In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) AN 9/30/19

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 4 7/21/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:54 pm

Carolyn When you find out later what James is really up to it will make you more than sick. As for why Max and Liz broke up long distance played into it.

Part 5

Liz sat by the pool as Tess Jennings went on about some stupid show about a has been celebrity that she could care less about. It was times like this that Liz really missed her old best friend Maria. But James felt that Maria was not the right kind of person to be part of their lives. So Liz was now forced to spend time with airhead bitches like Tess.

"So Elizabeth what do you think about it?" Asked Tess
"Tess actually I don't watch much tv. I rather read."
"Oh what do you read? You like US Weekly things like that?"
"Actually I read books. You know like Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger or the Hunchback of Norte Dame by Victor Hugo."
"Oh I am not into sports."
"They aren't about sports."
"Well I still have no interest in them."
"I have no interest in stupid so called realty shows."
"They are not stupid."
"That is your opinion."


James watched his wife with Tess out by the pool. He knew that she wasn't telling her anything. She knew better.

"James, your wife is sure lovely." Said Walter Jennings
"Yes she is. One of the reasons I married her. Now if only I could figure out why she hasn't gotten pregnant yet. We have been married for five years. Sure while she was still in school she was on birth control. But I made her go off that not long after we married and she left school."
"Maybe she barren."
"She isn't I had her tested. In fact she was pregnant once. But lost the baby after falling down the stairs."
"You trying again."
"Of course. My father is expecting me to have an heir to hand the Empire over to one day. Elizabeth doesn't know it yet but I already have everything planed out for my son. I have all the best schools picked out."
"Now what about if you have a daughter?"
"Oh I got the right schools ready for a daughter too. My daughter will understand early what is expected of her. Not like my bitch of a sister who is nothing but a disappointment to the family. My father is still hoping to convince her to dump that stupid cop she is seeing and get with Lawrence Winters."
"Oh yes the heir to Winters steel. That would be a good match."
"My kids will date and marry who I tell them. My father was not too thrilled about me being with Elizabeth. But he did give me credit for picking a good looking and smart woman."
"Yes Elizabeth was studying to be some kind of scientist when I met her. Took me a while to get her into bed. Was not use to have to work that hard. But it was worth it in the end. She is one of the best fuck I ever had. The guy she screwed in high school broke her in really well."
"I know where you are coming from. Tess is great in bed. Though she was with two guys before me."
"You going to knock her up?"
"Already did. Just found out the other day she is pregnant."
"Very good. Hopefully soon Elizabeth will be as well."


Serena watched as an eight year old boy was wheeled into the ER with a gun shot wound to the leg. She ran up to the gurnee and helped guide it into one of the exam rooms. Once he was transferred to the bed she gently pushed his shaggy blond hair off his face.

"You are going to be ok honey. I'm Serena and I am going to be helping the doctor take care of you. Can you tell me your name?"
"Ok Sammy. You are lucky because it looks like Dr. Max is going to be taking care of you."

Max looked at Serena and the small boy.

"Tell me what we got Serena." Said Max
"Well doctor. This is Sammy and he is eight years old. He was shot at close range by a hand gun in his right leg." Said Sammy
"Sammy, I am going to take a look ok? This might hurt. But I bet Serena will let you hold her hand and squeeze it if it hurts to bad."

Sammy nodded. Serena took the little boys hand while Max looked over the wound. It didn't look to bad.

"You know what Sammy. This doesn't look too bad. The bullet went all the way through. So we just need to clean it up give you some medicine to make sure no yucky germs get in there and make you sick. Then we stitch it up."
"Will it hurt?" Asked Sammy
"Maybe a little. But we will give you a shot with medicine that will make it not hurt. In fact I know that Serena is the best at giving shots so they don't hurt much." Said Max
"You can do that Rena?" Asked Sammy
"Sure can. If you are really good you might get something special before you go home." Said Serena
"That mean no crying? My dad tells me good boys don't cry." Said Sammy
"Sammy, being a good boy means that you don't try and kick or bite Dr. Max or me." Said Serena
"I can be good."

Max smiled at Serena. She was so good with kids. He knew that when she was ready to have kids she would make a great mom. He had to wonder if Liz would make a great mom.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 5 7/22/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 1:13 pm

Liz and Tess have nothing in common.......
James has big plans for Liz's future and their children.
Seems like Dr. Max can help everyone........

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 5 7/22/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Jul 24, 2019 5:54 am

Carolyn No Tess and Liz have nothing in common. Dr. Max might not be able to help everyone, but he is going to try.

Part 6

Liz walked into the master bedroom after the Jennings had left. It was not the first time she had been forced to spend an afternoon with Tess. She never liked the woman. If Liz had to choose to be locked in a room with either Tess and her mindless dribble or her childhood tormenter Pam Troy she would pick Pam. She wasn't alone long before James walked in.

"Elizabeth, it is good that you are growing close to Tess."
"I am not getting close to Tess. She and I have nothing in common."
"You, need to have friends like Tess. Once we have a family it will be children of people like the Jennings that they will spend most of their time with."
"All Tess cares about are what so called celebrities are doing. I will never care about that mindless garbage."
"Elizabeth, you will spend time with who I say you can. Tess is from the right kind of people."

Liz sighed knowing that there was no point in arguing with James. She never was going to win. Sometimes she wondered why she married him. She knew deep down that she didn't really love him, never did.

"Elizabeth, we are going to spend a lot of time with the Jennings and others like them. So you better keep those negative thoughts to yourself."
"James, I want to go see my parents."
"Elizabeth, I told you I don't have time to go to that hick town."
"I would be fine going on my own. I grew up there in Roswell."
"Elizabeth a proper lady doesn't travel alone."
"Damn It! James, I never see them! I miss them."
"Invite them here."
"They have a business to run."
"That stupid diner will be fine for a week or so without them."
"James, I have friends back in Roswell I want to see too. You made me miss the weddings of my two best friends."
"The people of that stupid town are not the right people to be around."
"There are people in that town that work in the oil fields owned by your family's company."
"So what? They are meaningless employees."
"Without those employees, you wouldn't have a job."
"Elizabeth, we are not going. That is final. Next week I have to go out of town. I will trust that you will behave while I am gone."
"Where are you going?"
"Egypt, I have a meeting with some government officials about taking over some oil fields there."
"How long will you be gone?"
"A couple of weeks."

Liz sighed. But was also thinking that it would be the perfect time to head to Roswell for a few days. But she knew that she would have to be careful. James pulled her into his arms and started to kiss her. It wasn't long before they were in bed having sex. Liz knew that was what this was. She had only made love to one man and that man had just come back into her life.


Serena walked into the apartment that she shared with her boyfriend Kyle Valenti. It had been a really long day. Sammy had been a bright spot. If you could call an eight year old kid getting shot by his father's gun a highlight. Three kids came in after him who had been beaten nearly to death. Five wannabe gang bangers who were only around eleven came in with multiple gun shot wounds three of which died in the ER. Then there was the thirteen year old rape victim. The worst part about that one it had been her stepbrother. She sat on the couch closing her eyes.

"Bad day honey?"

Serena opened her eyes to see Kyle holding a beer out to her.

"Yeah. Don't really want to talk about it." Said Serena
"How was the fundraiser last night."
"Well a lot of money was raised. But things were icy at my family's table."
"What Evans didn't charm your mother?"
"Nope. Through I expect that when I have lunch with Liz tomorrow she will give me a piece of her mind."
"Oh shit you didn't tell either Liz or Max the other would be there did you?"
"No I didn't."
"What were you thinking Serena!?"
"I thought that it was best they didn't know. But I get the feeling that they both have feelings for each other."
"Yeah well I never understood what happened with them. They were voted the perfect couple and most likely to be married to each other."
"Yeah well I think that James knows something happened between the two of them in the past. If he were to find them together he would destroy Max's career before it really begins."
"Not to mention what he might do to Liz."
"True. Kyle, James is determined to have kids with Liz. The only thing that will save her from a beating would be for her to be pregnant."
"Yeah but he would control the kid's life. What schools they go to. Who they are friends with even who they date."
"Just like my father tried."
"Rena, I love you. We will help Liz anyway we can."

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 6 7/24/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:18 am

Good news........James will be gone for two weeks!
Sure hope Liz will be able to go visit her parents during that time.
Sounds like James's family has threatened to ruin Max's career at some point?????
Want to learn more about that.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 6 7/24/19

Post by Superman86 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:42 pm

Just came upon this read, it's a great start! Can't wait for more!

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 6 7/24/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:55 pm

James is a major asshole. Hate men like him. Liz is right Tess is a major air head. Someone needs get Liz away from James and quickly. So James is leaving then there has to be away for Liz to see her parents and friends. But she may need to get pass the mega bitches knows has her mother in law and Tess. So glad that Kyle and Serena are in a loving relationship. Seems Serena knows everything James for Liz and kids. Hopefully Kyle and Serena will be able to help Liz get out of the love less marriage before James seriously gets hurt. Hopefully someone will stop James from ruining Max's life before it even starts. Hopefully Max and Liz will have a chance to talk again. Finger cross Liz will be able to go see her parents and friends while James is gone without him knowing.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 6 7/24/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:50 am

Carolyn Yes James will be gone for a couple weeks. Liz might just make that trip to Roswell. Until the fundraiser James and his parents had never met Max. Serena was the only one that knew about their history. Liz just knows James well enough to know he would destroy Max's career to hurt her if she was caught with him.

Superman86 Thank you and welcome to my little world.

L-J-L 76 Liz has a reason that she is still with James. It will come out before long. Kyle and Serena have a very llving relationship.

Part 7 A week later

Liz laid in bed watching James finished dressing for his trip.

"Elizabeth, when I get back we will have dinner at my parents house."
"Fine James."
"Elizabeth, why don't you go spend some time at the club."
"I don't like the club."
"I don't understand why. Elizabeth the women there are the right kind of people for you to be friends with."
"They are nothing but superficial gossips. I have nothing in common with any of them."
"I will never understand what you ever saw in that nobody you called a friend."
"Maria is the most real person I ever met."
"She is a nobody that will never be anything."
"Why because she doesn't have money? Money isn't everything James."
"Elizabeth, money equals power. Money gets you anything you want. I wanted you from the moment I saw you. I knew that I could get you by giving you all those gifts."

It was in that moment Liz knew the truth. James had never loved her. He only wanted her because of how she looked. That he only cared about money. James finished dressing grabbed his bag and left. Liz reached for her phone and made a call.

"Hi mom?"
"Liz is that really you honey?"
"Yeah mom. Listen James is going out of town. So I was thinking that I would come up there for a few days."
"That is wonderful. Your father and I really miss you. Maria was really hurt you didn't come up for her wedding."
"I know. She stopped taking my calls."
"Liz, what do you expect? She was your best friend and you have all but cut her from your life."
"I know."

Liz talked with her mom for a while before hanging up and starting to pack a bag.


Nancy Parker walked down to the Crashdown and smiled at her husband.

"You will never guess who is coming for a visit." Said Nancy

Jeff looked at his wife.

"I hope it isn't your sister. Last time she was here she had that bum with her." Said Jeff
"Rodger isn't that bad. But no it isn't Susan. It's our daughter."
"Lizzie? Are you sure? That ass she married never wants to come here."
"James is going to be out of town. So she is going to come while he is gone."
"It will be nice to see Liz."
"Jeff, I think that there is something going on with Liz and James. She doesn't seem happy."
"We need to find out what is really going on with her."

Nancy knew her husband was right. But she also knew not to push Liz or else they may lose Liz for good.


Maria Deluca-Guerin listened to Jeff and Nancy talk. She wasn't sure how she felt about her former best friend coming for a visit. She wasn't happy with Liz. Liz was different ever since she married that rich asshole. The Liz she knew would never have let anyone tell her who to be friends with. But this one never called or wrote. Maria paid and headed out. She needed to talk to Alex. She arrived at Alex and Isabel's house fifteen minutes later. Alex opened the door holding his five month old son Jackson.

“Hey Maria come on in Izzy ran out for a while. She needed a break from the little guy.” Said Alex
“No problem. So I was just at the Crash and you won't believe who I over heard Mrs. P saying is coming for a visit.” Said Maria walking in.
“Well there is only one person that would get you like this. That would be Liz.”
“Not that I really care if she comes or not.”
“Maria, you know that she was at that fundraiser Isabel and I went to last week. She isn't happy.”
“You didn't even talk to her so there is no way you can know that.”
“The only reason I didn't talk to her is because that jerk she married was keeping her close. Max talked with her for a minute alone when they both went to the bar at the same time.”
“So what. Alex, Liz doesn't give a damn about us. We mean nothing to her. She made that clear when she didn't show up for our weddings.”
“There is more then we know going on.”
“Liz is not who we were friends with. She is nothing but a bitch that only cares about that rich asshole she married. God why did she break up with Max? Hell even that jerk she dated before this ass was better.”
“Uh Zack was cheating on Liz the whole time they dated. Liz wouldn't have sex with him so he screwed a bunch of bimbos behind her back.”

Alex sighed. He knew better then to try and change Maria's mind. But he was willing to give Liz a chance if she really did come back to Roswell.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 7 7/25/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:40 pm

So glad Liz can go home.....
Now maybe her "real" friends will be able to find out what's really going on with her and James.
Can't wait to see how the visit turns out.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 7 7/25/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:38 am

Really hate how James is controlling Liz's life. Thank god Liz is realizing the truth now. Liz needs to get away from the major controlling asshole. Liz needs to be with Max. So glad that Liz called her parents and are going to see them. Love how everyone hates James. Hopefully while Liz is with her parents she will tell them what is going on. Maybe Liz's parents or someone will help Liz get out of a loveless marriage. Maria and Liz need to sit down and talk. Liz needs to tell Alex and Maria what is going on and why she couldn't call, write or be there for their weddings. Wish Alex did try yo talk to Liz at the fundraiser. So glad Alex is willing to talk to Liz. Hopefully Maria will give Liz a chance. Hopefully the parents and friends can help Liz. Can't wait to find out how Liz's trip to Roswell will be. Hopefully Liz will be safe.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 7 7/25/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:28 am

Carolyn You are in for some surprises when Liz gets to Roswell.

L-J-L 76 Don't count on Maria and Liz talking for a while.

Part 8

Liz was busy packing when she heard the doorbell ring. She knew that the maid would get the door so she just kept packing. Less then five minutes later Serena walked in.

“You finally going to do what you should have done ages ago and leave my asshole brother?” asked Serena sitting down on a chair.
“Rena, I am going to Roswell for a few days.” Said Liz
“Did you tell James?”
“Do you think I am stupid? If I had told him I was taking this trip he would be pissed.”
“Hon, he will be pissed if you don't tell him and he finds out anyway.”
“You aren't going to tell him are you?”
“Of course not! But what about Martha?”
“Martha and I have an agreement. She keeps her mouth shut about what I do when James isn't in town and I give her a nice bonus at Christmas. This past year I paid for her granddaughter’s braces.”
“How do you pull that off? Doesn't James keep track of the money you spend?”
“I never spend all of my monthly shopping allowance. I rarely shop at the high end stores the rich snobs of this neighborhood. I still shop at Wal-Mart and Target like I have most of my life.”
“I know that dress you wore to the fundraiser did not come from either of those stores.”
“True it came from JC Penny.”
“Liz explain to me why you won't leave James. You don't love him. Don't think I don't know he hits you.”
“It's complicated.”
“Yeah right.”
“Rena, I don't want to talk about it.”
“Don't tell me it is about money.”
“Rena, you know me better than that! I don't care about money.”
“Then tell me.”
“I can't!”
“Please I know it isn't about sex. No girl James ever screwed ever thought he was that great in bed.”
“Why do you know about your brother's sex life?”
“My parents house may be high end but has thin walls. If he told you he only fucked two girls he lied.”
“I already knew that. I never believed him when he said that.”
“So why do you stay?”

Liz sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. She pinched her nose Serena really was a pain in the ass.

“Rena, I really don't want to talk about it.”
“Liz, I am worried about you. I am afraid that one of these days it will be more then bruises he gives you. That it won't be just broken bones. That he might beat you so bad that it kills you.”
“He won't kill me.”
“You don't know that!”
“He wants me to be the mother at least biologically of his kids. This is because of my looks.”
“Still doesn't explain why you won't leave him.”
“Serena will you just drop it?”
“I care about you Liz! My brother doesn't deserve you!”
“Damn it Serena! You are my friend and I love that you care so much. But you need to let this go.”
“Liz, don't come back from Roswell.”
“I have to.”

Liz finished packing and grabbed her suitcase. She headed down the stairs and out to her car. Serena watched as Liz drove off. She then pulled out her phone and called Kyle.

“Liz is too damn stubborn for her own good.” Said Serena
“She still won't leave that dick of a brother of yours?”
“You grew up with her. Has she always been like this?”
“Stubborn yes. But not like she is now. Frankly the Liz, I knew growing up would never let anyone treat her like James is treating her.”
“What made her change?”
“I have no clue. How about you come home and change into something sexy and I will take you out to dinner?”
“Sounds good to me.”

Serena got into her car and headed home to get ready to go out with her boyfriend.


Alex walked into the living room after putting Jackson down in his room. Isabel was sitting on the couch folding laundry.

“Any trouble with Jack?” asked Isabel
“Nope. Maria over heard something at the Crashdown today. It seems that Liz is coming to town.”
“Is she leaving the jerk?”
“I don't think so.”
“Why did she even marry him? I mean yeah he is good looking but other than that he has got nothing going for him.”
“Uh he has money something Liz never had much of growing up.”
“But she was never poor either Alex. I know she need that scholarship to go to college. But she always had what she needed.”
“True. Liz changed when she and Max broke up at the end of high school.”
“The long distance thing wouldn't have worked Alex.”
“Yeah I know. But this guy made her leave school and forced her into his world.”
“When we saw her at the fundraiser she reminded me of some of the women at the shelter I help out at.”
“You think he is abusing her?”
“Well look at the facts. She has cut ties with everyone from her past. She rarely sees her parents. From what mom told me when she talked to Mrs. Parker, Liz doesn't even call very often. Those are some of the signs of someone being at least emotionally abused. If he is hitting her then it is where it is easy to cover. With who he is he wouldn't even want it to be a rumor that he hits his wife. So the only ones that know are Liz, James and possibly Serena.”
“Why would Serena know?”
“Alex, you have met Serena right? That girl puts Maria to shame butting into things.”
“But that doesn't mean she does.”
“I know that. So how does Maria feel about Liz coming to town?”
“Well to me it seems like she feels that Liz not coming to her wedding is unforgettable.”
“I was hurt that she didn't come to ours. But I am not passing judgement until I hear Liz's side.”

Alex nodded. He hoped that Liz would get out if she was really being abused before it was too late.

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