, lifting the water bladder with one hand. Max smiled when he almost dropped it.

“That you are, Kenny,” Max said, ruffling the boy’s wayward hair. His full name was Kenjonahnee, but that was a mouthful, and Max had shortened it months ago. Most of the tribe called him Kenjo, but Max preferred the more affectionate nickname. When they reached his hut, Max took the heavy bladder.

“Thanks kiddo.”

“Swim now?” Kenny asked. “Day hot. Water cool.”

“Maybe later,” Max suggested. “Gotta see what my lady’s up to first.”

Max chuckled as Kenny ran off. He liked the boy, and had become a sort of pseudo big brother to him. Kenny’s father had died in a raid the previous year, and his mother had her hands full with 3 younger children. Max didn’t think he’d ever had much interaction with kids before, but he found himself rather enjoying it. Which was good. It wouldn’t be long before he’d have one of his own.

He opened the flap on his hut and went inside, setting the water bladders down just to the left of the doorway. It took a moment for his eyes to readjust from the bright sunshine to the darker interior, but he didn’t need to see LeeLee to know she was there. His senses could find her anywhere.

“How’s my girl?” he came up behind LeeLee, kissing the slope of her neck, circling his arms around her expanding waist. His palm splayed across the swell of her belly, feeling the active movement of his child growing inside her womb.

As LeeLee turned, offering her sweet lips in a welcoming kiss, Max noticed her hunting pack on the bed, open and half filled with the implements used to bring down big game. His cheery mood darkened.

“What’s this?”

“Time for hunt,” she reminded him. “Before rain comes.”

“Oh, no.” Max shook his head, taking her pack away from her. “You’re not going on this hunt.”

She tried to grab it back. “Max!”

“No,” he kept the pack out of her reach. “We talked about this. It’s not safe for you to hunt. It’s not safe for the baby.”

“LeeLee goohd hunter,” she objected, grabbing for the bag again, and then standing with her hands on her hips when he refused to give it back.

“I know you are,” he soothed, but remained insistent. “You’re the best hunter in the tribe, but for the next few months they’re going to have to make do without you. I’ll go in your place.”

“Max Shamah, not hunter. Oranee say you stay.”

“I’ll go talk to him. I’m a better hunter than most of the tribe; I just never get a chance to show it. It might take some convincing, but I can be pretty persuasive when I need to be. But regardless of what he says, I’m not letting you out of camp until after this baby is born.”

“LeeLee not weak,” she protested.

“I know,” Max relented, pulling her into his chest. “But I couldn’t stand it if anything happened to you or the baby. I just want to protect you, okay? Both of you. I promise, after the baby comes, if you want to keep hunting I won’t try to stop you. But until then, will you do this for me?”

She studied his face in silence for a moment. Her independent spirit was one of the things he loved about her, but she was a pragmatist, as well. At six months pregnant, her agility wasn’t as good as before, and she tired easily, something that could put the hunt at risk. And with the rains coming, they needed a successful hunt.

Leaning her cheek against his bare chest she sighed. “Okay. LeeLee stay, Max hunt.”

“Thank you,” he kissed the top of her head and held her close.

* * * * *

Lying on their bed of furs, feeling the warmth of LeeLee’s body tucked close to his and her intoxicating scent filling his nostrils, Max couldn’t sleep. His hand trailed down her throat, cupped the fullness of her breast, coaxed a dark nipple to a firm peak, though his intent wasn’t necessarily sexual. When she was close to him like this, he simply couldn’t not touch her.

His body still hummed from their recent joining, the sweat now drying except in the places where their skin touched; thigh to thigh, hip to hip, her cheek resting on his shoulder. The heat was dissipating, too, but not the memory of what it felt like to be inside her, both in her body and in her mind. He knew what they had together was something rare, no matter where you were born.

Her breathing was slow and rhythmic, broken only by an occasional contented sigh. Sleep of the angels, unmarred by disjointed and confusing dreams. Her sleep the sleep of the innocent. Unlike his.

At first he hadn’t dreamed at all, or if he had he couldn’t remember it, but lately his nights had been filled with abstract images, jumbled collages that felt vaguely familiar, though his waking mind didn’t retain them.

A distant war, long over? A commitment he wasn’t prepared to make? Arguments and avoidance. The crushing weight of responsibility.

An impossible quest, unfulfilled.

Or was it?

The fragments were full of conflict. Power struggles and strife. Solitary by choice; the byproduct: loneliness. He suspected they weren’t dreams at all, but rather buried memories fighting their way to the surface. He wasn’t sure he wanted to remember.

His eyelids eventually grew heavy, lulled by the warmth of LeeLee’s body and the contentment in his heart. His hand settled on the swell of her belly, his palm glowing softly, forming a connection of the most intimate kind as he drifted off to sleep.

Floating in the womb. Floating in the pod. Both a warm, liquid environment.

A rhythmic, beating pulse. The steady drone of distant engines. Comforting and soothing to the individual listening to the tones. The reality of one leading to the buried memory of the other…

His hand hovered over the control panel. This was it. All the nights pouring over star charts, all the databases he’d scoured through, in the end he’d abandoned the science and put his faith in a higher power.

Around him, the engines hummed, a constant companion. In all his years of service, from boot camp to flight commander, this was where he felt the most at home. Among the stars, searching for…

Numbers flashed on the console. Coordinates for his final mission. He spared a look over his shoulder to the pods behind him, and the sleeping occupants floating inside. This wasn’t the mission they signed up for. Would it be worth it in the end? For them, probably not. Would they ever forgive him?

Logic told him it was a fool’s mission, but did he have any other choice? This was his last chance, his final mission into deep space. After this, he’d be expected to take his rightful place. Accept the servitude he’d been born to. He’d already delayed it far beyond acceptable limits.

The coordinates flashed on the screen, numbers not listed on any star charts. Or removed eons ago? It was a thought that had crossed his mind. How else would the Granilith know? Only faith guided his hand.

His destination: A location in uncharted space. It might be inside the middle of a black hole, or in the center of an exploding supernova, but it was a risk he was willing to take. He had to see with his own eyes. He had to know if it really existed.

The stars no one else had ever seen. The moon with its distinctive face, more familiar than the ones he’d grown up with. The place that had been calling to him in his dreams for as long as he could remember.

His hand lowered, pressing the button that would change his life forever.

Fate setting his course …

* * * * *

In the morning, packed and ready, Max slung LeeLee’s hunting pack over his shoulder. He kissed her on the forehead and then the lips, then stooped down to plant another kiss on her belly, lingering there, feeling his child move beneath his palm. He looked up as LeeLee threaded her fingers into his hair, with a deep contentment in his heart.

“I love you.” The words fell easily from his lips. He rose to his feet to kiss LeeLee one more time, promising, “I’ll be home soon”, before moving off to join Alee and Kyree and Kenny, the three other members of his hunting party.

A small crowd had gathered to see them off, waving as they moved toward the woods on the first day of an anticipated five day hunt. LeeLee stood in the center of the crowd, but for Max she might as well have been the only one there. He couldn’t see beyond her; as if everything else around her was shrouded in shadows, and she was the only one in the light.

Her right hand rested on the swell of her belly, her left clutched a silver pendant, the one he’d given her months ago, down by the inland sea. It’d been the talk of the village when they first arrived – the strange metal with the strange design – but by now everyone was used to it. She wore it always, something that filled him with strong, possessive pride.

He lingered at the edge of the trees, eyes locked on hers, drinking in her image, until Kyree gruffly let him know it was time to go. He held on to her image for one more minute, committing it to his memory so he would always have it with him, then with a final wave, he followed his hunting companions into the thicket.

tbc …
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Re: In The Beginning, Part 16

Post by Morning Dreamgirl » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:12 am

Breathless wrote:He lingered at the edge of the trees, eyes locked on hers, drinking in her image, until Kyree gruffly let him know it was time to go. He held on to her image for one more minute, committing it to his memory so he would always have it with him, then with a final wave, he followed his hunting companions into the thicket.
Why does that paragraph make me feel as if something big is coming?

I think that the only problem I actually have with it is that I don't know what is coming. With most other stories, you can get an idea, or there's already been a conflict and you're waiting to see how it gets resolved...

With this story, I find myself being completely content and loving it, then I realize that you would never let us off so easily.

True, it'll all be worth it in the end, but still...

I guess I'm just hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst.

But, other than that :wink: I completely enjoyed this chapter.

I loved the fact that Max has a 'shadow'. I could just see him being followed around by someone who was absolutely fascinated by him!

As far as convincing LeeLee to not go on the hunt - I'm glad that he was able to. It was also interesting that you made the timeline skip ahead by about 6 months. Sort of shows us how Max has become a part of the tribe without having to show us every little step he took to get there.

I'm glad that he has a connection to their child and to LeeLee. I have to admit though that I wonder how that will affect things in the future; mostly as it pertains to LeeLee hunting after she's given birth and the connection that he'll have with his child after it's born.

I suppose I'm just curious as to how far it goes and how much each of them can feel it - whether it's permanent, that sort of thing. Of course I'm sure that if it's truly important, you'll explain it to us in due time.

His memories are often intriguing me, but I won't really comment on them much because I know that you'll deal with it. I just wish that he would tell LeeLee about it.

I loved this chapter!

I wasn't even expecting a part and then I saw that you had posted, and started reading before you could even change the thread to show a new chapter was up - no I'm not hooked... not me... not at all! :roll:

I take this post to mean that you're feeling better. I hope so, it really does feel horrible to not be able to do everything that you want to. It's great to have you back again! However, I completely understand if your parts won't be updated as often as first - I'm sure everyone would agree with me that we would rather have you completely healthy than pushing yourself for us and our addiction to your writing! :oops:

Anyways, as I said, it was an absolutely great chapter and I hope that you're feeling better darlin!


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Post by Zanity » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:30 am

Great part I loved it. I loved Max selecting the destination guided by faith leading him straight to LeeLee.
I’m a better hunter than most of the tribe; I just never get a chance to show it.
Um, yeah I seem to remember him killing a prehistoric Croc that LeeLee thought would take many men to kill. With his abilities and inate understanding of science Max is probably one of the best in most of the occupations the tribe has.

Can't wait for more.

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Post by DMartinez » Sat Jun 10, 2006 8:27 am

well that was mightily ominous

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Post by roswell3053 » Sat Jun 10, 2006 11:30 am

Great update. I can't wait for more. I hope that he hurrys back soon.
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