The Young Vampire AU ML, MM, AI,KT Adult july 23 [COMPLETE]

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The Young Vampire AU ML, MM, AI,KT Adult july 23 [COMPLETE]

Post by ken_r » Wed May 09, 2007 2:36 pm

The Young Vampire

The banner is something new for me. It is a manipulation of a 3D program called DAZ this is my first publishing of a picture i hope to get better.

Author ken_r or ken242
Rating: adult
Genre: AU with out aliens
Conventional couples
Disclaimer: the character names are from Roswell TV show and many books. The story is mine.

A young vampire awakens from a 200 year sleep. He must seek his fortune in a strange world and find other of his kind. He discovers good and evil in both humans and his own species. Don’t take this as a serious vampire story. I needed some fun so I took a very old story of mine and redid it. I hope you can enjoy it.

The young Vampire

Chapter 1

There was an old warehouse. It had been in Boston since the British were Taxing Tea in the 1700’s. it was owned by a family who had had members in the Daughters of the Revolution since they had started. The man who built it and his family were very hard working and they had made a lot of money. Alden Stallweather had been a merchant and he had bought tea from the British and then sold information to the revolutionaries. The Stallweathers had always been very neutral especially when there was money to be made. Alden had always been generous to the sea captains who came to port. They, in turn would insure that their cargos would be off loaded and stored in his warehouses. Alden was never above setting a little fire at the establishment of his competitors and there was a time when he could almost be called a monopolist. The shear volume of business and the labor of accounting of the day caused a trunk to fall off the pallet where it had been stored. That and the murder of the Merchant to whom the cargo was to be delivered just before he could claim it, caused no one to notice that the trunk no longer was part of the manifest.

The merchant to whom the cargo was bound was one of those strange races. Not proper English nor of the cursed French or Spanish. He wasn’t of a proper race at all. There was something about being Translyvanian or something like that. He claimed he lived in the Hapsburg Monarchy where ever that was. The Stallweathers didn’t feel they owed any loyalty to such as he and when his death was announced, his shipment was seized and sold for storage cost. The costs of which were a mere tenth of the value the cargo brought. The Stallweathers were happy and the missing trunk was never mentioned.

After the revolution, the British became the cursed and the French became the beloved and the Stallweathers just kept making money from everyone with whom they dealt. Stallweather started sending goods to Santa Fe and now it was the Spanish who became beloved. His loyalities changed course as often as did the politics of finance. When the civil war came, Stallweather opened another warehouse. He was keeping the one in Boston, but he also had one in Atlanta. At the first of the War, he couldn’t tell which way it would finally blow. Stallweather sponsored the underground railroad and was responsible for freeing many slaves to Canada. He also was the owner of one of the last slave ships which brought it’s human cargo to the south. By the time the twentieth century arrived, Stallweather was running foodstuffs to England and also selling steel to the Kaiser. By the end of the twentieth century, Stallweather had aided and cheated almost everyone in the world. The second to the last Stallweather was killed giving aid to terrorists and the last Stallweather changed his name to Starke and went to Kansas to be a wheat farmer.

The Yankees had already done the deed over 150 years ago by burning the warehouse in Atlanta, so the city of Boston decided to condemn the one warehouse remaining in its fair city. The building was to be torn down so the city of Boston removed all the goods and held an abandoned property sale. Most of the goods went to antique dealers who received a hefty return, but there was one smelly, dilapidated old trunk, which no one would buy. They weren’t even interested in opening the trunk. The city fathers commissioned the junk man to just take the trunk to a dump and dispose of it. It would have been terrible if they had decided to incenerate it or to crush it or in other ways remove any traces of the old trunk from the Earth. As it was, the junk man just drove the old trunk, out into the country side and pushed it off the truck letting it fall down a shallow gully. He quickly returned. His wages had already been acquired and he had plenty of time to meet the boys for several pints at the local bar.

The trunk broke open with the fall. Nothing happened near the trunk until night fall then Maximillian crawled out and took a breath, the first one he had taken in almost 200 years. Max was young for his species. He was young also because in the 300 years since he had been spawned, almost 200 years had been in suspended animation. Max had been locked in that trunk since the early 1800s. He remembered the persecutions of the time and how all of his race had sought shelter where they could. He also remembered the old merchant who led him to the trunk with promises of a new world where they wouldn’t even know of his kind. Max folded himself into the trunk and suspended his life and that was the last he remembered before rudely being shaken up and bruised as the trunk rolled down the side of the gully. It was dark so Max opened his eyes until they could receive enough light to see in the starlight as well as most could see in daylight. Two hundred years, now Max didn’t know exactly how many years he had been in the trunk, but his metabolism told him it had been a really, really long time! The waxy substance which kept his joints moving was loosened by the warm night air. Soon, Max could travel as well as ever, but he knew that now that he had resuscitated, he was going to need nourishment. Any blood would do but what he later learned was now called AB-Negative would be a true delight. Just like Eskimos had dozens of words for snow because it was so important, Max’s race had many words for types of blood. Why, you ask? Max was a very young vampire who had just lost 200 years of his existence and, thus, education. Now, he was in a strange country with no others of his race to guide him.

Maximillian remembered his first and only hundred years of which he had knowledge. He remembered the true, blue blood of Europe. There was Marie Antoinette, the child wife of Louis XVI of France. Maximillian had met her at a masked ball. He had received that much education from his elders. At mask balls, the patrons were unknown to each other and, thereby, liaisons could be established without question or embarrassment. The ease of feasting was also the danger. The low cut dresses of the beautiful women displayed their beautiful throats, which to a young creature like Maximillian looked like a table set for a royal feast. He remembered those soft round breasts and those ruby lips. Truly, it would have been nice if they had occasionally bathed, but to some the fragrance was just the bouquet of the meal. In the eastern countries, it had been reported that the vampire would just attack and feed upon his prey, usually taking their life. There was all that screaming and carrying on. The elders who raised Maximillian had insisted he be a gentleman. True, if God hadn’t wanted them bled, he would have given them tougher skin, but if you took a person you should return to that person something. Only if necessary, should you drain your prey so they would die. If you went around killing every time you fed, the prey got pissed off and there were burnings and staking. There would be those like that silly Buffy girl who Max didn’t know yet, but would soon hear about, who would retaliate. Besides, if a vampire was clever and charming, he could sometimes find a willing host for years and years of feasting All he had to do was give her dreams and memories of love, lust and seduction. There was that beautiful child, Marie. He had attended the mask ball as the elder had told him. He was a gentlemen and old king Louis was drunk, slobbering over several giggly women when Max saw the lovely creature. The lovely queen was surrounded by courtiers, many who would share her favor if the king got drunk enough. Maximillian just walked through the crowd. He extended his gloved hand and, with his hypnotic powers, caused her previous admirers to retreat. Max waltzed her out on to the dance floor even if they considered the waltz bit scandalous at that time. Marie giggled like the little girl she was. They circled the floor several times. Max saw that the king was really down in his cups so Max sent a little suggestion. The king collapsed on top of three women who were trying to support him.

It was but a minute when Max found himself in her private quarters. Marie was still giggling as the thoughts Max was imparting to her became more and more fanciful. She was beginning to think of pleasures which would be physically impossible to accomplish. Max soon had her out of her clumsy dress and all the under pinnings. Max was showering her with kisses and tasting every morsel of her as he did so. True, she was a bit gamey for one so young, but Max could taste the blue blood running through her veins even before he made his intrusion. First, Max prepared her. He pummeled her and messaged her until she was so ready she couldn’t stand it. The old king was lucky to even get it up nowadays and he couldn’t sustain the up for long enough to make it exciting. The courtiers tried, but they were bound by their lack of imagination and their limited human ability. Max had none of these limitations. After he had prepared the queen, he covered her and with his physical ability enhanced by his mental ability, the queen climaxed several times before Max had really began. The sex for Max was with very little feeling. The feeling you saved to impart to the prey. The only time a creation of life would happen between a vampire and a human would be if both of them were truly in love. There would be no fear of that happening with this silly creature. After max had screwed her over and over, at least in her mind, and she had felt love stronger than she had ever felt before, Marie passed out. Her dreams were of heights of physical love which would remain with her the rest of her life, as short as that was to be.

Max didn’t grow fangs or anything. His incisors were incredibly sharp and his diaphragm was incredibly strong. With that a little incision in her neck and the application of tremendous suction, Max was filled with the bluest of blood. The saliva Max produced was a perfect cauterizing agent. True, she would have to wear a scarf around her neck for a few days, but that was the trade off for the memories of real and imagined love she felt. It was later that Max heard those damned revolutionaries had chopped off her beautiful head and let that precious, delicious blood run upon the ground. Max hated them for that if for no other purpose.

Yes, the elders had taught Max a lot in the first hundred years. But for the long life of a vampire, there was so much more to learn. Revolution was happening and Europe was in turmoil. The Church was condemning vampires and the peasantry was organizing against them. Max was given an opportunity to go to a new world, one where vampires were virtually unknown. Max took the chance and it was only bad luck that he wound up in the 21st century where few, except for cults of writers and other groupies, even believed in him.

Max shook his head. Thinking of the tasty queen had been a mistake. He was starving and he needed to find something soon or he might just turn into dust and no one would even know he had been alive in this time period.

Max could feed on animals if necessary, but though the necessity might demand, the pleasure that should always go with dining would not be there. Of course, Max had tried animals. All young vampires tried animals at one time or the other. It was like a rite of passage. There was movement in the nearby field. Max was desperate. He remembered his mother when she had caught him with a sheep. The disgust in her eyes hurt him deeply. His father with a, “boys will be boys” look, simply laughed it off. After his mother had left though his father gave him a lecture. Sheep are the worst animal to feed upon. The oil in the wool would always taint the blood. If Max felt the need to feed on his own, he should at least look for a cow or a horse or some animal with short hair. Then, his father cleared his throat. When Max really felt he was able to feed alone he should look to one of the girls who served the manor. The milk maids were the best tasting. They were also the hornist and easiest to seduce. As he had done since Max could remember, his father droned on, “Remember, only take a little and preserve your prey. Return to her memories and experiences she will not find among her own kind.” Then Max’s father frowned that famous look that could chill the bones of any saint. “There are men but we hope you will not have need to sup upon those of your own sex. Now remember your Uncle Jeb, your mother’s brother? He only supped on men. There was something about Jeb. He just was the strange one of the family.”

Max proceeded into the field. As he approached the cows they stomped their displeasure. Max softly started singing a song his race had learned from Pan. The song was guaranteed to quiet the savage beast. The cows quieted down and Max approached. He put an arm around one and it brought back guilty memories and the look in his mother’s eyes when she caught him with the sheep. Max was weak. He needed something quick and these animals were the only thing close. Max placed his lips against the neck of the beast. The same lips that so many years ago had graced the neck of the child queen. He steeled himself. He nipped at the flesh. It was thicker than he had remembered, so he just took a bite. The animal shuddered, but the touch of Max quickly quieted the animal again. He sucked and started nursing at the wound. It hit him. This blood was the worst he had ever tasted. Max knew nothing of the modern methods of husbandry but he did know that the blood of this animal was spoiled, almost beyond his ability to stand it. If he hadn’t needed nourishment so badly, he would have fled this location and quietly retched that which he had already ingested. The growth hormones, additives and antibiotics that the animal had in its blood might help it to grow better and healthier. They, also, would completely protect the animal from vampires except for those with a 200 year old hunger.

As soon as Max felt that he had enough energy that he could move on, he took his upset metabolism and his guilt and walked on down the road. His acute hearing picked the tinkle of a woman’s giggle. His curiosity pricked, Max crossed the fence and walked toward the sound. The night was completely dark. But to Max and his augmented vision, it was bright as day. Before him there was spread a blanket. There was a lantern beside the blanket. On the blanket was a maiden stark naked. Beside her was a hunking oaf of a man. Both of them seemed young. Both were at the play of love. The man stood up and she whimpered. “Shad, you just went a few minutes ago.”

“I know, Maybeth, but its all those beers I drank while ago. They just keep hitting me. How do you expect me to get it up when all I can think of is I just gotta go? I gotta drain the lizard, Maybeth. You just wait right there and I will be right back.

As the youth walked into the darkness just beyond the sight of the blanket and his intended, Max came up behind him. He touched him at the base of the skull and Shad just went to sleep.

Maybeth saw the figure coming out of the darkness. She heard the humming. There was something about that tune. It sure wasn’t something Shad would be able to sing. When Max came into view, Maybeth sucked in her breath. She always knew that Shad was not much, but with four brothers there weren’t many of the young men who would brave her charms at he risk of the beating they would receive if her brothers ever found out. Maybeth was sure part of Shad’s bravery was his stupidity, but he was all she had, and at the moment, she wanted lovin. Now, before her was one of the handsomest men she had seen in a long time. She raised up on her elbows peering at him. He had such a wonderful smile. He hadn’t said a thing. He just started taking off his shirt and then his pants. He didn’t appear to be wearing anything under the pants so his manhood was now displayed before her. In her irrational mind, Maybeth wondered if a fairy godmother had touched Shad and turned him into a handsome prince but no, even a fairy godmother couldn’t improve that much on Shad. As Max lay beside her, her mind was flooded with diversions and perversions such that she had never imagined. The love he imparted ruined Maybeth for weeks against the country love she could get from the local men. She, of course, never knew when he nipped at her neck and, then, he sucked a hickey and drained almost a pint of blood from the young maiden. The blood definitely was not blue and it was tainted with something. Max was familiar with the taste, but it took him a while to place it. Cannabis, that is what it was. Max frowned because in his youth he had met those who smoked this drug, but they were usually of a much different society than he perceived this maiden to be. As he rose up on his elbows, he examined her neck. The smooth flesh that had tasted so good after so long a time, was already healing. His saliva had already started the wound to close and the anesthetic that also was in his saliva had allowed the maiden to feel absolutely nothing. Max stood, allowing her to gaze upon his body. Putting on his shirt first, then his shoes and finally his pants covering his manhood. As he then knelt and took her head in one hand he kissed her and then gently laid her back down. Then, Max just disappeared into the night.

When Shad finally came around back into the light of the lantern he saw a dreamy Maybeth sitting looking into the night. “I am sorry Maybeth. I guess I just passed out. We can try now. I am ready.”

Maybeth just looked at him with a dreamy expression. “No, not tonight Shad I think I want to go back in the house and dream a bit. Maybe some other time.” And she pulled on her clothes and slowly walked back to the lights of her house, leaving a naked and confused Shad wondering what he had done.
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chapter 2 may 13

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Kittens it is always a trial to find the best

Natalie36 don’t jump ahead of the story

Pandas2001 thank you for reading

Sternbetrachter thank you for reading

L-J-L-76 I hope I entertain you

Roslover39 I took away some of Max’s magic as a lover and substituted his essence as a vampire I enjoy seeing which quotes you always like.

Stories by ken_r

Chapter 2

Max walked to the lights he saw in the distance. As he approached, the noise coming from the string of lights was pounding his delicate hearing. When he arrived, he saw coaches with no horses. They were going at fantastic speeds. Max could see into the coaches and they had people in them. Max just stood beside the road watching as the coaches sped past just feet in front of him. As he was standing there marveling at what this world had to offer, one of the coaches slowed and left the flow of vehicles. Max was still standing almost hypnotized himself as they went by him. The coach slowed down beside him and the door opened. Max bent down to peer into the vehicle. There on the far side was a beautiful blond. She had sparkling blue eyes and lips of bright red. Most of all, she had a very low cut dress and her neck appeared delicious. “Can I give you a lift somewhere, Handsome?” she asked, surprising her self. She knew you just didn’t pick up a stranger beside the road, no matter how good-looking he was.

Max smiled. These were the first words he had heard since awakening. With the little farm girl, there had been no need of talking. They just let their nature direct them. Had there been a mistake? Had the shipment been diverted to England? The old merchant had promised Max that he would be taken to a new land. Then Max remembered that the English had settled part of the new world and that those in the new land had broken from their mother country. This terrible accent must be the result of the cultural divorce. Max crawled into the vehicle. The beautiful lady was making movements with her hands and feet. Soon, they were speeding on down the road. Max tried to speak. His vocal chords weren’t ready to vibrate, yet, so he just made a choking sound. The beautiful lady looked at him strangely. Max tried again. “I do say it is very jolly for you to give me a lift and all of that.”

She laughed, “My name is Theresa, but every one just calls me Tess. How long have you been in the states honey?”

Max was carefully listening. He was trying to mimic her words but he needed a lot more of them to be able to speak the new accent and language well. “I do say, the name’s Maximillian and they just call me Max. I haven’t been out long and I am just getting used to the lay of the land so to speak.”

Tess frowned at this, “Out of where, honey? You aren’t some ex-convict that just was released from prison are you?”

“Oh, my no, my dear. I was locked in a trunk and I am celebrating my coming out,” Max said quickly.

Tess laughed, “Well, if it was just a trunk, I guess you are okay. Tell you the truth, I am not sure why I even stopped for you. Guess it might have something to do with my boy friend, or ex-boyfriend that is. I was hoping he wanted to marry me, but he just informed me that he took a job out of state. He told me that he would be back in a few months and, then, we would talk about it. We have been going together for three years. What more is there to talk about? Well, I just told him not to bother calling me or coming back, as far as, I was concerned. We are through. Do you hear that? We are through. She rolled the window down and shouted for anyone to hear at least anyone going 75 miles an hour. “We are through!”

Max started humming. Tess looked at him. That song was beautiful. She had never heard a tune like that. It was true because Tess had never met a person who had studied under a satyr. True, when Max was spawned there were not many of them left, but the elder had found one of them and had Max stay with him for a year. In return, Max would introduce the saytr into European society. Now, if the satyr still had hoofs like in the pictures, this might be hard, but the satyr could appear in any form he wanted. And after teaching Max some of what he knew about music, Max had taken him to a mask ball. The last he saw of the creature, he was in bed with three women and a man and seemed to believe he was getting the value of his teaching.

Tess turned to Max. “Do you have a place to crash tonight?”

Max wrinkled his brow, “Crash? What do you mean?”

“oh, pfoo, I forgot you do not understand American being from England and all. Do you have a place to sleep tonight a place to stay in the city?” she asked.

“No, I don’t have a place to stay. I have to get some clothes. I think I lost my things somewhere.” Max replied in a thoughtful manner.

It was a couple hours until they were in the city. Max couldn’t believe the size of everything. He supposed if you could travel this fast you would be able to make the city bigger. Tess pulled into her underground garage and they went up the elevator.

Tess lived on the seventh floor of a 12-floor apartment building. They went up and she unlocked her door. Old Mrs. Gaines peering through the crack of her door and the door jamb, the door being supported by the chain she always kept fastened, was the only person to see Tess and Max enter the apartment.

As soon as they were safely in the apartment, Tess came on to Max. She was all over him. The anger she still held toward her, now, even more ex-boyfriend, the excitement of hearing the song of Pan and the just animal hunger she always had when she found her self in the presence of a man all came together. Suddenly, Tess drew back. “You said you had just come out of a trunk. Is that some British phrase like coming out of a closet?”

Max frowned, he saw no similarity to closets and trunks but he was still learning the nuances of this strange dialect of the king’s English. “No, Tess, I don’t think coming out of a trunk is anything like coming out of the closet,” he replied slightly perplexed.

Tess became even more excited. “That is cool because I wouldn’t want to, you know, force my self on you if you didn’t really like girls.”

Max didn’t completely understand, but he thought she meant like his Uncle Jeb, the one his father had said only liked to feast on men. “Tess, I find girls to be delicious. I prefer girls to men, animals or anything else I can think of.”

“Oh, that is so wonderful, that you find girls delicious.” She was hugging and kissing him. Even for Tess, this was sort of forward. She, in what was left of her rational mind, couldn’t remember being this attracted to a man like she was to Max. His lips, his hands everything was a joy like she hadn’t experienced with, oh what was his name now? Anyway, that guy who used to come here, the one who said they would talk marriage when he came back. There was a strange sensation when he wetly kissed her neck and throat. His saliva was almost invigorating. Max pealed down her blouse and released her bra. He was still raining kisses upon her chest and breasts. Everywhere, the wetness of his kiss was increasing the desire within her.

Max stood back and he removed his shirt. Tess couldn’t keep her hands from tracing outlines on his chest. Max slowly dropped his pants and Tess saw, for the first time, that he wasn’t wearing any shorts. She gazed at his manhood. As he pushed her back on her bed, she opened her self to the sex offered by Max and she received the sensations of his species, which augmented every nerve in her body. Tess was transported. The many lovers she had experienced since she was 15 just melted. Her mind was soaring so much higher that she had been like virgin just before Max and, now, she was an experienced woman, probably spoiled forever, for the skills of the men she would meet in the future. Now, if one was to look closely to the sex Max gave to his prey, you wouldn’t see anything too different from that which the poor, benighted Shad would have given Maybeth. Max had no knowledge of kinky or strange moves. He did have one thing though. Throughout the ages since the first cave man clubbed his woman into an amorous frenzy, man had sought the perfect aphrodisiac. The human male, especially those with imagined power had tried all sorts of possibly poisonous solutions to induce uninhibited desire in the female. The vampire had evolved the ability to secrete this in all their bodily fluids. Max’s kisses were filled with this magic. When he had climaxed with his partner, she was almost hallucinating with his essence. By the time Max was ready to feed, she was engrossed in a rapture of imagined pleasure. The adult male vampire was also able to control emotions to an extent.

Tess was almost in a sleep as Max was still kissing her neck. His spittle was running down her skin and when Max made his incision, she only felt a climax in which she was giving back to him the wonders he had shown her. Max sucked and the blood flowed. The taste was good. It definitely wasn’t blue blood, but it was of quality. Max drew back to smack his lips. It was A-Negative if he wasn’t wrong. Of course A-Negative wasn’t the word that came to Max’s mind, but the Transylvanian equivalent was. The secretions Max exuded were also beneficial in helping the body to rebuild the red blood count in his prey.

Tess was a healthy woman so Max couldn’t help going back for a quick desert. He quickly drew back. She was a feast, that if cared for and husbanded carefully, would last a long time. Max had returned, even though he should have stopped, mostly because of his 200 year fast. Also, after the beast and its bitterness and the cannabis of the farm girl, the body of Tess promised such a delight. Max must protect and care for her. For her essence, Max would offer her a managed health and also the benefit of tremendous healing benefits.

The next morning, Tess woke up naked and in the arms of a man she barely knew. If this was what sex with a stranger was like, then she should have been picking up hitchhikers all along. To think of the years she had wasted with, what was his name again, Mr. I will talk to you about marriage when I get back. Tess showered and when she got out she saw that Max had pulled down all the blinds. “Max, it is dark in here. Don’t you want to celebrate the sun?”

Max smiled that curious smile he had and replied, “I have a nervous condition and I can’t stand bright lights with out protection.”

Tess was rubbing the slight bruise and scab she had on her neck. Max took her head in his hands and kissed her neck again. His spittle taking away any sensation she might have remaining from last night.

Tess busied her self about her kitchen and asked, “Are eggs all right with you?”

Max stood and, again, took her in his arms. “No, I do enjoy coffee in the mornings, but except for that, all I want is to feast on you.”

Tess giggled. That was so romantic that he would only want her. Tess had to hurry or she would be late for work.

Tess worked in an office. She was an ambitious, minor CEO of her firm. Many of the office studs had attempted to take her and she had been the object of an office pool, for who would be the first to sleep with the new woman executive. Tess kept her physical desires separate from her work. Many times when she was down or when her current boyfriend had disappointed her the night before, she admitted she had been tempted. It had only been her ambition to climb the office ladder without the encumbrances of any office affairs that had held sway to her feelings. Today, as she entered the office, she gazed at the array of men on display and she couldn’t think of anything they could offer. Not even the ones with the greatest reputations as lovers could hold a candle to what she felt from her now, Max.

When Tess returned home, she found the table set and candles lit. Dinner was on the table and Max, looking the best he could in his shabby clothes, was waiting. Tess hurried to change into a lounge dress. It was one that fit loosely and was so light that Tess almost felt naked when wearing it. When she reentered the room, Max took her by the arm and led her to her place at the table. Tess noticed that there was a setting for one, but at the place where he would sit there was only a cup of spicy coffee. Spicy, she thought, because she could smell it as she entered the room. There, also, was an array of pills by her table. She looked at Max with inquiry.

“These are supplements I found in your medicine cabinet. You must keep up your health,” he intoned.

Tess had been teased about her concerns for her health, by her ex-boyfriend. In fact, he had gotten her hooked on something she was going to have to bring up to Max.

Tess looked at Max as he sat down to drink his coffee. “I do not require sustenance every day. I have what I need and you are all I want, now. Too look upon your body, feeds my mind as much as you feed my soul, when I hold you.”

How romantic, Tess thought. No one had ever talked to her like that before. Tess knew that men lusted for her body. She had learned that early in high school. It was a lust that she learned to use to her advantage in getting through most of her life. The job at her present firm had been the first time when she had insisted, within her mind, that she was going to get it with her ability and not have any accusations of scandal to mar her success. Tess had kept her social life totally separate from her business life. Her last boyfriend had been an example. He wouldn’t even have fit in with those with whom she worked. When they had the office party, Tess understood that the pool was now over $10,000. If she hadn’t had so much to gain, she might have been tempted to cut a deal with one of the better looking studs to share the money and arrange to be caught in the supply room naked and in mid climax.

Of course, she now banished that from her mind. All day, all she could think of was to return to her apartment and her new lover and see what he had in store for her. Thinking of the next company party, Max was a man she would like to show off. She was remembering the condition of Max’s wardrobe. He seemed to only have the one shirt and pants. Max would need something more if she was to show him off and show him off, she intended to frequently.
Acommidation This is a sad story how two people overcome adversity. It is a Max and Maria story that could be possible

The Loves of Maximo Delgato a Roswell western with an hispanic twist. i really enjoyed writing this story and thinking about the heritage of all the people who make up the southwest.

You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday i rewrote the first season and a lot there after.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter4 may28

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Roslover39 Max is not strictly with Tess he is simply dining on her. In his mind there is a difference.

L-J-L 76 if I can entertain you it is always my pleasure.

Natalie36 As you wish m’lady here is the next chapter.

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Stories by ken_r

Chapter 3

That night Tess was a little disappointed that Max did not crave her. His answer, “Tess we must not be greedy. If taken to often, the most perfect meal would take on the mundane and any resemblance to perfection would fade.”

Max held her as she fell asleep. Just the oils and sweat of his body imparted to her lusts fulfilled and desires requited. Max gazed at her face as she lay in his arms. Yes, this one would be a feast for a long time, but she must be protected. Now that the excitement of hunger had passed Max was puzzled about a strange after taste. It had not been strong, but it also was not pleasant. He would have to carefully watch her behavior to make sure she wasn’t doing something that would bring damage to herself. When Max was sure, Tess would not wake up until morning, he stirred and sat up. Looking at the two garments on the floor, Max grimaced. He had been taught both by his elder and his father, that he must always keep up his appearance. The garments he possessed were so out of date and worn out by just being on his body while locked within the trunk for 200 years. True, a few moths had found their way into the trunk, but once there instead of feasting on his clothes, the moths had withered and died in their moth fright because of the strange creature they had found.

If he had been in excellent health, a feeding once a week might have sufficed for a time. Max was not in the best of health. He had been locked up for 200 years and though he must go slow, he needed to build up his strength. To do this, Max needed blood. He needed blood of a good quality. To bring his health up with only one person on which to feed, would slowly kill her. Max wasn’t willing to kill Tess if he could help it and the prohibitions from his elder, his father and even his mother forbade it.

Max pulled on his clothes. He carefully let himself out, seen only by the Mrs. Gaines who apparently never left the crack she had between her door and the door jamb.

Max found himself loose in the city. Max had a perfect sense of direction so he wasn’t worried about finding his way back to Tess’s apartment. Max always kept to the shadows and was never seen by any of the people who frequented the night.

There was one, though, who saw Max and accosted him, as he was flitting from one alley to another. “Honey, do you want a party?” she asked

Max looked up. She was a blonde, obviously not natural. Her dress was what Max imagined would be provocative if sex was the ruling force in his being. Max gazed into her mind, but he saw no sense of a party. There was only avarice within her thoughts. She came to Max and attempted to feel his body. Her intention was looking for a wire or some sort of recorder. All she felt was solid muscle. He was no vice officer. If she hadn’t been a working girl, which she also hadn’t been for some time, that is a girl, all right a working woman, she would have been tempted to sample the man in some sort of love. She had long lost any feeling of love. Her body was a source of income and keeping it up and fit was the only preparation she knew to finance her life. She groped his crotch and noticed that he did not flinch. Either he was a eunuch or very much under control. She liked what she felt and saw. “Honey, it is $50 for a quick one here in the alley. Max let his mind take her in. She received a feeling of personal satisfaction as she pulled Max’s head into her ample bosom so she must have been paid. She hiked up her dress and Max cradled her head. As soon as he felt she was ready, he bit down on her neck. The saliva began to sooth her whole body. Max was tempted to take more than was safe. She was a woman of the streets, valuable only to her self and some pimp if she had one. The training within Max was just too great. He was, after all, a gentleman. True, he was a gentleman who was starving, but he still must maintain his standards. When Max was through, taking only that which wouldn’t hurt her, he left her leaning against the wall in the alley. As he was leaving, Max felt terrible stiffing the woman for the $50. There was nothing he now could do. Max had no money and that was a condition he was going to have to remedy soon.

As he walked away, his concerned lessened. The blood he had taken was badly tainted. Max, in an after taste, felt the diseases in her body and the drugs she had taken. The diseases wouldn’t hurt Max and he was already throwing off the drugs with his metabolism. Max hoped her skill at sex was good because as dinner she wasn’t worth the $50.

Max noticed a window with men’s clothing inside. He went around in back and opened the door. Of course, the door had been locked, but locks had never stopped a vampire. Inside, Max looked at the store manikins. He saw how they were dressed. Max saw the underwear and the socks, neither of which he had. Max made a bundle of several pairs of underthings, socks, shirts and slacks. He looked at some shoes and, by trying them on, he finally found a pair that fit him. Max tied the bundle into a sheet he found on a shelf. Quickly and quietly he stole from the store.

Max had feelings that the elder, his father and his mother were all looking down at him. Steeling was a human vice. He should not take that for which he could make no return. Max didn’t have a choice. If he was to live in this time, he had to dress right. Then, he had to find some way to make a living.

Max slipped back into the apartment building and, seen only by the eternal Mrs. Gaines, he re-entered Tess’s apartment, secluding his bundle under the bed. Tess awoke, finding her head in Max’s naked lap. She turned and stretched, feeling his manhood against her neck. She reached up to his face and touched it with her hand. She rose up and Max tenderly kissed her as he tasted her mouth and neck. Max wasn’t hungry, Even with the contamination, last night he had feasted on enough blood to help rebuild his system.

Tess ate her breakfast and all the supplements Max had chosen for her, while Max just drank his coffee. Again, Tess had to hurry. She hadn’t been late yesterday and she surely didn’t want to be late today.

Larry enjoyed the reputation of being the super stud at Tess’s office. He kept office politics out of his life by satisfying several of the women who were his superiors. They all knew about each other, but none of them wanted to loose the diversion in their lives which was Larry. They were even in the pool putting their money on Larry to see if who would break the ice maiden first.

Larry had come on to Tess almost every day since she had been hired. She, usually, gently rebuffed him, preserving the hope within his fragile ego that she was just beyond his reach. He just had to stretch a little more or work a little harder. Today though, Tess was thinking about the feeling she had when she was with Max. It was the weekend and Tess intended to present herself to Max, oiled and perfumed in such a way that he would want to make love to her the whole weekend. When Larry came on to her this morning, Tess just looked at him and said, “Oh Larry, you have to face it, you just don’t have enough to satisfy me. I would just want so much more.”

The studs in the office all heard about her rebuff and they were laughing. The three female CEO’s that Larry regularly squired about were a little glad because now Larry would have no other distractions than them selves. One by one, they called him into their offices for a consultation. Each was working to ease his bruised ego and assure themselves they would not have competition in the new comer as she rose through the ranks of the company, even at the loss of the money they invested in the pool.

By quitting time, Tess was so excited that she could barely contain her self. She hurried home and when she entered, she was not disappointed. The table was set, the meal prepared and Max was waiting for her. Wait, he was wearing new clothes. As she went to her closet to change into something more freeing than her suit she wore to work, she noticed he had taken over a place in her closet. He had several pairs of slacks and shirts hanging there. When she went to her dresser, she found he had taken over a small part of one drawer. There were several carefully folded sets of men’s undewear.

“Max, where did you get the clothes?” she asked when she came in the room.

This was the first time she had ever seen Max not at his best. He even hung his head in embarrassment. “I stole them, Tess. I had to have better clothes and I have no way, yet, of making any money. I want to talk to you this weekend about me getting a job. I need to know what I need to get a job and what I need to do keep it, once I find it.”

Tess went to his arms. He was so precious when he was like this. Max, who she felt was so powerful when they were making love, was now like a little boy caught with his hand in a cookie jar. He was asking for both forgiveness and, also, help. He needed help in getting on his feet and restoring his pride.

Tess had intended to stay up all night making love to Max. She was filled with his body and her mind repeatedly went over the images he had put in it. She felt his lips as they traveled across her shoulders. She felt the wetness as his spittle dribbled down her back. With Max behind her holding her body back next to his, she did not feel the bite nor the sucking as he took another few ounces of blood. He feasted on the delicious taste of her body. He smelled scented oils she had applied before dinner and the lotions that made her skin both soft to the feel and tasty to the lips. It made her even better than that child queen he remembered from his youth so long ago. True, Tess passed out in body, but her mind was fertile with the suggestions Max had implanted. If Tess had been rational, she might have asked why Max never used a condom. It was simple. Max could not catch or pass pathogens from one human to another. His body just killed the pathogens outright. His seed would not be viable unless his passion had been raised to the point where he, Max the vampire, was truly in love. In his dalliances, there was no worry about a woods colt being born out of wedlock.

Max rose up, Looking at her sleeping with her face so satisfied and pleased, Max was bothered. There was still something in her blood that bothered him. He really didn’t want to take any more blood from her this month. She needed to regain her strength. Max had prepared a grocery list of items for Tess to buy tomorrow. On the list was liver, several red meats and many bottles in iron supplements. Tess, who was normally almost a vegetarian, would need a very different diet to sustain Max, even with his careful conservation. He needed to confront her about that thing in her blood. He just didn’t, yet, know how to ask her.

Max was going to look for a night job after the weekend. He had learned that he could go out in the day, but he would need dark glasses and lots of sunscreen. It was amazing how much and how fast he could learn watching daytime TV. Max also began thinking. Being with Tess would not be forever. Except for her blood and his images of sexual delight, they had nothing more to offer each other. Max didn’t want to hurt Tess so he would have to be careful how they separated. This was not an immediate problem, but one that would have to be considered sometime in the future.

Max was satisfied that Tess would sleep until morning. He would have several hours to prowl the city. Again, as he quietly left, he was observed by the eternally watchful Mrs. Gaines. Max felt he should try other parts of the city. His clothes were now more suitable for social occasions. He approached a dance club. He noticed that the door bouncer was collecting cash from the patrons as they entered. That was still a deterrent to Max. He needed a job in the worst way. As Max proceeded up the line to the door, he got to the bouncer and he fell against him. Apologizing profusely, Max caught his balance, but not before implanting in the bouncers mind, not only his required cover charge, but also a hefty tip. They stamped his hand and he entered. It took him several minutes to figure out the situation. There were hundreds of dancing couples. Max noticed that from time to time couples would retreat back from the dance floor. He quietly went behind the stage and found a hall with many doors. Standing in the shadows, he saw that couples would come to the doors. When the room was empty, there was a small light on above the door. When the couples entered the light went out. Max noticed that most of the time when the couples left, they would kiss at the door and, then, proceed on their separate ways.

Max returned to the dance floor. He saw a group of girls sitting at a table. Max approached and bowed. He still had a little of his mysterious accent. “May I have the pleasure of one of you ladies to accompany me on the dance floor?” he asked.

The girls giggled and looked at one another. One lady, a blonde, rose. Max, offering her his hand, led her to the floor. “M’Lady, may I inquire your name?” he asked.

She looked at him straight in the eye, “Maria, and may I inquire, where you are from?” she returned.

“Ah, Maria, the sainted mother, I am from the country formerly called Transylvania. I arrived only recently at these shores and I am learning the people of your fair land.” Max spoke.

Maria looked at him, “Is that accent for real or are you just using it to get into someone’s pants?”

“Oh, Maria, the doubter, I am learning the language as fast as I can. The only English I previously heard was the mother tongue of those distant isles. Please, forgive me as I talk. The more I hear your language, the faster I learn. Then, I will not be distinguishable from your men of the states.” Max eloquently stated.

Maria laughed, “Well, Max, don’t lose too much of that accent. It could be your ticket to many interesting rides.”

When the dance was over, Maria showed no interest in leaving his side. Max found that interesting because he hadn’t even started to explore her mind. She had been entranced by the sweat and oils of his touch. They danced again. It was Maria who suggested they could go behind the curtain. When they found an empty room. Max touching the locked door, allowed them to quickly enter and close the door. Maria hiked up her skirt and Max pulled down her underwear. He, also unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it down about her shoulders. As he was kissing her, Maria found she was loosing it. Maria had never taken a stranger behind the curtain. Yes, she had gone there with a real hot date a few times, but public displays like this just weren’t her thing. This had been her suggestion and she had allowed Max the liberty of taking off her panties. Right now, he seemed to be mostly interested in kissing her and, of that, she could not complain. She noticed that his kisses were wetter than she usually would tolerate. Something about him just made her want to be kissed more. The more Maria was in contact with Max’s body, the more passionate she felt. Max pushed her to the cot in the corner. She felt him lower his pants and his manhood entered her body. She felt more of the wonders of love and what it meant. Not just sex, but a wonderment of the beauties of her body and the passions that, him being inside her, invoked. The kisses were still being bestowed and the wetness no longer bothered her. It was a sensual sensation that she was feeling from his lips. As Max bit into her neck, Maria was flooded with feelings of well being. As he sucked her blood, she found she was happier than she had been for months. Where before there had been a little guilt about taking a stranger behind the curtain, she now knew that she had done the right thing. When they had finished, Maria felt satisfied. She felt more satisfied than she had in most of her previous affairs, though they had not been many. Maria wanted nothing more from Max at the moment, but she wanted to tell him how much she felt fulfilled. As they left the room, Max, again, kissed her neck with one of his wet kisses and they walked arm and arm back to the audience. Max led her back to her friends at their table. Then he just disappeared.

Maria sat for several minutes as the girls bombarded her with questions. Where had she gone? What had she been doing all this time? The night was nearly over and she had been gone for most of it.

“We went behind the curtain. He was the most wonderful lover I have ever had. I don’t even know his name. I do not know what I want to do.” Maria was not completely coherent the rest of the evening.

Max made his way back to the apartment. Maria had been an interesting prey. Her blood was O positive which made it the most common blood possible. Taking her blood had not been a common experience, though. There was something he really liked about her. Max shrugged. He would probably not see her again.
Now don't get upset about Max and Maria. This is an important part of the story. This episode of Max and Maria will be important later

Acommidation This is a sad story how two people overcome adversity. It is a Max and Maria story that could be possible

The Loves of Maximo Delgato a Roswell western with an hispanic twist. i really enjoyed writing this story and thinking about the heritage of all the people who make up the southwest.

You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday is a conventional fic which rewrites some of the first season and the rest of the story.
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chapter4 may 28

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Stories by ken_r

Roslover39 Well Max does meet Isabel to day but it is not what you think.

Roswell3053 welcome to my little story

To everyone I promise dreamer insurance. Also only the women are having sex. To the vampire until they find someone that they are strongly attracted to it is just a lure. soon to come is the complete ethnograph of vampires as commissioned by the Department of Interior, division of Xenology written by the Anthropology department of the University of New Mexico.

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Chapter 4

Max entered the building and then the apartment, noted by Mrs. Gaines. Inside he removed his clothes and with the head of Tess resting in his lap, Max waited for her to awaken.

When Tess woke up, she again found her head cradled in his naked lap. Was this what she wanted for the rest of her life? Instinctively, Tess understood that Max could not offer her marriage. Well, was that instinct any good anyway? She had thought that her former boyfriend would offer her marriage if she was just patient enough. He had left and she had no other promises at hand. Max promised her nothing and gave her everything. She extended her arms and, taking him by the neck, she raised herself to kiss him. His lips, as always, were pulsing with pleasure and, as always after his kisses, Tess felt a tremendous passion. Tess swung herself off the bed and showered. She knew that Max would be up as soon as he showered and would want only his cup of coffee. If Tess had been capable of rational thought, she would be wrapped in a mental knot about the fact that Max never seemed to eat. Her mind was so clouded that this necessity just escaped her query along with so many other things, like him never using a condom and the fact that she was becoming the picture of health.

Tess, armed with the list Max had prepared left to go shopping. As she passed the door of that old hag, the door burst open. “You know that he is the devil, don’t you?” Mrs Gaines horsely whispered to Tess. “At night, he leaves to do the devils business and he returns just in time to reclaim your soul.”

This was really creeping Tess out. She pressed against the far wall as if to get as far as she could from the old crone. No, Tess had no idea what Max did as she slept or when she was working through the day for that matter.

Tess returned with the bags of groceries Max had listed. She kept her eyes open, but she avoided the sight of the old Mrs. Gaines. She placed the bags on the table and turned to Max. “Max, do you go out at night while I am sleeping?”

Max hung his head just as he had done when Tess found he had been steeling the clothes. “Yes, I am looking for a job. I need to pay my way and I need to buy things for my self. I do not do well in the sun so it is only rational that I look for jobs at the time of day when I am best able to work.” Max told her. “I am living off of you and I need to find other sources to keep me alive. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want you to worry.”

For reasons Max didn’t understand, Tess wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Tess enjoyed doing this. the wet kisses he always gave in returne always brought so much joy.

As Tess unpacked the bags of groceries, she found that most of the purchases were supplements for her, iron supplements mostly. The foods that Max prepared for her were usually red meat dishes. When she ate meat Tess usually wanted it will done. When Max made the meals, the meat almost always was rare and Tess, to her surprise, thoroughly enjoyed them.

They went on like this for several months. Max had found a job. It was from midnight to 7:00 in the morning. He just got back in time to kiss Tess into wakefulness. They still had their evenings of lovemaking and Tess would, invariably be asleep before Max left for the night. As said before, there were millions of questions Tess could have asked about Max, but for some reason she never did. The only thing that marred their time together were the complainings of Mrs. Gaines that Max was the devil. Mrs. Gaines had fastened a crucifix to her door and every time Max went by, he could hear mumbled prayers.

There was a bad time one night. Fortunately, Max was not working that night. Tess had a business meeting that lasted till late. They were entertaining a client from Hollywood. After talks that lasted much longer than the anxious Tess wanted, the client declared he was happy with the deal. To celebrate, he took out a small container and several soda straws. He was sitting at a glass table. With one sweep on his hand, he cleared the table of its normal allotment of magazines and company brochures. He poured out a quanity of white powder and he began to divide it into lines with his knife blade. He passed the small straws to every one. He proceeded to inhale the line of powder with his straw. This would not be the first time Tess had tried cocaine. Just before her former boyfriend left, he had brought home some of the powder and, at his insistence, Tess had tried it. It gave her a euphoria and she was not unhappy with the result. Tess worried about what she had heard about the drug, but the sex after the cocaine was terrific. The boyfriend left. With Max, Tess didn’t see any way she could survive, if she amplified the sex she was experiencing.

When it came her turn, she sniffed her line and waited for the euphoria to come. Several of the super studs winked. This might just be the thing to break down the ice maiden. Their disappointment was obviously felt when they discovered that when she excused her self to go to the bathroom she also went home. The minute she got there Max was sure something was wrong. Max had taken blood from Tess only a few days before. He would normally wait several weeks before taking it again. That was the only way Max had of knowing what was wrong, so with all the will power he possessed, Max bit into her neck. He only took enough to taste what was wrong and then stoped feeding, no matter how much instinct insisted that he continue.

That was it. That was the taste he had found that first night. Tess had been taking drugs. Max frowned because this had been the first time she had tasted of that flavor that strongly since he had been with her. The wonderfully delicious blood he had always found from Tess had been badly tainted. The drug wouldn’t bother Max, but it would, if continued, make Tess no longer usable to him. Max had to find out how she was given the drug and whether this was going to be a habitual thing.

Max cradled Tess’s head through the night. He did not impart any visions of pleasure to her. She slept fitfully. When she awakened in the morning, Max said, “You want to talk about last night?”

At first, Tess shook her head. She was feeling miserable. She could but look at Max and she was sure he knew. Was this mistake going to cost her this wonderful lover? She had never seen Max use any drugs. She guessed that he was turned off on drug users. She could only tell him the truth and hope he would be understanding.

“My former boyfriend occasionally used cocaine. One time just before he left, he brought home a sample and gave it to me. The euphoria was strange, the first time, but the sex we experienced was wonderful. I never had another chance to use it because I met you right afterward. Last night to close the deal, the producer brought out some powder and we each took a line. I hurried home as soon as I began feeling it. At first, I was hoping for the sex, again, but soon I remembered we didn’t need any drug to make things good. Then, I began to fear you might leave me in disgust and I became frightened. I don’t think I am cut out to be a junkie.”

Max held Tess. He began to sing one of those songs he had sang so many times before. This time a euphoria settled upon her and that which she had received from the drug could not compare to what she received from the songs of Pan. Tess curled up in his lap like a child. Max took time to phone her office that Tess was sick today and wouldn’t be in.

Mrs. Gaines was sure that something was wrong. It was eleven o’clock and that blonde had not left for work. She hadn’t seen the devil go out last night either. He must have spent the night steeling her soul. Later Max and Tess went out together. As they passed the cracked open door, Max leaned over and shouted “Boo!”

They could hear things being over turned as Mrs. Gaines scrambled back from the door. Laughing, they went to supper. Max drank coffee while Tess had a broiled fish.

Max had been working since the second week, much of the time Tess being unaware of it. His first job started at midnight and ended at seven in the morning. It was a super job. Max was working as a technician at the blood bank. When Blood would be donated, it would be handed to Max who would catalog it and enter it into inventory. Of course, a certain amount would not make it to classification and there was always blood that, for one reason or the other, could not be used. Mostly, anything over 30 days was destroyed. Max was well fed, indeed. Max was to start a second job next week in the daytime. He would have to take a lot of precautions. He was to be a salesman at the very store where he had stolen the clothes that first week. The blood bank still kept his name on file because many times they needed emergency techs to help with the inventory. They asked if Max wanted to move up to a better job, but he just laughed. How could anything be better than that of the responsibility of handling the most precious food he knew? The clothing salesman job would give Max more money. The emergency tech job was often enough so that he was well fed without having to take any chances.

Tess’s firm was sponsoring a society bash. That was the best name for it. Socialites from several cities would be there. Tess was determined that she was going to, finally, show off her special guy that night.

Max bought a tux from the store where he worked. When his boss heard where he had been invited to wear the tux, he personally supervised the outfitting of Max so he would be perfect for the event. Tess had a beautiful gown. She had saved for a year to afford it. Originally, she was going to wear it to some function with her ex-boyfriend. Now she was going to wear it under the escort of the most eligible man she had every known.

On the night of the affair, the super studs were gathered to finally see the man against whom they couldn’t compete. When Tess and Max entered, they just stared. He wasn’t anyone they knew. How did he win the hand of the ice maiden? Tess clung to Max. She was adorable in her low cut dress and there was the scarf that she now wore as a trademark around her neck. Max felt like the man bringing in the final dessert of the evening. Later, he intended to dine in the single company of Tess on that dessert.

There were so many people there that Max was overwhelmed. As they progressed down the line of people, they were touching and rubbing cheeks, all of which produced slight waves of passion. Max, finally, came to the beautiful Isabel Whitman. She frowned as she saw him. When he took her hand, her frown deepened. When they pressed cheeks, Isabel’s eyes were fairly sparking. There was no passion in Isabel unless it was hate. Alex was standing beside his beautiful wife. Alex, tall with his tux and cravat wrapped around his throat, leaned over to his wife. “What is wrong, dear?” he whispered.

“How dare he show himself in this place,” she mumbled.

Max knew something was wrong. He just couldn’t think of what. That blonde named Isabel, who was she. She seemed so angry when he touched her. Max shook his head he had more introductions to acknowledge. The final one was a petite brunette lady who was introduced as a reporter, Miss Elizabeth Parker as he took her hand he sensed something divine. Miss Parker just felt something tweak her curiosity.

Tess was in her glory. Everyone was seeing the wonderful man she was escorted by. The women who cared for Larry, the super stud, looked at her with envy. How did she rate someone who seemed to be charm defined? Every woman that Max touched, except for Isabel, almost swooned. Make that except for the reporter, Miss Parker also. She was noticing the effect he was having on so many women.

As Max was returning from a visit to the men’s room, he felt a yank. He was propelled into the ladies room. “Out, every one out now!” Isabel was shouting, as several ladies fled from her wrath. Then she turned to Max, “Where in the hell did you come from?” she grilled.

Max shrugged. He had never had this effect, on a women before. Then, he knew. She was one of his own. “I just came to a few months ago. I was transported from Transylvania.”

“Transylvania no longer exists. What are you doing here and what are you trying to pull?” she demanded.

“I was transported in a trunk 200 years ago. The trunk was lost and I only awakened a few months ago.” He explained.

Isabel was still furious, “Yes, and what have your been doing since then? How many women have you fed on and how many of them did you kill?”

Max frowned, “I don’t kill. I feed only enough to keep alive and I try to return enough so the prey doesn’t feel victimized.”

“I know you young males. You have to feed until you are filled or you will go crazy. You are leaving a trail of killings so there will be hunt and all of us will be found!” Isabel was not just mad, she was terrified.

“I work at a blood bank. I only feed on the living when I have to or when I am giving something in return.” Max explained.

Isabel quieted down. “You haven’t been killing anyone?”

Max shook his head, “No.”

The woman you are with is the only one you are feeding upon now?” Isabel was trying to regain her composure.

“Yes and she doesn’t know. Now how are you going to get me out of this predicament? She probably is outside the door thinking I am involving myself with you and being unfaithful.” Now Max was getting angry.

Isabel spun and unlocked the door. As she passed Tess, she turned, “You can have him back honey. I did my best, but he wouldn’t put out for me at all.” With that, Isabel took Alex’s arm and he escorted her to other parts of the party. They had to go quickly because Alex was being attacked with a fit of uncontrolled laughter. It wasn’t often that anyone got the best of his wife. He knew she wasn’t trying to make love with the stranger, but he was curious about why she was so angry. They would have a long session when they got home tonight.

Tess came to Max. She looked him in the eye. No, there was no guile there. That strange woman must have been telling the truth. No one at the party thought that there was a man alive who would refuse Isabel. Tess’s reputation went up considerably that she was the love object of so charming a man who would even turn down Isabel Whitman.

Liz had been quietly watching. This was a strange situation at best. Officially, Liz was the reporter for “Mysterious and Strange.” She had been a writer of fantasy when she was in college. Trouble was, there just wasn’t that much strange in this city. Even though she retained the title, she became a back up reporter for everything from riots to bridal showers. Unless there was an invasion of flying saucers, Liz would be doing leg-work in everyone else’s territory.

Liz had already written her column in her mind. She knew how this event would end and she had copies of everyone’s speeches in her bag. She wanted to do some research before there were things that she forgot. Liz wrote notes on her pad.

Isabel Evans, married to industrialist Alexander Whitman. They had a child, a girl named Estelle. Isabel Evans graduated from an ivy league college receiving a BS with honors. Isabel Evans then graduated from graduate school with a master’s degree in psychology. There was a picture of Isabel Evans at her graduation. She hadn’t aged a bit since college.

Liz wrote, Alexander Whitman. Alexander, Alex, Whitman graduated MIT with honors. Received master’s and doctorate from same school. Married to Former Isabel Evans. She looked at his picture. He looked older now but not as old as he should have.

Then she wrote, Theresa Harding. Theresa, Tess, Harding graduated from business college. CEO of investment firm. Single. Considered to be up and coming.

The only strange thing she saw here were the pictures but it was very possible the pictures were retouched. Wait a minute, the last picture of Isabel was exactly like she looked tonight. Liz had a study of interest, but, as yet, she really didn’t have a mystery. Liz knew that she would need a lot more evidence to convince her editor to let her work on this full time. For now, she would just wait and watch. She wouldn’t even complain at the society assignments any more if they brought her closer to these people. Liz idly scratched her hand where Max had held it.

Isabel and Alex had finally gotten home. Isabel had to love Alex a lot for her to be able to receive his gift of a child. She had met him while she was in college for the third time. Isabel found it necessary to change her identity several times through her 500 years. Usually in the beginning, she would just move to a new place and the extreme reluctance for the people to move around much preserved her anonymity. Now that the world had grown so much smaller, she found that she had to come up with a totally new identity every so often. Being immortal was not always easy. This last time she had met a young engineer. He had delectable blood and his robust body promised to feed her for a long time. They had met on a hot summer day. Alex was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. Isabel had on a sundress and when she was in his arms he felt that he was holding the most delectable woman in his life. As her secretions began to work upon his body, the logical engineer instead of being swept away with euphoria, became very introspective. As Isabel was feeding upon his blood, Alex coolly looked her from the corner of his eye. “If you need me to offer you my blood, please just ask and I will gladly agree.” Isabel drew back. Alex had not swooned as so many strong men had before in the past. “If the price of holding you is my blood, I will gladly pay it,” he stated. From then on, Isabel felt that she could not do better. When she felt the stirring of a child within her body, Isabel knew that she had finally found a mate. By extending his life she would be with him for a long time.

Now as they sat on their bed, Alex could see that she was trembling. “A young male will kill enough women so that there is an investigation. Why did he have to show up now?”

Alex held her to him. “We can leave. We always knew we would have to sometime,” he said.

Isabel just shook her head. Leave. They might be forced to leave but she would wait and see how the new male played out.
Acommidation is a story of two people changing their lives to care for their children.

You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday is a conventional fic that explains the first season and rewrites the rest of the story.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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authors note

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For authorized eyes only

Prepared under the direction of the Anthropology Department of the University of New Mexico, Philip K. Bock, PhD, Chairman
Prepared by graduate students of the Anthropology Department under the leadership of Kenneth B. Renouard BS Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Subject: Sub Species or possible Hybridization of Homo Sapiens and Homo Vampyrus

Thanks is given to the two major informants; Isabel Whitman and Maximillian Evans.

We must state, at first, that much of the knowledge of the vampires themselves is covered in myth. There is no reliable written knowledge of their history so we are left with DNA evidence and a logical investigation of those myths. Human evidence is so clouded in fear and prejudice that it has proved to be completely unreliable.

The first informant was the most helpful. She stated that her age was approximately 600 years. She is living with her consort, who by human standards, is considered her husband. He states his age as 100 years old. They have produced one offspring, female, who is now waiting for puberty, to determine her genetic direction. It must be said that their very willingness to talk to us is a deviation in culture for this secretive sub-species.

According to legend the vampires originally were a savage, but long-lived species. Their origin is completely unknown. They appeared somewhere about 4000 years before common time. At this time, they were a very small population located in the southeastern part of Europe. They were known for ravaging whole areas. Their lust for blood and their proclivity for killing their victims caused massive popular movements directed toward their extermination. Their ability to hibernate for extended periods of time made the success of these movements very difficult. On expanding human accounts, we find illustrations of a bipedal creature of a hideous appearance. The accuracy of these illustrations is highly questionable.

The vampires themselves admit that they secrete pheromones and other chemicals in their body fluids which to humans are natural aphrodisiacs. The apparent sexual nature of the vampires caused them to be an anathema to the almost sexless nature of many religious philosophies of that day. This also led to the vampire’s domestication of human companions to provide constant and reliable food sources. Apparently this has led to an ideological evolution in their care of their humans to provide pleasure and contentment for the better production of their blood source. A side effect was to prolong the life of the humans way beyond the normal time period. Over time, their secretions developed strong anesthetic properties. It was said by both informants that when they were feeding, their victims are in a euphoric and almost hypnotic mood. The antiseptic properties of the secretions promote quick healing of the entry wound. There is also a most certain by product that these secretions increased the human’s ability to replenish their blood supply, given proper diet and care.

The second side effect was caused, as far as we can decipher, by the proximity of the vampire and their victim over long periods of time. In normal sexual activity while feeding the vampire itself has little endorphin reaction. Only if a true and strong affection develops, does the endorphin level within the vampire rise to the point that the vampire becomes fertile and the male is able to impregnate human females with the result of a genetic probability of one in four of the offspring having strong vampirical tendencies. In the true female vampire, she being much less aggressive, it took a lot longer to discover that she had a similar condition. If she under took a human consort, and as in the case of her male counterpart and developed strong feelings of affection over a long period of time, her endorphins would rise so she would be able to conceive and bare a child with similar probability of its genetic affiliation.

Oxytocin is the hormone of the posterior lobe of pituitary. It is produced when the vampire becomes involved with their prey other than just feeding. Oxytocin results in the production of sedative endorphins which also release in either male or female the ability to be fertile.

Historically the survival rate of the female vampire was much lower than the male. The vaery fact that it was more difficult in a male dominated society for her to find and domesticate a male human led to her exposure and extermination.

As true hybridization has occurred, much of the violence of the pure species has been bred out. In its place, a philosophy of nurture has been developed and has been championed by the eldership, who wield a loose control over the vampire community. The exception, is the young male in their first 100 formative years who tend to excess and retrogression back to former tendencies. To counter this for the last 1000 years, efforts to assign to each young male vampire a mentor, have been implemented. This mentor, along with the help of his parents, attempt to redirect the young male toward conservation and care of resources. They encourage the males to seek permanent consorts and for them to hide in plain sight. The eldership also hopes to encourage a impovement in the tremendously low birth rate. Of course there are still a few that do not embrace the more peaceful act of feeding and occasionally there is a vampire that embarrasses the community by putting the community as a whole in danger.

The second informant was very young as vampires go. He numbered his years as a little over 300 but he had been in hibernation for 200 of those years. His contribution was mainly in how he had learned to cope in the modern world without the benefit of a mentor or any others of his kind. He admitted to more fully exploring his sexual effect upon human females. In his first 100 years, he had received good council from a mentor, but that was far too short of a time for a vampire to learn his culture. By necessity, he had learned that the repulsion of his species toward light could be offset by the application of heavy sun-blockers and the use of dark glasses. He, also, learned to further his hypnotic ability into avenues of commerce and influence. He learned that the sexual attraction of his pheromones and secretions were not that far different from those which were used in salesmanship. Since he was not influenced by others of his species, he investigated, without any crippling paradigms of preconception, this ability to influence commerce. It might be well suggested that the idiom that “Sex sells” has a lot of truth to it. He claims he learned much of his knowledge watching daytime TV after he made his first liaison.

In no case, either in mythology or in any fact, did we discover any lycanthropic abilities. The ability of the vampire, even in the pure species to change their shape has no evidence to support it. As a group, we suggest that the hypnotic ability has, somewhere in the pas, been used to create the illusion of this transformation to aid the vampire to escape. They do have the cat-like ability to move silently and quickly. With hypnotic suggestion, this might account for the myth of their ability to turn into other animals and fly away.

Presented to the Department of Anthropology, division of ethnology, by request of the United States Department of Interior, Division of Immigrate Status, sub division of Possible extraterrestrial Immigration affiliated with the Department of Justice and the United States Border Patrol, Xenological Division.

Addendum: it is entirely possible that there exist other forms of homo Vampyrus that were not recognized in this brief study.

Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 5 june 6

Post by ken_r » Mon Jun 04, 2007 5:29 pm

Please read the ethnology report to understand about the vampire. it is at the bottom of page two. Also keep your eye on the banner i intend to change it again soom.

Roslover39 since I consider you one of the resident vampire readers it means a lot for you to continue following my story.

Roswell 3053 thanks for reading

Michelle in Yonkers this is probably not a real vampire story. The true lovers is an idea that we shall explore. I wrote a whole novel about the concept that a slave couldn’t feel love until they were free It is not a fic but I am planning a fic ripoff of it in the future
part 1The Slave Girl it is in four parts and each part has a link to the next one.

I got to thinking about the blood doners and whither they know what they are doing or not if they are in true love. I checked ahead in the story and that seems to be what happens. That would explain why Liz didn’t swoon or may she was too logical like Alex was. Then later Liz meets a different vampire and has different results. You may have discovered an new thing about my vampires that I didn’t even know about. Your feedback did inspire me to quickly write the ethnograph about homo vampyrus. It was just like those I had to wirte back in school. Thanks for the warning about the header some days just all go bad. Yes I do always finish writing before I start posting.

legalAlien thank you for reading my story.

Chapter 5

Tess, the woman whose date refused the advances of Isabel Whitman, was in her glory. That was unheard of. Before Isabel had married Alex, she had been the most sought after companion in the social circles. After she married, none of her former lovers would say anything, but it was understood that Doctor Whitman was a very lucky man. To Tess, there were no illusions. Max was the perfect lover. He cared for her and watched over her health. No one had ever worried over her when she told him about the cocaine like Max had. He held nothing against her, but he did explain that he couldn’t stay with anyone on drugs so if she felt the need for this, she should figure he would soon be gone. Tess in her mind, vowed to never touch any thing that would disappoint Max.

Tess desperately wanted to be married. She had no idea what she would have done if Max hadn’t come around, but she was tired of the rounds of lovers, their promises and their hazards. She had hoped her last boyfriend was coming around, but then he left. Max, she knew instinctively, would not marry her. His romance was dreamy, but she was hoping for something more lasting. Tess’s maternity instincts were working through the pure passion that Max offered.

Max had fed on Tess last night. She was still getting over the thrill of his touches from that time. Max could tell she was troubled. “Max, I need to talk to you.” she said.

Max had been kissing and licking the incision on her neck to help it heal faster. He leaned back. “Max, you have no intention of marriage, do you?” she asked.

Max looked at her, “No, Tess. Marriage for me is not possible right now.”

“My former boyfriend wrote me, he wants to come back. He is promising marriage and that is important to me.” Tess stated.

Max leaned back, he had been worrying how he was going to break the relationship off with Tess and here she was doing it for him. “Tess, I would never stand in the way of your happiness.”

Max seemed to understand. Tess couldn’t be happier. Max had been the best lover she had ever had, but she did want a family and staying with him wasn’t progressing that plan. That he would put her happiness in front of everything else, just showed how wonderful he really was. She began to kiss him over and over. Max had taken the quota of blood from Tess for a while. It would be dangerous to start tasting her again. He kissed her and he made love to her and, for a time, he tried to rein in all of his own feelings and give her all that he could because he needed to move on soon.

The job as a clothing salesman was a good one for Max. When he would have a man come in with his wife, Max immediately built him up in her eyes. His hypnotism made the lady see her man as a truly great lover when he was wearing one of the suits, shown by Max. When a mother brought in her son, Max made him so handsome that the woman could easily imagine that all the maidens in the world would fall on their knees at the sight of her prince. She was a queen and her son would be successful and loved. If a man came in alone, Max would fill his mind with allusions that even, sometimes, embarrassed Max. The bottom line was, Max was selling clothes, giving advice and making money as fast as he could. Solomon Best had had many salesmen work for him over the years. As far as he could see, Max did nothing improper, but Max was selling clothes. The true test of a salesman was in repeat customers. The testimonies given to Sol were on how well Max’s choices and advice had improved their lives. Max was making money.

The blood business was doing well also. Max was called in one or two nights a week to fill in or to assist those already working. That was good because, now, Max had to find new quarters. He had told Tess he needed a few nights to find a place to stay. He had not told Tess that he had no intention of living alone.

Max was frequenting the dance clubs. He stayed away from the club where he had met Maria. He really liked Maria, but right now, he wanted something more pragmatic. He was looking for sustenance, not love or even friendship. Being with Maria might lead to either of these.

Pam Troy was a bitch. She was beautiful, she was provocative and she was always on the prowl. If you were close to her, she had the personality of a teased scorpion. Max met her on the second night of his search. They had danced, they had kissed and Max had tasted her skin. If he was not mistaken, she was A positive. That was a good blood. It wouldn’t taste as good as Tess’s, but it would do. For Max to live with her, he was going to have to do some behavior modification. Of course, what drew his attention in the first place was that Pam always wore very low cut dresses showing for all the men possible, her well formed breasts and, also, her well-developed cleavage. But showing for Max, that delectable throat and delicious neck.

When Max was feeding on the blood he stole from the blood bank, it was like a meal of hamburger and French fries. It was quick and filling but there was no great satisfaction. Now, when he was feeding on Tess, Max felt that the very conservation he maintained on her body with his care in her supplements and the limited feeds he allowed himself, that he was dining on a banquet to remember. He could live on the fast food of the blood bank, but he still wanted the gourmet meals he had from the women he courted.

When Max finally consented to go home with Pam, he had shown just enough reluctance for her to move out of her regular procedure of making her lovers beg for her attention. She rightly perceived that Max would be something special. His secretions had energized her. After giving her, his close attention, Max then started to eye a petite redhead at the next table. The next time Pam had him on the dance floor she whispered, “We could go to my place if you would like?” Pam was becoming more desperate the longer she remained touching Max.

Max looked at his watch and replied, “Well, maybe, I could, only this one time mind you.”

When they arrived at Pam’s apartment, Max saw that it was a lot more expensive than that of Tess. Pam was a successful clothing designer. She was a confirmed single who bragged that no one could get in under her skin. They might treat her body, but it would be on her terms and she expected them to be gone by dawn.

Pam didn’t waste a lot of time with foreplay. When they entered the apartment, she led Max straight to her bedroom. She wanted to state at the first, that she was in control. She allowed Max to remove her clothes. She enjoyed that and she still told herself that he was doing this at her command. She enjoyed Max’s kisses. Yes, he seemed to be an educated lover, not one of those boys who more and more came to her with their insecurities. She couldn’t stand that! Pam had so many buried insecurities of her own that she didn’t want to view theirs. Pam did not like wet kisses and when max started, she raised her hand to push him away. Max just firmly took her arm and placed it around his neck so the effect was for her to pull him closer. As the effect of his spittle took over, Pam relaxed. Usually, she was in more control with what and when she allowed as the invasion of her body. Tonight, this control was thwarted at its beginning. Max pulled off his clothes and Pam assessed what she saw. His manhood was impressive and his ministrations were soothing. Pam had lost any battle she felt a necessity to wage long ago. Pam usually encouraged her lovers to be rough with her and she, in return, created a relatively athletic sex, which was so out of character of her demeanor in society. Max had been gentle and, at first, Pam was disappointed. Then the effect of being with him and him filling her physically, led to the emotional feelings which were developing, Pam was deciding that tonight would be different, but maybe, just as memorable. Pam had no idea. Max licked her skin, tasting the wonderful A Positive essence flowing just below it. Again, his spittle was seeping into her system By the time Max bit down and took his pint, Pam was sedated to the point where her mind just flowed in directions, with Max’s help, that she never had intended to allow it.

Max was filled for the moment, but he kept up his physical attention to Pam’s body. Just as she didn’t allow much foreplay, Pam didn’t allow a dénouement to occur because that, also, would endanger her control. Pam had lost control the moment she danced with Max. She just didn’t understand it. Max intensified his attention to her body. His secretions were finding in Pam a stubborn, but finally, responding soul. Pam did other things she had never done before. She asked Max when she would see him again. Pam never did this. Her lovers groveled before her, begging for permission to schedule a return. This time, she couldn’t trust that these sensations she was receiving would be lost.

“I don’t know, Pam. I have lost my place to stay so I might have to leave town if I don’t find a place soon.” Max stated as he stroked her neck and then, kissed wetly again and again.

Pam almost panicked. Lose whatever Max had done before he was even starting to serve her? She just couldn’t stand to think of that. “Max, you could stay with me.” She weakly whispered.

“Pam, if you are sure. It will take me a couple days to get my affairs in order. I will call you and if you still want me, I would enjoy staying with you.” Max declared.

After he left, Pam had a real discussion with herself. She had always prided her self of being in control. She didn’t date Jocks unless she had proved to herself that she could intimidate them with the lust for the charms they believed she offered. She never dated powerful men or tremendously rich men, again because they tended to be too close a match for her personality. Max had seemed to be so polite. He had been so caring and gentle that she had felt that she would dominate him easily. What had happened? Pam had no idea. She realized she had invited him to move in with her. She would phone him right now! What had she been drinking last night? Then, Pam stretched her arms and rubbed her neck. When had she ever felt such bless before? She hadn’t felt the need for control last night. She would lose Max if he didn’t have a place to stay. No, this arrangement might be good after all. She could always kick him out when she was tired of him.

Max returned to Kiss Tess awake as he had done so many times before. Tess had been arguing with herself. Did she really want to break it off with Max? Tess knew that she wasn’t going anywhere with him and she needed to move on with her life. She had written her former boyfriend that if he wanted to return next week, she would make arrangements to talk to him. They both departed for work as they had so many times before. Mrs. Gaines was always watching as the devil and his mistress left their apartment.

That night, when Tess came home she found a beautiful dinner prepared. As usual, there was only one setting. The candles were lit and she quickly changed into something else. Max held the chair for her to be seated. He, then, retired to his coffee. They talked as she supped. Max told her that this would be their last night together and Tess panicked. Was she to lose the most wonderful thing in her life for some fantasy of marriage, which probably wouldn’t work anyway? She began to cry. Max took her in his arms. He kissed her, but she didn’t notice that he pulled her dress up covering her neck. Max didn’t want to be tempted. He had feasted off Tess only a few days ago and he didn’t want to further weaken her since he wouldn’t be there to care for her. He hoped that the habits he had instilled in her would remain and she, with the supplements he had left with her, would remain a strong healthy woman. Max also tended to her mind. He created a peace within her. He worked hard to remove any regret. When he finally left her sleeping, she was peacefully smiling. She was dreaming that the days with Max had been heavenly, but there was so much more promise before her. When they left for work, Tess didn’t realize it, but Max gave her the last kiss she was to receive from him for a long time. When she returned that evening, her closet was returned and her drawer was full of only feminine things. Max had gone out of her life. She expected to be devastated, but when she sat down to think about it, she found that she was more excited about her future.
Stories by ken_r if you have any interest in my other stories.

Acommidation This is a sad story how two people overcome adversity. It is a Max and Maria story that could be possible

You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday is a conventional fic which rewrites some of the first season and the rest of the story.
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Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 6 june 10

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Roslover39 poor Pam doesn’t get enough screen time so I wrote her in.

Roswell3053 Pam dosn’t last long

Michelle in Yonders I miss used the word ethnograph i was using it as a paper on a specific culture but it has another meaning. After finishing a major in Mathematics so many years ago someone told me I needed a minor to graduate so at the suggestion of a young lady I knew at that time I took Anthropology. my main interest was in ethnology or the studies of cultures. This really helped me as a teacher. High school kids are really a separate culture aren’t they

Ok everyone i made a collossal mistake there is a formal definition for Ethnograph and it is not the way i used it you can look it up if you want it is a far cry from the study of the culture of a group as i used it sorry. i have been misusing it for years.

Chapter 6

Max had phoned Pam that evening, “Are you sure you want me to move in or should I make plans to leave town?”

Pam felt a wave of fear. Could she stand to lose Max? This was so out of character with her that even she questioned herself. Then, she remembered those hands, those kisses, that filling feeling she had as he entered her and the satisfaction she felt as he was kissing her after they made love. “Yes, Max, I am looking forward to seeing you.” was her answer.

When he arrived about an hour later, she was surprised that his only possession was a large suitcase. Soon again, they were in her bed making love. Max had fed off of Pam only a couple days before. He was going to have to take over her nutrition and see to her general health if this was to be a lasting affair. Max didn’t mind the physical love, although it did cause him a little discomfort to be that close to the very tasty blood he had sampled before. He hadn’t tasted any drugs or contaminates. He did hope that Tess could avoid drugs in the future. Max knew that now she was beyond his care and concern, but he would always remember her with fondness.

When Pam awoke in the morning, she showered and coming to breakfast, she found Max had already prepared her repast for her. This angered Pam. It implied, again, loss of control. Before she could lay down the rules and reinstate her authority, Max came up behind her chair. He leaned over and with a hand on each covered breast he bent to kiss those delicious lips. Max’s face brushed against hers. His kisses were wet as usual. This, further, angered Pam until the secretions from Max reached her system and created a euphoria that all was well. She turned to look at the meal he had prepared. Pam was strictly a coffee and fruit woman for breakfast. The eggs Max prepared with her fruit, besides the wonderful spice coffee he shared, became too much to resist. Max had, also, set out several iron supplement pills which by indication, he insisted she take.

They both departed for work. Max was realizing that Pam was going to be much more difficult than Tess to care for. If he was to feed upon her for any length of time, he would have to maintain her health. Pam on the other hand, departed to her office confused. She was doing too many things different from what would be normal in her life. Pam knew that many people considered her a bitch. She could be mean, for no other reason that others could see than that she was a bitch. She paid well and those who could stand her had learned to get along and avoid her when she was stressed. She had several long time employees, but most of her other employees had a great turn over. As she entered the office every morning, her assistants would be nearby to gauge her temperament. When they felt they had correctly assessed the direction of her psyche for the day, the word would quickly spread and the direction of accomplishment for the office would be set. Today, none of the assistants could tell what she was going to do. Pam had a smile. That in it’s self was enough to send the forecasters back to their desk with scowls. Gladys, the lady who had been with her the longest and was considered to be the leading expert on Pam, knocked on her door. She was totally unprepared for the musical tones of her boss. The word quickly went out this was the day to present new projects, to redirect projects that were off track and to make any requests that might be needed in the near future. The old Pam was still buried and was desperately trying to regain control. By the time she had arrived back at her apartment, she had decided that she wasn’t going to demand that Max leave, but she was going to reassert her self and get him back under her control. When she opened the door, she smelled a wonderful aroma. Her table had been set with candles and a meal had been set before her. As she entered the door, Max met her and wrapped his arms around her before she could make the demands, which were on the tip of her tongue. His wet kisses on her lips and neck were so soothing that by the time she had crossed the room, she had forgotten her original intentions. Pam quickly changed and returned to the table. She noticed that there was only one place set, but she seemed to forget to question him. She set down to the meal. Pam had been a declared vegetarian. She, also, was proud that she took no pills or supplements. Looking at the meal before her she saw that it was liver and other red meats. It looked so delicious that it made her mouth water. The vegetables had been fixed so that they didn’t lose any of their vitamins. As she was eating, Pam never thought to question taking the supplements and pills.

After supper, Max led her to the bedroom. Instead of jumping right into sex, Max teased her body building it to a pitch until Pam just couldn’t stand it. Then and only then did Max tske off his clothes and make love to her. His kisses did not stray down her neck as before, but were located only about her lips. As soon as he was assured that she would remain asleep until morning, Max left for the blood bank. His fast food feast, as usual, did not compare to the lovely neck preserved back at Pam’s apartment. Max was back at her apartment, naked and cradleing her head in his naked lap. As Pam woke up, she felt his manhood pressing against her neck. She found this unnerving, but as Max lifted her head, she felt that the hardness she had felt was a tribute to his desire for her. She showered and was, again, rewarded with a real breakfast; this time complete with a glass of milk.

At work that day, there was a second of calm as Pam was assessed to be calm and sweet. The sweet worried everyone. Did that mean that Pam no longer had the drive to keep the business on track? It was up to Gladys to determine that working with Pam would be different for a while. New designs came forth. Pam assessed, critiqued, redirected and evaluated, but she did not condemn any just out of hand as was her normal procedure. By the afternoon half a dozen designs had been sent to buyers and by midnight orders had been received. Pam had always has a good business, but it began to look as if it was going to be even better. By the time Pam returned to her home, the secretions of Max had built up enough in her body that she didn’t think of arguing with him. The meals that he served had begun to be looked forward to and even craved, somewhat. She had been imagining his touches all day and when she was back with him, that is all she could think about. Pam had entered a new era of her life and the term bitch was soon going to be forgotten, at least for a while.

Max let her heal for almost a month. With his care and preparations, he felt that she would be ready for another feeding. Max had learned a lot when caring for Tess. He had weakened her several times and, without his tender care she might have died. With Pam, Max was much more careful. Pam was a physically bigger woman than was Tess, but none the less, Max wanted her to last in good health for a long time. As soon as she was home, Pam ran into the shower and changed into a single loose fitting robe. Max had the repast prepared and the supplements laid out. After their dinner, or rather her dinner and his coffee, Max led her into the bedroom and with a single pull at her robe, it just fell to the ground. Max could barely stand it, gazing on those shoulders, which ended in that delectable neck. Max had to force himself to apply the tender kisses and secretions upon her skin until he felt she was ready. When he did bite down, he had take the greatest of care lest he take more than he should. Just like holding a woman, each one was different. They were all of unique character, some slightly better or slightly worse, but ultimately the best one was the one you were feasting on at the moment. The A-positive blood of Pam filled Max both in body and spirit. He continued to make love to her body long after he had fed. For Pam, she was adored and worshiped in every way imaginable. When she awakened the next morning, again with her head cradled in Max’s naked lap, she felt she had gone to heaven.

Pam had been missed at the dance clubs and other places singles hung out. It was questioned as to where she was, but none of her friends seemed to know. There were those who, to earn her charms for however brief a period, would grovel and prostrate themselves. They were disturbed that she no longer was available. They began to question.

Liz and Maria, her best friend, had been attending the clubs because Liz thought that there might be rumors of strange happenings that she could pick up on. She wanted Maria with her both for safety and for company. Both Maria and Liz had known Pam for years. They both agreed with the assessment that she truly was a bonified bitch. The tales they were hearing were that Pam had dropped completely off the map. Again this was not evidence of anything truly strange, but it was something for Liz to keep her eye on. Liz kept listening and watching.

Max had now been with Pam for several months. He husbanded his feeding to the point that she kept her health up. Her health, by the way, was better than it had ever been before. It was being daily monitored now. Pam was to attend an affair of designers. She would, of course, be escorted by Max. They made a striking couple. Max was wearing his Tux again, fitted out by Sol, his boss. Pam was in her gown so beautiful that men, as she entered, could not take their eyes off of her. The gown was strapless and her shoulders and neck, now wearing her ever-present scarf, were beautiful. Max would have used the word delicious.

As they passed down the receiving line, they came to the social icon, Isabel Whitman, and her husband Alex. Isabel leaned close to Max and whispered, “If you killed the other one, I will personally run the stake through your heart.”

Max frowned, but he held her hand and pressed his cheek to hers and tried to keep his composure. Pam did not see any of this. She, fortunately, had eyes only for herself. As they progressed down the line, Max came to a woman who seemed familiar. As he took her hand, he could feel her tremble. It was Maria. She had been, again, Shanghaied by Liz to accompany her to a possible story at the designers event. Max recognized her at the touch. “Maria, it is so nice to see you again,” he intoned as he leaned forward not to press her cheek, but to kiss it. The secretions of Max quickly brought forth memories in Maria and she was almost in shock. When Max got to the next person, he raised her hand to his lips. He had to do all he could to keep from smacking them. AB-Negative! The most delicious blood there was. Max gazed into the soft brown eyes of Elizabeth Parker. She was trying to take in Maria’s reaction and then judge her own as the saliva slowly seeped into her blood stream from her fingers. Max wondered why he hadn’t noticed her blood type before.

Max dutifully stood beside Pam as so many lined up by her asking where she had been? They hadn’t seen her at any of the usual spots. What had she been up to? She was bombarded with questions. So many former suitors were demanding her hand in a dance that Pam was swept off her feet. She looked at Max, but he gave a smile of consent. So, off she went dancing most of the evening away. Max felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the beautiful Isabel squired by her husband. Could she have this dance?

Max and Isabel went waltzing across the floor. Isabel was studying his face. Max smiled at her with his usually winning smile. Isabel was having none of it. “Did you kill the other one? The little blonde you were with last time, what did you do with her?”

Max looked chagrinned, “Isabel, I don’t kill. Tess, as far as I know, is back with her boyfriend. She wanted to get married. She knew that I wasn’t the one for her.”

“You have never killed anyone?” Isabel pushed.

“No, Isabel not even the child queen, Marie Antoinette. I should have though. I should have drained that blue blood until she was dry. Those savages! Cutting off her head and letting that delicious blood just run in the dirt. They had no culture at all. But I have killed no one in my whole life,” Max sadly replied. He felt badly that anyone would accuse him of killing just to get blood. Then, he had questions of his own. “Are there more of our kind? I have been totally alone since before the revolutions which forced me to flee the mother land.”

Isabel studied him for several seconds. She was thinking about his comment about the queen. “Yes, there are others and they might want to talk to you. I will find you if they do,” she concluded.

Max indicated Alex on the sidelines. “Your consort, is he of our race?”

“No,” Isabel spoke sharper than she intended. “We are eternal lovers. Our love is so strong that he fathered a child within me. We will be together for most of time.”

Once again on the sidelines, Max thanked Isabel for the dance and along with the implication he thanked her for the information. He soon felt another tap on his shoulder. He turned. It was Maria. “I kept hoping to see you again but you never returned to the dance club,” she said.

Max looked a bit embarrassed, He could not tell her that he really liked her and he didn’t want to take advantage of her at that time. “I know. I just never got back there.” Without asking, Max took her in his arms and waltzed her onto the dance floor. It was so different from the club, which after all, was almost a whorehouse in the way it worked.

Maria lay her head on his chest, “I so much wanted you again. I looked for you for so long.” Then, she looked at Max, “How did you get tangled up with Pam Troy?”

Max chuckled, “I have been living with Pam for several weeks now. We met one night when I was between meals.”

They danced for several sets. Maria seemed reluctant to give him up. It wasn’t until her friend, Elizabeth Parker, cut in that she returned to the sidelines. “I assume that since your date is off dancing with others, it is all right to ask for a dance from you?” she queried.

“Your friend, Maria, didn’t have any trouble asking,” Max stated.

Maria is impetuous many times,” Liz answered.

“Yes, she is indeed. She is a wonderful woman, though. I only know her slightly, but I do like her.” Max mused.

“What is it about the man, who would rebuff the great Isabel Whitman and do it in the ladies room? Yet, he is the heart throb of every woman, so much so, that they do not cease talking about him.” Liz said looking into his eyes.

Max thought, “Oh, careful little one. The morsel that Max was holding in his arms, the little AB-Negative, was so delectable that males would have killed to sup upon so wonderful a meal. One that once dined upon it would take a strong will indeed to stop at the limit and a strong will, indeed, to husband such to preserve her health for however so long as they could.”

Liz was continuing, “Now, you and the same Isabel dance and talk almost like civilized people.”

Max smiled, “We just had a misunderstanding. Isabel didn’t know me very well and now that she does, we can be friends, at least friends enough to complete a dance.”

Max was having so difficult a time holding the little woman. He imagined that by human standards, she was attractive, but by his standards, she was at the top of any list. Max certainly hoped that if Isabel was right and there were others of his kind, they would not ever get to Miss Parker. He just couldn’t imagine her drained in one massive feast for a number of male vampires.

if you are interested in my stories look here Stories by ken_r

i am currently posting You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday is a conventional fic which rewrites some of the first season and the rest of the story. and also Acommidation This is a sad story how two people overcome adversity. It is a Max and Maria story that could be possible
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

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chapter 7 june 18

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L-J-L-76 I am always so glad when you enjoy my stories. So many questions. Yes things will happen and there is still some excitement and some suspense. Max has to prove he is strong.

Roslover39 you give Max so much credit. There are still many things he must do. Maria must find her path also. Thanks for the complement I am glad a vampire enthusiast likes my story.

Roswell3035 yes Max must get rid of Pam but he must do it in a nice way. that is the kind of vampire he is.

Michelle in Yonkers I like this Liz I think she is a neat person and I hope I develop her to everyone’s liking. Remember Max keeps saying he likes Maria as a friend.

Stories by ken_r

Chapter 7

After Miss Parker, Max danced with several other women that night. If he remembered, there were five A Positives, three O Positives and two O-Negatives. Max was standing on the sidelines when he felt arms around him. He looked and it was Pam. Pam returned from the many men who would court her, but also, couldn’t touch the tenderness and something else that she felt in Max. They went home.

Liz, again, was seeking something, but what she didn’t know. She was considering trying to interview Tess Harding. She knew that Tess was an up-and-coming female CEO. Liz approached her boss about doing a story of young women on the move. She wanted pictures and dialog to really tell about the young women. Liz’s boss knew that something was up. He had hired the young woman because of her college reputation. It had been Liz’s idea to take on that ridiculous title. He was an old timer. He just didn’t believe in strange things. He kept Liz because she was a good reporter. She was personable and did her research. He had seen that every spare moment she had, she was on the computer going into libraries and archives. He knew that there was something up, but this idea was actually very good. Liz arranged an interview with Tess.

Liz: Ms. Harding you are a beautiful young woman. Tell us what it has been like trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Tess: Well, Miss Parker, I am not taken seriously many times. I have to have twice the evidence for my decisions to be considered. I have to work long and hard to make sure that my decisions are always on track and that no one can accuse me of using someone else’s research.

Liz: Ms. Harding what about your social life? How do you manage it along with your duties at the firm?

Tess: I try to keep them separate. I don’t date anyone from my office. I steer clear of office affairs. Whatever man I choose for an escort to social or corporate events, I try to always pick someone who has nothing to do with the business I am in.

Liz: I believe when I first met you, you were escorted by a Maximilian last name unknown, were you not?

Liz was surprised at the reaction this last question got. Tess lowered her eyes and Liz couldn’t be sure, but she thought she saw a tear.

Tess: Yes, at that time Max and I were living together. Since then, we have gone our separate ways. I do not know where he is now.

Liz: What about marriage and family? Do these things have any place in your plans?

Again, Liz saw a hesitancy.

Tess: Yes, I would someday like to be married and I would like children.

The interview went on. Liz was careful not to ask intrusive questions, but she did want insight into the life of a female CEO and what were her dreams for herself. After the interview was over, Liz sat and just talked with Tess. “What was Max like? He seems so mysterious,” Liz inquired.

“Max was a very kind and generous man. I met him when he didn’t have anything. He worked two jobs and built himself up until he first respected himself, and then, he was earning the respect of others.” Tess went on. She certainly did not sound like she and Max had quit on bitter terms.

“Two jobs, That must have been difficult for him?” Liz mused.

“Yes, it was. He would leave at midnight to work at the blood bank and return about 7:00 in the morning. Then, he would work at the clothing store as a salesman until mid afternoon.” Tess said as she remembered the time when Max was always in her life.

“That didn’t leave you much time together did it?” Liz stated the question as a fact.

“Tess looked up. Oh yes, Max always had dinner fixed for me and we had until I went to bed. He always fixed my breakfast. It was he who would wake me up in the morning.” Tess was almost jubilant as she remembered the time when Max was in her life. The feeling of waking up in his naked lap still was with her.

“What happened? How did you guys break up? He seems like a perfect boyfriend?” Liz inquired.

Tess sat for several minutes. “I wanted to get married. Max told me that he wasn’t in a place where he could afford to be married right now. I had an old boy friend who I had broken up with before I met Max. He wrote me that he wanted to return and talk to me about marriage. I told Max and he was so wonderful. He didn’t have any hard feelings and he wished me the best of luck. Wouldn’t you know it the old boyfriend just wanted a place to stay while he paid off his debts! He had no intention of marriage or anything else.”

Liz thought long and hard about this interview. She wouldn’t use the girl talk part because she was just trying to get a feeling about Tess as a person and it was kind of personal. The rest Liz wrote into an interesting column and her boss complemented her on her research. Liz was, now, sure that Max was the center of whatever her unknown story was about.

She was sitting with Maria one night and she was talking about how hard a professional woman had trying to have a family and all. “Tess was telling me about the time she was living with Max. He must have been a wonderful guy. They broke up because she wanted to get married and he told her he couldn’t. Tess still thinks he is a wonderful person.” Liz related to Maria.

“He is,” Maria stated. “He is one of the most wonderful lovers I have ever known.”

Liz looked at Maria, “You never told me you knew Max. Where did you meet him?”

Maria looked at her hands. She was not even sure she wanted to tell the story to anyone because it was so personal. Maria and Liz had shared secrets ever since they were in school. “I never told anyone except for the girls I was with that night. Some time ago, I was with several girl friends at a little dance club. A strange man with an even stranger accent came over to our table and addressed all of us, asking if any of us wanted to dance. Almost as an act of bravado, I stood up and accepted. We talked about his accent and where he was from. He said he was trying to improve his English. We danced most of the evening. This club was a little more than a dance club. They had rooms in back where you could go to make out and other things. You had to pay for a key, but once you had the key you could take your guy or gal and there was a cot in the room. Well, I had gone there with a few really hot dates, One thing led to another and Max and I went to one of the rooms. I guess that is what he was planning all along. Since he was able to open the door, he must have bought a key. Once inside we started making out. The passion was so strong that I really can’t remember much of what happened. When we came out, I felt more alive and more loved than I had ever felt before. I went back there many times, but he was never there again. I saw him at the reception the other night with you. He said he just never got back to the club. He must have hooked up with Ms. Harding about that time and had other things to do.”

Liz was flabbergasted. Maria was known to be impetuous, but she had never done something like this with a perfect stranger.

Max went back with Pam. He cared for her. He made love to her and he feasted off of her at regular intervals. Max, again, understood that this relationship had nowhere to go. Pam was a meal ticket and Max, as a gentleman, didn’t want to hurt her. But, even with the influences of Max she was principally selfish. Always just below the surface, there lived the tyrant who was trying to break through. Max knew that when that tyrant finally did break through, she wouldn’t ever be able to go back to what Pam had been before. but Pam was going to, eventually, change from the Pam he could live with.

Isabel had talked to one of the elders she knew. She had told him about Max. The elder was very interested because Max was an unknown. They didn’t know his linage or his education. These were important because the whole vampire community depended on people not believing in them and there being no crimes which would direct investigation toward them.

Isabel arranged for Max to meet her near the blood bank at midnight and she would lead him to the elder. She was waiting and no where did she see Max. Isabel was about to get mad when Max was standing right beside her. “Where did you come from,” she angrily ask him.

Max shrugged, “You said to meet you here and here I am. I seldom go anywhere until I check out the area first.”

Isabel frowned. She had so seldom used the stealth skills that she was born with that it annoyed her that Max had done exactly right. Never walk into a situation until you first know completely what might happen. “Well, now that you are here, come on.” And she led him to an old warehouse. There was an old man sitting at a desk. Max approached him. The first thing the elder wanted was for Max to tell his story. Max did, or at least as much as he could remember. That 200 years in the trunk had made a lot of things difficult to recollect. The more Max thought about it, the more he realized that there were things he couldn’t remember. He noticed that Isabel was listening very carefully. When he got to the part about Marie, the child queen of Louis the XVI, Isabel appeared very agitated.

“Maximilian, that was a common name of our race. But the adventure of the child queen and the regret that the savages ravaged her and spilling her precious blood into the dirt was a story told by my little brother. We thought he had been killed because he kept going back to taste the blue blood of their royalty. The people were incensed that the royalty even existed. Everyone thought that when you disappeared, that you had been killed by the revolutionaries.” She was repeating her self. Isabel threw her arms around Max. He still couldn’t remember her. That trunk had selectively destroyed much of his memory. Max could remember telling his story to his family, but try as he might except for his mentor, his father and mother, he couldn’t remember any one else exactly.

The elder grunted. “Well we know who you are now we need to know what you have been doing. How many humans have you killed growing up?”

Max looked at him disgustedly. I haven’t killed anyone. Even with the child queen years ago, I only took the prescribed amount. Since I have awakened I have fed on a few randomly, but any one that I fed on regularly, I husbanded and cared for as I was taught. I never took from anyone that I did not give back in dreams and loves. She whom I now live with is carefully guarded, fed and groomed. I would never feast on her more that the prescribed number of times. Her health is always my chief concern.”

The elder listened carefully. He could detect no falsehood. This young vampire was only 300 years old and 200 of them he had been suspended in stasis. He had the ethics of a much older vampire. Usually vampire youth were rash, greedy and selfish. It took wisdom to develop what Max was saying he had been taught and that he had obeyed. Females of their species were usually looking for a mate, preferably a human, who they could with live with and feed upon. If they had true love, both for each other, he would be able to make a child with in her. The males were much more aggressive. They were given to excess and that was why when Isabel identified Max and when she approached the elder, the whole vampire community became worried. One male instigating a string of murders would bring investigation upon them. There would be witch hunts like the olden days. It was best if they were thought to be myths.

When Max walked out of the building, Isabel was on his arm. They would have to talk sometime and she did want Alex to meet him. Isabel knew that Max was not satisfied with the one on which he was presently feeding, so she made no suggestion that he include her in any of their family celebrations.

if you like any of my stories you might look at my author's page Stories by ken_r

the only other story i am currently posting is You Can’t Go Back to Yesterday is a conventional fic which rewrites some of the first season and the rest of the story.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
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History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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chapter 8 june 26

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Roswell3053 Yes Isabel is finding her family. Max is still cautious about hooking up with Liz. I think he might be uncertain.

Roslover39 praise from one of the vampire experts

L-j-l-76 it always my pleasure to please you.

Michelle in Yonkers I do not like monsters so I took the chance to show vampires as semi symbiotic. If they fall in love they become true symbiotes. A true hunter is always a dedicated conservationist and has a strange love relationship with their prey. Isabel is delight to find that her brother is a member of the family in whom she can have pride. Pam Troy is just a diversion. She is too bossy for Max to ever be contented with.

Chapter 8

“Max have you found any one yet who might be the one you seek?” Isabel asked.

Max shook his head, “No, I found a woman who could be a friend, but she would not be the one who I would choose to lead into immortality. I did find a woman who I might take under my protection if I sense any danger to her. She is AB-Negative, very smart, beautiful and I am sure tasty.”

Isabel shook her head, “You would have to be strong to support her and not over indulge. You would have to really love her to restrict your self from such a delight.”

Max nodded, “Unless I sense another unattached male in the area I intend to leave her alone. I will not allow her to be ravished by the greed of some of our kind.

Max hurried home in time for Pam to awaken in his lap as usual. Max sensed that something was wrong. Pam was cross when she got up. Max fixed her breakfast, but she refused it. She hurried out after drinking only her coffee. Max had been afraid of this. Pam could only be subjugated for so long. That night when she returned, Pam was prepared to have a show down with Max. She found him sitting on the couch waiting for her. They said almost simultaneously. “We need to talk.”

Max smiled his so quaint smile and went first, “I think we are tiring of each other.”

Pam was surprised because that was to be her line. “She sighed. Yes Max, it has been a real trip, but I think I want to be back in control of my life. If you can fit this in your style, we can still have a relationship. Look, you have cared for me and loved me, but I think I want to care for myself. I want to accept love on my terms. Can you accept this?”

Max extended his arms toward her. He kissed her, being very careful to get none of his saliva on her skin. “Pam, as you said, it had been a real trip. Nothing is forever, so I think it is best that I leave.”

Pam was a little shocked. She didn’t expect getting rid of Max to be so easy. She was even more shocked when he quickly reappeared with his packed suitcase. They smiled at each other and Max left. It wasn’t for some time that Pam took stock of what she had lost. Her health was better than it had ever been, but Max wouldn’t be taking care of her anymore It would be up to her what she did with her life. When she went to bed that night, she remembered that even though she enjoyed the new bed partners every so often, that the last few months it had been nice to snuggle up close to Max. She looked down the hall to see if perhaps he was waiting just outside the door to see if she had changed her mind, but the hall was empty. Oh well, now, she would again take charge of her life and run it like she used to.

Max got his own apartment. He was making enough working at the clothing sales to afford it. He had been in two serious affairs. He had returned as much as he had taken, or so he hoped. Leaving Tess had been bitter sweet. She still had a special place in his heart if he really had a heart. Max wasn’t sure. How do you find out things about yourself if most of the knowledge of your species is marred by myth? Max dearly hoped that Tess had found the marriage she sought. Leaving Pam had been much easier. Max had felt the struggle within her for weeks. When it finally came forth, Max felt that he should leave before she figured out more than he felt she had a right to know. Max had thought about going to Maria. Maria though, he felt should be only a friend. You do not feed off a friend unless you intend to be true in romancing her. Maria tasted good and she was nice to be around but she would not be the one for Max. Max hoped she found what she was seeking, although he had no idea what that would be.

As a single, Max was presented with opportunities and responsibilities. The opportunities were that Max could openly meet many women. He could feast different flavors and he could feast more often. The responsibility was that since he wouldn’t be living with his prey he couldn’t take responsibility for their health. He had to take only healthy prey and he must be careful not to over feed. He must leave no evidence of anemia that would spark an investigation. Max was determined to sample many, but he was dedicated to only sample and not to ever satisfy his hunger on any one person. Max had been hitting the dance clubs. His principal feeding was at the blood bank, but a gentleman just can’t live on hamburgers and fries alone.

The first night Max danced and romanced a leggy blonde. She was beautiful by human standards. She was O Positive by Max’s standard. There was nothing wrong with O-Positive. It was the most common blood in this culture. It wasn’t exotic by any standards. As they walked into her apartment, Max was removing her jacket. He couldn’t understand why women would cover the most delectable parts of their bodies. The neck and the throat represented the pulsing of life. That was where life was closest to the surface. They wrestled across her living room each trying to help the other take off their clothes and getting in each other’s way. Finally, they collapsed on her bed. She found that Max had become an aggressive lover. Max removed the rest of her clothes and surveyed her body. He couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful soft, smooth throat. Max removed the rest of his clothes. He had learned to do this in a slow, almost theatrical, manner. She was teased to the point where she wanted to be filled immediately. This she would be denied. Max would set the pace and Max would set the action. He began to smother her with his wet kisses. He lavered her shoulder and throat with kisses, leaving his spittle stinging as it was absorbed into her skin. Max found that most women did not like this, but it was necessary to obtain the euphoria and anesthetic that would allow Max to feed when the time came. After the experience, they would look forward to this ministration, but that was for repeat romancing. That was not a course Max could take since he wouldn’t be there to care for and heal his victims. When she was in a state of ecstasy, throbbing in anticipation, then, Max would enter her making love in a soft and caring manner his aggression now satiated. Only then, was he free to feed. He took only a little each time. He spent the rest of the night healing the intrusion and filling her mind wiyh promises of things done and things to yet come. When Max left, his lovers were always sorry, but they felt that they had experienced something wonderful. The frightening thing was that Max was beginning to get a reputation as a great lover. He was being sought after, but he avoided any who he thought were seeking him as possible dangers.

One night, Max, on entering the club, had a feeling. It was not one which he recognized. Looking around in the half-light was not hard for Max because he just enlarged the orifice of his sight and it was as day. Max saw a table where two women were seated. One of them was Maria. The other was that delectable AB-Negative, Miss Parker. Max would have avoided them because he didn’t want to become too attached to Miss Parker at this time, but Maria saw him in the dim light and waved. Max approached their table. He took Maria by the hand and brushed his lips across it. She really was a delightful girl. He tasted something else that he didn’t recognize. This was a mystery and to Max mysteries must be solved or from their presence quickly flee, as they might be a danger. When Miss parker extended her hand, Max simply took it and held it for a minute. He couldn’t trust himself to place it that close to his lips.

Maria turned to Max. “I met the most wonderful man. I would like you to meet him, but you won’t say anything will you? You know, about us or anything.”

Max gave Maria his famous smile. He was truly happy for Maria. She was a person, who if there were no other, he would be happy to be with, but he knew that nothing would ever come of their liaison. “Maria, you are a dear friend. I would never do anything to hurt you.” Max noticed that Liz was just looking on with an amused expression.

About that time, a husky man approached the table. He was not refined like Max, but he exuded power. Max did a double take as did the man. Max was the first to recover. He extended his hand, “Maria was just telling me she had met a young man and I can see how happy you make her.”

That defused the situation somewhat, but the man was still guarded. Isabel had said that there were more vampires nearby, but she hadn’t been any more clear where they were. Max noticed that Maria was wearing a scarf around her neck evidence that this man was feeding on her. Max looked at her overall body. She seemed healthy, so he must be taking care of her, also. That was good as he was husbanding her as a resource and not just as a single feed.

They sat and talked. Maria clearly wanted Max’s approval. The man, named Michael, was working for a contractor. He had met Maria sometime ago and, at this time, he was living with her. Max thought that was good also. He was close to her to watch over her health. Michael was still glaring at Max. When the two women excused themselves to visit the ladies room, Max and Michael were left at the table alone.

“She is mine! I won’t allow her to be used by any other,” Michael growled.

“That is good, Michael. Maria is a dear friend. That is all. I wouldn’t want her to be hurt and it is obvious that you are caring for her. I am just surprised to see another of our race. So far, I have met only one other.”

Michael appeared to calm down at this statement. He was older than this man before him. Michael was 600 years old, if he was a year. He had searched the countries of Europe for several centuries for someone he could identify with. He had fed from many women, but he never stayed long. He had learned the art of caring for his prey early in life, but his other training had been cut short by the many purges of the time. Once in America, he had taken up a laborer’s job. By changing his identity many times, he had many years of experience and was now an apprentice to a contractor. He had met Maria through a human friend from his work. When he first fed on her, he had that feeling that she was so right. He had remained with her every since. He was now confronted by a younger and more elegant example of his species and he was afraid that his dream might be taken. It took Max many minutes to convince him that, yes, Max liked Maria but he would not interfere with her happiness and he was, genuinely happy, for her. After this, Michael relaxed.

When the women returned, it was only Liz who had seen the tension between the two men. She feared for Maria because they had been friends for many years. Liz had been shocked at Maria’s revelation about Max. Liz knew that Maria was frightened that Max would say something to scare Michael away. When they returned, Liz noticed that Michael was at ease in Max’s presence. They even seemed to have found a bond. Michael and Maria went out onto the dance floor. This left Liz alone with Max. This was all right with her because she wanted to talk to him, but she noticed that Max was very ill at ease.

“Maria told me about the one night stand you had with her. She doesn’t deserve to be hurt. I am glad you said nothing to Michael. He is the most serious person I have ever seen her to be interested in.” Liz stated this with an implied warning.

“I like Maria and I would never hurt her. That is why I never went back. If we were ever together, I would hurt her.” Max said.

“Is that what happened to Tess?” Liz inquired.

Max frowned. First, Liz had been researching him and second, he was sure that Tess must be married by now. “I left Tess because she wanted marriage and children. I could give neither of these to her. I was under the impression that she was going to marry her old boyfriend.” Max said with a scowl. He hoped that he had done nothing to hurt Tess. She had been a good companion and a good meal. It was only the fact that he couldn’t give her what she wanted that caused him to leave.

“No, Tess speaks well of you, but her ex-boyfriend stiffed her and left again. This time, without any promise of any marriage.” Liz was watching Max as she stated this revelation. He seem to have genuine concern.

“Of that, I am truly sorry. I liked Tess and I left to prevent any further hurt.” Max was thinking Tess must be very unhappy now. She was counting so much on the promise of marriage from her old boyfriend.

“What about Pam Troy? You left her recently. Was this also for her own good?” Liz asked.

“No, not entirely,” Max chuckled. “The only future with Pam would have been on her terms. She wouldn’t have been satisfied with that and I would have been blamed. This way, I know how things would have turned out and Pam can only conjecture how they would have played out.”

Liz was smiling, “Every woman on the singles circuit is talking about the great lover, Maximillian. The man of the one night stand. You know my best friend, yet you never have made a play for me. Why?”

Max looked Liz in the eye, “I wouldn’t want a one night stand with you. One night wouldn’t be enough.”

Liz gave a coquettish glance at Max, “What if that is all I would want?”

Max hung his head, “I wouldn’t be able to stop and neither would you. Maybe, someday, we would be ready, but I do not think now is that time.”

“You are a bit conceited, aren’t you, that I would not be able to stop? Are you really that good?” Liz was laughing at him.

No, it is just that you are better than good. You would be the feast of a life time and I would only partake if we could make it last a lifetime.” Max stated this without the hint of a smile as he delivered his somewhat cryptic statement.

Michael and Maria returned. Max excused himself and made the circuit. He met a redhead who was B Positive. After dancing several turns and kissing in the dark shadows, they went to her apartment. The evening progressed as was to be expected. First, Max undressed her then he showered kisses upon her upper body. She, soon, was completely under his spell. They made love and Max instilled so many dreams that the girl could not believe that it had happened in one night from one lover. When Max bit into her, he found the B-Positive to be tasty but all the time he was thinking about the wonderful AB-Negative that could be had from Miss Parker. Max left the little redhead happy and healthy because Max was only taking small helpings. Since he wasn’t there to husband and nurture the prey, Max didn’t want any of the women to fall ill. There had been one woman. She was an O-Negative and Max had been looking forward to the feast, but when Max got her home, he had found that her blood was thin. Max did not feed that night. He gave her all the good memories he could but he also gave her the urge to get a check up so a doctor could aid her in caring for her anemia. This would be safe since she showed no evidence of being fed upon.

Stories by ken_r

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it is a few chapters from being finished, but i am have another story called just, "Isabel" it will be canon and take place when Isabel turned Jesse down in marriage. It will probably be posted in a few weeks. it will be my first story dedicated to just Isabel.
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chapter 9 july 2

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Chapter 9

This went on for several months. Max would run into Maria, Michael and many times, Miss Parker, but he would only exchange pleasantries with them. Then, he would go on the prowl. It was getting tedious since Miss Parker had taken to teasing him about when would it be her turn. One night when he was getting ready to go out, Max received a call from Isabel. He was to meet her at the same place as before. She was excited and he got the idea that the call was urgent.

Isabel was waiting. Max went directly to her. She had seemed so agitated on the phone. “Max, there is a new Male in town.”

“Yes, I know I met Michael the other night.” Max replied.

“Michael is a nice man. He will be good to and for Maria. This is another male. His name is Sean. He is fresh from Europe. He is aggressive and he is greedy. He has killed several women just because he can’t quit once he starts to feed. I was worried about what you said about your AB-Negative. If Sean gets to her, he will drain her the first time. The elders are worried, but they do not know what to do.” Isabel wanted to give her newly discovered brother all the information she could. She knew that Sean was a much older and stronger vampire and that he would take what he wanted. The likes of her little brother would have no chance against Sean.

This really did worry Max. Maybe, he should just take Miss Parker. Even if she wasn’t the one, he could protect her. Isabel had just shaken her head when he said this. “Sean will take her out of your arms if he decides to. I am afraid that as soon as he scents Miss Parker, you will loose her.” Isabel sadly said.

Max hurried to the club where he was sure Maria and Michael would be. He only hoped that Miss Parker would be there, also. Max saw Maria and Michael sitting at a table, but there was no Miss Parker. Maria wanted to talk to Max. He could tell, but he saw that she also didn’t want to talk to him in front of Michael. Finally, Michael decided that he wanted a beer. Maria smiled and asked for a white wine. The minute Michael was out of hearing, Maria leaned forward. “I know what you are Max. I know what Michael is and he gives me almost the same feeling as you did that time. He also takes care of me and guides my diet. He says it is to protect my health if I am to be the feast of a vampire. Michael says we are made for each other and he hopes he can father a child within me. He says he can only do that if we are both completely in love.”

Max nodded. Really, what else was there to say. “I couldn’t give you that love and because I liked you, I left so you could find someone else who could. I am really pleased that you found Michael and that you are happy together.”

Maria was deadly serious, “What is it with Liz? Why didn’t you ever take her out? She is a bit hurt that you took me and never make a pass at her.”

Max frowned, “Liz is a very special blood type. If any creature except one who really loves her was to take her, he would not be able to stop feeding until she was dead. That is why I am looking for her tonight. There is a new male vampire in town. He is very cruel and very greedy. He has killed many women. Maria, I need to talk to both you and Michael. I am going to be gone for an hour. Tell Michael that I said Liz has AB-Negative blood and that I told you Sean is in town. That should get him to talk to me and you won’t have to say anything about how you knew me.

Max made the rounds. Why when you had a mission, did so many women have such soft bare shoulders and such provocative pulsing necks? Max would dance with first one then another. Any of them he could go home with and sup with delights. One a beautiful brunette reminded him a little of Tess, but it was probably just the scent of her A-Negative blood. She didn’t look at all like Tess, but that delicious blood was pulsing just below the surface. It took all the will power Max could muster to return her to her table and her women friends. Max bent and kissed her hand, “M’lady, maybe next time we meet.” And Max hurried away.

Max was worried though. There were two women with whom Max danced. They both had scarves around their necks. Both of them seemed tired and they complained of feeling a bit week. Max planted the suggestion that both women got checked for anemia. This was like raising a sign, “vampire on board.” It was dangerous, but maybe, it would make the elders get off their collective butts and take action against indiscriminate feeding. Both women had signs of being fed upon and it was evident that no one was caring for them afterward. That would mean that there was a vampire on the loose who was indifferent to his prey. Max knew the elders would be angry about this, but would they do anything unless he could shock them? Many of the elders now upheld rules of conservation, but the in their youth had been guilty of many crimes in the name of greed. Would they excuse the actions of one of their own in the name that it was only one male feeding this recklessly? If he did limit his harm, would they say nothing? Would they excuse the death of Miss Parker as just the excess of temptation and make no move to protect her because of their fear of dissension within their species.

Max was angry on two levels. First, the death of Miss Parker in one act of gluttony was a sin against the universe. It was even worse than the savages who had let the blood of the child queen of Louis XVI run free on the ground. The second was more perplexing to Max. He had first had the feeling of friendship to Maria which made him not want to feed upon her again if he couldn’t give her what she needed. This was even stronger. Max was feeling a strong attraction to Miss Parker. He had tried to claim within his mind that it was just the precious blood coursing through her veins. But, it was more. When he willed himself to not consider her genetic gift to vampires, he still had that feeling. He enjoyed himself in her company even as he was suppressing his natural instincts. No, Max was not going to allow her to be hurt, no matter what the cost to himself. He called Isabel. He asked for her to plead his case before the elders. Max wasn’t going to tolerate anyone hurting Miss Parker. He was not going to observe any vampire protocol in his protection of her.

Max returned to Michael and Maria’s table. Michael was sitting, looking glum. “I told her what you are if that is what you wanted me to do with that message?”

“Liz is AB-Negative. That is why I haven’t touched her. I would only take her if I was sure she would love me back. It would take a great will power and even greater care after the feeding to keep her strong. There is a male who is near who is known for his excess,” Max started.

Maria looked at Max and then at Michael. “What does this mean?”

Michael turned to her. “It means that to a normal male vampire once he started to feed on Liz, he wouldn’t stop until he killed her. A male will feed because that is his nature. A well-trained male will take care and show an amount of affection to his prey. He maintains her health for his own needs, but he, also, preserves her health for her happiness. If the male bonds to his prey as I have done with you, he will be able to father a child with her. He will make her health the first concern in everything they do together. It becomes a truly symbiotic relationship. They both will live many years together beyond natural life spans. If the male shows any degree to excess toward someone like Liz, he wouldn’t even try to care about her health. He would take all he could get and leave. Max is worried because he thinks there is a loose male who might make a play for Liz.”

Maria was having trouble understanding all of this. She had just recently learned that the best love she had had came from a vampire months ago and the love she was feeling now was from another vampire. The fact that she was returning that love was natural to Maria. She was a loving person. A thought crossed her mind, “You talk about males. What about females? They do have female vampires, don’t they?”

Max answered this one. “Yes, there are females. They do not require as much blood as the males They are more directed by their maternal instinct to find their soul mate than in feeding and gluttony. Of course, there are exceptions to any rules. This is the norm.”

Maria turned to Michael and made motions with her hands, “Vampires don’t mate with vampires.”

“Not usually, they need human genes to make birth possible. There was a time when vampires as a species were pure, but they were very savage at that time.” Michael explained.

“By the way, where is Liz tonight?” Max asked.

Maria responded, “She was going to cover a social affair for her paper. She said she would stop by later tonight if she could.”

Max grimaced, if that was the best he could do, he would wait for her. He had no idea of what he would do then. Was he ready to take on her care forever? The club closed at 4:00 AM. It was already 2:00AM and Michael and Maria were talking and dancing as the evening wore on. Just before 3:00, Liz appeared. She came up to the table where Max was sitting with Maria and Michael. Trouble was she wasn’t alone. An older man was with her. Max could see the glistening evidence of spittle on her neck and shoulders. He was surprised that her escort had allowed her the privilege of coming to the club. Then, Max got it. This was Sean. He knew of both Michael and of Max. He was gloating over the fact that he was going to have all the blood of Miss Parker and there was nothing they could do about it. Maria maneuvered things, “Liz, I have to go to the ladies room. Come with me.”

When Maria and Liz left, Max turned to Sean. “Don’t kill her, Sean. She is too precious for the world to loose.” Max pleaded.

This fell on deaf ears, “The world to loose or Maximillian, the newest vampire just awakened, to loose. What’s wrong, Max, you had her in your possession for months. You could have had all that blood all to your self. I am just correcting the situation. You procrastinated and I am not. Tonight, as you go home alone, think of me with all that delectable blood. All mine and there will be nothing left for any of you.”

“The elders will be angry at you for killing a woman. They do not want to draw attention to us.” Max informed.

“The elders,” Sean laughed. “In their youths they killed many a maiden for what she possessed in her veins. They may scold, but I will leave knowing I have feasted on the finest blood the humans have to offer. Face it children, I have her. I will feast upon her and I will kill her. There is nobody who can stop me.”

Maria was walking with Liz, “Liz, that man is dangerous. You can’t go out with him.”

“Maria, who are you to tell me what to do? You went with Max behind the curtain and you tell me I can’t take a man to my apartment.” Liz was angry.

“Liz, there were things I didn’t know about Max. I wouldn’t go behind the curtain with him with what I know now and Max is not dangerous. That man is.” Maria was adamant. How did she tell Liz of the danger of Sean?

“What things? How do you know that Sean is dangerous? We were kissing and it felt so good, I did not want to stop. It was his suggestion that we come by to see all of you.” Liz had that dreamy look in her eyes. Maria could tell that the spittle was doing its work.

“Okay, listen babe, Sean is a vampire. He is after your blood and he is a killer. He won’t just take a little, but he will drain you. If you go with him, there will not be anything anyone can do to stop him!” Maria was getting desperate.

“How do you know all these things? Since when did you know any thing about vampires? Who told you Sean was dangerous?” Liz was inquiring.

“I know about vampires because Michael is a vampire. He feeds on me but he also protects my health and if our love is strong we might be able to have a child together. I know about Sean because Max told me all about him.” Maria started when Liz interrupted her.

“Maria, Max is jealous. I gave him plenty of chances and he did not take me up on them. Now, I have a lover and he is jealous. He’s trying to hurt me for some reason. This vampire business is just in your mind. Michael is trying to pull something over on you. There is no such thing as a vampire!” Liz exclaimed.

Maria slowly took off her scarf. Liz saw the still red marks Michael had left from feeding just the other night. “Maria, don’t try to show me your hickeys and try to pass off that ridiculous story. Besides that, what does Max know about Sean or anything else, for that matter?”

Maria roughly grabbed Liz’s arm, “Max is a vampire too, when we went behind the curtain he was feeding on me. He also is a wonderful man. He really cares for the women in his life. Max said the reason he never took you was because you are something special. If anyone takes you, it has to be forever. Sean intends for it to be forever for you. He intends to kill you.”

Liz pulled away from her friend. “I know my mind and I don’t need your fanciful tales to deter me. I want Sean tonight and no one is going to stop me.” With that, Liz stamped out of the ladies room.

Max and Michael were still confronting Sean. Liz was clearly mad. She glared at Max. Taking Sean’s arm she said, “We are going to my place and none of these fairy tales you have fed Maria are going to change my mind.” Sean smirked at both of them as he and Liz left.
Good teachers are born that way, not made. No! Good human beings, are born that way. Some of them become teachers.

Of course, life is not fair. You shouldn't expect it to be fair, but you should expect it to be ironic.
JKR 1981-2001
History is made of wars, recovering from wars and preparing for the next war.
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