Unusual Loves (UC,Slash,ADULT) (Complete)

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Unusual Loves (UC,Slash,ADULT) (Complete)

Post by magikhands » Tue Jan 27, 2004 11:06 pm

Round 6 - Winner



Title: Unusual Loves
Author: Magikhands
Category: AU UC/Slash ADULT
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, I own nothing
Summary: This is a hard one to summerize...It is smut, full of nookie...WARNING: may contain intense sex scenes further into the story

may be hazardous to your health to read more than one part at a time :P


Thanks to Yelsir for the banner!!

Unusual Loves

Part 1

Max never dreamed his life would be quite like this, so satisfying in every way. He had visions of how his life would be. He would be successful, find that perfect wife, settle down in the perfect house and have 2.5 kids. Wasn’t that every American’s dream? But somehow his life took another turn.

A person outside of his little circle would never understand their relationships and how they work it all out without jealousy. Sometimes he didn’t understand it but he learned long ago to trust his instincts and feelings. Max burrowed deeper in the warmth that surrounded him thinking how this crazy yet fulfilling part of his life started.

It all began with Liz. Max met her at a client’s party. When he first laid eyes on her Max knew that he wanted her as lust filled his groin. But he had a slight problem. At the age of 25 Max was one of the youngest, most successful businessmen in the city. In his career, he was aggressive and confident, rising fast on the corporate ladder. However when it came to his personal life, he was not aggressive nor confident with the women. In fact he was shy and withdrawn at times.

Max was nowhere near a virgin but he was not one to make the first move. Because he was successful and good-looking, women approached him all the time. He dated most of them but he was never able to form any type of relationship with them. So being the shy person he is he spent most of the evening admiring Liz from afar.

Later in the evening as the crowd began to thin Max had decided it was time for him to leave and get some rest. He had an early meeting the next day. He was saying his goodnights to an associate and the host when he turned and practically ran over the beauty.

He brown hair was up in a stylish manner but he sae his hands running through it as he took out the pins allowing it to fall freely to her back. His amber eyes held her chocolate ones. She was petite and wore a black classy dress that accented all of her curves. Her red lips formed a smile.

“Hello” she said.

“Uuh, excuse me…” he stammered. He could feel a blush rising and wanted to turn and leave but his legs would not obey his brain.

“I’m Liz. Liz Parker.” Her voice sounded like sweet music. Max finally snapped out of his stunned state when she held out her hand to shake his.

“Hello. I’m, uh, Max Evans. Pleased to meet you.”

“I see that you are leaving also. Would you mind walking me out to my car?”

He smiled and held out his arm for her to take.

They found her car but she didn’t let go of him right away. Liz turned to face him. “Would you like to have lunch tomorrow?”

Max was a little shocked. The beauty was aggressive but not pushy. Without thinking he nodded and answered. “That would be great. Is 12:30 a good time? Where do you want to meet?”

Liz handed him a card. “Pick me up at work. Thank you for the escort. Until tomorrow Max Evans.” Liz got in her car and drove off leaving Max staring at her taillights dumbly.

Max and Liz had several lunch dates together. They were really getting to know one another. He found that she was intelligent, had good humor, and beautiful on top of it all. She was an assistant to a major player in a large marketing firm. Max met her boss on their third lunch date. Her name was Isabel Ramirez. She was a striking beauty sporting hazel eyes that danced with mischief. Her long blonde hair hung loose around her shoulders while her business suit gave her an all-business appearance yet sexy, enhancing her curves.

Liz finally invited Max over for dinner at her place after several weeks of seeing each other. Max was excited. He enjoyed spending time with her and was contemplating moving their relationship to the next level. They had only been together in public at lunch in the daylight. He had not gotten further than kissing her soft, silky lips and pressing close enough to her to feel how she fit perfect with him as her apple scent filled his senses.

Max rang the doorbell promptly at 6:30. He was surprised when Isabel answered. She gave him a sultry smile.

“You’re on time. That’s good. Punctuality is reliable.”

Max entered as she opened the door more. He looked around the tidy house and found Liz in the kitchen. She looked up and smiled at him. He could see that she was a little nervous.

“Hi Max. You remember Isabel?” He nodded. “Did I mention that she was also my roommate?” She gave him a little nervous giggle and looked at Isabel. “She’s eating with us if that is alright?”

“Sure. No problem.” Who would turn down dinner with two hot women he thought.

Dinner went well, the food was good as was the conversation but Max noticed that Isabel kept watching him. It was a little unnerving. The look in her eyes made him feel like she wanted to devour him. With the meal over he hoped that Isabel would excuse herself and allow Liz and him some time alone but she just sat there looking at the two.

“So Max,” she said breaking the silence that had settled over the table. “You like Liz.” It was not a question but rather a statement.

“Uh, yes I do.”

“You want her.” Again another statement.

Max was shocked at her abruptness. Obvious they were real close so he did not bother to lie as he nodded his head. Was this a big sister act he thought?

“Do you really want her? Do you want to have sex with her? Possibly tonight if you could talk her into it? Move to the next level?”

Max was dumbfounded now. Those were the things that went through his mind on the way over. He knew that he had to be looking at her as if she’d grown two heads. He looked to Liz but she was looking at Isabel with a slight smile on her face. Isabel’s voice brought his attention back to her.

“Here’s the deal. Liz really likes you and she wants your relationship to continue but there are some conditions.”

“Conditions?” Max asked getting a little worried. “What kind of conditions?”

“I want you too. You see, the thing is, Liz and I share everything. If you want to be with her, you will also have to be with me.”

Max sat there stunned. “Are you saying…”

“Yes Max. You will be with us both.” Isabel turned her attention to Liz. “It is time to say goodnight.” She stood and looked back at Max. “If you decide to agree to our conditions be here at 8 Friday night. I can assure you that it will be an unbelievable experience. Goodnight Max.” Then she left the room.

Liz stood and walked toward the door. Max joined her still in a daze. “Is she serious?” he asked.

“Yes and so am I. Max, show up on Friday and spend the weekend with us then make your decision. The only thing I ask is that you be open-minded. I want to be with you Max.” She leaned forward and kissed him. “Think about it. Don’t call or come by until Friday night if you decide to try it.”

Max left the house feeling confused. He had three days to sort it all out.

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Part 2

Post by magikhands » Tue Jan 27, 2004 11:20 pm

Part 2

Friday night came and Isabel found herself staring at the clock as the minute hand passed the 12. It was now after 8:00 and Max had not shown up. Would he show, she wondered. She began to pace the room. If he did not come she knew that Liz would be heart broken. Isabel knew that Liz had feelings for Max and wanted him in her life. She hoped he would not disappoint Liz.

The doorbell rang bringing Isabel out of her thoughts. She looked to the clock that read 8:05. Iz opened the door to find Max standing there. He looked nervous so she smiled and moved out of the way for him to enter. As he passed her, Isabel smelled his cologne that was so him but not overwhelming. She looked him over and found him to be very sexy dressed casually in a burgundy button down shirt and kakis.

“Good evening Max.” Isabel said coolly but her insides were jumping for joy that he had come.

“Isabel.” He responded with a nod of his head.

“Are you ready?”

Max nodded unable to get his voice past the lump in his throat. Isabel picked up a piece of black cloth and tied it around his eyes making sure that he could not see.

“What is this for? Where is Liz?”

“It’s alright Max. I am taking you to her now. I can’t let you in on all of our secrets on your first time.”

Max heard a sliding sound then Isabel took his arm and led him several feet then stopped. He heard the sliding again then the floor seemed to move under him. He realized that he was in an elevator but he could not tell if he was going up or down. It stopped and Isabel led him out when he heard the door opened.

Isabel took off his blindfold and he looked at his surroundings. He had to blink several times as his eyes adjusted to the light again. He was standing in a large room with several doors around the walls. The décor was nice and simple with soft colors. There was a large four-poster bed on the far side of the room and an armoire not far from it.

What caught his attention most was the small, brunette kneeling in the middle of the room. Her head was down and he could see that she was nude. Her silky hair covered her breasts as she held her hands clasped behind her back. Max’s breath caught and he had to force the next breath into his body. She was literally breathtaking.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Isabel softly said into his ear.

Shivers ran through his body as he suddenly realized that her body was pressed against his back. At the sound of Isabel’s voice Liz looked up. This motion moved her hair where her nipples could now be seen. Max gasped at the sight of them peeking from her hair. Liz looked into his eyes and smiled. She saw his lust and desire sparkle brightly in his amber eyes.

Isabel reached around Max and started to unbutton his shirt. He reached up to help but she placed his hands back by his side. “No.” She whispered. “Don’t move unless I tell you.”

When all of the buttons were undone she slowly pulled his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Max could not tear his eyes away from the beautiful sight of Liz who sat unmoving watching Isabel undress him. Isabel lightly caressed his back and chest as she walked around as if inspecting him. She enjoyed feeling the shivers that ran through his body at her touch. She also saw that Liz’s eyes followed her every movement.

Isabel reached lower and released the button to his pants then slowly unzipped them. The sound of the zipper filled the silence of the room. She looked at Max and saw his chest heaving trying to keep control of his desire and slight fear of the unknown yet his body trembled with antisipation.

Isabel knelt pulling his pants and underwear with her allowing the bulge in his pants to spring free of its confines. She quickly rid him of his socks and shoes placing his clothing a pile. She sat back on her heels and relished the sight before her. She ran her hands up both legs to land on the cheeks of his ass where she squeezed and kneaded them. She gave one a pinch resulting in Max jumping and a whimper escaping. Isabel smiled as she stood again keeping her hands roaming his body.

Max stood as still as he could while Isabel had undressed him. He had become hard the moment he saw Liz and his ach got worse as Isabel kneeled in front of him. Max balled his fists at his sides to keep from grabbing her head and pushing her to his throbbing cock that was begging for release. His eyes were locked with Liz’s as he felt Isabel’s hands roam his body blowing on the flames of desire that filled him.

“Do you want her?” Isabel asked seductively. Max could only manage a nod of his head as her hands ran smoothly down his stomach stopping just above the hair in which his erection was jutting from.

“Tell me Max. Do you want to sink your hard cock into her sweet, wet core?”

The picture that question brought was almost Max’s undoing as his knees got week and more blood rushed to his groin. He swallowed hard and croaked out “Yes”.

“Mistress. You are to call me Mistress. Do you understand?”

Still unable to bring his voice to work he nodded as the image of him pounding into Liz ran through his mind. Isabel took a nipple in her fingers and twisted it harshly. Max jumped and yelped at the pain bringing him back to the present.

“Do you understand?” She repeated.

“Yes Mistress” his voice strained.

“Good. Come here Liz.”

Liz seductively crawled to the two stopping right before Max’s straining member. She looked to Isabel who nodded her consent. Liz then looked at Max and slowly took him into her mouth.

Max almost came the moment he felt her wet, warm mouth engulfing him. Liz started slow with her suction but soon quickened her pace as he ran his hands through her silky mane and thrusting his hips toward her.

Unable to hold back any more his body shuttered as he exploded into Liz’s mouth and groaned her name. Max’s knees once more became weak threatening to buckle as she finished cleaning him with her mouth.

“Alright.” Isabel said brightly. “Now that that is out of the way, let the fun begin.”

Max gave her a confused look. That was not fun? he thought. Isabel picked up something that was lying on the bed. He couldn’t see what it was but he didn’t know if he’d like it. Isabel approached him and placed a ring around his flaccid penis sitting it at the base. A piece of leather wrapped around his balls encasing them snugly close to the ring at his shaft’s base. Thin straps went around his waist to his back where another met that ran from his balls up his crack forming a type of belt holding the entire thing in place. Isabel gave it a little tug causing it to tighten. A gasp came from Max as his balls were squeezed.

“It’s alright. You’ll get used to it.” She cooed to him petting his chest and smiling.

Max spent the entire weekend pleasuring Isabel and Liz in every capacity that he could. In turn he was satisfied more than he ever imagined a man could be by both of the beautiful women. This was an experience that not even fantasies could compare with. He never knew that a man could have that many orgasms in a weekend.

Sunday evening came and their time together was ending. Isabel put the blindfold on Max and led him to the elevator. The ride was spent with Isabel and Liz kissing and caressing him. When the door slid open they led him out and put on the robes that lay on the back of the couch. Liz took the blindfold off of Max and helped him dress into the clothing he wore Friday night. Liz kissed him tenderly.

“Goodnight Max.” She said before retreating down the hall and into a room.

Max watched her until she disappeared from sight. He turned to Isabel who was smiling at him.

“Did you enjoy yourself Max?”

He nodded and smiled. “Yes Mistress.” Max never thought he’d enjoy his role in submission as he had this weekend.

“So you will be joining us again Friday same time?”

“Of course Mistress. How could I not?”

“Good however there will be some rules.” Isabel ran her hands up and down his arms. “You are allowed to see Liz two times a week for lunch but you must meet her at the office first. You may use her as your date for business functions also with my permission but…” she paused making sure she had his attention. “You will not have any type of sex together outside of our weekends.”

“But Mistress…” Max started to protest.

“No.” Isabel interrupted. “No buts. No sex of any kind. You may make out but that is it. Understand?”

Max was not happy about these rules. He found that he thoroughly enjoyed having sex with Liz, also with Isabel, he did not like the thought of being with her with the restrictions his Mistress had placed upon them. He looked at his Mistress and saw that she was very serious about the rules. He thought about he pleasure he had given and received this past weekend and knew that he could not turn down more. In the end he knew that the sacrifice would be well worth it.

“Yes Mistress.”

Isabel smiled again and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you.” She said as she led him to the door and said goodnight.


Should I continue or is it too much? too NC-17 or X-rated??? Let me know. I will not post more until I see what you think...feel free to PM me also with comments or suggestions
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Part 3

Post by magikhands » Thu Jan 29, 2004 11:22 pm

Thank you aussietasha77, Strawberry Shortcake, BehrObsession, Lady Scorpio, and the ever faithful roswellluver for the feedback :D

Part 3

During the first week after that first time together, Max came to pick up Liz at her office for lunch. Liz was not at her desk but he heard voices through the partially open doorway behind her desk. Max stuck his head in and saw Liz and Isabel leaning over a desk going through some paperwork. He lightly tapped on the door getting the women’s attention.

Isabel looked up. At first Max thought she looked strained, tense but when she saw him she smiled and it faded.

“Max. Just the person I was hoping to see. Come in. Will you close the door and lock it for me also.” Isabel asked.
Max did as he was asked and stood just in front of the door. Isabel looked at him and chuckled. “Come over here Max.”

He walked across the room, again doing as he was told. He could not help but respond to the silkiness of her voice. Max stood between Isabel and Liz who smiled and quietly greeted him.

Isabel turned him to her and captured his lips. The kiss was filled with an intensity and desire that almost buckled his knees. Isabel pulled him so that she was sitting on her desk, Max between her spread legs; their lips still fused together. When she finally broke contact for air, she pushed him to his knees, making him kneel before her.

Max tore his gaze from hers and saw the view she was giving him. Beneath the short skirt she was wearing was nothing but a garter belt holding her stockings. He was close enough to smell her scent permeating the air. He could see that she was already wet and ready as the moisture glistened in her hair.

Isabel took her hands and pushed her skirt up further then led Max’s head to her dripping wetness. Immediately he latched his mouth to her clit, suckling it, as it grew hard. Her response was a gasp and moan. Max then slowed his pace using his tongue to lightly slide between her folds letting her juices fill his mouth.

Max looked up to find that Liz had perched herself on Isabel’s right side sharing a heated kiss. He watched as Isabel’s hand moved up Liz’s thigh to disappear under her skirt. Liz moaned into Isabel’s mouth and spread her legs wider. He saw that she too was wearing nothing but a garter belt. Max grew so hard; he thought that he would burst out of his pants.

Isabel took her free hand and pushed Max’s head firmer to her, indicating that she wanted more. Keeping Liz in his peripheral vision, Max slid his tongue down dipping it into her wetness, lapping its sweet taste. Both women groaned in unison. Max continued his ministrations on Isabel as he slid a finger into her core. As her hips began to gyrate to his rhythm, he eased in another.

From Isabel’s muscles clamping down on his fingers and Liz’s ragged breathing, Max knew that they were on the edge of climax. Taking Isabel’s clit once more into his mouth while stroking the perfect spot in her core, he heard her gasp right before her climax as she called his name.

“Max.” She groaned, her warm juices running down his fingers.

“Oh, Isabel.” Liz cried out as she spiraled through her climax.

The three stayed in their positions several moments before moving trying to pull themselves together. Max took several deep breaths willing his erection to calm down so that he could once more stand. Finally they all rose and straightened their clothing.
Liz smiled at Max. “I’m famished. Are you ready to go eat?” Isabel merely chuckled at her question.

Max offered his arm to Liz like a gentleman. He saw the stress and tension that filled his lovers’ bodies were completely gone now. Released and washed out in their orgasms. He eyed both women. “I could always go for more. Isabel, would you care to join us today?”

Isabel shook her head. “No thank you. I have to finish up this stuff by this afternoon. Go and have a good lunch.”

Max and Liz turned to leave when Isabel called out to Max. When he turned she was smiling.

“Thank you.”

“Any time, Mistress.” He whispered as they left the office.

Their lives fell into a nice comfortable pattern. Max would see Liz on Tuesdays and Thursdays for lunch, which was about all he could stand to be away from her. Max also took Liz to business functions and parties that required a date. When the occasion arose that Liz was not able to go, Isabel had joined him. It was during those times alone that he got to know her.

Isabel would occasionally corner Max when he came to pick up Liz for lunch when she felt stressed or frustrated. She would call him into her office where she would have him pleasure her in some form. When she was in a real good mood she would relieve his aching desire during that time also.

The weekends were heavenly. Truly every man’s dream. Max spent from Friday evening to Sunday evening with Liz and Isabel submitting to their every whim and loving every minute of it.

Max’s coworkers had noticed a change in the young ambitious man. He was still a hard worker and the best at his job but he quit hanging out with them after work. They even noticed that since he got with Liz that he stopped paying much attention to other women. They had all met Liz at some of the business functions but when questioned Max was closed lipped about his private life. Max took it in good stride when he was occasionally teased about Liz getting him by the ball and chain. If they only knew he thought smiling thinking of some of the games his lovers liked to play.

Then one weekend something changed. Another player was brought in with unexpected results from them all. It was Sunday and their time was coming to an end when Isabel brought in another man. Max was surprised when he saw the other man. Was he now going to have to compete for Isabel’s attentions, what about Liz’s? Who was this man? Never had either mentioned another man in their life.

Max stood in the middle of the large room where Liz had placed him moments before to stand. Isabel had opened one of the many doors in the room and brought in the other man. She led him to stand in front of Max who looked at her questioningly. She turned and made herself comfortable on the bed next to Liz and smiled at the two.

“Look at Kyle, Max.”

Max turned to the man in front of him. He was just a couple of inches shorter than his 6-foot frame with light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Immediately he felt that he could get lost in the depth of his eyes.

“Look at ALL of him.” Isabel commanded.

Hesitantly Max’s eyes roamed down Kyle’s body. His muscles were defined and he had little hair on his chest. He could see that this man kept in shape. He saw several of his muscles twitch as his gaze swept over Kyle’s form. Max blinked when he came to his groin region and continued his gaze down his muscular legs. Kyle had a nice tan that gave his skin a golden hue. Traveling back up Max’s gaze fell on the other’s cock. It was standing semi-hard and thick. It twitched when Max’s eyes stayed on the sight of it. Max finally tore his gaze away and looked into the other’s eyes again.

During Max’s inspection of him, Kyle also allowed his eyes roam the body in front of him. How did I let Isabel talk me into this? He thought. But as he took in the sight in front of him Kyle thought that this could be fun. He had seen Max many times with Isabel and Liz via the camera system throughout the place but Kyle was pleased that he looked better in person. The other man obviously kept in shape and had a nice body. He has never been interested in men but Isabel had begged him to join them. Looking to the other’s amber eyes, all of his doubts melted away.

“Touch his chest Max.”

Max was hesitant but raised his hands and placed them on Kyle’s pecs. He could feel Kyle’s heartbeat under his right hand and could not help but move his fingers to gently stroke him, pleased when he felt the heartbeat quicken. His thumbs ran across Kyle’s nipples making them hard. Kyle reached up and did the same, mimicking Max’s movements. Slowly they both caressed each other’s chests and firm stomachs keeping their eyes locked.

“Beautiful. Both of you are.” Isabel said as she stood and came near Max. “Kiss Kyle.” Max’s hands stilled and he turned his head toward Isabel. “Kiss him as passionately as I’ve seen you kiss Liz.”

Max again hesitated. She wanted him to be intimate with another man. Ok, so standing nude with another man and caressing his chest and looking at his body was already intimate but this was taking it farther. Never had he EVER had a sexual thought about another man. Until Kyle walked into the room.

Isabel stroked Max’s hair. “Max, kiss him.” She cooed in his ear.

She put slight pressure on the back of his head urging him forward. Unable to say no to her Max leaned forward, hands still to Kyle’s chest and lightly kissed his lips. They were soft and warm. Very kissable he thought. Gathering courage, wanting to please Isabel, he used his tongue to sweep across Kyle’s lips. As he did Kyle’s lips parted. Max did it again this time slipping his tongue into Kyle’s mouth that eagerly accepted it.

Their kiss deepened as their tongues dueled for dominance. Isabel stepped back and watched the two as their hands again began to move on their own. Kyle let his roam to Max’s back as he stepped closer. Max mimicked Kyle sliding his hands down where they stopped at the small of his back where his thumbs absently used swirling caresses.

Feeling Max totally focused on their kiss and at ease Kyle slid his hands farther down and took each cheek in a palm while still caressing the skin with his fingers. Kyle pulled Max closer letting their cocks brush together. A moan erupted from Max but that did not break the kiss.

Isabel stepped toward them again and took Max’s right hand and placed it on Kyle’s cock. Max stilled his movements and grew rigid. Kyle thrust his hips forward in Max’s grip and moaned into his mouth as his tongue gently caressed Max’s. Kyle reached down and took Max in his palm and slightly pumped him. This brought another moan as he attacked Kyle’s mouth. Together they stood fused in their kiss, bodies pressed close.

Isabel could feel the wetness increase between her legs as she watched Max and Kyle together. They looked so hot together. She could feel her control breaking. She had to have Kyle. NOW!

Isabel put her hands on the guys’ hands causing them to still their actions. Gently she pulled them apart. She heard a groan of disappointment from them both and looked at them. Their lips were swollen and red from their kisses and both had lust permeating their eyes.

She took Max’s hand and led him to Liz who still sat on the bed. “Have fun. He’s all yours.” Isabel said to Liz.

She turned, grabbed Kyle and pulled him through one of the many doors.

Hours later Isabel emerged looking thoroughly f***ed and satisfied. She sat on the bed where Max and Liz lay cuddled close together.

“You ready?” She asked looking at Max who nodded. He hated that their time was up but he did not complain. He had had a wonderful weekend.

Together the three got up and went to the elevator. On the ride up Isabel snuggled next to Max kissing him gently.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome Mistress. Anything to please you.”

She smiled knowing he meant it.

Liz put on her robe as Max dressed. Isabel went to her room as they said their goodnights.


Ok, let me know how this was...It was my first time doing the slash scene...comments are welcomed...Should I continue?
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part 4

Post by magikhands » Mon Feb 02, 2004 11:25 pm

Thanks to Strawberry Shortcake, aussietasha77, Lady Scorpio, roswellluver, and tiredmuse for leaving the feedback. It really encourages me to write this that goes through my sweet, imaginative, and sometimes perverted, mind. On with the smut :D Enjoy!

Part 4

That week was difficult for both Max and Isabel. Isabel could not get the image of Max and Kyle out of her brain. It turned her on just thinking of them together and she attacked him both days he came to the office to see Liz for lunch. Her orgasms were intense as he pounded into her, seeking to pleasure her.

Max was quietly dealing with the feelings and lust that Kyle had evoked in him. It scared him. How could he be attracted to a man? He never thought of a man sexually yet he found himself drawn to Kyle. The other man would not get out of his head. He could still feel Kyle’s touch on him and how soft his lips were. Does this mean I’m gay? He wondered. Max shook his head. No, Liz and Isabel turn me on too much to be gay. Then what was with him?

That Thursday during lunch Max and Liz took a walk in a nearby park. Max led her to a bench where they sat for a while watching the people rush by.

“Max, are you all right? You seem very distracted this week.” Liz asked.

“Liz, I’m not sure about what I am feeling right now.”

This worried Liz. She had come to love Max but had not yet expressed her love for him verbally. Was he having regrets about their ‘relationships’? “Talk to me. Tell me what you are feeling. Maybe I can help.”

“Well, um…it’s about what happened on Sunday. With Kyle.” He looked down at his hands where he said Kyle’s name. “When he kissed me, touched me, it was…”

HOT” Liz finished for him.

Max nodded and agreed. “Yeah.”

Suddenly Liz understood what his dilemma was. “Max, before Isabel, I was never with another woman. I did not harbor those thoughts and feelings either. When we met we just…clicked. We were friends and hung out together. One night she introduced me to Kyle and then the next thing I knew, the three of us were together. I think she was too nervous to initiate anything without him. I’ve been with her since.”

“Do you love her?”

“Yes.” She answered honestly.

“What about Kyle?”

Liz nodded. “Yes. We’ve all been together long enough that I have grown to love him also.” She saw how Max’s amber eyes clouded over. “But not like I love you.”

He looked at her and smiled. “You love me?” When Liz nodded Max’s smile grew. “I have come to care very deeply for Isabel, it may be a form of love, I don’t know but I am absolutely, totally in love with you Liz.”

Liz returned his smile and leaned forward to kiss him. He took her head in his hands and gave her the most passionate kiss ever. When they broke for air Liz settled closer to Max as he wrapped his arms around her.

“This thing, these feelings for Kyle, just let it flow. Don’t force it, don’t block them. Don’t fight it either but if it makes you feel too uncomfortable then tell Isabel.”

“I will but I don’t think she is interested in words from me this week.”

Liz looked at Max. “That is why she has been having me run errands about the time you are suppose to come and get me. She has been insatiable this week. I think it was the sight of you and Kyle together that has her so wild.”

“What do you mean insatiable? You mean you two do…I mean…”

“Yes Max. We make love, have sex, what ever you want to call it depending on the mood. This week it has been pure lust filled sex.” Liz chuckled as she thought about some of the things they had done earlier in the week.

“You mean she puts restrictions on us but she can have either one of us at anytime? That does not seem fair.”

“She’s Isabel. She can do what she wants. Well most of the time. It seems that Kyle is the only one with some sort of control over her. Hey don’t worry about. Come on, it’s time to head back.”

Max stood and took her hand helping her up. They kissed then walked hand in hand back to Liz’s office building.

Max showed up at Liz and Isabel’s Friday night right on time. He was anxious to be with them this weekend. He was still dealing with the feelings that Kyle evoked in him but he pushed them out of his mind for now. He was itching to touch and pleasure Isabel and Liz.

As soon as he entered their home the two women were all over him. They wasted no time getting undressed and taking the elevator to their little getaway. Liz took her position in front of Max their lips fused in a heated kiss while Isabel was behind him nipping his shoulders and hands roaming his body.

When they finally stepped out of the elevator Isabel took Max’s hand and led him to one of the many doors. Before opening the door she gave him a long, sensual kiss. Liz opened the door and Isabel pushed him inside closing the door behind him. He heard a click and knew that she had locked him in.

He looked around at his surrounding. He was in a small dark room that was only illuminated by a couple of dim lights coming from the floor. Max heard a shuffle sound coming from the back corner. “Hello?” he called out.

“Max?” a male voice asked.


“Shit!” the voice said as a nude Kyle stepped out of the dark corner.

“Kyle, what is going on?” Max asked feeling his stomach flutter as he eyed Kyle’s naked form.

“Your Mistress enjoyed our little show too much last week. She wants more.” Kyle said. He had known that Isabel was up to something. Since his and Max’s make out session last week she had been absolutely wild.

Kyle looked at Max and could not help but appreciate his body. He knew exactly what Isabel was wanting from him and Max and she knew that he would be able to coax it out of Max. Kyle would do this for Isabel but he would demand something in return from her at a later time.

Kyle noticed that for every step that he took toward Max, he took one back. Since the room was very small within a couple of steps Max had his back against a smooth wall with Kyle standing close in front of him.

“What do you mean?” Max asked, he knew what Kyle was saying but he seemed to need to hear it with his own ears.

“She wants us to be together. She wants us to have sex, Max.”

Max shook his head but his cock began to harden and twitch at the thought of being with Kyle. “But…”

Kyle looked at Max and saw the fear in his eyes but also the lust hiding behind it. “Relax Max. You are going to please your Mistress. Isn’t that what you want?”

Max nodded, unable to get his voice to work.
“Just let go and let is happen.”

“But..this is not…natural.” Max whispered, swallowing hard. His stomach was doing flips again as he inhaled Kyle’s scent.

Kyle placed a hand on Max’s chest and softly started caressing him. “Who says that it’s not natural? It didn’t feel good when I touched you last week?”

Kyle moved his hand to Max’s nipple and gave it a gentle pinch while pulling on it making it harder. Max closed his eyes briefly and Kyle could see that he was holding back a moan. He moved closer, his body almost touching Max’s. They could feel the heat radiating off the other.

“It didn’t feel right when we kissed?” He asked as he leaned in and gently kissed Max’s lips.

“Kyle.” Max pleaded.

Kyle could see the confusion in Max at the feelings that he was experiencing. His eyes were begging for answers but Kyle had none to give for he felt the same confusion as lust for Max filled his body. He knew what it was that he could give Max.

Kyle kissed Max again but lingered at his lips. His tongue lightly caressed Max’s lips that opened slightly. Kyle descended on the open lips thrusting his tongue into Max’s mouth that willingly opened more to him. As the kiss deepened they both moaned at the sensations racing in their bodies.

Coming up for air Kyle broke the kiss and trailed kisses down Max’s neck then back up to his ear while his hands roamed the other man’s body. Max’s hands were no longer idle either as they explored Kyle’s body. Max had his eyes closed and head resting against the cool wall allowing Kyle to do as he pleased. Liz’s words floated in his head, Don’t block them.

Max’s hands reached Kyle’s ass and gave each cheek a squeeze pushing their hips closer causing their erections to brush together. He heard Kyle gasp at the pleasure that shot through his body. Max smiled; he liked being the cause of Kyle’s lust and object of his desire. He moved his hands between them and took hold of Kyle’s length. Kyle groaned in Max’s ear. Max slowly stroked Kyle who nipped at his shoulder.

Before Kyle could start thrusting his hips into Max’s hand he stopped the movement. Max looked at him confused. He didn’t like it? Max thought but Kyle smiled at him and began a path of licks and nips down Max’s chest. He paid special attention to his nipples enjoying the sounds coming from Max that filled the small room.

Kyle did not stop his progression down until he came to his goal, Max’s stiff cock. Using a hand he cupped Max’s balls and gently caressed them and watched the length in front of his face jump. His tongue lashed out and softly swiped the tip tasting the pre-cum that leaked from it.

“Uuuurgh” Max moaned as Kyle slowly placed his entire length in his mouth. Max’s hand flew to Kyle’s hair threading his fingers through its softness.

Kyle set his pace amazingly slow pulling away where the tip was barely in his mouth then swallowing it all on its descent. It was pure torture for Max as sweet fire raged through his body every time his cock was encased by Kyle’s warmth.

Kyle fondled Max’s sacs feeling them harden with the assault of his touches and mouth. Kyle’s pace quickened as his finger found that sensitive spot behind the sacs. With the touch of feathers he teased that magic spot.

“Uuggggh…Kyle…shit!” Max cried as he filled Kyle’s mouth that swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

Max’s knees finally buckled and fell down level with Kyle. Their mouths immediately found each other. Max could taste his cum that had filled Kyle’s mouth. The thought of the sensations that Kyle had brought caused him to harden again. This surprised Max because of the intensity of his orgasm just moments before.

Their kisses were slower and less desperate now as their lips separated but did not leave the other’s body as they explored it. Both men were moaning as their desire rose and the room was filled with the raw lust that they felt for one another. Max was completely at ease as their hands continued their exploration.

Max found that his head was now near Kyle’s cock and could not help but wonder what he tasted like. He leaned closer and slid it into his mouth. Kyle was thicker than himself and a bit shorter but Max thought it felt good having his lover in his mouth. He moaned and the vibration shot a jolt of orgasmic pleasure through Kyle.

“Max.” he gasped pushing him away.

Max looked at Kyle, his eyes full of hurt and confusion. “You did not like it?”

“Oh Max. I loved it, god, it felt so good but that is not how we will please your Mistress right now.” Kyle saw confusion cloud Max’s face. “Do you trust me?”

Max thought just a moment before answering. He had just met Kyle, he didn’t know anything about him or how he fell into Isabel or Liz’s life but Max knew he could trust Kyle. “Yes. I trust you.”

Kyle smiled and arranged Max to be on his hands and knees. Kyle knew that moment Max figured out what was about to happen by how his lover’s body suddenly tensed and his breathing became ragged with nervousness. Kyle ran his hand along Max’s back while kissing his neck and nuzzling his ear.

“Relax Max. Think about pleasing Liz and Isabel.” He whispered, coaxing him into a relaxed state.

Max released the breath he was holding and nodded. Kyle continued his caresses and kisses as Max relaxed. Max thought about Isabel watching them but he was also thinking about Kyle and what it would fill like as he filled him. These thoughts caused him to harden more.

Making sure there was plenty of lubrication, Kyle eased his tip into Max’s tight ring of muscles. Max gasped at the stretching sensation then took several deep breaths willing his body to relax as Kyle waited for him to adjust. Kyle pushed deeper a little at a time making sure Max tolerated his thickness. It was not long before his entire length was buried inside of Max and it took all of his control not to pound the sexy man before him and blowing his load as he felt Max’s muscles contract around him driving him to the edge of orgasm.

Max thought that he would be absolutely uncomfortable with what he and Kyle were doing but found that he was rock hard and extremely close to climaxing again. It was physically uncomfortable at first yet satisfying at the same time. Feeling Kyle completely fill him and feeling at ease with him, Max pushed his hips back against his lover letting him know he was ready to proceed.

Slowly Kyle pulled in and out of Max still cautious not to hurt him but soon their pace increased, their balls slapped together. This combined with their moans, Kyle knew that he would not last much longer. He reached around and gripped Max’s hard rod in his hand and pumped to the rhythm he was using on his ass.

“Ooooh Kyle!” Max groaned as he shot his seed once more for Kyle.

“Uuuhhn.” Kyle moaned shooting his load into Max’s ass.

Together they collapsed to the floor, Kyle still embracing Max from behind sliding out of his lover. With their sweat soaked bodies pressed together, Kyle kissed Max’s cheek and pushed his hair out of his face.

“You’ve pleased your Mistress greatly.” Kyle whispered in Max’s ear.

Knowing the words were true, Max settled into Kyle’s body. They both closed their eyes taking a much-deserved rest.


I guess I don't have to ask if I need to continue???
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Here is a quicky for all you Dreamers. I hope it holds you for the weekend...I will try to get more out soon,,got some more Max and Kyle action...Thanks for the feedback, I am glad that my imagination can amuse more than just me :P

Part 5

Max felt warm and relaxed. He pictured himself lying in the warm sun on a quiet beach. The sound of the waves lapping on the shore was soothing, calming. He could here the call of sea gulls as they flew in the distance in the clear blue sky. The color of the sky reminded Max of his lover’s eyes, so soft and clear. A cool breeze drifted over his body, cooling the sweat that coated him.

The sky began to darken, the sun hid behind black clouds. His body shivered from the sudden cold. Then when he looked back up at the sky, the sun started to peak through the darkness once more warming his body once more. Now with the clouds gone and the sun beating its rays on him, Max could feel a difference in this warmth but very familiar and filled with love.

Max slowly awakened from his sleep to the feel of a body pressed on his back and hands roaming his body. He could feel that they were not the large, strong ones from earlier but small and soft.

“Liz” he whispered as he turned to his love catching her lips with his.

“How are you feeling?” Liz asked when their lips finally parted.

Max smirked and his cheeks flushed. “I’m a little sore. I think I can truly sympathize with a woman after she loses her virginity.” He said as he snuggled into her neck leaving a trail of kisses. His hands were on her waist pulling her closer to him, letting his hard cock rub against her core.


“Shhh” he quieted her by putting his finger on her delicious lips. “I want you Liz. I need you.”

Liz responded by pulling his finger into her mouth and letting her tongue swirl around it in an erotic dance. Max groaned and pushed tighter against her wet folds. Knowing that he could no longer wait to have this beauty, he shifted and pressed forward as his throbbing length slipped into her waiting warmth.

Liz released her hold on his finger and sighed as he filled her. Her soft brown eyes locked with his glittering amber. “I love you Max.”

Max pushed deeper. “I love you so much Liz. I have since the moment I saw you. I will until my last breath is drawn.”

Liz pulled his head down and kissed him deep and passionate, filling it with the love she held for him. Her desire burned through her body begging for release. Somehow her petite body flipped them so that she was above Max. Her rhythm was filled with her need and want. Her nails dug into his chest as she lifted and lowered her body onto his thick erection.

Soon sweat glistened on their bodies as the sweet pressure of their climax tormented them. Max lifted his head and took a nipple into his mouth. She tasted so sweet with just a hint of saltiness from the sweat. She arched her back leaning into him, their rhythm undisturbed as it quickened with urgency.

“Max” she gasped as he took the other nipple into his warm mouth

Together they rode the waves of orgasm as their bodies shuddered and cries of pleasure filled the room. Liz collapsed on Max and they lay that way until the door opened, beckoning for them to join their lovers.

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Part 6

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Part 6

The next two weeks flew by with the weekends filled with lustful, sex filled days. The four lovers were happy with their arrangement. Max overcame any thoughts of homosexuality after he and Liz spoke more about his relationship with Kyle and hers with Isabel. Both he and Kyle openly admitted their attraction to each other but could not phanthom the thought of being with other men.

It was Sunday evening and the four were preparing to part their separate ways when Isabel cornered Max beside the door leading out of her house. She gently nipped at his ear then lightly licked it sending shivers through his body. Immediately his body responded growing hard as she pressed against him. Isabel reached down and grasped Max’s full erection that strained against his pants.

“Liz and I have to go out of town until Thursday. I want you to promise me Max that you will not experience the pleasure of orgasm without us.” She whispers. “Do you understand me?”

“You mean I can’t…”

“No Max, not a single orgasm. Masturbating is out of the question while we are gone.” Isabel gives his tight balls a squeeze causing Max to stiffen slightly. “I could always lock it up while we are gone if you think that you can’t handle it.

Max shook his head, he had experienced the multiple devices that Isabel and Liz used to prolong their enjoyment and he surely did not want one of those things on him all week. “It is really not fair is it? I mean you will be with Liz and I will be here alone.” Max questioned.

“It is fair because I’m your Mistress and this will please me. I want to watch your face as you cum next weekend. I want to watch you writher and beg for your release.”

Max held back a groan knowing she was right. He’d never do anything to displeasure her.

On Monday, Max received an invitation to a social given by Mr. Valenti, the richest man in their area for Wednesday night. Max had never met the man or seen a picture of him for many years. He was known to be bright, intelligent, elusive with his private life but ruthless when it came to business. He knew that Valenti was young like Max and ran in some of the same circles but they never seemed to connect.

Max wondered what had prompted the invitation. He thought it could have had something to do with the multi-million dollar deal he made a little over a week before. Surely a deal like that drew Valenti’s attention to young Max. Max knew better than to turn down one Valenti’s invitations. The socials that he held were legendary. You never received a second invite if the first was not seen to. So he cleared his calendar for the event and waited for Wednesday with anxious and mixed feelings. In the back of his mind, he felt that he was missing something. Max pushed it away blaming the weirdness he was feeling with Liz being gone.

Max had a problem. He had no date for Wednesday. Both Liz and Isabel were out of town and since he had hooked up with them there had been no other women in his life. He had no urge to be with any other woman now. He felt as if he would be cheating on Liz and Isabel if he went with someone else, even just at friends. Max finally decided to go alone. He could always leave early if it got boring.

Max stepped out of his limo in total awe of the sight before him. It was a mansion with at least four floors. It was well crafted and you could feel the elegance flow through it. He had been to wealthy clients homes before but none were quite like this.

Upon entering the foyer, someone immediately took his coat and directed him toward the rooms of the social. Max wandered into a large dining hall that held the food and drinks. Next came the dance hall that had a live band playing and an area that the dancers used. The den was smaller and cozy. It had a fireplace that was lit and chairs throughout the room. Many of the men were gathered there drinking and talking. Max came upon another room that was filled with people also. This looked to be a type of living room, the décor in a modern style.

Max looked over the room and saw several people he knew gathered together. The men were standing around talking, bantering and congratulating each other on recent deals. Max was quickly drawn into their lively chatter.

“So, it this one of your first Valenti events, Evans?” Philip, a colleague, asked noticing how Max took it all in. He had worked with Max when the kid was first starting out and liked him, and knew that he would excel in this business.

“Yes it is. He goes all out for these things, doesn’t he?”

Philip nodded. “Have you met Mr. Valenti?”

“No. I’m still wondering how I got invited in the first place.”

“With him, you never know. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

Max followed Philip into the den. Near the fireplace was a group of men seemingly huddled around something, or was it someone? Philip led Max right to the mass then through it.

“Kyle. I’d like for you to meet someone.” Philip announced.

Hearing the name, Max jerked his head up and found himself staring at the beautiful blue eyes of his lover.

“Kyle Valenti, this is Maxwell Evans. I believe you’ve probably heard a lot about him recently.”

Kyle smiled and held out his hand. “Of course I have. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I am told that you are one of the youngest, most successful business tycoons around, besides me of course.” The men surrounding them laughed at his egotistical joke.

Snapping out of his shocked paralysis, Max reached out and shook Kyle’s hand. Definitely the hand of his lover. He would know that touch blindfolded. “It’s nice to finally meet you, Mr. Valenti.”

“Please call me Kyle. Mr. Valenti reminds me too much of my father.”

“Certainly Kyle.” Max nodded trying to hide his surprise.

“We have a lot in common, you and I. I would really like to speak to you about a few things before you leave tonight Max. But right now there is something that needs my attention. Please excuse me, gentlemen.”

Philip patted Max’s shoulder. “I knew he’d like you. But be careful, he can be a good friend or your worst enemy.”

Max just nodded as his eyes followed Kyle out of the room. More than you know he thought.

“Excuse me Philip.” Max said as he went out of the den in the same direction of Kyle. When he got to the foyer, there was no sight of Kyle. He was confused and surprised. Why didn’t he realize who Kyle was? He had seen a picture of him back in college but her doesn’t look much like that picture now.

Max walked up the large spiraling staircase to the second floor of the house. Doors lined the hall in both directions. He turned to the right going down looking at the closed doors. He came to one that was ajar. Max pushed the door slowly open and found that it led to a library. He stepped in and looked around. Every wall was covered with shelves of books. There was a large desk that sat in front of a set of French doors.

He could feel that Kyle spent a lot of time here. The room was filled with Kyle’s scent. He went to the doors and stepped out onto the balcony. He could hear that the party still continued downstairs. The balcony overlooked a large garden. He drew in a deep breath of the fresh night air. The garden was dimly lit but Max could see that it was empty. It was such a beautiful night and no one was using it to their advantage.

Max stood at the rail looking up at the stars that shone clearly in the clear sky. He still could not believe what had just happened. He thought back to the days he was in college. Kyle Valenti was the talk of business. Valenti had come from money but his strategy and techniques in the business increased his fortune. This made him well known in the business world. Valenti led a quiet reclusive type of life except for the occasional socials. Max had structured his desire to succeed after Valenti. Now standing on his balcony, Max just desired the man.

“I’ve been looking for you.” A voice sounded behind Max. He turned and found Kyle standing in the doorway of the balcony.

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to find some place quiet.”

“To think.” It was not a question, but a statement as if in understanding. Kyle himself had to go and gather his wits before seeing Max again. When Max had looked up at him, Kyle saw that surprise then the desire rage in his eyes.

“Yeah, I guess so. I have to admit that I was really surprised to find out who you were.”

Kyle stepped closer to Max. “Same here.”

“How long have you known?”

“Since last week. I saw that article that was run on you for the Python Deal. I saw the picture of you and it really shocked the shit out of me.”

Max grinned and stepped closer to Kyle. “I read that article. It actually compared me to you. Apparently people think that we are a lot alike. People want to know how it is that two young, good-looking bachelors can be so private. The only reason I agreed to do that picture was because Isabel thought it would help get them off my back for a little while.”

“I think that we are alike in many ways. I also like being a private person because it allows me to do this.” Kyle took the last step and kissed Max gently on the lips. When he went to pull back, Max grabbed him into a deeper, less gentle kiss. When they finally parted, they were both breathless.

“Stay with me tonight.”

“I don’t know” Max hesitated. “I promised Isabel…”

“Iz not here.” Kyle interrupted. “I promise, nothing will happen to make you break your promise. We will just get to know each other better. Talk.”

Max looked at Kyle and saw a mischievous twinkle in his eyes but he also knew that Kyle would not make him upset Isabel. “All right.” Max agreed.

“I have guests to get back to and maybe kick out sooner than I thought. Coming?” Kyle asked walking into the library.

“I wish. I’ll be down in a few.” Max shifted.

Kyle looked down and saw that Max’s pants were tented out. “Oh. Mmmm. I wish I could take care of that for you.”

Max cleared his throat as the picture of Kyle sucking his hard cock made him suddenly twitch and harden more. “Just give me a few minutes and it should be fine.”

Kyle smiled at how Max blushed when he made his comment. “OK. See you soon.”

This is a little shorter than I wanted it to be but it was a good place to leave off for now...RL has definately put a damper on my muse so I will try to post the next part soon...Thanks for all the encouraging feedback..
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Part 7

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Part 7

Max spent the rest of the evening socializing with the people at the party and trying really hard not to get caught staring at Kyle. That was a very difficult task. Every time Kyle entered the room Max’s eyes were drawn to him. He had to fight the urge to walk up to him and kiss him right there in front of everyone, claiming Kyle as his own. He could imagine the headlines in the business section the next day. “Valenti and Evans, Two of a Kind?” On top of it all, he was having a hard time keeping his erection under control as flashes of the past weekend went through his mind.

The crowd finally thinned and Max wandered into the den looking for a place to wait until Kyle was done with his guests. He knew that Kyle had to make sure that all of his guests were gone before they could spend some time together. The den was almost empty, just a couple of old timers sitting around talking about the good ol’ days.

Max sat in a chair near the fireplace. He sat gazing at the flames as they licked at the wood, the colors changing and dancing before his eyes. He thought of how his life had changed so much over the last few months. He suddenly found himself committed to three people, one he loved with his whole heart and soul, one who he would do anything to please and make happy, and one, a man, who brought out a desire that he never knew existed. As he pondered on these thoughts he could not help but be in awe of the situation. He had found it hard to believe that he would ever find that one person who would change his life forever, now he had three that made him complete.

“Everyone is finally gone and the staff is cleaning up. Ready to go upstairs?” the silky voice that were filling his thoughts whispered into his ear.

Max turned to Kyle and smiled. He had been so deep into his thoughts that he’d not realized the room had emptied and Kyle had entered. “Yeah, let’s go.”

Kyle led Max out of the den and to the staircase. Max kept eyeing the staff that was cleaning, feeling a little uncomfortable. Did they suspect that he and Kyle were lovers? That they were going to his room?

Kyle looked back at Max and saw his distress and how he kept looking around. He smiled and shook his head. “Don’t worry Max. They mind their own business.”

This put Max a little more at ease when he noticed that he was now standing on the third floor landing. This hall was much shorter than the one below and held only a handful of doors. This house was so large, he had to wonder how Kyle kept form getting lost. Kyle opened the door at the end of the hall and waited for Max to enter.

What Max stepped into was not just a room but a suite of rooms. He stood in a sitting area as large as the den downstairs. The room held a masculine décor, that fit Kyle. There was a desk and some chairs near a fireplace. He guessed that this was where Kyle spent much of his time here at home by the look of the papers piled on the desk.

Kyle took Max’s hand and led him into the actual bedroom. It was almost as large as the sitting area with the same dark style of furniture.

“I have one main rule in this house. Clothing is not an option in my room.”

Max smirked at his lover. “Does that include you also?” his voice was already husky with desire. Max watched Kyle swallow hard before answering.

“I guess it does.” Kyle returned a smirk.

“Well I can’t have you breaking your own rule, can I?” Max said as he pushed Kyle’s coat from his shoulders. He neatly hung it over a chair back before returning his attention to his lover.

Next came the tie but that was thrown carelessly across the room, uncaring where it landed. Max was slow and leisure as he unbuttoned Kyle’s shirt and pulled it from the pants. When the shirt hung open Max placed his hands on Kyle’s shoulders, under the material, gently caressing the smooth skin. Taking care to touch as much of his lover’s arms as possible, he brushed the shirt down letting it fall to the floor.

Max’s full attention was now on the bare chest before him. He watched as it rose and fell with Kyle’s now ragged breathing. The muscles beneath the soft skin rippled, aching for Max’s touch. He tore his gaze south to the tented pants that Kyle still wore. He wanted to see Kyle, all of him.

Max reached out and unbuckled the belt then unsnapped the button to the slacks. He reached for the zipper with confidence. Slowly, he lowered the zipper taking deliberate care to have his hand run lightly over the erect length. A moan sounded from Kyle. Max looked up and saw that Kyle’s eyes were closed and his head tilted back slightly. His lover’s face was filled with lust.

Max pulled down the pants along with the boxers underneath. Max chuckled to himself. He was right about Kyle being a boxer-man. Max untied each shoe then directed Kyle to lift a foot.

In order to keep his balance, Kyle had to place a hand on Max’s still clothed shoulder. ‘I will have to remedy that soon.’ He thought.

Max quickly shed the rest of Kyle’s clothing before he stood and took a step back. ‘He’s beautiful’ he thought as he took in the naked body in front of him.

“Max.” Kyle said as he stepped toward him.

“Wait.” Max took his hand and guided him to the bed. “Let me.”

After having Kyle lie on the large bed, Max went and hung his jacket with Kyle’s on the chair. Standing at the foot of the bed, Max slowly undressed taking off one piece of clothing at a time while Kyle watched. He made sure that each movement was slow and enchanting to his lover. Max could not help think about how sexy and such a turn on all of this all was.

When Max was in the same state as Kyle, undressed and unbelievably aroused, he crawled onto the bed with Kyle. Max was pulled toward Kyle until their lips met and limbs entwined. They both moaned as their cocks rubbed together.

“Kyle” Max broke the kiss. “I can’t. I promised Isabel…”

Kyle ran his hand through Max’s soft hair. “Shh. I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let it go this far. I couldn’t help it, you are some damn hot.” He pulled Max closer to him, just holding him as he tried to calm the desire raging through his body.

“It’s not all your fault Kyle. I helped a lot to put us this way.” Max said through gritted teeth. “Isabel never said anything about me pleasing you while they are away.”

“No Max. Let me just hold you. Talk to you.” Kyle chuckled not believing that he was turning down one of Max’s awesome blowjobs. “I think that was what our original plan was right?”

Max took several deep breaths trying to stomp the flames out. Silently he cursed Isabel for her control over him. “All right, let’s talk.” He turned over allowing Kyle to hold him.

They lay together and talked late into the night. They had somehow managed to quiet their desire for now and enjoyed the warm feel of each other’s bodies pressed together and the soft touches of their hands. Max told Kyle about his life and how he met Liz. Kyle in turn told Max how he and Isabel had met in college, how they seemed to constantly gravitate back to each other through the years, and then how their relationship had changed when Liz entered their life, stabilizing it.

“I was reluctant when Isabel asked me to help her with Liz but once I got to know her, I couldn’t not love her.”

“I know what you mean.” Max smiled at the thought of Liz.

“You miss her?”


Kyle kissed Max on the neck. “I miss them too.”

Max turned so he could capture Kyle’s lips. The kiss lasted what seemed an eternity as their tongues delved into the other’s mouth fully exploring it.

“Let’s get some sleep before the sun comes up” Kyle suggested. Max pulled Kyle closer in an embraced that made it hard to tell where one man began and the other ended.


I know that you are all disappointed that Max and Kyle did not really do anything but give it time. Max won't disappoint Isabel...On that subject, stay tuned to see what she and Liz are up to and how they greet their partners when they return from their trip...
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Part 8

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Part 8

Meanwhile across the country…

Liz stood on a balcony of the hotel, sipping wine and looking at the moonless, clear sky. With all the city lights the stars looked dim and weak. Even in the penthouse the traffic below was loud. She really hated all of these big cities. Liz sighed and took another sip.

“You know that Max went to Kyle’s tonight.” Liz stated feeling Isabel standing at the doorway to the balcony watching her.

Isabel stepped out onto the balcony and placed her hands on Liz’s shoulders. “Yes, I know. Kyle asked me if he could tell Max who he was and get to know him some.”

“When I spoke with Max last night he was nervous but excited about going. He still had not made the connection between Kyle and Mr. Valenti. Did you know that he once told me that Kyle was a role model for him.”

“You miss him very much.” Isabel stated. Liz had not seen Max in three days and she could tell a difference in her lover. Max was now a part of Liz as he was a part of her.

Liz nodded still looking out at the city. “Do you think he’ll hate us when he finds out?”

“Liz. He won’t hate anyone. Especially you. I don’t think he is capable of that emotion. He might be a little mad at Kyle or I for not telling him sooner but he will get over it. We haven’t exactly let them do much talking when are all together.” She chuckled thinking of Max and Kyle together.

“I hope you are right. I’d hate to lose him.”

Isabel pushed Liz’s hair over to one side and placed a trail of kisses along her neck. “You won’t.”

Liz turned her head and captured her lover’s lips. Her mouth desperately hungry as she kissed Isabel. She and Isabel had spent the last three days together but they had been so busy with meetings and such that they had not spent any intimate time together. Liz turned her body and pressed against Isabel’s feeling her breasts against hers. Heat rushed through her body at the feel of her and Liz knew what she needed.

Isabel was a little surprised at Liz’s bold passion. She returned the fevered kiss as she ran her hands along Liz’s waist. Her hands rose to the petite shoulders and pushed the straps to her lover’s dress down. With another tug and the top fell so it exposed Liz’s perky breasts. Isabel broke the kiss and dipped her head, latching her mouth to a stiff nipple. Liz gasped as her body began to tingle from the sensations.

Isabel switched to the other waiting nipple using her tongue to flick it before pulling it into her mouth. This caused a moan to erupt from Liz. Isabel was slow with her worship of her lover’s breasts. They were smaller than her own and they fascinated her. She loved how the nipples reacted to her touch and how Liz would beg her to lick them as she massaged the soft skin with her hands.

Liz took the pins from Isabel’s upswept hair and ran her fingers through the long tresses. She loved how the night air ran across the wetness of her nipples, sending shivers down her spine and how Isabel’s locks brushed across her breasts when they moved. But what she wanted more was to taste her lover.

“Isabel, let’s go inside.”

Isabel raised her head and saw the intense desire in Liz’s eyes. It matched her own feelings and desire. Isabel kissed her petite lover fiercely before pulling her inside to the bed. They stood before the bed and quickly stripped from their dinner dresses feeling an urgency to feel skin upon skin. Liz pulled Isabel down on the bed with her, locking their lips in another kiss.

She loved kissing Isabel. It was so different from Max or Kyle. Isabel’s mouth was softer, sweeter. Their tongues danced together erotically. She loved the feel of their bodies pressed close as their scents mingled and mixed. Heat spread through her body in anticipation.

When Isabel broke the kiss, she found that they were lying side by side on the bed. Liz had moved her lips from her mouth to her neck then down to her breasts, teasing each nipple with her warm breath and flicking them with her tongue. Isabel moaned making Liz smile and continue her ministrations to Isabel’s lovely breasts.

Isabel finally broke away from Liz’s attentions when she could no longer resist her urges. She pushed away and turned around so that her head was near Liz’s feet. She lightly pushed a leg up so that the prize she was seeking was exposed. She stopped and just admired the folds that leaked wetness. From that closeness to Liz’s core, Isabel could smell her sweet scent as it beckoned her to taste the sweet honey.

Isabel dipped her head and lapped at the juices that had gathered in her curls. Liz jumped at the sensation of the tongue on the sensitive skin and moaned with pleasure. Isabel could not help moaning in return as the wetness flowed onto her taste buds.

Isabel was so focused on giving Liz pleasure that she did not notice that her leg was lifted until she felt a warm rush of air pass over her own wet folds. She stopped her tongue for a moment as she felt Liz flick her clit with her tongue.

“Uuuggh…Liz…” she moaned, her voice vibrating on Liz’s mound. Liz shivered as she dipped her tongue into Isabel’s wetness sampling her unique taste.

Together the two girls lick and sucked drawing their lover closer to oblivion. Liz’s hips thrusted against Isabel’s face trying to achieve her climax while Isabel slipped a finger into Liz’s dripping core. With the perfect angle Isabel coaxed Liz over the edge, feeling her walls clamping on her fingers as she orgasmed.

As soon as Liz came down off her high enough to move again, she nipped at Isabel’s clit making her cry out and beg for her release. Once more Liz went back to stroking her lover’s tender folds with her tongue, drinking in the sweet honey. Soon Isabel was spiraling through her own climax as she cried out Liz’s name.

Isabel slowly lifted from her position and found Liz’s mouth to hers. Slowly they kissed gently, savoring the taste of their mixed essences. As exhaustion overcame them, they lay entwined together thinking of returning home to their men. Sleep soon claimed them both
The Next Morning…

Max turned over and found the bed cold and empty. He got up and found that Kyle had laid out jeans and a t-shirt for him. Taking the clothes he made use of the enormous bathroom. After feeling more awake, Max found his way downstairs and followed the smell of food cooking to a large kitchen.

‘Was everything Kyle had large?’ Max wondered, chuckling to himself at his own joke. He stood in the door for a moment and watched as Kyle stood in front of a stove making what looked to be like eggs. He entered the kitchen and sat on a stool at the bar, continuing to watch his lover.

“How did you sleep Max?” Kyle glanced over his shoulder.

“Good. Are you working today?”

“No.” Kyle turned and placed a plate before Max. The food on the plate smelled and looked delicious. “Not really. I will do a few things later from here. Do you want to stick around? I can show you the estate.”

Max took a bite of the eggs and could not help but stop and savor the taste. They were delicious. “MMMM. These are really good.”


Max looked at Kyle who was pushing the food around on the plate in front of him. Max could see that he was nervous about asking him to stay with him more. He was glad that he was not the only one feeling a little jittery. This was really new to both of them.

“I was not planning on going to work today so I think it would be nice to see all you have to offer.” Kyle looked up and Max winked at him, glad to see a smile form on his lips.

After breakfast Kyle led Max out to the stables. “Can you ride?”

Max nodded. “I used to visit my grandparents when I was young. They had a horse farm down in Florida.”

“Good.” Kyle flashed Max another smile.

They spent the late morning and early afternoon riding around the vast estate. When the horses began to tire they decided to rest near a stream that ran through the property, letting the horses rest and drink. Max and Kyle sat next to each other, their backs against a large boulder watching the water rush by. They had spoke a lot and really felt that they knew one another now but they had not touched since they woke.

Max leaned over and kissed Kyle lightly on the lips. “I missed that.”

“Me too.” Kyle responded then he deepened their kiss.

Soon they lay on the ground, lips fused together and hands roaming along each other. Max reached down, unbuttoned Kyle’s jeans and grasped his hard cock in his hands. Feeling Max’s hands on his skin brought Kyle out of his enticing lustful haze. He pushed slightly away from Max trying to dislodge his hand from his cock.

“Max. We can’t do this. You promised Isabel.”

Max leaned closer and licked at Kyle’s lips. “I promised her that I would not have an orgasm while she was away. That does not mean that I can’t take pleasure in pleasing you.”


“No Kyle. I want to do this. I need to.” Max pleaded with his eyes. He wanted to taste Kyle. Wanted to feel him in his mouth, to hear him moan.

Kyle sighed and silently prayed that Isabel wouldn’t be too pissed at him. Kyle stood and took off his pants and boxers giving Max easier access. Looking around Kyle decided to lean against the boulder and allow Max to have his way with him.

Max silently watched as Kyle waged the war that went on inside his mind. Max situated himself on his knees when Kyle stripped and leaned on the boulder. Max lightly licked the tip of Kyle’s hard cock. He was immediately granted pre-cum to taste. Slowly he sucked Kyle’s entire length into his mouth, savoring the smell and taste of his lover. He heard Kyle’s intake of breath as his lips hit the base of his groin.

Max withdrew slightly only to have Kyle thrust back into his mouth. Max let out a groan that sent vibrations through Kyle’s body and he reached down and laced his fingers in Max’s hair. Kyle soon took control of the situation, the pent up desire overflowing as he held Max’s head while he began his thrusting in and out of the warm, hot mouth. Max used his right hand to cup Kyle’s balls feeling them already begin to harden while his left hand rose to pinch one of his lover’s nipples, feeling it also harden to his touch.

Kyle felt the pressure building inside of him and he knew that he could not hold out much longer. He had wanted Max since he had seen him walk into his home. The caressing of his tightening balls finally threw him over the edge as he thrust harder into his lover’s mouth, squirting his load deep into his throat. He did not withdraw until Max had licked him clean of any cum.

Kyle’s knees finally gave way as he joined Max sitting on the ground. Immediately they embraced and stayed that way for some time watching as the sun began to set. Kyle finally got up and dressed then they rode back to the house in silence. They both felt as if their relationship had just jumped to the next level. One where they no longer had to talk all the time around each other. They were comfortable silences. They spent the evening preparing dinner and discussing work. As they said their reluctant good-byes they both thought of the women that they would see the next night but glad to have had this time together.


I just wanted to say a special thanks to my husband for his help..I was having a hard time with the female slash and let's just say he shed some light on it from a male perspective...
Thanks for the feedback guys...Strawberry shortcake, I am doing better and am loving your fic...This will be a M/L/K/I story but open to the possibility of adding someone else along the way. Just waiting to see where my imagination will carry me...Do you think it needs more of a plot or just lovely smut to take our attentions from RL for a while???
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Part 9

Post by magikhands » Tue Mar 09, 2004 10:47 pm

Sorry it took so long for the next part but RL really piled up on me.
***WARNING*** There is playful bondage in this part, if it offends you please skip this (even though I think it is pretty decent)

Part 9

Friday night came with much anticipation. The time crept slowly by during the day that Friday. Work did nothing to distract the four lovers from the anxiety they felt at the thought of all being together again. The week had been a long one and both men were antsy about seeing their women.

Max met at Kyle’s home and drove to the girl’s house together. As soon as the front door closed the girls were all over the guys. Finally they made it downstairs ripping at each other’s clothing franticly. One would think upon seeing the two pairs that they had not seen each other in months instead of just a week. The four fell onto the large bed succumbing to their emotions and desires. They made love for hours until exhaustion claimed them.

Max woke with warmth surrounding him. He opened his eyes and found Liz lying on top of him, her head resting on his chest. He was glad she was so petite causing her to be light unlike Kyle, remembering the times Kyle had ended up on top of him while they slept. Turing his head, he saw that Kyle slept on his left and Isabel on the right. Both were curled up to him and had an arm thrown over he and Liz hands clasping.

Max sighed in contentment. The sex they’d shared last night was the most powerful yet. Max made sure he gave Liz the best welcome home possible but then he and Kyle switched making sure that both women knew how much they’d been missed. But it had not stopped there. Once rested and the simple talk about what had happened during the week and how Max reacted to Kyle’s information was out of the way, the four had an hard time keeping their hands off one another. Their kisses and touches were frenzied; their desire was still unsated. Thinking back, he was unsure who was doing who. All he remembered was that they all felt three mouths and six hands one their being, along with whatever body parts that could be rubbed against. The orgasms were strong and consuming.

Liz stirred and looked up at glowing amber eyes that were watching her.

“Hey” she smiled.

“Hey.” He lifted a hand and swept her hair from her face. He loved the silkiness of her beautiful, shining dark tresses. He liked how it felt when it brushed along his body as they sought pleasure in one another’s arms.

Liz looked around and saw that Kyle and Isabel were still sleeping.

“I’d say we had a fun night.”

Max smiled and chuckled, remembering their activities, their scent of sex still filled the air. “I agree. I really missed you Liz. I don’t like being away from you that long. One day is really too long for my taste.”

“I missed you too Max. I didn’t like not seeing you. I hope this won’t happen often. I don’t know if I could handle it.”

Max kissed Liz softly on the lips. “Do you think they’ll let us up? I’d like to clean up some.” indicating the other two in the bed.

“Watch.” She said as she began to wiggle down Max’s body. Max had to bite back a moan as he became hard again feeling her soft body rub against him. When she was finally free of Isabel and Kyle’s embrace she looked down at Max’s hard cock, raising an eyebrow.

“What can I say? You do that to me.” He said smiling at her.

Max finally dislodged himself from the sleeping lovers and he and Liz went to the bathroom. They indulged in the large tub that was always full, warm and waiting for them. Modern technology was a wonderful thing.

After washing each other they sat back and allowed the warmth of the water to seep into their bodies. Liz sat on Max’s lap, chest to chest; his hands softly caressed her back.

“I want you again.” Max groaned, kissing her head and adjusting his seating letting his erection brush her thighs, trying to gain entry.

“I do too but now right now. Isabel has something planned for you and Kyle.”

Max sighed in resignation. He had to wonder what wonderful torture he had in store. Every time Isabel had a plan for them, it meant that she was in the mood for her sexual games that resulted in some of the most powerful orgasms he’d ever experienced.

“Is this a private party or can anyone join?”
The voice brought Max out of his thoughts. Looking up, he saw Isabel dragging a sleepy Kyle into the tub. Max had to smile knowing that Kyle was not much of a morning person.

“Actually, I was just about to go and make us all some breakfast. Liz did you want to help?”

Liz wiggle on Max’s lap and he could not help the moan as his cock grew a bit stiffer. “Sure, let’s go.”

Kyle had pulled Isabel on his lap as he kissed at her ear and neck. Isabel smiled, watching Liz and Max leave the room, thinking of the fun they were all going to have after breakfast.


Kyle looked up at Liz as she rode him. He watched as hands caressed her, touching her most sensitive spots, bringing her closer to her climax. He wished it was his hands doing the roaming but his were busy being bound to the bed as he laid spread eagle in soft restraints. This position forced him to take whatever pleasure Liz and Isabel gave him without actively participating in the acts but still reaping pleasure. Kyle watched as Isabel’s fingers tugged on Liz’s nipples making them stiff and erect begging to be sucked then he felt her walls clamp down on his dick as she orgasmed calling his name. He thrust his hips up trying to bury himself deeper so his pleasure could be achieved.

Liz collapsed on Kyle for several seconds to catch her breath. He groaned in frustration and pushed deeper still into her but he knew that his release would not be at that time. Liz sat up and Isabel brushed her hair away from her face as she watched Kyle struggle for control. Liz leaned down and kissed him gently before climbing off.

“Have I ever told you how sexy it is to watch you?” Isabel softly asked gaining Kyle’s attention.

He watched as she slowly licked his still stiff member. She moaned, as she tasted Liz’s sweetness on him, the vibrations sending shivers through his body.

“Isabel….god…I need to…mmmm…uuuhhh…” Kyle gasped as she slipped his length into her mouth. After just a couple of strokes she withdrew her mouth and moved up to the top of the bed, kissing him allowing him to taste Liz’s nectar.

“Please…Stop teasing…I need…” Kyle began to beg.

Isabel placed her fingers over his lips silencing him. “Do you want me to do you like Max?” She asked quietly.

At that moment a whimper sounded from nearby. Kyle turned his head and watched as Liz continued her sweet torture to Max’s body, touching and caressing every sensitive spot she could find. He was standing but bound similar to Kyle. He recalled how earlier Max had begged for release and Isabel gagged him using a ball gag that silenced his words and only allowed his moans and whimpers of pleasure to escape.

Kyle laid his head back and moaned in defeat closing his eyes. It had seemed like hours that Isabel and Liz had teased and coaxed their bodies to their breaking point only to back down again and again, prolonging their release.

“I didn’t thinks so.” Isabel smiled and looked down at Kyle’s erect member. It twitched as he tried to calm his desire once more. She loved to see him squirm with need that she induced. She eyed the reason for his lack of release. At the base of his shaft sat a leather device much like a cock ring. She’d found it while browsing the Internet, always on the look out for new toys. Like a cock ring this allowed a man to stay hard longer, prolonging his climax however this somehow does not allow him release until its strap is loosened, thereby allowing her or Liz total control of him and Max. She loved it.

Isabel turned her attention to Liz who was using a piece of ice around Max’s nipples then she’d suck the cold, stiff points into her mouth. Isabel smiled as an idea struck her. She rose off the bed and went in search of what she wanted. Once in hand she approached the couple watching Max’s reactions to Liz’s ministrations.

Isabel pulled Liz into a deep, lustful kiss knowing Max was watching every move they made. Breaking the kiss Isabel looked into Max’s eyes and saw them darken more with desire.

“Liz. I think we’ve tortured Max enough for now. I want you to suck him into oblivion.”

Liz smiled at Max. “As you wish.” She said sinking to her knees before Max.

Isabel watched as Liz drew him into her mouth and Max’s head falling back, eyes closed, his face filled with ecstasy. She walked behind him, her fingers trailing across his chest and muscled arms then onto his back. She could feel his muscles flexing as he pulled slightly on his restraints. Isabel knew he was itching to use his hands on Liz. He liked to grab hold of Liz’s head while she sucked on him. His hands and body led Max, loving to feel and touch his lover’s bodies. Just the act of taking away their use has been a frustrating torture for him. But Isabel knew his reward would be well worth it.

Slowly Isabel caressed Max’s back going down to his ass giving each cheek a gentle massage as the muscles tightened as he thrust his hips into Liz’s mouth. Reaching down, she picked up the small, smooth vibrator she’d retrieved minutes earlier. Making sure it was well lubricated, she placed the tip at Max’s opening, giving it a slight push.

Max immediately stopped his movement and stiffened slightly. This few seconds gave Isabel what she needed and she pushed the vibrator up into Max. He moaned as he was penetrated and Liz still worked his cock in her warm, wet mouth.

For a moment Max felt lightheaded and his knees threatened to buckle with the sensations that ripped through his body. Unable to stay still any longer, Max began his hip movement once more. Isabel easily caught on to his rhythm and kept pace with them.

She looked over Max’s shoulder and watched as Kyle watched the three of them. His eyes were filled with lust and his body twitched with the need to join them. She knew that Kyle loved to help Max climax, he loved to watch his face as he was driven over the edge of pleasure.

Max’s movement began to get shorter and faster, his moans a constant sound, Isabel knew that he was at his breaking point. She flipped a switch and turned on the machine embedded within him while reaching around to release the strap around his cock all the while watching Kyle.

Within two thrusts, Max was spilling his load down Liz’s throat and screamed behind his gag from the intensity of his orgasm.

Max’s knees finally gave out, his arms strained in the restraints that held him up. Isabel released his arms and gently helped him down to the floor. Max curled up his body while his head rested in Liz’s lap as she stroked his hair, brushing it out of his eyes. Exhaustion seeped into his body forcing his eyes closed.

Isabel left the two and climbed on top of Kyle’s waiting length. She had become drenching wet as she helped make Max cum and the need for her own release was overwhelming. She rode Kyle fast and hard, driving him to hit that special spot deep inside of her. Within moments she called out his name as she climaxed. Isabel collapsed on him, his hard cock still in her.

“Isabel…” he groaned. His desire and need for release was almost unbearable. He moved beneath her trying to get her attention and for her to continue. However Isabel rolled off him and he moaned with protest.

“Let’s rest for a while before we continue this.” Isabel said curling into his left side, her eyes already closing.

Kyle laid there for several minutes taking deep breathes, cursing Isabel in his mind, glad that his could not use his hands to choke her, as he tried to calm the fire raging through his body. Just when he thought he had it under control Liz came and snuggled into his right side falling asleep almost immediately.

Kyle looked around the quiet room and found that Max was still curled on the floor, his breathing deep and steady. But sleep did not come as quickly for Kyle as he tried hard not the think of the two beautiful, sexy bodies curled on him, feeling their breasts and their wetness pressed against his skin. He cursed Isabel again, begging for sleep to come.


He slowly opened his eyes. It was dim and quiet and he was cold, his body stiff. He tried to stretch his sore muscles but found that he was not able to move much. He hands were bound behind his back and when he tried moving them, the sore muscles cried in protest. A grunt emerged from his throat but found that it was muffled. He realized that the gag Isabel had placed on him earlier was still in place.

Max was now fully awake and thought back to the powerful orgasm he’d last had. He had never felt anything as powerful. Liz and Isabel had teased and coaxed him for hours, allowing him to go to the edge only then to back off. This caused him much frustration yet at the same time allowed his lust and desire grow more. He was in awe at how Liz and Isabel could turn him into a begging child, willing to do anything, just to cum and please them. The intensity of their desire was growing more each weekend, drawing them closer together.

Max saw that he was lying on the hard cold floor where he last remembered being in Liz’s warm embrace. He looked to the bed and saw Kyle there with Liz and Isabel curled on each side of him. Their bodied looked so warm and inviting. He ached to have his cold relieved by the warmth he knew they could give.

He tried calling out to them but the gag prevented words from forming, only muffled moans and whimpers escaped. He saw Isabel move slightly at the noise he’d made and hope soared through him that she’d heard him. When she made no other move he let out a sigh. He knew that he would sound much like a puppy begging for food but at the moment he did not care. He just wanted to be with his lovers, sharing the warmth and love they had to offer. Max started softly, letting his whimpers sound in the quiet room, trying to wake one of them.

Isabel had heard Max’s first cry. She had adjusted herself and feigned sleep. From her view, she watched him try to stretch his body; muscles that she knew would be sore and stiff. She lay there and listened to his noises seeing how far he would go to wake one of them.

Liz opened her eyes as she heard Max’s whimpers. She was about to get up and comfort him but then she saw Isabel’s dark eyes staring at her. She lay there knowing that she could not go to Max until Isabel gave her permission. So Liz closed her eyes and held her body rigid and still to keep from going to him.

Kyle moved beneath them and Liz opened her eyes. “Izzy. Get Max. He’s cold.” His voice groggy with sleep. He’d woke to Max’s whimpering and couldn’t stand to hear his lover in such a way knowing how lonely he must be.

Isabel nodded her head to Liz who got up and went to Max. She released his hands and ankles that were bound and helped him over to the bed. Isabel motioned for Max to lie between Kyle’s spread legs, allowing his head to rest on Kyle’s thighs near his groin. Unable to resist the urge Max lightly snuggled his face into Kyle’s balls and cock that immediately sprang to life.

“Ummmm…Max, please don’t…” Kyle moaned.

“Be good Max.” Isabel whispered in his ear. “It’s not time to play, get some more rest.”

Max shifted slightly away from Kyle’s length but his scent still filled his space. He watched as Liz and Isabel resumed their positions and looked up at Kyle, who was taking several deep breathes, his eyes closed.

Kyle knew sleep would be denied once more as he felt Max settle himself between his legs. But he was happy that they were all together, feeding each other warmth. Kyle sighed feeling at peace and very much loved.


Max woke to the gag finally being removed but something soft and fleshy replaced it. He knew immediately that it was Kyle and sucked it greedily into his mouth. He arranged his body so that he knelt between Kyle’s legs and had full access to his groin.

Max felt movement above him and he looked up from his position and saw a beautiful sight. Isabel was on her knees straddling Kyle’s head. Her head was thrown back, eyes closed as his tongue worked it’s magic on her clit. Next to her was Liz who’s lips and hands wandered Isabel’s body. He watched as her tongue flicked at Isabel’s nipple sending her into a moaning frenzy and moving her hips faster.

Max then moved his sight down Isabel’s arms to see her fingers plunging in and out of Liz’s wet core, matching Max’s rhythm on Kyle’s dick. He could not help but groan which caused a chain reaction of events. As his sound vibrated on Kyle’s cock, he moaned into Isabel’s luscious lips. This sensation sent her fingers plunging deeper and faster into Liz who moaned on Isabel’s sensitive nipples, sending the vibrations through her body.

Isabel cried out as she came, her juices flowing into Kyle’s mouth. Next was Liz as she bit into Isabel’s tender skin, her climax soaking Isabel’s finders. Seeing Max still working on Kyle, she reached down and loosened Kyle’s strap around his cock allowing him to blow his load deep into Max’s throat.

When Max licked every drop from Kyle he turned to Isabel who just nodded her head, giving him permission to do what she knew he wanted. Pulling Liz down on the bed, Max swiftly entered her dripping wetness. His mouth captured hers in a deep, lust filled kiss where she tasted a mixture of him and Kyle.

Liz’s hands moved to Max’s ass squeezing each cheek, pressing him deeper into her. Max was pumping hard and fast into Liz but he knew she wanted more. He stopped his movements and sat up receiving groans of protest. Max smiled a knowing smile and took her legs and placed them upon his shoulders, once more beginning his movements, his thrusts getting deeper and hitting her special spot. Within moments Liz began panting, her head swinging side to side as she was driven to the edge by Max’s thick cock.

“Mmaaaaxxxx” she called out as she fell over the edge of her desire. Her walls rhymically squeezed on Max pulling him with her. He cried out her name as he came into her and collapsed on the bed pulling her with him into his embrace.

“Wow!” Liz whispered.

“Got that right.” Kyle chuckled.

The couple turned and saw Isabel and Kyle embracing. While Max and Liz were oblivious to anyone but each other, Isabel had released Kyle and together they had watched their lovers’ climax.

Max blushed slightly, thinking of how he’d lost total control and took Liz so rough, almost primal. He cleared his throat and looked at the others. “When my legs become steady again, I say we go and get cleaned up and eat something.”

The other three agreed but they all had different ideas of ‘eating something’.


Thanks for the feedback, it will be instruMENTAL on which direction this story goes...In the next part the lovers will get to know each other more personally (this is for Strawberry Shortcake :) )
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Part 10

Post by magikhands » Thu Mar 11, 2004 10:05 pm

Ok, guys, here's the next part, but sorry no smut, just some intro on some UC time together...I hope to get the next part soon but I will be out of town for the weekend and no computer around...I guess I will have to rely on old fashioned pen and paper when the ideas hit... :)

Part 10

Max sat looking out his window staring off at the skyline of the city. It was Wednesday and he wished it was Friday. Over the last couple of weeks he and Kyle had been talking a lot. Max had all but abandoned his apartment for Kyle’s place, spending most every night there. For appearance, Kyle had set Max up a room on the third floor by his but Max had yet to sleep there. They had made a decision and wanted to talk to Liz and Isabel this weekend in private.

Phillip stood at Max’s desk watching the young man deep in thought. He had not heard Phillip knock and enter the room calling his name. Phillip had noticed a change in Max over the past six months. It was just small things but he seemed happier and usually more concentrated on his work. He knew that Max and Valenti had become good friends fast and knew that he would be good for Max. He just did not realize how much Kyle had affected Max’s life.

“Max.” Phillip called again finally able to get the younger man’s attention.

Max turned and was a little surprised to see Phillip standing there. He had not heard the older man come in. “Hi Phillip. What is up?”

“We’ve hit a snag in the Guerin deal and apparently only you can solve it.”

“What do you mean? I thought you and Jeff were handling it. Everything was on schedule last I checked.”

“It is still on schedule, in fact we are closing the deal this weekend but…”

“But what?” Max did not like the sound of this. He hated ‘but’s. The entire firm had worked too hard on this deal for it to be screwed up now.

“I know that you no longer do weekend trips but Max, they are specifically requesting that only you handle the closing. They said that they only want the best and will back out of it if it is not you.”

The look on Max’s face was not a good sign to Phillip as he watched Max sit back in his chair and run his hands through his hair.

“Did you have big plans this weekend?”

“You could say that.” Max sighed. He dreaded telling Kyle that they’d have to postpone their talk for another week. “I’ll be there, just get me the files to look over.”

Phillip smiled at the younger man. He knew he would not let this all go to hell. Phillip turned and headed for the door. “You leave Friday morning for Florida. Mr. Guerin is sending his private jet for you. They also have you set up in a penthouse of their hotel. Oh, remember how I said that they wanted only the best?” Phillip stopped at the door and looked at Max.


“Isabel Ramirez will be there handling their advertisement so you will be sharing it with her. Is that a problem?”

Max froze at the mention of her name and looked at Phillip. “Is her assistant Liz going also?” Hope flared in his chest.

“No. Only her. I told you that they are being picky and want only the best players. You and she are the best there is right now and they made it very clear on what they wanted.” Phillip looked at Max wondering why he all of a sudden seemed uncomfortable. Max knew Isabel, even went to some socials together. He had to wonder what was up. “Lunch still on today?”

Absently Max nodded his head. “Yes. I’ll see you at 12:30.”

When Phillip left the room Max stood and paced his office. He looked out the window again but no peace came to him. “Shit.” He whispered.


Isabel was sitting at her desk shuffling through the piles of papers on her desk. Sometimes she wondered if all of this work was worth it. Her boss Brody Davis walked into her office bringing her a fresh cup of coffee.

“Good morning Isabel.” He greeted her in his clippie British accent. Isabel liked Brody; he always had a way to make her smile.

“Good afternoon you mean.” Isabel said looking at her watch.

“Oh, yeah, right. Anyway, I need you this weekend.”

“Brody, you know that I no longer do the weekend things. I’ve been here too long. Find someone else.”

“I wish I could but I can’t. This is the Guerin deal and they have specifically requested you to finish the deal.”

Isabel signed and hated to cancel her plans for the weekend but she knew that this happened occasionally. She also knew that this case was very important to the company.

“Alright. I will get Liz and we’ll…”

“No this time sweetheart. They want only you. Everything is set up already. You leave Friday morning on their private jet for Florida and you’ll stay in their penthouse.”

Isabel sighed and felt disappointment seep through her at the thought of being away from all over her lovers for even one day.

“Oh, and I thought I’d tell you that you’ll be sharing the penthouse with Max Evans. You know him right? I’ve seen him come through here a couple of times. He’s with Liz, right?”

“Max?” She asked looking a bit uncomfortable. “Oh, uh, yes, he and Liz.”

He looked at her a little confused at her reaction to Max being there. “Good. At least you’ll know the person you’ll be spending the weekend with. Have fun in Florida.” He walked to the door then stopped and looked at her. “Also, you close this deal, your position with this company will be set in stone. You’ve earned it.”
When Brody left her office, Isabel leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. “Shit” she muttered.

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