Maxeo and Lizziet (AU, ML / Adult) (Complete)

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Maxeo and Lizziet (AU, ML / Adult) (Complete)

Post by Breathless » Sat Dec 20, 2003 12:45 am

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Max punches Michael and kisses Liz in the hallway at school.

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Cover Art by ChrissyP47

Author: Debbi aka Breathless
Category: Max and Liz, And I guess it's AU
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Roswell, or anyone associated with it. Jason Katim, 20th Century Fox, and UPN own that mess.

Summary: This story takes place during senior year at West Roswell High. There was never a shooting at the Crashdown Café. Liz Parker was never shot, and Max Evans never had to save her life. Consequentially, the word never spread of a strange happening in a little town in New Mexico, because it never happened. Nasedo never heard about it, so he never showed up. He never brought that blonde bitch – um, Tess, with him. Max never lost his virginity to Tess, because she never showed up. Max never got Tess pregnant because, well, you get the gist.

Max, Michael and Isabel have no idea what they are or where they came from, or why they are here. All they know for sure is that they are not of this world, and they’ve been hiding their entire lives.

Parts 1-56

Maxeo and Lizziet
Part 57

Max spread his jacket over the rock floor of the pod chamber and watched it settle into place. His eyes darted to Liz, and when he saw her relaxed stance, her calm demeanor, he calmed down, too. Just a little. God knew, when he was around Liz, he could never calm down completely.

“So . . .” he shifted from one foot to the other.

“Do you understand how this works?” Liz asked, and stepped closer to him. He couldn’t help but groan at their close contact.

“Not really,” Max admitted. “But when we kiss . . .” he groaned again when she stepped into him. “When we’re close, you seem to be able to tap into my mind, to reach back to a time – before I remember.”

“Maybe when we connected, in my dressing room during the play,” Liz slipped an arm around his waist, “maybe that connection is what let us share the dream tonight.”

“Maybe,” Max brushed his lips across her forehead, then down her cheek, then back to her ear, where he whispered in a husky tone, “Maybe we’re on the same wavelength now.”

“Oh,” Liz sighed and bent her head back to open her throat to him. “I definitely think we’re on the same wavelength.”

Max kissed down the skin of her throat, while his hands roamed over her back, her sides, her hips, feeling her ribs under the thin shirt she was wearing. His shirt, he remembered. She was wearing his shirt. Maybe he should take it off her. Yeah, he suckled on her throat, taking her shirt off seemed like a really good idea. His hands bunched up the fabric at the lower hem and slowly pulled upwards.

Liz felt the material glide up her body and they broke off their heated kiss so he could lift it over her head. He let it fall to the floor behind him and looked at Liz appraisingly, liking what he saw. Her pajama bottoms rode low on her hips and her tank top stopped just above her navel, giving him an enticing view of her flat belly.

“That’s much better,” he breathed out and nuzzled her neck again. His hands went to her hips, letting his fingers glide along her soft skin, sending tingling waves of warmth straight through her.

“What about you?” Liz sighed. God, his hands were so amazing.

“What about me?” Max kissed along her shoulder, nudging aside the thin strap of her tank top until it fell to rest against her upper arm.

“Take this off,” Liz tugged on his shirt. He raised his arms and she pulled it up and over his head, and then it was her turn to rake her eyes over him. The sight of his naked chest, so broad and muscular, made her pulse quicken in expectation.

Max touched her throat with his hand and let his fingers slide downward, feeling her rapid pulse beating under her skin, then moving lower to the hollow at the base of her throat, then downward, following an enticing line of cleavage. His eyes dropped to follow the progress of his hand, and then his face filled with surprise.

“What?” Liz asked, a little breathless. She dropped her eyes to see what he was staring at, and then she saw it too.

“You’re glowing,” Max said softly, with an undertone of awe in his voice. Her skin was glowing everywhere his fingers touched her. His hand moved up her chest, along her shoulder, then down her arm, leaving a trail of glowing skin in his wake. He suddenly looked into her eyes, with the awe giving way to concern, and he asked worriedly, “Does it hurt?”

“No,” Liz shook her head quickly. “It feels warm, and it tingles, everywhere you touch me.”

“Yeah?” a nervous smile flashed over his face.

“Yeah,” Liz nodded, and raised her fingertips to touch his chest. She trailed her fingers along his skin, but she couldn’t make him glow. Disappointed, she said, “I can’t do it to you.”

His hand covered hers and lifted it to his lips, kissing her fingertips tenderly. “I’m glowing everywhere. You just can’t see it. It’s on the inside.”

“Really?” she looked at him hopefully.

“Really,” Max smiled down at her.

They moved even closer together, staring into each others eyes, touching each other, caressing soft skin and muscular flesh, with their lips coming together again, sealing their love with a kiss. His fingers threaded into her hair, holding the back of her head, with his kiss gradually turning from tender to tumultuous. He couldn’t hold the passion in. He clutched her to him tightly, and then he lowered her to the floor.

His hand touched the jacket he had spread out a few minutes earlier, and changed it to a soft cushion they could lie on. He eased her down, only lifting his lips from hers when her head come in contact with the cushion. Her hair spread out to frame her face and he wondered if she had ever looked more beautiful. He gazed down at her, seeing the luminance from the pods reflecting on her face, highlighting the innocence, the openness, her unadulterated acceptance of him, and he filled with a sense that everything was finally right in his life.

Being with her, loving her, being loved by her, it was what was meant to be.

Her hand threaded into his hair and brought him down to her, joining their lips together again. Max kissed her hard, pouring out his passion for her, telling her with a touch and a caress of his love for her. His body pressed hers down into the cushion, feeling the softness of her feminine curves beneath him, and feeling the answering hardness in his own body.

“Max . . .” Liz sighed when he let her take a breath. His head lowered to her throat where he nuzzled at her skin, while his hand did some roaming, moving up her side, over her ribs, rising higher to cup her breast. His head lowered more, kissing a trail down her chest while his hand curled around the upper edge of her tank top, pulling it down to expose her breast to his wandering mouth. She sighed again when his lips closed over her rapidly hardening nipple, and moaned even louder when he sucked her into his mouth.

“Oh . . . Oh, Max,” Liz arched upward, at the same time pressing her hand against the back of his head. He could feel her pulling his hair, but he didn’t care. It just served to heighten the sensation. He suckled at her, first the right side, then the left, enjoying the sensual moans that bubbled from her throat.

“Max –” she cried out, and then he shifted and his mouth was on hers again, cutting her cry off, kissing her with heated passion. His body pressed against her, showing her just how strongly she affected him. Her hand brushed along the prominent bulge at the front of his jeans, and the intensity of his reaction sent her another flash . . .

Four alien figures worked frantically at oddly shaped control panels in a vain effort to prevent the ship from plummeting to the ground. Their fathomless black eyes showed no emotion, even though their demise was eminent. The desert floor loomed large in the view screen and then the ship hit hard, breaking apart on impact.

Bodies flew through the air . . . small bodies . . . frail bodies . . .alien bodies . . .

“Max!” Liz tore her mouth away from his. “Did you see?”

“See what?” Max asked, panting heavily. “Did you get a flash?”

She nodded excitedly. “It was the crash! I think I saw the crash!”

“Anything else?” he anxiously hovered above her.

“We should keep going,” Liz urged and pulled him back down to her.

His heart rate revved even higher and he eagerly complied with her urgent request. His lips crashed against hers, while his hands roamed freely, down her back and over the curve of her butt. She was just as adventurous, letting her hands travel up and down the bare skin of his back, his sides, his taut stomach, then dipping below the waistband of his jeans.

“Max –” Liz mumbled against his lips.

“Yeah?” he moved downward, headed down to taste her breast again. He took her into his mouth yet again, lingering on her nipple, feeling it harden into a rigid peak, marveling that he could do this to her. For years he never thought he’d get a chance to make this dream a reality, and now that it was, he was swept away by the passion.

“The beings on your ship,” she said between heated breaths, “they didn’t look like us.”

“How’d they look?” he asked around a mouthful of Liz.

“Like, you know,” she raked her fingers through his hair. “Classic aliens, I guess. Little skinny things, with big – oh . . . oh . . . I like that . . .” she groaned when he touched a particularly sensitive spot.

“With big what?” Max muttered, then flicked his tongue around her nipple in a circle.

“Heads,” Liz sputtered out and reached for the front of his pants. “They had big heads.”

With her hand cupping the outside of his pants, he could relate to big heads. His was growing by the second.

“Eyes, too,” she sighed. “They had big black eyes. There – there were four of them,” Liz groped for the button on his jeans. “Why – why do you think they looked different from you?”

“I don’t know,” Max tore his mouth away from her. “What do you think?” He wanted to ravish her, to possess her, to bury himself inside her, but he couldn’t deny that what she was saying was fascinating.

“If you came from another planet,” Liz said, going into scientific mode, “chances are, you didn’t look like this.”

“Look like . . .” Max started to repeat and then stopped. That sounded right, as if he should know that already. The memory was there, just beyond his reach, the memory that would make sense of all this.

Liz let her mind run with the possibilities. She lay on her back staring up at Max, with her tank top pulled low to expose her breasts, her nipples hard points from his lavish attention, but at the moment neither of them noticed. “What if they had to make you look human, so you would fit in,” Liz suggested, now with a sparkle in her eyes. “I mean, if you were three feet tall and green, you probably wouldn’t have blended in too well.”

“You’re right,” Max let out a little laugh at her joking tone.

“We’re in AP Biology,” she prodded him. “We should be able to hypothesize here. How would you explain this based on the evidence presented so far?”

Max couldn’t help the smile that flashed across his face. “Have I ever told you how sexy you are when you talk scientist talk?” he teased her and tried to kiss her on the lips.

“You’re making fun of me now,” Liz, very unscientifically, pinched him on the chest.

“Ouch!” he rubbed the spot, then cupped her breast and squeezed her nipple between his finger and thumb. “How do you like it?” he kissed her pouting lips.

“Actually,” she smiled at him devilishly, “I like it very much. But back to the matter at hand –”

“I thought this was ‘the matter at hand’,” Max teased her again and laid a kiss on her erect nipple.

“Max!” she scolded.

“Okay!” he laughed, and listed the facts as he knew them. “I came here from another planet. I probably didn’t look like this there. They would have had to change us, to make sure we fit in without drawing attention. To make us look human, they would have had to . . . to . . . what?” Max asked aloud. Liz raised an eyebrow and a sudden thought struck him. “Clone us? Do you think they cloned us, using human DNA?”

“We can already clone sheep,” Liz said, thinking that was definitely a possibility. “An advanced race, one capable of interstellar travel, might have the technology already perfected. Take the DNA from a human donor, add in the alien DNA they wanted to preserve, and presto,” Liz waved her hand through the air, “you’ve got an alien /human hybrid. Human on the outside, alien on the inside.”

“You think I’m a hybrid?” Max asked, not sure how he felt about that. He always thought he was an alien that just looked human, but what she said made more sense. And that meant his wish to be human was at least partly true. He warmed to the idea.

“It would explain why the girl in the book looks exactly like my grandmother,” Liz answered. “And maybe why we’re so connected,” Liz finished in a softer tone.

“What do you mean?” Max asked, with his full attention on her face.

“If Avianna was created using my grandmother’s DNA, then that would explain why the drawing in the book looked exactly like the photo of my grandmother. And genetically, I’d be her descendant,” Liz answered and watched his face for a reaction. A smile began to play at his lips as fragments of what he’d learned while growing in the pod began to resurface.

“Maybe that’s how I knew you,” Max whispered in growing clarity. “I was connected to her before she died, a link that bound us together even though we were physically separated by the pods. I sensed her biological signature and knew that it was weakening. I felt her die, but I also felt it years later when you were born. Maybe it rekindled the link that we shared because her DNA flows through you. All I know is that I knew you the moment I saw you, Liz, and I’ve loved you ever since. I knew you were the one I waited for all those long years.”

“But I’m not Avianna,” Liz said with sorrow in her voice. “I can’t be her for you.”

“I don’t want you to be,” Max cupped her cheek gently. “I’m not Zan of Antar, either. I’m just Max Evans, a slightly green around the gills human hybrid, in love with the prettiest little scientist the world has ever seen.”

She blushed at that and bit at her lower lip, and Max couldn’t help but chuckle. He leaned close to her ear with a mischievous smile on his face and said, “Extrapolate some more theories for me, Liz. I love it when you talk dirty.”

Liz laughed at his teasing and pinched him on the chest again, which sent his libido into overdrive. She really had no idea just how sexy her throaty laughter was, or how her intelligence turned him on. He pressed his lips against hers, deciding he would just have to show her.

It wasn’t long before his kisses burned like fire, scorching a blazing trail of desire deep into her soul. Heat pooled between her legs under the fiery passion of his unrelenting assault, climbing to heights he had sent her to only once before. Her body begged for his touch and he willingly obliged, cupping her breast, then sliding his hand lower to her ribs so his mouth could suckle her once again.

Her breathing became more labored as his hand slowly moved downward, gliding over her stomach, pausing briefly at the waistband of her pajamas, while his tongue did amazing things to her highly sensitive nipple.

“Yes,” she cooed involuntarily, totally swept away by the things he was doing to her. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded, “Don’t stop . . .”

Encouraged to continue, Max slipped his hand under her waistband and moved slowly downward, over her heated flesh, down through a patch of curls, until his fingers slipped between her wet lips. She let out a whimper of pleasure as soon as he touched her, and it almost made him climax on the spot.

“Oh . . . Oh Max . . .” she moaned in growing sexual arousal. Her hips bucked up to meet his hand while his fingers explored this new found Mecca, and he let out an answering moan of his own.

“You’re so . . . so . . .” his mouth found hers again, cutting off his own words in his urgent need to kiss her, while he touched the places he’d only read about in books before. “You feel so good . . . so . . . good . . .”

“Max . . .” Liz panted in short gasps. “Oh . . . yes . . . there . . . right there . . . right . . . there . . .”

His fingers, coated with her wetness, slid along her feminine folds. He held back the desire to dip inside her, choosing instead to concentrate on the bundle of nerves he’d read would give her so much pleasure. He was so focused on her, it took him a minute to realize she’d opened the zipper of his pants and set him free from the restraints.

“God, Liz,” Max mumbled against her mouth. “You’re so wet . . .”

“Max . . .” his stroking fingers turned her panting into gasps. Her hips moved in rhythm to his hand, urging him on. “Faster . . . yes . . . just like that. Oh god, Max . . . just like that!”

Her hand was on him, too, pumping his erection while he stimulated her clitoris, or pleasure point, or whatever name the book gave it. He took her to the precipice of sexual bliss, and his magical fingers pushed her over.

“Max!” her hips slammed up into his hand. He could feel her entire body quivering and her throat let out the most sensual sounds he’d ever heard. Her hand convulsively tightened around the head of his erection, which stood at full attention, and a strangled cry of his own announced his potent release. Her hand slid easily along his well lubricated shaft now, and he came a second time, and then a third, or maybe it was just the once, lasting for an incredibly long time.

The intensity of their encounter caused the chamber to fill with light radiating from their bodies, and once again forged a bond between them, with Max opening his mind, laying bare his soul, allowing Liz to see the things even he didn’t know existed . . .

Their virginal blood spilled across the dark sand, but it lay forgotten in the ecstasy of their joining. Their bodies sang to each other, Zan to his Avianna, Avianna to her Zan, their bond now sealed forever. The stars gleamed down upon them from the heavens, sparkling like diamonds in a velvet sea, shining on their blessed union.

Climatic waves crashed over the young prince and his bride as their joining reached fruition, quivering ecstasy, tumultuous harmony, joyous melody, a bonding of a love to last all time. Avianna caressed the face of her beloved, lying within the warm circle of his arms.

“Tell me it will always be this way,” she asked for his pledge.

“Always,” Zan vowed. “We are one. Now and forever. Nothing can keep us apart, not kinsmen, not countries, not worlds separated by the void of space. You are mine, Avianna, and I am yours . . . forever.”

They came out of the shared flash overcome with emotion, awash in physical sensation, blossoming with a love that couldn’t be contained.

“Oh god, Liz,” he whimpered against her throat. Did she have any idea what she did to him? How she made him feel? It wasn’t until he calmed down a little that he realized she was still quivering beneath him. His hand still covered her mound, sending small bursts of power into her through his palm.

He pulled his hand away quickly and Liz cried out once she caught her breath, “Oh my God, Max! Did you do that?”

“Do what?” Max said weakly, almost afraid to ask. Had he done something freaky to her?

“Have I ever told you before that – You have the most incredible hands!”

“I do?” He was just as breathless as she was, but it couldn’t stop the smile from spreading over his face. “Your hands are pretty incredible, too,” he said with a blush burning his cheeks. She was still gripping him tightly, and his erection felt like it wasn’t going away any time soon.

“Liz,” Max said huskily, grabbing at her pajama bottoms and wanting to rip them from her body. The vision was still vivid in his mind, Zan making love to Avianna, and the echo of emotions surged through him, wanting – needing – to bond with Liz in the same way. Just the thought of lying naked with her was enough to make his body beg for more. “I want to make love to you,” he pleaded between heated kisses. “I came prepared this time –”

His plea was cut off when they both heard it, the low steady beeping from somewhere in the depths of the chamber, slowly growing louder. They tore their lips away from each other and listened.

Something was calling them.

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Post by Breathless » Sat Dec 20, 2003 12:53 am

Maxeo and Lizziet
Part 58

Max and Liz huddled on the floor of the cave listening to the strange signal coming from somewhere deep in the cavern. The pitch, a measured beep in two second intervals, was barely noticeable at first, but steadily grew in volume, calling their attention.

“What is that?” Liz whispered.

“I don’t know,” Max pulled her close to him, protectively trying to shield her.

The tone grew steadily louder and Max pulled Liz to her feet, instinctively swiping a hand over them to remove the evidence of their sexual encounter. He grabbed for their shirts and they quickly struggled back into their clothes. Max pushed Liz behind him and took a step forward, trying to pinpoint the location of the sound.

“What are you doing?” Liz clutched at him.

“Stay here,” he ordered.

“No,” she grabbed at him when he started to move away. “I’m staying with you.”

“You’re safer here,” he urged.

“Don’t leave me alone,” her dark eyes pleaded with him.

Max warred with himself, wanting her to stay near the opening of the chamber so she could run if anything happened, but also wanting her to stay close so he could protect her. He couldn’t blow things up as well as Michael could, but he did have that new shield he could deploy, a defensive mechanism that might be able to hold off an enemy attack. Maybe it would be better if she did stay with him. He slipped his hand into hers and they slowly, carefully, walked in the direction of the sound.

Their footsteps echoed around them in the hollow chamber with Max’s flashlight causing flickering shadows to dance on the walls, heightening the sense of mystery that hung in the air, of secrets waiting to be discovered. The insistent beeping drew them to the alcove where they’d discovered the alien book, but neither could see what was causing the sound.

Max faltered in mid step and Liz felt him waver, as if a wave of dizziness had struck him, and in a way it had. He closed his eyes while a memory tugged at his mind.

. . . activate the orb . . . contact in the event . . . establish two way communication . . .

Max’s eyes popped open and he refocused on Liz. “It’s okay, I think . . .”

“You think?” Liz was still worried. “Do you know what it is?”

Instead of answering, Max walked to the shelf where they’d found the alien book. Drawn by the sound of the insistent beeping, he waved his hand over the wall, and a silver handprint appeared. He looked at Liz, worried about how she was taking this, and then she squeezed his hand, silently encouraging him to continue. She wasn’t about to cut and run, no matter how strange things got.

Max pressed his hand against the handprint and an opening appeared in the rock surface. The beeping tripled in volume and Max peered inside the small enclosure, staring into a small nook carved into the rock.

“Is anything there?” Liz asked, still speaking in whispered tones. Max reached inside, and came out with a silver egg shaped object, appearing to be made out of the same type of metal alloy as the book. He recognized the familiar swirling symbol carved into the top, and so did Liz. She stared at it in awe and asked, “What is it?”

“It’s a communication orb,” Max stared at it, and then looked at Liz. He wasn’t sure how he knew that, but something deep in his mind told him he was right.

“Why’s it beeping?” Liz asked.

“I think we set it off,” Max answered. She stared at him in confusion, and then a blush burned her cheeks when his meaning sank in.

“You mean?” she arched her eyebrows.

“I think so,” Max blushed too. “I mean, a minute ago, when we were – when you and I – well, that’s when it started beeping. Like we triggered something . . .”

He didn’t know why their sexual encounter on the floor would set off a beacon, but there was no doubt about the timing of it.

“What do we do with it?” Liz stared at the orb in fascination.

“I think we’re supposed to do this . . .”

Max turned her hand upward and laid the oddly warm metal object on her palm. He covered it with his own hand and together, they linked to the orb. Their hands tingled, feeling the power growing inside the alien artifact, a vibration that sent invisible waves radiating outward into the air.

Max looked at Liz quickly, afraid that this alien weirdness might be freaking her out or scaring her to death, but the look on her face chased his fears away. She might be young, she might have had her whole world turned upside down tonight, but at heart she was a scientist. Her quest for knowledge was one of the things he loved about her, and the thrill of the unknown was written all over her eager face.

A light shot out from the center of the orb and coalesced into a three dimensional image projected in the air just a few feet away. Max and Liz watched spellbound as a holographic image wavered in and out of focus, dark and blurry at first, before solidifying into solid form. As they watched, a place they’d never seen before, on a planet light years away, gradually began to take shape.

Small figures scurried around a strange room, with lights flashing and alarms blaring. Liz recognized them from her vision, small alien figures, with big heads and black eyes. Their movements seemed frantic, gesturing wildly, while they darted in and out of the frame. Something had them in a fluster, and Max wondered if the activation of the orb was as surprising to them as it was to him and Liz.

Were they somehow looking into the inside of a monitoring station, seeing their reaction to a signal long overdue, over fifty years in the making?

Muffled voices hummed in the background, followed by harsh commands in a language they didn’t understand, but spoken by a voice that sounded vaguely familiar. An image stepped into view, larger than the alien creatures, sporting a broader chest, thicker arms, and a dark mane of hair streaked with silver. When the figure turned his face forward, Liz and Max let out a gasp.

The alien staring at them from the holographic screen wasn’t an alien at all, but a man. A very familiar, very human looking man.

“Who are you?” the figure demanded in a commanding tone. “And why have you activated the orb?”

Max and Liz stood mutely staring at the image of the man before them. The mouth was a firm line, belonging to a man used to giving orders that were followed without question. The chiseled jaw twitched with tension, but there was no mistaking the familiar shape. The dark hair was generously streaked with silver at the temples, giving him an aristocratic flair that seemed fitting, but it was his eyes that garnered all the attention.

Even crinkled with crow’s feet, the amber flecks in his eyes were unforgettable.

Max stood staring at a mirror image of himself, except not exactly. The man before him wasn’t a boy. If forced to guess his age, Max would have placed him in his early to mid fifties, and a thought suddenly struck him. If he had been born within the normal gestational time frame, he would have been in his fifties, too, but when Avianna died in the pod, he hibernated for forty years, waiting for her to come back to him.

“Who –” Max started to say and his voice cracked. He cleared his throat and tried to sound more commanding, while Liz hovered just behind his shoulder. “Who are you?”

The man in the holographic image tugged on his tunic, as if the question affronted him, but answered, “My name is Zan. Who are you, and why have you contacted us?”

Max stood protectively in front of Liz, trying to shield her from the strange holographic image that dominated the chamber. The man’s visage was clear, powerful, undiminished by the vast distance of space the signal had to cross. His stance was firm, a man in control of himself and everything around him, and it slowly sank in exactly who Max was staring at.

“Zan?” he asked even though he knew the answer. “Of Antar?”

“Step out of the shadows, Sir,” Zan demanded, “and tell me who I am addressing.”

Max shot a look at Liz and then complied with the forceful request. He stepped forward into the light and said with as much authority as he could muster, “My name is Max. Max Evans . . . from Earth.”

Max wasn’t sure why he said that last part, mentioning Earth, but the look on Zan’s face told him it had hit a nerve in the older man. Zan stepped forward, looming larger in the holographic image and his face filled with recognition.

“From Earth . . .” Zan started to say, then raised his hand and pointed at Max. “You’re the other. We thought you didn’t survive.”

“The other? What other?” Max asked.

“My duplicate,” Zan said without preamble.

“Your duplicate,” Max echoed, with his brow creasing in confusion. He looked over his shoulder at Liz and she squeezed his arm supportively. He drew her up beside him, deciding the holographic image was not a threat to her. He faced forward once again and was about to ask Zan what he meant, but the man who looked like an older version of himself wasn’t looking at him anymore. Zan’s eyes were riveted to Liz.

“Avianna,” Zan whispered.

Liz turned her dark eyes up to Max, showing her surprise. He put his arm around her and drew her close, cupping the side of her face protectively, with more than a hint of possessiveness in the touch.

“Why did you call her that?” Max demanded, unconsciously taking on a kingly tone of his own.

“How can this be?” Zan ignored Max’s question. He stared at Liz and spoke in a heart-wrenching tone, “Avianna died, before she ever got a chance to live.”

In that moment, as the pain filled words reached Max’s ears, he felt a kinship with a man separated from him by the vastness of time and space. He knew what it felt like to lose the one you loved.

“I . . .” Max sputtered, and then stopped when he wasn’t sure what to say next. He looked to Liz for reassurance, and her calm presence in the wake of all this alien strangeness calmed him as well. He faced Zan once again. “You seem to know who I am. I look at you, and, it’s like looking in a mirror, except you’re older, and, it seems like I should know who you are, but, I don’t really remember anything from before.” Max knew he was saying it badly, but it wasn’t every day that you made contact with another world, or stared into the face of your mirror image, who lived on a planet light years away.

“Tell me what you do remember,” Zan tore his eyes away from Liz. He forced himself to listen closely to what Max was saying, but he couldn’t help the quick glances he repeatedly sent to the dark haired girl. Even though her outward appearance had changed, he could see the unmistakable aura around her that told him she was his lost love. Oh how he envied the young man that stood beside her.

“Three of us emerged from the pods 12 years ago,” Max told Zan what little he knew. “But the fourth pod was damaged. Its occupant didn’t survive. We slept for more than forty years, and when we came out of the pods, we couldn’t remember where we came from, or why we were here.”

“Nothing?” Zan asked in amazement.

“No, nothing,” Max shook his head. “It wasn’t until just recently, as Liz and I grew closer,” he squeezed her hand and sent a loving glance at her, “that I started to remember things, like . . . like she’s the key to unlocking my past.”

“Yes . . .” Zan encouraged Max to continue; as if he understood perfectly what he was saying.

“That’s when I remembered the name, Avianna,” Max continued, “and I knew it was somehow related to Liz.”

“Liz . . .” Zan repeated her name, unable not to stare at her. It wasn’t until Max pulled her closer to his side that the spell was broken. He turned to his younger twin and asked, “Is that all you remember?”

“Yeah. Pretty much, except the things Liz and I have seen in the visions, when we . . . touch,” Max answered vaguely. “We saw a young prince take a bride, and it started a war that led to their deaths. Somehow they were given a chance to live again, only Avianna didn’t survive. That’s all. We don’t know if it was real, or just a dream, or a fantasy . . .”

“It was real,” Zan answered wistfully.

“Zan and Avianna . . .?” Max let the question hang in the air.

“It’s all true,” Zan nodded. “They lived. They loved. They died, far too young. They were given a chance to live again in us, recreated in human form and sent to Earth, two mirror sets to ensure survivability, but the crash destroyed that which was most precious. Avianna’s pod was damaged and she perished in the synthetic womb. There was nothing I could do to save her. I felt her life ebb away.”

“I felt it happen, too,” Max said, unaware of the way he rubbed his hand along Liz’s arm, but Zan noticed. Zan noticed it all, every touch, every look that passed between the two. “She died in the pod,” Max continued, “and I hibernated for years, waiting for her to come back to me.”

“That would explain your youth,” Zan nodded, but turned his puzzled face to Liz. “You say Avianna died in the pod, yet she stands with you. I see it with my own eyes.”

“That’s what we don’t understand,” Max and Liz looked at each other in confusion. “Liz is human. She can’t be Avianna.” Even as he said it, he knew that it was wrong. Liz was Avianna. He could feel it.

“But you knew your Liz as soon as you saw her,” Zan said without doubt, with his eyes watching Liz.

“Yes,” Max answered. There had never been a doubt in his mind that he knew her from the moment he laid eyes on her, or that he loved her even then, would always love her.

“And Liz?” Zan asked. “Was the attraction mutual?”

“Yes,” Liz answered. “Always,” she gazed up at Max with an unwavering look of love in her eyes.

Ever the young scientist, Liz refocused and took a step toward the doppelganger, much to Max’s distress. He tried to pull her back, but she was too independent, too strong willed to acquiesce to his control.

“We found a book written in a language we can’t read, with pictures of Max, and Isabel and Michael, and a girl that looks exactly like my grandmother,” Liz told Zan without mincing any words, as if talking to a half alien who lived on another planet was an everyday experience. “Can you tell us what it means?”

Zan stared at the spirited girl and a look of familiar loneliness spread across his haunted face. He was both blessed and cursed with the memories of a previous lifetime, and of the beloved wife he had loved and lost. Seeing the embodiment of her now in front of him filled him with joy that she lived again, yet his heart ached knowing that she would never be his.

“Four humans were selected to supply the genetic material that was used to create us,” Zan explained. “The evidence would indicate your grandmother was one of those humans, cloned to create Avianna.”

“But why come to Earth?” Liz asked. “Why take human form? If you had cloning capability, why didn’t they just clone an Antarian body for each of you and stay on your own planet?”

“We needed a place to hide that was far from our enemies’ watchful eyes. Our powers wouldn’t reach optimal efficiency until we reached maturity, and as children we were far too vulnerable.”

“So we were . . . bioengineered?” Max asked. He didn’t understand this stuff as well as Liz did.

“In a way,” Zan nodded. “Our Antarian essence was duplicated and combined with human DNA so that we could be reborn and survive on Earth. When Avianna died in the pod, it was only her human body that died. Her essence, her soul if you will, lived on.”

“Her soul . . .” Max said thoughtfully. He’d always known Liz’s heart, even before he knew her. He’d been drawn to her from the moment of his birth. Even before, when he was still in the pod. Her soul had called to him, and his soul had answered.

“Antarian people believe the soul never dies,” Zan continued. “It leaves the body at death and waits to live again. Avianna’s essence would have stayed near her beloved, you Max, anchored to your spirit, waiting . . .”

“Waiting?” Liz asked in a small voice.

“For your conception,” Zan focused on Liz. “Her essence, her soul, lives again in you. I can see the unmistakable color of her aura in the air around you. I never felt your rebirth. I was gone from your planet by then.”

“I felt it,” Max slipped an arm around Liz. “I felt her come to life again.”

Zan felt the familiar pangs of loss course through him. He hadn’t waited for his Avianna to find a way back to him, like Max had. The call to duty had forced him home.

“What about Michael, and Isabel?” Max asked.

“I do not know these names,” Zan crinkled his brow.

“The other two pods,” Max clarified. “My sister. My brother.”

“Ah, yes. Rath and Vilondra,” Zan dropped his head forward. “They did not survive the war to free our people. They died bravely, as true warriors.”

“You’re all alone?” Liz could see the loneliness written on his face.

“No, not alone,” Zan felt her compassion. “The Antarian race flourishes . . . but yes, I am the only one of my kind here.”

“Can you tell us about Antar?” Max asked, nearly overwhelmed. “There’s so much I don’t know, about out past, or what’s expected of us now.”

“Read the book,” Zan urged them. “The answers you seek are there.”

“I can’t,” Max admitted. “I don’t recognize the language.”

“Look again,” Zan instructed. “Press the symbol on the cover, the mark of the House of Antar, and instruct it to translate the symbols to the language of your choosing. It is programmed to comply with your commands.”

“Oh,” Max shot up an eyebrow. He could boss a book around?

“Just know this,” Zan looked back and forth between the faces of the young couple, “your lives were once cut short but you were given a chance to live again. Use it wisely. Don’t waste a moment of it. Your obligations to Antar are over and your future is yours to live.”

“Will we be able to contact you again?” Max asked.

“I will always stand beside you, my brother,” Zan pledged. His brow furrowed and he took a step closer, warning, “Be careful. Antar has been at peace for many years now, since I returned and removed Kivar from power, but our enemies still linger, on Earth as well as Antar. Before I left your world, a trickster claiming to be my beloved nearly convinced me of her lies, but her powers were undeveloped and I was able to see through her mindwarps.” His eyes locked on to Max’s and he warned, “The vile creature has had many years to hone her skills since then. If she learned of your existence, she might try again to separate you from Avianna, to take her place –”

“Nothing can come between us,” Max interjected and looked adoringly down at Liz. She was his life, his reason for breathing.

“That will be true when your bond is cemented –”

“Cemented?” Max and Liz said at the same time.

“You’ll feel it when it happens,” Zan said, and for the first time a smile graced his lips. His eyes lifted to his young counterpart, and he said, “I envy you.”

“Me?” Max said in surprise, and glanced at Liz. Why would anyone envy him?

“Yes, you, Max Evans of planet Earth,” Zan said in a sadly melancholy tone. “I’m a King, ruler of a world, head of the Council of the Alliance of Planets, yet I’d give it all up in an instant just to have what you have.”

“What I have?” Max asked, unused to anyone coveting his life.

Zan nodded and his melancholy eyes darted to Liz. “You found your Avianna. Mine was lost to me, and I’ve grieved for her ever since.”

“What happened to her,” Liz asked softly, reacting to the loneliness in Zan’s voice. “I mean . . . to her soul?”

Zan was quiet for a moment, and the sadness in his face tugged at Liz’s heart. “She waits,” his gaze lifted upwards. “She waits for me to join her . . .”

The depth of Zan’s misery over his lost love flashed briefly though his eyes, and then he forced it back, locking it down inside him. He took in the sight of Max holding Liz securely in his arms, and gave him the only words of wisdom he had to offer.

“Cherish her always.”

At that moment, looking at Zan, it struck Max just how lucky he really was. He’d been given a second chance at life, and he was living it with the one, the only, person that made him feel alive. He didn’t know what the future held, but he felt a certainty that this life would not end like the last.

“I will,” Max promised. “I would die without her.”

“I know the feeling well, brother,” Zan let his eyes drift to Liz. He’d spent a lifetime waiting for her to come back into his life, but it wasn’t meant to be. Not for him. His life had been a lonely one, and that was never going to change. Perhaps fortune would shine on their next life, and he would find his Avianna again.

“Goodbye Max Evans,” Zan said with a formal bow, and then turned to Liz. “Goodbye . . . Liz . . .?”

“Parker,” Liz added. “My name is Liz Parker.”

“Not for long,” Zan said with another smile creeping over his face. He sent Max a very human gesture, a wink from his sparking amber eyes, and then his image slowly faded away to nothing.

“Oh my God, Max,” Liz stared at the empty air in front of them. “That was . . . amazing!”

“No kidding,” Max let out a long held breath. He was almost rendered speechless by what he’d seen and heard tonight.

“What should we do with this?” Liz lifted the silver orb she still held in her hand. Max took it from her and placed it back inside the rock enclosure. With a wave of his hand, he sealed it securely back in its hiding place.

“We’ll leave it here, where it’s safe. If we ever need it again, we’ll know where to find it. But for now,” Max tilted her chin upward and kissed Liz gently on the lips, “let’s go home.”

He slipped his hand into hers and they turned toward the cave entrance. It’d been a long night, and dawn would be rising soon. Tomorrow was almost upon them, and a busy day it would be. They had a book to decipher, and a past to tell Isabel and Michael about, and a future that was theirs for the making.

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Maxeo and Lizziet
Part 59

Max pulled to a stop in front of Michael’s apartment building and this morning his wait was short. Michael appeared quickly and raced to the jeep, with a frown etched on his face. His fast pace faltered when he saw Liz sitting in the front seat, and Isabel in the back, and he wondered what was going on. Max didn’t usually play chauffer to school in the morning, at least not since he started seeing Liz.

Liz tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, slightly unnerved by Michael’s intense scrutiny as he climbed past her into the back seat, and it wasn’t until Max took her hand in his that she started to relax. He looked at her with a small smile on his face, trying to silently reassure her that there was no reason to be afraid of Michael. He might growl and bark, but he didn’t usually bite.

When he felt Liz relax, Max slipped the jeep into gear and pulled back into the street. Isabel fidgeted in the back seat, feeling the weight of Michael’s stare. The silence between them was too oppressive, and she was the one to finally break it.

“Liz,” she flipped her hair behind her in a classic Isabel gesture, “I never got a chance to tell you how great your performance was last night. You and Max were wonderful.”

“Thanks, Isabel,” Liz felt herself blush a little. She wasn’t used to hearing praise coming from Max’s sister.

“Your costumes were beautiful,” Isabel tried to keep the conversation going. “So were yours, Max.”

“He was wearing tights,” Michael grumbled in the back seat, causing Isabel to elbow him hard in the ribs. “Hey! Knock it off!”

“Shut up, Michael!” Isabel hissed under her breath.

“Well, he was!” Michael rubbed his side.

“It’s alright,” Max tried to defuse the scuffling in the back. He could reach around and cuff them both on their ears, but Isabel would just get him back for it, so he decided not to. “I don’t mind being teased about the tights. But don’t expect to ever see me wearing them again!” Liz sent him a disappointed look, which caused Max to smile. He leaner close to her and whispered, “I’ll wear ‘em for you.”

“I so didn’t need to hear that,” Isabel cringed in the back seat.

“Where the hell are we going?” Michael stared out the window of the jeep. They weren’t headed toward school.

Max and Liz shared a look, hers apprehensive and somewhat nervous, his resolute and determined. He wanted Liz to be here for this, to show the others, especially Michael, that she belonged, that she was a part of this. No secrets. No lies. Never again.

Liz drew in a breath and gave Max a slight nod, telling him she was ready for whatever reaction would come her way. He gave her hand a squeeze, then faced forward and said clearly, for everyone to hear, “We’re going to the pod chamber.”

Silence filled the jeep and Max glanced in the rear view mirror, seeing the stunned faces in the back seat. Isabel looked confused and Michael looked shocked. He shifted his untrusting eyes to the back of Liz’s head, almost like he was trying to bore a hole right through her. Once again, Isabel was the first to speak.

“The . . . what?”

“The pod chamber,” Max repeated, sounding calm and relaxed. “The place where we were born.”

“You found it?” Isabel was nearly speechless. They’d searched for years after they were old enough to wander around Roswell on their own without their adoptive parents watching, but they’d never found a trace of it. The memories of it were so hazy and dim; they’d had no idea where to look.

“Shut up!” Michael hissed. He glared at Max, wondering what he thought he was doing, talking about this in the open with Liz sitting right there!

“She knows,” Max met Michael’s eyes in the mirror. “I told her. Last night.”

Once upon a time, even before their emergence from the pods, the three aliens had been able to communicate without ever opening their mouths. Their mental telepathy had linked them together, but over time that ability had eroded, faded, just like their memories. But now, looking at Michael in the mirror, Max didn’t need telepathy to know what his friend was thinking. It was written all over his face.

“Everything?” Michael asked. He didn’t know if he should be glad, or pissed. It’s true, he had pressed Max to find out whatever he could, by whatever means necessary, but the shithead could have given him a little warning, instead of blurting it out while Liz was sitting right there! Liz would need to be followed now, to make sure she wasn’t talking to Valenti, or the state police, or the FBI or the CIA or the –

“Everything?” Max let out a little laugh. “You don’t know the half of it!”

Max shook his head back and forth at the irony of it. He’d learned more about himself and where he came from in the short time he’d been with Liz, than in all the years he and Michael and Isabel had scoured the desert looking for clues that they never found. Michael should be on his knees thanking Liz.

“There’s so much more to this than you can imagine,” Max gave Liz’s hand a squeeze as he spoke.

“You want to explain that, Maxwell?” Michael asked.

“We will,” Max answered, with his eyes locked on Liz. It was the two of them now, him and Liz. They came first in everything. Isabel would always be his sister, and Michael his closest friend, but Liz was his life. They might not be bound to one another – yet – but it was just a matter of time.

* * * * *

The four teens stood on the slanted rocks staring at the silver handprint glowing on the stone surface in front of their faces. Michael was particularly eager to find out what was behind the hidden door. Isabel was apprehensive, wondering if this was going to change her life, take away her security, plunge her into a world she wasn’t ready to face. She was so close to turning away from the truth, to running back down the sloping rocks, until Liz reached out and took her hand.

“You don’t need to be afraid,” Liz said in a soothing tone.

“Are you sure about that?” Isabel’s voice quivered. The irony wasn’t lost on her that this small girl, a weak human that she could crush in an instant, was comforting her and telling her not to be afraid.

“You were born here,” Liz said calmly. “This place nurtured you. It gave you life. There’s nothing to fear.” Her gaze encompassed Michael, too, and she saw them both relax a little. Max pressed his hand against the silver print and the rock wall opened to reveal the chamber within.

Max watched Michael take a tentative step forward, poking his head into the opening and looking about cautiously, before stepping hesitantly inside. Isabel followed him, every bit as wary, with Max and Liz bringing up the rear.

Four sets of eyes swept around the chamber, taking in the rough hewn walls, the dark corners and empty alcoves, adjusting quickly to the green luminance that filled the cavern. Quick images flashed over Michael – memories of tearing an opening in the pod and struggling through the membrane, pressing his hand against a silver handprint and seeing sunlight flood the chamber, silently urging the others to follow him.

Memories tugged at Isabel too – herself as a young girl standing beside her brother, pulling his hand so he would come, telling him without words that they had to go, that they couldn’t stay here. His face was melancholy even then, staring down at the withered pod that contained the other.

“What are those, Max?” Isabel asked, even though she knew the answer.

“Those are the incubation pods that gave us life,” Max answered as simply as he could.

“Wow,” Michael stared at the pods embedded in the wall. “We lived in those for 40 years?”

“42, give or take a few days,” Max smiled, proud to have the answers for a change.

“How did you find this place?” Isabel asked in a hushed tone.

“Liz helped me find it,” Max looked at her adoringly, while Michael shot a suspicious glare in her direction. Old habits died hard. Liz leaned closer to Max, subconsciously shifting away from Michael and it snapped Max out of his Liz haze. “Look, Liz and I found out a lot about our past in the last 24 hours. I think we better sit down and get comfortable. This story’s going to take awhile.”

“What story?” Isabel asked with apprehension in her voice.

“Well, for starters,” Max smiled at her, “you know how dad always called you princess when you were little?”

“Yeah,” Isabel frowned. What did that have to do with any of this?

“Well, you really were,” he smiled. “A Princess, on a world called Antar.” Max watched his sister’s face changed from disbelief, to doubt, to troubled remembrance, to stunned acceptance, all in the space of a few moments.

“What is this?” Michael scoffed. He wasn’t as easily convinced. “Some kind of fairy tale?”

“More like a Shakespearean tragedy,” Liz spoke up, “where all the players died far too young. But, unlike Shakespeare, the three of you got a chance to live again.”

“Not three,” Max pulled Liz closer. “The four of us.” Avianna might not have survived, but her spirit lived on in Liz.

“Avianna?” Isabel repeated the familiar name.

“Long story,” Max tore his eyes away from Liz. He sat on the ground in front of the pods and pulled Liz down beside him, with Isabel joining them, and lastly Michael. Max pulled the alien book out of his jacket pocket and handed it to his friend. “That’s our history. It tells us why we were sent here, and who we used to be.”

Michael took the book, holding it like it was solid gold, staring at it in awe. He opened the cover and touched the strange symbols that filled the page. “You can read this?”

“No, but look what I can make it do!” Max said excitedly, like a boy opening a present on Christmas morning. He placed his hand on the cover of the book and closed his eyes in concentration. A moment later he opened it to the first page, showing them that the alien symbols had morphed into clearly readable words.

“How’d you do that!” Michael exclaimed.

“It does what I tell it to!” Max grinned. Zan might be the King of Antar and leader of the Alliance of Planets, but Max was happy just being the boss of a book. “It tells all about who we used to be.”

“Who we used to be?” Isabel’s voice trembled slightly.

“We lived on a planet called Antar, in the Whirlwind Galaxy,” Max told Isabel and Michael what he and Liz had learned. “Zan was a Prince and next in line to rule the planet. He had a sister named Vilondra, and a best friend and confident named Rath. Zan met Avianna, a girl from a neighboring planet, and he married her and took her back to Antar. Her father disapproved and wanted her back, and it started a war, and in the end we all perished.”

“We died?” Isabel tried to grasp his meaning. “You mean, you were this ‘Zan’?” she pointed at Max and he nodded. “And Michael and I were Rat and Vilondra?”

“Not Rat,” Max laughed. “Rath.” Liz chuckled too, while Michael glared at Isabel.

“Rat,” Michael grumbled. “Nobody’s gonna name their kid Rat.”

“And Rath is any better?” Isabel arched an eyebrow at him.

“Well it’s better than Rat,” Michael defended his name, ignoring the way Max and Liz laughed at him.

Isabel turned her attention back to her brother, trying to grasp the inconceivable. “Are you’re saying that Liz was . . . Avianna?” How could that be? Liz was human. She wasn’t one of them.

“Yes and no,” Max answered and pointed toward the withered pod. “Avianna’s pod was damaged in the crash. Her life fluid leaked out, and while the rest of us were growing, she was slowly dying. When I felt her die, I made us all go into hibernation. We slept for forty years, until I felt her born again.” Max smiled and put his arm around Liz, pulling her close to his side.

“Born again?” Michael arched an eyebrow. “We were, like, reincarnated or something?”

“No, not exactly,” Max shook his head. “You, me and Isabel were cloned, combining human DNA and our Antarian essence. We’re hybrids, half human, half Antarian. You can see it in our blood, in our cells. Anyway you look at it, no matter which planet we’re on, we’re half alien. So was Avianna.”

“So where’s Liz come in to this?” Michael asked bluntly.

“We all had a human donor, to supply the human DNA,” Max answered, looking at both Michael and Isabel in turn before settling his eyes on Liz.

“My grandmother was the human donor for Avianna,” Liz spoke up for the first time.

“How do you know that?” Michael asked gruffly. He wasn’t trying to be rude, but he was skeptical and he wanted to see the proof. Liz reached over to the book in his lap and flipped it open to the right page. Grandma Claudia’s teenage face smiled up at him from the old photograph, right next to the etching of Avianna.

“That’s my grandmother,” Liz pointed at the photograph, and then at the etching of Avianna. “See how they look the same? I’m Avianna’s genetic descendant, on her human side. That’s why Max felt like he knew me, because Avianna and I share the same DNA.”

“So you’re not really Avianna,” Isabel tried to take it all in.

“Remember how you told me you see aura’s when you dreamwalk people?” Max asked his sister.

“Yeah,” Isabel nodded.

“Liz has Avianna’s aura,” Max couldn’t keep his eyes off his soulmate. “Somehow, Avianna was reborn in Liz. That’s why I knew her from the moment that I saw her. That’s why I’ve always loved her.”

“This is like a fairy tale,” Isabel beamed at her brother and Liz. She thought it sounded so romantic, coming across the stars to be reunited with your true love. Her brother was so lucky.

“Yeah,” Max smiled. “And you and Michael were betrothed on Antar.”

“WHAT!” Michael and Isabel shouted at the same time. They looked at each other and both of them inched apart, putting space between them. Isabel was taking back everything she was just thinking about fairy tales and romance.

Uncomfortable with the thought of being engaged to Isabel, Michael asked, “Why did they clone us? I mean – we died. Got it. Bury us in the ground and pick the next king. Why go through so much trouble to bring us all back?”

“Privileges of Royalty?” Max shrugged. “Liz’s brother –”

“Avianna’s brother,” Liz corrected him.

“Right,” Max nodded. To him she was one and the same, he had loved them both, in two lifetimes, but it was important for Liz to be loved for herself. “Kivar took over Antar when we died. He hated our world because of what Zan had done to his sister, and our people lived in misery. The book says we were recreated so we could go back and free our planet.”

“How are we supposed to do that?” Michael blurted out. The idea warmed him, giving him a sense that his life had importance, noble purpose, but then Maria’s face swam before his eyes, and the thought of leaving and never seeing her again filled him with a sadness he’d never felt before.

“We don’t have to,” Max said, watching Michael closely. He saw the quick flash of relief that crossed his friends face, and he knew everything was going to be fine. “Liz and I found a communication orb and made contact last night.”

“A what? You did what?” Isabel asked dumbstruck. “You contacted – Antar? Last night?”

“They cloned duplicates of all of us,” Max nodded. “Two of me, two of you, two of Michael. Two of Avianna,” Max said and looked at Liz, both of them remembering the melancholy look in Zan’s eyes last night. He had been condemned to live his life without his Avianna, his wife, his soulmate. “The others went back to Antar years ago and freed the planet from Kivar. Everyone’s at peace now. We don’t have to go back. We can make our own lives here.” Max looked at Liz again, threading his fingers between hers and pulling her hand into his lap. Six months ago his life had been dreary, with no direction, and now his future seemed endless. He had her to thank for that. They might never have found out any of this, if not for Liz.

“Do we have to stay here?” Michael asked in a controlled voice.

“You can probably go back if you want to,” Max answered softly. “We could contact Zan to see if it’s possible.” He would miss his friend dearly if he left, but he could understand Michael’s need to see another part of what had once been his life, maybe a better life than the one he had been subjected to here.

“I’m just asking,” Michael shifted uncomfortably. “Just keeping my options open.”

“Right,” Max said again. He looked at his sister and asked, “What about you, Iz? Do you want to go back?”

Isabel thought about it for a moment, but she’d always known what her answer would be if she were ever given the choice. She smiled at her brother, and her eyes filled unexpectedly with unshed tears. “This is my home.”

“Mine, too,” Max had to blink back the sudden moisture in his own eyes. It was good to finally be able to call this place, this planet Earth, a proper name.


* * * * *

“Hey,” Michael walked up behind Liz, hesitant to intrude on her. She was standing alone, looking out the opening of the cavern at the desert terrain. She turned around and looked at him with her arms folded across her chest.

“Hey,” she gave him a curious, but open smile. He’d never been very civil to her, or given her a reason to be nice, but she’d always tried, no matter how hard he made it.

“Um . . .” he looked down, and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I just wanted to . . .” he looked up at her and scrunched his face. “You know . . . say . . . thanks.”

“Thanks?” Liz arched an eyebrow. What was he thanking her for?

“Yeah,” Michael relaxed a little. “Thank you . . . because if it hadn’t been for you . . . I still wouldn’t know where I’m from, or . . . what brought me here, and . . . I wouldn’t have . . . gotten to know . . .” Maria, he finished silently. He’d finally admitted, at least to himself, that the human girl had gotten under his skin, and the knowledge that he could stay here, put down some roots, was something he’d never had the luxury of before. Maybe now his life could move forward, instead of this limbo he’d lived in for so long.

“You’re welcome,” Liz closed her hand around his arm and he finally lifted his eyes to meet hers.

“Max is a lucky guy,” Michael admitted. “I’m sorry I gave him so much shit about you.”

“You know what Michael?” Liz let her hand fall away, but her eyes held his.

“What?” Michael asked.

“Maria’s a pretty lucky girl, too.”

Michael looked at her in shock as she walked away to join Max by the pods, and he couldn’t help but marvel over the changes in his life these last few months. Had it only been three months ago that he’d been madder than hell over Max going to a football game with Liz? A simple thing like that, and now look where they were.

All the questions that had plagued him for years were being revealed. He knew where he was from, and why he was here, and he controlled what happened from here on. It was a good feeling, one of the first good feelings he’d ever had, and he owed it all to the spirited girl who had captured Max’s heart. They were all lucky he’d found her.

* * * * *

Max walked up to his sister who stood silently in front of the glowing pods. He slipped his arm around her shoulders and gave her a brotherly hug. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” she shot him a quick smile. “It’s just weird, you know? Knowing that we lived before.”

“I know. If you went back, you’d be royalty. A real Princess.”

“What about you?” she looked him squarely in the eye. “You’d be a King.”

“No,” Max shook his head and looked over at Liz, who was talking to Michael. “My life is here. Besides,” he looked back at Isabel, “Antar has a King. They don’t need me.”

“What do we do now, Max?” she asked uncertainly. They’d spent so many years fretting over their existence, it was strange not to have to worry about it anymore.

“We live our lives, Iz,” Max answered, and as Liz stepped up to his side, Isabel saw her brother’s normally solemn face transform into one of contentment and happiness. Max pulled Liz into his chest and wrapped his arms around her, brushing his lips over her forehead, repeating, “We live our lives.”

* * * * *

The December sun beamed down upon them as Max and Liz walked hand in hand over manicured lawns, under the broad branches of towering trees, skirting around the headstones that filled the cemetery. Liz knew their destination without having to search, she’d visited here often.

“This way,” she said softly and led Max to a headstone adorned with roses carved in the granite. He read the name and inscription as he neared.

Claudia Parker
1930 - 1999
Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother
She lived her dreams and followed her heart

They stood silently in front of the grave, hand in hand, Liz deep in memories of the past, and Max silently thanking the spirit of a woman he never met. If not for Claudia Parker, and her living legacy, his life would be as lonely and heartsick as Zan’s.

Liz was the first to move, opening her purse and removing the small bag. “How do you want to do this?” she asked, looking to Max for direction.

He knelt down at the side of the grave and swiped his hand over the grass. The top layer peeled back to expose the rich soil beneath, dark and earthy and welcoming. Liz knelt down beside him holding all that remained of an alien/human hybrid who tragically died before she was born.

Max took the bag from her hand and tilted it, gently dispersing Avianna’s ashes over the dirt, mixing them with the soil, blending them with the earth. When the bag was empty, Max turned it to dust and let it mix with the soil as well.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” Liz said solemnly while Max replaced the layer of sod and returned the grave to its pristine appearance. They stayed on their knees, in prayer before the grave, each of them finding peace in burying Avianna’s ashes with Claudia. It seemed a fitting resting place.

The sun warmed their skin and peace warmed their hearts as they buried a part of the past. They had learned many things about themselves in the last 24 hours, about past lives and life among the stars, and about a love so strong it could transcend them all.

Max rose to his feet and pulled Liz up to his side. He couldn’t be sad for the life that was lost, because she’d found a way to come back to him. He slipped his hand into hers and they walked hand in hand into a day bright with possibilities, into a future unfettered by a past, into a new life that was theirs for the making.

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Maxeo and Lizziet
Part 60

Liz sat on the lounge chair on her balcony under a canopy of stars, writing in her journal the way she had for more nights than she could count. It was a ritual she performed; putting down a record of the important events in her life, and tonight was no exception. Her world had been turned upside down by a dark haired Romeo who swept her off her feet, and opened up her life in ways she could never have imagined a few short months ago.

She uncapped her pen and put ink to paper . . .

December 22

I’m Liz Parker, and five days ago my whole world changed. Until that moment, I was a normal teenage girl, with normal aspirations, and my biggest dream was to reach beyond the confines of Roswell, New Mexico. But now, ever since my dark haired prince told me his deepest secrets and showed me that life beyond the stars isn’t just in story books and fairy tales and dreams, this small town girl’s world will never be the same.

“Liz, are you there?” Max’s voice floated up to her on the warm night air.

A smile lit her face and Liz closed her journal, setting it aside for another day. She pushed herself out of the lounger and walked to the balcony wall, peering over to see him standing on the street below smiling up at her with his face illuminated by the streetlights. The sparkle in his eyes was there, shining bright enough to light the sky, put there by the love he felt for her.

“Hi,” his stance relaxed as soon as he saw her. His whole body sighed.

“Hi, Max,” she leaned forward against the balcony wall. She thought he looked so sexy, the way his olive green t-shirt showed off his arm muscles.

Gazing up at her, she looked exactly like the first time he’d seen her from this vantage point. She’d taken his breath away that night, and tonight wasn’t any different. Her face still looked so pure, so innocent, even after all the things she had learned.

“Can I come up?” he asked, feeling as nervous as the first time he’d asked her that. His hands slid into the back pockets of his jeans and he shifted from one foot to the other.

“Of course,” Liz felt like laughing. He was so adorable when he acted shy. His face broke out in a huge grin and he raced for the ladder. He was almost at the top when she looked down at him and teased, “Careful! That top rung can be a doosey. Just ask Romeo.”

His hand paused in mid air, looking up at her with the hint of a smile, and then slowly climbing the rest of the way, never taking his eyes off her face. He swung his legs over the balcony wall and stood up straight in front of her. He lifted his hand slowly to brush her hair back with his fingertips, while quoting Shakespeare’s famous words.

“With love’s light wings I did o’erperch these walls,” his eyes bore into hers.

“For stony limits cannot hold love out,” Liz quoted back to him.

“And what love can do, that dares love attempt,” Max moved closer to her, with his lips just above hers.

“To scale the heights true love ascends,” Liz finished, feeling her breath catch when his arms wrapped around her.

“That last line isn’t in the play,” Max drew her body close to his.

“I know,” she said breathlessly. “I was winging it.”

“I like it when you wing it,” Max smiled down at her.

“I learned it from you,” she sighed.

His mouth covered hers, kissing her with an undying passion that transcended both time and space. The road to finding her had been long, and lonely, and complicated, but reaching the end had been like finding a pot of gold, or a long lost treasure. She was the prize that was waiting for him, and he didn’t regret a single moment of the journey.

“I love it when you do that,” Liz leaned her forehead against his when they came up for air.

“Do what?” he grinned at her curiously.

“Make me feel special, like I’m all that matters.”

“You are,” Max looked at her adoringly. His stomach grumbled like it always did when he was near her, and tonight it was turning somersaults too, in anticipation of what he was going to do next. Steeling himself by pulling in a deep breath of air, he said softly, “I have something for you.”

“You do?” she tilted her head slightly.

His lower lip twitched in that nervous little way of his and then he took a half step back from her, dropping his eyes as he reached into the front pocket of his pants. His hand came out holding a small square box, wrapped in silver paper, topped off with a silver bow.

“A present?” Liz drew in a surprised breath. “But . . . Christmas isn’t for three more days.” She turned toward her bedroom window, saying, “Let me go get yours –”

“Liz, wait,” he grabbed her arm and pulled her gently back. “It . . . it’s not a Christmas present.”

“No?” her eyes widened. His hand slid down her arm, turned her hand upward, and then he set the small box in the middle of her palm. She could see how nervous he was, which sent the butterflies flying in her stomach. Her heart rate soared. “Max?”

“Open it,” he dipped his head forward and hunched his shoulders. His eyes darted from her face, to the box in her hand, back and forth, scared and hopeful and nervous, all rolled into one. A nervous smile of her own spread across her face, and Max thought he saw her hand tremble just a little as she reached for the lid.

Her first reaction was to cover her mouth with her hand to hold back the gasp at the sight of the velvet box inside the silver package. He bit at his lower lip, watching her set the outer box aside and cradle the velvet ring box in her hand. She felt her knees grow weak, staring at the black box, almost afraid to open it.

“It’s a promise ring,” Max lifted the lid back on its hinge. His heart was beating wildly, hoping she wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Max . . .” Liz stared at the blue star sapphire ring. The color of the stone was deep, rich, and she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t speak.

“I know that we’re too young for more,” he added, studying the expression on her face. “But . . .” he lifted the ring from the velvet box and held it in his trembling hand. “If you’re willing,” he took her right hand in his, “I’d like you to wear my ring, and maybe, someday, it will mean more than just a promise.”

“Yes,” Liz blinked back her tears. “I’ll wear your ring.”

Letting out a deep sigh of relief, he slipped the ring onto her finger, pleased that it was a perfect fit. He lifted her hand up to his lips, kissing it before pledging, “I promise to love you always.” It was an easy promise for him to keep.

“Forever?” Liz whispered, looking up into his shining face. The memory of their dream flooded her mind, Zan’s promise to his Avianna. Always. Forever. Their time together had been short, but he’d kept his promise.

“Forever,” Max whispered against her lips before sealing his pledge with a kiss. She melted into his arms, sighing into his lips, blending into his heart. Her mind opened to his, showing him a series of every touch, every kiss they had shared, causing Max to pull his lips away from hers in surprise. Among the images of kisses on her balcony, in her bedroom, caught in a rain shower out at the rocks, he also saw the image of two bodies locked together passionately on black sand sparkling with diamond dust. Zan and Avianna on their wedding night.

Now, without a doubt in his mind, Max knew those memories had become a part of her. They passed through her mind seamlessly, with no separation. The memories of a prior life lived in her now, as real to her as they were to him.

“What?” she looked up at him breathlessly.

“Nothing,” he swallowed hard. “Everything.”

He chased after her lips again, needing her, wanting her, falling deeper in love with her with every passing minute. She yielded to him with eager zeal, locked in a passionate kiss, pouring her heart into him. When their lips broke apart, they stared into each other’s eyes, both knowing what they wanted most of all.

His hands caressed her face, her cheek, gently brushed across her lips while she lost herself in his eyes. She didn’t see the way the candles on her balcony flickered with sudden light. She didn’t hear the soft music that began to drift through her open bedroom window. She didn’t notice the scent of roses that suddenly filled the air. He was filling her senses, and there was no room left for anything but him.

“I want this to be perfect for you,” his voice came out soft and full of love.

“Just being with you makes it that way,” her eyes fluttered closed and she leaned into his hand. The butterflies in her stomach touched down for a gentle landing. She wasn’t nervous anymore.

Their lips came together, softly, slowly, tender kisses, lingering touches, fingertips moving down each other’s throats. His hand dropped lower making her pulse quicken, matching the pounding rhythm of his own heart. His mouth moved along her cheek, inching toward her ear, tasting her earlobe with his tongue, caressing her skin with his warm breath.

“I love you, Liz,” he whispered in her ear.

“And I love you,” she leaned into him, pressing light kisses from his chin down to his throat.

His fingers threaded through her hair, cupping the back of her head, using gentle pressure to encourage her to possess him the way he wanted to possess her. She felt the bob of his Adam’s apple against her lips as he swallowed hard, desperately wanting this moment to take them where they both wanted to go.

“Liz,” he groaned at the sensual feel of her lips moving further down his throat, making the nerve endings in his skin come alive with sensation. Her lips parted to taste him with her tongue making his legs go weak from the pure pleasure of it. Did she have any idea of the power she held over him?

Her hand smoothed over his chest feeling the hard muscles under his shirt, muscles she wanted to see again, to feel more intimately than his t-shirt would allow. She slipped her hand underneath the hem, brushing her fingertips over his quivering abdominal muscles.

“Oh God,” he groaned again when she dipped her tongue into the hollow at the base of his throat. He couldn’t take the sweet torture. His hand tightened in her hair, pulling her head back and fiercely taking her mouth with his. Their chests heaved when they finally came up for air, both staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Neither wavered in what they wanted next. They’d been on this course for weeks now, and nothing could keep them apart. Liz stepped back, slipping her hand into his, threading their fingers together. She turned silently and led him to her window.

“Liz,” he tugged on her hand to bring her to a stop. He stared through the glass into her room, at her bed, looking so warm and inviting. “Your parents?”

“Gone,” she tightened her hand in his. “Albuquerque. ’Til tomorrow.”

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he had to ask. She’d been through so many changes this past week. Aliens on earth, and glowing birth pods, and prior lives. It was a lot to take in.

“Are you?” she asked.

Her smile was so pure, so innocent, how could he deny her the truth? He pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her. “You have no idea how ready I am.”

“Oh, I think I do,” Liz felt the heat rising in her body. His physical reaction to her was impossible to hide, and Liz could easily feel exactly how ready he was. Once more she turned toward her room, climbing through her window first, with Max following without hesitation. When her feet hit the floor her heart skipped at the sight of candles burning throughout her room and rose petals sprinkled on the bed.

“Did you do this?” she asked after Max followed her into her room and straightened up behind her.

“Do you like it?” he threaded his fingers into her hair and turned her to face him.

“Yes,” she let him pull her body flush against his.

“Then yes, I did it,” he smiled as he walked her backwards, moving with a fluid, sensual grace. He stopped when he reached her bed, looking down at her with the candlelight illuminating his face, or was that glow from some inner aura, radiating through his skin? She couldn’t be sure.

“You’ve made this night so beautiful,” Liz sighed, feeling his hand cup the back of her head.

“Not as beautiful as you,” his voice was low, heavy, thick with sexual expectation. He tightened his arm around her, pulling her body flush against his, while his mouth took hers in a kiss full of the passion he couldn’t contain. Her hand slid under the back of his shirt, up his spine, causing a shiver to shoot through his body. He gasped from the pleasure of it.

“Liz . . .”

Her fingers followed the curve of his side, feeling the warmth of his skin on her hand and the heat of his passion filled eyes on her face. Her hands explored his hidden skin, touching the ridges of his stomach, feeling the hardness of his chest muscles. Unsatisfied with just a touch, she lifted his hem of his shirt, desperately wanting to see every inch of him. He tore his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor, unaware that sometime in the last few minutes, the carpeting had turned into rich black sand, sparkling with diamond dust.

Her eyes raked over his chest, tracking the movement of her hand over his rich skin. His dark nipples rose to tiny sharp points, stimulated by her fingertips, and when she leaned forward to touch one with the tip of her tongue, it caused him to gasp again.

“God Liz,” Max closed his eyes, living on pure sensation. His breaths became unsteady, short puffs followed by sharply drawn gasps when she touched him in new and exciting places. He was losing control and he knew it, but he couldn’t do a thing about it. Her touch was too tantalizing. Her scent was too intoxicating. Her presence was too overpowering. He was putty in her hands.

“Liz . . .” his husky groan floated in the air. Her touch made his body tremble with unrestrained desire. Her tongue, warm and wet, left trails of fire burning on his skin, igniting his unquenched passion. His hand fisted in her hair as her tongue circled one nipple, and when she nipped at him with her teeth he lost all control. Sucking in a ragged breath, he pulled her face up to his and attacked her lips.

While their mouths fused together and his arms crushed her against him, her hands rose up his chest to surround his shoulders, sliding up the sensual column of his throat until she reached the silken curls at the nape of his neck. Her fingers spread out to burrow into his hair, kissing him with an intensity reaching an all time high. With a strangled groan, Liz pushed Max back, both of them gasping for breath and staring at each other with raw hunger in their eyes.

They both desperately wanted to take their intimacy to a new level, to finally complete what they had started. Liz pushed on his chest with her palms, causing him to sit down heavily on the edge of her bed. He stared up into her seductive eyes, barely able to breath now.

His hands moved from his thighs to her hips, resting on the warm skin of her narrow waist, urging her to step forward into the space between his open legs. She could feel his need in the slight tremble of his touch and see the ache of his desire in his eyes, looking up at her in quiet desperation. Her fingers threaded through his soft hair once again, bringing his head forward, pressing his face into the softness of her chest. His eyes flickered closed for a moment, just to breathe her in, to let her fill his senses. Her lips kissed the top of his head, just as his hands slid under the lower hem of her red shirt, splaying across the smooth skin of her back.

His face nuzzled into her chest feeling the softness of her breasts through the fabric of her shirt. It was astonishing how different they were, and how those differences caused their libidos to skyrocket. The softness of her skin, the diminutive size of her body, the allure of her feminine curves made him ache for her. The hardness of his muscles, the strength in his large hands, the sheer force of his masculinity made her crave to touch more of him, to feel his skin against hers. Her hands went to the hem of her shirt, lifting it up and over her head.

His breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. She wasn’t wearing a bra tonight and her pert breasts stood proudly on display. The dark circles of her nipples pebbled, the erect tips begging for his attention. The tension in his body ratcheted higher, the throbbing in his nether region doubling, now tripling in volume. He was ready to explode just looking at her.

His hand on her back urged her forward, bringing the temples of her breasts closer to his face. He leaned forward to let his lips caress her, touching her skin with open mouth kisses, tasting her sweetness with just the tip of his tongue. Her eyes closed in rising sexual arousal moments later when his mouth opened to take her in. His tongue lapped at the hardened peak of her nipple, teasing it, torturing it, sucking her in deeper until she filled his mouth. A triumphant smile curved the corners of his lips when a moan of pure pleasure escaped her throat, knowing that he did that.

He, Max Evans, made his girl, Liz Parker, moan for him. Was there any better feeling in the world? With his limited experience, he had no idea just how much better this was about to get.

“Max . . .” Liz sighed. Did he know what he was doing to her? She’d never felt this …aroused before, almost out of control. Her head dropped back, opening her throat, her chest, her body to him. Her hand pressed against the back of his head, pushing him harder against her breast, urging him to take whatever he wanted.

His hands skimmed over her flesh, her arms, her back, cupping her breast, feeling the supple weight against his palm. His mouth around her nipple had found a corner of paradise and he was loath to let it go. Only the unrelieved ache in his groin kept him wanting more. His hands dropped down her ribs, down to her waist, down to the button on the front of her khaki pants. His fumbling human fingers were wholly inadequate for the job, so he didn’t even try. His hands glowed, using a little alien magic.

The button popped free, the zipper lowered, and her pants slid slowly down her slender legs, pooling at the black sand under her bare feet. His fingers hooked under the elastic of her panties, making him pause as reality set in. His mouth released the splendor of her breast, concentrating his attention lower, watching in fascination as she let him remove her last article of clothing. Her panties dropped to the ground to join her pants, leaving her utterly, totally, gloriously naked.

“God, Liz,” he took in the sight of her. Her scent spiked, filling his nostrils, inflaming his senses, his body begging to fill her the way her scent was filling him. His hands tightened on her hips, pulling her closer.

She’d never stood entirely naked in front of him until now. Under different circumstances, she might have felt inadequate, underdeveloped, unattractive, but when Max was looking at her she never felt those things. He made her feel perfect. He made her feel wanted. Most of all, he made her feel loved.

He’d barely had time to take her in, to memorize every detail of her exquisite body, when she abandoned all sense of decorum and pushed him down onto the bed. He stared up at her now, feeling the bed against his back, his legs hanging over the edge, feeling the heat of her body – her naked body – sitting directly on top of him.

Putty. He was putty in her hands. She could do whatever she wanted to him and he wouldn’t say a thing, except maybe moan, or groan, or beg her to do it again.

“Max . . .” she had an ache only he could sate. She could feel his hardness beneath her, stiff below the fabric of his jeans, instinctively knowing he was what she needed to ease her ache. She was pure, she was chaste, she was virtuously intact, and ready to cast it all aside for seven minutes in heaven.

If Max had known she was expecting seven minutes, he would have gone into a panic. As it was, he was ready to explode right now. Seven minutes might as well be an eternity. Old Faithful he was not, and his geyser was about to blow.

“Liz . . .” he swallowed hard, barely able to get her name out. He flipped her over onto her back, surprised by his own forcefulness, driven by his rising passion. He tore at the button of his jeans. Her fingers fought with his, yanking at his zipper while he fumbled to pull it down. He let out another gasp when her hand reached inside his boxers to grab what she wanted. The feel of her hand stroking the weeping head of his manhood was drastically cutting into those seven heavenly minutes. He knew now he’d be lucky to last two.

He quickly shed his pants, or tried to, but the feel of her exploring hand was interfering with his brain function. How was he supposed to think when she was touching him like that? He didn’t have to worry though. She was as anxious to rid him of his pants as he was to be rid of them. His jeans and boxers fell to the floor with a generous boost of alien power to speed them on their journey. Too late he realized he needed something from the back pocket of his pants. He turned quickly to retrieve it without delay, and that’s when he saw it. The sand. The black sand that covered Liz’s floor. It sparkled like diamonds in the flickering light cast from the candles.

“Wow,” he was, momentarily stunned. Where had all the sand come from?

“Wow is right,” Liz couldn’t take her eyes off his manhood. She wanted him, inside of her. Now. Her fingers curled around him, amazed yet again by his shape, by his texture, by the gasp of pleasure she could force from him just by touching him.

“Ooooh,” he groaned, forgetting all about the sand. Who could think of floor coverings when her body lay beneath him, so open and inviting, or when her hand was bringing him closer to heaven. He hovered above her, staring down into her beautiful face, feeling the softness of her breasts, the points of her nipples pressing into his chest. There wasn’t a breath of air between their stomachs, their hips, and his thighs were where they were always meant to rest, right between hers.

If he had the ability to speak right now, he might have tried to think of something profound, to mark this milestone in their lives, but the things she was doing to him robbed him of speech. Her hand still held him intimately, only instead of stroking him like before, now she was using him to stroke herself. She guided him along the folds of her sex, coating the head of his extremely aroused erection with her wetness. She used him to part her lips, to stimulate not only herself, but him as well, cutting even further into his precious two minutes.

His natural instinct was to press his hips forward, to part not just the outer realm of her womanhood, but to penetrate the heart of her femininity. To find his nirvana. She guided him to his destination, eager to complete this journey with him.

“Wait,” he hoarsely whispered, forcing himself to stop just at the point of penetration. He wasn’t sure where his willpower came from, but her safety had always been paramount for him. Now was no different. “We need . . .”

It took all the strength he could muster to pull himself away from her. His pants shot from the floor into his outstretched hand and he fumbled in the back pocket for his wallet. Liz bit back a smile as she watched him pull it free with much difficulty, his cheeks coloring by his obvious lack of expertise. She took the wallet from his trembling hand and opened it for him.

“So . . . you came prepared this time?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“Yes,” he removed a small packet and tossed the wallet aside. “I didn’t carry one before,” he admitted, “because I didn’t want things to go too far, until . . .”

“Until?” her fingers grazed along his, touching him tenderly.

“Until you knew everything about me,” he curled his hand around hers, bringing it up to kiss her fingertips. “I couldn’t let you make that kind of commitment until you knew the truth.”

“Thank you,” she traced a finger down his nose. “I’ll admit, I was a little confused when you kept putting the brakes on, but I’m glad you waited. There are no secrets between us now.”

“None,” Max brushed his lips over hers. No secrets, no lies. Just the pure and honest truth, which thanks to her, was so much more than he could have ever imagined a week, or a month, or a year ago. “No more brakes, either,” he mumbled before sealing their lips in another heated kiss. Nothing was going to stop him this time.

He pressed her down into the sheets, kissing her, touching her, without reservation holding him back. She welcomed him with open arms, giving herself completely to him. She was his, he was hers, just as it had always been.

Forever and always.

Desire surged through them again, desire that kisses and touches couldn’t quench. The bond that had always existed between them, a bond that had drawn him to her across a desert night, a bond that was strong enough to transcend death, flared even brighter as they willingly gave themselves to each other.

Flashes reinforced that bond, brief images shared of their most intimate times together. Stolen kisses in the eraser room. Touching the initials he had carved in the rocks. Rain dripping on his skin as he tasted her breast for the first time. Her hand bringing him to climax in the jeep at their special place out in the desert. Her body climaxing with his on this very bed, just a few weeks ago. Their lips ravaged each other through the flashes, their naked bodies moving closer to that final step they needed to take. They gasped when the flashes ended, both of them drawing in deep breaths of air.

“Did you see?” Max panted.

“The flashes?” she asked, just as breathless as he was. “Yes, I saw.”

The flashes always spiked his desire, the mental connection he shared with her even more intense than his physical reaction to her. Knowing he couldn’t wait a single moment longer, he lifted from her just long enough to roll the condom into place, once more on the ragged edge of control.

Liz helped him smooth it into place, stroking him with her hand, drawing him back to the place he needed to be. His weight settled onto her again, face to face, chest to chest, his thighs nestled between hers, their eyes locked on each other. Her hand drew him to her, his erection parting her folds, sliding into her waiting body, feeling her slick walls envelop him, stretching to accommodate his presence. Her body felt warm and welcoming on the inside, a paradise she was offering. He paused just inside her entrance, to give her time to adjust, and to try to delay his eminent release. His excitement was too high, his need too great, and he knew their first time together would be over quickly.

“Are you okay?” Max whispered next to her ear. He could feel her trembling and he couldn’t help wondering if it was caused by her desire for him, or could it be fear of what they were about to do? This wasn’t just a boy and a girl losing their virginity together. This was an alien hybrid and a human crossing into uncharted territory, venturing into a whole new world. Would consummating their love transpire in the normal human way, or would their mating reveal alien consequences they couldn’t even dream of?

“We can stop, if you’re not ready . . .” Max offered, holding his body still. He could feel her breath on his throat, her hand in the hair at the back of his head, her arms around his shoulders. Her lips brushed over his skin causing his own body to tremble, followed by her whispered plea.

“I don’t want to stop. . .”

Their lips blindly sought the others, coming together forcefully, full of need, full of love, full of desire to complete what they had started. Her hands on his back, gliding over his skin, urged him to move again. Her body felt small and soft and supple beneath him, calling him to her, like a beacon calling him home.

He pressed his hips forward, sliding deeper within her, feeling her inner walls expand to accept him. She sheathed him like a glove, wrapping him in her heat, in her love, allowing him into her most intimate realm. Sparks ignited along his spine, waves of pleasure rapidly rising to explosive heights, knowing there was no stopping what was fast approaching.

He pulled back an inch or two before pressing forward again, small motions, entering her slowly, shallowly, pulling back to set a rhythm, surging forward a little more each time, entering her a little deeper with each small thrust, feeling her arms and legs holding his body as tightly as her inner walls were embracing his sex.

A forward surge brought him into contact with the last barrier between them, and somehow Max knew surrendering their virginity would bond them together, cement them forever, link them as one for eternity. His heart raced, his labored breaths sounded erratic, while his body trembled on the precipice. He pulled back and paused, poised at her entrance. His hands moved down to flank her hips, holding her as he hovered on the brink, and then he surged forward in a rush, plunging past her barrier, burying his sex to the hilt, spilling his seed at the moment of completion.

She arched up against him as he broke through her barrier, his body convulsing in a blinding orgasm, pressing hard into her as he filled her, his liquid sex spurting from him in glorious sensation, ecstasy sweeping through him. An audible gasp tore from his throat while his body trembled and throbbed, his orgasm a living thing, spreading throughout him, a flood radiating out from his center, up his spine, reaching to his fingers and his toes, a tidal wave crashing through his brain. Nothing could have prepared him for the intensity of it, or the overwhelming joy their joining had given him.

His arms surrounded her, holding her captive within his embrace, pressing his body deeply into hers, wanting nothing more than to stay here for the rest of his life. Coherent thought slowly returned to him, unsure if he had been holding her like this for minutes, or for hours. Time had ceased to have meaning.

“Max . . .” Liz whispered against his throat.

The sound of his name, muffled against his skin, roused him from his orgasm induced rapture and the full impact of what had just happened hit him. At the moment he broke through her barrier, causing her the ultimate pain, he had experienced the greatest pleasure of his life.

“Liz,” he lifted his head so he could look into her face. “I’m sorry. I . . . I . . .” Did she know? Could she tell that he’d come already? That it was already over for him, and he’d been unable to satisfy her –

“Max,” she looked up at him with wonder in her eyes. Her breathing was heavy, but it wasn’t caused by his weight pressing down on her. “I . . .” she swallowed, trying to get her thoughts to function. “I felt . . . what you felt . . . when you . . .”

He stared at her, uncomprehending. What was she saying? She felt . . . what he felt?

She nodded as the light began to dawn in his eyes. “I felt it,” her cheeks began to blush. “When you . . . when you . . . I felt it, too.”

His eye opened wide as he took it in. She felt his orgasm? She shared his orgasm? Was that possible? It had to be something . . . alien. Humans didn’t . . . share . . . orgasms. He knew that much by reading a basic biology book.

“Was it . . .? Did it . . .?” He wasn’t even sure what he was trying to ask.

“It was incredible,” Liz smiled up at him and cupped his face with her hands. “Absolutely incredible.”

Her face was suffused with color, her eyes vibrant and alive, showing no sign that their joining had caused her any pain, even though he knew it must have. The books he’d read had told him so. Maybe sharing his pleasure had overpowered that pain, drowning out the discomfort, leaving only room for pleasant sensation. A self-conscious smile crossed his face as the thought sunk in that he’d been able to do that for her. In all his worries over what might happen to her if she ever gave herself to him, he never thought this would be a side effect of loving her. Wow! Was this the ‘cementing’ Zan had spoken of?

“How was it . . .?” Liz stuttered and bit at her lower lip. “I mean,” her face turned pinker. “Was it . . .?”

“It was amazing, Liz,” Max could hardly contain his joy. His body was still humming in the afterglow. “I’ve never felt anything like it. I mean,” it was his turn to pink up now. “It felt so good, I couldn’t . . . wait . . . for you. I . . . next time, maybe, I won’t – maybe I’ll be able to last longer, I hope . . .”

He was flustered and embarrassed that he had come so quickly and his face showed it. Some lover he was, lasting a whole two seconds. Maybe she wouldn’t want him anymore –

“Maybe it was supposed to be that way, you know, the first time,” Liz brushed her fingers through the bangs that covered his forehead. Experiencing his orgasm had kept her from feeling any of the pain usually associated with the first time. Her eyes held his as she said, “We’ll just have to try again, until we get the hang of it.”

He could see the desire written on her face, in the heat of her eyes, in the set of her mouth, in the not so steady rhythm of her breathing. His worried thoughts flew out of his head and his lower region sprang back into action.

“Again?” he said eagerly. He didn’t want to push her, but –

“Whenever you’re ready,” she smiled coyly. She could feel his renewed state of arousal, and she was just as anxious as he was to continue. Her hand traveled up his shoulder, threading into his hair, pulling him down to her lips. “You know what they say about practice –”

Max cut her off with his lips covering hers. He silently pondered spending the next sixty, maybe seventy years learning to perfect it with her and decided he liked that idea. He liked it very much.

He moved inside her, watching her face to gauge her comfort level, still worried about hurting her but he saw no evidence of pain reflected there. His erection became rock solid again, ready, willing and able, and he withdrew from her slowly, knowing he needed a fresh condom. He lifted from her supple body, noticing that their coupling had been so quick they’d barely broken a sweat.

He knelt above her holding his erection in his hand, self-consciously rolling the condom down his length and pulling it free, careful to keep the contents inside, wondering what to do with it. He had no experience in these matters. A sudden smile crossed his face and he cupped his hands around it. His hands glowed, changing the contents inside to fragrant rose petals, which he tossed into the air.

As he watched them drift down to the bed he felt her hand close around him, touching him in ways that he’d wanted to feel for so long. She stroked his length, making him even harder than before, causing him to groan softly from the pleasure of it. Her fingertip touched the slit at the tip, wiping at the fluid that dripped there, and then she brought her finger to her mouth.

“Liz, don’t!” Max almost shouted out his worry, but she only smiled up at him as she inserted her finger in her mouth.

“Hummm,” she pulled her finger free. “You taste salty.”

“Liz, we don’t know if – what if – it might – my semen might hurt you. Liz, you shouldn’t take the risk!” Her physical body was completely human, his wasn’t. He could never forgive himself if the act of loving her caused her any harm.

“Life is a risk, Max,” Liz looked up at him. “Four of you came across the stars but only three of you survived. Yet in the end, fate brought us back together. I want to experience everything about you, with you, no matter what the risk. Because for me, it’s all worth it, to see what we can be together.”

Max stared down at her with absolute wonder on his face. When he spoke, his voice was thick with emotion. “I love you, Liz. I’ve always loved you, but I think now more than ever.”

“I know,” she pulled him back down to her. “It’s the one constant I’ve always felt. Your love has always drawn me to you, from the moment that our eyes first met.”

“On the playground?” he smiled, remembering the sound of her laughter that day as she played in her cupcake dress.

“No,” she answered, surprising him, then humbling him. “When I saw you across the room on the day you became Crown Prince.”

“You remember?” his eyes brightened.

“No,” she cupped his cheek. “You remember. I see it in the flashes. Deep inside, you hold the memories for both of us. You share them with me and make them mine. When we connect . . .”

“What?” The strange look on her face made him flinch in sudden fear. Was something wrong? Was she having a reaction to their lovemaking? Had his semen poisoned her? Was she –

“Look,” she said in a voice that was soft and dreamy.

The smile on her face eased back his worries and he followed her line of sight. She was staring at his shoulder, and then he saw it, too. Where her hand touched his skin – he was glowing.

“I guess I can do it to you.” Her face radiated with happiness.

“You have no idea what you do to me, Liz,” Max brushed his fingers lightly over her throat, smiling at the glowing trail he left behind. “Inside. Outside. You make me shine.”

“Everywhere?” she smiled, giving him a sultry look.

“Everywhere,” he smiled back. His breath caught when her hand brushed down his hard chest muscles, down to his skittish abs. His muscles tightened involuntarily when her fingers brushed lightly up his sides, causing him to squirm, and Liz to giggle. Her eyes opened wide. Max caught her hand, biting back a laugh, trying to stop her from tickling him, and then he saw her face.

“What?” He was feeling breathless again, but the look on her face –

“I felt that . . .” her smile grew wider. “You’re ticklish!” She brushed her fingers up his side again, making him squirm and her giggle again. “Oh my God, Max! I can still feel what you’re feeling!”

“You can?” he looked at her in wonder.

She dug her fingers into his ribs, making both of them laugh out loud. He caught her hands and turned them over, smiling up at her with his back against the bed, feeling her push up from his chest until she was sitting across his hips. His right hand cupped her breast, stimulating her nipple to a peak and causing him to suck in a breath of his own. His astonished eyes rose up to her face.

“I can feel that, too!” his mouth fell open. He touched his own nipple with his left hand, feeling a multitude of sensations now. His sensations, her sensations, surging through them both.

She leaned over him with her hands on the bed near his shoulders, staring down into his dazed eyes. She experimentally rocked her hips, rubbing her sex over his, making them both groan aloud. New sensations flooded over them, feeling things no one else had ever felt before. Her rocking motions caused the head of his stiff penis to rub against her clitoris, bringing her closer and closer to climax, both of them gasping as these new feelings swept through them.

“Ohhh . . . Liz . . .” Max gasped. He wasn’t even sure where to pinpoint where the sensations were coming from. Inside. Outside. His whole body alive with it, with her. She rubbed against him, coating him with her wet heat, feeling sensations so deep inside him she couldn’t speak. Her breaths came out in long moans; low, guttural, so sensual he couldn’t control his needs. His hands settled on her hips, helping to guide her movements, feeling her raging desires as well as his own flooding over him. Her cry inside his mind told him what to do and he lifted her, impaling her with his sex, driving her into an earth shattering climax that swept through them both.

She was in him, around him, outside of him, an inner part of him. Her wail of pleasure echoed in his ears and in his mind and in his throat. He pumped into her, drawing out her pleasure, their pleasure, everything she experienced sweeping through his body too. The tremors shaking her vibrated through him, making them both soar with the pleasure of it.

“Mmaaaaxx!” she cried his name when she reached her peak and he flipped them over again, driving into her hard, seeking a release of his own now to rival hers. His aggressive thrusts faltered suddenly, remembering he had forgotten to put on another condom, but her mind quickly countered his concern. She was on the pill, they were protected and he needed to stop worrying about what his alien bodily fluids might do to her.

She pushed his worries and his fears out of his mind, there wasn’t room for them there anymore. They were too filled with each other. Their hearts raced to the same rapid beat. Their moans rose in matching volume, louder with each forceful thrust of his sex into her body, wrapped within each other, spiraling higher and higher and higher until their joint climax swept them into paradise.

Climatic waves coursed through them, flowing from their heads to their toes and back again. He poured himself inside of her, physically and mentally, giving her all that he was, taking all of her in return, cementing their minds and their bodies, uniting them as one.

The two lovers clung together, hearts pounding in the aftermath of a love like no other. Their love bound their souls together, uniting them now and forever, an unbreakable union that had stood the test of time.

Zan had vowed to Avianna that they would always be together; Max and Liz were making that vow live on.

Back in a minute with the epilogue

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Maxeo and Lizziet

Max sat in his favorite Crashdown booth, eating his favorite Friday night food, watching his favorite alien dressed waitress. Liz efficiently served Will Smith burgers and Captain Kirk sandwiches, and an occasional Milky Way smoothie, while keeping an eye on her favorite leather clad alien. They were quite a pair, with their sappy smiles and their love puppy stares.

Life was good. Really good. Correction, life was great.

For the first time in his life, Max had no worries. The mystery of his past wasn’t a mystery any longer, the future was wide open and his for the making, and the present was a beautiful place to be. How could it be anything else, when the girl of his dreams was standing beside him, smiling down at him, and running her fingers through his hair?

“You want any dessert?” Liz asked, holding a plate of Men-in-Blackberry pie in her hand.

Max arched his eyebrows and replied with a grin, “That’s a loaded question, Liz.”

“It is?” Liz arched an eyebrow of her own.

“Oh, yeah,” he nodded, and was just sliding his arm around her waist to pull her down onto his lap when the sound of a high pitched scream came from the kitchen, followed immediately by breaking glass. Max looked up at Liz without flinching and said, “Plate?”

Liz thought for a moment, then shook her head and guessed, “Coffee cup.” She set the pie on the table in front of Max, and he picked up a fork, ready to eat, both acting like it wasn’t anything unusual to hear screaming in the kitchen, and breaking dishes.

Alex stepped up to the booth, letting go of Isabel’s hand so she could slide in first, both of them sitting across from Max. Alex leaned forward and said with a conspiratorial grin, “It’s a good thing Michael can fix ‘em as fast as she breaks ‘em.”

Maria pushed through the door from the kitchen into the restaurant, looking shell shocked and sniffing on a bottle of cedar oil. Michael had bought her a case of it, right after he told her the truth about his alien status and she’d run screaming out of the Crashdown and didn’t stop until she reached Front Street.

“I better go calm her down,” Liz sighed and Max dug into his pie. Life was good. What could be better? He had the girl of his dreams, new friends he could count on, and all the dessert he could eat.

Isabel watched Liz guide Maria over to the milkshake machine trying to soothe the blonde haired girl. She leaned over the table and muttered to her brother, “That girl is one step away from the looney bin.”

Max snorted a laugh and grinned at her with berry stains all over his mouth, and Isabel had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. It was a good thing Antar already had a king, because her doofus brother didn’t look very regal at the moment. Could he shovel that pie in his mouth any faster? Sometimes she wondered what Liz saw in him.

Liz handed Maria a glass of water and rubbed her hand up and down her friend’s back asking, “What happened this time?”

“He – he –” Maria sputtered and took another sniff of her cedar oil.

“Breathe, Maria,” Liz soothed. She knew the drill.

Maria let out a high pitched cry, “He flipped the burgers, Liz!”

“What’s so bad about that?” Liz asked, and shot a look over at Michael, who was peeking out the pass-through window at them.

Maria sucked in a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. She sent a glare at Michael, grumbling, “He was standing on the other side of the room!”

“Do you want me to tell him to stop using his powers in the kitchen?” Liz asked.

“Are you listening to yourself, Liz?” Maria gaped at her. “You sound like you’re Superman’s mom!”

“Maria,” Liz scolded.

“Okay, okay,” Maria took one more wiff and then put the lid back on her cedar oil. “I’m okay now. It just . . . startles me, when I see him doing that.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Liz asked pointedly.

“Yeah,” Maria nodded. She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders before turning around to march back into the kitchen. A moment later they all heard the thump of a hand striking a hard body, Michael’s yelp, and Maria’s stern voice demanding, “Don’t you EVER do that again, Spaceboy!”

Liz smiled, thinking that Michael should be happy Maria wasn’t calling him Gayboy anymore. She came back to the table with drinks for Isabel and Alex, and Max pushed his empty pie plate away.

“You ate that fast,” Liz teased him and ruffled his hair.

“Are you done yet?” Max looked up at her hopefully. She nodded and he eagerly slid out of the booth.

“Where are you going?” Isabel followed their progress to the back door.

“Upstairs,” Liz looked back at her, feigning innocence.

“To study,” Max flashed them a smile.

“That’s what they call it now?” Alex muttered under his breath.

* * * * *

Max chased Liz up the stairs to her apartment. His libido was gearing up into overdrive watching her tush sway back and forth under her uniform and his hands just couldn’t stay at his sides. When they reached the top of the stairs, he grabbed her hips to keep her from getting away from him.

“I left my books downstairs on the table,” Max nuzzled at Liz’s throat from behind while Liz pulled the alien antennas out of her hair.

“Max,” Liz quipped, “they know we’re not studying.”

“They do?” he nibbled at her ear, pushing her in the direction of her bedroom.

“They do,” she turned around, letting him walk her backwards. She pulled the rubberband from her ponytail and shook her hair loose, making Max growl deep in his chest. Watching her hair fall around her face and shoulders really turned him on.

She danced off in front of him, toying with the snaps on her dress, teasing him, giving him a peek at her silver bra, her cleavage, tearing the snaps apart to show him a brief glimpse of everything, then covering up again, hiding all the good stuff.

“Hey!” Max cried out. She wasn’t playing fair, teasing him like that.

“You want some more dessert, Max?” she opened her dress again, giving him an eyeful.

He growled again and chased her into her bedroom. He grabbed her from behind, sliding his hands inside her dress, cupping her breast with one hand, holding her securely around the waist with the other. She turned around to face him, giggling and smiling as his lips chased after hers. They were in the bloom of young love, with a lifetime stretching ahead of them.

Max tossed his leather jacket to the floor and Liz wrapped her arms around him, kissing him hard, letting her hands move over his back, dropping down to cup his butt. She liked to touch his sexy ass, enjoyed the way he moaned whenever she did it, but something else caught her attention this time. A large piece of paper was sticking out of his back pocket.

“What’s this?” she pulled the envelope free.

“What’s it look like?” he grinned at her.

“It says . . .” Her eyes grew wider, looking at the return address. “Harvard? Did you get accepted?”

“Yep,” his smile cut from ear to ear listening to her squeal with delight. She’d gotten her acceptance letter a week ago and he’d been on pins and needles ever since, waiting to hear whether he would be joining her. “It looks like we’ll both be going to Boston in the fall.”

“It gets cold there,” she leaned her forehead against his.

“It’s a good thing we’ll have each other to keep warm,” he kissed her lightly.

“Do you know what you want to major in?” she asked.

“My dad wants me to take up Law, of course, but I have something else in mind.”

“And what would that be?” Liz smiled at the devilish look on his handsome face.

“Biology.” Max picked her up and took her to the bed, mumbling against her lips, “Definitely Biology.”

The laughter in her throat soon turned into the sounds only suitable for two lovers to hear. Their lives had changed tremendously during their senior year of high school, changes that started when Max Evans took a chance at life, and in the process found the greatest of all loves.

Shakespeare once wrote, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts . . .’

Max Evans had once been a Prince and a King, a loner and an outcast, an alien hiding in a world of men, but his most cherished role he now played out every day of his life.

Soulmate. Lover. Husband. Friend.

For Max Evans and Liz Parker, Romeo and Juliet would always be more than just a play, and the words ‘Shakespearean tragedy’ didn’t apply any more.

The End

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