The Scientist (UC, Z/L, ADULT) (Complete)

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The Scientist (UC, Z/L, ADULT) (Complete)

Post by To_Kiss_A_Frog » Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:47 pm

Winner - Round 10


Title: The Scientist
Author: To_Kiss_A_Frog
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Don't own anything you recognize
Pairings: Zan/Liz
Summary: Liz Parker is a brainy scientist that lives an ordinary life. What happens when someone from her past re-appears in her life and turns it upside down. Read to find out! AU/No Aliens.



Author's Note:I've actually been working on this on the side for a while... especially all those times when i was blocked on all my other stories. I have several chapters already written and I don't intend for this to be any longer than ten chapters and it should be completely posted within the next two or so weeks. Please be on the lookout since I have enough to regularly post.

Chapter 1

I was five years old when my parents got a divorce and my mom moved us from the Bronx into Brooklyn. We didn’t exactly live in the greatest or safest neighborhood but my father was a real jerk and my mom didn’t really care where we lived as long as it was away from him. To this day, I still don’t exactly know what happened between them but I’ve had enough conversations with him over the years to know he definitely wouldn’t have won any Father of the Year awards had we stayed.

So mom worked two, sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. I never really knew where she was going when she left the apartment because at my age, it was too hard to keep track. I know she waited tables at a little diner called Mickey’s. I liked those nights because she always brought home griddle cakes and hot chocolate.

Because she worked so much, the lady next door, Ms. Evans, used to watch over me. For the longest time, I believed she lived alone since I never saw any pictures on her wall or anyone coming in or out. Turned out that she had a son, Zan and he spent most of his nights out with his girlfriend or working at a nearby garage… at least that was what my mom told me when I worked up the courage to ask.

Diane Evans was a nice lady and always had cookies on her table but I didn’t really enjoy my time at her apartment. She always seemed so sad and alone, something I wasn’t used to. Even though my mom had a hard life, she always had a smile on her face for me and never stopped encouraging me to make something of myself.

I remember she once said that her dream was to go to Harvard and become a world renowned scientist. When I asked why she never followed her dream, she got really quiet and then changed the subject. It wasn’t until years later that I put two and two together and realized that I was why she never followed her dream. Pregnant at seventeen apparently made going to college a difficult task. I suppose it was also why she was so strict with me when it came to boys.

I wasn’t what you would call beautiful though I suppose I was cute enough. I probably would have had a boyfriend too except that none of the guys wanted to date The Scientist, or so they called me. Class geek and resident science nerd aren’t exactly great qualities when you’re trying to catch the attention of the football team captain. Still, my mom continued to lecture me at the start of every year about abstinence and birth control. I knew she meant well and just wanted me to do something she had missed out on but at times, it felt like she was putting too much pressure on my shoulders. Almost as if she was trying to live her life out through me.

All her warnings ended up being unnecessary since I was nineteen by the time I had my first date. Arnold Gray. He was the president of the honor society I joined sophomore year at Harvard and was a bigger nerd than I was. We dated for six months and just before his graduation, he took my virginity.

Now I’d like to say that it was a special moment that was worth the wait… but I’d be lying. I didn’t see stars, the earth didn’t move… hell he hardly moved before the whole thing was over. Needless to say, that experience only reaffirmed all my mom’s cautioning. After that, I had no desire to do something so awkward or painful ever again.

At least until I met Kirk Watson, my Biology TA senior year. He was everything Arnold hadn’t been. Beautiful, confident, interesting. It’s probably why I was so let down when we finally slept together. I mentioned how great looking was, well apparently his opinion of himself was even higher because the only thing that guy cared about was getting himself off first before rolling over and falling asleep.

To be honest, I just about gave up on men after Kirk and decided to concentrate solely on my career rather than my love life.

It worked throughout graduation and even during my first months working as an assistant researcher for MetaChem Labs. That was until I went home for Christmas and found myself staring into the eyes of my past. He was different than I remembered, not that I remembered him all that well. Again, I’d like to say that things were perfect from start to end but then that wouldn’t actually be realistic. We did have our share of problems, I know it, he knows it and soon enough you’ll know it too.

But I have to admit, despite everything it took to get us here, it was one hell of a ride.


“Oh, sweetie! It’s so good to see you.” My mom acts like she didn’t just see me last week and quickly pulls me into her embrace. Either the Christmas spirit has really gotten to her or she’s gotten into the Gin but none the less, I smile and nod while she tugs me into the living room.

As usual, a small pine tree sits in the corner of the room. Two strings of colored lights are haphazardly strewn around the poor pine while the teetering, ceramic angel on top appears to be too heavy for the weak branches. Why mom continues to buy a small tree or refuses to just get a small star instead, I’ll never know.

Now that I started working at the lab and have no student loans to pay back, thank the lord for scholarships and Pell Grants, I’m finally able to help my mom out financially. I figure that after all those years of sacrificing and over working, she at least deserves to slow down now that I can afford to contribute. “So tell me what’s new in your world” she invites and settles in for what I presume, will be a long chat.

When I was a teenager and began spending less time at home because of Student Council and Science Club meetings or Honor Society functions, I used to wonder why my mom never started dated again. She’s a beautiful woman with a coif of thick red hair that still remains devoid of gray and minus a couple wrinkles, she could easily pass for a woman in her 30’s. The one time I asked, mom just laughed it off and said that marriage was a one time deal and that it didn’t matter if you picked the wrong guy. There were no second chances.

“Um… I was assigned to a new project yesterday” I reply as I search my mind for a piece of information that she doesn’t already know. “Cataloging all the test results will be pretty tedious but if I do a good job, it might pave the way for a promotion, later on.” Lately, our team leader has been really impressed with my work and keeps saying that I’ll have my own team soon enough if I keep working as hard as I have been. I don’t tell my mom this though because knowing her, she’d probably announce to the world that I already have a higher position in the bag.

What is it about mothers and their desire to brag shamelessly about their children? Or is that just my mom?

“That’s wonderful sweetheart” she exclaims and claps her hands together once. “I want to hear all about your new project, just let me go check the oven. I have a ham baking and the last thing we want is burnt pork in this apartment.” No sooner than she says it, she’s up and out the door. Maybe it’s all her years running from job to job but I swear that woman never sits still.

So I wait and look around at the apartment that I grew up in. Not much has changed since I was a kid except everything looks a little older now, a little shabbier. The same pictures still line the walls like a strange time line of my years. The third grade Spelling Bee, sixth grade science fair, eighth grade history fair, everything in between leading up to my high school graduation. Wow, I really was a school nerd.

“Sweetie, would you go down to the market around the corner and pick up a can of pineapples for this ham?” Did I ever mention that I hate ham? Well I do.

My mom always used to send me packages of the stuff and when you’re a struggling college student you pretty much eat what you can. I also hate Ramen Noodles but a few years ago, they were like a best friend. Strange. “Sure mom” I call out and grab my coat.

This morning when I picked out a nice knee length skirt and cashmere sweater, I thought I could handle the cold. After all, I was going to be on the subway the whole time and there isn’t room to be cold when a hundred or more bodies are packed into a metal car. Unfortunately I didn’t foresee a trip to a market that is definitely not around the corner.

At least I’m not slipping around on the ice. See, I told mom these boots were a good choice.

“Hi Mrs. Whitman.” It almost feels like stepping into a time warp. My mom’s apartment hasn’t changed, my mom hasn’t changed… the lady who runs the market hasn’t changed. Five years isn’t a long time to be away but it feels like everything has changed because nothing has changed. Does that make any sense to you? Well it makes sense to me… sort of.

“Hello Elizabeth.” Don’t you just love the way your elders always call you by your full name. It always used to make me feel so grown up when I was a kid so I can’t help but smile back at Mrs. Whitman now.

Okay… pineapples. Did I mention I didn’t like those either?

My one crazy night as a co-ed. I got rip roaring drunk with my dorm-mate and a pineapple pizza later I was hunched over the toilet, praying to porcelain gods while she laughed her ass off at me. Eventually she got her wits back and held my hair away from my face. I remember her telling me that the same thing happened to her when she first started drinking and assured me I’d get the hang of it with more practice.

Good thing there aren’t more girls like Tess Harding in this world, otherwise no one would ever get things done. They’d just all walk around with a nice buzz.

Several minutes later, I’m on my way home again. Just a few more steps and I’ll… I’ll bump into someone. Can I just say, OW! “Whoa, you okay?” His voice is soft and the hands holding me feel warm even through the wool of my coat. “Wait a minute… I know you” he says and it’s then that I take a good look at the wall that walked into me.

That’s when I see them, the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. I can count on one hand the number of times I saw him when I was a kid but even then, his eyes never failed to amaze me. And by the feel of the hard body pressed against mine, the rest of him definitely caught up with his chiseled face and handsome features. “Zan” I murmur in recognition.

“And you’re Lizzie Parker from across the hall” he adds. Did I mention I was a kid the last time I saw Zan, because no one, even my mom, calls me Lizzie anymore.

“Great memory you have there” I reply and nervously fidget in his arms.

“Oh… sorry” he apologizes and lets me go. Well that wasn’t exactly what I wanted but I guess my mom is probably still waiting for those pineapples. Speaking of pineapples… where in the hell did they go? “These yours?” he asks and bends to scoop the can up out of the snow. Along with it, he brings a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a silver Zippo lighter that I assume belong to him.

“Thanks” I say and tuck of strand of hair behind my ear. I still remember the first day I finally met Zander Evans. I was seven, he was fifteen and on his way out to Toby’s Garage where he worked after school. Even young and lanky I still thought he looked like a rock star with spiked hair and a tattoo on his arm. That day he was rushing out with one of his mom’s ginger snaps in his hand and his jacket in the other. I remember how he looked down at me while I worked on my vocabulary homework and once he’d put his jacket on, ruffled a hand through my hair on his way out.

“So you visiting your mom for Christmas?” he asks and I can still detect a hint of accent though judging by the leather pants, cashmere pullover and expensive cologne still lingering in the air, he did pretty good for himself.

“Um… yeah, I am. How about you? How’s Diane?” It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his mother since mine usually just goes into Manhattan to see me instead of the other way around. This is actually the first time I’ve been back to Brooklyn since my junior year at Harvard.

“She’s okay, same as always.” I never really knew what was wrong with Diane but she always seemed so depressed. I suppose she hid it behind her baking and happy homemaker attitude but there were times when she didn’t think anyone was looking and let it fall away for a moment or two. “Well you should probably get back in before you freeze” he tells me and while I want to stay and talk a little longer, I have to agree that I’m about two minutes away from turning into a popsicle.

“Well it was nice seeing you again, Zan.” Hopefully this won’t be the last time I run into him.

“You too” he smiles and allow me to be cheesy for a moment because his smile could melt all the ice around us. Reluctantly, I nod anyway and start walking up the steps when his voice halts me in place. “You going back to the city tonight or you staying here with your mom?” he asks.

“Tonight” I reply and wonder why he’s asking.

“Well I drove over and if you want, I can give you a lift back” Zan offers, so casually that I have to blink once before everything he just said registers in my brain. Zander Evans wants to drive me home?

“That would um… that’d be great.” Now I’ll admit that I don’t have the greatest track record with men. I can’t actually think of time when I’ve ever been satisfied by one and I know he’s just offering to drive me somewhere but still… the idea of spending time with Zan, my childhood crush, is definitely more appealing the a subway full of strangers.

“So I’ll see you tonight”



Because my mom made it and seemed so excited, I managed to eat several slices of her pineapple marinated ham. Afterwards, we exchanged gifts and sat around talking about all our Christmases before. The truth is, despite all the hardships we had when I was a kid, we still always managed to have a great Christmas.

Mom was always really big on caroling and has a voice like a song bird. I, on the other hand, can’t carry a tune to save my life. She also used to read T’was the Night Before Christmas while I laid on the floor either coloring or just doodling in a notebook. Really, when you think about it, the two of us were very Normal Rockwell in our own way. I think she was just trying to make up for the fact that I had a dad who didn’t give two shits about me.

So now I find myself in Zan’s car as he speeds across the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m not sure what kind of car I would have pictured Zan driving but this sleek red Corvette definitely seems to fit his style. “So how’d it go with you?” he asks, all the while never turning his eyes from the road.

“It was okay” I acknowledge and wonder whether or not I should ask him the same question. Earlier, he didn’t seem so eager to go inside and spend the evening with his mom. “How long have you lived in the city” I ask instead, deciding that it’s an easy enough question.

“Thirteen years.” Right after that, he turns up the radio and I guess that concludes the Q&A portion of the drive.

When I look out the window, I realize that it has begun snowing again. Since he obviously isn’t in the mood for chit chat, I focus on the falling flakes as we drive back to Manhattan in silence. It’s so easy to get lost in my thoughts that before long, I feel him nudge my side and ask where I live. “SoHo… Lafayette Street.”

We’re now one block away from my building when we both see a four car pile up, courtesy of the ice. “Fuck” he swears as he looks around and realizes that on a blocked, one way street, he’s pretty much screwed.

Now I could do one of two things here. I could apologize for the rotten luck since he is stuck because of me or I can invite him in until everything clears up. I know which one I want, now the question is whether or not I have the courage to pull it off. “Would you mind if I came up with you for a few minutes until this clears up?” he asks and I seriously have to wonder whether or not this man has the ability to read minds. “Liz?” he asks and I realize that I forgot to answer.

“Yeah, sure… of course” I smile nervously and fumble around in my purse for keys. Then before I know it, we’re climbing the steps up to my loft while a horde of butterflies play soccer in my stomach. Just as I push the door open, I try to remember when the last time I cleaned was. “Here we are.” Yes! I remembered to put my laundry away this morning.

“So you’re a scientist” Zan guesses while I realize that I’m such a cliché. A periodic table calendar, microscopes on my desk and… oh hell, he sees my Atom sculpture.

“Guilty.” Nervously, I push my hair behind my ears and feel the butterflies flutter a little faster when he regards me with an amused smirk. This man is entirely too sexy for his own good. “So um… are you thirsty or hungry or…” The feel of his lips on mine is so sudden that it takes me several moments to respond but when I do, I wrap my arms around his neck and thrust my tongue into his mouth. I can honestly say I have never been kissed like this before and excitement bubbles up inside of me at the prospect of where this might lead to.

All too soon he’s pulling back and this time he’s the one who pushes my hair away. “I hope you don’t want me to say I’m sorry for that because I’d be lying if I did” he tells me while the idea of wanting an apology is just preposterous.

“I’m not sorry either.” How could I be? That kiss alone was better than every time I’ve had sex combined and multiplied by ten.

“Good” Zan replies and pulls me tighter against his hard, muscled body. “Truth is… I usually take what I want and right now… I want you.”

Hell, what girl doesn’t want to hear that from a drop dead gorgeous guy like Zan Evans? “So take me” I invite as coyly as I can and nearly melt where I stand when he fuses his lips against mine.
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Hi everyone! Glad that you're liking it so far. Thanks to:


For your wonderful feedback! Hello to all the lurkers out there!

Chapter 2

My apartment is usually a sea of clutter. Old textbooks, new textbooks, knickknacks and paper work usually line every available space which never really bothered me before. Now that all of these things have become an obstacle course to my bed, I’m about ready to change my opinion.

Stumbling our way through the living room, Zan gets frustrated and lifts me up into his arms. Instantly, I wrap my legs around his muscular body and all but groan at the feel of his erection pressing into my center. With more confidence that I actually have, I thrust my tongue back into his mouth and gently rock against him.

“Fuck this” I hear him mutter, seconds before he releases me onto my desk. Restlessly, he pushes the jacket from my shoulders and I return the favor, all the while never pulling my lips away from his.

My panties are soaked when he trails his hands up my skirt and begins fingering me over the lace. Now I’m the one who’s desperate and grasp onto the hem of his pullover. In one lift, I manage to remove the sweater and his shirt, leaving him bare chested. Can I just say how incredibly hot this man is? Seriously.

Before I know it, my sweater and bra are lying on the floor and his mouth is hungrily sucking on my nipples. “Hmmm… that feels so good” I moan and throw my head back in ecstasy when his fingers push aside the lace and plunge into my wet pussy. Shamelessly, I grind my hips against his hand and don’t even try to hold in my screams of pleasure as he quickly gives me my first ever orgasm… at least the first that didn’t come from my trusty vibrator.

“You are so fucking hot” he murmurs against my ear and quickly pulls my panties down my legs. “I need to fuck you now.” Who am I to complain about that?

With my boots and skirt still in place, he pulls his leather pants open and a very large and hard cock springs out. Damn, is that gonna fit? Mesmerized, I take his prick in my hand and begin slowly stroking him up and down. The groans he emit are so hot and make me even wetter knowing I can bring this sexy man so much pleasure.

The next thing I know, he’s rolling a condom over his enormous cock and dips in and out of me several times before plunging all the way inside.

Pleasure like I have never felt before.

With his hands on my hips, he pulls out and slams right back in. “Oh god!” I scream. This is too good, I don’t know how I’m gonna survive. But damn if I don’t want to try.

“You like that” he smirks and all but saws me in half with his wonderful cock.

He pushes me back to lie against the desk and lifts my leg high up on his waist. This new angle causes him to sink deeper with every thrust and before long, I’m screaming each time he hammers back inside me. “That’s it baby, scream for me” he encourages and pulls my nipple between his teeth.

Sweat slicks our bodies and I lick a trail down his neck. His groan tells me he likes it so I sit up a little and try to kiss every inch of him I can reach.

Then without warning, he nudges me back again and pushes my legs up against my chest. When he starts thrusting again he feels so fucking huge that I seriously think I’m going to have an imprint of his dick inside me for the rest of my life. “Ah… Zan… harder, please!” I whimper. I am so close and my body begins to shake as he strokes harder and faster. When he lowers a hand and rubs fast circles against my clit, I come apart in his arms, screaming his name in triumph.

Zan’s not through with me though and continues to hammer his cock so deep that my body never has a chance to come down from my high. I wrap my legs tighter around him and buck up to meet his thrusts.

I wouldn’t call this sex. Pure and simple, we’re fucking each other mindless. “You’re so wet… feels too good” he mutters against my neck and I know he’s close to the edge when his thrusts become quick and short.

“Zan… just a little more!” I all but beg and feel him lengthen inside of me as he cums. Still he continues his thrusts and waits for me to go over one more time before stilling his hips. We’re both breathing hard and drenched in sweat when he finally pulls out. Instantly, I want him back inside me but being this wanton is still very new and I’m not really sure what to say now.

“Where’s the bed?” he asks and I blink in surprise but quickly point in the general direction of my room. Lifting me up in his arms again, he carries me through the opened door and sits down on my red comforter. Still straddling his lap, I’m unable to help myself and place a dozen little kisses to his neck. The way he moans in my ear has me wet again and ready to go another round. Again, as though reading my mind, he says “Now I want you to ride me.”

Yes, please.

Our hands are restless as we work together to pull away the rest of our clothes. Zan pulls off his condom and asks if I have another when I mention that I’m on the pill.

Taking his cock in my hand, I tease my clit with it several times before sinking down on it’s impressive length. “Ah, Zan” I purr as he stretches and fills me completely. Raising up, I clench my muscles around him and I get rewarded with a pleasured, serrated groan. Both his arms wrap around my body, pulling me close so that he can take one aching nipple into his mouth.

Can I please mention what an incredible mouth he has?

There’s nothing sweet and easy about the way Zan pleasures a woman. He’s hot and hard and knows just where to touch, just what to say to drive you crazy. My own hands take on a life of their own, running over his washboard abs, his broad chest and his muscled arms. Zan’s response is another low groan against my skin.

When he starts thrusting up into me, I hold on a little tighter and began riding him harder. His lips gently suck all around my nipples, most likely leaving a mark though I’m feeling too good to care right now. “Hmm… baby, you’re dripping” he says to me and I can’t muster up enough energy to be embarrassed. Besides, he seems to like how wet I am so I’ll just take it as a compliment.

The bed is creaking and banging against the wall which only makes me want more. This is most likely the single hottest experience of my life and there’s no way I’m not going to not take advantage of this opportunity. “I need more… faster” I say, breathlessly. In the next moment, I feel myself being lifted off his lap and placed on my back. Wasting no time, Zan positions himself between my thighs and thrusts roughly into my over-worked body. “Ah… yes!” I call out at the feel of having him back inside me.

Pushing my legs wide open, he hammers into me so fast that I hardly have a chance to catch my breath before I’m coming around his thick cock. “Zan! Yes… yes… yes!” His name is like a mantra falling from my lips. Still, he continues to thrust, searching for his own release.

“Oh… fuck yeah… ah” he groans when I begin clenching around him again. Every time he tries to pull out, I tighten around him, making it nearly impossible to leave my body. Harder, he pushes until it’s too much and releases a river of cum into my body. It’s hot and combined with the feel of his spasming cock, I find myself coming for the fifth time since we entered my apartment.

Once we both stop shivering, Zan pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside me. One thing that was the same from my past relationships was that there was no cuddling and no talking after. Eventually, we both fell asleep only to wake up several hours later with Zan’s face between my thighs.

Remember what I said about his mouth, well it’s everything I said and more. The things he does with his tongue…

Then when I woke up the next morning, he was gone. I didn’t expect to find a note but that didn’t stop me from looking around for one anyway. If it hadn’t been for the mess on my desk or the hickeys on my breasts, I would have believed he had been a figment of my imagination.

I didn’t think I was ever going to see him again after that night. When almost a week past with no sign that he had any intention of finding or calling me, I basically resigned myself to the fact that it was just a one night stand. An incredible one night stand that put every man in my past to shame yet still… just a one night stand.

Imagine how surprised I was on New Year’s Eve when he showed up at my door.


“It’s official, I’m a slut.” Looking up from my pages of notes, I shoot Sarina a sympathetic glance. See she’s going through a situation similar to mine… times a hundred. Rather than have a one night stand, she had a month long stand. But wait… it gets worse. “I mean, what kind of woman sleeps with a married man?” Do you see how it’s worse? Except… there’s a little more to it than that. “He wouldn’t even look at me throughout the entire meeting yesterday.”

And now you have the whole story. Daniel Pierce is not only married, he’s her boss. And guess what, do you remember when I told you about my team leader, the one that really likes my work… well Sarina is fearless leader.

“Granted, you shouldn’t have slept with a married guy but it was just as much his fault as it is yours, probably more so” I tell her when something occurs to me. I know nothing about Zan Evans. What if he was married? What if slept with a married guy too? Great, now that’s going to be in the back of my conscious from now on.

“I didn’t want to sleep with him” Sarina defends though her argument likes bite. “At least not at first. But then we kept working so closely and I was just so, completely attracted to him that I couldn’t help myself” she shrugs. Personally, I have no clue what she sees in the guy. He seems like a cold fish to me but Sarina is a very passionate person so there must be something to Dr. Pierce that I’m missing.

“Why don’t you go to Sean Deluca’s New Year’s Eve Party?” I suggest because she seems like she needs some serious cheering up.

“Maybe but… I don’t want to go alone, not if Daniel’s going to be there.” Boy, this guy really did a number on her. In the eight months I’ve known her, not once have I ever seen Sarina Kinkaid this self-conscious. “Hey, you have no life. Why don’t you come with me?” she asks. Way to go Sarina, get someone to do what you want by insulting them. Gold star for you!

“Yeah, I don’t wanna go” I quickly say and watch her narrow her eyes. I don’t know how she manages it but Sarina pulls off these glares that make you feel like you’re being scolded by your mom for walking in late and by your teacher for forgetting your homework… all at once. “Don’t look at me like that.” I’m not whining… really, I’m not!

“Come on Liz, you’re young and hot. You should totally be out there having tons of sex otherwise your pussy is just gonna shrivel up.” What the hell kind of warning is that? Is she trying to scare me? Because it’s totally working if she is.

Just as I open my mouth to agree, albeit reluctantly, the intercom buzzes. “Hold that thought” I say, sticking my finger up in the air. Quickly, I hurry over to the speaker to find out who in the hell is looking for me at this time on the biggest party night of the year. “Hello?”

“Liz, its Zan. Can I come up?” he asks. Chancing a look at Sarina, it’s obvious that she heard him too and is now sending me questioning looks. Great, now she’s going to grill me and possibly get pissed that I hadn’t mentioned him before.

“Um… sure” I say and hit the unlock button.

Whirling around, Sarina is already standing not more than five inches away. “Who the fuck is Zan and why in the hell didn’t you tell me you got a guy?” she demands. Sometimes I wonder if she and mom secretly talk and share tips on how to interrogate me because right about now, I’m definitely having Nancy flashbacks.

“Look Rina, you know I love you like a second cousin I only see once a year but can you please get out of here now and I’ll tell you everything later?” I plead. Then, before she can answer, I go in for the kill and appeal to her romantic side. “It’s New Years and a really hot guy wants to spend time with me. Please?” Well… romantic for Sarina.

“Fine” she relents and grabs her purse. “But only because I want you to get some.” I smile my thanks and quickly shoo her out the door.

Looking around I decide the apartment is no messier than it was on Christmas and instead, run a brush through my hair. As a loud knock sounds on the door, I can’t help but wonder why he’s here and briefly entertain the idea that maybe he can’t get me out of his head either. Wouldn’t that be something?

As I open the door, a sense of nervousness wells up inside of me. What the hell is wrong with me, he’s just a guy. He’s no one special. Hell, who am I kidding? He’s got the body of a Greek god and fucked me so good that I still get wet whenever I so much as think about it.

“Hi, come in” I invite and step aside. “So I’m guessing that you have a party lined up for later.” He pursues me curiously and only quirks a brow in response. I simply nod towards him and he looks down at the dressy slacks and black silk shirt he’s wearing. Like I said before and will probably say again, the man looks sexy as hell.

“Actually I do have somewhere to be but I thought maybe you and I could have our own private party here.” Like a lithe panther, he strolls up to me and once again, I find myself pressed up against his body. His very hard body. Hmm…

“And here I thought I was just a one night stand.” Where these words came from, I’ll never know but I can tell they have him thinking.

“You were supposed to be” he acknowledges. Well at least he’s honest. “Look, I’m going to be straight up with you. I don’t do relationships. I’m not into the whole calling each other five times a day, pillow talk, meet the parents sort of thing. I like sex and currently, I like sex with you.” Again with the honesty, I wonder if expects his words to flatter me?? “So if you wanna have a good time, we’ll just keep things as they are and I promise I’ll make you cum every time. Otherwise, I’ll leave now and you won’t have to hear from me again.”

Is that supposed to be some sort of negotiation, because it really doesn’t sound that way to me? Although, I suppose there is some appeal to the arrangement but the question is, would it be worth it?

Time to assess.

Six orgasms in one night. More muscles on a male body than I ever knew existed. Six orgasms… in one night. Lips that sucked my nipples and clit like a Hoover. A tongue that fucked me numb with pleasure. By the way, did I mention he gave me six orgasms in one night?

Assessment over.

“Now let me be straight up with you” I say and watch as amusement briefly lights his eyes. “I know absolutely nothing about you so I think I should be allowed three questions. If that works for you, we’ll have a good time as often as either of us wants it, otherwise you’ll leave now and I won’t hear from you again.”

Now I know what you’re all wondering, what if he walks? I suppose there is that chance but the way I look at it, Zan could probably have his pick of any woman he wants. So if he’s coming back to my apartment, he must like something about me and hopefully he’ll remember that when he decides that I’m making a fair enough request.

“Alright, three questions.” Snap!

“I know you said you don’t do relationships but I have to ask anyway” I begin and take a step back while he folds his arms across his chest, silently appraising me. “It isn’t because you’re already married or engaged or something like that, is it?”

Again with the amusement. Personally, I think it was a valid question. “No. Not married, nor do I have any plans to be.” Hmm… I think I’ll just store his commitment issues away for later evaluation. Next question… let me see, let me see.

“What do you do for a living?” Which I think is only fair since he already knows I’m a scientist. Damn it, he looks amused again. What in the hell is so funny about asking what his job is? Is he in the mob or something? Okay, nobody throw tomatoes at the screen but am I the only one that gets wet thinking about him dressed in a pinstripe suite, wearing one of those cool hats and smoking a cigar. Urg! I think I’ve watched The Untouchables too many times.

“I work for Antarian Records and I’ll even give you a freebee and tell you what I do there” Zan offers, all the while shrugging out of his very expensive looking coat. “I’m a producer.” Hmm… I starting to think that maybe he’s a big music name and that’s probably why he wanted to laugh. Big name and I had no clue. Oh well, life goes on. “Final question” he adds and reaches over to pull at the button and zip on my jeans.

“What… um?” This is so not fair. Who could think while Zan was kissing down their neck? Apparently I can’t. “You’ll owe me one” I say and meet his lips in a kiss that turns my knees to jelly. Instantly, his hands reach underneath my top and begin tugging on my nipples. Deciding that it’s only fair, I reach inside his pants and stroke his thick cock up and down. He groans into my mouth and with every passing second, every touch and every kiss, my panties become soaked.

I don’t know what it is about this man but one thing I do know… I’m definitely in trouble.

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Hey everyone, glad you liked the last update! Thank you to:

out of this world
touched by an alian

For you wonderful feedback! Hello to all the lurkers out there!

Chapter 3

It’s been a week since the night Zan showed up at my apartment and I’ve had so much sex that I literally think I’m going to pass out from exhaustion soon if I don’t get some seriously rest. Not only is the man hung like horse but he’s got the stamina of one too. Every night after work, he comes by my place and we fuck until we’re too tired to do anything but pass out on the bed. Then every morning, I wake up alone.

After the first couple of nights, I tried staying awake long enough to find out when he left. For all I knew, he spent the night and got up just before I did or waited until I was asleep and then hurried out. Unfortunately, or not, depending on how you looked at, I was too worn out to do anything but shut my eyes until morning.

“I’m instating a new rule. No one’s allowed to get any unless I’m getting some too.”

“I’m guessing that You Know Who is still MIA.” The look on her face is answer enough and I can’t help but feel bad for her. Though I still don’t understand it, I realize that Sarina really liked Pierce. Who knows, maybe he showed her a side that none of us will ever know exists. I just wish there was something I could do to make her feel better.

“Yeah, well… it’s not like it could have gone anywhere, you know?” she asks and in that instant, I know that she wants me to agree. She needs me to tell her that it’s a lost cause in order to believe it herself. Like I said before, he really did a number on her.

“You’re right, it couldn’t have” I say and register the hurt and then the acceptance in her blue eyes. “Now I was hoping you could help me make sense out of these latest results. I understand the basis of each projection but here, the chart begins to…” Okay, does anyone else think it’s rude when you’re actually trying to talk and someone interrupts you?

“I know what you’re trying to do” Sarina tells me. Um… work? “Just because my relationship is screwed up doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear about yours with the hottie.” I wouldn’t exactly call it a relationship, more like an arrangement.

“You don’t even if he’s hot, you didn’t see him” I point out as I grasp around for a way to change the subject. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about Zan, it’s just that I have nothing to talk about. We have sex. Granted, its mind blowing and sometimes I wonder whether or not I’ll be walking funny the next day but it’s still just sex. I don’t know where he lives, or what exactly, a producer does. I don’t know if he has friends or what he likes to eat for lunch. Play and simple, I don’t know Zan Evans.

“You’ve had a satisfied look on your face every morning since New Years and I seriously doubt someone who is less than perfect would be able to warrant that kind of expression” Sarina counters. And well, she does have a point. “Besides, you said, and I quote ‘A really hot guy wants to spend time with me’” she reminds.

Before I have to say anything back, Sarina gets a call that the lab owner, Merris Wheeler, is in the building. Quickly, we gather our data and continue wading through the pages of notes so that when she shows up later, we all look like good little worker bees. Dodged one bullet though I can’t help but wonder how long it’ll be before Sarina brings this up again and I have to admit exactly what I’m doing.

The only problem is, I have no idea what I’m doing.


With a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other, I climb out onto the fire escape and nestle between the brick and bars. It’s officially been a month since Zan and I began our little… whatever it is. Some things have changed, most of them haven’t. I screwed up though. I started to fall for him.

I know you’re all probably wondering how that’s possible. I know almost nothing about him.

I mean, I know the sensitive spot just below his collarbone and the way he likes his balls gently tugged when he’s getting a blow job. I know his hands like they were my own. I could kiss a dozen strangers and still know which lips were his. I know his body, but I don’t know him.

But still… there’s something about this man keeps pulling me back and closer. Hell, I don’t even know what it is but I do know that it’s there. The biggest problem is telling him. He made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want a relationship so I’m basically left with two options. I can either keep quiet, continue sleeping with him and possibly risk falling a little further or I can say something which will probably make him want to end the little arrangement we have set up.

It’s kind of a lose lose situation, huh?

A knock at the door eventually pulls me out of my musings. I already know its Zan. After spending so many nights here with me, the doormen just let him through without buzzing up first. They don’t even do that with my mom, how strange is that? “Hey, what are you doing here?” I ask, remembering his words from the night before. Apparently he had a work thing and only mentioned it since it meant he probably wouldn’t be by tonight.

“Change of plans” he shrugs and shoots me one of his curious stares. Occasionally, he’ll find something I do strange or interesting but he won’t ask me why I do it. He just gives me one of those looks and then starts pulling my clothes off. “Can I come in?” Hmm… oh shit, I forgot we were still standing in the doorway. See what he does to me? He’s turning my mind into puppy chow.

I step aside but instead of pulling me close like he would normally do, he keeps his distance. “Listen, I have a favor to ask you. If you completely think it violates the arrangement we have, I’ll understand with no offense taken.” Well this is an interesting turn of events. “My newest client has this big launch party on Friday that I have to go to. I need a date, so I’m asking if you’ll go with me.” It sounds simple enough and the way he says it makes it seem like nothing more than a new option in our arrangement but there’s more to it. For the first time ever, I actually see a small glitch in his cool veneer. He actually seems just a little bit nervous.

Maybe my situation isn’t so desolate after all.

With a little jaunt to my step, I stand in front of him and coyly twine my arms around his neck. “Well, I’ll have to check my schedule” I inform. “But I suppose I could squeeze you in if there’s an opening.”

He smirks down at me and in a tone meant to sound serious, he says, “Well that’s very generous of you.” Smiling, I pull him down so that our lips meet. Suddenly, I’m not so melancholy anymore and what I really want to do is fuck him for the rest of the night. Who needs sleep anyway? Certainly not me.

My fingers make quick work of his buttons while his hands cup my ass and lift me up his body. I wrap my legs around waist and trust him to get us to my bed. We don’t bother with the lights and fall back on the mattress. Almost instantly, he reaches for my tank-top and pulls it up and over my head. “Ah… Zan” I moan when he begins sucking on one nipple and rolling the other between his fingers.

Over the last month or so, he and I have become very attuned to each other’s bodies. He knows exactly what I like and appreciates every moan and scream from my mouth. “I’m so fucking horny for you right now” he admits and tugs my yoga pants down my legs.

The first touch of his tongue to my wet slit has me bucking up off the bed. His fingers open me up and his tongue instantly plunges deep inside my core. “Ah, so good… yes” I moan over and again when his lips hungrily suck my clit. Shamelessly, I practically ride his face until he plunges two fingers inside me and sucks at the same. “Oh fuck! Zan!” I call out. My whole body shivers as he laps up my juices.

I lay panting, trying to catch my breath while he pulls the rest of his clothes off. As soon as he returns to my side, I nudge him over until he’s flat on his back and quickly crawl down the length of his body. Zan is definitely one of the lucky ones. Some men are really hot. So men have really big dicks. But it isn’t often that you find a really hot guy who has a really big dick. Hmm… maybe that means I’m the lucky one for finding him.

Taking his thick cock in my hand, I stroke its length several times before poking my tongue out to lick around the tip. “Fuck baby” he groans and buries his hands in my hair. I know what he wants and after a few more teasing licks, I take his length into my mouth and hungrily suck. Instantly, his hips buck up to meet my mouth and we develop a smooth rhythm.

Gently, my hand cups his balls and I give them a little tug. By now, Zan is practically fucking my mouth but I know he won’t go over… not yet anyway.

Nudging my mouth away, he quickly pulls me up his body. Flipping me over, I end up on my stomach and moan loudly while he places wet kisses down the length of my spine. His hands are warm and knead away all the tension in my back before trailing over every inch of exposed skin.

Finally, his arms wrap around me and gently pull my body up. The next thing I know, I’m on my knees, straddling his lap while his muscular chest presses against my back. I love this position most because Zan makes an effort to touch any part of my body he can reach. “Hmmm… baby” I moan as I take him into my pussy, inch by glorious inch.

With his lips against my ear, he murmurs two words that get me even wetter than I already am. “Ride me.” With pleasure.

Slowly, I rise up and then slam my hips back down. “Baby… your cock feels so good” I purr and throw my head back against his chest. “So big…” His hands caress my skin, tracing invisible patterns along the way to my nipples. Deft fingers pinch the little pink buds until they’re hard and deliciously sensitive.

“Fuck Liz… you’re so fucking wet” he mutters in appreciation and begins to thrust up into my drenched pussy. Sometimes in the heat of passion, like now, his old accent slips through and makes me even hornier.

It feels so good… too good and I begin writhing around in his lap.

Zan is an incredible lover. He knows exactly what to do to drive me crazy with want and he’s doing an amazing job of it right now. One hand trails lower to rest against my clit. “Ah… yes… Zan” I pant when he begins to rub my wet lips all around his cock. At my loud moans of pleasure, I feel him swell even harder inside of me, if that’s even possible.

“More” I murmur, not caring whether or not he detects the desperation in my voice. “I need more.”

With his cock still deep inside my pussy, he nudges my body forward so that my entire upper body rests on the mattress. Hands on my hips, he begins thrusting wildly while I dig the heels of my palms into the sheets for more leverage. Furiously, he pounds his thick cock into me and heat begins to suffuse my entire body. “Oh fuck, you’re tight” he groans and like a volcano, I erupt.

My muscles tightly clench around him and it’s too much for Zan. With a guttural groan low in his throat, his spasming cock shoots wads of hot cum into my pussy. He pulls out and side by side, we collapse in exhaustion.

He may not be into relationships but when it comes to sex, Zan definitely gives it his all. “So what am I supposed to wear… to that thing on Friday?” I ask as both of us slowly come down from our high. I’ve never been to a launch party before and truthfully, I’m not entirely sure what it is but it sounds important enough.

“Nothing formal” Zan yawns and rolls onto his side. “Cocktail attire.”

I turn to look down at his beautiful face and see that he’s already fallen asleep. There are circles beneath his eyes, barely visible but still there. I wonder if he gets any sleep outside of my bed. Asking him is definitely out of the question, he’d probably just avoid it entirely or drag his tired ass home. Still, I can’t help but hope that maybe this party will somehow pave a small path towards his heart.


“What about this one” I ask and nearly toss the damn dress out the door when Sarina scrunches her nose up in disgust. “Well what the hell should I wear then? You tell me” I demand and fling the remaining garments into her arms. We’ve been at this for at least an hour and a half now and we are no closer to finding a dress than we were when we started.

Ignoring my bad mood, Sarina steps into my closet and begins rummaging through everything and I do mean everything. “You’re going to a launch party Liz. That means dozens of hot, rich guys just lurking around” Sarina feels the need to point out. “So if things don’t work out with Hottie, you still have options” she shrugs.

Have I mentioned what a bitter, cynical hag Sarina has turned into since Pierce?

“OOhhh… now this is a hot little number” Sarina coos and I find myself trying to see which dress managed to pique her interest. “Since when do you were Chanel?” She sounds completely shocked and I can’t help but roll my eyes at her dramatics.

“It was a graduation present from my old roommate, Tess.” When she first gave me the strapless green dress, I looked at her like she had grown two heads. The crazy blonde insisted that one day when I was a rich and snooty scientist I would need something to remind me of my nerdy days in school. She said the dress would remind me of her and that she would remind me of that time. Crazy logic, I know but then again, no one said that Tess was the brightest crayon in the box.

“Well you don’t have any matching shoes” Sarina muses and resumes her digging. “But these strappy black heels should do.” I absolutely hate wearing high heels. I wouldn’t exactly call me a tomboy but I’m definitely the kind of girl that feels more comfortable in pair of adidas running shoes. “Don’t look at me like that” she immediately scolds. Remember what I told you about Nancy flashbacks? Well I’m having another one right about now.

So for the next hour, I sit around my room while Sarina puts hot rollers in my hair, applies my makeup and gives me party etiquette tips. You’d almost swear she thinks I grew up in a barn or was raised by wolves. However, understanding that she’s still a little off from her breakup with the boss, I endure her comments with only a minimal amount of irritation.

Before long I’m standing in front of the mirror, silently appraising my appearance. Sarina is long gone and now I just have to wait for Zan to stop by and pick me up.

In the spirit of pretending like I’m still satisfied with our arrangement, I offered to just meet him at the party but lo and behold, he insisted that he would pick me up. Thankfully I don’t have to wait long otherwise I would have continued to scrutinize my hair and dress and makeup until I was entirely too self-conscious to go out at all. “Hey” I greet and shiver slightly when I see his eyes rake over my body.

“What if I said, screw the party and let me take you to bed?” Zan shoots me one of his trademark smirks and I just might agree. Tonight he’s wearing a dark suit with his shirt tucked out while his jacket and top two shirt buttons are undone. He looks casual sexy and I can already feel myself growing weak at the knees.

So based on everything I’ve said up until now, I assume you’re probably thinking that I’m just in lust with him. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely feel lust whenever he’s around but there’s more to it than that. I want to know all about him. I want to talk about my day with him. I want him to talk about his day with me. My heart speeds up whenever he lays on a hand on me and I find myself thinking about when I’m alone. Simply put, he causes some seriously mushy feelings inside of me.

The sex is amazing but I honestly think that everything between us could be amazing if only he wasn’t so scared to try.

“Or… we could go to the party now and it’ll be that much hotter when we finally make it to my bed” I return. Okay, please do not think that I don’t want to have sex with him, trust me, I do. But like I said, I think there could be more between us and the only way to find out is to spend time together away from the bedroom… with our clothes on.

“Alright” he agrees and patiently waits as I grab my coat and purse. Like a gentleman, he helps me slide the dainty cover-up over my shoulders and takes the keys out of my hand to lock the door. When we get downstairs, I look around for his corvette only to find it’s no where in sight. “This way” he directs and places his hand on the small of my back as we walk towards a stretch limo. I merely quirk a brow at the elegant car and smile politely when the driver holds open the backseat door.

It isn’t until the car pulls out into the street that I fix him with a curious stare. “So what’s with the hearse?” I joke and mentally pat myself on the back when a small smile finds a home on his lips.

“It’s just a publicity thing.” He shrugs likes it’s no big deal but why do I get the feeling that I’m in for more than I bargained for with this party? “But I should warn you that there’ll be a lot people there and because you’ll be by my side, they’ll be even more curious.” Again, I have to wonder what his story is. He’s obviously some hot shot and seems to be used to fame and limelight but then why does he seem so closed off?

“What exactly is a launch party?” I ask instead to avoid asking him something more personal.

“It’s basically just a party to celebrate an artist’s new album” Zan replies. “Kind of like a movie premier or a gallery opening.”

“You’d think a launch party would be some sort of boat thing” I shrug and see the amusement in his features as he regards me. Okay, nobody think I’m ditz. I knew it wasn’t a boat thing, I’m just saying that maybe someone else might have gotten confused.

“Just keep your sense of humor and you’ll be alright tonight.” Now why doesn’t that make me feel better?

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Hey everyone, sorry it took so long to get this out. I had some stuff going on in my personal life and I really just couldn't write for a while. But I'm back now and I will try not to make you wait too long! Thanks to:

touched by an alien

For your wonderful feedback and patience!! Hello lurkers :wink:

Chapter 4

“So I guess you’re the reason why Zan won’t look twice at any of the women at work.” I look to my left and find a friendly looking face attached to a mane of long, strawberry blonde curls. “Not that I blame him. All those girls are a bunch of skanks who just want to get into his pants and into his wallet.” Hmmm… I wonder if maybe that has something to do with Zan’s relationship phobia.

“So does that mean you work at…?”

“Maria” Zan acknowledges and places a chaste kiss against her cheek. Where the hell did he come from? I could have sworn he was chatting up some people on the other side of the room. “Why am I not surprised that you managed to find Liz in a crowd of 100?” he asks. Okay, does anyone else get the impression that maybe he’s mentioned me to this woman, Maria, before? Because it kind of sounds that way to me.

“Please, it’s not like it was all that hard” she waves her hand in the air just as a tall and very large looking man appears by her side.

“Liz Parker, meet my newest client, Rath and his motor mouth, Maria Guerin” Zan introduces while Maria’s eyes narrow in mock annoyance. How strange. This guy is his newest client yet the three of them seem like old friends.

“You can call me Michael” the guy corrects and holds out his hand. “Rath is just a stage name.” His entire hand engulfs mine but his handshake isn’t bone cracking like I expected. You wanna know what the funny thing is though? This guy seems a little familiar to me. I’m not sure where I’ve seen him or even that I’ve seen before at all but there is definitely something about him that reminds me of somebody. Probably him. Okay, did that just make sense?

“It’s nice to meet you both.” Can I just say how awkward this feels right now? This Maria chick is wearing a cat who ate the canary smirk on her face and the big guy beside her, Michael, looks bored with the world. Zan isn’t saying anything either. Does that mean I’m supposed to keep quiet and stare at everyone with bored look too? Huh?

Now I’m wracking my brain, trying to come up with something interesting to say when some blonde decides to saddle up next to Zan. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. You didn’t come find me when you showed up” she pouts and I have the uncontrollable urge to smack that expression right off her face. “Wanna come dance with me?” she invites and I somehow find the strength to restrain my impulse only because I’m really curious what Zan’s reaction to this chick is gonna be.

“If I haven’t seen you tonight it’s probably because I didn’t care too” Zan replies in a bored tone I’ve never heard him use before. “Liz” he turns to me and with a hint of something unfamiliar in his eyes, he takes my hand in his. “Care to dance?”

I don’t bother to hold in my grin as I squeeze his fingers once and nod. “Love to.”

There’s a heavy tune filling in the air as Zan pulls me close to his body. I assume this guy singing is Rath… Michael, but I don’t ask. Instead, I let Zan lead me around for a few minutes before working up the courage to ask who that girl was. “Linda Green, she does PR for the label.”

Normally I’d be a little frustrated that Zan was only willing to offer up the barest amount of information. Right now, I’m really glad for it. This woman obviously doesn’t mean anything to him, I can hear it in his voice and I almost feel a little relief that he didn’t have much to say about her. Too bad my mouth and brain don’t seen to be operating at the same time. “Did the two of you ever date?” I ask and immediately wish I hadn’t.

Zan pulls back a little to face me and I hold my breath in wonder. Is he going to tell me to mind my business or worse, will he tell me that they were once a couple? He’s looking at me, observing me and it’s a bit unnerving to tell you the truth. “No” he answers and pulls me even closer than I was before.

For a second, I let my eyes close and enjoy the feel of the two strong arms wrapped around me. His scent envelopes me and I make a mental note to ask him later what cologne he wears. Whatever it is, it just became my new favorite scent. “Even though it’s not a boat party, are you enjoying yourself anyway?” His lips are just beside my ear and the sound of his voice causes a shiver to run up my spine.

What is it about this man that oozes sex? The husky timber of his voice… the chiseled muscles on his body… the confident smirk permanently etched on his lips? Sometimes wonder whether he is actually so oblivious to the way I feel about him or it’s just his way of keeping things casual between us. I mean, I realize I’m not very outspoken when it comes to my feelings but can’t he see how he makes me feel? Would he even want to see it?

“The night’s had its moments” I reply and allow my eyes to flutter close again he plants a slow kiss against my neck.

Right now, I let myself forget about Linda whats-her-face. I stop wondering about the conspiratory glances Maria kept shooting both Zan and Rath. I become oblivious to all the whispers around us as these people watch their colleague cozy up to some woman they have never met before. I forget that Zan didn’t want strings and I pretend that I’m more than his date. I pretend that I’m someone to him.

“It could get a whole hell of a lot better” he murmurs and I want to give in. I want to have a relationship with Zan. I want there to be more than sex between us but I can’t deny that right now, I want the sex too. “I know about this little room in the back. No one would see and no one would hear.” He tries to sell me on the idea but he doesn’t have to work hard at it.

Before I know it, I’m nodding and he’s leading me through the throng of people to a room that looks like a supply closet. Neither one of us cares who sees where we’re headed of if they know what we’re about to do in there. None of that matters and all fades away the moment Zan presses me against the door and fuses his lips with mine. “Zan…” I moan when he slides his hand up my dress and pushes my lace thong aside. Instantly, he plunges two fingers into my wet heat and I writhe around against the solid door behind me.

Impatiently, he uses his free hand to push at the top of my dress and quickly starts palming my breasts and pulling on my nipples. Have I ever mentioned how incredible his hands are?

It feels so good but I need him inside of me. “Ah Zan… fuck me baby” I whisper in his ear. He growls quietly and damn if that didn’t just make me wetter. Ah, there is something so sexy about a hot, impatient man who eagerly wants to fuck your brains out.

Effortlessly, he lifts me up and I quickly wrap my legs around his waist. He doesn’t bother to remove my thong, he simply pushes the black lace aside and thrusts straight up into my drenched pussy. “Fuck, Liz. You feel so fucking good” he mutters and starts hammering his thick cock into me. “Baby, I’ve wanted you… all night” he groans as I tightly clench my muscles around him.

“You have me Zan” I pant. Something glitters in his eyes for just a moment and then it’s gone without a trace. I almost think I imagined it and then he starts thrusting harder and deeper. “Oh, god yes! Faster baby” I urge and let my head fall back against the door when he takes one of my nipples in his mouth. “So good” I whimper as he gently scrapes his teeth against the pert bud.

“So tight” he groans in response and pounds into me until I come in rush of pleasure.

“Ah… ah, Zan… yes!” I whimper and scream as my body shakes and shivers in an endless bout of ecstasy. Zan is relentless as his large cock pierces me over and again, never giving me a chance to come down before he brings me up all over again.

His thrusts become short and powerful as his mouth latches on to my nipple. He’s sucking so hard and fucking me so good that I can’t help but scream again as his hot cum fills my body. My name falls from his lips in a low groan of satisfaction just as his hips begin to still.

Slowly, I slide down his body until my heels touch the ground. We’re both panting loudly and a small sheen of perspiration coats our bodies. “You okay” he asks while I try to pull my top up enough to cover my exposed chest. The comment is enough to make me look up at him in surprise but before I have the chance to say anything, a loud pounding sounds on the door.

“We’re up in 2.” It’s Rath and I wonder if he knows what we’ve been doing in here. Duh, of course he knows, I chide myself though right now I can’t bring myself to care. My thoughts are centered around Zan’s question. He’s never asked me how I am or if I’m okay. He’s never really had to because from the beginning, it’s been obvious that we were both really into this… this thing, between us. So why is he asking me now?

“I’m good” I nod and finish straightening up my clothes while Zan does the same. His hair is a bit disheveled but after running his hands through it a couple times, it all falls back into place.

“Show time” he says and as discretely as we can, slip back into the party. Zan spots Rath and goes straight towards him, leaving me with Maria who can’t stop grinning. Okay, what the hell?! Is it so wrong or unusual for two people to get it on in a supply closet while a hundred people are outside waiting for you and possibly listening?? Okay, good point.

“I guess it worked” Maria comments and I’m not even going to attempt to figure out what she’s talking about.

“What worked?” I ask while we both stop to clap as the head of the record label steps onto the stage. Okay, what the hell kind of name is Nasedo? His parents must have really disliked him.

“You took Zan into the supply closet to mark your territory” Maria states as though the answer should have been obvious. However, when I open my mouth to point out that Zan was the one that pulled me in there, not that I’m complaining, she points out something else to me. “See that?” The blonde bombshell from earlier is shamelessly trying to flirt with Zan and damn it to hell if the hussy didn’t just cup his package.

Oh shit! Zan looks pissed now. I wish I knew what he was saying. “I wish I knew what he was saying” Maria states then. Okay… that was weird. And now Rath is cracking up beside them. Hmmm…little Linda looks pretty pissed herself now.

“Now, allow me to introduce Antarian Records’ newest star, Rath and his producer and co-writer of the self titled album, Zan Evans.” I’m not entirely sure that Maria won’t clap her hands off as the two make their way up the stage. All the women in front swoon at the sight of them and I can’t help but glance over at Linda who is apparently waiting for her name to be called. Her smile is tight and almost forced and I find myself feeling even more curious about the words she and Zan exchanged. “…Our head of sales, Alex Whitman and our PR director, Linda Green.”

So I spend the next few minutes listening to everyone say a word or two about the new album and how great it’s going to do. The strange thing is Zan. He never opens his mouth and no one even seems surprised that he was the only one who didn’t offer up a few words for the crowd. When I turn to ask Maria about it, I realize that she’s not even beside me anymore. Looking around, I find her waiting by the edge of stage just as Rath calls her up and informs everyone that she’s his inspiration.

Maria beams and kisses his lips. Everyone begins cheering and catcalling and I wonder if I’ve been unknowingly transported back to high school for a moment. Seriously, who catcalls for a kiss nowadays? What adult would do that? “Having fun?” When I turn to the voice, the eyes that greet me are gray and can I just say how freaky that is? How the fuck do you end up with gray eyes? His smirk is a little scary too. Kind of like he knows a secret but a secret you don’t want to know. Does that make sense? Well if some scary ass guy was looking at you like you were his next meal, you wouldn’t make much sense either.

“Yeah… great time” I smile and hope he’ll go away now. No such luck. But seriously, when is my luck ever that great? Okay, so it was in my favor the day I ran into Zan but maybe that one encounter drained out my good luck. Maybe I used it all up in that one meeting so from now on, all my luck will be bad. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic… okay, a lot dramatic.

“So what’s your name, pretty lady?” he asks and does he really think that something that cheesy is really going to make me swoon? Because it’s not. Oh no! That bastard is not touching me. “Maybe we can step outside for a few minutes. Get to know each other a little better” he suggests and suddenly, the image of that guy from Uncle Buck pops into my mind.

Okay, everyone stay with me for a moment. Do you remember that old John Candy movie from the eighties? The one where he goes and stays with his nieces and nephew and they’re all bowling and some dude named Pal tries to hit on one of them. He’s like this dirty, middle aged guy who’s trying to get the niece to go into his bronco with him. Either way, that’s what I’m reminded of but this guy just needs a toothpick to complete the look.

“The only thing you’re gonna get to know is my fist in your face if you don’t take your fucking hand off her.” Wow! I always pictured Zan as the rebel but white knight works too. “Now.”

“Fuck you” the guy says but takes his hand off my arm anyway. Zan steps forward like he’s gonna hit the guy and while that’s sweet and all, the last thing he probably needs right now is an audience. “Hey” I say and attempt to block his path. I know that if he really wanted to go by, he could easily move me out of the way but my voice seems to make a dent in his testosterone and he lets the guy walk away.

“Come on. We’re through here” Zan says and takes my hand in his. He doesn’t say anything or acknowledge anyone else’s presence as he leads me to the entrance doors. Almost as if the driver had ESP, he pulls up to the curb and Zan quickly shoos me inside. Can I quickly mention that this feels very movie-esque? He spouts off my address to the driver and on impulse, I find myself requesting something else.

“Why don’t we go to your place this time” I suggest and watch as he seemingly thinks it through. He’s so unreadable and I have no idea what he thinks of my idea until he tells the driver that there’s a change of plans. “Impressive” I say, referring to his Battery Park address. Zan merely smirks then attacks my neck with his lips. “Zan” I moan and tilt my head to give her better access.

“Sorry about Kivar” he murmurs against my ear. I love what he’s doing to my body and it takes several moments before I register what he just said. I’m assuming that Kivar was the guy hitting on me but what strikes me as strange is the tone Zan uses. He seems a little angry and if I’m not mistaken, slightly possessive. “I hated to see his hands on you.”

The admission is probably the sweetest thing Zan has ever said to me. He doesn’t show himself… ever, but right now I’m getting to see another part of him. He’s letting me see that he does care about me. “Well it wasn’t exactly fun to see that PR chick draped over you like a cheap suit” I retort and whimper in pleasure as he plunges two fingers inside of me,

“I don’t give a shit about her” Zan tells me and adds a third finger. He’s finger fucking me so slowly that I almost beg for more. “I can’t get you out of my head. I close my eyes and I can hear you moaning. I can see you writhing around on top of me.” His words are seducing me as well as his hand is. I want him so badly that it almost hurts but I don’t say that. He’s finally opening up to me, even just a little and I don’t want to interrupt… not now. “My cock is always hard for you. It’s why I can’t stay away from you.”

“Ah… yes… ZAN!” I scream and come apart in his arms. I don’t consider the fact that the driver probably heard me getting off because all I can think about are the things Zan just admitted to me. “Why can’t you stay away?” I ask. I might be setting myself up for a big fall but a very big part of me needs to know that it isn’t just about sex to him. “Because of the way I fuck you? The way I ride your cock and scream your name?” I’m trying to entice him, distract him. It’s the only way for me to know for sure.

“Because you’re fucking amazing” he says and drags his lips across my skin. “Because there’s something about you? I have no fucking clue what it is but it’s there.”

In a way, I’m kind of glad for his answer. If he really likes me and spouted off a bunch of soulful lines, I would have felt cheated because I would have known it wasn’t really him. Zan is blunt, straightforward and has been since the very beginning. He doesn’t sugar coat things and the fact that he’s confused and willing to admit that to me, is a step. Now you all might not see it but trust me, I do.

I climb into his lap and begin grinding my hips against his. Instantly, he pulls at my top and sucks one pert nipple into his mouth. I want him so badly right now. I need to feel him inside of me. “I can’t get you out of my head either” I admit and watch as his eyes darken, almost imperceptibly. “I want more.”

The small confession is out of my mouth before I can stop the words. It’s now or never, I guess. He’ll either want to try for more too or he’ll say that things have already gone too far. Either way, I know that I’ll finally have my answer tonight.

Zan stops his ministrations and allows his head to fall back against the plush leather seat. His eyes fall closed and his hands still against my waist. In this exact moment, I have no idea what he’s thinking. Is this a good sign? Is it a bad one? Is the possibility of having an actual relationship even an option for him?

His eyes stay closed until the driver pulls up to an expensive looking high rise building. “Zan” I murmur and sit still as his beautiful emerald eyes focus on me. Will I ever know what this man is thinking? “What’s it gonna be? Are we still going up or am I going home alone?” I ask. It’s the best I can do. It’s the only way I can think of to ask whether or not he wants to cross that line we drew.

“Well… I think that maybe…”

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Hi everyone! Thank you all for your feedback and bumps. Sorry this took so long but I hope you enjoy it anyway. First, I just want to remind you all when you read this chapter that this is a simple, smutty fluffy fic... no angst! Enjoy!

Chapter 5

“Well… I think that maybe we should talk” Zan says and pushes my top up a little so that my breasts aren’t just sticking out. The look he’s giving me now seems almost pained and I realize that I don’t need some long drawn out conversation where he tells me why it won’t work. He’s already given me his answer with that one look.

“No, it’s okay” I say and climb off his lap. “You don’t do relationships… I remember.”

Okay, you know how sometimes a girl meets this guy who’s all dark and dangerous and she thinks to herself that she can change him? She thinks she can turn him into this great boyfriend and it’ll be this fairy tale, happily ever after thing. Well I never thought that. The night Zan admitted to me that he just wanted a sexual relationship, I didn’t secretly plan a way to change him. Even after I fell for him, I still didn’t think we’d end up together. It didn’t stop me from hoping though.

“It isn’t as simple as that, Liz” Zan denies and runs a hand through his hair several times before fixing me with an apologetic expression. “I just can’t” he murmurs and with it, I feel a strong pang in my chest. It’s over. We have an undeniable chemistry, even he wouldn’t be able to deny that but it isn’t enough. I’m not sorry though. I had to know one way or another and maybe it’s best that I found out now. Any longer and I might not be able to walk away from him, at least I have a shot of doing it now.

“Okay” I acknowledge and reach for the door handle when something occurs to me. “Third question” I say, startling and obviously confusing him. “You gave me three questions and I only used two. You still owe me the third” I explain and see the trepidation on his face. It’s plain as day but he nods anyway. One thing I have learned about Zan during our time together is that he’s honest. He doesn’t lie and he doesn’t go back on his word. Gotta admire that in a man. “What happened to you that made you so freaked about relationships?”

Yeah… no one ever said I was an easy person to deal with. That question is proof enough.

He opens his mouth and I’m almost positive he wants to deny that anything happened but the moment he snaps it shut again, I understand that he can’t do it. He can’t lie to me. “It has nothing to do with you” he finally says, shrugging. “My reason doesn’t apply to you, so there really isn’t a point talking about it.”

Oh no he doesn’t. He isn’t getting off that easy. Getting his answer might not make a difference between us but I want to know anyway. I want to know what in the world happened in his life that made him so cynical even if it has nothing to do with me. I guess that’s what happens when you fall for someone. You want to know all about them… want to take all their pain away. “Tell me anyway” I find myself challenging in a tone that sounds so much stronger than I actually feel.

“Liz…” he trails off and turns to face out the window. It’s funny but it’s only when he I can’t look at him that I finally hear the steady hum of traffic outside. This is going to sound cheesy so please don’t laugh too hard at me but when I’m with him, it’s like everything else fades into the background. Damn to hell! It sucks to be in love with someone who can never love you back, trust me on this one.

When he finally turns to look at me again, I see resignation in his eyes. He doesn’t want to tell me, but he will regardless of what he wants. “When I first left Brooklyn and came here to Manhattan, I had to work two jobs to get by. Days in a garage and nights as a janitor at Antarian Records. One night, I met the owner and had no idea who he was so I talked to him. The next night when I came in, my supervisor told me I wasn’t working nights anymore because the guy liked me so much, he gave me a daytime job that paid enough to quit the garage.”

Intently, I listen to his every word, hoping that when he’s finished his story, I might somehow understand the enigma he has always been to me. “It was easy to climb my way to the top because I was always straight up with my clients. I never told someone who didn’t have talent that they were good but I always worked with them to help em improve. My boss liked that” he says and there’s a little bit of pride in his voice, hidden by reluctance to finish this. “So I guess this is where I admit there was a girl at work who screwed with my head. I got over it but it made me realize I couldn’t trust women. They all want something and I decided then that I wouldn’t have anything to give them.”

He shrugs then and I play his earlier words over in my head. He said his reason had nothing to do with me… didn’t apply to me. If I’m not a problem, what is? “I never wanted anything from you” I say and stare straight into his eyes. I want him to see the truth behind my words. I want him to know that it isn’t about the producer or his bank account, it’s about him. “I still don’t. I just want you.”

“I know that the title and the money mean nothing to you” Zan agrees and takes my hand in his. “You’re not like them and that’s why I couldn’t handle hurting you. You’re too good to deal with me. You should have someone that can do the whole five phone calls a day, pillow talk, meet the parents sort of thing. I’m just not that guy.” He actually looks kind of sad by that. What I really want to know now, is why he thinks I want or need any of that. The truth is that it doesn’t really matter. The constant phone conversations, weekends with parents, cheesy nights straight out of harlequin romance novels… none of that really matters. I just want Zan, plain and simple.

“First off, you already know my mom” I point out, not that it would be a deal breaker or anything if he didn’t want to meet her. “Second, I never said I wanted all those relationship clichés. I just want to be your girlfriend. I want to know more about you… I want to see in daylight” I say and laugh lightly. With the exception of the day we met, I’ve never seen Zan in the light of day. “I don’t expect this to go somewhere in particular but I don’t want it to go nowhere… you know?”

“I can’t be the perfect boyfriend” Zan argues in what seems like his final attempt.

“Perfection is boring” I shrug and smile winningly when he remains quiet.

Then without warning, he pushes a button to lower the partition between us and the driver. “You’re done for the night, thank you” he says and pushes open his door. Once he’s stepped out onto the pavement, he holds his hand out for me to take. Without hesitation, I place my hand in his and try not to get my hopes up as we walk into the building. Still, he doesn’t say anything to me, just stands beside me with his hand on the small of my back. All the way up to the seventeen story of his building, the only sounds around us are the gentle hum of the elevator as it rises floor by floor.

Imagine my amazement when we step out and I realize that his apartment takes up the entire floor. “Wow” I say in astonishment as I take in his living room. Just like a guy, it’s done up in dark colors. Black leather chairs, chrome and glass tables with accents in onyx and marble.

“Liz” he says, trying to get my attention. With his hands on my hips, holding me a scarce few inches away from his body, he leans in and presses a simple kiss to my lips. “I’m not making any promises. I’m not saying that this’ll work but I guess we can give it a shot” Zan informs me and I know the smile on my face is a mile wide. “I like you, I can admit that. It has to be enough for now.”

“It is” I agree and it really is okay. He doesn’t get into relationships but the fact that he’s willing to enter one with me is more than enough for now. Okay, now that that’s done, can I just say how happy I am? Really… you can’t see it but mentally I’m doing a total happy dance. Oh! And now Zan is kissing me. Okay, happy dance is over, now it’s time to fuck my boyfriend. Don’t you just love the way that sounds… boyfriend? Oh, and the fucking part too, can’t forget about that one. Okay, really… I’ll stop talking about it now and just… do it.


When I wake up later that night, it takes me a minute to realize where I am. Then it all comes flooding back to me and I find myself smiling in remembrance. Zan and I are an official couple! Can you believe it? I know… amazing right?

Speaking of amazing, the sight of him naked and peacefully sleeping easily turns me on again. Don’t say it! I know I sound like a horny animal but wouldn’t you be if you had a naked Zan in bed beside you? Ha! That’s what I thought.

Unable to help myself, I begin peppering his chest with little kisses. After a few moments of this, he stirs lightly but doesn’t open his eyes. Instead, I kiss a very light trail down his body and push the sheet away, revealing his half wood. Even semi-hard, his cock is still impressive. With one last look at his sleeping face, I poke my tongue out and lick the blunt mushroom head.

Zan groans quietly and though his eyes have yet to open, he thrusts his hips up, trying to get a little closer to my mouth. Taking that as encouragement, I open up and take as much of his thick cock as I can in my mouth. It’s then that his eyes fly open, only to close again while he buries his hands in my hair, urging me to keep going. He hardens in my mouth and I can’t help moaning around him, remembering how good he felt inside of me a few hours before. “Ah…Liz… hmmm baby” he groans and fucks my mouth while I gently tug on his sac.

I tighten my mouth around him like a little pussy and relish the pleasured sounds that fall from his lips. Bobbing up and down, I suck him as deep as I can and use my hand to pump what doesn’t fit in my mouth. “Fuck baby” he pants, all the while thrusting up in time with every lick. His hands spread out beside him, tightly fisting the sheets as he pumps twice more and cums long and hard in mouth. Eagerly, I drink up his thick cum and lick him clean.

Before I know what’s happening, I’m flat on my back and have Zan’s face buried between my thighs. Reaching behind me, I grab onto the headboard as he thrusts his tongue deep inside my pussy. His fingers open me up wide, stroking my outer lips while his tongue fucks me until I’m shaking and writhing around on the sheets. “Ah! Zan!” I scream in release but he’s relentless and continues to eat me out. His tongue licks the length of my slit before his lips attach to my aching clit. Hungrily, he sucks on the little pleasured nub and thrusts two fingers inside my drenched depths.

Can one go numb from too much pleasure? I’d certainly like to find out!

My hips start bucking up like crazy and he has to move his hands up to hold me down. His tongue resumes it’s fucking, swirling it around to lick every inch of me while I moan and whimper for release. He waits until my hips still a little and reaches up to tug on my nipples. Deftly, he pinches the erect buds and sucks on my clit until I call out in bliss.

He never gives me a chance to come down from my euphoric high before he plunges his thick cock deep inside my pussy. “Fuck me” I pant and watch from beneath hooded lashes as he rises up on his knees and spreads my legs wide apart.

“I plan to” he says and pulls almost all the way out before roughly plowing back inside of me. A long, pleasured moan tears from my mouth and I beg him to fuck me faster and harder. Smirking, he continues his tortuously slow pace, quickly driving me crazy with want while I desperately try to buck up against him. “Patience, baby” he murmurs and slams back inside of me. Okay, I know I’ve mentioned it before but his dick is huge! It feels so good inside me but right now, I really need to be fucked!

“Harder!” I demand and buck up again. Grinning, Zan pulls all the way out and sits back on his heels. Okay… what the hell?

“Turn over” he instructs and damn it to hell if I don’t hurry up and do it. On all fours, I shake my ass invitingly and wait to feel his hot, sweat slicked skin against mine. Moments later, he’s leaning over my body and his arms wrap around me so that he can palm my breasts. He’s teasing me by tugging on my nipples and rubbing his cock against my ass. With his lips a breath away from my ear, he nips at my skin before whispering. “Hmm… you’re so hot, baby. Are you horny? Do you wanna get fucked?” he asks, at the same time plunging his fingers into my pussy.

“So horny… fuck me, Zan” I all but beg when he pulls his fingers out and licks them clean. How erotic is that? Then, without warning he thrusts his big, fat cock into me and I moan in relief. With his hands on my hips he steadies my body, holding me still to meet his thrusts. “Ah… yes! Your cock is so big… harder, baby” I purr and clench my muscles around him, making it almost impossible to leave my body.

He fills me up with every stroke and I know I’m not going to last long. This feels too good and I’m so horny for him. It’s like I can never get enough. “You’re dripping baby” he says and places tiny kisses along my spine, all the while pushing his hips roughly against mine.

“I’m so close” I say and start pushing back against him, meeting his every thrust. “Faster” I whimper when I feel his fingers on my clit, pinching the little nub until I come apart, screaming his name in ecstasy.

Zan keeps pumping into me until the small spasms shooting up my body begin to subside. When he pulls out and turns me over, I see my juices coating his cock.

His eyes look feral… hungry and I lick my lips in anticipation. He’s already given me three orgasms but I can’t wait for the next one. “Up here” he says and lifts my legs up so that they rest on his shoulder. When he plunges back inside me, the position we’re in makes him feel so huge… like the first time we had sex on my desk.

In and out, he hammers into my body while I tightly grasp the head board to hold myself in place. “You feel so good, Liz… so good” he mutters while all I can do is moan and writhe around. I’m beyond exhausted after my last three orgasms and our earlier rounds but it feels so good that I hardly notice. What I do notice is how close Zan is. Small beads of sweat roll down his muscled body and I have the incredible urge to lean up and lick them off his skin. There’s something so hot about the way he looks right now… all the time, actually but especially now.

“Just a little more” I beg as each stroke of his cock rubs against my overly sensitive clit.

“Come with me” Zan groans. Two gloriously deep strokes later, the feel of his hot cum bathing my inner walls has me writhing and mumbling incoherently.

My heart is racing and my body is exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for days. Then before I know it, I’m sound asleep again.


When I wake up the next morning, I’m greeted with incredibly pleasant surprise of having Zan beside me. It’s the first time we’ve spent an entire night together but what really amazes me is the arm wrapped around my body. Sometime during the night, he ended up on my side and draped his arm over my stomach, banding me in place. I’m not complaining though. I’m exactly where I want to be.

<center>The End...for now</center>
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A/N: Hello everyone! I have decided to stop this fic with the previous chapter. Lately my muse has been on strike with most of my fics but I've also decided that when its up and running again, I'll will post a second installment to this fic entitled "Falling for the Scientist" It will pick up where chapter 5 left off and will be written entirely in Zan's point of view. I have an idea where I want to go with it but I won't be able to attempt it just yet. I really need to finish a few other fics first.

Thank you to everyone who read this fic, left feedback, bumps and basically just enjoyed reading 'The Scientist' I appreciate everyone's encouragement and I hope you'll all give the second part a shot when it gets posted.

Thank you again!

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