Unexpected Attraction (Slash, K/Mi, Adult) [COMPLETE]

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Unexpected Attraction (Slash, K/Mi, Adult) [COMPLETE]

Post by magikhands » Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:41 pm

Title: Unexpected Attraction
Author: magikhands
Rating: ADULT * SLASH * Kyle/Michael *
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell. This is strictly the result of my imagination
Summary: Kyle’s POV… Occurs after Graduation – Kyle’s life becomes more interesting and complicated


Chapter 1

The motel neon sign flashed in the window, right into my eyes. I turned over but still, the red flashed through my closed eyelids distractingly. I let out a sigh and gave up on getting any sleep. Instead I let my mind wander to that September day that my life got off track and led me to where I am today, sleeping in a cheep, roach infested motel room with an alien hybrid in the other bed.

If I want to get real technical, I’d blame it all on the crashed spaceship in 1947 as the cause of all my problems today for it was carrying my roommate, along with seven other beings genetically engineered on another planet. But that was before I was born, so to be fair and I’d say it all started the day Max Evans saved Liz Parker from a gunshot wound.

You would think I would say it was the day Max healed me of a similar injury, but as I thought more and more about it, I decided it all began with Max and Liz. Before that day, I had a normal life. I had everything a small town boy could ever want. I had a smart, pretty girlfriend, a stable relationship with my dad who was the Sheriff, which gave me a certain status in town. I was an all-star jock, good in all the sports I played, with a dream to become a great baseball player. I was happy with life. But then along came Max Evans and his alien chaos.

My life now? Well, the days are spent riding in a smelly cramped van with three alien hybrids, a human, and one that has been changed. Oh, and did I mention that we were running for our lives? Yeah, the FBI is hot on Max’s trail again, determined to exterminate him, Isabel, Michael, and Liz. Maria is just along for the ride because she thinks she can’t live without Michael. And me…? Well, having seen the changes that Liz went through because of Max’s healing, and my relationship with the Pod Squad, I thought it would be best if I came along, just in case I started igniting books on fire and green streaks flowing along my skin. Besides, I had limited options concerning my future staying in Roswell.

I honestly can’t say that the last three years have been boring since Max did his healing act. We’ve all had our fair share of excitement and fun along with fear and danger.

I turned to my side and looked at the silhouette of the alien sharing my room. He has been the biggest cause of stress the last couple of months. The one being on this Earth that has occupied my thoughts and dreams since leaving Roswell behind for this monotonous life on the run. The one who has cast me into a haze of confusion every time he’s near.

Oh, and just for the record, I’ve figured out that I’m bisexual. Women turn me on. Hell, Liz’s petite form haunted my dreams the summer before our sophomore year. Her innocence made them worse. We never made it further than kissing and some petting, but that night that I spent drunk with Max…the night Liz won that blind date…I realized that I was attracted to him. I fought the idea at first and hooked up with Vicky and had plenty of fun, but in the end, I knew that I wanted Max that night.

Then Tess came along wearing my t-shirts and taking over my room. Her sweet smell permeated our entire house. I had a lot of cold showers during that year to relieve my frustrations as my mind added her to my fantasies. Oh, and let’s not forget the crush I had on Isabel this past year. I was almost ashamed having naughty thoughts about a married woman. But by then, I’d realized I was attracted to both male and females, though I’d yet to tell anyone about that.

But my current sexual dilemma started the third week after leaving Roswell. Liz and Max were happily married by then and their mushiness was making the rest of us nauseous. Michael and Maria were fighting…AGAIN! Their relationship ran hot and cold. One day they were almost as bad as the king and queen, then the next day it was a war zone.

By the twentieth day on the road, our fearless leader decided it was safe enough for us to get a hotel room. I think he was more horny than sure of our safety. They’d only had one night alone together since getting married.

Anyway, we were able to get three rooms and paired off. Since Maria was still pissed at Space Boy for some unknown reason, I got to room with him.

I was more than happy to enjoy the hot shower then sleep on a lumpy mattress. I had little trouble going to sleep. It was the middle of the night when I felt my bed move then a weight lie upon me. Sleep still clouded my mind as lips kissed my neck and hands ran along my sides. I thought I’d gone to sleep with my shirt on but if this was a dream, then of course I’d want to be without my clothing and make sense to my clouded mind.

I moaned and turned my head, seeking the lips that were making my skin tingle. I moaned as I felt the warmth of breath upon my lips. My head swam with desire as the hands ran up and down my ribs and hips. As the lips finally met with mine, heat spread through my body like I’d never felt before. I felt drugged as my desire grew.

The body on top of me shifted and I felt a hardness settle between my ass cheeks. My eyes widened as I realized that the weight was heavier than a woman’s and that a woman wouldn’t have a hard dick pressed against my ass. I tried to use my arms to push up but the weight was too much with me in this position.

“What the fuck?” I managed to groan as my body reacted to the kisses landing on my back.

“Shhh…Relax.” Michael’s voice whispered in my ear.

My body stilled. My dick was painfully hard, pressing against the mattress while Michael’s touch was intoxicating. It was difficult to think straight. My attraction to Michael was another of my secrets I had hidden from everyone. I knew he loved Maria and she loved him. Like Max, I knew I had no chance.

“Michael…don’t.” But my protest was weak. It sounded more like a plead for more.

Michael’s mouth met mine and again and I was lost. Within moments, my virgin ass was filled with his thick cock. There was no pain, only raw need. All I could feel, smell, and taste was Michael.

As his cock slammed time and time again into me, his mouth muffled my cries of release. I don’t remember much after that. It felt like a drunken high before I passed out completely satisfied.

The next morning, I woke alone in my bed nude. Michael was coming out of the bathroom freshly showered and dressed.

“Hey.” Michael gave me one of his rare smiles. “I’m going to go and talk with Maria before breakfast. I’ll see you then.”

Michael left the room leaving me feeling confused. Had it been just a dream? I moved and sat up. My ass was tender and legs were sore. Looking down, I saw the evidence of my orgasm dried on the sheets. Folded in the nearby chair were my clothes, clean and folded. The joys of alien powers.

I lean forward, elbows on my knees, and hands running through my hair. “Holy fuck. What the hell happened?”

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Chapter 2

Post by magikhands » Fri Feb 10, 2006 11:49 am

Chapter 2

By the time I met the others for breakfast Michael and Maria were lip locked and quite sickening to watch. This confused me more than ever. How could we have totally amazing sex then he act as if it hadn’t happened? Could it really have been a wet dream? All in my imagination? Maybe Isabel dreamwalked me and was playing with my mind.

The rest of the day Michael acted like his normal self. He was completely wrapped up in Maria. He wasn’t ignoring me but I noticed that he volunteered he and Maria to drive that day. I said nothing. By that night, I was resigned to the fact that Michael had used me. He was upset about his fight with Maria, and used me as an outlet for his sexual frustrations. Not that I minded if sex with an alien was like that all the time. It was no wonder Liz and Maria always had a smile on their face when they got some alone time with their men.

I should have been upset. I should have said something to Maria. I should have blown the whistle. But I wasn’t upset and I didn’t say anything. I let it go, thinking about the feelings Michael ignited. Strangely, I was happy with the one night of passion. I was still reeling from the post sex aftermath. When they say ‘hot alien sex’…it’s incredible hot alien sex. Maybe something inside of me knew to be patient. That it would all work out in due time.

Two weeks went by without mention of that night. Michael and Maria were practically attached at the hip leaving me with Isabel. She was slowly getting over Jesse. I don’t think she was as much in love with her husband as she thought. The longer she was away, the more her love for him faded. This bothered her, which led to us growing closer than before. In fact, she was the first person I admitted my sexuality to and it didn’t seem to surprise her.

Then came the day I started crackling and popping like popcorn. Instead of the pretty green streaks Liz had, mine were red and quite painful that knocked the breath from me. The pain and electric streaks came and went periodically. It was unpredictable and seemed to become more painful than the last. Sometimes the electrical attacks would last only a few minutes, while other times several hours.

We quickly learned that having Max near me intensified the pain and duration of each attack. His touch was unbearable. I had the same reaction to Liz. I could stand having Isabel near, but her touch was painful. Maria, because she was human, had no effect on me. It was Michael who finally brought me relief from the pain. His touch was soothing to the changes going on in my body like rain falling during a drought.

While we traveled in the day, Max and Liz stayed in the front seats. It had been decided that while I continued having these attacks it was not safe for me to drive. If I sat in the far back seat it was a bearable distance from them. Then placing Michael in the seat between us soothed the worse of the pain. When the attacks got real bad, Michael would take my hand and wait for it to calm down.

The attacks were more intense at night, making me cry and curl up into a ball. No distance from my savior and wife would help them, only Michael could. Max took charge and decided it would be best to sleep in motels until these attacks passed. I knew he hated seeing me in pain, and every time I caught him looking at me, I knew he regretted doing this to me. I tried to lighten the mood and make jokes but it didn’t help. So when he stopped for the night Isabel, Maria, Liz, and Max shared a room while Michael stayed with me in a separate one.

Michael not once mentioned our sleeping arrangements or even about that one night I spent in his arms. But when it came time to retire, Michael would strip down to his jeans, and lie next to me on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, making sure his skin made contact with mine. My dick stiffened at the intimate embrace. I felt his thickness swell against me.

“Why…” I started to ask the first night but my words failed to continue as his lips tenderly caressed my shoulder. His touch and kisses were like a drug, calming my body and taking my mind from anything other than the feel of his body wrapped around mine. Sleep was filled with peace, not once waking to the agonizing pain of my body changing.

This went on for six days, traveling as far as we could during the day then stopping when it got dusk. I know the others were wondering what was happening to me. I couldn’t shed light on the matter because I, myself, didn’t know. To give them credit, none of them said a word but I could see their concern for me. They all were witness to my attacks and reactions to Max and Liz, then the turn around when Michael was near or touching me. Max and I had learned from Liz’s changing that it wouldn’t help to try and heal me. My body was changing but with the intense reactions I was having to those around me, I could swear mine was worse than Liz’s. Why? I haven’t a clue and maybe will never find the reason.

Once my body stopped freaking out and I was able to be around Max and Liz, life went back to normal…or at least what had become normal to us. We had zigzagged through the country making it hard for the government to track us. We found a town not too big outside of Nashville to settle in for a few weeks. We were all tired of the van and being on the road. Thinking it would be safe for a short time, we rented an apartment and got jobs that paid under the table.

During our time in one place, I worked on the powers that were developing. I could do the basics like Max, Isabel, and Michael, but what was really cool was that I could play with fire…literally. After burning a few things around the apartment, I was finally able to control it and make a fireball.

I was also able to help Liz learn to meditate which helped her with her visions. We were becoming quite the family unit as we settled into a comfortable routine. It was a little tough to watch Michael with Maria. Every time we were near, I could still feel his touch on my body and remember the way he felt inside of me. But Michael gave no indication that it would ever happen again. He was completely devoted to Maria.

I resigned myself to the fact that I may never find love like Max and Liz or even Michael and Maria, and decided that being friends with Michael would have to do. Who else would watch sports with me?

Isabel became my best friend. The one I could always talk to. We shared a common bond of failed loves. When the couples of our group went off to their bedrooms at night, she would lie in my lap so I could run my hands through her soft hair. It was relaxing for us both. Sometimes we would talk about whatever came to mind while other times talk was unnecessary.

While taking a walk in the park late one night, Isabel asked me about those nights Michael and I spent together. I shrugged my shoulders in response and told her that he held me so that the attacks wouldn’t come. She nodded then said nothing more about it. I wished that were the end of it. But I didn’t see an end in sight. No matter how hard I ignored my feelings and body’s reaction to Michael during the day, at night he filled my head.

In my dreams, Michael would hold me, touch me, kiss me. He would show me pleasure beyond comprehension. My dreams were different from night to night. Sometimes I would be aggressive and take him hard and fast, while other dreams had him making love to me slow and tender.

These dreams felt more real than any others in my entire life. When something would wake me in the middle of the night I would have a painful hard on and would be unable to get back to sleep as it throbbed and ached for relief. If I slept through the night, I’d wake feeling sexually satisfied and ready for the day. It became routine that my mood was determined by when I woke from my dreams.

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Chapter 3 -Complete

Post by magikhands » Sat Feb 11, 2006 4:57 pm

Thanks for the fb guys...glad you enjoyed this little tidbit :D

Chapter 3

All too soon, the FBI were on our tails again, making us leave the town after only six weeks. So here we are, once more on the road, running for our lives. We know that if the FBI ever caught us it would be hell. They would either kill us all or lock us away to be their pin cushions and guinea pigs. Especially once they found out Liz and I had developed abilities after Max healed us. Maria is still 100% human but they would probably want to see what kind of effect the aliens had on her.

Going to Mexico or Canada was sounding very appealing right now. Maybe from there we could make our way across the planet, settle on some island and live in near isolation. Just maybe then we could have some normalcy to our lives.

Sighing, I turned and studied the sleeping man in the next bed. The neon light casted a glow to his features that made his skin look smooth and his expression peaceful. His breath was steady as he lay on his stomach, arms nearly above his head, and face turned toward me. Maria and him were fighting once more. I long ago quit caring why.

“Michael.” I call his name softly. No response. Taking a deep breath for courage I quietly got out of my bed. I didn’t know when I’d have this opportunity again so I had to act. I had to know why this was happening to me.

With slow movements I climbed on his bed and using my powers I brought his wrists further above his hand in an invisible grip. Michael shifted and gave an audible groan as if waking. Before he realized what was happening I laid my body over his and tangled my legs with his, effectively pinning him beneath my body.

“Kyle?” Michael roused but he doesn’t struggle, which I’m thankful for. I know that his powers are greater than mine and could probably buck me off this bed within five seconds.

I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder. Now that I had his attention I wondered how to go about this.

“What have you done to me?” I managed to ask as the heat from his body started seeping into me. I had forgotten for a moment how intoxicating the feel of his skin against mine could be.

“I’ve done nothing to you.” Michael said lying still, not trying to get away or any closer.

I can’t stop my mouth from placing kisses on his smooth shoulder blade. “I’m not like I was when I left Roswell. I’m changed.”

“It was not me who changed you Kyle.” Michael’s voice was filled with calm and…patience. “You are changed because of Max.”

Frustration trickled in. He was not giving me any answers…or the answers I wanted. Then there was the fact that my dick had gotten so hard and throbbed merciless. I needed relief from this sexual strain.

“I know that.” I growled and it took all my control not to grind down on him. “Fuck…I’m just trying to find out what is happening to me.”

“Your body has gone through some chemical and physical changes. Your body is adjusting and trying to find your perfect match. Being bi-sexual, it’s going through all your options.” Michael continued his calm demeanor. Very un-Michael like.

“What do you mean perfect mate?” I didn’t understand. Since Max healing me, I have only been strongly attracted to alien hybrids. “And how did you know that I’m...?”

“Your body is searching for the one who is most compatible to your changed physiology. The only drawback is that it has to be one of us.”

I groaned, silently cursing fate. Not only was I pulled involuntary into alien abyss and given powers, but now my perfect mate is an alien…forever tying me to them.

“The change in your physiology is linked to you emotionally.” Michael easily broke the grip on his wrists and moved them so that they crossed under his head making himself more comfortable. “Liz and Max had the whole soul mate thing going before she was shot, so his healing just finished their connection.” He chuckled. “You can’t tell me that you haven’t had delicious dreams of Max.”

I felt my face redden. “That’s besides the point.”

“Then I seem to recall how you looked at Tess. Oh, and let’s not forget this past New Year’s Eve with Isabel.” He chuckled.

“What are you saying Michael?” I growled feeling frustrated both physically and mentally. My body longed to be buried deep in his body while my mind desperately grasped at his words.

“You jumped from one hybrid to another searching for one that was compatible to your wants and needs.”

“Leaving you.” I moaned as my lips brushed over his skin and took in his male scent.

Unprepared for his movement, Michael bucked up flipping my body off him then rolling on top of me. It happened in a blink of an eye. Even being alien, I’d not known someone could move so fast or be that strong. As his body covered mine, I was at his mercy, for though I was strong, I knew I couldn’t overpower him if he chose to use his powers.

“Leaving me.” He whispered in my ear, his voice deep and tinged with desire as he pressed his hardness against mine.

“Shit.” I gasped as sparks coursed through my body. I couldn’t deny how my body reacted to him. Yes, I had felt attracted to Michael before leaving Roswell, but since the night he initiated sex, it was like he had found a way to crawl under my skin. My body reacted to his nearness, craved his touch, was desperate for his attention. He was like a disease that wouldn’t go away.

“Oh Buddha…fuck…I want you. You are like a drug to me. I can’t seem to get enough and I’m tired of fighting it.” I admitted looking up. The red neon glow from the sign lit half of his face and I could see a darken desire in his eyes.

He gave me a knowing grin before kissing me. It wasn’t soft and tender. This kiss was violent, harsh in contact, filled with raw lust and need for me. I felt his hips grind into mine, our stiff cocks pressing together through our clothing.

“Fuck ” I jerked breathless from his kiss and threw my head back as my body trembled with need. I was so close. My control tolerance holding at zero.

Michael slid down my body, his hands caressing my skin everywhere he touched. He pulled at my jeans and slid them off. My body was aching and so tense I was scared to move else I lose total control and blow my load before we even started.

I watched mesmerized as Michael flicked his tongue at the tip of my cock. With each touch my cock jumped and I could see the glistening of my pre-cum. A moan tore from my throat as Michael’s teasing continued.

“Please…” I begged not knowing if I wanted him to stop or to keep going as my body pulsed in painful pleasure.

“Did you ever fantasize of Max doing this to you?” He asked before his mouth sucked the length of me in. I couldn’t control my hips as they bucked up and deeper in his throat, its warm wetness surrounding me. Michael released me. “You didn’t answer me.”
I gaped at him knowing that he was teasing the hell out of me. Seeing how far he could push. Speechless, I nod. I’d lost count of the many dreams and fantasies I had of the four aliens doing lusty sexual things to my body.

Michael chuckled and got up to shed his pants. I watched his muscles smoothly ripple as each muscle moved at his bidding. My fingers curl into fists as they burned to run over his soft skin. He crawled back on the bed but instead of lying back on top of me, he laid beside me, one of his hands circling one of my nipples. My breath hitched.

“You are stuck with me.” He said watching his hand.

“Not so bad.” I managed to push out of my throat.

Michael’s hand slid down until he cupped my balls and gave them a squeeze. “No…not bad at all.” He answered as he kissed my shoulder.

“Michael…” I shivered, his name coming out as a gasp.

“I want you Kyle. I want to feel you inside of me, filling me, fucking me.”

His words were nearly my undoing. I looked over and saw that his expression matched the sincerity of his words. I reached out and took hold of his hard cock. It was thick and long. I could feel his pulse in my palm as blood rushed through him. That’s also when I noticed that his breath was not as steady as I previously thought as his chest heaved in short quick breaths. Michael wanted me as much as I wanted him. My body felt at ease seeing that this wasn’t a one sided attraction..

Without waiting for a second invite, I forced myself up and moved to kneel between his knees. Looking down, I was momentarily awed by the sight of Michael. He lay propped on pillows, the cords in his neck strained, and cock throbbing and waiting.

“Don’t we need…”

Michael shook his head and smiled. “Alien, remember?”

Enough said. I pushed his legs wider and slid closer. His legs bent up giving me more access. I took hold of his thickness and used my fingers to massage him. I watched his body squirm and writhe beneath my touch, feeling good that I could affect him in such a way.

Unable to hold off the urge to fill him any longer, I let go of Michael and shifted so that I was at his tight entrance. Without hesitation I start to push slowly forward. I don’t know if Michael had ever done this before but I wanted to be careful, to make it just as enjoyable for him.

I watched him wince as if in pain and stopped.

“No...” he gasped locking eyes with mine. “Keep going.”

Heat spread from within Michael and I felt it surrounding my tip. I groaned at the sensations rocking my body.

“Go.” Michael growled as he lifted his hips from the bed, pushing me just a little further in. This movement was now smoother, like he’d been lubricated.

With one push I was fully embedded in Michael. His cry mixed with mine as my rigid body stilled, waiting for the moment to pass. I felt the heat and his tightness pulsing around me and my control was being pushed too far. Tears spring to my eyes from the intensity of feelings rushing my mind.

“Michael.” I ground out knowing that a connection was forming between the two of us. It wasn’t like the one Liz had described to me when she joined with Max. I didn’t see images or flashes of Michael’s life. I felt him inside of me. I felt his desire and longing for me. I knew he emotionally desired me for some time before leaving Roswell. I knew he felt great relief when I had decided to leave with them. I could feel how he cared for me.

“Kyle. Please, I can’t hold out much longer.” He arched his back and panted.

Looking into his chocolate eyes, I knew he could feel me also. He felt the urgency of my body as it ached for release. I pulled my hips back until just my tip was inside of him as I watched him inhale before thrusting roughly into him and hearing us both moan in pleasure.

It took only a handful of thrusts before he was squirting his juices on my stomach and mine were filling his ass. My head swam in euphoria and my strength fled as I slid out of my lover and lay beside him, limbs feeling like jelly and body sated like never before.

“Wow.” I breathed. I felt Michael’s arms embrace me and pull me to him.

“It’s the hot alien sex.” He chuckles in my ear before kissing the lobe sending shivers through my body.

We lay like that in silence as I recovered from the best orgasm in my life. As my head cleared, thoughts intruded. I remembered that we were on the run, constantly looking over our shoulders for the FBI or even other enemies like the Skins. We didn’t have a home, regular jobs, or even regular lives. Everyone but Maria in our little misfit family had alien powers. Maria...

“Oh, shit. What have I done?” I tied to push away from Michael but he held me close. “No, no, no.” I chanted as I pushed harder until he finally relented and let me go. I got up from the bed and paced the room unconcerned with my state of undress. “I can’t do this. No, this isn’t happening.” I say to myself and shake my head.

“Kyle?” Michael sat up and watched me, his brows drawn together in confusion.

“I’m sorry. I just can’t.” I look at Michael but my vision is blurred by tears welling in my eyes.

“What are you talking about?” Michael asked reaching for me but I pulled away, craving his touch but depriving myself of it.

“You. Me. It can’t be.” I felt one lone tear fall down my cheek as my words took me out of a fantasy world and shoved into reality.

He reached out for me again and this time I let him grab hold of my hand. He pulled me toward the bed and despite my brain protesting, I went.

“We’ll be fine.” He used his other hand to gently brush the tear streak from my cheek.

“No, we won’t. I can’t do this to Maria.” I reach up and rub my neck. “For all I know, my dad and her mom are boinking each other back in Roswell. If it goes further...” I leave that sentence unfinished not wanting to really think about Maria being my sister.

“And how would you know about your dad and Amy?” Michael cocked a brow at me.

I had the decency to blush at this question. We had decided it not best to have any contact with the parents for their safety. Liz sent her journal back so they would know why we left, but that was it. We could only hope that it got into their hands.

“Isabel helped me last week dreamwalk Dad. And let’s just say I never want to do that again.” I turn my head and pull my hand from him before plopping down on the bed. Leaning forward, I prop my head in my hands.

Michael chuckled and softly rubbed my back in comfort. “Kyle.” He said but I don’t want to look at him. I hate thinking about what just happened and never having him again. To never feel his body next to mine. To never have his touch more than a friendly gesture. To never kiss him.

“Kyle, look at me.” His voice was soft but held a demanding tone. Slowly I raised my head and turned to him. “Maria will not be a concern.” He smiled a crooked grin.

“Yeah, like she’d be willing to share the love of her life with me.” I huffed not convinced by his confidence. Michael scratched his eyebrow and looked down. “Michael? Why are you saying that she won’t have a problem with it? Have the two of you discussed it?”

“Not exactly.” He wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“Michael. What do you mean by that?” I wasn’t about to let him get away without explaining his comment.

“Well...Isabel’s been helping me the past few weeks.”

“Helping how?” My stomach churned not sure I wanted to hear his answer.

“She’s been visiting Maria in her dreams. Testing the waters at first then adding a few images to see how she would react.”

“And?” I held my breath.

Michael scratched at his brow again. A nervous habit that was adorable.

“She’s quite taken with the idea of watching the two of us together.”

“What?” My eyes widened and mouth fell open. I knew Maria was a bit eccentric but to actually go along with a relationship between Michael and I...?

He nodded. “Yes. Isabel says that she now spurs the fantasies on her own. And...well, I’ve seen the way Maria has been looking at you lately. Especially when you take your shirt off.” Michael’s hand trailed down my chest lightly as he spoke and watched his eyes darken in desire as he watched his hand’s movement.

“But that’s no guarantee that she’ll want to do this in real life.” I shake my head still not convinced. “Dreams and reality are different.”

Michael sighed. He stood and wrapped the sheet from his bed around his waist. “Stay here.”

I did as he said, sitting on his bed in total confusion as he walked to the door that joined the room next to us. The one that Maria and Isabel were sharing. Using his powers, he unlocked it and opened it. In soft tones, he spoke to someone in the other room. With a nod, he backed away.

Maria walked into the room and Michael closed the door. I sat shocked as she walked near me and let her eyes roam my body. I crossed my legs in hope of concealing myself. Her hands were clasped tightly in front of her and I could see that she was nervous. Michael dropped the sheet and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck. Her body physically relaxed.

“Maria...” I choked out in search of an explanation.

She gave me a gentle smile.

“Are you ready?” Michael asked her. Keeping her eyes locked to mine she nodded before stepping away and making herself comfortable on the bed I had been lying on. Busy watching Maria, Michael came to the bed where I sat and kneeled behind me. I could feel his hardening cock against my lower back.

“I believe it’s my turn.” He nibbled on my ear and kissed my neck.

I sighed and nodded, my eyes still watching Maria. I was nervous with an audience but I let Michael make love to me. I let him touch and caress me, bringing us to intense orgasms while Maria watched.

Afterward, as Michael and I tried to recover from the alien after effects, Maria climbed into bed with us where we fell asleep together. Despite my caution, I knew that it would all work out in the end. I knew that Maria would accept me being with Michael. That we NEEDED to be together just as she needed to be with Michael. And maybe...just maybe, Maria and I would form a connection too.

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