Never Underestimate Fate(DA,XO,CC,MATURE) by Calinia (WIP)

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Never Underestimate Fate(DA,XO,CC,MATURE) by Calinia (WIP)

Post by Kath7 » Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:14 pm

Winner - Round 4


Summary: Liz is an X5, who escaped from Manticore along with her brothers and sisters when she was eight. She hasn't had contact to any of them ever since and has no idea what happened to them.

She ended up in Roswell, where the sheriff arranged for Nancy and Jeff Parker to adopt her right before they moved back to town to open the Crashdown Café. Only her parents, the sheriff and Kyle - her best friend - know about her past and about the fact that she was adopted.

On the night of Max's return from New York something unbelievable happens, that's gonna irrevocably change Liz's life forever, as well as those of a few other people.

Never Underestimate Fate