Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Epilogue 05/10/13

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 20 11/1

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and have an awesome New Year whatever you are doing!! Here's a little part to keep you going for now! :D

Chapter 21

“Lets not beat around the bush Max, did you come here to ask my permission to marry my daughter?” Jeff asked and Max froze.
He thought I’ve come here to propose to Liz?

Max watched as his parents shared a shocked look and his dad stood up.
“Now let’s not be too hasty here.” He said to Jeff and Jeff stood up, holding a hand out.

“I’m simply asking why Max is here, there must be a reason, neither of them had told us they were dating and they are clearly very much in love. I’m just looking out for Liz’s best interests.”

Max listened to what Jeff was saying and remembered that he had announced a suitable man for Liz to marry before she had come to him for help. If he said he didn’t want to marry Liz now then Jeff would marry Liz off to someone else.

“We don’t need to rush our children into marriage.” Diane said softly and Max held his hand up to his mum.

“Mum, dad it’s ok. Jeff’s right. I do want to marry Liz.” Max made the decision and hoped he hadn’t just got himself into something he couldn’t get out of.

Liz wiped a fallen tear from the bottom of her chin and took a deep breath to gather her emotions. When would she make her parents happy with her? Even when she was trying hard to be the perfect daughter they wanted that it all just turned to shit no matter how hard she tried.

Another tear escaped her eye and she wiped it away quickly before it could trail down her face. She was frustrated with herself, logically she knew she wasn’t perfect and would never be perfect but still, part of her craved to be exactly who her parents expected her to be.
Once upon a time she thought that if she simply did what she was told that it would be easier than doing what made her happy, that it would become second nature to her, like being made to go to bed early on school nights when she was really young. It sucked at first, especially after a long summer of late nights, but after a week she would find that when her ‘bedtime’ came around she was tired and eventually she’d admit that going to bed early on school nights was a good idea. But it didn’t work this time. No matter how much she did what her parents wanted and expected, it was a constant struggle. It never became second nature. It always felt wrong.

She knew that going against who she was, was the worst thing she could do but still she tried, because everyone wants their parents to be proud of them, to love them more than anything and Liz knew she was no exception to that. Except her parents were never proud of anything she was doing. This frustrated her.
Why was it parents were never the same parents as when you were younger? When she was younger, her dad was her hero, he just was and now, being grown up, he was not living up to his reputation.

“Liz?” Max’s voice came from behind her and she sighed. She knew it wouldn’t be long until he came for her. He sat down beside her and put an arm around her, seeing the tear streaks down her delicate face.

“I won’t ask if you’re ok, but I’m here if you want to talk.” He said softly and she felt the onslaught of more tears at the sympathy and support he radiated at her. She found herself leaning into him, her head on his shoulder and felt him kiss the top of her head.

“We have a problem Liz.” Max whispered quietly and she waited for him to tell her.

“I was defending you in there and your dad sort of got me to say that I wanted to marry you.”

Liz froze and sat up, looking at Max and trying to see if he was joking.

“What?” She asked in disbelief.

“He asked me what my intentions were with you and if I was here to ask permission to marry you. I didn’t know what to say…” He began and she furiously wiped at the tears on her face as she spoke to him in a heated whisper.

“You should have said no!”

“And let him bring that guy he was going to marry you off to around? You said it yourself Liz, if he doesn’t think we’re serious or going to stay together for a long time then he’ll bring that guy around. I’m not letting that happen to you!” He replied angry at her for being angry at him.

“So you’re just going to marry me yourself? That’s your plan?”

“No, I just said I wanted to marry you, he believes us and when we go back to school we can wait a while and then tell them we ended the relationship.” He explained and Liz stood up and started pacing a few steps.

“This isn’t going to work Max, we are getting ourselves in too deep.” She mumbled and Max stood up to calm her down. He placed his large hands on her shoulders and made her listen to him.

“Listen to me, we can work this out, it can be fixed but for now we have to keep pretending. It’s the only way.” Max reasoned with her and silently thought to himself that it would give him time when they were back at school to prove to her he was serious about trying a relationship with her.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.” She whispered and he nodded,

“I know.”

She stared at him for a few seconds, her eyes tracing the lines of his handsome face as she wondered if they would be able to carry this on much longer. She needed Michael here to help her work through this, he was a problem solver, he always had her back.

“Our parents are coming out. I said I was coming out here to tell you I wanted to marry you, your father pushed the issue about proposing but I said I didn’t have a ring yet.” Max said quickly but quietly and Liz froze, trying not to turn to look at her parents coming closer.

“So what now?” She asked and he smiled.

“Pretend I’ve just asked you to marry me, look happy and kiss me.” He rushed out as his hands cupped her face and smiled at her. She let out a breath and put her hands on his waist, went on tiptoe and kissed him. She gave him a lingering kiss, her mouth teasing his open slightly as his hands dropped from her face to her waist to pull her close, allowing her arms to move up and wrap around his shoulders.

The kiss lasted a couple of minutes before someone cleared their throat behind them. Max ended the kiss and leaned his forehead on hers as he whispered softly.

“Show time.”

He looked up at their parents and grinned at them as he turned her around to face them.

“She said yes!” He announced and her mum and dad broke out into huge smiles as they rushed forward to hug their daughter. Max’s parents hugged their son and the night was filled with congratulations and cheerful words. Nancy ran off to phone Alex and Isabel, whilst Jeff went to get a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

When both her parents were out of earshot, Diane stepped closer to Max and Liz.

“Are you sure about this? Marriage is a big commitment.” She said softly, staring her son in the eyes. Liz felt as if her heart was going to pound out of her chest, Diane wasn’t buying it and Liz didn’t blame her, if they were as close as Max said then of course they would see right through this.

“Why wouldn’t I be sure?” Max asked and this time Philip spoke quietly at them.

“This seems awfully sudden son. No offence Liz.” He added and she shook her head in response but as Max began to defend his choice, Diane held a hand up to silence him.

“I know you Max, you wouldn’t rush into something this huge. Especially not with someone you’ve never even brought home to meet us first.” She gave Liz a small smile, “No offence to you dear but I know my son, this doesn’t seem right.”

Liz couldn’t take it anymore, she looked at Max and the pain she saw in his eyes at having to continuously lie to his parents and it killed her.

“You’re right Mrs Evans.” Liz began and Max tugged on her hand.

“No Liz…” He protested but she cut him off.

“Yes Max, I can’t let you do this to your parents, I won’t be the reason you destroy your relationship with them.” She said and then turned back to his parents.

“You’re right, this isn’t right, we…” She began but then saw her father walking through the house towards the back door that led to the garden where they were.

“We haven’t got much time but please don’t blame Max, he was just helping me out of a tricky situation and I never anticipated that we would be involving you, it was never our intention.” She rushed out and Max jumped in,

“I’ll explain it all to you but Jeff’s almost here and we need to make him believe us. Please, mum, dad, don’t say anything.” He begged them and they exchanged a confused look before Philip smiled,

“Of course son, but make sure you come explain to us tomorrow.” He said and Max nodded. Diane reached out and hugged Liz, whispering in her ear at the same time.

“My son must like you a lot to be helping you this much.” She pulled away and smiled warmly at her. Liz felt the flutter in her heart and hoped that was true.

The rest of the evening was a blur of wedding talk, mainly by her parents but as promised, the Evans’ played along and kept their secret.

Later that night, Liz lay in her bed and cried herself to sleep for the first time in years, wishing Michael was there to comfort her.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 21 31/1

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Hello everyone!! Im back with a new part and you'll all be pleased to know that this is getting the story moving along to where you're all dying to find out what would happen if Michael was there!! :) So enjoy the part and I hope to get lots more feedback! Thanks for the feedback left!! Elle xx

Chapter 22

The following day found staff running around her house setting up for the party that was to happen that evening. Liz was pulled into helping her mother organise things whilst Max made the drive back to his parents’ house to explain all. Liz had wanted to go but her mum wouldn’t hear of it and Max had assured her he would take care of it. So she found herself moving tables and arranging seating with the others.

Liz was ready early, wearing a short black dress that had one shoulder strap on it. It was a silky material and she had twisted her long dark hair into a messy bun to show off the simple yet gorgeous looking dress. High black heels finished the outfit. She was standing in the kitchen by a side door, looking out into the deep purple of the night sky whilst the last of the sunset faded away in the distance. She didn’t want to be at this party, it was surely some way of her father showing his associates that he had finally reined his wayward daughter in.
She was feeling guilty for having dragged Max into this whole mess, he and his family were being used and as much as she couldn’t stand him at school, she wasn’t happy that he was being used this much. Which made her think about what they would do back at school. Could they go on to be just friends? Could they be nice to each other now? They had spent so long making snide remarks to each other when in the same vicinity that it would seem strange to be nice to him after all that. If Max went back to dating bimbo girls, what would she do? Not that there was anything she could really do, Max may have made it clear that doesn’t do serious relationships or sleep around as much as she thought but that didn’t mean she would mean anything special to him. God it was frustrating, she thought, he was making her feel all sorts of things she shouldn’t be feeling for him. She had really thought that sleeping with him would get these feelings out of her system, she wasn’t prepared for the fact that they were getting stronger whilst Max seemed indifferent to them.
I just wish I’d never involved Max in this whole situation. I wish I could go back to how it was, me hating him whilst secretly having a crush on him. I want to go back to my nice apartment with Michael, go back to our arrangement that kept my mind off whether Max was as good as Michael in bed. Although now I know I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking about Max like that. She thought to herself as she watched the stars begin to twinkle above her.

“Hey, you ok?” Max’s deep voice penetrated her thoughts and she jumped from the surprise and not having heard him approaching her. She glanced at him and gave a nervous smile.

“I’m fine.” She lied, feel the tightening in her chest as she looked at his handsome form. His feature twisted into a frown as he stared at her. He could see the pain in her dark eyes and he hated to see that in her. He stepped forward and ran his hand over her bare arm.

“You sure?”

She paused, about to assure him she was, but then realised he could see through her lies. She sighed and used her fingers to apply pressure to her forehead that was beginning to ache.

“I’m just so tired of this. I want things back to the way they were before all this.” She admitted and she saw the realisation cross his face and the sympathetic look that followed made her emotions begin to surface.

“Even the arranged marriage part?” He asked and she snorted a laugh.

“Even that, that I can handle, this? Lying all the time, not only to my family but dragging yours into it to, is too much for me to handle. I just wish I’d never started this whole thing.” She whispered and he pulled her into his arms, hugging her tight and hoping, whilst she clearly regretting the lying, she didn’t regret what had happened between them.

“It’ll be ok Liz, we will get through this in one piece and we will be fine. I’ll always be here for you.” He told her and she wrapped her arms around him, sighing when his now familiar scent made her relax.

“Do you promise?” She asked cautiously and glanced up at him, their faces inches apart. He stared into her eyes and smiled,

“I promise.” He kissed her lightly and when he pulled away she smiled.

“Thank you Max.” She said and before he could reply they heard their names being called. They pulled apart and turned to look behind them. Jeff Parker was striding through the kitchen towards them, he stopped beside them and looked at Liz with concern in his aged feature.

“Everything ok Lizzie?” He asked and she nodded, the tension creeping back through her body.

“Are you sure? You look a little pale.” He observed and she fought to think of an excuse that would stop him asking questions. Max came to her rescue.

“She has a headache, I sent her in here to get some painkillers and water but she hasn’t taken anything so far. I’ve just been trying to convince her to take some.” He wrapped his arm protectively around her shoulders and Jeff nodded at Max, looking to Liz once more.

“He’s right Lizzie, take some pain killers and they’ll knock that headache out in no time.” Liz nodded at him and he turned to ask one of the kitchen staff to bring some pain killers and a glass of water.

“I want you to take them Lizzie and then come out to greet our guests.” He said and she nodded.

“I will, I just thought maybe some fresh air would work as well.” Her dad’s eye softened as he reached out to put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You’ll be fine sweetheart. Take a few minutes then head on out ok?” He turned to go before she could respond and as he left, the water and pain killers arrived. She did as she was told with Max watching her before smiling at him.

“Show time again.” She said brightly and he grinned at her as he grabbed her hand and led her out of the kitchen.
Liz was talking to one of her mothers’ friends and her husband, who had known her since she was little, when she felt someone staring at her. She glanced around and found Max across the room, staring straight at her with a heated look. She excused herself politely and walked towards Max as he started walking towards her. When they met in the middle of the room she smiled and he held his hand out, asking her to dance to the soft music floating around the room from the band playing. She had been dragged away from Max by her mother an hour ago to see some people and she had strangely missed being beside him all that time.
She took his hand, placing her other one on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her as close as she could get. He leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“You look way to gorgeous in that dress to be left alone in a room mostly full of men.” He growled out and she laughed softly at the jealous tone in his voice.

“Are you jealous of men who are old enough to be my father and grandfather?” She asked teasingly and he gave her a look she deserved.

“Doesn’t matter how old they are, they aren’t going to ignore a beautiful woman in a very sexy dress.” He stated and she rolled her eyes at him.

“Don’t worry yourself, I have no interest in these rich old men.”

“Not even very rich old men?”

“You have nothing to worry about. They’re all associates of my fathers, I’m fully off limits to all of them.”

“Like you were off limits to that Doug guy, who is here by the way.” Max said and she frowned.

“Is he? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never met him.”

“Your father introduced us.” Max said and Liz stopped moving and looked up into Max’s eyes.

“I’m sorry Max, I didn’t know he would do that, much less invite him.”

“It’s fine Liz, I’m used to being tested by your father. I’m just not happy with the amount of staring you’re getting.” He admitted and she gave him a bright smile.

“You have nothing to worry about, as far as any one is concerned, I am yours.” She stretched up to kiss him on the lips softly, allowing him to deepen the kiss for a few minutes.

When they pulled apart he smiled at her.

“Giving the old men a show?” He teased and she shrugged,

“Maybe, or maybe I’m trying to persuade you into following me to my room for a little alone time. Maybe you can remind me why I’m with you instead of these rich old men.” She teased as she ran her hands down his chest. She felt his breathing pick up a little and the colour of his eyes darkened lustfully as his hands grabbed her waist.

“Deal, I’ll remind you why young, rich, me is far better than a stuffy old man.”

“Think you have the stamina to keep me away from these rich old men?” She teased again and he literally growled at her.

“I’m checking us into a hotel tonight, then after the party we can go back to the hotel so I can prove just how much stamina I have to keep you occupied with.” He said quietly and then leaned in close to whisper the next bit.

“And you are not going to want to be in this house with your parents just down the hall when I prove this to you.” Liz felt her pulse quicken at the thoughts racing through her mind. She whispered back to him,

“And why is that?”

“Because by the end of the night, you will be screaming my name.” He said and Liz felt her body tightening just at the thought. She grabbed his hand and began to walk off the dance floor when she suddenly spotted someone near the entrance. She turned back to Max and smiled excitedly.

“Michael’s here!” She was about to run over to Michael when her mother appeared in front of her.

“There you are, Max’s parents are here!” She grabbed Liz’s hand and dragged them both away from Michael and over to where Max’s parents were standing talking to Jeff.

Liz felt frustrated that she couldn’t get to Michael just yet, she need to talk to him about Max and soon.

“Diane, Philip, you look lovely.” Liz said politely as she hugged Diane back and Philip hugged his son. He smiled warmly at her and Liz saw Max’s smile reflected in his fathers.

“Liz you look beautiful. My son is a very lucky man.” He said with a wink and she smiled at him.

“Thanks and at least I now know where Max gets his charm from.” She replied and Diane chuckled.

“Oh you have no idea honey!” She said conspiratorially to Liz. They made small talk with her parents and before long Liz was itching to get away.

“Can you all excuse me, I’ve spotted Michael and need to go speak to him.” She said and ran off before anyone could object. As she practically ran away from then she heard Philip ask,

“How does she know Michael?”

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 22 18/0

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Hi everyone! Im back with a new part! Sorry it's taken so long, this pregnancy has taken a lot out of me and had me quite poorly but I'm feeling much better now so hope to get back on track! Elle xx

Chapter 23

She spotted Michael by the doors leading to the garden and she launched herself at him when he spotted her.

“I’m so glad you are here!” She gushed as she hugged him and he lifted her slightly off the floor to hug her back. He laughed at her.

“Has it been that bad?” He asked and she sighed as she let him go and he placed her back on the ground.

“You have no idea. We need to talk.” She said and he nodded. Before they could go anywhere her father appeared beside them.

“Michael, it’s a pleasure to have you here, although I know Lizzie invited you without informing me.” Her dad said frostily. Michael smirked at him.

“Hey Mr. P how’s it hanging? You can’t blame Liz, she didn’t invite me, I heard about the party and was coming to see Liz anyway. You know I’d never miss one of your parties. Free booze and all that.” He was deliberately trying to irritate her father. Liz watched her dad’s posture stiffen as Michael goaded him, he stared at Michael for a few seconds and then nodded.

“Of course, well there’s no need to tell you to enjoy yourself, you are more than capable of taking advantage.” Jeff replied.

“You have no idea.” Michael muttered and Liz shoved him playfully.

“School is going well I presume? They haven’t kicked you out yet I hear.” Jeff said again, glancing at the young man and making Liz’s blood boil at the accusations in his voice. She was aware her dad hated Michael, she didn’t know why but he always had but she didn’t realise her dad could be this hateful to his face.

“School’s school, partying hard as always.” Michael shrugged and Jeff snorted.

“As long as you aren’t distracting Liz with all this partying.”

“Oh I don’t know Mr P, Liz is a big girl, she’s capable of keeping her grades up and partying too, I could show her the ropes.” Michael taunted as he slipped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze.

“I don’t think I need to remind you what will happen if you distract my daughter Mr Guerin.” Jeff said with a hint of menace in his voice and Liz stepped in this time.

“Ok that’s enough.” She pushed Michael away as he chuckled to himself.

“Your dad is crazy Liz.” He said and she huffed in annoyance.

“Let’s go talk.” She said as she led him outside and through the long garden to the summer house.

Once inside and Michael had shut the door and turned around, Liz threw herself at him. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, forcing him to bend slightly to meet her short height and planted her lips firmly on his.
She kissed him with a hunger and desperation she never knew she had and after kissing her back for several minutes, Michael finally reached up to detach her arms and push her away slowly.

“Liz what are you doing?” He asked breathlessly as he wiped his mouth. She frowned at him.

“Kissing you obviously, I’ve missed this.” She insisted as she pressed against him and ran her hands up his chest over his suit jacket.

“We can’t do this.” He replied and stepped back but Liz just followed him and smiled.

“Of course we can, no one will come back here, don’t worry.” She reassured him but he shook his head.

“No we can’t Liz, stop it.” She froze and frowned at him.

“What’s wrong with you? I thought this was what we had sort of planned…”

“No Liz, we just can’t anymore. What’s gotten into you?” Michael asked, concerned at her behaviour. She had never pressured him for this before, it had always just been a mutual thing.

“Nothing. I just need you, desperately Mike.” She insisted and once again pressed her body against his and leaned up to kiss him. He pushed her away and frowned at her this time.

“What’s wrong Liz, this isn’t you.”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“This is not you.”

“So I’m not allowed to want you now? It’s never stopped you before?” She huffed out as she crossed her arms.

“I know but you’ve never been this…forceful.” He hesitated and she snorted.

“You’re complaining because I’m being a tiny bit forceful? Make it sound like I’m trying to force myself on you why don’t you Mike.” She huffed out indignantly and Michael sighed.

“I don’t mean like that but…”

“Forget it Mike, I obviously thought you’d be up for this considering we haven’t seen each other for a while. I just assumed you’d be up for a bit of fun to release some stress I’ve got.”

“Yeah well from what I’ve heard, you’ve been getting that stress relief from Max.” He said crossly and she stared at him shocked. Max had told Michael about them? Is this why he was turning her down? Was he…

“Are you jealous? Is that what this is about? Max told you we’ve slept together and you’re jealous? That’s why you’re turning me down?”

“I’m not jealous! I just didn’t think you’d sleep with Max.” Michael defended.

“Since when has it ever mattered to you who I sleep with, it’s never made you turn me down before.”

“Yes but you’ve never slept with Max before, it complicates things.”

“I don’t understand this Michael! You put Max up for this in the first place! You knew I liked him and you put him around me like this…what did you think was going to happen? You know what Max is like, you must have suspected he’d at least try to get in my pants!” She argued and her voice began to rise as she got more irritated.

“I was doing it to help you and I didn’t think you both would actually do it!”

“I didn’t intend to sleep with him ok! It’s just…it was…he’s so infuriating! He came here and acted so…it was never my idea to…it just happened and he made me…you know what it doesn’t matter! I just needed you and you weren’t here!” She rushed out and it wasn’t making sense but Michael picked out some disturbing words.

“Liz, slow down, what do you mean he made you?” Michael moved forward to grab her hands and still her frantic movements. She was upset and he was worried.

“It doesn’t matter Mike, I just have to wait it out a week or so more and then I can move on and forget about it…or try to. Don’t worry…” She began and he shook her slightly.

“Liz tell me what he made you do.”

“It doesn’t matter, nothing is going to happen about it anyway, he doesn’t care about it and I can’t do anything either, I just need to try and forget it…” This time Michael grabbed Liz by the shoulders and forced her to listen.

“Listen to me Liz, what did he do?”


“TELL ME!” He almost shouted and she shouted back.

“I Love him! He made me love him and I didn’t want to!”

Michael let her go and stepped back, he was sure the conversation wasn’t going in this direction at all.

“What do you mean?” He asked and she put her hands over her face.

“I love him Michael, we slept together and I love him. I didn’t want to feel like this but he’s been so amazingly supportive and protective of me and I’ve been falling for him since he got here, I’ve just been denying it.” She paused and looked up at Michael, tears in her eyes.

“How am I supposed to get over this? I know he doesn’t feel the same and…why did he have to make me love him Mike?” She asked, the heart ache in her voice evident and he sighed as he pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly.

“It’s ok Liz, you can’t help it, and I’m so sorry.”

“What are you sorry for?” She asked confused and he sighed,

“I’m about to make this a whole lot more complicated.” He admitted and she frowned, what could he be talking about? Before Michael could reply, the door to the summer house opened, making them both jump apart and turn to face the two people in the doorway.

“Isabel, Max! What are you doing here?” She asked as she glanced at Michael beside her with his hands in his pockets.

“We’re looking for you, your mum sent us to find you.” Isabel said after several seconds of silence where Max stared at Liz then Michael and back again. Isabel glanced around them all before pinning Liz with a questioning stare.

“What’s going on?” Max asked and she waved her hand at Michael.

“We were just catching up, bitching about my dad giving him a hard time.” She rushed out and he looked at Michael who shrugged. Before anything else could be said Liz stepped forward and grabbed Max’s hand,

“Let’s go find my mum.” She said but he refused.

“I need to talk to Michael.” He took his hand away from hers and she felt her heartbeat quicken. Did Max suspect anything was going on between her and Michael? She hoped not but she knew Michael wouldn’t say anything.

“Ok, find me in a min?” She asked him as she gave another small glance at Michael.

“Ok.” He agreed and she let Isabel lead her away across the garden. Before they had reached the house and they were far enough away from the summer house, Isabel levelled Liz with a curious look.

“Do you want to tell me what was going on back there?” She asked quietly and Liz shrugged,


“It didn’t look like nothing to me.” She replied and Liz turned to level Isabel with a glare.

“Nothing was going on, if there was and I wanted to tell you then I know where to find you.” She snapped and Isabel’s eyebrows rose in surprise. She nodded and turned to walk ahead of Liz,

“Ok suit yourself, but I am here for you if you need anything.” She walked ahead and left Liz standing in the middle of the pathway leading towards the house. Liz felt shitty, she had no reason to snap Isabel at all, she was letting things get to her and she hated it.

She made the walk back to the house, wondering what Max was speaking to Michael about; she had made her way halfway through the room where most of the guests were gathered, dancing and drinking when she felt someone tap her shoulder. She spun around to find the culprit and found Kyle and Tess smiling at her.

“Hey!” She said enthusiastically and hugged each in turn.

“Nice party.” Kyle commented and Tess rolled her eyes at Liz.

“Thanks for inviting us, you look gorgeous Liz!” Tess complimented and Liz smiled warmly at Tess.

“Thanks Tess but next to you I don’t look nearly as gorgeous, I love that dress.” She replied and Tess blushed.

As a waiter walked past with a tray balancing glasses of champagne, Liz stopped him and grabbed two glasses, handing one each to Tess and Kyle and taking one for herself. She sipped the liquid and her gaze caught a familiar face in the crowd, a familiar face that shouldn’t be there. She excused herself from Kyle and Tess and walked over to the doors leading to the foyer. The woman standing with her back to Liz, in her deep green dress and her dirty blonde hair tied back elegantly seemed to be looking for someone.

“Maria?” Liz asked uncertainly but was surprised when it was Maria who turned around and smiled at her,

“Liz, hi.”

“What are you doing here?” Liz said abruptly and Maria smirked at her.

“I was invited.”

Liz was sure she looked shocked to see Maria here but she was genuinely confused as to who had invited Maria.


“Yes, so how has it been going with Max?” Maria changed the subject and Liz frowned as she took a long drink from her glass.

“Things are going fine.”

“That’s great! Michael said you two have been hooking up.” She leaned in to whisper at Liz.

“Looks like you’re going to be off the market when you get back to school huh? Now Max is officially in the picture.” She whispered and Liz frowned.

“I’m not sure.” She admitted quietly and Maria shrugged.

“Best not rush anything right? Wouldn’t want any…skeletons to come out the closet and ruin anything.” Maria went on to whisper and Liz frowned.

“Excuse me?” She asked and Maria looked surprised,

“Oh I just meant that being in a relationship works best when you’re honest with each other.”
Liz stared at Maria, trying to work out why she was there and what the hell she was talking about as Maria’s gaze scanned the crowd.

“Maria have I done something to upset you?” Liz finally asked after being sure Maria was being slightly bitchy to her. The other woman turned her green eyes on Liz and for a brief second, glared at her before smiling.

“Done something? I don’t know, have you?”

Liz thought for a moment and wondered what was clearly upsetting Maria.

“Not that I’m aware of.” She finally said and drank the last bit of her champagne, reaching out to a passing waiter to grab another glass and took a long drink of that one too.

“So who are you here with?” Liz asked again and Maria smiled warmly at her.

“Well Michael, of course, didn’t he tell you about us?”

Liz froze and stared at Maria, Michael had invited Maria home with him? Why? More importantly why didn’t he tell her?

“Michael invited you? Why?” Liz downed the rest of the champagne and gave it to another waiter passing by.

“We’ve started seeing each other.” She revealed and Liz frowned,

“Seeing each other? As in what?”

“Well I don’t like to kiss and tell but when you left for home, we hooked up and been spending all our time together. He’s amazing.” Maria gushed and Liz nodded, trying to hide her anger at Michael. He hadn’t even told her about Maria and they were supposed to be best friends.

“Is everything ok Liz?” Maria asked with a hint of sympathy.

“Sorry I’m just surprised that’s all, I thought Michael would have said something and, no offence but you aren’t Michaels’ type.” She said and then realised how it sounded and rushed on to say,

“Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s great.”

Maria nodded at her and turned to spot Michael come through the garden doors with Max next to him. She smiled and nodded towards him so Liz followed her line of vision.

“No foul, I know what Michael’s usual type is and I’m glad I’m nothing like the whores he’s been sleeping with.”

Liz tensed up, suspecting that the ‘whore’ dig was aimed at her, which meant that Maria knew or suspected that she and Michael had a thing going on. Had Michael told her, he must have because Liz sure as hell hadn’t told anyone.

“I mean I’m not delusional, I know Michael’s a guy and has urges and I’m sure the little sluts around school have been keeping him occupied for a while but now he has me he won’t be going that low again.” Maria said cheerfully and Liz could only nod and smile as she looked around the room for her parents, to make sure they didn’t overhear Maria.

“Oh there’s Michael now.” Maria said suddenly and pointed to the doorway that lead to the garden. Michael looked around for a second before spotting Liz and Maria together and started to make his way towards them.
Liz felt her heart start to race, she didn’t want to talk to Michael right now, not knowing that he hadn’t told her the truth about Maria. Liz mumbled a quick goodbye for Maria and tried not to run in the opposite direction from Michael.
She was darting around a group of men when someone reached out to grab her arm.
She stopped and turned to find her brother smiling at her,

“There you are, where’s Max? Dad needs you both.” He asked and before she could reply, Max appeared from nowhere.

“I’ve been looking for you.” He said to Liz and she smiled at him.

“Have you? I was talking to Maria.” She explained and he looked around briefly,

“She’s here? I’ve heard a lot about her from Michael.” He said and she felt the anger at Max knowing something about Michael that she didn’t. Why did Michael tell Max when he hadn’t even told her? She wondered.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please?” Her dad’s voice boomed through the room from the small stage area. Liz turned to look at her dad and Max, wrapping his arm around her waist, leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Before your dad embarrasses us, I want to ask you something.” He whispered and Liz froze, had Michael told him about their deal?

“Ok.” She said and he whispered back in reply.

“I want to give us a proper go back at school. No pretending for your parents, just us giving our relationship a proper go, will you go out with me?”

Liz was floored, she had no idea Max felt that way and wanted to try this much. She started at him for a brief moment before smiling at the nervous look on his face.

“Yes of course, I’d love that.” She whispered back and a grin broke out across his handsome face, inches from hers. He leaned forward to seal the deal with a kiss but her fathers’ voice called their names and she felt the blush rise on her face as they pulled away like guilty teens.

“Elizabeth, Max, could you join me please.” Her dad repeated and Max led the way with her hand firmly in his.
Once beside her dad and mum, with everyone staring at them, Liz felt nervous but Max’s hand wrapped around hers was a comfort that helped calm her down. She looked out and saw Michael standing with Maria, next to Philip and Diane Evans.

“My wife and I would like to raise a toast to Elizabeth and Max who, I’m proud to say, announced their engagement earlier this week! To Max and Elizabeth!” He dad announced and Liz smiled back at Max when he turned towards her and shot her a wink that no one could see.

She looked out into the crowd and saw the shock written on Michael’s face, she felt a little bit of satisfaction that Max hadn’t told Michael about their fake engagement. After a round of applause and toasting, her dad began to talk again.

“We’d also like to toast Elizabeth’s new family. We’d like to welcome, her future in-laws, Philip and Diane Evans and a new brother-in-law, into the family.” Everyone began to toast to Max’s parents and Liz, keeping her smile plastered on her face, leaned into Max and whispered.

“Your brother’s here?” She asked and he nodded as he replied,

“Yes, he’s with my parents.” She frowned slightly as she looked at the faces around the Evans’ but couldn’t spot Max’s elusive brother.

“Where? I don’t see anyone that looks like you.” She whispered back and he chuckled as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“I keep forgetting that Michael hasn’t told you.”

“Told me what? What does Michael have to do with this?” She was beyond confused but nothing could prepare her for what Max was about to say.

“Michael is my brother, I’m surprised he hasn’t told you yet since you’re flat mates.”

Liz’s world came to a screeching halt. Michael is Max’s brother? Michael is Max’s brother. Max is Michael’s brother…no matter how many times she said it she couldn’t quite believe it. Michael was Max’s elusive brother?

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 23 12/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:32 am

Hello to all my lovely readers!! I'm hoping to get this fic finished before I give birth which is in just under 4 months. However, I seem to have hit a temporary writers block and cannot decide which way to go with the fic at the moment. :roll: Hoping it sorts itself out soon so I can get writing the beginning of the ending... :cry:
Thankyou for all the lovely feedback, so please the majority did not guess that Michael was indeed Max's brother!! I, for sure, thought you had all guessed it already!! 8)
Now for this next's what you've all been waiting for!! :wink: Enjoy!! Elle xx

HypnotiqBlueEyes Thankyou and no Maria does not seem to be handling it very well at all but Maria's comments are just from wanting to put Liz in her place, to Maria it would seem that she has Micahel wrapped around her little finger because he was so wiling to help her work the whole arranged marriage thing out, and now she's developed something with Max too. Liz will put Maria in her place eventually.
keepsmiling7 lol Understatement is a very good way to describe it! This next chapter should answer a question or two.
begonia9508 Yes Liz is very upset about it, especially now she's finally admitted her feelings towards Max. Thankyou for the congratulations :)
IceQueenMay Maria isn't going to be this much of a bitch all the time, just so you know :)
D.D Yes seems like Michael and Liz come to their senses but will Max appreciate the effort now, if he finds out?? This next chapter will reveal if and how Max finds out or not. As for Michael not telling Liz about he and Max being brothers, the answer to that will be revealed in a couple chapters from wasn't deliberately Michael being a shady guy. I'm not trying to drive you crazy...honest!! :twisted:
cupcake_55 Thankyou! You think Michael was going to confess before Max turned may be right about that...we'll never know :wink:
xilaj Thankyou and I am feeling much better now, I'm very happy you're enjoying this story so much! Your reaction to Max and Michael is exactly what I'd hoped for! I love when I read something and it's totally unexpected and I literally have to shake myself to make sure I'm reading it right! Yes things are going to get very messy and Liz does have a lot to answer for.
MP Thankyou!

Chapter 24
Liz’s world came to a screeching halt. Michael is Max’s brother? Michael is Max’s brother. Max is Michael’s brother…no matter how many times she said it she couldn’t quite believe it. Michael was Max’s elusive brother?
Why had Michael never said anything! Especially when he knew she had had a crush on Max for a while. Why had Michael never said anything about Max, they didn’t act like brothers, Michael didn’t even have Evans as his surname. What the fuck was going on?

She looked at Michael in the crowd and saw him lean down to speak to Diane…his mother…and then it hit her, she had been sleeping with Michael…for a long time…and now she was sleeping with Max.
She was sleeping with two brothers and hadn’t even known.

She couldn’t breathe.

Max had just asked her for a date for real and she was sleeping with his brother. Max would never forgive her if he found out, that much she knew.

“Are you ok?” Max asked and she sucked in a deep breath, her eyes finding Michael again and seeing the look on his face, she knew they were in deep shit. No wonder Michael was pissed when he found out she had slept with Max.

She couldn’t speak but she managed to nod and then her parents’ faces filled her vision.

“Are you ok Lizzie? You look pale.” Her mother asked and Max looked at her with concern on his face.

“Do you need a doctor?” Her dad asked and she shook her head.

“I need some air.” She managed to say and her mum looked worried.

“I’m just a little hot, some fresh air will help. I’m fine really.” She assured her parents. Max ran a hand up and down her back.

“I’ll come with you.” He offered and she shook her head,

“No I’ll be alright, stay here and talk to your parents, I’ll go outside for a few minutes and then I’ll be back.” She insisted and he stared at her for a few seconds.

“Are you sure?” He asked and she managed to smile at him.

“I’m sure. I’ll be back in a bit.” She said as she made her way through the room as quickly as she could and out into the front entrance where she opened the front door, stepped out into the warm night and closed it behind her. She walked down the front steps and along the drive to a small landscaped area where a marble bench rested.
She sat down and put her head in her hands, her breathing grew heavy and she tried not to loose her control. She was sleeping with brothers, why did she have to screw everything up?

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” She whispered angrily to herself and jumped when someone’s voice spoke.

“My thoughts exactly.” Michael’s tall frame appeared in front of her and she held her hand on her racing heart.

“Get away from me.” She said angrily and could see his frown as he tried to work out why she was angry.


“You heard me, go away.” She snapped.

“What’s your problem Liz?”

“You are! We had a deal and you broke it!” She whispered furiously as she stood up to point her finger in his chest. Michael looked confused.

“What are you on about? I didn’t break anything!”

“You told Maria about us!” She accused lividly.

“Maria?” He questioned.

“Yes Maria, you know, your girlfriend!” She spat out angrily and he sighed.

“She told you.” He stated and she snorted.

“Well you weren’t going to so I’m glad she did, although I’d have preferred to have been told before I threw myself at you like some desperate slut.” She whispered infuriated with him. He ran a hand through his hair.

“I was trying to tell you in the summer house but you had other problems. I’m sorry you found out from her.” He said genuinely sounding sorry but Liz was past angry.

“Yeah I’m sorry too, seems like we aren’t best friends like I thought, you can’t be trusted.” She whispered and this time Michael’s face showed the sadness of her words.

“No Liz you can always trust me and we are best friends, you know that.”

“No I don’t, we promised that we wouldn’t tell anyone but you told her Mike! She barely knows us and you told her!” Liz let the hurt she was feeling at his betrayal seep through into her words and she saw Michael’s body tense, wanting to comfort her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Liz, she doesn’t know anything.” He tried to assure her but she shook her head.

“She knows!”

“She doesn’t Liz, I swear I never told her, I don’t know what she’s said to you but…”

“She was in there telling me that you won’t be sleeping with any more whores like she knows you have been and the way she was looking at me when she said it…she knew!” Liz interrupted him and said desperately.

“I don’t understand, she can’t know, I haven’t told her.” He insisted and she frowned.

“Then how does she know? Michael she could tell Max!”

“Let’s not get worked up, she won’t tell anyone…” He began and she went to interrupt but he silenced her with his hands on her arms.

“I’ll talk to her Liz, she can’t know because if I didn’t tell her and you didn’t tell her then how can she know? She might just be paranoid because we’re so close. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her.” He said and she sighed as he pulled her close and hugged her tightly.

“You’re letting this whole situation get to you, it’s making you neurotic.” He whispered against her head and she smiled but then another thought popped into her head and she pushed him away.

“You’re his brother?” She accused and he sighed.

“Yes but…” He began but she cut him off.

“No Michael, you’re his brother and you didn’t think to tell me? It’s just been one lie after another with you, how am I supposed to trust you when you don’t even tell me he’s your brother? All this time you knew I liked him and you didn’t mention the fact that he’s related to you, and then you throw him into this mess with me!” She fumed at him and he tried to bring her temper down.

“Liz you need to listen to me, it’s not like that…”

“It is Michael, did he tell you he was planning on asking me out for real?” She interrupted and the raised eyebrows on his face told her the answer.

“Yeah, he asked me out, said he wanted to give us a proper chance.”

“How? I mean, I didn’t know he was that into you, I mean he told me you’d slept together but I thought it was just…casual.” Michael said and sounded surprised.

“Michael, Max and I have slept together more than once, I thought he had told you that.”

“No he didn’t, shit Liz, this is more complicated than I thought.” He ran his hands through his hair and looked frustrated, she noticed his anxious habit for what it was.

“He can’t find out Michael, he’ll never give us a chance if he finds out about us.” She whispered to him and he nodded,

“I know Liz, but he won’t, I mean how will he find out? We’re the only ones who know.” He said and she sighed as she looked at her best friend standing there all handsome in his suit but looking so uncomfortable in it.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if Max finds out Michael.” She said softly and he opened his mouth to reply when someone spoke behind them.

“If Max finds out what?”

Michael spun around to face the person behind him and Liz stepped to the side to see around Michael. Max stood not far away, close enough that he had obviously heard some of the conversation.

“Well?” Max said and the anger was evident in his voice, in the tense set of his shoulders.

Liz felt her stomach drop at the look in his face and she knew that Maria had told him something. Max looked from her to Michael.

“Are one of you going to tell me what I have to find out?” He asked and she felt the prick of tears behind her eyes. Just when it looked like her and Max could be in for a chance, something was going to ruin it, and that something was her.

“Let’s talk about this later Max.” Michael said and Max shook his head.

“I just had an interesting conversation with Maria, care to elaborate on it?” Max snapped and Liz stepped forward.

“Max, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, whatever she said…” She began but he glared at her and she stopped talking mid-sentence.

“She said you and Mike have been sleeping together.” He spat out and Liz’s heart almost burst out of her chest. She glanced at Michael next to her and he sighed when he met her eyes. She looked back to Max, tears welling in her eyes, not wanting this conversation to happen. Max stared at her for a few seconds then nodded.

“So it’s true.” He said and then gestured to Michael,

“How long?” He asked and Michael glanced towards Liz again.

“I said how long!” Max shouted and Liz jumped. Michael sighed,

“Over a year.”

Max laughed in anger and shook his head as he looked at Michael.

“How often?”

“What?” Michael said and Liz frowned.

“How often?” Max repeated and Liz spoke this time.

“How often what Max?”

“I want to know how often you two were fucking! Was it every day? A few times a week? How often?”

“Max don’t do this now, why do you need to know that?” Michael tried to defuse his anger but it just made Max even angrier.

“I need to know how many times you betrayed me! You’re supposed to be my brother! Brothers don’t do that to each other! I want to know how often you fucked the girl I liked!” Max shouted and Liz vaguely heard the front door of the house open.

“It wasn’t like that Max, I wasn’t doing it to betray you, it began way before you said anything about liking her! You made it quite clear from the start that you didn’t like her and it was just a casual thing, there’s no feelings between us, I wasn’t going after her because of you, it started before that!” Michael defended them but it didn’t make a difference to Max, she could see that,

“So when I told you that I was starting to like her, did this…thing…stop? Did you stop screwing her?” Max asked and this time Michael didn’t reply as he hung his head and Liz knew the answer. Despite not knowing herself that Max had developed feelings for her, and evidently told Michael, Michael hadn’t put a stop to their arrangement in respect for his brothers’ feelings.

“It didn’t stop did it, so you were betraying me.” He said and before Michael could reply, Max launched at him, his fist connecting with Michaels chin before she could warn him.
Michael stumbled back but Max was swinging again before he could recover and then it was just swinging fists from Max and pushing from Michael who seemed to be trying to not fight his brother. Liz dived into action, she grabbed at Max’s jacket, trying to pull him back.

“Max stop it!” She shouted as blood flew from Michael’s lip. She tried grabbing his arm to stop him throwing his fists at Michael but he just shrugged her off. It seemed like forever she spent trying to break them up, or rather, get Max off him.

In reality it was only a few minutes before she heard shouting and then Kyle and Alex were dragging Max away from Michael who was doubled over, holding his stomach. Liz felt someone pull her away from Max and turned briefly to see Isabel and Tess there.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked and Kyle restrained Max as he tried to get away from Kyle.

“Liz?” He asked her and she went to Max.

“Max please, stop this, please.” She begged him and he stilled enough to look at her, to see her tear stained face and the guilt in her eyes. As he stilled and relaxed, Kyle apprehensively let him go.

“I love you.” Max said to her softly and she reached up to cup his face with her hands.

“I love you too.” She whispered in hope.

“He’s my brother Liz, why?” He asked dejectedly and her heart broke at the tone in his voice.

“Max I swear I didn’t know you were brothers or that you had feelings for me, if I had known then things would have been different.” She rushed out and he shook his head.

“Doesn’t matter now, it’s done.” He said and she saw behind him that their parents were making their way towards them.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 25 08/0

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Hello my lovely readers, I appolgise for leaving you without a part for so long again. I spent the last three weeks ill in bed and had to put this on hold whilst I worked on getting ymself better. :( But I've been better for a few days now and baby is doing well, only 12 weeks to go so going to try and get this finished before then :wink: Thanks for being patient. I will skip feedback so that I can give you this new part that you've waited so long for :D Elle xxx

Chapter 25

“Max please, my parents, please let’s go somewhere else and talk about this.” She begged in desperation but he pulled away from her hands.

“No Liz, I’m done. I can’t.” He said and she felt the panic settle in her chest.

“No Max, we can, we just need to talk about this, and we can sort this out.”

“Don’t punish Liz for this Max, she had no idea we were brothers, it’s my fault not hers.” Michael wheezed out as he came to stand beside Liz. Max refused to look at him, instead levelling Liz with an angry glare.

“Maria said you texted him to hook up the other night. Is it true?” Max asked and she furiously thought to remember.
Then it hit her, the night they slept together for the first time, she had been texting Michael first. Oh god, she had been texting Michael first. She saw the hurt look in Max’s eyes the second he saw her remember that night.

“It’s true isn’t it, that first night we were together, you were texting him.”

“I…I’m sorry…I didn’t know that we’d…” She paused, aware of her brother and everyone standing around.

“But you were texting him even though we were getting together. You were still texting my brother!” He started getting angry again and she began to panic as their parents came closer.

“Max please, I never knew, I didn’t know what was going on with us and…”

“What’s going on? Michael!” Diane asked as she rushed to Michael’s side, inspecting his face and turning to Max and Liz.

“I’m leaving.” Max said and turned to leave.

“What’s going on?” Jeff asked them all and Liz grabbed Max’s arm.

“I’ll come with you, we need to talk.” She said softly as she felt more tears fall from her face.

“No, I need to be alone.” Max said sadly and she shook her head.

“We need to talk about this Max, please.” She begged and this time his temper flared as he rounded on her and shouted in her face.


“Max, calm down son.” Philip said as he pushed Max away from Liz who had big tears rolling down her face. Max began to walk away and she followed.

“Max please, don’t walk away!” She begged and he turned around again, causing his dad to step up to him and hold his arm and for Alex and Michael to step up beside Liz.

“What do you want from me? You’ve been screwing my brother for the past year, what could I possibly have to offer you that you aren’t already getting from him? You make me sick, both of you.” He shouted and she flinched when she heard the gasps from various people.

“Max, don’t…” Michael began to say and Max pointed at him.

“You have a choice to make, it’s me or her. If you so much as touch her again then you are dead to me. You need to decide where your loyalty lays, brother!” He snarled and Liz felt her heart break, Max hated her and he was making Michael choose between them. She couldn’t bare the thought of not having Michael in her life, not for the sex but because he was her best friend.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jeff shouted and Max looked to him and Nancy,

“I’ll let Liz explain it.” He said and turned to walk away. Liz stood frozen to the ground, Max had told everyone that she was sleeping with Michael, her dad would be furious. She felt her chest tighten when Michael stepped away from her, towards where Max had walked off to.

“Michael?” She said meekly.

“I’m sorry Liz, I’ll talk to him. I’ll make this better.” He told her as he placed his hands on her shoulders and grabbed her into a hug. As she began to put her arms around him, someone pulled her away roughly. She turned to look into her dads’ furious gaze.

“You stay away from my daughter.” He told Michael and she frowned as Michael’s parents came to move Michael away from her.

“I knew you were bad news from the day Liz asked to move in with you, I knew you’d be a bad influence on her.” Her dad accused Michael and she pulled out of his grasp.

“Dad stop! It’s not Michael’s fault.” She said and he looked at her.

“You need to be quiet Liz, is what Max said true?” He asked and she looked at the disgusted look on his face, the worry in her mothers’ eyes and the disappointment in Alex’s eyes.

“Have you been sleeping with Michael?” He demanded and she nodded, hot tears falling down her face. Her father let go of her arm and shook his head.

“I’m so disappointed in you Liz, why would you cheat on Max, with him?” He asked as he looked to Michael and Diane frowned at her son.

“Michael, this can’t be true, how do you even know Liz?” She asked and Michael answered for her.

“Liz is my flatmate and we weren’t doing this behind Max’s back, not intentionally.” He said as he wiped a trail of blood off his chin.

“You’ve both ruined the best thing to happen to Liz, are you satisfied now? Her fiancé has left her.” Her dad ground out angrily and Michael just turned away but Maria stepped forward and lent a helpful hand.

“Maybe Liz should tell you the real reason Max was here.” She said softly from behind Michael’s parents. Liz turned to look at her and saw red.

“You bitch, how dare you!” She snapped and stepped toward her but Michael stood in her way.

“Liz stop it.” He said and her mother spoke this time.

“Who is this girl and what is she talking about?”

“I’m Michael’s girlfriend and I’m talking about all the lies Liz has been telling.” Maria replied and Liz shook her head.

“This is none of your business Maria.”

“None of my business? It became my business when you texted my boyfriend for a little get together once he was home!” She shouted at her and Liz snorted,

“Yes I texted Michael but maybe you should be asking him why he never told me about you? We’ve been calling and texting each other all week but not once did he mention you to me! Some boyfriend you have there!” She snapped and Maria flinched, her eyes going to Michael, still in front of her.

“Liz enough!” Michael said but Maria spoke again.

“Some fiancé you have! He’s not even your real fiancé!”

Liz froze, feeling her dad’s gaze burning a hole into her back, she saw the look of sympathy in Michael and his parents right before her dad spoke.

“What are you talking about?” He asked Maria and she obliged him with an answer.

“Michael and Liz asked Max to pretend to be her boyfriend so you wouldn’t marry her off to someone else. She’s been lying to you all this whole time and dragging everyone down with her!”

There was silence for a few seconds then all hell broke loose. Her dad started shouting at her, her mum burst into tears, Alex was shouting to try and calm their dad down and Isabel and Tess tried comforting her mum.
Michael had turned on Maria and they were arguing about something and Michael’s parents were talking at Michael.
Liz stood there listening to it all, hot wet tears rolling down her face.

Her life was ruined.

Her dad would marry her off in a heartbeat and she wouldn’t see Max ever again. One thing she knew for sure was that after all the time they had spent together, she realised the feelings she was brushing aside as a crush, were much more than that.

She was in love with Max Evans and he wanted nothing to do with her.

She started to walk away from all the shouting and talking from everyone and began walking towards the house, wanting to curl up on Max’s bed and surround herself in his scent. She didn’t make it far before her dad caught up to her and grabbed her arm, turning her to face him. Her mum, wrapped in her brothers’ arms, was just behind her dad.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He demanded and she shrugged.

“To my room.” She said softly and he shook his head.

“No, you aren’t welcome in my house.” He began and her mum protested behind him.

“Jeff no!”

“Be quiet Nancy, she made her bed now she can lay in it.” He snapped and turned back to Liz.

“I’ve never been more disappointed in you in all your life, I never thought that my honest little girl could turn into such a lying, manipulative woman. I don’t know who you are but you are not my daughter.” He fumed and she felt like he had slapped her but she felt her anger spill outwards.

“You’re disappointed in me? What about you? You’re my dad, you’re supposed to love me and support me and protect me but you try to marry me off to some stranger I don’t even know! You’re the disappointment dad! All I ever did was try to be this perfect daughter for you, I did everything you asked of me and it’s still not enough! I may have let you down tonight but you’ve let me down my whole life! I’ll never be the daughter you want, I’ll never be as perfect as Alex to you!” She shouted into his face and the cold anger in his eyes let her know she couldn’t take it back.

“How dare you! You ungrateful little…after everything your mother and I have done for you, kept you out of trouble, given you everything you could have possibly wanted…” He snarled back and she snorted at him,

“I never wanted all that! All I ever wanted was to be good enough for you but nothing I ever did was! Why do you think I acted out with Serena? That was the only way I ever got attention from you! I wish it was me in Serena’s place because then I’d be away from you and all your pressure and expectations! I can’t live like this anymore!” She shouted back and he shook his head.

“And you think lying to your family was the answer?”

“It was the only option you left me! I had nothing left to do but lie and I’d do it again if it stopped you carting me off to my own wedding to some stranger I don’t know! The sad part about all this is that you don’t even see what’s wrong with what you’re doing! All the blame is on me as usual, well I’ve had enough!” She ranted and Alex was stepping between her and her dad and trying to diffuse the situation.

“You lying little bitch, I can’t believe I raised such a…” Her dad began but she screamed at him, cutting him off.

“I DON’T CARE! I HATE YOU! YOU WANT ME GONE, FINE! I’M GOING.” She turned and walked away from everyone,

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 25 08/0

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Hi all, I'm sorry once again for not posting regularly but I am really struggling to get this written the way I want. Baby brains have made me seriously lack any creativity for this fic so I am admitting defeat. The rest of this won't be as well written as the last 25 chapters but I want to get this whole fic posted before I have my baby otherwise I know I wont have time to post anything after the birth. :oops: So please forgive me if the story moves quickly but if i don't get the rest at least typed up and posted then you will be left with an unfinished fic, which I don't want to do as I hate it when that happens!! So my appologies, but this fic will be finished within the next few weeks. :cry: For now, here is the next installment for all you lovely readers of mine!! I really appreciate the feedback and well wishes. :D Elle xx

Chapter 26

“I DON’T CARE! I HATE YOU! YOU WANT ME GONE, FINE! I’M GOING.” She turned and walked away from everyone, down the drive towards the road.

Isabel shouted after her but she kept walking, her tears a hot trail down her face as she left her parents’ property and walked along the path towards the town. She had no idea where she was going, she had no money or credit card with her but still she kept walking. She was mind numb, she couldn’t even begin to process the fight she’d just had with her dad, let alone the fight with Max.

Max…her tears started fresh and she sobbed into her hand as she walked further and further away. It could only have been minutes but she heard someone shout her name behind her. She didn’t stop, she didn’t want to see who it was and she didn’t want to hear what they had to say. It wasn’t long before she heard feet pounding the path behind her and then the voice called her name again.

“Liz wait, stop!” He called out and she sighed as she continued to walk. It was seconds and then the pounding feet slowed to a walk beside her.

“You’re lucky I’m in such good shape.” Kyle huffed out in an attempt to make her smile as he matched her unsteady pace in her heels.

“Liz stop.” He demanded but she ignored him.

“Where are you going to go Liz?” He asked and she shrugged as she wiped a hand across her face.

“Liz, stop, please.” He said as he grabbed her arm and forced her to stop. He turned her to face him.

“Come stay with me and Tess, we have a spare room you can stay in.” He offered and she sighed, nodding at him.

“Ok.” She mumbled and he gave her a half smile but the sympathy in his eyes made fresh tears spill from her eyes.

“Come here.” He said and pulled her in towards him, wrapping his arms around her shoulders he held her as she sobbed fresh tears onto his suit. A few minutes passed before a car horn sounded behind them. Kyle turned and waved as the car pulled over beside them. Tess leaned out the drivers window.

“Get in.” She said and Kyle steered Liz to the back door, opening it and helping her to sit inside before running around to the front passenger side and getting in. Tess stared at Liz in her rear-view mirror, clearly concerned for her but Liz chose to stare out the window into the darkness feeling like she had just ruined the best thing in her life.

Liz stayed with Kyle and Tess for two days and during that short time she told them everything, including how Max took her to see Serena. Kyle was shocked but admired Max for helping Liz to start dealing with her past issues.
Whilst they were supportive and offered advice from both a female and male perspective, they agreed she needed to give Max some time and space to come to the conclusion that she hadn’t cheated on him as such but hadn’t made the right decisions either. They assured her he would come around once he had thought about it and as for her dad, they agreed she should try and talk to him. As much as she didn’t want to do it, she knew they were right and allowed them to drop her off at her parents’ house.
She stood on the doorstep for a few minutes before turning the doorknob to go inside. It didn’t open and she frowned. She tried again but it was locked. She rang the doorbell and waited but no one answered. Sighing she stepped off the doorstep to look up at the house, she glanced over the windows and saw no movement but then a piece of paper taped to the garage door caught her eye. She walked over and saw her name on it. She unfolded it and read it.

All your possessions are in suitcases in your car. I’ve left the keys under the driver seat. Anything else you might want from your room, leave a message and I will have it couriered over to you.
Mr. Parker

That was it, signed Mr Parker, not dad or father but Mr. Parker. She felt tears prickle her eyes as she opened the garage door and saw her car sitting there. She got in and drove away from her childhood home as she felt the tears spill over.
She drove automatically all the way to her brothers’ house, the only place she had left to go. As kind as Tess and Kyle had been, she couldn’t go back there, instead she typed in a quick message to Kyle telling him where she was. She got out and ran to the front door, knocking loudly until she heard someone on the other side.
Alex opened the door, shocked to see her standing there with tears on her face and looking like someone had just ripped her heart out.

“Lizzie.” He said softly as he pulled her inside and wrapped her up in a hug so fierce that sobs started to escape her mouth as she held on to him like her life depended on it.
Isabel had come to see what the commotion was and one look at Alex’s stricken face as he held his little sister, fuelled her into action. She swept in and took Liz out of his arms and ushered her into the front room where she sat her down and comforted her whilst she cried.

“Liz are you ok?” Alex asked as he knelt down in front of them.

“I’ve destroyed everything. He hates me.” She sobbed into Isabel’s shoulder and Alex nodded,

“Well yes but I’m sure he’ll come round, Max just needs to cool down and…”

“Not Max, I’m talking about dad. He’s locked me out and he put all my stuff in my car. He wouldn’t answer the door. He hates me.” She sat up and fixed him with a pleading look.

“Oh.” Alex said quietly and Isabel shook her head at him.

“Liz, he’s angry right now, and in a way, I would be too. You lied to him, to all of us. Why would you do that?” Isabel said softly and Liz shrugged.

“He was trying to marry me off like a piece of meat to that Doug guy! I couldn’t let that happen and Michael and I thought that if I just had boyfriend then dad would back off. I didn’t set out to hurt anyone.”

“Why didn’t you just talk to him about it Liz?” Alex asked and she snorted,

“You know what he’s like Al, you can’t talk him out of anything, I did try telling him I didn’t want to be married but he wouldn’t listen. I was desperate Alex, I couldn’t come home and be dumped into the bed of some stranger I’ve never met!” She fumed and Alex nodded as he reached out to hold her hands.

“Ok ok, I understand. I didn’t realise he was being that pushy, he just told us that he was setting you up on a date with this guy.”

“No he definitely said I needed to marry someone respectable and he had found the perfect guy who was interested in me! How can a father do that to someone?”

“Ok, so he was being a jackass about it, but why bring Max here and lie to us all this time?”

“It was Michael’s idea and…”

“Michael is beginning to look like a bad influence Liz…” Alex interrupted but she stopped him.

“No he was only doing it to protect me, he knows what dads like and he was giving me a way out of it.”

“Of course he was protecting you, if you got married off he’d have to actually go to the effort to seduce a girl rather than having you waiting at home for him!” Alex snapped angrily and Liz blushed. She hadn’t thought that Alex would be angry about that.

"So that’s true then, you’ve been sleeping with him.”

“Yes.” She whispered and he took several deep breaths.

“I’m not going to lie Liz, I’m disappointed in you so I can only imagine what dad’s feeling.” He sighed and she nodded.

“I’m not proud of myself Al, it just happened one night and then we just kept doing it. It was just a casual thing and wasn’t a regular thing.”

“Right because that sounds much better.”

“It was a friends with benefits thing Alex, didn’t you or Isabel ever sleep with a friend and it meant nothing?” She asked searching each of their faces. Alex actually looked away and Isabel nodded at her.

“So how is it any different to me and Michael, we’re best friends and it’s a damn sight safer than sleeping with strangers.” She argued and Alex sighed as Isabel patted her arm.

“You’re right Liz, it is but we’re merely saying we understand why your dad is angry with you and why Max is so hurt. How did you not know Michael and Max were brothers?”

“I swear I didn’t know! Michael and Max don’t even have the same surname! They always tell people their friends, that’s it, in all the time I’ve known and lived with Michael, he’s never once told me Max was his brother. I just don’t understand because he’s known I’ve had a crush on Max for a while. Why wouldn’t he tell me?”

“I don’t know that Lizzie, only they can answer those questions.” Alex said and she sniffed.

“I don’t have anywhere to go, can I stay here?” She asked and they nodded, insisting she stayed as long as she needed to. Isabel went off to set up the guest room for Liz as Alex went to retrieve her stuff from her car.

Once she was settled into her room, Liz took her phone out and dialled Max’s number. It rang several times then went to voicemail. She hung up and rang again, and again and again. After the fifth time she left a message.

“Max, please answer the phone, I need to explain things to you. I know you’re angry and you have every right to be but please hear me out. I’m staying at Alex’s, please meet me to talk to you, give me half an hour and if you then want nothing to do with me then that’s fine. I…I love you Max, and I mean that Max.” She hung up, laid down on the bed and cried herself into sleep.

It was much later that she woke up and stretched out the kinks in her body from sleeping on Kyle and Tess’s sofa. She decided on jumping in the shower to freshen up. Once she had showered she dried her hair and dressed in a skirt and tank top with flip flops. She checked her phone and found that Max hadn’t called her back. She opened her door and went downstairs but stopped when she heard hushed voices in the front room. Listening she heard her brother and her dad’s voice.

“Alex I told you not to let her stay here, she needs to learn and you being the protective big brother isn’t doing that.”

“Dad I can’t and I won’t leave her with nowhere to go. You may be angry with her but she’s still your daughter, would you be happy knowing she was sleeping in her car?” Alex said and her dads voice spoke again.

“I no longer have a daughter!” He snapped and she moved away from the room before anyone caught her. She had a few seconds of wondering what to do before she tiptoed to the kitchen and left a note on the notepad there.

Gone out, be back later, don’t worry about me. Love Liz xx

She then slipped out the front door quietly and started running towards town. Luckily Alex and Isabel lived slightly closer to town so it wasn’t long before Liz found herself walked towards her favourite bar, she smiled at the familiar feeling she felt when she saw the bar ahead and felt the need to have a drink and forget about her dad and Max and everything for a while.

Inside she made her way to the bar and saw Foster. He grunted a greeting and she ordered a drink, downing it quickly and ordering another. Several people who knew her walked over to say hello but she told them to leave her in peace as she quickly made her way through four strong drinks.

As she finished her fifth drink a pleasant buzz settled in her body and she asked for another drink. As the night wore on she began to feel less and less in control of her body and soon the need for air became important as she felt like she was melting in the hot bar. As she tumbled outside she giggled to herself, she imagined just how drunk she looked stumbling around the road as she walked away from the bar.

As she tried to cross the road a blare of a car horn made her jump as the car swerved to avoid her as she trekked across to the other side, tripped on the curb and fell onto the pavement. Laughing at herself she rolled onto her back and sighed, she vaguely heard a car stop and the door slam shut. It was much easier getting this drunk with max around to take her home, she thought and then was thrown into a memory of them both being drunk and teasing each other in the summer house, of her straddling his lap and kissing him as he growled her name out between kisses.

“Liz?” She heard him say and she smiled as she looked up into the star filled night and straight into Max’s glowing amber eyes.

“Great, now I’m halluni…halluti…now I imagine you’re here.” She mumbled and started giggling at herself.

“Are you drunk?” He asked and she snorted.

“You aren’t sreally here, goway fake Max.” She grumbled and reached up to swat the image away but instead slapped a very solid, real face. She frowned and reached out to touch the face again.

“Max? Is it truly you?” She asked and he nodded as he reached down to help sit her up.

“Yes and you are drunk, why are you out by yourself?” He asked as he helped her to sit up.

“Why are you here?” She mumbled confused and he looked out at the road.

“I was driving past and you walked out in front of a car. I couldn’t let you get killed so come on, I’ll drive you to Alex’s.” He said as he helped her to stand up.

“No, you don’t care what happens to me, you hate me, let me go, maybe I’ll be luckier next time with da car.” She grumbled and ripped her arm free of his hand to turn and stumble away. He grabbed hold of her again and steered her towards the car.

“Don’t be silly, let’s go.” He piled her into the car and go in the other side.

“Where ya takin me?” She slurred and he told her to Alex’s house.

“So you did get my voicemall…voicemat…message. I guessed you ignore me.” She said and he tried not to answer her.

“I don’t blame ya, I’m a whore, Mikey’s a whore, Maria’s a whore, you’re a whore!” She could feel words coming out but had no control over them. Max glanced at her with a raised eyebrow,

“Is this meant to be an apology?” He asked and she snorted as she pointed at him.

“No! I didn’t do much wrong, you and Mikey should have told me about you being brothers! How was I s’posed to know? All I did was fall in love with you and you hate me now so it doesn’t matter.” She said cheerfully and he sighed.

“I don’t hate you Liz and yeah you did kinda do something wrong but let’s not get into that now, you’re trashed.”

She shut up and leaned her head against the cool window as he drove. When they neared Alex’s house she mumbled to Max.

“I’m sorry Max, I didn’t mean for this to happen. Me and Michael…”

“That’s enough Liz, we’re here.” He interrupted and she looked over to see the anger still in his eyes. He pulled up to the house and got out without another word. He opened her door and helped pull her out of the car when her legs failed to support her, lifting her up effortlessly he walked towards the door where Isabel and Alex were now standing. She was struggling to keep her eyes open but vaguely heard Isabel leading Max to her bedroom and Alex asking questions behind them. She felt the soft bed below her as Max placed her down and she grabbed onto his hand before he left,

“I love you.” She babbled and saw the softening of his eyes as he looked down at her as he nodded and turned away leaving her to fall into a sleep where Max had said those words back.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 26 21/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:31 am

Hi to all my lovely readers! Thank you for all being so supportive of me and my fic and understanding that I am trying to get this finished before my new arrival makes her appearance. Thank you for all the kind feedback, I'm so happy you all seem to be throughly enjoying my fic! Here's the next part for you :D
Elle xxx

Chapter 27

The following day after her hangover had subsided, Liz got Alex to find out where Max’s parents lived and made her way there.
She was nervous the entire way, trying to figure out what she would say to Max exactly. As she pulled up into the large driveway of The Evans’ house she felt her heart pounding in her chest.
Knocking on the door and waiting felt like hours even though it was mere minutes before Michael opened the door. He stared at her in total shock before stepping out and shutting the door behind him.

“What are you doing here Liz?” He asked and she took a deep breath.

“I need to talk to Max. Is he here?” She said and he sighed as he ran his large hand through his unruly hair.

“Yes he’s here but I don’t think he wants to see you. He’s barely talking to me.”

“Ok but I want to try, I need to make this right with him Mike.” She pleaded and he looked out behind her, clearly torn between her and Max.

“I’m not trying to make you choose between us Mike, I know you’ll choose your brother but there’s things Max needs to hear and know before he decides that he doesn’t want anything to do with me.” She said and Michael sighed, glancing back at her.

“I don’t know.” He said and she shook her head at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re brothers? You don’t even have the same surname!” She asked and he sighed.

“I’m adopted and I kept my surname. Max and I were best friends since we were little, my parents didn’t really want me and took off and left me when I was twelve. Max’s parents found out and took me in, adopted me and although technically we’re brothers, Max and I never really accepted that we’re brothers. Just best friends who lived together, we don’t tell anyone we’re brothers.”

“I though we were best friends Mike, you could have told me, all those times me and Max argued or insulted each other and when you found out I had this crush on him...” She said and he interrupted her.

“I’m sorry about this Liz, I never should have done this with you, and as soon as Max told me he liked you I should have stopped. It’s my fault and I’ve tried making him see that but he isn’t interested. All that he cares is that we’ve been sleeping together and that we kissed at your parents that night. We betrayed him and that’s a big deal to him.”

“You told him we kissed that night? Why would you do that?” She asked.

“I had to Liz, he wanted to know everything and if I had lied he would never speak to me again.”

“Oh but it’s alright for him to not speak to me at all because he now thinks I was throwing myself at you right before he asked me out properly?” She was getting angry with Michael and he could see it.

“You did throw yourself at me though Liz, that’s what has pissed Max off so much, you say you fell in love with him yet you were throwing yourself at me!”

“I was trying to figure out what I was feeling, I thought I’d just got caught up in the fake relationship and needed to make sure what I felt was real.” She tried explaining but Michael shrugged,

“That doesn’t matter to Max, he’s angry at us and we lied.”

“I know so I need to set things straight with him. If I can just explain then maybe…”
The front door opened, interrupting Liz as Diane stepped out.

“Michael, who’s at the door?” She said before she spotted Liz.

“Liz, hi dear.” She said softly and smiled warmly at her. Liz returned the smile.

“Mrs Evans, can I speak to Max?” Liz asked as she stepped around Michael.
Diane looked at Michael briefly before nodding and opening the door.

“Of course dear, come in.” She led Liz into the house and into the kitchen.

“Would you like a drink honey?” Diane asked and Liz smiled,

“Water would be great thanks.” Liz said as she stood in the kitchen. Michael stood off to one side waiting as Diane gave Liz a drink then left saying she would get Max.

After a few minutes Max entered the kitchen. He looked deliciously handsome in faded jeans and green t-shirt, Liz couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Hi.” She said and his gaze flicked from her to Michael before speaking.

“Still alive I see.” He said and she blushed.

“Thanks for last night, I didn’t plan on getting that drunk.” She said and he shrugged.

“It’s not like I could have left you wandering into the road to be run over. I have morals after all.” He said and the dig at her lack of morals didn’t go unnoticed by Liz and she glanced at Michael briefly.

“Well, I certainly didn’t deserve your help but I appreciate it regardless.” She said and Max looked once again to Michael before settling his frosty gaze on her as he folded his arms.

“So why are you here? Is this a grovelling visit for me or are you here for your fuck buddy here.” He asked gesturing at Michael who looked at the floor. She sighed, she knew this wasn’t going to be easy but she didn’t realise Max would make it so hard and be so vicious.

“I’m here for you.” She said, deciding that if she didn’t react to his hurtful words that he would eventually get tired of being so mean.

Max turned to Michael and spoke,

“Sorry Mike, she doesn’t need your services today, looks like it’s my turn.” He almost snarled and Michael sighed,

“I’ll go then, leave you two to talk.” He started to leave but Max spoke once more as he stared at Liz.

“Maybe we can compare notes later Mike, since you seem to keep her so satisfied she keeps coming back for more, and I can see where I went wrong.” Michael stopped briefly and gave Liz a sympathetic look over Max’s shoulder before turning and leaving the room.

“Max please…”

“No I really want to know Liz.” He insisted and she ran her hands over her face.

“Is that really what you want to know? Why I slept with Mike? You want to know why we were sleeping together. It was a casual thing Max, it meant nothing to either of us, and we were just friends with benefits thing, that’s all. It wasn’t about Mike being good in bed or anything like that, and he usually had a girlfriend so it wasn’t all that regular either and if I had known you and Michael were brothers then I’d have stopped, especially if I’d known you actually liked me!” She said frustratingly, and he stood patiently listening to her. She saw over Max’s shoulder, Diane walk past the kitchen and she took a deep breath.

“Can we go somewhere private to talk?” She asked, not expecting him to agree and lead her from the kitchen, upstairs towards where she presumed would be his bedroom.
They entered a room that was decorated in black and white, with a huge bed on one side with an entertainment system opposite. In once corner sat a weight bench near to a huge window overlooking the front driveway. She stepped into the middle of the room, turning to look at all the little details and saw evidence of the sweet, caring Max she had discovered here through the pictures of his family scattered around the room.

Max waited patiently whilst she looked around but after a few minutes he cleared his throat and Liz sighed as she turned to face him. He was leaning against the wall and she made her way to lean beside him with just a couple of feet between them.

“I know that you’re angry Max, I would be too and I’m not proud of myself. I don’t have any way of justifying my actions, except that I honestly didn’t know about you and Michael.” She pleaded with him.

“What happened between you two at your house that night?” Max asked and she knew he was asking to see if she would tell the truth.

“I kissed Michael.” She said with a pain in her heart, she didn’t want to hurt Max this way at all.

“Why? We were practically together Liz. Why kiss him?” Max asked softly and she could hear the hurt in his voice. She stepped forward to look up into his eyes.

“I can’t give you a good reason for it Max, I just…I was falling in love with you over the week we spent together, it was more than just sex with you, I fell for you and it scared me to death because I didn’t think you’d want to continue this back home. So I saw Michael and I desperately wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t so in love with you as I thought so that it wouldn’t hurt as much when we went back to school and back to being mean to each other.” She said and watched the emotion playing over his face as her words sank in.

“I kissed him to prove something and it didn’t work, as soon as he pushed me away I realised that I was…I am in love with you and I don’t want Michael anymore, I just wanted you. The kiss, it was nothing and lasted seconds before he pushed me away and told me we couldn’t do it anymore.” She admitted and he nodded.

“Is that all you wanted to say?” He asked coolly and she felt the flutter of panic in her stomach.

“I…what…tell me what your thinking, react to what I’ve said, shout at me or call me names or…or…I don’t know, DO something.” She pleaded and he stared at her coldly.

“What do you want me to say Liz? You want me to tell you I can forgive you? That we can make a fresh start, date properly and see where it goes.” He began as he stepped closer to her, closing the distance between them until he was barely inches from her.

“Do you want me to forget that you’ve been sleeping with Michael, and that you kissed him that night behind my back? Shall I just forgive you and forget it?” He asked and she shrugged,

“I’m not asking you to forgive and forget but just understand what happened and yes, I hope you want to give us a proper go.” She said quietly, staring into his amber eyes.

“So I get over it and give us a go, we date properly and do the couple thing, go back to having amazing sex?” He said and smiled teasingly at her. She felt a small fluttering of hope and smiled back.

“I want to date you Max, and yes the amazing sex would be wonderful.” She admitted as he lifted a hand to run his finger tips down the side of her face, reaching back to cup her head and pull her closer. She put her hands up and onto his chest, feeling the warmth radiating off him.

He nodded as he leaned forward and kissed her softly. She melted into his kiss, returning it and wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders as he shifted and pressed her against him tightly. She felt his tongue teasing hers and it sent a moan coursing through her as the kiss began to heat up. His hands started wandering around her body, and she eagerly accepted it as his mouth trailed hot kisses down her throat, sending shivers through her body.

“Max.” She gasped out and his hand found its way under her top and cupped her breast in his large hand. She pushed herself into him, feeling his hard length against her thigh.

He suddenly grabbed her hips, lifting her and slamming her against the wall, causing her legs to wrap around his hips tightly, causing delicious friction between her legs. He kissed his way back up her throat and plunged his tongue into her mouth, kissing her with a heated passion that she returned full force on him.

Her hands tangled into his thick dark hair as one of his hands travelled over her thigh and moved to between her legs to stroke her over the cotton shorts she was wearing. Liz’s head was spinning, she loved what Max was doing to her, how he made her feel and it was bliss.

“Max.” She gasped out when his fingers pushed past her shorts and panties and teased her entrance. She flexed her hips as his fingers teased and his mouth planted wet kisses on her collar bone.

“Max please.” She gasped out and as she braced her back against the wall, she moved her hand between them to tug at his jeans, trying to undo the button at the top. Max soon understood what she wanted and he moved back enough to let her undo the button, as he reached into his back pocket for his wallet. As Liz tugged the zipper part way, Max had retrieved a condom and thrown the wallet behind him in time to help her shove his trousers and boxers down his hips.

Once his jeans were in a pool at his feet, Liz took the condom from Max and opened it, rolling it onto his hard length as quickly as she could then used her hand to stroke its length eliciting a moan of pleasure form him as he closed his eyes to the sensations she caused.

After several more strokes, she leaned forward to kiss him softly on his full lips and he opened his eyes to look at her,

“I love you Max.” She whispered and he nodded but instead of saying it back, he plunged inside her causing her to forget that he hadn’t said it back, making her gasp and tighten her legs around him.

He fused his mouth to hers to keep the noise as low as possible and began thrusting himself in and out of her as hard and fast as he could, pinning her to the wall where she could only hold on as the pressure began to build.

As the heat in her belly began to spread, she kissed him hard, their tongues brushing against one another and his hands holding her hips so tight it bordered on pain. Still in the back of her mind she was aware of the lack of connection she had usually felt between them but as if sensing what she was thinking, Max would flex his hips a tiny bit and hit her sweet spot causing all thoughts to fly from her head.

As her orgasm rushed to the surface, she could only dig her fingers into his shoulder and moan into his mouth as she felt his thrusting falter, telling her that he was close too.

In just a few thrusts more of his powerful hips, she exploded hard and endured several more thrusts, causing powerful mini-orgasms, until Max went rigid and moaned into her mouth as he suddenly stopped thrusting into her. They stayed glued to each other for several minutes as their racing hearts thundered in their ears and the heat wave between them subsided leaving a delicious afterglow that had Liz smiling sleepily as she rested her head against his shoulder.

Max moved first, leaning back from her and setting her legs down as he stepped away. He turned to lean down, grabs his boxers and jeans and pulled them up so he could at least move. He moved towards the bed and grabbed a box of tissues, cleaned himself up, fastened his jeans and turned back to Liz who was still leaning against the wall. He helped her clean herself up and avoided looking at her. This made Liz confused. She went to him and put her hand on his arm.

“Max?” She asked and he sighed.

“Just go Liz.” He said quietly and she frowned, sure she had misheard him.

“What?” She asked and this time he looked at her, the cold icy look was back.

“Get out.” He said and this time she felt her heart stop at his words.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 27 05/0

Post by Behrgirl21 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:13 am

So it looks like everyone has some very interesting views on Liz and Max and Michael. I just want to point out that when I started this fic, I decided to limit the point of views of the characters and focused on Max and Liz mostly. I know that occasionally throughout the fic there's been some POV of others but I mainly chose Max and Liz so that the storyline didn't get too messy with a load of POV's. I know everyone wants a bit of Michael/Maria bashing so to speak so I did make the decision to go back over the last few chapters and include some backlash for Maria so that she doesn't get off free from this. Although Max and Michael would have talked/fought it out a while back, you can assume they did and are at least on speaking terms. :roll: so I hope that satisfies some of you. :D
D.D Yes Michael does seem to be getting away with quite a big part in this doesn't he. There is a Maria bashing part I went back and included in this, you aren't the only one who wants it and I figured it would show that something was at least going on behind the scenes. Thank you for sticking with this fic, I hope you like the next part. My pregnancy is going well thank you, almost at the end now and feeling very huge but just cannot wait to meet my newest little one :)
keepsmiling7 Yes whilst writing it I was thinking...I'll make then kiss and make up but then it never came out that way and I think the fic is much better that way anyway :twisted: Can't make things too easy.
begonia9508 Yes Max did send that message out by using her and let's not forget, she was sort of using him like that at the beginning but you're right, Liz should move on and we shall see who changes their minds at a later part. :)
HypnotiqBlueEyes I think everyone understands where Max is coming from and what Liz's intentions were, however misguided but Max has yet to see that side. You will find out how things go back at school in this next part. Maria does get a telling off, don't worry :lol:
cupcake_55 Yep not one of Max's finer sides was it. Poor Liz indeed.
xilaj It's interesting how most people seemed to be on Max's side because he has been hurt by Liz but now the mood has changed and people generally feel sorry for Liz being used like that. Thanks for sticking with this!
secretk Thank you and you raise a lot of good points. It's all mixed up in their feelings and they aren't going to magivcally come to the same conclusion at the same time, it's going to take time for Max to heal and Liz needs to get herself togetehr. Michael needs to fix things with them both and so on. It's going to be a long process for them all.
With a week to go before I'm due to give birth (if the little darling comes on time :roll: ) I am thinking I may not get this all out before then, I am writing the final part now and it's writing itself slowly at he moment but I do promise that I will post the final parts in bulk after the baby arrives and I get five minutes to myself if that happens! I will let you all know when baby arrives :D Thank you for reading and leaving feedback for me! Elle xx

Chapter 28
“Get out.” He said and this time she felt her heart stop at his words.

“I don’t understand Max, we just had sex…I thought…” She began but he snorted,

“Exactly, it was just sex Liz, isn’t that what you and Michael did? Just fucked occasionally? I wanted to see what the appeal was for just fucking someone who meant nothing to me. Now we’ve done it, thanks it was great but you need to leave now.” He said angrily and she stepped back from his harsh words.

“You used me?” She whispered and began to feel dirty all over.

“Like you used me whilst Mike wasn’t there?” He accused her and she shook her head but he cut her off.

“Isn’t that what you did? You came back home, your fuck buddy wasn’t around so you made do with the idiot you bought back who was helping you. Me.”

“It wasn’t like that.” She insisted and he laughed.

“When are you ever going to start telling the truth Liz?”

She stared at this nasty person before her and suddenly felt the first prick of tears. She turned to leave, opening his door but turning to tell him one last thing.

“You are the only person I’ve been completely honest with Max, the whole time we were here, everything I told you about myself, it was all true and not even Michael knows half of it.” She said and left as the first tear escaped her eye like a traitor.

She ran down the stairs and toward the door. She closed the front door behind her and barely heard her name being called as she walked down the front steps.

“Liz?” She heard Michael calling her name and turned to see him standing beside his motorcycle, some tools spread around on the ground by his feet and Maria sitting on the small wall surrounding a flower bed. When he saw her crying he ran towards her.

“Are you ok? What happened?”

“Don’t worry about it Michael.” She insisted and carried on walking but Michael grabbed her arm.


“No Michael, I can’t do this, he’s right, you have to choose between us, it won’t work otherwise and I know you have to choose your family. He’d never let you live it down if you didn’t choose him. It’s fine Michael. Bye.” She said and snatched her arm out of his grip and ran to her car.

She drove away and as she glanced in her rear-view mirror she felt like she was leaving her shattered heart lying on Max’s bedroom floor.

For the rest of the break Liz mopped around her brothers’ house, ignoring any attempts for Alex and Isabel to get her out of the house or to cheer her up.
When it came to the day she had to leave to go back to school she said goodbye to her brother and sister-in-law. As she got in her car to drive back, Isabel tapped on the window of her car, as she rolled it down Isabel called to Alex.

“Honey can you just grab that food I left in the refrigerator for Liz, I forgot to grab it.” Alex disappeared into the house and Isabel leaned down to whisper to Liz.

“Don’t tell Alex I told you this, I got a call from your mom the other day, she said your father has cut off your account so you can’t access the money in it. Don’t ask me why but she’s asked me to set you another one up, which we’ve put money into to keep you going.” She rushed out and then reached into the waistband of her jeans and pulled out an envelope.

“Just incase you have a problem accessing the account I’ve put some cash in here, and the account details are there, hide it from Alex please.” She insisted and Liz shook her head.

“I can’t accept it Iz.” She said but Isabel shoved the envelope into her lap.

“Quick before he comes back. I’ll tell Alex in a few days but your mother wanted to make sure you had money for school supplies and food and stuff.”

She smiled as Alex came out the house with three plastic food containers.

“Hide it.” She said with a smile and Liz did as she was told. Alex joined Isabel at the window and handed Liz the tubs.

“I’ve made some bits for you, much better than gas station crap.” Isabel said and Liz thanked her.

As Liz drove away she wasn’t sure what was going on, why her dad would cut her accounts from her and if he would cut her school funding too. For the first time ever, she was nervous to go back to school for fear of what would or wouldn’t be waiting there when she got back.

It took one month for things to go from bad to worse for Liz. She got home and was relieved that Michael wasn’t back yet but when he did get back the following day, he barely spoke to her, the awkwardness between them leaving an uncomfortable silence whenever they found themselves in the same room.

Liz didn’t want to give Max anything more to hate her over, so she tried to avoid being in the apartment with Michael alone at any time that they weren’t asleep in separate rooms. Which was part of the problem, it appeared that Maria didn’t trust them either and was permanently attached to Michael’s hips, literally speaking. Maria’s need to be as loud as she could whilst they were having sex in the next room kept Liz awake despite many attempts to block out the sounds by burying her head under her pillow.

The first day of classes was uneventful and it found Liz looking around for Max everywhere. She couldn’t help herself, she wanted to try and talk to him again, hoping that he had cooled down by then. The second day of classes was more unfortunate.
Firstly, she had two classes with Maria, which wasn’t completely horrible because Liz had managed to find a seat between two people she vaguely knew so Maria couldn’t sit near to her, what made the day horrible was that as the classes were getting ready to leave, Pam Troy had brazenly walked up to her, fished a pair of white panties from her bag and spoken to Liz loudly enough that the whole class had stopped to listen.

“Hey Parker, I have a message from Max Evans for you, you left these in the back of his car. Let me give you some advice, I know you’re new to this whole sex thing, rule number one, never leave your panties behind, especially when it’s just a sympathy one nighter. You don’t need the embarrassment hon.” She dropped the panties onto the desk and Liz felt her cheeks flare red as her classmates began to whisper in earnest.
She could hear snippets of what was being said. “Liz Parker slept with Max Evans?” “Does he even know her?” “Haven’t you ever heard them fighting? It must have been all that sexual tension!” “Was she seriously a virgin?” “Are they together now?”

Liz glanced at Pam Troy and around the room, seeing Maria’s satisfied smirk and saw red; she snatched up the panties and smiled sweetly at her, speaking as loud as she had.

“Thanks Pam, I was wondering where they went and I’d remember that bit of advice if it wasn’t so damn confusing, see I’ve heard many guys talking about your lack of panties when it comes to this whole sex thing. That must be why you don’t wear any, so you don’t have that problem of forgetting where you left them because, let’s face it, if you’d left panties with every guy you slept with then you’d have to go to every guy on campus to get them back. Best stick to no panties, I’ve heard what a hit that is with the guys, they appreciate your consideration for them being able to stick it in and get out as quickly as possible!” Liz heard the laughs and gasps throughout the room. She put her bag over her shoulder and started to walk away from a stunned Pam. Turning back at the door she sighed.

“See now I feel bad for you Pam, I know how hard you’ve been throwing yourself at Max to get him to sleep with you and along came the little virgin Liz and he jumps into bed with me. It must be hard knowing that he prefers virginal me over you Pam. Thanks again for bringing my panties back.” She waved them at her and left the room to furious whispers and laughter. She left the building feeling humiliated and wondering why Maria had told Pam about her and Max.

She was rushing along the path when she heard someone calling her name. She stopped and turned to find several of Max’s friends walking towards her.

“Hey Parker, heard Evans broke you in, how about a date now?” One called out several feet from her and she felt the heat rising on her face. She looked around to see anyone within hearing distance staring at her and occasionally whispering to one another. She was angry to feel tears well up in her eyes as she heard another of Max’s friends call out to her, still walking closer.

“Parker, the back seat of my car could use warming up.” Another said and then she heard someone behind her.

“What’s going on?” Max’s warm voice spoke from behind her and Liz turned to see Max and Michael standing there, Max’s gaze swung from his friends then to Liz in front of him. He could see the unshed tears in her eyes and blush on her face. Michael was barely containing the anger on his face as he glared at the guys behind her.

“What did you say Owens?” Max asked and someone spoke from behind her.

“Come on Evans, we were only having a laugh with Parker, if you don’t want her anymore then she’s fair game for the rest of us.”

Max took one look at Liz then stared back at them.

“I don’t think she finds it funny. Leave her alone.” He said and she looked at both him and Michael, wondering why Max was defending her and why Michael wasn’t. She saw in her peripheral vision some movement and turned to see Maria walking towards the crowd. Feeling more tears threaten to spill she heard another remark about her and Max stepped forward to speak again.

“I don’t want to hear you hassling her anymore, this ends here.” He replied and they soon turned and walked away grumbling, as did the crowd that had formed.

“Are you ok? I’m sorry about that I don’t know who told them…” Max began to say quietly when she spun back to glare at Michael.

“You might want to keep your girlfriends’ mouth in check Mike, she likes to talk a lot of shit about stuff she doesn’t know about!” She snapped and Michael looked confused.

“How do you know it was Maria?” He asked and she snorted,

“Ask her, she’s the one who has it in for me.” She replied before turning and walking away from them. Max ran to catch up with her when Michael made his way to where Maria was standing.

“Liz wait up, I’m sorry, they’re just being dicks and…” He began as he walked beside her and she stopped and looked at him, hating the sympathetic look he was giving her.

“Why are you doing this Max?” She asked and he frowned.

“Doing what?”

“This, defending me and checking I’m ok and apologising for your friends. I knew they were pricks before so it’s no shock now, I can take care of myself thanks.” She said angrily and he sighed as he ran his large hand through his dark hair. A gesture that had Liz’s heart aching.

“I just don’t want you having a hard time because of me.” He said softly and she shook her head, looking him straight in the eyes.

“What do you care Max? You made your choice and made your feelings for me perfectly clear, I’m nothing to you now so don’t waste your time defending me or checking on me. Just leave me alone.” She rushed out and turned to run before he could see the tears beginning to spill from her eyes.
Michael saw the smirk on Maria’s face as he approached her and he knew Liz was right. He grabbed her arm and pulled her away from everyone still hanging around until they were in a relatively private spot.

“What the hell are you playing at?” He demanded and she frowned at him.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know full well what I’m talking about, why are you spreading rumours about Liz and Max?” He ask angrily and she crossed her arms in front of her and looked hostile.

“Last I checked, they weren’t rumours Michael.”

“And last I checked, this has nothing to do with you Maria.” He snapped and she grew angrier.

“It’s everything to do with me! You are my boyfriend and she was sleeping with you behind Max’s back! She deserves what she gets from this!”

“Firstly, she wasn’t sleeping with me, we were sleeping with each other! If you have a problem with her then you should have the problem with me too! Secondly, we’ve been together for five minutes, Liz has been my best friend for years, if you push me on this Maria, I’ll be forced to choose and believe me, you won’t like my choice.” He growled at her and the shock that entered her eyes made him know he was getting through to her so he continued.

“Liz isn’t the only one who did something wrong, I’m more to blame for this in fact, she doesn’t deserve your shit, especially when she was nothing but nice to you when you transferred here. Not that I need to defend anything to you but she’s paying for our mistakes, more so than me and I won’t sit back and let you spread rumours about her that aren’t true. Do you understand me?” He demanded and she frowned once more.

“Do you love her?” She asked and he sighed,

“No of course not, we were just screwing around and you’re giving her shit she doesn’t deserve!” He snapped and she snorted,

“She was sleeping with my boyfriend, that’s gives me a right to be pissed at her!”

“That happened before you even got here and we didn’t have sex when you and I were together so you have nothing to be pissed about. I slept with loads of other girls before you got here and even between sleeping with Liz so get angry at those girls too. If this is what you’re really like then I don’t want to know, when you’ve grown up let me know.” He finished and turned and walked away before she could respond, leaving Maria gaping at his retreating back.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)Chapter 28 15/0

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Back with another part at last! :D and baby is a few days overdue... :x but I've been able to get a lot of the ending written, just a few more pages should do it. :? Thannkyou for the feedback on the last part. Elle xx

Chapter 29

Liz ran all the way back to her apartment she shared with Michael and prayed he wouldn’t be home soon. She closed the door and that was when she allowed the tears to fall freely. Rubbing her hand over her face to wipe them away she noticed the letter on the floor with her name on it.
Sniffling she picked it up and frowned. It had the school logo on the top corner so she ripped it open and began to read. It wasn’t long before the words began swimming into a black inky mess as more tears filled her eyes. She saw certain words mocking her from the page, regretful, payments cancelled, no funding, must leave campus immediately.

Liz reached for her phone and dialled her number back home. The phone rang and rang and finally Serena picked it up.

“Serena it’s Liz, put my dad on the phone please.” She spoke but the sound of tears was evident in her voice.

“Liz honey, I’m so sorry but he’s ordered me not to let you speak to him or your mother for any reason. I’m not even supposed to tell you that but they aren’t here right now. I’m sorry dear.” She sounded sympathetic and Liz sighed.

“Ok Serena I understand.” She hung up and dialled Alex’s office number.

“Mr Parker’s office, how may I help?” His secretary’s cheerful voice sounded.

“It’s his sister Liz, is Alex available? It’s an emergency.” She said and the secretary asked her to hold for a moment. A minute later she transferred Liz to Alex and he answered with concern in his voice.

“What’s the matter? Are you ok?”

“No I’m not!” She sobbed and he spent the next few minutes calming her down until she could be understood.

“Lizzie, tell me slowly what’s happened.” He demanded and she took a shaky breath before reading the letter to him.

“He’s cut me off completely Alex, I can’t pay for school, it’s a fortune and now I have no where to live!” She wailed and Alex sighed.

“I can’t believe he’s doing this. Let me call mom and see if she knows what he’s up to. I’ll call you back in a bit. Just try and calm down ok?”

She agreed and hung up. She knew he was trying to help but she also knew her father wouldn’t back down. He was serious and now she had no way of staying in school.

Several hours later, Liz was packing up the last few things from her room when she heard the door to the apartment open. She sighed, expecting the questions from Michael to start, as she looked around and checked that she hadn’t missed anything. She had found a few boxes in her closet from when she had moved in and she had already filled them with the stuff she was taking with her. She had arranged with Alex that she would drive back to his house and stay with him, at his insistence, until they knew what she could do. She opened her closet and began pulling out her clothes and throwing them on her bed. She closed her now empty closet and moved her suitcase to the floor by her bed. She quickly began folding clothes haphazardly and shoving them into the suitcase as quickly as she could. By now Michael would have seen empty spaces where she had gathered CD’s and DVD’s and other various bits and pieces from the living room. She heard a soft knock on her bedroom door and prepared herself for the questions he would surely throw her way.

“Come in.” She called out and her door opened.

“Liz, can we talk?”

Liz spun around confused and saw Maria standing in her doorway.

“Maria? What are you doing here?”

“I came to talk to you.” She replied and Liz glanced behind Maria to see if she could see Michael there but no one was behind Maria.

“Where’s Michael?” She asked and almost wished she hadn’t asked Maria that, the last thing she needed was another fight over Michael with her.

“He’s out getting some dinner. I wanted to talk to you alone before he got back.”

“Listen Maria, I’m sure whatever you want to say is what I’ve already heard from you lately but I’m kind of busy and need to get going. So thanks but no thanks.” Liz snorted and turned back to throw more clothes into her suitcase, not bothering to fold anything anymore.

“Where are you going?” Maria asked as she stepped into Liz’s room and looked around. She noticed all the empty spaces, everything being packed away and the boxes stacked in the corner. Liz didn’t answer her and she frowned.

“You’re moving out?” Maria said surprised, wondering why Michael hadn’t mentioned it.

“Yes, well no not just moving out, I’m leaving.”

“You mean leaving the apartment? Why?”

“Not that it’s any of your business but no, not just the apartment, I’m leaving school too.” Liz said angrily as she shoved the rest of her clothing into the suitcase.

“Leaving school?” Maria repeated dumbly and then added, “Because of Max and Michael?”
Liz shook her head, scrambling to get everything essential packed so she could leave before Michael came back. It was a coward’s way out, not telling Michael she was leaving but he had chosen his brother over her and their friendship because even though they had chosen to have an added sexual relationship, they’d had a strong friendship first and he had turned his back on that. And she understood why he had to choose his brother, it was a tough choice but it still didn’t negate the fact that it hurt her to see him make his choice.

“No not because of them.” She finally replied as she zipped her suitcase closed and walked past Maria to go into the bathroom and started grabbing her stuff. Maria followed her.

“Then why are you leaving? Is this because of what happened today?”
Liz grabbed the last of her things and left the bathroom, going back to her room to put them into one of the bags she had on her bed. She straightened up and looked around her room to see if she had missed anything.

“Liz? Is this because of what happened today because if so then I…”
Liz faced her and interrupted.

“Don’t flatter yourself Maria, I can handle what happened today and no doubt whatever else you would have instigated in the future but it has nothing to do with this.”

“About today Liz…I was…” Maria began but Liz interrupted her again.

“Jealous, spiteful, a bitch? Any of those best describe your actions lately?” She began and almost laughed at the look of guilt that crossed Maria’s face.

“I get that you feel angry because neither Michael nor I told you our little secret but it was none of your business, we’re adults who occasionally had sex when neither was in relationships. That’s all it was, nothing more, nothing less and you behave like I’ve been trying to get in the pants of your boyfriend for the last few weeks…” Liz ranted and Maria interjected with her say.

“But he was my boyfriend and you were texting him whilst you were away!”

“Yes I was and I’m not going to deny it but you didn’t hook up until after I left, I had no idea he had a thing for you and believe it or not, but he never told me about you in all the times we spoke on the phone or texted. If he had told me he was sleeping with you then I’d have backed off, I’ve done it before and this would have been no different to all the other times but he didn’t tell me!”

“You just don’t get it Liz, you were sleeping with my boyfriend, I was angry…”

“I never slept with him whilst you two were together; I was at my parents’ for goodness sake! The only thing I’m guilty for is kissing him but even that was before I found out about you and him. So you have no right to go spreading rumours about me to the whole school just because you’re pissed that I had slept with him in the past.” Liz snapped and turned to drag her stuff out into the front room.

“I know what I did was wrong Liz, I didn’t think it would get that far, I was just angry and upset and Pam was saying something about Max in the bathroom and I just blurted it out that you’d been screwing him.” Maria tried to defend but Liz was having none of it.

“You knew what you were doing Maria, at least have the balls to admit it. You knew what would happen if you told someone. You were getting back at me. That’s fine, it just makes me angrier that I actually tried to be friends with you when you transferred here.” Liz said as she piled her suitcase next to the front door and went back to retrieve her couple of bags of items.

“Look I didn’t come here to fight with you Liz, I came to apologise. I certainly didn’t want to force you out of your home or the school.” Maria sounded sincere and Liz faltered in her path.

“Fine, apology accepted but it’s not you that’s making me leave. Now if you don’t mind I need to get going.”

“So it’s because of this thing with Michael and Max?” She asked and Liz sighed running her hands through her long hair. She turned to Maria as she grabbed a jacket from the sofa and yanked it on.

“This thing with Michael and Max? It’s just the way it is, there’s nothing I can do about it, Michael was my best friend and he chose Max, I accept that. Is it hard living with him when I know we can’t really be friends or be alone in the apartment without you or Max wondering if we’re at it again? Yes it’s fucking exhausting! All I want is my best friend back and to have Max back too but that’s not going to happen. I’d have moved regardless eventually just to stop all the tension and from listening to you two at it all the time.” She paused and saw the flush on Maria’s pale cheeks.

“But no it’s not this thing with Max and Mike that’s making me leave. It’s something out of my control.” She leaned down and grabbed the letter from the table. She held it out to Maria.

“Give that to Michael please, it’ll explain everything. I’ll have someone come get my boxes of stuff within the week to put in storage.” She said as she grabbed her set of keys and removed the keys to the apartment. She tossed them on the table and turned to pick her bags up and grab her suitcase.

“Liz wait, Michael would want to see you before you leave. Don’t leave it like this.” Maria begged as she scanned the letter. Liz sighed but didn’t stop or reply. She opened the front door and left as Maria grabbed her phone from her pocket and dialled Michael’s number.
“Michael, get here now, Liz is leaving.” She said as the door shut behind Liz.

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Re: Being Miss Perfect (UC/CC Mi/L M/L Adult)AN 23/07/13

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A day later than I planned but got the next part out for you!! Elle xx

Chapter 30

It had been three weeks since Liz had left her apartment and had moved in with her brother and Isabel. She had ignored the several calls from Michael, trying to find out where she was.
She was trying to sort her life out now that she had no school to go back to. She had found a job in a restaurant in Albuquerque during the day as a waitress; Tess’s dad owned it and Tess had offered Liz the job so she would have something to do.
She also worked some hours at Fosters’ bar in the evenings to get some extra cash. Liz was trying to save up for her own place so she could get out of her brothers’ hair and have some independence back. She hadn’t run into her mother or her father since returning despite Alex trying to get them to come see her.
She had even made a few calls to speak to Serena or to arrange another visit but Serena was rejecting her efforts.
She had yet to hear from Max, despite leaving him two voicemails. His mother had turned up at the restaurant where she worked to see how she was doing. Diane was trying to get Max to see reason and to try and move forward with Liz but her efforts were falling on deaf ears, she had admitted to Liz one day.
Just when things couldn’t have gotten worse for Liz, they did.
She had just spent a week off sick with the flu when she got a visit from her brother at work. Diane Evans had stopped by for lunch, as she usually did every Tuesday, she and Liz had become friends and Liz enjoyed speaking with Diane between serving customers.
Alex walked into the restaurant and Liz waved before turning her attention back to the two women who were ordering.
When she had finished and turned around, Tess’s dad called out to her and indicated she needed to go out back to the staff room. She followed him and saw Alex waiting for her.

“Alex what are you doing back here?” She asked confused and she readjusted her white apron over her black uniform.

“I’ve got something to tell you.” He said quietly and she frowned.

“I thought you had work.” She said and he nodded.

“I was at work but…um…Serena’s mother called, looking for you. Something’s happened and I wanted to come tell you before you heard it from somewhere else.” He looked sad and she frowned.

“Her mother? Why?” She asked,

“It’s Serena.” He paused and she frowned.

“What about Serena?” She asked and he took a deep breath.

“The staff found her this morning, in her room and called the paramedics.” He spoke and she stopped breathing. Surely he wasn’t saying that she was hurt.

“Is she ok? She’s at the hospital?” She asked quietly.

“No, they said the paramedics were called out to a suicide attempt.” Alex said softly and she sighed.

“But she’s alive right? It was just an attempt?” She asked hopefully and her hope died when he looked down at the floor and swiped a hand across his face.

“No Liz, she’s not ok. She was dead when they got there. The staff had been trying to revive her but…”
Liz tuned the rest out, she didn’t hear it, all she could hear where her thoughts racing through her mind. Serena had committed suicide? She was dead? How did someone commit suicide in a secured unit?

“You must be wrong, she’s in a psych unit Alex, they don’t allow them anything that can be used to kill themselves. She can’t have died.” Liz refused to believe it but Alex stepped forward and grabbed her arms to make her listen.

“No, Liz, it happened, it does happen. I’m not wrong. I’m so sorry.” He said sympathetically and she shook her head, stray tears fell from her eyes.

“No.” She whispered but Alex pulled her into a hug and she realised that he was telling her the truth. It wasn’t some twisted joke, Serena had killed herself and it was because of Liz.

“I’m sorry Liz.” He mumbled into her hair as she felt more tears run down her face, soaking into his jacket.

“It’s all my fault.” She kept repeating over and over as the world around her blurred from her tears and all sounds were drowned out.
The funeral was being held a week after Serena had committed suicide, at a cemetery in Roswell.
Liz ran on autopilot, not stopping for a minute to think about why Serena had killed herself, the truth was she didn’t want to think about what she had done or rather not done in order to make Serena do what she had.
The day Alex had broken the news to her, she had been allowed to go home early from her shift and Diane had been about to leave as Alex had ushered her, crying, out of the restaurant. He had sat her in his car out the front and stopped briefly to whisper to Diane who had followed them with concern in her eyes for Liz.

The night before the funeral, Liz found herself sat on her bed in Alex’s house, with her phone in her hands, staring down at the number displayed. She wasn’t sure why the need to call him was so important but she found she could hardly breathe with the funeral looming tomorrow and needed to hear his comforting voice. She pressed the dial button before she lost her nerve and held it up to her ear to listen as the dialling tone sounded and began to ring. She heard the phone pick up on the other end and her heart thudded in anticipation of hearing his voice.

“Hi you’ve reached Max Evans, I’m not available right now, leave a message.”

She felt her stomach drop when she realised it was just a voicemail message. She hung up without leaving a message and sighed in disappointment.

“He’s still not answering?” Isabel’s soft voice floated from the doorway. Liz glanced up as she threw her phone onto the bedspread.

“Not that I’m surprised.” She sighed and Isabel walked towards Liz’s bed and sat beside her.

“I know we keep saying this but give him some time and he’ll soon think everything over rationally.”

Liz nodded as she thought about what Isabel and Alex had been telling her since that night but she kept thinking, what if he doesn’t think things over rationally? What if he just forgets about her and moves on? What if he really doesn’t care about her and never speaks to her again? Which was ridiculous given the situation she now found herself in and it were times like this that she desperately needed someone to talk to. Usually that somebody was Michael, he was her friend after all but since that week with Max, she had been finding it easier to tell him everything. Right this moment she would take either one of them to just hear her out and comfort her like a friend should.

“Has Michael spoken to you either?” Isabel asked and Liz shook her head. Isabel sighed.

“He’s being an ass Liz, he shouldn’t be treating his friend like this. He should put that Maria in her place, he should tell Max that he won’t give up his friendship just because Max demanded him to, he should grow a friggin’ pair and own up to his mistakes!” She fumed and Liz smiled despite the tears that were forming in her eyes.

“There’s a lot of what we all should do.” Liz said softly but the tears were clogging up her throat so her voice wavered and Isabel frowned.

“Oh Liz, don’t let them get to you like this.” She said as she placed a hand over Liz’s.

“I just feel so alone Isabel, I lost my parents, my best friend, my pretend boyfriend who wanted to be my actual boyfriend, school. Everything!” She felt the words spilling out and the tears flowing freely down her face.

“Liz listen to me, yes you have lost all those things right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them back! You need to start getting yourself sorted, put yourself back together and prove everyone wrong, prove you can do things your way.” Isabel said fiercely and Liz nodded.

“You’re right.” Liz said softly as she wiped the tears from her face, a new sense of self restored inside her. She would prove to her dad that she didn’t need his money to succeed in life, or his rules to live by. She would show him if it was the last thing she did, and she would do it for Serena.
It seemed a cruel joke that the sun would be beating down on the people attending a funeral, Liz thought it was just another horrid way of the Universe showing her that no one cared about Serena, certainly not the few people who came to the funeral. The few people from her family couldn’t wait to get away quick enough once the casket had been lowered into the ground and Liz was furious with them. She stayed watching the men fill in the hole, having refused to leave when the men suggested that it wasn’t something she would want to watch. Isabel and Alex were patiently waiting a few yards behind her, far back enough to give her the privacy she wanted but staying close enough to support her. Alex hadn’t wanted to leave her alone beside the grave but one look from Isabel made him give in.

“Isabel this isn’t healthy for her to watch this. Let’s get her home.” Alex said softly, although Liz wouldn’t hear him this far away, he felt the need to whisper in the cemetery.

“She needs to do this Alex, she needs closure.” Isabel replied and turned to look at her husband. She was about to speak when she saw the three figures making their way towards them and she nodded to Alex to turn around. He spun around and instantly scowled as the trio came to a stop in front of them.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He growled out and Isabel sighed. The last thing Liz needed was a confrontation here.

“We heard about Serena and came to see if Liz was ok.” Max said quietly and Alex snorted as he waved a hand behind him to where Liz was kneeling on the ground beside the grave where the men filling it in were just finishing up.

“You’ve seen her; she’ll be fine with us, now go before she sees you.” Alex replied and Michael took his gaze off Liz to look at her brother.

“Alex, I know I’ve screwed up with Liz but I’m not here to upset her, I just need to see if she’s alright.”

“That may be the case but just by being close to her will upset her Michael; you’ve let her down since this whole thing kicked off, what makes you think she’d even want your support now since you’ve deserted her?” Isabel said softly and before he could reply she turned her icy glare on Max,

“And last I heard, you had given him an ultimatum between you and Liz, which we all know who he chose. Why should now be any different?” She asked and Max nodded, still watching Liz’s back.

“The things I said were said when I was angry and I know a shouldn’t have said a lot of it but Liz told me things about Serena and I was there for her through some of it, I know some of what she’s feeling. She’ll be feeling guilty and I don’t want her to go through that alone.” Max said and Alex stopped him.

“She’s not alone.” Alex insisted and Max nodded his agreement.

“I know but I still want her to know that at least that part of our…relationship...was honest. I told her once that I was here for her and I won’t go back on that.”

“Max you can’t pick and choose when to be in her life, either you’re here or not, you can’t just show up without warning, she’s confused and hurting enough as it is without the added complications of you walking back into her life for a day or so.” Isabel said. Max simply watched Liz and Isabel spoke again, hoping to get through to him.

“Max, if you do this and then walk away again with no intention of being friends or at least starting to forgive her then it’ll kill her, she’s lost everything, her parents, her best friend and you.” She said as she glanced at Michael and saw the guilt written on his face.

“At least if you have no intention of forgiving her, and believe me, I know she made some bad choices, then at least let her have Michael back. Let her have her best friend back because no matter what went on between the two of them, I know it wasn’t in the slightest bit an emotional connection they had but she’d turn back time and not do any of it if it meant she’d get to keep him as her friend and you as…whatever it was you were both heading towards.”

“Just don’t mess with her head anymore.” Alex added onto his wife’s speech as Max and Michael looked at each other. They could see Max was thinking about what they said and as the sounds of sobbing floated their way, they turned to see Liz sitting with her head in her hands, crying for the loss of someone she cared about.

Michael straightened himself out and let go of Maria’s hand.

“Screw this, Max I know I made the wrong choices with Liz but they’re right, Liz is my friend first and I should be there for her, not letting you tell me who I can and can’t be friends with. You’ll always be my brother but she needs her friend right now.” He turned to Maria and said, “And I love you but she’s still my friend and if you can’t deal with that or be nice to her in the future then we need to break this off now. It’s your choice.” He left it at that and strode across the grass to where Liz was sitting crying.