Graceless Heart, (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature), part 4 5/14

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Graceless Heart, (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature), part 4 5/14

Post by MelissaD » Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:00 pm

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Since this is a series and no longer a one shot, I've had the threads combined. Sorry for any confusion with the stories looking like they're missing! :( Hope this makes it easier with the continuation of the story in one place. Thanks for reading!! :D

Title: Graceless Heart
Author: MelissaD
All my love to RoswellOracle for another amazing banner!

Disclaimer: Don’t own it. No profit, just fun. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.
Lyrics belong to Florence and The Machine.

Pairing(s)/Couple(s): Liz/Dean, Isabel/Sam (I’m a drifter fan and there’s not enough of that in this world. Also, I may have a slight obsession.) Some other CC (Michael/maria) and UC (kyle, Serena).
Category: XO with Supernatural.
Rating: MATURE

Summary: This story sprung to life while listening to “Shake It Out” by Florence and the machine. The Roswell crew minus a few members have been on the road since graduation, (not the same graduation as the one in season three), and Supernatural everything up to Season Two episode One.

Author's Notes: This was written like a one shot but I don’t know if it will actually stay that way. If this story does continue it will most likely be in a different one shot or story. (Honestly, I have way too many stories brewing in my head. :lol: )

“Shake it out” Lyrics in bold italics.
A few lines from Supernatural: Season two, episode one will be underlined.

Regrets collect like old friends
Here to relive your darkest moments
I can see no way, I can see no way
And all of the ghouls come out to play

And every demon wants his pound of flesh
But I like to keep some things to myself
I like to keep my issues drawn
It's always darkest before the dawn

And I've been a fool and I've been blind
I can never leave the past behind
I can see no way, I can see no way
I'm always dragging that horse around

Our love is pastured, such a mournful sound
Tonight I'm gonna bury that horse in the ground
So I like to keep my issues drawn
But it's always darkest before the dawn

It was all in slow motion. Every movement fluid as the seconds seemed to stretch to follow the stop motion of time. Her raven hair flared out, flowing almost gracefully as her outstretched hand reached for the man she was ever so slowly spinning towards. The scene played out like a well-choreographed ballet between two lovers. It would be beautiful, picturesque even, if not for the sharpened, perfectly curved piece of light weight steel in her outstretched hand or the blood it spilt when it connected with the man's throat. After all, affection is mistaken for the desire of determined malevolence and vice versa more than anyone likes to admit.

When her movements finally came to a stop, three hybrid men lay still around her and their blood reached for her feet. Her chest heaving, her jacket torn and dirty from the fight, she stared at the death around her. She knew she should feel relief, she survived again but there was still nothing beyond her exhaustion and grief. Her eyes searched their faces and once again the horror that stared back at her rocked her soul. She closed her eyes and forced herself to breathe as she repeated the mantra in her mind. “Not real, it’s not real.”

She opened her eyes and slowly the familiar faces she saw before her melted away into the unknown enemy that truly lay at her feet. She took another ragged breath in.

"Liz." Her head snapped up at his gruff voice. "Walk it off. We need to go." He sheathed his own knife as she met his fiery brown eyes. He nodded once still in his soldier's stance before he turned and most likely scanned the area around them. He walked away confident that she would follow but she watched him frozen in place. Her gaze fell to the ground and she told her feet to move but they were defiant.

"It's okay. It’s not them." The whisper was gentle and caused a tightening in her chest. Her gaze came up to the soft blue green eyes that willed her to calm her raging spirit. She knew that he was about to offer her his hand so she shook her head slightly and carefully stepped over the body in her way. He waited until she was next to him to fall into step with her. "It happened again."

She didn't bother to lift her gaze from the ground as she answered almost in a sigh. "It always does. Maybe one day it won't."

He stopped her with his hand and forced her to look at him even though he knew it would piss off their companion. "It won't stop until you stop blaming yourself. Michael knows it, I know it, and you know it."

"Well then, I guess I will always see them."

"Let's go! You know how Maria gets!" Michael yelled.

Liz moved around Kyle and started towards Michael who climbed into the driver's seat of their current car.

"Max would never want this and neither would Alex!"

She felt the anger flare up in her for a second before it snuffed out and her shoulders slumped just a little more but she didn't stop. "Thanks for the pep talk Kyle. Can we go before Michael adds one more to that list?"

"Jesus Christ Liz, that's not funny."

She shrugged as she opened the back door and threw herself down on the seat. "Don't wake me until we get there." She muttered as she buried her face in her arms. She heard her door slam shut before the passenger door opened and slammed as well. It wasn't long before she fell into a fitful sleep.

The nightmares always seemed to be the same scene with slight variations. The same faces that haunted her during the day followed after her in sleep only their faces never disappeared when she closed her eyes.

The gunshot went off and people scattered like cockroaches with a sudden burst of light. Most people ran away from the gun fire but she always ran towards it. She pushed through the screaming crowds trying with every fiber of her being to get to the other end of her connection. When she finally reached him the blood was pooling on the floor. She fell to her knees next to him, her hands automatically going to his chest where a small hole leaked precious red liquid. “Max.. stay with me.”

His eyes opened slowly. “Liz.” Blood bubbled from his lips that seemed to lose more color by the second.

Her vision blurred, “shh.. don’t talk. I can do this. We’ve tried the transfer thing before.”

“You’re not..” he coughed, “you don’t..” He coughed again and more crimson bubbles dribbled out. “The stone.”

She tried blinking away the blur from her vision but it came back every time. “I can do this. We can do this.”

His hand reached up slowly, touching her chest. “Love. Ever.”

The sob ripped from her throat. “No Max. I’m not letting..”

He struggled to hold onto her. “Forever. Love.”

She leaned down and kissed his lips wishing the power would grant a reprieve once again. Her mind tried to tell her no one gets that many chances but she banished the thought. “I love you Max. You can’t go. We’ll get through this. You just need to hang on.”

His hand landed with a heavy thump on the ground beside them. The sound could have been the blast of a bomb the way it reverberated through her entire body. She didn’t hear the scream, didn’t exactly feel the hands that pulled her away kicking and screaming. Michael picked him up and carried him away as someone carried her but things blurred so badly.

Alex’s face then Max’s face flashed in front of her. Both faces were angry then accusing then once again pale and lifeless. Max’s lifeless face appeared and his eyes snapped open. The words came without any movement from his lips. “You. You failed.”

Liz woke with a jerk and looked around frantically to gather her bearings. Back seat. She spotted Michael in the driver’s seat with a phone in his hand and Kyle staring at him from the passenger seat.

"WHAT?" Michael's voice boomed. "Fuck! We're coming, like fifteen minutes out." He threw the phone towards Kyle's feet and filled him in. "Maria's in the hospital."

"What happened? Did Iz say?" Kyle asked.

"I don't know. Isabel wasn't sure." Michael’s focus was on the road as the SUV sped forward.


Liz felt her stomach sink. She couldn't lose Maria. She didn't mean anything by what she said earlier. She didn't want to add anyone to the list. It was already too much. Her voice was groggy but insistent. "Floor it. We need to get there in ten or faster."

Michael's eyes were wide when they met hers in the rearview mirror. "Did you see.."

Liz shook her head, "no but that doesn't mean.." She trailed off and looked away unable to keep his gaze.
Michael returned his eyes to the road and pressed the gas pedal further down.

Liz walked out of Maria's hospital room feeling slightly dizzy but relieved. She didn't want to admit it out loud but it felt good to actually help for once. Maria had been hit by a car, as if their life wasn't complicated enough. Her injuries weren't life threatening, per se, unless you count the whole not being able to move from this area for at least two weeks. Doctors apparently were too worried about things that from her perspective weren't that bad but then doctors had to rely on what they could see from machines, they couldn't read Maria's body and feel things flowing and operating as they should. To put it bluntly, Maria's body couldn't speak to them so Liz fixed a few things to help her pain and help the doctors give her a lesser sentence.

She walked further away from Maria's room just needing to stretch her legs. She let the warm feeling inside her linger. She used to hate using the talent that max had given her. Well, the one talent that mimicked his own because of the pain it caused. It was too much knowing the gift could have saved the love of her life if only she had been there, if only she knew she had it at the time. But helping Maria, feeling the torn organs repair and become whole again. It felt good. Her hands had healed her friend and for once she had made a change for the better. She healed instead of destroyed. She was so tired of falling to her own dark thoughts and slipping into the same depression. If only the younger version of herself could see her now.

Liz walked down the hospital corridor lost in her thoughts until she felt something strange brush past her. She looked around but saw no one in her vicinity. There were two nurses at one end of the hall and a nurse’s station at the other. She turned and looked down the hall again. The feeling was gone but something about it seemed to intrigue her. She moved slowly glancing in the rooms she past when one made her stop.

A man was hooked up to a couple of beeping machines, the wires running everywhere along with a tube stuck down his throat. Another man stood by his bed. She noticed a doctor coming towards her and she moved away from the door continuing down the hall. When she turned around, the doctor entered the room. She made her way slowly back to the room keeping to the other side of the hall. She overheard the doctor’s words, “it's the head trauma I'm worried about. There's early signs of cerebral edema.”

Then a younger, more worried voice. “Well, what can we do?” She looked through the doorway and saw the other man’s face. He was tall and younger than she originally thought, probably around her age. He had yet to grow completely out of his baby face and it was surrounded by shaggy brown hair. It wasn’t his youth that pulled at her but the fact that he seemed so lost. He wore his fear and desperation on his face and in his shoulders.

The doctor again. “Well, we won't know his full condition until he wakes up.” She covered her snort, hadn’t she heard the same thing about Maria not two hours prior? “If, He wakes up.”


“I have to be honest. Most people with his degree of injury wouldn't have survived this long. He's fighting very hard. But you need to have realistic expectations, son.”

Liz felt it rush up her spine and lodge in her mind. She knew exactly what she'd do. After all, hadn't max started it so long ago? It was a way to.. not make up but make right. It would also be a way to honor him. It was perfect and this man was the best candidate to begin with. She looked at the room number and felt the plan forming in her mind. The doctor turned to leave the room and Liz leaned against the wall looking down the hallway. When she looked back, the shaggy haired man had moved to the bedside and touched the comatose man’s hand. She moved to the doorway and peeked inside. She overheard the man talk to the one in the bed. “Keep fighting Dean. We’ll figure something out.”

She moved away before anyone saw her and whispered under her breathe, “you won’t be saying goodbye today because I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa

And I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart
'Cause I like to keep my issues drawn
It's always darkest before the dawn

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa
Liz waited until the nurse’s shift change then slipped into Dean’s room quietly. She made her way to his bedside and looked at the myriad of wires then followed one line up to a monitor that displayed what doctor’s would say was a weak rhythm. She laid her right hand on his chest and the other on his forehead. She wasn’t sure how it would work with a stranger but hoped it wouldn’t be a trial and error type of deal. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and concentrated on the man that lay beneath her hands. She blocked out the sounds of the machines and the smell that screamed hospital then zeroed in on the smell and sensation that was all the man in front of her. The strong smell of leather, cheap soap, and after shave, a little motor oil mixed in with the strong coppery scent of blood, and something that reminded her of the FBI. She briefly wondered if she was really smelling all those things or if it was some kind of intuition of who this person was.

She shivered slightly then felt the air around her pulse. Her eyes popped open and she noticed the slight shimmer on the other side of the bed then saw him standing there. “Dean.” She spoke softly, “please let me in.”

He watched her obviously conflicted and then looked down at his own body in the bed. His hand reached out towards hers on his chest and the moment his energy touched hers, she felt herself pulled in. She pushed aside the images that flew at her and focused on the blood or lack thereof that flowed sluggishly through his veins. She quickly found the major problems and fixed just enough to avoid suspicion and wake him from his coma. She started to pull out when she felt the heaviness that no doctor could take away, a pain that she herself felt every day. Quickly, she went back through his body and fixed everything she found. Even though she felt her energy waning, she couldn’t pull back without making sure he wouldn’t have to feel any deep physical pain. No one should have to deal with both. She pulled out and noticed the change already in his coloring and stumbled backward.

“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” The hushed reprimand brought Liz’s head up. Isabel moved further into the room and Liz tried to take a step towards her but her legs started to buckle. “Liz!” Isabel ran forward to grab her. “What the hell did you do?” Isabel glanced at the man in the hospital bed as she pulled Liz to the door. “Nevermind. Let’s get you out of here.” At the door they bumped into a solid body. Isabel quickly moved Liz around the man in the doorway as he stepped aside for them. “Sorry, wrong room.” She whispered.

Isabel threw a glance behind her as she half carried Liz down the hall towards Maria’s room. She heard the commotion come from the room and tried to get Liz to move faster. “Are you crazy? You can’t just go around healing people. Jesus, you’re just as bad as Ma..” She trailed off and looked at Liz. Just then she felt Liz’s body pulled to a stop and turned to find the man from the doorway with a hand on Liz’s arm.

“Who are you? What did you do to my brother?” The tall man with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes looked half guarded yet half hopeful.

Liz’s voice was soft and sluggish. “Don’t worry. No strings attached. I promise.” Liz’s eyes connected with his and she grimaced as the images flew at her. He gasped and pulled his hand away as if he was burned. “Please don’t say anything. Please Sammy.” Her heavy eyes pleaded.

He nodded but was unable to wipe the shock from his face. “Are you like me?”

She shook her head, “no. No one is like me. Just take your miracle.” Liz turned away and reached for Isabel’s help again. “Izzy.. please get me out of here.” Isabel wrapped her arm around her back and helped her move quickly down the hall. She threw a glance back at the man and caught him still staring in shock then turned and headed back for Maria’s hospital room.

“What the hell got into you Liz?” Isabel continued to softly scold her but Liz noticed she had lost the anger that tinged her first reprimand.

“It's nothing.”

“That wasn't nothing! You practically drained yourself completely! How much did you.. heal?”

“I needed.. I couldn't fail him.”

“He’s a stranger. How could you possibly.. fail? You’re having the dreams again.”

“They never went away.” Liz tripped and Isabel pulled her closer, trying to hold more of her weight.

“You know it wasn't your fault. You weren't even there!”

“Does it really matter?” Liz saw Maria's door and wished she could run inside but she was barely keeping her eyes open.

“Yes! Because you didn't fail anyone. You have nothing to make up for.” Isabel pulled her inside Maria's room and sat her on the small cot beside Maria's bed.

“Well, you tell that to the faces haunting me.” Liz’s eyes were already closed when her head hit the pillow.

Maria sat up when they came into the room and she stared at her friends as she listened to their conversation. Her wide eyes met Isabel’s concerned gaze. “What the hell happened?”

“She was healing some guy. She used too much energy. If I didn't find her..” Isabel looked back down at Liz and Maria's gaze followed suit.

“What did she mean the faces haunting her?”

Isabel met Maria's gaze again. “The dreams. They never stopped.”

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
And given half the chance would I take any of it back
It's a fine romance but it's left me so undone
It's always darkest before the dawn

And I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't
So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road
And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope
It's a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat
'Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me
Looking for heaven, found the devil in me
Well what the hell I'm gonna let it happen to me, yeah

Liz snuck out of the hospital and walked until she found the local tavern. She chuckled at the proximity. She went inside and sat at the bar. She didn't bother looking around, she wasn't in the mood for company or hustling. She just wanted to forget. She wanted to forget everything they wanted to bring up again.
After she woke she had felt better, lighter somehow but then the questions came pouring in. Maria always wanted her to talk about it, get it out was always her mantra. Talking about him never made it easier. Any of them going over how no scenario would have changed what happened didn't help because they couldn't change the fact that there was one scenario that changed it but there was no way to go back. No safe way.

At the first chance she got to slip out, she took it. They knew that she would or at least Isabel did. She had understood her more than any of them since he died. Isabel was the only one that could really. It took Liz some time to figure that out but Isabel was the only one who shared not only her sorrow but the type of loss. Their roles had only reversed because Alex had been her brother but Isabel’s love and then it was her love and Isabel’s brother.

The bartender, an older man in his fifties with salt and pepper hair, stopped in front of her. “What’ll it be, miss?”

“Scotch, please.”

He eyed her for a second then pulled out a fresh glass and set it down in front of her. He pulled a bottle off a shelf behind him and poured some in her glass. “You know I would say you're a little too young and too pretty to be drinking alone this early but my wife would give me a black eye for saying such a thing.”

“You’ve got a good woman, sir.”

“Damn straight.” He said with a wide smile. She noticed the semper fi tattoo on the inside of his forearm.

“I would say keep her close and treat her right but I get the feeling you already do.”

He nodded. “I’m Tom. You give a holler if you need anything.”

She smiled, “Liz. Thanks Tom.” He moved away and left her with her drink.

She took a sip and knew he had poured from one of his better bottles. She tried to think about anything but what happened at the hospital. She didn't want her thoughts to go anywhere near her nightmares. She didn't want to think at all but knew that line of thinking was just as dangerous.

The chair next to her creaked with the sudden weight placed on it. “Can I buy you a drink?”

She rolled her eyes, “as you can see I already have one.” She turned her head to look at the newcomer and tried to hide her shock. She looked back at her drink. The thought of leaving came to mind but then she recalled the pain she glimpsed. She sat still.

“Well, I could really use one and I’d rather not drink alone tonight. Today. Whatever. I'm Dean.” She heard the whisper of leather against leather and saw the movement out of the corner of her eye.

She glanced to her side, he held his hand out. She swallowed thickly and looked at him. “Liz.” She glanced at his hand then back to her drink.

“Sorry, I don't even know why. I don't usually do that.” He coughed and shifted in his seat. He placed his hands on the bar and cleared his throat.

Another voice interrupted, “he bothering you Liz?”

Liz shook her head, “no. It's okay Tom. Could you get him a scotch?” She felt Dean’s stare while Tom nodded and got his drink. “It's on him.”

Tom chuckled, “damn well better be.” He pushed the glass in front of Dean before walking away.

“That's not a relative of yours, is it?”

Liz chuckled, “actually I just made his acquaintance a couple of minutes ago.”

“Why do I get the feeling I need to be on my best behavior then?”

“Because Tom is very respectful especially since he has a very good woman at home.”

“I thought you said you just met him?”

She shrugged. “Some things you just know about a man.”

“Really? What about me?”

“Hmmm.. Well.” She glanced at his hand, “can I see your hand?”

He smirked, “seriously?”

“How else am I supposed to get a reading on you?”

He took a sip from his glass then gave her his hand. She smiled then grasped his offered hand gently with her left turning it palm up. With her left hand holding his hand still, she lightly ran her right hand over his. She felt the callused finger tips and the two scars. “Working man’s hands. You’ve lived a tough life, made hard decisions, taken a different road, a harder one. You work for the people but are often misunderstood.” She looked up into his eyes and saw disbelief with something else more like shock but almost familiarity. It puzzled her but she moved on with a soft smile, “and quite the ladies’ man.”

He chuckled, “you’re good.”

“I try.”

“You know I’d probably let you take me for every penny I've got just for how damn good that was.”

“No need to lay it on thick there Dean.”

“Too ladies’ man-ish? How can I tone that down? I mean.. it works.” He raised the glass to his lips.

The smirk that came to his face was one specially wielded tool that only lead to one thing with a man as good looking as he was. He was back on his game. She couldn't help but laugh. Probably the first genuine all out laugh she had in too long and she wasn’t even sure why.

They talked as they went back and forth buying drinks. They moved to a table after their third drink and moved into more personal subjects even though both took care to keep their secrets.

An hour later, Sam Winchester walked into the building and headed straight for the bar. He asked the bartender if he had seen anyone that matched his brother’s description and the bartender pointed to the table in the corner. Sam turned and saw Dean seated at the table leaning in towards a dark haired girl. It looked like he was actually listening and intently at that. He rolled his eyes and moved towards them. When he got close to the table, dean’s eyes lifted to his. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere! You just got out of the hospital,” the girl at the table turned around. “You shouldn’t be..” He paused when he did a double take at the girl’s face. “Liz?”

Dean threw a glance at Liz, “you know her?”

A small smile came to her face, “hi Sam.”

Sam stared at her and Dean cleared his throat. Sam looked to dean, “sorry. We ah.. we.” His gaze slid back to Liz.

Liz smirked as she finished the sentence for him. “Bumped into each other at the hospital. My friend was hit by a car and you two were in a car accident. How’s your dad?”

“Good. He’s sleeping.” He looked at dean, “probably what you should be doing.”

“I was fine until you interrupted. Wait, ” Dean looked at Liz, “so that whole working man, tough road shit? You knew it already?”

Liz laughed and turned to Sam, “is he always like this?”

Sam gave Liz a smile, “most of the time, yeah.”

Dean finished the beer in front of him. “Shit. Why does this kind of thing always happen to me? This is where someone says, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or some such bullshit. I should’ve known this was too good to be true.”

“I think we’ve upset your brother.” Liz giggled.

“Fuuuuucccckkkk.” Dean covered his face with his hands.

“Take a seat Sam. What’ll it be?” Liz smiled. “Unless you want to take Dean to bed.” She barked out a laugh at the matching looks on the brothers’ faces.

She noticed Sam seemed to be getting over his shock at finding her with his brother and a dark curiosity was taking over. Dean’s head was back in his hands and she made another split second decision. It wasn't like her but she hadn't exactly screwed everything up with the few she had already made recently. She looked Sam in the eye, “sorry about.. before. I was really out of it.” She ducked her head as she brushed her hair behind her ear. “I did too much and drained myself.”

Sam watched her closely. “What did you do exactly?”

When she looked up again she noticed their conversation had gained Dean’s full concentration too. “I healed him.”

Sam narrowed his eyes slightly, “yeah but how?”

“What?” Neither of them answered dean’s bewildered whisper.

Liz lifted her hands and wiggled her fingers, “how else?”

“Bullshit! What? Are you two fucking with me? Sammy? You said..”

Ignoring his rambling brother, his gaze still locked with Liz. “You just healed him from the brink of death with.. what? Magical fingers?”

Liz knew the look of disbelief but she also saw something like hope in his eyes. She ignored Dean’s slightly hysterical sexual comment and nodded at Sam, “not exactly magical when you know where the energy comes from and the fact that I was brought back the same way.”

“Hello? Does anyone want to fill me in here? What do you mean she.. are you seriously saying you healed me?”

“So.. you’re one of us? One of the special children from yellow eyes?”

Liz’s brow furrowed, “what? No.” She shook her head slightly. “Is that what you were talking about at the hospital?”

“Fuck. I'm the third wheel now?” He leaned against the back of the chair. “Seriously?!”

Sam’s muscles tensed, “then what are you?”

Liz stopped herself from answering right away, glancing back and forth between the brothers. One was practically livid from being ignored, left in the dark, and maybe more while the other one was way too curious and on edge to take a bullshit story. “It's kind of a long story.”

“And I've..” Sam paused and sat back in his seat like he’d suddenly realized he had been inching forward every second of their conversation. “We’ve got time.”

“Thank you for including me in the conversation that is pretty much centered on me. Now, what the fuck are you two talking about?” Dean leaned forward again.

Liz downed the last of the beer in front of her and scanned the area around them. More people had entered and the music was loud enough to give them privacy. She looked at the two of them then her gaze fell to the table top as her voice lowered. “It all started when I was sixteen, working as a waitress in my parent’s restaurant..”
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Re: Graceless Heart, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 1/28/1

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Interesting start.

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Re: Graceless Heart, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 1/28/1

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Re: Graceless Heart, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 1/28/1

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Love this story so far! So Liz has healed Dean to continue doing the good deeds Max had talked about... What exactly has happened to Max? Poor Liz, living without her soulmate & feeling the burdens that she does! Hopefully having the brothers in her life now will help. Let's just hope Michael doesn't kill her for telling them her big secret! Wonder how they will take the existence of aliens!? Please hurry back with more soon!

P.S I love that you keep my Drifter addiction happy! :mrgreen:

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Re: Graceless Heart, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 1/28/1

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Please please please continue this story.
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Re: Graceless Heart, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 1/28/1

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Pandas2001,AlysLuv,HypnotiqBlueEyes,mela3, and all the readers: love love love to you! :D

Sorry I was off reservation for so long guys! This winter hit us hard. I feel like we've been going through one sickness after another for two months.. because we pretty much have. One of the bad sides to kids going to school, they bring all the fun quickly spreading things home! :lol:

Anyway, I have been working on the sequel to Preception but was struck with inspiration for this one and pretty much was able to write it all out today! Just a little editing and I should be able to get it up this week! :) This one will probably turn into a series.. We'll see. Perception sequel is coming along so I should be able to start posting that soon if spring brings more health and the winter sickys get out of this bloody town!

Sarah, you and me both! I swear when I get that itch for some drifter, I write like a mad woman! It keeps me happy. :D
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Fall Out. GH series. (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, GH part two, 3/2

Post by MelissaD » Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:54 am

Title: Fall Out.
Part Two in the Graceless Heart Series.

Summary: Picks up three days after the end of Graceless Heart. The fall out of Liz’s alien reveal to the brothers.

Isabel sat quietly in the armchair she had dragged in front of the window with the best view of the street. She had lost track of the time as she stared at the yard and road below waiting for any sign of her friend who had been disappearing for hours on end once again. She shivered at the image that flared into her mind’s eye of how she found Liz the last time she had been disappearing. It had taken her a few tries but she had finally gotten into Liz’s foggy dreams and found a name for a crappy motel that Liz had been stowing away. When she arrived and busted down the door to find Liz closer to death than she ever thought she'd see with empty liquor bottles littering the bed and floor.

The pit in her stomach got heavier and she tried to squash the nausea from that memory before it started but the smell of that room, the stink of sweat, vomit, and too many different liquors mixing on the sheets and floor, had fully invaded her senses.

She took a long pull from her water bottle then replaced it on the floor beside the chair. Deep breath in and a slow breath out. If she hadn’t found her when she did. Isabel shook her head, she couldn't think like that. This time she was definitely not giving Liz space to delve deeper into the darkness that gripped her like a steel trap. She was tired of giving her space to just bottle up the nightmares and whatever else she was keeping hidden then drown it all with a different bottle. It was time for Liz to open up to someone and maybe it was time for her to move on. Isabel couldn't lose her, it just wasn't an option.

“Nice view.” His whisper was soft and caused her heart to lurch. She only gave him a quick side glance and a small grim smile. When had Kyle become their voice of strength and reason? When was it that Kyle felt he had to keep everyone from losing it or no one else would.. or maybe could?

“It's relaxing.” His snort at her reply would have made her smile if she didn't feel so heavy.

“Ah yes, watching the leaves sway in the slight breeze. I find it calming as well, you know when there is an actual breeze or maybe enough light to actually see them.” He pulled a collapsible camping chair next to her and sat down.

She nodded, her eyes never leaving the window. “It's still a nice night. Where's Serena?”

“Mmm.” Kyle leaned his elbows on his knees and clasped his hands together. “She’s sleeping like pretty much everyone else.” He gazed out the window allowing the silence to settle over them.

After some time Isabel finally sighed, “I can't let her do it again. For all I know she could've killed herself that night in the hospital. I don't know if the dreams have gotten worse but..” Her breathe hitched and glistening eyes turned to Kyle, “how did I not see how bad it had.. How did I let her just fall so far into..”

Kyle touched her knee, “Isabel, it's not your fault. She kept telling us she was fine, she put on that smile and she.. Well, she was present and looking like she was back to normal.”

She shook her head, “I should've known. I know how easy it is to hide the pain and the suffocating darkness that..”

“You and I both know that Liz can be very convincing when she wants to and she didn't want us to know.”

Something dawned on her. “But you did. When you guys got to the hospital.. The way you had been watching her. And you told me not to leave her alone. You knew. How?”

He glanced out the window and leaned back into the soft back of the chair. “That day.. when we took out those skins that had been following us. She took all three of them out before Michael and I could even get close to them. Then she looked down at them and froze. I could tell that she was seeing their faces again. I still don't even understand why..”

Isabel took a shuttering breathe, “I shook her out of it. I think she was projecting when it happened.”

Kyle’s confused gaze sought hers out, “it? Like IT it? When he..”

Isabel only gave him a silent nod. “She felt something wrong all that morning then she disappeared. I was worried about her and when I found her in the back of her closet, she was crying and her eyes were closed. She wouldn't answer me so I just kept shaking her until she snapped out of it. She won't talk about it but I think she was there.. Maybe even saw it happen.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because it doesn't change anything! And bringing it up only makes her shut down. It was worse when she found out she could heal. She wouldn't even pretend to talk about it after that. I just.. I hoped that she could get past the whole thing.”

“But she still feels responsible. I always thought she blamed herself for not seeing it. How many people have we helped because of her visions and then one of our own.. taken out by some god damn senseless shooting.”

“And now she probably wonders if she could've healed him which is just crazy but.. I remember a time when I was grasping at straws too.” Her head turned back towards the window as the memories with the ghost of Alex talking to her started bubbling up.

“Buddha help us all.” Isabel gave him a smile but he wasn't fooled. “It’ll get better, this is Liz we’re talking about.

“I'm going to make sure we don't lose her. I know that she’s depressed and she is way too close to a cliff that..” She trailed off, one secret was enough to give away for tonight. “A cliff she can't come back from.”

Kyle leaned forward again, “you have to remember Iz, she healed someone. She wasn't just throwing herself in front of a bus or something. Yeah, she got ahead of herself and maybe she's still depressed.” He raised his hands at her heated look, “okay, okay. She’s depressed but she was fixing something. That’s a good sign. She still cares.”

“Even if that sign reminds her of Max? And could drain her so easily?”

His face fell and he looked out the window. A minute later he said quietly, “I'm not saying we shouldn't try to help her but giving up.. It's just not in her. She may be lost and struggling but I don't think we should ever say or think that she gave up. Yes, she's hurting and maybe making some questionable judgements but we’ll never help her by saying she shouldn't help people. That part of her will always be tied to Max but telling her she shouldn't use that gift.. that would be the same as telling her to stop fighting.”

Isabel looked at him, his face clouded with concern but when his eyes met hers they were confident. Isabel whispered, “I don't want to change her. I just want her to be careful.”

“We all do. We’re not going to lose her.”

“How can you be so sure? She keeps going off alone like this..” The image of Liz surrounded by empty bottles flashed in her mind again. She shook her head wiling the memory away, “what if we’re not there to pull her to safety after.. using too much energy?”

Kyle pulled out his phone, “you really want to know where she is?”

Isabel looked at his phone watching him hit a few buttons before answering, “how?”

Kyle grinned, “my dads a cop, izzy. You really think I haven't pinged her cell before?” He looked back down at his phone then turned the screen to her. “It looks like she's either at a bar or a motel because I doubt she's just..”

His voice trailed off and Isabel’s gaze jumped up to his. “What?”

“Everything else in that small area is just road and woods.” They both jumped up and moved towards the door. “Just checking out the area. No big deal, right?”

Isabel yanked open the door, “you better pray to Buddha that she's just drinking her nightmares away in that bar.” Because at least in a bar, there's someone to tell her she's had enough.


Liz was sitting indian style in the middle of the farthest bed in the motel room with her head down, her elbows resting on her knees to allow her fingers to massage her temples without her arms falling off. The last couple of hours had not been easy. The three occupants had been in different places and positions around the small room during that time but Sam and Liz were the only ones too tired to stand any longer. Sam sat facing Liz on the side of the neighboring queen bed, his head also bowed but his hands covered his face instead of a curtain of dark hair.

Sam had glanced at her before he felt the frustration starting to pull him apart and noticed he wasn't the only one. Of course her frustration could probably be multiplied by ten or more just by the mere fact that all the questions had been directed at her. Sam started to feel horrible for putting her in this position. They could've just forgotten about the whole thing but when he saw her that night at the bar, he hadn't been thinking straight and now his guilt was punishing him for that. With every occasional, somewhat to most definitely repeating question Dean had thrown at her, he felt it physically pile on his shoulders. Dean, who had yet to sit or lean or simply stop, was still pacing the damn floor. He was surprised the carpet was still there at all. Sam cringed when he heard Dean start to speak again.

“Show me again.. Wait.. No, never mind. Shit.”

Sam eyed his brother who seemed to be seconds away from completely freaking out.

“So, you’re sure I'm not going to start.. any of that alien shit?”

“Dean..” Sam sighed as he scrubbed his face with both hands, trying but failing miserably to rub his exhaustion away.

“What? It's a valid question.”

Liz looked at him and shook her head, “you shouldn't. I haven't changed anyone like that.”

“You said this alien hybrid dude brought you back from death’s door and that's exactly where everyone said I was.”

Liz sighed. “Can you just take a breath? I said I would answer your questions but I mean.. this is the same question over and over. You just need to relax.”

Sam internally praised her for keeping her composure because he was pretty sure he would have done the zap thing and knocked him on his ass by now.

“Relax?! You healed me with alien juice!”

Liz rolled her eyes and looked to Sam. “How have you not killed him yet? Does he give you this much shit for your gifts?”

Sam glanced at Dean from the corner of his eye. “He doesn't really like to think about my..”

“That's not true! And your stuff isn't the same as hers!”

Sam felt something inside snap when he looked towards his brother still pacing back and forth. “Really? How do you know? I don't know where it came from! I just know it has to do with the yellow eyed demon but you know, I'd rather have it come from a well meaning alien hybrid than A GOD DAMN DEMON! Fuck, Dean!” Sam dropped his head, immediately regretting his outburst. They were just too tired for all this.

Dean’s shoulders sagged. He stopped his pacing at the end of Sam’s bed and dropped himself heavily onto the bottom edge. His head fell into his hands, “Sam.. I'm sorry, this is just.. soo out of our wheel house.”

“Yeah, it doesn't seem to sit well when it happens to us.” Sam looked at his brother, his exhaustion not able to hide to sliver of fear.

Dean twisted to look at Sam. They both stared silently and Liz felt like she was intruding on some important family moment then dean twisted away turning his back to them again. His voice was low, “like I said, I’m sorry.”

Liz stood and pressed her hands down her thighs, smoothing out her jeans. “Soo.. I'm just going to go. The others are probably expecting me.” She walked in between the beds and just as she passed Dean his hand shot out and gently grabbed her arm. She froze and looked down. His face seemed like a mystery compared to that broken yet blank slate she had seen in the hospital bed just days ago or the panicked man trying his best to keep his shit together that she had seen for the past couple of hours.

His brow was knit together almost like he hadn't expected his own action. Then his forehead smoothed out and her gaze was drawn to his lips that started to move. “Thank you.”

Her gaze traveled up to his green eyes and felt a force pulling her in. The corners of her lips quirked up and she nodded as flutters rose in her stomach, “you're welcome.”

Sam stared as the moment seemed to stretch on. He glanced back and forth between the two of them when five sharp bangs caused all three heads to whip towards the door.

A split second and Liz felt herself shoved behind Dean who was now on his feet with a gun clutched in his hand. She wondered where the hell that thing was hiding when she glanced to her side catching Sam pointing a gun at the door as well. His eyes were on his brother and she noticed they were silently communicating with hand signals. The banging at the door came again.

“Liz? Don't make me break it down.” Isabel.

Both brothers looked to her and she released a breath she hadn't realized was caught in her throat. “It's okay. It's just my friend.” Dean and Sam looked at each other and Liz moved around Dean and raised her voice so Isabel didn't blast the door, “I'm coming. Hold on a sec.” Liz glanced behind her and whispered, “you should put those down or you might lose them.” She moved to the door. “I'll just talk to you later, okay?” With her hand on the knob she turned to them with the question still on her face.

Sam seemed to be the first to break from the confusion. “Yeah.” He nodded, “sure.”

Liz opened the door and tried to move out before Isabel and whoever else was with her tried to get in. Isabel looked inside. “Sam? And that guy from the hospital?” She looked down at Liz, “what are you doing?”

Liz started to shut the door then changed her mind. She opened it enough that both brothers were visible. “Kyle, Isabel, this is Sam and Dean. They had some questions and I wanted to answer them.” She turned back towards Dean and Sam, “winchesters, meet my friends Isabel and Kyle.”

Isabel’s eyes were wide as they came to rest on Liz, “questions?”

Liz sighed, “believe me izzy, aliens? Not that far of a stretch for them.” She glanced back at Dean. “Well maybe for him,” she pointed at Dean with a smirk. “He thought I was a lying demon with an agenda. I think he still might.”

Kyle’s head whipped towards Liz, “I'm sorry, what?”

Liz smiled, “yeah, they had just as hard of a time with the whole aliens are among us thing.”

Isabel’s gaze flicked back and forth between the two men and then the taller one caught her gaze. Kyle’s voice seemed a bit higher than usual, “you mean like those creepy little things that..”

Dean chuckled, “little? Dude, they possess humans.”

Kyle laughed. “Come on, like the exorcist? Please, that was just a movie.”

Dean turned to Sam with a smirk but Sam was staring towards Liz. Dean followed his gaze and caught the tall blonde quickly look away. What did Liz say her name was?

Liz turned Kyle around and pushed him out the door. “We can have a conversation about it later.. Or not. Please don't tell me the others are going to be following you.”

“How many others?” Sam said just a little bit too loud causing Dean to look at him like he’d grown another head. The three at the door turned towards Sam catching his shrug.

Liz cleared her throat. “Ah.. well including the three back at our place?” She glanced at Isabel hopeful for a confirmation then continued when Isabel gave her a small nod, “makes six.”

“Wow.” Sam sat down on the bed and Dean watched him silently, catching the quick glance at the blonde.

Dean grinned as he turned towards the group at the door. He definitely owes me for covering for his ass. “Sorry, my brother isn't used to traveling in groups.”

Isabel and Kyle shared a confused glance but Liz only looked at Sam with understanding. Liz’s gaze moved to Dean and they both froze for just a moment before Liz said, “we should be going. I’ll..” Her gaze moved to Sam, “call you guys later. Or.. ahh, you can call me if you have any more questions.” She grabbed the door knob and pulled the door shut. She closed her eyes and inhaled long and slow.

A forced cough caused her eyes to pop open. Isabel and Kyle both stood looking at her expectantly. “So.. did you guys drive here?” Isabel’s hands went to her hips as Kyle crossed his arms. Liz glanced around the parking lot then at the window next to them. “Not here. I promise I’ll explain everything.” She pushed off the door and headed towards the parking lot scanning for Kyle’s car. She found herself praying that no one would freak out when they found out what she did or what she had to say about the man she saved and what his family did for a living.


Liz sat in silence, her head bowed and covered by her hands as the arguing continued all around her. What was the point in arguing if she should or shouldn't have told them the truth? It was already done and no one was breaking down the door to arrest them. It was all so exhausting. Surprisingly, Michael hadn’t said a word. Maria, God bless her, seemed to be the biggest proponent for not saying anything. Liz wasn't sure if she was really worried about what would happen to the group or the people they let in. It was interesting how Maria had taken on more of Michael’s old role when he had evened out after max died. He stood back and watched, taking everything in before jumping the gun and Maria had mellowed a bit but when it came to situations like this she became the old Michael. Liz wondered if some part of her felt like that kept the old group somehow alive.

Isabel was trying to get them past it since the alien bomb had already been dropped. Maria shot back that they could leave and never be found but Kyle inserted, quite wisely, that tracking things was their job. How much had she spilled on their drive home? Of course that only sparked a whole other debate about what they would do to them.
Liz understood what her friends were doing. Things had been stressful lately with the skins following them again and then maria’s near death. She had complicated things but she didn't really see it that way or felt that way. Tensions were high and Maria was just afraid to lose anyone and Isabel.. Well, Isabel knew her deepest secrets so maybe she was standing up for her just because she knew how badly this could have been but instead she was helping someone. She really did need to apologize for scaring her.

Liz tilted her head up and peeked out from behind her fingers. Serena was sitting quietly on the other side of the room looking right at her. Her long red hair styled in soft beach waves framed her beautiful face. Her wise crystal clear blue eyes trying to see right through her and most likely were. In certain lights, she seemed completely ethereal yet in others she looked like a fiery angel sent to deliver God’s wrath. Right now, she just looked determined and Liz had no idea what she had as an objective but it most certainly involved her.

Kyle stood beside Serena’s chair while he fought on Isabel’s side of the new debate, being one of the only two that had actually met the Winchesters made him the perfect partner and really one of the only two who should even have a say on the topic of whether the Winchesters would hurt them. It was ridiculous. Serena’s eyes narrowed. She had caught her and Liz pulled her hands away and shrugged.

Serena was still watching her when she raised her voice above the argument, “I believe Liz would be the only one to say whether they would be a threat or not. She's the one that connected with them both, right?”

Liz’s eyes had gone wide as saucers as she continued to stare at Serena. Her gaze quickly flicked around the room at all the eyes now looking her way. Her gaze settled back on Serena and she nodded. Swallowing thickly, she tried to clear her throat then said, “they're not a threat. Dean is confused but once he settles the.. aliens are real thing, he’ll be fine. They hunt monsters and.. we’re not that. They have secrets too. They wouldn't turn us into the police let alone the FBI. They're a thorn in law enforcement’s side more than us. They've also lived a lot longer lying low and keeping their necks out of jail. To us, they're harmless.”

Serena’s right brow quirked up along with the corner of her mouth but then it was gone as she addressed the group again, “I, for one, think she knows what she's talking about.” Kyle’s hand squeezed her shoulder.

Michael finally spoke up from the table he was sitting at looking over maps and what ever the other papers were scattered around him. “I agree with Serena. There's no reason to worry about this. Liz says they're good then they're good. We’ve got enough to deal with, we don't need to argue about this. We need to decide if we’re going to move on. We don't know if these guys reported in or not. Do we want to wait around and find out or just move on?”

Liz watched Serena letting the further conversation drown in the background. Ever since Serena joined them a year ago, Liz had been spellbound. She remembered when Kyle had first brought her home to meet everyone, the moment was so surreal. Kyle introduced her and once Liz heard the name she froze. That one name brought up a long ago memory of future max mumbling about a woman who was Liz’s friend in another time. Even Serena's first words had pulled her in, “from how much Kyle has told me about you I know we’ll be fast friends”.

And as much as she wanted to be guarded with Serena, she couldn't help how easy their friendship was. She was a science buff and their stories were so similar, well except for the alien king saving her life. Serena had no alien king to swoop in and save her when a fire had taken everything from her including her only family. Liz’s traumatic high school experience paled in comparison to Serena’s, where their similar stories had veered into opposites.

When they had finally brought her in on their secret Serena had laughed and wondered what took them so long. Liz had wondered how many things they could actually change and how many things they just ruined when they tried to change it. Liz pulled herself out of her running thoughts and shook her head trying to forget where that line of thinking had ended or really almost ended her.

She stood up and walked out of the room, she heard Maria ask her opinion but she pretended not to hear. She walked through the house towards the back door then moved outside. She stood in the cool night air and crossed her arms over her chest. It wasn't long before Serena's soft voice spoke behind her. “Kyle told me what happened with those skins. You didn't tell me you were having a hard time again. I’m pretty sure you hadn't told anyone.”

Liz shrugged and closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of the breeze against her skin. “No one knew. I thought it would pass, a lot of times it does.”

“Or maybe you were afraid we’d start watching you too closely again?”

“Maybe. Can't say unconsciously I wasn’t protecting myself from big brother.” Liz felt Serena's hand on her shoulder then the tear that fell down her face. She dropped her head so Serena wouldn't see, knowing full well that was faulty logic.

“We’re overprotective because we’re all we’ve got. We don't like to see you hurting. Did helping him.. did it help you?”

Liz took a shuttering breathe in and opened her mouth but nothing came out. She shook her head not knowing exactly how she really felt about the whole thing. She felt a few more tears slipping out and she wiped her cheeks. Serena turned her around and pulled her to her chest and hugged her tightly. “I don't want to lose you. I know they don't want to either. You’re the closest thing I have to a sister and after the life I've had.. you know I don't take that lightly. If helping them helps you, I'm one hundred percent on board.”

Liz pulled her arms out from between them and wrapped them around Serena feeling the dam breaking down as the tears flowed freely. Her voice was cracking but she didn't care, “I felt drawn to something and when I started to heal him.. the pain that came through. I.. I couldn't stop trying to take what little pain away that I could. It was so much like my own.. I couldn't just leave all that..”

Serena’s hand smoothed down Liz’s hair. “Shh shh, it's okay. You don't have to explain a thing. As fucked up as our stories are, I've told you we are not alone. Maybe not the same kind of crazy but there are many types.” Liz barked out a laugh through her tears.

A few minutes later, Liz pulled away wiping her face with the bottom of her tee shirt. When she dropped the shirt she caught Serena’s curious look. “What?”

“So.. were you ever going to tell me about him? Kyle said he was really good looking which for Kyle..” She tilted her head like that explained how Kyle could be when talking about guys he didn't know.

Liz smirked, “he wasn't bad looking.”

Serena smiled, “hot damn. Tell me you're going to tap that before we leave!”

Liz chuckled and shook her head, “please.” She rubbed her arms and looked away, “besides he’s freaked out by me and he’s kind of a slut.”

“Wow, little miss judgmental.” Serena hip checked Liz.

“What? It's the truth. And you should've seen the way he looked at me.” She rolled her eyes, “and his brother, his own flesh and blood has visions and it freaks him out.”

“Mmmhmm. You like him.”

Liz’s spun to look at her, “are you serious? No. Not happening.” She shook her head, “he’s an egotistical, narcissistic, man slut with an affinity for guns and sleeping with any woman that will let him in every city in America.”

“Wow, that much huh?”

Liz punched her arm, “you're so frustrating!” Liz turned and started for the back door, “just had to ruin the moment.” She entered the house leaving Serena laughing in the backyard.

Serena’s laughter slowly faded and she looked up at the stars. “I've really gotta meet this guy.”


Five hours later, Liz was turning over in her bed for what felt like the millionth time. She had been trying to fall asleep for three hours and wasn't getting anywhere close to an actual dose off. Serena's words kept ringing in her head then images of Dean pacing and practically losing his shit in the motel. She finally threw off the blankets and shoved her feet into her running shoes. She didn't mind the sweats she was wearing but grabbed her lightweight running jacket off one of the hooks on the back of her door to throw on before grabbing her cell phone then slipping quietly down the stairs then out the front door.

She pocketed her cell phone and starting jogging away from the house. Any time her mind starting going where she didn't want it, she'd push herself harder. She ran through the night enjoying the cool air on her face and the pleasurable burn in her muscles and in her chest. Pushing herself wasn't anything new although the type of pushing in the past few years had changed. Pushing her physical limits became the new academic high once they hit the road and she lost that ladder she had been climbing since first grade.

Her phone started ringing and she slowed to a stop before pulling it out and flipping it open, “I’m fine, I haven't gone off the deep end somewhere.”

The low voice on the other end caught her off guard. “I guess that answers that question.”


“You know.. saying my name while out of breathe is.. kinda hot.”

What the hell? She started to stretch her legs trying to slow her mind as well as her breathing. “Really Dean? The way you were looking at me earlier was pretty much the opposite. Did you need me to explain how I changed the color of my hair or if I was a witch again? Oh wait, I mean demon.”

He was quiet for almost a full minute and Liz checked to make sure she didn't lose the call. She was about to ask if he was still there when his voice came back, softer than before. “I was calling to apologize for earlier actually. I know I was acting like a paranoid asshat which just isn't my thing. I mean at all and I'm sorry.”

Liz fell back on her butt onto the damp grass, wet enough that her sweats started to soak up the moisture but she didn't notice. “Dean Winchester just said apologize? I mean the Dean Winchester, demon hunter extraordinaire and world class ladies man?”

“You know.. It's a little.. unsettling when you talk like you know me but I only just met you.”

Liz frowned, “I'm sorry.. I.. didn't mean to pick up so much when I was healing you. It just happens with the connection. Memories seep through and I can't control what I take in. That makes this whole thing awkward, I know.” She covered her face with her free hand.

His chuckle warmed her suddenly chilled body. “Yeah, I remember. It's okay. I mean I’m alive to still remember those memories, right?”

The pain she had felt from him in a few of those memories pulled at her own dark secrets. “Yeah, I guess.”

The silence fell between them again and she jumped up feeling some wetness spreading along her thighs and starting soak through her underwear. She pulled the phone away and whispered, “shit. No wonder I was getting cold.” She thought she heard something from the phone and put it back to her ear. “Sorry what?”

“I thought I lost you there.”

“Yeah, I pulled the phone away for a second..” Because my ass is wet.

“So, what are you doing if you haven't gone off the deep end somewhere?”

She smiled, “I couldn't sleep so I went for a run. Sometimes my over protective friends find out I'm not where I should be and freak out.” Speaking of, I should head back. She turned around and started walking back towards the house.

“Well, at least someone’s watching your back right?”

“Mmm, you've got some overprotective people too?”

“Actually, I'm pretty sure my brother would say that about me.”

“Oh.. I thought he said you didn't like to think about his..”

He interrupted her, “that's because I'm trying to protect him. He freaks out about it and I try to get him to think about something else. Sometimes that makes me the bad guy when I'm just trying to get him not to think about himself like a monster.”

Liz stumbled and righted herself before she fell. “So you don't think.. I'm a monster?”

“No. No way. I may have been a little freaked out but come on, you just told me you saved my life and that you were able to do that because you had been touched by an alien. You gotta give a guy some time to adjust.”

Liz chuckled, “Maria ran through the streets screaming her head off when I told her.”

“Is Maria one of those friends with you from alien central?”

“Yeah.There’s only one friend who isn't from Roswell. We met her about a year ago on the road. More like Kyle picked her up at a bar and she never went home.” Liz cringed, “more like we became her home.”

“That’s gotta be nice. Having something like that on the road. It's just not the same when you're alone.”

“Yeah, a good friend of mine once told me that people with fucked up stories gotta stick together because who the hell else would put up with us.” She chuckled.

“I think I really like your friend. Her heads definitely on straight.”

She smiled. “Yeah, you and me both.”

“So, I guess that means we have to stick together. At least by phone. I mean Sammy could really use someone like you when the freaky vision thing happens.”

“Yeah, I guess I see what you mean. You should probably stop calling them freaky.”

“See, you're helping already.”
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Re: Fall Out, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 3/25/2015.

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great update

I love Dean and Liz together. I also love Isabel in this series.
Can't wait for more.

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Re: Fall Out, (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, One Shot, 3/25/2015.

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Just started reading this & I love it already! Can't wait for another update & thank you again for keeping my drifter obsession sated!!

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Confusing As Hell. GH (XO, Dean/Liz) Mature, GH part 3, 5/7

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A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up! Working on the Perception Sequel a lot in my free time and forgot that I hadn't finished this little series. Probably should finish this before I start posting the sequel.. right? :lol:

Title: Confusing As Hell
Graceless Heart Series Part 3
Author: MelissaD

Summary: Picks up six months after Fall Out.
Chapter inspiration, "Maybe" by Kelly Clarkson.

Isabel walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before she moved into the living room to stretch out her legs. Her early morning run left her sweaty but she felt refreshed. It was one of the many reasons she kept to her morning run all these years. She felt her phone vibrate in her arm band and smiled. She pulled her phone out and saw the name on the screen.
New message: SAM.
Researching just isn't the same without you staring over my shoulder.

She laughed softly, quickly glancing around her before typing back. I'm sure you're doing it all wrong. I could set up a very organized check list for you that includes time for food and proper rest.

I don't really remember much rest.

She blushed and bit her bottom lip as she tapped out her respone. Okay, I'll add exercise to the schedule too.

Maybe we could meet up? You could organize this mess for me. I would be extremely grateful and willing to pay you back.

Hmm, I don’t know if Liz will go for that. Can you talk?

No go. Dean’s asleep. Next bed. Have you been able to get anything out of her?

Isabel frowned as she thought about her friend and her more distant behavior ever since that night a month ago. Liz wouldn’t speak of it and that’s what bothered her about it. They all knew something happened between them and that they were no longer on speaking terms but she wouldn’t allow anyone to say a bad word about Dean either. Maria had been the unlucky one to be overheard calling Dean an ass who must’ve done something stupid and Liz shut her down fast but still gave no explanation. An apology came a day later but still no information on what the hell had happened. No. Either she doesn't remember why she's mad or he or she really screwed up.

I just don't know what could’ve happened. They were getting along so well that night at the bar but Liz screwing it up? I can’t really see that.

Yeah, that's the part that worries me. You said you didn't know of a real relationship that your brother had. Liz was in one and it was messy and she lost him. It’s just a set up for a perfect storm. After my brother.. the way she lost him.. it takes time to come back from that and from experience I can say it’s not the same when you try jumping back in. Isabel frowned as she looked in the direction of Liz’s room. She knew she left some time this morning and had yet to come back. She hadn’t exactly retreated into herself so much as just played the part of functioning member of the team. Isabel felt her phone vibrate in her hands.

Maybe they both decided that it wouldn't work?

A soft smile warmed Isabel’s face. Samuel Winchester, ever the optimist. Deciding requires people to agree on something. They won't even talk to each other.

So maybe a fight but what would they fight about that they wouldn't say a word to either of us? Dean acts like nothing happened but I can see it on his face sometimes and I know he’s thinking about her.

Maybe neither one of them wants to say anything because they know that they’re actually fighting ghosts. Maybe Dean knows that nothing good will come from pushing her because if there was one thing she knew, it was that Liz was most likely the reason for their forced parting. An idea started to form in her mind and she started her reply. Nothing good, that's for sure. Maybe we could get them together and find out. Are you up for a social experiment?

Do I get to see you?

Isabel smiled. Yes.

Then I’m definitely in.

What did you say you were hunting again? Isabel hit send as ideas started to spin in her mind and a plan started to come together.

A few days later.

Isabel had volunteered to run errands and pick up a few things for the new safe house and had appointed Liz as her partner. After sitting quietly in the car for forty five minutes, Liz finally spoke up. “I really don't see why you had to get away so bad. We barely even know anything about the area yet.”

“What? Are you seriously trying to tell me Michael and Maria weren't driving you crazy? That this whole new area isn't too dead for you to feel like you're actually alive? I'm dying, I need to see real people where there's actual stores..”

Liz smiled, “oh, I see. You just wanted an excuse to go shopping.”

Isabel rolled her eyes with a smirk, “okay, maybe a little bit of actual shopping not chore shopping but also some real life action. I want to dance where the room is so crowded you don't have to care if anyone can see.”

Liz gazed out the window at the darkening skies and the lights starting to glow as the city came alive in a different way. A small smile lit her face, “getting lost in the noise. I can handle that.”

“I told you this would be perfect! If you weren’t so set on being miserable, you might see my great ideas before I have to force you into them.” Isabel smirked when chuckled. “And Serena and Kyle said they'd probably show up after the stupid errand they were sent on so we’ll have some drinks, dance a little, have some fun! Like normal people our age. For once.”

Liz seemed to loosen up in the seat and turned toward her. “I can't believe you didn't invite Maria.”

“Are you kidding? That girl just wants to get laid and Michael is so damn worried about all of us he doesn't realize he's not attending to his.. duties.”

Liz eyed her, “wow.”

Isabel held up a hand for a second. “I don't want to talk about it but I do acknowledge it. You could use a little release too.” Isabel threw her a side glance and noticed her turn her head towards the window.

“Yeah, not exactly what I'm looking for.”

“I'm not talking about sleeping with some stranger.. you just need some relaxing girl time. This place will be perfect, I promise.” Isabel glanced at her and worried that she had ruined the progress she had made so far with that one sentence but she still looked less tense than she had been.

A few minutes later, they pulled into a parking lot for a large building and Isabel reached into the backseat of the car. Liz looked back watching her open the bag, “what are you doing?”

Isabel pulled out some clothes and grinned, “you seriously didn't think I was letting you go inside like that, did you?”

“Inside where?” Liz looked at the sleek black dress and the red dress that dangled from Isabel’s hand. Her eyes widened, “you're not serious.”

Isabel smirked, “you think you're going to be comfortable in those jeans and tee shirt dancing in a hot club? I'm thinking about you!”

Liz narrowed her eyes, “there's also a bar I could hang out at.”

Isabel huffed. “Really Liz? I wanted to go out and have fun not sit at a bar bored out of my mind watching people having fun just feet away from me. Come on, please.” She pushed her bottom lip out with a pleading look.

Liz smiled and rolled her eyes, “you owe me.”

Isabel’s face brightened, “you're going to have a blast and you'll be the one owing me!” Isabel looked around then pulled her pants off and whipped her top off and pulled the dress over her head. “A little bit of magic and it won't look like we spent an hour in the car.” She looked in the mirror and swiped her hand over her face. She took a final look at her hair and put a slight wave in it. “Perfect. Now you.” She turned to Liz who was still struggling to get the dress down. Isabel got out of the car and walked around to the passenger door. “Okay, let me help.” Within minutes, Isabel had the dress, hair, and makeup perfect and turned Liz to look in the side mirror. “What do you think?”

Liz smiled, she was always amazed at what Isabel could do. She straightened and then grimaced. “The dress might be a tiny bit tight.” She pulled at the bottom trying to stretch it farther down her legs.

Isabel frowned, “where? It looks like it fits you perfectly.”

“Do you know how long it's been since I've worn something like this?”

“Prom? I mean kind of.”

Liz nodded, “I feel like a child.”

“Umm Liz, you probably would have been kicked out of our prom if you looked this good. No school official would have let you in. This is what girls our age do! They get dressed up, go out and have fun!”

She pulled at the top of the dress. “Get drunk and end up in some serial killer’s basement.”

Isabel grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the car, “come on. Sometimes reading too much only harms you. God, you definitely need this.”

They walked into the club and were immediately hit with the pounding music and pulsing lights. Isabel pulled her to the bar, flashed down the closest bartender with a flirty smile and got them two drinks. With drinks in hand, Isabel pulled her onto the crowded dance floor.

It only took a few seconds for Liz to finally give in and throw out any lingering hesitation. They used to be able to have a good time and it always relieved the stress of being coped up or constantly on alert. She let go of the tension in her shoulders and knocked the drink back. She smiled at Isabel who cheered her on then placed the glass on a passing waitress’ tray full of shots. She threw her hands up and let go.

Sam checked his watch again as Dean pulled the impala into the parking lot. Dean parked the car and got out while checking out the area. “This place is like an all you can eat buffet. I mean even for the vamps, this is too easy. Loud, crowded, dark, shadowy corners everywhere, no buddy can see everything, it's like a stalker’s dream.”

Sam nodded, “probably why at least seven women have disappeared in the last four months. Stay under the radar, enough going on that no one can say for sure they disappeared from here or on their way home. I'm surprised this place didn't get shut down.”

“Money, man. Ooo or connections. Some big huncho keeps his hands in the right pockets, his place continues to make money.” Sam nodded as they made their way to the door. “At least there will be some nice scenery.”

Sam glanced at him, “seriously dude?” Dean grinned, his eyebrows bouncing as he made his way inside. Sam laughed softly as they walked into the deafening noise. “There will be a scene, alright.”

They moved further inside and Dean found an open table with a good view of both the dance floor and the booths in the back. A waitress came to the table and Dean ordered two beers. Sam scanned the dance floor and found what he was looking for. He hoped to catch her eye but she was facing the other direction.

“See something you like?” Dean yelled over the music.

Sam’s gaze shot to him and he shook his head. He shrugged off Dean’s answering laugh then smiled at him. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

Sam picked up the beer that was placed in front of him and took a pull as he looked back over the dance floor. He saw her turn, his eyes couldn't help taking in the red dress that fit her form perfectly then almost spit out the liquid when she bent forward and caught his gaze then winked. He coughed trying to clear his throat and Dean chuckled.

Sam really wanted to shove his brother’s face in the fact of what was really happening or maybe just shove him onto that dance floor right into Liz but he knew he needed to let it play out. He leaned over the table and yelled, “we should walk around, look for anything suspicious.”

Dean nodded and winked at him then clapped him on the back. “Meet back here in fifteen?”

Sam nodded then watched Dean move off. He took the long way around checking out the back area with booths before heading back towards the dance floor. He tried focusing on anything that looked suspicious but his mind kept going back to Isabel and that dress. He didn't know how much time had passed when he found himself checking down the slightly quieter hallway where the bathrooms were located.

He was at the end of the hallway past the bathrooms when he peered around a corner and felt something push against his back. He froze, cursing at himself for being distracted while also quickly thinking of how to disarm the person or vamp behind him. Then a hand grasped his ass and he jumped. He snapped his head to the side to look over his shoulder and caught her smile.

“Hey handsome.”

The shock knocked out the air caught in his lungs, “Jesus Iz.” He turned and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him then sealing their lips together.

Her hands slipped under his shirt. She smirked as he pulled back slightly looking at her in mock disapproval. She smiled, “you’re pretty good looking naturally but on the hunt.. Damn Winchester. You’re sure you don't have any mini me’s running around?”

Sam laughed, “I was trying to focus but obviously couldn't keep the image of that damn dress off my mind. I'm lucky you found me.” He turned and pressed her into the wall. “If it had been something else..”

Her smile stretched, “ah yes.. The hunter became the hunted.” Her hands slipped around his belt then smoothed up his stomach and chest before sliding over his shoulders.

Sam glanced up the hallway back towards the main club, “where's Liz? Dean’s scoping out the club. I’m starting to worry that it won’t end well if they bump into each other and realize we..”

Isabel covered his mouth with the palm of her hand then she whispered, “oh Sammy, my little experiment has just begun.” A dazzling smile came to her face.

Sam kissed her hand and Isabel moved it to the back of his neck. Sam smiled, “you’re so hot when you talk nerdy.”

Isabel chuckled and leaned into him. “Did you miss me?”

The heat in his eyes caused her breathe to catch. Instead of answering with words, he kissed her. It was a sweet, light press of his lips at first then his hands were gliding up her sides and more of his weight pressed her into the wall sparking an ignition that Isabel knew wouldn’t be able to be held in check for much longer.
Dean strolled around the club not really noticing anything off kilter for a place like this. He got a few looks but he kept moving along, dance clubs weren't exactly his ideal place. Sure, there was enough booze and women to make the mouth water but the dancing was just.. He never understood it.

After one full walk through, he made his way to the bar and ordered another beer. One of the other things he hated about places like this was the price for a bottle of beer. It was highway robbery at its finest and he was stuck without another option.

A woman sat down next to him and gave him a fake shy smile as she leaned towards him. Her tight shirt along with what he assumed was a push up bra put every inch of cleavage on display. Her lips mouthed the word “hi” or at least he thought she lipped it since even at the bar he could barely hear a word. He grinned and gave her a quick nod then picked up the beer the bartender placed in front of him. He turned around leaning back against the bar as he scanned the room again, part of him wishing the woman next to him wouldn’t do what he was pretty positive she was about to do.

She leaned into him and raised her voice over the music, “you’re not from around here.”

He shook his head. “Visiting.” He shouted.

She smiled, speaking right into his ear. “I could show you around if you like.”

He thought about it for a second and opened his mouth to politely refuse when he heard a voice shouting next to him. “Two jolly ranchers!”

His head swiveled and his jaw dropped. She stood on her tip toes with her hands using the bar top for balance to lean in to call to the bartender. The tight black dress that ended at just about mid thigh only highlighted her trim, athletic figure. Her raven hair fell down her back in soft curls until she scooped it up on top of her head and fanned her neck. She turned slightly towards him and caught him staring at the perfect side view of the front bodice of her dress.

Her gaze dropped to her own chest and she didn’t miss how the position of her arms gave him a tantalizing view. Her lazy smile dropped along with her arms as her gaze went back to Dean who had regained his composure. “Dean.” She nodded.

“Liz.” He grinned. “Nice dress.”

Her eyes slid to the woman still practically leaning on him and she smirked. “Nice accessory.”

Dean glanced at the woman out of the corner of his eye and shook his head but two drinks were placed in front of Liz and she missed his denying response as she handed the bartender cash. She grabbed the drinks and turned back towards the dance floor. She gave him another once over before passing him with a quick, “have fun with that!”

Dean watched her saunter away and cursed under his breath. His gaze was already scanning for Sam. No way in hell they just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

Liz forced herself to walk back to the dance floor seeking out Isabel and tamping down both her urge to run and her anger that she had been set up. Isabel had to know but maybe she was jumping to conclusions. Was it possible that they just happened to be in the same place at the same time? That would be a hell of a cosmic coincidence and she wasn't falling for it. Isabel was still talking with Sam, their relationship was sailing along just fine no matter how low key Isabel tried to keep it or how much she downplayed it.

Liz reached the spot she had split off with Isabel and felt a flare of annoyance that she was the only one there. Liz knocked back one of the drinks and dropped it on a passing tray. Isabel had said she was going to run to the bathroom really fast. It had taken at least fifteen minutes to get to the bar, get the drinks, and get back. Could there really be that long of a line in the bathroom? Then it hit her. She had bumped into Dean and she had a really good guess who Isabel had bumped into on her way to the bathroom. If that's even where she went at all. She walked around the dance floor and headed towards the bathrooms. The pounding in her chest was a match for the music thumping against her but neither could stop the memories that were flooding to the foreground.

She had been sleeping when the phone rang insistently somewhere near her. She almost fell out of the bed pawing around for it. When she finally found it and pressed it to her ear, she regretted it.

Loud country music screamed from the speaker of the phone. “Fuck.”

She pulled the phone away slightly when she heard his voice. “Parker! Hey baby.”

“What in the hell?”

“What? Sorry.. Lemme.. Go somewhere”

She glanced at her clock, “Damnit Dean, it's three in the morning!” She whisper shouted into the phone. The music was muted and seemed to be getting lower. She wondered if he was in a bar then realized if he was in the car he would've just turned it off and that definitely wasn't dean’s kind of music. A bar would also explain his little slur. She fell back to her pillow, threw her arm over her eyes, and groaned.

“Did I interrupt something?”

“Yeah, my dreams.”

“Mmm.. good dreams?”

“Not what you're thinking.” She chuckled.

“I have good dreams of you.”


“Yeah. I think of you a lot. I can't help it.. You just pop up all the time. Which is crazy because I haven't even seen you naked and I.. Well, my mind makes it up but I think the real thing is way better but damn I think I.. Feel something for ya, ya know? I've never even talked to a woman like you.. I never talked to a woman as long as you.. Like who the hell stays up talking all night til the sun rises? Girls.. But I do it with you all the time and I don't even care. I love it. I enjoy myself talking and listening.. it's weird. For me.. really weird. Not really my go to all night long activity.” He laughed, loud and boisterous.

Liz chuckled and cut him off, “Wow, how much did you drink?”

“I just.. It's been awesome. You're awesome. I want to talk to you allthetimes.”

She couldn't help the smile creeping wider at his behavior. “Is Sam with you? You really shouldn't drive.”

“Liz.” His voice took on a more serious tone and she froze.

“Yeah?” Her voice was soft.

“I think I.. I think I might be..”she heard him retch and she pulled the phone away and cringed. She waited a few seconds then put the phone to her ear again.

“Dean, are you okay? Should I call Sam?”

“Nah. I'm fine. I just need..” His voice trailed off and she panicked.

“Dean? Dean! Talk to me!” She gripped the phone then heard crunching gravel.

“Heya Sammy. The drinks have gone bad! Can you believe they took my money for that crap?” Dean's syrupy voice wasn't right in the speaker and she knew he dropped the phone.

“Dean, what the hell?” Sam’s voice came through the phone and immediately calmed her rising panic.

“Just talking to my girl.. And I.. Where'd my phone go? Liz?” More gravel crunching.

She laughed picturing him pivoting madly. She rolled her eyes and chuckled softly. Then heard some rustling from the obviously now found phone.


“Hey Sam. I was about to hang up on him and call you.”

“Yeah.. Sorry about that.” His voice dripped with apology.

She laughed, “what do you have to be sorry for?”

“Are you kidding? He’s my brother.”

“He's fine, Sam. Just get that bonehead to bed.”

“Gimme the phone Sammy. She doesn't want to talk to you. Hey.. Hey ask her if she could play only one game for the rest of her life, what would it be?”

She giggled as she heard Sam brushing him off, “dude. You need to sleep it off. Come on. Why the hell did you drink so much anyway?”

“Just give me the phone. I'll ask her.” She heard some rustling then dean's voice again. “Liz..”

“Pool. I would play pool.”

“That's my girl. You hear that, Sammy?”

She smiled. “Dean?”


“Let Sam take you to bed please.”

“You don't want to talk? We could keep.. I could talk to you all night. I mean if I were with you..” She could picture him looking to his brother and wiggling his brows as Sam just shook his head.

“I need to go back to sleep and you need your rest. Please let Sam put you to bed.”

“Okay. If that's what you want. I'll go to bed but just with.. for you.”

“Thank you. Good night, Dean.”

“Sweet dreams, Parker.”

She ended the call and sent a quick text to sam saying simply, thank you. Then she placed it back on her night stand unable to wipe the smile from her face.

Liz felt the familiar ache in her chest and pressed on her sternum knowing logically it wouldn't help anything but still she rubbed at the sting never the less. Things had gone so wrong, so fast between them but so had everything else. Maybe they had moved too fast and it only made sense that everything got out of hand too quickly. She could go on and on with all the reasons and minute details but it was time to admit what they really were all along- just a laundry list of excuses for the series of events that she set in motion and she was ultimately responsible for its destruction.
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