Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) *complete* 1/15/16

This is the place for you to post fanfiction for all of the unconventional, out of the norm in the show's realm couples. In other words, any stories focusing on couples not listed under conventional couples, and anything featuring slash pairings.

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) *complete* 1/15/16

Post by KiaraAlexisKlay »

Oh my gosh I just binge read this and Carrie this was fan-freaking-tastic!

What a ride!

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) *complete* 1/15/16

Post by LovelyPOM83 »

Another great story!! This UC character pairing is going on me. :wink: Hope to see you posting again soon. :mrgreen:
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