Other Paths - ADULT - CC - Chapters 1-100 [COMPLETE]

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Other Paths - ADULT - CC - Chapters 1-100 [COMPLETE]

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Other Paths

Revised, edited and all the other things I should have done the first time around.

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, UPN does and WB did

Summery: Isabel cant move on, Max and Liz are changing and so will other things.

Author’s Note: This story starts after “Departure”, I have not seen season 3 – Jesse does not exist.

Warning: rated ADULT

This is my first story so lots of reviews appreciated.

Chapter 1

August 3, 2001, Evans House, 0200am

Isabel: It had been three months since Tess had left, three months since the revelations made at the Pod Chamber, yet every night she dreams the same nightmare over and over again. Always she looks out over the road and watches as Tess raises her hand and guides Alex’s car into the oncoming truck and as always she is helpless to do anything about it and just at the moment of impact she awakens.

“Nooooooo” she cries, tears streaming down her face and curling up into a ball hoping the pain would go away. It was almost unbearable, finally realising how she truly felt about Alex only to have him taken away by someone she considered a friend.

Diane: “Oh god”, It had become an all too familiar routine. Isabel’s cries woke the family and as usual she rushed to comfort her child but felt completely helpless. She knew they were about Alex but not only would Isabel not talk about the nightmares but she could do nothing as what she dreamed really happened and Alex was gone from her daughters life and she could not change that!

“Isabel its o.k. It was only a dream”, she held her daughter in her arms looking up at her husband who in turn looked at Max.

Philip: He knew Max knew what was going on with Isabel but he could not get them to open up about it. The pain he saw in his son’s eyes he had seen just over a year before after he went away for a few days. Max had said he just went out of town to clear his head, but there was something else and not to long after that Liz Parker, who seemed totally besotted with Max, walked out of his life and spent that summer away from Roswell.

Evans Living Room, 0230am

Diane: It had taken awhile for Isabel to fall back a sleep, Max stayed to watch over her but she and Philip went to the living room.

“We need to find out what’s going on Philip, she can’t keep going through this every night”

Philip: Sharing his wife’s concern looked back into her eyes not knowing what to say that would make the situation any better.

“ I know, but they won’t talk about it. I’ve even tried asking Michael about it but he just stares and walks away…”

Looking out toward his daughter’s bedroom, he lowers his head.

“That shrink we sent Max to was no good to her and if she doesn’t talk about then no-body can help her get through this. I’ll try talking with Max again in the morning, some how we’ll get to the bottom of this!”

Looking back at Diane he holds out his hand and as she takes it he leads her back into their bedroom.

Crashdown, 1000am

Liz: She just started her shift, thankful that the summer rush was over with; she actually looked forward to starting back at school and putting some things behind her. Suddenly she felt him coming closer. For that last month or so she felt changes within her and a heightened sense of Max’s presence that sent her head spinning, as she looked up at him entering the restaurant she could see the grim look on his face and knew it meant another restless night for Isabel.

“Still no change”, she tried to ask a calmly as possible but knew all to clearly what her friend was feeling. Her rival, the woman who slept with Max and was having his child, killed one of her oldest friends. The mere thought almost made her sick and she began a struggle to fight back tears.

Max: He too had been feeling the change within Liz. He sensed her long before he even saw the café and he felt her near by. He had put the change down to the time when he healed Liz; Ava did tell Liz that the incident changed her but he did not know was how far the change would go and that was his concern.

“No, it’s the same every night and mom and dad are going through hell having to be on the sidelines.”

At that Liz reached out to hold his hand and pulled him into a hug.

Liz: “I wish there was something we can do, but I don’t know what. She barely even looks any of us in the eyes anymore let alone talk to us about this.”

Max: “I know…Iz and I were always close but she doesn’t let me in anymore, it’s like she’s just given up.” He lets go of Liz and sits down at the counter and looks back up at her, “So anymore unusual changes going on today”

Liz: Looking back at him he can see the concern in his eyes as he asked the question but there is something more – she felt it. As clear as if it was her own emotion.


Max: Seeing the shock in her eyes. “What…Liz?”

Liz: “Max, I think…I think I just felt what you were feeling…”

Max: Suddenly realising that he to could feel what Liz was feeling, he smiled. This was the closest the two of them had ever been, sensing each other was one thing but now they knew what the other was feeling and they both loved it and with that Max sent Liz every ounce of love he had for her “I think we’d better start getting used to this one as well”.

Liz: Blushing at what she suddenly felt from Max, she looked into his intense eyes and smiled back at the man she loved so much
“Yeah, I guess so” she said in a sultry tone.

“Hey Chica” she heard from behind her. Maria, seeing the looks between the two decided she should interrupt now. With that Max coughed and ordered a Cherry Coke and tried to act as though everything was normal, wanting to keep the latest development between Liz and him for the moment.

Road Side Café, Hamilton – Montana, Same Time

Ava: After leaving Roswell she decided the safer option was to travel around getting work wherever she could, not staying long in any location in case Rath, Lonnie or Nicolas was after her. She hoped that with each new place she could escape her past in New York and try to release the pain she felt every time she remembered the death of her lover, Zan.

“Hi can I take your order?” she said to the new customer who walked in and sat at a booth.

Woman: “Yes, I’ll have the cheese burger, large fries and a glass of orange juice…oh and a bottle of Tabasco Sauce please”

Ava: At the last request she looked up from her notepad and examined the woman – she didn’t look like there was anything unusual about her so Ava just wrote her off as someone who likes hot sauce.

“That will be with you in five minutes”

And with that Ava left, placed the order on the turnstile and went to serve another customer

Same place five minutes later

Ava: “O.K, one cheese burger, large fries, orange juice and one bottle of Tabasco…Anything else I can get for you?”

Woman: Looking back at the young woman she once cared for, feeling a great sense of pity at what this one time queen had become and what she had lost…she decided now she would make her move

“You could tell me how your doing Ava”

Ava: Looking toward the woman, she suddenly knew who she was but was too shocked to do anything. It had been years since she had seen her guardian and had almost forgotten what she looked like.

“Serena?” she whispered.

Serena: It had been seven years since she left her wards in New York to begin her secondary mission and now she had succeeded. She returned to New York to find Zan dead, Ava missing and Rath & Lonnie conspiring with the skins and had immediately decided to make contact with her older brother, Larek. She was saddened to discover what had transpired in New York and Roswell over the last year, but now she had news the Kivar would destroy entire worlds for and she needed help, so she spent 7 months tracking down the last person she could trust – Ava.

“Yes, Ava, it’s me. I need you to finish your shift and meet me at this motel when you’re done” she told Ava while handing her the address. “We need a little more privacy to discuss this, but it is important. Now go back to work.”

Ava: Her guardian had drummed it into her and the others from the moment they hatched from their pods, but never the less she was filled with fear and concern at what Serena’s arrival could mean. She simply looked at Serena, nodded and turned back to her other customers. Ten minutes later, she turned and noticed that her guardian had just left the café.

Military War Ship Kraisar, Sector 215, 3 Light Years from Larek’s home world – Kalaria

Captain: “Lord Larek, we are approaching the co-ordinates you specified. Sensors have detected a highly focused energy beam approaching out position and will impact the ship in two hours.”

Larek: After his agents he had observing Earth told him of a massive energy pulse in the desert around Roswell he took control of Brody and talked with Max. Shock, anger, and disappointment – he felt them all upon learning of Tess’s betrayal of Max and the others but he had told Max that he could apprehend Tess if that is his wish. He had quickly agreed, given that his son would probably be safer with Larek than Kivar. Now it was only a matter of waiting, the Granolith was fast approaching their space and now after three months of preparing they were out of time. After leaving the Earth solar system the Granolith placed Ava into a state of stasis and transformed itself into energy and made its way to back to Antar, now the Kraisar was placed at the exact spot where the Granolith would reverse the process and become matter again. It was a risky manoeuvre; if the reintegration spot was not precise enough the Granolith could seriously damage the ship.

“Very well Captain, inform me when the target if 15 minutes away and hold this position precisely!”

Captain: “Very good sir.” With that he turned and walked out of his Lords quarters. He was naturally worried about the approaching energy field but he trusted Lord Larek and hoped that he knew what he was doing.

Same Location, 1 hour 45 minutes later

Larek: As requested he had been called to the bridge of the ship and looked at the view screen watching the oncoming ball of pale blue energy along with the other bridge crew – none had ever seen anything remotely like this.

“O.K., as of this moment nothing you see here will be discussed by any of you, deactivate all scanners and sensors right now.”

As the crew obeyed his orders, Larek motioned to the Captain and both left for the primary Cargo hold.

Kraisar Cargo Hold, Level 4, 5 Minutes till Impact

Larek: Over the P.A. system he could hear a count down start, but already the ship began to glow with the approach of the Granolith. “Captain, I know you’re concerned about this but this is important”

Suddenly a flash illuminated all decks of the mighty ship and suddenly the Granolith appeared before the council member and ship captain, and a few seconds later Tess emerged from the black device.

“Lady Ava, also known as Tess Harding – I must inform you that you are now under arrest for the crime of high treason against our true king, Lord Zan of Antar.”

Tess: She tried to remain focused but everything was dizzy. Few of Larek’s words made sense but she did hear arrest, treason and king but with that he fell over unconscious.

Larek: Seeing her collapse, he rushed over to her and commanded the captain to call the ships medical officer. As he looked back at his former queen he noticed a lump on her neck, he reached out to touch it but just as the doctor came in the skin cracked and a yellow fluid poured out.

“Doctor, take her to the medical bay and monitor her closely and I want that sample analysed now!”

Doctor: Taking the sample into a container, he motioned to his assistants to take Tess to the bay. “Yes, my lord. I will get the results to you soon”

To Be Continued…
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Chapter 2

Max’s Bedroom, August 4, 21:00

Max: He had been growing more and more crazy throughout the day, his entire body was humming and he was completely restless. The connection to Liz had accelerated in development and he could feel her clear across town. In addition his memories kept flashing back to the Las Vegas trip when he had seen Liz and himself married. He first remembered the incident when Liz told him of Future Max’s visit but now he couldn’t get the visions out of his head – he wanted…no…he needed Liz. He grabbed his shoes and was about to get his jacket when he heard a knock at the window.

On the other side he saw Liz, he opened the window and she climbed in. “Hey”

Liz: “Hey”, she had been feeling the exact same things as Max. Every fibre of her being cried out to him, she needed him now and the burning look in his eyes told her he was feeling the same and with that she grabbed him and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Max: They haven’t kissed like this for a long time, not since the first visions they shared over a year and a half ago. However there were no visions this time, just an uncontrollable urge to be with Liz. He came up for air and looked deep into her eyes and had seen what he needed and gently placed her onto his bed – tonight he was thankful his parents had gone out to dinner with some old friends.

He pulled off his top and came down to meet Liz on the bed with another kiss just as passionate as before. His hands reached down to the bottom of her top and with a slight nod on her part he pulled her top over off and revelled in the feel of her skin against his.

Liz: With her top off she decided to make things easier on Max and reached round to unclasp her bra and with a stare that was full of love and lust in equal measure, he reached out to touch her breast. Liz had never felt like this, a shiver was sent through her entire body with this one simple touch. The looks they gave each other could have melted holes in the walls, neither of them could wait any longer and through the connection they both knew it. Within seconds they were taking off the rest of their clothes and began kissing and caressing each other. Liz moaned into the kiss as her hands slowly reached down toward Max’s throbbing erection.

Soon they had rolled themselves between the sheets of his bed and Max had rested himself on top of Liz and she stared up at him, softly he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes Max, I need you so much”. The need echoed in her voice and her hands slowly caressed his chest and moved down toward his waist and stopped there.

Max: Slowly he pushed down and felt his entire length enter Liz in one stroke and at that point both of them literally glowed. The connection was complete, both physical and mental and they both new it. Before the limit of their communication was emotion but now they could hear every though, emotion and felt every inch of the other soul. He opened his eyes and looked down toward his love. The look of bliss on her face was such a turn on he slowly pulled out and pushed back in and felt Liz’s sexy legs wrap around his back, pulling him closer.

Liz: “ooooooooooohhh, Max…MAX”. With every thrust, every move in and out he picked up a little speed and the more she called his name. Feeling him between her legs and feeling him penetrate her to his soul was driving her over the edge.

Soon both were moaning into each other as they reached their climax. Max stopped moving and with one final trust poured everything he had into her. Liz, not wanting the connection to end, locked he legs securely around him. She didn’t let him move an inch.

Max looked into her eyes and slowly drew his finger down the left hand side of her face. After a short but no less erotic kiss she looked up at him and said, “I love you”

Max: “I love you too, only you Liz”. With that she unlocked her legs and Max slowly pulled out bring a moan from both of them and rolled back onto the bed, cradling his love as she curled up beside him and rested her head on his chest. Within minutes sleep claimed them both.

Serena’s Motel, Same day, 2030

Ava: Her shift ended 20 minutes ago and after following the directions her guardian gave her she now stood out side room 23 as specified. Nervous was an understatement, fear was closer but there was also excitement at seeing Serena again. She reached her hand out and knocked on the door. A second later she heard Serena beckoning her inside.

Opening the door she saw Serena sitting at the table smiling up at her ward. The smile caused Ava to relax a little more.

“Its good to see you again” she managed to push out

Serena: “Its good to see you to Ava, there’s a lot we need to discuss so have a seat”

Ava: “What’s to discuss, you probably know everything by now anyway”

Serena: Seeing the obvious pain in her eyes she tried to take this slow but she had to know. “I do, but that all came second hand. I need to it hear from you, everything about what happened prior to the summit and everything you know on the Roswell four”

Over the next two hours Ava told her everything about Zan’s death, everything about Max and how 5 humans had become part of there lives about Max healing Liz that would have by now resulted in an inseparable bond between the two and that soon Kyle would go through a much different although similar change. When she was done Serena took her hand, it was time to tell her, time to tell her why she left the group in New York and about the mission she could not risk letting Kivar know about.

Within hours of that meeting the two of them were in Serena’s car heading back to Roswell. For the fist time since Ava ran from Rath and Lonnie she truly had a reason to be afraid.

Larek’s Quarters, Warship Kraisar, 1.2 hours from Kalaria

Captain: “As ordered my lord, I have placed a round the clock guard in the outer cargo hold doors which have been sealed and will only accept my code, or your own. A guard has also been placed on the medical bay – 2 inside, 2 outside.”

Larek: “Has there been any word on Lady Ava’s condition yet”. As much as she was under arrest, her rank did give her certain rights and he was concerned about the events of her arrival. Obviously something unusual happened to her on Earth, something that Max clearly new nothing about.

Captain: “No, My Lord I’m sorry. The doctor has….”. His sentence was cut off by an unannounced entry into Lord Larek’s private chamber.

Larek: Not used to people barging in uninvited he looked at the Doctor rushing toward his desk and stood up. “ I assume by the interruption that you have news doctor”

Doctor: “ My apologies my lord but there is something you must know”

Larek: Sitting back down he looks at the face of the doctor. “Very well, go on doctor”

Doctor: “My Lord, first of all Lady Ava had been stabilized but appears to have suffered a miscarriage, as you know Earth atmosphere is poisonous to our race. It seems as though she waited to long to enter the Granolith before the damage became terminal to the embryo.”

Larek: Saddened by the death of his old friends unborn son, he looks down toward the floor and slowly nods his head “I understand, thank you doctor. Inform me when she is awake, I’ll be the one to inform her.”

Doctor: “Of course sir, but there is something else. The yellow fluid from the back of her neck.”, upon mentioning the substance Larek looked up toward the doctor and seeing that Larek was giving him his attention he proceeded.

“The test result are conclusive, the substance is the remnant form of the Ganderial Crystals”.

While the blue Ganderium Crystals were used to combine Human and Antarian DNA, the yellow Ganderial Crystals were used to regulate the brain patterns of the hybrids as well as input information directly into their brains. These crystals are rare, only one person knew how to make them and he died in the Roswell Crash and once used they break down and shatter.

Larek: He wanted to yell at the doctor for being incompetent but he was the best in the fleet. There was no way these crystals could have survived the crash and infected Earth the way their blue counterparts had and even if they did survive the impact, surviving 50 years in an eco system that de-stabilises them was impossible to every known science they had.

“Doctor, how could Ganderial have infected Ava on Earth after all this time. It is not possible”

Doctor: Knowing Larek will not like this next bit of information he braces himself and looks directly into his eyes.

“Lord Larek, the sample does not conform to any other previously recorded. In fact it appears to have been deliberately modified for the purpose of mind control. Testing indicates that is was specifically designed to integrate with Ava’s genetic material and heighten certain emotions – jealousy, rage, love and also to give her moral flexibility and general indifference to the humans she was associated with. I believe that everything reported to you concerning Ava stems from the deliberate implantation of the crystal. She couldn’t help what she did while on Earth.

Larek: Anger was not the word to use, Max the present incarnate of his oldest and dearest friend had gone through hell because of the young woman lying in the medical bay. He had to tell Max, he above all needed to know that Tess was not responsible for her actions…but then who was, who obtained a Ganderial and used it to commit murder and treason.

“Doctor, this is important – can you place the time of implantation?”

Doctor: “Already done my lord. While I cannot be accurate through testing, after reading your reports of the interactions you’ve had with King Zan, I believe it to be mid-late last year during the human month October when Ava was abducted by the skin known as Whitaker. I believe the occurrence happened during the birthday celebration of Princess Vilandra.”

Larek: “Very good doctor, thank you” as the doctor and captain left the room, another individual came out from behind a corner. Larek turned to Lorat, brother to Rath. “The Skins” he said clearly.

Lorat: He nodded and simply stated “Kivar”.

Larek: “I should inform Max as soon as possible, you should go to Earth now. Use the Granolith, it was built for use within Antarian space – a trip from this end to Earth should only take 7 rotations”

Lorat: “ I’ll go now, any communications to my family and Kivar may intercept. With the information Lady Serena sent us we may have an opportunity to remove Kivar once and for all. Do you really think there is still one on Earth?”
Larek: “We can only pray that it is there, but if Kivar learns the existence of another Granolith on Earth he will invade and we cannot stop him.”

Antarian Central Command, Beneath Royal Palace

Kivar: His spies are the best, excellent at placing surveillance devices in places that will not be found even by the most advanced techniques. Larek had no idea of the mistake he just made. A mistake that could doom all worlds, not just Antar and the surrounding planets but all planets – everywhere and now he knew where to begin, Earth.

“Two Granoliths, well now this is interesting. I will have to take time planning this move, and that is your only advantage Larek” In his solitary chair he grins, tapping his finger against the monitor showing him events on the Kraisar.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 3

Max’s Bedroom, Same day, 2300

Max: He slowly woke after the few hours of pure pleasure he and Liz had shared. He still had his arm wrapped around her and her head was still on his chest. He started stroking her silken hair and she began to stir, as she opened her eyes she raised her head and looked into his eyes and Max looked back. Both simply smiled and Liz looked down to his chest and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear – an act that caused Max to melt right there.

“God I wish you could stay with me like this”

Liz: “Same here, but my parents will wonder where I’ve got to and I don’t think yours would be too thrilled to find me here in the morning”. At that he nodded and both got out of bed, the sight of his nude body caused her to hold her breath for a second.

Max: His reaction was the same, the sight of her bare breasts caused him to stare at her longer than he intended but he knew she had to leave. He pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms and helped Liz gather her clothes. Watching her dress was almost unbearable.

After she finished Max reached out to her, sent his love to her in their connection and pulled her in to a kiss. As he pulled back, he gazed in to his lover’s eyes.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” he whispered

Liz: “Count on it Max”, she turned and opened his window but at that point both were startled but a knock at the door. Max turned back to her and with one final quick kiss she left and made her way home.

Max: As soon as Liz had left another knock at the door brought his attention back to the present and he went to answer it. Upon opening the door he saw his sister standing, giving him a sly smile. It was the first time she smiled in three months.

“Hey what’s going on?”

Isabel: “I though you would like to know, Mom and Dad are home. Sooo…where’s Liz hiding?” She was surprised to hear all the moaning from Max’s room earlier in the evening but she new what it meant and could only think {it’s about time}. She gave them their privacy but when she heard her parents’ car pull up in the driveway she decided to give them a heads up.

Max: “She left a minute ago and thanks for leaving us alone”. As his sister began to turn away her stopped her “Issy, do you want to talk?” He could see a tear forming in her eye, reaching out he took her hand, closed the door and lead her over to the chair at his desk.

Isabel: “What is there to talk about, one of our friends betrayed us, killed someone we cared about and was about to turn us over to Kivar. She would have done it too if Liz hadn’t figured out what was going on.” It was then that the tears started, while they all cared about Alex that was not the emotion that fitted the situation – she loved him more than anything else and within days of getting together at the school dance he was snatched from her.

Max held her as tightly as he could, feeling the pain she was going through. He could do nothing to ease it. Doing the only thing he could do – be a brother.

Max: “I wish thing could be different, if the Granolith was here we might be able…” He stopped his sentence, hearing Liz’s story of how he travelled back 14 year to warn her about what was in store for them had him thinking about using the Granolith to go back and change what happened. Not only of Isabel and Alex but also for his counterpart in New York, Valenti who lost his job and any others caught up in their lives.

Isabel: Curious about Max not finishing his sentence she looked up at him. “What Max…what aren’t you telling me?”

Max looked back at her, telling her to sit back down and himself taking a seat on the messed up bed sheets, he began to tell her everything that Liz had told him. By the time he was done Isabel was in a state of shock and had an even greater respect of Liz and felt pity at what she went through at the time.

2 Hours Outside Roswell – Next morning 0700

It was a long drive, both Serena and Ava had taken turns in the driving seat but now both were awake looking out onto the open highway.

Ava: “I don’t know if Max will help us, especially if what your brother told you was accurate. I have a feeling they will not be looking forward to seeing my face.” Concern at what awaited them was not so much about convincing Max and the others to help them, it was whether or not they would kill her the second they saw her – she could not believe was Serena told her about Tess.

Serena: She to was concerned about the groups’ initial reaction to her companion; she just hoped they would not give in to instinct. “It will be okay Ava, it might be a strain at first but they will get over it”. She didn’t know who she was trying to convince, herself or Ava but they will find out for sure soon.

Michael’s apartment, 0830

Maria had shown up early in the morning, too early for Michael but he wasn’t complaining now. They loved sex together and couldn’t get enough of each other. It started not to long after the Pod Chamber, Michael was leaving the cave to stay with her and that kind of decision deserved rewarding and reward him she did, every chance she got.

Today they didn’t even make it to the bedroom; on the floor in front of the sofa both were as naked as the day they were born (or in Michaels case, hatched). Michael was lying on his back and Maria straddled his waist, slowly moving up and down on his hard cock. She placed her hands on to his chest, which gave her even more leverage and now she started rolling her hips round. Michael moved his hands up along her arms, gently teasing the sweaty flesh, once on her shoulders he pulled her down and he thrust up. Everything slowed down as they speeded up the grinding of their bodies.

“Ooooh, god, Michael”, Maria moaned

“Mariaaaaaa”, they were so close. It was a competition between the two of them, trying to get the other to cum first and both were determined to win today. Tentatively he moved his hands down to her breasts and squeezed, the moan she gave encouraged him further. He took each red nipple between his fingers and gently pinched – she arched her back, pushing her fingers through her blond hair he moaned loud enough to wake the dead or at the very least the neighbours.

Michael grabbed her sides and pulled her down to a kiss and rolled her over onto her back. The heat turned up to maximum, he grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders allowing him to reach her inner most depths. In and out, in and out, thrust after thrust after thrust they called out to each other.

Maria: “Unnnngh, unnnnnnngh, Oh god baby, cum with me, cum…cum…cum”

Michael: He let her legs fall to his sides as he focused on making her cum, his tolerance was about to be breached but in that second he could see her coming apart, sweat dripping off him and pooling between her breasts he couldn’t hold out any longer and came deep in side her and at the same time her resolve also faltered and came. For the first time they had cum together and they loved it. He leaned down and kissed her. He pulled out and rolled on to his back, desperately fighting for breath.

“Wow”, the only word that could come to mind at the moment but she was equally lost for words and merely said “Yeah”.

Maria: After catching her breath, she turned her head to meet Michael’s intense eyes, both smiled. Her skin of her face and breasts still covered with a fine sheen layer of sweat and still very red. “You know I stopped to see Liz before coming over today.”

Michael: “Yeah well she is your best friend, so what?”

Maria: “Oh nothing, it’s just she had a grin on her the size of a coat hanger and looked contented and glowed like she swallowed the sun.”

Michael: looking back at his beautiful young lover, he smiled “You think she and Max finally did it?”

Maria: “I hope so, those two have waited long enough.” With that she stood up, teasing Michael by stoking her hands over her body, “You coming?” She left the room and walked in to the bathroom.

Michael was hard again in no time and ran into the bathroom when he heard the shower start up. This is a damn good start to the day he though.

Main Street, Roswell, 0915, same day

While Serena was parking the car, Ava went on ahead to the Crashdown. Either Liz or Maria would be there and at some point the others would be coming in during the day.

Kyle: To say that he had taken the last few months badly were an understatement. The only other person who was feeling worse than he was is Isabel. When Tess first moved in, the saw each other as just sex objects but as she became part of the family he began to see her as a sister. It was only near the end did he fully understand his feelings for her. Finding out she was pregnant with Max’s child filled very part of him with jealousy and rage, both of which he suppressed in order to help her through her child’s illness. At that point he could not deny how he truly felt about her – he was head over heals in love with her.

Then it happened, he remembered what she did. She killed Alex in front of him and then made him help her dump the body but making him think it was just plain old baggage. It made him sick.

But now across the street he saw her, he had to close his eyes, shake his head and look again. He couldn’t believe it; she had come back to Roswell after everything she did. As much as he once loved her, it was now replaced with hate. He wanted revenge and now he could have it.

Over the last year since Max healed him, he noticed his body changing. Nothing physically different – he was still very human but now he had powers. They had developed slowly but he had telekinesis, limited molecular control and a new little talent that he only recently discovered and had yet to tell anyone – he could phase his own body so that he could pass through anything and become invisible. He focused and when he was ready he ran across the street into a small alley along the path the Tess was taking. Everyone had started work so it was relatively quiet, Kyle waited for her to pass by and when he saw her, he pulled Ava (although unknown to him) into the alley.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 4

Main Street Alley, Same time

Ava: She sensed something was wrong as she walked along the street but now fear over took her has she felt herself being pulled into the dark alley. She was being pushed toward the end of the passage, her hands held securely in place so she could not use her powers. She considered a mind warp but without being able to see her assailant it would be useless.

At the end of the alley she was pushed up against the wall and with the force of the sudden impact she slumped down to the floor. A little groggy, she looked up to see a shimmer in the air and all of a sudden she recognized Kyle.

Kyle: Full of hate he raised his hand. Over the last couple of months his powers has started to develop and Isabel took it upon herself to train him. He was grateful for her help and glad he could help her get out of the house and doing something.

“You should have stayed away Tess.” His fingers twitched slightly as he looked down at the girl he once loved and prepared to put all those hours of practice to good use. His hand lowered, he couldn’t do it, he was still in love with her as much as he did not want to be – he was still wanted her to suffer but as he looked back into her eyes he saw something different.

Ava: His hesitancy bought her a little time, enough time to come back to her senses. Tess must have really done a job on the Roswell group to see such a reaction.

“Kyle, I’m not Tess. It’s Ava from New York – remember?” She hoped that Kyle would listen to her and not think it a trick but the look in his eyes already told her the he doubted his original assumption.

Kyle: Looking at Ava’s face and pleading eyes, he could see that she spoke the truth. He backed off a little and felt dizzy and what his emotions had almost caused him to do. All of a sudden he felt her hand on his shoulder, turning him to face her.

“I’m so sorry Ava, I didn’t know…I just assumed…oh god…”

Ava: Feeling a great sense of relief, she lead him back out to the main street where they met Serena.

Serena: She was following the directions to the Crashdown the Ava had given her when she had seen her ward and a young man coming out of the Alley. She immediately ran over and could see that Ava had the situation under control.

“Ava, are you okay?” She was quietly trying to judge the look on the young mans face – all she could see was guilt and despair.

Ava: “Yeah, its okay now. Serena this is Kyle Valenti, one of Max’s friends – he thought…he thought I was Tess but it’s okay now.” As reassuring as she tried to sound, she was even more concerned, if Kyle acted like this what would Michael be like or any of the others but in the long run she was glad it was Kyle to found her first and not a hot head.

“Kyle, this is my guardian Serena. We’re her to see Max, we’ve got some news.”

Kyle: He was still trying to process everything, he nearly killed someone; it wasn’t whom he thought but rather her twin and now a second guardian was in town – god knows what’s coming next.

Slowly coming back into reality he nodded, “Yeah, okay well Max is probably with Liz so the Crashdown is a good place to start”. He slowly started to walk in the direction of the themed café, Serena and Ava following behind.

Crashdown Café, Same time

Max was sitting at the counter, drinking a glass of cherry cola as slowly as he could, enjoying the company of his girlfriend – he couldn’t wait to get her somewhere private and peal that uniform off her body. Liz had come back to behind the counter after delivering a customer his order and could not suppress the smile she was giving him. They were still practicing with their new level of communication, most of what came through was jumbled, erratic sentences that made no sense but when the got on the same wave length the conversation was…intense…to say the least.

Today they were content to send their emotions to each other, emotions that all of a sudden turned to fear. Max looked toward Liz and saw the warm smile gone from her face as she looked toward the door. Now he too was away from the charged, erotic mood they were in a few seconds ago. As they gazed toward the door they saw three people enter but all they could really focus on was Tess.

Max started to stand up but Kyle ran toward him and Liz.

Kyle: Knowing what was coming next, as he had just gone through the same thing a few minutes earlier, came toward his two friends and pulled them together making sure they were both seated.

“Max, it’s not Tess, Its Ava. The good one who helped Liz when you were in New York.”

Max looked at him and then to Ava, his eyes were all over her, looking for some difference, some way to determine if what Kyle spoke was the truth and then he felt it. Liz knew her friend, she could see it in her eyes when Ava looked at her. It was the same look she had seen when Ava told her of Zan’s death and as Max heard her in his head he knew it too.

Ava: Glad to see the change in the way Max and Liz looked at her she started to walk over to him.

“Max, first I’m sorry for showing up here like this. I don’t know specifically what Tess has done but from your reactions…Max this is my guardian Serena, she has information for you and needs your help.”

Max: Still looking at Ava, he could only nod. It took a mental nudge from Liz to get him to speak.

“Okay, but we shouldn’t speak here. I’ll call Michael and we’ll meet at his place later once we get everyone rounded up. Where are you two staying?”

Serena: Having an ability to blend in and judge people were one of her greater talents. It was due to these that she did not show Max the proper greetings that accompanied his rank and she could clearly see that he did not enjoy being called King.

“We are checking in at the motel on the edge of town. We will be going back there now but we did have to check in with you.” While she could now show the proper respect in her mannerisms, she showed it in her voice. That was something that had caught Max’s attention.

She nodded her head and put her hand on Ava’s shoulder and led her out.

Max: looking over at his love he could see her concern. He told Kyle to call his father and Maria while he called Michael and Isabel. All parties were worried but mostly at how they would react to seeing Ava.

Kraisar, Medical Bay, 1400 EST (Earth Standard Time)

It had now been over a day since Lorat had left for Earth in the Granolith, Larek had performed a bed side vigil since then waiting for the doctor to tell him he could wake her up and now that time came. He looked over the sleeping form of Tess. He would still have to talk to Max in order to in form him of the discoveries made on board but right now he had a duty to perform…how do you inform someone that their child is dead?

After more tests it was determined that the Granolith registered the Ganderial crystal as a foreign body and attempted to remove it after she came out of stasis. Unfortunately the process also cause her to miscarry the baby, this on top of her memories of what happened on Earth…he pitted her greatly. He ordered the doctor to wake her up.

“Tess, Tess can you hear me?”

Slowly she opened her eyes to see a strange man hovering over her.

“Tess it’s okay. I am Larek!” he tried to be as soothing as possible.

Tess: “Larek, oh god…” It was with that that the memories of the last year had come back to her and she could feel the emptiness within her – she knew her child was dead. Larek could see it in her eyes, through the streaming tears. As much as she tried to stop, she could not – she murder Alex, the love of her friend Isabel, slept with Max by using a series of mind warps on him and Liz to drive them apart. All tore at her but none more so that using Kyle to help move the body to the car.

At the school dance when Kyle told her he thought of her as a sister, a part of her true self broke though the Ganderial control. She spoke the truth when she said she was disappointed but when he started to take care of her when she got pregnant she began to realise how much of a disappointment it was – she was in love with him but that Ganderial implanted into her neck suppressed that love and only allowed her to focus on Max.

Larek never left her side after that – he was with her all day and night, simply trying to make the pain a little less but now he had to leave her alone for a while. Brody was prepared for contact the connection was imminent. He had to go to his quarters and wait.

Antarian Central Command…

Kivar: His plans were ready, his operative on Earth informed. He had to secure the Earth Granolith and learn its secrets. No one knew of its existence yet somehow Larek knew to start looking for it. Kivar knew Larek believed in this, it was not some sort of idle speculation on his part. He sent Serena, his beloved sister to Earth to search for it. The possibilities enthralled his mind, soon he would secure the Earth Granolith – he would let Serena lead Nicholas to it and he would take it. When Lorat arrived back on Earth he would have a welcoming party all ready for him – he would be unstoppable, invincible. With two Granoliths at his command none of the other council members would dare oppose him.

However, he needed to know what Larek knew. How did he know to start looking? A long forgotten scientist constructed the Granolith over 20,000 year ago, long before we had the technology to go beyond the boundaries of out galaxy; it was something taught to every school child. He calmed his mind, when he had his prize he would have his answers. For now, the fun begins, as much as he trusted his aide on Earth, Nicholas has failed against Zan before and it would be a matter of weeks before their husks died. He needed re-enforcements.

He looked up at the monitors before him; all indications were green. The time had come.


Before him the monitors lit up with trails marking the path the launching vessels, over 150. “Earth will be mine, the Granolith will be mine and Vilandra…oh my love I will have you back!”

Kraisar, Command Deck, 5 minutes later

Captain: His sensors lit up, the alarms sounded. He rushed from his chair to the monitors. Panic, fear, he knew what this meant.

“By the Ancients…” he had to inform Larek before the link had begun. “ Lord Larek…” not waiting for a confirmation signal he continued, “Over 150 vessels have been monitored leaving the Antarian atmosphere – current course…sector 545…Sol, the Earth star system”

Over the internal COM channels he got a message from Larek confirming the news had been received.

Larek's Quarters

Kivar must know about the Granolith, he would not have risked this move now unless he knew. He didn’t have much time; at maximum speeds that their slowest vessel is capable of they would arrive on Earth in 6 months. 6 months until the event the humans call Armageddon. He had to force the link now, both bodies were prepared, Max had to know what was coming his way.

“May, the Ancients protect you, old friend…” and with that he fell back against his chair unconscious, the connection in progress.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 5

Roswell Alien Museum, 2 Hour Later

Brody: For the last couple of days he could feel it happening. He was about to be abducted again and he was really getting sick of it. Since his first abduction years before they had only taken him a few times but over the last year it had become very common.

Looking up he simply said, “Why can’t you guys just leave me alone fore a while?” but that was when it happened. He suddenly collapsed on to the ground unconscious and awoke a few minutes later.

The first thing he did was walk over to the desk and look out the list of numbers Max hid given him in case of an emergency, finding Max’s home number he dialled.

“Hello Mrs Evans, It’s Brody here, I’m trying to find Max…over at Michaels!”

Looking back at the list, “No its okay I have his number here, thanks anyway”.

After getting the dialling the number he waited for an answer, “Hello Michael, its Larek. I need to see Max soon!”

Michael told him of the meeting that was about to start and of the two visitors, “Okay I’ll be right over!”

Michael’s Apartment, 5 Minutes Later

Michael: After telling Max of the phone call and informing him that Larek would be around in half an hour he sat back down next to Maria, waiting for Serena to start. Like everyone else in the room they were nervous – Tess had told Max that she was filling out an agreement that Nasedo made with Kivar and if one guardian could betray them then why not the other.

Serena: She had been sensing the tension in the room from the moment that she and Ava arrived and did not like it, this young group of people had given up on trusting any of their own kind again and that worried her.

“Okay, now that your all here I suppose I should just start…there is a second Granolith hidden on Earth!”

At that the entire room erupted with questions of how, where and why. The only one who made no reaction was Isabel, in fact she did not move a muscle only her eyes lit up as she made a quick glance toward Liz. An act that did not go unnoticed by Maria. After raising her hands to silence the group she continued.

“I suppose I should just start from the beginning…About 20,000 of your years ago there was a war on Antar, it was the end result of what you would call a Cold War. Politically our species are very similar except you had the sense to pull back – we didn’t. For a couple of hundred years Antar was a wasteland, a dry desert in the middle of a nuclear winter where people were left to scavenge what ever they could use to survive, with no end in sight.

Then one day a small group of people were running from…well lets just call them hunters. A member of the group found a small opening in the ground and ran in hoping to find shelter – he got a whole lot more. Under the ruins of the city was some kind of laboratory, the markings in front of the door indicated it was used for research but nothing specific was found. The man forced the door and on the other side he found the Granolith. After he touched the device it activated and stated he was now Caretaker.

You see the system required a custodian of sort to interact with it in order for it to its work. From the records we have it identified a new Caretaker but analysing his DNA and adjusting itself so only he, or his offspring could use it. It’s believed that when the Granolith does this, it become linked to the caretaker, it knows when he dies. When the old Caretaker died – probably in the Great War – the system erased his genetic make up from its memory and left itself open for a new user.

The Granolith spoke to the man and told him to input a request, all he asked was what could it do?” The Granolith told him “Anything!” After a few minutes he told the Granolith to heal Antar. As the stories go, a blinding wall of light came forth from the Granolith and repaired the buildings, fixed the atmosphere, removed the radiation and in the waves wake grass, plants and trees started to grow. The man who found the Granolith was your direct ancestor Max and as a result he became our leader, our king and his children have used the Granolith to rule wisely.

We never knew where the Granolith came from, the story that was put out by your ancestor was that the Granolith was constructed by the government to do precisely what it did in case diplomatic avenues failed with the other nations. Many believed him but most didn’t care, we had our world back.”

Looking around at the children all she could see were faces of shock and fascination, almost like little kids waiting for their next bedtime story.

“Nobody doubted the explanation until about 60 years ago, shortly before you were all killed on Antar. Kalaria, Larek’s world had organised a colonisation mission to another worth in the opposite direction from Earth. Everything went as planned for the mission, as procedure dictates supply pods are launched to the planets surface so that if something goes wrong with the main ship landing the colonists could still use the escape pods to land, get to the supply pods and regroup. Nothing went wrong, the ship landed safely and construction work had begun. However, the team assigned to re-collect the supply pods found one had breached the surface of a cave network. Upon a more detailed survey the caves opened up in to a central cavern with several pictographs, and hieroglyphics, one of which resembled the Granolith. Your father and Larek’s father were informed and a team of archaeologists and linguists were sent to investigate. Until answers could be found the entire site was sealed off and the mission was classified – I was one of the linguists, what I found shocked me.

The work was slow but very productive, from what was translated the writings spoke of a race the walked between the stars and placed devices on certain worlds that were determined to produce sentient species. The Granoliths acted like a network, communicating with each other to update the race that built them on the development of these races. However, they were also designed to teach the races they encountered. As development went on, the builders of the Granoliths – a race that was translated as the Progenitors returned to judge the race. From what we could tell they had three classification of any race, Hostile, Neutral or Good. On any world that was deemed to be hostile the Granolith would be removed, good races were left in peace with the Granolith to aid them to get to the stars. Neutral races had their Granoliths hidden away, left on the custody of a single individual who would travel their world. That is what happened on Antar and if I am correct, on Earth as well. During my travels of Earth I found several instances where Granolith knowledge and power were used on Earth, the pyramids of Egypt and South America, irrigation systems along the Nile and used in the creation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon also the Oracle of Delphi, the great libraries and monuments of the ancient world are all examples of the Granolith being used to built items that could not have been built at the time.

When everything went bad back home and Kivar took over, your DNA was combined with human DNA, as part to keep you alive and well and part to make sure Kivar could not use the Granolith. My mission on Earth was simple, take one set of the hybrids to a location and hide them; teach them and keep them safe until they could defend them selves and then to move on and determine the existence and location of the Earth Granolith. I have almost succeeded in that task.”

Max: When Serena finished the only move me made was to blink his eyes and after a few minutes he shook his head to keep him in this reality. Finding out about his worlds history and what he was defending from the skins was one thing but now he knew what Serena was about do say but he did need to hear her say it. All he could do was to ask the question.

“Right, so what do you need from us?”

Serena: She could see in his eyes that he knew she was about to ask for his help in locating the Earth Granolith but this next bit was probably going to floor him.

“I need your help, the Granolith on Earth does exist and I’ve narrowed down its location but I still need you to help me locate its exact resting spot.”

This was the part she new would get to them. “You see the Granolith is located somewhere in Roswell – after it was hidden by the Progenitors, its Caretaker moved it around, passing the legacy on to his eldest children until one of them brought it to these shores 400 years ago. I tracked the movement of the bloodline to a family who first settle this region and lived peacefully with the local tribe of Native Americans long before the problems started. It’s when they came here that I lost the trail and I need your help to find it again!”

It was at that moment that there was a knock at the door, Michael stood up to answer it and Larek stepped inside. He looked around the room and then spotted his sister as she stood up.

“Hey, big brother. Its good to see you, it has been far too long.” she said as they hugged.

Larek: Just to see his sister again after fifty years was worth this trip.

“You to Serena…you to!” He couldn’t help but smile; still holding on to her hand he asked what they were talking about. Serena brought his up to date on her search but then his expression went grim as he could not put off telling his king what was happening on Antar.

Max: “So what brings you back this time or is it a social call?” he knew that Larek would not come to Earth unless it was important but he just hoped it wasn’t more bad news, he didn’t know if the other could take another year like the one they had just gotten through.

Larek: Now it was time, he had to tell Max.

“Max as requested we were able to intercept the Granolith and Tess a few days ago but ‘m sorry to report that your son is dead, she suffered a miscarriage.

He could see the look on his face, the child may have been with a woman he hated with everything he had but it was still his son.

As he fell back onto the seat next to Liz she asked if he was okay, she could feel that he was not and that it would take time to get over this. Isabel looked over to her brother and simply shed a tear for her unborn nephew, Michael took Maria’s hand and held it tightly – both felt enormous grief for the loss their friend had just suffered. None of them new that it was about to get a lot worse!

Larek: “Max there is a couple of other things, when Tess left the Granolith she collapsed. When that happened a yellow liquid pour out from the back of her neck, tests were ran…we determined that her actions over the last year were not her doing, her mind was being controlled by Kivar. We believe it happened early last year when the Skins abducted her.”

The utter shock of what was said was apparent on everyone’s faces but no more so than on Kyle’s. The sheer look of devastation was shown to every body as he remembered back to the alley, to the time when he nearly killed Ava thinking she was Tess. Guilt filled him as he silently thanked Buddha for not being able to go through with it, he could have killed her and it was not her fault but he also thanked Buddha for another reason. The woman he loved was, for all intent and purpose, free of the guilt of her crimes.

Larek: Now came the worst news he could give them…

“There is one other thing, Kivar knows about the second Granolith…a few hours ago my ship detected 150 ships depart Antar. Based on their trajectory we think they are coming to Earth. They will be here in little under 6 months”

Serena: She knew fine well what this meant, Antar had gone through the exact process the only difference is that Earth was completely defenceless.

“Oh god” she spoke simply. As the young teens raised their heads at her she continued. “Kivar always used the same battle tactics, he takes one third of his forces and uses them as the invading force leaving the remaining ships for defence…50 years ago Kivar’s ships could carry 1000 armed men a piece. Even without any upgrades to his vessels, Earth doesn’t stand a chance!”

Liz: “Yes it does, it has us and the Granolith…as soon as we find it!” Liz had been quiet during much of the discussion but now she echoed Max’s exact thoughts to the group. However, Max could feel the emotions building in his beautiful lover – almost a year ago she changed the future to try and protect Earth, Isabel and Michael but because of that tampering Alex is dead and Earth will be attacked 13 years ahead of schedule. Was all that pain for nothing?

Larek: Seeing the confidence rise in the group with Liz’s words made him proud to called a friend and now he understood at least part of what his friend had seen in Liz Parker.

“There is a piece of good news, a friend of mine is coming to Earth and will arrive in 4 days. He had been ruling his house in the absence of his brother and is very accomplished, he should be able to help in any research still needing to be done.”

It was at that point he made a glance at Michael.

Michael: Glad to hear that there will be someone coming to help felt some relief but the look Larek game him… “What…what’s that look for?”

Larek: “The friend is called Lorat and he’s your brother Michael”.

Maria looked over to her boyfriend and gave a huge grin, he had hoped he still had family on Antar and could not be happier for him and made sure she new how happy she was for him buy hugging him. Michael was completely dumbfounded, while he hoped to have some family out there he never dreamed he would actually have a relative as close as a brother – maybe a cousin or uncle and he was mortified at the thought of actually meeting him.

Kraisar, 1 Hour Outside of Kalarian Space

Captain: He hoped to return home soon, this had been one for the books – if there were any books being kept on record but the entire mission was unofficial. Right now his lord and master lay in his chambers while his conscious mind was thousands of light years away. All of a sudden every alarm on the bridge went off.

Tactical Officer: “Sir, 12 ships just appeared on the screen…their weapons are active. It’s Kivar’s forces, they’re ordering our complete surrender.”

Captain: He would never let Kivar have this ship, there too many secrets lay on board. He only had one choice to make.

“Ship. Verify Command Directive 1. Authorisation Code 8-2-5-0-0-1-DELTA. Activate.”

All officers on the command deck looked up to him, all fully understanding the decision he has to make. He looked back at the tactical officer.

“Go to the medical bay, take the doctor and the patient to deck 6. Use this card to open the door, when they are inside remove the card. You’ve got two minutes, go now!”

Cloaking technology was still experimental at best but still the only ship they had ready for a complete test was the escape pod on deck 6 and it was Tess’s only hope. It was programmed to return to Kalaria so if all went as it should, she at least would be safe. All of a sudden a jolt was felt – the escape pod was released. But then another jolt was felt, as the captain looked over to his officers for an explanation indicators went off showing that the hull was breached and that the ship was being invaded.

All hell then broke loose, the bridge had been compromised within minutes of the initial warning and we looked over to the monitor showing the count down he smiled but then the worse thing that could have happen, happened.

Ship: “Self-destruct program deactivate, computer relays severed on decks 2-5. Explosive device neutralised.”

It was then that the invading captain ordered his men to open fire and within seconds all that remained were lifeless corpses hanging over their stations, blood running freely from their bodies.

Larek’s Quarters, 20 minutes later

He walked in, gun in hand. He was going to do this and would take great pleasure in it but if he was going to succeed in the act he would have to wait for Larek to return. Kivar took a chair from the corner and sat down, pointed the gun to Larek’s head and waited.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 6

Back on Earth…

It was a long meeting; it was now well after 15:00 and the group had dispersed. Larek and Serena had gone back to the museum to catch up, Michael had let Ava stay with him for a while until they were finished. Kyle and Maria both went to their respective homes knowing that they would walk in on their parents getting ready for another date – the were both used to it now but thinking of their parents love lives made them a little uncomfortable. That left Max and Liz; he had decided to walk her home. His concern for her had grown with each passing moment after they learned of the imminent invasion.

Feeling responsible for the end of the world was bad enough the first time around but she felt that by changing the future it would now be behind her. Things had gotten worse and he wanted to make her feel better any way he could, as they turned the corner they could see that Crashdown and had turned into the side alley that led to the fire escape up to her balcony.

Max: Once on top he took Liz’s hands in his and sat her down.

“Liz, you are not responsible for this. When you made the decision to help…the future me you did it to save us and it was the right decision no matter how things turn out.”

Liz: She could not believe what Max just said, how could it not be her fault.

“Max, it was the wrong decision, if I had left things as they were we would have had 14 years together before anything like this happened and now we barely have 6 months…I don’t want to loose any more friends and I can’t loose you.”

She quickly stood up and turned away but Max grabbed on to her and pulled her into a warm embrace. She slowly relaxed as she heard {its okay my love, its okay} in her head. It was then he looked into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her. She moaned into the kiss as left her wanting mouth and started to kiss down he neck. Max’s hands slowly glided down her top and lifted the hem, resting he palms on the now exposed flesh.

As they stopped they looked into each others inviting eyes, the electricity between them intensified. Liz reached down and rapidly pulled of his sweater and just as quickly reached down and cupped his crotch. Max groaned at the contact and couldn’t help but cup Liz’s sweet face and kiss her. Liz pulled him closer, never letting her grip on his sensitive flesh go but Max had become filled with lust and grabbed on to her blouse and ripped it open, pushing Liz back against the brick wall next to her window.

Max was pleasantly surprise to see Liz without a bra and started kissing down her front, pausing on her breasts. He slowly and gently bit into each soft mound but licked and sucked each nipple as though he were a starved man. All though this Liz was busy unzipping his jeans and pushed them and his boxers down to his ankles – she too was like a ravenous animal at the moment, she would not be denied the intimate touch of her soul mate any longer and started to undo the fastening on her own jeans.

Liz up against the wall and Max on his knees before her both gasping for breath as he pulled her tight, black jeans down her legs. Within seconds she was naked except for her blue, silk panties covering his goal. He pulled her legs slightly apart and pushed her panties to on side as he put is face millimetres away from her. Max opened his mouth and let his extended tongue have its way with her. Liz desperately tries to spread her legs further from him but was restricted; she kicked her left foot free from her jeans and raised it so that it was resting on Max’s shoulder giving him all the access he wanted to her.

Moving and scraping against the cold brick was proving to be more uncomfortable than she first though and pushed Max away. Max fell backwards on to the ground looking up at Liz to see what he had done wrong. Her smile and the look in her eyes showed him that everything was okay, she was just taking control for a little while. As she slowly walked over to his position she reached down to her waist and pushed her silken underwear from her body, inch by inch as teasingly as she could. Max had only been as excited during his first time for Liz, he quickly looked around and found his own Jeans and reached into the back pocket and pulled out a condom. Liz only smiled harder as she walked slowly around him as he removed the rubber sheath and placed it over his hardening cock. As he rolled it down Liz slowly moved into position by kneeling over his waist, when he had finished she grabbed on to him causing him to moan – she knew he wanted to shout out but he was suppressing that instinct and she was glad of it. Her parents were just downstairs. Liz looked into his eyes as she raised her hips and moved his penis in to position and sat back down on to it.

Liz had discover a new side to herself that she never new existed, she enjoyed control in most situations but would gladly give it up to Max but right here, right now she was controlling every contact the two of them shared and she revelled in it. Keeping a hold of Max’s wrists as he sides she continued to push up and down, in and out. The only movement Max was capable of was to thrust upward to meet Liz as she came down, both were going slowly; this had become an act of pure love and neither wanted to end, especially since their first time together was more of an act of lust and need than anything else.

It was at that point that Liz’s mother walked into her bedroom in order to deposit some laundry on her bed. She was ready to walk back out but then she heard gentle moaning coming from the balcony and looked out of the window.

Her first instinct was to scream, her one and only daughter was naked and having sex with Max Evans. Nancy had no idea why she did not scream but she looked at her daughters face – it was full of peace and contentment as well as pleasure and love. Her daughters eyes opened and closed as she moved, letting go of Max’s hand she touched his chest and Max reached up to her face pulling her down into a passionate kiss. It was at that point that Nancy left, to confront them now would only cause massive amounts of embarrassment on both sides and would accomplish nothing, and so she would talk with Liz later – when her father was out! She was very concerned for Liz, she should not be having sex at such a young age but she could not ignore the look on Liz’s face.

Meanwhile on the balcony neither of the lovers knew they had just been caught, their pleasure was above anything they had experience before. In this moment it did not matter what would happen an hour from now, in six months or in 14 years. What did matter was that they were and would always be together.

The pace of their lovemaking had increased quite a bit, both were moaning and grunting and both were on the verge of collapse. Max stopped moving and Liz merely began to rock her hips back and forth, both wanted to cum badly and they did. Within seconds Max could take no more, he sat up and keeping Liz where she was he nibbled on a nipple while Liz continued to move back and forth and then they both came.

Although both were spent Max continued to gently thrust up into Liz’s waiting hole and her abdomen still convulsed as her climax had not yet subsided. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, keeping him close and he wrapped his arms around her bringing her even closer. They never said a word they didn’t need to. The connection allowed them to experience the others pleasure, love and let them say it in private.

Crashdown Cafe, 1630

Maria: She was at the end of her shift and Liz’s was about to start. She was now more determined to get some juicy details from her best friend when she saw the look of pure joy on her face.

“So are you gonna start talking or am I going to beat you up Chica?”

Liz: Looking back at Maria, she could see she knew but decided to string her a long for a little while.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Maria.” She said, turning away so her friend could not see her grin.

Maria: Growing ever more frustrated she grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled her through to the back room. She looked into Liz’s eyes and could see a shining glow that she had never seen before. She crossed her arms; looked dead on into her eyes and smiled.

Liz: She couldn’t hold out any longer, she wanted to tell Maria everything. Maria had already told her about herself and Michael, now it was time to return the favour. The determined look in Maria’s eyes showed her that Maria was never going to finish her shift until she got some response.

“Okay…Max and I…” she trailed off. She was blushing wildly and looked down to the ground.

Maria: “I knew it, how was it…Oh god you…you should have told me…” She never let Liz finish and kept rambling on until Liz raised her hand and put it over her mouth. Liz told her that she would tell her everything tomorrow.

“Okay, I’ll leave it just now…but you are going to tell me everything tomorrow.”

Liz: Relieved for the reprise she looked back at her friend.

“Shouldn’t you be leaving for Michael’s – isn’t tonight the big dinner?”

Maria: Suddenly realising the time, she grabbed her jacket yelled goodbye back to Liz and ran out the door.

Michael’s Apartment, 10 minutes later.

Michael: I had been well over two hours since Ava left to go back to the motel. Tonight was the first time that Michael was cooking dinner for Maria that didn’t include burgers and fries with alien themed names. He was determined tonight was going to be perfect and he was equally determined not to use his powers to speed things up.

And so far everything was perfect, the table was set using a tablecloth borrowed from Max’s mother and the dishes were newly bought for the event – he figured using paper plates was not a good idea and the only other plates he had were cracked and chipped. The only thing that was not going well was the roast beef, the oven was on but it just didn’t want to cook in the middle. Everything else was ready and Maria would be here any minute – he was sorely tempted to “Zap” the meat and hope she did not notice any change in taste.

As he was about to take it out of the oven the doorbell rang and he went to answer it, he was out of time. After opening the door, he welcomed Maria in with a gentle kiss and hug.

“Hi, sorry but dinner is running a little late. The beef just wont co…”

Maria: Seeing him flustered and bothered about trying to get everything ready in time was just so cute to her. She decided to stop his gentle ranting was a kiss. Feeling him relax a little she pulled a way.

“That’s okay Michael, sometimes things don’t go was planned. We will eat when it’s ready.” She wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck and pulled my down for another kiss.

Michael: Relaxed was not the word to use right now but then he remembered the beef in the oven and pulled away quickly. He coughed and pulled himself out of her warm embrace,

“I should check the oven and turn on the timer…I’ll be back in a minute” and with that he rushed off.

Once in the kitchen he grabbed on to the edge of the counter and took a deep breath. Reaching down he adjusted himself to make everything a little more comfortable. He was fighting just to keep from throwing Maria on to the table and taking her right there and then. He remembered the contents of his oven; he opened it up, backed off from the blast of heat and checked his beef dinner. After he was done, he set the timer for half an hour and went back out to meet Maria who was sitting on his sofa looking up at him. After bringing down a couple of drinks he sat down and had a quiet conversation with the love of his life, waiting for the timer to go off.

It didn’t take long, after a couple of meaningless attempts at conversation the pretending was over with and the two were embraced in another of their famous passionate kisses. Michael moved his hand down her leg and started to pull her skirt up, once up to her thigh he grabbed hold of the flesh and groaned as Maria moved her leg over Michaels.

Maria moved Michael back against the sofa and straddled his legs. He still had his hand up he skirt and moved the other up toward her butt. Michael was more than pleasantly surprised to find Maria wearing a thong and traced the thin material along the crack, a simple act that elicited a moan from Maria. She stopped the kiss, sucked his lower lip into her mouth and gently bit into it and let it go. Michael removed his hands, much to Maria’s disappointment, and held onto her back as he flipped their bodies around so that she was now resting on the sofa with her legs spread and Michael between them. Gently her traced his fingertips up along her legs and back under her skirt, slowly he hooked his fingers around the tiny slip of material and pulled the thong down her legs as she raised herself from the seat to help Michael in his quest.

Michael took her underwear and placed them inside his pocket as he watched Maria slowly lift her long skirt back up her legs. All of a sudden Michael could see his goal and followed the raising fabric, each inch up he kissed her inner thighs until he reached for what he yearned for. Pushing his face in and extending his tongue he felt her almost jump out of her skin at the moment of contact. Maria slumped back against the seat and as she put on hand behind Michaels head she placed the other in her own, pulling in pleasure at her blonde hair.

With each passing moment Maria hips started to move by themselves, grinding her pussy against her lovers warm mouth and tongue.

“Oh Michael, eat me baby, EAT me!” Maria was lost in pleasure.

It was then that she poured her juices all over Michaels face but he remained in position, slowly licking and kissing Maria’s core, thanking her for his sweet gift. Michael wiped of his face as he moved up Maria’s body, kissed her mouth and held her. {I love you} he thought in his head.

Maria: Ever grateful for Michaels god given talents was out of breath and held Michael for the support she needed just to remain sitting up right. Hearing Michael give his declaration of love she returned it.

“I love you too!” and it was at that point Michael pulled away and looked at Maria.


Michael: Shocked, stunned – yes. Unhappy, angry at the new twist to their relationship – no. He pulled Maria up so that she was standing with him, looking into her eyes he calmly said, “I didn’t say anything, I said that I loved you in my head but not out loud.”

Maria: “We need to talk to someone about this!”

Michael: “Yeah I know”

It was then that the oven timer went off. Both were startled and looked to the kitchen, when they calmed down a bit they looked back to each other and smiled.

“But we do that later, right now we eat!”

Larek’s Quarters, Kraisar

Larek: He said goodbye to his sister and made his way back to the Museum so that Brody would be someplace safe when he woke up. He had enjoyed seeing his sister again, catching up and telling her about the family had been one of the most enjoyable experiences of their lives but he had to return home.

Waking up from the long connection he looked around and could not believe what he saw. Kivar was in his room and pointing a weapon at him. The crew of his ship had obviously fallen; he only hoped that some had escaped.

Kivar: “So Larek, finally back from that primitive rock. Who knows what you or that boy see in that place but soon it will be ash – just like you.”

Taking aim, he pulled the trigger.

Unfortunately Kivar’s arrogance was his major failing. In his inability to pull the trigger immediately and urge to taunt Larek he had given him the time he needed to do what was necessary.

Larek was always prepared, he installed new systems to his quarters – two buttons that he had pressed both. In the split second that it took for the energy to leave the gun a metal cylinder fell from the roof and he was launched in an escape pod into space while an energy field surrounded his quarters and every other room on the ship, blocking Kivar and his followers escape.

The second button was connected to a little toy that Larek was working on. A little toy that was capable of vaporising a small moon. Within the minutes it took for the pod to get clear an explosion occurred that destroyed all the surrounding ships and could be seen all the way to Kalaria. Larek looked back at the debris and smiled, the opportunity that every noble lord who was loyal to the old king had been waiting for had occurred and had been taken advantage of - Kivar was dead.

The only downside was that the damage was done. Most of the Antarian cities were in ruins, the skins were running amok and the invasion of Earth could not be recalled. The ships were travelling at hyperspace velocity and no communication signals could be received until they dropped to lesser speeds and by the time a signal would reach them it would be too late.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7

Parker Residence, Later that evening

Nancy: It had been a long day, she had no idea what she was gong to say to Liz. Nancy had been going over it and over it in her head, she should have barged out to the balcony with a baseball bat and beat the crap out of Max for even looking at her daughter let alone…well…what she had seen. Looking back on it she should have done that, it would have been easier and over with and very satisfying – and her husband would be spared the emotional rant.

Still she could not get the look on Liz’s face out of her head. It was obvious the Liz loved Max and that it was returned despite the pain Nancy had witnessed in their eyes last year. As much as she wished she could ignore what happened she wanted to be sure her one and only daughter was okay and now the opportunity had arisen, Jeff had gone out for the evening to catch up with and old friend and Liz was staying in “just to chill” as she put it.

“Liz, could you come here for a minute!” she called out toward the bedroom. Soon Liz had come out of her room but paused when she seen the concerned look on her mothers face.

“Liz could you sit down for a moment. We need to talk about something.” She softly patted the seat next to her and Liz proceeded to sit down.

Liz: The look on her mother’s face was full of concern, fear and compassion, all of which she was doing a very bad job of trying to hide if she was trying to hide it at all.

“Sure, what’s going on? Does this have something to do with me forgetting to fill up the ketchup bottles?”

She knew fine well it was not but she had no idea what else it could be.

Nancy: “No Liz…no, earlier I was putting some laundry away and I saw you and Max out on the balcony!” See was looking right into Liz’s eyes until that point, she bowed her head and looked down to her lap.

Liz: She was very embarrassed and feeling very vulnerable about what her mother was going to say and do.

“Oh”, it was the only word she could think of and it came out very softly. Her face was about as red as it could get and was determined not to look at her mother. She was so afraid that she would be forbidden to see Max again and after thinking about it was surprised that she hadn’t intervened when they had been caught.

Nancy: She was now really beginning to feel for her daughter, Liz was bright red and her hands were clasped in her lap and she could swear that they were almost shaking. She was now determined to make this as painless as possible.

“Liz, its okay. I’m not happy about the situation but if I try to stop you seeing Max…I suspect that it wouldn’t do any good, would it? I do want to know something though.”

Liz looked up not believing what she was hearing and simply nodded.

“Are you using protection?”

Well she was wrong, she thought. Liz’s face got even brighter and looked back down to her feet.

“Liz I know this is embarrassing for you but I’m your mother and I need to make sure your safe. I don’t want you to become a teen parent and I admit I don’t know Max as well as I should but I don’t want you to catch anything.”

Liz: She could tell her mother was concerned and looked back up at her. She wanted to alleviate the burden her mother had. She knew Nancy only had her best interests at heart and felt great relief when she was told that she could still see Max. Looking back to her mother’s eyes, she looked straight into them and said, “Yes, we are being careful.”

Nancy: The only thing she could think of at that moment was to thank god. She knew both Liz and Max were intelligent but whether that intelligence was passed on to their love lives was another question that was gratefully answered.

“Condoms?” It was a simply question that was answered with an equally simple nod.

“Okay, I’m going to make an appointment for you with the doctor. I want you to go on the pill, just to make sure that you’re as safe as possible from any unplanned…surprises.”

Liz: The look she saw on her mother told her that it was a matter of fact and that it was not a discussion.

“Okay. When do I have to go and are you going to tell dad about this?”

Nancy: Looking into her pleading daughter’s eyes she could imagine Jeff’s reaction and did not enjoy the picture of him covered in Max’s blood…but that doesn’t mean that she’s happy about this and that she couldn’t have a little fun on her part.

“I will make an appointment tomorrow and no, I will not tell your father. I have a feeling you would like your relationship with Max to be long as possible and not have to attend a funeral next week.” With the little grin that Liz emitted at the comment she knew that it was time to get a little more amusement.

“However, I think that it would be a good idea to have Max over for dinner next week!”

The look on her daughter’s face was priceless. She couldn’t believe what she had just said as well. An invitation for the young man who had defiled her beloved daughter to come to dinner had just been made. Then she remembered that Liz was completely besotted with him and that she knew almost nothing about the boy, she knew his parent’s quite well but not him and this was something she was going to have to remedy.

Liz: Her mother may have said it for a little amusement at Liz’s expense but could see now that she was also very serious. Her parent’s acceptance of Max was very important to her and knew this could be a very good opportunity. She would just have to wait and see.

“Yeah I would like that but I will have to speak to Max first.”

Nancy: She nodded at her daughter’s response and looked into her eyes.

“Okay, so tell me all about Max before I poison his food.”

They spent the next couple of hours talking about Max, his sister, friends and how they were all doing after Alex’s death – she knew that it still pained Liz and Maria quite a lot but not about any of the others they hung around with. In the end Liz told her everything about Max, everything other than the alien side of things and the events with Tess.

Isabel’s Bedroom, 0000

Isabel: She was lying in bed thinking about everything that she had just learned. She couldn’t sleep and her head was full of images, specifically of the story Max told her of Liz’s encounter with Future Max. With each passing moment plans were formulated and dismissed, all based around one outcome but everything would depend on Liz agreeing to it but she somehow knew that she would not.

Earlier at the meeting Isabel could see the same idea spark in Liz’s eyes but had seen that spark go out just as quickly as it arrived. The last time she tampered with the future it resulted in a dramatic reduction in the amount of time before the end of the world and the death of a good friend and someone she loved. If they tampered again it could make matters even worse, but then there was a way around that…hopefully.

“I’m going to do it, I’ve got to!”

She couldn’t go on without him any more. Now she had a purpose, all she needed were the components – Liz and Max’s support and, of course, the Granolith. For the first time in three months she didn’t cry herself to sleep and smiled at the possibilities.

Washington D.C., Two days later 1100

What better place to hide from your enemies than right under their noses. That pathetic boy king and his friend were not Nicholas’s concern at the moment; they would not leave Roswell unless they had no choice. Unfortunately he must now give up this relative safety. The signal from his master came in yesterday and he couldn’t believe it, a second granolith on Earth. His orders were simple – do nothing to Zan and his human mate until they have found the Granolith, at that point kill them & secure the device and when the invasion fleet arrives transfer it to a ship for transport to Antar.

He barely had the six months to live before his husk would give out and deteriorate. Yet he had no other choice, getting on one of those ships and into his own atmosphere was his only hope for survival as well as the remaining Skins on Earth. Getting the last of the confirmation signals from his people he left his apartment for the last time and got into his car. Unbelievably he had to do a tour of the U.S. before getting to his final destination – Roswell N.M.

“Nicholas!” he heard from behind him and looked into the rear view mirror, “Everything is prepared sir and they await collection.”

As sorely tempted as we was to just kill Zan and the others when he saw them, he would fulfil his orders and not interfere with them until the task was complete.

Kalarian Space, 1200

Larek: He had been floating in space for hours, replaying the death of Kivar over and over in his head for entertainment, {Max is going to love hearing about this} he thought. All of a sudden he felt a jolt and within a few minutes the hatch to his pod was opened.

“Greetings my lord” he heard, “Are you all right”

“Yes, I’m fine. Were there any other survivors from the ship?”

Kalarian Officer: “Unfortunately not my lord. The experimental escape pod was launched and one of the Royal Four was inside. As programmed the pod entered into orbit of Kalaria and de-cloaked, however, there was an onboard malfunction of the life support unit and the occupant is died.”

Larek: Saddened by the news of Tess’s death he hoped that she was at least at peace with herself now. Unfortunately matters must now focus on the rebuilding of Antar. There was nothing more he could do for Earth but at the very least he could see that his old friends legacy is implemented back in his kingdom. This would at least give him something to return to but should he die, his ideology would live on.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 8

Max’s Bedroom, 2225, later that evening

Michael had been pacing outside the window for a good ten minutes before Max heard his call and invited him in. He was obviously agitated and concerned but there was a look of contentment in his eyes as well. Leaning up against the wall he looked at Max, he was not sure how to begin so he waited for Max to start.

Max: Watching Michael he grew a little concerned and could tell that he was waiting for Max to start the conversation. He rarely saw Michael this agitated but he also noticed the glimmer in his eyes.

“Okay, so what’s got you here this time? Did your dinner with Maria not go well the other night or something? From what Maria told Liz, I gathered it was the best time she has had!”

Michael smiled at the last comment, “Dinner was great but it was what happened before that’s the problem!” Michael said plainly. “I was…with Maria and we started to talk to each other.”

Max was a little confused at this point, “Correct me if I’m wrong but you two have had conversations before right?”

“No Max you don’t get it. We didn’t say anything out loud, in my head I said that I loved her, she heard it and responded out loud, that’s how we realised it happened.

Max: “Michael, the same thing happens when I’m with Liz but I’ve always put it down to the connection we have. I think we should talk to Serena about this and get some answers.”

Healing Liz and getting her in his life was the best thing that ever happened to him and the growing connection made him feel apart of her but if Michael and Maria were going through a similar process then he wanted to make sure that everything was okay and that neither Liz or Maria would be adversely affected by their contact with his kind.

Michael: Going to Serena was the last thing he wanted to do but she was a guardian and she would probably know if what was happening was normal…well normal for them at least.

“Max are you sure about going to her, this is kind of personal and she is…well…parental!”

Max cut him off at that point and told him yes. Tomorrow they would have what would be a very uncomfortable talk with Serena.

Liz’s Balcony, Parker Residence, Same Time

Isabel: After working through her plan for the last couple of days she was ready to go to Liz with it. She was the key; according to Max she did it once or rather will do it. Now hopefully she will do it when they find the Granolith, Isabel thinks she had away to convince her but she could see the pain in her friends eyes when she thought of her last encounter with time travel, it was going to be a hard sell. She reached the window and knocked lightly.

Liz: She had just finished writing in her journal when she heard the slight tapping at her window. It could not have been Max, she would have felt his approach and the others would have gone to the front door…well maybe not Michael but then why would he come to her window? She had changed into her nightclothes so she grabbed a robe, went to the window and opened it.

“Isabel? What are you doing here?”

Isabel: “I need to talk to you”; she paused as she entered the bedroom. “When we find the Granolith I want to use it to go back and save Alex…and I need your help to pull it off.”

Liz: She had been dreading this conversation ever since she had looked into Isabel’s eyes at the meeting. She had an idea about what Isabel was planning but hoped to god she was wrong.

“Isabel…I can’t let you do this. Believe me I want Alex back too but this can only cause trouble.”

She was remembering the pain and heartache from her experiences from her own tampering.

Isabel: She knew this was going to be her reaction and was going to take things slow. Looking into Liz’s eyes she could see the pain and would do anything to see that pain gone from her friend…strange, a couple of years ago Isabel barely knew her name and now she was one of her closest friends and one she trusted with her life.

“Liz, Max told me what you went through the last time. I wanted to say thank you for what you sacrificed to try and save us…I didn’t think anyone could have done what you did but you did do it. I know Max told you that everything that happened afterwards wasn’t your fault and he was right, it was the right decision to make.”

Liz looked back up to Isabel’s eyes, the soothing tone that Isabel was using helped a little and hearing Isabel’s gratitude for what she did for them made her feel even better.

“I’m not asking for an answer just now but I want you to think about it as an option…too many people had to suffer last year because of us. Alex was the worst, he lost his life, Valenti lost his job and you and Max went through hell. We should think about all the others as well, Lonnie killed Zan and then there was the damaged caused by the Ganderium.” Remembering all the damage caused both girls to look down and had to fight back the tears.

Liz: “Isabel if we do try this it could easily make things worse than they are now. Even if we do find the Granolith there is no guarantee that I can do what ever I did in the future. I just can’t take the chance that something…”

She trailed off, she knew Isabel was hurting and didn’t wasn’t to send her away with nothing. “I will think about it, that’s all I can say just now. Okay?”

Isabel slightly nodded and smiled, Liz may have had her doubts about doing this but the look in her eyes at that moment showed that there was at least some hope of it all coming together.

The two of them sat and talked for a while, if Liz was going to agree to this then she needed to know what Isabel was planning and it was clear that she had thought long and hard about this. It wasn’t too long before the conversation turned back to Alex.

“You really did love him didn’t you?” Liz stated. It came out as a question but was clearly a statement of fact.

Isabel nodded, “Yes I do…did, I started to realise it at the dance but then I lost him. I still can’t believe that he is gone and every night I see the…crash. I just want him back, even if we can’t stop the invasion when it comes…I just want to be able to hold him and tell him how I feel.” Tears were no flowing from Isabel. The one time ice queen had been melted and the person who brought her out was lying dead with his family thinking it was suicide. Things had to change and the look in both of the girls’ eyes told the other that they both knew it. Whether she was completely on board or not Liz knew it had to change.

Not too long after the conversation about Alex, Isabel left the room the way she arrived leaving Liz to ponder on what she had to do. Lying on her bed, looking up at the ceiling Liz could not help but wonder if she could actually do it, whether or not she should was now gone from her head. {God how did that happen} she thought, an hour ago she wouldn’t touch time travel with a stick now it occupied her thoughts. She was also surprised at how easily Isabel managed to get her to even think about the proposal but after thinking about it she realised that she too had the idea of going back in time to save Alex, Isabel was just the one who was the first to voice it. Within minutes Liz’s eyes grew heavy and slowly she drifted off in to a deep sleep.

Pod Chamber, following morning, 0620

The entire chamber was buzzing with energy and all of a sudden everything began to shake. A minute later a solid mass came shooting down from the sky and stopped, the Granolith hovered directly above the place it launched from three months ago. Slowly it lowered itself and came to rest within the chamber, sending beams of light from its peak to seal the gaping hole in the roof that was created by its departure. The chamber was now once again concealed from prying eyes.

A second flash of energy and Lorat stepped onto the world know as Earth. The Granolith had altered him slightly, normally he would not have been able to survive on Earth without the use of a Skin husk or being a shape shifter but now he was able to breathe this planets atmosphere. Now he had to make his way to Roswell, find King Zan and help with the search of the Earth Granolith. He was looking forward to seeing his brother again, Larek told him that he was very attached to a human girl and could not wait to meet the woman who tamed his loner brother but then this Michael Guerin may be a totally different person than the one he once knew. He did know one thing, ruler of the house he may be but their parents are not going to be wild about Maria! They had plans for their first-born and Princess Vilandra.

He stepped out into the pod chamber and looked around, finding the door he opened it and was welcomed by a very low but very bright sun. Making his way down the mountain he pulled a hexagonal device from his clothes. Soon all his clothes were replaced by the Earth norm and pressing another button he was shown the way to town. This was going to be a long walk.

Roswell Library, 0900, Same Day

The group, except Liz who was sleeping late, had all turned up at the library as soon as it opened to look through the old records of the town, hoping to find some reference to the mysterious family who was in possession of the Granolith. They sat down in the reference area next to the oldest of the records the library had to offer.

Kyle: Looking at the pile of books they had already amassed and the ones still on the shelf, he shook his head and said, “This is going to take forever!”

Michael: “Yep! You can say that again but the sooner we get started the better.” He still had the pleasure of his conversation with Max and Serena to look forward to and having to read through these records, files and books didn’t make his day any better.

Max: “Everybody grab a book, remember were looking for early settlers and they would have remained as isolated as possible…okay lets get started.” He grabbed a book along with everybody else and opened to the first page.

The entire day was spent in the library and Liz arrived around lunchtime; books were read and discarded over and over again. They knew they couldn’t hit the mark on their first try but the hope was still there.

Maria: Research was not her thing, she usually left that to Liz and she absolutely hated history, she would do anything to avoid it but now she was in it up to her ears. Looking for a family that could have been wiped out the day they arrived in the area was a headache.

“Serena, even if we do find the Granolith what are the chances of us stopping the invasion?” She knew it was a question on everybody’s mind and one that the wanted an answer to. The Granolith was very powerful but was it powerful enough?

Serena: Oh she was waiting for this one. She had hoped not to discourage any of the young group but even she didn’t have all the answers.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I don’t know. The Granolith’s powers were mainly designed for use inside a planets atmosphere for its own particular star system but outside of that…the power weakens considerably. It may not be able to take all of the enemy ships out. The Granolith we brought here was fully charged and could only be used once until it was returned to the Antarian System were it would recharge itself and could be used again.” Looking down to the pained eyes of the eight teens, even Ava who now considered this world a home was upset.

Isabel: She and Liz agreed not to discuss the her plan with the others until Liz was on board with it fully but now looking into each others eyes and both nodding they knew it was time to talk about it.

“There may be another option when we find the Granolith.”

It was at that point that all eyes turned on her, “We could use it to go back in time, and we give our past selves enough information to prevent all this – maybe even keep Alex alive and prevent the Skins from getting to Tess.”

The mention of her name caught Kyle’s attention; if Tess could be saved he was onboard as was Ava who hoped Zan could be saved. All had their reasons for going a head with her plan, Max even gave his support when he “talked” to Liz in his head about it. If Liz could give her support after what she had been through then he would support her.

Serena: She was confused, this was the first time she had heard of this capability of the Granolith and was immediately concerned. This was a highly dangerous idea, tampering with the time line should never be used, as the temptation to change things again and again would always be there no matter how good the intentions were.

She was about to protest when all of a sudden the door to the room opened and in stepped an old and very close friend.

“Lorat!” The smile on her face was not missed by anyone.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 9

Roswell Library, Immediately Following

Lorat: He had been trying to prepare himself for this during his long walk from the Pod Chamber but he felt as though he had been struck by lightning. {She is just as beautiful as they day she left for Earth} he thought. As she slowly stood up to greet him he found himself lacking the words that wanted so badly to come out of his mouth so he simply gazed into her eyes and said “Hello Serena”.

Serena: She was pretty much in the same state; Lorat had arrived earlier than she expected him to. Shaking her head she turned to the group of teens gathered around the table. All had little smirks on their faces.

“Lorat, this is Max Evans, King Zan”

Max: He stood up to greet the new arrival but was greeted back by Lorat bowing his head and not looking him in the eyes. A gesture of respect that had blown Max completely out of the water, he hated being the centre of attention like this and quietly told Lorat to raise his head. Doing as he commanded Lorat looked back to Max with a slight degree of confusion and wondered if he had done something to offend the young king.

“Sorry Lorat, I know it’s only out of respect but I’m still not comfortable with the royalty bit and it would be hard to explain if anyone started to ask about it. I hope you understand?”

Lorat: “Yes of course Your Maj…sorry…Max?” When receiving a slight nod from his king to show that it was okay to call him by his first name he continued.

“I understand that the situation here is less than hospitable where the Government is concerned and I suspect that many individuals would also have their problems.”

Looking around the group Max introduced him to each member one by one until he came to Michael.

“It’s good to finally see you again Rath, or do you prefer Michael?”

Michael: For the first time in his life he was a complete wreck so simply held out his hand to shake his long lost brother’s.

“Michael is fine, it’s good to meet you as well Lorat”. This was confusing to say the least; here he was meeting his younger brother who was at least 50 years older than him.

“I can’t wait to get to know you a little, I think you could answer a lot of questions”. Through the excitement he almost forgot his significant other but now was a good time as any for at least one member of his family to meet her.

“Lorat, I want you to meet Maria…my better half.”

Lorat: “Its nice to meet you Maria, I must say Larek’s description didn’t do you justice. I hope I get the chance to get to know you as well as compare some notes on my brother…if he is as half as wild as he was back on Antar then you have done what no one has done before!”

Looking back at the group “So what are you working on here”

Serena continued to explain all about the research they were doing to find the family who were the guardians of the Earth Granolith. Being a field that he knew nothing about he quietly took a back seat to the whole investigation.

It was an hour before the library had to close for the day and Kyle asked the question…

“Wait a minute, if Lorat used the Granolith to come back to Earth then why don’t we just use that one instead of running around looking for this other one?”

“No that one is out of power, it would take another 20 years before it recharged again. The only reason Lorat could use it to come back here is that it was back in the star system that it was designed for use in.” Serena explained while playing with her pendant.

Liz: She was listening to everything that was being said around her while she was reading a book that dealt with early emigrations to the area. Like the others she didn’t have very much luck…until she looked up to Serena. Eyeing the pendant she began to remember!


A five-year-old Liz was excited; her parents had bought the restaurant and the apartment above it and had moved in about a week ago. She could not get over the exploration of her new surroundings and going everywhere she found herself in the storeroom.

Running around, causing havoc like other kids her age she was not careful and eventually tripped on a small box of her toys that was being held there until her bedroom was ready.

It wasn’t a serious fall but it was enough to rattle her cage and cause some pain to her knee. While looking down and holding back some tears she had seen a small design in one of the bricks on the wall – two circles connected by a diamond shape in the centre. However the event was short lived as her mother who heard the crash had come in and found her daughter on the floor.

End Flashback

“Serena, what is that pendant?”

Serena: Looking down to her favourite position and looked back into Liz’s eyes. She had seen the spark of familiarity at that point.

“It’s something I found in the Granolith Cave on the colony, I believe the symbol represents the Granolith…Why?”

Liz: “I can’t believe this.” She whispered but it was loud enough to get everyone’s attention

“I think I’ve seen it before…come on!”

Standing up she walked out of the Library closely followed by her friends and several questions, all of which she refused to answer until she was sure. That day two cars moved though the town of Roswell, their occupants filled with curiosity at Liz’s remarks. Soon they pulled up to the street that contained the UFO Museum and the Crashdown Café.

Storeroom, Crashdown, 17:20

Liz: She had decided to enter through the back door and thus avoid any attention that might be drawn their way. As she entered the room she knelt down and looked for the marking at she hadn’t seen in 12 years.

“Look, right there! That’s the same as the pendant.”

The group squeezed in and gazed at the marking, none could believe their luck. The goal of there search was beneath their feet the whole time – now how to get to it.

Max: Looking into Liz’s eyes and helping her stand up; he slowly knelt down to the position and waved his hand over it. He figured he might as well try his powers on it to see what happened…nothing. Gloomily he looked down to the floor {that’s strange} he though…

“Liz has this manhole cover always been here?” he asked. Once receiving a reply to confirm it he backs off of it and lifted it up. Jumping down into the hole he did not find himself in the sewer as he expected but in a small room. It was too dark to see anything so he cupped his hands and used a little of his power to produce a light source. Looking around he had seen the symbol yet again and once again he touched it.

The energy that was in his hand crackled through the wall and as the remainder of the group entered the chamber the wall disappeared. An exact copy of the other chamber that they knew so well and in its centre – the Granolith, greeted the group. As they circled around the black obelisk Liz reached out to touch it. No one could believe that she was doing it but it had seemed instinctual to her and at the moment of contact a voice was heard.

“Identity confirmed…Elizabeth Parker. Custodianship granted you are now Caretaker…Use your knowledge with wisdom.”

At that point a bolt of energy threw Liz back against the wall but was intercepted by Max.

Max: He never hesitated when he saw his love being forced back. He ran to her and took the full force of her before she hit the wall. He could see the veins of her body glow with energy and watched as they pulsated up and into her head. Everyone gathered around to see if she was okay and all were relieved when she opened her eyes.

“God Liz, are you okay?”

“Max, it’s incredible”, she stated

“What is?”

“I know it all, how to use it, what it can do…I understand everything about it!”

“Well I hope you do and I hope you be careful of what you now possess!”

Everyone turned back to the Granolith and was shocked to see someone dressed entirely in black exit the device and moved to face them.

Slowly the stranger approached the group and held his hand over Liz’s head…

“Yes it was a bit too much for you system to handle…you’ll need to rest for a while young lady”

As he stood back up he held out his arms and looked at his hands and new body

“My now this is an interesting form, epidermal layering, skeletal structure…sorry, it’s just been a long time since I had a corporeal form. I must say Liz I though you would be a little more careful when you returned here.”

That last comment caused everyone to look down at Liz and then straight back up to the mysterious visitor.

Max: “Who…what are you and how do you know Liz?” The concern was very evident in his voice.

Stranger: “Who…now that is a good question! I haven’t needed a name in a couple of million of your years but you do need to call me something…lets see…well the last time I was out and about as it were the locals in Egypt called me bird of fire or Phoenix. You might as well call me that.

Now what am I…Well my people are non-corporeal beings…forgive me. You probably want my race. My people are called the Omniriads but many have called us the Progenitors – we made the Granoliths.”

Michael: Still a little dazed “And the non-corporeal stuff...that means?”

Phoenix: “Oh yes of course, you are still quite young…my people do not have physical bodies we exist solely as energy. Now to answer the young kings question about how I know his mate – that’s a little more complicated. I, for lack of a better term, made her.”

Main Highway, Same time

Skin: “We are entering New Mexico now sir, we will arrive in Roswell in 4 Hours.”

Nicholas: “Very well, has there been any communication form Kivar?”

Skin: “No sir, nothing for the last few days!”

Nicholas didn’t like this, if his master was going to be out of contact for any length of time he always sent a beacon to inform his operatives – it was part of his plan, something he never wavered on and now he was receiving no reply to his status reports.

{Soon, soon Max you will die and with you will go your friends, family and that anomaly} he thought.

“I am going to rest, wake me when we are there”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 10

Granolith Chamber, Immediately Following

Max: The statement made by this Phoenix had thrown Max. He made Liz? Anger, confusion and concern for the very weak Liz who was lying in his arms on the floor.

“What do you mean you MADE Liz?” It was the concern for his lover that came through on his voice.

Looking back up at his friends, he could see the concern in their eyes and the desire to also know what this new alien had meant.

Phoenix: “First things first, we need to get Liz comfortable.”

He moved over to the wall of the chamber and pressed his had to it. Within seconds a platform extended from the wall. Gesturing to Max to place Liz on it, he could see that this young man he had been observing for many years was not about to let Liz go.

Max had seen into the aliens eyes and felt that he could be trusted and as carefully as he could he helped the barely conscious Liz to her feet and on to the cushioned table. Slowly he backed off a little but still held her hand as gently and firmly as possible. Cautiously he observed Phoenix press his hand to a second panel and several smaller platforms came into view and another started to form upwards from the floor.

“Please take a seat, I will explain everything.” Sitting down on the pedestal Phoenix waited for the teen hybrids, humans and their guardians to sit them selves down, Max himself was the last to sit down but he took the extension that formed from the foot end of bed on which Liz now lay. Phoenix observed the gentle interaction between the two and smiled, he was left in no doubt that if Liz’s eyes hadn’t told him to, he would have remained standing.

“Well where to begin…”

A very agitated Michael who flatly stated, “The start is usually a good place.” interrupted him!

“Okay, this will call for a little history lesson. I know that you have been told of the origins of the Granoliths but here’s another little lesson. About 120 years ago a world very similar to Earth in the 1960s used their Granolith to develop a new form of power. This energy grid covered the entire surface of the planet from a central source and used several thousand relays to connect individual locations but a minor accident in the core changed all that.

A pipeline had been weakened over the years and no one had noticed it until it cracked. The pipe split and fell against the central unit of the core causing a shock wave in the housing; this was magnified by the core and was spread through all the relays. The resulting explosions and seismic activity destroyed that planet.

When my people discovered what had happened they sent emissaries to all worlds with Granoliths with orders to reprogram them in order to keep certain information away from the races until they were ready for it. I arrived here and found this Granolith without a caretaker and that it had been damaged – it would no longer accept new programming. I conferred with my government and it was decided that I would bond with the system and keep it safe until someone I could trust would become its caretaker.

That brings us up to nearly 18 years ago, I studied humanity very closely and I became convinced that your world would do great harm to itself or to others should someone come to possess the Granolith. It was then I came to a decision – I would create my own caretaker. I found a couple that were incapable of procreation, took some genetic samples from them, added a fragment of my own energy and created you Liz. I placed you within your mother and waited, I arranged it so that you discover this place when you turned 20 but that has changed now. In discovering this place now, your body did not finish the necessary process needed in which you would be able to handle the download of knowledge from the device.”

Phoenix looked round the group and looked into the eyes of Liz Parker, his creation and experiment. Just as Liz was about to speak up he cut her off and continued…

“There is something else…you were not only created to be Caretaker. You were part of an experiment to study human evolution; I wanted to see what these people I was studying would become. While not at the evolutionary point your hybrid friends here are you would not be far behind. It wasn’t until Max healed you that I discovered how far who had become, physically you were an average human – which has now changed thanks to Max – but mentally…you would have done great things on Earth. However, now there is a problem that I have no doubt your enemies are aware of.

Within all life forms there is an energy matrix that is formed by the electricity flowing though your bodies, the more complex or sentient the life form the more complex the matrix. I created you to be a completely unique individual in all respects but something went wrong…your matrix is identical to Max’s.”

This caught everybody’s attention and as he was gazing at Liz he suddenly shifted his vision to Max.

“You, you Max have an identical bio signature to Liz. I first noticed the similarities when you were a few months from hatching from your pods and I tried to change the signatures of the matrix. Not just Liz’s but also yours…eventually I gave up, the more I tried changing you the more synchronous the two of you became. When you were healed a part of Max’s energy went into you Liz and as a result the two of you became identical. I suppose in a term that you can understand…you are soul mates.”

Liz: At the soul mates comment she looked into Max’s eyes and could see a new light that she had not seen before and one that was welling up in her own. They both knew that they belonged together but now they knew why and everyone else knew it too. Then she remembered…

“Wait a second, go back to that part about our enemies knowing about me!”

They had all forgotten about that, as engrossed in the story of their friend’s origin and rightful place beside Max as they were, the concern came back.

Phoenix: “The Skin called Nicholas is very powerful and had a very advanced mind for someone of his race. He would have the ability to identify specific patterns within certain species and looking at you he would have known that you were different than other humans. In the past his concern was for Max and the others…he had probably written you off as a simple anomaly that he would deal with later…”

At that point he sharply turned his head up to the ceiling of the chamber. The group could see concern growing in his eyes as he stared at the room. Isabel thought that he was looking right through it – at least that’s what it looked like to her.

“Well to use a phrase you humans use…Speak of the Devil. A group of skins have just entered Roswell and are proceeding to several locations. We don’t have a lot of time, now that this chamber has powered again it will easily detectable once one of them is directly over this spot.

I know of your plan for a temporal breach, given what is happening above us and what will be here in 6 months - it is the best option you have at the moment. Liz you have the knowledge to do what is necessary, my species is forbidden from interfering. Who is going back?”

When Liz sat up Max went straight to her side, no way was he going to let her do this in her current condition. She may have looked better but she was still weak and Phoenix agreed…in her current state the temporal stresses would kill her.

Liz: She was determined to go through with this. She was the only one who could.

“Max I’m the only one who knows everything that needs to change. I will go back and connect with your past self to pass on what must be done, when everything works out I will be fine.” Turning to Phoenix, “Will I live long enough for me to pass everything to Max?”

When receiving conformation she looked back at her friends and then to Max, standing up she took hold of Max and gave him the most passionate kiss they had ever shared. Slowly she walked over to the Granolith, knelt down to the base and started pressing panels, every so often she would close her eyes in concentration, trying to remember the new knowledge she possessed.

“Max, when I’m inside I need you to press here.” Liz said as she indicated the spot

When finished she stood up, she touched the black surface and was swept inside. At that point a timer appeared on the wall. It would not be long.

Main Street Roswell, 2 minutes previously.

Skin: “Sir,” she whispered to his commander, “you should take a look at these readings!”

Nicholas: Taking a hold of the device he studied it careful making sure there was no mistake.

“The Granolith, it’s right under us. Follow me!”

They barged into the Crashdown with arms raised. They mercilessly blasted anything that moved until the room was clear. Nicholas took the device once again and followed the readings to the manhole cover in the storeroom. Once his all men had climbed down they proceeded to follow the light coming from the Granolith chamber.

They were too late, the timer had finished counting down and as Max touched the Granolith, a flash of light came forth from it. The change had begun.

To Be Continued…