This twinned soul (ML/Teen) (Complete)

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This twinned soul (ML/Teen) (Complete)

Post by Tasyfa » Tue Mar 04, 2003 10:14 pm

Round 1 Winner

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Title: This twinned soul
Author: Tasyfa
Author's E-mail:
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell are the property of Twentieth Century Fox Television and Regency Productions. All original characters and concepts are the property of the author. No profit has been made from the distribution of this work of fiction.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: Teen
Summary: Set after A Roswell Christmas Carol.


<b>This twinned soul</b>

Every time I see your face
My stomach starts to rumble
And I remember how it felt
To taste your smile

To touch the softness of your skin
Inhale the fragrance of your hair
The imprint of your body is permanently engraved
Upon my heart

<i>You are the reason
I am living
It’s to you
I have entrusted my soul

I remember the feeling
Of being safe in your arms
Secure in the knowledge
That you loved me</i>

Nothing else mattered
As long as we were together
All the pain, all the heartache
All worth it because I had you

Now, you are distant
Someone I can no longer touch
I feel unwhole, off balance
I miss you so much

<i>Lies have come between us
I have only memories of your kiss
I want so much to tell you the truth
But, I gave my word

Yet you have shown you trust me still
Can it be that there is hope?
When haunted by your conscience
You came to <u>me</u> for help</i>

I can’t explain it; I know you lied
But I can’t forget so easily
All that we have shared
All the love between us

My eyes tell me you were with him
Your voice confirms as fact
But my heart will not accept that
Somehow I know you were true

<i>Every time you look at me
I can feel your pain
I feel as though I’m drowning
In your eyes

And all I want to do is
Kiss you and make it all better
Hoping you could see the truth
My undying love for you</i>

<b>You are the one
I will never stop loving
The other half
Of this twinned soul

What went before
Has no meaning
There is only
You and I

One heart, one soul
As one together
No matter what, my dearest love
I shall believe in you.</b>
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