Lovers (M/L/N ADULT) (Complete)

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Lovers (M/L/N ADULT) (Complete)

Post by Applebylicious » Tue May 04, 2004 6:05 am

Winner - Round 6


Winner - Round 5


Title: Lovers
Author: Lindsay
Category: AU M/L/N
Rating: Heavy ADULT
Disclaimer: The characters of Max and Liz belong to The WB, Melinda Metz, and UPN. However, Nick Gannon is all mine. :D :wink:
Summary: Things heat up between three friends...
Author's Note: If you haven't read my fics Not So Little or Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, then you're going to be in the dark about who Nick Gannon is. So to simplify, I'm going to state that he is an original character of mine. This story has nothing to do with NSL or GTC, in fact it's a complete AU stand-alone fic, all for fun. My good friend Jess aKa StardustDreamer begged me to write a M/L/N piece, and because I love her soo much, I obeyed. :lol: So nothing that happens here has anything to do with the series itself. It's just plain smutty fun. Also, there is male/male sex in this, so if that isn't your thing... you might want to move on. Although, this IS the slash board, too, so... I'll just shut up and post the damn thing, how's that? :P

<center>Dedicated to Jessica, who wanted to see some M/L/N action. Hope this gives you some much needed relief! :lol: Much love, friend of mine.</center>

<center>Up For the Challenge - Nick POV</center>

“You taste so good, baby…”

Liz moans lightly as Max trails his tongue down her neck, coming dangerously close to her breasts. She reaches a hand up and pulls him closer as his lips close over one ripe nipple.

God, they’re beautiful together. I’ve always thought so. Both dark and dusky… so different from my own fair features.

I watch as he gently pushes her legs apart, settling himself between her silky thighs. I lick my lips, mirroring his actions as he bends his head to lave her slit. I close my eyes and can practically taste the salty-sweet muskiness.

I move my hand to my lap, pressing hard against my aching cock as he continues to eat her, listening to their mingled moans and sighs.

Maybe I should feel like a voyeur… and I would, if at that moment he didn’t lift his eyes to mine. There’s no accusation in the amber depths, simply a knowing welcome that sends the remaining blood in my body southward.

Without stopping his erotic ministrations, he beckons me forward, keeping his eyes trained on mine. I take a deep breath, wondering if I truly want to ruin the fantasy by making it a reality.

“Mm… Max… don’t stop…” she whimpers, shifting on the bed and drawing my attention to her nipples. Her swollen, velvety nipples. Before I even realize my actions, I find myself on my knees next to her bed, gazing at her breasts hungrily.

Catching Max’s eyes, he nods his assent and I brush a kiss over one budding peak. She gasps, arching her back as Max drives his tongue deep within her pussy. Her eyes fly open and she stares at me in shock. “Oh, my God!”

“You’re so beautiful,” I murmur, unable to keep from drawing my tongue across her again. “Mm… baby, you taste incredible.”

“Nick…” she trails off and her eyes darken as she eyes the erection that I’m sure is threatening to burst from my shorts. “Wow.” She sends me a sultry, teasing smile that has me swallowing.

I’ve known this woman since we were children, and a part of me has always wanted her. I’m not in love with her, like I know Max is. But I’ve spent more than one hot, restless night fucking her senseless in my dreams.

Those dreams look closer to coming true as the minutes go by…

I glance at Max, still slightly amazed he’s allowing me within this bond of their relationship. He simply stares back at me, and I feel a shocking bolt of lust as he stands, my eyes falling to his jutting cock.

“It’s ok,” he says, and I’m not sure if he’s speaking to me or Liz, but his deep voice resonates with a soothing quality that seduces even as it relaxes. “She’s wanted this for a long time.”

His words penetrate my lust-filled thoughts, and I turn to Liz in surprise, catching her nod of assent. “You… you have?” I ask, looking between them both.

“It’s a fantasy,” she answers, glancing at her boyfriend with a secret, intimate smile. “I’ve always dreamed of being with two gorgeous men at the same time. At least once.”

“What do you say, Nick?” Max rumbles, eyeing me intently, his amber eyes heavy-lidded. “You up to helping me please my girlfriend? She wants two strong cocks, and I intend to give her what she wants.”


“Yeah,” I manage, hoping my voice didn’t catch due to my awesome anticipation. “Yeah, I think I’m… up for the challenge.”

“You certainly are,” Liz purrs, and my eyes nearly cross when she reaches out and closes over my erection through my shorts. “Hmm… is that for me?”

“Lay back, baby,” Max says. “You want this, you’ll have to let Nick and I have control.”

Again, my mind is reeling as the information that not only am I going to be able to fuck her, but that she has to do whatever I ask seeps into my mind. “Fuck…” I groan with glee.

“Not yet,” Max grins, and drops back to his position of licking her dripping cunt. His lips a breath away from her flesh, he says, “Go ahead.”

With that green light, I find myself at odds of what I want to do.

I can hear Max nibbling her pussy, small rumbles of satisfaction pouring from his throat every time she gasps. I need to get in on this. I reach out and pinch one of her nipples between my fingers, tweaking the point until she cries out.

“Ooh… yess,” she moans, working her hips as Max and I work her. Unable to resist, I bend and take her nipple between my lips, suckling her strongly. Her hand tangles in my hair, sending blonde locks into my eyes. Through half-closed eyes I see her other hand buried in Max’s dark mane. “Oh, God… that feels so good…”

Sweat beads across my flesh, and I pull back in order to yank my shirt over my head. Her eyes widen at the sight of my skin, and she purrs in pleasure. “You two are so incredibly hot,” she murmurs, tracing the ridge of my stomach with her fingers, following the thin sprinkling of golden hair that disappears beneath my shorts. She raises hot eyes to mine. “Aren’t you feeling overdressed?”

I’m standing there in a pair of olive cargo shorts, sans underwear, and a pair of leather sandals. But I guess compared to the two naked people in the room, I could be considered overdressed.

“You want me to get naked?” I ask huskily, teasingly pulling at the zipper that rides low on my hips. “You want to see my dick, is that it?”

“I want to suck on you,” she admits, her eyes trained on the bulge between my legs.

“Better give her what she wants,” Max answers thickly, and I can tell he’s getting aroused by seeing Liz get aroused. “Let her suck your cock, Nick.”

“Well, damn, how can I refuse?” I ask wryly, swallowing as I skim the shorts down my hips, my erection springing free. It points straight at the ceiling, filled to overflowing with blood. I let out a breath of relief as the sultry summer air blows across it.

I exchange a glance with Max, and we communicate without words. I position myself near her head, reaching out to run my hands through her silky locks. “God, your hair is amazing,” I say absently, watching as the chocolate waves slip through my fingers. “So soft…”

“You’re hard,” she answers, as Max rolls her over so that she lays on her stomach. His hands grip her hips, tilting her ass in the air so he can drive inside her. She lets out a cry of erotic satisfaction as his cock disappears within her pussy. “Oh, God, yes Max!”

He grunts, pressing deeply inside her as he watches me. “Fuck her mouth,” he whispers, and the sight of the aroused flush coloring both of their cheeks nearly sends me over the edge.

Obeying, because it’s wholly obvious that although he’s the one who’s spoken the least, Max is completely in control of the situation. It’s nice to turn the reins over to someone else, having always been the one with the sexual power. There’s something almost arousing about being told what to do by him.

“Open up, sweetheart,” I murmur, brushing back the hair from her face as I bring my cock to her lips. “Ready for your first taste of this cock?”

She wraps her lips around the head of my dick, sucking softly. My buttocks clench and a hiss escapes my lips as she runs her tongue underneath the head of my cock, teasing the sensitive ridge.

Max drives in deeply, making a slapping sound as his hips slam into hers. I mimic his movements, fucking her mouth in tandem with his thrusts. “Oh, yeeaah, baby…” I groan, biting my lip as she swallows my cock. “God, your mouth is so hot.”

“So is her cunt,” Max groans, pausing to shift onto his knees. He raises over her, bringing our heads closer together as he drives in again and again. Sweat starts to drip from his face and I feel perspiration dotting my own flesh. Our eyes lock.

Liz moans around my cock, and I can tell she’s coming from the way Max’s teeth lock, the muscles of his neck standing out in stark relief as he holds himself back. She sucks me off with a vengeance, and I can feel the first waves of climax approaching.

“Stop,” Max breathes sharply, and yanks her away before I can get off. “Don’t let him come.”

Liz defers to his command, releasing me from her mouth as I stare at them in frustrated shock. “What?” I breathe heavily, my chest rising and falling raggedly. “Oh… fuck, Max… I’m so close… come on…”

“No,” he says simply, withdrawing from her pussy. Dropping a kiss to her shoulder, he smooths back her hair and gently pushes her out of the way, leaving him completely open to my gaze. My eyes drop to his lap and I realize that he denied himself an orgasm as well.

“There’s more to my fantasy,” Liz says softly, bringing my gaze to her as she watches us both. “I want to see Max with another man. I want to watch him as he finds pleasure.”

My heart skips a beat, and sweat drips down my back as panic starts inside me, along with a small dose of dark arousal. “What… no, fuck no. I’m not into that.”

“You think I am?” Max smirks, but behind his gaze is the same aroused discomfort that I feel inside. We’re both wondering what it would be like. “But I’d do anything for Liz.”

“I’m not gay,” I blurt out in a last ditch effort to prevent what I already know I’m going to do. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but I like women.”

“This isn’t about gay or straight,” Liz says, again in that soft, persuasive tone. “It’s purely sexual, Nick. It’s about finding pleasure that you never knew existed. There are no labels… no lines. It’s about the feeling.”

“I… I don’t know,” I shake my head, a hysterical laugh escaping my lips. “God, doesn’t it bother you, thinking about me with him? Or me with her?” I direct the latter towards Max, who hasn’t spoken the last few minutes. Just continues to stare at me with those piercing golden eyes.

“It’s you, Nick,” Liz answers, running a hand down my arm. “I could never be jealous of you. I love you, we love you.”

“I want to please Liz,” Max adds, his husky timbre wrapping around me and sending a shiver of excitement down my spine. Fuck. I feel myself grow even harder. Judging by the light in his eyes, he knows. “What do you want, Nick?”

Uttering a low curse, I find myself replying, “I want to fuck you. Jesus Christ…”

Liz inhales at my admission and Max stares for a second, before his lips curl. “All right,” he answers, nodding to Liz. She bites her lip and reaches over to her bedside table, pulling out a small tube.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” I hold my hands up. “What are you guys doing with that?” I incline my head towards the lube. “Why do I have the feeling I’ve just been manipulated?”

Max snorts. “You’re too goddamned stubborn to be manipulated, Gannon,” he says wryly. Then grins. “Except in this case.”

“You did plan this!” I hiss, feeling scandalized. But a smile lifts my own lips. “Pretty smooth.”

Liz stands up, walking behind Max. The smile fades from my face as I watch her run a hand over his ass, the cheeks automatically clenching together. “Relax,” she whispers into his ear, nibbling on the lobe. “God, I love you, baby…” she lays her forehead on his and they kiss tenderly.

I clear my throat, looking away and feeling like a fifth wheel. That’s when I feel a hand circling my cock. It doesn’t feel smooth and soft like a woman’s touch… and sure enough, when I look down I see Max’s broad, long-fingered grasp squeezing my flesh. I look up and as if in slow motion, he draws me into their kiss.

The first touch of my tongue against theirs sends a spark through my body, and my dick twitches. My eyes close as I lose myself in the sensation. It’s all lips, and tongues, and hands groping flesh and I begin to understand Liz’s words.

It’s all about the feeling.

Liz pulls away, but I hardly notice as Max’s lips settle more firmly against my own, nibbling and sucking with a masculine ardor that is erotically different from every other kiss I’ve ever had in my life.

Our chests rub against each other and our erections brush, causing us both to groan. We break away and stare at each other for a long moment, before he breathes, “Do it, then.”

I swallow nervously, breathing with arousal. “Are you sure?”

In answer, he turns over and offers himself to me. I stare at the tiny hole, a moment of stark clarity breaking into my fog of passion. Am I really about to fuck one of my best friends?

A male best friend, at that.

“For fuck’s sake, Gannon, it’s not getting any tighter,” Max complains, and I bite back a chuckle at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Stop whining,” I answer, reaching over to take the bottle of lube from Liz’s hand. She kisses me on the lips lightly, winking before turning her attention to her boyfriend.

“Baby… look at me,” I hear her whisper, and the rest of the conversation is lost as I squirt some of the lube onto my hand and reach down to part his cheeks. I hesitate, then spread the glistening residue across his opening.

His hips jerk. “Shit, it’s cold,” he grumbles, but I hear the nervous anticipation in his voice.

I press harder against his ass, slipping the tip of my thumb inside. His cavity immediately clenches around my thumb and I shudder, thinking about how its going to feel when my cock is deep inside him.

I glance up and see that they’re now kissing hungrily, and I silently thank Liz for the distraction as I run a lubed hand down my shaft. Bringing the head of my cock to his opening, I take a deep breath and push.

“Fuck!” we both groan as I slip an inch inside. I lay my head against his back and struggle to breath as his tight ass squeezes me.

“Ah, fuck that’s tight,” I groan, and all worries of sexuality disappear as the urge to fuck him senseless overcomes me. “You feel tight as a virgin, Max.”

“I am a virgin,” he grits out, “there, anyway. Christ, Nick… just how big is your dick? Is it all the way in yet?”

“’Nother couple of inches, man,” I answer, biting down on the apple of his shoulder so that I don’t completely lose myself before the good shit starts.

“Shit,” he answers, but the word is uttered with aroused expectancy, not pain or disgust. “Hurry, man, I’m close.”

“You’re telling me,” I mumble, noting how his balls are drawn tight against the base of his cock. “You are primed.”

I push in another few inches, and he lets out a sharp groan as I feel the tip of my cock brush against a swelling inside him. He arches into my thrust, sending me even deeper. “Oh… yeeaah…”

“God, you two look so beautiful together,” Liz says thickly, and I look up to see her stroking herself while watching us intently.

“You’re beautiful,” Max answers, bending his head to brush a kiss across her thigh. “Open up for me, baby. I want to eat you all up.”

I whine through my teeth as he starts going down on her, and slide further inside until finally, the base of my cock brushes his ass. “I’m in,” I state out loud, wonder in my voice. “Are you ready?”

He doesn’t answer with words, intent upon the feast before him. But he leans further into me, giving assent.

I slowly pull out, groaning as he clamps down on me, then fluidly push back inside. After a few thrusts, I pick up a decent rhythm and the sounds of groans and grunts can be heard through the room.

Liz comes again, crying out as she arches her neck and lifts her hips into Max’s mouth. “Max!” she cries out, and I drive in harder as a shadow of their shared passion drifts through me.

“Oh… me too!” he calls out, arching back as my hips slap against him. “Fuck me harder.”

Liz slides down and takes him into her mouth as he jerks, letting out a gutteral groan that sends me over the edge. His anal contractions milk me dry as I collapse against his back, shuddering with pleasure.

“Oh God, Oh God…”

It’s like our mantra.

I pull out of him, grabbing a tissue from the bedside and using it to wipe the semen that’s dribbling out of his opening. Then I collapse onto the bed next to them, our legs tangled.

For a long moment, the only sound to be heard is the hum of the ceiling fan and the muted radio. I turn my head and regard my friends. My lovers. “Anyone else hungry?”

They groan. “Don’t you ever think of anything besides food?” Max complains gruffly. “I’m all fucked-out, and he wants to eat.”

“I’ll get something,” Liz giggles, standing to retrieve a chenille robe. “Don’t you two do anything until I get back,” she sings teasingly.

“Is she kidding?” I grunt. “I couldn’t move right now if Satan walked through the door with the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. I couldn’t move if Jenna Jameson herself climbed on top of me and begged me to do her. I couldn’t move if- ”

“Shut up, Nick.”

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Lady Scorpio wrote:Although I haven't admitted, I'm an extreme Nick Gannon fan. He is just to fine.
Really?! How many more of you are out there? Come out of hiding! :lol: :P
magikhands wrote:Hot Damn Girl!!!That was totally...There are no words to describe how I feel right now....WOW! I loved it, the three of them together was so Sexy!! The picture you painted for us with Max was wonderful...Can't seem to say enough but I loved it!!!
I hope this part does it justice. I'm not so sure... :oops:
MamaDee52 wrote:Dee grabs a ciggie.puff puff puff. OMG Lindsay! Talk about EXTREME SLASH!
LOL, you should luuuurve this part then! :P
truman11883 wrote:Fuck me!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
sunrise102 wrote:Wow! This was pretty hot. I gotta tell ya Lindsay slash is just soooo not my cup of tea. In fact I believe the only other slash story I have read is Breathless' Tres Amantes and that story is the only reason I was brave enough to try this one. :oops: They were almost too much for my virgin little eyes :mrgreen:

*whistles* I gotta go do some stuff...
Well, I'm definitely no Deb... but I hope I made your voyage into Slashdom as painless as possible! :D
Scottie wrote:I don't know who Nick Gannon is, but I'm sure I'm going to find out!
Awesome :!: Hope you like the Nickster. :wink:
desertskies wrote:Scottie sent out a Slash Ho fic alert e-mail so I had to come on over and read this immediately. How did I miss this story?

Very steamy!!!!!! Enjoyed it a lot. I hope you decide to write a whole series of M/L/N fics. :)
Well, I had planned on just making this a short three-parter with each of their POV's. If you guys really want me to continue... I can maybe try it out. I don't know how good I am at this... :roll: :oops:
Behrsgirl77 wrote:First of all I just want you to know that I never travel on this end of the board BUT because it was you I made an exception
Awww... serious?! I feel so honored. :D :D

Okay guys, we made up a Max/Nick shipper name. We're the Testosterone Overloaders. :lol: Still thinking of one for M/L/N, so if anyone has any good ideas, lemme know! :D Enjoy Max's POV...

<center>Male Bonding - Max POV</center>

As I begin to awaken from the last lingering clutches of slumber, I become aware of hushed voices, excited murmurs.

“What’s wrong?” I hear Liz whisper.

“It's Max,” Nick answers in a subdued voice filled with amazement. “I want to make him come again, so fucking bad.”

The words pierce my cloud of drowziness, and have my cock lengthening as I bite back a groan.

“Shit,” he curses, and I feel a light brush against the base of my half-erection before the touch disappears. “Why is this happening?”

“We’re three, Nick,” Liz answers in a seductively reassuring tone. “This is happening because it’s meant to be. I know you felt it. He wants it, too… don’t you know that?”

“I don’t know,” he sounds unsure, but totally turned on as well. “I’ve never had these kind of thoughts for another guy before. This is all too intense.”

“I know, but that’s what makes it so incredible.”

Before he can answer, I open my eyes and train my sleepy gaze on them both. They lie on either side of me, gazing down at my naked body as the moonlight pours across my skin.

I take in the sight of Liz’s dark, ripe nipples and the shadow between her legs, then slide my gaze over Nick’s lithe form, and the heavy weight at the juncture of his thighs.

Arousal pumps thick and hot through my blood.

“She’s right,” I say in a husky, sleep-roughened tone. “Come on, Gannon. You aren’t gonna turn pussy on me now, are you?”

He growls warningly, which has my lips curling as I glimpse the rising of his cock. He bares his teeth at my teasing, to which I quirk a brow.

“Hey, what’s wrong with pussy?” Liz asks in mock offense, and I turn to her with love shining from my eyes.

“Nothing wrong with yours, that’s for sure,” I murmur, pulling her closer for a kiss. “Mmm… this is worth waking up for,” I tease, licking her lips as she melts into the embrace.

“Guys,” Nick groans, and without breaking away from Liz, I reach out and yank him closer. We’re all laughing as our noses bump and lips crush together.

The feel of Nick and Liz’s tongues sliding against my own in a three-way tangle sends blood rushing towards my cock, filling it to near bursting. “God…” I groan, pulling away and gasping at the sensation. “Intense.”

“Lay back,” Nick commands in a thick voice, blue eyes burning with aroused determination. “I’ll show you intense.”

Raising a brow, I comply, taking my time to spread out on the bed, stretching my arms behind my head as I gaze at him challengingly. “Go ahead.”

With an evil chuckle, he reaches down and begins to massage my balls, rolling the sacs between the calloused palms of his hand. He scoots down and uses one hand to prop his head as his other continues exploring my cock.

Liz makes a soft sound, and bends down to lick at my erect nipple. I brush at her hair as it slides into my face, breathing in the scent.

I let out a soft moan as Nick runs his fingers over the broad vein running the length of my erection, then wraps them around my rigid flesh and begins rubbing down the length of my dick. “Oh… damn.”

“You like that?” he asks gruffly, his eyes trained intently on mine as I stare at him from under heavy lids. His fist squeezes around my cock, forcing a glistening drop of semen from the tiny slit at the head of my cock.

“Shit,” I mutter, unable to keep from arching my hips at the feel of his snug grip. “Do your worst, why don’t you?”

My eyes cross when he bends down and roughly licks the head of my cock. “Fuck, that’s pretty good…”

“Oh, my God…” Liz moans, pulling away and sliding her hand between her thighs as she watches Nick trail his tongue down the length of my dick.

“Fuck. Fuck!” I hiss, dropping my hands to his blonde head, forcing him to take it all in. “Ah, God yes… suck!

His efforts intensify at my excited reactions, and he begins sucking my cock in earnest, his cheeks hollowing as I thrust into his mouth. “Shit, Max,” he manages, looking up at me as I tense in orgasm.

“Ah, damn… here I come,” I manage to warn him, but to my complete shock and neverending gratitude, he simply sucks me in deeper as I spurt down his throat. “Ahh…!”

As I stare at the ceiling in afterglow, unable to move as Liz continues nibbling softly on my chest, Nick licking below. “Wow,” is all I can say.

“You have no idea how sexy that was,” Liz admits, her cheeks bright with arousal. “You two together… it’s simply incredible.”

“Me,” Nick rasps, sitting up on his knees and drawing my attention to the painful erection jutting out from the thatch of dark blonde curls. He grips my head, bringing me to a sitting position.

His tongue slides over my lips, my teeth, every dark hollow in my mouth. I can taste myself on him, and surprisingly the taste is just as erotic in Nick’s mouth as it is in Liz’s.

A moan works its way up my throat, and vibrates into the kiss. We break away and stare at each other for a long, heated moment. Then he starts lowering my head towards his lap.

“Wait,” I protest silkily, stilling his hands. “I have an idea.”

“So do I,” he growls. “And it involves your mouth on my cock, sucking the come right out.”

I laugh at his crudeness, realizing he’s now fully embraced the connection between us. “As fun as that sounds, it’ll have to wait until later,” I say, pushing him back to lay in the spot I had just vacated. “Close your eyes.”

He eyes me suspiciously before sighing and squeezing his lids shut, the blonde lashes fanning across his angular cheeks. “This better not involve leather whips and Crisco. I’m not that kinky.”

“Shut up,” I murmur in a darkly erotic tone, licking my lips as I pull Liz closer. “Baby, you look good enough to eat.”

“Have a taste,” she purrs, spreading her legs and gifting me with a view that makes my mouth water.

Amazingly, my cock begins to swell again as I catch the subtle scent of her arousal. “Hmm… later,” I promise, brushing a wet kiss across her stomach. “Grab the lube for me, baby.”

Nick’s lashes flutter and he squirms uncomfortably. “If you’re going to fuck me, you better make it good, Max.”

Instead of answering with words, I run my oiled hands down his thick erection, rolling the long cock between my hands as I smear on a layer of lube.

He groans and his cock twitches in my hands. “Oh yeaah… that’s nice.”

With a small chuckle, I get up on all fours and crawl up his body. “You know what would be nicer?” I murmur, rubbing myself against his greased cock.

“Shit yeah!” he arches his hips. “Damn, that’s… that feels fucking awesome.” His hands come up to grasp my shoulders and he pushes my harder against him. “Let me fuck you, dammit!”

“Since you asked so nicely,” I answer wryly, turning around and positioning myself facing Liz as I lower myself on his blade-hard cock. I bite my lip and close my eyes as the thickness invades my ass, stretching me in a way that sends bursts of liquid fire straight to my growing hardness.

“Yeah!” Nick cries out beneath me, his eyes flying open as I look over my shoulder. “It’s so good. So fucking awesome…”

He thrusts up so deeply that I can feel his entire length inside me. Resisting the urge to come right then and there, I reach out for Liz. “Come here,” I gasp, pulling her against me. “I want to take you both at the same time.”

“Max…?” she asks in a voice heady with question and excitement as I lift her onto my lap. “Are you sure…”

“This will work,” I promise, kissing her hungrily. I slide a hand down her stomach and dive straight into her creamy cunt. “Oh, hell yeah… you’re so fucking ready for me.”

“Maax…” she moans, lying her head on my shoulder as I take my cock in hand, leading it towards her core all the while steadily impaling myself on Nick’s erection.

“Can we hurry this up?” he grunts from below, in a voice strained with passion. “I can’t hold back much longer.”

“Then come,” I mutter, baring my teeth as I ease into Liz’s tight pussy. “Ah… God, incredible, baby.”

“I want to come with you guys,” Nick whines through his teeth, his face flushed a dark red and sweat gathering on his brow as he arches his hips deeper into me. “Ah… I'm gonna blow…”

“So wait. Ah yes…” I hiss, slamming Liz down deeper onto my cock. “God, you guys feel so good.”

“Ooh, yeah, baby,” Liz moans, wrapping her arms around my neck as I drive back inside her.

“Aw, man…” Nick complains.

“Oh, hell,” I groan.

“Harder!” he growls, even though I’m slapping against him every second. “Dammit, do it, I can’t stop… ah! I’m coming, dammit!”

His hips work against my buttocks and I thrust deeply inside of Liz, letting her contractions milk me as Nick moans below me.

We all collapse in a sweaty, sticky heap, breathing heavily. I’m the first to let out a satisifed rumble, and Liz answers by rubbing her leg across my thigh.

“You guys are going to be the death of me,” Nick groans, then his eyes light up mischievously.

We all answer at the same time. “But what a way to go.”

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Thanks to all the Slash Ho's for coming out... and for making me one of you! :D I feel incredibly honored. I'll definitely be writing some more slashy goodness in the future. :wink: Hope you all enjoyed this little kinky escape :!: :lol:



<center>Loosen Her UpLiz POV</center>

“I want to try something.”

I look up from where I’m lazily tracing circles on Max’s lower belly and meet Nick’s mischievious grin. He props his head on one hand and splays his fingers with mine on Max’s abdomen.

“Why do I get the feeling we should all run for cover?” Max teases huskily, his fingers joining the tangle.

“No, you’ll love this,” Nick promises, licking his lips as an unholy light enters his deep blue eyes. He leans over and whispers something in Max’s ears, and my boyfriend’s gaze widens then darkens as Nick pulls back.

“Damn, that would be hot,” he admits, and the two turn to glance at me. I feel a wave of dizzying lust consume me at being the center of attention for two completely gorgeous male specimens.

They appear like opposite ends of a yin-yang, one dark and sensual and the other fair and flirtacious. Naked, they are enough to induce an orgasm without any physical stimulus whatsoever.

“What?” I laugh nervously, feeling a shy blush creep over my skin as they practically devour me with their intense stares. After all we’ve shared tonight, I can’t imagine how I could be timid… but they manage to leave me both apprehensive and breathless with anticipation.

Max leans forward and kisses me, drawing me closer to him with his hand against the back of my neck. “You’ve been so good, baby… watching me and Nick get off all night.”

“It’s your turn,” Nick adds in a gravelly voice, coming up behind me and sliding his hands around to cup my breasts. The feel of his rough fingers rolling my stiffening nipples drags a moan from my throat.

Max catches the sound of pleasure with his lips, sucking my tongue into his mouth to tangle with his own. “God, you’re beautiful,” he murmurs, his hands caressing my face as he gazes up at me. “Do you trust me?”

Nibbling my lip as Nick bites my shoulder, tenderly laving the sting away, I answer, “You kn… know I do.”

“Do you trust me?” Nick whispers into my ear, the tip of his tongue tracing the shell. His fingers continue to tweak one breast as Max’s lips circle around the other nipple, suckling lightly until I can’t hold back a desperate cry.

“Yes…” I whisper, raising one hand around to wrap around Nick’s head and using the other to hold Max’s to my breast. “Oh, God, that feels soo good.”

“We’re about to make you feel so much better, baby,” Max whispers, meeting my eyes. “Just you wait.”

“What are you going to do?” I manage between the sensual assault they’re both wreaking upon me.

Nick laughs lowly and breathes into my ear, “We’re gonna make you cream yourself, sugar… crying our names.” He punctuates this comment by biting my neck roughly.

His crude words have damp heat settling between my thighs, and judging by the burgeoning arousal burning in Max’s eyes, he can tell. I shift, straddling his stomach and fighting to keep from rubbing against him like a kitten at a scratchpost.

“Baby, you’re dripping,” he purrs approvingly, and slips a hand down to investigate. “Mmm… you want us to take you, don’t you?”

“She wants it,” Nick rasps, licking his lips as he watches Max continue to rub circles across my clit. “So let’s give it to her.”

Before I quite know what’s happening, I’m immersed into a tangle of arms and legs as the two switch places. Max comes up behind me, bending me at the waist so that my head touches the bed. He begins nibbling on my shoulder as Nick slides his way down between my legs, his breath brushing across the juncture of my thighs.

“Guys, what…” I trail off with a gasp as the knob of Max’s cock brushes against my core. I bite back a moan as he continues to tease me, slowly sliding back and forth but never entering me.

Nick makes a sound from below and I feel a slight jolt of embarrassment at the picture we must present, completely bared to his gaze. His next words, however, dispel any lingering hesitation and fuel the inner fire threatening to take me over.

“Fucking gorgeous,” he murmurs, his thumbs coming up to spread me open to his gaze. “Oh, yeah… you are creamy.”

A scream escapes my lips as he lifts his head and drags his tongue across my folds, rubbing my outer lips with his thumbs as he makes sexy little growling noises in the back of his throat.

Max stiffens behind me and lets out his own groan, and I assume that he must have received a few small licks himself. With a low curse, his hands cup my breasts, tugging at my nipples as he rolls his hips against me. “Ah, God.”

I can feel the early stages of climax approaching, the tiny quakes within my core building in speed and intensity. I arch my back towards Max and grind into Nick’s face, begging them with incoherent pleas to help ease my aching.

Nick pauses in his fervant lapping, and speaks in a voice rough with desire. “She’s so fucking close, buddy. Go ahead and take her.”

As if he’d been waiting for those exact words, Max drives inside my core with one deep thrust, releasing a bellow of satisfaction as my inner muscles clench around his thick penetration.

“Umm…” is all I can say, so relieved by the feel of his cock stroking my throbbing walls. “Oh, yes…”

His fingers clamp around my hips, holding me still as he continues to mount me, groaning with every withdrawal.

“Christ,” Nick hisses, returning to his cunt licking with a vengeance. His lips close around my clit and suckle, and from my vantagepoint I watch as his cock hardens, pulsing in tune to his rapid heartbeat.

I lick my lips, longing for the musky taste of him as they both continue to make love to me. Bending down, I wrap my lips around the broad head of Nick’s cock, relishing the gutteral moan that hums against my pussy.

“Shit, you are hot!”

I fight back a grin at his words, sucking his cock deeply into my throat as Max plunges inside me. “Eat me, Gannon,” I say impishly, mimicing Max’s tone from earlier.

Nick chuckles, his tongue pressing against my clit. “Rest assured, I am.”

Despite the erotic situation, we both start laughing, until Max thrusts so deeply inside my pussy that it rips a moan from my throat.

“Just making sure you guys didn’t forget I was here,” he says huskily, brushing my hair out of my face and nibbling on my shoulder.

“How could we forget?” I answer coyly, arching my hips into his driving cock. “God, baby… I love your cock in me.”

Nick groans theatrically. “I love when she says cock. Talk dirty to us, Liz.”

“What should I say?” I bite my lip as he reaches up and tweaks my nipples. “Oh, God… do that again.”

“Do what?” he breathes cheekily, exchanging an amused glance with Max. “Were you talking to me or Max?”

“Mm…” I moan as Max shifts and his cock brushes against a pleasure point deep inside me. “Oh, my…”

“Did you want me to play with your nipples, babe?” Nick continues in his husky bedroom voice. “Or did you want Max to keep fucking you with that damn awesome cock of his? Hmm…?”

“Both!” I gasp desperately. “Oh, please… I’m on the edge.”

Instead of helping push me over, they both back off. Max pulls himself out of me and Nick slides out from beneath me, leaving me sputtering in aroused discomfort. “Wha… what…?”

“Breathe, baby,” Max grins, a devilish expression in his golden eyes. “You’ll pass out if you hold your breath like that.”

“You… bastard,” I hiss at Nick, knowing full well he’d planned this. Most likely to get me back for our first encounter, where I’d made sure to leave him hanging by a thread. “Fuck me, dammit!” I throw all sense of propriety out the window, arching my hips and offering myself up to Max.

Nick clucks his tongue. “Dirty talk will get you everything,” he promises in a dark tone. “Where’s the lube, Liz?”

I frown, not understanding. “You aren’t going to fuck Max. Not when I’m this close. No way.”

“The thought never crossed my mind,” he drawls, lips curling in a sensuous smile. “Lube?”

“I put it on the table,” Max offers, drawing my attention to him with a finger beneath the chin. “Baby, I promise you’re going to like this.”

“Like what?” I demand in frustration. “What I’d like is to have your dick buried inside me.”

“You’ll have it,” he promises, pulling my mouth to his. “You’ll have both of us…”

At first I’m so lost in the erotic haze his lips and tongue create that it takes a moment for his words to penetrate. But as Nick comes up behind me, his hard body pushing me down against Max’s equally muscled form, I stiffen in realization. “You’re going to…?”

“Shh,” Nick whispers, and I hear him pop the top of the lube, palming it down his thick shaft. “I’ll go slow,” he rasps. “Just relax… it won’t hurt much.”

I think about arguing, but deep down the idea thrills me. The thought of having two men take me, really take me at once makes my pussy swell in excitement. “Max?”

“I got you baby,” he breathes, thrusting inside my core from below. “Oh, God… I fucking love being inside you, Liz.”

“Yeahhh… ride his cock, Liz,” Nick purrs, probing at my rear entry with the head of his cock. “God, you’re going to be tight as hell. Concentrate on Max, okay sugar? Think about how good his dick feels… stretching you wide.”

His dirty talk arouses me. Max gets into the act, but no one I know has a potty mouth like Nick. I shouldn’t be surprised that his outrageousness would extend to the bedroom.

I bend down and meet Max’s lips just as I feel Nick’s cock push past the first tight ring of my anus. There’s a sharp burning, but other than that… I just feel really full. “Oh… wow…”

“That about says it,” Nick groans, and I can practically hear his teeth grit as he slips in another inch. “How you doing, sweetie?”

“I can feel you both… so deep…” I moan, resting my head against Max’s chest as they both thrust inside me, in and out. In and out.

“I’m gonna come so fucking hard,” Nick whines through his teeth, his fingers clenching on my upper thighs. “Oh, Jesus…”

“You’re so hot,” Max groans in agreement. “Sticky hot and so damn wet… God, Nick, I think I can feel you.”

“Yeah?” Nick murmurs huskily. “God, I think I love you both.”

His words, filled with aroused wonder send me over the edge, contracting and squeezing both of them as I moan in helplessness. “Max… Nick…”

“Ah, shit!” Max lifts his hips as he joins me, the cords in his neck taut as he spurts inside me. “Ah… it’s never been this good…”

“Yeahh, come for me,” Nick purrs, jerking as his own orgasm erupts. “Fuck. Fuck!

“Come here,” I murmur throatily as he collapses on top of us, sandwiching me between the two men who make me feel things I’ve never thought possible. “Come here and let me love you.”

He spoons my back, Max warming my front as we cuddle together and exchange kisses. I can feel the hesitation radiating from Nick as the moment becomes sedated and languid.

“Maybe I should get going…” he trails off questioningly.

I turn to look at him and see the doubt churning in his blue eyes. “What’s wrong?” I ask in concern.

“I just…” he makes a frustrated sound. “We had our fun, right? I don’t want to intrude on you guys…”

“It’s a little late for that,” Max laughs warmly, leaning over me to grasp Nick’s hand. “Nick, we want you here. With us.”

He raises a brow. “For fucking.”

“For loving,” I correct, not caring at how cheesy it may sound. “I told you… we love you. We want this.”

He’s quiet for a moment, then laughs and shakes his head. “This is insane, you know that right? How can three people have a relationship? It will never work. It isn’t normal.”

Max catches my eye and we exchange a secret smile before moving so smoothly that he never sees it coming, as we pin him down against the bed.

“What’s so great about normal?”

<center>~The End~</center>