101 ways to get rid of Tess

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Re: 101 ways to get rid of Tess

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killjoy wrote:
dreamer19 wrote:Take her by the curls and swing her gerbil ass back into space! :twisted: :roll:
Ok I'm no where near a Dreamer fan(to be honest M/L bores the hell out of me) nor am I here to start a ProTess/AntiTess fight....I didn't like how they did Tess on the show myself either.I'm more of a fan of hers from fanfiction.

But I do have to ask this....why is she always called a gerbil by Dreamers?

It can't be because of her looks.For I hate to tell you this ladies no matter how much you hate her and want her to be ugly on the outside, as many of you think she was on the inside, she's not.Tess was a very attractive woman that many of us guys who watched the show found hot.It's one of the reasons many of us non-Dreamers roll our eyes when Dreamer fanfiction tries to make her out as this ugly thing that can't get a man to date her even if her life depended on it :roll:

You can argue and debate on how evil she was...how much of it was brought on by being raised by Nesado or how much was just evil in her...and all of that.But you can't call her an ugly on the outside girl for she was not :mrgreen:

in Italy we call her "cozza" that in english should be "mussel" 8) but i'm not sure. we call her like that because she was always on Max like glue :lol: like the mussel on its rock lol

i guess that it's the same for americans. it has nothing to do with her beauty (even if i believe that even the most beautiful woman is less attractive when her behavior isn't the best and she's annoying. to me Claire from lost is way more beautiful than Tess because that character does fit more with Emilie and her kind of angelic beauty. they're like two different women even physically :lol: ) she's called gerbil because she was always after Max and because of her evil nature and how annoying she was (for who call her like that) but americans can explain it better. the gerbil isn't really that ugly. compared to other mouselike rodents it's cute but subtle like many rodents that are cute outside but they're not so friendly with humans and you can't "trust" them and their behavior.

as for the fanfictions. i guess that it's a "parody" of how in the show she was obsessed about a guy who didn't want to be with her and she had to mindwarp him with sexy fantasies and manipulations in order to get his attention and even when she did everything in her power in order to get his heart she always failed. In the end she got her chance with Max only after a year and only when he was in the worst time of his life and he was a mess (even the writers said that Max slept with her because he wasn't really himself. they basically said that they had to make him OOC in order to do it LOL) Not to mention how Max, at the beginning, didn't recognize her as a woman. Max, and the others, believed that she was Nacedo (a male alien :lol: ) using a fake female body! lol.

again, it's not about her beauty. in most of the dreamer ff i've read she's considered beautiful and attractive but she's so annoying with her obsessed and evil nature that it inevitably influences the way people see her as a person and as a woman.
And it's perfectly canon IMO. Also i don't remember that she dated and she really had a life. she didn't date even Max :lol: and not because she wasn't beautiful but because of her personality.

anyway, it's not that into rebel ff or other CC ff you can find Liz's praises. i'm sure that you can find many names for Liz too (one of them was Liz-Bot. ) the difference is that Tess' haters are more than Liz's haters so the nick name 'gerbil' is more popular than the many ugly nicknames Liz's haters gave to her.
there's a good amount of non dreamer ff where Liz is annoying, stupid and the ugly one who date no one. ff where Max doesn't consider her attractive at all :lol:
Shiri is everything but ugly and in the canon show Liz didn't attract only Max and she was considered a pretty woman by many guys even more than Tess and the other girls. Because she had: Max, Kyle, Sean, Rath, one of the skins.
not to mention the dentists who fell in love with her amazing smile.

the point is that it's like that into every ff.
into candy ff i'm sure that Maria is the most beautiful and attractive woman. Into rebel Tess is beautiful while the others are not like her or they envy her.
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Re: 101 ways to get rid of Tess

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I don't remember where it was said, but I believe gerbil was started in fanfiction. Emilie DeRavin is very beautiful. Tess's soul (if she had one) was very ugly.
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Re: 101 ways to get rid of Tess

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Ahhh ok got you... :wink:
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Re: 101 ways to get rid of Tess

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taken out by the Charmed Ones by the Power of Three spell.....
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Re: 101 ways to get rid of Tess

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Turn Angel into Angelus (just for a few minutes) and have him drain her dry...then he gets his soul back...and doesn't feel guilty because Liz and the whole crew thank him!

(Yes, had to add my little Buffy/Angel in there as well. lol.

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Re: 101 ways to get rid of Tess

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I know this is old thread but this was a fun thread to read.
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