Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 23 Pg4 9/11/19

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 8 Pg1 1/5/19

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Chapter 9
Everyone walked out of the room and walked into the dining room. When they walked into the dining room they saw that there were 4 places left. Liz had to sit between Michael and Max. While the dads sat next to their wives. After they sat down their food was on the table. Liz looked at her food then looked up and saw Alex who was looking at her. Liz nodded her head at Alex and started to eat her dinner. After Liz finished eating she stood up and walked out of the room. She walked into the living room and went to start the fire place and lite the candles. While Liz was lighting the candles, Max walked in the room and watched Liz. After everything was set Liz turned and saw Max standing in the doorway looking at her.

“What?” Liz asked as she looked at Max then looked around.

“What is all this?” Max asked as he walked up to Liz.

Max and Liz stood face to face.

“Alex asked me to help him plan something romantic for Isabel,” Liz said.

“So this is what you came up with?” Max asked.

“Yes. Why are you looking at me like that?” Liz asked.

“I guess I just realize something I didn’t before,” Max said.

“And what would that be?” Liz asked.

“That your tomboy faze is really over. And you are looking more and more like a beautiful woman you are,” Max said.

“And you are just realizing it now?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” Max said.

“Um we better go. I got to let Alex know that everything is set,” Liz said.

“Yeah you better,” Max said.

“Come on Max,” Liz said as she pulled Max by the hand out of the room.

When they walked out of the room Liz let go of Max’s hand and walked back into the dining room. When Liz walked into the room she walked up to Alex. Alex turned and looked at Liz. Liz bent down and whispered in Alex’s ear.

“Everything is set up. All you got to do is go for it,” Liz said.

“Thanks Liz. I owe you one. By the way why is Max following and staring at you?” Alex asked.

“Max is realizing that my tomboy faze is over,” Liz said.

“Unbelievable. It took him this long to realize,” Alex said.

“Yeah, I know. Let me know when you want all of us there,” Liz said.

“Give me 5 minutes from when we leave,” Alex said.

“You got it,” Liz said.

“Thanks. Wish me luck,” Alex said.

“Good luck,” Liz said.

“Thanks,” Alex said.

After Liz talked to Alex she went back to her seat and sat down. When Liz looked up she saw Max looking at her. Liz tried to ignore him and started to eat her dinner. A few minutes later Liz watched as Alex and Isabel stood up and walked out of the room. Before Alex walked out of the room he saw Liz looking at him. He raised his hand up showing 5. Liz nodded her head. After Alex and Isabel were gone Liz looked around the room she saw Maria looking at her. They both smiled. Five minutes later Liz stood up and walked up the parents side. Jeff, Nancy, Philip, Diane all turned and looked at Liz.

“What is it?” Jeff asked.

“Come with me. Alex has a surprise for family,” Liz said.

“What is it?” Nancy asked.

“Mom I can’t tell you. All of you need to come,” Liz said.

Liz, parents, Maria, Michael, Max all walked out of the dining room and walked into the living room. When they walked into the living room everyone saw candles were lit and the fire place was on. Liz and everyone stood against the wall and watched as Alex and Isabel stood in front of the fire place.

“Alex honey what is going on?” Isabel asked.

“Isabel you know I love you right?” Alex asked.

“Of course I love you. And I know you love me too,” Isabel said.

Everyone watched as Alex got down on one knee and looked up at Isabel. Isabel looked down at Alex.

“Isabel we have been through some good times and some bad times. And I am always there when you need me or not. I’m always stand by you and love you unconditionally. I want to let you know I will keep doing this for the rest of my life. So, I wanted to ask you will you Isabel Evans make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?” Alex asked as he pulled out a 1 ct. certified diamond ring solitaire engagement ring in 14k white gold.

Isabel had tears running down her face. Then she fell to her knee and kissed him. A few seconds later they pulled away and looked at each other.

“Isabel?” Alex asked.

“Yes Alex I will marry you,” Isabel said.

Alex slide the ring on her finger. After the ring was on Isabel’s finger she pulled Alex to her and kissed him passionately.

As Alex and Isabel were kissing, Liz and everyone clapped for them. Alex and Isabel pulled away from each other then turned and saw Liz, parents and friends standing by the door clapping for them. Isabel and Alex smiled at their family. Everyone walked up to Isabel and Alex and hugged them.

“Congratulations,” Everyone said.

“Thanks,” Alex said.

“So this is what you had planned?” Max asked.

“Yeah,” Alex said.

“You better take care of my sister,” Max said.

“You know I will. I love Isabel,” Alex said.

“Good,” Max said.

Max turned and saw Liz and the girls talking to Isabel. As Liz was talking to Maria she turned and saw Max staring at her. Maria noticed that Max and Liz were both looking at each other. She decided to break the staring contest by pulling Liz away from the everyone. Liz and Maria stood against the far wall and looked at each other.

“Liz what is going on with you and Max?” Maria asked.

“Nothing with me. But I don’t know about Max,” Liz said.

“How long has he been like this?” Maria asked.

“Since yesterday. I think when we get back to the apartment I’m going to talk to him,” Liz said.

“I say that might be a good idea,” Maria said.

“I know. So, do you and Michael have plans before Michael and Max leave tomorrow night?” Liz asked

“I don’t know. Your brother never tells me anything anymore. Oh, before I forget Isabel, Serena and I are going to start taking the classes you took Monday,” Maria said.

“Cool. Just be prepared to be very tired,” Liz said.

“You know we will,” Maria said.

“Yeah, I know,” Liz said.

“Wow I can’t believe Alex and Isabel are going to get married,” Maria said.

“I know. But I am happy for them,” Liz said.

“So am I,” Maria said.

“Maybe my bone head brother will ask you to marry him,” Liz said.

“I won’t hold my breath on that,” Maria said.

“Maria you know my brother loves you,” Liz said.

“I know he does. But it would be nice for him to show me sometimes,” Maria said.

“I know,” Liz said.

“Come on let’s talk to Alex,” Maria said.

Maria and Liz walked across the room and stood in front of Alex. Alex turned and looked at Liz and Maria.

“Congratulation Alex. We are so happy for you and Isabel,” Liz said.

“Thanks. I couldn’t do this without your help,” Alex said.

“Your welcome,” Liz said.

Alex walked up to Liz and hugged. While Alex hugged Liz, he noticed Max was looking at Liz. After the hug he pulled back and looked at Liz.

“Liz what is the deal with Max?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know. Max said he just realize that I’m pass my tomboy faze,” Liz said.

“God you have been past that for a year now. And he just realizes this,” Alex said.

“I know. I’m going to talk to him later and find out what is really going on,” Liz said.

“Good luck with that,” Alex said.

“Thanks. I think I am going to need it,” Liz said.

“We’ll we must return to our guest that are waiting for us,” Nancy said.

“Yes Nancy,” Everyone said.

Everyone walked out of the living room and walked into the dining room where the guests were waiting for them. The guest turned and looked at Jeff, Philip and others.

“Sorry something came to our attention,” Jeff said.

“We would like all of you to know Alex Whitman and Isabel Evans are getting married,” Diane said.

“Congratulations to the happy couple,” one of the guest said.

“Thanks,” Alex and Isabel said.

“So when is the big day?” another guest asked.

“We haven’t set a date yet since we just got engaged a few seconds ago,” Alex said.

“True, True,” all guest said.

“We’ll since we are finished eating let’s go back into the other room,” Philip said.

Everyone stood up and walked out of the room except for Max and Liz. After everyone was gone Max and Liz both turned and looked at each other.

“What Max?” Liz asked.

“Liz why did you decide to take those classes for?” Max asked.

“Max can we talk about this later?” Liz asked.

“Does Jeff and Philip know you are taking those classes?” Max asked.

“Max later,” Liz said.

“Liz what the hell are you up to?” Max asked.

“Max I’m not up to anything. All I want to do is protect myself. Can you understand that?” Liz asked.

“Yes I can understand that, but I think you are up to something too,” Max said.

“Max like I said before I’m not up to anything. Please believe me?” Liz asked.

“I’ll try. But you need to stop doing crazy things,” Max said.

“Max let’s put it this way you and Michael stop doing crazy things. And I’ll stop doing crazy things,” Liz said.

“You know your brother won’t go for that,” Max said.

“Then why should I?” Liz asked.

“Liz no one wants to see you get hurt or end up dead,” Max said.

“And that goes for you and Michael too,” Liz said.

“Liz Michael and I know how to take care of ourselves,” Max said.

“Oh and I don’t know how to take care of myself,” Liz said.

“Liz all I am saying is that whatever you are up to could be dangerous and you could be seriously hurt,” Max said.

“And the same could happen to you and Michael. But it seems like you both don’t care,” Liz said.

“Liz we do care. That is why we watch each other’s back. Who do you have to watch your back if something goes down?” Max asked.

“Max I have our dads and friends to help me,” Liz said.

“Liz I know you have them. But what would you do if there was a shootout or something?” Max asked.

“Max I’m sure I can come up with something like you and Michael did,” Liz said.

Max walked up to Liz and stood in front of her.

“Liz I don’t want you to end up seriously hurt or dead. Because you want to do something,” Max said.

“Max are you trying to pull the brother crap on me?” Liz asked.

“No. I’m not trying to pull the brother crap. I’m doing friend cares thing. Is it working?” Max asked.

“Maybe a little. Max why are you so worried about me?” Liz asked.

“Liz,” Max said.

Right at that moment Isabel walked in the dining room and saw Max and Liz looking at each other. She smiled as she watched them.

“Excuse me. But are you both coming back to the party?” Isabel asked.

Max and Liz turned and saw Isabel standing in the door way. They both looked at Isabel then turned and looked at each other.

“Yeah Isabel. Be there in a second,” Max said as he looked at Liz.

Liz looked at Max then walked out of the room. Max turned and saw Isabel standing in front of him.

“So have you admitted that you care for Liz yet?” Isabel asked.

“No I haven’t told her yet,” Max said.

“Max you need to admit your feelings to her before you leave,” Isabel said.

“I know I do. But every time I do something or someone comes up,” Max said.

“Max hopefully you will have your chance when you both get back to your apartment,” Isabel said.

“I hope you are right,” Max said.

“Max just tell Liz how you feel before you leave,” Isabel said.

“Isabel I will tell her that I promise,” Max said.

“Good. I’m holding you to that,” Isabel said.

“God I’m going to miss you,” Max said.

“I’m going to miss you to. Come on we better get back to the party,” Isabel said.

“OK,” Max said.

Max and Isabel walked out of dining room and walked into the living room where everyone was talking and having fun. When they walked in Max and Isabel saw Liz talking to a couple. They saw Liz was laughing and talking. Max walked up to Liz and the couple.

“Hey what are you laughing about?” Max asked.

“Tess and Eric were telling me what happened on their date last night,” Liz said.

“What was funny?” Max asked.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 9 Pg2 1/30/19

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all caught up.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 9 Pg2 1/30/19

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Author's Note:
Glad you are all caught up Natalie36. There are a a few shocks and surprising things to come. So please keep an eye out for new chapters to come.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 9 Pg2 1/30/19

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Chapter 10

“That part is easy. Everything went wrong on the date. But in a funny way,” Tess said.

“How do you mean?” Max asked.

“Like when we left the house my high heels broke. Then Eric and I get locked out of his car. As we try to get the keys it started to down pour on us. And when we finally got to the restaurant and ordered our food our food got switched,” Tess said.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe all that happened to you,” Liz said.

“I know. But it was funny,” Eric, Tess said.

“Yes it sounds like it,” Max said.

“Loved the way Alex proposed to Isabel. That was very romantic,” Tess said.

“I agree,” Liz said.

“So how long have you and Tess been dating?” Max asked.

“We have been together for a year now,” Eric said.

“And it has been a great year together,” Tess said.

“So how is your job going?” Liz asked.

“It is going great. I just get tired of all the paper work I get,” Tess said.

“That is understandable,” Liz said.

“I know. But I’m so glad that I get to work for Jim though,” Tess said.

“That is a must,” Liz said.

“I didn’t know you work for Jim,” Max said.

“Yes I work for Jim at the police station,” Tess said.

“Wow that is a good thing,” Max said.

“Yes it is. Oh, Liz before I forget I have something for you from the instructor of those classes we take,” Tess said.

“Oh no what does he want now?” Liz asked.

“Here read it yourself,” Tess said as she handed Liz the paper.

Liz unfolded the paper and begin to read it. After Liz read the note she looked up at Tess.

“Are you serious?” Liz asked.

“He told me to tell you yes. And he wanted me to tell you thank you for getting our friends in the classes,” Tess said.

“Oh my god. That man is full of surprises,” Liz said.

“Yes, he is,” Tess said.

“What does the note say?” Eric, Max asked.

“Tess and I graduated at top of his classes,” Liz said.

“Wow that is great. Now no one can push you girls around. I am so proud of both of you,” Eric said.

“Thanks Eric,” Liz, Tess said.

“Don’t you think so Max?” Eric asked.

“Yes it does sound great,” Max said as he smiled and looked at Liz and Tess.

When Liz saw the smile and knew Max was not happy for them. But he was putting on a show for their friends and family. Liz just smiled back at Max.

“Thanks Max I’m so glad that your happy for us,” Liz said.

“Why wouldn’t Max be happy for us?” Tess asked as she looked at Max.

“I don’t know why, you will have to ask him,” Liz said.

“Max why are you not happy about us taking the classes?” Tess asked.

“Because I am afraid that you girls will end up serious hurt or killed,” Max said.

“Max maybe Liz and I will surprise you,” Tess said.

“Yeah we will see about that,” Max said.

“Why are you doubting the girls for?” Eric asked.

“I’m not doubting I just don’t want to see the girls get hurt,” Max said.

“Max you never know we could surprise you,” Liz, Tess said.

“Yeah that is true,” Max said.

“Excuse me I need to go see Maria,” Liz said as she walked away.

After Liz walked away Tess and Eric turned and looked at Max. Max looked at Tess and Eric and noticed how mad they looked.

“Max why are you being so hard on Liz? All Liz and the girls are trying to do is be more helpful to the parents,” Tess said.

“I just think the girls need to do something less dangerous is all,” Max said.

“Max you better stop before you get all the girls pissed off at you,” Tess said.

“Tess I’m just telling you like it is,” Max said.

“Max I agree with Tess you need to stop. You never know what Liz and the girls will do to you,” Eric said.

“What can Liz do to me?” Max asked.

“Max did you forget that you live with Liz?” Tess asked.

“No I didn’t forget that I live with Liz,” Max said.

“Max I think you better be on your guard around Liz,” Eric said.

“I agree with Eric on that,” Tess said.

“Liz won’t do anything to me,” Max said.

“We will see how you feel tomorrow then,” Tess said.

Right at that moment Maria walked up to Max, Eric and Tess. They turned and saw Maria standing next them smiling. Then she turned and saw Max was looking at her.

“Max what is this I hear about you getting upset over Liz and us girls wanting to help the parents?” Maria asked.

“I just think you and the girls will end up hurt or worse dead if you help the parents,” Max said.

“Oh really?” Maria asked.

“Yes I think you could seriously end up hurt or worse dead,” Max said.

“Max,” Maria said as she reached out and punched him in the stomach as hard as she could.

After Max straightened up he saw Liz standing next to Maria with their arms crossed looking at him.

“What was that for?” Max asked.

“Because you said women can’t be Bounty Hunters,” Maria and Liz said.

“OK. That is a wrong thing to say,” Max said.

“Good. Max just let us try and see if we can do it. Before you start bad mouthing us,” Liz said.

“OK. I agree,” Max said.

“Thanks,” Maria, Liz said.

“Ladies and gentlemen it is time for everyone to go home. Thank you for coming to the party,” Jeff Parker and Philip Evans said.

All the guest grabbed their things and told everyone good-bye. After everyone left Jeff, Nancy, Philip, Diane turned and looked at Max, Liz and others.

“Well did all of you had fun at the party?” Jeff asked.

“Dad the party was great. We had lots of fun, right everyone?” Michael asked.

“Yes it was great,” everyone said.

“Dad we need to go home and get some rest for tomorrow,” Michael said.

“That is true. All of you have things to do before your party tomorrow night,” Nancy, Diane said.

“We know,” Everyone said.

Liz and the girls walked up to Nancy, Jeff, Diane and Philip and gave them hugs while the guys waited for their turn. After the girls hugged the parents they took a step back and watched as Michael and the guys hugged Nancy, Diane then went and shook the Philip and his dad’s hands. After they were all finished everyone walked and got into their cars and drove away. Max and Liz didn’t talk while Max was driving them home. When Max and Liz got home they got out of Max’s car and walked up the stairs to the apartment. As Liz was walking into the apartment she turned and shut the door in Max’s face. Max pushed the door opened walked in and slammed the door shut.

After the door was shut. Max saw Liz standing in front of him with her arms crossed. Max looked at Liz and saw that she was pissed.

“Liz what now?” Max asked.

“What the hell is your problem Max? You are acting so weird,” Liz said.

“Liz how am I acting weird?”

“One minute you treat me like one of the guys. Then suddenly when I start wearing a dress you stare at me like I’m a stranger and I want to know why you are acting this way Max?”

“Liz I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Well too damn bad. I want to know,” as she stood in front of him.


“Tell me.”

“Fine you want to know why I am acting so strange. It is because I am realizing that you are not a tomboy anymore.”


“No you wanted to know the truth. Now you do know.”


“Liz just leave me alone.”

Liz reached out and touched Max on his shoulder. When Liz touched him on the shoulder he turned and looked at her. Max and Liz both stared at each other. Then she walked closer to him and reached her hand up and touched him on the cheek. Max and Liz both leaned in and kissed. The kiss was soft and tender. A few seconds later they both pulled away and looked at each other.


“Liz let’s forget this happened okay.”


“I don’t want to talk about. See you in the morning,” before walking away.

“Max no I want to know. Why do you always run away when I try to talk to you?”

“Liz I’m serious I really don’t want to talk about right now.”

Liz watched as Max walked away from her and walked down the hallway to his room. When Max walked into his room he slammed the door to his room. After he was in his room Liz walked into her room and slammed the door hard. She walked across her room and walked to her bed and laid down. As Liz and Max laid down in their beds they thought about what happened between them. And how things were changing for them. The more they thought about it the more they realize that they felt more than friendship towards each other.

Liz sat up and looked around. Then she changed in to a spaghetti strap lite pink slip. After Liz changed into her slip she walked to her door and opened the door. When she opened the door she saw Max standing in the door way only wearing his black silk boxers with no shirt on looking at her.

“Max what are you doing?”

“This,” he said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him and gently kissed her.

As Max and Liz were kissing she wrapped her arms around his neck and Max pulled her closer to him. The kiss started to become more heated and passionate. While they were kissing Max walked Liz backwards till the back of her knees hit the edge of the bed. When she did hit the end of the bed they both fell on the bed. As they laid on the bed Max and Liz both pulled away and looked at each other.



Max and Liz both leaned in and started to kiss again. As they were kissing, Max and Liz’s hands were roaming each other’s bodies. A few minutes later they both pulled away and looked at each other.

“What brought this on?”

“I wanted to kiss you.”

“Max will you please tell me why your acting different around me?”

“Let’s just say I am thinking of you in a different way. If Michael and Jeff find out I’m a dead man.”

“What way are you think of me?”


“No Max I want to know. How are you thinking of me now?”

Max sat up and looked down at his hands while Liz was laying on her back looking at the ceiling.

“Why can’t you just tell me why you are thinking of me differently? That can’t be so hard to say.”

“Liz all I am going to say is that I’m not thinking of you as a friend.”

“Then as what?”

“Liz I’m thinking of you more of a romantic way.”


“Yeah now you know.

“Is that why you were acting so weird at the party?”


Liz sat up and looked at Max. When she looked at Max she saw he was looking at her.

“So what are you going to do about it?”

“Liz there is nothing I can do. Michael and I leave tomorrow night.”

“So what you were going to leave without telling me?

“That was the plan. But I can’t do that without you knowing.”


“Because I don’t know how long Michael and I are going to be gone for.”

“So you decided to tell me because you might not come back. Is that it?”


“God your unbelievable you know that.”

“I wanted you to know. I’m sorry if this is hurting you.”

“It is more than hurting me. It’s like you are ending our friendship because you are leaving.”

“Liz that is not what I am trying to do.”

“That is how it feels.”

“Liz I’m not trying to make you feel that way.”

“Well Max you did. Do the parents know that you and Michael might be gone for a while?”

“I think they do. But I guess Michael and I will talk to them later to find out for sure though.”

“Well it seems everything is settle then huh?”

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 10 Pg2 2/6/19

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these 2 don't have great timing at least their starting to tell each other the truth

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 10 Pg2 2/6/19

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Natalie 36
No they don't have get timing. It is good they are starting to tell the truth now though.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 10 Pg2 2/6/19

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Author's Note :
Sorry I haven't posted any chapters yet. I have been working on more chapters for Bounty On Love and The Key. But don't worry I will try and post a new chapter either tonight or tomorrow. So please please keep reading to find out what will happen next? And please let me know if you like the rewrite of this story?

From :
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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 10 Pg2 2/6/19

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Chapter 11

“Liz don’t be that way.”

“How do you want me to act Max? Happy you and Michael are leaving and not knowing when you will be coming back.”

“No of course not. But Liz you know the FBI wants our help on a case. You never know we could be back a couple of months.”

“Max you know that doesn’t help.”

“Sorry. I better go back to me room I need to get some sleep.”

“Yeah you better. I guess I’ll see you later in the morning then.”

“Yeah I guess you will.”

Liz watched as Max stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door and walked out. After Liz was sure Max was gone, she turned away from the door and laid down. A few minutes later Liz was asleep.

In the morning:

Liz woke up and sat up. She walked to her closet and started to look for something to wear. A few minutes later Liz found a pair of dark blue jeans and a navy short sleeve shirt. After Liz got her clothes she walked to her dresser and grabbed her undergarments. Then she turned and walked to the door and opened it. When she opened the door, Liz walked across the hall and walked into the bathroom. When Liz walked into the bathroom she shut the door.

A few minutes later Liz walked out of the bathroom dressed. She walked into the living room and saw Michael and Maria sitting on the couch talking to Max. Max, Maria, Michael turned and saw Liz looking at them.

“Hey what are you both doing here?” Liz asked.

“Liz you and I are going shopping with the girls while Max and Michael have to do somethings before they leave tonight,” Maria said

“That sounds like fun,” Liz said.

“I know,” Maria said.

“Maria who is doing everything for the party?” Liz said.

“Oh that is easy Alex, Kyle and some friends,” Maria said.

“Let’s hope he can make it perfect for Iz,” Max said.

“Max stop being a jerk. You know Alex will make it prefect for Isabel,” Liz said.

“True,” Michael said.

“Liz come on let’s go. We are meeting the girls at the mall in 45 minutes,” Maria said as she stood up and grabbed her purse.

“Yeah,” Liz said.

Maria walked up to Liz then turned and looked back at Max and Michael.

“You both better not be doing something stupid and dangerous while we are gone,” Maria said.

“Maria honey you know that we are not that stupid. And I promise you will see us at the party,” Michael said.

“Good. Remember the party starts at 8pm. If you are late I am going to be kicking both your asses. Got me?” Maria asked.

“Yes Maria,” Michael, Max said.

“Good. Now come on Liz let’s get some cute clothes for the party,” Maria said as she dragged Liz out the door.

After Liz and Maria were gone Max stood up and walked to the door. Max opened the door and saw that Liz and Maria were gone. After he was sure they were gone Max turned and walked back into the living room where Michael sat on the couch.

“So are you really going to go through with your plan?

“Yes. I want Maria to know that I’m ready to make a commitment and be with only her.”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks. I hope Maria will say yes.”

“You know Maria will. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah. Oh, before I forget we need to go by Jim and see what he got from the man we brought in.”

“Hopefully he got all the information we need to bust the shooter.”


Michael stood up and turned off the TV. After the TV was off Michael followed Max out the door. After they walked out the door Max turned and locked the door.
When the door was locked Max and Michael walked down the hallway and stairs to the front of the apartment building. They walked to Michael’s truck got in and drove off.

A few minutes later they pulled up the Zale’s Jewelry. Max and Michael got out of the truck and walked into the store. When they walked into the store Michael and Max walked to the engagement ring section. They started to look for a ring for Maria. As they were looking Michael stopped and saw a ring he knew Maria would love. He looked up and saw a man looking at him.

“Can I help you sir?” Sales man asked.

“Yes I would like to look at an engagement ring for my girlfriend,” Michael asked.

“Yes sir,” sales man said.

The sales man was about to turn when he saw Max looking at rings.

“May I help you sir?” sales man asked.

“No I was just looking. Thank you,” Max said.

Max walked up to Michael and stood next to him as he looked at the engagement rings.

“So do you know which ring you are going to get for Maria?” Max asked.

“Yeah I found one. Now all I must do is get the ring and ask Maria to marry me,” Michael said.

“That shouldn’t be hard to do,” Max said.

“Gee thanks Max. I so can’t wait till you have to do this,” Michael said.

“Who said I will be getting married,” Max said.

“You know you will when you find the girl,” Michael said.

“I doubt it,” Max said.

The Zale’s sales man walked up to Michael and Max.

“What ring would you like to see sir?” sales man asked.

“The oval aquamarine engagement ring,” Michael said.

“Yes sir,” sales man said as he unlocked the glass case.

The sales man took the ring out and set in top of the showing glass. Michael reached down and picked up the ring and looked at it more closely. After looking at the ring Michael set the ring down and looked at the man.

“Is this the ring you would like to buy sir?” Sales man asked.

“Yes this is the ring I would like to get,” Michael said.

“By the way how much is this ring?” Max asked.

“Sir this ring is $450.00 sir,” Sales man said.

“Wow. Michael, I hope it is worth it,” Max said.

“It is. I want to make Maria happy,” Michael said.

“Sir how would you like to pay for this?” Sales man asked.

“With this,” Michael said as he pulled out his wallet and handed the sales man a master card.

Max and Michael watched as the sale man took the card and slide it beside the register. After the man scanned the card he turned and walked up to Michael and gave the card back. Michael put the card back into his wallet. Then he watched as the sales man put the ring in a black velvet box then a small Zale’s box. After the sales man did that he handed Michael the box and the paper to him.

“Is there anything else you need sir?” sales man asked.

“No. Thank you,” Michael said.

“Have a good day,” Sales man said.

“You too,” Michael, Max said as they were walking out.

Michael and Max walked out of Zale’s and walked to the truck. When they got to the truck they both got in and drove off.

“How do you think the decorating is going with Alex?” Max asked.

“I don’t want to know. But hopefully Alex and others can handle it,” Michael said.

“I guess we are going to have to wait and see,” Max said.

“That is true. Come on we better go see Jim,” Michael said.

Michael parked his truck in front of the police station. Max and Michael got out of the truck and walked into the building. When they walked in they saw that the police station was busy. Max and Michael walked down the hallway to Jim’s door. Michael knocked on the door and waited for Jim.

“Come in,” Jim yelled

Max and Michael walked into the office and saw Jim looking at some paper. Max shut the door and sat down on the couch looking at Jim. Jim looked up and saw Michael and Max looking at him.

“What do you need Max and Michael?” Jim asked.

“Did you find anything out from the guy we brought in?” Michael asked.

“Yes. As fact right now I am looking at some papers,” Jim said.

“Why? What is going on?” Max asked.

“Well it seems Jacks is more than we all think he is,” Jim said.

“What does that mean?” Michael asked.

“It seems Jacks is a hit man, drug dealer, a pimp,” Jim said.

“Are you serious?” Michael asked.

“Yes I am really serious,” Jim said.

“Why the hell did you let Liz go after him then?” Max asked.

“I didn’t find this all out till a couple of hours ago,” Jim said.

“So does that mean Liz isn’t going to work this case?” Michael asked.

“That is up to Liz. Not me,” Jim said.

“Like hell it is. Liz shouldn’t be working something this dangerous,” Michael said.

“Michael, Max it is up to Liz. She wants to help so I am letting her do something,” Jim said.

“Why are you?” Max asked.

“Because I can understand Liz is wanting to do things. Hell, she is passing all the training classes I sent her too,” Jim said.

“Unbelievable,” Michael said.

“You both need to deal with it. And let it go. It is Liz’s decision to make not any of ours. Is there anything else?” Jim asked.

“No I guess not,” Michael said.

“Jim you know what Liz is doing is dangerous. She could seriously get hurt or killed by doing this,” Max said.

“Max it is Liz’s decision to make not any of ours,” Jim said.

“Yeah we know,” Max said.

“Max come on we got to get ready for the party tonight. Jim are you going to be there?” Michael asked.

“No I’m going to do something with your parents tonight,” Jim said.

“Are we going to see you and our parents at all at our party?” Michael asked.

“You will probably see all of us an hour or 2 before you both leave tonight,” Jim said.

“OK,” Max, Michael said.

“Now both of you better go,” Jim said.

“See you later,” Max said as he and Michael walked out of Jim’s office.

Max and Michael walked up the hallway and walked out of the building and went to Michael’s truck. They both got into the truck and drove off.

“Where to now?” Michael asked.

“Let’s go see how Alex and others are doing.”

“That sounds like a plan. Hopefully we won’t have to do anything when we got there.”

“I guess we are going to have to wait and see what is going on.”

“Yeah that is true.”

A few minutes later Michael pulled into the driveway and saw all the cars parked in front of the house. Max and Michael looked at each other and then looked at all the cars.

“What the hell?”

“I don’t know. But damn.”

“Come on let’s go find out.”

Michael and Max got out of the truck and walked into the house. When they walked into the house they saw everyone was rushing around carrying boxes and things. Max and Michael were about to go look for Alex when they saw Liz walk by with a medium size speaker. Liz stopped when she saw Max and Michael.

“Oh hey guys. What are you doing here?” Liz asked.

“I could ask you the same question. I thought Alex was setting things up for the party,” Michael asked.

“Oh he is. We are just helping him with somethings,” Liz said.

“Who is we?” Max asked.

“Maria, Serena, Kyle, Isabel and I are helping Alex,” Liz said.

“Where is everyone?” Michael asked.

“Maria is setting one room up while Isabel is setting another room up,” Liz said.

“What are you doing?” Max asked.

“I decided to help Alex get the living room set up for dancing,” Liz said.

“What are Kyle and Serena doing?” Michael asked.

“Oh that is easy Kyle is helping Isabel. And Serena is helping Maria,” Liz said.

“What about our parents” Michael asked.

“Easy Diane and mom are both helping Isabel and Maria. Philip and dad left because they had a couple of things to do. Now excuse me I need to go help Alex set up,” Liz said before walking away.

Max and Michael looked at each other then followed Liz into the living room. When they walked in they saw streamers hanging from the ceiling and some balloons on the floor, huge speakers against the wall with a DJ setting up things. Max and Michael walked up to Alex and Liz and tapped them on her shoulders. Alex and Liz turned and saw Max and Michael standing in front of them.

“Hey guys what are you doing here?” Alex asked.

“We wanted to see if you needed help. But it looks like you already have help,” Michael said.

“Yeah, I called the girls. And you see how that is going,” Alex said.

“So is there anything we can do to help?” Max asked.

“Yeah there is. Can you guys get this list of drinks we need for tonight?” Alex asked.

“Um sure where is the list?” Michael asked.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 11 Pg2 2/18/19

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Chapter 12

Liz turned and looked at Michael, Alex and Max.

“Alex remember you gave the list to Kyle,” Liz said.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. Thank Liz,” Alex said.

“No problem,” Liz said before she went back to helping the DJ setting up.

As Liz was helping the DJ she could feel Max watching her. A few second later she turned and saw Max and Michael looking at her.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Liz why didn’t you tell us about what you were working on?” Michael asked.

“Michael I don’t have to tell you everything. I was doing something on my own,” Liz said.

“Liz you know going after Jacks was and is dangerous,” Max said.

“You both need to stop thinking of me as helpless. I can handle myself fine,” Liz said.

“Liz you know we are always going to be worried about you. No matter what you do or say,” Michael said.

“I know. But you both need to realize that I am not a helpless woman. Can you do that?” Liz asked.

“Fine,” Michael, Max said.

“Thanks. Now go with Kyle and get the drinks for the party,” Liz said.

“Does Kyle know what to get?” Max asked.

“Um I think you both better look at the list,” Liz said.

“Why?” Michael asked.

“Kyle,” Liz yelled

A few minutes later Kyle walked in the living room and up to Liz.

“What do you need Liz?” Kyle asked.

“Um you, Michael and Max are going to be getting the drinks, chips and things,” Liz said.

“Cool. We leave here in 10 minutes,” Kyle said before walking out of the living room.

After Kyle was gone Max, Liz and Michael turned and looked at each other.

“Why did you want us to go with Kyle to get the drinks, chips and things?” Max asked.

“Because that way you both can pick what you want. And you can help Kyle with everything,” Liz said.

“OK,” Michael said.

“Max, Michael come on we are leaving now,” Kyle yelled from the doorway of the living room.

“Bye have fun and don’t get into trouble,” Liz said.

“Gee thanks,” Michael said as he and Max walked up to Kyle.

Liz watched as Max, Kyle, Michael all walked out of the living room and out the door. After they were gone Liz turned and went to help the DJ. By 6pm everything
was set up. Liz, Isabel, Maria, Serena and Tess were all getting ready to go upstairs when there was a knock on the door. Liz turned and walked to the door. When she opened the door, Liz saw it was four men carrying kegs of beer.

“Can I help you?” Liz asked.

“Yes we are here to deliver 4 kegs to this house,” Delivery man said.

“Who ordered the 4 kegs?” Liz asked.

“It was a Kyle Valenti ma’am,” delivery man said.

“Um can you please follow Serena and she will tell you where to buy them?” Liz asked.

“Sure ma’am,” delivery man said.

Serena walked up to Liz and stood next to her.

“Follow me,” Serena said.

“Yes ma’am,” delivery man said.

Liz and girls took a step back and watched as the delivery men followed Serena to the kitchen. Liz was about to shut the door when two subway men walked up to her.

“Can I help you?” Liz asked.

“Yes we have an order of 100 subs and chips,” subway man said.

“Who ordered the subways?” Isabel asked.

“Someone named Alex Whitman ma’am,” subway man said.

“Follow me I’ll take you to the kitchen,” Isabel said.

“Yes ma’am,” subway man said as he and the other one followed Isabel to the kitchen.

Liz, Maria, Tess turned and looked at each other then looked towards the kitchen.

“What the hell is going on?” Tess asked.

“I don’t know, but this is becoming crazy,” Liz said.

“Tell me about it,” Maria said.

“What’s next?” Tess asked.

Right at that moment Liz, Maria, Tess turned and saw two Pizza Hut delivery men standing in front of them.

“Yes, can we help you?” Maria asked.

“I have an order of 100 pizzas,” Pizza Hut man said.

“Who ordered the pizza?” Liz asked.

“Eric Young ordered the pizza ma’am,” Pizza Hut man said.

“Follow me and you can put the pizzas in the kitchen,” Tess said.

The Pizza Hut delivery man followed Tess into the kitchen. A few minutes later all the delivery men walked out of the house. Isabel, Serena and Tess walked up to Liz and Maria.

“Did you guys find out what is going on?” Maria asked.

“No, but when the guys get here they have a lot of explaining to do,” Tess said.

“Agree,” the girls said.

“Come on we better go get ready for the party,” Isabel said.

Isabel and the girls went upstairs to their rooms to take a shower and get dressed. A few minutes later the girls heard the doorbell ring. Liz put on a rob and went down stairs to open the door. When Liz opened the door she saw Max, Kyle, Michael holding 8 bags between them.

“Thanks Lizzie,” Michael said as he pushed past Liz and walked towards the kitchen.

Liz turned and looked at Max and Kyle who were looking at her.

“What?” Liz asked.

“What did you do to your hair?” Max asked.

“Why are you asking?” Liz asked.

“Liz I just know you did something to your hair. What the hell are you and the girls up to?” Max asked.

“I guess you will have to wait and see. I got to go. See you later Kyle,” Liz said before walking up the stairs.

Max watched Liz leave then turned and looked at Kyle who was looking at him.

“What the hell was that about?” Max asked.

“Who knows,” Kyle said before walking to the kitchen.

Max looked from upstairs towards the kitchen. Then walked to the kitchen. When Max walked into the kitchen he and Kyle saw everything they ordered was in the kitchen. They set the bags down and started to figure out where everything was going to do. While they were figuring out where everything was going to go Michael and Alex walked into the kitchen.

“Wow everything we ordered is here,” Michael said.

“Yeah. Michael the girls are probably mad we ordered all of this,” Kyle said.

“Why would you think that?” Michael asked.

“Because Liz had this pissed off look on her face,” Max said.

“Liz will get over it,” Michael said.

All of a sudden, they heard Isabel and Liz’s voice from the stairs.

“Liz what are you doing?” Isabel yelled

“I’m getting me something to drink. Do you want anything?” yelled back

“Can you grab us a couple of drinks?” asked.

“Sure give me a few minutes,” yelled before walking toward the kitchen.

“Liz make sure your covered.”

“I am.

Liz walked in the kitchen and saw Max and the guys standing around. Liz decided to pretend that they were not there when she went to grab a couple of drinks. As Liz was grabbing the drinks her cell phone started to ring. She reached into her robe’s pocket and pulled out her cell phone. Liz touched the speaker.


“Hey,” mysterious voice said.

“Who is this?”

“You should know who this is sense we were best friends in high school,”

“Oh my god. What are you doing?”

“Still working out here in California. What about you?”

“I have been doing some training. And trying to keep myself busy. What about our other buddy?”

“Oh, he is working with me. So, did you guys meet anyone yet?”

“Yes, we did. We both love them a lot,”

“Who are they? And how did you meet them?”


“Come on tell me please?”

“Fine. I meet my lady while I was at work. We started to work together, and we became close. One thing led to another and I asked her out while we were working, and she said yes,”

“Ahh that is so cool. So what is her name?”

“Her name is Abby.”

“I can’t to meet her. I hope you both are happy.”

“We are. Thanks.”

“So what about Stevens and his girl?”

“You remember how Michael and Maria were in school?”

“Yeah, they argued over everything why?”

“That is how Stevens is with his girlfriend. Everyone knows that they are flirting but them.”

“Oh god. Now that is kind of funny,”

“I know.”

“What is Stevens’ girlfriend’s name?”

“Her name is Bella. The weird thing is they both have the same temper and moths,”

“Now that is funny.”

“I know. So, what is going on with the others?”

“Alex finally asked Isabel to marry him.”

“No way. Tell Isabel and Alex congrats from us,”

“You know I will. Michael and Maria are the same as always.”

“Liz that is never going to change. You know your brother loves her.”

And Maria loves him. Kyle and Serena eloped.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No. They got married in Vegas.”

“Wow. Now that is a surprise.”

“Tess is dating a guy named Eric. They have been together for a year now.”

“Good for her. What about you?”

“No I’m not dating. The girls and I are training and helping the dads.”

“Liz don’t worry I know you will find someone who will love you.”

“Thanks. That makes me feel better.”

“So what is going on there?”

“The guys are busy helping the dads. Tonight, we are having a good-bye party for Max and Michael. Since they are leaving around midnight.”

“Where are Max and Michael going?”

“Don’t know. All we know is the FBI needs their help on a case.”

What Liz didn’t know was Snow and Stevens were working for the FBI. Snow looked from Stevens to their boss back to Stevens again.

“So Max and Michael don’t leave till that late?

“Yeah, they wanted to have a party before they leave. The weird thing is Max and Michael don’t know how long they will be gone for.”

“So how are the parents handling the news?”

“They seems alright. But I know they are worried about what could happen.”

“That is understandable.”

“I know.”

Liz started to walk out of the kitchen with her cans of Pepsi’s when Liz saw Max standing in front of her.

“Can you hold a minute?”


Liz pulled the cell phone from her face and looked at Max.

“What Max?”

“Liz who are you talking to.”

“Max it is none of your damn business who I talk to. So, leave me alone.”

Liz walked passed Max and put her phone towards her face.

“Sorry about that.”

“Who was that?”

“That was Max trying to be nosy again.”

“Why is Max being nosy for?”

“Who knows. He is probably trying to pull the big brother thing again.”

“Oh I see Max is trying to be protective of you again.”

“Yes. Max knows I hate it when he does that. But he doesn’t care what I want or feel.”

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 12 Pg2 3/4/19

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Chapter 13

“Why do you think that?” Snow asked

“Because he is acting like Michael does when he gets overly protective if you know what I mean,” Liz said

“Yeah, I can understand that. So do you have any plans after Max and Michael leave?” Snow asked as he looked at his boss.

“I got to catch a guy named Jacks. After that I have nothing why are you asking?” Liz asked

“Well Stevens and I were wondering if you could help us on a case we are working,” Snow asked

“What kind of case?” Liz asked

“I’ll send you the information. Let me know if you are interested,” Snow said

“You know I will,” Liz said as she started to walk up the stairs.

“So, what Isabel and the girls doing?” Snow asked

“Well right now the girls and I are trying to get ready for the good-bye party. Maria and Isabel are sad that Max and Michael won’t be around,” Liz said

“Well that is understandable,” Snow said

“Yeah. So, have you and Stevens been at the beach at all?” Liz asked as she walked into the girl’s room.

When Liz walked into the room Maria, Isabel, Tess turned and looked at Liz as she sat on the bed.

“Yes we have been going to the beach every once in a while,” Snow said

“Well at least you are getting some sun,” Liz said

“True, true,” Snow said.

“Liz I’m going to get off the phone so you can get ready for the party. I’ll send you the information about the case later,” Snow said

“Sounds good to me. You and Stevens stay out of trouble,” Liz said

“You know we will,” Snow said

“Bye Snow talk to you soon,” Liz said

“Talk to soon bye Liz,” Snow said before hanging up the phone.

After Liz hung up the phone she turned and saw Maria, Isabel, Tess looking at her.

“Who was that?” Maria asked

“It was Snow. He wanted to know how everything was here. I told him about Max and Michael leaving. Then he asked if I wanted to help him and Stevens on a case and I told send me the information,” Liz said

“Liz are you going to help Snow and Stevens on their case?” Tess asked

“I was thinking about it,” Liz said

“Liz what do you think Jeff and Philip will say?” Isabel asked

“Hoping they will be OK with it. But I guess I will wait and see,” Liz said

“Do you think Snow and Stevens will come to visit if you are helping them on their case?” Maria asked

“I would love if they could. But I guess we will have to wait and see if they will or not,” Liz said

“Yeah that is true,” Isabel, Tess said

“Come on girls we need to get ready for the party,” Maria said

“Oh yeah we better,” Tess, Isabel said

Meanwhile Down stairs:
Michael walked into the kitchen while Max and Alex went to their rooms to get ready for the party. When Michael walked into the kitchen he walked up to the table and grabbed 2 plastic bags. After he got the bags Michael walked up the stairs to his room. He walked in and shut the door. After the door was shut Michael opened the plastic bags and pulled out the candles. He started to put the candles all over his room. After he had the candles set up, he then pulled out 4 bags of red rose petals and spread then on the bed. After everything was set up Michael went to the bathroom to get ready. A couple of hours later Michael walked out of the bathroom wearing black dress pants with a white button-down shirt. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He opened the box and looked at Maria’s engagement ring. After he looked at the ring, he put the box back into his pocket. Michael walked to the door and opened it. When he opened the door, he saw Max and Alex.

“Are you ready?” Alex asked

“Yeah let’s do this,” Michael said before walking out of his room.

As Michael, Alex and Max were walking down the hallway Alex stopped at Liz’s bedroom door and knocked. Alex knocked 3 times before someone opened the door. Alex saw Liz standing in the doorway wearing a robe. Her hair was curly and wavy. Liz looked like she had no makeup on.

“Yes Alex. What do you need?” Liz asked

“Are you girls coming down stairs?” Alex asked

“Alex we are still getting ready. We will be down in a few minutes,” Liz said

As Liz was talking to Alex, she noticed Max was staring at her. Liz rolled her eyes and then looked at Alex.

“OK. Guess we will see you girls down stairs then,” Alex said

“See you then,” Liz said before she shut the door.

After Liz shut the door she turned and looked at Maria, Isabel, Tess who were smiling at her.

“Come on Liz we need to finish getting you ready,” Maria said

Liz sat in a chair while Maria did her make up. While Maria was fixing Liz’s make up Isabel and Tess were looking for something hot for Liz to wear. A few minutes later Isabel, Tess found the perfect outfit for Liz. After Maria was done with the makeup Isabel walked up to Liz and handed her the outfit. Liz looked at the outfit then looked at Isabel.

“What is this?” Liz asked

“This is your outfit for the party,” Isabel said

“You are going to look so hot in this outfit,” Tess said

Isabel, Tess pushed Liz towards the bathroom. Liz walked into the bathroom and shut the door. After the door was shut Liz changed clothes. A few minutes later Liz opened the door and saw Maria, Isabel and Tess standing in the doorway with shocked looks on their faces. Liz walked out of the bathroom.

“What? What is wrong?” Liz asked

“Liz nothing is wrong you look hot in that outfit,” Isabel said

“Really?” Liz asked

“Yes really. WOW,” Maria said

“The guys won’t know what hit them when they see you,” Tess said

“Come on we better go down stairs,” Maria said

Maria, Isabel, Tess, Liz walked out the door and walked down the hallway. They stood at the top of the stairs and saw Michael, Alex and Max looking up at them. The guys saw Maria was wearing a black strapless tank top with a pair of black hip hugger jeans. Then they saw Isabel was wearing a red leather halter mid-thigh dress. Tess was wearing a lite blue halter top with a lite blue mini skirt. Liz was wearing a black halter mid-thigh dress with black knee high boots. Michael, Alex, Max were surprised and shocked at what the girls were wearing. Maria, Isabel, Tess, Liz walked down the stairs and stood next to the guys. Max and Liz both looked at each other and smiled. Everyone walked into the living room and saw people were laughing, dancing and having fun. Max walked up to the bar and ordered a drink.

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