Blood and Roses (XF,XO,UC,MATURE) {WIP}

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Blood and Roses (XF,XO,UC,MATURE) {WIP}

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A/N Thanks to Tess Harding for my banner :P

I give full credit of authority to the characters owners, they are however not affliated with this fic in any way

Title: Blood and Roses

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters to Roswell or the X-files, Metz and Katims own the Roswell Characters.

Category: AU/UC

Summary: Mulder drags Scully on another one of his excursions, they find themselves in Roswell.

A/N Thanks to BurningChaos for helping me beta, and I owe her for the title….I was really nervous about posting it so be kind with your feedback 

A/N I also have this posted at Polar Attraction if it looks familiar that is why, my screename is andi04 over there...
Chapter One

Gas Station, Marathon Texas, 9:00 P.m.

“Mulder I really don’t know how I let you talk me into this.” She said getting out of the rental car, slamming the door to make her point.

Mulder shakes his head; he gets out joining her journey towards the inside of the mini mart/gas station. “I didn’t put a gun to your head”

She looks at him as they proceed down the snack aisle, she rolls her eyes, “I’m your partner, you don’t have to put a gun to my head” she grabbed the twizzlers, and headed towards the tastee freeze machine.

“You know you should really consider changing your diet” He yelled after her.

Mulder walked towards the newspaper section, in big bold letters it reads: Suspected Aliens Living in Roswell, New Mexico Locals who eat at the CrashDown café, suspect that aliens are living amongst them, after a suspicious shooting, where bullet wholes were found, the local sheriff performed an extensive search of the diner, owned by Jeff and Nancy Parker, only to come up with a missing bullet. There daughter, Liz who is a waitress at the café, was injured, but she is said to be in stable condition. For more 3D

Mulder was so engrossed in his reading, that he didn’t realize Scully was standing over his shoulder, “If I have to change my diet you should consider changing your reading habits.” She smirked then pointed to the date.

“I guess this guy doesn’t update his magazine rack” Mulder smiled, ignoring her taunting, he walked towards the cashier ignoring his glare, he pulled out a five dollar bill, and then filled a paper cup with obviously stale coffee, “Decaf?” Mulder said still ignoring the glare from the cashier.

“I guess I forgot to update my coffee as well” The guy said with sarcasm, “Caffeinated” The cashier grunted.

Mulder rolled the old newspaper, and carried his stale coffee out with him to the car, where Scully was munching on her Twizzlers, and sipping her cherry tastee freeze. She noticed he had the old newspaper and gave a long exaggerated roll of her eyes while, biting off a piece of Twizzler.

Once Mulder got in the driver seat he opened the paper to the rest of the newspaper article, “I think we should look into this” he said with a serious tone.

“What about Cancer man and his latest ploy to over throw the government” she said with obvious sarcasm.

“Your sarcasm will get you nowhere” he said without looking at her, “It says here, that they had witnesses who believe that a teenager had something to do with the mysterious disappearing bullet.” He paused and flipped the page to a different headline, “Look even the Sherriff believed that something out of the ‘ordinary’ happened.”

“How is that proof of anything” she said trying to swallow her twizzler, “We can’t just jump up and run every time someone prints an article about ‘supposed aliens’. Skinner has us on a tight leash as it is, one more screw up and were both on unpaid suspension”

“I don’t need another lecture, its obvious something happened here and you are just dancing around the truth, as usual.” he sighed, “Look the least we can do is get a real dinner, were not far from Roswell” he gave her pleading eyes.

“Fine, but don’t expect me to back you up on any of your ridiculous theories, we may not even find anything. It is probably just a bunch of locals, who have nothing better to do with there time, then create some delusional theories about the 1947 UFO crash.”

“I just love it when you go all theoretical on me” he started the engine, and flipped the headlights on.


Crashdown Café 10:00 PM

“Michael” Liz yelled from the back, “Michael” She yelled louder this time.

She felt someone tap her on the shoulder, “I’m standing ten steps away from you, and do you have to yell like that?” he said with pure aggravation in his voice.

“Sorry” she blushed in embarrassment, “Can you please take this out to the dumpster” she held up an over filled black garbage bag.

“Fine but one of these days, your ‘I’m to short to flip the bag over the edge’ excuse is gonna run out” He grunted grabbing the bag from her. He swung the door open and headed towards the dumpster. As he went to lift the bag it busted open. “Damn it Liz” he said rather loudly, he looked behind him to make sure there weren’t any on lookers, he raised his hands and within a few seconds the mess was cleaned up and in the dumpster.

He was so impressed with his new founded control, that he didn’t hear Liz walk up behind him. “You know if Max saw that he would probably have a coronary”

Michael jumped at the sound of her voice; he turned to look at the brunette standing in front of him, her hands firmly planted on her hips. “Yeah well, let him” Michael walked by her and back into the diner.

‘Yeah well let him’ she mouthed as she followed him in the back door, “The front needs to be wiped down”

“So” he shrugged, “I already did what was on the schedule for tonight” he rolled his eyes.

“Please don’t argue with me tonight, I’m having a bad one as it is” She said with sorrow in her voice.

“Look your personal problems aren’t mine, and I refuse to take on extra responsibilities because you can’t control your emotions” he spouted angrily.

“Fine go home” she grabbed the mop and bucket on wheels and pushed it through the double doors.

She put the mop in the hot soapy water, and started in the farthest corner, she at that moment realized that the sign on the front door hadn’t been switched. She headed for the door, at the same time mocking Michael and his lame ass excuse for not mopping, before she could flip the sign over a man opened the door.

“Sorry were closed” she said in a not so happy tone.

“The sign said you were open” Mulder questioned her.

She rolled her eyes, “Look sir I’ve had a long night, I don’t need another male with an attitude second guessing my every move.” She bit her lip, wanting to take it back but it was too late.

“Sorry” he turned to walk out, he wasn’t in the mood to fight with a disgruntled waitress especially one armed with a mop.

“You can come back in the morning we open at 10:00 AM” She tried to get back in his good graces, but he ignored her closing the door behind him.

‘Whatever’ she said to herself, she locked the door and then noticed the car the man was driving, there was a woman with red hair sitting in the passenger seat. Liz shook her head, and finished mopping.


“So” Scully said as Mulder sat in the driver seat without starting the car, he looked at her disappointed.

“They were closed” he looked at her hoping for sympathy.

“When has that ever stopped you?” she was referring to his numerous breaking and entering attempts, failed attempts at finding evidence she sipped her tastee freeze, while waiting for his response.

“Are you saying” he said happily.

“I guess we need to look for a motel” she said with remorse in her voice.

“Don’t sound so upset, this could turn out to be an interesting experience” he said as they drove towards the nearest motel.

“If Skinner finds out, I get to say I told you so” she smiled at him dryly.

Michael was just about to pull out from behind the alley when he noticed the rental car, and the two tourists pulling away, for some reason he felt the need to follow them he tried to get close enough to see the license plate but they were to far ahead.

He kept his distance, just long enough to notice that they turned into the Desert Inn motel. It was the only one within 10 minutes of driving from the Crashdown café. He pulled over to the side of the road, to watch as the couple got out of the car, most tourists were repeat tourists occasionally they got a few strays who were just passing through, but most had a brochure especially if they were visiting the UFO Center across the street.

It specifically stated the hours of business for the local restraunts around town, to prevent too much confusion. He learned this when Max was working at the UFO Center, he was bored and decided to read the brochure. Max was shocked at his sudden interest, and he quickly put a stop to his reading, but he learned enough to know that the hours were listed on that very brochure, and most people came here for a specific reason. This couple didn’t look like the average tourist.

He parked his bike on the opposite side of the motel, so that the check in counter was in his view, the brown haired man seemed to be the one in charge, he asked for two separate rooms. From what Michael could see. He didn’t have a good view of the license plate, so he had to come back with binoculars. He didn’t want to be too obvious in his endeavors. Max would have a fit if he knew about any of this it was just best to leave him out of it.

He was closer to Liz’s then to his apartment so he decided to head back there, he would have to face her whining about Max but what else was new. He would also have to hear her complain about how he just left, without mopping. Sometimes his laziness got the better of him, he pulled on the street near the steel ladder that led up to her balcony if he was correct she was probably writing in her journal, something about Max he was sure.

He climbed slowly up the ladder waiting to be brutally attacked with one of her one liners about how he just escaped, but before he put his hand on the last steel rod, he heard her crying. At that moment, he considered three possible options; he could A) Climb back down the ladder, and act like he was never there in the first place, B) Step over the ladder, and see what she was crying about. C) Just ask her for binoculars and be on his way.

For some reason those options seemed to be logical, but somehow he knew that she would argue with him about investigating, something without Max. Why she continued to stick by him after what he did to her, he would never understand nor did he care, he just wanted to get the binoculars to see if the license plate on that car was government.

Chapter Two

Mulder sat in the cheaply made chair, one of the legs was wobbly he almost fell backwards. He was staring at the article with Sheriff Valenti’s findings on the Crashdown’s evidence. The Sheriff seemed so intent on blaming some kid named Max Evans. Mulder came to his own conclusions; this Max Evans kid had some kind of healing powers, or he was an alien.

He was an FBI agent for a long time and he had seen some things, things that would make any normal citizen squirm in their chair. Things that would make any normal citizen not be able to go to sleep at night. He knew that aliens existed, he saw one with his own eyes, hell he even saw his partner get abducted once, she was still in denial about that even with the proof of a child that had alien DNA. Even with the implant she had put in the back of her neck, she was still in denial.

One day he would make her see the truth, of course even he knew that it was absurd of him to try at this point. He loved his partner, they have been through thick and thin together, she beat cancer and he beat death literally. He considered himself to be part of some sort of a paranormal species. Another secret he liked to keep to himself, the name Spooky Mulder didn’t get him gold stars from his boss. It only drew him into the dark abyss of FBI headquarters.

He got up from the chair and grabbed the paper, he looked at his watch it was 11:00 PM. He headed towards Scully’s motel room, she couldn’t be asleep she barely had time to un pack her suitcase. She was probably on her laptop looking over the last case.

He knocked on the door, she answered after the first knock.

“Let me guess, you‘ve already decided that the people involved are aliens” she said with her tooth brush still in her mouth.

He let himself in, “You look sexy in those Amish pajamas” he said sarcastically.

“Amish” she said while brushing her teeth, “How did you get Amish, these are Victoria Secret top of the line cotton.” She huffed while walking towards the bathroom.

Mulder could hear her spitting out her toothpaste, “Look you promised you wouldn’t be cynical you said you would at least give it a chance.” He opened the paper to the Sheriff’s interview. He then noticed that her laptop was on, he turned it to face him and she had some information regarding the shooting on the screen.

Liz was wrapped up in a brown wool blanket, the one her Grandma Claudia gave her, and she was so intent on writing that she didn’t even hear Michael come up the ladder. She expected it to be Max, for the last week Max had been hounding her, hoping for a reunion. She was torn; she couldn’t decide so without looking up she said what she had said for the last week.

“Max how do you expect me to think about what you said when you are constantly hounding me?” She closed the black leather cased journal.

‘Great’ not what Michael was planning on at all, now his mission was promptly put on hold. “Uh Liz, I was curious do have any binoculars?” He rambled off without thinking, suddenly realizing that he sounded like a peeping tom, of which he wasn’t and now he had to explain the entire situation to her.

“Binoculars?” she said quizzically, she was grateful that it wasn’t Max. Because his lame attempts at winning her back had put her in a foul mood. But for some reason, the sound of binoculars peeked her interest, to the point where she was seriously reconsidering self committal to the hospitals psych ward. It wasn’t such a far fetched idea.

“Look I don’t have time to explain it, I just need them” he stood firm, he wasn’t going to let some crocodile tears, and a case of Max being a pansy ruin his exploring.

“First of all if I had binoculars, I wouldn’t give them to you without wanting to know why.” She looked him up and down, “Second, I think I know why you need them.”

He hoped that his jaw wasn’t hitting the floor, because it certainly felt that way, “Why would that be” he said as coldly as possible.

“If I’m not mistaken you were leaving just as the man in the rental car pulled up” she could tell by his facial expression that she hit the nail on the head. “They didn’t look like the average tourists so you followed them until they got to the Desert Inn which is roughly 10 minutes down the street.” His jaw was now hitting the floor, “Now you need binoculars to see if the rental car is government or just a plain old Hertz rent a car” she paused smiling at his facial expression. “How am I doing so far?”

Michael cleared his throat as though he had just swallowed a penny, “You know, you’re not coming with me” he said in a demanding tone.

Liz looked him up and down, “Michael I have better things to do with my time then pretend I’m in some really bad sequel to Mission Impossible.” She huffed.

“Like cry over Max.” he said with sarcasm.

“I’m not crying over Max” she shook her head “Its none of your business, but if you want something from me you should try to be nice otherwise, forget it.” She stood up walking towards her window.

“Fine, do you have them or not?” he realized his tone was a bit harsh, but he didn’t care at the present moment. ‘Note to self buy binoculars’.
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A/N Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it and I'm glad you read even though there were spelling errors, I had some trouble with my microsoft word, I should be reposting it, without the errors hopefully soon...and thanks again for feedback.. :D I know this chapter is short, but the next one should be a bit longer

Chapter Three

Scully came out of the bathroom, only to find Mulder engrossed in her recent attempts at research on the ‘so called’ mysterious shooting at the diner. Time and time again she had to smack herself for letting her partner talk her into such ridiculous notions, Aliens did not exist and she would eventually make him see the light, the government was behind anything weird or ‘alien related’ that had happened to them in the past several years. Except for the time when they were almost devoured by a man eating plant. That gave off similar effects to the drug known as LSD.

She couldn’t help but laugh at that memory, “Find anything interesting” she said in a tone that let her partner know she was getting tired out..

“It says everything I’ve already thought of, I just fail to see why the investigation came to a sudden stop, something isn’t right.” He shook his head, and then noticed that his partner was giving him the ‘I’m tired get out look’ he immediately took notice to this, and stood up.

“Sorry it’s just you know how I feel about” he paused choosing his words wisely, because dealing with Dana when she was tired was like dealing with a rabid dog. She had come close to foaming at the mouth before and it wasn’t a pretty sight, “this sort of thing, but we can talk about it tomorrow.” He headed towards the door, but was surprised to hear her sigh.

“Get back here, I called for a coffee pot, and a few mugs they should be bringing them to the door any minute now. I had a feeling this would be a sleepless night.” She wanted to take back every last word, but it was too late Mulder had planted himself comfortably on her side of the bed where the laptop was sitting.

“So you agree with me.” He said while noticing that she had her shoulder length red hair pulled back in a clip, showing off the glow, that she carried even without make-up.

“I didn’t say that” she argued. “Its worth checking out that’s all, I’m not going on some wild goose chase with you, that part you’ll have to do on your own.” She smirked, she walked around to the other side of the bed, just as she was going to sit down there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it” Mulder stood up, before she had a chance to say anything. When he opened the door he was surprised to see the guy from the check-in desk, holding a full coffee pot and the mugs.

“What are you FBI, CIA or some other, deranged form of the secret service organization, that I don’t know about yet?” the clerk, choked back some phlegm as he let out a hackle that should have sounded like a laugh.

Mulder arched his eyebrow, that cough didn’t sound very good, and he wasn’t sure he was all that thirsty anymore. “Neither just a couple of tourists who needed a break from driving” Mulder smiled then grabbed the coffee pot and two mugs. He quickly thanked the man and shut the door behind him.

“That was pleasant” she scoffed, while taking one of the mugs from him.

“I’ve seen scary but that was just too scary even for me” Mulder said pouring himself a cup of coffee.


At this rate Michael could have solved this mystery himself, since Liz’s reaction was one he expected. Although he didn’t expect her to be this redundant in her conversation skills when it came to him. He eyed her as she stood by her window. He scratched his eyebrow. “Parker it’s late, do you have them or not?”

He waited patiently for her to answer, but he was getting ticked off its like she was keeping him there on purpose, was she that desperate for company all she had to do was ask and he would stay. Then she finally spoke.

“I already told you NO” she choked out, the tears started to fall again.

She started to climb through her window, then she felt a hand on her shoulder holding her back. She turned around slowly and looked at him. She stared at him like he had a booger in his nose, this was extremely aggravating, she was done dealing with his antic’s and criticisms for the night.

“If you have something to say just! Say it” Yelling since she was still in a really bad mood, raising her hand she angrily wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I’m sorry for being an ass” he bluntly stated.

“Oh my” she said pretending to be shocked, “an apology from Michael ‘stonewall’ Guerin” she smiled.

“Ha I got you to smile,” “Didn’t I” he smirked.

“You just want binoculars, don’t you?” she turned to go in her window, she had some stashed in her closet.

“Forget it” he said turning to walk away.

“No I’ll get them, just wait a second.” She finally made it in her window, it took her a few minutes but she found them, they were in a bag she used for a camping trip.

A few moments later she stepped out her window, Michael was pacing back and forth, he had his motorcycle helmet in his hand. He was jiggling his key chain in the other, he was acting even stranger then usual. Maybe she would bug him to go, then again was it really worth it to get into another sarcasm war with him.

She handed them to him, “Sorry for you know.” She paused.

“Giving me a hard time” he smirked “I know you want to come with me, so might as well just save your breath, you might want to get a jacket though, it’s a little breezy when your on a bike.” He sat down on the chair he was in before.

She went to say something but he just shook his head, and pointed for her to get her jacket. Liz went in and quickly put a warmer shirt on and grabbed her sweater. Once she made it out the window for what seemed like the millionth time that night, she headed down the ladder after Michael.

Since he only had one helmet he handed it to Liz, at first she protested but then she decided to take it. They needed to know if it was FBI or not, because then they could warn the others about possible danger. Liz didn’t think the guy looked all that harmless. But then again, neither did Deputy Fisher otherwise known as Agent Pierce.

The bike made a loud roaring sound, and they sped off down the street, she had her arms tightly wrapped around his waist, and minutes later they arrived at the Desert Inn. Michael pulled to the corner where he was before he saw the rental car, it was a blue four door. The two occupants of the car were no where near it, but they couldn’t take their chances.

Michael put the kickstand down and waited for Liz to get off the bike first. He followed seconds behind her, “So do you see them?” she whispered.

“No” he said in a normal voice, “why are you whispering?” he smirked.

“Sorry” she smiled.

“They probably went to sleep” at least he hoped they did.

The car was parked on an angle, which Michael could get a good look on the plates, and it was even easier to read with the binoculars he had to fight so hard to get. He pulled the pen out of his pocket and wrote the numbers on his hand, they looked like normal plates, but normal wasn’t something that happened to them. Liz noticed him writing the numbers on his hand, and quickly memorized it, because it would probably wear off, on the ride back.

“Now we go to Valenti” he looked at her.

“Valenti?” she questioned.

“Yeah so he can run the plates” he smiled.

“Oh” she said quickly walking behind him.

He handed her the helmet again, “You might want to hold on a little tighter, this time” he smirked.

“Ha-ha” she said sarcastically.
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Genre: Roswell/Xfiles Crossover

Title: Blood and Roses

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters to either Roswell or the X-files, Metz and Katims own the Roswell Characters. Not sure who owns, Mulder and Scully, No infringement intended.

Category: AU/UC

Summary: Mulder drags Scully on another one of his excursions, they find themselves in Roswell.

A/N Sorry for the wait real life sucks, I will thank all my feedbackers indivuidual as soon as I get the chance you guys rock thanks for all the means alot to me.:P Please let me know if you see any double words, it means my microsoft word is acting up again..thanks

Chapter Four

It was getting late it was a good thing; her parents were going out of town for the weekend. They left earlier that night during the middle of her shift. Liz had her arms wrapped tightly around Michael’s waist. She felt really comfortable being this close to him. She suddenly felt bad for feeling that way, she was supposed to be giving Max another chance, but she was sick of thinking about him.

They pulled into the driveway at the Valenti residence, the front room light was on,so Michael figured that Kyle was still up. Michael pulled to a stop quickly, so he could shut the engine off. As this happened he felt Liz jerk her body forward into his.

“Watch it Parker.” he turned around smirking.

She removed the helmet, “Funny” she smirked back, “are they even up?” she questioned him again.

“You know your more annoying then Maria.” he snapped. Then lightly knocked on the door.

Liz made a face at him, “I resent the notion that, I am.” she was interrupted with a groggy Kyle answering. He was in his boxers and had a T-shirt on; he had lines on his face that matched the pattern of the pillow that sat on the couch.

Michael smiled, “Is your dad home?” he quickly said so Liz couldn’t finish.

“Yeah but unlike you he is sleeping,” Kyle noticed Liz, and suddenly felt embarrassed for the way he was dressed. “Come in, I know you probably won’t leave without talking to him.”

Michael and Liz followed behind him, Liz handed Michael his helmet back forcefully, this made him suck in his stomach to avoid the blow of the helmet hitting it to hard. He just smirked at her.

“Let me guess another alien drama?” Kyle said as they walked into the small family room, the TV was on and King of the hill was playing in the background.

“It’s possible.” He said anxiously waiting for Kyle to wake up Jim.

Liz sat down on the couch it was warm; she had to laugh at Kyle’s choice of Midnight TV shows. Although if she had to choose a cartoon show to watch it would be this one. Michael sat on the couch leaving a big gap between he and Liz, he watched as Kyle disappeared down the hallway of the one level house.


Jim followed behind Kyle and walked directly passed Michael and Liz, he didn’t like the somber looks on their faces and he certainly didn’t like to be woken up from a peaceful slumber. He went into the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. Michael just looked at Liz who was still engrossed in what Kyle had been watching; he found it to rather funny that Miss Smarty Pants Parker, was watching a cartoon.

Liz heard Jim grunt as he entered the family room with a piping hot cup of caffienated coffee, the mug said “I love my attitude problem.”

Liz giggled to herself, when she noticed his ensemble as well. Michael put his hand up to look at the plate’s numbers but part of the numbers had worn off on the ride over. Liz smirked, “I memorized them when you wrote them down.”

“Thanks.” Michael grunted out.

“Kids I don’t mean to sound angry, but its late and well let’s face it I’m not getting any younger, so tell me what is so cryptic that I had to be woken up from a peaceful slumber.” He sipped his coffee while he waited impatiently for any type of response.

Liz spoke and that took Michael by surprise, “We need to know if these plates are Government or not.” She rambled.

“Usually the plate will say if its government.” Jim said rather ticked off.

Liz corrected him, “Not if it’s a rental car.”

“Well then by all means, read them off and I’ll have Hanson run them.” He said with peeked interest.

“AEH 120.” Michael said before she could make him look stupid, more so then she already had.

“What type of rental car, was it?” he asked while trying to hold his yawn back.

“It was a blue four door, I think it was a hertz.” Michael spoke again. He glared at Liz.

“Well I hate to be the party pooper, but I’m going to bed.” Kyle smirked and left everyone in the family room.

“Night Kyle.” Liz smiled.

“Yeah whatever.” he spouted back.


Scully was looking at her computer screen, she and Mulder had finished off the pot of coffee the clerk brought to the room, neither one of them wanted a reunion with the man so they would make do with tap water if they had to.

“We have been going over the same thing for the last two hours.” Mulder said with frustration.

“Why don’t we just wait until morning, the girl said the café opened at 10:00 A.m., we can do some investigating while we eat breakfast.” Scully yawned. “Besides I’m tired and that coffee wasn’t strong enough for me, so It looks like you’ll have to finish this in your own room.” She pointed to the door.

“Alright point taken, can I borrow your laptop?” he gave her pleading eyes.

“As long as it comes back in the same condition I gave it to you.” she smiled.

“Goodnight” Mulder said happily taking the laptop, and leaving to go back to his own room.

When Mulder reached his motel room, he was surprised to see that the door had been open, he could have sworn he had the door shut and locked it, but anything was possible in his world. He carefully opened the door, checking for any burglars, which he thought was ridiculous to begin with because he didn’t have anything of value.

He looked around the room, and then had to put the laptop down, it was getting heavy. He didn’t see anything suspicious so he shut the motel door and locked it. When he went to sit down, and opened the laptop he noticed a piece of paper on one of the pillows.

He stood up and walked over to it, while at the same time he was careful to make sure nobody was in the room with him. He picked the piece of paper and read it out loud, “Stop looking” it was signed with an X, of course he would never stop, this person obviously didn’t know Fox Mulder very well.

He would tell Dana about it in the morning, he was getting tired. So he decided to call it a night.

Chapter Five

Michael and Liz were patiently waiting for Hanson to buzz back on the walkie-talkie, but it was late and Michael was getting tired. “How long does it take to run a license plate” he looked over at Jim, who was sipping his third cup of coffee.

“I don’t know usually a few minutes, maybe something came up.” He looked at the two kids in front of him. Liz had dozed off; she was resting her head on the arm of the couch.

“Why don’t you guys go home, and I’ll bring this by to you in the morning.” Jim pointed at Liz. Michael just rolled his eyes.

“I guess we could wait, its not like they know anything, anyway” Michael said with a slight yawn. “I’ll take her back to my apartment; her parents are out of town. She shouldn’t be alone.”

“It’s probably a good idea” Jim smirked. “Be careful on your way home.”

Michael shook Liz; she looked up at him groggily and rubbed her eyes. “Did you find anything out?”

“No he will let us know in the morning, were going back to my apartment, its closer.” he smirked.

“I have to open the café at 10:00 Michael.,”

“Call Maria have her do it.” He said as they walked out of the house.

“Fine but she’s not very good in tense situations,” Liz yawned again. “But I’ll call her in the morning, your lucky Jose was scheduled to work, otherwise this would have to be put on hold. And what about Max.” Michael handed her the helmet.

“What about him?” Michael said as he sat on the bike, obviously ignoring her questions, “It’s not like he gave you a clue, when he went on his little crusade to find his son. You owe him nothing, I owe him nothing.” Liz was shocked and surprised by his demeanor towards Max.

“Whatever you say.” Liz put the helmet on, she wrapped her arms around Michael’s waist, and he sped off towards his apartment.


Dana Scully was asleep for what felt like only a few minutes she felt a presence in the room, she sat up and turned the light on, she distinctly smelled an odor that resembled cigarette smoke. Cancer Man, She sat straight up and was met, face to face with one of Cancer man’s hench men, she went to say something but all she got was a mouth full of black leather, the guy had brains she would at least give him that much credit.

She wasn’t really scared because she had this encounter before, although if they wanted to stop them, it would take a lot more then this. She looked at the man, and sighed. He removed his hand once he realized she wasn’t going to scream.

“Listen to me, carefully because I won’t repeat myself.” He stood back into a dark spot in the room. “Remove yourself from this investigation, or face the consequences.”

Its not like she could argue with the man, he had too much power and she was too tired to get into arguments on his bounty hunter like tactics. She heard the rustling of two men leaving the motel room and the door slamming rather violently behind them. She was calling Mulder.

The phone in Mulder’s motel room rang, the ring scared him he wasn’t expecting that as soon as he shut his eyes.

“Mulder get to my room NOW!” she said with anger, all he could hear was the slamming of her phone. He stood up and put his pants back on and went to her room, it didn’t take her long to answer the door.

“Scully are you o.k.?” obviously a stupid question, because she didn’t look o.k., in fact she was panic stricken, a look he didn’t see to often.

“Would I have asked you here in the middle of the night?” she said rather pissed off.

It didn’t take long for Mulder to see an ashtray with a single cigarette butt, sticking out of the ashtray still burning. “I see my little friend paid you a visit.” He walked over to the ashtray, picking up the cigarette. “All I got was a note, should I be jealous?” he snickered.

“This is not the time” she spouted back at him.

“Oh and look a single white rose? I see his people skills are improving.” Mulder picked the rose up. Scully walked over to it and grabbed it from him, forgetting that roses had thorns, it pricked her hand causing her to bleed. She flinched dropping the rose.

“Here let me help you.” Mulder said taking her hand.

“I’m fine,” she pulled it back from him, curling her hand up to stop the bleeding.

Mulder gave her that look, that always made her cave in. He led her to the bathroom, where he turned the cold water on, he gently grabbed her hand and held it under the cold water. It was almost like they were holding hands, but Dana soon realized what was happening and pulled her hand away from his. “I’m fine I told you.” She hissed at him.

“Yeah right and the president knows how to run the country.” he smirked.


When Michael and Liz arrived at his apartment, they were surprised to see Maria, Max and Isabel standing at his front door. All three of them had somber looks on their faces, Maria looked as though she had been crying, this made Michael’s heart break in half. But she ended their relationship, without even giving him a chance to fix the problem.

Max had Jealousy written all over his face, and Liz had to smile at that. Even though she immediately picked up that something terrible had happened. Liz placed the helmet on the handle bar of the motorcycle, she looked at Michael then at her three friends.

“What?” Michael said finally breaking the awkward silence. “Did Metallica break up? Because if not then, I don’t see the need for any of you to be here.” He said rather harshly, although he didn’t know why he was acting that way.

“Michael, could YOU please stop thinking about yourself for like one single second” Maria said with anger in her voice.

“Fine, but let’s go inside we don’t need to attract the neighbors attention.” They made a path for him to get to his front door. He noticed Isabel and Max glaring at him. Whatever was going on couldn’t be good, the ice glare was never something, that followed happy news.

Liz heard the sound of Maria’s voice, and she only remembered hearing it that way one other time, when they found out Alex was killed in a car accident. Liz immediately turned pale, at the thought and rushed to Maria’s side, Maria pulled away. Liz should have expected that reaction, after all she was out with her best friends ex boyfriend.

“Michael” Max said sounding like a broken record, “something happened to” he paused again. Isabel interrupted him. She couldn’t take the drama anymore.

“I think we should all wait until we can sit down Max” Isabel said calmly, her voice filled with fear.

Max, Maria and Liz all sat on the couch Michael went to turn the lights on, and Isabel stood next to her brother. Isabel smelled a funky odor coming from Michael’s kitchen, he probably just forgot to clean out his refrigerator again, heand he always forgot to clean it out. It was a habit that she detested in her brother. Michael came back out to the family room, where apparently it looked like someone had just died. Isabel was dressed in all black, black leather pants, and a black short sleeve shirt, her long blonde hair resting on her shoulders.

“O.k. who’s been smoking?” Michael said with aggravation. He was waiting for an answer.
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Genre: Roswell/Xfiles Crossover

Title: Blood and Roses

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters to either Roswell or the X-files, Metz and Katims own the Roswell Characters. Not sure who owns, Mulder and Scully, No infringement intended.

Category: AU/UC

Summary: Mulder drags Scully on another one of his excursions, they find themselves in Roswell.

Chapter Six

Michael came out of his bedroom with a strange look on his face, he smelled cigarette smoke which was an odor he despised, plus he just wanted to go to sleep after the little adventure he and Liz had went on it was enough to drive someone insane, at least in his mind it was. He looked at Isabel and noticed the expression of disgust on her face.

“What is so cryptic that you all had to,” he paused choosing his words carefully, after all Maria was upset enough she didn’t need to hear about he and Liz being together tonight, not that it was anything more then a G rating. “Be here at this particular moment, and let me ask again, who has been smoking?”

Isabel rolled her eyes, at his pure lack of respect for Maria’s feelings, not that she cared that much for the blonde but, Michael was being an ass and for no reason of course because that was his motto. “Look, nobody was smoking we all arrived at the same time, we have something to tell you, and it will change everything.” she paused looking over to Max and then to Liz, then back to Michael.

“What else is new?” Michael said with a cocky tone.

Isabel continued before Michael could finish his rant, “My,” she looked at Max, “Our father has been asking questions, he confronted Maria today, and you can tell that by her obvious reaction it wasn’t a pleasant meeting.” Isabel said in an understanding tone.

Liz spoke before Michael could say anything, she noticed him staring at her the entire time he’d been back in the room. “Does anyone know approximately how long they have been investigating, because my father has been, well, a little more aggressive in his questions to me?” She looked at Michael.

“And you failed to mention this because, why? There is no excuse for you not mentioning this.” Maria spouted angrily.

“Look Maria, I didn’t mention it, because well I thought he was just being nosey, you know my father he’s been that way all along.” Liz said in a quiet tone.

“Look can’t you guys just be on guard or something, when the questions come up. Just pretend you don’t know what he’s talking about, and can this wait until the morning, it’s been a long night.” Michael spouted not showing an interest in the group meeting.


Max wasn’t paying any attention to the conversation going on around him. All he could see was Michael staring at Liz, and he was getting irate with jealousy, so for the purpose of saving everybody a fight between he and Michael, Max agreed that they should all continue this at the Crashdown, tomorrow.

“Ok he’s right, let’s just go they obviously would rather be doing something else.” Max stood up and waited for Isabel and Maria to follow behind him.

“Excuse me?” Liz said not liking his tone, or the implications.

“Well it’s obvious we interrupted you and Michael, on a date so…” Maria couldn’t finish.

“That couldn’t be farther from what is going on here” Liz said with anger, “God you guys walk into the middle of something, how could you know what we were doing.”

“Liz don’t bother they have made up their minds.” Michael spouted with obvious irritation.

Isabel was so irritated with the entire group she felt like smacking someone, and Michael came to mind first then maybe Liz. “Alright Crashdown, 9:00 AM we get there before anyone else does.” She said taking control of the group. This was definitely getting out of hand, how could he be so obvious to Maria, unless he wanted to show her he was over her, but with Liz what an ass. Not that she cared, but he shouldn’t be throwing in her face.

Liz was so appalled by Max that her eyes were wide open with shock, Michael couldn’t help but laugh to himself over Max’s jealousy. He was pathetic.

They heard the door slam, as everyone walked out, Liz shook her head and then reverted her attention to Michael. “How could you let them think something was going on here.” she said with an angry tone.

“Hey they already thought it.”

“Look I have enough issues with Max, I don’t need you adding to it, I never said it was completely over with him, and you just implied that we were together.” She said in a scolding tone.

“I’m sorry o.k.” He had a smirk on his face.

“You know what, I think I should just go home.” she said with anger in her voice, still lingering from her earlier, rant.

“Liz.” he paused then grabbed her arm, before she could say anything he pulled flush against him and kissed her in an angry passion. Slowly swiping his tongue across her lips he was surprised when she parted hers instead of pushing him away. He tilted her head to gain better access to her mouth and began to stroke her tongue with his; he felt her hands creep up his chest and into his hair. It was as if she were trying to climb inside him. Panting, they broke apart and saw they were sitting on Michael’s couch. Neither even remembered sitting down. Her lips were red; her hair that was previously pulled back into a ponytail was now down and resting on her shoulders. She just looked at Michael in confusion not knowing what to think.

She smiled “Um what in the world was that?” she said embarrassed.

“What did it feel like to you?” he smirked.

“A kiss.” she smiled looking down.

“Well I guess your reputation does you justice after all, you are smart.” He smirked again.

“I’m asking what does this means?” she pointed to him then back to herself.

“What do you want it to be?” he questioned her back, purposely avoiding an explanation.

“Look, you said it yourself I am smart, so stop answering a question with a question.” She smirked back at him. She could play his little game.


Scully looked at Mulder and they were still standing in the bathroom, the faucet was still running. “I think I’ll be alright now.” she waited for him to protest.

“If you’re sure.” he said slightly disappointed and then leaned over to turn the faucet off.

“Mulder,” she stopped then looked at her hand, “Thanks for you know.” she looked away.

“Sure no problem, breakfast at 10:00 AM?” he said in a mundane tone.

“Make it 11:00.” Scully smiled.

“11:00 it is, I’ll be your wake up call.” Mulder smiled at her, he saw her blushing. Then headed for the door, it was late and he needed to sleep.

As he was walking towards his motel room, he noticed the Sheriff’s Jeep’s out in the parking lot. He shrugged it off; maybe someone reported a stolen car or something. He didn’t feel like investigating, anything at this point in time, it was already 2:00 AM.

Chapter Seven

It was 8:00 AM and Liz couldn’t believe that she had fallen asleep on Michael on his couch, her head was resting on his lap, she looked up and he had one hand resting on her stomach and the other on the arm rest of the couch. How could anyone sleep in that position? She wondered and felt bad for having to wake him up but she had to, she had responsibilities.

She slowly removed Michael’s arm from her stomach and to her surprise she kind of missed his touch, but she made herself move from the position. She sat up next to him and waited for him to open his eyes; he obviously felt her move because she saw him flinch.

He opened his eyes and she knew his neck would be sore; he cracked it making a horrible noise in the process. This made her flinch. Liz saw her ponytail holder on the couch and reached for it, using her hand as the brush and pulling her long brown hair back into ponytail. He smiled at her as he watched her fixing her hair.

“Morning,” He smiled. “I take it you want to get home before the rest of the group gets to the Café?” he was rubbing his neck.

“That would be great, do you want to shower before we go there is time.” She smirked knowing he would have some comment to add to that.

“Sure if you wouldn’t mind waiting it will take five minutes, help yourself there is coffee in the cupboard above the fridge.”

“Thanks.” she smiled as she watched him walk towards his bedroom.

He stopped in the doorway, “You know to save time you could always join me?” he turned so half of his body was inside his room, and there other out in the hallway.

“Cute, but I think I’ll be fine out here.” She said walking towards the kitchen.

“Your loss.” he smirked and headed for the shower.


Liz was just about to start the coffee, when she heard a knock on Michael’s front door. Max was her first thought. She opened the door, and nobody was there, except a piece of paper folded in half. She picked it up and closed the door.

Michael walked out of the bathroom, his semi long brown hair was still damp. “Who was at the door?” he looked around confused.

“Nobody, all I saw was this piece of paper.” She handed it to him; she noticed he was wearing a black long sleeved crew neck shirt, and a pair of denim jeans. Their hands brushed as she gave him the piece of paper.

Michael opened it, and read it aloud. “Stop looking and it’s signed with an X.”

“That’s it, who could possibly know what we were looking at or for?” Liz said with curiosity.

“I don’t have a clue, you ready?” he said looking at her, he couldn’t help it.

“Yeah sure, you might want to bring that as evidence.” she smirked.

“Evidence to what?” he said confused.

“You know the mob squad.” she was referring to Max, Isabel and Maria.

“Oh right.” he was definitely not looking forward to a meeting with them.

“What are you going to tell them about last night?” he looked at her with peeked curiosity.

“The truth, lies aren’t an option anymore.” she smiled, walking closer to him; she was standing face to face with him.

“Which would be what?” he asked again.

“You ask too many questions, Guerin.” she leaned in just barely brushing her lips with his. “That is if you can handle telling them the truth.” She pecked his lips lightly.

“Parker I didn’t know you could be so.” He was interrupted with her kissing his lips passionately, and then she stopped and looked at him.

“So what.” she waited patiently for him to finish.


He smirked kissing her in the same manner he did last night, she wasn’t fighting him she wanted it this time, she didn’t know how her mind could go from Max to Michael so quickly, it wasn’t really quickly but it was to weird to think about; all she knew is that she liked his touch.


Max, Isabel, and Maria arrived at the Crashdown, a little early it was 8:30 AM and the place was deserted. The closed sign was still showing which meant neither Liz nor Michael, had arrived yet. Typically the café didn’t open until 10:00 AM but Liz usually had the lights on when she was preparing for the breakfast rush.

Max looked at Maria, he felt bad for her in this predicament that they were in; he wanted to comfort her, because he felt the same sense of betrayal that she felt. He didn’t know how to confront her on the issue so he just said what he wanted to say last night.

“I’m sure Liz is still sleeping upstairs, maybe we should go up to the balcony?” of course he didn’t exactly say what he wanted to say last night.

“Max I’m not a moron, did you see the way that he was looking at her?” she said feeling nothing but rage building up inside of her.

“It was just a look.” he tried to reassure her, but he didn’t know if he believed it himself.

“Look you two; this can wait until after the meeting. I won’t be dragged into this.” Isabel huffed in protest.

“Whatever.” Maria mumbled.

“I have a key we can just go in and wait in the break room.” Maria dug in her purse for the key, when she finally found it, she opened it and they all walked inside.

“I told you she hasn’t been here all night.” Maria whined to Max and Isabel.

“How do you know?” he questioned her.

“The coffee hasn’t been started and nothing has been set up Liz is usually on time and on a schedule with everything when it comes to work.” Maria huffed.

“I think your just looking for things to be upset about.” He said avoiding the truth, which was so blatantly obvious to both of them.

“Max denial might have worked with Liz, but neither one of us are buying it,” Isabel finally put her two cents in.

“Since when do you care?” he argued.

“I don’t its just obvious Maria’s right.” she frowned, not wanting to know.


Michael and Liz finally pulled up to the café, they pulled up in the back parking lot, Liz thought it would be safer to go that route in case Max, Maria and Isabel were already there, she still had to shower and change and it wouldn’t look good if she was still wearing the same clothes she had on last night.

She had this weird feeling to go up through her bedroom window, so she told Michael and they both agreed and then headed upstairs. Liz didn’t like the feeling of sneaking around, but it was pointless to cause a scene this early in the morning.

Once they crawled through the window, Michael grabbed Liz. “Didn’t think I would let you get away that easily now do you?” he smirked.

“Michael.” she protested, but then gave in to the strong desire to be near him. They kissed for a few seconds and Liz finally broke free.

“I have to shower and change, I’ll meet you downstairs.” she smiled then kissed him lightly one last time.

“Fine.” he pouted then headed for the stairs. He heard talking and Liz’s instincts were right, only what good did it do them, they were caught either way. He decided to make his grand entrance. The looks on their faces weren’t exactly happy looks, he would say they were more stunned then anything else.

“Why doesn’t this surprise me?” Maria said with anger and resentment. “You could have at least tried to be coy with the situation, do you have to be so obvious.”

“I have nothing to hide, Liz will be down in a minute” he went over to his locker and pulled out a portable CD player and headphones, luckily he had his Metallica CD still in it. He put his headphones on and blared the volume so he didn’t have to listen to any of them.

Chapter Eight

Scully rolled over in bed not wanting to wake up she knew it was still early and after the night they had last night she could stay in bed all day, she looked at the clock and it wasn’t even 9:00 AM. Then she started to think of reasons why Cancer Man would be so interested in this case, whenever something ‘out of the ordinary’ was involved he was always right there to stop them finding out the answers.

How did he know they were even in Roswell unless they were being followed the entire time? It was impossible for her to believe that his being in Roswell was a coincidence. Scully closed her eyes and concentrated on sleeping she had two hours and she was going to use those two hours to their full advantage. Mulder was making a mess out of their careers again.

Mulder had strange dreams last night, he kept dreaming that he was out in the desert near some strange rock formation, he had never seen it before, no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t shake the image, it was like someone was sending him the image, but that was impossible because nobody back home new they were in Roswell.

Mulder woke up in a cold sweat yet again it was the third time that night, what night he had left anyway it was morning he could see the annoying sunlight shining through the window, it blared its angry rays into the room. He tried to shield his eyes but it was pointless the curtains were thin and they didn’t exactly do a great job of hiding the sun, good thing he wasn’t a vampire otherwise he’d be dust.

He decided to take a shower at least he would be ready to go to breakfast and not anger Scully with his procrastination so early in the morning. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom, the towels were hanging on a rack next to the shower.

He stripped his clothes off and hopped in the shower he turned the faucet on and felt the warm water sting his masculinity. He picked the tiny bottle of complimentary shampoo from its resting-place on the ceramic tub and opened it, it wasn’t a great bottle of shampoo but it would do.

As he was shampooing his hair, the image popped in his mind again, how annoying it was for this stupid image to keep popping in his mind, what did mean? And why was he the one was getting the image, he wondered if Scully had gotten them as well. For some reason he doubted that.

Something new had added itself to the vision, image or hallucination, the girl from the café centered herself right smack in the middle of his image, which was something new, maybe she had some information on this rock formation, maybe it was a link of some kind.


Liz made her way downstairs to the break room, she saw everybody Michael had his headphones on and that made Liz believe that he was avoiding the group, Maria had to know. Her friend might have quirks but she wasn’t dumb despite what Michael thought.

Liz felt bad for Maria after all they had a strong code of ethics, they never dated each others ex’s no matter what the circumstances were. Liz would have to talk to Maria later regarding this situation if Maria didn’t hate her to much. She would understand if Maria wouldn’t talk to her.

Michael removed his headphones and went to stand by Liz, he felt comfortable standing next her. “O.k. so what is so important that we had to wake up at this ungodly hour” Michael hissed.

Liz eyed him, telling him to lower his tone. “Maria you said that Mr. Evans questioned you?” Liz said with empathy.

“Yes and I’ll ignore the fact that you stabbed me in the back long enough to get through this meeting.” She hissed.

Michael put his arm around Liz’s waist he wasn’t going to take any crap from Hurricane De Luca. Liz smiled to herself when she felt Michael’s touch. “So what did he say?” Liz questioned.

“He knows.” Maria said bluntly making a long story short. She glared at Liz if looks could break people Liz would be shattered into a million pieces.

“Knows.” Isabel said in protest not wanting to believe that her Father wasn’t smart enough to find this out on his own.

“Yes that you are unworldly.” Maria rambled trying to hold the tears back.

Max intervened, “He doesn’t know, he just thinks something isn’t right, he didn’t actually come out and say he thought we were aliens, did he?”

“Not in so many words no, but he lead me to believe that if I didn’t tell him the truth, things wouldn’t be so easy for any of us.” The bile was rising up to the top of Maria’s throat as she witnessed Michael, practically molesting her ex best friend.

“Maria I think this could have been dealt with, in a different way we didn’t need to call a meeting if I can handle anyone it’s my father.” Max said unsure of that now.

“Yeah but he’s going to be watching all of us, and my mother said he’s been hanging around the store lately, and bugging her as well, its making her suspicious and now she is giving me the third degree about everything, where I’m going, who I’m going with.” She rambled.

“Well we will all just have to be on guard then won’t we, if he asks questions that make us feel uncomfortable then we should just, watch how we answer him and just act normal.” Max said in a matter of fact tone, he was in obvious denial about Michael molesting Liz in front of everybody, but he was actually ready to punch Michael out. He would just talk to Maria later and they would come up with a solution to rectify this matter. Throwing Michael and Liz into the white room seemed like a nice idea, but he wouldn’t do that he was too nice.
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A/N ok i hope the website wont flake out me on me this time hehe thanks for leaving feedback :) hope you enjoy

<center>Chapter Nine</center>

Liz had everything ready for breakfast rush, she was in no mood to deal with rude customers, especially after the meeting they just finished. She could sense that Max and Maria were plotting some evil scheme against herself and Michael.

She had tried to talk to Maria after the meeting was finished, but Maria left the room before she had a chance, and when she tried to talk to Max he gave her the glare from hell, she was happy at that moment that he didn’t have the power to kill by just looking at you.

Michael talked Jose into switching shifts; he was getting a little over protective even for her taste. After all they had just started whatever it is they had started. She wanted to explain to her ex boyfriend and her probably now ex best friend, that everything had just happened so fast that neither one of them had a chance to make a civilized decision about what was taking place.

She looked over at Michael who was so engrossed in making eggs; he wasn’t bothered by any of this, how he could be so non chalant about everything that was going on. She wished she had his strength, maybe it was a gift of his; especially after all that he had been through with Hank, the beatings were pretty severe, and he seemed to be perfectly normal, well as normal as an alien can be.

Liz noticed that Maria, and Isabel came back in the Café, for breakfast they were sitting in what was known as their booth, Maria had almost convinced Mr. Parker to reserve it specifically for them, but he wouldn’t hear of it, he said it would take away seating for the other customers. Maria and Liz’s father had come up with a compromise they at least got to put all of their names on it.

Liz walked over to the booth trying to start things out on a good note, Michael was observing from the order window. He could see how tense she was. He wanted to go and stand next to her to support her, but he figured she wanted to do this on her own. After all he had his own issues… Max. It would be no picnic and he wasn’t looking forward to it.


“Hey.” she said as if she were trying to block a ball from hitting her face, she was trying not to flinch.

Isabel looked at her then to Maria who was studying the menu like it was an essay quiz, Isabel smiled, after all she wasn’t hurt by anyone, she wasn’t exactly good friends with Maria but she felt bad for her in this situation. Michael was being an ass and even if it was his motto it still didn’t give him the right to treat people like shit all the time.

She saw Liz as Michael’s scapegoat, he would use her to get over Maria and he would also use her to avoid Maria, pretty much a scapegoat like she said earlier. “I’ll have the number 3 and a Cherry Coke.” Isabel smiled, and then noticed Michael observing the situation. “So.” she said at the same time kicking Maria under the table making her jump.

“Ouch” she said without looking up, “Yeah I’ll um have the number four no pickles though” she smirked as she looked up from her menu. “And you’ll be having the eggs benedict I presume?” she said in a sly manner.

“I’ll get that order for you.” Liz said turning quickly away from the duo at the booth.

“Maria, Liz was really trying couldn’t you see that?” Isabel scowled wanting to be anywhere but in that booth.

“Whatever, can we just not talk besides we were never best friends anyway, I liked it that way.” She smirked again.

“I don’t know why I even bother.” Isabel stood up and walked to the counter. If she was going to eat in silence she might as well sit by herself.


Mulder and Scully arrived at the Café, it wasn’t busy. It was 10:30 AM they were a little earlier then they had planned on but Mulder was ready which wasn’t usually the case, Scully usually had to pry Mulder out from underneath the covers. They entered the Café’ and Mulder recognized Liz right away, her picture was printed in the article, and he recognized the man in the back, he thought his name was Michael or something to that effect. He wasn’t exactly sure, besides he was more interested in the shooting then anything else.

Scully noticed a blonde haired girl sitting alone in a booth with a bunch of names written on the sides of the booth. She smirked High school, there was another tall blonde with longer hair sitting at the counter, and they seemed to all know who the other was. This was like a hang out or something. She didn’t know.

Mulder picked the booth next to the girl who was sitting by herself, Maria. She looked up as he sat down, and smirked at him. He took that as a good sign. “So how do you like it so far?” he smirked.

“Definitely the place for you.” She looked up noticing the alien shaped balloons hanging directly over their booth.

“Hey we are in the alien capital of the United States.” He smirked “Skinner would be impressed”

Scully rolled her eyes, “Somehow I doubt that.” then her cell phone rang as if on cue.

“Where the HELL are you two, You were supposed to be In Los Angeles investigating a case!” Skinner yelled into the phone.

“Sir I’m sorry something has come up here I’ll let Mulder explain.” She handed the phone to him smiling.

He just smirked back as if to say I’ll get you later, “Sir we’ve got some new information relating to the previous case in Los Angeles we will brief you on it when we get more.” He said grinding his teeth together.

“You better not be trying to pull something, remember I promised you would get two weeks unpaid suspension if you ignore my orders.” He hung up. Leaving Mulder speechless.

He handed Scully the phone back. She smirked; “I told you so.” She smiled dryly.

“Hey he doesn’t scare me I can afford two weeks unpaid suspension, so can you and it would be a nice vacation.” He smiled as Liz came over with two menus.

“Hi welcome to the Crashdown I’m Liz if you need anything just wave and I’ll come right over” she smiled ignoring Maria’s glares. She handed them menus, and remembered the man from last night, “Oh welcome back sir, I’m sorry for being so rude to you last night.” She smiled again.

“Its fine really, listen I was curious I heard something about a shooting that happened here not to long ago, would you know anything about that?” he smiled not paying any attention to his partners glares.


“Well it did happen, but nobody got hurt” Liz said looking over at Michael in a nervous manner. He picked up on it.

“That’s funny because in the article, their were two witnesses who saw a girl fall to the ground, a waitress to be exact, they said that she wasn’t moving and then a boy walked over to her and placed his hands on her stomach and she was o.k.” he waited patiently.

“You’re probably right though these papers always have a habit of fabricating stories.” He smiled. “I’m sorry to have bothered you.” He noticed Michael come out from the kitchen he stood in the doorway.

“We will need a few minutes before ordering.” He smiled.

“Sure no problem.” Liz turned and walked over to Michael.

“What did they want?” he said with a frustrated tone.

Liz pulled him into the back, “They asked about the shooting.” Liz said with fear in her voice.

“Damn I knew they were Feds.” Michael said with aggravation. “We need to get rid of them.”

“What am I supposed to do, he said he read some story in a paper.” She said with fear still lodged in her voice.

“O.k. this will be o.k.” he said placing his hands on her shoulders so he could pull her into a hug.

“This is all my fault, I should have just died that day, then nobody would have ever known.” she said with tears falling gently down her cheeks.

Michael broke the hug, “Don’t ever say that.” He said with annoyance, “I am glad he healed you it is the one thing he did right.”

Liz just looked at him surprised. “I thought…” she stopped.

“I know what you thought, but it was the complete opposite o.k., I didn’t want you to die, I just didn’t think he needed to expose us by telling you. But it worked out fine, so stop blaming yourself.”

Liz sighed not completely sure if he was telling the truth, or not. She had no choice but to believe him. She would go out and act normal, she wouldn’t let them scare her. The woman seemed more annoyed then anything else.

Liz walked back out as if nothing had happened, she plastered a fake smile and noticed Maria’s glares yet again, ignoring them, she asked them for their orders, “Have you decided on something?”

“Um yes I’ll have this,” Mulder said pointing to the Will Smith burger and Saturn Rings, “with a diet coke.”

“And you ma’am” she smiled at Scully this time it was sincere.

“I’ll have a Chef’s salad, and a diet coke oh and hold the black olives” She smirked at her partner.

“It will be a few minutes” she smiled then walked to place the orders on the order wheel.

“Did they ask you anything else?” Michael said looking from her to the booth where Mulder and Scully sat.

<center>Chapter Ten</center>

“No, Michael your acting to nervous they are going to notice it.” Liz said trying to reassure him, she would always feel responsible for exposing them and for Max’s little trip to the white room.

“Just be careful o.k.” he smiled at her, he then noticed Maria staring at them, and Isabel wasn’t looking pleased at all. Why should they care, its not like anyone was lying about it maybe they will get over it, if they didn’t well he didn’t care, he had Liz and that was all that mattered.

“I will you are worrying way too much” she smiled back. Liz took Isabel her order.

“Sorry it took so long” Liz smiled; she was smiling so much she thought her cheeks were going to strain themselves.

“This little tryst you and Michael are having, how long has it been going on?” Isabel said wanting to smack herself for even asking. Liz kept watching the two agents, or the suspected agents.

“It just started it all happened so fast, I was going to talk to Maria but she walked out before I had a chance to say anything.” Liz said with sadness.

“You need to give them some time to get used to the idea. I mean Michael can get away with this sort of thing because well he’s an ass plain and simple, but you normally use your head before doing something this rash.” She said in an irritated tone.

“Yeah well I’m not as perfect as people would like to believe”” Liz spouted back with annoyance, she wasn’t putting up with this crap anymore. “I have my own mind; I’ll do what I want when I want.” She hissed at Isabel.

“O.k. look I really don’t care but, I just had to ask because you know Max, he’s going to be bugging me the minute I walk in the door.” Isabel eyed Liz.


Scully was watching the conversation between Liz and Isabel, “Looks like there’s trouble in the Crashdown Café.” Scully smiled. Sipping on her diet coke that Agnes brought to her.

“What? How do you know this stuff?” Mulder said with curiosity.

“You can tell a lot by people’s facial expressions when they talk, its simple details Mulder really haven’t you learned anything?” she smirked again dryly.

“I’ve been to busy chasing aliens.” He chuckled in amusement; he knew how to push her buttons and enjoyed doing it.

“Oh and don’t forget Vampires, that last case was just odd.” She frowned, “Let’s hope this one doesn’t turn out as badly as that one did.”

“I somehow doubt there are vampires in Roswell.” He smirked.

“Good because the last thing I need is some blood thirsty demon going for the artery in my neck again.” she rubbed her neck from the attack.

“Don’t worry the only thing we might be running from is 3ft tall green men.” He stopped talking as soon as Liz walked over with their order.

“Here you go, enjoy your meals.” She said with happiness that was obviously fake.

“Excuse me Miss?” Scully stopped Liz from leaving.

Liz hesitantly turned around to face her; Maria was a witness to the entire event.


“I was curious do you have restroom?” Scully asked as innocently as possible.

Liz blinked as if she were actually frozen in time with fear, “Sure its right over there.” she pointed to the door that sat praticley next to the swinging double doors.

“Thanks.” She stood up and looked at Mulder, she winked letting him know she was up to more then a trip to the restroom. “I’ll be right back.” she non-chalantly walked to the restroom, she quickly scanned the wall that was in the same location as where Liz was supposedly lying on the ground. She went into the restroom.

Liz decided to corner Maria while she was alone, and while she had a free moment which was a rarity during the breakfast rush. She sat in the booth across from her very upset best friend. She gave Maria the we need to be straight with each other look, “Maria.” good she was looking at Liz that was a good sign.

“Liz.” Maria said with a hiss.

“Will you just hear me out please?” Liz said with desperation but not to much, she honestly didn’t care what people thought of her and Michael, that code of ethics was stupid and if he wasn’t attached to Maria’s hip then he was an open target.

“Why should I, you broke the sacred code.” She talked with her hands when she was angry. “Does that not mean anything to you anymore, I mean I would never do that to you, you know how much Michael means to me. Let me rephrase that, meant to me.” Maria crossed her arms and waited for Liz to say her part.

“Maria please, we made that code when we were like six, it’s a little out dated, I wouldn’t purposely hurt you, and you know that.” Liz looked at her with innocence.

“Do I? I mean seriously Liz, the last few years we have been drifting going in different directions, ever since the shooting, you’ve been different.” she whispered, “You’ve been withdrawn and you have this weird way of dealing with things now, we don’t even talk like we used to.” The hurt and anger evident in her voice.

“Maria look I’m sorry that I haven’t been spending as much time with you lately, but after the break up with Max, I’ve just had a lot on my mind, and Michael walked in at the right time.” she noticed the look on Maria’s face and cringed, “O.k. well maybe it was the wrong time according to you, but he’s really been there for me and I just can’t ignore that, I have feelings for him I’m sorry.” she frowned.

“So what I’m supposed to pretend that everything is just peachy, just ignore that you stabbed me in the back.” Maria was looking inside her purse at this point, she lost her appetite, she started fidgeting around in her purse and pulled out a crinkled up ten dollar bill and threw it on the table. “Sorry I don’t think so, I’m glad you feel better because you got it off your chest but, somehow I don’t feel any better knowing the truth.” she turned on her heal and stormed out of the Café.

Liz just sat in complete shock, but it was what she expected from Maria, she would need a couple of weeks to absorb this, maybe more then a couple a weeks but in the long run she would eventually come to terms with it.

<centerChapter Eleven</center>

Scully walked out of the restroom, and noticed that the blonde girl was gone. Liz was now behind the counter talking to the pretty blonde. She had also noticed that the boy behind the order window was now standing with the two girls. They looked like they were hiding something.

“I was starting to think the toilet monster came back to life and pulled you into the sewers.” Mulder said taking the last bite of his hamburger. Then sipping on his diet coke.

“Cute.” she smiled, then sat down and started to eat her salad.

“I just believe that, more happened here then anyone wants to admit.” He smirked at her because he knew she was accepting that something had actually happened. “So did you find anything interesting while you were lost in the bathroom?” He winked at her.

She rolled her eyes at his comments; she swallowed her bite of salad “Well not really just that it looks like those kids are hiding something, especially the girl who works here and the boy behind the grill. I believe the blonde at the counter with them right now is somehow involved in the entire thing, it’s going to take a while before we find out what really happened they are determined to keep this quiet, whatever this secret is.” She took another bite of her salad.

“Well I noticed you were doing research on your laptop, and not to long ago a kid named Alex Whitman was killed in a car accident, the Sheriff ruled the accident as an attempted suicide, but then for some reason changed his findings to an Motor Vehicle Accident, the truck driver wasn’t charged with Vehicular Manslaughter because the kid was going the wrong way.” He rambled looking at Scully’s jaw drop.

“You got this all from one hours worth of research I did, Mulder all of that stuff is inconclusive and you know it, we don’t know that any of this was related to these kids in the diner.” She stopped talking as she noticed the three kids staring at them. They weren’t talking loudly but it seemed as though they were being watched.

“Do you want to box that up, I think we should have a little chat with the Sheriff, he probably already knows that we are here, I saw his jeep at the motel last night when I was walking back to my room.” He said with a hopeful tone.

Scully again rolled her eyes, “Again with the assumptions and paranoia.” she smirked, “Sure I guess the sooner we get started the faster we can get home” she waved Liz over to the table.


“Can I get you anything?” Liz hoped that they were leaving, it would help Michael relax.

“Sure I would like a to go cup for my drink, and a box for my salad, and the check please.” Scully said with a smile.

“I will be right back.” Liz said with a smile. Relieved that they were finally leaving. Liz could tell by their conversation that it was serious. They had to be investigating the shooting; why else would they be here.

Liz walked quickly behind the counter, “Are they leaving?” Michael demanded to know.

“Yes will you relax.” She smiled at him, she grabbed the box and ripped the check off the order pad. She walked over to their table. “Here you go, I hope everything was o.k.” she smiled this time it wasn’t fake.

“Actually” Mulder smiled, “We were wondering if you could point us in the direction of the Sheriff’s office, it would be appreciated.” He lightly grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving. He noticed Michael getting really aggravated. He finally let go of her arm.

“Sure when you leave the parking lot it’s the first right” Liz smirked.

“Thanks for your time.” He said sarcastically.

Mulder and Scully got up and left; Mulder left her a ten dollar tip. As they walked out the door they noticed the three of them following their movements until they were out of sight.

Isabel was pissed, “God could this get any worse, was Max being thrown in the white room not good enough for you two, you have to give these two idiots a reason to follow us around, you gave us away with your insecurities, I’m calling Max.” She hissed.

“Call him then what difference does it make they already know something isn’t right here, I could tell by their facial expressions.” Michael said with anger. “What’s Max going to do order them to stay away, the only people he can do that to is us.”

“He’s right Max has his head up his ass” Liz said trying to lighten up the mood the tension was so thick, Liz thought that something might actually blow up.

Isabel started to laugh. “I just think he should know that the feds are in town” She looked at Michael’s face and new he wasn’t thrilled at all.


Scully and Mulder made their way over to the Sheriff’s office; Deputy Hanson was in charge because the Sheriff was taking the day off. They entered the small building, three desks sat behind the front counter; it was definitely a small town Sheriff’s Station.

Scully was the one who would be asking the questions, Mulder said that strangers opened up to women better then men, he didn’t explain his theory to her, he just said it would be best if she asked the questions, besides she was a Medical examiner, she was good at getting the clues Mulder forgot.

Deputy Hanson, stood at the front counter he was training a new recruit; he couldn’t have been much older then 18. “Excuse me Deputy, my name is Agent Dana Scully” She held up her badge, “I’m with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.” She paused so he could look over her identification.

“Yes ma’am what can I do for you?” Deputy Hanson asked in the most polite tone he could muster up.

“Well we were wondering if you could answer some questions, for us regarding the shooting at the Crashdown café, it seems as though some of the witnesses stories are conflicting with the evidence, and we were just wondering if you could help clear up this little matter?” she said as if she were flirting with him.

“Um Ma’am” he was interrupted by Dana.

“Please, call me Dana Ma’am makes me feel like my Mother.” She smiled; she was going to kill Mulder later.

“Well then, Dana that case has been closed for the last couple of years, and the evidence was taken to FBI headquarters in DC. So you’ll have to excuse my tone, when I ask what your business is here?” he said not buying their act.

“Well sir, as I said before we would like to talk to the person who was in charge at the time of the investigation it seems as though some things were over looked.” Her tone said she was getting more than a little upset with him.

“Well that person would be Sheriff Valenti, and he is off for the evening, you’ll have to go to his home if you would like more information.” He said in an apologetic tone.

“Would you kindly give us the address?” Mulder spoke up.

“And you would be?” Hanson wasn’t stupid.

“Agent Fox Mulder, I’m her partner” he stated in a professional tone.

“Well Agent Mulder, I’m not inclined to give out the Sheriff’s home address, but if you were to say look it up in the phone book then it would be a matter of public records and not a breach of confidentiality.” Hanson smiled as he pointed to the door.

Geez these people in Roswell had something wedged up there asses. “Thank you for your help.” Mulder said as they walked towards the front door.

“I’m surprised you didn’t know to look his address up in the phone book, you are FBI after all aren’t you?” he said taunting Mulder.

“We will be on our way now deputy thank you for your time.” Dana smiled at him casually, and stopped Mulder from saying something he might regret.

As Scully and Mulder walked out the front door, Mulder smiled at her, “I have the sneaking suspicion that the folks in Roswell don’t take kindly to FBI agents?”

“What gave it away?” she smirked at him as they entered the car, the heat was up to at least 90 degrees.

<center>Chapter Twelve</center>

It was around 7:00 P.M. and Liz was tired she hadn’t slept much the night before and she was starting to get irritable, she looked at Michael who was taking a break because it was rather slow for the night. The one thing Liz liked about her parents being out of town was that she was able to close the diner early if it was a slow night.

Just as she was going to say something to Michael, Max walked into the Café, with a rather solemn look on his face, he looked upset and she knew exactly why. He had that ‘we need to talk look’ and from his movements, she could tell it wasn’t going to be a pleasant talk.

He walked slowly to the counter, he eyed Michael, he had nothing to say to his second in command. If he did he would regret it, and deep inside he knew he couldn’t afford to lose Michael as a friend, even though right now he hated him with everything he had inside of him.

He stood there for a few minutes without saying anything then Liz finally walked over to him, Michael was watching everything. “We need to talk,” Max said with anger and aggravation in his voice. “In private.” he stated again.

“O.k. let me change the sign to closed.” Liz said with hesitance in her voice. She avoided eye contact with him at all costs.

“Fine meet me out in back.” He said with no emotion.

Michael was careful to watch them, he couldn’t risk Max hurting her physically a part of him knew that wasn’t possible, but that wasn’t his rational mind. He knew that Max had a temper, and that sometimes he acted before thinking. The entire Tess incident was a prime example of that behavior.

As Liz was walking to the back of the diner, Michael grabbed her softly by the arm, and kissed her lightly. “You know you don’t have to talk to him.” he stated as bluntly as possible.

“Yes I do, he has to know it’s over between us this time, I can’t keep denying him that right to know.” she said with sadness.

“If you need me I’m right here, I’m not leaving until you step foot back inside this diner.” he hugged her again.

“Michael I’ll be fine I promise.” she hugged him tightly; “I have to go he’s waiting.” As she separated from the hug she watched him, until she had to turn around to open the back door.


Max was leaning up against the building, “So tell me, how long did it take you to end up in his bed? A day, a minute. Has this been going on the entire time behind my back, while I was waiting for you to decide our fate, were you shacking It up with my best-friend?” He had a smug look on his face.

“Max that isn’t fair and you know it.” Liz said with attitude.

“So tell me, how long did it take?” he said grabbing her arms, and shaking her.

Michael was watching through a crack in the door, he saw the force, that Max was using and was ready to blast him to the ground, but he couldn’t, he wouldn’t interfere unless Max actually caused her physical harm. He needed to give Liz this time with Max. As much as it killed him he would give her this time, he knew she would do the same thing for him. He walked away, and continued to finish up his duties so they could close for the night.

“I never ended up in his bed, and you know that things between us have been fading, since that entire thing with Tess happened, it put kind of a rift between us.” Tears started to form in her eyes, not because she was losing Max but because, she remembered how hurt she was, when she learned that Max was the father of Tess’s baby.

Max let go of Liz, the hurt in his eyes proved to her that he still loved her no matter what had happened between them in the past, “Liz you made me believe that you slept with Kyle, I thought we were done, and Tess was there for me, when no one else was, she trusted me and believed in me.” He said with anger.

“Putting all of that aside, we are growing apart and you know it, I can’t make something happen that isn’t there, my feelings for you aren’t what they used to be, believe me I have tried to see past all of the things that happened. The fact is since Alex’s death, nothing has been the same between us, you ignored the truth of what really happened and I can’t ignore that.” She said wiping tears from her eyes.

“I may have ignored the truth, but I also found out what really happened, Liz these are all excuses, this isn’t like you.” he waited for her to answer.

“You waited until right before you were going to leave with TESS, you had no choice but to believe me. You would have left us here with a killer if I didn’t push you to see this through.” She choked back tears.

“Tess was the killer, we found out thanks to you guys.” He paused, “Are you sure we can’t get through this?” “Because I won’t be waiting for you tomorrow and I won’t be waiting until you realize that Michael is just using you, until he figures out that his true feelings are for Maria, and that he’s using you as a rebound.” He knew that was wrong but he was angry.

“Max I’m sorry, but its over.” the tears burned her eyes, she was angry at him, because he was throwing these lies in her face, he knew as well as she did that Michael and Maria had been over for the last year. Maria was the one who dumped Michael after he stayed on Earth. If anyone should be angry it should be Michael.

Liz tried to walk by Max, but he grabbed her again, “Remember this is all your decision, I won’t be waiting around for you like some puppy dog, I have other things to do with my time.” He said in a hasty tone.

“I never asked you to wait around Max; you need to move on, I’m not yours anymore.” Liz said trying to pull away, but he had a heavy grip on her. “Max please let go of me.” She said with annoyance.

“Fine but stay away from me, and don’t come to me for help because you have Michael for that now.” He violently let go of her, making her lose her balance she fell on her butt, smacking her head violently against the metal dumpster.

Michael was just coming out with the trash when he heard the commotion; Max was walking quickly to the Chevelle that was parked at the end of the alley. He then noticed that Liz was sitting on the ground, she was in tears and she looked like she was just in a fight with the dumpster. Michael dropped the trash and immediately ran to her. He pulled her up off the ground, and he wanted to run after Max, but Liz needed him. She needed him.


“Michael just leave him alone, he’s angry.” She said with her face still buried in his chest, he smelled like old hamburgers and stale fries, the smell was making her sick, but she couldn’t pull away from him.

Michael had her in a tight grip he wasn’t letting go of her, until he noticed the marks on her arms. Max once again left her bruised and battered and Michael wouldn’t let this go, he wouldn’t stand for Max hitting her, or just grabbing her to tightly, when he was alone Michael would make him pay for leaving marks on her.

He pulled away from her and took her arms in his hands, “Look at what he did to you, Liz.” He noticed the tears in her eyes.

“It was an accident.” she said bluntly not making excuses.

“Says the battered wife to the police officer.” Michael said with obvious annoyance.

“Michael, he didn’t mean to do it, its over between Max and I just leave it alone, for me please, I don’t know how much more of this I can stand.” She said burying her face into his chest again, once again smelling the stale odor of food on his apron.

“Fine but if he touches you again, I will make him feel the pain that he inflicted on you over the last few years.” He said rubbing the back of her hair, soothing her trying to stop the pain she obviously felt. He felt her trembling, and it was more then anger at Max. He couldn’t quite tell what it was but something else was bothering her.

“I’m going to shower and change for bed, can you finish closing for the night, please?” When she pulled away from him, her eyes were swollen from crying. She wasn’t in the mood for any of Michael’s protesting about how he did what was on the schedule when in fact he had done almost everything, except turn the lights off in the front.

“As long as I can tuck you in.” he smirked kissing her lightly and watching her vanish into the back door, he followed behind her and watched her walk up the stairs to her parents apartment.

Michael was about to pick up the mess that was left once again by his fearless leader, he tried hard to be angry at his brother, but a part of him knew that Max had every right to be angry at him. Then he remembered the marks that Max left on Liz’s arm. Anger once again filled his mind, he pictured himself beating Max to a bloody pulp for the things he did to Liz, they were harmless bruises but to him it was unacceptable.

Any form of violence to another person was wrong; he lived through it throughout most of his childhood. And he wouldn’t accept this behavior from his own brother. Even though he had to kill Pierce, but there was a huge difference, he was protecting all the people he cared about.

As Michael was getting ready to walk back into the café, he heard a loud blood curdling scream coming from the apartment upstairs. He bolted in through the door, and ran as fast as his legs would let him run, he skipped a few steps and finally made his way to Liz’s bedroom.

He finally got to her bedroom, and she was standing in a towel her hair was drenched, and she had fear in her eyes. Once Michael reached her room, only the worst thoughts popped in his mind; Max, death, or an alien hunter He looked her up and down, and then a million other thoughts ran through his mind, forcefully shaking them from his mind. “Liz what the hell, you nearly gave me a heart attack?” he walked over to the visibly shaken girl.

“There was a man in my room.” she said with exhaustion. She latched on to the tall usually brooding alien. He suddenly hoped that the towel did not slip off.

“Uh Liz the only man in the room is me, are you alright?” he quipped in a relatively concerned manner.

“Do I look alright, I’m not staying here tonight” she looked up at him with her deep brown irises.

“I don’t have a problem with you staying at my place.” He tried to say that without making it sound like some sort of sexual reference.

“I need to finish changing, and then I’ll pack a light overnight bag.” She stood up kissing the tall alien’s forehead. She was thankful that Michael was there. Otherwise who knows where she would be right now.

“O.k. I’ll finish with what’s left downstairs.” He kissed her forehead, and let her change. As he was walking down the stairs he got the weirdest feeling that he wasn’t alone. As he turned the corner, he knew his instincts were right, then a heavy blunt object hit the back of his head and black surrounded his thought process. He was knocked out cold, the last thing he remembered feeling was warm liquid gushing out from the back of his head.
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Chapter Thirteen

After their failed attempt to reach Sheriff Valenti at home or at any other place he would have been at, Mulder and Scully decided to head back towards the café, immediately upon arrival, she noticed that something was out of place. Scully believed that she would have better luck speaking to the girl named Liz, she seemed not to trust the male species and Mulder had already stepped on the wrong toes. So he said he was making one last attempt to catch the Sheriff at his home.

She noticed the front door was unlocked but the sign was turned to closed, and the lights were on inside. She slowly opened the door, and pulled out her weapon from its holster that was tucked neatly and comfortably inside her jacket. As she made her way, towards the back of the café she heard voices, one female and one male. She saw a large puddle of blood on the ground, she was careful to walk around it.

She put her gun back, and relaxed her position, realizing that whatever had happened was over. At least it was for the time being. She made her way over to the blonde who was holding an ice pack to the boys head; he looked as though he had been hit pretty hard.

“Let me call Max he can fix it” Isabel said in a motherly tone.

“NO!” he simply stated, “We have to find Liz, they have her.” Michael said with anger in his tone.

Isabel noticed Scully entering the room, “I’m sorry were closed” Michael said as he winced in pain, the blood was rushing from a wound in the back of his head.

“I’m not here for food, I need to speak with the owners of the diner, are they home?” she asked wondering what had taken place.

She walked over and examined Michael’s head wound, “You should get that looked at, you could have a concussion, or worse a hemorrhage.” She said speaking as a Medical Examiner.

“Yeah why do you care?” Michael jumped down her throat.

“You said they have her, who were you implicating?” Scully said ignoring his blatant rudeness.

Isabel stood there in shock as the FBI woman asked questions. “Was there a robbery a break in, I’ll call the Sheriff and an ambulance for you.”

“NO!” Isabel shrieked “NO hospitals, no ambulance, and Sheriff Valenti, is on vacation he doesn’t need to be contacted.” Isabel hissed, taking the ice pack from Michael’s head, and getting fresh ice from the freezer, and replacing the bloody wash cloth with a clean one. Then she walked over to her brother.

“Here now hold it so the bleeding stops your not holding it hard enough.” She protested. Isabel wished Scully wasn’t around because then she could try and heal Michael, even though her healing skills were seriously lacking.


Liz was scared, she couldn’t see anything because her eyes were covered with a blindfold, and she knew she was in some type of transportation, because she could feel the movement. Her wrists hurt from where the assailant had grabbed her. Everything had happened so fast, that she couldn’t remember facial features all she could smell was the Stetson, the man was wearing; talk about overkill. She couldn’t hold her nose closed because her hands were handcuffed behind her, to a bar that was on the wall.

At least they didn’t cover her mouth; she wasn’t dumb she wasn’t going to scream even though it might draw attention to the vehicle they were in. Although she wasn’t even sure where the vehicle was for all she knew she was on her way to the infamous area 51 and anyone could be shot if they were trespassing. She hoped to god that these weren’t Alien hunters.

Maybe she should ask a question, maybe they would talk to her. She could be brave, what would Michael do? He would use his alien powers hers weren’t in full bloom yet all she had was a few minor electrical outbreaks nothing that was even close to what her three predecessors had. “Hello” she waited patiently for someone to answer her.

She’s speaking A voice echoed in the distance of the van.

“Hello, what do you want from me?” Liz stated again. She had seen movies where the victims, were stupid and she always told herself she wouldn’t ever let anyone kidnap her, of course she was wrong. When the guy has a stun gun and used it on her from behind she didn’t have much of a choice but to obey the man. At least she assumed it was a man, that or it was a very husky female.

We will tell you everything once we arrive. The mans voice echoed again.

“Arrive where, hello?” she must have been, in the very back of the van because the voices were echoing from somewhere it sounded like she was in a cave, but she knew better. Then she heard another voice speak. It was a females.

[/I] Just ignore her; she doesn’t need to know anything. [/I] Her voice was agitated.

Liz decided speaking was getting her nowhere, she might as well save her breath, after all she didn’t know if she was going to need to preserve it. The thought alone scared her, but she was already in a real life nightmare, which was plaguing her; a part of her wanted this to be a nightmare, she would wake up and Michael would be there to get her through it.

She knew that wasn’t the case, she was gone from her home, and all the people that cared about her. She was grateful that she had been dressed, she was going to head downstairs to help Michael with cleaning up, but that is when her nightmare became real.


Michael pushed Isabel’s hand away from his head; she was so annoying when she wanted things her way. He was getting frustrated with the FBI agent in front of him. He wanted to know why, she was even there in the first place, he had to find Liz and all this stalling wasn’t helping the situation.

“I can help you find your friend” Scully said in calm voice.

“The FBI doesn’t help, they make things worse.” Isabel spoke for her brother.

Scully couldn’t argue with the blonde, she did have a point. “Look my partner and I aren’t here to hurt anyone, we want to get to the bottom of this, and will you please tell me what happened.”

Michael looked up at the woman, then to his sister who was eyeing him and the ice pack that was now sitting on the sofa next to them. “Fine but once I tell you I’m going out to look for her.” Michael snapped at the two women.

“You should really get the wound looked at it, its pretty nasty” she said in caring tone.

“How would you know” Michael snapped again.

“I’m actually a Medical Examiner, I have a medical degree.” Scully said setting the boy straight.

Michael was piercing his lips together, partly because of the pain, and partly because he was annoyed at the woman in front of him. “Isabel stop messing with the ice pack.” he snapped, “I’ll tell you what I know” Michael paused trying to figure out where to begin.

“Liz and I were getting ready to close for the night, when her ex-boyfriend Max came by to talk to her. They argued and he roughed her up, but it was nothing he left. Liz said she was tired and was going to go upstairs to take a shower, I was going to clean up the mess by the dumpster, but then I heard Liz scream. So I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, she was shaken up she said that somebody was in her room. I made sure she was o.k., before I left the room, then I went downstairs to finish cleaning up so we could close, when I came downstairs, I had the feeling someone else was in the room with me, before I could do anything I felt somebody knock me out. Then when I came to Isabel was standing over me helping me stand up.” Michael took a breath.

“So you didn’t get a look at the intruder?” Scully knew the question was ridiculous but she had to ask, she was taking notes as Michael was talking. She then turned her attention to Isabel.

“That would be a NO” he said rubbing his head.

“When you came in you didn’t see anyone leaving did you?” Scully repeated the question this time asking Isabel.

“I saw someone but I didn’t get a good look, I almost ran him over with my car” She looked at Michael, “I noticed something was off, so I came inside right away. Then I saw my brother lying on the ground, my only thought was helping him there was so much blood.” She said getting choked up, “I thought he was dead.” She put her arm on Michael’s back.

“I need to call my partner; I’m going to look around out back to make sure they are gone.” Scully said as she pulled out her gun again, she was about to make the call but to her surprise Michael interrupted.

“You might want to check out the upstairs apartment first, that’s where” Michael paused. “Liz was” he looked at Isabel, he wanted to break inside but he knew he had to be strong.

“Sure I’ll start upstairs” Scully changed direction after noticing the look of horror on the boys face, he was good at covering. She had her gun in one hand and her cell phone to her other ear. She waited a minute before taking a step.

Chapter Fourteen

Mulder was restlessly watching Sheriff Valenti’s home; the only unusual thing that he saw that day was some kid who kept walking out to the back yard, he would be gone for about an hour then come back to the front of the house and repeat the same thing for another couple of hours. What in the hell is he doing? Just as Mulder was going to contemplate the kids’ actions, his cell phone went off startling him.

“Yeah.” he said with a hint of annoyance. He spilled coffee on his suit and was angrily wiping it off.

“Its Scully.” she said in a whisper.

“I should have figured it was you, only you could make me spill coffee.” He paused waiting for her to finish.

“Sorry,” she hid a smile, “Look I’m at the café, there is a problem and I need you to come here.”

“Not a problem, anything to get out of sitting in front of the house of boredom.” He waited patiently for her explanation.

“There’s been a kidnapping, the girl we were trying to talk to Liz or something like that.” She was now at the top of the stairs.

“Liz Parker the suspected victim of a shooting that never happened.” Mulder taunted her, to get her back.

“Yeah, well her boyfriend, or whoever the kid is who worked behind the grill was hit in the head pretty hard his sister is the one who found him and they both freaked when I mentioned the word hospital, for some reason they are refusing the hospital or an ambulance.” She stood in the hallway that lead to the apartment.

“I’m on my way say no more.” He flipped his phone shut and started the engine; he couldn’t wait to get away from that house.


Liz felt the van come to a stop they must be at the location. She didn’t know what to expect, so she just braced herself for the worst possible outcome. She heard coyotes howling in the background, they sounded closer then she wanted them to be. She smelled the honey dew they must be in the forest; she then heard the rustling of trees. Frasier Woods she could be wrong though.

She heard the creaking sound of the metal open, and then felt the van sag, when the man and woman hopped in back, she felt someone forcefully remove the handcuffs from the bar, she was relieved to have movement in them again.

”Stand up, and keep your mouth shut.” the woman said in a hateful tone.

Liz didn’t recognize the voice. She tried her hardest but, she was unlucky in her endeavor. Instead she used what senses she had, she listened to the sounds around her, she knew they were surrounded by woods, she could smell the odor of the trees, she heard the coyotes already. She heard a door open it sounded as if it could be a heavy type of metal.

She heard the sounds of her captor’s shoes hitting the ground, it was cement of some type that much she knew, and she heard beeping of security system.

”Security clearance, plus two.” The woman held up her badge, she was checking Liz’s blindfold to make sure it was secure and that she couldn’t see anything. The gate opened and they entered.

Liz felt herself being led down a long corridor of some type. The woman’s pace picked up and she was, being mean as she could be. She wondered who this woman was.

“This will be your home for awhile, if you have to go to the bathroom you do it blindfolded, got it.”

“Open the cell and watch her carefully.” A man’s voice came over one of the walkie-talkies.

“Yes sir.” the woman saluted the man. At least that’s what it sounded like.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” Liz said with anger.

“If you want to stay alive you will keep your mouth shut, and listen to what I say.” the woman tightened the cuffs on Liz. “Just for that were putting you in a cell all by yourself, don’t worry someone will be joining you shortly.” She said once again with a hateful tone.

The woman pushed Liz violently into the cell, it was more like a cubical with bullet proof glass, and the woman untied her blindfold and then removed her cuffs. Liz was happy to be able to see, but the woman was gone by the time she could get a look at her. Liz rubbed her wrists, and then her eyes. Where was she?

It wasn’t like anything Liz had ever seen before, and for sanity’s sake she hoped she never had to see it except this one time, she knew that once she fell asleep Michael would feel her energy.


Scully was investigating the girls room, she liked science one thing they had in common, she was trying to keep things the they way they were, until CSI arrived. She would call Skinner and let him know that something came up in Roswell, and that they were needed here. If the call came from her she knew Skinner would be more accepting to the new occurrence.

Mulder should be arriving soon; she wondered what was taking so long. Then she heard some commotion downstairs she better go check it out, she knew that he had stepped on Michael’s toes earlier, and Michael wasn’t the kind to take any crap from anyone, at least that what her earlier observation had told her.

When she reached the break room, sure enough Mulder had entered and was talking with Michael. She should have waited to investigate the girl’s room until Mulder arrived.

“Mulder I need to talk to you, can’t you see he’s been through enough.” She yanked on his arm. Michael flashed her a quick smile.

“Fine.” he pouted, and noticed the evil glare that both Isabel and Michael were giving him.

“There was evidence of a struggle, in the girls room, I’ve contacted CSI and told them a kidnapping has taken place, I’m also contacting Skinner to tell him we are needed here.” She said in one breath.

“I need you to look out back to make sure there isn’t any evidence I over looked.” She liked taking control of the situation.

“Will do.” he said ignoring her tone. “Watch out for the kid he’s got a an attitude problem.” He gave her a smile and walked out the back door.

Scully walked over to Michael and Isabel. “I’m sorry about that my partner can be a little over zealous when it comes to cases like this, I’ve contacted my superior and told him what has happened, and he gave us the o.k. to keep investigating.”

“We need to call Sheriff Valenti,” She added “He needs to be informed of what has happened to Ms. Parker.”

“I’ll do it!” Isabel spouted in anger, not liking any of this.

“Thank you.” she pause then whispered “I think.”

“You’ll have to excuse her she’s cautious with everybody, she’s been that way most of her life.” Michael intervened, wincing in pain. “If you’ll excuse me I need to make a phone call.” he was going to call Max.

“Sure.” Scully said she went out back to join Mulder in his investigation.

Michael pulled out his cell phone; he hesitated before dialing the number. He had to do it; he didn’t have time to feel anything right now he could do that later. The phone rang, then he heard a voice “hello.” it sounded angry.

“Maxwell,” Michael paused, “We need to talk.”


Scully went out back to meet Mulder, He was holding up his little black flashlight, and surfing through the garbage, she let out a small laugh. “Should I call the city and tell them to expect you for an interview; they are always in need of some good garbage men.” He shot her a look.

“Well I would be doing something more interesting like getting information from that kid until you violently pulled me away from him.” He sneered.

“Look I couldn’t afford to have you push him over the edge, and then we would get no where with them.” She paused, “Those two are definitely hiding something from us and it has nothing to do with what it is presently going on.” She said in a serious tone.

“Well you already know how I feel about the issue, you just don’t want to hear it from me, so I’ll let you come to that conclusion on your own.” He spotted something that didn’t look right laying under a piece of cardboard. He picked it up with a rubber glove he had in his pocket.

“What is it?” she looked at him not thrilled

“It could be evidence; our not so smart kidnappers left behind.” He pulled out a plastic bag he had in his other pocket Mulder was always prepared. He put the glove in the bag and zipped it shut.

“Well if you behave I’ll let you talk to Michael just don’t bring up this alien nonsense otherwise, you’ll push them over the edge.” She said in a Motherly like tone.

“I think I can handle it Mother hen.” He smirked and walked in the door.

Scully followed behind him, and would talk to Isabel. They needed to get as much information as possible. When it was still fresh in their minds, she may not have remembered seeing a face at the time he ran by but sometimes when you’re spooked by something it pushes the memory back in your mind and make yourself forget.


“Michael I don’t have time to argue with you?” Max said bluntly into the phone.

“Look I didn’t call to argue, something’s happened.” He said wincing in pain.

“I already know about you and Liz.” He said with anger.

“That’s not what I’m calling about, look something happened tonight. Liz is gone.” Michael froze at the words. He saw Agent Mulder walk into the room, “Just come to the Crashdown, and pick Maria up on your way she should be here when we tell you the news.” He said in a rushed tone.

“You can’t tell me what this is over the phone?” Max said with annoyance.

“No I can’t.” Michael said not in the mood to argue, “Look I wouldn’t have called unless it was a matter of life and death, and you know how I am.” He hung the phone not giving him a chance to argue.

“Everything o.k.?” Mulder asked with sympathy.

“NO it isn’t since we are being honest, what exactly brought you here in the first place.” Michael spouted.

“Touchy touchy.” Mulder said then he remembered Scully’s request. “Look we were on our way to Los Angeles, and we just stopped here for the night, then we decided that some of the evidence didn’t fit in the shooting a couple years ago, we aren’t the bad guys contrary to popular belief.” He said in surrender.

“If you say so, but in my experience, with feds they aren’t the most trusting people.” Michael said somewhat letting his guard down.

“Can I ask you a couple of questions before we get to your girlfriends kidnapping, which of course is the most important thing right now, I just need to know a few things then I will not ask again.” He said in a promising tone, of course he didn’t mean it.

“Ask away but you’ll hear the same thing that was in that report.” Michael snapped rubbing the back of his head. When he moved his hand there was blood on it.

“Fair enough.” Mulder wasn’t done by a long shot but now wasn’t the time. “You really should let my partner take a look at that, she’s pretty good at stitching people up.” He said with a smirk.

“Fine if it will shut you people up.” Michael said giving up the fight.

Scully and Isabel walked through the swinging blue doors, “Sheriff Valenti is on his way.” Isabel said a little guarded.

“Michael has agreed to let you stitch him up; I’ll get your doctor bag it’s in the trunk.”
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Chapter Fifteen

Liz sat in her cell she was scared and hungry, the thing she wanted most was to see her family again and that included Michael. She missed him; she wanted to say all the things she never said before now. She wanted to take back every doubt she had in her mind but she couldn’t. She was being held in a cage like a lab rat, all those experiments she did in chemistry, and maybe this was payback. She started to wonder what happened to all those rats she injected with communicable diseases.

There was no way of escape, she was stranded she was stuck. She wanted to know what this was about and who had her. None of this made sense and it didn’t have a logical solution. Of course that was her life now, it made no sense anymore.

She was sitting on a cold hard floor with her head leaning up against the cement brick. It looked old the paint was chipping off of it, who painted brick cement anyway. She sighed, waiting hopelessly for someone to come and explain all of this to her. But it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Then she thought of Isabel. Isabel can dream walk, yet another scientific anomaly to be explained, humans didn’t have the power to do it, they would probably spontaneously combust from all of that knowledge.

The sound of metal gates opening in the distance snapped her out of her thoughts, the buzzers hurled through her ears, she was in prison. She was in a make shift prison. Roswell didn’t have any make shift prisons. The sound of clunky heels hit the grey cement floors, as they approached. The gates in the distance shut violently together, and the sound of the buzzer hurled yet again through her ear drums.

This time a key was placed in her cell’s door, it slid open and she saw her captor, well at least part of her captor he wore a ski mask. Maybe Liz would be spared the blindfold routine, so she could focus her eyes. Unless that meant that she wouldn’t be leaving this place alive.

“You’re coming with me.” the male voice rang through her sore ears.

“Excuse me but who are you? And why am I here?” o.k. it was a dumb question, it actually defied the word dumb, if there was a smarter word for dumb she would be it.

“All your questions will be answered in a timely and relevant manner.”

“My parents will worry, and you know I have a close relationship with Sheriff Valenti, if he finds out I’m missing…” she was abruptly cut off.

“Your trying my patience, I said your questions will all be answered.” the gates opened and the buzzer rang through the empty hallways.

Liz had her chance to see where she was, they made sure that all the signs were hidden or torn down. She looked up and there were cameras in every corner of the make shift prison. This place wasn’t built over night they obviously had this planned.


Michael was grateful that Agent Scully had finished stitching him up he felt better already; she had to give him a shot of penicillin to make sure infection didn’t happen. He couldn’t exactly tell her no, and the reason why he didn’t get sick.

“Do you want anything for the pain?” She held up another vial it was Demerol.

“Just enough to take the edge off, I don’t want to sleep I need to help find out where Liz is.” he said like he was giving an order.

“What is with you men?” she rolled her eyes, she rubbed his arm with alcohol and then injected the needle.

“What do you mean?” he acted stupid for her benefit.

“You all act like pain medicine is for wimps, and just so you know that bump on your head would have killed you if your sister hadn’t shown up to wake you up, you would have bled out. Now stop fidgeting and hold still.” She pushed the syringe so the medicine was no more.

She watched his reaction, and it was typical his eyes fluttered a little. “Wow this stuff is pretty cool.” he smiled.

Isabel walked over to the table, “Is he going to be alright?” she said with a worried tone, she couldn’t help but smirk at his reaction to the pain medication.

“He might have a headache in the morning.” she looked at Isabel.

Sheriff Valenti had finally arrived; Mulder sat in the booth across from Scully and Michael. Isabel stood off to the side; Mulder couldn’t help but notice how pretty Isabel was, she looked good in black leather, and that pink matched perfectly to her skin tone, her long blond hair set the tone to her eyes. The Sheriff snapped him out of his playboy enhanced stupor.

“Can I ask what happened here?” he said with an irritated tone.

“Sheriff Valenti I presume?” Mulder said with a bit of cockiness.

“That would be I.” he said with no room for sarcasm.


Max and Maria showed up minutes after Sheriff Valenti. Here they all were minus one important person to the group. Maria showed concern for Michael, he didn’t look like himself. She immediately ran to his side forgetting that he was now dating her ex best friend.

“Oh my God Michael what happened.” She walked up to the booth.

He smiled widely “Your hair is so curly” he smiled again.

“What’s wrong with him?” she said quizzically.

“I gave him some Demerol for the pain someone hit him pretty hard with a blunt object he would have died if Ms. Evans didn’t get here when she did.” Scully smiled at her.

“Wow look at the pretty gold.” Michael was observing the Sheriff’s badge.

They all tried to hold in a smile, this was definitely not typical Michael behavior. Though Max was worried because alcohol had its effect on them differently. He wondered what power a strong prescription pain killer had on them, maybe they would be lucky and this would be the worst of it.

“When I talked to Michael he said Liz was gone.” Max said with a serious tone.

“It appears that Ms. Parker was kidnapped, earlier this evening.” Scully said while standing up. “Crime Scene Investigation has come and gone, the only evidence found was a minor struggle in her bedroom, and this was found, my partner found it out in the garbage.” She handed the evidence bag to Sheriff Valenti.

“The garbage why would it be out in the garbage?” Jim said with annoyance. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Michael he was acting so strangely. Jim eyed Max, then Isabel. As if to say to get him out of there.

“Well the kidnappers either dropped it while they were running out or it belonged to the person who hit Michael over the head. The object was nowhere to be found.” Mulder looked at Michael who was now playing with Maria’s hair.

“Curls,” he smiled, “Pretty pretty curls.” he was smiling so wide no one had ever seen him smile like that.

“Someone get him to a bed.” Jim said with annoyance.

“He needs to be observed for 24 hrs.” Scully warned them. “The drug should wear off in a couple of hours, and then he will be back to normal.”

“Normal isn’t a word I would use for him.” Maria rambled off incoherently.

Max eyed her “Who would kidnap Liz and for what reasons?” Max said in a demanding tone.

“Well,” Scully paused “That’s a good question why don’t you tell us.” she said accusing him, trying to rattle him. Michael had told her about the argument outside in the alley of the café.

“What is that supposed to mean?” he snapped at her to defend himself.

“Well you and Ms. Parker argued just a couple of hours before her disappearance, Mr. Guerin said you roughed her up, left her bruised. She was visibly shaken after the meeting with you.” Mulder intervened.

“Shaken not stirred,” Michael purred petting Maria’s head. “Pretty curls.”

“Can I speak to you agents in the back room please?” Jim said annoyed at Michael’s interruptions.


Liz sat in a room with a two way mirror, her hands were free but the place was heavily guarded with military. Why didn’t that surprise her, this had to be area 51 or some other facility like it, she was never going to get out of here alive, especially if she witnessed something they didn’t want her to see.

Maybe she would try and to get in touch with Isabel tonight, when she slept if she could sleep. The door to the room entered and a man she didn’t recognize entered, he had a tray with food on it, and a file folder under his other arm. This proved to be a sleepless night; it had to be near midnight she could be off though.

The man set the tray down in front of her; they were smart they gave her plastic silverware. Little did they know she had alien powers, if she got to out of control they would spark? She had to remain calm for that purpose. The man reminded her of and older version of the guy who played James Bond, in the newer versions of the movie, he was hard to get angry at she was swayed by his good looks.

“You can eat we didn’t drug the food.” He smiled. There was a mug of something already in front of him he took a sip of it and set it back down.

“I don’t like to be rude,” She handed him half of her sandwich.

“Thanks but I’m not hungry.” He smiled.

“Who are you?” Liz said starting to get ticked off with this game.

“My name is David.” he simply stated, he wouldn’t give her anymore information then that.

“You might want to eat that your next meal won’t be for awhile.” He said in a smug tone.

Liz studied the man while he flipped through the brown folder, it was pretty thick. This was definitely government related, who else would have a file that large on her. Not even her school file was that large, except for all the recommendations she was getting for College and her dream probably wouldn’t ever come true. Especially now, she needed Michael.

She took a bite of her sandwich Turkey on Wheat with American cheese and mustard. It was one of her favorites, this was too weird for her but she ate. The man found what he was looking for and put the paper on top of the pile. He looked at her. She took a sip of the soda that was on the tray.

“You seem to be very good in Science and Chemistry.” he said impressed.

“Yes but somehow I doubt you kidnapped me for my ability to solve complex equations.” She smirked.

“I’m not the one who kidnapped you, I hired someone.” he snapped back, “This can go smoothly or we can play hardball I have all the time in the world and all the money I have ties to all the government agencies in the world, and well let’s just say you could be held here until you are old and grey.” he snapped back.

“That makes you an accomplice.” she reiterated, “Maybe I’m not asking the right questions, or maybe you’re not the smartest man, money doesn’t help you grow a brain it just gives you opportunities that other people don’t have.” Liz spat back with an equally snappy tone.

“Well then hardball it is.” He pulled a picture of Alex’s wrecked car; the blood was visible on the seat through all the crushed metal. He noticed her facial expressions change instantly.

Chapter Sixteen

“I spoke to your superior,” Jim said “and you’re lucky you have jurisdiction to be here otherwise you would be packing your bags and on your way to Los Angeles, Agent Skinner said that I could call him if I got any trouble from the two of you.” He tilted his hat.

“What are you hiding from us Sheriff?” Mulder asked in his most intimidating voice. “If you talked to Skinner then you know we work for the Xfiles, it’s a department that works with the paranormal, and we are well aware that unworldly things exist whether they be on record or not, but you living in Roswell, New Mexico should be one of those people with an open mind.” He was trying to get answers he hoped it worked.

“Agent Mulder is it?” Jim said in a calm voice, “I’m well aware of what department you work in, this is all irrelevant to the current situation its up to those kids to tell you what you want to know, I’m not obliged to tell you anything especially if it might bring them harm.” He eyed Mulder.

“Sheriff, I’m sorry we are willing to help locate the missing girl, all my partner is suggesting,” she was cut off.

“I know what he was suggesting Agent Scully.” He turned to leave the room. The two agents followed behind him, they just shrugged and looked at each other.

“Sheriff?” Isabel said with question in her voice.

“We’ve decided to discuss this as a group Agent Scully and Agent Mulder will continue with their investigation; we will all help look for things that might point us in the direction of where Ms. Parker might be.” Jim said with no hesitation, “And for everybody’s sake can we take Michael back to his apartment, and keep an eye on him there, where he can sleep off this drug.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me” Maria said as she batted Michael’s hand away from her hair.

“I’m not sleepy I want to play,” Michael giggled he tried to reach for her hair, but she pushed his hand away, “Why are you always so not fair” he smiled.

“O.k. Michael, were taking you home.” Isabel said in a motherly tone, she went to the booth to help him stand up.”

“O.k.” He put his head on Isabel’s shoulder as they walked out towards her car. Isabel smiled to herself it took all she had to keep herself from laughing but all she had to do was remember what happened previously to him being so giggly, and she stopped.

“Mulder I need to run back to the motel room to get my laptop, you can go with the rest of them to keep an eye on things, I’ll be a few minutes call me with the directions.” he had a weird look on his face.

“I can go for you?” he said with worry in his voice.

“Mulder I’m a big girl, I can handle it just call me with the directions.” she grabbed the keys from him.

“Any sign of trouble you better call this phone.” He held up his cell.

“I promise.” she said taking her chance to flee.

“Agent Mulder you can ride with Max and I.” Maria smiled.

“Thanks but I’ll hitch a ride with Sheriff, thanks for the offer.” He smiled back then winked and caught up to the Sheriff.


“Ms. Parker, I know you want to get back to your friends and family, that won’t happen unless you give me want I want. I want your cooperation.” He said in a firm tone.

“Well it would help if you would tell me what that is.” She said hastily, not taking any crap from him.

“Fine, you know Mr. Evans yes?” he questioned her like she had done something wrong.

“I do, but why is that important?” she said with curiosity.

“Because that information could help save your life” he glared at her with an evil eye.

“I thought you said I was going to get to go home.” She said carefully.

“I never said how.” he said flatly.

“So are you some kind of mobster?” the tone in voice went from rude to somewhat scared, she had feared for her life once before but this was something different and non alien related it was that evident.

“You could say that, I thought I was the one asking the questions.” He glared at her.

“Sorry go right ahead, but I can’t say how I’ll answer them” she smirked.

David stood up he reached behind his back and grabbed a weapon that she obviously couldn’t see, he stood up and walked around so he was behind her chair, he cocked the gun. He saw her flinch; he stuck it in the middle of her back. She was relaxed, but somewhat tense but not as spooked as he thought she would be, so guns didn’t scare her what would?

When she saw him stand up she knew he was up to something her heart fluttered a bit, she thought maybe it was some sort of tactic to get her to talk about something, then he stood behind her chair, she felt the barrel of a gun lodged into her spine, her black t-shirt was thin, if he pushed any harder then she would be in some serious pain.

He cocked the gun back again, this time he yanked on her long brown hair; she was facing him now only he was literally looking down on her. She wanted to use her alien powers but she couldn’t risk exposing Michael or any of the others, and as much as she hated Max she wouldn’t stoop to that level. So what was she supposed to do, she could talk to this jack ass, or rot in this prison for the rest of her life. She didn’t understand what was going on or why.

So she simply smiled at him and this pissed him off even more so then before. “So what are you afraid of Ms. Parker.?” The man said with content, he was obviously impressed by her sense of being able to react in a stressful situation.

He released the tight grip on her hair and she sat up without rubbing her neck, holding whatever attitude she could keep. “You want to know about Mr. Evans, he’s a family man, he has a lovely wife, Diane and his two kids Max and Isabel, who were adopted at the age of six.” She rambled before he could get a word in edgewise.

“They are lawyers.” David said sitting back down in his chair.

“Yes corporate lawyers, the best in Roswell.” Liz smirked she sipped her soda.

“Maybe to some people they are considered the best” Damn he was getting careless. “That will be all for now, you’re going back to your cell.

“Before I do go back to my cell, the next time you throw Alex in my face you won’t live to find out what scares me.” She stood up. The woman came in dressed in Military clothes; this wasn’t the same woman who was the kidnapper, if it were Liz wouldn’t be seeing her face.

“Sgt. Marshall, if she acts up, you have my permission to use full force on the girl.” David smiled back.

“Sir Yes sir.” The woman saluted and Liz was hauled off to her cell, there were no other cells around and she couldn’t hear anyone else. She was alone.

Before the woman left, she stopped and looked at Liz who was picking herself up off the ground, pretty soon Liz wasn’t going to be able to control what emotion she had left and who knows what would happen when her powers sparked to life. The woman spoke “If you’re smart you’ll listen to me because I’m only going to say this once, this man is a killer when he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws it away like it never existed, and he has the power and the money so I would watch out for him.” She turned and left before Liz could ask her any questions.

Liz sat on the cot, clean sheets were sitting on the end of the bed, and she looked to her left and noticed another cot had been placed in the tiny cell. She sat down on the rugged cot, and put her face in her hands “Michael you have to hear me tonight, I might not make it out of this alive.” She said quietly to herself.


They had been at Michael’s apartment for a couple of hours and nothing had been discussed Maria and Isabel were playing Michael’s radio, to enhance the mood of the room it was way to tense in that apartment, Michael wasn’t allowed to sleep because he had a concussion. The drugs were still heavily in his system but at least Max could keep him contained in the bedroom.

Sheriff Valenti and Agent Mulder were engaged in conversation, they were in the kitchen seated far away from anyone else and the music was loud enough so they couldn’t be heard. “Sheriff, I know about your father and what hell he was put through, I know they claimed he was crazy because of all the alien chaos he chased after.” Mulder watched his reaction.

He continued, “In my lifetime I can tell you that I know the government is hiding something huge, its related to other planets, I’ve encountered other species that had no place on this earth. I witnessed my partner being abducted by a UFO bigger then the size of Texas and California combined.” Still he got no reaction from the Sheriff.

“I was buried alive and survived death; I would call it surviving a near death experience but its much more then that. I’m hear to tell you about it, I’ll share my experience for an exchange of information.” He glanced down at his watch it was close to midnight. Jim finally decided to speak; he realized this Agent was one screw short of nut. So he would humor him.

“I can tell you what I know, but I’m not sure that isn’t going to help you get the information you’re looking for.” He glanced at Isabel and Maria. “These kids have been through a lot, my son almost died because of the information that is locked away in my sub conscious mind. You have to know that if this information gets in the wrong hands, these kids would pay the price dearly and I can’t let that happen.” Jim let his guard down.

Mulder looked at Isabel, “She’s hiding something, Isabel is, I can tell by her mannerisms it’s like she is guarding something she’s to young to have to live a life full of lies.”

“I’m glad you understand what I’m saying but lying is a part of her life and the rest of theirs. They lost one friend already and this kidnapping isn’t going to help them trust anybody, not even the FBI. I’m surprised Agent Mulder, that they let you get this close.” Jim said sheepishly.

“Well if it helps you to understand where I’m coming from, I know that alien-hybrids exist in fact there is an entire colonization of them on this planet, there is a special section of the government, that not even the CIA can track, how I stumbled upon it was how I met death literally.” He tried to make sense. “I was killed because I stumbled upon something very dangerous information, if I ever try to go after it again they threatened Dana’s life, and believe me when I say they aren’t empty threats.” Mulder grimaced.

“Speaking of Dana she should have called by now, I don’t like this.” Mulder pulled out his cell phone, and called the number, all he got was her voice mail. “She always answers unless she’s on vacation.”

“I’ll call my deputy and have him put out her description on all of the radios; she might have tried to find the place herself, and gotten lost.” Jim was interrupted.

“Thanks” Mulder said a bit concerned.
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Chapter Seventeen

Mulder was getting worried with every passing minute; he knew that Dana would call him under any circumstances. His forehead was starting to sweat, he should be used to this after all they had been through worse things then this. For all he knew she could have stopped at the store for Tylenol, stress always gave her headaches.

Jim had been on Michael’s phone for the last fifteen minutes with Deputy Hanson, giving out Agent Scully’s description. He knew that the longer she was silent, the worse the scenario would be. He glanced over at Mulder; he saw the worry in this man’s eyes. He knew that look and he wished that he didn’t have to see it, especially now. They had all been through so much.

Isabel noticed the worry in Mulder’s face as well, she wasn’t good in overly stressful situations; although she should be used to it by now. Before she could stop herself she was walking towards Mulder, she had this weird attraction for older men. Now wasn’t the time.

“Can I get you another cup of coffee?” she mentally rolled her eyes at her lame attempts to lend a helping hand.

“Thanks, but if I have one more cup my head might spin around like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist movie.” He tried to sound like he wasn’t worried.

“Just as long as you don’t vomit pea soup, a little head spinning wouldn’t bother me.” She noticed him holding a smirk back.

“Why don’t you try calling her cell, maybe she just got side tracked with something else.” Real smooth Isabel.

“That’s probably a good idea, she might answer this time.” He said in a hopeful tone, but he knew full well she wouldn’t answer. He thought it was nice of her to help ease his emotional pain, when one of her own friends was missing.

“I’ll just be talking to my brother, in Michael’s room if you need anything.” She touched his shoulder and walked away.


Isabel opened the door slowly for all she knew fire balls were exploding everywhere, something was clearly not right; Michael was lying to still to be awake like he should be, and Max was no where to be seen. She walked over to the bathroom the door was cracked open, the light was on. She walked towards the door, and opened it expecting Max to be mulling over Liz in the bathroom but he was gone.

She walked back out to the bedroom to wake Michael, just to see that he was alright. He grunted something and she knew he was fine. She felt a breeze and noticed the drapes flying in the wind. “Damn him” she hissed to herself.

Isabel stormed out of the bedroom, and straight over to Maria who was strangely; calm under the circumstances it wasn’t like Maria to be calm in this kind of situation. She pulled Maria towards the bedroom, “What is wrong with this situation?” she pointed to the room.

Maria was dumbfounded, “Michael’s sleeping through a crisis what else is new?”

“Maria where is my brother?” she paused “I know you two have been spending time together the last few days, and I know for a fact that my brother snuck out the window, you are to calm so cut the crap and tell me what the hell is going on?” She was shouting so loud she didn’t notice that Mulder and Sheriff Valenti had come into the bedroom.

“Isabel” Mulder said calmly, “I know your upset about everything, but now is not the time to point fingers at your friends.” He noticed the look she was giving him.

“But she knows something, and so does my brother why else would he sneak out the window?” She said with anger.

Maria intervened, “Maybe because he didn’t feel like babysitting a back stabber, and frankly I don’t know why I’m here either, you’re so quick to judge us, did you ever stop to think about our feelings, of course you didn’t because you only think about yourself.”

“Girls this isn’t the time or place for this argument we have two possibly three missing people to look for now and the longer we sit here and yell the more we put their lives in danger.” Jim said in a stern voice.

“Your both right, I think the best thing we can do is go out and look for them.” Isabel said in an almost panicky voice. Tears of anger started to stream down her cheeks, she was ready to explode.

“The best thing for us to do is think; two of us need to stay here and wait for a phone call from my partner, the other two need to go out and look for my partner, we should just wait for Max, he probably just went to clear his mind.” Mulder said calmly, he needed to be professional.


“Well I will go looking with Sheriff Valenti the two of you can stay here with Michael.” Maria said with anger. “I really don’t know why I bother anymore” she grabbed her purse, and headed for the front door. Jim just shook his head and followed behind her.

Maria stood patiently by the Sheriff’s black Jeep, the logo’s were starting to peel off and it could use a good washing, you could barely see the headlights; it looked as though he had been out driving in the desert for days. She heard the beeping of the remote that unlocked the doors. She shook her head and looked at him, “Do you believe her, I swear whenever there is some alien crisis the humans always get screwed.”

“If you want my opinion Max isn’t exactly looking innocent right now.” Jim said a bit defensive.

“Great why should I have expected you to take our side, you are a human” she paused “Oh wait that’s right you’ve been healed by one of them, so now you automatically side with them.” She wiped tears that were streaming from her eyes. Jim handed her a handkerchief.

“Look, we are just trying to establish a pattern of events, like who and or what reason would someone want to take Liz, and an FBI agent.” He snapped as he adjusted his mirrors. Then looked in her direction.

“Max was with us when Agent Scully disappeared, there was no possible way he could have had anything to do with it.” She flinched during her speech.

“We don’t know how long he was missing from Michael’s room, he could have left as soon as we arrived. He has motive, he wants to know where Liz is and we all know how irrational Max can get under extreme circumstances, Agent Scully said that Liz was bruised from an argument she had previously with Max, for all we know he has both of them.” He started the engine.

“With all due respect that scenario is all good and fine, but just a little obvious don’t you think?”

“It sounds to me like you are protecting him from something, don’t give me a reason to suspect you as well.” He put the car in drive he tried to watch her facial expressions. He was looking for anything, a clue something that would give them a lead to Liz’s disappearance.

“If I was protecting him from something, I would have stayed back in the apartment, and not put myself in the middle of all this ridiculous questioning.” She paused, “Look Michael and I just broke up, I just found out that he and my ex best friend are having some weird distorted affair. How am I supposed to feel?”

That just gave him even more motive to suspect Max and Maria’s involvement, but she was right it was a bit obvious and a little extreme for Maria. He kept quite but he wouldn’t drop the information she just dropped in his lap, they could have had help.

But who? He started to drive towards the Sheriff’s station.


Liz had just finished putting the sheets on her new bed, she wasn’t planning on getting to comfortable, because she knew that her friends were out looking for her. At least she hoped they were out looking for her. The lights everywhere in her general area went out; then she heard those annoying buzzers and the clanking of the gates opening and closing ‘great what did they want now, were they going to drug her?’ she wouldn’t let that happen.

She could hear more then one set of footsteps walking through the corridors at a rapid pace, she hoped it wasn’t her new roommate; then again having someone else in the cell might help her through this ordeal. She wouldn’t wish this on her worst enemy; but it was still a comfort to have someone else around.

The lights flickered on and off like strobe lights in a dance club it was making it hard for Liz to focus her eyes. The guard yelled at her to turn around and face the wall so she couldn’t see; the lights were making her dizzy. The cell door opened, she could hear someone being thrown in; and it was with great force.

The footsteps left and the buzzers went off the lights finally turned back to normal, and to Liz’s amazement she was right, she had a new room mate, the person looked to be female she had a mask covering her face just like Liz did, and her hands had been duck taped together. The woman was shaking, who wouldn’t shake this was a scary situation, what did these people want.

Liz decided to help the other victim; she cautiously walked over to the woman, her clothes looked familiar. “My name is Liz” she said cautiously “I won’t hurt you I’m just going to take the mask off so you can see.” The woman stopped and let Liz help her.

Liz looked for something to rip the duck tape apart, there was a coil from the mattress sticking out she managed to use her powers to tear it loose, she cut the duck tape, and her hands were free. The woman turned around, Liz couldn’t believe her eyes. Someone had kidnapped an FBI agent.

“Your fine, I won’t let anything happen to you” Liz said unsure of that sentiment.

“Do you know what they want from us?” Dana questioned, still shaken up.

“NO all I know is that this guy is some kind of Mobster and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.” Liz said helping Dana stand up, there was a mirror and something that resembled a sink inside the cell.

“I remember you from the diner” Dana said trying to regain her composure.

“I remember you too”, Liz said with a little relief.

“We have to get out of here, your friend Michael and the rest of them are all worried sick about you, we tried to contact your parents but they were unreachable.” Dana said finally getting air to her lungs. “I don’t want you to worry but Michael was hit over the head, it would have been serious but his sister found him otherwise he would have had more then a concussion, we were all going back to his apartment, to figure things out, everything just happened so fast.” Dana sat down on the other cot.

Liz was trying to process everything but Dana’s words were coming out all jumbled.


Michael was lying in his bed his stomach was burning like molted lava. He was too dizzy to stand up so instead of fighting it, he called out. He was hoping it would be Isabel. “Isabel” it sounded muffled so he tried again, “ISABEL” this time his voice sounded normal.

Isabel and Mulder were sitting on the couch,both in emotional shock., Isabel looked at Mulder and knew she shouldn’t leave him alone, but she couldn’t ignore Michael either. Before she could say anything, he just nodded, as if to say he would stay put, he didn’t have a car besides he wouldn’t leave them alone it was too dangerous.

Isabel once again put her hand on Mulder’s shoulder, she walked towards Michael’s room she left the door open, so she could hear what was going on in both rooms, Michael’s apartment wasn’t exactly a palace but if something happened she needed to protect herself.

“I’m here.” she said without energy in her voice.

“What happened to me?” he looked at her confused, his hair was standing up, he was a mess the bandage on his head needed to be changed. It felt itchy he went to reach back to touch it but Isabel stopped it from happening.

“You don’t remember anything?” she said emotionally drained.

“Just that Liz is missing and I let the red head stitch me up then everything is kind of a blur.” He looked at her as if he were going to get some kind of sympathy.

Isabel smiled to herself, “Well Agent Scully gave you something for the pain, I was surprised you let her touch you in the first place.” She watched Michael as he composed himself.

“I didn’t have much o f a choice, if I stopped her she would have been suspicious and we already have enough problems, we don’t need them finding out the truth about us.” He winced in pain it was minor but whoever hit him on the head knew what they were doing.

“In all honesty I think they already know the truth about us, they aren’t stupid.” Isabel said a bit defensive.

“What makes you think that?” Michael said trying to sound upset.

“Well for starters he works in a department called the x-files, and I don’t think they deal with bank robbers unless they have some sort of supernatural power.” Isabel frowned.

“Great that’s just fucking great, what do we do now?” he was too tired to fight.

“I don’t think we should fear them, they seem different then Agent Pierce and the others, think about it. If they wanted us dead we certainly would be dead.” She said trying to sound sincere.

“Well how do we know they aren’t responsible for Liz’s kidnapping.”? He wanted answers but the medication was just too strong for his mind to deal with.

“Well we have another issue, Agent Mulder’s partner is now missing so that theory is probably wrong. Jim thinks that it was random, while I think that Max and Maria are hiding something from us.” She insisted.

Michael looked at her stunned, “Before I make any judgements could I get a glass of ice water, and an ice pack,” he looked at her with puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, but this discussion isn’t over.” Isabel stood up and went to the kitchen.
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Chapter Eighteen

Liz sat on the cot her elbows resting on her knees her chin cupped in her hands, her long brown hair draped across her face, tears stained her cheeks. She just looked at Dana for what felt like an eternity, it had only been a few seconds. Liz wiped her face; she walked over to the mirror; her reflection looked like it was broken, but it was only the mirror that was shattered. She felt helpless she needed Michael she couldn’t stand being separated from him.

She sighed and looked at the FBI agent, she wanted to tell her that she had powers and could possibly get them out of there. But Liz didn’t know what kind of FBI Agent’s they were. They obviously investigated something that related to the supernatural why else would they be in Roswell.

“You look like you want to ask me something”,” Dana said with weakness in her voice.

Liz shook her head, “Sorry it’s a bad habit”

Dana didn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

“Looking over my shoulder” Liz said bluntly.

“Oh I tend to do that too, I guess it comes with the job.” She looked at Liz with serious eyes.

“Can-I?” she paused not sure if it was a smart idea to get into that kind of conversation.

“Itsalright you can ask me.” Dana said with understanding, conversation was helping her cope with the nasty smell that crawled through her nose.

“What department do you work in?” Liz felt like an idiot but she needed to know, she needed to; No she wanted to be honest with this woman, after all they were trapped together.

Dana blinked, she knew the question was going to come up sooner or later, it just seemed redundant to her. She sighed at Liz’s reaction. “I work in a department called the X-files, I’m actually a Medical Examiner I was hired to do autopsies for that department.” Dana could see Liz turn a shade a whiter.

“X-files? Meaning the supernatural?” she looked at the woman dumbfounded.

Dana couldn’t help but smirk at Liz’s reaction, she should be used to it by now. “Among other things” Dana watched as Liz moved back to her cot.

“Would those other things be” Liz paused, choosing her words carefully, “Aliens” she felt ridiculous.

Dana smirked for the first time since being thrown into the cell. “Yes, if you’re a believer in that sort of thing.”

“Let’s just say I’ve seen some weird things in this town.” Liz said with a half smile.


Jim and Maria were at the police station; Maria sat impatiently in one of the waiting room chairs. She wasn’t happy about being accused of a crime she had nothing to do with; sure she was pissed that Michael and Liz were hooking up. But she would never conspire to get Liz out of the picture; Michael wasn’t worth that aggravation.

Jim was talking to Deputy Hanson; they looked like they were arguing. Maria was frustrated she wanted to know what was going on, and why Max was skipping out on them. She had know idea what was running through their fearless leader’s mind. She wondered if his mind was even around at this point, he was so devastated by Liz and Michael’s betrayal.

Picking up her cell phone and hit speed dial #4; she never knew when an alien crisis would arise. The phone went directly to voice mail, this didn’t surprise her. She left a message anyway.

Max, Its Maria I’m at the Sheriff’s station with Valenti, he thinks we are in on this scandal. You need to call me back ASAP, I’m serious I mean can you believe him. Anyway call me back when you get this.

Maria stood up and walked over to Jim’s office, she wasn’t going to sit around and wait anymore she had enough of this treatment. She stood at the door, and listened to Hanson and Jim argue over stupid petty issues.

“I’m sorry but that’s not going to work, we need to get some men on this” Jim said with frustration.

“We don’t have any left right now, Dan is at the hospital with his wife, she’s in labor I know for a fact he won’t leave her. The new rookie lives three hours away, he wouldn’t get here until morning. Jim I’m telling you this is not a good idea, this is a Federal matter.” He said with anger in his voice, trying to make his point.

Maria rolled her eyes; she knocked on the door to stop their useless bickering. “This is all well and good, but while you two are arguing about jurisdiction rights, there are two people missing one of them happens to be an ex friend of mine, so could we please skip the overly dramatic melodrama.” She ranted in perfection.

Hanson and Jim just stopped in mid-sentence and looked at her like she just admitted to murdering someone. “She’s right, if you don’t want to help then your badge is useless, turn it in and go home.”

“Jim you know you can’t fire me over this, it won’t hold up in front of the big wigs, I’m telling you this so you won’t lose your job again.” He tried to sound convincing but he knew that Jim wasn’t buying any of this.

Maria cleared her throat, “Melodrama needs to stop, Sheriff Valenti is the boss so just deal with his decision. I’m obviously not getting through to you two.” She rolled her eyes again “I’ll be in the jeep” She said as she walked away.

Maria’s phone rang causing her to jump; She looked at the caller ID and it was Max. “Thank God” she answered in a panic.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked clueless.

“Don’t you aliens know how to listen to messages?” She said with pure anger, “I’m at the Sheriff’s station you better get your delusional butt over here and tell him we have nothing to do with this scandal.” She rambled in her usual fashion.

“Your kidding, he thinks you and I kidnapped Liz.” He couldn’t help but laugh at the insinuation.

“Correction now the FBI Agents partner is MIA” she cut him off.

“I have nothing to do with any of it, I left because I couldn’t stand to be around Michael, hurt or not he’s still an ass, and I want nothing to do with him.” He said in a matter of fact tone.

“Whatever, can you come get me, I don’t want to sit and listen to Hanson and the Sheriff argue all night, we need to go back to Michael’s apartment, I know you don’t want to but we need to start looking.” She was rambling again.

“Alright, I was just driving around anyway, I’ll be there in a couple minutes.” He hung up.


Mulder waited while Isabel played nurse to Michael, he was too antsy to sit and wait around for answers it was taking to long. He hated protocol; it was redundant. He wasn’t the type to follow rules anyway the bureau knew that; he still wondered why they bothered giving him reprimands he probably had a file the size of the New York Yellow pages.

Isabel sat on the edge of the bed; she had just finished changing Michael’s bandage. He was able to sit up now, he was thirsty. Ice water was helping him, he too wanted to go out looking for Liz he had a feeling where she might be but he wasn’t completely sure.

“Here take these” Isabel handed him two little oval shaped pills. Michael just stared at her, he was done with medication.

“No way I’m not taking that crap; I lost my mind the last time I took something for pain.” He was being stubborn, Isabel should have expected this.

“Its just Tylenol it doesn’t have the same power that narcotics have, its just plain old Tylenol you had some in your cupboards.” She said playing Mother to him again.

“Fine, but nothing else after this, I have to find Liz.” He took the pills and a sip of water, “So your saying these Feds aren’t alien butchers?” Michael looked at her; he needed answers.

“They don’t seem to be; if he is then he fooled me.” Isabel said trying to help Michael stand up. “Let me get Agent Mulder, your to heavy I don’t want you hurting yourself again.” Michael just rolled his eyes.

“I think I can stand up I’m a big boy.” He yelled after her but she was already gone.

“Agent Mulder, I need your help Michael wants to come out to the family room; He’s to heavy for me to lift.” She pleaded with him.

“Please call me Fox” he hated being called Agent Mulder it made him feel like Skinner. Isabel gave him a weird look. “Its my name” he added.

“O.k., how about I just call you Mulder” she smiled.

“That’s what everyone else calls me, I’m starting to get a complex about my first name.” He smirked, He walked towards Michael’s room, Isabel followed behind him.

Michael was sitting on the edge of his bed; every time he tried to stand up he would get dizzy. He didn’t like feeling incapable of taking care of himself. He was desperate to get to Liz; and he wanted to know who was behind the disappearance of the Agent Mulder’s partner.

“Do you feel well enough to stand up?” Mulder asked. Michael just rolled his eyes.

“No but I’m not going to lay around here and do nothing when my girlfriend is out there with who knows what.” Michael grabbed Mulder’s arm to steady himself. He still had his shirt on from earlier the blood stains were dried into his shirt.

He pulled himself up off the bed, putting his weight on Mulder’s body. Isabel stood on the other side of him making sure that he didn’t stumble backwards. He looked at Mulder; “Thanks” then he turned to Isabel, “So where are Valenti and Maria?” They walked towards the couch in the Family room.

“You get right to the point don’t you?” Mulder said teasing Michael.

“Michael’s not known for following rules” Isabel smirked.

“That makes two of us,” Mulder smiled as he helped Michael sit down.


Max pulled into the parking lot of the Sheriff’s office, Maria was leaning against the jeep; for some reason he was noticing her outfit for the first time that night. She was wearing jeans the kind that sat on your hips; it showed just enough of her stomach, she had on a black baby t-shirt her long blond hair flowed to the back of her shoulders.

He rolled the window down, “Get in”

She uncrossed her arms and walked towards the Chevelle, “Sorry it took a little longer then I expected it to.” He looked at her.

“Not a problem anything to get away from Deputy Dumb and Sheriff Dumber.” she smirked. “We need to get back to Michael’s to prove we have nothing to do with this.” She said as Max pulled the car out of the parking lot.

“I still think its funny they think we did this.” Max said with an amused tone.

“It’s so unlike you to not be serious at a time like this; one of our good friends is missing, I might be mad as hell at her but I don’t want her hurt or dead.” Maria rambled again. “And what is this I hear about you roughing her up.” Maria was pissed about that.

“I thought you were mad at her?” Max said avoiding the question; they were almost to Michael’s anyway.

“I am but I told you I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.” She snapped.

“Point taken, what about Michael are you just going to forget what he did to us?” Max said changing his tone from amused to serious.

“No but our focus should be Liz right now, don’t you think?” she was starting to think calling Max was a bad idea; he didn’t seem interested in helping at all. He just looked at her they had arrived at Michael’s.

“Fine but I’m not forgetting about the betrayal.” He found an empty space and parked the car. They both headed towards the apartment, both were hesitant about going in but this had to be straightened out. Maria was sick of being blamed; and Max was just plain old hurt from everything.

Max looked at his watch; it was almost 2:00 AM. He couldn’t believe how late it was already. He was tired and just wanted this to be over with; he wanted to sit in his room and brood to the counting crows like he always did when he was upset.

Maria knocked on the door, she knew that Michael wouldn’t be answering the door, so she breathed a sigh of relief it would either be the hottie FBI Agent or Isabel the bitch nazi. She knocked again, she was hoping that the lady next door wouldn’t wake up, that woman was so nosey.
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Chapter Nineteen

Isabel groaned when she heard the door; she eyed Mulder. They needed to get some sleep tomorrow would be a busy day. It didn’t look like sleep was going to happen for them tonight. Isabel opened the door; she rolled her eyes at the people who were standing there.

“So to what do I owe this pleasure; you finally decide to grace us with your presence?” Isabel said with a lecturing tone. Then gave her brother the ice glare, he wasn’t going to touch that with a ten foot pole.

“We are just here to get our good names back,” Maria said with anger. “Since you all took it upon yourselves to blame us for Liz’s kidnapping, and Michael’s brain injury.”

“Whatever, I’m too tired to care right now” Isabel moved aside to let them in.

Max stood as far away from Isabel as he could he wasn’t in the mood to battle it out with Michael and Isabel at 2:15 AM. Mulder and Michael were sitting on the couch they were just getting into good conversation when they were interrupted.

Just as they were going to get settled with Max and Maria, another knock at the door startled them all; who could this be? This time Maria answered it. She wasn’t surprised to see who was standing in front of her. “Kyle” she smirked, “Its 2:15 AM; I thought we were the only nutty people awake.” She waited for him to respond.

“What am I normally doing up at this ungodly hour?” he said with irritation in his voice.

“Babysitting your father?” she said with question in voice. “He’s at the Sheriff’s station you should just go there.” She was dumbfounded to his reasons for being here.

“Actually he sent me here to tell you he wouldn’t be able to make it, he ran into some issues with your current alien crisis. Can I come in or are you going to let me freeze out here.” He sort of pushed his way through the door.

“Please come in it’s not my apartment anyway.” Maria groaned just what they needed another person crammed into this tuna can.

Kyle walked over to the couch where everyone was sitting, he was curious to what was going on. “So are we having a massive orgy, because if we are then I claim Isabel?” He tried to sound like he was joking. Isabel rolled her eyes. “Valenti get your mind out of the gutter.”

He walked up to Mulder, “So you must be the FBI agent welcome to the wonderful land of OZ you might want to fasten your seatbelt its going to be a bumpy ride.” Kyle smirked.


Mulder knew his suspicions were right; why else would Kyle state the obvious in front of a complete stranger, unless he wasn’t aware of his presence. “So when you say Alien you were using that as a metaphor.” He looked at Kyle with suspicion.

“Uh…” Kyle stopped dead in his tracks; he looked at the trio and mouthed the words sorry. Michael just shook his head and motioned to Kyle that it was o.k.

“Actually he wasn’t” Michael took a sip of his ice water before continuing.

“Michael, Isabel bedroom NOW!” Max had anger in his voice.

Kyle helped Michael to the bedroom, and Isabel walked slowly behind him. Max was furious he wasn’t going to let another person in on there secret, it had endangered enough people.

“Don’t even think about telling him.” Max said closing the door behind them.

Kyle sat on the edge of the bed and just listened; Michael looked at Kyle and shook his head at how stupid this all was. “Maxwell you seem to have your head up your ass again, or are you just mulling over Liz. You couldn’t save a cat from drowning in a pool of water and; I’m not going to let you make this decision.” Michael snapped.

“Oh it doesn’t look like you can move to good these days; what happened did someone finally knock some sense into that stubborn head of yours.” Max spit at him.

Michael glared at him “I seem to be making more sense then you.” He said with anger.

“Max; Michael; this can be done on your own time, right now we have other people to worry about. So stop your bitching and let’s just tell him, he already knows anyways. Lying to him isn’t going to help us right now.” She was taking control.

“Fine but when they throw us all into the white room, I get to say I told you so.” Max opened the door and they all went to the couch again.

Michael looked at Agent Mulder, who was looking pretty grim; Maria was flipping through a magazine. She looked up when the door opened. “Ah romper room is over can we get on with this, I don’t understand why it has to take forever to decide what to do; the answer is obvious.” She looked at the distraught man sitting next to her.

Isabel moved to Mulder’s side she wanted him to know she wasn’t against him finding out the truth.

Michael looked at them; he was trying to think of the best way to start this out. “Remember the 1947 “UFO” crash in the desert?” He stopped “Well your looking at what was left behind.” He sighed.


Liz and Dana were sitting in silence, Liz was thinking about her last few minutes with Michael; she was trying to remember the scent she smelled it was overly used, and it had a familiar smell to it. She was trying to place the person who wore that cologne. In her mind she recreated the event.

The Man came out of nowhere; he grabbed her from behind when she walked out of the bathroom; at first she thought it was Michael; only because he seemed to be built, like he worked out a lot. They didn’t say anything to her at the time, they just fought with her.

She tried to look to see who it was but that’s when she was hit with a bolt of energy, possibly a stun gun, and then she woke up in the van.
She snapped out of her daze.

“Liz” Dana called franticly.

Liz looked at the FBI Agent, she was curious to what had her rattled. “I’m sorry.” she apologized; she must have been out of it. She realized that with her powers she was really recreating the event. Only it stayed in her mind and she wasn’t really back in the place of her kidnapping.

“You were screaming I wanted to snap you out of it before you got the kidnappers attention, the less time we have to spend with them the better.” Dana sighed in relief when she knew that Liz wouldn’t be screaming anytime soon.

“I was trying to remember something from the kidnapping all I could get was the scent of his cologne, it was familiar I just can’t place who wears it.” She frowned.

“I could smell it too. Obviously they were trying to cover something up or just throw us off, they really don’t want us to know who they are.” She sighed with disappointment.

“Well you’re an FBI Agent how likely is it that we will get out of here alive?” Liz looked hopeful; she needed to get back to Michael.

“It depends on how useful we are to them, if we aren’t then are chances are slim. Unless they don’t see us as a threat. Which in most of my kidnapping cases wasn’t the case. Most of the victims were almost always found buried in someone’s backyard or in a ditch.”

“What if I told you we might have a chance of getting out of here alive, we might have some scrapes and bruises but we would be able to get out of here?” Liz wanted to tell her about her alien powers. The longer they sat there the longer they were sitting ducks.

Dana’s interests were peaked, “How do you mean?” She didn’t have a clue where Liz was going with this. She just knew that the girl was desperate to get back to her friends.

“Well what do you know about the 1947 UFO crash?” She must have sounded like an idiot.

“Just that the government made it out to be something it wasn’t.” Dana was careful to make sure she didn’t giveaway to much information.


Mulder was in a blank stare for a few minutes before he was snapped back to reality, by a hand in front of his face. “Are you alright?” Isabel asked with complete innocence. She waited for him to take it all in. Maria and Kyle were talking in the corner.

“Fine just a little bewildered by all of this new information, I had my suspicions but what exactly are you?” he could have phrased that better.

“We are hybrids half aliens half humans, we were genetically engineered.; Our parents took DNA from humans and then took our old DNA and then merged it together. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t.” Isabel rambled off, she sounded like Liz Parker.

“We were left in incubation pods; our true home is in some rock formation about an hour away, Isabel and Max came out first, and then I did. There was one other Hybrid named Tess but it turns out she is evil.; Sshe had been helping someone from our home planet., They were trying to get us to come back but we found out what her plan was and ended up avoiding death.” Michael said before he could stop himself.

“So what kind of powers do you have, if you have them at all?” Mulder felt like he was having some sort of weird out of body experience.

“Each of us has our own unique strengths; unfortunately powers aren’t exactly my strong suit., I have yet to learn the basics, Max can heal and Isabel can get into people’s dreams.” He paused, “Tess had the ability to mind warp, to make people see things that weren’t really happening.”

“So then she can possibly help us find them, how does this Dream thing work?” he looked at her, he didn’t want her to get hurt but he needed his partner back, and quickly, he had a feeling he knew who was behind this.”

“I can do it, but I need a picture of her, it complicates things if the person is awake., I can only do it if they are unaware that I’m really in their minds.” She took his hand, “But I will try my hardest to find them.” She took the picture that Mulder had already gotten out of his wallet. A secret he would carry to his grave, not even Dana knew he carried it with him.

“I’ll come with you.” He looked at her and held his hand out to her; “Please it’s the only thing I can do to help her now; just let me sit in the room with you.” She looked at him, she felt his pain. Then she looked at Michael and he shook his head; she knew that Michael felt the same way Mulder did. “I guess it would be alright.” She took his hand and they walked into Michael’s room. Isabel shut the door so they could have some privacy.

“I’ll be right here,” he patted the bed next to her “If you need anything I’ll be right here” He repeated it so she knew that he meant it; why did he feel so close to her at this moment.

Isabel sat on the bed she turned so she could lean her head against the back of the bed; she had the picture of his partner in her hands; she looked at it. “I’ll be o.k.” she touched his hand. She felt her eyelids get heavy and then she was suddenly in Dana’s mind.


Dana’s head started to feel full and she felt like she was going to pass out; she looked at Liz but it was too late, everything went black. Isabel was walking around in Dana’s subconscious, she. couldn’t really see anything; she was getting a lot of static. Dana was a tough person she didn’t let to many people in especially with her emotions.

Isabel could see Dana when she was kidnapped; back at the motel. She had run back into the room to get her laptop but she remembered it was in Mulder’s room. She had a key to his room so she ran back to get it. As she was walking back to Mulder’s room; she saw something strange. She saw two men sitting in a black van. She knew that vans meant trouble especially in her line of work.

The black van sped out of control towards her; she tried to run but the van was no match for her; so she just gave up. A man grabbed her from behind and pulled her inside. The man wrapped his hand around her mouth so tightly that she couldn’t breathe, then she felt something like a stun gun zap her, and she was out.

Isabel tried to fight the stun gun, she needed to see where the van had taken her; just like when Naseado was killed the first time. She had to see where; the van was coming to a stop at least it was close by. They woke Dana up as soon as they arrived to Frasier Woods; there was some sort of underground tunnel. It lead to a place deep down underground.

Isabel was pulled out of the Dream Walk; she sat up trying to catch her breath that was the longest time she had been inside someone’s mind when they were awake. Dana somehow managed to push her out; she probably thought it was the kidnappers messing with her mind.

“Frasier Woods.” Isabel said out of breath, “There at Frasier Woods.” Mulder was still sitting next to her he didn’t realize he had been holding her hand. Isabel didn’t refuse his comfort; she sat up and turned to him “We need to go now something terrible will happen if we don’t get to them.” He pulled her into a hug; he caressed the back of her neck to keep her calm.

She pulled back and looked deep into his eyes; he stared right back.
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