The Prophecy (AU,M/L,MATURE) Ch.4 3/23/12 [WIP]

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The Prophecy (AU,M/L,MATURE) Ch.4 3/23/12 [WIP]

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:13 am

The Prophecy: Our Destiny: part I

Author: LovelyPom83 AKA POM
Authors Note: This story has been posted before, but I am determined to finish it. I'm also POM <-- I cannot remember the password to that created another account, but i am the same person. Also, will be finishing this story without a beta...but if anyone is interested let me know. This story will be Part I of III . Thank you.

Disclaimer: I owe nothing to Roswell or its creators

Rating: Mature

Pairings: (CC)
*Max & Liz
*Michael & Maria
*Alex & Isabel

Liz Parkers POV post pilot episode

Liz POV:

My past is very confusing, because I don’t even remember it. I think I was in the 1947 crash. I came out of the pod chamber in 1989. I was only eight years old, and even though I was so young, I always felt different…but I wasn’t sure what really set me apart from everyone else. I always had to have my guard up around everyone…I didn’t trust anyone for the longest time. I was wondering the streets for about a week before someone raised concern and the Parkers took me in and raised me as their own child. To this very day, I am very grateful to them, because who knows where I would’ve ended up. They own the Crash down restaurant in Roswell, New Mexico and I’ve been working there since I was twelve years old. I have two amazing best friends, I tell them everything…well, just about. First off there is the complete sweetheart that I go to for everything, Alex Whitman. And secondly there is Maria Valenti, she is still getting used to the whole step brother thing. Her mom just recently married the local sheriff, who makes Kyle Valenti her step brother…the living situations are weird right now…but I’m sure they’ll get better…and least I hope so. I first found out about my powers when I was about nine years old—and all I wanted to be was normal, and it’s not common that a very young girl sets stuff on fire – every time I got mad…I set something on fire. Since then I learned to control my powers, but I haven’t used them in a very long time. Just trying to focus on being human that’s all. I don’t tell anyone, not my friends, parents, no one! On the plus side of being human, I can act like any other regular teenage girl. I excel in school, Science is my best subject. I rank at the top of my class, and on the side…I am the captain of the cheerleading squad, and I am in all the school productions. When I graduate I want to become an actress…but that would be impossible for me…but right now…it’s cool because it’s just high school. I’m 17 yrs. old now…by the way…I’m in love with the most popular guy in the school, we’ve going out since 8th grade. Every girl dreams about him…and I’m happy to say that he is all mines. We practically grew up together…I don’t know why, but It’s like we were just drawn together back in elementary school and every since then we’ve been inseparable. We have a connection that no one can understand, or even come close to—I feel torn every time we are together I feel guilty, because I want to tell him the truth…but I vowed never to tell anyone. and It’s been this long without me tell anyone...and I’m afraid he will get upset with me, that I didn’t tell him sooner…and that always holds me back from telling him. But it’s not only him I had a great relationship with…this also went along with his brother Michael and Sister Isabel. We’ve always been close, extremely close—we share a bond…that is unbreakable. Over the years, my friends have bonded extremely well with the Evans. We are all going to start our Senior Year at Roswell High…and to celebrate that we all attended a Gomez concert to ring in the new school year. But from that night on…something changes…something happens that will change everything.
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Re: The Prophecy [M/L Fic--With Aliens]

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:35 am

Chapter 1: Uncertain Questions and Answers

The Gomez concert was over and we all came out of the concert arena singing and laughing. Alex exclaimed with much excitement and thrusting his hands upwards as he shouted into the street…

”That was the best concert ever!” We all laughed at him.

“Yeah, Alex…doesn’t please that is so lame…” Isabel told him.

“Sorry…” he replied as Isabel motioned for him to put down his arms.

We all headed to the parking garage, I wrapped my arm, and hand around Max’s. “What did you think of the concert?” I asked him.

He replied just like Alex, “It was the best concert ever!!!” he shouted out to everyone.

Everyone laughed except Alex.

“Don’t mock okay…” he said sadly.

“C’mon Alex…cheer up will you? “ Max tried to tell him, but on the side note we all had a good laugh.

As we got closer to our cars, we noticed there where two people fighting, arguing…and wrestling each other.

I turned my attention back to Max, “Hey what do say, that before you take me home…we stop by the desert and have a small party of our own?” I whispered in his ear.

He gave me a look that was sure to please. I leaned over and kissed him, and as he returned it…everyone seemed to get grossed out.

Almost at once they all replied, “Eww…get a room you two!! No one needs to see that…” Michael shouts over everyone.

But we continue kissing, “I love you…” I told him under my breath. He replied, “I love you too.”

“Oh…Brother” they said at once.

While Max replies…” Now that sounds like a plan Miss Parker…I would be happy to attend.” he smiled at me.

“Hey, Maria…can I catch a ride home with you guys, I have a feeling that I’m not wanted over there?” Maria nodded.

“Sure thing… Alex, get in the car…in the backseat…” she told him firmly.

She knew that he wanted to sit next to Isabel, but she wasn’t sure if she felt the same way. Michael was heading toward his motor bike.

“I guess I’ll just see all of you at school tomorrow…” He told all of us.

Just then the argument that we were all trying to ignore got louder and louder… suddenly, shots were fired.

Maria and Isabel screamed out and ducked for cover.

“Chill out you guys…this happens at every concert—I don’t know why you guys are so surprised.” He told them all blandly.

Everything was moving in slow motion now, I could feel myself falling…I grabbed onto Max’s shirt as I fell to the ground—gasping for air.

“Liz, what is it? What’s wrong?” Max held her head as she tried to tell him…but the words were not coming out of her mouth.

I then lifted up my hand and exposed the massive amount of blood rushing out of my body.

“Max?” was all I would say…

I could hear Maria screaming in the distance…but my mind was focused on Max, and nothing else. Suddenly green serge of powerful electrify, was running all throughout my body.

“Max…what is that?” Isabel asked as she got closer to the incident.

“I don’t know…but she’s not human…that’s for sure…” Max raised in concern for Liz, but also for Isabel and Michael now.

Max started to raise his hand over Liz, but Michael stopped him…

“Max don’t…your going to expose us…do you really think that is wise?” Michael asked.

“Michael shut up…” Max shouted at him… “I have to try…I can’t just let her die.” Max continued to lift his hands over Liz.

“I still think this is a bad idea…” Michael told them as he lifted his hand and blew out the entire security cameras that were around them.

A bright light filled the garage. He transferred all his strength all him energy into saving Liz.

He wouldn’t let her die…he couldn’t she was the love of his life…no one would come close to her. All theses thoughts kept running in and out his mind.

“Please, Liz …don’t die, I need you…” He pleaded with her.

Maria cried out…”Oh my god, what the hell is Max doing to Liz? And why is Liz green, what the hell is going on?” she asked a loud for anyone to answer her, but no one did.

Liz was levied by all the energy that Max was giving her. With a sudden burst of light…everything was over and Liz started to open her eyes again…as Max tried to catch his breath.

“Liz?” he exclaimed. He was panting, sweating, and could barely sit up—

“I’m sorry Max…I’m so sorry…” I told him as I rushed to his side.

“Max, no…stay awake…stay with me… open your eyes…” I told him as I grabbed his face and controlled my powers enough to transfer some of my energy to him.

“We have to go…we have to leave…someone is coming…” I told everyone frantically.

“What are you talking about Liz?” Alex asked.

“Look, just trust me…I know what I’m talking about…” I tried to tell them without giving away too much information.

Alex, help me get him into the jeep.” He nodded and did just that…

"Look meet us at the crash down and I’ll give you all the information you need or want to know okay…we just have to leave…” I climbed into the drivers’ seat of the jeep.

“Max, the keys…” I reached into his pants pocket…and made sure the safety belt was secure, and we were off.

While driving on the road...Max asks her... "Who are you? What are you?" he kept asking me... I wouldn've answered but I didn't know how to just yet.

"Wait till we are in a safe location, and I'll tell you everything...I promise Max... I promise.." I told him as I continued to drive.

Once we were all at the crashdown, Alex was the first to confront me...

"Liz, what the hell happened over there?" He demanded as everyone did. I could tell by there looks. I looked over at Max...he didn't When I tried to speak...nothing came out but just air.

"We're waiting..." Maria told her impaiently. With her arms folded in front of her.

I looked at everyone..." don't know really how to say this...but umm.. I'm not exactly human--but um...a hybrid." I looked at everyone...Maria and Alex looked confused, while Max , Isabel and Michael stood up in concern.

"I wanted to tell you...for the longest time...but I couldn't, I didn't want to be turned into a government facility or anything, I was just protecting myself thats all." I tried to keep my head up, and keep my sobs hidden from the group.

"What the hell is a hybrid?" Alex shouted out.

Right before I was going to answer Max says,
"It's a Alien mixed with Human bloods cells."

I looked at him questionable, "How did you know that?" I asked him. He just continued to stare at me.

We heard the back door open and there was my parents, my dad walked towards us... "He knows, because he is the same as you--Liz you are all the same, it's just that they came out too early--and when came out six months had already passed."

"Dad how do you know this?" I asked worridly.

But my thoughts wondered to what he said... 'they are one of you...' I went to stand in front of Max...

"You're the same? You had me standing here...explaining my story when you are the same. The guilt was killing me inside and you didn't tell me anything about you being an alien--yeah..some form of trust!" I shouted at him.

"Wh--What did you just say Aliens?" Alex asked with scared written all over his face. But no one paid attention to him.

Mrs. Parker went to stand next to Mr. Parker and told them all, " We know all this because we are your protectors."

"What?" Everyone shouted at once to the two grown ups.

"All this time that has gone by and you didn't even tell me...How could you?" I shouted at them.

"I had all this emotion of guilt and pain, because I had to keep this secret to myself---What the hell is wrong with you? And what do you need to protect us from?" I demanded there answer.

"Look, we didn't tell you or anyone because you weren't ready to understand the truth or full fill your destiny--but under these new circumstances, you guys already know more than you should. We are protecting all of you from the enemy. Whether they'd be human or Alien--it is our job." Mr. Parker told everyone.

"yeah..but why now..." Shouted Max.

"Were were you when we needed you? When we needed a home? When We needed guideness?" He shouted at them.

"I know...but we are here now..." Mrs. Parker calmy told him.

Mr. Parker started to say... "You guys are the royal" I stopped him.

"What do you mean Royal?" I questionably looked at him.

"On Antar...your past were the king...Looking at Max. Liz you were the Queen of our world--" He tried to explain.

"'m no Queen! I'm just a 17 yr. old girl trying to get past school---No...I won't except!" I shouted at them.

"Liz, this is your have to accept it..." I looked at Max, Michael, and Isabel. All there glances focused on me.

"you already knew this...didn't you?" I asked them.

They didn't answer... "Max?" he nodded silently.


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Re: The Prophecy [M/L Fic--With Aliens] Ch.1 3/13/12

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:20 pm

Chapter 2: What a shocker!

I started to feel dizzy—I took a few steps back and stumbled and fell down.

“LIZ!” Max ran over to me--almost on instinct to help me, but I stopped him.

“No…you stay away from me….you knew this entire time…that I was—an Ali—that I was different.” I couldn’t make the ‘A’ word come out of my mouth.

“No, Liz we didn’t know, we knew that there was a fourth alien out there, but we didn’t know that it was in fact you. Please Liz you have to believe me—I love you, why would I try and hurt you or run you away on purpose.” Max whispered me.

“No…this can’t be happening—it just can’t be. I’m suppose to be this normal teenage girl, well at least pretend to be.” I muttered to myself.

“Liz, how come you never told us about your powers, you abilities? You talk about us not telling you the truth—but what about you? We’ve been going out for 5 years and you never even thought about telling me. Why?” He asked me.

I replied, “I did think about it, But I didn't--and now I know it's for the exact same reasons that you didn’t! I didn’t want you guys to turn me in or to think I was crazy or something—I did what was best for me.” He smiled at me when I told him this.

“See Liz, we are the same in so many ways, that’s the exact reason why we didn’t tell you—so on some level we know how you feel. Liz, you don’t have to be alone in this anymore…. we can help each other through this. Through every up and down I promise you. It’s the four of us now…we have to stick together—now more than ever.” Max told me, then he took my hand and lead me back towards to where Michael and Isabel were standing.

“Max, but wait I’m still not convinced on this entire Royal deal…King, Queen, Princess, and Second-in-Command. How do I know that you are the King and I’m the Queen?” I asked.

Mr. Parker butted in…”Now you see the King and Queen has this design on there lower right ankle—it’s the sign of the Prophecy to which you must live by.” he told them.

“But I—I don’t have a mark there!” I told him.

“Lizzy, just check…a lot has changed within the past couple hours-- you’ll be surprised.” my Dad told me.

Instantly I took off my converse and looked in awe.

“What the hell?” I muttered to myself.

“What—What is Liz?” Maria asked anxiously.

“I didn’t have this mark before. I folded up my jeans so everyone could see.” I was a V shaped with five dots forming the letter.

“When did this happen?” I asked my parents.

“Tonight..” was all they said.

I though of everything that happened…and then I remembered…I was shot…I had died for a minute and was in a beautiful land and then suddenly sucked out of the Day dream like state of mind and back to the parking garage.

“When Max healed me, and brought me back—that’s when this formed right?" I looked toward my dad.

" …why?” I demanded.

“Well you see, The Prophecy is that: ‘A once fallen King shall rise again, and bring his bride back to life.’ and that will be you. Liz, once he brought you back and you regained life…everything has changed now…you both have responablities to attend to … he is your husband. You need to support him one hundred percent along the way…this is your destiny…With Max and your children to come."

“Ch—CHILDREN??!!” I shouted.

“No..No…no….no..” I told him as I looked at Max.

"I’m sorry but I’m too young to have kids—that is not going to happen".I said to Max, as I tried to take this information into context--without completely freaking out.

"Max, I'm sorry but I can't be all these things...I just I can't. Am I suppose to be this modern day house wife? Whose only 18yrs. old--oh and has alien powers...I don't think so. I can't." I told him.

He replied..."I know Liz, but he dosen't mean right now...he means futher down the line...these are the things we have to do---in order to fullfill our destiny, It's already been layed out for us, we just need to fullfill it that's all."

He stepped closer to me and touched my face, "'s the way it has to be..." he told me. I had tears running down my face.

I nodded slightly as I looked to my parents.

"And you...!!" I shouted at them.

They looked me straight on...only my mother wasn't brave enough to look me in the eye.

"You--How could you do this to me...I trusted you...and you go and do this to me! Why didn't you ever tell me...TELL ME WHY!" I shouted at them.

"Lizzy, you'll always be our little girl." Mrs. Parker tried to say without tearing up.

"BullShit! If you ever really cared for me, you would've told me the truth--even when I asked you why I was so different--remember the time when I was 14yrs. Old..and all you could say was that it's just a faze--and I'll grow out of it...what the hell was that!! I never grew out of it. And now you tell me after all these years, all these morals...that you set inside of me for 17 years is a complete lie!! And you call your self parents!!" I shouted at them as I ran to the backroom.

"Liz, Liz wait...please.." I turned to see my mother running after me...As the swing door flew open I could see everyone and especially Max starring at me--and amazed at everything I just told my so called parents.

"Liz..Honey, we never meant to hurt you...we wanted to wait till you all were ready--I wanted to tell you sooner but your father instisted that we didn't. It has been complete torture lieing to you...but I know we can work through this please Liz...Please...can you give us another chance?" she asked me.

I wanted to embrace her...let her warmth erase all my doubts with her, and Jim. They've been the world to me--and to know that after all this time, all they have been doing is lieing to me--that's something I will never forgive easily.

"Nancy, I can understand the reasons why you wouldn't tell me...this is a lot to take in. But it's something that I needed to know--I've been asking questions since before I was ten years old. How can you not understand how upset I am with both of you? I feel like I've been raised by strangers my whole life. I want to forgive you, but I can't--but I hope someday I will. If you don't mind--I just want to be left alone." She looked sad--but at the moment I didn't care.

She sighed heavily, simply nodded and went back into the main room of the resturant, as I paced the back room and tried to make sense of everything that was just told to me.

Meanwhile back inside the main resturant Maria and Alex were confused beyond words, I could feel there tension--but decided to let the others deal with this--they probably had more experience explaining this sort of thing, rather than me.

"Okay...what the HELL are you?" Maria demanded... she looked somewhat green, like she was going to be sick.

"Michael, Isabel, Max? what is going on here?" Alex asked them.

Max exchanged looks with Isabel and Michael but non of them spoke up, but Mr. Parker did.

"Now you see they were in the 1947 crash here in New Mexico, they were born in incubation pods and came out in the summer of 1989. They are from the planet called Antar--and are called Hybrids because they have human and alien cells within them. I am a shapeshifter--I can change into any form I want to--but I can't change what is on the inside..." Thier faces lost it's shade of all pink tones and turned really pale.

"Oh...I see...yeah..well, look at the time I was suppose to be home hours ago...yeah I'll see you later.." Maria bolted for the door.

Michael ran after her... "'Ria wait..please... now that you know this...the both of you have to keep this to your selfs--you can't tell your parents or Kyle--no matter what--all our lives are in your hands--please you can't let us down." he continued to look at her.

she looked into his eyes and see his pain...his loniness and she couldn't find the words to come out her mouth--so she just nodded.

"Thank you.." Michael told her as she stopped, and just stood in front of him and could understand everything he was going through maybe not know that her Mom remarried to the sherrieff--but at one time she did feel the same.

"Don't worry Michael I'll keep your--all your secret.." she told him, but also directed it to the others as well.

They all looked at Alex--"Oh..yeah..I do guys are still my're still the same...and don't think any differently now." he told them, and he walked across to where Isabel was standing and wrapped his arms around her for an intimate embrace. He'd always had a crush on her and she was finally taking notice.

Max came over to where Alex was and shook his hand.

"Thank you man..." Max smiled at him. Alex nodded in return.

I had started to get tired, sleepy was late--but I think with all that was happening, It was too overwhelming for me. I retired upstairs and as soon as my body hit my bed...I was out. This dream started to overtake me--but it was so vivid, that I felt like it was real. That I've lived this life before...It was truely Awakening.


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Re: The Prophecy [M/L Fic--With Aliens] Ch.2 3/13/12

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:00 am

Chapter 3: The Awakening

Liz’s POV (Dream Sequnce: The past)

“Your highness! Inside at once!” I looked around at the chaos unfolding around us, as the royal guards where forming a human shield against the children and myself as we were rushed into the palace.

Our youngest daughter, Zoe, clings to me as we practically run to the safe room, which is about three levels below the palace grounds.

To not alarm the kids I asked the guard in a hushed tone.

“Who’s attacking?”

“Zangdra.” was all he said, before turning his head back to the protective mode. I remember Zan said something about that small country a while back, but he spoke no harm to it—why would they attack? Why now?

I knew it was going to be some time before I would be able to see Zan again—but I had to be strong for our children.

Once we are safely inside the room, and locked and secured I knew the drill, even our oldest Xander only in his 14th year, already knew what to expect even in his early stages of manhood, he knew what pressure his father goes through to keep us safe. I watch as he gives a protective hug to his two little sisters, Maxine and Madyison twins, in their 12th year they are more mature in some ways more than their older brother. It amazes me how grown up they are all getting.

I looked to my left where sits our eight year old son, Jazson is too smart for his own good—he may look young on the outside but has the mind of a young man starting college. I laugh as time-to-time Zan asks his opinions on operations, before passing them onto the higher authority.

And, still in my arms in our youngest little Zoe, which is handful in it’s self. Already independent and bossy, likes things done her way—and her way only, well that is until either Zan or myself gets into the picture. But even this three year old has her way around her fathers strict rules, he’s putty in her hands—that she gets from me.

Looking around at all five of them they all have my nose and mouth and the rest is there father, and how devilishly handsome my husband is.

Everything is going to be has to be...Damn it Zan, where the hell are you?’ I shout in my head but my thoughts get interrupted.

“Mama...Whatz wrong? Wap happen?” I put on a brave smile as I try to explain to a three yr. old, what’s happening—but how do I put it so she will takes a few moments but then I start to reply.

“Well, some bad people are mad at Daddy. So, he has to make sure that they are punished.” I smiled when her face lit up like a thought just ran into her mind, like magic.

“So, Daddy’s gonna put them in the corner?” I stifled my giggle by simply nodding and smiled.

“Yep. Something like that.” She started clapping her hands, happy that she got something right.

I gave her a small hug before wrapping my other arm around Jazon, he’s falling into my side—hence me being in my overprotective mother mode right now, I looked at all my children trying to be brave for me—but even with this situation I can’t help but think back to the day I first met Zan and this whole crazy roller coaster started.

*flashback [ within the dream ] *

I remember that I didn’t want to go, to yet another ball in his honor, I was sick of him and his stupid formal receptions and fancy dinners. Hence the fact that I’ve never seen him before—but hey I still had to go.

Every time I would try and catch a glimpse of the handsome prince that had every princess raving and fainting—but after the fourth ball and still no prince in sight I pretty much gave up and continued to go to the balls, but only to please my parents.

Standing in a grand ballroom yet again the third time this year, I knew that there would be plenty more to come. I rolled my eyes as a crowd of screaming girls—my ranking swarming the prince the future king of Antar.

When my parents weren’t looking I made my way upstairs, and stared at everything and seeing that they had the same crap that my parents had.

“You’re not suppose to be up here...and especially in the princes room.” I didn’t turn to address the man behind me, but I did say something back. “So, what are you going to do? Arrest me?” I asked in a slightly annoyed voice, what’s his problem—I’m just looking. Anything is better than that stupid social circus downstairs.

“I don’t see why are trespassing.” Is he for real? He asks like I’m a thief caught in the act.

“Fine, go ahead...I’m sure my parents would be thrilled. It sure will perk my day up.” Maybe that would get him to back off, and leave me alone—go find your own room to raid.

He didn’t leave, but instead steps closer to where I’m currently standing, as I go further into the room.

“How did you get up here?” He’s not too bright is he? What kind of question is that...

“The stairs.” I smirked as I still didn’t look at him.

“I know that...but how did you get past the guards?” Guards? What guards...but instead of replying to that normally, I decided to mess with him a bit—play the field as they call it.

“Oh, him...I promised I would meet him out back after the ball, to give him what he wanted in order for me to come up here.” I stifle my laugh as he gasps and that’s when I turn to see the look on his face—it’s priceless, but at the same time my legs grow weak and my own breath catches. I almost have to remind myself to breath.

I couldn’t help but start laughing, as his face twists and turns.

“I was kidding.” I shook my head as I made my way out towards the balcony, which over looked the city that I’ve loved all my life and only wished that my life didn’t have to surrounded in a cage all the time.

“Right. I should really be getting back, my father is suppose to announce whom I’m betrothed to tonight. Would you mind accompanying me down stairs?” I shrugged and accepted, he was handsome and kind—we would share a dance and then he’d bid me fair well, and I’d never see him again. That’s how all these functions worked.

He took my hand and I griped it for dear life for I thought my legs turned to liquid and could no longer stand on my own two feet.

“I’m sorry, it looks like that champagne is catching up to me.” He smiles down at me, I could feel my cheeks flushing a crimson red as he continues to smirk at me.

At the bottom of the stairs, he bids me fair well with a gentlemanly kiss on the hand that I courtly extended, as my parents found my standing in that exact position as he walked off.

“Lizzy, the King is going to make an announcement. C’mon we must not keep him waiting.” I rolled my eyes, grabbed another drink while my mother was dragging me along the way.

The ranting woman quickly hushed as the King started to speak, because they knew where this speech was ending—with the proposal of the century. Where was I? I was trapped in the middle. I so want out of here, but my parents were holding me on both arms, it’s as if they knew I was going to bolt.

“My Son Zander Phillip Jazon Xzon is betrothed to the daughter of the neighboring city Zandrankra. Ava Eliza Justine Louse, daughter of Nancy and Jeffory Louse. “

I looked at my father and mother and you could see their grins from a hundred miles away, they signed off my life to a man I’ve never even met. Not only did I see all the girls faces drop at the news that they didn’t get picked. Now, I was suppose to go up there to the arrogant prince, and kiss him in front of’s a way to seal the deal. ‘I HATE TRADITIONS!!’ I couldn’t help but scream in my head.

My loving mother grabbed my drink from me as she pushed me towards the King and Queen as they gratefully hugged me after I bowed, as they now saw me as there new daughter.

The prince finally managed his way out of the cascading crowd of female admirers, and was heading towards me probably to seal the deal.

As I turned to see my husband I was a little shocked and surprised to see the man who questioned me upstairs, with his hazel eyes stairing back at me as he gave me a warm gentle kiss on my lips as the eruption of applause exploded around us, but instead of breaking away, I kissed him back with everything I felt rushing out of me...and right at that moment I fell, and I fell hard and I thought, ‘hey, maybe this wont be so bad after all.’

“Hey.” Was all I could say after we broke off for the lack of air, I was beaming after just one kiss and a little giddy.

“Hey yourself”, he told me with a smile and brushed a piece of hair behind my ear and kissed me once more.

*end flashback*

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” I looked up as Zoe ran running from my arms, and followed by all the rest of the children in one sudden movement. I stood and watched them all almost knock their father to the ground; he was rather overwhelmed. I stifled my laughter.

“Daddy, did you put the bad guys in the corner?” His face looked confused almost, I hid my giggles from my husband as his loving glance made it my way, and I could feel my heart flutter and my knees grow weak all over again.

“Hello my loves”, He smiled warmly at each and every one of them. “Zoe, Jazon, Xander, Maxine, and Madyison—I’m so glad you are all alright.” He smiled warmly and kissed everyone individually as he embraced them all in one quick motion.

As he stood to make his way towards me, little Zoe realized that she didn’t get her question answered. She tugged on his pants until she got her fathers attention. He squatted down at her level.

“Daddy, you didn’t answer my question.” She crossed her arms and demanded an answer from her father, it didn’t matter that he was the King of an entire nation. He was still her father, and that’s how she ruled the palace.

“I’m sorry Zoe, what was that question again?” He asked as he picked her up and walked towards me.

“Did you put the bad guys in the corner? For being bad...” I laughed as she looked towards me--and back at her father awaiting his reply, and quite eagerly I might add.

"How did you know that? That's top secret information." It's so cute as he took it as seriously as possible so that Zoe could have her moment.

"What are you trying to do...blow are cover?" He whispered in a hushed tone so only they could hear and no one else, not even me.

Whispering in her ear and setting her back to the ground, "Okay, so now that you know the top secret of all can't tell them to anyone." She nods but then asks as quietly as possible but I can still hear her.

"Can I tell Mama?" He looked at me with those amazing amberish eyes of his, and looked back at his daughter and shook his head no. I could see that her bottom lip started to pout, and he instantly chanced his mind...he's such a sucker for her.

"Yeah, I can tell Mama." She excitedly clapped her hands and started to jump up and down.

"But first you must wash your hands and wash up for dinner okay...then you can tell Mama the top secret stuff. Okay." She nodded still excited as she ran to give me a hug, and then her father. With Jazon running behind her to make sure she did as she was told, leaving Zan and I alone in the safe room.

In a quick jump I ran into his arms...and in a solid embrace, I didn't want to let go of the man I almost lost today. For the children I didn't want to think about it, but during our sixteen years of marriage, I loved him more and more with each day that past.

"Whoa, somebody missed me." He tried to keep the spirits up as I didn't care as I sank into his arms and started to cry.

“It’s okay Ava, I’m safe. We’re safe.” But his words and warm kisses on my forehead only makes me cry harder.

After almost five minutes of him trying to calm me down, I pulled away.

"I-I thought I lost you back there...and I wouldn't get t-to tell you..." I paused to catch my breath and wipe away more tears from my cheeks.

"Tell me what baby?" He asked as he wiped my remaining tears away with the pads of his thumbs.

I took a deep breath, " That I love you, with all my heart and soul...I have since the first moment I saw you--and when we were attacked today I thought I lost my best friend, my lover, my soul mate and that I could never tell you in person that I'm...I'm pregnant--again."

Watching as a sly grin turned into a huge smile over his face as he picked me up and spun my around--yep we were going to have our sixth child.

"I love you too baby." He kissed my passionately, and pulled away and rested his forehead against mine.

"You've made me the greatest and luckiest man on Antar... Thank you." He told me as he kissed my stomach.


[Present day]

Jolting awake and jumping with the dream I just had—and feeling a warm body besides me to jump as well.

“Liz?” A husky voice asked as I tried to catch my breath from all that I’ve seen.

“M-Max?” I didn’t remember going to bed with him...I looked at the alarm clock and it read 2AM in bright red flashing numbers.

The last thing I remembered was talking to my mom in the back room, and coming up to my room. It was a draining evening--but I've never felt so tired before.

Struggling to get up from the bed...I love Max, don't get me wrong...But it felt like he was smothering me right now, because of everything that has happened.

“If you were different Liz, why didn’t you tell me?” Is he kidding me...Why does he have know this? I sighed in frustration.

“Probably, for the same reason you didn’t tell me about your specialties. I hate not being human—you know sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to keep this stupid secret and living life inside a deep whole that is constantly consumes me. And now, to suddenly be faced that my own parents knew this entire time, and you are the same as me—it’s just really hard to believe right now. So, please forgive me if I’m not jumping up and down right now, that I’ve found my Soul mate that I’ve been with since grade school and didn’t bother to tell me or let me in on the truth—I thought you loved me?” I felt hot tears streaming down my face as I felt my legs go out and crumbled to the ground.

“Liz!” Max whispered harshly. Afraid to wake anyone else up-- as he ran to me, and pulled me into his arms.

“I wanted to tell you Liz more than anything...but we swore on our lives never to let anyone know our secret, even if it killed us...but tonight when you were shot—you could’ve, you could've died. And I could have watched you die, but ignoring Michael, I knew that I had to safe you...and I didn't care who knew it. All I knew was that I loved you with every seam inside my heart and soul and nothing could chance that so I healed you."

I looked up at him and I knew all of what he was saying was true, and I could relate--so I didn't push the subject matter any further. We both accepted each other’s doings, and stayed there for a long while in each other’s arms.

Breaking the silence, I started to talk as I also broke out of the embrace.

"I'm staring to remember...things...about the past." I looked up and noticed that he wasn't staring down at me anymore.

"Do you remember? Max do you remember me?" He looked back at me and started to talk but didn't. I gently put my hand on his face and turned him back towards me.

"It's okay...tell me...what do you remember?" The glaze his is eyes looks painful, but I still wanted to know.

He nods, " I do remember the beginning and in the end, how you were killed...but not the middle." I took his hand in mine, this was our second chance in order to fulfill the prophecy and set things right in the balance of Earths universe and ours.

"I remember the day we met...and the middle but not the end." He almost was relieved that I didn't remember the end of our lives, like it was too painful.

"We had 5 children...with one more on the way--can you believe it, us with six kids." I smiled and grabbed his hand. "You were a great father Max...the best that ever come." He smiled widely at the realization that I wasn't kidding and we really had six kids together.

"I guess, we really liked the practice in that ...huh?" I laughed and struggled against his warmth that for a moment I almost forgot what was happening between us.

"What now Max? What's supposed to happen?" I wanted fate to step in... all this time that's what I wanted...more than anything. And now that It finally did, I wanted only for it to take a hike and leave us all the hell alone.

"I dunno Liz, I don't know." He told me as I clung to him like my life depended on it.

'What does all this mean?' I thought to myself before, we both drifted back to sleep--it's just a thought we'd all think about more tomorrow.


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Re: The Prophecy [M/L Fic--With Aliens] Ch.3 3/15/12 pg.2

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Chapter 4: They suspect us.
[Sherriff’s Office ]
“Okay Hanson, what’s this evidence that couldn’t wait.” Jim rushed into the police station as deputy Hanson followed behind him.

“There was a shooting down by Santa Fe’s Convention Center around ten pm last night, there were a couple witnesses. The cameras were blown out shortly after the shooting occurred.”

“If all the cameras went out then why am I here?” Jim looked up at the deputy and waited for his answer impatiently.

“Because the local security station believed that all five cameras were destroyed, they found one that short circuited while the others seem to have exploded. Now, who knows how that happened we have no idea. But this morning, the main security office in Santa Fe called. They reported there was a backup camera and caught something.” Deputy Hanson gazed at Jim—nothing like this has ever happened in this small town before.

“They caught what?” Jim was suspicious...this case had curiosity all over it.

“That’s what I’m going to show you.” Deputy Hanson held up his hand that had a video tape, in a clear plastic bag marked evidence.


“Maria you’re taking this more calmly than I thought.” Maria looked at Alex liked he was crazy mad.

“What are you talking about Alex? On the outside, yeah I’m fine because were out in reality.” Maria told him forcefully as she grabbed his shirt to make her point clear.
On the other hand Alex was completely taken aback by her actions, and tried to pry her hands free of his shirt. He wasn’t too successful.

“But inside, I’m freaking out!” She spoke in a hoarse whisper.

“I mean she lied to us—how could she? I’m her best friend—we never lie to each other, I tell her everything...” With every word she spoke she jerked Alex closer and closer till finally pulling back and letting him go.

“Maria, she had a good reason to, she was being cautious. When you think you’re alone one something, you’re very cautious.” Alex shrugged it off and opened his locker, and took out his text books.

“Why are you being so calm about this? You just found out that not only Liz, but all of our friends are...” She leaned in closer to him and whispered, “ Not of this Earth”!

Alex’s face was still somber, and waited till some kids walked past them to tell Maria what’s been on his mind since the incident.

“I saw Liz use her--.” he paused and leaned closer to her, as some kids walked past them. “—I saw her use her powers’ once last year.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t feel the need to, besides it wasn’t my secret to tell—it’s was hers.” She couldn’t believe it...both of her friends have lied to her.
“I still think you should have told me…” Maria ranted. What was she suppose to think? Without another word...She stalked off walking to the first class of the day, while Alex looked at her, huffed and continued on his way on the opposite side of the school.

[Sheriff’s office]

“So, they were at the concert—all six of them, okay—thank you very much.” Jim hung up the phone. He spent the entire day going over every last thing that was found or told about the other night.

After watching the video, he had to rewind it several times and re watch it, making sure that he saw everything—and that it was true. He didn’t see everything, that one camera only focused on one particular spot.

He looked at the six names, among the six was his own stepdaughter Maria Valenti—but only circled two names, a link that he never thought possible.

“Hanson.” Jim called from his office, the deputy came at once.

When he entered the office, he sent his request at once.

“Get me some information on Liz Parker and Maxwell Evans.”

“Aren’t those—straight students? W—“ Jim cut him off and stood his ground, he knew what he saw, well he knew what was in front of him—he just couldn’t get himself to believe it.

“Hanson, just get me the information.” With a nod he went about at his request, Jim went back to his desk and started to watch the video once more.
Turning back to his desk…he dialed the number two button on his cell phone and within seconds the phone on the other line was ringing. “hello”?
“Maria…I need to you to come see me at work right now!” Maria looked at the clock it was almost two o’clock in the afternoon. This was odd he never called me—especially when he was at work.
“Dad, you know I’m at school right? I can’t just leave…” She could hear him breathing heavily into the phone. This wasn’t a good sign.
“I don’t care…I’ll take care of it, just come now. Okay!” Maria knew there was no getting out of this, he sounded angry and yet almost unsure.
“Okay, I’ll be there in a little bit.” She hung up her phone…and saw Michael walking by…and instints took over and she had to tell him, he was her boyfriend after all.
“Mikey! We need to talk.” She yelled across the hallway, that was semi filled with people.
“I thought I told you to stop calling me that…I know I’m yo—“ Maria covered his mouth with her hand, and pulled him into an empty classroom.
“Shut up! This is important…My Dad called me…”
“Yeah, so?” Maria rolled her eyes.
“Well, my Dad never asks me to visit his office in the middle of the day, he sounded frantic and worried.” She looked around and stepped closer to him, “What if he suspects?” She whispered to him, as he rolled his eyes.
“’Ria, you’re just being paranoid…Maybe he just wants to…I don’t know be a good father and just do Dad stuff?” He shrugged as he started to walk out of the room. Not before she stopped him.
“Michael, But what if—“
“Maria no, Stop getting yourself all worked up over nothing. Everything is going to be fine…” He kissed her forehead and walked out of the room.
Leaving his very emotionally confused girlfriend behind, and left wondering what in the world does her father suspect of her or her friends…either way, this was not his normal behavior.

“Liz, baby wake up.” I tried not to scare her, it has only been ten minutes since the class started and within those minutes that I realized that she was asleep.

I’m just glad that Mr. Seligman hasn’t noticed anything yet.

Of all the classes to fall asleep in, it’s AP BIO and crap! He’s headed right towards us—I knew I spoke too soon.

“Liz!” I spoke in her ear ask I nudged her as well, to get her full attention, and she sat up far to fast for anyone to notice something wrong.

“Is there a problem here Mr. Evans—Miss Parker?” What do I say? Think fast Evans...

“Um...Liz—it’s Liz, I think she’s ill—I was wondering if I could take her to the nurse’s office.” Did he bite the bait, he knows we could go anywhere—because he knows that she’s my girlfriend.

After a few moments of hesitation, he nodded and we were allowed to leave the classroom. But instead of going to the nurse, we went to the eraser room instead.

“Liz? What is it?” I asked as soon as she was sitting down, and I was kneeling in front of her. Consumed with worry, nothing like this has ever happened to any of us before.

“Our Memories, They are so constant and consuming.” I sighed because the memories for me mainly stopped but they come back every here and there.

“What are they about?” I was eager to know what puzzle pieces here memories could complete mine.
“Just bits and pieces of our lives—past lives that we shared, and will someday live again.” She smiled almost remembering them all over again. She looked so happy, like she wanted to go back in time and relive all those memories all over again.

I kissed her lips, her sweet lips—I wanted so much to make her happy for the rest of our life. As I kissed her, a flash—her memory flash glazed into my mind opening me up to her feelings. Never would you have known one person to love another so much, and with so much passion. As Liz just expressed to me, I wanted to prove to her with just as much emotion that I felt the same way.

“Why don’t they stop Max? It’s not like I don’t want to remember—but I’m always tired, I can never keep my eyes open long enough to do anything. I want to remember, but I want to finish one day of school without falling asleep in class.”

I didn’t know what to say, true I was supposed to be her husband—everyone expects me to know everything but I don’t. I wish I did, I wish I knew how to make this go away.

“I don’t know Liz...I don’t know.” At this I was staring to doubt myself and this role I’m supposed to carry on. This great leader, and looking at Liz and realizing that she is my queen—even though in this moment I had doubts, deep down I knew that everything would be alright.

We stayed in each others’ arms not saying a word—silence spoke large amounts beyond anything else words could take us. But the bell sounding in the school broke our spell. Everyone was heading to lunch; we only had two periods left before school was to let out.

“I’ll take you home so you can get some more rest.” She smiled at me before kissing me. I had to break the kiss abruptly—she looked at me confused.

“Sorry—if I didn’t stop we might never get out of here.” She playfully shoved me as I got up and reached for her hand—and helped her up.
[The Crash down 3 hours later]

“How is she?” Michael asked Max, as Isabel sat beside him, and steadily looked over the menu trying to figure out what to order. They were all worried about Liz after Max had told them that the dreams still haunted her—while none of there dreams have lasted for more than one night.

“She’s okay, but the dreams are consuming her, she’s always tired...and I don’t to fix it—or even if It can be fixed.” Max sighed and placed his face into his hands and took a deep breath.

“Hey guys...are you ready—would you like the special today?” They all looked at Jeff at hope that he might be able to help them with Liz’s situation, and help reflect on there own experiences.

“Not yet...but Jeff we were wondering if you could help us with something?” With a nod—Max started talking in a hushed tone so he would know that it was serious.

“Why are Liz’s dreams so intense? Ours weren’t anything close to Liz’s?” It’s like they waited on pins and needles waiting for him to answer—it seemed almost ten minutes before he answered.

Pulling up a chair to the table, and nodding to Nancy to take over—he started to explain.

“Well, you all are royal—born of royalty, you’re mothers and fathers were all of noble blood. Max has the seal stenciled on his brain, it’s naturally encoded in all of you—but the thing you don’t know is that Liz was never royalty—until she was married off into royal family.

Liz’s real parents were killed two weeks after she was born—they were good friends of ours, with no other family—we took her in as one of our own.” Now turning to Max, to know that this part was about him, in his past.

“You’re father was very strict and wanted to have you’re marriage betrothed—you were betrothed before Elizabeth, but the deal fell through before it was announced. That night at the ball—we urged the king to pick Elizabeth, he saw and he liked—was the announced the same night. He knew that she was a commoner, but he told everyone that she was a noble blood and not to worry. Some think that’s why Kivar struck when he did. Jealous that anyone could have control over Antar, that the rules didn’t apply anymore. A lot of people blamed the king; you’re father for letting the marriage happen—and for it leading to the end for everyone.

So, her dreams are more intense because more is needed to put the body and mind into place. Places where you’re minds already are.

She will remember every emotion, feeling, sense, desire, passion, kiss, and touch that she lived in that past life in order to continue living this present one. It will be as if it’s happening for the first time, from beginning to end.”

Max’s face dropped at all that was reveled in just this small amount of time. Everything seemed to be making sense in his mind...the puzzle pieces were being to take place. But seemed disappointed by the last part—he didn’t want her to remember the end of their lives.

“Does she have to remember the end?” He knew the answer before Jeff even replied.

“Yes. She has to in order for it to be real for her, so she knows what she’s up against in the future.”

All of their heads turned to Jeff and all questioned silently but then Max got the courage to ask him...”What’s to come in the future?”

“The battle—to take back control of Antar.”