Welcome To My World (AU,WA, M/L,Adult) (Complete)

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Welcome To My World (AU,WA, M/L,Adult) (Complete)

Post by Itzstacie » Fri Jun 11, 2004 1:40 pm

Winner Round 9



AUTHOR: Itzstacie
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything. If I did things would have never turned out like they did.
E-MAIL: Stacie34@cox.net
SUMMERY: AU = -another Max/Liz best friends thingy, will switch between Max and Liz's POV.
BANNER: Made by Ella

Part 1- Liz's POV

Tap, tap, tap

Hey you out there, don’t try and hide I know your there watching and waiting.

You’re intrigued, you’re curious, its okay to admit it, there are others out there just like you. You want to know what’s so special about a small town girl.

What makes her so important that everyone wants to know about her?

When you figure it out please let me know because I still don’t have a clue.

I guess I can start with the basics my name Elizabeth Parker, my friends call me Liz. You can’t call me that yet because I don’t know you, maybe later on...I’ll let you know.

Like I said before I’m a small town girl, born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico. Yes I know alien capital of the world, do they exist, maybe... maybe not, I’ll tell you one day.

Back to me I am sixteen, a junior at West Roswell High. I live with my father and mother, I know hard to believe in today’s societies.

I live in a little three bedroom apartment above a restaurant called the Crash Down, my parents own it. I work there along with one of my best friends Maria, but I will tell you about her in a little bit.

Anyways back to the restaurant, it’s decorated with alien theme, with cheesy menu items like Blood of Alien Smoothie. We have to wear these little uniforms with alien head aprons and little silver antennas to top it off.

Don’t ask me what drugs my father was taking when he made this stuff up, honestly I think he did acid when he was younger and he was having a flashback.

Now for my looks, I don’t consider myself ugly, but I don’t consider myself a total knock out either, I think sometimes if I cover myself in chocolate I can get lost and no one would find me. I have long brown hair, brown eyes (hence hiding myself in chocolate) I mean no one would even notice.

I have several friends, I wouldn’t say we are popular but we aren’t outcasts either, we just pretty much stick to ourselves. Want to meet them? I’ll give you the run down.

First there’s Maria, with her short blonde hair and her big green eyes, she manages to turn a few heads every now and then. The thing I love and hate about her, point blank her mouth, she can talk a mile a minute without stopping to take a breath.

But she’s kind, loyal and caring she’s the best friend anyone would want to have. Don’t get me wrong she’s not perfect; let’s just say you want to be across state lines if she gets riled up. Between you and me it happens a lot.

There’s Michael, he’s Maria on again off again boyfriend, and presently they are on right now. I give them a week before their off again. Michael is quiet, not a shy quiet but he just doesn’t like to talk much. (Expect when he’s fighting with Maria) It’s kind of ironic that he and she are together I mean one is almost mute while the other could make you buy stock in ear plugs to tune her out.

Let’s see moving on there’s Kyle, now Kyle is your typical jock when it comes to playing, if you ever saw him without his letter jacket you would never know he was the captain of the basketball team. He doesn’t hang out with the jocks.

Other than when he’s playing he stays clear of them, oh yea and his dad is the town sheriff. But he’s a cool sheriff he lets Kyle have parties all the time. Now I know what your thinking must not be a good sheriff if he allows underage kids to drink and party at his house.

His philosophy is I would rather the kids be at my house, where I know they are safe then to have them out rating the streets all hours of the night. Hey who am I to argue with him.

I don’t want you to think we are a bunch of alcoholic teenagers, sure we like to have fun but we are responsible...nobody lets anyone get behind the wheel if they have been drinking.

Most of the time cars stayed park in front of Kyle’s house until the next morning when the kids come to collect them, if they don’t crash at Kyle’s house instead.

Okay next there’s Alex, dear sweet Alex. Okay so he’s not a total babe but his brain and heart makes up what his looks lack. He is a computer genius, mark my words one day he is going to be a millionaire. Now I will tell you something, but you have to promise me you won’t tell him I told you, he hates when I tell this story.

One day in our freshman year, I was sitting out on the bleachers with Maria, Max and Isabel, we were watching Alex play dodge ball, and by the way he’s really good at that. Anyways I was watching him run around and I couldn’t help it.

Now to give you an idea of what he looks like, he can pass for Tom Hanks son, I mean dead ringer. So anyways he’s running across the court and he reminded me of that movie Forrest Gump so me and my big mouth stood up and yelled ‘run Forrest run’ he stopped dead in tracks and then it happened wham the ball hit him square in the nose.

The ball broke his nose, I know I was wrong and I told him I was sorry over and over again. I swear I really was, don’t look at me like that. He didn’t speak to me for a week, sometimes my mouth just opens and I stick my foot in it without even thinking. I winded up doing his biology homework for a week, I really didn’t mind I love biology.

Another thing about Alex he is head over heels in love with Isabel, but she won’t give him the time of day, personally I think she’s just playing hard to get, she’s going to cave one of these days.

Now Isabel twin sister of Max (well get to him later, he might take a while) anyways back to Isabel she is the girl all guys want and all the girls hate because all the guys want her. Did I confuse you there? I hope not.

She has long blonde hair in a nutshell, is a total knockout and she knows it. She comes off hard and cold but those of that know her. Know she is very caring and she has a heart of gold underneath that cold exterior she gives off.

Then there’s Tess, plain and simple I hate her she wants the one thing I want, that’s all I’m going to say.

And Last there is Max, my Max (well I can dream) we have been best friends since we were six; we are like the Joey and Dawson of Dawson’s Creek. We spend the nights by each others house, tell each other everything. Well not everything there is one thing I haven’t told him. Not sure if I should tell you either you might go blab it to him. You would too wouldn't you, just like Maria a big blabber mouth.

He is just perfect, with this dark brown hair and his eyes, his eyes will suck you in every time. They are an amber color and I swear he has specks of gold in them. All the teachers love him, all the parents love him, that boy can just do no wrong. I swear you should see some of the stuff he gets away with.

Now he is the shy one, well with the exception of me he tends to stick to the shadows most places. I think he’s scared someone will find out his secret, Psst I’ll tell what it is later. He is the greatest thing that ever came into my life, the problem I am in love with him, but he doesn’t see it.

I do a great job of hiding it, well not that good seeing that every one of our friends can see it plain as day but not him, he still only looks at me as plain little Liz Parker, his best friend.

You wonder why I haven’t told him, I’ll tell you several reasons for a matter of fact.

One I don’t want to lose our friendship, if I told him how I felt this is how it would play out, me being the fool.

Fool tells object of affection how she feels, fool already knows he doesn’t feel the same way.

Fool puts strain on friendship resulting in awkward moments which would only lead to avoidance, final result no boyfriend, no best friend. Fool is alone for the rest of her life kicking herself in the butt.

Reason two I think he likes someone else, want to know who it is? I’ll give you clue I hate her, does that answer your question?

Well there you have it basically the short version of my life, now I know you are wondering will girl have a happy ending, will the girl get the guy in the end.

All I can say is sit back, relax, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Welcome to my life.
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Post by Itzstacie » Sat Jun 12, 2004 8:26 pm

thanks guys for your feeback I am glad to see you are happy to see this again and glad that there are new readers. I am saying in advance sorry if Max's is not as good as Liz's, for some reason writing Liz is so much easier.

Oh and Linliz I am reading it lol, I am just a horrible person when it comes to leaving feedback.

Part 2 Max’s POV

Are you sitting down, are you comfortable?

Good because I have a feeling you’re going to be fidgeting in your seat, by the time I’m done giving you a peek inside my life.

My life is a complicated one, not only do I deal with the every day complications of being a teenage boy, but also I carry a secret.

One that could mean life or death for my friends and I.

I know your wondering what could be so serious that would make this boys life so guarded.

Well I’ll tell you I am an alien.

Yes you heard right and no I am do not have green skin and bug eyes underneath my skin, I am actually a hybrid half alien half human in case you didn’t know, along with my sister Isabel and two of our friends Michael and Tess.

We come from a planet called Antar, where I was King, Isabel a princess, Michael my second in command and Tess being my bride.

We were killed because some guy up there didn’t like us, so basically the short story of it is they cloned us and sent us down here.

There are only a few humans that know about us, I can tell you about them in a minute.

Back to me, I am sixteen; full name Maxwell Phillip Evans, but most people call me Max.

I hate Maxwell, so please don’t call me that, if you do I might mistake you for my mother who only calls me that when she’s mad at me or if you do it anyways I may have to magically glue your ass to your chair.

Other than that I am just your run of the mile teenage boy, you know hanging out with friends, listening to music, discovering that no matter what you try, you stay horny from the time you wake up till the time you go bed.

The others like me starting with Michael

He’s my best friend, if I’m not with Liz; I’m usually with Michael. He’s got a knack for jumping in feet first and I am usually the one left bailing him out.

His girlfriend Maria is one of Liz’s best friends, When he first started seeing her I didn’t understand why he became so quiet, I mean he used to talk all the time.

Then I discovered why, Maria doesn’t let him get a word in edge wise, sometimes her mouth reminds me of the energizer bunny you know keeps going and going.

Isabel my sister, we are pretty close, we have only gotten into one or two fights which is amazingly unbelievable considering she is a bitch. Yes you heard me, my sister is the Queen Bitch, and she can give you a look that would make you scurry away like a hurt dog.

Then there’s Tess, she was supposedly my wife in our last life, when we first found out we both looked at each and just busted out laughing…as if.

After talking we both learned that we are both in love with different people, but to scared to tell them, for one the fear of being rejected the other we don’t know what would happen.

I mean we know Michael is with Maria and they kiss, but we don’t know if they have gone beyond, what if we give them alien herpes or something.

So instead of telling the objects of our affection the truth, we came up with this plan. I know it may sound stupid but watch one day its going to work.

Its already working it’s charms on Kyle, I can see the jealously rippling off of him whenever Tess and I pretend to like each other. I have to give props to Tess because she is a much better actor than I am, hell sometimes I even believe her.

But I have to admit its fun to ruffle Kyle’s feathers, we have always had this little rival going since I kicked his butt in basketball back in ninth grade, so we are always trying to get one up on each other and right now I am a couple of steps ahead of him by pretending to like her and working up the courage to ask her out.

But at the same time I am also hoping that one day it will make a certain Liz Parker jealous and she’ll realize that she is madly in love with me.

I know your probably wondering by now who is Liz Parker, I have mentioned her a couple of times but I haven’t told you about her.

Well she is my best friend, my goddess, my object of obsession, my Venus (you might want to tell me to stop because I can keep going)

We have been best friends for as long as I can remember, our parents are friends that is how we met, since then we have been joined at the hip, spending the nights by each others house every Wednesday and Friday night.

If I didn’t exist for anything else, I would exist just to be able to do that.

I cherish those moments with her, and even thou they are becoming harder with my raging hormones always ending in a rigid state and I wind up sleeping in a corkscrew position the whole night, for two nights a week I gladly sacrifice myself.

Just thinking about it I am getting myself in a very embarrassing situation in front of you, so let’s just get this show on the road.

Okay um could you just please turn your head for minute while I give myself a quick talking to, he’s still hung up on thinking about Liz.







Uh…sorry guys I’m just gonna have to get back to you, he is just standing tall and demanding my attention.

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Post by Itzstacie » Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:03 am

Part 3 Liz

Let me give you a run down of my life

Monday - school, work

Tuesday – school, work

Wednesday –school, Max sleeps at my house

Thursday –school, work

Friday –school, I sleep at Max’s house

Saturday –work, party or Maria’s

Sunday – preparing for the repeat

See told you nothing special here, but since you asked I’ll keep letting you see a glimpse of my wonderful life.

Maybe by the end of our journey, you can tell me why my life is so wonderful that is…If you don’t get tired of me first.

I’ll you tell I’m a complex person I’ll make you cry, make you laugh, make you scream obscenities, and I’m pretty sure most of the time you’ll think I’m crazy, don’t worry it happens a lot when I meet new people I’m used to it.

My judgment is pretty good and I can tell you’re a good person; we are going to get along just fine.

Here we are in my room watching Dawson’s Creek, I know I told you I describe Max and I as Joey and Dawson, but I didn’t tell you I make him watch it every Wednesday with me, I know its cruel but hey maybe one of these days he’ll actually get the clue.

“Pacey is so right’.

He looks at me and rolls his eyes ‘how so’.

‘Because one day another guy will notice Joey and she will move on with her life and this guy will be so wonderful that she will forget she was ever in love with Dawson. Pacey is right it will be to late for Dawson and he’ll wind up alone for the rest of his life wondering what ifs’.

He sits up on my bed ‘Please Joey is the one who needs to open her mouth and say something, what does she expect him to be a mind reader’.

YES I scream on the inside but what comes out ‘No Dawson is just needs to stop being a sexless man whore, He jumps from woman to woman while all the while keeping in the back of his mind that he can play yo-yo with Joey.


‘Exactly! He can take her out and play with her, then when he tires winds her back up and puts her away’.

‘You think your so smart don’t you’ he says and has the nerve to hit me with a pillow.

I look up at him in disbelief ‘ouch that really hurt prick’.

He looks at me with his mouth open, God I could just easily sit up and stick my tongue in there, okay get a grip we are pretending to be hurt here.

I rub my head acting like it hurts, he gets real serious and comes closer ‘I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard, are you okay, let me see’.

Waiting till he gets closer, he’s leaning over me rubbing my head; I sneak my hand back and hit him back with the pillow right in the face.

He looks at me shocked, ‘you are so going to get it’ and he pounces on me, he’s sitting on top of me tickling my sides.

‘Stop, Max, Stop’ I am really ticklish, I hate being tickled and he knows it, I am ticklish everywhere.

‘No you know what you have to say’ he says as he continues to tickle me.

“Maxxxxx’ I scream, oh god I sounded like Tess for a minute, sorry about that I’ll try and work on it.

Trying to control my voice ‘Come on Max, stop your gonna make me pee on myself’.

One time when we were eight, he did this and I actually did pee on myself, it was so horrible I refused to set foot out of my room for an entire weekend.

I can’t help it, I’m small and I have a weak bladder.

‘Say it’ he says grabbing my ribs again.

‘No’ I’m laughing so hard I can feel the tears swelling up in my eyes.

‘Say it’ he’s not letting up.

‘Fine, FINE I worship the ground you walk on, you are the man’ okay so maybe I really do, but he doesn’t know that.

He stops and climbs off grinning ‘I knew you would see it my way’.

I stand up and make my way to the bathroom since I really have to pee now ‘you are so mean, do you torture everyone this way’.

He smiles and crosses his arms over his chest ‘no only you’.

I stare at him for a minute then run into the bathroom, I lean back against the door and smile. Maybe I am thinking way too much into it but haven’t they always said if a boy picks on you he must like you.

I shake my head I must be going crazy, I think its time to tell my mother to take me to the loony bin because I’m losing it.

After giving myself a good talking to, which was a losing battle by the way I come out to see him already under the covers.

As I sit down at my vanity to brush my hair, I can’t help but ask ‘do you think we are too old to still be doing this’?

He turns his head so he can see me thru my mirror ‘doing what’?

Turning to face him ‘this’ I point to him and back to me ‘sleeping over’.

I can see him shaking his head ‘Come on Liz, your not gonna go all Joey Potter on me are you’

I can’t believe he just said that ‘huh’ is all I can say; I’m actually surprised he remembered that scene.

He scoots up so he’s sitting ‘you know the whole you have breast, and I have a penis speech. It doesn’t change anything.

I break out laughing, I can’t help it I never in my life heard Max Evans use the word penis.

He looks at me like I just grew another head ‘What’s so funny’

‘You said Penis’


‘Say it again’

‘What No’

‘Oh come on, it’s the first time I ever heard you say it’

‘Liz, NO’


‘Because’ and the squirming begins.

‘You’re embarrassed to talk about sex with me aren’t you?’


‘Yes you are your squirming’

‘Just drop it please’

I turn back and continue to brush my hair ‘Do you talk to Michael about sex’



‘Your not going to drop this are you’


I’m smiling; I’m having a blast watching him squirm around like this.

‘Fine, Yes’


‘Because he’s a guy’

I turn and look at him ‘so your saying in order for you and me to talk about sex, I have to grow a third leg’


‘Your demented you know that, I’m your best friend’

‘That’s has nothing to do with it’

‘It can’t be that bad, come I’ll tell you if you tell me’

‘Come on Liz, stop’

I can’t I’m sorry I’m having too much fun at this point, and this is payback for tickling me.

‘So how many times a day’?

He looks at me crazy ‘a day what’

‘You know’ and I raise my eyebrow.

His eyes get really big ‘that’s none of your businesses

‘Come on tell me, I’ll tell you if I masturbate.’

He whips his head so fast I think he gave his self whiplash ‘Do you’?

AH Make him eat his words, I shrug my shoulders ‘can’t tell you, you have one to manly body parts sorry’.

‘You’re sick you know that’

‘I keep telling you they need to lock me up, but no one will listen’

“Come on, lest just go to sleep’

‘Fine but seriously we can’t keep doing this, we are too old’

He just looks at me as I climb in on my side ‘besides I’m pretty sure Mrs. Silicon isn’t to pleased with this whole scenario’

‘She’s fine with it, and she has a name you know’

‘Yea, So’?

‘Use it’

‘like mine better’

‘why do I even bother?’

‘Good question’

He sighs again, score two for Liz Parker

‘She knows we are best friends and how we were. She’s knows I would never touch you like that’.

Whoa hold up did he-is he implying something here ‘oh so you think I’m untouchable’ I sit up and look at him.

“That’s not what I meant, I-‘he stops ‘can we just go to sleep, we have school tomorrow’

‘Fine, Whatever’ he’s pissed me off now, that avoidance thing I told you about pops in my head. Maybe its time for me to start avoiding.

I know what your thinking, she’s nuts she will change her mind in the morning.

Okay so you’re right, one of these days I will surprise you, mark my words.

I turn and flip off the light laying down facing away from him.



Waiting, waiting, come on buddy trying to get to sleep here, turn and look at him.


roll my eyes flip back over

‘Goodnight Max’

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Post by Itzstacie » Tue Jun 15, 2004 10:52 am

thanks so much for your feedback guys, I'm not really sure if i'm doing this right or not, or if you guys are okay with pretty much reading the same thing but with the different POVS, never really done one before so if anyone has any pointers please feel free to give them to me. Otherwise if its okay with everyone I'll keep going the way I'm going.

Part 4 Max’s Pov

As usual like I am every Wednesday sleeping over at Liz’s house, she makes me watch Dawson’s Creek with her every single week.

I tell you I am a glutton for punishment

I do have to laugh somewhat, watching this show reminds me to much of Liz and I, the being best friends, the sleepovers, only thing difference is instead of girl being in love with the guy, in this case the guy is in love with the girl.

Now I know what all of you are thinking, why don’t I just tell her.

I don’t know how, and what if she doesn’t feel the same way, I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship.

So I just keep quiet, and savor the time that I spend with her. I see her almost every day, at school, when she’s at work, but Wednesday and Fridays I cherish because I can actually go to sleep and have her wake up besides me.

“Pacey is so right’ she says.

Here we go another one of her crusades that Dawson is the beast of all men and doesn’t deserve to live speech, I can’t help but roll my eyes ‘how so’.

‘Because one day another guy will notice Joey and she will move on with her life and this guy will be so wonderful that she will forget she was ever in love with Dawson. Pacey is right it will be to late for Dawson and he’ll wind up alone for the rest of his life wondering what ifs’ she says sitting up.

Sitting up besides her ‘‘Please Joey is the one who needs to open her mouth and say something, what does she expect him to be a mind reader’.

I wish I was one I would love to see what goes on inside her brain, and more importantly find out what she thinks of me.

’No Dawson is just needs to stop being a sexless man whore, He jumps from woman to woman while all the while keeping in the back of his mind that he can play yo-yo with Joey. she says.

‘Yo-yo?’ What the hell is she talking about; her mind amazes me and scares me half the time.

‘Exactly! He can take her out and play with her, then when he tires winds her back up and puts her away’ she’s waving her hands about, she is really cute when she gets like this I cant help but smile.

I grab the nearest pillow ‘You think your so smart don’t you’ and I hit it with her.

Oh crap I think I really hurt her, she’s got this look on her face ‘ouch that really hurt prick’.

She just called me a prick; I can’t believe she said that.

Shit she’s rubbing her hair, maybe I really did hurt her, I move closer so I can check, I’m sorry Liz, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard, are you okay, let me see’ her hair is so soft running my fingers thru it and checking her head, I love the way her hair feels.

As I am checking I feel something smack me on the side of the head, she just hit me with the pillow, how the hell did I fall for that one?

But then I again I always seem to fall when I am around her, she could tell me to jump off a bridge and I would do it.

Then there’s the thing called payback, it can be a great reward if you play your cards right and with Liz I know just what to do.

‘You are so going to get it’ and I attack, I jump on her sitting on top of her with my knees on either side of her and start tickling her.

She’s squealing now, ‘Stop Max’ Stop’ I love the way she says my name.

I am not letting up till she says what I want, ‘No you know what you have to say’ she’ll cave watch.

“Maxxxxx’ she screams, she actually resorts to whining I would love to hear her scream my name, but not the way she’s doing it now, it would more of an Ohhh Maxxx.

I don’t let up, I think my finger just grazed her breast, I remember when I first noticed them. I think I made her self-conscience because all I could do was stare; I no longer looked at her eyes when she was talking, but straight dead ahead at her chest.

Sorry I couldn’t help it, really I mean I couldn’t. It was like one day there was nothing then the next whoa where did those come from. They aren’t big like my sisters but they are just perfect for me.

No I am not some perverted sick nut okay talking about my sister’s breasts, I live in the house with her, and she does on occasion leave her laundry lying around.

‘Come on Max, stop your gonna make me pee on myself’ she’s getting desperate now, I can tell I am weakening her, I actually made her do it once before.

I’m not giving in ‘Say it’

‘Fine, FINE I worship the ground you walk on, you are the man’ see I knew she would see it my way, I am the best.

See look there she goes running to the bathroom ‘you are so mean, do you torture everyone this way’ I hear her say.

‘No only you’ which is true, I don’t have the guts to tease anyone else, when I am with her I feel so alive and so what’s the word.

Normal that’s it, when she’s around I can be this normal teenage guy without having to worry about things so much.

While she’s in there, I go ahead and make myself comfortable taking my shoes off and sliding in under the covers, one of these days I will be able to actually hold her when we go to sleep.

I watch her as she goes and sits down at her vanity to brush her hair, she does this every night, one of these nights I am going to get the courage to ask her if I could brush it. I just want to run my fingers thru it.

I hear her mumble something about being too old to being doing this.

I’m to busy memorized by her hair that I have to ask her ‘doing what’.

She turns and looks at me waving her brush ‘this, sleeping over’

Oh god I can’t believe she is saying this, doesn’t she know I live for these nights, and now that I am thinking about it she sounds like that freaking TV show ‘Come on Liz, your not gonna go all Joey Potter on me are you’

I think I caught her off guard cause I all I hear is huh, I know she is going to give me the whole female verses male speech so I decide to beat her to the punch ‘you know the whole you have breast, and I have a penis speech. It doesn’t change anything.

The look on her face is making me uncomfortable and she is actually laughing at me ‘‘What’s so funny’

‘You said Penis’

‘SO’ I know what I said, I do know what a penis is, I am very well acquainted with mine.

Say it again’

‘What No’ she has to be kidding

‘Oh come on, it’s the first time I ever heard you say it’

‘Liz, NO’ now she is really making me uncomfortable, all this penis talk is starting to make mine come alive.

‘You’re embarrassed to talk about sex with me aren’t you?’

‘No’ its not that I am embarrassed its just when it comes to her, talking about it with her would make me want to turn the talking into showing.

‘Yes you are your squirming’

‘Just drop it please’ If she keeps going she’s going to see why I want to stop talking about it

Letting out a small sigh she turns back around, maybe now I can get my hormones in check before she comes to bed.

Oh god that thought didn’t help one bit, I am so in trouble here.

‘Do you talk to Michael about sex?’

‘Lizz’ why does she like to torture me like this.


‘Your not going to drop this are you’

‘Never’ I know I am going to regret this in the end, I can already see this.

‘Fine, Yes’

‘Why’ Why? Why quick think of something, anything Oh wait I know

‘Because he’s a guy’ I think that’s the safest thing to say, it’s not a lie, when you get a bunch of guys hanging out it always comes up.

’So your saying in order for you and me to talk about sex, I have to grow a third leg’ is that what she calls it?


‘It can’t be that bad, come I’ll tell you if you tell me’

what the hell is she talking about now, what does she want to know ‘Come on Liz, stop’

‘So how many times a day’?

She has me confused here what is she talking about ‘a day what’

‘You know’

Oh god someone please shoot me now, If I tell her that she’ll want to know who I think about while I am ‘that’s none of your businesses’

‘Come on tell me, I’ll tell you if I masturbate’

I think I am about to die here, I mean it, my head is swelling and it isn’t the one firmly attached to my shoulders.

‘Do you’? Trying very hard here not to get a mental picture, but seeing her sitting there in pajama bottoms and tank top is making it very hard. Come on buddy don’t do this to me, I promise if you go to sleep right now I’ll play with you all you want tomorrow night.

‘Can’t tell you, you have one to manly body parts sorry’.

Yeah and one of the parts wants to meet you up close and personal.

“Come on, let’s just go to sleep’ please before I get up and pounce on you like a tiger does his prey, right before he devours it

‘Fine but seriously we can’t keep doing this, we are too old’

Watching her, watching her she’s looking at the other side of the room, good girl just keep your eyes that way…glance down please buddy I’m begging you here go back to sleep.

‘Besides I’m pretty sure Mrs. Silicon isn’t too pleased with this whole scenario’

‘She’s fine with it, and she has a name you know’ Damm I wonder how many nicknames does she actually have for Tess.

‘Yea, So’?

‘Use it’ Tess isn’t really a bad person, once you get to know her! I swear alien’s honor.

‘Like mine better’

I don’t know why I subject myself to these things when she gets like this ‘why do I even bother?’

‘Good question’

‘She knows we are best friends and how we were. She’s knows I would never touch you like that’. actually that’s not true; Tess knows I would jump on Liz if I thought I had half a chance.

‘Oh so you think I’m untouchable’ she’s sitting up, damm I just stuck my foot in my mouth.

“That’s not what I meant, I-‘wait a minute I can’t tell her I would love the chance to touch her like that ‘can we just go to sleep, we have school tomorrow’

I can tell she’s pissed at me, she goes into this fine, whatever mode and she’ll roll her eyes at me the rest of the night. She turns off the light and faces away from me, which a good thing right considering that my lower half is still wanting to shake Liz’s hand…or mouth…or…shit I’m in so much trouble.

‘Liz’? Should I try and make this okay now or just give up and concentrate on giving my self a good talking to.


The lower half wins again ‘Goodnight’ sleeping with a hard on is a real bitch.

‘Goodnight Max’

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thanks guys for your feedback

Part 5 Liz’s POV


So I know your wondering what happened when we woke up Thursday morning, I’ll tell you.

Nothing, Nada, Zilch we both moped around avoiding each other as much as possible. It’s still in the back of my mind but what’s the use of fighting over a subject that no one is going to win.


‘Valenti’ if Kyle and I ever get on a first name basis, break out the balloons cause it will be a cause for celebration.

‘Where’s everyone else’ he asks sitting down at our table, we have our own table at lunch. Which is really great no one dares sit here, unless we invite them.

“Do I look like everyone’s keeper’ sometimes I wonder what is it about me that they all think I am the mother hen knowing everyone’s business, that’s Maria’s department.

‘Sorry no reason to get your panties in a twist’ he says as he starts to pull out his lunch.

‘For your information, I wear a thong hard to get in a twist when they are up your butt cheeks’ the look on his face is worth a thousands words, I can tell he’s thinking of a come back but thinks the better of it and changes the subject.

‘You coming tomorrow’ I wonder where all that food goes that he has placed in front of him.

That boy can eat three sandwiches, a bag of chips, two cokes and a snack cake. I get full off a half of sandwich.

‘Tomorrow’ racking my brains, does he have a party tomorrow, I can’t remember?

‘Yes my party’ guess he does.

‘I don’t know’ don’t you ever get tired of routine, lately I have. I mean there has got to be more out there than just this.

‘Kyle, Liz my favorite person’ Alex says sitting down see why I love him.

‘Hey Alex how’s it hanging’

‘A little to the left…thanks for asking’ he says.

Big eye roll, when do men actually start thinking with their brains on top of their heads, do they ever grow out of it? Please tell me

‘You have to come to Rick’s tonight’

Rick’s is a little whole in the wall, every now and then we hang out there they have a great karaoke night.


‘Because yours truly is playing tonight’ he says grinning his big goofy grin.

Alex has a band; don’t think I told you that before, they are really good Maria sings sometimes in it. The name has to go thou ‘The Whits’ what kind of name is that?

‘That’s great Alex, I’m there…actually I’m supposed to sleep at Max’s tonight movie night you know’

He just rolls his eyes at me; impressed guys can do that too.

Isabel, Maria and Michael finally show up. ‘What are we talking about’ Maria asks pushing Alex so she can sit next to me and him closer to Isabel.

‘About me playing tonight and Liz blowing me off because she can’t miss movie night one time in her life’ he says.

I can’t believe he just said that, you know I actually might go. The great excuse for me to start breaking this routine and actually show Max I was serious about the sleep over.

‘You know what I’m there’.

Five mouths pop open; I swear where is fly a when you need one.

‘You are actually going to go? What about my brother’ Isabel asks.

“Max is a big boy, I think he’ll survive’

‘Where is Max by the way’ bet that’s the only thing you’ll hear from Michael today.

‘I saw Mrs. Peroxide drag him into the eraser room’

I love Maria, did I say that.

“Looks like it’s just us for lunch’ Alex says glancing at Isabel, she turns away slightly, did I just see her blush.

Thinking about Max in the eraser room, suddenly Rick’s is looking a lot better.

‘Why are you guys so mean, Tess is actually nice’ Kyle says.

Everyone just looks at him; I catch his eye before he looks down. Hmm does Mr. Valenti have a thing for the little bleach blonde? Remind me to talk to him later; he might come in handy later.

Biology 5th period, I love it an no not because I have Max for a lab partner, okay so that’s one reason, the other I just love science anything to do with it. I love dissecting things and figuring out how it all works, still trying to find a way to dissect Max’s brain.

“Hey’ Max says sitting down next to me’

“Hey have fun in the eraser room’ I know its wrong, but I can’t help but egg him on.

He looks down at his book ‘wasn’t what you think’

I really don’t care, okay so maybe I do but I’m not going to tell him that.

‘Not my business’

He changes the subject; I swear that boy just avoids any kind of heated subject ‘So I got a really great movie for tonight’.

‘Oh about that, I can’t make it’ is that disappointment I see on his face, he actually looks hurt. No he can’t be I must be reading to much into it.

‘Your blowing me off tonight, you cant do that’

Excuse me I know he just did not say that, I mean its nice to see he is actually disappointed but I hate when people proceed to tell me what I can and can not do.

‘I can and I am’ I simply state

‘what is so important that you are blowing off movie night’?

“I am going to see Alex’s band play tonight, why don’t you do something with Tess, or come tonight’ trying to play it off, I don’t want him to see I am trying to avoid being alone with him.

‘I guess so’ he says then thinks about it ‘wait a minute’ he says looking at me. Oh shit what did I say, quick think Liz.

‘What’s going on’ he asks.

I seriously don’t know what I said, damn how does he do that.

‘Nothing is going on’ trying to play this off until I figure out what I said.

‘Yes there is, you called Tess by her name’

‘So’ ah shit, he’s right I don’t, ever since the first time I met her I’ve called her everything else but her name.

‘For as long as I have known you, you have never called her by her name’ see what I mean? ‘What is going on’?

‘Told you nothing, people change Max it’s my new outlook on life, being nice’ it’s not true, but its worth a long shot, hopefully will throw him off some.

He just looks at me, I can’t help but look down and concentrate on my book in front of me, and if I look him in the eye he’ll see right thru me.

‘Being nice huh’ he says

I just nod my head ‘yep’ and continue to look down.

He starts to say something, I didn’t hear it my only thoughts at the time are to get out of there, I quickly jump up and head towards the door ‘have to pee’.

Later that night

‘Why don’t you just tell him’ this is Maria talking; she insisted that she come over and pick out my outfit tonight. I hate to break it to her; I do actually know how to dress myself.

“I cant do that Maria’

She pokes her head out of my closet ‘why’

‘You know why, I am not going to go thru it again’

‘Liz, just tell him, you never know he might feel the same way’ hmm does she know something I don’t

‘What makes you so sure’ I know she’s hiding something she just ducked back into my closet way to fast.

I hear her mumble ‘Nothing’

I know her better than that, I get up and walk over to my closet I know she can’t lie to me if I am looking her dead in the eyes, turning her to face me “Maria’

She looks nervous ‘what do you think about this’ she says holding up a black sparkling dress.

‘We are going to a bar, not a disco’

She hangs the dress back up and continues to try and look for something ‘Maria are you hiding something from me’.

She quickly turns away ‘what makes you say that’

‘Because you wont look me in the eye, what do you know’ I am not giving up on this and she knows it.

‘Okay, but you can’t say anything because I don’t know who they were talking about’ see I knew she would see it my way.

‘What’ I ask

She grabs a black pair of hip huggers and a red tank top, and walks out of my closet ‘The other day I over heard Alex and Max talking and they were talking about someone, Alex asked why he didn’t say anything and he said that he didn’t know how’.

‘And’ she really has peaked my interest here.

“And what’ ugh she can drive you crazy sometimes.

‘What else did they say’?

She just shrugs her shoulders ‘nothing, they stopped talking because I walked up’

I can’t help it I hit her upside her head ‘Damn Liz that hurt’

‘Why didn’t you stay and listen more’

‘I was hungry and wanted to sit okay’ she says.

Bored, bored, bored is there such a thing as to much boredom? Can a person actually go insane from being bored?

Here I sit sipping my water down coke, I don’t feel like drinking tonight and I sit here watching Alex up there playing, Maria went up to sing about fifteen minutes ago and has yet to come back.

Michael is standing by the stage leaving Isabel sitting here with me, but talking to her is like pulling teeth, besides she is too much into watching Alex play.

I glance around and look at the occupants of this place Ugly…bald…they need to get a room…not to bad looking…whoa did he just pick his nose, and I think I might gag. Looking towards the door I see Max, Tess and Kyle walking in, I think my night just got worse.

Trying to slouch in my seat some so I can become invisible, of course it doesn’t work because Isabel and her big head just waved them over.

‘Hey guys’ Tess says all too cheery sitting down

Max sits across from me; I just fake a smile and go back to staring at the stage.

‘Hey’ he says.

‘Hi’ not looking at him, not going to look at him…ah hell why does he have to look so good all the time.

‘Having fun’ he asks.

‘Having a blast, was just thinking if I could have any more fun I would explode’

‘Should of came over instead’

I can tell he’s pissed but what is a girl suppose to do, I mean I am sixteen, he is sixteen the human body can only take so much resistance before it starts to take over your mind.

I know his hormones have already activated, I have woken up several times beside him to know that it wasn’t his fingers poking me in the back.

‘Its just one night, get over it already’

I don’t feel like arguing with him over this again, finding away out ‘Parker do you want to dance’

Kyle gets up and grabs my hand, thank god for small favors ‘let’s go’.

I can feel eyes boring into the back of my head while I am walking away, I have to admit it is kind of nice to know I can get to him that way, he hardly gets mad at anything, the boy just doesn’t show a lot of emotions.

A slow song is on and the one time Kyle does actually turn me around, I can see Max diverting his eyes towards her.

I have to thank Kyle, he’s doing a great job of keeping my back towards them, and personally I think he just wants to sneak looks at Tess.

‘So how long have you liked Tess’?

He looks at me suddenly like a deer caught in a headlight ‘what makes you think that’

‘I can tell, you are always looking at her and defending her’.

I can tell I’m making him nervous ‘its okay I will keep your secret’

‘Well that makes two of us, I can keep yours too’

‘Which is’

‘You like Evans’ am I that obvious, I really need to work on that.

‘How do you know’?

‘I have eyes too’ he says

Hmm a plan is forming, it might work I think, if we could join forces here.

‘Maybe we should join forces, come up with a plan’

He just looks at me ‘if you’re thinking what I am, it will never work’

‘Why not’

‘Because if we got together, hell would have to freeze over before they actually believed there was something there between us’.

Okay so he got me there, it would never work we don’t even call each by our first names.

‘Well what do you suppose we do’?

I can see his mind actually turning there, forming an idea suddenly he just grins ‘leave it to me’.

Why do I have a feeling I am going to regret this?

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there is one line I used from DC just because I liked it so much.

Part 6 Max’s POV

Yesterday was so miserable, Liz walked around in one of her moods.

I knew she was still mad at me for the night before and I could tell bringing it up was not going to do anything but lead to a fight.

So I let it go, I know yes I am a coward I will admit it. I know what your thinking how can a king be so scared of a harmless human girl.

I mean I am supposed to be this strong, independent leader sending out men and women in a blink of an eye to maybe meet their doom. I am supposed to be able to keep in control at all times, don’t let the people see your fears.

What in the hell was my mother thinking when she cloned me and sent me here, she would turn around and shove me back in my pod if she saw how easily Liz Parker could make her son fall to his knees with just a look.

So what did I do all day yesterday after school, I moped. I moped so much that Isabel stormed in my room threatening to shove the CD player up my ass if she heard the Counting Crows one more time.

I am on my way to lunch, hopefully she won’t be mad anymore and I can find a way to get back on her good side, I walking when suddenly I feel myself being pulled into the eraser room.


‘Max we have to talk’

‘I kind of gather that, since you just about pulled my arm out of the socket’


‘What’s going on?’

‘I can’t take it anymore; I am going to tell him’

“What’ if she tells Kyle, then I’ll be forced to tell Liz and then all hell would break lose; no she can’t do that yet.

‘Tess I thought we agreed to make sure they felt the same way before we did anything’.

‘Well we are never going to know if we don’t say something first’ she says.

I can tell she has been giving this a lot of thought ‘are you sure you want to take that risk’?

She just looks at me; she screams and throws up her arms pacing back and forth.

‘This is just so frustrating; I mean Michael is with Maria he isn’t scared to take the risk, so why should we be’

she turns and looks at me ‘I know Liz feels the same way about you’.

What is she talking about she is crazy ‘how do you know?’

‘Max it doesn’t take a genius to see it; she has it written all over her face’

‘Where I don’t see it’

‘That’s because you’re an idiot’

She starts smiling; one of those smiles that tell you she has something is working in her mind ‘what if I can get Liz to admit how she feels about you, will that be enough?’

‘What are you going to do’ knowing her she would force Liz to say it, just to say it.

Just then the bell rings, Grr I spent the entire lunch hour in here with her.

Walking into Biology I see Liz already sitting there, I love this class because it gives me a chance to be near her, sometimes I do things where our fingers will accidentally brush against each other, or I purposely put things out of her reach knowing that she will have to lean over me to get them just so I can smell her hair.

“Hey’ I say sitting down next to her.

“Hey have fun in the eraser room’

How the hell did she know I was in there, oh god what is she thinking ‘wasn’t what you think’

‘Not my business’

I really wish she would make it that; I can’t afford to get in another fight with her so quickly changing the subject
‘So I got a really great movie for tonight’.

‘Oh about that, I can’t make it’

can’t make it… Can’t make it… Can’t make it… that is all I am hearing, she is actually dumping me tonight. I can’t believe it.

‘Your blowing me off tonight, you can’t do that’

‘I can and I am’

I think my heart just meet my foot Mr. Foot this is Mr. Heart please stomp on me some more.

‘What is so important that you are blowing off movie night’?

“I am going to see Alex’s band play tonight, why you don’t do something with Tess, or come tonight’

Sigh I guess she does have a good reason I mean I love hearing Alex play he’s really good ’‘I guess so’ I can go see him and bring Tess along, Hold on she just called her by her name ‘wait a minute’ she never does that ‘What’s going on’

‘Nothing is going on’

I know her so well, that’s’ how I know she doesn’t have feeling for me, I can tell when she’s lying and trying to play innocent.

‘Yes there is, you called Tess by her name’


‘For as long as I have known you, you have never called her by her name’

‘Told you nothing, people change Max it’s my new outlook on life, being nice’

I know she is lying now, she can’t look me in the eye, and she wants to play this little game I can play it too.

‘Being nice huh’


before I can say anything she gets up to use the restroom, do I stink or something she has been avoiding me since yesterday.

As I pull my on jeans getting ready for tonight, Isabel come barging in my room. I swear one of these days I am going to...going to…. well I don’t know I haven’t thought of it yet.

‘Isabel there is thing called knocking’

She just shakes her head ‘I just wanted to tell you that I am riding with Maria and Liz’

I see her going to my closet and start looking thru my shirts.

What is with women who think men don’t know how to dress themselves?

‘What are you doing’?

She comes back out with a dark blue button up’ dressing you’

I look down at myself; I don’t see anything wrong with the black jeans and Hawaiian t-shirt I have on.

‘What is wrong with the way I am dressed’?

‘Besides the fact that you look like you’re trying to be the next Hawaiian tropic guy, I don’t want to be seen with you looking like that’.

She hands me the shirt, and I look back down at mine. Okay I guess I do sort of look like I belong on the beach of Hawaii.

Just then I hear my mother calling “Max, Tess is here’

As I button up shirt I walk out to meet Tess ‘Hey Tess and Kyle’ what the hell is he doing here.

‘Hey Max, I told Kyle we would give him a ride tonight’

I wonder if I can hog tie him to the back of the bumper.

As we walk in I start searching for the rest of them, I spot Alex, Maria and Michael up by the stage, Maria must be singing with them tonight.

As I glance around the other way I spot Isabel waving to us and Liz trying to crawl underneath the table.

‘Hey’ I say as I take a seat across from her.


I’m starting to wonder if she’s pms’ng, I mean how long can a woman stay mad at you.

‘Having fun’

‘Having a blast, was just thinking if I could have any more fun I would explode’

‘Should of came over instead’

I know I should have just kept my mouth closed, but she suppose to be with me right now at my house lying on my bed.

Okay so we would only be watching a movie, and not doing what I would really like, but that’s beside the point.

Instead we are sitting here in this run down club watching Alex play and what’s worse I'm sitting here with my best friend in the world...and my palms are sweating.

I mean how is it possible to simply be friends with someone when every time you look at them all you think about is how much more you really want them

All of sudden I have no idea what to say to her, I mean normally we would sit here go back and forth with our banter, but lately I seem to be getting really tongue-tied around her.

‘Parker do you want to dance’ I hear Kyle ask her to dance, he just not do that. I see them getting up and head towards the dance floor, great now I am stuck sitting forced to watch them dance.

I glance over at Tess, yep there is steam coming off of her.

‘You don’t think they are you know’ she says looking at me and pointing towards them.

‘Who Liz and Kyle no way, no how...not going to happen in any life time.’

I know she would not date Kyle Valenti if he was the last man on earth.

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Chapter 7 Liz’s POV

Saturday Afternoon

I hear the bell go off and I look up and sigh there he is the object of my affection, the boy I am so deeply in love with. The boy who hasn’t a clue about how I feel

‘Hey Brownie’ he says plopping in the opposite booth of me.

I hate it when he calls me that, he says my hair reminds him of chocolate brownies it’s his pet peeve he says to piss me off.

‘Dumbo’ I say, I have one of those too, watch and see

Start counting with me, three, two, and one

‘Don’t call me that’ see told you so

He does it every time ‘don’t call me brownie’.

One time he got so mad at he didn’t talk to me for two days, I told him that if he ever wanted to go back to his home planet he could flap his ears and they would take him, he didn’t need a spaceship.

He grabs my book from in front of me studying it ‘hey I was reading that’ snatching it back.

He shakes his head ‘why are you studying on a Saturday, an A is the best you can get Liz’.

‘I like reading, so sue me. What are you doing here anyways’

‘Waiting for Tess’ ‘Oh’ see the eye roll here I hate her, I hate everything about her, from her bouncy blonde hair, to her blue eyes, I’m sure you hear me say it a few more times before this is over with.

‘So are you going to Kyle’s party tonight’ he asks, I shrug my shoulders ‘I don’t know’… ‘yes she is’ that would be Maria answering as she walks by, see what I mean by switching bodies, she dresses me, speaks for me, next she’ll be going to the bathroom for me.

‘Cool well be there’ he says ‘oh yippee my night just wouldn’t be complete without a drunken Tess slobbering all over the place’ I say.

‘Liz, be nice’ he says ‘why do you hate her so much’ he doesn’t understand why I hate Tess so much, well lets see she’s with you, and you are suppose to be with me because I am in love with you, but I wont tell you that.

‘I don’t hate her’ I say looking back down at my book, he just nods his head knowing that isn’t true, but he’s not going to push the issue.

Just then the bell over the door goes off I look up and groan.

‘Maxxxxx’ Tess whines walking over to him ‘I thought you were going to pick me up’

He stands up and kisses her cheek (insert finger into mouth and gag) ‘sorry I thought you said you would just meet me here’.

“Honestly Max I don’t know what I am going to do with you’ she says sitting down, dump him and let me have him I think ‘I had to walk three blocks to get here’ she whines.

‘Oh No!’ I say grasping my chest and letting my eyes get big ‘you poor poor thing, did you break a sweat’.

I shake my head ‘we just can’t have that, I’ll go get you cold rag right this minute’ she just glares at me.

‘Sit down’ Max says annoyed as I make like I was going to get up.

Maria comes up ‘why Tess you only managed to break two glasses this time’ I love Maria she hates Tess too and she’s more open about it than me.

I can’t help but laugh, Max just glares at me and I start playing the good best friend that I am ‘Maria be nice’.

She just looks at me ‘NO’ and pulls out her order pad ‘ do you think you two can stop sucking face, long enough to give me your order I do have other customers’ she says.

They break apart and Max gets embarrassed, you know how I know he does, his ears turn bright red, sometimes I think if they get anymore redder he could guide Santa’s sleigh at night.

Okay I had enough of watching the two of them, slamming my book shut I get up ‘where are you going’ he asks.

To my room to sulk, to get away from the two of you sucking face ‘Oh, I uh promised my mother I would help her with something’ I lie, I know its bad but hey if you were me you would do it too.

‘Oh okay, well then I guess I will just see you tonight’ he says ‘do you need a ride’ ‘no I am going to ride with Maria’.

He just smiles ‘okay’ god I love that smile, that big goofy grin of his and I melt every time. When is he going to wake up and see me as more than just his best friend?

I guess your wondering about the spaceship comment, kind of slipped out there before, but I feel I know you I can tell you his secret now.

Okay come a little closer.


He’s an alien

What don’t believe me, I know what you think what is this crazy girl on

I swear I’m not on anything; you want to know how I know

When I was seven I had this gerbil I called him Harry the wonder gerbil

What don’t look at me like that, I was seven okay

I would make him do all kinds of things like fly thru the air that was the best

I had this little seesaw I made and I would put him on one end then hit the other end and he would go flying

One time he went flying and my mother just happened to walk in and he landed on her head, needless to say
He wasn’t a flying wonder gerbil anymore after that

But that’s beside the point, getting off track here

okay so once when I was seven Max was over and he was waiting on me, my mother made me vacuum my room before I could leave to go to the park

So I was vacuuming and Max was sitting on the bed playing with Harry, I just taken off the bottom piece so I could use the hose to get in the corners, you know how mothers can be they are all the same.

Just as I was moving to the other side Max dropped Harry on the floor and VOOSH sucked right in the hose.

Harry was fat, so he didn’t get sucked all the way in, just half way and poor little guy was stuck

I was so upset, I couldn’t get him out and poor defenseless Harry was just looking up at me with is beady little eyes pleading help me.

Max grabbed the hose and turned away from me, but I saw him his hand glowed and then all of a sudden Harry was free.

He tried to deny it at first, saying I was seeing things but I knew better and winded up getting the truth out

I know you probably thought I freaked, but no the first thing that popped into my head was blackmail, and an evil grin came to my face.

I know what you’re thinking, how could I be so evil but who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a boy do your dirty work for you

So for about a month my room was cleaned by Max and anything else I wanted. It stopped when he came over one day and caught me dancing around in my underwear; well the blackmailing was good while it lasted.

So now I’m up here getting ready for this party, and yes you guessed it Maria is here picking out my clothes as usual.

I’m having doubts about going, I don’t know what Kyle has up his sleeve and he won’t tell me.

But I have a feeling it’s going to be a disaster, a drunk Kyle trying to think doesn’t work, the boy can’t think right when he’s sober.

‘And then he had the nerve to tell me I over dramatize things, me can you believe that’ Maria says.

In case you didn’t know Maria has been rambling on for the last twenty minutes about Michael.

‘You do over dramatize things Maria’

“Liz you are suppose to be my friend, don’t take his side’ she says.

‘If the boy wants to stay home and watch a hockey game, then what’s the problem?’

‘Because he is supposed to be with me, how am I going to have fun if he’s not there’ she says.

“Did I suddenly become invisible?’

‘Liz it’s not the same’

‘You and I both know he will show up, he always does so why are you blowing this out of proportion’

“It’s the idea’ she says.

‘You are seriously demented you know that’

Ten minutes later I am standing looking at myself in the mirror, how on earth did I let Maria talk me into wearing this, a skirt and a short one at that?

Standing here thinking do I really want to wear this, I know how these parties go. I will be an open invitation to a grope fest. I sent her downstairs already and if I hurry up and change we won’t have time to run back up here.

Running in my closet real fast and grabbing a pair of jeans, say a prayer for me please somehow I think I’m going to need it tonight.

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two in one day :D trying to get to the new parts

Part 8 Max’s POV

Saturday Morning

I wake up and I am already in a cranky mood because Liz wasn’t here when I woke up.

To make matters worse, I hear Michael climbing in the window ‘Go away Michael’

“Get up Maxwell I need to talk to you’ he says sitting down in the chair.

I hate when people call me that ‘I am sleeping, go home’

‘Come on Max I need your help’.

Must be another Michael/Maria crisis that’s the only time he seems to talk to me lately.

“Maria is pissed at me’ see what I mean?

‘What did you do this time?’

“Why do you always think it’s me?’

I sit up and look at him like he is stupid; this is Michael we are talking about ‘because it’s always you’.

Did Michael Guerin just roll his eyes at me?

‘Maria is pissed because I told her I didn’t want to go tonight’

Ah one of Kyle’s famous parties, at one time we all have experimented with alcohol, it was the one and only time I ever touched the stuff.

We found out the hard way aliens and alcohols don’t mix. Tess is the only that doesn’t seem to realize that.

I don’t remember but from the rumors people got a nice view of my backside, apparently I became the town’s streaker that night.

‘What’s your excuse this time?’

‘Max there is a hockey game on tonight, that is much better than standing around watching a bunch of humans get wasted.’

He does have a point there, but I go only because Liz goes and it gives me a chance to spend time with her.

‘Set the VCR, go to the party Surprise Maria and she’ll be happy’

Saturday Afternoon

I walk in to the Crash Down to see Liz sitting in the back both, she looks so cute with her hair cascading her face, while her nose is buried in book. How much do you want to bet she’s studying?

‘Hey Brownie’ I know she hates it when I call her that, I nick named her that back when we were eight, my mom made brownies one night and they reminded me of her hair.


Yes she has one for me too; I think I hate that worse than being called Maxwell.

‘Don’t call me that’

‘don’t call me brownie’.

I notice her Biology book on the table, see I told you she was studying; grabbing it I see her reading over yesterday’s lesson.

‘hey I was reading that’ she says grabbing it back

I don’t understand why she studies so much, I mean she is one of the top five students at school ‘why are you studying on a Saturday, an A is the best you can get Liz’.

‘I like reading, so sue me. What are you doing here anyways’

‘Waiting for Tess’ I don’t know why I agreed to meet her for lunch, okay so I do it was a chance for me to see Liz.

‘So are you going to Kyle’s party tonight’ I know she is I already had Tess ask Kyle.

‘I don’t know’ ‘yes she is’ Maria answers for her and I smile, I knew Maria would drag her there because she thinks Michael is not going to come and she would rather be caught naked than show up to a party with no one to talk to.

‘Cool well be there’ I tell her, I would follow her anywhere.

‘Oh yippee my night just wouldn’t be complete without a drunken Tess slobbering all over the place’

See what I mean, about Tess not realizing it she has a habit of drinking she’s giddy for about the first hour, then throwing up for the next.

I still can’t understand why she doesn’t like her, Tess has never said nor did anything to her. I wish they would just get along.

‘Liz, be nice why do you hate her so much’

‘I don’t hate her’ I know that is a lie.

I hear the bell go off and all of a sudden I hear a loud screeching sound ‘Maxxxxx’

I turn to see her walking up ‘I thought you were going to pick me up’

I was? I don’t remember saying I would pick her up.

‘Sorry I thought you said you would just meet me here’. I get up and kiss her on the check, hey have to make this look real between us.

I let her slide in beside me before I sit down “Honestly Max I don’t know what I am going to do with you, I had to walk three blocks to get here’ she says.

I glance over at Liz I can tell she is getting ready to jump into her famous sarcasm mood.

‘Oh No!’ she says ‘you poor poor thing, did you break a sweat’.

See I told you.

I see Maria walk up; this is just going to get worse before it gets better. ‘Why Tess you only managed to break two glasses this time’

I will admit Tess’s voice does tend to lead to the very off high note every now and then, but she really is a good person.

I look over and Tess and mouth sorry, I don’t know how she can sit there and take what they dish out but she always does. She just smiles and leans over.

‘Do you think you two can stop sucking face, long enough to give me your order I do have other customers’ I hear Maria say. How does a peak on the lips constitute as sucking face??

I get embarrassed because Maria decided to say that so loud, I now have every other customer staring at us.

Liz slams her book really fast and gets up ‘where are you going’

‘Oh, I uh promised my mother I would help her with something’

I watch her she looks like she is in a hurry to get out of here, must be something important she has to do.

‘Oh okay, well then I guess I will just see you tonight’

‘Do you need a ride’ please say yes I want to pick you up ‘no I am going to ride with Maria’ well there goes that idea right out the window.

That’s fine I guess just means I will have to rush Isabel even faster to get ready so I can get there early enough to spend as much time as possible with her.

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Chapter 9


As we walk in the first thing I noticed is wow not a lot of people. Kyle must be losing his abilities.

‘This blows’ I say as I follow Maria over to where Alex and Kyle are standing, wait a minute Tess is there too.

Glancing around I look for Max, that’s odd she’s here and he’s not.

As we walk up Alex sticks his arms out ‘my girls’.

‘Alex’ I know I said it before, but I’ll keep on saying it I love this guy.

‘Parker’ “Valenti’ see no first name basis here.

‘Hey Liz’ just when I was starting to get in good mood.


‘Where’s the rest’ Maria says folding her arms, I can tell she’s really pissed at Michael for not coming.

‘Oh Max and Isabel are coming’ Tess says.

I look around surprised ‘you didn’t ride with them’ that’s a first.

‘No, I wanted to come early so I had Kyle here pick me up’ I glance over at Kyle and he’s wearing this big shit eating grin.

‘Oh, well I’m gonna go get a beer’ as I start to walk off.

“Liz is drinking tonight’ I can hear Tess asking

‘Your drinking tonight’ Kyle asked.

“Liz you are going to actually drink’ that would be Alex.

Why is it all of a sudden I feel like I have AA counselors.

I hear Maria chasing after me as I walk off ‘Liz you really are going to drink’.

‘Yes, geez what is the big deal… YES LIZ PARKER IS GOING TO DRINK TONIGHT’ I shout, did the room suddenly get very quiet or is just me.

Nope it did as I glance around; I see Max and Isabel standing there, with their mouths opened.

I smile at him and walk off to the kitchen where the keg is, as I stand there waiting for Paul to fill my cup up.

‘Your actually going to drink’ oh hell…I turn around and suddenly I forgot what I am going to say as I am staring into a pair of amber eyes his nose only inches away from mine.

I swear I think time actually stood still for me, that is until I see a hand waving in front of my face “Liz…Liz’ I slam back into reality, dam why couldn’t I just stay where I was.

‘Max’ he’s looking at funny then breaks out into one of those heart-melting smiles ‘I see you know my name’.

‘Ha-Ha’ I roll my eyes and turn back around, come on buddy fill the glass already.

‘Are you sure you should be drinking’ I hear him ask.

‘Why does it seem like everyone has a problem with me drinking’

‘Remember what happened last time’. How does he always remember shit?

So I got drunk and proceeded to talk to a horse for a half hour, he was really good listener.

‘I will be fine’ about dam time now give me the cup.

‘If you say so’ he sighs ‘I say so’.

I walk back over to the group and I see Isabel raise her eyebrows at me ‘don’t even say it’.

She just shakes her head ‘I wasn’t’.


I look around at the people when I spot Michael walking in the door, I smile I knew he would show up.

I tap Maria on the shoulder and she looks at me, I just point to the door and watch her face light up.

She takes off running towards him; I turn to the group and shrug my shoulders ‘I knew he would show up’.

I go to take a drink, Dam where did my beer go. I didn’t think I drank it that fast.

‘Need another Drink’ as I walk off.

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okay I wasn't going to but I decided to go ahead and post Max's Pov too so you can see where its going. :D

MAX’S POV. Part 10

“Come on Isaaabelllllllll’ I whine I know it’s terrible but I want to hurry up and get to the party.

‘God Max, stop acting like a two year old’ she yells as she walks past me into the bathroom.

‘Would stomping my feet and screaming get you to move your ass faster’.

She turns and glares at me, it’s really creepy when she does that, when we were younger she gave me nightmares.

‘I want to leave’

‘Give me ten minutes; you act like you don’t see these people everyday’.

Folding my arms across my chest ‘fine ten minutes, then I’m leaving without you’.

Fifteen minutes later ‘Izz come on it shouldn’t take you that long’. I whine stamping my foot like I’m six years old.

Five more minutes and she finally comes out ‘okay I’m ready’.

‘Great let’s go’ I yell as I grab her arm and start dragging her towards the door.

‘Max what the hell is wrong with you; it’s just a party one we go to just about every weekend’.

I can’t really tell her that I am just anxious to see Liz, I don’t know why but I get this feeling something important is going to happen tonight.

‘I just want to get there’.

Ten minutes later we pull up to Kyle’s house, first thing I notice not many cars tonight, I wonder if Kyle just didn’t invite a lot this time.

Walking into the house I hear ‘YES LIZ PARKER IS GOING TO DRINK TONIGHT’’ oh shit I better go stop her.

I follow her into the kitchen ’Your actually going to drink’

She stands stiff and turns around, I brace myself getting ready for the bitching. Ohhh I can smell her minty fresh breath from her toothpaste. Make note to myself to switch to that brand of toothpaste.

She doesn’t say anything, just spacing out on me “Liz’ waiting for her to say something.

“Liz. Liz’ I’m starting to wonder if she’s okay, she just seems to be off in space.

‘Liz’ I start waving my hand in front of her face ‘Liz’.

She shakes her head coming back down to earth; I can’t help it but smile ‘I see you know my name’.

She rolls her eyes at me and turns back around; I love it when she does that.

Back to serious matters, I really don’t think she should drink.

‘Are you sure you should be drinking’

‘Why does it seem like everyone has a problem with me drinking’ I can tell she’s getting pissed.

‘Remember what happened last time’.

Last time it took me thirty minutes to convince her she wasn’t talking to Mr. Ed.

‘I will be fine’ she snatches the cup from Paul and turns to walk away.

‘If you say so’ another night of playing chaperone.

‘I say so’.

I follow her over to the others who are just watching Liz, I look over at Kyle is he glaring at me.

Yes that is definitely a glare; well I can do it too.

Three…Two…One! Yes Max Evans wins again.

I turn to see Maria running over to Michael I knew he would cave and give in. Sneak a quick peek at Liz, she’s watching Maria…wave my hand over her cup…look away, shh you didn’t see that.

Two hours later I am still standing in the same spot, keeping an eye out on my very drunk best friend.

She is presently dancing with Maria on the floor; whoa do girls actually grind themselves like that all the time.

That is new, and hmm I have to admit its actually kind of a turn on, I glance quickly at Michael and I can tell he’s thinking the same thing.

I don’t dance, but my lower half is starting to have a dance marathon in my jeans, I need to find something else to look at quickly.

Picture… no, couch… no, lamp… that is a really ugly lamp, Paul with his hand up Pam’s skirt… no, windo-- wait a minute, Paul with his hand up Pam’s skirt wait till Vickie hears about that one.

Looking back at Liz, hey who is that guy groping her butt, doesn’t he know that is my butt, well technically not yet.

I start to walk over but I see Michael has already beaten me to the punch, I watch as he grabs both guys by the ear, the other one must have been grabbing Maria’s I didn’t notice, not that Maria’s butt isn’t important to me… I mean it is. No wait that didn’t come out right…hell you know what I mean.

I see Liz and Maria walking back over to me, more like they are actually carrying themselves.

“Had fun’

‘It was so muchhhhhh funnnnnnnn’ they both yell, PHEW talk about alcohol breath I could get drunk just by inhaling them.

The others make their way over to us and I notice Tess and Kyle are both wearing shit-eating grins.

“Guys I know the perfect game to play’ she says smiling.

Why do I have feeling I know what it is, I raise my eyebrow when I hear ‘let’s play truth or dare’.

I have a feeling this night is going to best night of my life as I break out into a grin.