The Aftermath of Fate (UC/Slash)[COMPLETE]

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The Aftermath of Fate (UC/Slash)[COMPLETE]

Post by magikhands » Tue Dec 30, 2003 10:56 pm

Winner Round 14


Title: The Aftermath of Fate
Author: magikhands
Category: UC
Disclaimer: I own nothing so please don’t sue. None of the characters are mine, just borrowing them for a story
Summary: Max writes a journal entry five years after the group’s senior year of high school. Read to find out who is with who and how they all turn out.

Author's note: Hello out there. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I woke up this morning with this running through my head and needed to get it out. Enjoy...Please help me with a title. I have a couple in mind but they just don't seem to fit it. I am hoping that this will free my block so I can continue my other story. Check them out in the CC area: True Destiny (blocked on) and Taken (completed)

1/8: I read this again a few days after I posted it and was not totally happy with how it flowed so I have done some editing. It is mostly the same but changed some of the sentence structures and corrected the errors that I found. Thanks again for the feed back. Enjoy :)

Entry Date: 2007

I am not really sure how to begin this. Do I use Dear Journal or what? This is really more of Liz’s thing but I feel that it is time to update this journal that Liz left behind about five years ago. (SIGH) I really miss her but not like you would think I would if you remember us a little over five years ago.

I guess it all started our senior year of high school. To really be technical it began when I healed Liz at the Crashdown our sophomore year. But it was not until we all went our separate ways did things really change. Our senior year was rough. Alex was dead and Tess was gone. Remember, she took the Granolith back to Antar with my unborn son. Anyway, I will get to that later.

The first one to leave was Maria. She got her big break and went to New York to cut a demo. They loved her and her music. She got on the fast track, got her GED and began her music career. Today she is a successful songwriter and artist. She has even dabbled in some acting. Would you believe she played on a show about teenage aliens? Some concept. Who thinks of things like that?

She is absolutely happy with her life and career. We still keep in touch in fact I still have ‘girlfriend’status. Maria has not settled down yet but I see it coming. She is dating this guy she met in her yoga class. He’s not famous or anything, just a regular guy who keeps her grounded to Earth.

While Maria went off to New York Liz began to develop powers of her own. They were really crazy and out of control especially when I was near. I tried to help her, even tried to heal her again but things just got worse. I was really worried about her. I could see the fear in her eyes every time I came around. She was so scared that she would do something and expose us all over again. Also I think that she was fine with the idea of me being ‘not of this Earth’ but when it came to her changing and becoming something different I think that it really terrified her.

Liz finally decided to go to that school her dad threatened to send her to in Vermont. She said that she needed some time and space. This surprised her parents but they agreed. Luckily her dad no longer blames me for her going away. Once she got settled there her body went back to normal and strange things no longer happened like they did back in Roswell. As time passed her powers came to her slowly where she could learn to control and deal with them at an easy pace.

Liz and I did not keep in touch until after her powers became controllable. We talked by phone and email. To this day our connection to each other has not faded. We can still feel one another and through the years we have made sure that we were there for the other during the many tough times we have experienced.

What we thought was love faded fairly quickly after Liz left but something better replaced it, a new kind of love. We grew to be best friends. When Liz’s powers fully developed we were able to communicate telepathically. We spent a lot of lonely nights talking and supporting each other. We are both happy at how our lives are still linked.

Michael has surprised me the most. He followed Maria to New York but within weeks they both decided to call it quits finally. They both knew that it would never really work out between them. Maria was starting her career and wanted a commitment from Michael but he still had no idea what he wanted out of life then. They parted as friends and still are today without any hard feelings.

On the way back to Roswell Michael took a detour to Vermont to check on Liz. He said that he totally fell in love with all of the mountains and fresh air that he never made it back to New Mexico. He got a place near Liz’s school, got he GED and finally decided to enroll in a cooking school there. Yes, Michael Guerin is a very successful Chef now. Who would believe that someone who can destroy things so easily in an instant can put together the best meal of your life?

Michael and Liz are getting married in two months so the entire gang will be back together for a short time before they finally say the I dos. I get to be the best man while Kyle and Jesse are also considered co-best mans. Maria is the maid of honor and Isabel co-maid of honor. What can I say; they want everyone to feel important and needed. I can’t wait to see little Alex as the ring bearer and Emma as the flower girl. Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spring that on you without explaining. I am getting too far ahead of myself.

You see when Michael visited with Liz they became very close, very fast. She was so far from home and really needed a friend that she was familiar with by the time Michael got there. Liz was doing well in school and had friends but she was really homesick. Michael brought home to her.

During that time Liz and I were not talking at all. Every time she heard my voice something melted or caught on fire. Apparently Michael had the opposite affect on her. He was soothing to her. When Michael called me one evening and told me that he had fallen in love with Liz, I was ecstatic because little did he know that she had told me that she had fallen for him. Neither had told the other. They both doubted that the other could have feeling like that. Michael was scared that I would be upset but I quickly set him straight on my feelings toward Liz and I gave him my blessings.

When Michael enrolled in cooking school he finally revealed to Liz his feelings for her. He was surprised that she felt the same. They really do make the perfect couple and complement each other. Liz graduated high school and started a college there while Michael continued in cooking school.

They helped each other develop control and focus of their powers. Would you believe that Liz has developed similar powers to Michael? No wonder I made her uncontrollable while he was able to calm her. She can do most of what Michael can do and loves morphing into other people. She has a lot of fun with that. She has also developed this strange deja-vu thing also, a little like visions but they do not happen very often. For some reason she can communicate only with me through her mind though. I think it is because I am the one who healed her and passed the power on to her.

Michael and Liz are so happy together and I am truly glad for them. They are so in love that it can be sickening to watch. I now know what we put Isabel and Maria through when we were together.

Oh, I forgot the mention that the Parkers know the truth about us also. When Liz and Michael decided to become engaged they agreed to tell her parents since they would one day have children that could have powers also. The Parkers were disturbed at first but now they are cool with it and welcome all of us into their home for any reason.

Isabel and Jesse are still together. They have three-year-old twins, Alex and Emma. I mentioned them earlier. They remind me of Iz and I when we were younger. They are really close to each other. I can't wait to see them. They are coming over soon to spend a week with me.

Isabel told Jesse what she was shortly after the others left. Our dad was really looking into my activities and tried to drag Jesse into it with him. It really pulled on their marriage so Isabel and I talked it over and we finally did what we had wanted to do for a long, long time. We told Jesse first. He was shocked and took off for a couple of days when we told him but I knew that he would be back. He just needed time to work things out.

When Jesse returned he told Isabel that he fallen in love with her and that he still loved her no matter who she was. It wasn’t an easy time for them at first but Jesse helped us break the news to our parents. Mom and Dad really surprised us. They took the news well. It actually made a lot of sense to them for some of the strange things they’d seen from us through the years especially in high school.

Jesse was offered a great job opportunity in Boston so they moved there to start their family. Isabel is mostly a stay-at-home mom but does a little interior decorating on the side. The twins keep her busy because they are both developing powers already. The powers are not very strong or distinctive yet but she has to teach them to keep them under control and not to use them in front of people other than family.

I am sure that you are wondering about my life and what has happened with me. I guess I am saving the best for last. When Liz left I got so depressed and retreated back to the shy boy who hid behind a tree. What else was I to do? Michael and Maria had taken off to New York, the love of my life went to Vermont and I could not even talk to her without something catching on fire, Isabel was still a newlywed to Jesse, Tess had taken my unborn son back to Antar and all my searches for a way home were dead ends. I continued working with Brody for a while at the UFO Center and went to school. I lived at Michael’s apartment because his lease was not up when he left so he let me have it. My relationship to my parents was shredded. I felt as if I had no one to turn to.

One day Larek visited me using Brody’s body one last time. He told me that Tess was dead as was Kivar. He told me that when Tess came back without the Royal Four he ordered her killed. She escaped and hid for a while then attacked Kivar. He killed her but not before she could mortally wound him also. When I asked about my son Larek told me that Tess had lied to me so that she could get us all to go with her and hand us over to Kivar. I was in shock. All this time of searching for my son and a way back to Antar and there was never a child.

Larek asked if I wanted to go home but without Isabel and Michael, I knew that I couldn't. They both had lives here and with Kivar dead Antar was becoming a better place without us. Larek assured me that all would be ok with Antar and wished me luck.

Oh yeah, the Sheriff got his job back due to Agent Duff and some helpful powerful citizens of Roswell who did not like how Hanson was handling things. Also there have been no other Alien incidents since we all went our own ways. I can only guess that because we were all together, the power that we emitted drew trouble to us. That reason can be a scary thought since we are all getting together for the wedding. (Happy thoughts, think happy thoughts)

Anyway back to me, the Sheriff tried to keep an eye on me. He did not like how withdrawn I had become. He and Kyle would come and visit me and try to cheer me up but I was in too much of a slump. I felt like I was on the outside of my body watching it go through the day-to-day things of life. I felt as if I had no place or purpose in this world.

When Isabel came to me about talking to Jesse and telling him the truth the fog in my head began to dissipate a little. When my parents were told the truth more of the fog lifted. I was actually feeling a little more like myself and my relationship with my parents was repaired. Shortly after that Liz called and nothing melted. About that time Michael kept in regular touch also and my life felt like mine again.

Kyle and I began to hang out some. We put aside our differences and he was no longer pissed about being dragged into the ‘alien abyss’. We actually had a lot in common; we both dated Liz and Tess duped us both. No really, we did have some interests that were similar. Before graduation Kyle began to develop powers but they came in slow and he was able to control them with the help of his Buda techniques and of course me. I remember him telling me one day that I had a calming effect on him when I was around. How weird is that?

Well unlike Liz, Kyle developed powers that were similar to mine. He can do pretty much what I can but he has also developed a strong telepathic ability. He can talk to just about anyone and see what they are thinking. It is really a scary concept if you think about it. Kyle Valenti seeing into just about anyone’s thoughts. I am glad that he never went digging deep into my mind.

Graduation was a small and quiet affair. My parents and Isabel and Jesse were there along with the Sheriff and Amy Deluca who he was dating at the time. Oh, Amy knows also. She saw Kyle and I practicing at his house one day and pulled a ‘Maria’ by totally freaking out on us. We had to call the Sheriff to come and calm her down so that we could explain it all to her. She was a little perturbed for a little while that Maria knew about us and never told her. She and Valenti have been married about three years now and Maria and Kyle have a little baby brother. We all went out to celebrate that night.

Kyle was accepted on scholarship to NMU in Las Cruses for football. I was also accepted there but my major was still undecided. What a dilemma. My first instinct told me to go into the medical field but I knew that I would not be able to control myself around all those sick people. My trip to the children’s hospital that one Christmas was proof of that. I could follow Dad and go into law but I was not really interested. I did not really think that law was right for me.

Kyle and I spent a lot of time together that summer. I had moved back into my parent’s house because Michael’s lease was up and it allowed me to save some money before leaving for school. Either I stayed with Kyle or he was at my house. At first it was strange spending so much time with someone other than Michael or Isabel but soon it felt like we’d been friends our entire lives. We agreed to be roommates at college and I finally decided to go into education by the time school started.

College kept us both busy but we always managed to get together on occasion and just hang like old times. We both dated girls but we just could not seem to get close to anyone. We still had to be careful because of our secret and we really did not want to bring anyone else into the ‘I know an alien club’. We have enough members. Life was good for a while but soon we both felt as if something was missing. Then it happened. Things changed again.

We were home for Christmas break during our second year of college. Kyle and I were on Valenti’s couch watching a movie when Kyle laid down, his head near my legs. By the end of the movie he was asleep. I turned off the TV and looked down at him. I could not help but sweep the hair that was in his closed eyes off to the side. He looked so peaceful. And beautiful. Wait, where had that come from? I couldn’t seem to tear my gaze from him. I could not help wonder what the hell was happening to me. I slipped off the couch and sat on the floor at his head. I continued gazing upon this man before me. It was weird; he had started out as my rival, then someone else who knew our secret, then friend. Now I am thinking he is beautiful. Could this get any weirder? Yep!

I reached out and touched his cheek and I got a flash of that night so long ago when Liz had that blind date. I got drunk off a sip of alcohol and spent much of the evening with Kyle. The night had been such a blur for a long time but when it finally became clear I remembered how I looked at Kyle and he at me.

Not realizing it until it happened, I bent my head and softly kissed his lips. They were soft yet felt different from a girl’s. I wanted to do it again and since Kyle had not woken I did it again but that time I stayed longer and swept my tongue across his lips. He responded by opening them and sighing. I wanted to taste him so I pushed my luck and kissed him a third time gently sliding my tongue into his mouth.

Kyle surprised me by responding to the kiss and lashing his tongue into my mouth and when I went to pull away he grabbed my head and deepened our kiss. When he finally broke the kiss he laid his head back down on the couch but did not release his grip on my hair. Kyle opened his eyes and looked into mine and sighed.

“Max, what took you so long to finally kiss me?” he asked me.

I was stunned. Kyle sat up and smiled at me. We talked that night until the wee hours of the morning. Kyle told me that he had feelings for me for a long time but it wasn’t until the last summer that he finally gave in to it and accepted that he was in love with me. He told me that he had seen flashes from me when I healed him but he denied it to himself and to Liz when she had asked him.

Yes, I know the entire story of future Max but he turned out to be just a mind warp so that Liz would leave me alone. The sex I thought I had with Tess that got her ‘pregnant’ was also a mind warp courtesy of Tess.

Kyle had felt upset and bitter at me for making him feel this attraction to me until everyone left. He tried to hate me but found that no matter what he tried he could not. When he saw how I had withdrawn from everyone and everything he said that it had hurt him more than when Tess left.

I admitted to Kyle that I felt an attraction to him since I healed him. I had seen deep into his soul that night but I pushed back the feelings and ignored it. It was easy at the time because I had Liz to keep me busy. I also told him that I felt drawn to him time and time again even before I healed him which is why I kept pulling him into all the alien mess we delt with.

We kissed many other times that night and I really liked it. We both agreed that it just felt so right. I honestly do not think that we are gay but we have become lovers. Neither of us is interested or attracted to any other men. I honestly think it is alien related. Though I healed both Liz and Kyle, Liz and Michael were drawn together as Kyle and I were.

Our parents have been understanding through all of this. Because they know the truth they agree with me on my theory about it all being alien related. Isabel and Jesse have no problems with our relationship. Iz is really happy that Kyle and I have found someone that we love completely and can share our lives with. Maria loves the idea that Kyle and I are together. She thinks that it is all very hip. (Please tell me those old words are not coming back again) Michael and Liz are very happy for us and feel that all is right between us finally. I guess that it would be considered a side effect to the healing and touching someone’s soul.

As you can see I am a very happy person now. Kyle and I live in Las Cruses still. I am a high school biology teacher. (You know how much I enjoyed biology in high school) Kyle got a degree in business and owns a chain of bookstores. Can you picture Mr. Jock of West Roswell High reading books and loving it? Well apparently because of his interest in Buddhism he found that her really liked reading and is also working on writing a book of his own. I think he said something about a science fiction one. Who knows with him?

As you can see we are all happy and well and look forward to the future. Life has given us many twists and turns but we have not given up on love and friendship. Through it all we feel lucky that our biggest loss was only Alex. I believe that he paid the highest price for us all but we all have a piece of him in us. Sometimes I swear that I can feel that he is smiling down on us happy for us. I guess you could say that he was our cheerleader and guardian angel through it all

I just heard a car pull up outside and can feel that it is Iz and Jesse with my adorable niece and nephew to bring chaotic joy into our lives for the week. Kyle and I have discussed adopting a child and have started the paperwork on it. I know that world will see us as gay parents but I really don’t care. If my own parents had not found Iz and I and adopted us, I really don’t know where I would be today. Maybe without my friends, sister, or Kyle.

This may be the last entry into this journal but I will pass it down to the next generation so that they may know of their parent’s journey on this great thing called LIFE. Who knows maybe one of our children will continue this. I just want to say that your life may not turn out like you dreamed it would but take every joy you can out of every second whether it be bad or good because that is what makes memories and shapes our lives.

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