Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) [WIP]

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Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) [WIP]

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:34 pm

Author: Roswell_Fan86
Title: Revenge Is Sweet
Couples: Definitely Dreamer insured is all I'm saying right now
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. They belong to the show. The idea was based off John Tucker Must Die!
Rating: Adult
Summary: This story is based off John tucker must die, but Isabel and Max are not sisters, there are no aliens. I promise its completely dreamer insured. This is told through Liz's POV.
A/N: This is my second story my first one is When Reality Sets In, so go check it out on the AU with aliens board too lol, I'm still fairly new to this writing thing, so don't kill me. THANK YOU MARY MARY FOR THE WONDERFUL BANNER!!!!


Ch 1-

Liz's Voice Over-

The crowd is cheering, the score is West Roswell 32 and East Roswell 42. I scan the crowd and see all the teenagers cheering and screaming. My eyes land on the coach, God he's so cute. I over hear some of the girls talking about him, "So he's married?" The girl says.

"Yea and I hear he used to be a big player back in his high school days." The other one says. I laugh to myself. Like they wouldn't believe, I think to myself.

"Such a shame he's too old for me." The girl sighs dreamily and I have to roll my eyes at her teeny bopper comment.

Oh hey, sorry how rude of me, just in case some of you don't know or just don't remember, my name is Elizabeth, but my friends call me Liz. I was wondering when you'd get here, don't worry those of you who just got here, we're just getting to the good parts. Okay, yes I'm laughing at myself at this moment, but I'm not crazy. I swear it! It's just I've been waiting to finish telling you this are you comfortable? Good, do you need to use the restroom, get a snack? Are you sure? Just wanted to check, don't say I didn't ask. So where was I? Ah yes, right about here...

So, it was in the seventh grade that I finally realized and accepted I was invisible. Okay, well, invisible is the wrong choice of word. I just guess I was kind of anonymous, it's not that I didn't try but I was always a bit of a nerd, loser, geek, you pick what word you want to use. And when it came to love, there's just one thing to say about that...I sucked at it! Of course, my mother, well she never had any trouble erm...


I was going through some boxes on the lawn to determine what things were mine when a cute boy walked over to me, "Hi...I'm James." He said his tone flat. I fidget nervously, "I live next mother made me, I mean I wanted to come over and give you these...but my mother made them." He said shoving a tray of cookies in my hands.

I nervously push a strand of hair behind my ear. "Thanks...I'm Liz. W-We just moved here." Looking at the moving truck I blush, I'm stupid, "I mean duh, of course w-we did with the boxes and all..."

"HOLY SHIT!" He yells, I blush thinking he's talking about me.

"Hi I'm Nancy." I hear my mother say from behind me. I see his mouth hanging open. Of course.

He takes the cookies out of my hands and walks over to my mother. I'll give it to her she's beautiful, looks like a friggin' model, wish I could look...nevermind, "I made these chocolate chip cookies for you." He told her smiling as he is handing them to her, "Be careful your hot...I mean they're hot." Really, how pathetic...

*End Flashback*

She's never had any trouble landing men, believe's just she can't hang on to them. In fact, I used to keep track of every guy that came into our house but I eventually just gave up, so for all intentional purposes, I'm going to name them Dick because that's what they were dick's!


"Hello Elizabeth." 'Dick' says to me. "I'm well, going to be your new father..." I roll my eyes. "So...why don't you give daddy a hug?" Now my eyes are bugging out of my head.

'Perv!' I think to myself, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves...Dick." I tell him.

"My name's Jeff."

I just ignore him, "Whatever Dick." I say shrugging before grabbing a water from the fridge and heading upstairs to pack because in about a week we'll be moving. Why, you ask? Because that's what always happens.

"Hey kiddo!! Why do you keep calling me dick?" He yells after me.

"Because you are." I mumbled under my breath so he couldn't hear me.

*End Flashback*

In fact, she can't keep a guy long enough that she even has her own recovery system that I made up my own name for it, I call it the Parker Recovery System. Corny I know! She's actually very mature about's how it works, first a quick therapy session, or in other words, a binge on ice cream and chocolate. Okay, maybe two...okay, okay, fine five session's. Then we pack up in the car and leave. Of course, it was never hard for me. I never had any awkward good bye's mainly because I never got settled down long enough to make friends...fine I admit, it's because I wasn't exactly noticed. Great thing about being invisible...a geek, a nerd, a loser...have you picked a word yet?

Anyways, that's how I ended up in good old Roswell, New Mexico. Home of the freakin' aliens, yippie do dah. My mother was left this little cafe, called the Crashdown Cafe from my Grandma, so when 'Dick' decided he wasn't ready for marriage, mom decided it was time for another new start and here we are. Another start of the middle of the school year...another town except this one is so small that it's one of those towns everyone knows who everyone is. At least that's what I thought, little did I know.

I'm so sorry I must be boring you right now with all this back story but trust me this story isn't about my mother and fact it's about a guy. THE guy! So, getting back to it, I should just go ahead and tell you my, I mean his story...w-wait I mean...ah forget it, here we go, you see this story starts out when I was in high school.

Again I was a nobody, when I got to school everyone just looked at me like I was an alien from some crazy planet...I'll call it Antar, sorry. Anyways, when I walked into West Roswell, I'm not sure what I expected, but like any other school it had it's cliques. The cheerleaders, the athle...holy shit...I mean holy crap...sorry for my eyes instantly land on an Adonis. "Hey Max!!!" I hear someone yell. Okay. Freeze right here. Max, that's who this is about. It's about Max Evans. Let's face it, he's the man. He was captain of the football team, he's incredibly rich, and he looks somewhere between an Abercrombie model and a Greek god, not to mention a cute ass. Erm, sorry did I say that out loud. Alright, back to the story. I see this so called Max high five another guy. He's alright looking but not my type. They are both wearing the same Letterman jacket so I'm assuming they both play the same sport.

Sadly, my thoughts of this Max guy are abruptly interrupted, "Elizabeth Parker?" The guy asks me. I roll my eyes. I think he saw that, "I'm Alex Evans." He says holding his hand out, I shake it to be kind, he looks over to where my eyes were drawn to earlier, I hear him chuckle, why is he chuckling? "Ah, just like every other girl here..."

"Excuse me?" I ask him angrily and confused. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Alex shakes his head, "I'm from the sunshine committee. Principal Moony asked me to come meet you and show you around."

I nod but can't ignore what he said earlier, "What did you mean earlier?" Oh no, he's not getting off that easily. No not like that, gross get your mind out of the gutter, would ya?

Alex sighs before lookin back over to where this Max guy was standing talking to a group of other guys, "That Parker, is Max Evans..."

"Evans?" I ask him...Wait! That means...

"Yes, he's my brother more like step-brother to be exact. He's the captain of the football team...every girl swoons over him. So don't worry, your not the first fan of my dear ole' brother."

I frown, I can feel my cheeks redden in embarrassment, "I wasn't swooning..." I say pouting a bit, ashamed I got caught.

Alex laughs, "Don't worry I won't tell, your secret is safe with me." He winks at me, I can't help but smile, "But let me just warn you...he's just not exactly the best guy to date if your looking for something serious." He said with a serious tone.

I shrug looking back at Max then at Alex again, "Who says I'm even looking?" He raises an eyebrow at me, "What I'm not!" I said a little too loud.

"Okay, so your not but just in case you do one day, I'd steer clear."

I nod, "Noted, so how about a tour?" Alex holds his arm out for me to take, "Why thank you, my knight in shinning armor!" I laugh with him as he leads me down the hall...away from Max Evans.

TBC...what do you think?
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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.1 7/24

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:05 am

A/N: So I had a very good error pointed out to me. I wrote that Alex's name was Alex Whittman which was my mistake. I corrected was supposed to be Alex Evans...I'm sorry guys!! Thank you all, for your wonderful feedback; Angiebrenna, Secretk, Mary Mary, Pandas2001, Keepsmiling7, Begonia9508, Cocogurl and Cardinal. I appreciate all your wonderful feedback. Hopefully this next part keeps you guys around...I hope don't fail any of you! :oops:

Ch. 2

Okay, so yes I'll admit, my first day so far at West Roswell wasn't awful. It was...hmm, I guess the correct word would be interesting. Thanks to my good ole pal Alex...I know every nook and cranny around the school. Now here I sit in the middle of the lunch quarry, being asked the most ridiculous questions. "Are you a narc?" One girl asks me. I have to laugh. The girl glares at me before taking her lunch and heading over to meet her friends. I can't help but shake my head.

"Hi." I look up at the chipper voice in front of me. I look at her questioningly. She smiles at me. Why is she smiling at me? Okay, why is she sitting down now, I don't recall asking her to sit down, did I? "My name is Isabel Gurien...I run the school TV station, head of the Honor Society..." I block her out hearing her ramble on about all these clubs or whatever you'd like to call them she's in. "Big Sisters and adopt-a-shut-in." I hear her finally finish, "You're the new girl right?" She asks me.

What, did my mother take out some kind of ad? A personal ad I don't doubt, but seriously. "Yep." I say nodding moving the food on my plate around.

Isabel laughs at me again, "Do you have a name?"

I bite my tongue at saying something sarcastic to her. I did promise myself I try harder to fit in, "It's Elizabeth Parker, you can call me Liz." I tell her plastering a fake smile on my face.

"Well, it's nice to meet you." She says looking me up and down. "Let me know, when you're ready for your interview, 'kay? I'm free 5th that be the best time."

I nod. Wait! Did she just say interview? Interview for what? "I'm sorry, interview?" I ask frowning. Did I apply for some job and not know about it.

"Well, yes, interview, any time there's a new student we post an article in the school paper...just something small, no big." Isabel says shrugging before getting up and walking away before I can object. Great somehow I got roped into an interview about myself, goodie goodie.

"Hey Parker." I hear Alex say as he sits down across from me. "What did Isabel Gurien have to say?" I look at him smirking, I can't help but see the way he watches her sashay across the quad.

I place hands underneath my chin and wiggle my eyebrows at him, smirking, "You have the hots for her, don't you?" I ask him. I see him blush, his cheeks turning beet reed. Serves him right for earlier. I laugh, "Nice..."

"It doesn't matter..." He mumbles shrugging his shoulders, "Anyways..."

I look at him, waiting for him to finish, "What?" I ask him. Alex looks at me, I look up in time to see Max Evans, Alex's step brother walk into the quad and make his rounds. I look away quickly, I hear him snort, "Did you just snort?" I ask him.

"No...just your funny..."

I roll my eyes, "Funny looking?"

"No Parker..." He tells me wagging his finger in my face, "Your in denial."

Again this is me rolling my eyes, "You wanna keep that finger?" He looks at his finger a moment before putting his hand on the table, "What am I in denial about?" I ask him curious to know.

"About my brother." He says before taking a bite of his sandwich. "I can introduce you if you want." He says swallowing his turkey sandwich and taking a swig of his soda.

"NO!" I yell causing everyone to look at me, even Max. Great, well I was invisible, now I'm not. Just I wish I was invisible. I hide my face in my hands as I hear everyone else resume whatever they were doing. I hear Alex laughing. "Kill me now." I mumble.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad." I hear him tease. I look up and glare at him. I see some blonde cheerleader heading his way and I feel myself seethe with anger. Wait, why am I angry?

"Whose that?" I find myself asking. Alex turns and looks to see what I'm referring to.

Alex turns back around and shrugs, "That my new friend is Tess Harding, she's the head cheerleader...has that whole fantasy of marrying the star quarterback, never going to college, having two kids, white picket know, the usual." He trails off. I nod. "She's pretty and all but..."

Oh, I can't help myself. Not that I stand a chance with a guy like Max, but hey I can't help it. "But..."

"Nothing, just forget it..." He says. I frown, I hate when people do that. I look back over to where Tess is standing with a group of cheerleaders and then at Max whose joking around with what I assume is his teammates. I quickly look away when he catches me looking at him. Oh shit...I mean oh shoot, sorry. I look back down at my plate but I can still feel him looking at me.

"So what are you doing after school?" I hear Alex ask me. I look at him and smile. 'Ugh working...' I think to myself.

Okay so, here I am, stuck in this stupid uniform that my mother is making me work while she continues to look like some amazing model. I'm stuck wearing this lime green alien uniform with an alien face apron and some stupid alien antenna's. Seriously, I'm wishing right now I could be invisible again. I groan to myself walking out to the diner's to take their orders. I stop mid-stride seeing none other then Max Evan's sitting at my table that I'm supposed to wait on. 'Just great!' I take a deep breath but just as I'm about to head over there in walks this green eyed short dirty blonde. She's real pretty, I'll give her that. "Hey babe." I hear her tell him before she kisses him on the cheek.

"Hey baby." Max replies back. Of course he has a girlfriend, I mean just look at him. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh mom just sent me to bring over the Key Lime Pies she made." It finally dawns on me, that's Maria Deluca, her mother Amy Deluca makes the pies for the Cafe. My grandmother had been ordering pies from the Deluca's since she opened the cafe. " I get to see you later on?" I roll my eyes, didn't think she was the type to be that dependent on guys, seeing how her mother raised her on her own, her father is a real 'dick', skipped out on them when she was 2, I remember overhearing my grandma tell my mom.

I walk over just as Max leans over the table so that his lips are mere inches away from Maria's, "I know we haven't spent much time together know how hard it is with football season just starting up, with my dad and all." I find myself frozen in place and can't help but eavesdrop, "But I promise that I'll set aside some extra time in my schedule just for you honey." Seriously, does this stuff just pop into his head?

"Uh hi, can we help you?" I stand there like a deer caught in the headlights when Maria catches me staring at them. So this isn't exactly how I planned on mine and Max's first conversation going...I mean not that I've fantasized about that or anything.

"I just wanted to see if I can get you guys anything?" I asked as I fidget with my notepad and pencil.

Max just shakes his head and smiles at me. I officially feel my knee's buckling, "We'll just have two alien blast." He says winking at Maria now forgetting I was completely standing there. Of course, why would he continue to stare at me? I shake my head.

"Oh we'll have an alien blast once you set some time aside for me." Maria teases him.

Max pulls her closer to him, "You know, I think I have some time available now for you baby cakes." Okay, now I want to barf, really...I walk away deciding that I'll have Agnes, the older waitress take the rest of their order. To my surpirse the surly waitress when I ask her, without hesitation agrees in fact a little too quickly. I guess Max has that affect on all woman no matter their age.

The next day, at school as I'm walking into the building, I see Max Evan's again, seriously is he stalking me? Yeah, right I should be so lucky. I can't help but roll my eyes at how silly I'm being, I mean look at me...then look at him, he's an adonis and way that him and me would ever...wait, okay, so he has two girlfriends? My mouth is hanging open at this point, I could catch flies right now. He's whispering and necking with Tess Harding, the head cheerleader. I quickly avert my eyes when I hear her giggle at something he whispers in her ear before heading inside the school refusing to pay them any attention. What I'm not some vouyer!

I go in search of my only friend Alex but sadly cannot find him, so while I'm hanging out at my locker about 20 minutes later guess who I see...again? Yep, you guessed it, Max Evan's! I swear he's stalking me, I'm not stalking him, really! It's the truth...geez. Wait, he's heading into that eraser room Alex told me about yesterday with...okay, he has three girlfriends...Maria Deluca, Tess Harding and Isabel Gurien. "How does he..." I find myself asking out loud. Yes ladies and gentleman I'm talking to myself but I'm not crazy, I swear it!

"He's a total operator." I hear some girl tell me. She must of heard me, "My name's Stacy." She tells me before closing her locker and continuing with her explanation. Like I care. Okay I give, I care! " He goes out with girls from different they never actually talk to each other." She flips her hair over her shoulder, "And then he tells them that his father won't let him date during football season so they'll have to keep it a secret." I nod as continue to stare at the closed door of the eraser room.

I can't help myself, "How'd you learn all this stuff?" I ask her.

"I don't know...just a guess." She tries to say but ends up crying and running off. I stare after her shocked...really? Her too? She runs past a confused Alex, I have to laugh at his expression on his face.

"Uh, was it me? Do I smell?" He half laughs. I don't answer, then he looks at me with all seriousness, "Seriously, do I smell?" He emphasizes smelling his pits.

'Gross!' "Alex, stop that!" I hiss seeing people stare at us causing him to laugh even harder now. I shake my head before grabbing his arm and leading him down the hallway.

Little did I know I was about to go from very invisible to very visible, without even trying. And even Max Evan's, he was very confident, in fact cocky would probably be the right term in this case, in his system for juggling these girls but even Max wouldn't have been able to anticipate the events of black Friday. At least that's what we will call it in this story.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.2 7/30

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:06 pm

Ch. 3

No one could have planned for what happened next and I'm pretty sure Max, if he could have predicted, would have done anything in his power to prevent it...

Here I stand in the girls locker room changing into my gym clothes. I take a quick glance around and notice that some how I ended up near all the supermodel looking girls. Tess Harding and her crew, Isabel Gurien is across from Tess and her friends plus Maria Deluca and her clique are down a little bit further. Just my luck... I roll my eyes as I quickly pull on my shirt. Usually they are in separate gym classes but...

"Coach Matthews is currently on an extended leave of absence..." I hear one of our coaches tell us.

"Yea because he can't help being a porn addict!" One of the girls yells back.

Coach Mary looks around the locker room, "That's enough!" She yells, "As I was saying, due to him being out we are combining all first period gym classes." A bunch of moans erupt from the locker room, "I know...I know, we all hate each other!" She snaps sarcastically.

"No we all hate you." Another girl yells out and I find myself snickering at the comment. What? It was funny.

"So I tried calling you the other night where were you?" Some girl begins yakking to Tess Harding.

Tess shuts her locker while I pretend to not be eavesdropping, "Well, this is completely on the D. L. I mean it's just between it Pam?" She whispers to her while filing her nails.


"I was out on a date with...." I glance a look over my shoulders, in time to see her look around, "Max Evans!" She tries to whipser to Pam obviously she doesn't know how to whisper very well because China could probably have heard her.

"You bitch!" My mouth drops now. You see this is me, being a fly catcher. I'm pretty good at it too! All hell breaks loose when Isabel Gurien slams her brush to the ground and storms over, "He's mine!"

Tess looks at her like she just grew a second head, "Excuse me?" She says getting in Isabel's face. "Whose yours?"

I stand there hiding behind my gym locker as if waiting for it to swallow me whole watching the scene unfold before me, "Max Evans, don't be some desperate bleach blonde bimbette and pretend you went out with him, he's my boyfriend!"

Tess shoves her and I'm not joking Isabel goes flying back on her ass. I would have laughed but I chose to stay hidden, "Girls, girls!" I look over to see Maria Deluca shaking her head at them, "Seriously, what grade are we in? Where's the love?" She says holding her arms out as if she were wanting a hug.

"Shut up Deluca!" The two girls yell at her at the same time. Maria holds her hands up in defense. This time I do laugh.

"He's mine Gurien!" Tess warns waggling a finger in Isabel's face. Now keep in mind Isabel is taller then Tess, so that was pretty darn funny plus if she had her finger in my face, I probably would have bite it off...did I just say that out loud. Sorry.

"C'mon women have to stick together, no guy is worth fighting over." Maria says while sniffing some bottle of, I don't know what she's sniffing.

Tess and Isabel glare at her, "Please, it's Max Evans!" Isabel snaps before glaring at Tess again which Tess happily returns the icy look. Next thing anybody knows is Maria's bottle is being thrown to the ground, shattering every where and its contents all over the floor with all three girls flying back...into ME!!!

"Bitches, he's mine!" Maria yells as they all tumble onto the floor with me in the group somehow.

Luckily Coach Mary comes in and yanks two of them up, "Break it up!" She yells while Tess is fixing her hair. "That is enough." I try to stand up but before I could Isabel lunges and takes down Tess pulling at her hair again that she just fixed and also grabbing mine in the process.

"OW!!!" I yell. I manage to push the two of them off of me, but Maria comes flying back into action taking down Coach Mary in the process again. I would have laughed but sadly I was involved in the mix. Being pinned under a 250 pound coach who reeks of B.O and three other girls is not exactly funny.

I faintly hear the coach yelling at them to stop. Faintly being used loosely hear...more like a blood curling scream in my ear. I pull the whistle from around the coach's neck causing her to choke a little and blow. Ew, no I blow the whistle not blow Coach Mary that's physically impossible and nasty on so many levels people....and oh yeah sorry Coach Mary for choking you! "Are you guys freaking kidding me?" I yell without even thinking about it. No turning back now, "This guy is cheating on all of you and instead of taking it out on him, your taking it out on each other, get real!" I continue to bitch. I for one, who would have never thought of myself bitching. But here I am...bitching.

I shove myself up off the ground seeing the shocked looks on all their faces, "All of, you, you and you!" The coach says pointing at me. Me?! "Detention! After school!" She huffs before storming off. I glare at the girls before slamming my locker shut and walking out of the locker room.

"Who was that girl?" Maria says before walking the other direction.

Tess huffs, "I don't know..."

"Elizabeth something..." Isabel says before glaring at Tess and then storming off to the bathrooms.

After the day's over, the whole school was buzzing about what happened. If I was invisible before, I'm definitely not any more. "So Parker, what's this I hear about you starting fights over my brother?" I hear Alex laughing as I grab my bag out my locker.

I slam my locker shut before turning around and giving him the evil eye. Man, I wish I had alien powers right now. "I didn't start anything." I snap at him. "Your horny bother, started all this." I continue ranting.

" brother was in the girls locker room?" Alex asked me confused.

I roll my eyes, "No, Alex...his girlfriends found out about each other and now I got detention." I finish as we walk down the hallway.

"Oh." He says.

Really? That's all he has to say is 'oh'? "Oh? That's all you got?" I ask him. Yes, this is me royally pissed off.

He shrugs, "Listen, Parker, my brother, he's a good guy...he just makes some poor choices." He explains trying to justify his brother's actions. How sweet of him...not!!!

"Whatever!" I hiss. "This is me." I said stopping in front of the library. "Good old detention for me...not bad on my second day of school, what do you think?" I tease him trying to lighten the mood.

He laughs at me and shakes his head, "Not bad at all." He shifts his backpack to his other shoulder, "But Liz seriously, my brother is not a bad guy...he's just..."

"Stupid? A moron? A horny bastard?" I ask him being very serious at this moment.

Alex sighs, "Okay, look I know that he's some player...he deserves getting caught, but our dad, he was a major player too...Max grew up around all that." He tries to explain to me, now I feel a little guilty. I said a little. "Then when his mom found out our dad was cheating with my mom...she threatened him with a divorce and he straightened up..." I stand there and just stare at him.

Does he honestly expect me to believe this crap?"So let me get this straight, Max is a player because your dad was a player?" I ask not hiding the sarcasm dripping from my voice. It sounds so stupid when I say it out loud.

Alex thinks a moment, "Well, when you say it like that it does sound stupid." He laughs, "Listen Parker, I won't be around for a little while."

What! "Why not?" I ask him now being very serious.

Alex sighs, "I'm going to see my mom...she lives in California...and she's pretty sick. So I'm going up to visit her."

"Oh, I'm sorry Alex, can I do anything?" I ask him feeling a wave a sadness wash over me. See this is how Max should be, a good guy like Alex. But no, he has to be some kind of giglo.

Alex shakes his head, "Just stay out of trouble will ya?" He asks me smiling.

I can't help myself, I hug him, "I promise." I tell him. I pull away and catch his smile, "I better..."

"Get to detention?" I nod, "I'll see's my number..." He hands me a piece of paper.

I look up at him and smile before grabbing a pen and tearing a piece of paper out of my notebook, jotting down my number I hand it to him, "Text me, kay?" I tell him more then ask.

"Will do...see ya Parker." Alex says waving before walking down the hallway.

I smile, "It's Liz!" I yell after him but he just waves a hand with his back still to me. "Dork." I mumble to myself before going in the library. Alex is officially my best friend and it feels good to have one...haven't had one in a...well, I've never had one to tell you the truth. I sit myself down at a table and see Maria Deluca already there sneaking peeks at me. I chose to ignore her and start on my homework. I look up to see Isabel and Tess being ushered in by the principal.

"Have a seat, make yourselves comfortable, your gonna be here for the next two hours." He tells us. "There's no talking, do your homework, read, but no talking." He tells us before walking off. Isabel cranes her neck to see the principal walk out of the library once the door closes the three girls turn and look at each other.

"I talked to Max." Isabel said proudly. Oh boy, here we go again.

Maria smirks, "And?"


"Hey Max...can we talk a minute?" Isabel asks Max pulling him away from his friends.

"Hey Isabel, can't say hi to your brother?" Michael teases her.

Isabel glares at her, "Just because your dad married my mom doesn't mean your my brother." She voices coldly. Michael rolls his eyes. "Besides, I was too young to have a choice in the matter on whether I wanted your dumb last name." Max laughs.

"Damn Isabel, yank the stick out of your ass would ya? It's not a great look for you." Kyle Valenti tells her. Michael burst out laughing.

Max shakes his head chuckling, "What's up Isabel?" Max asks her.

"'s about..." She looks at the two guys for a moment, "It's about an article I'm writing about your first game." She lies.

Max catches on, "I'll catch up with you later guys." He high fives them before grabbing his jacket and walking away with Isabel.

"What's up doll face?" Max asks her once they are alone.

Isabel sighs, "Earlier today, in the girls locker room...some freak said that she went out with you."

Max shook his head, "Really?" Isabel nods. "I heard rumors floating around about something happening in the locker room today." He chuckles, "And you believed her?"


"No, I mean, I don't know." Maria sighs leaning against the door of the eraser room. "You can't have a girlfriend in basketball season...." She says still steamed over what happened. "But..."

Max leans in to place a kiss on her ear lobe, "If I know who it'd be?" He whispers in her ear. Maria shakes her head. Max pulls back and smirks at her. "You know, I don't know why girls say stuff like that...I think they're just jealous of what we have." He tells her shrugging his shoulders giving her a half smile that makes all girls swoon.


Michael walks by where Max and Tess were talking, hiding behind the bleachers outside of the football field. He shakes his head as he over hears Max lay on his game, "Because we share something special..." Max whispers to her. Tess is smiling up at him dreamily. "Something we don't have to's an unspoken bond and I love how secure you are but it hurts me to hear you question it?" He finishes acting hurt.

Kyle walks up behind Michael and smirks, "Damn he's good." Michael just nods and they walk off to the football field. "How does he do it?" Kyle mutter's.

"He's got this whole town in the palm of his hands." Michael told him as they started running laps before practice.

End Flashback

"Because you're the only girl for me?!" Isabel and Maria scream out as Tess finishes her story. Good grief, I just had to sit here and listen to how Max just played all three of them again and didn't even change up his lines in the least little bit.

"Damn...he used the same lines on us all." Maria grits out angrily. Well, well look, she isn't so dumb.

Tess huffs, "Figures...first he makes up with us, then hooks up with us..."

Isabel and Maria exchange looks, "Wait you two hooked up?" Maria asks her. This would be me rolling my eyes right now.

Tess looks down at her nails, "I can't help that Max and I share something special." She claims innocently.

Isabel laughs, "What?" She asks sarcastically, "That both of you have been in your pants and both of you know that your not a true blonde, just a bleach blonde tramp." She adds crudely. point for Isabel. Zero for Tess.

Tess gasps in horror, "At least I'm not fridged stuck up snob." Tess quips back. And the scores tied. Maria laughs. Tess turns her attention on Maria, "You got no room to laugh over there Deluca. Miss save the animals, non violent out look on life." Tess jabs at her.

"Better then being an easy tramp." Maria snaps back.

Tess rolls her eyes. "None of this matters anyways...Max and I belong together...he's captain of the football tem and I'm head cheerleader...

"Big head, little itty brain." Maria says emphasizing with her fingers how little she's referring to.

"Please, like he'd take either one of you seriously?" Isabel butts in.

Maria glares at her, "Do not lump me with..." She looks at Tess, "With it!"

I roll my eyes, "Shut up." I mutter under my breath.

"Excuse me?" The three of them say looking at me. Shit did I say that out loud? Sorry I meant and my damn...I mean darn language.

I look up at the three of them, I open my mouth as if to say something but slam it shut, "Sorry..." Is all I say.

"No you got something to say new girl say it." Tess barks out.

Isabel glares at her, "Her name is Elizabeth, gerbil." Tess flicks her off.

"It's Liz actually..." I point out but immediately look away, "And it's none of my business anyways..." I add quickly.

Maria cuts her eye at me, "What is it?" She pushes.

I sigh putting my pencil down, "Does he always use pet names like baby, sweetheart, honey?" I ask them, they exchange looks and nod, "Trust me it's not out of affection, it's so he won't mix up any of your names." I explain to them.

"That's not true, he's said my name..." Tess tries to think. Don't hurt yourself girlie. I think to myself. "Or not." Maria and Isabel roll their eyes looking at me to continue.

"Plus he's got that whole unspoken bond or something special because he's not 'allowed'," I say with air quotes, "a relationship and the whole arrangement was your idea so he can make you feel guilty when he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar before dinner..."

"Cookies?" Tess asks me clueless, "I thought we were talking about Max?" She asks the other girls.

Maria shakes her head, "God Tess, are you that clueless?" Tess frowns, "She's using an analogy for Max cheating." She tells her. Tess's eyes get big like a light bulb went off in her head and she finally understood.

"How do you know all this?" Isabel asks me.

"Are you dating Max too?" Maria asks me before I could answer.

I shake my head, "No, I uh-I uh just knew a guy like him before." I blush looking down at my pencil. More like a lot of them, thanks to my mom.

"Who are you again?" Tess asks me this time. I smirk and before I can say anything the principal walks in.

"Hey I said no talking!" He yells at us. I shut my mouth just as quickly picking my pencil up to start working on my homework again. I peek up to see him walk away.

"I'm Liz..." I try to tell them my last name but fail!

The principal walks in again and glares at us, "I said no talking!" Damn principal, can't he see I'm trying to talk? I look at my paper before sneeking a peak at the girls who are also sneeking peeks at me. I slyly smile before looking back down.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.3 8/6 Pg. 2

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:49 pm

A/N: Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, I truly do appreciate it. I hope I don't let you all down... :oops:


So the Crashdown is pretty dull around this time of evening. I mean after all it is Friday night and yet I'm stuck working while my mother has some date with the alien fanatic from across the street. Kinda messed up isn't it? Me working while my mother I the only one who finds this picture screwed up?

As I sit here and ponder my thoughts, I can't help but countdown the minutes until closing. Only forty five more minutes and thirty two seconds, thirty one...and of course the bell chimes signaling there's a new customer...Oh my God! That's Max Evans! What is he doing here on a Friday night? I shake myself from my thoughts expecting some girl to walk in behind him but to my surprise no such girl does. I stand there a minute struggling to get my nerves under control. I wipe my sweaty palms on my uniform before straightening my back and walking over to him, he seems to be so into reading his menu he doesn't even hear me come over.

So to get his attention I clear my throat but it ends up coming out like I was oinking like some pig. Good going Parker.I think to myself as he looks up at me confused, "Uh, I'm Liz...I'll be your waitress tonight, what can I get you?" I ask him calmly.

Max sets his menu down in front of him and just cocks his head to one side and looks at me for a moment, "Liz?"

His voice is so sexy...I think to myself, "Ye-yes." I stutter out. Smooth one Liz. I say to myself rolling my eyes.

"You go to school with me right?" He ask me. I nod. " you work here?"

I chuckle to myself, "What gave it away?" He laughs too and I feel my knee's get weak.

"Oh, the green alien uniform and the antenna's, but that's just a guess." He teases me giving me his famous half smile that causes all girls to swoon before looking back at his menu. "It sucks you have to work on a Friday night, missing all the good parties." He told me not meeting my gaze.

I shrug, "It's only for tonight, my mom had some lame date." I tell him casually shrugging and lying through my teeth. As if I'd ever be going to any party. "Why aren't you out partying Mr. Captain of the football team?" I find myself teasing him causing him to finally look up at me. Oh those eyes, I could so get lost in those eyes. I feel my cheeks get hot red.

He laughs at my tone, "Guess I just wasn't feeling into a party tonight." I look at him trying to call his bluff, he smirks, "I'm feeling more like an Alien Blast." I nod as I write down his order, "And could you make it to go?" He adds looking away again to the beeping of his cell phone, so much for that conversation, who was I kidding? I didn't stand a chance with him.

"Sure thing." I tell him, Of course why would he stick around and hang out with me? I scold myself, "Be right out to ya."

Max nods at me looking at his cell phone as he hurriedly dials a number on his speed dial. I hear his voice get low and husky, guess he does have some hot date waiting for him, it's probably one of his other conquest. I put the order in to Jose our cook and then rush to the back room running right smack dab into Maria Deluca. "Uhmph!"

"Hey Chica, it's Liz right? Liz Parker?" She asks me as she braces her hands on my shoulder's to steady me. I nod as I try to recover from falling back on my ass.

"You actually work here?" I look over to see Tess looking over the alien themed items that were laying around.

Maria rolls her eyes, "Cut it out Tess..." She tells her in a warning voice. Tess just shrugs.

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask her confused.

Maria smirks at me, "See the thing is, Isabel and I got to talking today..."

"Yes and we actually live to tell the tale." I look behind Maria to see Isabel come strutting in with a smug look on her face.

I hear Tess snort in disbelief. Is she some kind of half pig, half some kind of hybrid? "What?" She snaps at me. I look away quickly.

"Don't be rude Tess. You can leave if that's what you want." Isabel hisses at her as she walks by her. "Anyways, as Maria was saying...we got to talking about what you were saying in detention and you got us intrigued."

My brows furrow together in confusion, "Um, about what?" I find myself hesitantly asking.

"We want Max Evans to pay...we want to hurt him as much as he's hurt us." Tess says viciously. I feel a shiver go down my spine as I listen to her talk.

Maria starts to chuckle at the look of pure shock written on my face, "Okay listen, what Tess here is saying is that Max played us all and he's going to continue to treat women this way unless...."

I'm starting to understand now, "Unless you guys teach him a lesson?" I ask her still a little confused on why they want my help.

"Exactly." Maria exclaimed as if that answers everything.

I nod seeing the look on all of their faces before smiling, "Well, I wish you guys all the best with that and what not but I better get back to work." As I turn on my heel to head back out to the diner Isabel steps in front of me to stop me.

"We want your help doing it." She explains to me rather firmly. "We don't want to hurt least not physically...we just want him to understand he can't continue doing this to people...women especially." Isabel looks at Maria then back at me, "And since you seem to know so much about guys and this sort of stuff we figure that you'd be able to help us."

I look at all of them, "Uh, no...I just meant that I knew about this stuff from watching my mother go through all this not that I actually experienced it firsthand." I explain as quickly as I can.

Maria sighs, "Okay fine so you never actually went through it personally just experienced what your mother went through, fine." Maria walks over to me and places an arm around me, "We just want some help....besides if we tried this on our own, we'd kill each other." I look at Isabel and Tess who is now nodding in agreement.

"Your Switzerland!" Tess adds proudly. Seriously?...that's the best she has for compliments?

"Switzerland?" I ask her smirking as I pull myself away from Maria's grasp. "I don't know about this..." I look at the window leading out to the diner and see Max paying for his alien blast and heading out the front doors. "What kind of help could I be anyways?" I ask them confused.

"Let's just say we need an objective third party point of view." Maria says looking at the other two girls.

Okay, now I'm really confused, what the hel-heck does that mean? "What do you guys have in mind exactly?" I ask them carefully choosing my words.

"Well, what do you suggest we do...or what would you do in this scenario? Because our choices are ranging from dismemberment to ultimatums." Maria explains rolling her eyes at the last part as she pulls me to sit down next to her. I look up to see Isabel's eyes twinkling in excitement and Tess sitting on the other side of me in what seemed like anticipation. Hey, I'm no mind reader, but that's just my guess. I could be wrong!

Well, I did want to fit in right? Not be invisible anymore, here's my chance...what do I got to lose? I ask myself. I shrug answering my own question, "Okay...well, what attracted you to Max Evans?" I ask the three of them as I toss the antenna's to the table in front of us.

Tess smiles as she speaks up, "What didn't?"

"As much as I hate to say it, Tess is right." Maria tells me. Isabel just sighs dreamily, "I mean he's got the perfect body..."

"The perfect lips...the perfect hair..." Isabel sighs as she continues on obviously fantasizing about Max.

Tess's smile grows even bigger, "The perfect chest and the perfect biceps plus he's got a big..."

"Okay...stop." I tell her rolling my eyes, "I get it." Not letting her continue, I hear Maria laugh at me. "Have you know slept with him?" I can't help but ask.

Maria shakes her head, "We never slept together, only fooled around, you know groping." She explains shrugging as if it were nothing. I've never even been to first base before...isn't that sad?

Isabel shakes her head also, "Never, we only made out." I look to Tess but she looks any where but me and is whistling. "Guess Ms. Head Cheerleader knows just how to bring it on." Isabel says sarcastically causing me laugh.

"Maybe more like bring it up." I say under my breath but obviously Maria heard me when I hear her snicker beside me.

"Just because you're miss save it til marriage doesn't mean I have to be." Tess tries to argue back which only made her look like a fool.

"Enough guys, let's save it for Max." Maria tells them then looks at me, "So what do we do?" She asks. Good question. I look at all three of them and find myself thinking, I've never been in this situation, so it's not like I know what I'm doing. I start looking around nervously and that's when my eyes land on something in front of me. My smile gets bigger and if possible I swear there's a light bulb that just went off over my head. The girls look at me confused and that's when I know what we can do.

The next day at school as I stand at my locker pretending to look at a book, I see Isabel chatting up Max. They walk by me and stop in front of her locker, "I think it would look good me." Isabel pleads with him, "James has been doing my photo ops since I was a baby, plus it would look good on your college application that you wanted to try out photography." She bats her eyelashes innocently at him.

Max scratches the back of his ear, "But a photo layout, really?"

"Please, for me? It's about high school sports..." She explains. Max nods, "You are the captain after all."

"Okay, when?" I hear him ask her. I smile at her and slam my locker door shut before heading off down the hallway.

So here we are, we are all sitting in the backroom of the Crashdown as Isabel is recounting how the photo layout went. I hand Tess a water, Maria and Isabel an alien blast and lean back to listen to Isabel's story. "So it went well?" I hear Tess ask her.

"It went perfect." Isabel tells us. "I mean he didn't suspect a thing!" She says excited.


"Max don't be so look great." Isabel soothes him, "Just do exactly what James says and it will be over in no time."

Max looks around the stage, wearing nothing but a pair of tight butt hugging jeans and a white tank top, "I don't know Isabel maybe this isn't such a good idea."

Isabel sighs, "Just relax, be look amazing...right James?" She asks turning around to look at James. James looks up from his camera and nods, "Just a few shots and it's done." Max hesitates a moment before nodding, "Okay let's go James...shoot away."

"Let's get started folks." James yells. "Alright Max...pout for me." He says. Max looks confused but starts pouting as James shoots away, "Good, amazing, more pouting..." Max starts to really get into it. "Now hate me, show me you hate me." James snaps quickly but Max keeps up.

"That's great babe, you look great." Max smiles at her before turning his attention to the camera.

James switches camera's out quickly, "Good...good now be a flower, like desert blossom..." He says. Isabel laughs, "Under the wind blowing, trying to survive in a thunderstorm." Max starts moving his arms about wildly and Isabel has to turn away to make sure she doesn't laugh directly at his face.

End Flashback

We are all laughing now as I'm flipping through the school newsletter. I stop at the page that has Max's picture on it. "Oh my God here it is!" I yell excitedly. We all gather around to look at it. Across the headlines is, 'Being Gay is amazing...don't be ashamed, I'm not! And right below it is a picture of Max Evan's with a big smile on his face and his hands up in the air like he's cheering. We all look at each other before bursting out laughing again, As we are laughing we hear a shriek out in the cafe, we jump up in time to see Max and his team mates laughing at him.

"I'M NOT GAY!" Max yells throwing the paper down on the ground. "THIS IS INSANE!"

Michael laughs but stops to look at him, "Man, seriously if being Gay makes you..." Michael can't hold it in any longer, "I can't help it...I'm sorry man but this is hilarious!" He says bursting out laughing.

"No wonder you like to slap our asses out on the field." Kyle jabs at him laughing. Isabel, Maria, Tess and I look at each other before laughing also trying to stay hidden in the back room. We see Max glare at Kyle which Kyle ignores and continues to laugh, "Hey Man, it's cool...just keep your hands off my equipment." He chuckles using those silly air quotes, obviously referring to something other then his football equipment, I think to myself. I see Max seething and I feel somewhat bad for him, he storms out of the Crashdown and the four of us girls continue to laugh. Hey, I said I somewhat feel bad, not that I really do.

TBC...I hope this part didn't suck...
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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.4 8/11 Pg. 3

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:57 pm

A/N: Thank you for all of your supportive feedback. It means the world to me. I'm glad you guys really enjoyed it and it made you laugh a little. I hope I can keep it up...wish me luck! I borrowed a few idea's from the movie but made my own little spin to it...hopefully it works and you guys like it! I also will be doing another chapter tonight on this story and two chapters on my other story 'When Reality Sets In' tonight and will be back tomorrow with another update on both make up for time during the week I won't be able to post :wink:


Here I sit, listening to Principal Moony hand some lame award to Max Evans. I swear they made the award up, some award about being supportive of the Gay Community...they never had that until just a couple days ago. We really under estimated him and now we all get to sit here and listen to him graciously accept the award...God, he is so adorable; the way he scratches the back of his ear when he gets nerv-...erm nevermind, moving right along now.

"We love you Max!!!" I hear a few girls yell out behind me. I look over in time to see Maria stick a finger down her throat like she's pretending to be sick and I have to chuckle.

I look back to stage in time to see Max give the cutest, I mean biggest smile, "I personally, am not actually Gay but many of our fellow students are," Max starts giving his speech giving thumbs up to the Gay and Lesbian Club students as he does, "not to mention so many people in our community are Gay...and I'm very proud to give my voice to the silent ones that aren't ready to come out yet...there is nothing to be ashamed of." Max finishes smiling proudly.

"That's right!" I hear Michael Gurien say along with Max's other teammates who are applauding him. I have to roll my eyes because a couple nights ago they were all giving Max a hard time but now here they sit cheering him on.

Later that afternoon Isabel, Maria and Tess came over to my place to talk about what went wrong and what our next step is to destroy Max. Destroy is such a strong word, maybe the better word would be...maybe I'll just get back to you on that one. I don't want to destroy him just teach him a lesson...if that makes sense? "I don't get it, why didn't it work?" Isabel huffs.

I shrug, "I don't know, we're obviously missing something here." I tell them leaning against the kitchen counter.

"I know." Tess tells us, we all look at her with hope in our eyes, but it soon disappears, "Our social lives maybe?" She bites out sarcastically.

We all choose to ignore her, "Hey girls!" I hear my mom say as she comes into the kitchen dropping off some groceries. "What's going on?"

"Hi Ms. Parker." The three girls say at the same time smiling.

"Nancy please." She insists. I roll my eyes.

" you mind?" I ask kind of coldly, "We were kind of..."

Maria jumps off the counter and saunters over to me wrapping an arm around me smiling, "We were trying to destroy a man." She admits proudly.

I look up in time to see my mom smirking, "Really? How's that working?"

"Not great." Tess says laughing, "He's winning."

Nancy shakes her head, "Don't they always, what's your plan?"

"That's just it, we aren't sure yet." I sigh defeated. Nancy nods as she listens to our story, "We try to destroy his rep by turning him Gay." I explain to her, "But they just gave him an award."

Isabel chuckles at my mom's confused look, "Long story, point is he's completely indestructible...there's no weakness."

"Every man has a weakness." My mom tells us.

Maria and I exchange looks, "Maybe she's right..." Maria says looking at Tess and Isabel who now are wearing the confused looks.

Deciding it's time my mom spent a little to much time with us, I try to get her to leave, "Mom, why don't you let me unpack the groceries?" I ask her. She looks at me a moment frowning before catching a hint.

"Okay, I get it, play nice girls." She says before grabbing a diet soda and heading to her room as Tess watches her.

Tess looks back at me and smirks, "Your mom is so friggin hot!"

"Are you a lesbo Tess?" Isabel asks sarcastically.

I just shrug it off, I'm used to hearing about how 'hot' my mom is. "She does Pilate's." I tell them simply shrugging it off, "Anyways, what were you referring to Maria?" I try to quickly change the subject.

"I have an know a man's strongest ally is keeping his emotions in check, seem like mister all high mighty, have everything under his control...keeping know what I mean?" She asks us. Uh, I'm lost. What about you guys? I think to myself waiting for her to continue, "Well what if we get him to lose control?"

"I'm lost, what?" Tess finally asks. For once Tess isn't the only being clueless.

Maria rolls her eyes, "I'm saying turn mister captain of the football team into a blubbering wimp...make him feel like a woman." She says laughing.

Isabel's eyes get wide, "Oh my God, that's genius!" She says getting excited. I'm still lost.

"Okay, I'm sorry but I'm still lost." Tess says shaking me from my thoughts. At least I'm not the only one thank God. I'm thinking so hard to myself I end up biting my lip too hard.

"Ow." I say out loud causing everyone to look at me. "Sorry." I mumble.

Isabel laughs at my expression on my face, "Okay, what is it we need?" Isabel asks me and Tess, in turn we exchange confused looks. "We need a major hit girls." She tells us. "One that's gonna bring down his whole macho world." She looks at Maria whose rifling through her purse before finding what she's looking for.

"We need him to understand what it really feels like to be a woman." Maria says dangling a bottle in the air, I have to squint my eyes to see what the bottle is she's waving around and then they go big when I see what it is, "What's more terrifying to a man than not being manly?" She says in a mocking voice.

Tess looks at her and laughs, "Estrogen? Really?"

"Don't you guys think that's maybe going a bit too far?" I find myself asking. "What if something goes wrong?"

Maria laughs, "Girl my mom takes this stuff all the time and nothing bad will come of's just gonna show him what it's like to be a woman."

"Oh yea!" Isabel and Maria say together high fiving. Looks like the next plan is in action, I think. The question is how do we get him to take it without being too obvious? I find myself asking pushing my past my own concerns.

The next afternoon, the three of us are sitting in the bleachers watching the football team practice while Tess is practicing with the squad for Friday nights game. I sit anxiously biting my nails bouncing my leg up and down when I feel Maria place a hand on my leg to stop me, "Chill chica, it's okay." She tells me smiling.

"How'd you get him to take it?" I ask watching Max run laps on the field before the coach calls them over.

Maria smiles, "It was easy."


"Hey babe." Max says coming up behind Maria in the parking lot of the school wrapping his arms around her. "Where ya' headed?" He asks her.

Maria smirks turning around to face him, "Just to the drug store to grab a know get out of this school for awhile." She says gesturing with her head towards the school.

"Right...mind if I tag along?" He asks suggestively. Maria nods telling him to get in. Five minutes later, they are stopped in front of the gas station Maria coming out with a diet soda and a Redbull energy drink. "Thanks babe." He tells her as he chugs the drink down, "You know I could have opened it myself." He teases her.

Maria shrugs smiling, "I like to take care of my man, besides I know you got practice tomorrow afternoon, I want you to have all the energy you can saved up." He nods as she watches him down the energy drink smiling once he finishes it up, "Was it cold enough?" Max nods as they pull out of the gas station and head back to school.

End Flashback

I frown and couldn't help myself from asking, "So you two didn't?..." I ask her not meeting her eyes.

"Didn't what?" She asks confused.

"Well, I mean you know..." I tell her as my hands wave around crazily in the air. She watches the emotions play on my face, I can't help but blush.

Now it's Maria's turn to frown, "Liz..what..." She doesn't have a chance to finish which I am thankfully thanking the heaven's above because we now hear the commotion going on down on the field. All of our attention turns to the field.

"Okay boys!" The coach yells, "Max call an audible to see how they do under pressure." He tells Max who nods. He barks out some calls to the offense before drawing back with the ball, I cringe when I see Paulie whose playing defense sack him hard. We all jump up concerned for a moment when Max doesn't get up, we exchange concerned looks. I swear I even heard Tess gasp. I see the coach rush over off the sidelines to check on him, that's when we hear it, "What the...are you crying?" He snaps.

Max shakes his head as he quickly wipes his eyes, "N-no." He says quietly.

The coach glares at him, "O-okay, do it again, snap the ball quicker Lee." He tells the boy whose spiking the ball. They all huddle up again before taking their positions on the field. I exchange confused looks with Tess whose down on the field with her friends. She frowns before ushering her squad back into their positions also. They don't have a chance to get very far when I hear Max cry out. Yes, ladies and gentleman I said cried! "Hey watch it! You don't have to hit me so hard!" Max yells crying at this point to Paulie.

Paulie is laughing at him at this point now, "Seriously Evans?"

"Max man..." Michael says stepping back a bit when he realizes his friend is crying. "What the...uh Max dry it is..." Michael said trying to get Max to stop.

"Here." Kyle says whistling look up at the sky as if he weren't there.

"Evans, are you crying again?" The coach yells at him again.

Max looks down before completely breaking down, "I can't help it, I'm cramping, my nipples are sensitive..."

"Whoa!" All the guys say holding their hands up and backing away. Isabel, Maria and I start laughing as we listen on.

"Your what hurts?" The coach asks in disbelief, "There is no crying in FOOTBALL!" He yells at Max causing him to flinch.

Max tries to stand tall but it's pretty sad watching even I'm pretty close to tears...from laughing that is, "I-I-it's always me." He says throwing his helmet on the ground, "W-w-we need you Max, Let's go Max...Max, Max, Max!" He yells stomping his foot like he was Jan Brady. He starts to walk away from his team mates who are watching him meltdown and his confused yet shocked coach, "You always yell at me, but you never listen! What about my feelings? What about what I have to say?" He adds before running off the field crying.

"Ev-Evans!" The coach yells after him in complete and utter shock. We see his team mates cracking up laughing on the field in hysterics. Tess turns and gives us a wink and thumbs up while laughing with her squad. Isabel high fives Maria who has her arm wrapped around my shoulders while we laugh almost peeing our pants.

"Oh my God...that was classic!" Isabel says between laughing hitting the stop button on her video camera.

I look at her shocked, "When did you start recording?" I ask her, I did even know she had the camera.

She shrugs, "Just in time." She says laughing again causing me to laugh. "That couldn't have gone better." I tell them.

"You got that right, just wait until everyone sees that!" Maria says. "Let's go girls!" Isabel and I follow her down the bleachers and back into the school.

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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.5 8/13 Pg. 3

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Seriously? Max Evans has this whole town literally eating out of the palm of his hands. The second we think we have him, the very next day he ends up getting more positive attention then he's ever gotten before. We just can't catch a break.

I stand at my locker completely pleased with the fact that Max Evans is being shunned by all his team mates after yesterday's melt down. He walks in trying to get any of them to talk to them but after a few failed attempts he eventually gave up. I look up at Isabel who gives me a thumbs up and a smile and turn to glance at Maria whose snickering behind her hand, she winks at both me and Isabel. I see Tess walk in with her group of friends, she smiles at the three of us before walking towards her locker. Just when I think everything is going great that's when it happens. "Max!" I turn and see some girl running up to him in a hurry, in fact I'm pretty sure her tongue is hanging out.

"Uh hi..." He says nervously. He sees all his team mates starring at him in astonishment.

She stops right in front of him placing a sensual hand on his chest and believe it or not she's licking her lips. Max ends up scratching the back of his ear again showing that he's nervous. What? I can't help I know that, it's common knowledge people."It's Courtney." She says, "I just wanted to tell you that I heard and saw what happened yesterday on the field..."

"Y-you did?" He stammers out.

She nods trying to get closer. I swear if it were possible she'd climb up inside of him. I think as I glare angrily at her. "If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a hug...or anything else." She says provocatively slipping a hand in his front pocket causing his mouth to drop open. I take glance behind him to see all his friends mouth also hanging open in shock, "Feel free to give me a call anytime you want to talk...I stay up real late. What you did yesterday, it was the most courageous thing I've ever seen a real man do and I want to know how a real man feels." She finishes giving him a lingering kiss on the cheek. She walks away with a quick look back over her shoulder and wave goodbye and if possible I would throw up on the spot. Slut! I think to myself. Sorry that was a little harsh...

"Max, holy shit!" I see Michael slapping Max on the back congratulating him and Kyle playfully punching him in the shoulder, "You dog you, how do you do it?" That is a good question, I'd like an answer myself. Annoyed I slam my locker shut and storm off the other direction and I faintly hear three other lockers being slammed shut assuming that they belong to one very angry Isabel, Maria and Tess.

Later that evening, I'm hanging out in the backroom with the three of them as we sit there and try to figure out what exactly went wrong. How are we so unlucky, we ask ourselves. We just can't catch a break. "So now what?" Tess asks frustrated, "I mean it seems all we ever do is just help him out in the long haul."

"There has to be a way." Maria says refusing to give up. "He can't get away with this."

I agree with her there, but maybe he's just one lucky basta-jerk. "I'll be back, I gotta go finish my shift." I tell them placing my antenna's back on to complete my uniform feeling rather tired and aggravated. Sure I agreed to help with this plan but now I'm starting to wonder if this was a good idea. As I walk out into the diner, for the second time in the row I see Max Evan's sitting alone at the counter. This time though I won't be some weak pansy, I promise myself. I walk over to him, my back straight and stand tall and confident, "What can I get you today?" I ask him skipping over the pleasantries.

He cocks an eyebrow at me surprised at the tone of my voice, "Everything okay?" He asks actually sounding concerned and sincere.

I just shrug not letting it phase me, "Sure why wouldn't it be?" I snap sarcastically feeling a head ache come on. "So what will it be today?" I ask him again.

"Do you want me to leave?" Max asks me.

I sigh and shake my head finally looking up, "I'm sorry just it's been a pretty crazy..." I start to explain before I chuckle, "But I'm sure it's not as bad as your week has been."

I hear Max laugh before speaking up, "You could say that. I guess I pissed somebody off." He starts telling me. "Truth is, I'm not this person everyone thinks I am...I feel like I have to live up to my dad's standards." He looks at me, the look in his eyes is drawing me in, like I could get lost in his eyes forever, I shake myself from his gaze.

"Sorry I didn't mean to lay all that on you Liz."

"It's okay..." I tell him. Wait a minute! Did he say my name? He actually said my name, oh my lanta! I blush instantly, "It's okay really."

He chuckles slightly, I swear his cheeks are turning red right now, "I guess I just need to make some changes..." He whispers quickly looking up at me, he sees Agnes counting down the register and Jose cleaning up the kitchen, "Uh, I should get you mind me using the bathroom real quick before you close up?" He ask standing up taking money out of his pocket.

I shake my head, "It's on the house don't worry about it."

He smiles at me putting the money back in his wallet, "Thanks...for everything." I smile back before making my way into the backroom, I'm in such a daze that I don't notice where I'm going and walk right into Isabel and Maria.

"What the..." I start to say.

Tess is looking me with what looks like anger written all over her face and I look up at Maria and Isabel who are exchanging looks also, "That's what we'd like to know, what the hell was that?" Isabel asks pointing to the diner where I just came from. I feel a sense of deja vu coming over me here. I think to myself.

I duck underneath their arms and head towards my little locker where I keep some personal items for work, I take a quick peek in the little mirror before shutting it and look at them calmly, "I don't know what your talking about." I tell them innocently.

"That's bull." Maria tells me firmly. "He knows your name."

I shrug, seems like I'm doing that a lot, "So what, he knows my name, what's the big deal?"

"The big deal is he never says our names even you said that." Tess points out.

Maria drags me over back to the window, "Look he's still here..." She tells me as I peer out the window and she's right, he's still here. "He hasn't taken his eyes off you since you walked back here."

I sigh and head towards the couch, "So what, Maria, that doesn't mean anything, he's probably hoping to get laid again." I point out to her. "I'm exhausted, can we talk tomorrow please?" I beg them as I head up the stairs leaving the three of them to let themselves out.

The next day at school, the gossip mills are running high. Boy do I miss my best bud Alex. I wish he was here. We talk every day on the phone and last night we had stayed up talking about just stupid things. Before you ask, no I have no romantic feelings for him in anyway, besides he has the hots for Isabel Gurien, he just won't admit it.


"So what's this I hear about Max having a hard time these past few days at school?" Alex asks me over the phone.

I roll my eyes, "How would you know about that, you're in California." I point out to him avoiding the question. "And he probably just brought it all on himself." I add defensively.

"Hey, no need to bite my head off, I never said he didn't bring it on himself, but..." I hear him groan in frustration, "Look, I told you he's not a bad guy, he's just been brought up the wrong way."

I think back to the conversation I had with him earlier and I feel my shoulders slump, "Yea, he mentioned that to me." I admit sheepishly.

"Wait, he told you that?" Alex asks me baffled. "When did you two talk?"

"It was nothing..." I tell him, "Really, he was at the Crashdown and he was just feeling down I guessed."

I hear Alex laugh at me, after he calms down, he starts to explain a surprising secret to me, "Liz..." Wow he said my name really? What's with the Evan's men today saying my name. "Max doesn't share that kind of information with anybody...I mean, he rarely shares stuff with me, I have to pry it out of him. The only reason, we are somewhat close is because of my mom." Now that's a shocker, I didn't think they were close at all. I guess he noticed how silent I got, "Yes we are close...we may not seem like close brother's but we are. He looks out for me and I look out for him...ever since I found out my mom was sick, he's really shown a different side of him...he's always been a good guy Liz, people just don't get to see that because he feels he needs to be this other person our dad wants him to be." He explains to me, "It was my mom that brought the two of us closer, I'm really grateful for what she did to help Max and I."

"What did she do?" I asked still in shocked but curious to know.

He sighs, "She flew the both of us out to California a few years ago and pretty much locked us in our room until we worked out our differences." He tells me quietly as if he were whispering, "She told us that we were more alike then we realized, that it was really our dad that was making us hate each other. After that summer, we talked about everything..." He continues on and I feel a tear fall down my cheek, "I remember our freshman year at West Roswell, these punks were hassling me when Max came up and beat the shit out of them...he pretty much protected me all year long although it was pretty much null and void by mid year because everyone knew I was his little brother and that I was hands off...."

I find myself laughing a little bit at his confession, "Sorry."

"No it's okay, that came out a little gay." He says laughing too, "That wasn't a jab at Max." He says realizing his choice of words.

End Flashback

I sigh to myself and continue to walk down the hallway, refusing to look at anyone, just as I pass by the library I feel myself being pulled in by someone. "Maria, what..." I turn to see Tess and Isabel sitting at one of the tables in the room also, "What's going on?" I ask concerned now.

"He dumped us..." Isabel told me jumping straight to the point.

"What?" I asked shocked.

Maria nods, her arms crossed over her chest obviously aggravated, "He dumped all of us."


Max runs up behind Tess trying to catch up to her, "Hey, sweetie!" He calls out to her. Tess stops in her tracks recognizing his voice instantly, she turns around to face him with a thousand watt smile on her face.

"Hey Max." She says calmly smiling.

He doesn't smile back making her nervous, "Can we talk?" He asks her. Tess nods not able to find the words to answer. "Look I know that you and everyone else saw what happened the other day on the know me freaking out?" He tells her. Tess just nods again.


Maria stands there not showing any emotion on her face as she listened to Max talk, "My peer counselor says that I need to look into my emotional responsibilities." He explains to her. It's obvious Maria's getting testy, "And I won't lie, I'm no where close to perfect, I've made some poor I've been doing some 'me' time." He tells her.

"Okay, what does that mean exactly?" Maria asks him the aggravation just dripping from her voice.

Max sighs, "I've made some decisions..."


Isabel looks at him confused, "What kind of decisions?" She asked concerned.

"You know there's only one girl for me." Max tells her resting the palm of his hand against her cheek. She leans into it feeling herself weaken, she shuts her eyes relishing in the feel of him, "I just...don't think that girl is you..." Isabel's eyes fly open in horror, "I mean we had a fun run...tons..." He quickly says realizing the look on her face. "It's just I'm ready to find something deeper, more complex...something that will last forever..." Max tells her calmly shoving his hands in his pockets, "So are we good?" He asked hesitantly.

End Flashback

I stand there and listen to their stories of how he dumped them, not changing any of his lines he used. I shake my head in confusion thinking back to last nights conversation I had with Alex. "I-I'm sorry..." Was the only thing I can say to them.

"You're sorry?" Tess asks angrily. "No...I don't want your apologies, we want your help."

I look at the three of them confused, "Wait...I'm sorry we've tried everything and we lost..." I tell them feeling very tired. "I just think we should walk away...I mean maybe he's finally changed." At least let's pray he has.

I hear Maria and Isabel laugh at me, "Liz...listen to us." Maria says calmly, "He hasn't changed...he's not capable of it." She shakes her head trying to explain, "We need your help Liz..."

"I mean seriously Liz...he's made us all out to be fools." Isabel stepped up to say.

Tess nods in agreement, "Besides you got us here."

My head snaps up at this, "What? I did not, I told you I had no experience in this myself, just knowledge, big difference here!" I snap at her wiggling my finger in her face angrily.

"Chill guys." Maria says stepping between the two of us, "We're just asking for some help that you would be more then able to give."

I manage to stop giving Tess the evil eye noticing that she isn't to fond of what Maria is referring to, so I dare myself to ask ,"How?"

"Max likes you..." Isabel tells me.

"Max likes anything that wears a skirt Isabel." Surprised at my own words, I hear her chuckle at my statement.

"We mean he really likes you Liz...he dumped all us and we see him starring at you constantly." Maria explains to me. "We want to get him to fall in love with you and then break his heart like he did all ours. You're a woman, how would it feel to have your heart broken in front of the entire school?" She asks me honestly.

I sigh, "Look Liz, I know I'm not the nicest person," Tess tells me, "But I have feelings too and regardless of what you may think I do have a heart and it was shattered today...please help us." She begs. Hey maybe she does have a heart... I look up to see Tess starting to laugh, "Wait okay what I meant to say is that he made me out to look like some...some...." She exlcaims getting angrier by the minute looking for the right words.

"Gerbil?" "Slut?" "Idiot?" Maria, Isabel and I say at the same time causing us all to laugh except Tess that is.

"Come on Liz, help us out here please?" Isabel pleads with me giving me a her best puppy dog look face. I start to shake my head but then I see Tess's glare and Maria's sad face along with Isabel's pleading face and I can't help but what comes flying out of my mouth next.

I squeeze my eyes shut tight and manage to get my voice out, "What would I have to do?" I hear the three of them jump up and squeal in excitement. Well actually I hear Isabel and Tess's jumps for joy but I notice Maria starring at me as if I grew another head. Wonder what that's all about? I ask myself as Isabel pulls me in for a hug.

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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.6 8/13 Pg. 4

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A/N: This part is dedicated to the following people:
Begonia9508- Thank you for leaving such wonderful feedback on both my stories not to mention some most insightful feedback at that too.
Keepsmiling7- Thank you to you too for leaving some entertaining feedback and encouraging me to keep writing on both my stories and future stories.
Natalie36- Thanks for sticking with me and reading my stories. I appreciate it so much.
Mary Mary- Thank you for not only reading my stories but also making the wonderful banners for both of them.
Alien Friend- Thanks for reading my stories and taking the time to leave some encouraging words that I'm doing well and making you all laugh!

Ch. 7

I'm sitting here trying to focus on my chemistry test that Mr. Selligman has proceeded to give us this morning as a surprise. I must say I prefer surprises that I don't have to actually put to much thought into plus when I have so much on my mind it hurts my brain to have to work out these equations. I take a quick glance next to me to see Max focused on his test. Is it possible that someone can really change?...I'd like to think so but my newest 'friends' don't seem to think so. I can't blame them, he did play them like fiddle but at the same time maybe it isn't completely all his fault. I look back over my test to double check my work before flipping it over to signal I'm done. Just as I do the bell rings and can't help but thank my lucky stars, I feel like I'm suffocating. I gather up my things and start heading towards the door when an arm reaches out and grabs me. What is it about people just snaking their arms out to grab your attention hasn't anyone ever heard of a hello these days? "Liz..." Max says as he adjusts his backpack on his arm. "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." He says again scratching the back of his ear like he normally does.

I shake my head quickly, "No it's fine." I see over his shoulder Maria lurking around the classroom waiting for me not to mention spying on mine and Max's interaction. "What's up?"

He gives me one of those million dollar smiles that makes your knees buckle, "Do you have to work Friday night?" He asks casually. Oh my God, the most sexiest man in school just asked if I have to mouth gosh darn it, say something. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get any words out. Max takes my silence in before continuing on, "Because our first game is Friday night and then there's this bon fire afterwards that the team throws every's tradition...I was wondering if you'd like to go with me?" Holy guacamole, Max Evans, captain of the football team just asked me to go! Woo Hoo!!

"W-well, um, yea...but..." I start to say but am rudely interrupted by my good friend Tess.

Tess walks over to me wrapping her arm around me, "Hey Max." Max looks at her confused then back at me before looking back at Tess, "Liz can't go with you."

Max seems a little taken back and not to mention even more confused then before. Wait a minute! I'm confused why can't I go? I look at Tess, my eyebrow arched as if to question her which I'm just rewarded with a phony fake smile, "Um, okay...but can't she answer for herself?" Max asks Tess while looking at me.

I start to open my mouth but Tess replies yet again for me, I give her scowl which she ignores, "She would, but she doesn't know the good news yet. She just made the cut for the team." She explains beaming.

Team, what team?"You tried out for the squad?" Max asks me surprised and he wasn't the only one. I see Isabel and Maria nodding at me lip mouthing the word 'yes' to me and I find myself just nodding in response to Max's question. Surprisingly Max smiles at me, "So you'll be at all our games then?"

"I guess so." I say looking at Tess who just shrugs.

"And you'll be at the bon fire regardless..." Max continues on and I just nod again. "Tell ya' what, how about I drive you there, since your new and everything." He offers.

I want to say yes and I'm about to but, "That's okay Max, she's going with the squad." Tess turns her attention to me and I notice Max's frown, "We should go Liz...we got a lot to talk about before next bell." She looks at Max, "See ya Max."

Max watches us depart out the room and I suddenly notice Isabel and Maria are no longer where they were standing outside of my class and to tell you the truth I'm a little pissed, "Okay Tess what the hell was that?" I demand to know in low harsh whisper but still putting on a smile.

We continue to walk down the halls and I notice everyone is looking at me, "You agreed to help is how we see fit to get Max's attention to like and fall for you."

"What he's only interested in cheerleaders?" I snap sarcastically.

Tess laughs, "No, but it doesn't hurt that with you being a cheerleader you'll be around him a lot more and you can get his attention easier." I nod realizing I'm already at my next class. "We'll meet up in the media center in the library again for lunch and talk more then." She tells me before skipping off. Goodie goodie. I think to myself sarcastically before moaning and heading into my calculus class as I think back to the previous afternoon.


"How do you expect this to work anyways?" I question thinking the idea sounds ridiculous.

Tess sighs, "We can make you into anything if we combine all of us." She explains gesturing to herself, Isabel and Maria. "We can easily make him fall in love with you and I mean really fall in love..."

"And then we'll just yank it all out from under him just like that." Isabel finishes explaining snapping her fingers as a finishing statement.

It sounds just awful, cold hearted and manipulative. That's just not me. I shake my head profusely, "No, it's just not gonna work, I can't..."

"Liz come on...for us!" Maria pleads. "Max played us all and he can't just get away with it...he'll do it again he needs to be taught a lesson." She explains to me. She has a point there. He needs to be a taught a lesson but is this the right way?

I hesitate thinking and weighing the pros and con's of the situation, "Forget it you guys." Tess says grimly, "She couldn't pull it off anyways...Let's go." She says gathering her things.

I see them leaving, I want to be friends with them and real friend doesn't let their friends down, right?, "Okay I'll do it." I say regretfully. Somehow I feel this won't turn out good.

End Flashback

Meanwhile, Max had his own agenda. During his free period he went and sought out two of his best friends. "Michael, Kyle..." He called out seeing them heading towards Kyle's beat up old Chevy.

"Hey man what's up?" Michael asked.

Max smirked, "I need to talk to you guys about something." He turns and looks at Michael, "Do you know that blond I was dating?" Max asked curiously trying to remember her name.

"Which one?" Michael asked half joking.

Max stopped to think a moment, "The dirty blond." He tried to specify.

Kyle busted out laughing, "Again...which one?" Michael chuckled along with Max, "How do you date these women and not know their names?"

Max couldn't help but laugh and shrugged, "The one whose mom makes the pies for the Crashdown."

"Maria?" Michael asked surprised. "What about her?"

"Do you like her?" He asked Michael and Kyle.

Kyle shook his head, "Not my type, but the cheerleader you were with she's my type of girl." Kyle said suggestively. Max nodded, they both noted the wheels turning in Max's head. Kyle and Michael exchanged looks, "Why?" Michael asked concerned. Truth be told, Michael had always had a thing for Maria but knew she was hot for Max so he didn't even bother. They had 5th period history together and sat right next to each other, sure they flirted but it never went further then that, she sure was a spitfire though.

"What if I could hook you guys up?" Max explained.

"With each other?" Kyle asked jokingly.

Michael shook his head, "Your an idiot man." Michael told Kyle before looking back Max, "Again I ask why?"

Max relented, "I'm interested in Liz Parker."

"Interested as in wanna bang her?" Max just looked at his feet finding them suddenly more interesting, "Holy shit you like her!" Kyle exclaimed suddenly.

"Well I'll be damned." Michael said surprised.

"Not so loud Kyle, damn." Max said hushing him. "Look, there's just something about her...."

Michael nodded smiling ear to ear, "Bout time somebody got your attention and you even know her name, impressive, but why do you need our help?" Michael asked confused. "You never had trouble landing women before."

"True, but she's not like other women and let's just say, my exes sunk their claws into her." He explained frustrated beyond belief. Kyle and Michael looked at each other before looking at Max and keeling over laughing. He gestured with his hand, rolling his eyes, "Get it all out, just hilarious..."


Max stood outside the media center in the library listening to the four girls talk. He didn't blame them one bit but surely getting even this way was uncalled for. He saw Liz battle with the choice she had to make and after hearing her eventually give in, he understood just how much pain his choices had caused others. Then again the plan they had in mind wasn't all that bad, don't get him wrong he didn't like the idea of Liz breaking his heart in the end but he wouldn't let that happen but at least this way he could get to know her better. "I'll be damned." He said before storming out of the library. He had seen Liz get pulled into the library by someone and immediately recognized her, but just didn't know her name. He never took the time to actually remember them, he thought it was Mandy, Marissa...something like that. He grabbed his cell out of his pocket as he hoped into the jeep.

"Hey Max what's up?" He heard Alex say. Alex had just gotten off the phone with Liz and was about to go catch some sleep when his cell went off again.

"Not much." Max said lying.

Alex laughed, "Not what I heard."

Max rolled his eyes, "Great, who have you been talking to? Our dear ole dad?"

"Yea, he called asking about my mom." Alex said getting a little upset. "Like he really cared."

"Sorry man." Max said sincerely. "How is she?"

Alex sighed, "Honestly, not that good...doc's say she's got another 6 months maybe to live. They're running test tomorrow to see just how much the cancer has spread."

"Damn...anything I can do?" Max asked his brother.

"Nah, man...just say a prayer for her..."

Max nodded even though Alex couldn't see him, "You know I will." He told him. "Just try to keep her spirits high and if you need me to come out just give me a call and I'll be on the next flight out." Max promised him.

This is the side many people didn't get to see of Max, Alex thought. He's a good guy deep down he's just guarded because of their dad. "Thanks, I appreciate it but I'll be back next week."

"Right...." Max drawled out.

Alex caught the hitch in his tone, "What's up Max?" He asked again curiously.

"You know that blond I was with?"

Alex started laughing, "Which one?"

"Isabel, Michael's step sister." Max told him.

"Isabel Gurien?" Alex repeated again. Max laughed, "W-What about her?" He asked surprised.

Max smirked, " like her right?"

"Wh-what, n-no...wait how did you know?" Alex finally asked.

"Call it brother's intuition." He joked.

Alex chuckled, "God you are gay!"

"Hey I resent that!" Max said laughing. "Here I am being a good brother offering to get you in the good graces of Isabel Gurien."

Alex stopped laughing, "And why you do that? Not to mention how?"

"I broke up with her..."

"So yea you'd be able to get me in with no trouble at all." Alex said sarcastically.

"I could." Max told him seriously.

Alex frowned, "Why?"

"She's got her claws in this girl I like." Max admitted no reason to beat around the bush.

"Like? Really...." Alex said surprised.

Max sighed, "Is it really that big of a surprise?"

"Depends, do you know her name? And is it really that you like her or you want to bang her?" Alex asked crudely.

"For your information, it's the new girl Liz Parker. and yes I really like her." Max told his brother. Alex's mouth dropped. "There's just something about her...."

Alex thought about his earlier conversation with Liz. He knew she liked him she just wouldn't admit it and honestly Max had never expressed any emotion when it came to his girlfriends or exes he thought. He couldn't believe he broke up with them and if they had their claws in Liz then Liz would never give Max a real chance. "I'll do it." Alex said firmly.

End Flashback

Michael snapped his fingers in front of Max's face trying to get his attention. "Dude, where the fuck did you go?"

"No where." Max said. "So what do you guys say?"

"You really like this girl don't you?" Michael asked him. Max nodded, Michael took a glance at Kyle who nodded then back at Max, "Okay...what do you need us to do?"

TBC.....hopefully this part is long enough and will hold ya'll over til I can get some time during the week to post again if not I'll be back Friday night to post another chapter. I gotta get my munchkin ready for kindergarten and then there's work on top of I'll be back...promise!!
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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch.7 8/14 Pg. 4

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:48 pm

A/N: I want to apologize for such a long absence. I had bronchitis for awhile with work on top of it and my munchkin starting kindergarten last week. So hopefully now I can get back to writing. Sorry for the delay guys...but I appreciate all the wonderful feedback, it made me want to continue on.


Here I stand giving myself a quick glance over. I almost want to barf at the image reflecting back at me in the mirror, I'm dressed in nothing other then a cheerleader outfit, I swear you'd think its Halloween or something. I can't help but roll my eyes and ask myself what I got myself into. Shaking my head, I quickly grab my bag and make my out to the diner to grab some breakfast before school trying to hide my face behind my hair that the girls made me swear to wear down with my new make over. Not bothering to pay attention to where I'm going hoping that I can grab my breakfast that Jose made to go for me, I quickly grab the brown bag place my sunglasses on and run smack dab into a solid chest. I can't help but inhale the smell of firm Adonis chest that I yet again have knocked into, he smells so good might I add. "Ma-Max...." I find myself whispering.

He looks at me and gives me on of those million dollar half smiles, I stupidly decide at that moment to take my sunglasses off, "Looking good Liz..." He tells me looking me up and down hungrily. I feel my stomach flutter, he's wearing his football jersey and a pair of worn washed out denim jeans with a little five o'clock shadow and his sunglasses on top his head. He looks yummy...shoot did I admit that out loud?

"Th-thanks," I stammer out blushing. I hear him chuckle and can't help but fidget with the short skirt on the uniform. "Excited about practice?" I ask him trying to change the subject.

He shrugs, "It's practice, I'm just looking forward to the game tomorrow night." He admits proudly. "You'll be there right, screaming my name?" He asks me teasingly.

My eyes practically bug out of my head, "Uh, well, I'll be screaming out the whole teams name." After realizing what I just said I almost pee my bloomers right then and there. I notice him cocking his head to one side, his eyebrow arched and smirking at me. "I meant..."

"Your a screamer, eh Parker?" He flirts back making me blush again as I look down at spot on the floor. Ladies and gentlemen, I officially think Max Evans is flirting with me and I've died and gone to heaven. "Maybe I can experience that first hand one day." He says causing my head to snap up and look at him in shock.

I expect to look up and see him laughing because he was just joking but then I notice how dark his eyes are now, have they always been that dark? I ask myself. I open my mouth to say something but somehow my new best friends seemed to find the worst times to interrupt, "Liz there you are!" I hear Maria say. She comes over to stand next to me, I look at her then at Max then back at Maria again giving her the evil eye. If I had alien powers I'd blast her. I look back up at Max whose smirking for some reason, "Maria...what are you doing here?" I ask seething quietly to where Max can't here me. I'm getting fed up with this. Sure I agreed to help them, but now I'm seriously regretting that decision at this point.

Maria looks at me and smiles and then turns and glares at Max. If looks could kill, Max would be dead on the spot. "Max." She says coldly.

"Maria." Max says smiling back at her. The look on her face is pretty funny. I don't think she was expecting him to know her name. "How have you been?"

She opens her mouth to respond but can't get anything out, "I'm...I mean, I'm good." She finally gets out.

Max nods, "Hey Maxwell!" I look over behind Max to see one of Max's team mates walking towards us, its the spiky hair dude.

"Hey Michael." Max says not taking his eyes off Maria and I.

Michael finally makes it over to us and I can't help but notice he's hungrily looking Maria up and down as if she were his next meal, "What the hell you looking at Spaceboy?" I hear Maria snap angrily. I can't help but laugh.

"Hey Deluca...still a pixie aren't you?" He retorts back laughing. "So you joining the squad like your friend here, I bet you'd look real good in one of those uniforms."

Maria giggles like some little school girl as I stare at her in disbelief, "Um, Liz I'll meet you outside." She says blushing before walking out.

I notice Michael watching her leave and might I add his eyes are trained on her ass. It's not hard to notice people. It's not like I was checking her ass out. "Hurry it up Maxwell...we gotta get going." He mumbles before heading after Maria.

Max and I exchange looks before we start laughing, "So I'm guessing you don't need a ride to school?" He asks me.

"A ride?" I ask him confused, "Didn't you come here to get breakfast?"

He shakes his head, "No...I actually came here to see if you needed a ride to school." He explains. "But I see your best bud here has you covered." He gestures pointing behind him towards Maria's direction. I look over and see Maria and Michael through the door laughing and flirting. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see Maria is obviously attracted to him. I look back at Max now who still hasn't taken his eyes off of me. It's beginning to make me a little uncomfortable. I said a little, honestly it's kind of turning me on...sorry TMI. "How about lunch today, my treat?"

"Um, like at the cafeteria?" I ask like a dummy.

Max smiles and begins fidgeting with his keys, "No...I meant maybe I could take you somewhere for lunch. I'd like to get to know you better." He tells me sincerely. I look at him a moment in shock that Max Evans actually just asked me out to lunch. I look behind Max to see Maria busy chatting Michael up and I'm stuck here with Max Evans!

Meanwhile outside Michael and Maria are standing by Maria's Porsche waiting for Liz and Max to come out. Michael continues to flirt with her and Maria willing flirts back. "So tell me Maria, are you still dating Evans?" Michael asks already knowing the answer.

Maria looks at him dumbfounded, "I never dated him." She lies.

"You're a horrible liar." He tells her laughing, "The only reason I wanted to know was if maybe you wanted to go have lunch with me today."

Maria looks at him shocked, "I'd love that." Michael smiles reaching behind her. Maria closes her eyes thinking he was leaning into kiss her but she hears her door open, she looks down at her car door then back at Michael whose got an eyebrow cocked up in amusement, "Thanks." She says embarrassed. Michael nods, "So um, I'll meet you out front in the parking lot at lunch."

"Sure thing pixie." Maria blushes again as she watches Michael jog over to Max's SUV hoping into the passenger side. Hey just because I'm looking to get even with Max doesn't mean I have to put my entire life on hold. I'm allowed to date and have some fun. She thought to herself, Then again maybe they don't have to know. She grimaced thinking of the reaction Tess and Isabel would have. She glanced inside the cafe to see Liz walking out with Max trailing right behind her. Max has big smile across his face and he places his glasses on before waving at me like an idiot. Maria can't help but shake her head and roll her eyes. Liz finally gets in and I drive in before Max even reaches his SUV.

While driving to school, I notice Maria smiling ear to ear and I can't help but wonder if that has anything to do with a certain team mate of Max's. "Okay what's going on?" I ask Maria finally not able to take it any longer. I scream as Maria swerve's off the road, "What the hell Maria?!" I yell at her as I brace myself on her dashboard. Maria parks her car on the side of the road and turns and looks at me, "You gotta promise not to say anything!" She tells me excitedly. I look at her confused, "I mean Tess and Isabel would flip if they knew I was talking to Michael Gurien. I mean especially Isabel. That's her step brother."

Waving my hands in front of her face, "Hello, confused here, what are you talking about?" I ask her getting upset now.

"Michael asked me out!" She squeals so loudly that I have to plug my ears. "I can't believe it, I mean Michael. Gurien!" She says in shock looking back at the road. "What should I do?" She asks me confused.

I sigh, "Do you like him?"

She looks down at her hands, "ItswhyIwentoutwithMaxinthefirstplace." She says in one quick breath. Well this wasn't something I was expecting to hear. I turn back in my seat and stare out the windshield shocked trying to force my mouth to work. "Liz.." Maria says pleading with me. "You can't say anything...really when I started dating Max it was because I wanted to get to Michael but then I really started liking Max..."

"D-do you still want to get revenge on Max though?" I ask her still not looking her in the eye. Maybe if I can get Maria to back off then she can help me with Isabel and Tess. I think to myself biting my lip so hard that I could have drawn blood.

Maria sighs, "He still hurt me Liz." She finally tells me in a low whisper. "He asked you out didn't he?" Its now my turn to look at her, I'm completely taken off guard.

"Why would you ask me that?"

Maria shrugs still not looking at me, "I saw the way he was looking at you Liz...did he?" I nod in response. "What did you say?"

"I told him no. That I wasn't interested." I tell her. I see the shock written all over her face, "What, isn't that what the plan was, to get him to chase me?" I ask her confused now.

Maria nods, "Liz, be honest with me, you don't want to do this do you?"

"What do you mean?"

Maria smiles at me sympathetically, "Sweetie, why didn't you tell us you didn't want to do this plan?"

I sigh, "I tried to but I didn't want to let you guys down and lose you guys as friends." I admit openly. Maria nods, "Plus you guys were right Max won't stop until he learns he can't treat women this way."

"You'll always have me as a friend Liz no matter what...let me ask you another question..." Maria pauses a moment to think over her words, "Do you like Max?" She blurts. What a loaded question! I mean yea I like him but he's still a jerk and he hasn't changed from what I can tell.

"Maybe." Is all I can tell her.

Maria starts the car, "I think you should go to lunch with him and that way we can try to get inside info on him..." I nod as l watch a jeep go flying by. "Was that Max?" Maria asks me and I shrug, "Liz I want you to know that we'll always be friends and if you do want out of this plan just tell me..." I smile at her as we pull on to the road, she throws her cell at me before winking, "Text him...tell him you want to have lunch! His number is under Jerk Off." Maria jokes with me.

Meanwhile Michael and Max were having a similar conversation in Max's SUV. "How did it go?" Max asks eagerly.

Michael starts laughing, "We're having lunch today." Michael tells him, "Hey isn't that..." Max and Michael exchange looks but continue to drive on, "That was Maria's car."

"Wonder what that was about?" Max says asking aloud. Michael shrugs, "Do you think we should stop and see if they need help?"

Michael shakes his head, "Nah, she's started driving again, just keep going." He tells Max before leaning back in his seat, "How did it go with Parker?" Just then Max's cell goes off.

Max frowns and looks at the text message he has as he reads it a smile appears across his face, "We too also have a lunch date." Max tells him as he sends a message back to Liz. Michael nods in approvingly, "So that just leaves your sister and Tess."

"Kyle should be working on Tess as we speak. When does Alex get back in town?" He asks Max.

Max pulls into the parking lot and notices Tess and Isabel getting out of their cars. Max sees Kyle run over to Tess and Isabel. "Next week, check it out." Michael and Max exchange looks smiling before grabbing their bags and hoping out of the SUV.
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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW A/N 11/21 Pg. 5

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Okay so here it is, the new part. Hopefully you all enjoy! Thanks for all the feedback and patience!

Ch. 9

"Tess! Wait up!" Kyle hollered chasing after Tess and the rest of her clan. Tess looked over her shoulder for who was calling out her name, somewhat hoping it was Max but was sadly mistaken when she saw Kyle running up to her. "Hey glad I finally caught up to you." He smiled.

Tess smiled back politely while looking at her friends who were giggling like a bunch of air heads, turning her attention back to Kyle she spoke up, "Kyle right?" Kyle nodded, "What can I do for you?"

Kyle smirked, "Well actually it's more like what I can do for you." Kyle confidently wrapped an arm around her shoulders before leading her away from her friends, "Let's talk over here."

"Okay so what exactly do you think you can do for me?" Tess asked intrigued.

"I heard Max dumped ya, the rumors true?" Kyle asked boldly knowing it be a bit forward. Tess started fuming, "I gotta say if it were me, I would have never let someone as hot as you get away."

"You really know how to woo a girl there don't ya Kyle?" Tess snapped sarcastically, Kyle chuckled and shrugged. "He didn't dump me, we're just..." Carefully choosing her words, "On a break..."

Kyle nodded, "Right, I would you feel about letting me take you out tonight?"

Tess eyed him cautiously, "Aren't you Max's friend?"

"Yes...yes I am." He told her, "But like I said, it's his loss...come on, what do you got to lose?" Kyle pointed out, grasping at straws, "Who knows it might even make Max jealous." He added.

Tess smirked, "Okay...pick me up at 7 sharp!" She agreed before walking off, "Don't be late..." She added pointedly.

Kyle just smirked back, "Trust me babe, I'll be there with bells on."

Imagine my surprise as Maria and I drove up to the parking lot of school. Tess and Kyle Valenti talking rather intimately. "Wonder what that was about." Maria asks as she shuts off the engine. I turn and shrug. Good question! I ask myself. As I hop out of the jetta, all the while trying to yank the short cheerleading skirt down somewhat subconsciously. "Stop fidgeting, you look hot!" Maria tells me only to make me even more uncomfortable.

"Thanks, I think." I mutter causing Maria to chuckle at me as we head inside. "So what is the plan exactly?" I ask her confused. I'm suppose to have lunch with Max..Max Evans in about three hours! I think my ass is....I mean butt is sweating, sorry!

Maria shrugs as we walk through the crowds with everyone staring at me with shocked expressions on their faces, "Right now it's just to get close to Max." She explains innocently as we reach my locker, " a way its nothing bad. You were wanting to get to know him right?" She inquires.

Good I really want to get to know the playboy? I shrug, "I don't know. I mean...he's a player, right?" Maria nods, "I mean he's probably just after me because I'm fresh meat?" I ask her again only to be met with a shrug. "What?"

Maria laughs, "Girl, he dumped the three of us and he's after you!" I still stand there like an idiot confused, "Let me break this down for you...if Max was after just a piece of ass he probably still be keeping up with the little charade he had going with us."

"But..." I stammer out, "Um, Maria..."

Maria shakes her head, "Look all you're doing is having lunch with him, it's not like your going to have sex with him!" She practically yells as a few other people walk by causing them to stop and look at us, "What are you looking at?" She snaps causing me to blush. "That's right keep walking, nothing to see here..." She tells them shooing them away. I can't help but laugh at her tactics, "Just look at it this way, you get your cake and get to eat it too." She tells me winking suggestively at me.

I frown as I shut my locker, "Meaning what exactly?" As we walk away heading towards our next class.

"Meaning you get to spend some quality time with the hunk, see if he really is changing his evil ways and if not then it still helps us get revenge, which is sweet just like cake." She explains. "Plus I'll get to spend some time with Mikey boy." She smirks, "I gotta jet, if I'm late again I'm screwed. See ya later Liz."

I stand there a minute to watch her walk down the halls still confused. To tell you the truth, I think I'll always be confused. Is that possible? "Hey Liz." I turn around to see none other then Max standing there looking all...Well you get my train of thought, right?

"Ma-Max." I stammer out like some fool. "What are you doing here?" Duh you idiot, he has biology with you. Now I'm wishing a giant hole would open up below me and swallow me whole.

Max chuckles at me before scratching the back of his neck, "I don't know about you but I'm here for biology? I mean last time I checked it was biology, it still is, isn't it?" He jokes with me causing me to blush.

"Ha ha very funny..." I tell him rolling my eyes, "I meant that I'm just surprised you're here on time." I manage to get out quickly before realizing how awful that sounded, "I'm sorry, I just mean...."

Max shook his head, "Its fine." He says dismissing it with a deep chuckle that causes my knees to buckle, "As much as I enjoy pissing Selligman off, I really don't want to piss him off before a big game and risk him suspending me...."

I nod, "Football's pretty..." But before I can finish none other then another bimbette comes walking up interrupting us.

She saunters up to him pressing what I can only assume are her fake boobs into his arms, "Hey Max...looking good today." She whispers seductively causing me to want to gag not to mention start to make my blood boil.

Max tries to pull his arm free but to no avail, "" He says still confused as to who she was. I watch the scene unfold before me, I literally feel my nails sinking into the palm of my hand.

"I had a free period this morning...I was hoping that we up?" The red head asks him. I don't bother to stick around to hear his answer but I do manage to hear him call after me. I can't believe I thought he could change! I roll my eyes and slam my stuff down as I sit down fuming. What the hell was I thinking? I must be stupid thinking that Max Evans really was interested in me....

I see Max finally strolling in behind our biology teacher and he looks around and his eyes land on me. I swear I won't let him get to me this time. He sets his things down and he leans over to whisper something to me, "I'm sorry about that." He tells me gesturing to the halls, "Some people just are really...forward, I guess."

I shrug, "No big deal." I whisper back coldly.

He frowns before checking to see that Mr. Selligman still has his back to us, "So we're good?" I don't look at him but I nod as he continues, I feel his warm breath against my ear and can't help but shiver, "And we're still on for this afternoon? Lunch, my treat?" He asks hesitantly.

At that moment, I finally realize something, say good bye to mousy invisible Liz Parker, I smirk before turning in my seat to caress Max's arm that's resting on our lab station, I do a little eyelash batting and smile the best I can seductively, "Of course." I whisper back to him. "I can't wait." I tell him eagerly.

Max smiles and smirks back, "Me too." We sit there and stare at each other a moment before I turn back to listen to Mr. Selligman. You won't know what hit you Max Evans. I say to myself before winking one last time at him causing him to smile.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: Revenge Is Sweet (M/L, Adult, AU) NEW Ch. 9 11/27 Pg. 6

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A/N: Thank you for all your guys feedback, it really does keep me wanting to write and helps keep me motivated. I did finish my first story 'When Reality Sets In.' I've never finished a whole story before so that was my first. I'm still new at writing and all so thanks for your guys patience it's very much appreciated.

Ch. 10

I'm standing here minding my own business trying to get ready to meet Max for lunch, I swear if I bite my lip any harder I might actually swallow it, but like I was saying I'm minding my own business when my locker slams shut for me and who do I have to thank, you ask? "Tess, what..." I start to ask looking at her in disbelief.

"Why didn't you tell us you have a lunch date with Max this afternoon?" She demanded to know. She's so beyond angry right now that I'm pretty sure I see smoke coming out of her ears. I think to myself as I watch and wait for it to happen.

I look at her confused and see Isabel and Maria approaching, "I-It just sorta happened this morning...I haven't seen you guys yet."

Maria rolls her eyes, "Retract the claw there Tess, she told me about it but I couldn't exactly come running to you in excitement to tell you, might attract some attention, don't you think?" She explains coming to my defense flashing me a quick smile and wink.

"Where are you guys going?" Isabel asks me.

I shrug, "He said some taco stand....not far from here."

"Oh, yeah they have the best taco's!" Maria tells me with a twinkle in her eye.

I smile, "Yea, but you'll never believe what happened." I tell them, "When we were talking, this red head came up to him and completely brushed me off as if I weren't there and he just let her...can you believe that?" I say shaking my head.

Maria frowns, Isabel and Tess exchange looks, "Do you mean Amanda Hensley?" I shrug, "We heard he told her he wasn't fact we heard that he laid into her pretty thick about being so rude to you." Tess tells me leaving me in shock. I think I might become a full time fly catcher because my jaw continues to stay on the floor.

"Is there something we should know?" Isabel asks as she folds her arms in front of her, before looking at Maria, "And what's this I hear about you going out with my step brother?" Now it's Maria's turn to look like a deer caught in the headlights.

Maria's eyes are practically bulging out of her skull, "Um, well..." Ladies and gentlemen, take a picture because Maria Deluca is speechless! Didn't think it was possible!

I sigh, "She was helping me out." I spit out before I realize what I'm saying. Oh crap, think what? Isabel and Tess exchange looks before looking at me to continue. I take a quick peek at Maria whose practically begging me to think of something to help her out, "She um, she was there when Max came by and asked me if I wanted a ride to school and well, Michael was there and um..."

Maria shakes her head, "To get Max alone with Liz here, I asked Michael to lunch." She finishes for me.

"Why?" Isabel questions still angry at the thought.

"Well, it's the only way I could get Michael to leave them alone to talk. I mean that's what we wanted right?" Maria asks the girls. "We want Max to like want her?" Isabel frowns, "Come on Isabel, I mean it's me, you really think I'm into your ingrate brother?"

Isabel seems to be satisfied with that and then turns her attention on me, "So what's the plan then?"

Maria lets out a sigh of relief and now it's my turn to be interrogated, "She's just doing some research." Maria says calmly. "You know this is a good opportunity for Liz to get in and get close to Max. Nothing serious right now but lunch." She lies for me. Honestly, I had expected this to be very easy but after what I heard from Tess and them I can't help but wonder if Max is a changed man?

"Are we sure she's ready for this? I mean doesn't it seem kind of quick?" Tess asks giving me a once over. What the heck is that supposed to mean? I ask myself.

Maria laughs, "It's not a date here girls...I mean she can handle herself just fine." Tess frowns and looks at me again, "Girls come on, we need to get in there and plant the seed in his little brain that Liz is somewhat interested in him otherwise he won't take the bait." She says shaking her head as if it were as easy as that. But hey, maybe I am interested, should I be?

Tess smiles, "He did ask about you...." She tells me.

Now it's my turn to look like a deer caught in the headlights, "Really?!" I ask somewhat excited. "What did he say? I mean what did he want to know? What did you tell him?" When did I turn into Maria? I have to stop myself to breath.

Isabel and Maria laugh, "See, this is exactly what I'm talking about, she's not ready, not if she's just getting all worked up over me saying he asked about her!" Tess snapped angrily.Now I'm confused...what just happened? I look at Maria whose still laughing somewhat and Isabel whose just smiling at me.

"Look Liz, you've gotta stay calm in order for this to work." Isabel explains. "You gotta be cool and collected..."

Maria nods in agreement with Isabel, "Yea be caring and passionate..."

"Be proud and....aggressive!" Tess points out to me. "The whole point is to get him to chase you, okay? Not the other way around." Tess explains a little be nicer then her usual attitude. "If you make it too easy then he'll give up and move on."

I nod as if I understand what they're saying, " it..."

Tess looks at me a minute, "So lunch huh?..."

I smile, "Yea I couldn't believe it when he came....." I look at the three of them and realize what I just did, "Crap..."

Tess shakes her head, "Alright look, it's not that hard Liz." She tells me, "Just in your head, count to...three before you answer him. Act as if you're not interested, don't even look at him that much when you're with it?" One Mississippi..two Miss.... "I said do you got it?"

"I was counting...." I explain to her as if it should have been obvious.

Isabel shakes her head, "Not that slowly!" She tells me annoyed at this point. "We don't want him to think you're retarded..."

Maria stops them, "Alright that's enough look, she'll be fine. You're freaking her out and she'll completely blank out if we keep hounding her like this." I couldn't agree with her more. Honestly, I think I might be sick now. I grimace at the thought of tacos now. Maria turns and looks at me, "You better get going, he's going to think you bailed on him." She tells me shooing me off in the direction of the parking lot.

"Wait up..." Isabel yells. "I'll walk that way with lockers that way anyways." She tells me. I nod before waving bye to Tess and Maria. I faintly here Tess telling Maria she doesn't think this will work and I can't help but wonder if she's right. "Are you okay?" Isabel asks me.

My head jerks up to look at her, I shrug, "I guess I'm just nervous I'll let you guys down." I admit.

Isabel nods, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come down so hard on's just when I heard about you and Max, I was excited because it's good news, you got one foot in the door but then I heard about Maria and Michael..."

"I mean is your step brother really all that bad?" I find myself asking her. I met with silence, "I guess, would it be so bad if Maria really did like him?...Hypothetically that is." I add on quickly.

She stops me by placing a hand on my shoulder and I turn to look at her, she raises an eyebrow at me for a minute, "Does she? Seriously does she like him?"

"I'm just asking hypothetically Isabel...let's say this was an alternate world and Max really could change and I ended up liking him and Maria ended up liking Michael...would that be so bad?" I can't help but push her to find out maybe this could end badly but I have to know.

"It's not that I hate him, it's just we are two completely different people Liz. Michael is just soo....and then for him to go out with Maria...I don't know, I guess honestly it wouldn't be that for you and Max though..." She looks at me a moment as if to carefully think over her words, "I should have saw it before...I guess I didn't want to."

I'm confused now, "What?"

"You like him, don't you? That's why you didn't say anything about having lunch with him..." Isabel thinks some more tapping a finger to her chin, "And Maria does like Michael that's why she kept it a secret, you two were in cahoots." Oh great, Maria's going to kill me, I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. I think to myself, my lip is so sore now from biting down on it so hard, "Liz...stop biting your lip..." She tells me laughing.

"Iz, I really wanted to tell you, we both did...but we weren't sure how you'd react...and I really was planning on going through with the plan after the incident with the red head earlier but then Tess told me what happened and now I'm just not sure..." I manage to explain quickly, taking a deep breath I push forward, "And then I didn't want to lose any of you as friends because I started liking Max and I'm still not sure what I feel for him because I can't trust that he truly can change and I could just be another notch on his belt...and then Maria didn't want to hurt you either..."

"I understand Liz...and Maria's right...don't take this lunch date as anything serious. Just look at it as a chance to see where things lie, then we can go from there okay?" She winks at me, "But let's just not tell Tess, somehow I don't see her being as understanding as Maria and I."

I nod in agreement, "What about Maria and Michael?"

Isabel shrugs, "I let her suffer a bit, if she really wants us to be friends and likes him then she should come talk to me about it. I gave her a chance earlier to be straight with me."

"Why don't you like Michael?" I blurt out.

"That my friend is a story for another day...but like I said, he's my step brother, and I care about him and regardless of how things seem I do love him...I don't hate him...he's my family." She admits. "You better go, Max is probably gonna come looking for you." I nod, "Just be careful Liz."

"Thanks Isabel." I tell her as she walks off towards her locker. I walk out the double doors and see Max leaning against his SUV waiting for me. He flashes me a quick smile as I head his way. "Hi." I say like some idiot.

"Hey...I was worried you weren't gonna show." He tells me as he opens the door for me. "I wanted to apologize for earlier again...that girl, Amanda, she has no shame...I just tried to be nice and tell her I was interested but she just wouldn't take a hint." He explains before closing the passenger door and running over to the driver side to get in. "I hope you like tacos."

I smile at him, "I love them."

Max smiles back and winks at me, "Good because we are having lunch with Maria and Michael too." I stare out the window as I force a smile on my face, "Hope that's okay?" He asks as he pulls out of the parking lot leaving me speechless.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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