Separate Lives (CC, Mature) Complete 10/16/06

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Separate Lives (CC, Mature) Complete 10/16/06

Post by Skittles1983 » Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:22 pm

Author: Amy

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB & UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Couple: CC

Rating: Mature


Hello Everyone. This story is in response to a challenge by Nibbles2. Here's the challenge:

Starts with Destiny. When they pod squad activates the orbs, it doesn't send them a message from their mother but activates their memories and personalities from Antar. The four are no longer Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess but Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Ava. But they have no memory of their deaths or life on earth.

They can speak English, but that's the extent of it. Nasedo is still there and he manages to convince them that Liz is trustworthy and will look after them before he departs to take up his position as Pierce.

But the royal four get the wrong idea and think that Liz is a servant.

They have completely different personalities.

Zan is arrogant and possessive of Ava. He doesn't love her. (He loves himself too much to love somebody else) He's very bossy and domineering. He expects Liz to pander to his every whim and can't believe it when she stands up to him. Eventually he falls for her - but it doesn't happen immediately.

Rath loves being on earth. He takes an immediate shine to the human female form and sets about trying to seduce every woman he meets, Including Liz. He's eager to fit in and learn earth ways so he can pass as human.

Vilandra is really sweet and shy. Very innocent and protected. She's madly in love with Rath because he's the typical bad boy but is too embarrassed to even look him in the eye. She's more like a thirteen year old than the Isabel we know and love.

Ava is fun loving and immediately strikes up a friendship with Liz. She doesn't love Zan and is delighted to be on earth because as far as she's concerned it means she is no longer married to him. So she's constantly trying to sneak off and have fun. but because she's so clueless about earth it ends in chaos.

The humans have to teach the aliens how to fit in on earth. They pair up into their couples to guide them through their lives. It's hard at first to convince them to act like they used to, going to school and work is a major shock to the aliens. Kyle is drafted in to look after Tess.

After a while, the earth memories comes back and each relationship is the better for it.

Can be angsty but could be fun and fluffy too. Must be CC, any rating.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Amy


A blue light emanated from each of the orbs in the cavern. A blinding flash of blue light caught Liz by surprise and she covered her eyes. When she was sure that it had ended she slowly lowered her arm that was covering her eyes and peered cautiously around it. Michael, Isabelle, Tess and Max were laying on the ground and Nasedo was standing in the corner of the cavern.

Liz went to walk towards Max but Nasedo called out to her, “No! Don’t go near them.”

“What?” She cried out, “They’re obviously hurt, I have to help them.”

“No. They’re not hurt, just out of it, which is to be expected.”

Liz looked at Nasedo curiously wondering what he meant by that but before she could ask her attention was brought to the four lying on the ground as she heard them all groan as they started to wake up. Liz watched anxiously as one by one they each stood up and looked around curiously.

“Are you guys all right?” Liz asked as she stepped towards them.

All eyes turned towards her. Liz stopped dead in her tracks. There was something different about them Liz realized.

Before anyone could move Liz watched as Max raised his hand towards her. Before anything could happen, Nasedo jumped in front of her.

He gave a bow before speaking, “King Zan.”

“Nasedo. What is this? What is going on?” Zan asked as he pulled his queen to his side.

Liz watched curiously as Michael moved next to Zan and moved Isabelle behind them.

Liz stepped around Nasedo, “Max, Michael, Isabelle, Tess, what is going on? Are you guys all right?” Liz questioned.

Once again Max and Michael raised their hands towards Liz.

Nasedo yelled, “Stop. She is a friend. Leave her be.”

The aliens dropped their hands and looked at Nasedo with questioning eyes.

“What do you remember?” Nasedo asked.

“What? What are you talking about? The last thing I remember is Rath and I being outside looking over the palace lands.”

Nasedo turned towards Liz as she walked over to him.

He said in a lowered voice, “That blue light was their memories from Antar. It was supposed to restore their memories from Antar. I wanted them to remember. I didn’t think it would take away their Earth memories. This must be temporary. Liz, I need you to take care of them. I have to go to the FBI and pose as Pierce.”

Liz looked at him confused, “What do you mean ‘take away their Earth memories’? Are you saying that they have no recollection of anything here on Earth? When Max said ‘palace lands’ he was referring to Antar?”
Nasedo nodded, “It appears that they don’t remember their deaths. Their Earth memories will return, I’m just not sure when. Will you help me?”

Liz nodded, “Yes, I would do anything for them.”

Nasedo and Liz turned towards the group. Nasedo spoke, “Rath, Vilandra, King Zan, and Queen Ava this is Elizabeth Parker. She is a friend and she may be trusted. You are all on the planet of Earth. There was a great battle and you were sent here for protection. You do not remember any of this, I know but you must trust me and Liz. I need to go away and take of some things to insure your safety, but Liz will be here for you. Trust her and she will help you in any way she can. Do you understand me?”

All four aliens nodded and Nasedo looked at Liz. She smiled at him and watched him leave. She turned back towards the aliens and looked at them. She could see a difference in all of them.

She stepped forward and said, “Okay, follow me. Isabelle and Tess remember to watch your step over here.” She turned around to walk out of the cave, but no one followed her.

She looked over her shoulder at them to see all four looking at her curiously. She sighed. She had forgotten that they weren’t Max, Michael, Isabelle, or Tess anymore.

“Please follow me. I will take all of you some place safe.”

She was surprised that they listened to her. She turned around to see Vilandra clinging to Rath’s side and Zan carrying Ava down the mountainside. Her heart broke but she pushed away the feelings of hurt because this wasn’t her Max. As they made it to the car she was surprised when Zan motioned for her to come over to him. She made her way over to him cautiously.

“Human, thank you for helping us. Now take us to this place you refer to as safe. Nothing can happen to my queen, my sister, or my second. Is that understood?”

Liz unclenched her fists before she did something she would regret. She let out a breath before nodding and getting into the driver’s seat.

This is going to be a long night, she thought.
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know what you think of the new part! ~Amy

Chapter 1

Three Months Later

A Late August Night

Liz’s Balcony

Liz sighed as she looked up at the stars above her. It had been a tough three months. To say that Rath, Zan, Ava, and Vilandra had been hard to deal with was an understatement. Liz thought back over the last few months.

When they had returned from the desert they found Alex, Maria, and Kyle in the Crashdown. Before Liz could say anything Kyle approached Tess, Maria ran to Michael, and Alex went to Isabelle. Liz watched as Zan raised his hand and pointed it at the three of them. She had screamed for everyone to freeze, and they did. Liz could remember the shock on Maria, Alex, and Kyle’s faces as she whispered the events of the day. It took a week to get the aliens to trust the humans, and even then it was touch and go.

Isabelle, or Vilandra now, clung to Rath. She was a shy and quiet girl, nothing at all like the ice princess they had all known.

Liz didn’t know what to make of Rath. He was a handful. He sized up every woman that walked by. On more than one occasion he had tried to get Liz to hook up with him. Liz tried to avoid being alone with him.

Tess, or Ava, was a whole other story. She was a fun person to hang out with and Liz found herself becoming quick friends with her. Ava liked to have fun and was curious. It was a good thing Valenti was sheriff otherwise Liz was sure that Ava would have landed in jail a few times.

Max. Zan. Liz took a deep breath. Zan was so unlike her Max. He was so vain and he treated her as a servant. She had been defiant and had yelled, screamed, and even slapped him once. He had glowered, glared, yelled, and threatened. She had never backed down and Liz knew that that threw him. He was so protective of Ava, but Liz could tell that he didn’t love her. Liz knew that Ava didn’t love him either. Zan couldn’t love anyone because he was too in love with himself.

The first few weeks were definitely trying on all involved. Zan and Vilandra had to get used to being separated from their lovers and had to deal with parents. Rath and Ava stayed with Kyle and Jim. Liz had decided that pairing off would be the best idea, so the aliens wouldn’t be without a human at anytime. Liz was afraid that they would say or do something and then everything could blow up in their faces.

Ava was more than happy to pair with Kyle, although Zan didn’t approve. Rath and Maria had been paired together, as well as Vilandra and Alex. Liz had taken on Zan and he caused her more headaches than she needed.

Liz’s dark thoughts are interrupted by the scraping of her ladder. She looked up and waited to see who would be using the ladder at this time of night. A mass of dark hair and fiery amber eyes met her dark stare. She sighed, she really didn’t need this right now.

She blew out a breath, “Zan? To what do I owe this honor?”

“I need you to do something for me.”

Liz sighed, “Zan, I am not your SERVANT…FOR THE HUNDRETH TIME!” Liz had lost her patience.

To her surprise Zan didn’t yell back, he simply nodded, “I know. I would like you to accompany me for lunch tomorrow and then I’d like to go to the movies. I am still trying to figure them out.”


She could see the shock on his face but she saw it disappear as he gave her a triumphant grin, “Good. Pick me up at noon.”

Liz scowled at his tone.

“Please.” he added and Liz nodded.

Liz watched him disappear down the ladder again and she wasn’t sure what had just happened.

She wished that they would get their memories back. Liz didn’t know how much more of this she could take. She thought back to the time Zan had pushed her buttons and she had actually hit him.
It had been a late evening in early August. Liz had been closing down the Crashdown when a knock had grabbed her attention. She looked up only to see Zan on the other side staring back at her. She let him in and watched him carefully as he sat down at the counter. He didn’t speak a word, he just watched her clean up. She was thankful that her parents had gone away for a few weeks.

Finally, his staring got to be too much and Liz grew annoyed.

“What?” she asked angrily.

Zan shrugged, “Nothing, I am just watching you.”

“Well stop. It’s irritating.”

Zan stood up and grabbed Liz by the waist, dragging her body against his. He lowered his head and ravaged her lips. Liz got lost in the kiss, forgetting for a second what was going on. She had definitely missed this with Max. Max…his name on her lips was ice water to her and she pulled back appalled.

“Zan, what is wrong with you?”

He looked at her, glaring, “What? Was it not pleasurable?”

Liz was speechless.

“Ava is out with Kyle,” Liz could see his eyes darken as he spoke the words, “and I need release.”

He looked at her expectantly and Liz was confused.

“Release?” she questioned.

Zan nodded, “I want you to have sex with me.”

Liz was speechless for a second time.

“I need release and you will provide it.”

Liz’s eyes widened and before she could stop herself she felt her hand connect with his cheek.

“Zan,” Liz spoke calmly, “I will not be providing release for you or anyone else for a long time. I suggest you leave before I do more than slap you.”

Liz could see the shock on Zan’s face. She knew that he had probably never been rejected before, but she also knew that he was surprised to have been slapped by her. She brought her hands to her hips and watched him walk out of the diner.

Liz sighed as she continued to look over the night stars. She still could not even believe the nerve of him. She decided that she had better get some sleep before tomorrow’s outing. She wasn’t sure what to expect but she knew that she was in for a long day.
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Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all the feedback. Here's the rest of the story. Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Amy

Chapter 2

The Next Day

The bright early morning sun bathed Liz’s bedroom in light. Liz rolled over intent on going back to sleep but she felt her bed dip. Her eyes flew open and she met dark blue eyes. Liz smiled sleepily.

“Hi Ava.” Liz said as she pulled back the covers on her bed to let Ava crawl in next to her.

“Good morning Liz.” Ava said as she made herself comfortable.

“What brings you here this morning? And since when did your hair become blue and green?” Liz asked with her eyebrows raised.
Ava shrugged, “I don’t know. I wanted to tell you about last night.”

Liz groaned, “You didn’t cause any trouble did you?”

Ava grinned, “I was just trying to help the Jim cook dinner.”

“And?” Liz prodded.

“Well, I sort of cheated by using my powers, but it didn’t work out so well. I ended up blowing up the microwave.” she started to laugh, “I wish you could have seen the look on Jim’s face. I was just trying to give it a little more power, how was I supposed to know it was gonna blow up?”

Liz flopped back onto her pillow and started to giggle, “Well, now you know not to mess with Earth’s technology. But, what about your hair?”

“I heard Kyle telling Jim that his favorite colors were blue and green. I want him to think I look hot, so I changed it.” she shrugged .

Liz just nodded, “Hmm. Okay, so what does everyone have planned for today?”

“Well, Kyle and I are going to the desert to have sex…”

“EWWW!” Liz shrieked, “Way to much information. And since when did you two start having sex?” she asked curiously.

“About a month ago. Anyhow, Alex is taking Vilandra to a park. I don’t know what Rath and Maria are doing besides arguing today.” She laughed which caused Liz to smirk.

“I know. And Zan wants to go to the movies, so that‘s where I‘ll be.” Liz conceded.

“Lizzie, be careful. Zan hasn’t had a woman in a month…he is on the prowl.” Ava said laughing.

Liz rolled her eyes, “I can handle my own. Don’t worry about that.”

Liz and Ava got up and ate breakfast downstairs in the crashdown. A little while later Kyle picked Ava up and the two headed off to the desert.

Liz and Maria talked for a while before Liz headed upstairs to get showered and changed. Liz came out of the shower wrapped in her towel. She reached for her bathrobe and realized that she had left on the back of her chair. She opened the door and walked into her room . She made her way over to her desk chair. As she turned around to head back into the bathroom she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Rath!” she yelped in surprise as she clutched her towel tighter.

He just smirked at her and advanced upon her. For every step he took towards her she took one back and before she knew it she was trapped between a wall and Rath.

“What are you doing in here?” she asked in a strong voice.

His eyes traveled the length of her body but before he could say or try anything, he was whacked upside the head. He turned around to glare at the intruder but Liz turned thankful eyes to her best friend.

“Spaceboy,” Maria shouted, “I’m not telling you again to leave her alone. I will personally beat you to a pulp if you lay one hand on her. Now move it….downstairs…NOW!” she bellowed and walked away after throwing a wink at Liz.
Rath didn’t even glance at Liz again. He just followed Maria out of the room. Liz let out a breath of air she had been holding in and finished getting ready.

Chapter 3
KYLE and AVA: The Desert

Ava closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Kyle’s arms around her. He was such a different lover than Zan. Kyle was very giving and generous, while Zan was worried more about himself than her. She was glad that she had Kyle in her life. She sighed as she thought back on the previous months.

She loved Earth from the moment she stepped foot on to the desert sand that night in the pod chamber. She knew two things right away that night. The first was that Liz was going to be a good friend to her and the second was that she was no longer under Zan’s rule. She was her own person and considered herself single. She and Zan had been friends on Antar, but he was too selfish and conceited to really love her. She had wished and hoped for something more in her life.

The first month out of the pod chamber had been hard. Zan was still trying to be the protective husband, but all she wanted was space and freedom. She ended up sneaking out a few times from the sheriff’s house but she always got caught and Zan would always be angry at her. The first time she snuck out she stole the sheriff’s truck and crashed it into a ditch, the second time she snuck out she drove all the way to the border of Arizona and then back again. When she returned the whole gang was frantic because she hadn’t left a note to say she was leaving, she had just taken off.

Now she had a great friend in Liz, a man she loved in Kyle, and her freedom, more than she ever thought she would have and she was grateful for that.

Chapter 4
RATH and MARIA: The Crashdown

Maria tapped her foot impatiently, “Spaceboy, you better hurry up. Table 4 needs their food and so does table 6.”

“Hold on woman. I’m going as fast as I can.” Rath said, his voice laced with irritation.

“Oh no! You did not just call me woman and you did not just take that tone with me.” Maria said venomously.

“Sorry, sorry.” Rath said, not wanted to cause another argument between him and the feisty blonde. He definitely like her.

Since walking out of that pod chamber the only thing he wanted to do was go back to his home. He didn’t like this planet. The women were not easy to deal with especially the dark haired one Liz and his Blondie, Maria. He sighed as he placed the orders in the window and Maria grabbed them.

He only picked arguments with Maria because she was hot when she was mad. Hell, she was hot all the time, but he didn’t want her to know he thought so.

Maria could not believe the nerve of him. If he ever gets his memory back, she was going to give Michael a piece of her mind. Oh, he was going to get it all right.

Chapter 5

Vilandra looked up at Alex. He looked down at her and she looked away, blushing furiously. Alex smiled at her bashfulness. He really liked her, just as he had fallen for Isabelle, he had fallen for Vilandra. They really did have a similar nature only Isabelle hid underneath the Ice Princess act. Vilandra chanced a glance up at Alex only to find him staring at her. She braved a smile at him and he smiled back at her. Alex shook himself from his self-induced Vilandra haze.

“Do you want me to read some more?”

Vilandra nodded up at him and watched as he settled up against a tree and picked up her new favorite book, Pride and Prejudice. She was happy to be here with Alex. She truly did like him. At first, she had clung to Rath and Zan, but now she really enjoyed spending time with Alex. He was sweet and funny but most importantly he was a gentleman and made her feel very comfortable. She couldn’t think of a place she would rather be than here.

Chapter 5
Zan and Liz: Movie and a walk

Liz sighed. Once upon a time she would have been happy to have been in a dark movie theatre with Max. Now, she wished she any other place than in a dark movie theatre with Zan. If his hand crept up her thigh one more time, he was going to go home a partial man today.

Twenty minutes later Liz was praising God as the hot Roswell Sun bet down on her. She looked at Zan who was walking next to her. He caught her looking and she looked away quickly.

“What?” he asked.


It was Zan’s turn to sigh. He thought that if he suggested lunch and a movie she would lighten up. He was beginning to realize that he needed to adjust to Earth’s ways and that it wasn’t that bad. He actually found that he really liked Liz even though he seemed to annoy her. She was beautiful, he could not deny that fact.

Liz didn’t know what she was thinking in agreeing to this outing. She still wanted him. She could feel the desire for Max swell within her. Even if he irritated her to no end, it was still Max in there, and his alien side, although annoying, was still hot. She would never admit it, but the domineering side of Max kind of turned her on.

Chapter 6
In the End

Liz flopped onto her bed unceremoniously. She was exhausted and she was extremely happy that she could sleep in tomorrow. Oh how she loved her Saturday mornings. But her first day back at school had taken a toll on her. For once since this whole separate life thing started, Ava was not the one who had gotten trouble. Vilandra, Ava, and even Rath seemed to understand how important it was to blend in at the start of the school year. Zan, however, had other ideas.

Liz had been eating lunch with the others when a kid she knew from the astronomy club came up to ask her about the first meeting of the year. The kid had barely said anything to her before Zan had gotten up to defend her. He didn’t use any alien powers, just sheer brute force. But, he managed to raise suspicions because the docile Max Evans would never have done that. Now, he was suspended from school and his parents were suspicious.

Liz curled up in her bed and decided to just rest her eyes for a few moments. She fell asleep instantly. It was the first peaceful sleep she had in weeks. Liz slept through the night and did not wake up once. She never saw a pair of amber eyes watching her throughout the night, making sure she was okay.

Liz awoke as she did most Saturday morning, expecting to find Ava bouncing on her bed attempting to wait patiently for her to wake up. Except this Saturday morning, Liz rolled over and saw Ava sitting in her desk chair. She sat up groggily.

“Hey Ava, what’s up? You feeling okay?” Liz asked curiously.

Ava just nodded and stared at her. Liz began to feel uncomfortable under the scrutiny, so she got out of bed and went to pick out her clothes. As she was picking out her shirt, Ava’s voice halted her actions.

“Liz, I’m so sorry for everything.” she said quietly.

Liz turned around, “What are you talking about? You didn’t get in to trouble last night did you?”

“No, Liz. I’m sorry for turning your life upside down when I first got to Roswell. I’m sorry for making you feel like you didn’t deserve Max and that the two of you wouldn’t be together. I’m sorry for not realizing sooner what a great friend you are. And, I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused the past few months.” Tess looked up and smiled at her.

Liz stared, stunned for a moment. They were back, well at least Tess was. And, she had just apologized. Liz tried to process everything in a few moments, but she just sunk down onto her bed. Tess gave her a few minutes to collect her thoughts before breaking the silence.

Tess stood up, “I’m just going to go downstairs. Everyone is downstairs. Isabelle, Alex, Michael, Maria, Kyle and Max.”

As Tess turned to leave Liz looked up, “Tess, wait,” Liz stood up and enveloped her in a hug, “thank you. I know things are different now, but I want us to be friends.”

Tess nodded, “I’d like that too. I’ll wait in the hall while you change.”

Liz quickly threw on her clothes and then went into the hallway. She hesitated for a moment before looping her arm through Tess’s and then walking with he downstairs.

As they walked through the door and into the Crashdown Liz smiled as she saw all of her friends occupying their favorite two booths. Tess smiled at Liz and slid in next to Kyle who was sitting across from Alex and Isabelle. Isabelle gave Liz a smile and Liz returned it. Liz slid in next to Maria, who was sitting at the booth behind the others with Max and Michael across from her. Liz looked up hesitantly at Michael and Max. Neither looked at her for a moment. Michael made eye contact first.

“Liz,” he started but paused, “…I am so sorry. I can not believe how I acted.”

Liz just held up her hand, “It’s all right Michael. You weren’t yourself.”

“C’mon Spaceboy, take a walk with me.” Maria said.

Liz and Max slid out of the booth to allow Michael and Maria to pass. As they sat back down they made eye contact.


“Liz…” they started at the same time.

They laughed quietly and smiled at each other.

“Go ahead.” Liz said.

“Liz, these past months, I’ve done things and said things that I still can’t believe but I want you to know that you are still my heart. Even when Zan was in complete control and he was with Ava, you still had my heart. I’m not sure what our future will bring, but I want you in it.” As he finished he looked up at her hopefully.

Liz was quiet for a moment then she looked up and reached across the table to take his hand, “Someone once told me that we make our own destiny and I think I believe them now.”

Max smiled at her and leaned across the table to kiss her cheek. All of the couples had a lot to work through, but Max was right. No one knows what the future holds and we make our own destiny.
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