Mouth (AU, ML / Adult) (Complete)

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Mouth (AU, ML / Adult) (Complete)

Post by jasper711 » Mon Jan 02, 2006 4:31 pm

Winner - Round 4




Title: Mouth 1/?
Author: Jasper711
Disclaimer: Don’t own “Roswell”. The song, “Mouth” belongs to Bush. The song, “Feelin’ Love” belongs to Paula Cole. No infringement intended on the all male revue, “Chippendales”. ?
Category: M/L, AU,
Rating: Adult
Summary: Liz experiences her first ladies night out and gets more than she bargained for.
Author’s Note: Don’t know if anybody remembers me, it’s been such a long time. But I’m desperately trying to finish this one. Thanks to IAmLongTimeFan for the amazing banner. :)


Part 1


Gripping the cool bottle of her Smirnoff Ice, Liz looked around at the other women milling about the small club, giggling and talking like they weren’t here to watch men strip their clothes off and gyrate to provocative songs. Turning her eyes down, she shook her head. She couldn’t believe that she, Liz Parker was here about to indulge in something so deprived. How she had let Maria drag her into this, she’d never know.

“Earth to Liz!”

Maria nudged her best friend in the ribs, trying to gain her attention. She loved her friend, but sometimes they seemed like they came from two different planets. Liz was the epitome of the perfect, girl next door. She on the other hand was the classic screw up. She and Liz had been friends since childhood. It was a mystery how they had stayed best friends for so long considering the huge differences in their personalities.

Liz looked up, her eyes growing wide as she saw a lady walk by who was older than her mother. Hissing into her friends ear, Liz squeezed Maria’s hand tightly.

“Did you see how old she was?” Liz was a little stunned to see the varying ages of women who had come to see scantily clad men dance for their unadulterated pleasure.

Laughing, Maria put her arm around Liz’s shoulders.

“Chica, women need loving at any age,” she winked.

Liz choked on her drink before giving her friend a stern look. She was still a little more than pissed that she had been dragged from her dorm room kicking and screaming.

“Maria, people can hear you!”

“Babe, look around you. This place is a circus. I guarantee you, by the time they cut the lights and play that music, you’re going to be whooping and hollering with the best of us.” She shrugged her shoulders before waving Isabel and the rest of their girlfriends to the seats they had saved. “Besides, this is what ladies night is all about. You can act as crazy as you want and return to your normal prudish self the next day.”

Crossing her arms defiantly over her chest, Liz frowned. “I am not a prude!”

With a mischievous gleam in her eyes, Maria pulled a wad of dollar bills from her purse, stuffing a hefty amount in Liz’s bra. “Then prove it,” she challenged.

Before Liz could utter a word, the lights died down, a billow of smoke covering the stage as a tune with heart shattering bass filled their ears until they thought they were ready to burst.

“Woohoo! Take it off!”

Liz’s head turned to look at Isabel on the other side, stunned to see her normally calm and collected friend catcalling for the men. She wondered if the men felt humiliated at all with women making such lewd suggestions and waving money over their heads.

But all thought was gone from Liz’s mind when she heard Maria’s excited screech.

“OMIGOD! Here they come. They’re coming from the back.”

Quickly turning in her seat, Liz felt her breath catch in her throat as she laid eyes on the most amazingly handsome man, walking past her in a trench coat. She settled more comfortably in her seat as she continued to watch him, telling herself that she was just here for moral support on the girls’ behalf. Besides, maybe it was time to let the men feel like a piece of meat. What was it they said about turnabout being fair play?

“Ladies, please put your hands together for the men of Chippendales!”

Dancing next to her, Maria waved her arms around in the air.

“Yeah, baby! Break me off a piece of that!”

The raucous around her didn’t faze Liz. She was far more entranced with the handsome creature that had just walked past her a few minutes ago. She watched his graceful moves, his body moving to the beat as if he were born to dance. She was riveted to his lithe form, unable to tear her eyes away. From what she could see, he wasn’t the average beefcake. He was cut, but he wasn’t an abundance of muscle. He was taller than all of the other dancers, his dark head of hair separating him from the bleached blonde Fabios dancing around.

Feeling her heart racing inside her chest, Liz took a quick swig of her drink as she heard the teasing sound of zippers being pulled down. The men’s trench coats were lying on the side of the stage, forgotten. The men let the women feast on their tightly packed abs, even flexing their pecs much to the delight of the more innocent women.

The breath whooshed out of her lungs when the raven haired hottie caught her eye, a naughty grin spreading over his handsome face as he deftly popped the button on his leather pants. Puckering his lips in what looked a kiss, her hottie turned around before bending at the waist and pulling down his pants to reveal his thong clad ass.

Liz was sure that her mouth was hanging down with drool pooling around her.

Maria chanced a look at Liz, a triumphant smile crossing her face.

“Having fun yet, chica?”

Shushing her, Liz stood up to get a better view.

Maria chuckled to herself. “I guess that answers that question.”


Part 2


After the men’s first dance routine, the MC came to center stage grinning a million dollar smile.

“How did you like that, ladies?”

As expected, the women cheered louder than thousands of fans at a sports event. Oddly enough, Liz couldn’t help but think of this as some sort of sick sport. As much as her mind wanted to mull over all of the ironies of her situation, other parts of her body were more interested in where her hottie had gone off to. She had seen them run off the stage towards the back where the dressing rooms were and her eyes couldn’t help but follow.

“Can I hear you ladies say, Chippendales?”

Liz was startled when every woman around her chorused “Chippendales” as if their lives depended on it. She was only half listening to what was going on around her. She was more concerned about when he was going to return to the stage, preferably to the center. She turned to sit back down when the lights dimmed again.

“Chica, there’s the eye candy that was giving you a toothache earlier.” Maria nodded to the dark headed Adonis that was making her weak in the knees.

Reaching out to hold onto the seat in front of her, Liz took a deep breath, trying to steel herself as she watched him on the side of the stage dressed in a suit. She had no idea a man could look so beautiful. And that’s just what he was. She only prayed that she would have enough strength to keep standing throughout the performance.

You gave me this

A small gasp escaped Liz’s lips as she recognized the sultry sound of Gavin Rosdale’s voice filter from the loud speakers. She didn’t know if she would still be standing by the end of this number. With the combination of Gavin’s voice and her mystery man dancing to the sexy words, she would no doubt lose control.

made me give

Captivated by his sudden movement on stage, Liz was focused on his every move as he sat on the chair provided for him. Her eyes were glued on him, watching as he loosened his tie, haphazardly throwing it to the side.

your silver grin

With an inaudible sigh, he fell back against the chair, his head lolling backwards as he let the words penetrate through his sculpted body. Liz was sure that she could make out the outline of his well defined muscles through his dress shirt. His chestnut colored nipples were a stark contrast to his crisp white shirt.

still sticking it in

He sat back up, his eyes searching through the crowd as if looking for someone.

you have soul machine

Liz froze when his eyes landed on her, his smile turning feral. He gave her a slight nod as if to let her in on the fact that he was aware of her eyes undressing him when he had only just removed his tie.

soul machine

He stood back up, making a circle around the chair before enticingly removing his jacket. He hooked his finger under the collar of his suit jacket, his long strides taking him to the huge monitor they had placed on the stage that was just off to the side.

Caressing the straight edges of the monitor, he stopped in front of it before swaying his hips seductively.

the longest kiss

Dropping down to his knees, he placed his palms on the screen, pressing his face forward to nuzzle it.

peeling furniture days

Liz inched forward, not wanting to miss a minute of his performance. He had taken her to another world, where it was only he and her. She wasn’t even aware of the other people in the stuffy little club. All she could see was this man. It was like he was performing just for her.

drift madly to you

Standing back up, he turned to the audience, his hands reaching for his shirt buttons ever so slowly. When the women started screaming like crazy, he looked up at them with a shy smile. But he wasn’t really seeing them. Out of the corner of his eye, his attention was focused on the long haired angel sitting in the crowd.

This was his regular routine and he had gone through with ease every night since the tour started.

pollute my heart drain

But tonight was different. For the first time since he had started this demeaning job, he had actually seen someone in the crowd that had caught his fancy. Usually, they attracted an older crowd, if not bachelorettes looking to cash in on their last hours of freedom.

you have broken at me

But seeing the gorgeous angel in the crowd, he found himself a little nervous. His palms were actually sweating, something that had never happened to him before.

broken me

Feeling her doe eyes on his every movement, he felt as though he had to make it special for her. To make her enjoy every minute she was here for before she returned to her life.

all your mental armor drags me down

He wanted to be the outrageous story she would tell her future children of her crazy days when she was younger. He wanted to be the one to make her blush when she thought back to this night in the future.

nothing hurts like your mouth

With that, he looked back up at her with a slow smile, his large hands prying apart his white shirt, not at all caring that he was tearing the buttons off. He didn’t a shit where they landed. In fact, he reveled in the fact that they were broken. He knew for a fact that the ladies loved it when he did it. But tonight, this routine was going out to the special lady in the third row. The one who was making his skin quiver just with a look.

your loaded smiles

Swaying his hips to the electric guitar, he let the shirt fall from his shoulders, down to the ground with a soft thud. He turned his back to the audience, grinding his hips in the air to let them enjoy his muscular butt. He had to bite back a laugh when he heard someone yell out, “OMIGOD, that is the fattest ass I’ve ever seen!”

pretty just desserts

Turning back around, a devilish grin overcame his handsome features as he closed his eyes, letting his palm rest against his chest before dragging it tantalizing slow over his smooth skin. His breath hitched in his throat when he did his usual crowd pleaser trick by sticking his hand down his trousers.

wish it all for you

“Oh Shit!” Liz exclaimed rather loudly as she watched his hand disappear inside his pants. Was it hot in here or was it just her? She fanned herself with her free hand, her other hand bringing the cool glass of her drink against her skin. She bit her lip in anticipation as she tilted her head to the side, quietly pondering what exactly his hand was doing inside his pants. Surely he wasn’t doing what everyone was hoping he was doing. Was he?

so much it never hurts

Licking his lips, he slowly removed his hand from his pants, much to the disappointment of the ladies in the house. But to make up for the tease, he grabbed his crotch over his pants to garner a loud cry from the women.

you have soul machine

Bringing his hands up to his head, he shook it from side to side, his body moving easily to the rhythm of the song. Doing a quick pirouette, he lay his palms flat on the monitor, quickly going down on it.

stone at me

His head did a quick turn, looking at the women all standing up to watch everything he was doing.

all your mental armor drags me down

He gave them a half-smile as he jumped to sit on the monitor with his legs spread. Lifting his left leg first, he pulled off his shoe, followed shortly by his sock. Repeating the task on his right leg, he pulled himself to stand up on the monitor, his hands sliding down to rest low on his hips as he gyrated to an imaginary girl. In his mind, it was the beautiful girl from the third row.

we can't breathe when you come around

Moving at a snail’s pace, he placed his hands on the button of his pants, his head unexpectedly popping up at the roar from the crowd. He had to wipe the goofy smile from his lips at the pleasant surprise. If the women thought they were getting a show now, they had no idea what was going to hit them next.

all your mental armor drags me down

Turning around so that his back was to the audience, he began peeling off his pants. He stood with his body bent in half for half a second to let the women get an eyeful of his backside before pulling himself upright. He looked over his shoulder with a sly look before lying down on the monitor with his knees pulled up.

nothing hurts like your mouth mouth

Liz’s eyes bugged out of her head as she scrutinized the tighty whities of her hottie, hoping to catch more than a glimpse of what was hidden beneath the flimsy piece of cotton. She was barely breathing as it was. She could only imagine what he planned to do next.


Shutting his eyes tight, he let his eyes close and just let it come to him. He forgot about the cheering coming from the seats below him, his mind filled with images of what the angel in the crowd would like after he pulled off this next stunt. Would she be disgusted? Or would she be aroused?

Taking a deep breath, he let his doubts drain away, knowing that he had no other choice but to let the show go on. After all, this was part of the job.

your mouth mouth mouth

Raising his hips from the monitor, he stuck his hand inside his briefs, cupping his genitalia.

your mouth mouth mouth

When a collective gasp was heard from the ladies, he ground his hips in the air, all the while pretending to fondle himself.

we've been missing long before

Groaning to herself with sexual frustration, Liz stood up on her seat, needing to see everything that was happening. She wasn’t sure if she had died and gone to heaven or died and gone to hell. She didn’t know what was worse. Watching her mystery man having his way with himself on stage, knowing that she could never do anything about it, or having her mystery man enacting out a fantasy of hers in front of many horny women.

never found our way home

Pulling his hand out from his briefs, he gave his cock a quick squeeze, continuing his torturous dance.

we've been missing long before

He thrust his hips in the air with such force that he caused the monitor to rock beneath him. But that was nothing compared to his final move, proven to stun the ladies into silence.

where we'll find our way

Slipping his hand back inside his cotton briefs, he made sure to cup the essentials before using his other hand to grab the edge of the thin material. Circling his hips one last time in the air, he drove his hips up high, making sure the women could all see what he was about to do.

He waited until they were at their loudest before pulling out the last of his tricks. With his hips in the air, he ripped the white briefs to shreds, stunning the women as they caught a glimpse of his naked ass.

With that, the lights died out, a towel thrown at him as they prepared the stage for the next act.

Liz sat back down on her seat, unable to keep herself from shaking. Dear God, she was really was going to die before the night was over.

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Part 3


“Are we having fun yet, ladies?” The MC held his hand up in the air, waiting for the roar of the crowd. He had to say that he enjoyed coming to the smaller towns. There were more first time show goers and they were always the most entertaining for the boys on the show.

“Yeah, baby! Give us some more!”

The MC laughed good naturedly. “I’m glad. Now, I have to say that we’re all enjoying ourselves in the city of Roswell. But right now, its time for the part of the show where you receive special attention from your very own, personal Chippendale.” He clapped his hands together. “The men will be in the audience in a few minutes and if you find one you like, hold a five dollar bill high above your head and he’ll come to you.” A mischievous grin lit up his face. “And for those of you who came with a more bashful cutie, if you see one that she fancies, wave a ten dollar bill high over her head and he’ll come.”

The music tore through the speakers loudly, making the women in the club go all sorts of crazy.

“And don’t forget, we’re having a special treat for you ladies tonight since we can’t do this at the casinos.” He pulled up three chairs on the stage. “Three lucky ladies can have a seat right here and enjoy some undivided attention from the men of Chippendales.” Just as the music was getting louder, he held up his hands up in the air. “And remember our rule about no touching and fondling of the men.” He grinned a cocky smile. “If you get the urge to reach out and touch one of the men,” he paused slightly to let the women go wild. “And I guarantee you, you will. Please sit on your hands and do those crazy things to yourself.” A loud squeal was heard from the crowd at his suggestion. “I promise that the guys will not hesitate to come when they know what you’re doing.” He waited for applause before leaving the stage.

Maria watched Liz, noticing how quiet and reserved she had become since her hottie had disappeared. “Everything okay, babe?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I think I’m getting tired, Maria. I just want to go home now.” Liz couldn’t admit that she had lost interest in the whole thing after her mystery man had disappeared. After his routine, he had not returned to the stage even though she was wishing and hoping that he would. Looking down at her watch, she wasn’t sure he was coming back.

“Uh uh. There is no way you’re leaving now, chica.” Maria pulled Liz to the side, leaving her in the company of Isabel and the other girls. “Stay for a little while longer.” She gave Liz her sad puppy face, knowing that her best friend could never resist it. “And I promise if you’re not having fun, we’ll leave.”

“You know, you’re evil, right?” Liz shook her head in disgust that her friend would use the sad puppy face, knowing that she could never say no to it. She heaved a heavy sigh. “Fine, but only for a little while. I really am getting tired.”

Nodding, Maria crossed her finger over her heart. But deep down inside, she had a feeling that they were the ones that were going to close the joint down. After the stunt she was going to pull, Liz was either going to hate her, or love her. She was hoping for the latter. She whispered in Liz’s ear.

“I’ll be right back. I need to get a drink. Do you want something?”

Liz just shook her head, waving off her friend.

Maria ran away happily, but instead of heading to the bar, she ran to the side of the stage where the MC was. Giving him a ribald grin, holding out her hand to shake his, meanwhile, willing herself not to run it through his spiky hair. “I’m Maria.”

The MC grinned at her, shaking her hand. “Michael.” He cocked his head to the side, not at all hiding the fact that he was checking her out. “Enjoying the show?”

Shrugging her shoulders casually, Maria bit her lip. “I’d enjoy it a lot more if you got in on the act.”

He held up his hands laughingly. “I’m just the MC.” He nodded his head towards the dressing rooms in the back. “I don’t dance.”

“Why not?” Maria rest her hand on his shoulder, turning up her charm. “You certainly have the body for it.”

Michael felt himself smile. He had never been more flattered. But doing what the other guys did, just wasn’t his thing. He had no problem getting the crowd hyped up, but acting sexy was just not something he could pull off.

“I’m a white guy that has no rhythm,” he yelled.

She clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. “I’m sure you have rhythm doing the horizontal foxtrot.”

When he choked on his own breath, Maria felt it was time to do what she set out to do.

“Listen, I have a friend with me, but she’s a little shy.”

He smiled a knowing smile. “A first timer?”

“Yeah. The thing is, she’s got her eye on one of the dancers, but she’s so shy she’d never wave money over her head.”

Michael crossed his arms over his chest. “That’s why I said that the friends could do it for them.”

Maria shook her head. “As petite as my friend is, she’d probably drop kick me into next week,” she laughed. Her eyes turned to the stage where the seats were waiting.

Catching on to where she was going, Michael pointed to the middle chair. “You want her on stage.”

Maria giggled like a school girl. “Yup, any way that I could arrange that?” she whispered seductively.

Michael folded his arms over his chest. “Depends.”

“Depends on what?”

He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “If you’ll give me your phone number.”

Pulling out a dollar bill from her bra, Maria pulled out a pen and quickly wrote her name and number on the back. She gave him a peck on the cheek before stuffing the bill into his pants.

Michael was speechless for a second, feeling flustered with the way she was looking at him. “Which guy was it?”

“Dark haired hottie with the fat ass.”

Michael laughed. “There’s a couple of guys that could pass for that description.”

“Fine, the one that had his own little segment. The one that danced to that Bush song.”

“Mouth?” Michael’s eyebrows quirked up, a little surprised but at the same time, not so much. Most of the women preferred beefcakes like Kyle, especially when he did his Sheriff routine. But if Maria’s friend is as shy as she was saying, then he wasn’t at all surprised that she had fallen for Max. He was usually the favorite and was the star of the show. He was the only one who had a solo performance, he was so good.

“Yeah. What’s his name?”

“Max.” Michael smiled, knowing he could pull some strings because Max was his friend. “Sure, no problem. Just bring your friend over here in a few minutes and I’ll have it set up.”

Maria kissed him on the cheek again. “Thanks.” She turned to walk away but not before turning around to give him a flirtatious look. “Don’t forget to call.”


Returning to Liz, Maria resembled the Chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland, her smile was so big.

“I thought you said you were getting a drink?”

Maria quickly fibbed. “I got a little side tracked.” She tipped her head in the direction of Michael. “I was trying to coerce him into giving me a lap dance.”

“Maria,” Liz laughed. “I think he’s just the host. I don’t think he’s part of the show.”

Maria’s eyes dragged down his body, shaking her head in disappointment. “Too bad, because he can star in my shows any day.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” Liz wondered aloud. She couldn’t tell if Maria was hammered or just acting like her usual self.

“Not enough.” She grabbed Liz by the hand, pulling her in the direction of the stage. “Come get something with me.”


Michael was speaking to Max privately, telling him the deal he had just made. Max didn’t sound too pleased, but he had no other choice. The show motto was, every woman was to go home satisfied and Michael used that against him. He made eye contact with Maria and he knew that both parties would be pleased. Maria’s friend had that wide eyed innocent look. One that Max would surely fall for.

Slapping Max on the shoulder, Michael returned to the stage. “Ladies, I think it’s about that time that we have three special women join us on stage.”

As Michael’s voice penetrated her ears, Maria pushed and shoved Liz to the stage as fast as she could.

“Maria, what the hell are you doing?”

Before Liz could figure out what Maria was up to, she found herself on stage being seated in the middle. Her eyes grew wide, her dark hair flying around her face as she shook her head vehemently.

“No. No way. I’m not doing this.”

Michael sat Liz down. “Relax and enjoy.” With that, he beckoned the dancers on stage, making sure to point Max in Liz’s direction.

Max had a generic smile on his face, the same one he used on every woman he had had to perform for in every city. But that smile froze on his lips, slowly draining from his face when he realized who it was he was going to perform for. Dear Lord, how the hell was he going to keep this on the professional level?

Walking up to her in his costume, he noticed the heated flare in her rigid stance. She was stiff, looking utterly pissed, making him hard beneath his scrub pants. Damn she looked hot when she was all angry and bothered.

Once he was behind her, he placed his hand lightly on her shoulder, startling her. She looked up at him with venom in her eyes, getting ready to stand up.

When she would have stormed off the stage, he pressed her down in the chair softly, but firmly. He pulled the hospital mask away from his face, letting her see who he was.

“Please don’t go.” He nodded to the crowd pretending he gave a damn. “I’ll be out of a job if the boss sees that you aren’t happy with my services.”

Liz felt herself melt against the chair, a sappy smile forming on her lips. She had been pissed that Maria had tricked her into going up on stage, but seeing that her mystery man was the one going to be providing her with a lap dance, she didn’t really want to complain.

Max grinned down at her, throwing away the surgeon’s cap on his head. The music was blaring in the background, the screams of two hundred women ringing in his ears. He bent down on his knees behind her, his huge arms wrapping around her shoulders as he whispered in her ear.

“I’ll be gentle.”

Liz’s breathing bordered on dyspnea. How could she tell him she wanted just the opposite of what he was promising? Now that she had him in her grasp, she wanted to throw caution to the wind. She wanted to do every crazy thing she never had the guts to even imagine before.

Max saw the play of emotions on her face, his playful side getting the better of him.

“Unless of course you want me to pull out all the stops?”

Opening and closing her mouth, Liz found herself unable to utter any words. She wanted to tell him to act as shamelessly as he could, but how could she do that without sounding completely desperate?

As if reading her mind, Max continued caressing the soft skin of her arms as he danced seductively behind her. “You know, put on a good show for your friends in the audience.”

Liz felt her eyes wanting to drift shut at his deep husky voice. He could tell her just about anything right now and she would agree with a snap of his fingers.

The music continued and Max did his usual moves, but unlike his usual routine, this time, he was putting feeling into it. He wanted her to have the time of her life and forget about the guy she had left at home. That is if she did have one. But of course she would. Someone as gorgeous as her would definitely not be single, so he was going to make the most of the time he had with her.

Brushing her long hair to the side, he cupped her long elegant neck with his large palm, whispering in her ear as he nuzzled the soft skin. “Tell me if I’m going too far.”

Liz could only nod stiffly, her throat incapable of speech as he placed a tender kiss right behind the sensitive area of her ear. A shudder ran through her body that she had to sit on her hands for fear of being unable to control her actions. That MC sure wasn’t kidding when he said that you’d want to touch them back. She was so lost in the sensation that she hadn’t even noticed that the dancers were dressed in scrubs. She was only aware of the fact when her mystery man moved to stand in front of her, his strong thighs straddling her lap.

Her jaw dropped on its own volition, but she could care less. Her eyes were riveted to his crotch, wondering what he was wearing underneath them this time. Already she had seen him in a thong that could pass as dental floss, and tighty whities that left little to her wild imagination. And much to her delight she had caught a glimpse of his sweet ass, but unfortunately he covered what she wanted to see most.

Licking her lips, she hoped to give them some moisture as she watched the way he gyrated his hips easily in her face. From her vantage point, this man was seriously packing some armor in his pants. She had to curl her hands into fists so she wouldn’t grab him.

Max grinned down at her, loving how her eyes were trained on his crotch. She looked like she was enjoying herself so he readied himself to do one of the crowd favorites. Pulling the stethoscope from around his neck, put the earpieces on her cute ears.

He tipped her chin up, giving her a naughty smile before placing the end of the stethoscope on his crotch. He thrust his hips forward, dancing harder than he ever had before.

Liz could barely contain herself. Now this was a new way to use a stethoscope, she thought absently. She had to say that whoever created these moves was a genius. She could feel herself getting moist and he was doing nothing more than dancing for her.

Max took the stethoscope from her and put it around his neck. He stepped away from her and faced the crowd. He grabbed one of her legs and put it between his, making sure to grind her soft leg between his, grinding it against the hardness in pants.

Liz’s whole body was trembling with what he was doing. She felt like she was on the verge of orgasm with what he was doing.

After a good minute of rubbing, Max stopped what he was doing, afraid he would cream in his pants if he let his play go on a second longer. He turned to face her once again, his hand starting at her chin, then sliding down her neck, brushing quickly over her quivering breast.

He pulled his hand away quickly, then reached for hers, bringing it to touch the skin of his abs underneath his scrub top. He heard her hiss out a breath, bringing a tight smile to his lips. He didn’t know how much longer he could pull this off without completely losing it in front of a couple hundred people.

Liz was sure was dead. That’s what it was. God was playing a cruel trick on her. But before she could continue with her self depreciating thoughts, he brought her hand down unexpectedly over his pants to touch his humongous bulge. Holy crap, he was even bigger than she had originally thought.

Just as things were getting good, she heard commotion around her, and felt herself being pulled up and escorted off the stage. A pout came over her lips as her mystery man held her hand, leading her down the steps.

“I’m Max.”

She looked up to the sound of his voice, not at all bothered that he was introducing himself.

“I’m Liz.”

His smile made her faint, weakening her knees even more. Damn, he was fucking gorgeous. She couldn’t help herself as she said the words out loud without even thinking.

“You’re beautiful,” she blurted out.

He was stunned for a second with what she had said. During his career as a Chippendale, no woman had ever referred to him as beautiful. They had always just thought of him as another piece of ass. He cupped her cheek, whispering in her ear.

“No, you’re the beautiful one.” Taking his chances, he kissed her neck then disappeared to the dressing rooms to have a costume change.

Sauntering over to her best friend, Maria smiled evilly. “Ready to go home?”

Liz gave her a death glare.

“Hell no!”


Part 4


Liz waited in her seat, not so patiently after her lap dance. Max had disappeared inside the dressing rooms and had yet to make a reappearance. She was beginning to think that she was going to self combust any second. If she was sexually frustrated before, she was on the verge of hunting him down and having her way with him, not at all caring who was watching. She had no idea what had gotten into her, but she couldn’t stop it from happening. It was like a virus spreading through her system, tainting her blood until she thought she was ready to tear off her own skin.

Another number had passed and she hadn’t paid any attention. The other guys on stage had nothing on Max. She was waiting for the minute he would make his rounds amongst the women just as the other dancers had done. Looking around her, an evil glare plastered itself on her lips thinking about other women throwing themselves at him, slipping money in his skimpy underwear.

Shaking her head, she vowed to herself that she wouldn’t let any of these vultures anywhere near her Max. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was being possessive over a guy she didn’t know. All she knew was, her blood was boiling at the thought that any other woman here would touch him in inappropriate places.

Upon hearing a shrill sound coming from the front, Liz watched as all of the guys came out and performed personal dances for anyone who held up a dollar bill. Her face fell when she didn’t see Max amongst the guys. She wondered if he was going to mingle with the rest of them, or if his night was over already.

All of a sudden, Liz froze, her spine tingling as she felt someone behind her. She knew without a doubt who it was without having to look at their face. Quickly grabbing a handful of one dollar bills from her bra, she turned around quickly before anyone else laid claim to him.

A knowing grin sheepishly made it’s way on Max’s lips, lighting up his whole face. He was hoping to walk in Liz’s general direction, wishing and praying that she would request a dance from him. Seeing her waving her money over her head made him all sorts of giddy, knowing for a fact that she hadn’t asked any of the other guys for a dance.

Feeling the beat of the music, he pulled her towards him, his hands resting on her hips as if he had done it a million times before. Her eyes were boring into his and he felt like he was looking into her soul. With a sly smile, he wedged his thigh between her silken legs, his breath whooshing out of his body unexpectedly at the delectable feeling it caused.

She was wearing a skirt and was wearing no nylons underneath. He gulped when her warm skin torched the skin of his hard thigh as he pumped his leg up and down, coming into contact with her heat.

A gasp escaped her lips, making him breath heavier than he already was. He swayed his hips, bringing hers towards him so that even a breath of air couldn’t pass between them. Unable to resist, his hand reached forward to touch her long, luxurious hair, his hand cupping the back of her head possessively as he pulled her towards him.

Liz was lost in his eyes, letting him do as he pleased with her pliable body. She felt like jello, just a jiggling mass. Looking at him, she was floored by how beautiful his eyes were. They were brown, but not quite. There were bright flecks of gold in them, making his eyes look like they were made from amber.

The music had taken on a faster beat, causing Max to move his thigh faster between her legs. Liz let out a choked breath, feeling the first tingling in the pit of her stomach. She knew she should be embarrassed that he was feeling the wetness of her desire, but she didn’t care. Unashamed, she wedged his thigh deeper between hers, unabashedly riding him like the stallion that he was.

A breathy moan tumbled from her open mouth, beads of sweat forming on her aching body. She was so turned on that her nipples had puckered against her bra, pushing all the way to the surface until they were visible against her blouse. She was so hot that she just wanted to rip her clothes off, in turn, tearing off Max’s little black boxer briefs. He was so well endowed from front to back that the skimpy piece of material looked painted on. Her mouth was watering as she eyed his happy trail, wondering what it would be like to run her tongue down its path.

“Mmm,” she whispered unexpectedly as his hands gripped her delicate hips, guiding her into a torturous rhythm. If he wasn’t careful, she was going to fall apart in his arms.

Letting go of her right hip, his left hand brushed away the hair resting on her shoulder, his lips hovering just above her quivering skin. He wrapped his right arm all the way around her waist so that his hardened cock was pushing insistently against her soft belly, her wet heat sliding effortlessly over his smooth thigh.

“Ungh....” Liz was lost in her own sexual frenzy. All she needed were a few more good rubs and she would be in heaven. She didn’t care if anyone else saw. She was so pent up with sexual frustration that she was unaware of what she was doing.

Reaching for his shoulders, she rubbed herself shamelessly over his leg, all the while coming into contact with his stiff cock. She was so close, her senses overloaded. Anything could trigger what she so coveted.

As if sensing she was on the verge, Max bent his head all the way down to place a seductive kiss on her shoulder with an open mouth. That was all it took for her body to spasm in his arms, her femininity throbbing wetly against his leg. She was limp in his arms and it was all he could do to keep from shooting out his own load.

Hearing his name being called over the loud speaker for the one minute call before the last performance, he quickly turned Liz around to help her in her seat. He gave her a soft smile before turning to leave. But when he would have left, he felt her hand tugging firmly on his arm.

He stopped in front of her, waiting to see what it was she wanted, when she unexpectedly drew her hand up, brushing provocatively against his cock before teasingly pulling at his underwear to slip in a wad of dollar bills. Holding her flat palm against his rippled abs, he whispered softly in her ear.

“That one was on the house.”

Eyeing the glistening wetness on his ripped thigh, she couldn’t help but agree with him literally. But she shook her head, stuffing the money deeper into his underwear.

“It’s for a job well done.”

Knowing that he probably wouldn’t win an argument against her, he smiled.

“Dances are only a dollar, though.”

She winked at him before he was whisked away by Michael. “I’m expecting nine more dances just like that one.”

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Part 5


Hurrying over to her friend, Maria could barely keep her mouth closed at the scene she had just witnessed. To say that she was dumbfounded was an understatement. She wasn’t even really sure if she had seen what she thought she had. Maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her. Or maybe it was just the funky lighting inside the club. Because surely, her best friend since childhood did not just orgasm in front of a couple of hundred women by riding the rippled thigh of a stripper.

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker, you have some explaining to do.”

Liz’s eyes were glassy, a sated smile on her lips as she sat in her seat feeling boneless. In all of her sexual endeavors, she had never felt so sexually satisfied as she had in those few minutes with Max. She knew that she should be ashamed for having acted so shamelessly and wanton in public, but she was feeling too good to care right now.

“I could use a cigarette,” she muttered slowly to herself.

Maria turned a couple of different shades of red as she heard her friend utter such words. “Did I just hear you right? You want a cigarette? You don’t even smoke! You’re the one who’s always telling people that smoking is disgusting.”

Grabbing Liz by the shoulders, she shook her. “Where’s Liz and what have you done with her?”

Pushing Maria away, Liz sank back against her chair, feeling like her limbs weighed twice as much as they had before they entered the club that night. “Would you relax? I thought you wanted me to have some fun?”

Maria’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head. “Yeah, but I didn’t think you would get busy with your eye candy right here in the middle of the club.”

Liz gave her a mischievous grin as her eyes caught sight of the men getting ready for the last performance. “Maria, sit your ass down and enjoy yourself before the last dance.”

As the lights cut out again, Michael’s voice screeched over the loud speaker.

“Are you ladies ready to scream?”


After the show, the women were given an opportunity to hang around and buy some merchandise to remember the night. And for those die hard fans, they were also allowed the opportunity to buy a Polaroid of themselves featured with the men from the show.

Liz had waited for a chance to speak with Max before the end of the show, but he had been escorted to the dressing rooms in the back before she could get a chance to say anything to him. Feeling like her opportunity had come and gone, she picked up her purse dejectedly to get ready to leave when she felt a rush of hot air part the hair hanging over her back, the skin on her arms turning to gooseflesh as she recognized the voice whispering seductively in her ear.

“You’re not sticking around for the pictures?”

Liz felt her knees knock together as she felt the heat of his body against her back. She could feel the ache between her legs again as she stood there feeling him against her back.

“Why? It’s just a picture.” She didn’t turn around, afraid that she would just attack him in front of everyone. For heaven’s sake, she had rode his leg to release just a little while ago. She wasn’t trusting herself so much right now.

Smiling against her hair, he lay his hand on her shoulder, brushing away her hair as he spoke directly in her ear. “I still owe you nine dances, and I always finish what I start.” Stepping forward, he let her feel his erection against her soft ass before heading to the stage to pose for pictures.

Nearly insane with lust, Liz reached in her purse for a ten before pushing her way into the front of the line.

One of the men directed her to stand between the men sitting on chairs and the ones standing behind them, but Max shook his head, grabbing her hand to make her sit in his lap. He settled her comfortably against him, his hand lying low on her belly as they posed for the picture.

When the picture was taken, they escorted Liz off the stage, but what she didn’t realize was that Max was right behind her. When no one else was looking, he grabbed her by the elbow and led her into the dressing room. He didn’t know exactly what he was planning, but he didn’t need to even think because the moment they were behind closed doors, Liz launched herself in his arms, her lips fusing against his hungrily.

He had wanted to talk to her first, but obviously she was in no mood for talking right now. And he wasn’t about to argue. He couldn’t remember ever being so hard in his whole life. All he could think about was slipping inside her wet folds, ramming his sex into her until she wailed with abandon.

Grabbing her by the waist, he hoisted her up against his hips as he savagely pushed his aching cock against her searing wetness. The groan that escaped her lips only served to fuel the fire in his veins as he walked forward, holding her up against the wall as he ground his dick against her.

Her lips fell away from his as she tried to catch her breath, but her lungs felt like they were on fire. She knew she was acting so unlike herself, but she wanted him so bad that she would do just about anything to have him inside her. She loved the way his hardness ground against her lower lips, brushing tightly over her clit with each pass.

Max felt as though he was about to self combust. His chest felt as if it had weights pressed against it, the head of his cock swelling to indicate that he was near losing control. He knew that he should be embarrassed that he was so close to cumming right then and there, but he didn’t give a shit. Her juices were burning him even through his leather pants. A few more good thrusts and he would be seeing stars.

Closing her eyes tightly, Liz dug her nails into his bare shoulders as she opened her mouth in a long drawn out moan as she felt her passage pool with her fluids as he continued to assault her clit with his erection.

“Aaah,” he groaned as he lost his precious self control, spilling his seed inside his pants. The minute he had felt the gush of liquid rain on his crotch, he had lost it and followed her to orgasm.

Disengaging her fingernails from his skin, Liz kissed his neck seductively before grabbing his chin in a demanding kiss.

“You’ve got eight more to go, buddy.”


Part 6


Taking a minute to come back to earth, Max just breathed deeply, trying to keep his knees from trembling. After what had just happened, he knew he should be embarrassed at his behavior, but he wasn’t. He had yet to let go of Liz’s sensuous ass, and he didn’t plan on doing so anytime soon. If only he could get enough air in his lungs, he would be fine.

But it seemed as if Liz had other ideas. She was licking a trail down the side of his neck, her luscious lips leaving a very possessive mark on his tanned skin. He couldn’t help but smile, liking the idea that she was marking him as if he were her territory. He knew that he couldn’t stand any longer without dropping her. His legs were beginning to feel the abuse of his earlier exertions.

He chased her lips, pressing lingering kisses to her sweet mouth.

“We should go somewhere.”

Liz nodded, taking his lips between hers as she bit it softly. “My place.” When he raised an eyebrow at her, she had the grace to blush. “It’s close by.” She would’ve stumbled on with her words, but he just gave her that gorgeous smile of his before letting her down from his embrace.

“Okay.” He kissed her softly on the forehead before moving away.

Alarmed, Liz grabbed his arm. “Where are you going?”

He gave her the cutest smile, loving the way she clung to him. It made him feel empowered to have someone as amazing as Liz holding onto him like a lifeline. He shrugged his shoulders and alluded to his naked chest, his eyes skittering over the cuffs and bowtie that he wore with his leather pants.

“I’m gonna go change.” He gave her a flirtatious grin. “We’re not allowed to take the costumes with us when we leave.”

At first, Liz’s face fell in disappointment, then she realized that she couldn’t very well take him to her apartment complex wearing nothing but leather pants with a pair of cuffs and bowtie that was missing the shirt. She blushed at the way she was acting, tugging on the edges of her skirt embarrassedly.

“Of course you do.”

Reaching for her hand, Max led her down the hall. “C’mon. You can come with me.”

Liz didn’t know if going with him to change would be a good thing. If she saw him take more of his clothes off, they may not make it to her apartment for the rest of the night.

Once they got to the dressing rooms, Max led her inside and pulled up a chair for her. “Here. Have a seat, I’m just going grab a quick shower.”

He gave her another smile before removing his cuffs and bowtie. He kicked off his boots and socks then hurried to the shower, not wanting to spend too much time away from Liz. Turning the knob to the hottest setting, he pulled off his leather pants, grimacing at the way they clung to his dick. He felt like an idiot for cumming in his pants like that. He hadn’t done that since he was thirteen.

Grabbing his soap on a rope, he stood under the hot spray, trying to wash away the stickiness of his body. He closed his eyes as he let the water rain over his body, loving the way the hot water caressed his sore muscles.

Liz was caught between embarrassment and boldness as she stood just outside of the shower stall watching the rivulets of water drip slowly down Max’s body. He was like something out of a dream, his large hands passing over his contoured muscles as he scrubbed a lather of soap over his smooth skin. She knew that she shouldn’t be watching as he did something so intimate, but she couldn’t help herself now that she was here. She had only gotten up to tell him that she would just wait in her car for him to finish up when she saw him under the spray and then she had been paralyzed to do anything but watch him. She couldn’t believe how erotic it was to see him run his hands down over his own body. She was feeling a little jealous of him, wishing that it were her hands on him instead of his own.

As if a light bulb had gone off in her head, Liz discarded her own clothes in a heap on the floor before walking into the mist filled shower. She was careful to walk quietly, trying not to startle Max. Just as he was about to run his fingers down past the crinkly hair between his legs, she reached for the soap in his hands and stepped in front of him.

Max gasped, his eyes flying open when he felt someone touch his hand. He was stupefied into silence when he saw Liz underneath the spray of water with him in all her naked glory. He tried not to stare but it was impossible not to. She had the most glorious skin he had ever laid his eyes on, so soft and smooth. His eyes continued down to her pert breasts, his lips watering at the sight. All he wanted to do was wrap his lips around them and suck them until she whimpered and begged him to shove his cock inside her. His eyes traveled past her flat tummy, down to the neatly trimmed triangle of kinky hair at her apex. He was salivating at the sight of her that he could barely make out what she was saying.

“I thought maybe you could use some help.” She couldn’t meet his eyes as she said the words, knowing that she would lose all courage if she did. Instead she focused on his swelling member, the insides of her thighs trembling at the thought of having it inside her. On stage when he was wearing those skimpy little thongs, she had been amazed at his size, but now that she was seeing him up close and personal, she was a little worried that he might not fit inside her, he was so big.

Taking the soap from his hands, she lathered her hands up until they were bubbling with soap. She let the rope hang on the faucet before turning her attention back at him. Unable to resist, she gave him a peck on the lips before kneeling down before him to run her hands along his sleek length.

Hearing his guttural moan excited her. She liked knowing that she could make him feel as good as he made her feel. At first, she played with his length with the pretense of getting him clean, but soon enough, the water had washed away the soap, but yet she continued to run her hands over him.

Max had shut his eyes when she kneeled down before him, unable to keep his control if he got a visual of what she was about to do. If he wasn’t careful, he would cum all over her beautiful face and he didn’t want to do that. Instead, he tried to keep a vice like grip on his control as she lathered his aching arousal with soap. Feeling his knees tremble, he reached out blindly to hold onto the tile wall to anchor himself up.

Liz smiled when she saw Max reach out, trying to grab hold of something. Hearing his manly groans, Liz went in for the kill and placed her pouty lips over his engorged member.

Max let out a keening moan, his hands faltering on his hold of the wall. With a shaky hand, he reached down to tangle his fingers in her wet hair. He opened his eyes, watching her as she looked up at him with those big round eyes. He was already on the edge. It was taking all his self control to not fuck her mouth with his rock hard erection. She just looked so sweet, so pure and innocent on her knees in front of him, her mouth full of his dick that he just wanted to let loose and ram his length inside her until he had nothing left to give, but he didn’t want to hurt her.

Surprising the hell out of him, Liz grabbed his hips and pushed him forward, indicating to him that she wanted him to take control. She wanted him to push his cock in her mouth as far as she could take him. She wanted him to lose control, just as she had.

That was all it took for Max to let go of his tightly wound control. Holding her head gently in his large hands, he started pushing himself deeper into her mouth, a slew of profanities escaping his mouth as he slipped further into her moist depths. The inside of her mouth was so hot, so tight that he trembled the further he went in. Once he felt the back of her throat, he pulled back out, only to push back in against her ruby red lips. He watched as she sucked him, her small pliable mouth swallowing him whole.

He knew he was getting loud, his moans echoing against the tile walls, but he didn’t care. Her mouth felt so good that he just kept fucking her mouth as hard as he could without hurting her. His thrusts were getting shallow as he felt her tongue swirling at the tip of his penis, making him want to crawl out of his skin. He could barely breathe, he felt so good.

“Liz, Liz....Oh God, baby you feel so good.” He was unaware that he was saying anything at all, all he knew was that he didn’t want this feeling to end.

Liz made a tight ring around his cock with her mouth, giving him a little more resistance every time he tried to push back in. She could feel his thighs quaking in front of her, so she reached out one hand to lay on his hip to steady him before reaching out her other hand to gently massage his balls.

With his eyes rolling back in his eyes, Max’s grip on Liz’s hair tightened as he cummed in her mouth, his body tensing before he shook violently in release.

Liz tried to swallow as fast as she could, but he just kept on cumming. It slid down the corners of her mouth, down her throat, between the valley of her breasts, making a shimmering trail.

When the spasms stopped, she released his flaccid cock, a smile playing at her lips as she stood back up on shaky knees.

“You up for some more?”

We are all on drugs.


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Part 7


Max smiled at the teasing look in her eyes. She knew full well that after the stunt she just pulled, he was utterly exhausted. He wasn’t so sure he could get it up again, he was so fucking satisfied. He took a step closer to her, hoping and praying that his legs wouldn’t give out on him. He was till buzzing from his orgasm, his nerve endings continuing to hum with life as if live electricity was running through him.

Tipping her head back, he caressed her puffy lips, so red and swollen from sucking his cock, his thumb brushing away the residual of his cum at the corner of her mouth.

Liz’s eyes grew wide with excitement when she saw the glistening substance on Max’s fingers that she couldn’t help but stick out her tongue and lick away the remainder of his essence.

Groaning loudly, Max bent his head forward so that their foreheads rest against each other. He shook his head as he felt his cock twitch between his legs, amazed that she could get a reaction out of him so fast, especially after having just given him the most amazing blow job of his life.

When he spoke, his voice was husky, making her tremble against him.

“I thought I was the one supposed to be providing the services?” he asked teasingly.

Liz looked up at him with lazy eyes, her hands drifting forward to pull his hips against hers. She gave him a cocky smile, feeling all of her worries drain away with the way he was looking at her. “Oh, believe me, you definitely are providing an excellent service.” She circled his neck with her arms, her voice full of mirth as she spoke.

“I’m sure all the ladies appreciate the special treatment.”

Tensing up at her comment, Max frowned then released her hold on him. He felt dirty all of sudden, not exactly sure how to take her comment.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, Liz, but I never do anything like this with anyone from the audience. This is the first time-

Feeling instantly ashamed at her sad attempt at being coy, Liz began to apologize profusely.

“God, Max, that’s not what I meant. I, I never meant to imply that you, I don’t think you’re a guy slut.”

Instead of being angry like he expected to be when he heard her start to apologize, he couldn’t help but laugh at her words. “Guy slut?” He rubbed his chin in mock thought. “I’ve been called many things during my stint as a dancer, but I have to say that no one’s ever called me a guy slut.”

Liz blushed a million different shades of crimson, feeling even more embarrassed than she had a minute ago. “I, I....Max, I....” Letting her eyes drop, she let her humiliation wash over her body. She turned towards the door, wanting to get out of there as fast as she could without insulting Max further. She couldn’t believe she had just stuck her foot in her mouth so badly. The first time in months that a guy actually paid any interest in her, what did she do? She implied that he was a male whore, a prostitute for goodness sakes. She just hoped that she could get out of there without him saying anything more to her. She was ashamed enough at her actions.

But before she could step away like she intended, Max grabbed a hold of her wrist, making sure that she couldn’t get away.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Liz wouldn’t meet his gaze even though she could feel the heat of his stare burning a hole against her head. “I should just leave.”

Turning her around to face him, Max cupped her face so that she had no choice but meet his amber gaze. He wouldn’t let her look away, his hands holding her face gently but firmly. He kissed the tip of her nose, her temples, then finally her lips.

“I can’t let you leave looking like this.” He released his hold on her, his finger dancing down the smooth skin of her cheek, making a path down past her throat, all the way down to the valley of her breasts where she was sticky with his cum. “You’re all dirty.”

With her whole body flushing, Liz just shook her head and tried to get away. If she had thought that she was embarrassed before, she was beyond humiliated now. God, what he must think of her.

Refusing to let her get away, Max turned her around so that the soft spray of the water pound softly against her back, wetting her long, cascading hair. With his hand poised over her throat, he rubbed his palm softly over her elegant neck before letting it drift to her semen covered chest. But instead of washing it away, he rubbed into her skin like it was lotion, a half smile dancing on his lips at her moan. He could tell that she was trying not to be affected by his actions, her embarrassment clouding her urges, but he was going to change all of that.

Max circled his palms over her chest, making small circles until he stopped to cup a breast in each hand. He had to stifle a groan of his own, marveling at how well she fit him. He loved that he could hold her in his hands, feeling as if she had been specifically for him, molded for his hands alone.

He looked up to see her biting her lip in apprehension as he moved closer to her, his hands never ceasing their sensual caresses. His voice was like honey, smothering her ears sweetly, thick with lust as he whispered. “Do you want me to stop, Liz?” He nipped her earlobe, smiling when she curled her hands into fists. “Because I’ll stop if you want me to.” He nuzzled her temple, his fingers twisting her stiff nipples until she cried out. “I’ll do anything you want me to, Liz.” He licked the side of her mouth, his hands continuing their sensual assault.

Not able to do anything more than quiver and arch up to his touch, Liz gave into her needs, letting her head fall back as she cried out softly. “Please, Max. D-don’t, don’t stop.”

Max nodded against her, his lips capturing hers in a searing kiss. He pushed her up against the tile wall, not even pretending to wash her clean. All he wanted to do was ravish her, and that’s exactly what he was going to do.

Spreading her legs apart, he ran his hand down over her flat tummy, past her soft curls to her nether lips. He felt her gasp, more than he heard her as his fingers danced at her entrance, letting her essence soak him. He bit her bottom lip softly, feeling his cock stiffen as he played at her wetness, amazed that he could elicit such a response from her. He had barely touched her, and already she was wet, writhing against him, her hips bucking softly as she silently begged him to take her.

Never one to disappoint, Max slowly inserted one finger inside her, his breathing labored as he slowly pulled it back out, only to push it back in softly to the sound of her throat gurgling moans. She was so hot, it felt like she was burning his finger. Her slick walls tightened around his finger as he heard her cry softly in his ear.

“Max, more.....mmmm, more.”

He nodded against her, his hand extending another finger to join his other digit in the tight confines of her burning hole. He couldn’t help the undulation of his hips against her hip bone as he continued to shove his fingers inside her, his heart delighting in her cries of ecstasy.

“Jesus, Liz. You’re so fucking tight.” He sucked the column of her throat, his cock unconsciously humping her leg like a dog as he continued to fuck her with his fingers.

Bucking her hips up in answer, Liz closed her eyes tightly as she sank her nails into his shoulders. “Yes, yes, yes.....OH GOD YES!” She disengaged one hand from his shoulders to reach into between their gyrating bodies to search for her clit, her fingers dancing over the distended numb expertly as he continued to slip his fingers deep inside her pussy. “Mmmm, Max, harder. Harder, deeper, please, oh please...”

Max let out a disgruntled groan as he pushed his fingers inside her as deep as they would go, so deep that his knuckles would bump against her busy fingers as she fingered her clit. He was so turned on by the fact that she was touching herself that he pumped his fingers faster, shoving his fingers harder as she continued to cry out.

“Do you like this?”

She let her head fall against his collar bone as she let out a soft wail. She was so close, she just needed a few more good jabs and she would be floating on cloud nine.

Tilting her head up with his free hand, Max kissed her with his open mouth, spearing his tongue inside the warm recesses of her mouth, imaging that it was his cock slipping in and out of her cunt instead of his fingers. Hearing the way her breath caught in her throat, he intensified his ministrations until he heard her scream his name.

Liz fell against Max, nothing more than a quivering mass of nerves. She had literally seen stars behind her closed eyelids when she reached her peak. She was breathless, far beyond words.

Max closed his eyes against the throbbing pain of groin before whispering heatedly in her ear. “I need to be inside you.” He thrust his aching cock against her hip for emphasis.

Liz nodded, her hand gripping his tightly. “Let’s go to my place.”


Part 8


Feeling her hands shake as she held the key against her door, Liz felt a shiver run down her spine as she felt Max’s hot breath against her neck, his hard body pinned behind her as she clumsily tried to stick the key in the slot. While the tremors in her hands were due to the fact that she was nervous and excited about the events to come, she was just a tad bit high strung with Max no more than a breath away from her, obviously more than hard and ready for her.

Reaching around her hips, Max took hold of her trembling hand and tried to assist her with the task of opening the door, realizing belatedly that his hands weren’t that much better than hers. He gave her a nervous chuckle, his voice huskier than he anticipated.

“Here, let me help you with that.”

Liz nodded, but didn’t step out of the way, instead, staying just where she was, unconsciously rubbing her ass against his throbbing hardness. She wasn’t trying to drive him insane, just trying to ease a little bit of the ache inside of her.

As Max tried unsuccessfully to open the door, he gave her an attempt at a laugh, but fell short.

“Liz, you have to stop doing that. Otherwise, we’re not going to get a chance to get inside before I take you.”

At his honest words, Liz felt a renewed gush of liquid seeping out of her nether lips, further saturating her panties. She swallowed hard, looking up at him.


Max didn’t need to be told twice as he finally got his hands to stop shaking long enough to open the door and usher them inside. But now, as he stood inside the place that Liz called home, he was suddenly shy, not sure where to begin. Only a minute ago, he could think of nothing but shoving his cock so deep inside her that she would scream his name until the whole neighborhood heard them. He blushed at his lustful thoughts, feeling ashamed that he was thinking of her that way. He didn’t want their encounter to be just a one night stand. He hoped that it was more than that.

Liz studied Max as he stood in her doorway. Gone was the dangerous look in his eyes from seconds ago, replaced by a lost looking little boy. She didn’t know whether she wanted to screw his brains out or wrap her arms around him and just hold him. Now that they were at the threshold, she wasn’t so sure she could keep up the act that she was the type of person that could just sleep with someone she didn’t know. She had never done anything so outlandish before. For goodness sakes, she had never even pulled a rolling stop and here she was, about to have sex with a complete stranger.

Letting her hair cover her embarrassment, Liz whispered softly. “We don’t have to, I mean you know, if you don’t want to.” She couldn’t meet his eyes as she continued to speak. “If you changed your mind, that’s okay.”

Stepping up to her, Max wrapped his arms around her, letting his prominent erection rub against her soft belly. A smile tinted his voice as he spoke softly in her ear, his hand gently tucking her hair behind her ears so that he could glimpse her beautiful face. “Believe me when I say that I haven’t changed my mind.” He dipped his head, his tongue slipping past his lips to lick her luscious mouth teasingly. “I want you, so much.”

Liz looked up into his eyes. “But?”

He let out a sigh, realizing that he couldn’t hide anything from her. Despite having only known her for a couple of hours, she knew him better than anyone ever could.

“When I told you that I’ve never done this before, I wasn’t kidding.”

Liz’s eyes widened, her mouth opening a little in shock. “You mean you’ve never had...” She couldn’t finish the sentence because it just sounded ridiculous. She couldn’t fathom the idea that Max had never had sex before. For someone who worked in adult entertainment, it seemed a little odd.

When he realized what she was thinking, his own eyes widened as he shook his head emphatically. “God No! That’s not what I meant. I’ve had sex before.” I’ve just never made love before, he thought silently. As much as his body was aching to be with her in the most primal way, he knew that it would so much more than that for him. There was something about this precious woman in his arms. She wasn’t just someone you had sex with. She was the type of woman you worshiped. The type of woman you bent over backwards to please, because seeing her happy made you happy.

Laughing silently at her ridiculous thoughts, Liz shook her head. “Then what’s the problem?”

Turning to see the couch on the other side of the room, Max took hold of her hand and led her to it. Sitting down to face her, he pulled her a little closer to him when he spoke. “I you ever get a feeling like you want something so bad, that you can’t think about anything else? Like if you don’t get what you want, you might just die?”

Twisting her head from side to side, Liz shook her head, not really understanding what Max was trying to tell her. “I’m not sure I know what you’re trying to say.”

Max cupped her face, his eyes boring into hers. “The minute I saw you sitting in the club tonight, I couldn’t think about anything but you. All I wanted to do was find out your name.” He gave her a smile when she blushed at his words. “I broke everyone of my rules tonight, and I’m about to break my biggest rule right now.”

Mesmerized by his liquid honey stare, Liz couldn’t look away. “And what rule is that?”

Swallowing past the lump building in his throat, he answered her as honestly as he could. “To fall for someone in the audience.” When he heard her gasp, he continued. “Liz, if we take this next step, it’s not just going to be just sex for me. It’s going to be so much more than that. Are you....can you accept that?”

To answer his question, Liz straddled his lap and began undoing the buttons to her top, letting the material fall over her shoulders. She held her breath, waiting to see what he would do, waiting to see if he would accept her offer.

Staring at the hard tips of her nipples straining against her lacy bra, he whispered gruffly as he fingered the material. “I guess you won’t be needing this.” Pulling her shirt out of the way, he traced his finger down the soft globe of her breast, smiling softly when she whimpered after he deliberately missed her engorged tips. She squirmed in his lap, wetting the front of his pants as she arched her back, silently begging him to ease the fire deep inside her.

Leaning forward, Max nuzzled the skin of her collarbone as he reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. Pulling off the offending material, he sat back to study the beautiful sight before him. He had already seen her naked, but seeing her was like the first time all over again. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid eyes on.

Massaging her shoulders, his eyes continued to stare at the hard points of her nipples, his tongue wetting his lips provocatively. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” He let his hands drift down her arms, cupping her hips as he taught her a steady rhythm before bringing his hands up over her trim stomach to finally cup her breasts. “You’re so sexy.”

Liz felt herself flush, but she wasn’t sure if it was from his words, or the way his hands were wreaking havoc on her senses. He was torturing her, but she didn’t want him to stop. Unable to stop the tumble of words from her mouth, she let them out in a hurried rush. “Max please, touch me.”

He grinned as he continued to run his hands over the skin of her stomach, purposefully ignoring her breasts. “I am touching you.” Liz gritted her teeth, thinking that she was going to pay him back later. But right now, she wasn’t above beginning shamelessly to get what she wanted.

“I want you to kiss me.”

His hips lifted up from the couch to match her undulating hips, his teeth biting down on his bottom lip to keep from groaning out loud. “Where?”

Taking his roaming hands from her hips, Liz sucked on each one of his fingers seductively, delighting in the tremors wracking his body as she finally popped out his last digit from the warm, wet confines of her mouth. With his slick fingers, she guided them to her pouty nipples. “Here. I want you to kiss me right here.”

Doing as she requested, Max bent his dark head to place a wet, open-mouthed kiss to her tender breasts, smiling as he finally opened up his mouth to swallow the fullness of her breast inside his mouth. Hearing her high-pitched moan, he smiled against her, speaking but not releasing her breast. “Like this?”

Liz nodded. “God yes.” She licked her parched lips, arching her back so that he could have better access. She grabbed a hold of his head, her fingers spearing through his thick, dark hair. “Yes, like that. Oh, Max.”

He continued to alternate sucking her breasts, stopping to bite the hard nubs softly between his teeth. His eyes shot open when he felt her passage leak against his straining cock, soaking the front of his pants. She was squirming against him now, her hands reaching blindly for his shirt. She started unbuttoning his shirt, but gave up when her clumsy fingers couldn’t get past the first button. Letting out a little growl, she ripped open his shirt, the buttons flying all over the place. At his shocked look, she gave him a sheepish smile. “I’ll buy you a new. Right now, I just want you naked.”

He laughed along with her, standing up on shaky knees as he carried her in his arms. “Which way’s your room?”

Liz tilted her head to the door down the hall, her hands busy between their bodies as she fought with his button and zipper. When she finally got it undone, she let out a relieved breath when his pants hung low on his hips. Not realizing that they had made it to her room, she let out a surprised squeal when Max deposited her on the bed.

He kicked off his shoes and socks, pulling down his pants and boxers in one fell swoop, standing before her in all his naked splendor. He heard her sharp inhalation of breath and smiled as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her towards him. Kneeling down in front of her, he pulled off her shoes, finally inching her skirt down her slender legs. He groaned loudly when he encountered her wet panties. He couldn’t stop himself from bending his head and taking a whiff of her scent before placing a kiss to her lower lips, acquainting himself with her folds through the flimsy material of her soaked panties.

Liz bowed off the bed the minute she felt his lips against her pussy, her head tossing from side to side fitfully as he tried to stick his tongue inside her despite the barrier of her panties. But he wasn’t to be deterred as he drank from her like a thirsty man, unable to quench his never ending thirst.

Grabbing fistfuls of the duvet beneath her, Liz quivered beneath his kisses as he brought her to orgasm. Giving her one last lick, he reemerged from between her spread legs, his forearm swiping across his dripping chin as he pulled off her panties and threw them behind his shoulder.

Crawling onto the bed, Max watched as Liz scooted further up, her eyes glassy as she stared at his hardened cock, her eager hands seeking him out. He thrust his hips forward as she continued to stroke him, her warm hands caressing him. He pushed her backwards, his knees spreading her legs further to create room for him as he lay down on top of her.

Guiding the tip of his weeping penis over her slick folds, Liz’s breath hitched in her throat as she gasped. “What if you don’t fit?”

Max had a hard time keeping his eyes open as she rubbed him over her opening, teasing herself mercilessly with the blunt tip of his aching cock. He chuckled at the worried tone in her voice as he took himself in hand, finally slipping an inch inside of her. When he heard her whimper, he kissed her open mouth, licking the outer edges of her lips as he continued to ease himself inside her depths. “Don’t worry,” he ground out. “I’ll make it fit.”

Biting her lip, Liz just nodded as she wrapped her legs around his hips to allow him deeper inside her. She gasped as he slowly surged forward, her tight walls gripping to his hard flesh. “Max,” she moaned. “You’re so hard. Please, please, go deeper. I need to feel you.”

He nodded against her as he broke out into a sweat. All he wanted to do was push inside her like a raging bull, to take her into oblivion where she couldn’t think, only feel his dick drilling so hard inside her that she saw stars. But he wanted to go slowly, letting her adjust to his size.

A grimace of pleasure plastered itself to his face as he buried himself to the hilt, his breaths coming out in short gasps. “God Liz, you’re so tight.” He let out a chocked breath as he eased himself out only to plunge back into her depths. He ground his teeth together as he slowly picked up speed, his hands holding her thrusting hips as he continued to push his penis further into her.

“Yes,” she crooned, her fingernails digging into the skin of his shoulders as he picked up his pace. “Oh God! YES! Max, faster, ungh, faster, please, please....” She continued to murmur incoherently as Max speared his dick faster inside her slick walls, moaning out a storm as he felt her saturate his heated flesh. The minute he had plunged himself inside her, he had felt like he had gone home. Nothing had ever felt so good before. She was so pliable in his arms, her kisses warm and loving, a sharp contrast to his vigorous thrusts.

“Liz, I can’t stop....” She urged him on, her hands drifting to his ass to push deeper inside her, wanting him to sink so deep that he touched her womb. She felt like she was standing on the edge of a cliff, ready and waiting to jump off.

“Please don’t stop....” Liz whimpered in her throat as Max latched his hungry mouth over her jiggling breasts as his cock continued to claim her drenched pussy. She could smell the mixed scent of their sweat combined with the musky scent of their lovemaking, making her even slicker for him. She had never felt so complete.

Holding his suckling mouth to her aroused breasts, she slipped her free hand between their bodies, her index finger burrowing through her drenched curls as she looked for her special bundle of nerves.

Feeling her finger her clit as he continued to stab inside her, Max felt his balls tighten painfully before he felt the familiar tingle in the tip of his cock before his seed spilled forth. Slipping his hand between their undulating bodies, his fingers joined hers as he added more pressure to her engorged clit, his hips thrusting harder and faster inside her.

Her broken wail was the only thing he heard as he felt her walls tighten around his shaft rhythmically, milking him for all he was worth.

Without thinking about it, he kissed her neck lovingly, a smile on his lips as he sank against her contentedly.

“I love you, Liz.”

We are all on drugs.


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Part 9


Listening to his soft sounds of snuffling while he slept, Liz couldn’t help but put on a sappy smile as she watched him while he was unaware of it. The way he lay his head on her breasts, his hand covering her mound possessively even as he was in the land of dreams made her blush to her roots. In fact, she could barely believe that she had done such wild and crazy things with a stranger. But the fact of the matter was, he didn’t feel like a stranger. Not in the least bit.

In a span of a few hours, she had shared herself intimately with this man that she had met in a strip club, yet it didn’t feel wrong. If anything, she hadn’t felt as complete as when they had joined together in the most primal of ways. She didn’t even know his last name and she didn’t care. All she could think about was how right it felt to be curled up around his warm body.

Contemplating the events of the evening, she couldn’t help but think about the words he had uttered to her when they went over the edge together.

“I love you, Liz.”

It made her wonder if he had just said that as a reflex, but something inside her heart was saying that it wasn’t. Despite knowing close to nothing about this man sharing her bed, she knew deep down inside that he didn’t throw words around just like that. Just like she would never just share her bed with any random guy.

Snuggling closer to the warmth radiating against his body, Max grinned in his sleep as he felt the remnants of his dream lingering in his mind. He had had the best dream, making love to the woman of his dreams. It had been incredible, mind boggling. He couldn’t even describe in words what it was like. Licking his parched lips, he opened his eyes to slits, his brows frowning when he didn’t recognize the room he was in.

With a smile in her voice, Liz ran her delicate fingers through his tousled hair. “I thought you were never going to wake up again,” she teased, her warm brown eyes twinkling in the dim light.

Max’s head shot up, his mouth hanging open widely as he tried to comprehend what was going on. It was all real. It wasn’t a dream.

“Liz,” he fairly croaked out, his throat working spasmodically as he tried to say something else. Anything else at all if just to relieve the awkward position he had found himself in. He was embarrassed that his body was reacting to seeing her mussed appearance. What she must think of him. All he could do was blush like an idiot as he tried to pry his unyielding body away from hers.

When he said nothing else, Liz offered him a smile.


A crease formed over his forehead at her words. “Excuse me?”

Smiling at him sweetly, Liz held out her hand to him. “Parker. That’s my last name.” She bit her bottom lip as she continued. “Since we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well tonight, I thought maybe last names would be next on the list.”

Feeling his cheeks flame, Max sat up with a flourish, his face tinted with a hint of guilt at having never bothered to find out anything more about Liz before attacking her like a caveman. “I’m Max, Max Evans.” He turned beet red when she chuckled softly, her long brown hair framing her face.

“What’s so funny?”

She grinned at him. “Nothing. It’s just, Max Evans doesn’t exactly sound like a stripper name, you know?”

He laughed along with her, scratching behind his ear. “No, I guess not.”

Enjoying the view of his messy hair and boyish good looks, Liz couldn’t believe that this was the same man who had seduced her with provocative dances on stage in front of hundreds of desperate women. At this exact moment, he looked too sweet, too innocent.

Noticing the way she was eyeing him, Max smiled. “What?”

Embarrassed at having been caught staring, Liz shook her head. “Nothing.”

He touched her exposed knee. “No, tell me.”

Hiding behind her hands, Liz spoke softly. “I was just thinking that you looked like such a nice guy, you know, someone that a girl could bring home to her parents. It’s hard to believe that I met you at a strip club.”

He pulled her hands away from her face, his eyebrow cocked in a playful gesture. “Well I was wondering what a sweet, innocent looking beauty like you was doing in a strip club.” He eyed her closely. “You don’t look like the type that goes to a strip club.”

“Oh really? And exactly what type of girl goes to a strip club?”

“Someone definitely not as beautiful as you,” he quipped sweetly, sincerely.

Ducking her head shyly, Liz toyed with the edges of the blanket wrapped around her nude form.

“Well thank you. That’s very sweet of you to say.”

Gulping, he nodded tightly as he felt his chest constrict with the way she was smiling at him. He was still in awe of how his emotions were running crazy inside of him and all because of this precious, delicate creature in front of him. “It’s only the truth.”

The two of them sat in contemplative silence before Max began to squirm. He didn’t quite know the etiquette for becoming so intimate with someone you barely knew. When she wouldn’t look up at him, he tugged at the sheet covering his bottom half, his throat a little scratchy as he spoke.

“Would you want me to go?” It killed him to ask the question, not at all wanting to leave her side. Not now, not ever. He would willing give up his night job if it meant that she wanted something more out of this than just a one night stand.

He stood up, reaching for his pants when he felt her hand tugging gently at his wrist. He could feel her hot breath against the back of his ear causing his spine to stiffen. He felt her mold herself against his naked back, his lower anatomy stirring to life when he realized that she had not put anything on.

“Don’t go. We still have lots to talk about.”

The sexy way her voice danced in his ears, he knew that she wasn’t really interested in talking. At least not at this very second. Her hand sashayed over his shoulder, softly massaging, caressing his taut skin before slithering down his chest. Before she could reach down and grab his growing erection, he turned around to face her, letting the sheet hit the ground with a soft thud as he brought her hand up to his lips for a kiss.

He gave her a half smile tinted with mischief. “What do you want to talk about, Liz Parker?”

She grinned a roguish smile when she realized that he was playing along with her. She knew that there were things they should probably talk about, but she wanted to take advantage of the situation while she could. She shrugged her shoulders casually as she lay back on the bed, leading him to her.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she answered coyly. “I was hoping you could teach me a few dances.”

Max’s lips quirked up at the sides as he lay over her, his forehead hovering over hers as he nuzzled his nose with her nose. He stuck out of his tongue to lick her lip, only to have her catch it with her own, her mouth opening to allow him entrance to possess her.

Groaning, he held himself up with his arms as he bit into her full lower lip, his groin aching as felt her breasts rubbing enticingly against his chest. Pulling away from her amorous kiss, he chuckled softly, his forefinger toying with her puckered nipple, smiling with a satisfied smirk when she arched her back, her chest rising as she gasped for breath.

“I don’t know, Liz. I could get in trouble for giving away trade secrets.”

Arching her chest up so that he would lavish her aching nipples with attention, she mewled softly, her head thrashing against her pillow. “I promise, I won’t...I won’t tell anyone.” She buried her head in her pillow when his dark head bent forward to swallow one of her breasts, his free hand tugging at her distended nipple in an unforgiving fashion.

Peeking up from her where his head was buried between her heaving breasts, he pinched her nipple tight. “How do I know that I can trust you?”

Spreading her legs unconsciously, Liz rubbed herself against his hard thigh, trying to quell the fire building between her quivering legs. “I’ll do anything....anything,” she cried softly. She almost cried when he pulled back away from her completely, her eyes pooling with tears as she looked up at him.

Waiting until she was looking at him, Max spread her legs father apart before lying down on his belly in front of her. Grinning at her, he hooked his arms around her knees, his hands splayed over her inner thighs before allowing his thumbs to creep closer over her lower lips, his mouth salivating at the sight of her juices dribbling over his fingers.

“That’s good to know.” With that, he opened her wide, his tongue protruding from his open lips as he laved her like a hungry kitten fighting against the litter for the last drop of milk. He felt her hips arch off the bed, but he kept her in place with his large hands, firmly, but softly. The sounds of her moans was enough to bring moisture to the tip of his penis, making his balls tighten painfully.

“Oh, Max.....Max.....”

He felt his ego soar a few more notches at the sound of his name on her lips. Knowing that he could bring her to such heights excited him to no end. Licking his way up to her clit, he felt her body shaking above him. Before clamping his wet lips over her bundle of nerves, he extended his index finger out, slipping it inside of her warm cavern slowly, but surely.

His ear drums nearly burst at the sound of her keening wail. He knew she was close so he shoved another finger inside her, stretching her tight walls as he continued to suckle her clit as if he were seeking sustenance. With a couple more hard strokes, she fell apart in his arms, quivering and shaking as she tried to come back to earth.

Unclamping her legs from around his head, he wiped his dripping chin before turning Liz over so that she was on her hands and knees. Kissing his way down her spine, his cock twitched against the softness of her ass, his voice tickling her ear as he whispered softly.

“Are you ready to learn a new dance?”


Part 10


“Are you ready to learn a new dance?”

Biting her lip against the scream that wanted to escape her swollen lips, Liz nodded, her ass rising just a bit higher in the air so that she could come into further contact with Max’s erection. His question was igniting a fire so bright inside of her that she felt as though she was ready to self combust in the next second. The velvety sound of his voice lingered against her ear, his heavy breaths tickling her neck as he all but panted in her ear.

He smiled against her back, his lips trailing wet, sloppy kisses along her spine.

“I wanna hear you say it.”

Liz twitched, her body quivering as his experienced tongue slid over her ass crack deliberately slow. She wasn’t sure her arms would hold out any longer on her so she quickly blurted out, “Yes, please, Max.”

Max stopped his torturous actions, moving to stand. He hurried over to Liz’s stereo, quickly scanning her collection of cds. When his eyes fell on a certain cd, his lips curved into a wicked smile. Popping the disk into the stereo, he all but skipped to the bed, reaching for Liz’s hand. He helped her to stand, his other hand reaching for her desk chair and placing it in the middle of her room.

When she looked up at him with questioning eyes, he just chuckled, shrugging his shoulders boyishly. “Hey, props are always a good thing.”

Liz agreed with him, a secret smile playing at her lips. “How could I forget? I’ll never be able to use my stethoscope again without thinking about your crotch.”

For the first time since she had met him, he blushed like a little boy. His bangs fell over his forehead, shading his amber gaze as he laughed nervously. “Is that a bad thing?”

Turning to face him, Liz let the tip of her tongue peek out from between her lips. With her vertically challenged self, she only came up to his shoulders, giving her the perfect height in which to lick his nipples, forcing them into stiff peaks. Biting the chestnut colored nub, she grinned when she heard him groan.

“Definitely not a bad thing, unless of course you take into consideration that my panties are going to be soaked every single time I think about it.”

All but choking on his breath, Max sputtered for a breath of air, pulling away from Liz’s grasp just so that he could get his bearings. He couldn’t believe how quickly she had turned the tables on him. At first, he was the one who had turned her knees to jelly, and now, he could barely get his lungs to puff out a single deep breath without hyperventilating.

When he finally got a hold of his raging emotions, he looked up at her, his heart swelling with the fiery look she was giving him. He liked that she looked so sweet and innocent, but had the fire of an evil temptress.

Grabbing the remote, he pressed the button to let the song play, his hand reaching for Liz’s.

Love, love

Liz’s eyes sparkled the minute she recognized the sultry sound of Paula Cole’s voice filling the room. Max surely knew what kind of song to use to get a person going.

He kissed each of her hands in a sweet gesture, contrary to the dangerous fire dancing in his eyes.

You make me feel like a sticky pistol...

“First of all, you’re gonna want to tease the audience.” He came up to stand behind her, his hands coming to rest at her hips as he gently helped her find a rhythm that was slow enough to keep anyone watching enticed, but also sensual enough to give any guy or girl hot just by watching her move her slender hips to the tune.

leaning into a stamen

Nuzzling his cheek against her thick mass of hair, he moved his hips along with hers, helping her get the hang of it.

“That’s it,” he croaked out when his erection began to rub against the small of her back, precum lubricating the softness of her skin.

You make me feel like a mister sunshine...

“You’re gonna wanna touch your hair.” His hands drifted up to twine with her soft hands, bringing both of them up to run through her thick tresses, meanwhile, allowing their hips to continue their sensual swaying.

“Guys love it when a girl does that.”


Liz could barely respond, much too taken with the way Max was rubbing against her. All she wanted to do was turn around and ravage him, but she had to garner some self control. He was teaching her his trade, and she wanted to take full advantage so she could return the favor.

You make me feel like splendor in the grass...

He guided her hands to run smoothly down the sides of her face, dancing enticingly close to her breasts, but never really touching them.

After passing her breasts for the second time, Liz groaned in frustration, her incisors biting anxiously over her lower lip. He was driving her crazy with need. If he didn’t touch her soon she was going to explode.

Max couldn’t wipe the smirk of his face as he continued to tease her body, using her own hands to do so.

While we're rollin'

“A little impatient?”

Liz glared up at him before realizing that two could play this game. He thought that he had all the power? Well, she would show him.

Dance with me baby

Smiling up at him determinedly, she pushed him away, tipping her head in the direction of the bed.

“Why don’t you go sit down?”

Max was skeptical, not wanting to have to move even a few feet away from her. He was so addicted, it felt as though he was going to go crazy if he wasn’t close enough.

“You sure?” His voice was gruff in her ear as he deliberately rubbed his body against hers as he moved to sit down on the bed.

She nodded, smiling sweetly at him. She was still dancing to the sensual melody, her hands drifting against her sides. “Yeah, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.”

She waited until he sat down, his eyes locked on her face before she continued.

You make me feel like the Amazon's runnin' between...
my thighs

Grinning at him evilly, she bit her lip, her hands moving slowly to tease the edges of her breasts, not completely touching them. She saw his Adam’s apple bob up and down furiously, as her nimble fingers moved quickly over her skin. She knew she wasn’t large in this department, and was usually embarrassed about her size, but Max made her forget about any insecurities she had about her body. He made her feel beautiful, desirable in every way and she loved that about him. He made her comfortable in her own skin.

You make me feel love, love, love, love, love

Waiting until all of his attention was on her breasts, she moved in for the kill, her fingers brushing over the hard tips of her nipples. She heard his excited inhalation of breath, making her even wetter between her legs.

love, love, love, love, love

Continuing to tweak her nipples, she bit her lip as she saw his tongue drag over his bottom lip hungrily. She felt her rhythm falter just a tad bit as she thought about where that delicious tongue of his had been just a little while ago.

You make me feel love, love, love, love, love

Max felt like a dog with his tongue hanging out of his open mouth. He was sure that’s what he looked like as he watched Liz touching herself. He never knew what a turn on it could be. She looked so sexy, he was ready to ditch the idea of watching her entice him, but he couldn’t. Because as much as he wanted to ravish her right now, he was intrigued about what she had planned for him.

Already, she was taking this whole dance routine to a new level. He wasn’t so sure if he would be able to sit still much longer, his cock was aching something fierce.

love, love, love, love

Liz watched his chest heave up and down before sitting herself down on the chair. Scooting close to the edge of the chair, she spread her legs as far as they would go, allowing him a perfect view of her sex.

You make me feel like a candy apple

Hearing his choked breath spurred her on. Bringing one hand down, she spread her nether lips wide open, opening herself up to him for his viewing pleasure. She could feel her juices running down her hand so she was so wet.

All red and horny

Knowing that she literally had him at the edge of his seat, she pushed two fingers inside her slick walls, gasping as she felt her slender fingers sliding inside easily. She felt the urge to shut her eyes under the intense pleasure, but she wanted to see Max’s reaction.

You make me feel like I wanna be a dumb blonde

Max thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was so hot he was ready to get down on his hands and knees in front of her just to get a better view. She was killing him slowly.

In a centerfold, the girl next door

As she continued to finger herself, Liz groaned in frustration when it wasn’t enough. Extending a third finger, she pushed it inside her, panting as she felt full, remembering what it was like to have Max’s thick fingers inside of her.

And I would open the door and...

Watching her hips undulating in the seat as she rode her fingers, Max’s hand slid down his chest of it’s volition. He was so entranced by her act that he couldn’t help but grip his cock tightly, willing it to stay calm as he watched her get close to the edge.

I'd be all wet

He could hear the wet suction sound as she pushed her delicate fingers in her tiny hole. He had caught up with her rhythm, his hand fisting the engorged length of his cock.

With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt...

“Yeah, Liz. Keep going, baby. Don’t stop.”

He could hear the breathy sounds she was making, her breasts and neck flushing as a fine sheen of sweat appeared on her olive skin.

That I'm wearing

Liz’s head fell back against the back of the chair, her hand pumping furiously between her open legs as she tried to bring herself to completion. She was so close.

And you would open the door and tie...
Me up to the bed

Standing up, Max continued to fuck his open fist as he walked in Liz’s direction. He was to the point and he knew he wanted to be inside her soaked flesh when he lost all control.

Lover, but I don't know who I am

Startling her from her lust filled act, he lifted her out of her seat, eliciting a squeal from her. He took her vacated spot before depositing her onto his hardened cock.

Am I Barry White? Am I Isis? Ohhh...


Liz gripped his shoulders tightly as she sank onto his glorious length, glad to have him inside of her instead of having to use her own fingers.

Lover, I'm laced with your unconscious

Holding onto her hips, he lifted her up before letting her slide down the length of his erection.

“I want you to ride me, baby.”

Oh baby babe babe baby

Liz just nodded, incapable of speech at the moment, more focused on the fact the Max’s thick sex was filling her up. Using her feet for leverage, she anchored her body up, allowing her to take control of the thrusts.

I will be your Desdemona ahhhhh...

Her head fell back when she felt his mouth open up to swallow one of her breasts, his other hand snaking in just above where they were joined.

“Maaax,” she breathed heavily, anticipating the touch of his fingers to her clit.

Take your time

“That’s it Liz, yeah, Oh GOD! Like that! that!” he mumbled over a mouthful of her breast.

You make me feel Ahaa

Liz could feel her peak almost upon her. She was so close she could practically taste it on her tongue.

You make me feel WooWoo baby

Her legs were beginning to ache from the strain of having to ride Max, but she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to.

You make me feel Ahaa mmm

Reaching beneath her, she grabbed his balls in her palm, gently squeezing it in her hand before she felt Max moan against her nipple, his whole body growing rigid before he spilled his seed inside her.

That was all she needed before she too was seeing colors behind her closed lids, her pussy quivering over his cock as they reached nirvana together.

You make me feel loved


Part 11


Liz lay against Max’s chest, her hand idly stroking the smoothness of his chest. She had to stop and wonder if he waxed it considering he possessed a good amount of hair everywhere else on his body. She blushed lightly to herself, thinking about where she had seen all that thick, dark, kinky hair.

Kissing her temple as if he done it a million times before, Max rubbed his open palm over Liz’s shoulder with so much familiarity that it made his chest constrict so tight that he felt like he would burst with every emotion that he was feeling inside his heart. He couldn’t believe that someone as tiny as Liz could affect him in so many different ways. For the latter part of his existence, he had convinced himself that nothing mattered past the idea of survival. He worked his behind off literally trying to make ends meet because he had realized early on that he could rely on no one else but himself. He had told himself many times before that he couldn’t trust anyone in the universe.

But lying here, holding Liz close to him, feeling her warmth, he couldn’t help but feel as if he wanted to give a damn. He felt more for her than anyone else he had crossed paths with his whole life. It scared him a little bit, just how much he was beginning to feel for her, but at the same time, what his mind was having a hard time accepting, his heart had already welcomed with open arms.

Resting her chin on his naked chest, Liz mimicked Max’s expression, a frown marring her pretty features.

“What’s wrong?”

Hearing the soft timbre of her voice made him smile despite the deep thoughts clouding his brain. Cupping her cheek, he smoothed a thumb over her cheek, his eyes drawn to the deep brown color of her eyes. Seeing the way her dark hair framed her face, she looked so innocent, so open that he knew right here and now that he didn’t want to ever do anything to hurt her.

He did a full body shrug, jostling her body against his.

“Just thinking.”

Liz’s frown deepened even though she tried not to make him see that his deep thoughts made her stomach twist in knots. She was worried about what was going on inside his head, scared that was ready to leave her after having satisfied his craving. She knew deep down in her heart that Max wasn’t the type of person to love them and leave them. He had said so much with his own words. But in the light of day, her insecurities were beginning to come forth, making her wonder just how much she had made a fool of herself.

Already being attuned to her feelings, Max reached up and flattened the crease between her brows. He let a smile cover his face despite the ache in his chest at seeing the distress on her beautiful face.

“Hey, what’s with the frown? You don’t want to start developing premature wrinkles, now do you?” He teased her gently, hoping to provoke a smile from her.

Indulging him, Liz gave him a brief smile, trying to roll away from him. She figured that he was trying to find a way to let her down easy. And she was fine with that. At least, that’s what her mind was trying to tell her heart. If she wanted to get through this without showing him how much this affected her, she had to get away from him, preferably with some clothes on.

Feeling the shift in her mood, and her intent of physically moving away from him, Max wrapped his arms around her, preventing any escape she had planned. He had no plans to let her go at all. And he planned to tell her that, hoping that he wouldn’t scare her away.

“You okay?” He asked.

She nodded, biting her lip nervously, trying not to meet his gaze. She was trying her hardest not to make eye contact, not wanting him to see what she was really feeling. She had resigned herself to the idea that this was just a one-night stand for him. Someone as handsome and amazing as him would definitely not tie himself down to someone as mousy and nerdy as herself. She was just glad that she could experience what it was like to have someone like him loving her, if only for just a brief moment.

“I’m fine.”

When she tried to get away from him again, Max took a gentle but firm grip on her wrist. This time, the look of hurt and confusion couldn’t be hidden on his face.

“Liz?....Did I do something wrong?”

Liz tugged at her hand until she was free from him. She wrapped the top sheet over her nude form, not wanting to have this conversation in her birthday suit. It was already going to be difficult enough, she didn’t want it to be any more awkward.

“No. Everything’s fine.” She tied the sheet over her tender breasts, walking around the room as she began to gather Max’s haphazardly strewn clothing that was littering her floor. She decided that maybe it would be better on her if she ended things now, instead of waiting for him to break her heart.

Handing him his clothing, she refused to meet his gaze, despite the fact that she knew that he was silently imploring her to look at him.

“Here are your clothes.”

Staring down at the rumpled handful of material in his hands, Max felt his eyes water, his throat burning at her obvious rejection of him. He didn’t want to believe that she was getting rid of him, but maybe he had just fooled himself into thinking that there could be something more between them. Looking around her room, he noticed for the first time all of the awards and certificates decorating her wall. She was not just beautiful, but she was apparently very intelligent as well.

At that thought, his heart sank. He didn’t want to believe it even though he felt in his heart that what he was thinking wasn’t true, but seeing it with his own eyes was making him doubt his own instincts. Liz Parker was a beautiful, no doubt a successful student. She had her whole future ahead of her. What could he possibly have to offer her other than mind blowing sex?

Seeing the way that she avoided his eyes, he stomach churned at the idea that she was disgusted with him and couldn’t even bare to look at him. Sucking it up like a man, he picked up his clothes with trembling hands, trying not to show her just how much she was hurting him.

Liz turned around and headed to the bathroom door, locking herself inside so that she wouldn’t cry in front of him. She was hoping that he would fight her to stay, or at the very least pretend to care, but she supposed things were turning out how they were supposed to. Curling into a ball on her bathroom floor, she hugged her knees to her chest as she felt the tears beginning to roll down her cheeks quietly waiting to hear Max walk out of her life forever.

Meanwhile, Max held his crumpled clothes in his hands, feeling as if his heart had been pulled out from inside his chest, only to be stomped on and beaten until he could barely feel it beating inside his aching abdomen.

How had things gone so terribly wrong? One minute, he had found himself ready to open himself up to Liz, wanting her to know everything there was to know about himself, wanting to share every minute and insignificant detail about his life to her so that she would reciprocate and learn more about her, but she had just taken that all away.

Despite how Liz was reacting to him right now, he didn’t want to take back anything that had happened between them. Liz was the most amazing person to have come into his life. He knew he didn’t have much to offer her, but he would forever treasure the memory of the two of them together.

Pulling on his wrinkled clothes, Max ran a weary hand through his disheveled hair. Reluctant to leave, he eyed a pad of paper on Liz’s neatly kept desk. Before he could think twice about his stupid act, he started writing before his senses invaded his irrational thoughts.

Taking one last breath of her vanilla and strawberry scent, Max let himself out of the door, imploring Liz to silently find his letter and respond to it.

Liz opened the door to the bathroom with red-rimmed eyes wondering how she had let a guy like Max walk out of her life. She curled up into her bed, her nose buried in the pillow as she tried to inhale the imprint of Max’s scent on her sheets. She was so lost in her own misery that she missed the delicately scrawled letter sitting on top of her computer.


Part 12


Six months later.

Maria watched her best friend fiddle with her valedictorian speech for the hundredth time in the last five minutes. Shaking her hands silently in the air, Maria rolled her eyes, biting back a tart remark. Instead, she tried a different tactic.

“Need some help?”

Liz looked up absently from her neatly scrawled handwriting on her 3x5 cards. She knew that she couldn’t write anything better than what she already had in her hands, not to say that what she had in her sweaty palms was something to be proud of. The truth of the matter was, her mind had been nothing but a hollow space for the last six months ever since she had broken her own heart.

Trying to keep her mind from traveling to the dark corners of her mind, she forced a smile on her lips. “I’m good, just trying to do some last minute tinkering.”

Maria held back her sigh, not wanting Liz to mistake it as pity. For the latter part of the year, Liz had closed herself off, not willing to let her in. They used to share everything with each other, but ever since that night six months ago when she had taken Liz to her first ladies night out, Liz had all but shied away from everyone, choosing to cocoon herself inside her studies. She had been so sure that if Liz hooked up with Michael’s friend that Liz would open up and live her life to the fullest, not bury her head deeper into the sand, hoping that no one would notice her.

She had confronted Michael about his friend, demanding that the SOB apologize to her friend for obviously breaking her best friend’s heart. Instead of wallowing in her righteousness, she was slapped in the face with Michael’s surly retort that it was the other way around. Michael claimed that her friend had broken his friend’s heart. According to Michael, Max was a shy person, never letting anyone too close. Apparently, Max had chosen to let Liz in, only to have his heart stomped on to unrecognizable proportions. To say that she was dumbfounded with that admission was understatement of the year. She couldn’t have been more surprised if someone had told her that aliens really did exist.

After hearing Michael’s side of things, she had tried to corner Liz, wanting to find out what had gone wrong between her and Max. But every time she tried, Liz would change the subject, saying that there was nothing to talk about. Looking at her friend, Maria knew that she was lying. She could see it in Liz’s every gesture. Liz was holding something back, and wasn’t going to share it with anyone.

But that didn’t mean she could keep her nose out her friend’s business. She and Liz had known each other forever. And there was no way she was going to let Liz continue on the way she was. Liz had used the excuse of wanting to concentrate on the last semester of school, but now that they had no more studying ahead of them, and only their bright futures ahead of them, Maria was making it her personal challenge to intervene with fate. After all, she hadn’t been keeping in touch with Michael purely for his charms, although Michael just being Michael did have its perks.

Putting on a smile for Liz and for the fact that she was just that much closer to putting a real smile on her friend’s face, Maria hugged Liz to her side.

“Don’t worry so much, chica. Everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to.”


Throwing the basketball to his friend, Michael wiped the sweat off his brow with his drenched t-shirt, wondering belatedly if he was doing more harm than good. He watched with silent awe as Max pounded the ball hard against the gravel, his long legs carrying him to the basket to make a smooth lay up.

Snorting to cover up his admiration, Michael scratched his ear. “You know, maybe you shouldn’t have quit. We could start up a whole new segment for the show. You being a basketball player-

Before Michael could finish speaking, Max threw the ball into his chest, effectively shutting him up. He had quit Chippendales the day after his encounter with Liz. After that brief but wonderful moment in his life, he couldn’t bring himself to parade his almost naked body in front of any other woman. He knew that he was being ridiculous considering that Liz didn’t want to have anything to do with him, but he didn’t want to tarnish the memories of the two of them together. Although they reinforced his beliefs of not letting anyone close to his heart ever again, he couldn’t forget about Liz, not that he really wanted to despite the fact that she had hurt him worse than anyone had before.

“I told you before, I’m done with the show.” He pulled off his shirt, wiping it across his sweaty limbs, using it as a makeshift towel.

Sitting down to catch his breath, Michael studied Max, wondering what exactly Maria’s friend had done to wound his friend so badly that he had left the show entirely, knowing how most of the money that Max made went to his schooling. He knew that ever since Max quit, he was barely making ends meet with his day job as a nurse’s aid at the hospital. Not only was Max exhausted from the physical aspects of his job, but he was emotionally and mentally drained from school.

“You can’t deny that life was a whole simpler when you could pay your bills and keep up to date with your student loans.”

Max buried his face in his hands, not wanting to hear the same thing coming out of Michael’s mouth the minute he had quit the show six months ago. He knew that it would be difficult to stay afloat with just his day job to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly, but with the added expense of school, he was cutting it close. Dancing had helped, keeping him comfortable enough that he needn’t worry every month about paying tuition, having paid for a few months in advance. But now that he wasn’t dancing, it was just that much more difficult to get through the last couple of months of school. He had been in contact with the financial aid office and they had informed him that if he was current on his payments, that he wouldn’t be able to walk during graduation. He was torn, hating the fact that he had worked this hard, only to end up just short.

“No, I can’t. But I’ve got to concentrate on school. I’ve only got a few more months left. I don’t need anymore stress.”

Michael stood back up. “Look, I know you said no last time, but are you sure you don’t want me to lend you the money? I’ve got some put away. I’d hate for you not to walk during graduation just because you’re a little late on your payments at school.”

Barely gritting out his response, Max shook his head. “I already said no. I’m not a charity case, Michael. I’ve been taking care of myself for a long time. I’ve never needed a hand out before, and I’m certainly not going to start taking one now.”

Before Max could storm off in an angry fit, Michael reached for his shoulder.

“Look, I wasn’t saying that to be an ass. I just wanted you to know that if you ever needed anything that I’d be there for you.”

Max nodded, knowing that Michael wasn’t trying to insult him. He just hated the idea of anyone thinking he needed help. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just being an ass.”

Letting out a soft laugh, Michael turned serious. “I know you don’t want me to lend you the money, but how about if you work for it?”

Max cocked his eyebrow at Michael, not sure if he was liking the sound of this idea.

Holding out his hands in defense, Michael started talking a mile a minute so that Max couldn’t shoot down his idea before he even gave it a chance. “Look, I know you said you didn’t want to do the show anymore, and I respect that. I really do. And I also know for a fact that you’re in a little bit of a financial bind and won’t take any help from me. But before you blurt out some excuse just hear me out. Some people just called me up looking for a private dancer. Something for a friend of theirs for graduation. They wanted it to be a private affair, nothing like the show, you know, something more intimate. I wanted to offer it to you because it has nothing to do with the show and simply because of the fact that you could use the money.”

When Max didn’t say anything, Michael chose to take it as a good sign. “You don’t have to say anything right now, just think about it. But I’m going to need an answer by tomorrow morning, otherwise I’m going to have to ask Kyle to do it.”

Michael watched Max take the bait, his amber eyes alight with his own raging war. Patting him on the back, Michael steered Max to the parking lot. “Just think about it.”

Heaving a heavy sigh, Max nodded and headed off to his truck. He was a stubborn as they came, but he wasn’t stupid. Dancing one last time couldn’t hurt and it would certainly help him financially. He’d think about it, but that was all, he told himself.

Waving goodbye to Max as he drove away, Michael pulled out his cell phone and dialed. Smiling into the phone, he whispered his message.

“He’s taken the bait. We’ll be there in two days with big smiles and g-strings.”


Laughing at the image his words created, Maria held the phone against her ear as she silently prayed that everything went according to her plan.
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Part 13


Max tried to get the kink out of his neck, but it was close to impossible with all of the stress that he was under. He couldn’t believe that he had let Michael talk him into this. Doing a private show for a few privileged young women. He had tried to weasel himself out of the deal, telling Michael an outrageous figure so that he wouldn’t have to do this one last gig, but much to his dismay, the ladies organizing this little “gift” had not only agreed on the ridiculous price, but they had also offered to pay for his plane ticket.

He shook his head, wondering how hard up their friend had to be that they were willing to fly in a stripper from another state. He knew that he had been a favorite when he had danced for chippendales, but he didn’t think he was that good to be flown in and paid a large sum of money for getting half nekkid.

He was thisclose to not taking the job after finding out where it was. So many memories were burned into his brain from his one and only trip to Roswell New Mexico. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t humiliate himself by going back to the place where he had his heart broken by the one person he had thought would never break his heart. He had been so stupid.

He had his pride, but he wasn’t that idiotic. This last performance would mean that he could walk during graduation, something he had been working toward for the last four years of his life. With the money he would making from this job, he could stay afloat for a few months before wondering where his next meal would be coming from.

This was a good thing, he told himself. This was a matter of survival. This definitely had nothing to do with a petite brunette who he couldn’t stop thinking about.


Liz stared at her reflection in the mirror, her hands resting on her rounded belly. She was getting bigger everyday, making it that much harder to hide her secret. She had convinced herself that it was better that she had not told anybody about her unexpected pregnancy. The man that had helped her create a beautiful life inside her was someone she had not seen or heard from since conception. She had been stupid enough to let him walk away, but then again she had to wonder if he really even cared for her if he hadn’t even tried to contact her since then. He had to have remembered that they had not used protection, resulting in her special bundle.

It had been three weeks after he had walked out of her apartment and her life. It seemed like a lifetime ago. She had missed her period, making her worry. She had tried to convince herself that she was just stressing herself out, and that was the reason why she hadn’t yet ridden the crimson wave. But week after week, she had made herself queasy, thinking about the fact that she had been too damn horny and forgot to make him wear protection. She began to worry about STDs and herself checked. She knew she really didn’t have to worry since she believed he wasn’t a man whore. And she was right. He hadn’t given her any diseases. but he gave her a baby.

She had wanted to tell Maria, to confide in her about her troubles, but Maria was in a world of her own. Her relationship with Michael had taken on a serious tone. Liz did not want to drag her into her troubles. She had thought about her options. There was abortion. But that was definitely out of the question. Adoption was one that she had seriously considered. She had even met with a representative, but had backed down, thinking about her child out there somewhere. She knew then and there that she couldn’t give up her child. Her child shouldn’t have to suffer for her immature actions.

The truth was, she knew she already loved this baby. This baby would serve to remind her of the man she fell in love with, but could never have.

A knock on her door sounded, causing her cover her belly with her baggy clothing. She knew that she couldn’t hide her pregnancy forever, but she had been doing it for months now, that she didn’t know how to go about telling people the truth.

“Just a minute!”

As if she hadn’t heard a thing, Maria sauntered in as if she owned the place, carrying a bag. She dropped the bag on the bed as she plopped onto the floor.

“Get dressed, chica.”

Liz rolled her eyes as she sat on her bed. She casually picked up a pillow to hide her stomach, hoping that Maria didn’t notice.

“I am dressed, Maria.”

Grabbing the bag, Maria pulled out a slinky red dress and matching stilettos. She grinned like the cat that ate the bird.

“No silly, I meant get dressed in this.”

Shaking her head, Liz sunk further into her pillows. “No way, Maria! I don’t know what you’re up to, but I am not going to do any more of your silly little schemes.” She waved her hand crazily in front of her face, remembering the last time that she had gone through with one of Maria’s crazy ideas, she ended up with a bun in the oven.

Maria stood up, pulling Liz with her. She pushed Liz in front of the mirror. “Babe, this is the perfect dress to wear to Isabel’s grad party.”

She poked Liz’s side, making a face when she realized there was more of Liz than she had thought, hiding under her sweater. She looked at the dress in her hand, wondering if she had enough time to adjust the dress before Liz’s surprise landed tomorrow.

“Of course, a few adjustments couldn’t hurt.”

Liz’s eyes bugged out of her head at Maria’s comment.

Maria just held up her hand, “Hey, everyone is entitled to put on a couple of pounds. Besides, it makes you look healthy.” She looked at Liz’s rounded cheeks, realizing that Liz had packed on more than a few pounds.

“In fact, you look like you’re glowing.”

At her comment. Liz pushed Maria out of her room. She didn’t need Maria to get any ideas about her every rounding figure.

“You have to leave, Maria.”

She promptly shut the door in front of Maria’s face, her hands automatically landing on her stomach. That was too close for comfort.


Huffing at having had the door shut in her face, Maria reached into her purse for her cell phone. She needed reinforcements. If Liz wanted to be a butt about her ingenious plan of reuniting her with the love her life, then she had to continue taking matters into her own hands just as she had been doing.

“Isabel? I need your help. Liz is being a big fat baby.”


“You packed?”

Max nodded as he zipped up his suitcase.

“Roswell, here I come.”

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AN Note: Thanks for staying with me for so long. I didn't mean to keep you guys hanging, but life has been getting in the way of ficdom. Anyways, I do want to finish all of my unfinished fics, but I can't make any promises. I want to start one at a time and see where it takes me. Thanks again for all of your loyalty. Hopefully I can do this story justice.


Part 14


Isabel stood outside Liz’s door, knocking quietly. Normally, she wasn’t one to meddle in other people’s love lives, but Liz was one of her best friends. The person on the other side of the room was just a shell of the person she was once. She was just going through the motions, not really living. The few moments she had seen her with this Max character had her smiling, making her happy that Liz had found someone that could make her smile in a way that no one else ever had before. The truth was, she wasn’t doing this for Maria. She was doing this for Liz. She didn’t want Liz to go through the rest of her life regretting what could have been.

Liz pulled the door slightly open, her eyes scanning the area before meeting Isabel’s eyes.

“Are you alone?”

Isabel nodded, looking behind her as if she were expecting to see Maria jump out from behind the bushes.

“Yeah, can I come in?”

With a reluctant sigh, Liz allowed Isabel inside her small apartment. She felt ridiculous hiding like this, but she had been less that truthful for so long that she couldn’t imagine blurting out her secret just like that. She didn’t want her friends to think she was a skank for sleeping with someone she had just met, let alone the fact that they hadn’t used any type of contraceptives. But the real reason she was afraid of telling her friends was because she didn’t want them to see her as a charity case. Who would have thought in a million years that responsible little Liz Parker would get herself knocked up without a daddy in tow? She didn’t know if all of these crazy thoughts were running through her head because of her pregnancy hormones or because she had completely lost her mind. She knew then and she knew now that she would never have changed a thing. Max was somebody very special. She had ruined what they had together because of her insecurities. But she was glad that she would always have a part of him.

Isabel made herself comfortable on the couch, urging Liz to do the same.

“Liz, I know you think that Maria put me up to this, but I really want you to be there at my graduation party. It’s not going to be the same if one of my best friends from grade school wasn’t there.”

Feeling tears moisten her eyes, Liz sat down, biting her lower lip.

“Izzie, I want to go,” she smiled. “But just not in the dress Maria bought me.”

Groaning, Isabel nodded. She knew that the dress was an important part of the plan. Liz looked amazing in red. And the dress would knock any guy off their feet. But she didn’t want to force Liz to do anything she didn’t want to. But she really needed Liz to look hot for her special present.

“You sure? You’d look so hot in the dress.”

Liz laughed, wishing that she could fit into the dress.

“Don’t get me wrong, Iz. It’s a gorgeous dress. But I wouldn’t be able to fit in it.” She bit her bottom lip. “I’ve gained a lot of weight.”

Isabel eyed Liz before pulling her up to stand. She guessed that Liz’s waist size had doubled, but she attributed that to overindulging a broken heart. Besides, the extra curves looked good on her. Her eyes landed on Liz’s breasts, noticing for the first time that they seemed larger.

Noticing Isabel’s perusal of her expanding body, she had the urge to cover herself with her hands. From her vantage point, it did look like she had just gained a lot of weight. Her stomach was a neat round ball that she had been easily been hiding behind the huge sweaters that she received from her parents from old birthdays. She was glad she never threw anything away.

Grabbing Liz’s hand, she walked towards the front door. “I think I know exactly where we could find you something that fits.”


Michael leaned back into his seat, staring at Max beside him.

“You sure you don’t want the window seat?”

Max just shook his head no. He knew he wasn’t the best company right now. He was too wound up to have a normal conversation. He was sitting on pins and needles. He was wondering if he might cross paths with her again. His mind was saying no, not wanting to get hurt again, but his heart was screaming that he wanted to see her again. That despite the heartache she had caused him in the last few months, he would drop everything if she said she would take him back again.

He didn’t regret anything between them. What happened between them was magical. Something that never could have happened to someone like him. He would give up everything if it meant that he could see her just one more time.

Looking over at his friend, he was jealous of the relationship he had with Liz’s best friend. He knew that Michael was keeping it a secret from him, but he wasn’t blind. He wished more than anything that he and Liz had that relationship. But he had left his heart on his sleeve. He left her a note, expressing the magical thing between them and that he had fallen madly in love with her. He had even left his number and address in case she changed her mind. But is seems as though she never did.

So many times, he had wanted to ask Michael if he could ask Maria about Liz and how she was doing. But he always chickened out. He wanted to respect Liz’s wishes even if it were slowly killing him inside.

He ignored the flight attendants as they instructed them where the emergency exits were. He sunk lower in his seat, hoping sleep would claim him. He needed strength to be able to do this one last performance.


Liz looked around Isabel’s room, wondering why they were there.

Isabel came out of her closet carrying a gorgeous maroon dress. It had spaghetti straps with a plunging neck line. She had bought this dress months ago, but had never even worn it. Looking at Liz, she knew that it would fit her perfectly.

“Here is your new dress for my party.”

Smiling, Liz shook her head. “Isabel, that would never fit. My waist is too big. And the bust would never fit me.”

Isabel shook her head, taking the dress off the hanger.

“Nonsense. You said yourself that your waist was getting big. You’re begining to look like my size.” She pointed at Liz’s breasts. “And the girls look like they’re getting bigger too.”

Liz blushed.

“Come on, Liz. Let me help you get ready. The party is tonight.” She batted her eyelashes.

“Pretty please?”


Michael led Max out of the airport and straight to their rent-a-car.

“We don’t have that much time before you have to be at the house.” He got inside the car with Max in the passenger seat.

“Remember, it’s just going to be for one of the girls. Not a group of them.”

Max rolled his eyes, hoping that this girl wasn’t a complete dog. “What? Am I just supposed to knock on the door and pretend to be a cop and try to arrest the girl and start stripping with my baton?” He asked sarcastically.

Looking horrified, Michael tried not upchuck. “Max, you were a former chippendale, not some stripper out of the yellow pages.” He tried to get the mental image out of his head. “No, we’re going to get there before the party goers. We’re going to have you set up in one of the rooms. The girls are going to get their friend to retrieve something out of the room, but you’re going to keep her captive.”

Not liking the sound of that, Max held his hand to his forehead. “And what if this poor innocent soul doesn’t want to be held captive by me?”

“Yeah right,” Michael snorted. He patted Max on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, she’s going to love you.”

Max still hated the idea of this. But the money was dangling in front of his face. If he didn’t need the money so bad, he wouldn’t resort to this.

“Whatever. How long am I supposed to stay?”

Michael tried not to grin. If Maria was right and Liz would be happy to see Max, then he didn’t feel so guilty for misleading his friend.

“You can stay as long as you like. You never know, the girl might be cute.”

Max reigned in his anger, not wanting to conk his friend on the head while he was driving. Never again would he fall for someone he danced for.

“I’m not a gigolo Michael. I’m there to dance. Once this chick gets her jollies off, then I’m splitting.”

Looking at Max from the corner of his eye, he wanted so much to tell him he was wrong.

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part 14

Post by jasper711 » Wed Jan 04, 2006 10:21 am

Part 15


Following the instructions that he had been given, Max arrived at the house he was supposed to perform at. Just as Michael had said, he made his way to the back door, looking under the mat for the extra key. He allowed himself in, trying to be as quiet as possible. The truth was, he was already getting creeped out by the weird instructions. He wasn’t so sure he could go through with it.

Holding his pack to him tightly, he swiftly made it down the corridor and up the stairs to the third door on his right. He heaved a big sigh as he placed his hand on the door. He stood there a good five minutes trying to decide whether this was all worth it.

Muttering under his breath, he pushed the door open.

“Here goes nothing.”


Liz looked at herself in the mirror with a small smile on her face. The dress that Isabel had given her was just gorgeous. The material was stretchy so it hugged her in all the right places. She eyed her new butt and slightly larger breasts, stifling a giggle. All those years that she had prayed for a c cup when she thirteen years old. Look at her now. She looked down to her belly, seeing for the first time how big she had actually gotten. She had been so good at hiding herself that she had to stare at her image for a minute. She knew that with this dress, she couldn’t hide her special bundle. People would put two and two together.

But she was glad. She was finally ready to tell her friends exactly what had been going on with her. No more secrets. No more lies. Smiling at her reflection, she grabbed her purse, getting ready to leave her place to go to Chez Pierre for Isabel’s graduation party.

As she was about to leave, the phone rang. Picking it up on the third ring, Liz unconsciously rubbed her belly.


“Liz, it’s me Isabel.”

“Hey Iz. I was just on my way now.”

“Actually, before you come to the restaurant, do you think you could do me a huge favor?”


“You see, I left my ID in my room, and the waiter is actually carding me.”

Liz smiled as she grabbed her keys. “No problem, Iz. I’ll just swing by your house and use the spare key.”

Hanging up the phone, Isabel looked at her two companions, hoping to God that this plan of theirs worked. Otherwise, she was going to be in such deep shit with Liz for putting her in a position like this.


Setting his bag down on the floor, Max scanned the room quickly. His eyes caught sight of a picture on the dresser drawer. He picked up the picture, a frown creasing his brows. There was a tall blonde in the picture. He hoped that this wasn’t the girl he had to dance for. He never had a thing for blondes. He leaned more towards the petite, brunette type who could make his knees wobble and make his stomach growl.

Who was he kidding? He was into Liz and nobody else. He realized then that she was it for him. There would be no second best for him because she was the only one. If he couldn’t have her, then he would be alone.

Moving his mind to safer topics, he set up the stereo with a cd. He began undressing so that he could change into the clothes that he would be removing pretty soon. Yanking the shirt over his head, he tried to get ready.


After letting herself into the house, Liz walked up the short flight up of stairs. Walking to the third door on her right, Liz opened the door, hoping to get Isabel’s ID quickly.

To her surprise, she caught a glimpse of perfectly sculpted abs on golden skin. Covering her eyes, she pulled the door with her as she tried to step out.


Max pulled his pants back up, yelling as he did so. “Don’t you know how to knock?”

Liz was about to spout of an apology when her knees almost gave out on her. She would recognize that voice anywhere. Tears welled up in her eyes as a million thoughts ran through her head. Pushing the door open, she charged towards him, her hands curled into fists as she launched into her attack.

“You jerk! How could you?” She hit him repeatedly on the chest, letting her frustrations out from the last six months.

Startled by the little ball of fury that tried to pummel his chest he grabbed a hold of her wrists.

“What the fuck-” The rest of his question died in his throat. It was as if the cells in his body recognized hers. He didn’t have to look at her to know who it was.


With tears streaming down her face, Liz felt her chest hiccup, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she began sobbing hysterically.

“How could you do this to me? You get me knocked up and then you get it on with one of my best friends!”

Defending his honor, Max stood up straight, unable to keep himself from yelling. “I am not getting it on with one of your best friends! I don’t even know who that would be.” He raked a hand through his hair, as the rest of her comment dawned on him. With his eyes landing on her belly, he reached out to touch the bump with wonderment in his eyes.

“Knocked you up?” He swallowed past the lump in his throat, his eyes meeting hers. “You’re, I mean, you’re pregnant?”

Liz bit her lip, slowly nodding. She hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that, but her emotions were out of whack at seeing him for the first time in so many months. She felt her heart skip a beat as she saw Max’s eyes light up as if he had received the best birthday present ever. She felt his hand caress her stomach lovingly before he turned wounded eyes on her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

She saw the tears glistening in his eyes.

“Even if you didn’t want to be with me, I still had the right to know that I’m going to be a father.” He couldn’t help the way his voice caught on the word father. In a million years, this was not how he envisioned seeing Liz again for the first time. But he wouldn’t change it any other way. She had just told him that their brief time together had resulted in a baby. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around it. He was going to be a daddy. He couldn’t believe that she would be so spiteful to not let him know. But why the hell hadn’t she come to him? Why was she doing this alone?

Liz let out an obnoxious snort. “Yeah right! Like I would even know where to begin looking for you Max.” She had wanted so badly to find him and tell him she was wrong for pushing him away. That she had fallen in love with him and couldn’t wait to have his baby. But she didn’t have the resources to look for him. She didn’t even know what state he lived in.

Max looked up at her with disbelief. “I left you my number.”

“No you didn’t.” She shook her head, making her hair fly around her face. “Don’t you think I would’ve called if I did?”

Looking perplexed, Max insisted. “Yes I did. I left you a note. I put it on top of your computer.” He distinctly remembered placing the slip of paper on top of the computer, hoping and praying that she would read it and contact him.

Exasperated, Liz sighed. “Max, I don’t even have a computer.”

“Yes you do. It was an apple G4 notebook. It was silver.” He spoke with such preciseness, as if he were reliving the moment.

Shaking her head to refute his comment, she thought back and remembered that she had borrowed her friend Alex’s laptop.

“Wait a minute.” She was about to reach into her purse to pull out her cell phone when her hands bumped into Max’s who still had his hands placed softly over her belly. Blushing slightly, she spoke in a whisper.

“Do you mind?” She gestured to her belly. “I’m going to make a phone call.”

Max looked down and realized that he still had his hands on Liz’s stomach. It hadn’t dawned on him that he had yet to let go of her. It had just felt so natural.

Embarrassed, he nodded. He could feel the tips of his ears blush as he gently extricated himself from her. “Yeah, sure.”

Trying to bite back her smile at how boyishly cute he was, Liz dialed her phone to call Alex. Not disappointing, he picked up on the second ring.

“Alex Charles Whitman at your service.”

Liz suppressed the urge to giggle. “Alex I had a question for you.”

“Anything for you milady. Your wish is my command.”

“Do you remember when I borrowed your notebook a couple of months back? Did you happen to get some sort of note with it?”

“Why?” he answered warily. She couldn’t possibly know could she?

“Alex, focus. Did you get a note?”

“Who told you that?” How could you possibly know?

“You’re beginning to sound like Maria. What the hell is wrong?”

“Look, this kid in my physics class has always been giving me this weird look. Then the next thing you know, I realize he has the hots for me. He leaves me a note with his phone number and professing his undying love to me. You know, I have nothing against his team, but I’m very happy with the team I’m playing for.”

Liz shook her head to clear it. “Alex, you’re like babbling right now.”

“Sorry,” he answered sheepishly.

“Do you remember the guy’s name?”

“How could I forget? Max Evans. Max Evans is in love with me and I quote.”

Hanging up on Alex, looked up into Max’s soulful gaze.

“You’re in love with me?”

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Part 16

Post by jasper711 » Fri Jan 06, 2006 12:09 pm

Part 16


“You’re in love with me?”

Liz’s voice sounded tiny even to her own ears. If what Alex had said had any merit, then Max did love her. But she had to hear it for herself. She hoped and prayed that his answer would be yes. She knew that Max was special. That there would be no other, but him. She waited with baited breath for his response.

Max nodded, taking a step closer towards Liz. He knew there was no need to dance around the subject. He was through having any kind of misunderstandings with Liz. He wanted her to know exactly what his intentions were. He was not going to loose her a second time. He had been given a second chance with her and he wasn’t going to screw it up.

His voice was husky as he spoke with determination. “I fell in love with you the moment I saw you in the audience for the first time. I knew then that things would be different for us.”

Gently, he touched her cheek, his lips quirking into a soft smile when she leaned into his touch.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I left. I think about you all day, then go home and sleep, only to have dreams about you. You’re it for me, Liz. I love you.”

Liz was surprised that there was anything left of her standing. She was so sure that she was a puddle of warm goo on Isabel’s bedroom floor. She had been such a dumbass for letting him go. She couldn’t believe that she had caused them so much torture for nothing. This whole time he felt exactly the same way about her. The tears pricked her eyes as she closed the final space between them. She wrapped her arms around his waist, her face burying itself in his chest.

At that moment in time, she was where she belonged, in Max’s arms.


“You think everything’s okay with Liz?” Isabel looked worried, stuffing another french fry into her mouth. She couldn’t help stuffing herself with food when she was anxious.

Maria pulled the plate of fries away from Isabel. “Of course everything’s okay.” She looked at her watch, nodding. “If anything had gone wrong, Liz would’ve been here ages ago to murder us.” She smiled, feeling proud of herself for taking it into her hands to bring Max and Liz together. Those two would have avoided each other if not for her subtle push in the right direction. She couldn’t keep doing the hint hint, nudge nudge routine. They were moving at a snail’s pace and she just pushed fast forward.

Isabel’s eyes grew huge. “That’s not very comforting.”


Max couldn’t help but lean down and press a kiss into Liz’s hair. He had missed her beautiful dark hair, longing to touch it again, to run his fingers through it as he waited for her to sleep. He pulled her tighter to his chest, biting his lip when he felt her stomach bump into his. He was still baffled at the idea that he was going to be a father. He was so glad that the two of them were able to share this experience with each other.

His voice was filled with soft teasing. “Are you ever going to talk to me again?”

Liz shook her head, moving to burrow her face in the crook of his armpit.

“No. I don’t want to screw this up by saying the wrong thing.”

Pulling her face up so that he could look into her eyes, he rubbed her bottom lip, wishing so much that he could kiss her. She looked so sexy, so innocent. He still couldn’t believe he was with her again.

“You’re not going to screw this up. I love you. I was stupid enough not to tell you last time. I won’t make the same mistake.”

Liz shook her head vehemently. “You’re not stupid Max, I was-

Liz’s words were effectively cut off by Max who leaned forward, his lips touching hers in a feather light touch. She was too stunned to react, not sure if it had actually occurred because his touch was so fleeting. But before she could ponder further, Max’s lips were once again on hers, so soft and warm. He applied gentle pressure, groaning softly when he felt her wet little tongue peek out and lick his lips. He pulled back, not wanting to go so far so soon. They had a lot to talk about still.

His breathing was slightly labored as he leaned his forehead against hers.

“Sorry, I just really needed to do that.”

Liz nodded, causing her head to rub against his. She smiled like a giddy school girl.

“Yeah, um, no problem. It was nice.”

Max’s hands drifted down to hold her hands tightly in his. “Liz, promise me something?”


“Promise that whatever happens between us from now on, that we stop apologizing and putting the blame on ourselves. We need to be honest with each other. We can’t hide our feelings because we think the other one isn’t going to feel the same.”

Bringing her hands up to cup his cheeks, she pulled his head towards her, placing a kiss on each of his cheeks, not able to keep herself from touching him. She had missed this so much.

“I promise.” When he smiled at her, she rubbed his rugged jaw.

“I love you, Max.”

His heart skipped a beat at her words, so delighted that she felt the same about him. That although six months had passed, their feelings for each other hadn’t changed, only grown stronger.

Unable to contain his excitement at her words, he picked her up, hugging her body to his as he twirled them around, a laugh escaping his lips. He kissed her temple, her cheek, her neck, anything he came in contact with.

“I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!” he bellowed.

Liz giggled, her hands landing on his broad shoulders. “Max, put me down!”

Spinning her around one more time, he sat her down on the bed, placing a loud kiss on her mouth. He knew he wanted to talk more, but his lips had a mind of their own, drifting down her neck, making soft love bites. His hands caressed her shoulders, the pads of his fingers tickling her skin as he made his way down her arms.

Liz couldn’t hide her groan when his hand brushed past her breast. She inhaled sharply, an ache building low in her belly. His touch brought back memories of their brief time together, making her wish that he would be so bold as he had been that night that she had seen him perform.

Max inhaled Liz’s scent, committing it to memory. She smelled so good, like fresh strawberries. His hands had began to wander, wanting desperately to touch her breasts that had grown larger to produce milk for their baby. The idea that she would provide sustenance for their child via her supple breasts made his dick hard, pushing insistently against the confine of his cotton pants. He was glad that Liz had walked in on him before he had a chance to change into his leather pants, otherwise, his cock would be screaming for mercy against the tightness of the leather.

His hands played at the softness of her arms before Liz reached down to grab his hands to place them on her swollen breasts. He moaned loudly, not caring if Liz felt how eager he was to touch her.

Her voice was raspy as she urged Max to touch her aching breasts.

“Please touch me, Max.”

Max didn’t need to be asked twice. His large hands squeezed her breasts, amazed at how they dwarfed his hands. He had never been a breast man, but everything about Liz, he loved. His tongue dueled with hers, his erection bumping impatiently against her hip. His dexterous hands managed to pull down the straps of her dress, yanking it gently until her naked breasts were in view.

He expelled a deep sigh, his tongue snaking out to circle her areola.

Liz pushed her chest forward, wanting his tongue to latch onto her nipple.

“Don’t tease me, Max. I need you.”

At her words, Max couldn’t deny her. Opening his mouth wide, he suckled her nipple as if he were a baby drinking hungrily from his mother’s bosom. His mouth was voracious, his teeth gently nipping the hard bud.

“God, help me,” Liz moaned.


Opening the door to her room, Isabel stepped aside to let Maria and Michael in.


Silenced engulfed the trio as they happened upon a very amorous couple.

Isabel looked up at the ceiling, hoping and praying that they hadn’t deflowered her bed.

Michael smirked, turning his head to look at anywhere but the two figures getting busy on the bed.

It was Maria’s voice that broke the two apart, alerting them to their unexpected visitors.

“I’m so glad you liked my gift!”

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Part 17

Post by jasper711 » Sat Jan 07, 2006 9:10 pm

Part 17


“I’m so glad you liked my gift!”

At the sound of the Maria’s amused voice, Max dove over Liz in hopes of covering her up from any unwanted stares. He couldn’t believe that he was so lost in the moment that he hadn’t heard the door open. He was definitely a goner when it came to Liz. A nuclear bomb could go off and he wouldn’t have noticed. Liz could make him forget about everything else.

He looked up to the three intruders, frowning when he saw Michael among the three. He shimmied further over Liz.

“Do you guys mind?”

When no one made a move to exit the room, Max let out an exasperated sigh.

“If it’s not too much to ask, do you guys think you can give us enough privacy so the mother of my child can get decent?”

After three collective gasps, Michael ushered the girls outside, closing the door behind them. Without turning around, Michael called out to Max.

“Take your time. I’ll try to keep these two out here.”

With the door firmly closed behind the trio, Liz banged her forehead against Max’s chest. She kept muttering the same words over and over again, hoping to rewind back to the past.

“That did not just happen. That did not just happen.”

Holding her cheeks, Max gave her an apologetic smile. “I swear, I only meant to talk to you.”

Liz let out a soft giggle, forgetting the fact that she was still exposed. “I really like the way you talk.”

Max flushed, his cheeks burning at her comment. He really had meant to talk to Liz, but he really couldn’t control himself, knowing that they were in love. They were past due for some make up sex, but he had thought he was above that. His cock throbbed painfully in his pants, causing him to laugh. Apparently he wasn’t above such ideas.

“I’m sorry.”

As the words came out of his mouth, Liz’s eyes grew wide. She pinched his bicep. “Hey, I thought no more sorrys.” A ribald grin crossed her face as she pecked his lips. “You’re going to owe me big, buddy.”

Attempting to sit up, Liz laughed when she couldn’t get Max to budge from his position above her. Patting his shoulder affectionately, she waggled her eyebrows.

“As much as I love being in this position with you, we better get up.” She looked towards the door where she could hear Maria’s muffled voice, talking a million miles a minute. “I have a lot of explaining to do about the baby. Maria’s probably already calling Alex to interrogate him to see if he knows anything.”

Max sat up, helping Liz pull the top of her dress up and over her breasts.

“What about the baby do you have to explain?”

“The fact that I’m having one.”

With his brows creased in a frown, Max shook his head. “They don’t you’re pregnant?”

Liz sat up, making sure that she was no longer uncovered. She turned towards Max, a shy smile on her lips.

“Not really.”

“How’s that possible?” He reached out to her belly, stroking her through her dress.

“Well,” she placed her hand over Max’s. “It’s not like I’m showing that much.”

When Max gave her a questioning look, she elaborated. “The women in my family don’t get too big during their pregnancies. They usually end with a small bundle, eventually looking like they swallowed a basketball. The doctor says I’m progressing well. It was real easy hiding behind big sweaters.”

“Why haven’t you told your friends about the baby?”

Pulling his hand up to her lips, she kissed them lovingly. “I needed you to know first.”

“I’m the only one who knows?” his voice creaked.

Liz nodded towards the door. “Yeah, and now Maria, Isabel, and Maria’s boyfriend knows.”

Max pulled Liz to him, kissing her on the lips. It wasn’t a kiss of lust, but one of love. He wanted her to know how much it meant to him that she had saved telling him about the baby first. It was the second best gift he could’ve gotten from her.

“Thank you.”

Liz sat back before they could get carried away again. She pointed to the floor where Max’s shirt lay. “Could you put a shirt on?”

Before Max could ask, she answered with a possessive glance at his body. “I don’t want the girls ogling your goodies.”


Liz chuckled, waiting for Max to put his shirt on before opening the door to questioning glances.

With her hands on her hips, Maria began her tirade. “I know that you guys were making up in there, but I was under the impression that it takes longer for people to become parents.”

“You’d think, wouldn’t you,” Liz said under her breath.

Isabel pointed to her first glance at Liz’s protruding belly sans a large sweater. “That’s why you got bigger boobs!”

Like a reflex, the mention of big boobs caused Michael to look in Liz’s direction. Before he could even look, Max growled at him like a lion protecting his cub. Michael held up his hands in apology.

“Okay, before Maria has a heart attack,” Liz grabbed Max’s hand, squeezing it in hers. “Max and I conceived the night of the Chippendales show.”

“You mean,” Isabel looked between the two, remembering the night that seemed so long ago. “Yay, Liz!” When Maria looked her way with dagger eyes, she just shrugged her shoulders, a smile on her lips to show Liz that she was happy for her.

Maria threw her hands up in the air. “Were you planning on telling us if mouth boy over here hadn’t blabbed?”


Liz stepped forward, reaching out to her friend since childhood. “I wanted to tell you, but I had to let Max know first.”

Maria smiled, tears filling her eyes. “Chica, if I wasn’t so happy for you, I’d be really pissed at you for withholding information. I can’t believe you’re going to be a mommy.” She looked at Max. “But since you have a good excuse, I’ll let it slide.”

“Speaking of being pissed,” Liz looked at the three of them. “If you had planned on having Max and I meet under such circumstances, why are guys back so early?”

Looking sheepishly, Maria looked at the recently reunited couple. “Well, when we hadn’t heard from you, we got worried. We just wanted to be sure that you were okay.”

Pulling Maria into a hug, Liz whispered in her ear. “Paybacks a bitch, Maria.” She winked at her friend before grabbing Max and his bag. “Since you guys have seen physical proof that I’m okay, Max and I are going to back to my place.” She looked to Maria and Isabel. “We’ll we have a date with Ben & Jerry really soon.”

She started out of the room, practically dragging Max beside her.

“But if any of you so much as call or drop by my apartment unexpectedly in the next 48 hours, I won’t be so nice,” she threatened.

“Hurry, Max.” She laughed when she said her next words. “We need to talk more.”

Michael covered his ears as the two lovers made a hasty exit.

“We don’t need to know what kind of talking you guys plan on doing,” he yelled out to the retreating forms of Max and Liz.

We are all on drugs.