Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) A/N 3/14/16

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 14 8/12

Post by MelissaD » Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:48 pm

pandas2001: Just the normal run of mill nightmare for them.

Sorry this took way longer than expected! :( I got stuck down with the summer cold from hell!

Chapter Fourteen
May 28th, 2006

Maria pulled out her key for Liz’s apartment and unlocked the door as quietly as she could. She slipped into the apartment and saw two sets of keys on the key hooks and smiled. Finally, Liz was actually home when she came to surprise her. She walked quietly into the apartment seeing the living room empty and heard water running in the kitchen. She headed into the hallway and peeked into the kitchen. Liz was standing in front of the sink. Maria stepped into the doorway and yelled, “Surprise!”

Liz turned around and smiled as Maria sauntered into the kitchen. “Hey! What are you doing here?” Then her eyes narrowed. “Did Isabel put you up to this?”

Maria wrapped her arms around Liz. “What? No. Michael is checking on a restaurant in Palo Alto for his boss. Big deal, He’s working there tonight as Executive Chef.” She pulled back and grinned. “He tells me it’s huge for him to be sent to check on his boss’s other restaurant up here by himself. I think he’s eyeing Michael for a big promotion with his new restaurant in San Fran.”


“So.. are we going to celebrate or what? Where’s the champagne?” She smiled, “Ooh do you want to go out somewhere? Is Ava sleeping?”

Liz worried her bottom lip. “Oh umm, Isabel didn’t tell you?”

Her brow furrowed, “tell me what?”

“Ahh.. I think you should sit down.” Liz walked over to the table and pulled out a chair.

“What? Why?”

“It’s not bad.. well mostly.. not. Just sit down.”

Maria walked over and stopped in front of her. “You’re scaring me. Are you still having those terrifying nightmares?”

Liz grabbed her hands then pressed them to her stomach. At first Maria’s brow stayed marred with her confusion as her gaze dropped to her friend’s stomach. She spread her fingers out and felt the bump against her hand. Her eyes shot up to Liz’s and grew. “OH MY GOD!” Her face broke into a wide smile, “LIZZIE! Why didn’t you tell me! OH MY GOD! YOU AND ISABEL!” Then her brow scrunched together again and her voice lowered a few decibels. “Why didn’t you tell me? What’s going on?”

Liz chuckled, “nothing’s going on, Maria. I just.. well, this sounds cliché but I didn’t know.”

“What?” She glanced down and felt another hit. “How did you not..”

Liz rolled her eyes, “he just started doing that.”

“He?” Maria interrupted.

“Isabel figured it out because she’s.. Isabel.” Liz looked down at her stomach where their hands were still resting. “We connected and tried to see how far along I was. I’m a bit further than her and we saw that it was a boy.” Her gaze came back up to Maria’s. “He’s healthy and about 4 months.”

Maria face broke out in a wide smile. “Oh my god Lizzie..” Her eyes watered, “I’m so happy for you chika! For us! We’re having a baby!!” Maria wrapped her arms around Liz again as Liz chuckled.

“Yes. Ria.” She chuckled again, “we’re having a baby.”
The next morning.

Michael and Liz were jogging along a route she had taken him on a few times before but he noticed a few differences this time around. The first stare he caught he had brushed it off but as their jog continued and so did the looks and whispers, he couldn’t ignore it. “So why do I feel like I’m back in high school?”

Liz slowed down to a walk and Michael followed her lead. She glanced around and saw two girls walking towards them then just as predicted they whispered to each other as they past them. She rolled her eyes, “because they are.”

“Soo.. is it..” He lowered his voice, “the baby thing?”

“I’m pretty sure no one else knows. I’m not really showing yet and except for that.. one incident in my professor’s office.. doesn’t matter. He thought I was sick. I thought I was sick.”

“If it’s not the baby then what’s with all the high school shit?”

She bent to fix her shoe strings, overhearing the horrible new spin on the rumor from the girls nearby. “I know you can hear what they are saying.” She raised her voice as she threw them a hard glance, “because everyone in the vicinity can hear their conversation.” She straightened and then started walking away from the direction of the now quiet girls.

Michael turned towards the girls, openly gawking now that Liz had turned away from them. He gave them a look that could kill and one that promised he would. Once the girls noticed him, one lifted her chin while the other shrank slightly then they both walked away. Michael jogged to catch up with Liz. “I’m sorry, why was the word slut even in the same..”

Liz rolled her head stretching her neck. “Rumors started to go around that I was sleeping with Sam Winchester’s brother. At least one of the rumors anyway.”

Michael nodded, “which is the truth. Why is that worthy of a gossipy rumor?”

“Because the same idiots also thought I was sleeping with the younger Winchester.”

“Wow.” He grimaced. “Gross.”

“Yeah. Well, you’re probably next on their list. I mean why not. They’ve just added a professor of mine to the list. Why not you?” She shrugged.

“I could set that all straight. Hell, I could sick Maria on the lot of them.” He grinned.

Liz slowed again then sat on a bench beside the path. “Fuck them. They don’t deserve any of my time or my friends’ attention.”

Michael’s eyes almost bugged out then he smiled and sat down next to her. He rested his elbows on his knees and turned his head towards her. “You know if I didn’t know any better I’d say you had a little Winchester in you.” Liz opened her mouth to give a rebuttal until his words penetrated the fog of her ever running mind. Her head snapped to face him and her eyes widened.

There were a few moments of silence before she barked out a laugh. She stared at him as his grin grew into a full smile. More laughter bubbled up and her eyes glittered.

Michael chuckled, “maybe he rubbed off on you a bit too much.”

She smacked his arm, “gross!”

He raised his hands in surrender. “I’m just saying.”

“Oh my god! Shut up!” She stood up and started walking away unable to stop the laughter spilling from her. “I can’t even look at you right now.” She glanced back and saw him stand from the bench, his chest shaking from his quiet laughter. He quickly caught up and fell into step beside her, slowing his long legs to keep her speed. She elbowed him. “You’re horrible.”

“I’m just honest and you know it.”

She smiled and looped her arm around his. “Thanks.” She tilted her head to lean on his arm.

“No problem. I love a good rumor.” He grinned then his brow knit together again. “Wait, didn’t a lot of your friends here think we were related?” Liz nodded against his arm. “Gross. More than sleeping with Sam gross.”

Liz threw back her head and laughed. Tears came to her eyes as she tried to haul in air and her cheeks hurt. There was no thought about stares from those around them, no thought of the rumor mill and drawing any more attention to herself. She was lost in the mirth that Michael had created. Once again, he had saved her from herself and the dark abyss that came from thoughtless, so called innocent, evil. Just like in high school, it was her closest friends who knew the truth and what to do to get her out of her funk even before she realized she was actually in one.

A week later.

Liz blinked her eyes open and felt her muscles freeze up. It was pitch black, cold, and the earth underneath her was wet. She brought her hand up to touch her face wondering if anything was covering her eyes even though she didn't feel anything against her skin. She barely saw the outline of her hand and realized just how dark it truly was. “No.” She whispered as her heart raced and panic clawed its way up her spine. “No.” She croaked.

Blind fear clamped down on her lungs like a vise. She immediately jumped to her feet, fully expecting to hit a barrier and be slammed back down but nothing stopped her. She stood for a moment frozen between shock and relief that she wasn't stuck in a box.

A tickle on her scalp snapped her out of it as her hand shot to her hair brushing frantically. She felt something stick to her hand and she brought it slowly back in front of her. Unable to inspect it with her eyes, she sucked in a shaky breathe and hesitantly touched the thin, wet thing in her hand. It had a long hard spine, a smooth side and rough skin then her finger followed along its edge all the way around its structure. Then it came to her. Leaf. Leaves.

She brushed the rest of foliage from her hair and clothes. Immediately, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. She swallowed thickly and glanced around. She still couldn't see a thing around her. She looked straight up again, knowing even without the moon she should see the stars. There's always stars. Unless of course, the box is bigger than you think. She shook the thought from her head, keep it together.

She dropped her head and padded her pockets for her phone but came up empty. The only other thing left to do was move. She peered forward wishing for any sign of light but just inky blackness lay before her until dark figures started to slowly take shape in front of her. She took a step back and cringed at the loud snap under her foot. Shit.

Almost as if in answer, another loud snap came from behind her. Her heart pounded as she spun but still remained in the dark with no hope of seeing whoever it was stalking her like the blind prey she was. The only thing she knew for sure was she was being watched, intently watched.

If it wasn't for her enhancements she'd be thoroughly screwed. She closed her eyes and forced her breathing to slow and deepen. She focused on the feel of eyes on her but what she found only made it worse. They were everywhere. Too many to bother counting.

Her instincts only had one solution and it was as old as any tried and true simple fall back- run!

She spun again and took off as if the starting gun had been shot in a race she never wanted to be part of. A searing pain shot across her face with an accompanying thwack!

Trees! Those shapes were trees! She threw her hands up as she ran to cover her face from what she figured must be low hanging branches. She felt the repetitive stings against her legs and prayed her instincts could lead her away from running headfirst at full speed into a tree trunk. Her heart pounded loud in her ears as adrenaline pumped furiously through her veins. She strained to hear any crashing through the brush other than her own but had no idea if that would be at all possible.

The feeling of being watched only intensified and she briefly wondered if that was just her own fear induced panic or truth. If it was truth then she was in far deeper than she thought and it was absolutely terrifying. The sound of heavy breathing and even louder crashing seemed to make itself known out of nowhere to her right but she refused to look. You can't see anything anyway, she told herself as the impulse to look gnawed at her but she felt any movement other than straight ahead meant certain death. So she pushed on, harder than before, hoping that she would break through the brush at some point and find safety because all she felt in that dark tangle of trees was oppressive and dark. And it was pulling at her very soul.

Liz’s eyes snapped open and she turned on her side, staring wide eyed at the clock. 3:33 am in bright red numbers. I need a new clock that doesn’t state the time in blood red. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, letting the last vestige of the nightmare slipped away.

Her heart started to return to normal and checked her phone for any new messages. None. She opened her group of texts with Sam and just stared blankly. She felt like there was something she needed to say to him but could no longer remember what that was.

A week later. June 11th, 2006

Liz lay quietly in the grass enjoying the feel of the sun warming her skin as she read from the book open in front of her. She chose a flowy tank top that Maria had given her to ward off any more unwanted stares. She was finally engrossed in her book that she had forgotten about the world around her until she was startled by a loud obnoxious noise.

“BOO!” Her head automatically snapping in the direction of the intrusion and saw a boy standing in front of the bushes down the street. He had obviously scared two girls walking along the pathway. The girls shrieked then screamed his name, "ALEC!"

The taller one scolded him while the shorter blonde laughed. "God! You’re such a jackass! I could have pepper sprayed you! I still should!" She shoved her hand into her purse and rustled around, most likely searching for the weapon she threatened to use.

"Yeah, nice form of protection Rebecca. You might be able to use it if you could find it. Do you think muggers here on campus will be polite enough to wait for you?" The boy laughed and Liz agreed in her head.

No chance honey. If they so desired, you'd be dead before even reaching in your bag. Or possessed for that matter.

“Remember that story they told us about that girl that almost got attacked a couple years ago?” Liz heard their conversation continue as they moved out of ear shot. She sat up and watched them straight on instead of from the corner of her eye. She envied them. She was able to experience what it was like to be carefree for such a short amount of time, well as much as she would ever get. The future held promises of a certain kind of normal but now, she didn’t know what exactly lay ahead.

Her hand went unconsciously to her stomach and she looked down. Would her child ever get to experience a comfortable normal? Some place where he or she felt safe from all the evils that they encountered? Would a time ever come where they could be.. She tried to think of the word but the exact one she was looking for eluded her. What did she truly want? There would always be the evils in the dark that Winchesters and other hunters like them had been chasing for generations. Would her child ever know peace?

She remembered what Isabel had said about the fear that still nagged at her every now and then. It seemed impossible not to in their situation.

“Hey Liz.” Professor Adams’s voice pulled her from her thoughts and her hand slipped away from her stomach as her head snapped in his direction.

She stood up, suddenly happy she took the flowy, hippy clothes from Maria and decided to wear one today. “Hey. Sorry, I wasn’t expecting anyone.”

He smiled, “just wanted to see you and find out if the rumor is true.”

Her stomach dropped as her brow knit together, “ah what rumor?”

“That you’re leaving? Is it true? I haven’t heard from you since you called after your virus cleared up but I thought.. I don’t know. I was shocked when I heard because I thought you were going to try for a job here.”

It took a few seconds for her panic to finally slip away and she heaved a relieved breathe. She shook her head, “oh no.. I mean I haven’t made any decisions yet.” She frowned, “I don’t know how that started going around. I just recently started thinking about moving down to San Fran with some friends around the tail end of summer. Friends from home.” He nodded but couldn’t hide the dejected look on his face. “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to your office to officially say goodbye yet. I figured I had time and with everything else taking up my attention it slipped my mind.. I’m sorry.”

“Oh no,” he shook his head and smiled, “its perfectly understandable. I’m sorry about.. the last time you were in the office. I never meant to make anything awkward. I just.. misread some things. I should be the only one apologizing here.”

She brushed hair behind her ear. “Oh, that? No.. not awkward.. well,” She looked up at him as she trailed off not quite sure what to say then they both smiled.

“When do you leave? Can I get you a going away present? Maybe we could call it a graduate gift? Would that be weird?”

She chuckled, “no, not at all. As long as I can get you a thank you gift for being such a great teacher and mentor.”

He nodded and shoved his hands in the pockets of his khaki shorts. “That sounds like a perfect gift exchange then.” Liz glanced down at the book in her hand and scratched the back of her neck. “Well, I should be on my way. I just wanted to stop in and say goodbye if you were leaving.”

Liz smiled, “thank you. I’ll make sure you call and let you know when I finalize my plans.”

He rocked back and forth on his feet. “Sounds good. Well, goodbye for now then. Nice seeing you. You look nice.” He smiled.

“Thank you.. you too.”

He smiled with a small nod, “I look forward to your call.” He turned and started walking away.

Liz let out a breath and felt a shiver run down her spine. The sun’s warmth didn’t seem to help the chill that suddenly felt. She picked up her towel and phone then headed inside deciding that she had enough sun for the day. Once inside the building, she glanced out the window looking for anyone taking any interest in the apartment of the grassy area she had just left but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

As she made her way up the stairs to her apartment she couldn’t help but wonder who the hell had started spreading the rumor that she was leaving and what could that rumor possibly be for? The others had the normal nasty connotation but her leaving had nothing to it. She was a graduate, it would be a given. So maybe that’s all it was, maybe it was just something else to talk about but she couldn’t push away the feeling that there was something to it. Something that might be important, if only she could wrap her mind around it. Or maybe she was just being paranoid, it’s not like she doesn’t have a good reason to be but paranoia could also make you see monsters in ordinary shadows.

She used to trust her senses but ever since the pregnancy, things hadn’t exactly been working as usual. She could ask Ava, she’d be a reliable judge but she also wanted to call Dean and this could just give her the excuse to do so. If she had a hard time with anything since they found out, Ava brought up telling Dean in one way or another until about a week ago. It was never ending as the days went on even though Ava may not actually say it out loud but she saw it on her face.

On the other hand, she had promised Isabel she would get the hell out of dodge and go to San Fran if something was going on here. Her thoughts moved to her nightmare that had popped back up last week as she walked into the apartment. Maybe she’d just calmly ask Ava if she noticed anything recently, either around her or the apartment. She could get her honest take from her instincts before she said anything but if something had caught her attention, she probably would’ve said something already. She dropped herself on her bed and stared at the ceiling. She just had to create a plan and everything would come together, hopefully.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 14 8/12

Post by pandas2001 » Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:53 am

Interesting rumors...hmm.
Is she leaving? Will Ava go too?

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Author's Note 8/23

Post by MelissaD » Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:35 pm

Author's note: HEY GUYS!! First of all, THANK YOU FOR READING!! I love you guys and I have not forgotten about this story and it's definitely not lost!! I've been swamped this month and these last two weeks have been crazy getting my oldest ready for Kindergarten and helping friends move along with all the other random stuff. :(. I have the next couple chapters written up and just need to edit and I'll be posting.. Max starts school tomorrow and my husband has two weeks vacation so I should hopefully get those 2-3 chapters up within that time if not more! I'm shooting for tomorrow to post Chapter Fifteen, if not tomorrow DEFINITELY Tuesday!

Thank you for sticking around with me!
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"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 15 8/24

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Chapter Fifteen

June 25th, 2006

Sam sat in front of the microfilm reader and yawned. He leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes then checked the time on his phone. Had he really been sitting there for forty five minutes? He looked at his phone and was tempted to call Liz again but felt like he was going behind his brother’s back. Normally, he would go for it but with the looks he had seen on Dean’s face recently, it didn’t sit well with him. He hit Ava’s speed dial and waited.

“Hey stranger. How’s the road?”

“I deserve that.” He closed his eyes as he leaned his elbows on the table in front of him. “To be honest, it sucks and this is worse.. but I need to ask you a favor.”

“Oh boy..”

“Not really so much a favor.. I just.. Dean’s been acting weird and I was wondering if Liz has maybe said anything about them talking recently?”

“Not that she’s spoken with me about but she’s been a little off since.. that whole fight. I honestly didn’t think they had talked since that night you guys left. One night a couple of weeks ago, I thought she might have been talking to him but she didn’t say anything. What do you mean acting weird?”

He glanced around him before looking back to the film reader. “I don’t know.. maybe it’s this case and I’m just grasping at straws. He got really aggressive after it hit this young boy at the motel we’re staying at. He was talking to the kid’s brother.. he even offered to drive their mother to the hospital.”

“What’s the case?”

“A striga, really old witch that likes to..” he glanced around then lowered his voice. “survives off the lives of others.. sucking the life out of you type of thing but she prefers children.”

“Damn.. maybe he’s unconsciously connecting it with his own..” She paused.

“His own what?” Sam didn’t hear anything and glanced at the phone to make sure he hadn’t lost the call. His phone still showed a strong signal and the call time was slowly ticking away. “Ava?”

“Sorry.. distracted. What was I saying?”

Sam leaned forward on the table and frowned, “you were saying that Dean was connecting it with something.”

“Oh right. Maybe he’s connecting it with his own childhood. You and him were left alone a lot, right? And you said Dean was talking to the sick kid’s brother so..”

“Yeah.” Sam wished he could see her face because her answer just didn't feel right but he had no right to say she needed to tell him what was going on. Hell, he could just be projecting. That’s what Liz would say.

“It’s never easy when kids are involved. Hey listen, sorry but I need to go. Got this stupid lab thing..”
Sam tapped the desk with his free hand. “Yeah, I understand.”

“Thanks Sam. Talk to you later?”

“Yeah, I’ll try. If not, I’ll make sure to text you. Good luck.” He listened for the click and then looked at the phone. He shook his head trying to shake it off. He was the one hiding and keeping secrets. He still needed to update Dean on the articles he found and the fact that this epidemic in Fitchburg was just getting started.

Later that night.

Dean took his eyes off the monitor and checked the time again. “He’s not going to come until after midnight. You got this?”

Sam turned towards him. “Where you going?”

“Just out front, stretch my legs before settling in for the night. Just a couple of minutes.”

Sam nodded then turned back to the video surveillance on the laptop.

Dean shut the door quietly behind him before pulling out his phone and opening the contacts. He highlighted her name and just stared at it for a few seconds. Damnit Winchester, you’re a god damn man, act like one. He looked around before hitting call and put the phone to his ear. He heard the ring and took a deep breath then blew it out slowly.

“Hello?” Her voice was hesitant and he didn’t blame her. Hell, he understood. He was the one that hadn’t been really been talking to her and then calls her in the middle of the night out of the blue. He deserved her tone and worse.

“Hey.” Why did he have to sound so damn tired?

“How are you?” Her voice seemed neutral. He hadn’t heard that tone in a long time. He took another deep breath and tried to slowly blow it out again but it shuttered. He closed his eyes, “I know I shouldn’t be calling you but I.. I needed to hear your voice.” He paused, “I’m just caught up in a case I should’ve finished years ago and these kids are being.. this is on me and now I’ve got a kid playing bait and it’s fucking killing me.” His hand covered his eyes and all he could hear was her breathing. A sudden rush of wanting to feel it on his skin again chilled him.

“You were just a kid..” He heard a catch in her voice that sent a jolt up his spine.

“Are you okay?” She remained quiet and he asked again. He felt a cold sensation rush up his back causing the hairs on his neck to stand up. “Liz?”

She coughed. “Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just.. I’m worried about you.” She coughed again. “It's not your fault and it sounds like you’ve got it under control. You’re going to take care of the kid, right?”

It was a good recovery but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong and she wasn’t telling him. “Yeah, yeah. Sam’s watching the monitor right now. I don’t think it’ll come until later but we’re not leaving the kid alone for a second.”

“Good. Just finish it and you won’t have anything to worry about.”

“Yeah. Listen, if there’s anything you need.. you know you can call me, right?”

“I’m fine Dean. Just get it done. Okay?”

“Hey.. I know I’ve been.. away but we’re still in this together. I’m still coming home.”

There was an audible hitch in her breath. Her voice came through the speaker clear but soft. “Bye.”

He frowned, “I’ll call you later.”

“Okay, good night.” He heard the click before he could say another word. He closed the phone and shoved it back in his pocket. He looked around the parking lot then at the door where Michael was only pretending to be sleeping in his bed while they all waited. Dean felt too many things pulling at him and wanted to punch something but forced it down and focused on the job at hand.

He stepped back into the room and sat down next to his brother. Sam glanced at him, “good stretch?”

Dean shrugged, “yeah. You need to go?”

Sam shook his head, “nah. I’m good.”

They both looked back at the screen and settled in to wait. Dean forced all his focus on the boy in the other room risking his life for his brother’s and placing all his faith on them to keep him safe. He had to finish this job before fixing the issue in his own life.

Liz sat on the floor of the kitchen with her back pressed against the fridge. Her cell phone still clutched in her hand and pressed to her chest from her call with Dean. Her head was down on her drawn up knees with her free arm wrapped around her legs. Her hair fell in a curtain blocking her face and her quivering breathes were the only outward signs of her silent sobbing.

Ava walked into the kitchen and panicked at the sight. "Liz!" She ran over and slid down in front of her, "is it the baby? Is something happening? Do I need to call max?"

Liz's head shook side to side then she lifted her face from in between her knees. She took a deep breath in but when she opened her mouth to tell Ava she was fine, another sob escaped instead then tears burst from her eyes once again.

Ava saw the phone clutched to her chest and immediately knew what, or rather who, most likely triggered this. Ava scooted next to her and pulled Liz against her chest. "It's going to be okay. I talked with Sam and he was close. Those kids will be fine and maybe.. maybe it's time.."

Liz shook her head furiously again and spoke in between hiccupping breathes. "Not.. Without answers. We.. need John. I need him.."

Ava stroked Liz’s hair and although a part of her wanted to argue, she let it go. "Okay. We'll wait a little longer."
Hours later.

Dean and Sam got into the impala and Dean drove quietly until they passed out of Fitchburg. He glanced at Sam, “hey, you hear anything from Ava?”

Sam faced the passenger window. “We were supposed to be keeping our distance.”

“I know you’ve been talking to her. Just answer the damn question. Anything strange? Maybe something stick out when you were talking to her?”

Sam shook his head and said, “no.” Then he fidgeted in seat. “There was.. something.”


“Yesterday.. when I was looking into the past hits by the striga.. I called Ava and it was weird like she was almost going to tell me something but then just stopped talking. When I tried to get her to tell me she acted like she forgot what she was saying. I mean she said she had this lab to get to so I brushed it off because I know she had some make up work and she’s prepping to take a summer class but.. it just struck me weird, ya know?”

“You think something could be wrong?”

“I don't know. Maybe it's just me.”

Dean shook his head. “It’s not just you.”

Sam felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck and turned in his seat to face him. “What do you mean?”

Dean shot him a glance from the corner of his eye. “You don’t think they would..”

Sam interrupted him, “keep something from us? We’re keeping them away, Dean. Why couldn’t it be the other way around with something else?”

Dean’s hands tightened on the steering wheel. “This is why it’s simpler without any attachments.”

“Yeah, but then you’d have to go back to getting checked for STD’s or worse, getting them.”

Dean glanced down at his phone. He grabbed it with his right hand and flipped it open. Glancing quickly away from the road, he hit Liz’s speed dial and put it to his ear. The call went to voicemail. He hit the end button and hit her speed dial number again. “Come on. Pick up.” After the third ring, she answered.


“Hey, what’s going on?” He winced and caught Sam’s cringe out of the corner of his eye.

“Just.. homework. Why?”

“Oh, homework. So, how's it been?” Dean cringed and squeezed the wheel. What the hell was wrong with him?

“The homework? Fine. I didn’t think I’d hear from you so soon. What is it? Did something happen?”

“No, nothing. Just finished the job, the kids are getting better. I wanted.. I felt like I needed to check on you.”

“Did your dad show up?”

The tone of her voice almost made him shiver but he couldn't understand why. “No. Why would he? He sent me to finish it.”

“Just.. I don’t know. I thought he might. I thought maybe you guys would be close.. to finding him.”

“Yeah. Ahh..” Dean glanced at Sam and saw the questioning stare then focused back on the road. “Sorry, I haven't been calling.. and about last night. I know that wasn't right to do to you. It's just.. been one after the next and trying to get on dad's trail again. You know how it is." He thought he heard something muffled then a loud cough, "you sure you’re okay?"

“I.. I'm..” He heard another muffled cough and the sound she made when she was trying to clear her throat. “I'm fine. It's just these.. damn allergies.” He heard her take an audible breath and what sounded like choking then the phone was muffled again.

“Liz?” He raised his voice and glanced at Sam who was staring at him with a mixed expression.

Ava's voice suddenly came over the phone. "Hey, sorry she.. okay, she's going into the bathroom. Probably take a hot bath clear those.. sinuses out."

“Yeah, that California air and.. allergies.” Dean eyed Sam who looked just as confused.

Sam whispered, “Liz? Allergies?”

“Well, tell her I'll call the next time I get the chance. Really soon though.”

“No prob. See ya.”

Dean snapped the phone shut and dropped it on the seat. He knew his instincts weren’t off, something was going on.

“Dean, why did you say homework?”

Dean glanced at his brother, “because she said that's what she said was doing. Why the hell else would I say it?” Sam’s face went slack and he looked out the windshield. “Damnit, talk to me here!”

Sam faced his brother, “it's the end of June.” His brother glanced at him and he knew he didn't get it. “Even if she hadn't graduated early, she would have graduated by now.”

His brow furrowed. “What are you talking about? No, she was going to walk..”

Sam interrupted him, “no. When she got my papers in order for me to graduate she had already finished up her own. She was planning on coming on the road with us before you two got in that fight. Ava told me that night. I don't know if Liz knows that she told me but they’re definitely hiding something. She doesn’t have any homework because she doesn’t have any classes left.”

“Sonofabitch.” Dean felt his fear spike. Something was definitely wrong if they were hiding it from both of them. He just wasn't sure who exactly they were really trying to hide it from. “We’re going to California and you're not going to say a damn word to either of them.”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 15 8/24

Post by pandas2001 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:40 am

Well this will get even more interesting... wonder how they boys will react? Can Liz even hide it? Is she sick or is the coughing just nerves and being choked up?

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 16 9/8

Post by MelissaD » Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:54 pm

AHH!! Sorry guys! Things got pretty crazy the past couple weeks getting everything ready for school and then the fun vacation to say goodbye to summer! All three of my boys are in school now(okay two of them are in Mother's Day out which is basically daycare with a little bit of learning just cheaper) and my writing time is back!! I can finally finish these chapters that have been sitting here so lonely. LOL.

Chapter Sixteen
Lines underlined are from Supernatural season one episode "Shadow".

June 28th, 2006

Liz stood in her room in her bra and underwear staring at her reflection in the new long mirror she installed only days before on the back of her bedroom door. She had been able to hide the growing bump under some baggier shirts but without the cover it was easy to see the changes. She turned to the side and smoothed her hand over the small, round protrusion below her belly button. She felt the flutter against her hand and smiled. “How are you doing in there? It’s not as cramped in there as it looks out here, is it?”

Her eyes roamed over her body, stuck longer on areas where she had already started to notice a change in size, like her breasts for example. They hadn’t grown that much but damn, were they annoying. She pulled at her bra strap and noticed the red line marring her skin. Did she really have to buy a new one already? She chuckled. “You know kid, they don’t call you a life changer for nothing. I bet your daddy would love it though.” Her smile fell as she caught her own gaze in the mirror. “Soon, baby. I promise.” Her eyes started to water and she rubbed the moisture away.

She picked up her phone off her dresser and opened her text messages then scrolled down to Dean’s name. She clicked on it and read over the last few messages they had exchanged. Short, to the point, and often fake as hell messages. She felt the familiar ache in her chest. Her finger hovered over the call button and she whispered, for maybe the millionth time in the last month, “just push the damn button and talk to him.”

She could have talked to him two days ago when he called or the night before that but every instinct in her told her to wait. If this happened two weeks ago, she probably would have gone against it but everything started to clear up pretty quickly after her last episode of paranoia. But what if this was more of her fear of his reaction than an actual threat? Could she say that definitively?

The flash came quick and yet impossible to ignore, like a sucker punch.

“We almost got Dad killed in there. Don’t you understand? They’re not gonna stop. They’re gonna try again. They’re gonna use us to get to him. I mean, Meg was right. Dad’s vulnerable when he’s with us. He—he’s stronger without us around.”

She sucked in as much air as her lungs would allow and lost her balance, one hand reaching behind her for the bed and the other automatically protecting her stomach. She sat on the bed and focused on controlling her breathing as her vision became blurry. Her eyes fell to the phone now lying on the floor a few feet away where she was just standing admiring the changes. Tears slipped down her face, no longer able to hold them back. Her quiet sobs had just started to die down when her door opened.

“Hey, I thought we could go outside and..” Ava’s voice trailed off as she caught sight of Liz. She dropped the towels in her hands and rushed to the bed, knelling in front of her. “Are you okay?” She looked for any sign of bruising or trauma then stopped when she looked into her eyes. She brushed Liz’s wet cheeks then sat next to her on the bed and pulled Liz to her. She wrapped her arms around her and smoothed her hand down her hair. “I’m so sorry Liz. It’s going to be okay. He’ll be okay. I’ll make sure of it.” Ava looked up at the ceiling trying to staunch the flow of her own tears and emotion that flooded in. “I gave you my word and I always stand by it. You will never get hurt while I’m here, you hear me?”

She laid her cheek on the top of Liz’s head and whispered, “I’m here. You’re not doing this alone.” Her gaze landed on the phone lying open on the floor and she couldn’t easily read the name but knew all the same. She closed her eyes, cursing the situation they were in. All the words coming to her just didn’t seem like enough but she could only be a salve to the wound, she couldn’t really heal something that wasn’t physical.

“Do you want me to call him?” Liz’s head shook vigorously side to side. “Okay, okay.” Ava lifted her head and then held Liz’s face in her hands, “you know what we need? Some sun. I thought it was a great idea to get you out of this funk before I knew how bad it was. Why don’t you get your bathing suit on and we go get some vitamin D? Being outside on a day like this always makes you feel better and I bet it’ll do junior some good to get some fresh air too.” Ava grinned.

Liz gave a slight nod and pulled back. “That’s a great idea, Aves. I’m sorry.. I don’t know why I keep crying..”

Ava sat still on the bed watching as Liz got up and moved to her dresser. Ava’s gaze was drawn back to the cell phone lying forgotten on the floor. She got up and picked up the phone, closed the messages, and shut the phone before placing it on the dresser. “Maybe soon but I don’t want you to torture yourself. If you feel that we can’t tell them yet, you know I’m on board but if you start dealing with side effects because of the stress or hormones or whatever.. I don’t want it to cause you more pain.” She studied her friend with worry gnawing at her stomach.

Liz pulled her bathing suit out of the drawer and turned to Ava. “I know. Thank you. I.. I was about to call but I was hit with a reminder, I guess you could say. I just don’t know if it’s my own fears causing them or if it’s a sign or premonition. I just don’t know.” She glanced at the phone then shrugged as her gaze came to a rest on Ava again.

Ava flashed a small smile. “Well then, let’s just forget about it all for a while, okay? We’ll go lay out, listen to some music, and pretend that the only worries we have for the moment are not enough sunscreen.” She caught the concern flickering across Liz’s face, “but of course we’re going to have sunscreen on. Specially you. I mean you are building my nephew in there.” Liz chuckled softly and Ava continued as she walked towards the door and picked up the towels. “I mean you are creating a human inside you. Do you know how awesome that is? I should be bowing down to you. All hail Liz Parker, creator of human and probably slightly alien life.” Ava turned to face her as she pulled the door with her. “You sure that kid isn’t superman?”

Liz barked out a laugh, “let me get dressed or we’re never going to get outside.”

Ava smiled, “do you need any help? I heard pregnant women need help getting dressed because they can’t reach the same areas.”

The smile split her face as she yelled, “I’m not that far yet! Cut it out!”

Ava closed the door with a grin. “I’ll bring everything outside so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.”

“A little over the top!” Liz laughed.

Ava walked down the hallway feeling accomplished and hoped she could keep her mind carefree for a little while longer. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too long before she finally feels safe enough to tell Dean or maybe John will miraculously show his face and say it was all over. “Fat chance.” She shook herself and focused on her plan for the afternoon. Liz was her number one priority. She could talk to Sam later and see if maybe she could drop enough hints that Sam might catch on that something was going on here. She wouldn’t be going against her word if Sam figured it out on his own.

Dean parked the impala in front of the neighboring apartment building. Sam threw a concerned look at his brother. “How far are we taking this whole not telling them thing? They probably heard your car.”

“Because loud engines don’t go down this street? Really, Sam?” Dean checked the chamber in his gun before sliding it into his belt. “We’re going to figure out wherever the hell is going on and if they are in danger, we’re getting them out of it. Are you okay with that?”

Sam nodded, “yes. I want them safe just as much as you do. I just don’t understand why you’re being..”

“Being what? Do you think they’re hiding something from us?” Dean opened his door but waited for his brother to get his head together.

Sam sighed, “yes but we are too.”

“The thing we’re hiding is for their safety. You think they would try to hide something to keep us safe even if they were in danger?”

Sam turned to his brother, “they’ve dealt with all kinds of shit before, of course they would think it would be better to keep us out of it. What the hell are we supposed to do against aliens?”

Dean stared hard at his brother, “and what if what they think are aliens are actually demons? What then Sam?”

Sam pulled his gun out of the glove compartment and climbed out of the car before tucking it in his waist band in the middle of his back. “Fine. Let’s get this sorted out so you can stop freaking out. You know if this is just something ridiculous that she wanted to keep off your mind.. I should put a bet on it.”

Dean shut his door and started walking on the sidewalk towards her building. “You think Liz and Ava would be hiding it from you if it was just something stupid?”

Sam dropped his head as he fell in step next to his brother. “I’m just as worried about them as you are, I already said that. I just don’t think we should go running in there guns blazing.”

“I never go in guns blazing.”

Sam looked at Dean, “yeah right.”

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Dean picked up his pace a bit and his hand stayed tight by his side where his gun rested hidden under his jacket.

Sam took in his brother’s stature as if they were going into a hot zone on one of their cases. He blew out a breath and continued a little more alert than when he first stepped out of the car.

As they got closer, Dean saw Liz and Ava laying out in the sun laughing. The sight brought a smile to his face until Liz looked his way. Her smile dropped and fear ripped through his gut. Dean froze under her gaze. Sam stopped when he realized his brother was no longer by his side and turned to look at him. Liz and Ava stood up from their chairs with varying degrees of shock.

Liz stared at Dean like a deer in headlights. “Dean.” She whispered.

He smiled as he started to walk towards her again then his eyes drank in the sight of her. His gaze lingered over her breasts as his brow furrowed then she turned towards Ava, he heard her say something but nothing registered in his mind as he halted once again. His eyes were locked on the small bump protruding from her abdomen. Green eyes shot up to worried brown irises.

Sam's gaze was on Ava but as her eyes nervously flicked to Liz so did Sam's. The question never left his lips but froze on his face as he too was caught in shock with eyes on Liz’s swollen lower abdomen. His jaw dropped and he glanced back to Ava. Ava ran to him and tried to get him into the apartment. “I’ll answer whatever, let’s just get inside.” She whispered as she pulled him along.

Dean and Liz still stood staring at one another with similar masks of shock with a hint of fear. Dean was the first to recover from his shock and moved to Liz. Tears swam in her eyes as she stood like a statue frozen in time as she tracked Dean’s steps towards her. Dean fell to his knees in front of her and placed his hands on her belly. He looked up at her, fear in his eyes and she knew what he was so afraid to say.

Something about the ridiculousness of his fear made her laugh but it sounded more like a strangled cry, “yes. Of course, it's yours.” Then she rushed on, “I didn't want to say anything until you found..”

Her words are cut off by his lips. His arms wrapped around her and lifted her from the ground, his hand sinking into her hair as he crashed into her mind and soul. The months full of longing, grief, worry, and anxiety blown to the wind as he held her finally in his arms.

Her arms slipped over his shoulders and around his neck, tension releasing from her shoulders and arms then slowly the release made its way down her body. His kiss like a miracle cure and his arms a soothing balm to her soul. He felt a soft hit to his stomach and broke the kiss, pulling away slightly looking into her eyes, his brow knit in confusion. She grinned, “he's strong.”

His face smoothed out, eyebrows hitched up. “He?”

Liz nodded. “I'm sorry, I just didn't want to distract you and..”

His eyes shadowed and he lowered her feet to the ground but held her close. “It’s.. okay. I understand. We found him once, we’ll find him again.”

Liz shook her head, “I saw him. He was here but it was before I knew..”


“I caught him watching me so I confronted him. He said he wanted to make sure no one was following me. I think it was after the daevas attacked you. No wait. Shit, my damn memory.” She closed her eyes trying to recall when John had followed her.

He watched the cloud of confusion cover her face as she tried to explain, “wait, how do you know..” His face smoothed out, “my dad told you?”

She shook her head. “I saw it. I saw you and Sam with your dad. The daevas attacking and what you said to Sam. You were right.. you are used against him and he’s not the only one that they would use that tactic on.”

“Hey.. hey stop.” He grabbed her face in his hands. “I thought we weren’t going to do this anymore? No more hiding..” She tried to interrupt him but he shook his head, “I know.. I know.” He touched his forehead to hers. “I did it first. I tried staying away and keeping you out of this but.. I can’t do that anymore.” His gaze fell to the small swell of her stomach. “Not now. And maybe that’s stupid and selfish because.. maybe keeping you as far away for me as possible is for the best for you two..”

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“Would you stop saying that?” The right corner of his mouth turned up and she laughed softly. His hand smoothed down and around to her stomach. “So.. how long have you.. how old is he?”

She chuckled at the lost look on his face. “Isabel was the first to realize it actually, she told me only a couple days after our fight. I..” She looked up into his gaze, “we think it was from that first visit in February.. maybe the night before you left.”

“Wow.. so that’s what.. four months?” She couldn’t miss the hurt look that quickly crossed his face.

“Five months next week.” She looked back down to her stomach that his hands were cupping gently. “It was the beginning of February so the beginning of July would be..” His right hand moved to her chin and he tilted her head up then kissed her.

“I’m sorry for everything..” He whispered. Liz frowned and shook her head. “No really. Everything before and all the screw ups I know I’m going to make but.. we can do this.”

Liz’s eyes came up to his, the fear that she kept hidden flickered to the surface. “How can you be so sure?”

“Are you kidding? Come on, this is our kid we’re talking about. He’s got the most badass parents of all time.” His entire face beamed pride.

The laughter that escaped her sounded slightly hysterical but the relief that bubbled up couldn’t be contained. The smile spread fast and Dean chuckled feeling the movements against his hands. “How do you know how.. what do they call it?”

“Isabel and I have checked it out. So far, he’s on a normal human track of growth.”

His smile faded a bit. “Normal human..”

Liz’s faltered at the sight, “its why I was even more nervous than.. I almost told you after I found out. A few times actually but after I had that dream.. the vision of what happened to you guys and your dad. I knew you were right and what if they did find out what I am? What our child has the strong possibility of..”

“Shh.. it’s going to be fine. We will make sure of that.” Dean’s hand caressed her cheek. “This only gives us a stronger resolve to beat this. A better reason than any other surprise could.”

She leaned into his hand and smiled, “a good surprise. I missed you.” She rested her hand against his, pressing his hand more firmly against her cheek and looked up. “I missed this.”

He leaned in and pressed his forehead against hers again. “So did I. And I forgive you.”

“For what?”

“For lying by omission.”

“Me? What about..” She paused as her smile grew, “you just had to ruin the moment, didn’t you?”

“I think it adds to it.” He pressed his lips to hers and let all the fear and stress melt away because he was where he knew he needed to be. Hopefully, he had enough time to help her get past her fear before anything else happened.

Liz broke the kiss. “Oh, right after I got home from Lawrence. After I met Missouri!”

Dean looked at her with a bemused expression.” What?”

“That's when your dad was following me.” She blushed, “sorry.. Ahh that seems to be a side effect of the pregnancy. Kinda mixes up my thoughts and sometimes memory.”

Dean chuckled, “you're adorable.” His face fell blank again, “holy shit. We’re having a baby.”

Liz smirked. “Yeah.. that happens a lot in the beginning.” She chuckled, “I’m still not used to it.”
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 16 9/8

Post by pandas2001 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:58 pm

That was a great little reunion. I loved it.

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 16 9/8

Post by mzzcocoa » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:36 pm

Just caught up on this fic.. love all the new parts! So glad Dean finally knows about Jr. & I was sooo ready for that Dean/Liz reunion! Can't wait to read more :D

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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 17 9/18

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pandas2001 : :)
mzzcocoa: :) Hopefully be able to keep up at least once a week!

Chapter 17.
Lyrics used are "Save tonight." By Eagle Eye Cherry underlined.

Two days later.

Sam shuffled into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water then started out when he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stick up. He felt his muscles tightening; ready for a fight as he scanned the darkness then saw a familiar shape sitting in the arm chair in the living room. “Dean?”

Dean didn’t take his eyes off the window where he could see the front walkway of the apartment building. “Hey.”

Sam walked into the living room and sat on the couch. “Can’t sleep either?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

“I’m sorry for trying to make light of the situation before. I don’t think I ever thought.. you’d have a kid at all, let alone Liz be pregnant.” Sam frowned, “sorry. That sounds a lot worse than I meant.”

Dean softly chuckled, “you and me both Sammy.”

Sam’s gaze shot up to his brother. Still leaning back in the chair, eyes locked on the window or really what was outside the window. He lifted a water bottle to his mouth and drank before slowly placing it back in his lap. His brother drinking water when there was beer in the fridge? Sam looked around the room before leaning back against the couch. “You know I bet we could rig up a pretty nice security system here. Get some cameras on the outside at the entry points maybe create some divots at the door and windows here in the apartment fill them with salt.”

Dean finally looked away from the window towards Sam. “How can I ever leave her like this? This is..” His left hand covered his face, thumb and forefinger rubbing his forehead. “This is like a living nightmare. If the demon finds out about her.. I’m scared, Sam.”

“We’ll be ready. We’ll make sure we are and that she is safe. At least she can protect herself too. So can Ava.” Sam leaned forward, his elbows resting on his thighs. “I was talking with Ava and we were thinking maybe it would be better for her to be near the others. That’s a lot of fire power and defense to have around her when we’re not..” His brother’s stare made him trail off. “There’s no way we can defeat the demon without you, you have to know Dad may think he can do most of this alone but this demon is strong. You know Dad’s going to need back up and if we don’t.. if we don’t end this soon..” Sam looked back towards Liz’s bedroom. “I don’t want either of you looking over your shoulder for who knows how long wondering when the demon would strike.”

Dean nodded slowly and looked back out the window. “Liz is hiding it really well but she’s terrified. She’s been having nightmares. In every one, our kid has powers and the demon wants him and we’re never able to stop it from taking him. In some of them, she’s just running as fast as she can from him. It’s the worse feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Sam’s eyes widened, “are you saying you’ve.. had the dreams too or you’ve felt hers?”

Dean turned toward Sam again and the look in his eyes made Sam’s stomach plummet. Tormented, haunted, and terror were only a few words that came to mind when he met his brother’s gaze. “She pulled me into them. I don’t know If she meant to the first time but.. the things that she dreams.. it’s terrifying.”

“Did she tell you if she thinks they’re premonitions?”

Dean shook his head and dragged his hand down his face. “No. She thinks it’s just a mixture of her stress, hormones, and overactive imagination. She said it doesn’t hit her like her premonitions, not the same feel. Whatever that means.”

“That’s good. That means we still have time. We can still get this place rigged and maybe we can talk her into going to San Fran. I’d feel better if she was around the group.. specially as she gets further along.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah. Maybe you and Ava can talk her into that one. If you hadn’t noticed she’s a bit stubborn.”

Sam chuckled, “yeah. But she’s done at Stanford now. I know this has been her place for a couple of years but.. I think she’ll see it’s the smart move.”

“mmhmm.” Dean looked towards the front door. “So what is this security plan you got going on in that head of yours?”

Two days later.

Liz walked into the living room rubbing her eyes. “Sam, what are you doing?”

Sam turned towards her, “oh hey, morning. Check this out.” He walked over to her then pulled her to the couch, sitting her down. Liz stared at him in bewilderment. Sam’s grin was wide as he pulled his laptop off the table and sat down next to her placing the laptop on his lap.

She turned her gaze from his childlike giddiness to the laptop screen. There were four videos filling his monitor. Her confusion deepened as she leaned forward. “Is that..?” She used the touch pad and clicked on the top right video. She looked over her shoulder at Sam, “is that a live feed from the front of the apartment?”

His pride practically beamed from his face. “You’ve got four views. No way is anyone going to get through this security system.”

Her face fell, “don’t you think you kind of went overboard?”

He looked back to the screen, “Liz.. I’m going to do everything in my power to keep you safe and this is just amazing.”

Liz felt bad popping his bubble but it was the first thought to enter her mind. “Wouldn’t I have to know what I’m looking for?”

She felt it like a literal blow when she saw his face crumble but Sam shook his head. “It’s okay. Dean and I have completely decked this place out. Sigils, salt lines, holy water, I mean we even put silver and iron around so you should be able to get it if you need to.”

“Silver and iron..?” Liz jumped up and looked around. She moved through the hall and into the kitchen, “if you guys destroyed my..” Her face scrunched up, “I don’t see anything different.”

Sam appeared in the kitchen doorway as she turned around. “That’s the point. We didn’t want anyone thinking you’d gone crazy so things are either hidden in plain sight..” Sam pointed to the pure silver candlestick on the table. “Or tucked just out of sight. The sigils are in black light paint on the door and we may have drilled under the door jam and added a line of salt.” He scratched the back of his neck and looked away.

Liz watched him carefully then cracked up. Sam reflected Liz’s earlier bewilderment as he watched her laugh hysterically. She moved to the cabinet, still laughing but it started to die down slightly as she pulled down a glass and moved to the fridge. She inhaled deeply as she poured water then shut the fridge and sat at the kitchen table. She wiped her eyes and let out another chuckle. “You guys are.. just too much.”

He pulled out a chair and sat down. “In a good way?” A small hopeful smile blooming on his face.

She smiled and patted his hand. “The best.”

He flipped his hand over and grasped her hand, “I want the best for you. You know that, right?”

“Of course I do because I do the same for you.”

He looked down at her hand, “I know you’re strong.. but I can’t help noticing how small you seem. How frag..”

Liz pulled her hand from his and smacked his shoulder. His gaze shot up to hers. “Don’t you even think that!”

Sam chuckled, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I just.. worry.”

Her gaze softened, “I know what you mean. I..” She glanced at the kitchen doorway. “I have this theory about.. the demons and the daevas.” A look Liz was familiar with took over Sam’s face. One that she knew meant he was focusing with every inch of his being. “I’ve been thinking about how they struck so close yet they didn’t actually hurt any of us that were close to you. At first, I thought it meant that they didn’t know about us but then I started thinking about what your dad said to Missouri, to me, and to you guys. It got me thinking that maybe they just wanted your attention but not your wrath because they are afraid of your dad and maybe you guys too. Maybe they hit so close to us to kind of send us a message, hinting at us. It would be close enough to catch your attention but not really hit you because we were fine or maybe let down your guard because we’d think, oh they don’t know about us. But I feel like it’s more than likely they know about us and they know what we are to at least you. How hard would it be to find out who you hung out with while at Stanford?” She looked into his eyes and almost felt guilty for the fear she saw there.

Sam fell heavily against the chair back, his jaw tense. “I.. Holy shit. I thought about it a lot but didn’t get that far. I didn’t let myself think about it that much..” His hand ran through his hair. “Did you tell Isabel? Michael?”

“Of course I talked to Isabel because we’ve been talking a lot since..” Her eyes grew, “crap, I didn’t even tell you yet. Isabel’s pregnant.”

“Are you serious?” He smiled, “Wow. So is she..” He looked down towards Liz’s stomach.

“No, she’s behind me by about two months. I mean we’re just going by how the babies are growing and so far both of us are on the normal human development.” Liz chuckled, “sorry, I started to ramble.”

Sam smiled and shook his head, “I can’t believe it. I’m gonna have to tell her congrats.” His gaze dropped to the table. His smile didn’t last long and Liz knew the dark thoughts that were replacing that joy. His next words weren’t what she expected. “I think you should go down and stay with Isabel. Even more so now.”

Liz watched him for a few seconds then it dawned on her, “you mean when you guys go with the next lead?”

Sam dropped his head and fidgeted with his hands. “Sam, I’m not an invalid. I’ve taken care of myself this far.”

He tilted his head up, she was able to just barely see his eyes under his hair. “It’s just.. who knows when the time will.. I just.. I want to be here, I want Dean to be here.”

Liz squeezed his hand, “I already planned to go down there if anything happened and to have the baby there where Isabel would be there to help me. And Max, just in case anything went wrong. I’ve got my bases covered. I would want dean to be there too but I won’t be alone.”

Sam chuckled half-heartedly, “why do I still get surprised with you?”

Liz folded her arms over her chest, “I know it’s like I don’t even know you anymore.”

Sam stood from the table, shoving all thoughts of demons away. “Okay, how about some pancakes to make up for my thoughtless comment?”

As if on cue, Liz’s stomach growled. She glanced down with a blush, “I think junior is totally on board with that idea.”
Later that day.

Liz sat on her bed lost in the book in her hands. Her Ipod was set up to a small speaker on her night stand playing softly.

“Hey.” Dean walked into her room with a towel wrapped around his waist and another smaller one in his hand that he was rubbing against his hair.

Liz glanced up and smiled, “hey. Nice run?” Her gaze trailed lazily up his stomach to his chest and finally settled on his face where a grin awaited her.

He raised his brow, “like what you see?”

She tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips, “maybe if..”

He jumped on the bed and she fell back giggling, dropping her book. He braced himself above her, “maybe if what?”

Her hands went to his stomach then made the same trail that her gaze did only moments before. “If it was on me.”

His smile grew, “wow. I mean.. that was a good one. That’s my line though.”

Her hands slipped up and over his shoulders pulling slightly to bring him closer to her. “Oh yeah? Then what you would say next?”

He lowered himself to her, still carefully bracing his weight above her. “Say? We’re talking about me here.” His lips pressed against hers gently and as she started to move her lips against his, he pushed up.

She whined at the absence. “What are you doing?”

“Just getting a good look.”

“Of what?”

“What I do to you.”

“Come down here and do more. I’m demanding and needy remember?” Her hands smoothed over his skin, down his chest and out to his sides, and then down to his waist until she hit the edge of the towel. She found the tucked in edge and pulled it free.

He chuckled as he felt the towel give way before lowering himself down once again. “I see how you play. And I like it. A lot.”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

Everything else blurred in the background as they came together with the music still playing softly nearby. “Save tonight and fight the break of dawn. Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone.”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Sensation (XO SPN, Liz/Dean, Mature) Chap 17 9/18

Post by pandas2001 » Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:57 am

How did I miss this update?
Loved it! Can't wait for more!

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