I Like Short Skirts (M/L ADULT AU) (Complete)

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I Like Short Skirts (M/L ADULT AU) (Complete)

Post by Emz80m » Thu Feb 17, 2005 7:05 am

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Title: I Like Short Skirts
Category: M/L AU
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything I’m just borrowing them.
Rating: ADULT

A/N: What can i say i love punishing my self. One story and a almost completed story arent enough!!. Anyway this is just an idea of mine and i warn you now it's smutty :oops: I am only planning on updating this once a week because I will be posting another story as well. Anyway enjoy

Summery: This is just a smutty story i felt like writing. Max is a Professor and Liz is his new TA.

Story 1 – Job Offer

Liz Parker smiled with delight when she read her email.

Dear Ms Parker,

Thank you for your application for the position of my teachers aid for the coming semester in Anatomy 101. I would like to offer you the position if you’re still interested. Stop by my office one day this afternoon and we can talk about it.

Professor Max Evans

“You’re looking very happy about something” Maria Deluca commented to her best friend as she entered the apartment they shared.

“I have a lot to be happy about” Liz giggled in response.

“Ok you have my interest peaked” Maria sighed and plonked down on the couch waiting for her friend to spill.

“I got the teacher aid position with Professor Evans” she smiled happily.

“Oh your kidding you are so lucky” Maria sighed thinking about the close proximity her friend would have to the scrumptious Professor Evans whilst working with him.

“I know” Liz squealed.

Liz had spent three years of university drooling over the delicious professor. The first time she had seen him she thought that he was just another one of the students in her class. He had come in and sat down with everyone in his jeans and black sweater looking good enough to eat and chatted with her and a few other students about their course load, Liz had instantly fallen for him. He was tall, dark and handsome and add to the fact that he was mysterious, as well she had decided then and there that she would get his attention.

That never happened. She had tried a few strategies like acing his classes and staying back after lectures hoping it would draw his attention to her, it had but not the type she wanted. Instead he had recruited her to tutor some of the other students who weren’t doing so well.

When that didn’t work she had decided to alter her image. Short shirts and shorts were a must and tight tank tops that show of her ample cleavage made a regular appearance as well. Every guy on campus noticed but it didn’t seem to work on Professor Evans.

In the end Liz had given up. She had heard through the grape bin that he was in a very serious relationship and she realised then that her crush on him was childish and pointless.

A man liked Max Evans would never be interested in a girl like her.

Sure she still drooled after him, watching him move through the classes she had with him over the three years of her academic career but she no longer flaunted herself in front of him.


Max Evans sighed as he thought about the email he had sent the day before. He wasn’t sure if he was making the right decision by choosing Liz Parker to be his TA for the coming semesters Anatomy 101 class. He had a few very capable candidates apply for the position but none of them had the stellar grades or work ethic of Liz Parker, which is why in the end despite his better judgment he had picked her.

Liz Parker was every young Professor’s nightmare and every teen boys wet dream. She was absolutely gorgeous with a killer body and a mind that matched and he swore on occasion that she wore her short shorts and skirts to drive him crazy. On many occasions he had to rush to the toilet after a lecture with her to relieve himself because she had gotten him so worked up. It wasn’t like she was doing anything specific that he could put his finger on but every time she would shift in her chair, giving him a better view of her beautiful tanned legs he found himself unable to look away.

He was in a relationship for Christ sake. Sure it wasn’t the happiest one but that still didn’t excuse the fact that he was lusting after one of his young students.

And that was another issue in itself. Up until this semester Liz had been a student of his for all three years. It was like there was no way to escape her. But now she was no longer a student of his.

His thoughts were interrupted then by a knock on the door.


Liz grinned as she looked over her appearance in the mirror. She had paid special attention to what she was going to wear for her impromptu meeting with the Adonis professor convinced that this was the perfect opportunity to try and seduce him.

Sure he was with someone but frankly she didn’t care. She was so hot for Professor Evans that she couldn’t think straight sometimes and she knew that if she wanted to move on that she needed to get it out of her system.

So happy with what she saw she grabbed her bag and headed towards the biology wing.


“Come in” Max called out from his seat behind his desk.

Max watched in trepidation as Liz Parker entered his office. He knew from the moment the door opened the long brown hair appeared that it was her but what he wasn’t prepared for was the sight of her.

She was wearing one of her normal short shirts but this time it was pleated and he could tell that it barely covered her tight ass. It didn’t stop there though the skirt was accompanied by a white tank top that appeared to be at least a size to small and made it more than obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it. Her breasts were spilling over the top of it and he could see her erect nipples pushing through the material. Her beautiful hair was hanging free and her on her feet she wore a pair of wedge sandals enhancing her short frame. He felt his mouth water at the sight.

“Is this a good time Professor Evans” Liz asked hesitantly. She watched happily as his eyes scanned her body from her head to her toes.

“Yeah sure Liz come on in,” she told her standing up and putting on his normal aloof attitude.

Liz noticed that he looked very casual today, dressed in a tight white shirt and a pair of denim three quarter shorts but he looked just a delicious as he normally did.

“Thanks” Liz smiled.

“Take a seat,” he told her gesturing to the seat on the opposite side of his desk before getting up and walking towards his filing cabinet to get out some things to discuss with her about the course load.

When he turned around he was shocked to find that Liz was sitting on the edge of his desk near his chair instead of in the chair across the desk and her eyes were following his every movement. Max swallowed before talking.

“So I take it your still interested in the position?” he asked her.

“Of course. I’m really excited. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity” she told him.

Max smiled “Your welcome and you deserve it so no thanks needed” he sat down in his seat then and the minute he did he regretted it. It brought him face to face with Liz’s beautiful crossed legs.

Liz noticed immediately where Max’s gaze was and purposely uncrossed her legs before re-crossing them the other way.

“Well I’ve got some information to give you so you might like to write it down” he told her hoping that she would take that as a hint to sit in a chair instead of on his desk.

“Okay” Liz smiled before turning around and leaning over the table to reach for her bag where she keeps her supplies.

Max’s eyes almost bugged out of his head with what she did next. Instead of getting off the table like he thought she had leant over it instead causing her skirt to rise up over her perfect ass and giving him an extremely tempting view. He felt his pants tighten immediately at the sight of her naked ass cheeks. She was either wearing nothing at all under that skirt of a very tiny thong he wasn’t sure which idea aroused him more.

After finally reaching her bag Liz pulled out the notepad and pen she kept in their more than aware of the view she must have been giving Max.

“Okay” she smiled when she turns around “I’m ready” she tells him but apparently Max isn’t.

“You know Miss Parker if your planning on wearing that outfit when you teach my lectures your going to be more of a distraction than anything else” he says.

Liz knows that he’s trying to be as nice as he can while trying to tell her that her outfit isn’t appropriate and she wants to tell him that she’s not stupid that she would never dream of being that unprofessional but where would the fun be in that.

“You think I’m a distraction Professor Evans?” she asked innocently.

“You can call me Max since we’ll be working together and yes in that outfit you are” he told her.

“But it would be a good distraction wouldn’t it, Max?” she asked then her voice becoming a little huskier.

Max looked up and met her eyes then before quickly darting them away to the picture on his table of his girlfriend. Liz followed his eyes to the picture and leaned over and picked it up. She studied the picture of the blonde. She had beautiful hair and piercing blue eyes, a very attractive combination but there was something missing. There was no sparkle in her eyes she seemed to be just dead.

Liz put the photo back down in the same place “Your girlfriend?” she asked.

“Yes” Max nodded.

“So the outfit, no go for lectures?” she grinned playfully.

Max couldn’t help but grin as well and leant back in his chair “No, not for lectures” he agreed “We want the male students to learn anatomy from their text books, Liz” he laughed.

Liz laughed too “I know I should be insulted by that comment but surprisingly I’m not for some reason” she told him.

“Hmm I guess that’s a good thing, you feel comfortable with me I think that’s good since we’re going to be working together so closely” he said.

“How closely?” Liz asked him then.

“Well we’ll need to meet a couple of time a week at least” he informed her “that wont be a problem will it?”

“No” Liz shook her head.

“Good” he said.

“So if I was trying to get someone’s attention this would be a good outfit?” she asked.

“Yes” he nodded “It would be” he tried to keep his eyes off her and his face neutral he didn’t want her to think that it distracted him he wanted to keep this completely professional but he was having a very hard time.

“And if someone was trying to get the attention of someone like you would this be a good way?” she asked.

Max looked a little taken back was she trying to imply that she wore the outfit to get his attention? “Well if it was a student no because it’s against the rules and I am involved after all” he answered.

“True” Liz agreed “But you are still a man” Max watched as Liz uncrossed her legs then and parted them slowly. It wasn’t enough that he could see her hidden treasure but it have him a nice view of the insides of her thighs and he swore he could smell her arousal.

“Yes, yes I am but” he told her getting prepared to offer her a solid argument for why he still wouldn’t get involved with someone.

Liz’s gaze wandered down Max’s body and she immediately noticed the huge bulge in Max’s shorts. She decided to take a chance then and dropping one of her shoes on the floor she raised it and placed it gently in Max’s lap and rubbed it gently over the bulge.

When Liz raised her foot it caused her legs to part further and gave Max a delicious view of her material covered pussy and answered his earlier question about what she was wearing under the tiny skirt.

“What about someone that wasn’t your student?” she asked him huskily. She could feel his eyes burning her everywhere that he was staring.

Max reached out and grabbed her ankle stopping her actions.

“You’re an incredibly sexy women, Liz” he told her his voice deep with desire “you could wear a paper bag and you would have most men’s attention” he told her. His hand was now caressing her calf and Liz had resumed her caressing with her foot.

Liz grinned at his words “Thank you” she said “but so far it doesn’t seem to be working on the man I want” she informed him.

“Well it’s working on me” he finally groaned unable to pretend he wasn’t enjoying her caresses any longer.

“Good” Liz moaned as Max’s hand creeped up her leg towards her inner thigh. It didn’t take long for him to reach his goal and Liz immediately spread her legs wider when she felt his finger trail over her drench thong.

Max stood up “I’ve bee wondering what you were wearing under that tiny little skirt” he groaned.

Liz leaned forward and licked the shell of his ear before taking the lobe into her mouth. He tasted sweet and spicy and she could wait to find out what the rest of him tasted like. “Now you know what are you going to do about it?” she whispered seductively in his ear.

“Do you want to fuck me, Liz?” he asked bluntly his hand never stopping it’s slight caress of her pussy.

“Yes” Liz moaned.

“You are so fucking sexy,” he groaned then before leaning in and taking her mouth for the first time.

There was nothing soft and gentle about it, there mouths came together hard and passionate both of them opening their mouths immediately to the other. Their tongues rushed out towards the others dueling against each other.

Max reached up and roughly grabbed her breast through the fabric of her tank top and began to finger her erect nipple causing Liz to moan in delight. His big hands fit her tits perfectly she loved the feel of his hands on them, but she would love his mouth even more.

“touch me” she begged against his mouth.

Max immediately reacted to her plea using his hands to shove the material up and over her breasts never once taking his mouth away from hers.

When they broke apart they were both panting but what Liz did next shocked Max. Using her hand on his chest she pushed him back slowly before getting off the table and heading towards the door.

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A/N: Ok i admit it, i am a total sucker all you guys do is beg and i post lol. Okay i have done a huge amount of writing on this story over the past two days so i have decided to post again. Therefore i wont commit to a posting schedule so you'll get parts when you get them.

Anyway i'm glad you like this, here is Part 2. Thank you for your great feedback.

ana julia
RebeccaBehrEvans - Thank you
Sweet Liz
Jason's Lover

Story 2 – First Impressions

For a minute Max thought that she was leaving but then the unmistakable sound of the lock on the door clicking sounded and Liz turned back around. She met his eyes before her hands reached down to the hem of her tank top and she ever so slowly began pulling it up and over her head before throwing it on the floor at Max’s feet. Her hand went to the two buttons on the side of her shirt then and with a couple of flicks of her wrists the skirt fell at her feet leaving her standing before him in only the tiniest black g-string that he had ever seen.

Max’s mouth opened and his eyes widened. He knew she was hot and he had imagined what she would look like under the small amount of clothing she wore on a number of occasions but the sight of her naked was unbelievable.

Her breasts were fairly large and very perky and her rosy red nipples made him ache to take them into his mouth. Her skin was brown and tanned everywhere indicating that she wasn’t shy about being nude. Her stomach was flat and had a small piercing through the belly button something that Max had spent a lot of time staring at before.

His gaze continued down her body and he noticed that there was no sign of any hair outside of the small g-string she had on and he wondered if there would be any under the undergarment either.

“Cat got your tongue Professor Evans” she smirked as she walked towards him swaying her hips enticely.

‘You’re a fucking goddess” he groaned at she approached him.

Once Liz reached him she straddled his lap “I think we should go over the study guide, don’t you?” she asked him.

Max trailed kisses down her neck his hands moving up to cup her breasts again. This time there was no material between them and Liz threw her head back in delight.

“Yeah we should definitely study” Max moaned.

Liz pulled back again then until she was standing in front of Max once she knew she had his full attention she pulled the small g-string down her legs and off her body and threw it at him before planting herself back on Max’s desk in front of him.

“I’m pretty sure I know where the clitoris is but I was hoping that you could just check that I have the right spot” she said huskily before allowing a hand to run down her stomach and into her slicked pussy.

She wasn’t sure where all her courage had come from at first but now with the way Max was staring at her and responding to her he was making her so hot and wet that she would do anything right this minute.

Max pulled his shirt off and threw it over his head before getting down on his knees in between Liz’s legs. Liz immediately raised her legs and placed her feet on his shoulders bringing her heat into direct line with Max’s face.

He could smell her arousal and he wanted to taste her so bad. The sight of her fingering herself was unbelievable “I believe you have the right spot Ms Parker and you seem to be very adept at stimulating it” Max breathed against her causing her to shiver in anticipation.

“Maybe I could help you with a few techniques” he suggested and without waiting for her answer leant in and swiped his tongue along her lips. Liz’s hips raised and she instinctively pulled her fingers out of her pussy and was about to pull them away but Max chased after them and sucked them into his mouth, greedily licking every drop of her juices off her fingers before using his fingers to part her lips and thrusting his tongue into her hole.

“Oh yes” Liz moaned. Her hands moved into his thick black hair then and she pushed his face harder into her wetness.

Max responded to her not so subtle request immediately her moans and whimpers driving him to satisfy her by bringing her over the edge, hard. He thanked his lucky star that most of the other professors that shared the offices next door weren’t in today since classes hadn’t started back again because they would definitely be able to hear what was going on if they were. Apparently Liz Parker was a moaner and a screamer.

“Oh I’m so close” she cried out and Max immediately thrust two fingers inside of her before biting down on her clit.

“Oh fuck yes, MAAX” she screamed. Max opened his mouth greedily and drank the juices that flowed freely from her, she tasted heavenly and he couldn’t get enough of her. He loved her hairless pussy and knew that this wouldn’t be the last time he buried his face in it.

When he had lapped her up he began kissing a trail up her body until he reached her breasts. He cupped them in his hands roughly before lowering his mouth over her nipple.

“Oh fuck” Liz moaned in delight arching herself into him further and making him take more of her. Max sucked and bit on her nipple till it was hard as a rock and then he released it and turned his attention to the other one, repeating it until Liz was whimpering.

He continued kissing his trail up her body over her collarbone and up her neck until he reached the shell of her ear.

“Did you like my techniques?” he asked her.

“Oh yes very much so” she moaned. “You certainly know your way around the female body Professor Evans” she told him.

“It’s my job, Liz” he told her then.

Liz trailed her hands down his chest taking time to caress every muscle she found along the way, and there was a lot. She had never seen a man as toned and beautiful as Max Evans before and wondered what he did to keep in shape.

“I work out everyday” he answered her unvoiced question.

Liz grinned “I have a few ideas for improving that workout?” she told him.

“What would they be?” he asked her with a grin.

“Well I would hate to think that you were forgetting about some of the most important muscles on the male body, I could help you work them” she replied letting her hand trail down under the waist of his shorts.

“Was there a particular muscle that you were thinking about?” he played along.

Her hand expertly opened the button and she pulled the jeans apart causing the zipper to slide open. Her hand inched down further until she was cupping his very hard cock.

“I’m sure there’s a correct turn but I like the work cock” she whispered seductively.

“Do you think you have the stamina to get it into shape?” he asked her then.

“Oh I have no doubt that I’m the women for the job? Are you looking for someone to help you workout?” she asked him.

“I have pretty fussy requirements” he informed her.

“So do I” she told him “I’ll work you hard, Max harder than anyone’s ever worked you do you think your up to that?”

“Oh I’m up to it” he grinned.

Her hand found the slit in his boxers quickly and before Max knew it she had him in her small little hand stroking him like an expert. Her touch was pure torture and pleasure all at the same time. Right now he just wanted to bury himself so deep inside of her but the pleasure of her small hand discovering him felt too good to pull away from even for a second.

“Oh” Liz moaned in approval as her hand caressed his length and girth. “You have a huge cock” she whispered.

“Yeah?” he asked “Do you like huge cock, Liz?” he found himself asking, slipping into her little role play game easily. He loved the dirty talk it made him so horny.

“I want your huge cock really badly” she replied wrapping her legs around his waist and bringing her sopping wet pussy into contact with his skin. The contact made Max’s hips buck against her.

“You want to be inside me, Max?” she asked him.

Max reached down and pushed his shorts and boxers down his hips allowing them to fall to the floor before he stepped out of them and kicked them away. He was now standing completely naked his extremely hard cock standing at attention and Liz noticed with delight that it was weeping pre-cum.

She reached her hand out for him then and led him by his cock back between her legs. “Fuck me, Max” she demanded.

Max didn’t bother to respond he was just ready for action and with thrust he buried himself deeply inside her.

“Oh fuck yes” Liz cried out in delight, she couldn’t believe that she had Max Evans between her legs after three years of dreaming and wanting, she knew she was just about to be given the ride of her life and she couldn’t wait.

“Oh you are so fucking tight and so wet” Max groaned thrusting back out and ramming himself back in again.

“I can be wetter” she moaned “Do you want to make me so wet Max that you’ll slip in and out of me without even trying?”

“Oh fuck yes,” he moaned but never once did he stop thrusting in and out of her.

“Tell me about all the ways and how long you’ve dreamed of fucking me?” she begged.

Max grinned oh he could tell her some really good stories he certainly didn’t have a shortage of fantasies that involved sinking into Liz Parker.

“Well I think I’m showing you pretty well how I would fuck you,” he moaned picking up the pace slightly.

“You used to drive me crazy during classes, you’d sit in the front row and you would where one of those extremely short shirts” he whispered huskily against her ear “I couldn’t see what I wanted too but I swear I could smell you sometimes and I just wanted to get down on my knees and crawl over until I had my head buried between your glorious thighs”

“Oh yes” Liz moaned.

“Would you have liked that, Liz?” he asked.

“Y-Yes” she sighed.

Max felt her juices increase down his cock then and he thought she would start dripping soon she was that wet but he didn’t stop he wanted her hornier and wetter than she had ever been in her life.

“Do you know how many times I came back here and gave myself a hand job imagining that it was your hand that was stroking me instead of my own?” he asked her then.

“Oh fuck no” Liz shook her head.

“Every time I saw you, Liz. You used to drive me fucking crazy and now I’m driving into you” he told her.

‘Oh fuck me Max, fuck me so hard” she begged.

“Where else do you want to fuck me, Max?” she asked him then. Hearing him talk about her like he had been was driving her crazy she couldn’t believe that the more he fucked her the hornier he was making her.

“Hmm I want to bend you over the desk in my lecture hall, Liz. Would you like that?” he asked her.

Liz nodded eagerly unable to voice how many times she had had that fantasy herself over the past three years “but I want you to wear that little skirt of yours while it slide in and out of you” he added.

“Where else do you want me to fuck you, Liz?” he turned the tables on her. He was enjoying this little game she started it was making her crazy and he loved it.

“I want to ride you Max so bad” she told him then.

“Where?” he asked her.

“Oh I, in your chair” she moaned picking up her own rhythm as she thrusted against him.

“Hmm how about we do that next?” Max whispered.

“Hell yes” she moaned her approval.

“Where else?” he asked.

“I want you to fuck me in the back seat of you car” she informed him.

“God yes, I cant wait for you to ride me in the back seat of my jeep” he told her.

“Me either” she agreed.

“Your so wet, Liz” he told her “Do you like how wet I’ve made you?” he asked her.

“Yes” Liz cried out as Max hit a particularly sensitive spot. She could have sworn he just got harder and bigger.

His hands were caressing her breasts and she threw her head back in satisfaction as he continued to pump his powerful body in and out of hers.

“Does it make you harder knowing how hot you get me, Max?” she asked him.

‘Uh huh but want to know what would make me really hot?” he said.

“Tell Me,” she demanded.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Liz?” he asked. Liz was slightly surprised by the question she didn’t think he would want to know.

“Yes” she confirmed. The last thing she wanted to talk about was her boyfriend; he certainly didn’t know how to please her like this.

“What do you think he would say about this?” he asked.

“ I don’t give a fuck” she moaned, “as long as you don’t stop fucking me”

“I have no intention of stopping I wanna watch you come as you scream my name” he told her.

“How about your girlfriend?” she asked then. It turned her on that she was fucking an attached man, she knew it was perverted but she got some sense of satisfaction out of the fact that she turned him on so much and that he would fuck her behind his partners back.

“I didn’t think you cared about her” he replied. “But it makes you hot that I’m here fucking you instead of at home with her doesn’t it?” he asked her then.

“Yes” she told him.

Max grinned. He couldn’t believe he was doing this but now that he was he had no intention of stopping. Liz Parker was so fucking hot and her pussy was gold as far as he was concerned.

“I want to fuck you in the bed you share with her” she whispered then and she knew she wasn’t imagining it when Max’s cock grew harder.

Max upped his pace again and he now pumping in and out of her so fast and hard he thought he’d split her in half.

“Oh yes Liz oh god yes” he moaned he was so close.

“I’m coming, Max,” she cried out.

“Come for me, Liz” Max demanded before leaning down and taking a nipple into his mouth.

“Oh Yes Max, MAX” she screamed as she flew over the edge at an alarming rate, she couldn’t remember ever experiencing such a powerful orgasm before. Her walls contracted harshly against Max’s massive cock bringing him more pleasure than he could ever imagine. He pumped into her a half a dozen more times before he blew his load deep inside of her “LIZ” he cried out in ecstasy.


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Post by Emz80m » Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:13 am

A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your feedback i hope you like this next part. I have done some major writing on this fic, i'm just so in to it at the moment and it's flowing.

Anyway to answer your question there will be a little more of a serious side to this fic but i dont intend it to be angsty at all. It's a fluffy piece. (so far anyway)

Jason's Lover

Part 3 – Welcome to the Evans’s

Max Evans whistled as he made his way into the kitchen until he found his live in girlfriend standing over the stove cooking, he wasn’t sure what she was cooking it certainly wasn’t her strong point.

“Hey” he greeted her.

“Hi” she replied without turning around.

Tonight was a big night for Max; it was there turn this year to host his department’s pre-semester drinks. He had wanted to hire someone to take care of everything but Tess had insisted that with the help of his sister that she would be able to handle everything personally.

“I want everyone to come in here tonight and know that your future wife was responsible for everything they saw, Max” she told him.

Max knew that was her way of saying that she wanted everyone to think that she was a great candidate to be his wife someday because she loved nothing more than staying at home and playing house for her big time professor boyfriend.

Truth was, Tess had no idea what he did and even if she was smart enough to work it out she still wouldn’t be able to handle a conversation about it, not would she want to. Clothes, shoes, hair and makeup were the only things she cared about. Oh and what everyone thought of her too.

A couple of years ago her cheerleader looks and attitude were what he looked for in a women, now the novelty had warn off and he longed for someone who he shared common interests with and that he could have a conversation with.
“Is everything right for tonight?” he asked her. He still thought he should have hired someone or at least had Isabel do this for him.

“Of course” she told him turning around to face him “Isabel was very helpful” she told him which was code for, Isabel had pretty much done everything. For some reason Isabel seemed to have a knack for organising and this was the first time he was ever grateful she had used that skill in his life, normally he hated her interfering.

“So who is coming?” she asked him then.

“The normal people” he told her, aware that she had no idea who he was talking about because she never paid any attention “and my two TA’s” he added then doing his best to hide his grin as he thought about one of his TA’s in particular. He wondered what sexy outfit she would show up in tonight.

Every year Max had made it a point to have male TA’s it was one thing that Tess was normally up to date on and he knew it made her uncomfortable if he was spending a lot of his time with young females, Liz was going to make her extremely uncomfortable.


He had gotten to know her very well a couple of days before and he couldn’t wait to see her again. He had second guessed himself about inviting her at first worried that someone might work out what had happened between them but then he decided it would look more suspicious if he didn’t invite her since his other TA, Jeremy had already been invited.

“Oh you have a new one this year right?” she asked him to which Max nodded.

“What’s he like?” she asked, normally Max’s TA’s were first class geeks but she still held out the hope that one day he would bring home a hot one.

“She’s delightful” he replied.

“She?” Tess questioned.

Max didn’t look up from his perusal of the fridge.

“Yes, Liz Parker” he said.

“Since when do you have female TA’s?” she asked annoyed, “You know how I feel about that,” she added.

“Yes I do, and I don’t care” he replied “Liz was the best candidate for the job this year and I wasn’t going to overlook her because my girlfriend is jealous” he informed her.

Tess was a little shocked. Normally Max would do anything she said just so he could prevent a fight but she had noticed a harder edge to him over the past couple of days and backed down immediately.

“Well I look forward to meeting her,” she said reminding herself that Max didn’t need a geeky teenager lusting after him when he had the perfect package at home.


“What do you think?” Liz asked her best friend as she looked over the black dress she intended on wearing to Max’s party.

“Where are you going again?” Maria asked.

Liz had on a strapless black dress that fell down past her knees and a pair of black heals that accentuated her legs. The dress was very stylish and didn’t put out her assets on display like some of the other outfits she wore.

“To the pre-semester drinks for the Science department at Professor Evans” she replied.

Liz hadn’t even told Maria about her meeting with the hunky professor and didn’t plan on it. She hoped that it wasn’t a one off but if that’s the way it turned out to be then she wanted to keep it to herself. Besides it was way too hot to talk about, just thinking about made her feel or hot and bothered.

“Yeah you look great” Maria smiled.

“Thanks” she smiled.

“Is Kyle taking you?” she asked her then.

“Yeah” Liz frowned. In the email Max had suggested she bring him along indicating that all the other teachers and TA’s would be bringing their partners. Secretly she thought that Max just wanted to meet him.

“I’m not sure it was a good idea though” she told her.

“Why not?” Maria asked.

“Kyle isn’t exactly a teachers dream student” she smiled. “Nor are manners his strong point, I’m a little worried he’s going to embarrass me”

“True” Maria giggled. “Just don’t leave him with anyone important for too long alone”

Five minutes later Kyle arrived and they were on their way.


The party had been in full swing for half an hour and Max couldn’t help but wonder where Liz was. He was interested to meet this boyfriend of hers but he couldn’t wait to see her, he was hoping to steel a few minutes of alone time with her. He had been hard as hell all day and he knew only being buried deep inside of her would please him now that he had a taste.

“Is everyone here, sweetie?” Tess asked. There was food to be served but she didn’t want to start till everyone was there.

“No there are still a few people to come,” he informed her just as the doorbell chimed.

Max walked off with Tess trailing behind him to greet their knew guests.


Liz stood on the other side of the door, her hand clasped in Kyle’s nervously.

“Hi” Max smiled when he opened the door, his smile growing a little bigger when he realised it was Liz.

“Hi Max” she smiled.

Max stepped back and let them in enjoying the view of Liz’s ass as it swayed as she walked past him.

“Max, this is Kyle Valenti” she introduced.

“Hi” Kyle and Max said before shaking hands.

Tess cleared her throat then. “Tess this is Liz Parker my new TA and her boyfriend Kyle, this is Tess my girlfriend” Max introduced. He watched in amusement as Tess’s face fell when he told her that the girl in front of her was Liz, obviously this wasn’t what she was expecting.

“Hi” Liz smiled.

“Hi Tess” Kyle greeted.

Liz felt like groaning, she knew that tone and she knew that the moment she turned her back Kyle would be making a play for Tess. That didn’t bother her so much she just hoped that he would manage to keep the blonde busy while she stole a minute with Max.

Liz didn’t know why she dated Kyle in the first place. Sure he was hot and fun but she knew that he wasn’t the most honest boyfriend in the world. Then again either was she anymore.

The four of them chatted for a short while before Tess excused herself to go get the food ready, not surprising to Liz a couple of minutes later Kyle excused himself to go and find a drink.

“Finally” Max whispered.

“Could you show me where the bathroom is please, Max?” Liz smiled innocently.

“Sure” Max agreed quickly before moving off to lead her up the stairs. Of course there was a perfectly good toilet down stairs but that wouldn’t give Max the privacy he burned for.

The minute they were out of everyone’s view Max pulled Liz against his hard body “You look sexy as hell” he told her.

“Thank you” she purred against his ear.

“I want to be inside you” Max groaned then before taking her lips in a passionate kiss. He pressed her hard against the wall and grinded his hips against hers.

“Where’s your bedroom?” she whispered.

Max knew exactly what she wanted and without a second thought grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom he shared with Tess. He shut the door soundly behind them before locking it and walked towards Liz already unbuttoning his dress pants.

“Sit down” Liz told him and he followed her order. He sat down with his cock standing at attention begging and waiting for her to provide it.

Liz took a few steps towards him and slowly pulled her dress up past her hips revealing her nakedness under the dress.

“Oh fuck yes” Max groaned when she saw her wet lips glistening at him. He couldn’t believe she was naked under that dress, it was going to drive him wild for the rest of the night.

Liz straddled his lap and sunk down on his cock “OH yeah” she moaned. She couldn’t believe that he was inside of her again but she was very happy.

“Ride Me,” he demanded and Liz instantly raised herself of and sank down on him all over gain. She picked up the pace fairly quickly hoping to bring them to completion quickly, the last thing she wanted was to be interrupted and not get to cum around his cock or worse yet not feel him cum deep inside her.

“Yes” Max moaned he reached up and tugged on the top of Liz’s dress then hoping to free her breasts so he could suck on them.

“Zipper” Liz moaned.

Max reached around and unzipped her tight dress and pulled it letting her beautiful breasts free for his caresses he loved that she never wore bras. Liz arched back as he leaned down and took a ripe nipple into his mouth.

“Yes baby,” he groaned against her breasts and she upped the pace a little more. He could feel her thighs working extremely hard and decided to help her out.

“I’m so close” Liz whispered huskily in his ear. Max reached down between them and played with her clit.

“Oh fuck yes” she moaned and then began chanting his name in a mantra as she came around him. Her contracting walls were all it took for Max to join her “I love fucking you” he moaned thrusting his hips up against hers and exploding hard and long inside of her.

They stayed in each other’s arms for a few minutes caressing each other. They were working there way up for another around completely forgetting all of the guests downstairs and more importantly their significant others.

The knock on the door was a timely reminder. Liz moved to jump off him but Max held her down before raising his hips and pumping into her again.

“Yeah” he called out.

“Max why is the door locked?” Tess whined on the other side.

Max hopped up and carried Liz into the bathroom pointing to the shower and gesturing for her to hide.

He opened the door with his pants still open although he pulled his boxers up and his shirt out to cover his obvious erection. The last thing he needed was for Tess to get the right idea and suspect that she had caused the reaction from him. “I spilt a drink on my pants and i was just trying to prevent a stain” he informed her

“Oh good honey, did you get it out?” she asked. He knew she would buy the story and that her concern over him ruining an expensive pair of pants would out weigh her curiosity.

Max nodded

“Okay come downstairs people are looking for you,” she told him.

“Yeah give me a couple of minutes” he told her before shutting the door and walked back into the bathroom.

Liz had fixed her dress and hair whilst in the shower.

“Hmm you don’t even look fucked” Max smirked.

“You might have to do something about that later,” she told him suggestively.

‘Yes, I will. Did you enjoy fucking me in my bed?” he asked.

Liz nodded the thought of it was making her wet again and Max could tell so he snaked a hand down and under her dress and thrust two fingers in her.

“Didn’t I satisfy you baby?” he whispered huskily.

“Yeah but I want more” she pouted “and I want to be completely naked and underneath you next time we’re in your bed” she added.

“Hmm what ever you what, baby” he agreed as he continued to finger fuck her.

“Y-You need to get downstairs,” she moaned.

“Not until you come,” he whispered.

“Eat Me,” she requested then.

Max smirked but got down on his knees eagerly. Liz lifted her dress and threw her leg over his shoulder to give him access as his mouth went to work on her clit. It didn’t take long for his talented tongue to bring her over the edge.

‘Yes, Yes, Yes” she cried out as she came.

Max rose to his feet and kissed her “Do you want to wash up?” he asked her.

“Yeah that might be a good idea” she replied with a smile, even though she knew there was probably no feelings involved from his side of things she loved that he still showed tenderness towards her and cared about her needs, even Kyle wouldn’t worry about whether or not she had orgasmed enough.

Max handed her a wet wash towel and wet one for himself and they cleaned up quickly before making their way downstairs. Thankfully no one really noticed the arrival of them back downstairs together nor did it seem that anyone noticed that Liz was missing at all.


In the Kitchen whilst Max and Liz were upstairs

Kyle followed Tess into the kitchen enjoying the way her little ass moved. Sure Liz was extremely hot but he had always been more of a blonde man himself.

“So Tess tell me about you?” he said as he watched her move around the kitchen.

Tess turned around her smirked at the man in her kitchen. He was extremely hot but she new his type because she had dated dozens of Kyle Valenti's before she was lucky enough to snag Max’s attention, he was about as interested in her as she was in him.

“Why don’t we just cut the small talk and get to why you’re really in here?” she smiled taking a step towards him.

Kyle reciprocated by taking a step towards her “I’m a sucker for a knock out blonde with big tits” he smirked.

“Well I’m flattered but unfortunately I’m taken and if I’m not mistaken so are you” she replied.

Kyle took another step forward which forced Tess to take another one back “it doesn’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you” he told her.

Tess flashed a look at the door and back to the hot piece of ass in front of her. “Not here” she whispered.

“Where and when?” he asked.

“Um I don’t know,” she said.

“Liz mentioned that she has a meeting with Max tomorrow morning to go over the syllabus how about I pick you up after she leaves?” he suggested.

“Ok” she answered quickly,

Kyle backed quickly out of the kitchen already looking forward to the next morning.


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A/N: Hi everyone. I'm back with a new part. Thank you so much for your great feedback i really appreciate it. Anyway lets continue :D .

BTW there will be parts of this story with no nookie so preapre yourself lol.

ALSO, I am doing a chat on "Dreaming Among The Stars on Friday at 9pm EST time. It will be on my fic You've Got Mail so please stop by and join in.

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Part 4 – Sexual Adventures

Liz sighed and sank back into the passenger seat of Kyle’s mustang.

Da da dada da da da da

Kyle looked over at her as she reached down to answer her cell phone which was going off. She looked at the screen before answering and noticed that it just had Evans which was her code for Max.

“Hi” she greeted.

“Hi sexy” he replied.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“Oh Kyle and I are on our way home.” she explained.

She heard Max sigh in disappointment “I’m aching for you” he told her.

“Yeah I know the feeling” she sighed.

Liz turned her eyes discreetly to Kyle checking whether he was paying attention to her conversation. He appeared to be busy paying attention to the road and singing along to one of his ridiculous country songs.

“Is there any way I can see you tonight?” he whispered then and Liz realised he must have been at home too.

“Um I don’t think so” she sighed. It was already late and they were heading straight to Kyle’s after their double date with Maria.

“Fuck” he cursed.

“I’m sorry, keep your phone with you and I’ll call you if I can make it” she said .

“Okay” he agreed “guess I’ll have to face Tess after all” he laughed.

Liz felt herself stiffen at the comment, she knew that he didn’t say it to hurt her, as far as he was concerned they were just enjoying having sex with each other but over the past couple of months Liz had started to develop genuine feelings for him and was even contemplating dumping Kyle.

At first seducing Max Evans was supposed to be just fun, a way to get the hot Professor out of her system but now that she had him she didn’t think she ever wanted to let him go. It was so much more than just a good fuck between them, they shared a lot in common and had a passion that she knew he didn’t share with his girlfriend just like she didn’t share it with Kyle.

Liz was so distracted with her thoughts that she didn’t realize Kyle had slipped a hand off the gear stick and in between her legs, his finger making quick work of plunging under her shorts and panties and into her wetness.

“Kyle” she yelped in surprise.

“Liz?” Max said trying to gain her attention.

“Yeah” she moaned unable to stop herself..

“God is Kyle getting you off?” he asked.

“Uh huh” she replied closing her eyes and inwardly cursing that he knew her ‘I’m being pleasured moan’ so well..

“Fuck” she heard him curse again and she could hear the jealousy in his voice and was tempted to make Kyle stop.

“Are you enjoying it?” he asked then.

“It’s ok,” she told him truthfully.

“Would you rather it was me touching you?” he asked then.

“Uh huh” she moaned.

“God baby, I want you so bad” he whined.

“Me?” she asked.

“Yes you, I miss you I haven’t seen you in days” he said. Over the past few months they had rendezvous several times a week, lately though they were finding it harder and harder to find alone time together without drawing to must attention to themselves.

“I’ll ring you if I can make it” she told him praying that she would indeed find a way to get away from Kyle.

“Ok” he sighed “if not I’ll see you tomorrow wont I?” they had a meeting scheduled to talk about their lectures. So far it had been going very well and Max was impressed with how well the class was doing. Liz was a natural.

“Of course” she told him, she was just as desperate to see him even if it was only for work.

After the phone call to Max, Liz pulled Kyle’s hand out of her pants “we’ll be home soon” he told her.

“I just want to have a shower and sleep in my own bed.” she whined then.


Max sat with his head back against the couch trying to relax. He had ended up in bed with his girlfriend and had been bitterly disappointed with the way it went. Once upon a time Tess had been an attentive lover but now she only ever wanted sex on her terms and tonight was one of those nights. Unfortunately and she had done nothing to soothe his fierce craving for Liz in fact it had only made him want the feisty brunette more.


Liz sat up and looked over at her sleeping boyfriend. Obviously she had worn him out, finally. The minute they had entered the apartment he had practically attacked her and he even had Liz slightly excited for a while but it didn’t last long and before she knew it she was having boring sex with her boring boyfriend when she could have been having hot sex with her lover.

Creeping out into the kitchen she hit the speed dial on her mobile phone and prayed that he answered.


Max practically jumped on his cell as it vibrated on the coffee table.

“Hello” he said.

“Hi lover” Liz replied huskily.

“Oh god it’s good to hear your voice” Max moaned surprising Liz.

“Hmm I know the feeling” she replied.

“Bad sex?” he asked hopefully. Even though their affair was a secret Max and Liz didn’t lie to each other. They both knew that they were still sleeping with their partners and most of the time they chose not to talk about it.

“God yes” Liz pouted.

“Well I’m glad I’m not the only one’s that’s frustrated then” he groaned.

“Where are you?” Liz asked him.

“My house” he told her.

“I want you” she whispered.

“I want you too, so bad” he replied.

“Come over” she said then.

“Aren’t you at Kyle’s?” he asked her.

“Yes” she replied.

“So how is that going to work?” he asked her.

“I don’t care, I’ll meet you downstairs if I have too” she told him.

Max didn’t need to be asked twice he immediately grabbed his keys and made his way out the front door.

“Ten minutes be downstairs” he told her and then hung up.

Liz flipped the phone shut before racing into the bedroom for some clothes to cover her nakedness. She picked up her bag and brought it out of the bedroom in an attempt not to wake up Kyle and pulled out a small cotton dress. It was short and sexy and would give her and Max all the easy access they would need.

Not worrying about a bra or panties she threw it over her head before slipping a pair of thongs onto her feet and rushed out of the apartment.

Liz waited inside the security door until she saw Max pull up in his jeep wrangler, the top was up which was unusual but ultimately perfect for tonight.

Liz was in his lap like lighting the minute he pulled the hand brake on. Her mouth crushing down on his with urgency. Not caring about who could see them.

Their mouths worked against each other fiercely until the need for air caused them to pull apart.

“Hey” she whispered.

“Hey” Max grinned.

“Are you sure this is a good place?” she asked him then looking around at the practically deserted parking lot out the front of her boyfriends apartment complex.

“As good as any” he replied.

“Hmm back seat?” Liz asked with a suggestive smile.

“Oh yeah” Max replied and followed Liz as she climbed through the seats.

Max was already pulling his shirt over his head as he sat down next to Liz in the back seat thankful that he had gone with a jeep with so much more additional space.

“Eager much?” Liz giggled as she watched him get caught in his shirt.

“Fuck yes. I want to be buried so deep inside of you” was his muffled reply. Finally he managed to pull his shirt off and he threw it onto the front seat.

Liz leaned over and began kissing and teasing his honey colored nipples before trailing down to the line of his workout shorts.

“Off” she demanded tugging at the waist band. Max raised his hips and helped her pull them off leaving him completely nude.

Her mouth immediately covered his hard cock then causing Max’s hips to lurch off the seat. She would swap between sucking him to licking him from top to bottom like a Popsicle her moans of delight vibrating against him increasing the sensations she was causing.

“Fuck, Liz” he groaned. Her mouth continued to suck him, setting a rhythm that was bringing him close to the edge very quickly. He knew he was close and began thrusting his cock into her mouth, fucking it with abandon. Liz relaxed her mouth and allowed him to fuck her by setting the pace that his cock would slide in and out of her mouth at.

“Oh I’m coming baby” he groaned increasing his thrusting and a couple of seconds later he shot his load deep down Liz’s throat.

Liz swallowed it all like a starving baby before pulling back and licking his cock free of any residual that she hadn’t managed to swallow.

“You taste yummy” she smiled causing Max to groan.

She kissed her way back up his body until she reached his mouth, his tongue immediately shot out and ran over her bottom lip and she opened immediately for him. Max pulled her onto his lap until she was straddling him and then his hands reached down to the hem of her cotton dress and he slowly drew it up her body and over her head.

“Oh yeah” he panted feeling his cock stir back to life as more of her bronzed naked skin came into her view, her nipples already hard and begging for attention.

“I love you naked” he told her. Most of the time they settled for a quick fuck by pulling clothes up or down or just generally out of the way but Max was eager to find some time very soon to get completely naked and sweaty with the goddess on his lap.

“I can’t believe we’re naked in the parking lot of Kyle’s apartment” she giggled when she looked at them.

“Don’t forget the part about your boyfriend being asleep upstairs” Max whispered huskily as he swirled his talented tongue around one of her hard nipples.

“Oh yes cant forget that” she moaned arching her back.

Max’s hand found it’s way to Liz’s extremely wet pussy and he used a finger to gently caress her lips teasing her by refusing to thrust it inside of her or to move it to her clit.

“Don’t tease” she groaned.

“Oh I’m not teasing I just want to you so primed by the time I thrust my cock inside of you that you come immediately” he replied.

“that time is now” she told him.

Max thrust three fingers into her quickly and felt her body begin to tremble so as quick as a flash he pulled her down, impaling her hard on his cock.

“OH FUCK YES” she cried out her orgasm ripping through her body immediately.

Bracing his legs on the floor Max began pumping into her, never giving her time to come down from her orgasm before bringing her to the peak again.

“Oh yes Max” she moaned over and over again like a mantra causing Max to smile. He knew she loved fucking him, sometimes he even thought it was possible that she liked it more than him.

“Do you want to come again baby?” he asked her.

“Oh don’t stop” Liz pleaded she was on cloud fucking nine with her very own love stick

“I wont. I’m gonna fuck you really good” Max moaned against her ear.

Max slowed his pace down then and allowed Liz to ride him “Oh your such a stallion Max” she cried. Her words exciting Max and causing his cock to swell.

“Well this stallion wants you to ride him to the finish line” He told her.

Liz braced her arms above her head using the soft roof of the wrangler to arch herself back so she could ride Max’s cock at a different angle sinking him deeper.

“Yes” he hissed.

She rode him hard like an expert jockey.

His hands roughly caressed her breasts as they both moaned over and over again. The windscreen of the jeep was completely fogged now and the wrangler was rocking hard and anyone looking at the car from the outside would know without a doubt what was going on inside.

“Fuck yes, fuck me” Max panted his balls tightening as he prepared to come hard.

“I’m coming” Liz cried

The feel of Max’s sperm shooting into her was all Liz needed to reach her third orgasm and when she was done she fell exhausted against Max’s chest.

TBC........ A couple of days and please dont forget to join my chat at Dreaming among the stars, Fri 9pm

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A/N: glad you guys are liking it, thanks for the feedback and a big wave to all you lurkers.

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Part 5 – Bye, Bye Baby

They continued to caress naked skin as they lay in silence against the leather seat. Max’s limp cock was still buried deep inside of Liz and she had never felt so content in her life.

“Hmm I never dreamed it could be this good” Max’s whispered confession broke the silence.

Liz shifted her head so he could see his face “Really?” she said.

Max’s hand reached out and cupped her breast “you drive me crazy 24/7” he admitted.

“Yeah I know the feeling” Liz smiled.

“No I mean it Liz, the more I fuck you the more I need to fuck you” he frowned.
“it’s getting out of control”

Liz’s back stiffened “What are you saying?”

Max watched her face carefully “I don’t know” he admitted.

He knew he couldn’t break this off with her it was impossible and he knew he couldn’t openly date her until she graduated either or he could end up in trouble. As much as he enjoyed Liz’s company he had worked too hard to get his position as such a young age and he wouldn’t risk it for a fling. The little voice in his head chimed in then telling him that if he wanted it too, it could be much more than a fling.

“What are we doing tomorrow?” she asked him then. They met every Saturday morning to go over the past weeks classes and plan the next weeks classes, or so everyone assumed.

“Well we do have a little work to do but I’m sure we can fit some extra activities in as well” he replied with a smile.

Liz bit her lip contemplating asking him the next question, this affair between them had been going on for close to six weeks now and they were only a month away from the end of semester. She wondered what would become of them then, would she stay on as Max’s TA and lover for her final semester or and if not would it all be over without the pretence of her position.

“Spend the weekend with me?” she found herself saying.

“Excuse me?” Max asked not sure if he had heard her properly and if he did how she planned to pull something like that off.

“Spend the weekend with me, let’s find a hotel, book in and fuck like bunnies all weekend” she smiled.

Max ran her idea through his head. He liked the sound of it, he liked the sound of it a lot. He just didn’t know how he could pull it off. Liz found altering her schedule for him a lot easier because she didn’t live with Kyle, when she disappeared her roommate and best friend just assumed that she was at Kyle’s and well Kyle he assumed that she was at her apartment.

Max on the other hand had a live in girlfriend. Although she was independent she was also the kind of person who loved to keep tabs on him. Even though they had dated for close to four years she had never trusted him even though until recently he had never given her a reason not to.

Recently he had been tossing around the idea of ending things. He certainly wasn’t in love with her anymore and they rarely did anything together but then the hassle associated with breaking up with her wasn’t something he was looking forward to either.

Max met Tess through his parents. She was the daughter of her Dad’s colleague and best friend. They started dating while they were still in college and even though they had never had anything in common they had fun together. She used to be exciting and daring, she was a cheerleader and Max found her fun, something he was looking for to bring some action into his boring life at the time.

Four years later she was now the boring part of his life, she spent her time working for her father, hanging out with the same people she went to high school with and just biding her time till Max married her and she could give up work and have babies.

That idea was not appealing to Max at all. Lately he found his mother and father were both becoming pushy about when he intended to pop the question and make an honest women out of her, and Max assumed that Tess’s father had been having a word in their ear.

Either way Max knew his time was running out, by Christmas his parents would expect an announcement and if there was no announcement then there would be no Tess.

That idea did appeal to him.

“Ok” he found himself telling Liz.

“Ok?” she grinned.

“Yeah the idea of spending an entire weekend naked with you sounds wonderful” he told her.

“Great” she smiled.

“I’ll book us a room” he told her “Just pack your bag and meet me at my office tomorrow at around 10” he told her.

“Fuck Yes” Liz squealed before reaching up and fusing their lips together.

“Better get some sleep lover your going to need it” she whispered then.

“You too sexy” he grinned.

They reluctantly pulled apart then and Max found their clothing and handed it to her. Liz slipped her dress and thongs on before climbing back over the seats and into the front.

Max followed and once he was seated back in the drivers side he started the jeep, turning the air on to try and get rid of the fog on the windscreen.

Leaning in for another kiss “Bye” she whispered.

“Bye” he smiled and watched her walk back towards the apartment door, only when she was safely inside did he flip the jeep into gear and roar out of the parking lot.


Liz creeped back into Kyle’s apartment quietly hoping that he would still be asleep and not miss her.

“I’m awake” she heard and froze in the door way to the bedroom.

“where have you been Liz?” he asked her. He was still laying in the bed but now she could see his eyes were open.

“I just went for a walk” she lied.

“For over an hour?” he said.

Liz contemplated asking him when he had woken up but wondered what the point would be.

“I just went out” she said then making her way into the apartment.

“Who dropped you off?” he asked then.

Liz looked up at him confused “I heard the car drive off” he told her.

Liz sighed in relief thankful he hadn’t seen Max’s jeep.

Liz picked up her clothes that she could see on the floor of Kyle’s room. She needed to get out of here she couldn’t say here with Kyle tonight after just getting the fuck of her life from Max.

“Does it matter” she said.

“Of course it does, obviously your fucking around on me and I want to know with who?” he asked.

Liz smiled “Wow you almost sound angry, Kyle” she laughed.

“of course I’m angry” he said.

“Why, it’s not like your not cheating on me” she said calmly. She knew it, hell everyone knew what a playboy Kyle was, and one thing Liz Parker wasn’t, was naive.

“I don’t come to your apartment and sleep with you, Liz and then sneak out to meet someone else” he said bitterly.

Liz was surprised that he didn’t try to deny her accusation so she didn’t deny his.

“Kyle, you and I both know that the only reason we’re in this relationship is for the sex and I’ve found someone else who can satisfy me a lot more” Liz shrugged. It sounded so heartless when she said it out loud. But boy was it true.

“Oh you’re fucking kidding me” Kyle screamed, her jab at his manhood was not welcome, she had never had a problem with sex between them before, until recently.

Sure Kyle had noticed it. Normally they would have sex daily now Liz was lucky to put out for him weekly luckily he had Tess to fill his sexual appetite.

“Look Kyle it’s been fun but please don’t act like your wounded. What we had was nice but now it’s over” she told him.

“Fine Liz” he sighed. It didn’t matter to him either way. Sure Liz was awesome in bed but his get together with Tess Harding were enough for him until he found another chick. Besides Tess Harding had a huge rack on her and Kyle couldn’t deny that he was a tit man.

“Next time I’ll stick to blondes” he grumbled as Liz packed the rest of her stuff up.

Liz smirked “Yeah they don’t have a brain” she said.

“They don’t dump me” he griped back.

Liz laughed “Whatever Kyle” she said and then promptly left the apartment.


Ok i know this part was a little low on action but dont worry the next five or so parts will make up for it :D

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A/N: Hi everyone thank you so much for you great feedback. The next few part should be enjoyed by everyone :oops: Also, hi lurkers!

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Part 6 – Lecture Halls & Hotels 101

Liz smiled evilly as she packed her bag for the weekend. She had put her outfit together carefully this morning she knew it was going to drive Max crazy and that was what she wanted.

When she arrived at his office she walked straight in not bothering to knock, she knew he was expecting her.

Max was on the phone when she walked in but she watched in amusement at the way his eyes practically bulged out when he saw her outfit.

Her skirt was black and pleated and extremely short. It was accompanied by a pink baby tea with the word Angel on the front of it and her erect nipples were sticking out clearly on either side of the word. She had topped the outfit off with a pair of leather knee high fuck me boots with a stiletto heal.

“Um Michael I have to go” he mumbled into the phone his eyes never leaving the small split in the side of her shirt that showed even more leg when she moved.

Max had been on the phone to his best mate Michael Guerin when Liz had walked in. Michael had been away in New York for a few months busy with his art and had rung to see what had been going on in Max’s life.

Max had talked to him about breaking up with Tess, an idea which Michael had fully supported considering he had hated her since the day he had met her. Michael had given him a lot to think about.

‘Yeah later” he told his best friend before snapping his cell phone shut.

Liz shut and locked the door before making her way over to Max and planting herself on his lap.

“Hi lover” she grinned.

Max didn’t respond instead his hands immediately went to her breasts and he started rubbing the globes while his mouth sort out hers. Liz knew he loved her tits and he especially loved that she hardly ever wore a bra. Her breasts were small enough that she could get away with it but large enough that it was more than obvious when she didn’t.

After a couple of minutes he pushed her off him and stood up before reaching into his draw for something. “Come with me,” he told her before quickly walking out of the office.

Max kept a torturous pace with Liz following him until he reached his lecture hall. He opened the door with his keys and waited for Liz to enter before he used the key to lock it from the inside.

Liz smirked “What are we doing in here?” she asked him.

“Bend over the desk, Liz” he demanded.

Liz continued to smile as she made her way over to the front of the desk. Spreading her legs wide she leaned over and placed her arms and chest against the wood of the desk.

Max undid his belt and pulled it free from his jeans before making his way behind Liz.

“Take your top off” he said quietly.

Liz stoop up and quickly pulled the t-shirt over her head and resumed her position.

Max reached a hand out and pushed the small shirt up to caress one of Liz’s round ass cheeks. Enjoying the view and discovering that she was wearing no panties at all today.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Liz” he said then.

“You make me bad” Liz replied.

“What do you think I should do about this little outfit you’ve worn to distract me?” he asked reminding her of the conversation they had the first day in his office.

“Well I was hoping you would fuck me really hard” she informed him.

“Do you?” Max said huskily.

Liz reached out behind her and cupped him through his jeans “Yes and someone else agrees” she said.

“I think I should spank you” he said causing Liz to gasp.

“OH” she said, she was finding herself getting a little excited about the idea something that Max was witness to as he watched her pussy drip some juices.

Max undid his jeans and pulled his cock free of his pants before raising his hand slightly and bringing the belt in his hand down on Liz’s bare ass. He didn’t do it hard enough that it would leave a mark just enough to stimulate her.

‘OH fuck” Liz groaned.

He repeated his action.

“Max” she moaned.

A third time.

“Oh yes” she said.

“Say it” Max demanded then.

“I’m a bad girl” she cried out causing Max to smile before he thrusted inside of her hard.

“OH Yes” she screamed. “Punish me please” she begged then.

He pumped into her a few times before raising the belt and slapping her again. Each time he hit her Liz’s pussy contracted around him.

Liz thrusted against his hard cock taking him deeper and deeper.

“Yes, Yes, Yes” she screamed with abandon. She didn’t care that they were in the lecture hall, all she cared about was the huge cock fucking her senseless.

“Is this what you imagined me doing to you while you sat in all my lectures?” Max asked her. “Did you want to be punished like a bad girl?” he asked.

He couldn’t believe some of the things he was doing with the nymph he was buried in. He had never been so sexually adventurous before but had found himself in the sex shop this morning buying supplies for his weekend of fucking. Liz had managed to bring out a side of him he had never known existed and he liked it, he liked it a lot.

“Yes Max, fuck me like a bad girl” she begged.

Max pumped in and out of her at a furious pace while continuing to slap her with his belt every few thrusts. Soon it was too much for him and he felt his cock swelling and his balls tightening and he blew his load.

A few more pumps and Liz was screaming his name as well.

When he pulled out of her she turned around and he immediately lowered his mouth to her perfect breasts.

Liz reached for his cock and began stroking it determined to make him hard again so she could fuck him all over again. It didn’t take long. He lifted her up and carried her to the stairs in the middle of the room and placed her down. She wrapped her legs around his waist the heels of her boots digging into his ass as he thrust inside of her.

This time they moved together slowly despite the awkwardness of the stairs.

“Oh yeah like that” Liz moaned when he hit a sensitive spot.

“Like that baby” he groaned.

He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as he continued to thrust his cock into her tight body.

“Oh Max” she moaned.

Right now he was loving her and it was pure bliss.

“Your perfect” he murmured as he cupped her breasts.

“I want to be naked with you” she whispered the feel of his clothes and her skirt were getting in the way and annoying her.

“All weekend baby” he promised.

He hadn’t worked out what excuse he was going to give Tess. She had said something about lunch and shopping with friends today so whilst she was showering he packed a bag and threw it in the jeep deciding to cross the bridge when he came to it.

“Yes” she sighed.

Reaching down between then Max began rubbing her clit in circles.

“Max oh yeah” she moaned.

“Come for me baby” he demanded. She didn’t quite remember when he started calling her baby but she loved it, she loved that she was his baby. She loved the intimacy of the word and the way he said it.

Seconds after his words Liz came around him her juices dripping down him.

“Oh Yeah” she cried out at the feeling.

Liz reached around and cupped his balls and began caressing them in her hand.

“Oh fuck yes, Liz” he cried out and once again he exploded inside of her.

Their mouths met in a passionate kiss before they pulled apart and when they did they were both smiling.

“That was” Liz started.

“Out of this world” Max finished for her referring to the whole encounter this morning.

“Yeah” Liz grinned. “So where are you taking me, Evans?” she asked him then.

Max’s smile turned cocky then “You’ll just have to wait and see Princess,” he told her.

He stood up then and walked over to where his belt and her shirt was “Get dressed and then our weekend can begin” he said.

Liz stood up and fixed her skirt before throwing on her shirt and running a hand through her “I’ve been fucked” hair.

“Ready” she smiled.

TBC.......i'll keep the parts coming while you guys are loving it and i have them written :D

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A/N: Hi everyone, thank you so much for you wonderful feedback. I am so glad that you are all enjoying this fic, and based on your feedback i think your going to love the next few parts :D

Also thanks to all your lukres who have come out from lurksville to let me know that you like this. I really appreicate it.

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Part 7 – Baths & Bubbles

Twenty minutes later Max pulled up out the front of the Hilton and a shocked Liz turned to him.

“Your kidding right?” she said.

Max grinned, “Now why would you think that?” he asked.

“Well it’s the Hilton,” she said. When she suggested getting a hotel she imagined a cheaper out of the way kind of hotel.

Max laughed “We might be seeing each other behind everyone else’s back, Liz but I’m not going to treat you like some slut I picked up by taking you to a run down hotel that charges by the hour” he said.

Liz’s face immediately flushed. “Thank you, I think,” she told him.

Max reached over and squeezed her hand before jumping out of the jeep to enter the reception. He came back out a few minutes later and opened her door for her.

“Are you sure about this?” Liz asked biting her lower lip. This was a bit of a high price hotel and she knew it would have cost Max a couple of hundred dollars at least. Not to mentioned the fact that although she might not have really been a slut that Max picked up she was certainly dressed like one.

“Of course” he smiled.

A bellboy quickly took Max and Liz’s bags and told them he would bring them up straight away.

Once the lift door closed on their way up to their room Max pulled Liz against him. “By the way your Mrs. Evans this weekend” he chuckled.

“Oh am I now?” she grinned she certainly liked the sound of that.

“Yes you are”

“Well maybe I’m one of those independent women Mr. Evans that wants to keep her own last name” she raised her eyebrow.

“Nah” Max shook his head amusement in his eyes “by the end of the weekend you’ll be begging me to call you Mrs. Evans” he laughed. The laughter on his lips died quickly when he realised what he said and how it had sounded.

He was saved from the awkward moment by the chime of the elevator indicating that they had reached their floor. Taking Liz by the hand Max led her to the room he had booked and let her inside.

When they entered the room Liz gasped, she had never been in anything so luxurious before. The room was beige in colour with beautiful dark woods and the bed in the middle of the room was massive and there appeared to be a balcony.

“Wow” she said.

“You like?” he asked pleased. The room had been expensive but he didn’t care.

Walking further into the room, Liz trailed her hands over the beautiful furniture, fingering the silk bedspread and curtains.

“I love it” she turned back to him with a smile.

The bellboy knocked on the door then and Max let him in to deliver the bags, he gave him a tip and the bellboy quickly rushed out of the room. One thing about expensive hotels compared to cheap one’s was that their staff were discreet.

Noticing that Liz was out enjoying the view Max picked up the phone and ordered some room service for them before walking into the bathroom to fill the huge spa bath up for them.

When the tub was full Max went out on the balcony to Liz. Walking up behind her he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and pulled her against him.

“Hmm this is nice” she sighed.

“It sure is,” he agreed kissing her temple.

“Thank you” Liz said then “in case I forget tomorrow, thank you for such a wonderful weekend,” she told him.

Max smiled and looked at the girl in his arms strangely, he had seen a couple of sides of Liz Parker but hardly ever saw the one he was seeing now. Liz was a beautiful, sexy and intelligent woman but apparently she was also very sensitive and he knew then that she must have been a wonderful friend.

“Your welcome” he said. “Come on” he stepped back and grabbed her hand and began leading her into the room and towards the bathroom.

The bathroom was done in black and white marble and in the middle was a huge spa bath and Max had filled it to the brim with bubbles.

“Oh Max” Liz sighed.

“Lets get naked,” he whispered huskily in her ear.

“Ooh yeah” Liz replied.

They quickly shed their shoes and clothes and were ready to hop into the bath when there was a knock on the door. Max reached for one of the robes on the back of the bathroom door.

“Hop is sexy, I’ll be back in a minute” he told her.

The waiter wheeled in the tray of strawberries and chocolate and a bottle of champagne “Where would you like it Mr. Evans?” he asked.

“In the bathroom” Max told him without a second thought. He realised his mistake though when he heard Liz gasp when the stranger entered the bathroom. She was sitting in the tub with her hair piled on the top of her hair and her breasts bare and wet.

“Sorry” Max apologized his eyes riveted on Liz.

The waiter’s eyes wandered to Liz too on a number of occasions, the young man unable to take his eyes off her as he fumbled setting up the food. Max frowned at the young man as he continued to stare at his, well he didn’t quite know what she was but she was his.

‘That’s fine, you can leave” Max snapped causing Liz to giggle. At first the young man had made her uncomfortable but she liked the possessive side he stirred in Max.

The waiter dropped everything and rushed towards the door assuming there would be no tip today, not that he expected it but the man shouldn’t let him into the bathroom where his hot naked wife was if he didn’t want him to stare.

“You’re a lucky man” Max heard the waiter mumble as he rushed past him and his frown turned quickly to a grin.

“See I told you you’re a distraction” he said.

Liz laughed “But there is no pleated skirt in sight” she giggled.

Max rose as eyebrow “Well if you can stop cars in a pleated skirt imagine what your naked breasts could do” he told her causing Liz to flush red.

“What you got there?” Liz smiled rising to her knee’s.

Max poured them a glass of champagne and handed one to Liz “Thank you” she whispered he then placed the bowels of strawberries and chocolate on the side of the bath where they could be reached before untying his robe and pushing it to the ground.

Liz watched his movements with awe. She would never get tired of seeing his beautiful naked body; the way he moved was so graceful.

“Like something you see?” Max quirked an eyebrow.

Liz licked her lips “Yeah I like it a lot” she said.

Max slid in the bath next to her picking up his own glass of champagne and taking a sip.

“Come here” he whispered circling Liz’s waist and pulling her around so that she was sitting in between his legs. Liz leaned back against his chest and sighed in contentment until she felt something probing her lips. Opening her eyes Liz found a big juicy strawberry covered in chocolate and opened her mouth and allowed Max to slide it into her mouth. The entire thing was completely arousing, once she took a bite Max shoved the remainder in his own mouth he did this several times before he handed her, her glass.

“I love strawberries dipped in chocolate, they’re my favorite,” she told him.

“I know” Max whispered against her neck. “I remembered hearing you talk about it last year in a lecture,” he admitted causing Liz to smile.

“So you were paying attention,” she said.

“More than you think” he said huskily as his hand reached out and cupped her breast.

Liz leaned her head back and allowed him to have his way with her body. He kissed her neck and sucked on her ear lobe before tilting her head so that he could kiss her passionately. His hands continued to caress her breasts and Liz moved her body until she was turned around and facing him.

“I’ve never made love in a bath” she whispered against his mouth. Her words did not go unnoticed by Max and if anything they caused him to become more aroused. He liked the idea of making love to her and he loved it even more that they were about to share a first together.

He trailed his hands down her body until he was cupping her perfect ass and helped her raise her body until she was sinking down on top of him.

“Me either” he replied. “So lets start a night of firsts”

The water splashed around them as Liz slowly slid up and down Max’s cock but Liz didn’t notice she had her head thrown back and her eyes closed and Max had his head buried in her breasts his mouth suckling her.

“Oh yes” Liz moaned.

“Yeah baby” Max moaned in response he was enjoying this so much.

“Help me” Liz begged then she needed more of him.

Max used his hands to help raise her up and down him. “Oh Yes Liz” he moaned.

“Oh max, oh yes” she moaned over and over again until her orgasm ripped through her and she screamed his name.

Max pumped into her a few more times before he reached his own release and exploded deep inside her.

Liz fell against his chest panting “Oh yeah” she sighed.

Max kissed the top of her head and looked down at the brunette in his arms and felt his heart lurch. For the first time since they started this he admitted to himself that Liz Parker was more than a good fuck, so much more that it was beginning to scare him.

Liz was relaxed against Max’s chest having similar thoughts. She was falling in love with Max and was helpless to stop it.

Max scooped her up and carried her out of the tub. He placed her on the vanity while he retrieved a big fluffy towel and once he wrapped her in it he carried her towards the huge bed. He dried both of them off before laying her down on the bed and joining her, spooning behind her as they both gave in and closed their eyes.

TBC.........Enjoy your COLD shower people :oops:

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A/N: Thanx people for the wonderful feedback, hope i'm not making you all too HOT :oops:

Thanx and *waves* lurkers

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Part 8 – Oh what a night

Liz smiled lazily as she was pulled out of the realms of sleep she tried to raise her arms to stretch but something was stopping her. Opening her eyes she remembered that she was at the Hilton with Max but when she tried to sit up she couldn’t. Looking up she realised that her hands were tied to the bed by silk scarves.

“Max?” she called out.

Max was watching her from the doorframe of the bathroom and walked further into the room when she called out to him.

“Yes sexy” he grinned.

Liz found his smile contagious and smiled as well “Why am I tied to the bed?” she asked.

“Hmm so I can have my wicked way with you” he told her as he crawled up the bed until his face was only inches from hers.

“You don’t need to tie me to the bed to do that” Liz told him.

“I know but where’s the fun in that” he said.

“Are you saying you only want me for the chase?” Liz asked mock pouting.

“The chase, your body, your mind” he whispered his mouth now millimeters from hers.

Liz reached up and closed the distance sealing their mouths together but when she moved to deepen it Max pulled back.

“Baby” she whined her lip pouting for real this time causing Max to grin.

Max crawled down her body and used his hands to part her legs as wide as he could before settling between him. He trailed his fingers over her lips and then parted them before thrusting his tongued deep inside of her.

“OH” Liz lurched off the bed.

Max nibbled and sucked on her flesh being careful to avoid her clit at all costs until Liz was writhing against the bed, her fists clutching the sheets.

Pulling away he reached for something at the edge of the bed that Liz couldn’t see. Max grinned as he picked up the small toy he had purchased that morning, it was a little daring but he had the feeling that it was right up Liz’s alley.

Max turned on the small toy before moving back to his target, he continue to lick her and thrust a finger in and out of her until she was begging for him to let her come.

“Please baby,” she begged.

“Please what?” Max asked.

“Please let me come, I want to come so bad” she moaned.

Liz thought it was a mosquito when she heard the little toy that Max had but when he applied the small vibrator to her clit she lurched off the bed and screamed, “FUCK”

Her walls contracted around his finger and her juices spewed from her pussy as she came.

“You like that baby?” Max asked

Liz was panting her orgasm had been huge “Yes”

Max buried his face back in her pussy and licked and sucked up her juices and when he finally emerged his face looked like a glazed donut, covered in her juices.

Max crawled up her body and released one of the scarves. Liz immediately reached for him but Max managed to grab her hand before she could pull him towards her “I’m not finished with you yet” he whispered huskily. His cock was hard as hell but he had something else to do to her first.

“Baby please” she begged.

Max shook his head “No, turn over onto your knees, Liz” he said.

Liz hesitated for a few minutes but then turned. “I need my other arm,” she told him.

“Will you be good?” he asked.

“No I’ll be very very bad” she assured him.

Max untied her and kissed her wrist before moving back down the end of the bed. Liz did as she was told and hopped on all fours pushing her ass out.

“Spread your legs” he requested.

He reached down again for his supplies and pulled out a small tube of lubricant and putting it on his finger he then rubbed it generously over the small vibrator.

He guided himself to her opening then and thrusted in “OH Yes” Liz sighed in satisfaction that he was finally inside of her.

“Fuck yes” was Max’s answering hiss to being buried inside of her.

He pumped in and out of her a few time before reaching for the tube of lubricant and squirting some onto his finger. He trailed a finger around her lips before moving to her back whole. He reached out tentatively and penetrated it “is that ok baby?” he asked.

Liz wiggled her bum and moaned “it feels nice don’t stop” she admitted. Taking that as his cue Max began thrusting in and out of her pussy again slowly while gently working her anis.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you,” he grunted. He had never done anything like this before but he had seen it on a porno once and wanted to try it with Liz.

“Oh yeah” Liz sighed, feeling Max’s huge cock in her pussy felt great normally but the small penetration of her ass added to it.

When Liz began thrusting against him Max reached down and retrieved the small vibrator and without turning it on began to slowly penetrate her with it.

“OH” she gasped at the new intrusion it felt different and made her feel fuller. Max pushed it deeper and Liz tensed immediately.

“Are you ok baby?” he asked worriedly.

“Yeah just give me a minute to get used to it,” she panted.

Man continued to pump in and out of her, Liz juices dripping down his hard cock.

‘Oh yes” she moaned, “feel so good, so good” she said.

Max turned the small vibrator on then and picked up his thrusts.

“OH Max” she cried out is ecstasy. She felt so full in both wholes and the vibration was awesome.

“Harder baby, deeper,” she begged and Max gave it to her.

He began to thrust the small vibrator in and out of her then as well.

“Fucking Hell” Liz screamed out in bliss.

“You like this baby?” Max panted.

“Oh yes baby, yes” Liz answered.

Liz walls contracted then gripping Max’s cock like a vise grip bringing him closer to the edge.

“MAX” she screamed as she came.

Max pulled the vibrator out of her slowly but continued thrusting in and out of her until he own orgasm ripped through him and he collapsed on top of Liz.

“Wow” Liz mumbled against the pillow “that was fucking amazing” she told him.

Max chuckled against her back “Good, I wasn’t sure how you would react to tell you the truth” he had been a little worried that Liz would call him sick and kick him out or something but it had been just the opposite.

“I’m pretty adventurous but I’ve never tried that before, I never knew it would feel so good though” she admitted.

Max rolled off her so that he was lying next to her instead of on her. “So it was good?” he asked unsure.

“It was out of this world” she laughed “didn’t you get that message when I screamed your name in ecstasy?” she asked

Max moved his face to the crook of her neck and nuzzled it. “You certainly have a good set of lungs,” he said.

Liz shoved him “asshole” she laughed.

“Hmm speaking of which, are you sure your okay?” his face turning concerned.

“Yes” Liz smiled “I’ll probably be a little sore tomorrow but it was worth it” she assured him.

“Okay” he said seemingly satisfied.

Liz reached around and caressed his ass then “How about you, feeling daring?” she asked then wanting to return the favour.

Max groaned, “I don’t know,” he said.

“You’ll like it” she whispered huskily reaching a hand around to stroke his cock. “It’ll be the best fuck of your life, buried in my pussy while I stimulate your ass” she whispered.

Max leaned forward with the intention of taking her mouth when the familiar sound of his cell phone stopped him.

“Shit” he cursed. Looking at the clock it was close to 7pm and he knew exactly who it would be,

“Sorry” he aplogised before getting up and retrieving the phone from the pocket of his jeans.

“Hello” he answered as he flipped it open.

“Max where are you?” Tess said on the other end. She had been at home for hours waiting for him to come home or at least call.

“Um listen Tess I wont be home until tomorrow,” he said into the phone. He looked over at Liz and noticed that she had turned her back so that he couldn’t see her.

The silence on the other end was deafening.

“Why?” Tess finally asked and the suspicious tone in her voice was more than obvious.

“I took of with a couple of the guys for some drinks and we’re about 40 minutes outside of Boston. We’re gonna Crash at Jim’s house for the night” he improvised.

On the other end of the phone Tess wasn’t buying it “Bullshit where are you?” she asked him.

“It’s none of your business, Tess I’ll see you tomorrow” he snapped.

“Of course it’s my business, are you cheating on me?” she squealed in her whiny voice.

“No it’s not, we’re not married Tess so I can do whatever I want” he told her.

Liz was shocked by the harshness of his words; maybe him and Tess weren’t as happy as she originally thought. Max had never indicated either way about his relationship with Tess so Liz could only assume that they were relatively happy.

On the other end Tess was fuming. She had left Kyle’s apartment to be home on time for Max and now he was out god knows where doing god knows what. To make things worse Kyle had broken up with Liz and was now becoming a little more demanding about their arrangement. It wasn’t like Tess wasn’t keen to continue it but she knew if Max found out that the proposal she was expecting at Christmas wouldn’t come.

Also something that Kyle said was concerning her. Apparently Liz had met someone else but he had no idea who it was. Sure Liz was attractive but she certainly wasn’t as hot as she herself was, but she couldn’t help but wonder about all the time her boyfriend had been spending with the brunette.

“Fine” she huffed “but your days are numbered Max there will be none of this shit once we’re married” she told him.

“Excuse me?” Max said shocked, where the hell did she get the idea that he was going to marry her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow honey, Love you” she told him.

She waited for him to say it back but instead she was greeted with the sound of beeping as Max hung up on her.

TBC......see you in a few

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A/N: Hi everyone I am so glad to hear that so many of you enjoyed that part :oops: I have the best of both worlds here.

Anyway thanx for the feedback, I'm going for the gold with this fic and i love your feedback. I would also like to say thank you all of you who have nominated this fic so far, i really appreciate it and am completely honoured. Hi to all you lurkers too :D

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Part 9 – Meet the siblings

Max turned his phone off and climbed on the bed spooning behind Liz.

He reached out and ran his hand through her beautiful hair “Would you like to go downstairs and have dinner?” he asked.

Liz turned around to face him “Are you sure that’s good idea?” she asked.

“I don’t care,” he told her honestly which made Liz smile.

“I know that either of us could run into some we know that would run back and tell either Tess or Kyle but I just don’t care” he said.

“Actually about that” she started.

Max rose an eyebrow “Kyle and I kind of broke up last night” she admitted.

“What do you mean kind of?” Max asked.

“Well he was awake when I got back and wanted to know where I was, I packed up my stuff and said we’re done” she replied.

The corners of Max’s mouth lifted slightly “Are you ok with that?” he asked.

Liz gave him a small smile “Yeah I’m more than ok with it” she told him.

Max nodded, on the inside he couldn’t have been happier that Liz was now fully his but he felt bad that now she wouldn’t have someone to do all the couple things with and swore to himself that he would fix it as soon as he got home.

“So dinner?” he said.

“I’d love too” she grinned. She had packed a good dress just in case but she never expected Max to take such a chance with her.

An hour later they traveled hand in hand down to the restaurant. Liz was wearing an elegant red dress that went to her shins. It had a tight top but it was classy and perfect for the Hilton.

“You look beautiful,” Max, told her kissing her lips gently as they waited to be seated.

Liz blushed “Thank you,” she said.

The hostess approached them “Evans” Max informed him.

“Oh course this way,” she said before leading them to at intimate table in the back. Max has requested something private away from the window hoping that it would stop anyone that was walking by from seeing them but it appeared that luck would not be on his side tonight.

“Damn” he cursed as he assisted Liz into her seat.

“What’s wrong?” she asked concerned. He knew he should turn around and leave immediately but Liz had been so excited about the dinner that he couldn’t bare to disappoint her. He wanted her to know he wasn’t ashamed of her and that it wasn’t just sex between them he just had some things he needed to sort out.

“My sister is here” he sighed.

“Oh do you want to go?” she said.

Isabel was sitting with people he didn’t know so he could only assume they were a table of colleagues and clients because he didn’t recognize any of them. She did have a new boyfriend however and Max could only assume that the lanky brunette sitting next to her was him.

“No” he told her. “She may not see us and if she does I’ll just explain that you’re my TA and we’re out celebrating our successes,” he said.

Liz chuckled “She won’t believe you”

“What? Why?” he said.

“Max, she’s your sister the minute she sees us together she’s going to see right through your story. Firstly you would not take your TA to the Hilton, Secondly we obviously play the part of married well because no one in this hotel is having trouble buying it and thirdly because if she’s anything like my brother she’ll just know” she told him.

Max’s mouth opened in shock “You have a brother?” he said.

“Um yeah” Liz shrugged “didn’t I mention that?” she said.

Max shook his head “No I guess we haven’t spent that much time talking about our personal life” he admitted.

“True, I didn’t know you had a sister” she said sheepishly.

“Well let’s change that” he smiled “Tell me about you, Liz Parker”

They paused their conversation so Max could order them a bottle of wine and some bread, which was brought to them promptly.

“Well I have a brother named Alex he’s a couple of years older than me. We were born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico where our parents own a restaurant called the Crashdown. My best friend is my roommate and her name is Maria Deluca and we’ve been friends for years. The three of us are actually really close and Maria and Alex dated for about three years during high school. I’m 23 and I love everything science, dancing and reading. Your turn”

“Well my story is pretty similar actually. I have a twin sister called Isabel and she’s actually got her own Event Management firm, mostly weddings” he grinned. “We’re exceptionally close along with our best friend Michael Guerin who is an up and coming artist who is currently trying his luck in New York. He and Izzy actually tried dating for a few months a year or so ago but decided they were better off as friends. We were born and raised here in Boston and my father and mother are both lawyers. I am 27 and I love everything science, reading, and recently short skirts” he grinned.

The conversation continued like that throughout thier meal and for a while Max actually thought he was home free but just as him and Liz began sharing their piece of chocolate mud cake and ice cream for dessert someone cleared their throat to get their attention.

“Izzy” Max said pretending to be surprised.

“Hi Max” she smiled and it was obvious to Liz that she was happy to see her brother.

Max stood up and gave her a hug “I saw you and I had to come over before we left. I want to introduce you to Alex” she told him seemingly oblivious to Liz who watched on.

Alex rushed over when he saw Isabel signal for him and took a deep breath, he knew meeting Max was a big deal, in fact it was more important than meeting her father because his opinion meant so much to her.

“Max, this is my boyfriend Alex Parker” she said.

“Alex” Liz gasped.

Everyone looked down at the table and Liz was looking up at them wide eyed.

“Liz, what are you doing here?” Alex asked surprised.

“I could ask you the same thing” Liz smiled before jumping up and allowing Alex to engulf her in a huge hug. They acted as though they hadn’t seen each other in months where as they had gotten together for lunch the week before.

Max saw Isabel stiffen, clearly having no idea who Liz was.

Isabel shot Liz a death glare then “Isabel this is so great. This is my baby sister Liz, this is Isabel Evans,” he explained.

Isabel’s gaze immediately softened and she smiled at the small brunette.

“Oh sorry” Alex said then realizing his rudeness and offered his hand to Max.

“Hi” he said.

“Nice to meet you Alex, in fact Liz was just telling me about you” he admitted.

“Really?” Alex asked worriedly “God this is such a coincidence” he said gesturing between the four of them. But his words brought the situation back to Isabel’s attention she turned back to her brother.

“Why don’t you guys join us?” Liz suggested then.

Isabel and Alex agreed and pulled up a couple of chairs from a nearby table and ordered a coffee.

“So” Isabel said and Max knew what was coming. “How do you two know each other?”

“Actually I’m Max’s teachers aid for Anatomy 101” she told Isabel before Max had a chance to start lying.

“Really?” Alex smiled “your suck a geek Parker” he teased his sister.

“I’d rather be a science geek than a computer geek, Parker” she teased back.

Max and Isabel smiled at the playfulness between the siblings.

“Max has been looking for someone to talk about all his science stuff with for ages Liz” Isabel said then.

“Yeah I know the feeling” Liz smiled.

Alex looked at his sister and back to his girlfriend’s brother then. “Are you two together?” he asked.

Liz fidgeted nervously she had told Max that siblings just knew.

Max placed his fork on the table and met his sisters and Alex’s gaze.

He looked at Liz and saw she didn’t know what to say either. “Yes” he answered simply.

“Excuse me?” Isabel coughed.

“Yes” he told his sister.

“Is that allowed?” Alex found himself asking. He had no problem with Liz dating Max, from what he had heard from Isabel he was a great guy but he didn’t want Liz getting into trouble at school.

“Technically they cant really do anything about it because Liz is not my student but yes it is frowned upon which is why it’s not common knowledge” Max admitted.

Isabel looked between Max and Liz “And what about your girlfriend?” she asked her brother. “You know, Tess? because last time I heard you were still together”

“What!” Alex discreetly yelled “you have a girlfriend” he turned to Liz then expecting her to be completely upset but instead she looked guilty.

“You knew?” he asked her shocked.

“Yes, I was still dating Kyle too until last night” she said.

Alex shook his head and sat back this was not like his little sister at all.

“So?” Isabel asked.

“Lets just say it’s not working” he said.

“Not working” Isabel said in a hushed tone “Max, Mum and Dad think that you’re going to propose in two weeks for Christmas” she informed him.

Liz stiffened in her seat she turned her gaze to Max praying he would tell her it’s not true.

“ I know” he admitted “But I have no intention of marrying her, in fact I’m going to end things with her tomorrow” he said and then raised his eyes to Liz and offered her a small smile which she eagerly returned. She wasn’t sure what this meant but for her it was hope.

“Max, Mum and Dad are going to be furious they’ve already planned a big engagement party with Tess’s Dad for New Years Eve” she told him.

“WHAT!” Max said. His earlier phone call with Tess and her comment about being his wife came to mind then. Obviously a few people had been conspiring behind his back for a while.

“Max they plan on making Ed Harding a partner of the firm and they see your marriage as the official joining of the families” he told him.

“Well maybe they should have spoken to me about this first” he said.

“Well I guess they didn’t realise you were so unhappy” she bit back trying to defend her parents. She had tried to talk them out of their little scheme on a number of occasions she hated Tess and under no circumstances did she want Tess as a sister but her parents loved her. Ed was her father’s best friend.

“I don’t care, Iz.” Max shook his head “Things with Tess are over and they have been for a while” he admitted.

Alex sat back from his seat and took in the conversation “Liz, are you sure you know what your doing?” he whispered to his sister. He was concerned with what she appeared to be getting herself into

“Yes” Liz admitted “let’s talk about this later ok” she suggested.

Alex reluctantly agreed.

It was getting late so after paying the check the four of them made their way out of the restaurant. Liz and Max hesitated in the foyer hoping that Isabel and Alex would go their own way without them having to reveal that they were staying.

“How about we have breakfast tomorrow?” Isabel suggested then. So far she liked the young brunette with her brother and wanted to know if she was worthy of Max’s affection before she helped her brother with the Tess situation.

Max and Liz exchanged looks “How about lunch?” he said.

Alex and Isabel both shrugged “Okay” they agreed.

“How about the little café on fourth?” Isabel suggested.

“Sounds good” Max agreed.

They said goodnight then and Max and Liz in the end decided to just go for a small walk before heading to bed.

TBC.... see you guys soon, the part your waiting for is written and coming soon

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banner thanx to mrsjbehr (your rock girl)

A/N: Hey everyone, thank you so much for your great feedback glad that your all still liking this, and after a serious part here is a not so serious part :oops:

Love you guys :wink:

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Liz86000 - Not going for angsty but there will at times be some serious stuff, only nessecity though.

Part 10 – Going Up

Max and Liz waited until they were sure that Isabel and Alex were long gone before venturing back to the hotel.

They were standing in the elevator when Max turned and looked at Liz who was wearing a mischievous grin.

“Liz” he warned, he knew that look it was the look that said she was hungry and that the only thing that was going to feed her starvation was a round of hot sex.

Reaching over she ran a finger down his chest “Have you ever had sex in an elevator before, Max?” she asked.

Max shook his head.

Leaning over Liz hit the stop button on the elevator “What was it you said before about it being a night of firsts?” she arched an eyebrow.

Max growled and then pounced. His hands going directly to Liz’s ass and he pulled her up his body before turning her around and pushing her against the elevator wall. His mouth came crashing down against hers. His tongue seeking out hers until she submitted to him completely.

Reaching down between them Liz unbuckled and unbuttoned Max’s dress pants and her little hand snaked inside and pulled out his hard cock through the slit of his boxer shorts.

Max’s hands weren’t idle either he was busy shoving Liz’s dress up her legs and over her hips to allow him access. But when he reached his hand in to stroke her he was obstructed by skimpy lace.

“Why of all nights are you wearing panties?” he groaned.

Liz giggled “I couldn’t sit commando in an expensive restaurant” she told him “and I’m glad I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to look my brother in the eye”

Max laughed a little before pushing the lace aside and leading his cock to her waiting wetness, plunging inside her in once expert thrust.

“Yes” she hissed.

“Oh Liz baby, yes” Max moaned. “You’re so hot and wet it drives me wild” he told her.

He stroked in and out of her slowly oblivious to the awkward position they were in.

“Harder” Liz demanded, she needed more.

Max answered her pleas his strokes becoming deeper and harder.

“Oh fuck yes” Liz moaned her satisfaction.

Max paused his stroking for a few minutes to lean over and hit the stop button on the elevator before plunging back inside her.

“What are you doing?” Liz asked shocked. She could feel the elevator moving again and they were still ten floors away from their room.

“Where's the fun if there is no chance of getting caught” he groaned picking up his pace once again.

“Yes” Liz hissed.

The sound of the elevator chiming startled them both and Max let Liz drop to the floor but kept his own body flush with hers to disguise the fact that his cock was hanging out and still dripping with Liz’s juices. The waiter who had bought their room service earlier entered the elevator with a cart and his face flushed instantly.

Liz buried her head in Max’s chest. Of all the people to have caught them in the act it had to be the same waiter who had seen her naked earlier in the day.

“Evening Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans” he said politely trying to hold back his chuckle. The Evans’s were certainly horn dogs he thought, but so would he be if he had a wife like her.

Max leaned down and pulled Liz’s mouth to his while his hand returned to her breasts where he began caressing again ignoring the fact that he was giving the waiter a free show.

The elevator stopped again and the waiter moved to get off. He was almost out of the doors when he stopped and looked back “I would recommend the stop button, Sir. Enjoy your stay” he grinned.

Max and Liz were helpless to do anything but chuckle over the situation.

The minute the doors shut Max hit the stop button before hiking Liz back up his body and sinking back inside her.

“Was that exciting enough for you” he laughed.

“Yes, now fuck me” she moaned.

Max did just that. He plunged in and out of her over and over again until Liz was screaming his name as her walls contracted around his cock. His cock swelled and he thrusted inside of her several more times before exploding inside of her crying out her name.

Max collapsed against Liz pushing her harder against the elevator wall panting for a few minutes before hitting the button on the elevator again. It only took a few minutes for the elevator to reach their floor and without removing himself from her depths Max carried Liz out of the elevator and towards their room, not caring about anyone seeing them on the way. Luckily for them though no one did.

Once they reached the room Max threw Liz down on the bed before jumping on next to her.

“You’ve worn me out” he told her feeling his eyes growing heavy.

Getting up Liz moved to straddle his body and began unbuttoning his shirt. “I’m sorry sweetie” she said lovingly. “but I did warn you that I wanted to fuck like bunnies” she smiled which caused Max to smile.

He sat up and helped her remove his shirt and then Liz crawled to the end of the bed and pulled his shoes and socks off before helping him pull his dress pants off as well leaving him lying on the bed in only his black silk boxers.

By the time Liz had folded his clothes and placed them on the chair beside the bed Max was already sleeping and she couldn’t help but smile. He looked so peaceful when he slept and she savored the moment. It would be rare for them to get a moment like this together after they returned to reality tomorrow where Max had a live in girlfriend and Liz was his TA.

Lying down beside him she cuddled into him for a while letting her own eyes drift shut but a half an hour later when sleep still hadn’t overtaken her she hopped up and stripped her own clothes; replacing them with a red sheer gown that only covered her essentials and ventured out onto the balcony to enjoy the night.

She wasn’t sure how long she was out there when she heard the sliding door open and felt Max’s strong arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her against his hard naked chest.

“I thought you were sleeping?” she said turning her face to see him. His hair was messy and he still looked sleepy.

“I missed you and I want you in my arms” he pouted causing Liz to laugh. He was the sexiest man she had ever met but it never ceased to amaze her how he could look like a little boy at the same time.

She turned around in his arms and that was when Max got his first real glimpse from the moon light at what she was wearing. His eyes opened wider and his mouth opened a small groan escaping as he looked his fill.

He reached a hand out and cupped her breast “You look beautiful” he said.

“Thank you” she whispered a small blush that he couldn’t see marring her features.

He caressed her breasts softly before leaning in slowly to caress her lips. Liz melted against him as his tongue swept into her mouth.

“Make love to me” she found her self begging.

“Always” Max answered without hesitation and began walking backwards until his legs came into contact with the lounge chair he knew was out there.

He picked Liz up and sat down on the chair placing her on his lap so she was straddling him.

He kissed a trail from her ear down her jaw until he reached the rise of her breasts. He had to taste her, to take her beautiful breasts into his mouth until they were rock hard.

Reaching down to the hem of her nightgown he raised it up her body and over her head “Beautiful, but it has to go” he whispered huskily and gently placed the gown on the ground.

“Ever made love on a balcony before?” he asked then.

“No” Liz smiled as she leaned down to run kisses over his beautiful chest. He was perfect, everything about him was beautiful.

“Hmm another first” he said with a smile as his hand made it’s way to her wet lips where he caressed softly.

“Max” she moaned. It was the lightest touch but it had such a profound effect.

“I’ll never get sick of this” he found himself saying. Everything with Liz was new and different and he knew that it wouldn’t change anytime soon. But even if he only made love to her in the same position in the same place for the rest of his life he knew he wouldn’t care and that it would still be earth shattering.

Liz reached down and caressed his hardness through the silk of his boxers before raising up to push them down his hips. When they finally managed to skillfully remove them Liz sunk down on his hard cock slowly.

Using Max hands which were clasped tightly in her own for leverage Liz lowered herself up and down him slowly.

“Hmm do you realise that we haven’t had sex once normally” she moaned.

“What’s normal?” he asked curiously and a little amused. It almost sounded as though she was complaining that they hadn’t had enough sex.

“Completely naked, in a bed, me on the bottom you on the top, you know missionary style.” she explained.

Leaning up to take a nipple in his mouth Max responded “I’ll have to fix that soon wont I” he said.

“Please” she begged throwing her head back as his teeth scraped her nipple.

They continued their slow torturous pace for what felt like hours enjoying the quiet moaning that the other offered.

Not able to take it anymore Max sat up further until his chest was flush with Liz’s and his legs were on the side of the chair and he lifted his hips hard against hers.

“Oh god” she moaned “that feels so good” she told him.

“You like that?” he whispered. “Do you like the feel of my huge cock pounding into you from this angle?”

“Y-Yes” was the only thing Liz could say he was driving her to new heights and she was more than ready to jump with him.

“Do you know that anyone could be watching us right now” she found herself telling him.

“Your right” he grinned.

“Does that excite you?” Liz found herself asking.

“Hmm depends” he said.

Liz arched an eyebrow “On who’s watching” he informed her.

Liz giggled “It could be that sexy little waiter” she said causing Max to growl.

He immediately thrusted into her harder and faster and Liz was helpless to do anything but throw her head back, place her hands on his shoulders and ride.

“Mine” He said. He cupped her ass in his hands and lowered her hard and fast up and down him meeting his upward thrusts every time.

Liz licked the shell of his ear “Your starting to sound very possessive Mr. Evans” she told him amusement lacing her voice.

“Oh yes baby” he groaned he could feel his release nearing.

“Do you like the way I fuck you?” he asked her then. He didn’t need her to answer he knew she did, a lot but he liked hearing her say it.

“Yes” Liz moaned.

“It makes you wet just thinking about my cock being inside you doesn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes” she moaned again. “I love your cock” she told him.

“I know you do baby” he grinned. “I love hearing you beg for it” he told her then.

He felt her walls contract then and he knew she was going to come, reaching a hand to the back of her head he brought his lips crashing down on hers in an effort to stifle the scream he knew was coming.

They came together hard her juices mixing with his as they flowed like a river out of her and down his cock their mouths never leaving each other until they ran out of air.

Liz sank into Max’s arms and they laid quietly on the balcony trying to calm themselves down. “Lets go to bed” he told her.

Liz nodded her agreement, she was definitely tired now.