Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) [COMPLETE]

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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 130 - 7/11/10

Post by Alien_Friend » Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:19 pm

That Pruitt guy is so annoying. Didn't Michael beat him up a while back? You would think he would have learned his lesson.

Adam is such a sweetheart to have kept those pictures Alex drew all this time. I'm so glad they found each other again.

Luke is a stand up teenage boy. Good for him. The brothers can rest easy... or not. :lol:

Great part!! I love that they have the biggest section in the stands.

Looking forward to Thursday!

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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 130 - 7/11/10

Post by sarammlover » Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:15 am

Finally they were able to put Lance in his place and with a little extra help from some other guys on the team, its about fucking time! I can imagine this cheering section is going to be quite loud. Glad Brooke and Luke are working out so well....its nice for this group to finally experience some decent guys and girls alike. Great update. Its nice to see everyone has become so close. And Adam, what a total gem. I love that he kept Alex's drawings....makes my heart smile. Hugs, Sara

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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 130 - 7/11/10

Post by Natalie36 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:24 pm

all caught up and what a part, lance is such an ass :?

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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 130 - 7/11/10

Post by rosyrosy2882 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:59 am

urrggg, i hate Lance. he is soo freaking annoying! i hope he just pummeled during the game and has to sit his little annoying ass out for the rest of the season. i dont like him :x

poor liz! her bra :lol: thats soo funny! and what kyle said in front of Liz's dad, even funnier! but its so cute(; little lizzie getting as cozy with her super hunky boyfriend :D

HECTOR! i vote-still-as the baby's middle name. just for laughs (: it would be super cute :wink:

Caela is such a little jealous girl! Every girl, from baby to older, she gets so jealous! its so funny :lol: I dont know how she is going to deal with herself after all these girls hug Michael. Plus Michael is a very attractive man so theres a reason why girls are just immediately attracted to him :wink:

Oh Luke (: I think im starting to get a little crush on him. Not saying that im replacing Jason Behr/Max Evans, pshhhh....never! but you know that little, "ohh...he's cutee :wink: ". hahha, he is such a sweetheart to Brooke! what a lucky girl!

cant wait for the game to begin. drumroll pleaseeee! :D
rosy (:


Thanks to RoswellOracle for this beautiful banner (:
Smut Smut Smut Smutter <3 (:

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Double Trouble
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Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 131 - 7/15/10

Post by Double Trouble » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:12 pm

kismet: Hmm, a meeting between Jeff and Max’s parents would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

Yup, ya know it had to happen eventually, right?

This part will cover the game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Looks like most everyone on the team knows that Pruitt’s bad news.

Earth2Mama: Brooke’s easing into her role as the older sister, but we think she’s gonna like it once she really gets into it.

Lol, all it takes is the right guy. ;)

There is a possibility that there’s a reason for the block on Alex’s memory of Adam… something to think about, huh?

Pruitt needs a good beating, huh?

keepsmiling7: You know it! Thanks for reading!

begonia9508: Oh yeah, and there are quite a few new members to get to know!

Eva: They’re finally getting to a place where things are levelling out.

Lol, could be a hint at lots of suspense and drama… or… well, we’ll see…

mary mary: It’s gonna be hard to get any time alone with this big family!

Learning impaired is a kind way to put it. ;)


We’re glad you love it. We love it too, but as with all good things… even this must reach its end.

Alien_Friend: Why yes, he did. Apparently he doesn’t learn easily or well.

Adam’s great and he’s often wondered what happened to the little boy he cared about so much.

Luke is definitely one of the good guys. Now, whether or not the guys can rest easy… well, that has yet to be seen. :)

They’ve come a long way since the beginning when they only had a small handful of people they cared about sitting in those very same stands.

sarammlover: The guys on the team have our boys’ backs! Yup, we’re pretty sure the guys are gonna have the loudest section in the stadium. We think Brooke and Luke are gonna do well together. Close and getting closer, :) Yup, no denying that Adam’s a great guy. He couldn’t bring himself to ever get rid of those pictures, drawn by a little boy that meant so much to him.

Natalie36: Glad you’re all caught up! Yeah, Lance is an ass.

rosyrosy2882: Yeah, we can’t stand Lance either. Lol, hoping for a good pummelling, huh?

Yeah, Liz was just a bit distracted. Kyle just wasn’t thinking when he opened his mouth.

Still holding out hope that the baby gets Hector for a middle name, lol. You just never know. ;)

Caela just isn’t ready to share her Ki-Ki with anyone other than Maria. She seems to be accepting of that particular relationship, lol. Any other girl though… no!

Aww, a little crush on Luke? LOL, nah, we never thought he’d stand in as a replacement for Jason/Max, but we’re glad ya like him. :)

Can ya hear the drumroll?

Part 131 – Football Games and Looking to the Future

“God, I am so nervous I think I’m gonna have to pee soon,” Maria muttered as she watched the guys as the Ref gave the two teams some instructions before turning to walk off of the field.

She sat next to Tess and Liz, while her mother had taken a seat behind her with Jeff, and Adam and Nicole. Sean, Brendan and Karen sat next to the girls, holding Antonia, Tyler and Caela on their laps. Rosie and Sherry were sitting behind them, talking and laughing about something. Alex and Isabel sat below them, a couple of seats down from Luke and Brooke. Brian, Callie and Shane sat in front of them, taking it all in with fascination. Tony was sitting on the same row with his girls, his attention divided between watching the activity on the field and scanning the crowd around them for hot single girls.

“Yeah, me too,” Tess admitted and stood up to wave when Kyle’s parents and Summer arrived. “Over here,” she pointed to some empty seats to her left.

Maria smiled when she saw a familiar face entering the level where they sat. “Excuse me.” She made her way through the half standing, half sitting crowd until she reached her destination. “Hello.”

Ms. Judy smiled when she saw Michael’s girlfriend. “Hello, Maria.”

She introduced the older woman around and Ms. Judy took a seat next to Alex, smiling at him when he stared at her for several long seconds.

“Look like you just saw a ghost, boy,” she teased.

“Oh, sorry,” Alex muttered, realizing that he had been staring. “It’s just… you’re… you’re the Ms. Judy.”

Brooke snickered at his stuttered ramblings. “What he’s tryin’ to say,” she said as she leaned around from Isabel’s other side, “is that he reads your column religiously.”

“Hey,” he defended himself and motioned to the people around them, “my life’s a little bit crazy, okay? I take sanity where I can find it.”

“Michael’s very proud of the three of you,” Ms. Judy said with a smile.

“How’d you get to know Michael?” Alex asked, interested.

“Your brother and I met about a year and a half ago in the city park where he runs. We struck up a conversation when I overheard him make a very rude comment to someone on his phone. When the call ended he realized I had been listening and he smarted off.” She grinned fondly. “He wasn’t expecting me to have a smart mouth.”

“That sounds like Michael,” Brooke said.

Ms. Judy snorted. “He’s a very colorful individual and we’ve had many interesting conversations.”

“Who’s that?” Amy leaned forward to ask Maria when she got back to her seat.

“Michael’s friend, Ms. Judy.” She introduced the two women and leaned back in her seat to watch Michael while the two women fell into a conversation.

Tess got to her feet a while later when a player for the other team knocked Kyle to the ground harder than she thought was necessary. “Hey, Number 5, you’d better watch what you’re doin’ with my man or I’m gonna kick your ass!” she yelled.

“Tess,” Liz hissed. “His parents are around as well as some little ones, remember?”

Tess rolled her eyes. “Let’s see what you have to say when Max gets hit and a bunch of guys pounce on him.”

Jim laid a hand on his wife’s leg when she looked shocked. “Did you really expect anything else from a girl who’s able to deal with our son?”

She sighed and smiled. “You’re right.”

“See? You’ve shocked his mother,” Liz muttered.

“I’m sorry,” Tess said insincerely, “um, you are the one who was on the beach participating in some form of sexual activity earlier, correct? The one who came back with a goofy smile and with her bra undone?” Tess rolled her eyes when Liz shot a quick glance at Maria. “No, she didn’t say anything... I do have eyes, ya know.”

Adam chuckled behind them. He hadn’t heard what the girls were talking about but they had totally missed the last play as the home team made the first few points of the game.

Tess and Liz jumped, looking around when the crowd went wild and started shouting enthusiastically.

“Did ya see that, Callie? Our bro totally knocked that guy to the ground like it was nothin’!” Shane said excitedly and turned to Adam. “Hey, Dad, did ya see that?”

Adam returned the boy’s grin and nodded. “He knows what he’s doin’ on that field, no doubt about that.”

“I am so glad you aren’t playing, honey,” Isabel said and winced when it was Max’s turn to be pushed to the ground roughly.

Alex shook his head when he saw Max shaking his head as he got to his feet with a hand from Michael. “That’s one part of the game I don’t enjoy,” he chuckled.

“Hey!” Liz protested loudly as she stood up. “What kinda play was that? Aren’t they supposed to tackle the guy with the ball?”

“Only if they play fair,” Maria told her.

“Well, someone needs to explain fair to that guy.”


Michael spit his mouth guard out as he pushed himself to his feet, giving the guy he had knocked down a hand up. He slapped him on the back and glanced up at the clock to see how much time was left in the first half. Six minutes to go, he thought, knowing that didn’t really mean anything since six minutes could take a while to play.

“Man, I can’t wait to hold a cold been in my hand,” Max said next to him.

Kyle snorted. “Tell me about it.”

“Still got a ways to go,” Michael said, rolling his shoulders. “Damn, number 10 over there’s really stickin’ to me like a damn burr.”

“Just plow through his ass, man. Use one of those visualization exercises...” Max smirked. “Pretend its Pruitt and just mow him down.”

“If I pretend it’s Pruitt he probably won’t survive the first half.”

“Hey, we’re only up by three,” Troy said, trying to catch his breath as he joined them. “We need to put some serious numbers on the board.”

“Tell me about it,” Michael said, pulling his helmet off to wipe his face.

“Yeah, they’re holdin’ their own pretty fuckin’ good,” Ed said as he joined them and pulled his own helmet off. “I don’t know about you guys, but it’s gonna take more than three points to impress my girl.”

Michael glanced at Maria. He was pretty sure he didn’t need to impress her, but of course he wanted to.

Maria smiled widely when she saw Michael look up into the stands and their eyes locked. She waved happily and her heart flipped over when he raised the hand holding his helmet in response.

“Dude, are you wavin’ to your girlfriend?” Troy teased, shoving him.

Michael grinned and shrugged wordlessly.

Ed reached around to smack the back of Troy’s helmet. “You do know Rita’s sittin’ up there with Mandy, right? Suck it up an’ wave or your girl’s gonna get all pissy and next thing I know I’m gonna be in trouble for not remindin’ you that girls like all that sensitive shit.”

Kyle grinned and elbowed Max. “Sounds familiar, huh?”

“Yeah,” Max snorted, “if we’re talkin’ about how your girl’s full of shit.”

“Least she didn’t slice an’ dice your lucky boxers last night.”

“What? Tess did that to yours?” Michael asked in disbelief.

“Totally decimated the lucky boxers.”

“Dude,” Troy muttered, “that’s not cool. No wonder we’re only up by three.”

“Well, she didn’t know they were my lucky boxers. She just thought I had some weird attachment to an old pair of boxers that should’ve been trashed a long time ago.”

Max snickered. “Hope you got up extra early and put in a good word with Buddha.”

Michael put his helmet back on as the players started to take their positions again. “Let’s go kick some ass.”

Ed and Troy exchanged a look. “Let’s go!”

“They’re back on the field,” Tess informed the other girls when the guys took their position again.

The center snapped the ball and Kyle caught it, running back several steps and scanning the field for his target. Troy was right where he was supposed to be and Kyle shifted back when Max tackled a player coming at him. He pulled his arm back and let the pass fly, the ball spiraling beautifully through the air as it traveled down the field. Troy stretched his arms out, snatching the ball out of the air and pulling it in to his chest as he ran for the end zone. He was dodging players from the other team and he turned, narrowly missing the player that Michael plowed through to protect him.

“Go, go, go!” Tess, Maria and Liz yelled, getting to their feet.

Troy never saw the player coming at him from behind, never heard the sound of two large bodies colliding, but he heard the crowd go wild when he hit another player head on and pushed his way into the end zone to score.

He spiked the ball and his hands shot up in the air before he did an end zone dance in celebration of the touchdown.

Michael looked around at the crowd and he jogged back towards the rest of the team, unsnapping the chin strap and jerking his helmet off. He nodded to Max and tossed it to him as he grabbed the edge of his jersey and jerked it up over his head, fisted hands held straight up as he met Maria’s gaze.

Max grinned and nudged Kyle. “You seein’ what I’m seein’?”

Kyle turned around and rolled his eyes.

The front of Michael’s tee shirt had been printed to read ‘I Love My Girlfriend’ and the back, when he turned around, read ‘Property of Maria DeLuca’. “Seriously, Guerin?”

“I kinda lost a bet,” he told the guys. Well, to be honest he hadn’t really lost the bet, but he had asked Brendan to take care of getting the shirt printed for him just in case he did and what was the point of having the shirt if he wasn’t gonna wear it?

“Uh-huh,” Kyle grumbled. “Ya know what the first thing Tess says to me will be after the game? How come you don’t have a shirt like that, Kyle?”

Michael shrugged. “Not my problem. Not my fault you’re not a genius like me.”

“Genius like you, huh?” Max asked. He reached over and gave Kyle a shove. “Ya know he’s lyin’! He didn’t lose any bet, he just doesn’t want us to know he’s doin’ this of his own free will.”

The commentator of the game fell silent for a minute as he watched what was going on down on the field, making sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing before he tried to describe it for the fans. “What is Michael Guerin doing? It seems like he’s... undressing. Yes, he is! And we can see a tee shirt below his jersey.” He chuckled. “Folks, you’re not gonna believe this. It says: I love my girlfriend. And on his back: Property of Maria DeLuca. So, Maria DeLuca, are ya here tonight? Who’s this girl who’s gonna be getting all the jealous looks at tonight’s New Years’ party?”

Tony grinned and stood up, waving his arms like crazy to catch the attention of the cameras.

“Oh, my God, Tony, would ya take a seat?” Maria hissed. Her heart had started to pound wildly the moment Michael had showed his shirt.

“Maria, how’d you get him to wear that?” Tess asked, impressed.

“I did nothing, it was part of the bet but he didn’t lose it so I had no idea he was gonna do this.”

“Aww, big bad Ki-Ki loves his Maria,” Tony said, using baby talk and making his cousin smack his side as hard as she could. He nodded and pointed at her when one of the camera guys finally located them and he grinned smugly when they locked on her.

“Ah, looks like we found her. Hey, Maria DeLuca, get up so the crowd can have a look at our impressive right tackle’s girlfriend.”

Maria considered choking Tony right there in front of millions of viewers but changed her mind at the last second.

“C’mon, Maria, get up,” Liz and Tess told her.

“Yeah, Cuz, I mean... Ki-Ki has officially let the world know that you own him... can’t just leave the poor guy hangin’ out there now.”

Maria got to her feet and smiled into the camera, waving.

“How embarrassing is this?” Shane asked his sister.

“I think it’s sweet,” Callie told him, motioning for him to be quiet.

“What? Since when do you like mushy stuff?”

“Shut up, Shane,” she hissed.

Michael was grinning like a big fool as he finally straightened his jersey and took his helmet back from Max. “She loves me,” he bragged as he walked backwards.

“Yeah,” Max teased, “’cause that’s news.”

“You wanna get back on the line?” Kyle asked, giving him a friendly shove towards his position. “We’ve still got a game to play.”

Maria shook her head at Michael when he glanced up at her, but she couldn’t stop the big, goofy grin that had spread across her face.

“Oh my, give ‘em another year and they’re gonna be married,” Amy told Adam, laughing.

He chuckled. “I wouldn’t be surprised,” he agreed.

“I can hear you,” Maria told them.

“Somehow I don’t think you’re bothered in the least by this proud parental conversation,” Adam said as he gently kicked the back of her seat.

She turned around and shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind bein’ your daughter-in-law,” she told him with a wink.

“Perfect, we wouldn’t mind another sitter for the kids.” He grinned to let her know he was just teasing. “We already feel like you’re part of the family, Maria. I knew the moment I saw the two of you together that you’re in this thing for the long haul.”

Brendan got to his feet. “I’m gonna go get a hot dog, anyone wanna join me?”

“What, now?” Tony asked as he pointed to the game that was still going on.

“It’s almost halftime and then the lines are gonna be too long to bother with. If I go now I’ll miss the rush.”

“Here, lemme take her while you’re gone,” Adam said and took Antonia when Brendan stood up.

“Ungh, Bren, you’re seriously hungry? After that big lunch?” Maria shook her head at him.

“Me, me, me,” Tyler yelled as he scrambled to his feet to get to Brendan.

Brendan rolled his eyes at Maria. “Lunch was like... hours ago!” He looked down at Tyler. “C’mon, little buddy, let’s go get some munchies.”

“I can see some serious similarities between Brendan and Tyler,” Adam told his wife with an amused smirk.

“Yeah, they’re both eating machines.” She shook her head and smiled when Tyler followed Brendan and as soon as they were out of the aisle he grabbed his older brother’s hand. Her eyebrows lifted when he tugged on Brendan’s hand to make him stop and he turned to look at her. “What is it, sweetie?”

“Ya want somethin’, Mama?” he asked.

“No, thank you, you two go on.”

Caela watched her Daddy leave with the young boy. “Da-da,” she said, glancing at Karen with big eyes.

“He’ll be back soon,” she assured her. “Hey, look,” Karen pointed at the screen when Michael was showed on it. “Ya know him?”

“Ki-Ki!” she shouted happily, unaware of the curious glances she was getting from some of the other spectators.

“Ki-Ki,” Antonia mimicked Caela.

The little girl turned her head sharply at the taunt. “MY Ki-Ki,” she insisted.

Antonia glanced at her daddy uncertainly, expecting him to say something.

Adam kept his gaze focused on the game, well aware of Antonia’s eyes on him. He would wait and see if her behavior crossed the line and if it did he would step in. Right now all of the kids were at the stage where they were trying to figure out how they fit together and they were establishing their boundaries and as long as it didn’t come down to biting or kicking he was fine with letting them figure it out on their own.

The first half ended and people used the break to get up and something to drink or eat.

“Whew, the cheerleaders are coming,” Shane told Callie.

She groaned. “Great.”

“Hey, look!” Brooke shouted. “It’s skanky Courtney!”

“Looks like they forgot that ‘wide load’ sign,” Tony commented and grinned as he high-fived Brooke.

“Hey, I want some nachos,” Callie said, nudging Shane. “Go with me.”

“What? NO! Not now.”

“Oh, c’mon, they’re not that hot.”

Maria smirked. “I’ll go with ya, Callie. I’m thirsty anyway.”

“Ya know,” the teenager complained, “you’d think he’d never seen a girl before!”

“Yeah, it’s always the same with men.”

“It’s true,” Tess said, imparting her wisdom as she joined them. “Big boobs, nice ass, show ‘em some skin and they turn into drooling horndogs.”

Amy shook her head as the girls started to walk off. “Sometimes you just don’t wanna hear what they talk about when we’re not around.”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it. I’ve gotta watch our two oldest... good Lord, the things they talk about and the way they talk about them, it’s enough to make your hair stand on end.”

Brendan and Tyler returned and sat down, the younger boy in Brendan’s lap. Brendan held the hot dog for Tyler while he got comfortable, unaware of Nicole’s scrutiny as she watched the way he acted with her son so naturally and smiled.

“He’s good with him, huh?” Adam said quietly. Tyler rarely felt comfortable around new people and they had never seen him accept someone with the ease he had accepted Brendan.

“Amazing,” Nicole agreed.

“I was a little bit worried about Brooke and Brian earlier, but apparently the antagonism thing works for them.”

“They’re just feeling each other out. I don’t think we have to worry.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

The girls came back as well and took their seats again just as the game started again. Maria sipped on her cold soda while she watched Michael taking his position on the line.

“So, Cuz, I was kinda hopin’ ya might have some single friends,” Tony said as he reached across her to snatch a nacho from the tray in Tess’ hand.

“Hey,” Tess smacked his hand.

“Oh, no, Tony, I am not introducing you to anyone. You just use the poor girls for sex.”

He snorted. “Poor girls?” he mocked. “No girl getting the benefit of my vast sexual knowledge can ever be called a ‘poor girl’.”

“I don’t doubt that,” a girl above them said as she leaned forward and handed a sheet of paper with her cell number to him. “Call me,” she winked at him.

“Well, hello,” he glanced at the paper, “Trisha. You go to school here? Or just out for the game?”

“I’m a student; I live on campus,” she told him. “We’re going to the beach party with the football team after the game.”

“Perfect, I’ll be there too.”

Maria rolled her eyes as Tony made plans to meet the girl at the party. She made a sound of disgust when he turned the charm on and the girl giggled like she didn’t have a brain in her head.

“Seriously? We bring him out in public for this?” Tess asked.

“Do we have a choice?” Maria asked.

“You guys leave Tony alone,” Brooke defended him. “Everyone else has someone and he’s all alone. He needs someone to love too.”

“Hey,” Tony hissed so the girl he had been flirting with wouldn’t hear him, “we’re not talkin’ about a lifetime commitment here.”

Maria groaned. “See! He’ll never change.”

“Hey, people said the same thing about Michael,” Brooke said. “And look, he’s changed a lot.”

“Well that’s true,” Tess said.

“Shhh...” Liz hissed. “Can we please watch the game for a while?”

“Liz, Liz, Liz,” Tony murmured as he got up to move and sit next to her. “Girl, sex has addled your brain. Take your eyes off your boy for five seconds and give your old buddy Tony some love.”

She rolled her eyes. “You are hopeless.”

“But ya love me anyway.”

“I do,” she grinned and bumped his side.

“Evans is a lucky guy, Liz.” He gave her a quick hug.

“They’re all lucky,” Tess corrected him.

“True enough,” he said agreeably.


The football was snapped, the ball held as the kicker’s right foot kicked it and sent it sailing through the air. For a mere moment it felt as if the entire stadium was holding its collective breath and as the ball passed between the uprights pandemonium broke out in the stands and the crowd went wild.

The players flooded the field, high-fiving and congratulating each other as the scoreboard lit up with the final score: 31-21, high score belonging to the home team.

The crowd began to calm after a while and the stadium started to thin out as the spectators headed to the parking lot where their cars were waiting.

Tony stretched and glanced back at the girl who had given him her number. She was gathering her things and she smiled when she turned and caught him watching her. “Tonight?” he asked.

“I’ll be lookin’ for ya,” she answered with a flirtatious wink.

“So, are we stayin’ here?” Callie asked when she realized that everyone else appeared to be leaving.

“We’re just waitin’ for the guys to hit the showers and get ready to go,” Isabel said. “It won’t take them that long.”

Maria glanced at Tess and Liz. “Our hot, sweaty boys are all naked right at this very minute.”

“Oh, lemme think about it,” Tess closed her eyes and imagined naked Kyle under the shower. “Yummy.”

“Behave, Tess,” Maria said, giggling.

“Oh, c’mon, DeLuca! I bet you’re gonna drag Michael into the first possible dark corner after what he did.” She rolled her eyes. He had flashed that tee shirt four times throughout the game, right after every touchdown.

“So sue me... like you won’t be rewarding Kyle for his performance out on the field.” She snickered. “Tell me you haven’t already figured out a way to make sure no one’s ridin’ to the party with you guys.”

“Maybe,” Tess said, grinning.

They all looked up when someone whistled. Max was standing down on the field, waving for them. “C’mon, we’re ready.”

“Okay, I’m gonna cheat,” Liz said as she stood and waved Max closer. “We’ll meet you guys in the parking lot.”

Maria just grinned and shook her head when Liz carefully made her way over the railing and into Max’s waiting arms.

“Let’s go then,” Maria got to her feet first and grabbed her bag.

“Uh-huh... see, Michael Guerin’s girlfriend,” someone said from behind.

She turned to look at two girls who were hovering nearby. “Problem with it?”

“Just wonderin’ what it is that makes you so special,” one of them muttered derisively.

“Uh-huh, sounds like jealousy talkin’,” Tony teased, grinning at Maria.

“Hey, Sexy, need a ride to the party?” Michael asked as he jogged up to the railing and grabbed onto it, hauling himself up and over it.

She smiled and walked over to him, the two other girls already forgotten. “Hey, big boy,” her arms came up around him. “I love you, too.”

“You were surprised, right? You didn’t think I’d do it.”

“Nah, I didn’t even consider that you’d do that.”

He grinned. “No one else did either.”

She chuckled. “I bet you got some remarks from the guys under the shower.”

“Who, me?”


Kyle smirked as he joined them and gave Tess a hand over the railing. “Unless they were congratulating us on a good play there better not have been any comments.”

“Hey, are we gonna celebrate the end of the year before the party?”

Michael lifted one eyebrow, not understanding the question. “Huh? The party leads up to the end of the year so how could we celebrate it before the party?”

She rolled her eyes. “You know what I’m talking about. We discussed it before,” she wiggled her eyebrows and turned to her mother. “I’m not talking about sex.”

“You did not just say that to your mom!” he growled.

“I did,” she lowered her voice. “Wouldn’t be sorry if there was an opportunity for us though.”

“Have her ride to the party with Tony... keep my car free of any additional passengers and we’ll have an opportunity.”

She made a face. “I doubt that’s gonna be possible since Tess had the same idea.”

He groaned. “That little...” He bit his lip and grinned at her apologetically. “I bet my genius mind will come up with something else though.”

“Hey, you two, I just wanted to congratulate you on that fabulous game before I head back home.” Ms. Judy approached them from the side.

Michael smiled at her. “Thanks. You’re already goin’ home?”

She chuckled. “I am not 20 years old anymore, Michael, and a New Years’ party with college guys is probably not the place for me.” She grinned wickedly. “Besides, might just be that I have a date for the stroke of midnight.”

“A date?”

“You’re not the only one who knows how to have a good time, boy.”

“Come to the beach house tomorrow. We’re gonna have a family dinner,” Maria said before he could start prying. “Just tell me where to pick ya up and we’ll come get you.”

“Oh, that’s really very sweet of you, but you both have family here and you should be with them.”

“We will be with them,” Michael told her. “You’re kinda part of it though, so don’t knock back the invitation.” He looked at her and gave her his most charming grin.

“You’re too good to me, Michael.” Ms. Judy reached out and gave him a small shove as she smiled tearfully. “Don’t make an old woman cry, it’s not a pretty sight.”

“Does that mean you’re gonna come?” he asked, smiling.

“You know where I live. Just tell me what time to be ready.”

“We’ll pick ya up at 6pm,” Maria told her.

Ms. Judy was enveloped in a bear hug from Michael and she hugged him back. “Don’t you let that girl go,” she whispered. “The two of you belong together.”

He nodded. “I won’t.”

Isabel looked around at the others. “So, what’s the plan? Let the others go back to the beach house while we head out to do our New Years’ ritual?”

Maria nodded. “I think that works. Karen’s mom offered to stay there with the smaller kids since it’s getting late and they’re all pretty tired.”

“Sounds like a plan then. We’ll get everyone back to the beach house, we’ll go do the,” he rolled his eyes, “ritual thing, head back to say goodnight to the little kids, get everyone together and head out to the beach for the party.”

Plan of action agreed on, they all headed for the parking lot.


Michael parked the Charger on his property on the lake. Max and Kyle followed his lead and came to a stop beside him. It was already well past dark outside and there wasn’t any light except for that coming from the moon, so they decided to leave the headlights of the cars turned on.

“Wow, it’s awesome out here. At least from what I can tell in the dark,” Isabel said, glancing out over the lake, water glistening in the moonlight.

“It’s even better during the day,” Maria told her.

“Be careful where ya step, there’re some holes in the lawn,” Michael said, and came up next to Isabel. “Especially you, Mama.”

She smiled and turned her head when Alex came up on her other side to make sure she wouldn’t fall or stumble.

Max took the shovel and a small metallic case out of the jeep. “Where’re we goin’?”
Michael gestured in the direction of the lake. “Let’s go down over there. The ground’s more even.”

As their eyes adjusted to the darkness more of the shadowed landscape came into focus and Brendan glanced at Michael. “You sure you wanna share this?” he asked as he looked out over the property.

“It’d be a waste for just one house, don’t ya think?”

“Hell, I’m not complainin’,” he denied. “It’s just...” Sometimes it still overwhelmed him that he and Michael had gotten their relationship back on track.

“Don’t get sentimental on me, bro,” Michael warned him and bumped him with his shoulder.

Brendan shook his head. “Not me,” he denied with a grin. “Who knows, maybe I’ll get over my fear of the water one of these days.”

Max stared out at the water before turning to look at Michael. “Hey, you gonna buy a boat?”

“Hadn’t really thought about it, but maybe someday. Why not?”

“The fishin’ out here’s gotta be good.” He rolled his eyes when Michael just shook his head. “Yeah, I know, you probably have better things to do on a boat deck than fish, right?”

“For damn sure, man,” Michael agreed.

Maria snorted at that. “You had to know there was only one answer to that question, Max.”

“We seriously hope you’ll invite us over for a trip on the lake,” Tess told Maria.

“Oh, c’mon, you guys know you’re invited over.” She smiled when Michael grabbed her hand, linking their fingers together. “Now that he’s envisioning the possibilities of water activities with a boat?” she shook her head. “How long do you really think it’s gonna be before they’re out lookin’ at boats?”

“Not before next year,” he joked.

“Good to know you’re not plannin’ to ditch me to go boat shopping in the next couple of hours,” she said, rolling her eyes at him.

He snorted and pulled her closer, kissing her hair. “Ya know I’ll always come back to ya though.”

“I know.” Her arm slipped around his waist and she hugged him.

They stopped near the lake on the even ground and stayed quiet for a few moments, enjoying the view over the water. “So...” Max came up behind Liz, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her against him. “Ya gonna tell me what ya wrote on your piece of paper?”

“Hmm-mmm,” she murmured quietly as she leaned back into his body. “It’s a secret... we don’t say what we write on our piece of paper until we unbury it at the agreed-upon time.”

He chuckled, his lips brushing her ear. “Damn shame.”

“You can tell me if you want to though.”

“Hmm, no. Wouldn’t be fair, would it?” He rested his chin on her head and held her close.

“Wow, it really seems like a lifetime has passed since we arrived in Long Beach, don’t ya think, girls?” Tess asked when she realized that tonight would be the beginning of something new.

Isabel smiled as she thought about the changes they had all gone through over the past few months. “You know, some of it’s been pretty rough, but...” she tipped her head back to look at Alex. “I wouldn’t change it even if I could.”

Maria snorted. “Yeah, tell me about rough,” she bumped Michael in his side with a grin.

Liz grinned. “At least it’s startin’ to all come together now.”

“That’s probably the most important thing,” Karen agreed, meeting Brendan’s eyes in the moonlight.

Brooke rolled her eyes as they all stood around, reminiscing over the last few months. “This is turning into a major emo-fest,” she muttered. Yeah, she had wanted to participate in the whole writing down their thoughts about where they’d be in a few years and then burying it part, but jeez... were they gonna get around to that any time soon?

Luke smiled at her impatient tone. “So, let ‘em be all emo for a while... let’s take a walk.”

She bit her lip when she was about to ask if it was just another walk again. “Okay.”

He wiped his damp palm on his jeans before reaching for her hand and they quietly slipped away from the others. He led the way along the beach until they had rounded a curve that took them out of sight of her brothers and their girlfriends. “Have you already written down your wish or whatever?” he asked.

“Yeah, we wrote them down at the beach house after the game. I think you were outside with Tony when we did that.”

He nodded and turned to face her. Luckily the place they had stopped wasn’t in the direct moonlight so he was hoping that she couldn’t tell he was nervous. Yeah, he’d made out with a couple of girls, but he really liked Brooke and he didn’t wanna screw this up. Damn, girls just had no idea how hard this was for a guy. No pun intended, he thought with an internal grimace.

Brooke noticed the change in his behavior and got nervous. Was he going to kiss her now? Or was he just trying to say something that wasn’t really comfortable for him?

Move too fast and you were a jerk, but move too slow and you were the loser destined to be their next best friend. He cleared his throat and then winced. Great move, Luke, real attractive. Ungh, God! Okay, stop over-thinking it, dumbass, his conscience screamed at him. His right hand lifted to settle against her neck and his thumb stroked her jaw. “I’ve kinda been waitin’ for this,” he whispered as he moved a little bit closer.

She smirked. “Too long if ya ask me.”

He rolled his eyes. “Always so impatient,” he whispered as he presses his lips to hers in a tentative kiss.

“A trait that runs in the Guerin family,” she said, smiling and taking his collar with both hands to pull him down again for another, longer kiss.

He couldn’t help the smirk that surfaced in response to her eagerness and he finally started to relax when he realized that kissing her with tongue wasn’t going to get him kneed in the crotch.

While Luke and Brooke slipped away, the others were watching Max as he tried to make a small hole in the ground for the case that held the papers with their wishes for the future.

“When will we come back and open it?” Maria asked.

“What about the summer after we graduate?” Tess suggested.

“Like... the guys, us, or Brooke? ‘Cause the guys will graduate a year before us and...” Liz rolled her eyes and shrugged when they all turned to look at her. “What?”

“Leave it to you to pick up on the details,” Tess snorted.

“Let’s say the summer after the four of us graduate,” Maria said when she felt Michael shift behind her. She was trying to distract him before he realized his sister had snuck away with Luke for a few minutes.

“Alright, are ya ready?” Max picked the case up and crouched down next to the hole he had dug. “Everything’s in here, right?”

“Yeah,” Maria nodded.

Michael glanced at the case in his friend’s hand and his arms tightened around Maria. If only half of the things he had wrote down came true he’d be happy, he thought.

Maria wondered what he had written down and if it was anything similar to what she had written down herself.

They watched Max as he placed the case in the hole and started to shovel the dirt over it again.

Liz glanced at the others, wondering if they felt the same weird feeling in their stomachs as she did. Their lives would change from here. They had grown up a lot in the last few month and so many things had changed.

Tess looked around, catching Liz’s gaze and smiling at her friend. Things were changing and she had a feeling that the course their lives were going to take had been determined by the decisions and choices they had made since landing in Long Beach just a matter of months ago.

Brendan took his fiancé in his arms when he saw tears glistening in her eyes. “Hey, what’s up?” he whispered, brushing his thumb over her cheek.

Karen shook her head and smiled at him. “The possibilities just suddenly seem endless,” she whispered. “It wasn’t that long ago that we were both alone and if anyone had asked me I never would’ve guessed this as a possible outcome.”

He smiled. “I love you.”

“Ya know, when we come back here, Hector will be with us,” Isabel said happily, glancing at Alex.

He chuckled, rubbing her belly. “He’s with us now.”

Michael glanced around, frowning. “Hey, where’s Brooke?”

The others all looked around and Kyle turned to point to the right. “They’re right there,” he said, motioning to the youngest couple. They were walking on the beach not far away, clasped hands swinging between them.

“Breathe,” Maria reminded Michael.

“Brooke,” Alex called, “c’mon, we’re gonna leave.”

“I’m breathin’,” he grumbled. “You know they were probably somewhere makin’ out, right?”

“Yeah, maybe they were, but ya gotta let her, Michael.”

“I’m breathin’, I’m relaxed, I’m not sayin’ a word... remind me again why I’m not gonna say or do anything?”

She chuckled and took his hand. “C’mon, big boy. Let’s party.”

“Right.” He glanced at Kyle. “What time are we supposed to be onstage?”

“11pm, so let’s get goin’.”
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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 131 - 7/15/10

Post by Cardinal » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:44 am

I was right about the t-shirt! That doesn't happen often, so I'm gonna enjoy it for a bit.


Okay, now that I'm past that, it was another sweet update. Adding Ms. Judy to their family gathering was so thoughtful. And yeah, Michael's gonna get a little extra something for his t-shirt display. Leave it to the so-called 'least romantic ' one of the bunch to come up with such a gesture.

And it was nice to see Brooke and Luke get their first kiss while the older kids buried their time capsule.
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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 131 - 7/15/10

Post by mary mary » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:54 am

Adam kept his gaze focused on the game, well aware of Antonia’s eyes on him. He would wait and see if her behavior crossed the line and if it did he would step in. Right now all of the kids were at the stage where they were trying to figure out how they fit together and they were establishing their boundaries and as long as it didn’t come down to biting or kicking he was fine with letting them figure it out on their own.
Smart Man!!! :D :D :D

Great, absolutely great.


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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 131 - 7/15/10

Post by Earth2Mama » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:03 am

Yeah ... I think that in a year's time - Maria and Michael will DEFINITELY be on the road of marital bliss.

:lol: Love Tess and Liz's antics during the game. Michael's wasn't much of a shocker :wink: The boys could take a lesson from him.

Oh man! I can't wait to find out what they wrote on those slips of paper and put into the time capsule. I bet you anything ... all their dreams/expectation will have come true - albeit, not quite in the way they were thinking ... but pretty damn close!

Excellent update! Sunday is always too far away for my liking :)
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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 131 - 7/15/10

Post by sarammlover » Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:37 am

I tell you this just gets better and better as the time goes on. Love that Luke finally made his move on Brooke and I see she thinks the same thing! Excellent! Hugs, SAra

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Re: Double Trouble (CC, AU, Adult) - Part 131 - 7/15/10

Post by kay_b » Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:36 pm

Loved what Michael did with the shirt. He and Maria were so made for each other. Now I'm curious as to what each of them wrote.