Family Connections (AU,CC,ADULT) Ch 58 26/10/14 [WIP]

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Thanks for all the fantastic feedback!

Zanity - I agree, but unfortunately what Michael needs to do, and will do could be quite different...
Morning Dreamgirl - Thanks for the vote of confidence Ashley, I wish I was as sure... As for what am I going to be doing after...? - Well actually crazy as it sounds, I'm debating doing another year at uni right now it turns out - a studentship, to give me the experience all the jobs want *shrugs*
Anyway, as for the fic, I'm glad that you liked the last chapter, I wasn't sure about the Liz and Michael, but I hope it worked okay. Unfrotunately when I think of Michael, I think of a mule :-? (as in stubborn as lol) so I don't see him changing his mind quickly, even if he is punishing himself by doing so...
Timelord31 - everything you say is true, but making Michael see that could take some time. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
Emz80m - Thanks for reading, glad you're still enjoying the story.
pandas2001 -
Hopefully he'll get more answers when they talk more. Maybe he'll be more level headed and calmed down to be more understanding

Hmm, nice idea, but as you say, this is Michael...
Flamehair - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, not so sure that Michael did of course...
Maya - Big step maybe, but still a long way to go I feel.
anonyamousarfan - Good luck with your exams
As for Michael and the dreamwalking - maybe Isabel is thinking a little of the 'types' of dreams which might be likely too :wink: hehe
Lazza - LOL, I did debate before adding that last, hope it wasn't too out of character... As for goes both ways...
Forensicschic - No problem about the reviewing, pleased to know you're still reading and enjoying the story though.
behrlyliz - hmm...what can I say...? maybe best to just read and see
Asabetha - Stubborn is Michael's middle name - didn't you know that :lol: Thanks for reading, glad you're enjoying the story.

Okay, so I should be revising, but I've been writing instead, and therefore am here with a new chapter for you. Might be the last for a while, although then again I do need a break sometimes :lol:.

Anyway, this next is a little shorter than most have been but only a little, and after some consideration I figured it was best to leave it a little shorter, than add for the sake of adding, hope you agree.

Thanks to everyone reading, hope you're all enjoying the story.


Chapter 31

Ooooh… Isabel stretched her arms up above her head, opening her eyes as she heard the alarm go off. She hadn’t been sleeping of course, well, not for the last couple of hours anyway, it was more dozing, and studiously avoiding the two new dream orbs which she had noticed on the dream plane. Michael still wanted her to look of course, and had made that perfectly clear, but she was remaining firm – she didn’t want to ruin things before they even had a chance to talk properly!

Especially after Liz having helped her brother like that… Maria had told her when she asked that it was only his pig-headed determination which had meant there was a burn left at all – unfortunately he just didn’t seem to know when to give in, and so was still sporting a majorly sore hand.

Both girls had tried to convince him to go to Max the day before – before it was seen at school and healing wasn’t necessary. It was plain that he was in a lot of pain, and neither understood why he didn’t have the sense to accept he help offered. Of course this was Michael they were talking to, so maybe it was a case of what was there to understand…

Pushing back her covers, she sat up and tried not to think about the angry looking patch of skin which she had helped to redress the night before. Perhaps it was because of the fact that they were never ‘ill’ as such, but things like that always made her a little queasy, and quite honestly she didn’t know how her brother had managed to cope as it was.

If only he would get over his major aversion to letting them in… She supposed that it had been fortunate that he hadn’t forced Liz away and refused help altogether, but from what she had seen, Liz had been entirely honest about her abilities when it came to healing others – they were minimal at best…


She jumped slightly, surprised by the sudden pounding on her door. After assuring herself it wasn’t Hank however, she grabbed her robe from the bottom of the bed, slipping her arms through the sleeves and tying it around her waist as she made her way to the door which she had locked the night before to avoid a repeat of the last ‘bedtime conversation’ with her brother.

“IZZY, come on, unlock this will ya?” Her brother’s voice sounded again through the door which separated them, followed by an attempt to turn the handle. She gave a small smile of something which almost appeared to be amusement. Michael’s lack of skill in manipulating structures did come in handy sometimes…although…

As the handle began to glow a little, her eyes widened in alarm. “OKAY MICHAEL, I’M HERE, CUT THAT OUT!” Waiting for the glowing to subside, she quickly released the door and opened it to face her brother. “I am allowed privacy you know!” She commented, raising an eyebrow at him. Whatever his reason for trying to barge in again, this had better be good!

Not missing the look she gave him, Michael squirmed awkwardly a little. “Sorry…I just…wanted to make sure you were up…” He finished lamely.

“Of course I’m up! Since when am I ever late?” She shot an exasperated look in his direction. It wasn’t as though she was running late anyway – they had plenty of time before Maria was due to pick them up…didn’t they…? Suddenly suspicious, she looked back at her brother questioningly. “Why are you in such a hurry anyway?”

Michael shrugged. “Oh nothing much…just I asked Maria to pick us up early…”

Isabel frowned. “Why would you do that?” She questioned.

“Oh you know, I needed to check something out in the library…”

His sister was far from convinced by his explanation – Most of the time Michael didn’t even want to go to school, never mind going in early to check something in the library… No, that just didn’t wash… “Now the real reason!” She stated, waiting expectantly.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready anyway…?”

Michael’s blatant attempt to change the subject only seemed to confirm that something was going on. “MICHAEL, what are you up to…? And don’t tell me nothing – I’m not stupid!” Glaring at her brother, Isabel remained where she was, tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.

Scowling, Michael shrugged. “Fine, I want to check out their lockers before school starts…” He admitted without showing the slightest sign of remorse over the idea.

Needing no clarification of who ‘they’ would be, Isabel shook her head at him. “Do you know the meaning of the phrase ‘leave well alone’?” She snapped. Didn’t he see he was just going to make this worse?

“They lied to us!”

“AND WE LIED TO THEM!” Her tone was short and angry. Why couldn’t he just move on…? Sure they had lied, but she could understand why… “Michael, Liz tried to heal your hand, Max would have done it completely… They have tried to help you, and you pushed it away…” Biting down on her lip, she averted her eyes from the bandaged hand. “Why do you have to be so stubborn, why can’t you accept that they might actually be on our side?”

“Why should we believe what they say though, we have no proof, it ju--“ Michael broke off sharply, a look of pain shooting across his face as his sister, clearly fed up with this, pushed past him, catching his hand in the process.

She turned and looked back at him. “Give them a chance Michael…maybe you’ll find you like them…” With those words, she headed away, pulling open the door which led into the ‘bathroom’ and closing it behind her.


“Max…have you been in my locker…?” Liz looked over at her husband questioningly as she opened the door to find certain things out of order. She was certain those papers lying on top had been at the back…

Turning, with a frown on his face, Max shook his head, moving closer so that he could take a look himself. “No…I--“ He broke off, catching sight of something in the small mirror which his wife had fixed to the inside of the door. His lips thinned into an expression of displeasure, turning around to glare at the guy who was stood not too far up the corridor.

“Max…?” Turning to follow his gaze, Liz questioned softly, reaching out to put a hand on his shoulder as she realised what he had seen. “Calm down…” She murmured softly, worrying about what this could develop into. “Honey please, leave it…” She looked up at him, pleading, but to no avail.

Pulling back from her, Max’s expression hardened as he shook his head. “No, this has gone far enough!” He stated, walking away from her, briskly, to intercept the other guy who had just started to walk away. “MICHAEL!”

Clenching her fist as she swallowed, Liz looked around as she closed her locker. Maria, Isabel, even Alex… Anyone who might be able to help diffuse this…

Unfortunately though, the corridor it seemed was sickeningly empty…

Making a rapid assessment of the situation, she waved a hand over the padlock on her locker, before hurrying after the two boys who it seemed had stopped just short of the main doors.

“Where do you get off? What makes you think you have the right to search our home and possessions like that?” Max demanded, his tone angry and bitter. He had been nice and understanding, he had refrained from making much comment on breaking and entering which had taken place on Friday, but enough was enough! His wife had gone out of her way the previous day to try and help him the previous day, and how did he respond? - by breaking into her locker.

“Well I have to find out the truth about you somehow, it’s not like you’re overwhelming with your desire to provide answers…” Michael glared back at the other guy, ignoring for the moment the brunette who approached.

“Guys please!” Trying to step inbetween the two of them, Liz looked from one to the other, shaking her head. “This is neither the time, nor the place!” She told them pointedly, noting with some alarm that the previously quiet corridor was fast acquiring a large number of people, most of whom were looking at them. This was not what they needed…not in any shape or form…

“He has to learn he can’t do that! I won’t have him spying on us or searching out things!” Although he acknowledged his wife’s words, Max wasn’t ready to let this drop. Michael’s behaviour had been unacceptable from the start…

“Why, because the almighty King says so?” Michael practically spat out the words, apparently completely unaware of the growing crowd.

Liz’s eyes widened in horror as she heard his words, this was bad – hopefully people would assume that Michael was just being sarcastic for the moment of course, but what else might he say if not stopped. She swallowed and opened her mouth to try again. “Guys, you’re making a scene, I--“

“MICHAEL GUERIN, QUIT IT!” Liz’s gentle pleas were replaced by something completely different as Maria’s voice sounded and she, Isabel and Alex all ran up. Whether or not they knew exactly what had happened was unsure, but clearly all three had heard Michael’s little explosion, and were attempting to step in.

Letting them take that side of the dispute, Liz concentrated her efforts on her husband as she reached again for his arm. “Max, please, calm down…this is definitely not ‘low profile’!”

This time, her words seemed to get through more fully, and after looking around, Max glared at Michael who had been surrounded by the others in his group. “This isn’t over…” He muttered, seething quietly as he stepped back, taking Liz’s hand and tugging on it slightly to guide her away from the trouble. “Let’s get to class…”


“Are you completely and utterly clueless?” Isabel hissed, glaring at her brother as they headed down the corridor. Bad enough that he had gone ahead with searching their lockers, but his outburst in front of the other students was just incredible.

Michael scowled. “He started it!”

“Yeah, and it had nothing to do with the fact that as he so rightly said, you’ve been searching their lockers!” Maria stepped in, swatting his arm. She couldn’t believe that he had done that – actually, yes she could – but didn’t he get that trust went both ways…? Liz and Max had trusted him, and now it was time to trust them…

“HEY!” He winced again as she caught his hand.

“And don’t try playing the wounded soldier! You’re the one that was too stubborn to accept help, so you can just deal with it!” His girlfriend snapped, feeling little sympathy for his pain considering that she knew full well the offer he had turned down.

“I’m not playing the wounded soldier! I’m fine!” Michael glared back at them. “And all I did was try to find out the truth!”

“No, all you did was just yell out in front of tonnes of students stuff about our secret!” His sister wasn’t going to let this slip easily. She was mad enough about his whole ‘search for the truth’ routine, but she couldn’t believe he could have been so careless. …

“They don’t have a clue what I meant!” He scowled, dismissing the comment he had made. Sure maybe it had been a bad choice of words, but he wasn’t going to admit that, and besides, that wasn’t the point!

She shook her head, looking back at her brother and then suddenly grabbing his arm, pulling him into the eraser room as they passed and shutting the door. “That’s not the point and you know it! Michael you say you’re trying to keep us safe, but your words could have put us in so much danger!” She hissed, careful to keep her tone low as they stood there. “Have you completely forgotten what you’ve always said? – be careful, don’t draw attention to ourselves, never use our abilities in public!”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten! I just want to know what they’re up to Izzy, I want the truth!” Pushing past her, he reached for the handle, turning it reading to step back outside, only to find it was locked. He looked over at his sister. “Izzy…”

She shook her head. “No Michael, this has gone far enough! You are going to listen to me for once okay?” Maybe Michael liked to think he was the one in charge of their little group – and on many an occasion she supposed he did – but on this occasion she was calling the shots.

Michael opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off again by his sister before he could get a word out of his mouth. “I like Liz and Max…so do Alex and Maria… Now yes, they weren’t completely honest with them, but it wasn’t as though we were either…” She paused a moment, letting the words sink in buy continued before he had a chance to speak. “We have a chance to get the answers we’ve always wanted…and to gain friends and family in the process…and I want to take that chance…” Trailing off, she looked back up at her brother. “I don’t know if this is relating to the whole ‘brother/sister’ issue, but whether I accept Max as a brother or not, he’s not going to take your place…” Her tone softened as she raised this issue, continuing to look at him as she did so.

For a moment, Michael said nothing… Quite honestly, what was there to say? His pride wouldn’t let him admit he was wrong of course, yet Isabel’s words had struck a chord. She was right about this being, to some extent, related to the ‘sister/brother’ issue… He couldn’t deny that when he had heard Max tell Isabel she was his sister, he had felt a certain sense of loss… He had grown up with her, looked after her, she was his sister and he didn’t want someone just stepping in to take his place…

And then there was Liz of course… His cousin… He had tried not to think too much about it, and yet he couldn’t help remembering the way she had looked. Oh yes, he had noticed, not that he would admit such a thing… He knew that his response had hurt her, and that again, the previous day, he had pushed her away… She wanted to get to know him, and he had refused…

“Michael…” Isabel reached out, touching his arm. “Michael please, just give them a chance… Get to know them, take some time…let them in…” She told him softly in a voice which was now little more than a whisper.

Her brother swallowed, trying to maintain his stone-wall façade. Showing emotions was a sign of weakness, he didn’t want to give them that advantage… Throughout his life, there had been exactly three people he had allowed to get close to him – his sister, Maria, and Alex… Everyone else, he kept at a distance.

“They’re not our enemies you know…”

He blinked at her words, looking down at his sister. “How do you know that Izzy…how can you say that…? He questioned, shaking his head. There was a part of him that wanted to believe, but another which was naturally suspicious.

Isabel sighed and shook her head. “Because I looked into Liz’s eyes, I listened to her when she and Max revealed themselves, and you know what I saw?” She paused rhetorically before continuing. “I saw a scared young girl…whose life is and has been difficult…” She swallowed, and shook her head. “I didn’t see someone who thought she was better than me, or who made herself out to be important… I saw someone who I’d guess hasn’t had many friends, and was scared of losing those she thought she had made…” Letting her words hang in the air, Isabel turned towards the door as there came a sharp knock. “Just think about it…okay…? I have to get to class…I’ll see you later…” She told her brother as she opened the door and slipped out onto the corridor, rejoining Maria and Alex before the three of them headed off to their next classes, leaving Michael, who had stayed behind, alone with his thoughts.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys

Zanity - Thanks for reading
Morning Dreamgirl - LOL Thanks for taking the time to give such thoughtful feedback. I think that frustrating, or infuriating is probably Michael's middle name unfrotunately, and I don't see much of an improvement here...

I understand your own debate about college. I'm veering towards the extra year at the moment, but that's all assuming I actually get to graduate, for which I have to take, and have the exams marked (long story there, sorry just a bit of a rant from me, there's some stuff going on in the UK at the moment).

As for When Love and Loss Collide, I hope you'll enjoy it and I know what you mean about adding yet another fic to your list too - my problem is I can't keep track of them, which is even worse :?
LoveIsForever - I think maybe Michael's trying to ignore the whole 'cousin' issue at the moment... It would sort of complicate his current mood of 'us' and 'them' when it comes to Liz and Max, and his own group...
anonyamousarfan - Too far - yeah, only like by a mile :?
lazza - Someone getting through to Michael...? Well, I guess anything is possible...
Timelord31 - Michael wouldn't be the only one missing out though if they left... Besides, I wouldn't have anymore story for you then :wink:
tequathisy - I think I feel sorry for Michael too, he has had a hard time, and this isn't easy. Isabel has repeatedly said that he's still her brother as far as she's concerned though. By blood, maybe she's not his sister no, but in her mind, it's no different from ever before. He's annoying and infuriating as always, but he's also her brother, and nothing will change that. I don't think she's going to go to Max instead of Michael about something, just because of a few words that have been said. Michael's the one she's grown up with, who she trusts and loves...

The fact that Max is the 'King' I think is almost irrelevant here - Isabel isn't going to make decisions based on that, and neither is Liz. Sure, if it came to it - and she must be hoping it won't - Liz would choose Max over Michael, but that's because she loves him, and he's her husband, not because of some titles which you might or might not have noticed, they're not completely comfortable with...

I don't think that Max and Liz have tried to play the sympathy card with Michael though, they said what was true, nothing more, nothing less - their life is difficult, I don't think anyone would deny that. As to what happened previously, well, more details will be given on that later, so I don't want to spoil it.

As for Michael admitting he was wrong...well... I guess there's a first time for everything...although whether it's now...?

I hope you don't think I'm being argumentative or nasty, I appreciate the time you've taken to read and leave feedback and always love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading, glad you're enjoying the story.
Flamehair - Michael, a frightened little boy - I'm not too sure that he'd like that interpretation...even if it is probably rather accurate...

Okay, this could very well be the last update for a few weeks at least, I have my exams coming up, starting a week on Tuesday, and I just don't know how much writing time I'll have. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you to anyone reading the story, I hope you're enjoying it.


Chapter 32

“Okay, so that’s one Will Smith burger for you, some space fries and two Alien Blasts…” Liz reeled off the order with ease and looked over at the men to check that she got it right.

“That’s right love…” One of the guys nodded and winked at her.

Biting down on her lip, she counted to ten, trying not to cringe. Ewww…he was like old enough to be her father, and had made no secret of the fact he was trying to hit on her. “Anything else…?” She forced a smile, resisting the urge to flee as she waited for confirmation that they were done.

“Not at the moment thanks… How about you come and join us when you’re done…you look like you could do with a break…”

Liz stiffened as she felt his hand on her arm, pulling back firmly and shaking her head. He reminded her of Kyle…only more creepy… “I don’t think so gentleman…now, I’ll be right back with your shakes…” Stepping back from the table she escaped gratefully, hurrying over to the counter.

Grabbing two glasses off the shelf, she moved over to the machine, sticking them under the nozzle and leaving the glasses to fill while she grabbed a tray from the shelf.

Unfortunately, her mind wasn’t completely on the job in hand, and as she pulled a tray down, she failed to notice the fact that it had been supporting a number of others. Without the support of the first tray, the whole pile began to fall towards her.

“LIZ!” Maria turned around as she heard the loud clatter which followed, concern shining in her eyes as she rushed over.

Groaning, the younger girl picked herself up off the floor, rubbing the back of her dress and frowning.

“Are you okay?” That was Isabel, who had come over as soon as she had finished taking her order.

“Yeah…I’m fine…” The small smile which Liz gave seemed to work like magic, clearing up some of the tension which had been present since the beginning of the shift. Isabel and Maria had just not known what to say to Liz, and the same was true of the brunette… The result had been that few words had been exchanged, and while the diner was usually full of chatter and banter when the three were working, it had been eerily silent that day.

While the mutual show of concern was a step in the right direction though, all three girls knew that they still had a long way to go. A lot had happened over the last few days, and they couldn’t just forget it…

“Liz…I just wanted to say that I’m sorry…” Isabel broke off, hesitating. “A-about Michael today I mean…” She clarified, watching the younger girl as she set the trays back on the shelf, leaving one down for herself.

Maria offered her a small smile, as she too took up the subject now. “He can be a real jerk sometimes unfortunately…but it’s nothing personal you know…” Her gaze followed Liz as she reached for the glasses and placed them on the tray and as she turned, she looked at the girl she had come to think of as a friend hopefully. “Liz, we’re sorry…he shouldn’t have done that, and we don’t blame you for being angry…”

The brunette looked away from them awkwardly, turning to place the tray on the counter for a moment. “I-I know that what we did was wrong Maria… But when we first got to know you, we had no way to know who Isabel and Michael were… You were just some kids from school, being friendly, and we were grateful for that…” She sighed and shook her head slowly. “I’m not angry at you though…I know neither of you control what Michael does, and it’s not like Max didn’t get somewhat worked up too…”

Isabel held up her hand to interrupt her. “Liz it’s okay, honestly… If you accept that we don’t control Michael, I think we can say the same about you and Max…” She offered the other girl a small smile. “Besides, it’s not like I don’t think my brother deserved it in this case!” She shook her head and sighed, clenching her fist. “Sometimes he can just be such an idiot!”

Maria was pleased to see Liz’s mouth turn up slightly at the edges in the beginning of a smile. She looked back and held out her hand. “So what do you say Liz...still friends…?”

Turning around, Liz nodded slowly, but hesitated about taking the offered hand, chewing on her lip as she looked over at Isabel.

The taller girl offered a reassuring smile. “I’m not going to say that I like the fact that you lied Liz… But I do understand why, and I’m not going to hold it against you… My brother can think what he likes, but I’d like to start again maybe…if you’re willing…?”

From the doorway which led into the back, Mr Parker stood watching the three girls as they proceeded to hug. He didn’t know what had happened to cause the tension earlier, but he was pleased they seemed to have cleared it up…


“Okay, let’s get this over with!” Michael announced, stepping out of the car and stalking over to the spot where he could see Max and Liz were already stood.

Isabel sighed, closing her eyes for a moment as she counted to ten in silence. She had a bad feeling about this from the moment that Liz had asked about the possibility of a meeting… Not that this wasn’t exactly what Michael wanted – it was in fact – but of course he was too stubborn to recognise that…

Feeling her husband tense up at her side, Liz reached for his hand as Michael neared them, looking up at him, silently asking him not to blow up again. She knew he wasn’t keen on the idea, feeling that in no way did Michael deserve anything from them, and even having gone as far as to suggest leaving.

He hadn’t meant the last of course she knew – not really… Whatever Michael might do or say, it didn’t change the fact that Max cared about both he and Isabel, and that they were their family… No, Liz and Max weren’t going anywhere, but it was a good indication of just how angry Max had been that he had even suggested it…

“So…what do you want?” Michael glared at Max as he positioned himself a few paces away, adopting what could only be described as an offensive stance. He wasn’t going to just let this guy walk in and take over… These were his friends, his family, not Max’s… He didn’t know anything about the other guy, and he sure didn’t trust him!

While the two male aliens proceeded to glower at one another, the girls set to trying to salvage the situation as best they could.

“Michael please…”


“MICHAEL GUERIN!” Everyone jumped in surprise as Maria took her turn, glaring angrily at her boyfriend.

Isabel couldn’t help smirking. In actual fact, the smaller girl was probably right – shouting seemed to be the only thing that her brother truly understood… The amused expression slipped from her face a moment later as she continued to think on it though. Why did he have to be so infuriating…?

“What? I’m here aren’t I?” Michael scowled as he looked over at his sister and girlfriend.

“Well you might as well not be, the way that you’re acting about it!” Maria glowered as she stood there.

“Fine, that’s easily solved then, I’m gone!” Her boyfriend turned to leave, but as he took one step away, another voice was heard.

“Michael please…don’t…” Liz bit down on her lip, trying to ignore the cold look she could see in his eyes as he turned around.

“What? What do you want?” He questioned again, looking at her almost as though to say ‘this had better be good’.

For Max, that was the final straw. His mouth thinned in displeasure as he took a step towards the other guy, only stopping as he felt a hand on his arm and heard his wife’s please. “Max, no…don’t…”

“No, let him, come on Max; take me on if you think you’re hard enough Your Majesty!” Michael spat out the title as though it tasted bad in his mouth.

“MICHAEL!” Maria yelled, but it did little good, he wasn’t listening.

Unfortunately, Liz knew full well that Max had been wanting to fight Michael ever since his stunt that night on her way home… Before he could make a move, she deftly moved in front of him, placing herself between him and Michael. “NO!” She shook her head at both guys. “Fighting is not going to solve anything!”

Turning towards Max, she placed a hand on his chest, pressing as though to push him back. “Try and calm down…please honey…”

Alex stepped forward at this moment, having been silent until now. “She’s right Max…fighting is for losers…and you’re not one of those…”

Feeling his resistance fade, Liz let out a sigh of relief as she now directed her attention to Michael who was stood a short way off, prevented from leaving by Maria and Isabel it seemed.

Swallowing, she stepped towards him, closing the distance until she was able to look into his eyes. “Look Michael, we can’t change the past! We can’t change the fact that we didn’t tell you who we were at first! Since we came clean, we’ve been nothing but honest. We’ve answered the questions you have; I helped you with your hand…” She paused a moment to catch her breath, and then continued on, her voice growing harder now. “I asked for this meeting because enough is enough! We’ve done as much as we can, and now the ball’s in your court… Max and I will help you, we’ll answer more questions, we’ll help you with your powers…but you have to stop this! You have to stop looking on us as enemies, and you have to stop the snooping in our lockers and such things…”

“My wife is right – get over it or don’t, but either way quit the snooping!” Max rested his hand on her shoulder, as he stepped up behind Liz. “You want to know something, all you have to do is ask us!”

Finishing with these words, he looked down at Liz, offering her his hand. “I think maybe it’s time we left…”

“No!” Isabel stepped away from her brother to close the distance between herself and the couple. “Max please, don’t go yet…”

He smiled softly and shook his head, looking from her face to that of Michael and then back again. “No Isabel… I think it’s best we do… We’ll give you as much time as you want… Just tell us when you’re ready to talk okay…” Max looked around at the group. “See you later…”


“I’m sorry about…you know…” Liz apologised softly as she carried two plates of pasta round and placed them on the table, one on each of the place settings.

Max shook his head as he came up behind her, taking only a minute to set down the drinks before wrapping his arms around her from the back. “You don’t have anything to be sorry about honey… I know you were trying to help, and it would probably have worked…had it not been for the fact that one of the people there was Michael.”

Noting how his tone hardened as he mentioned the other guy, turned around so that she was facing him, closing her hand over one of his as she shook her head. “I should have known better…I should have given it more time…”

“More time for him to break into our apartment again?” Max pulled her further into his arms, kissing the top of her head. “Sweetie, you were right, it had gone far enough…”

Although far from convinced, his wife realised that now was not the time to get into a big discussion as she remembered the two plates of food which were currently going cold. She pulled back slightly, motioning to the table. “We should eat…”

Max opened his mouth as he nodded, about to say something but as a knock came at the door, he closed his mouth again, glancing at the clock and wondering who it would be at this time.

They certainly didn’t have regular night callers…and this was definitely night…

The mood of both teenagers underwent a rapid change, as both stiffened, becoming far more alert and aware it seemed than they had been a few minutes before. Gone were the weary smiles and light banter which had been exchanged while dinner was cooking, all replaced by serious, tense glances towards the door as both headed over.

Motioning for his wife to remain behind him as they approached the door, Max stepped forward, looking out the spy hole but seeing only darkness it seemed. The bulb on the landing had been bust since the day they arrived, and it seemed it still hadn’t been fixed.

Another, sharp knock on the door caused both to jump slightly, and he swallowed holding out one hand, ready to produce a shield if necessary, while with the other he unlocked the door.

“Just a minute…” Liz called out, as they had agreed when making plans for such an event… If she called out, whoever it was wouldn’t be expecting Max to answer the door, and that might just give them an extra few seconds which, on occasion, could prove vital in staying alive…

As each stood nervously, preparing to flee, or fight if it were necessary, Max swung the door open to reveal who waited on the other side….
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*peeks out from behind the computer* Hey guys, sorry I took so long but I'm back :)

Thanks for all the fantastic feedback

force - well I know I didn't continue it the following day, but I hope that you'll find your way back to it anyway because I've got that new chapter you wanted so much... Not sure its quite as simple as you're saying... Yes, Max was King, but it's not a dictatorship...and what Michael is saying is understandable to an's just he's going maybe a little too far with it - or that's the way I see it... Thanks for reading, glad you're enjoying the story.
lazza - I do believe you're right :wink: Sorry, to have left you waiting so long... I see what you mean about them not getting anywhere too, but I'd have thought you might have realised - quick fixes in most cases aren't my style...
Zanity - Thanks, I'm pleased to hear that you're still enjoying how it's playing out. As for Max, I'm not sure that violence is the solution here, although I definitely see how it might come about...
Maya - Actually I could, and I did leave it there... Unfortunately it took me rather longer than intended to get back, so sorry about that :(.
Timelord31 - Sorry for the wait. I don't think that Max has actually ever ended up fighting Michael...although he's come close on many occassions already... I think you're right about the problem though, although I might put it slightly differently - that they're too much like one another... How do you think that Max and Michael would like that insight :-?
tequathisy - Well anything is possible...
Flamehair - You may be right about Isabel, although I'm sure all four aliens are going to be put through it somewhat over time... As for Michael and Max - a showdown? - well they certainly keep rubbing each other up the wrong way don't they...? Thanks for waiting patiently, and here's the new chapter. Hope you enjoy it.
POM - Is it, or isn't it...? Well guess you'll have to read to find out :wink:
Forensicschick - Sorry, but I really didn't have a choice if I wanted any chance of passing my exams - thinking about Max and Liz is really not condusive to study you know... Thanks for reading though, as you said, there's no Tess in this one (at the moment anyway) but the answers to your question lies below.
Morning Dreamgirl - You want more? - well looks like it's your lucky day :wink:
Thanks for taking the time to leave such detailed feedback Ashley :), I'm going to do my best to do it justice...
Michael apologising - well, anything is possible, if unlikely... I think the major problem is that he really thinks he's right, and doesn't seem to listen to anyone telling him otherwise... I tend to think you're right about him taking things from the protector better, but then some of the things which are really bugging him at the moment wouldn't have happened so maybe that makes sense...sort of... He might have been surprised by what Nacedo would have said considering everything that he's assumed... Michael's definitely got a problem with what happened, but yes, getting him to admit it will be a challenge, and getting him to listen to what the others have to say...well...maybe it will take some time...
As for him and Isabel moving in with Liz and Max as you seem to be suggesting, LOL, yeah, I imagine it would't be great all the time, but it's possible I guess... Although of course more people means a bigger apartment, and larger bills, so easier...maybe not...
Elizabeth Kivana - Thanks for reading, glad to see you're enjoying the story. As for your's the answer :D

Thanks to everyone reading this story, hope you're enjoying it, because I know I love writing it. Sorry for the wait for this one though, just hope this chapter won't disappoint now.


Chapter 33

“Michael? Isabel…?” Max blinked in surprise as he took in the pair of teenagers who stood outside on the landing.

Liz too was obviously surprised, although she did collect herself more rapidly than her husband it seemed, inviting the pair into the apartment quickly, along with questioning if they wanted something to eat.

Isabel smiled but shook her head slightly as she walked in through the door. “No, we’ve already eaten…but thanks for the offer…” She assured the brunette, glancing over at the table where the couple’s dinner laid untouched, and flashing an apologetic look as she realised what they had interrupted. “Sorry…we didn’t realise we’d be interrupting…we can come back another day if you like--”

“No, it’s fine, honestly!” Max waved away her apology as his wife nodded in agreement, motioning towards the sofa as she suggested they took a seat.

"Not necessary..." Michael responded roughly, shaking his head and refusing to move further into the room despite a pleading look from his sister. "This won't take long..."

"Fine, so what do you want?" Max didn't take kindly to being spoken to in such a tone, and was in no mood to 'play nice'. While with Isabel he had been all smiles, he made no attempt to give an impression of welcoming Michael, reaching out to take his wife's hand as they continued to face the 'siblings'.

"I want you to teach us to use our powers!" The second guy stated. He knew full well what his sister wanted, of course he did – she had told him enough times… It wasn’t going to happen though. He wasn't about to apologise for what he had done, and nor did he want to be 'friends'... Max had said it just fine earlier, they had lied, and he had two choices - to get over it, or not... He had chosen the latter, but he did accept that some of what had been said made sense. For the moment, he wanted information, pure and simple...

"What my brother is trying to say, and failing, is that we want to understand and learn about who we are and what we can do... We’d like to take you up on the offer to help us...if it still stands..." Isabel jumped in, trying to put it forward in a little less demanding manner as she silently fumed over the way he insisted on acting. She knew he wasn't happy about things, but he had agreed to come here, couldn't he have tried to use a little more tact...? Couldn't he make a little effort, just--?

Michael scowled at his sister, before turning from her to glare at the young couple in front of them. "What I mean is exactly what I say!" He responded in a hard tone, brushing away and ignoring all Isabel's efforts as he continued in his previous manner. He wasn't going to play this game. Tiptoeing around the subject was just not in his nature, and he wasn’t about to pander to this guy. So Max had been the King, what did he care – he wasn’t about to let him tell him what to do, and he sure didn’t care about whether he liked him or not!

"Michael, please, it's okay, it's-" Liz tried to step in, attempting to play the peacemaker. She understood that he was angry, and upset even, but if only he would try and understand…

"Yeah, I know it's okay, and I don't need you to tell me!" He snapped back angrily, cutting her off mid-sentence and looking from one to the other. "So, are you going to help us or not?" He questioned bluntly.

If there was one thing which would annoy Max more, it was hearing Liz spoken to like that and fury shone through his eyes as he spoke now, his voice tight and full of anger. "First you can apologise to my wife - RIGHT NOW!"

"Apologise, I don't think so...."



Isabel and Liz both looked at their respective brother and husband as they tried desperately to salvage what was fast looking as though it was going to degenerate into a major fight...

"MAX please?" Liz reached out, touching her husband's arm. She had never seen him like this, in the whole of their lives, and it wasn't something which she liked much. "it's not important, just words, and see, I'm not upset..." She offered him a smile and shook her head. “It’s really not important, I don’t mind…”

“I don’t care; he’s not speaking to you like that!” Max glared at Michael. “Apologise to her…now!” He repeated slowly, his seemingly low tone giving the impression of the rumbling of a volcano which was about to erupt.

Glancing between her brother and the other couple, Isabel swallowed nervously, looking back towards the door. "I think maybe we should be going...maybe we can talk about all this another day...?" She suggested, realising that if they didn’t get out of here quickly, this meeting was going to turn into a disaster. She knew her brother well enough to know that he wasn’t going to back down, and one look at Max told her he was spoiling for a fight by this point…

Again Michael seemed to ignore her attempts at peace making though - he was either completely stupid or he simply didn't care... Instead of taking the out he had been offered, he continued on the path which seemed so certain to lead to confrontation, as he shook his head at her suggestion. "Talk? About what? I don't think we need to talk another day, we just need a simple answer - right?" He looked back at Max and repeated his earlier question. "Will you help us - YES or NO?"

Glancing over at Max, Liz didn't miss the way his fists were clenched or the look in her husband's eyes. "Yes!" She jumped in before he could say, or do, anything more.

Max was clearly still angry, but he didn’t contradict his wife’s response as he looked back at Michael, continuing to stare him down. “I think I’d like you to leave…now!” He stated after a moment in a low voice devoid of any sign of friendship. Michael was right, they didn’t need to talk, and if that was the way he wanted it, he had no objections.

“Don’t worry, we’re going!” Shooting one more glare in the direction of the couple, Michael turned on his heel and stormed out of the apartment, the door slamming shut behind him.

“I-I’m sorry… I should go after him…” Isabel shook her head as she made her apology, before hurrying out after her brother and leaving Liz and Max alone in their apartment once more.

Watching her retreating figure as it disappeared through the door, Max sighed as he sank down onto the sofa.

Turning back after closing and finally locking the door behind their ‘visitors’, Liz looked back over at him in concern. She knew that he hated how things were with Isabel… Even when they were children, he had thought about his sister she knew. He cared and worried about her, and now, well…Michael had taken his place…

They had been forced to grow up alone, and just as she with her and Michael, Isabel and Max were little more than strangers…

She shook her head, moving across the room towards her husband. What a mess… Biting her lip, she swallowed and forced something of a smile before she spoke again. “So, are we going to eat or what?”

Max looked up sharply, almost as though he was surprised she was there.

“Max…are you okay…?” Liz looked down at into his eyes questioningly, hating to see that look of pain.

Her husband shook his head, not really knowing what to say. He swallowed and reached out to take her hands, tugging her down into his lap where he held her gently in his arms, burying his lips in her hair as he spoke again. “I just wish it could have been different…”

“I know…but we’ll get through this, together…I promise…” Turning to face him, the brunette looked up, reaching to push his hair back from his face before leaning forward, eliminating the distance between them and pressing her lips against his.

Max needed no encouragement to respond, pressing back firmly as he deepened the kiss , turning it from something brief and sweet, to something quite different as he poured all the love he felt for her into that one moment.


“Liz…?” Isabel approached the brunette a little hesitantly as she saw her heading into the Crashdown after school. Whether it was on purpose she wasn’t sure, but she hadn’t seen the other girl, or her husband, at any time other than during classes for days.

Of course after the confrontation at their apartment, she wasn’t too sure if that was such a bad thing, or at all surprising... She wouldn’t blame the young couple if they never wanted to speak to them again considering everything…

Despite her brother’s attitude her own opinion had not changed however, and she still hoped that she would be able to salvage the friendship which she had begun to build with the petite girl. It was for that reason that she had come into town after school, having gained from Maria the information that Liz was supposed to be working that evening.

She could have gone up to her straight after school of course – and had thought about doing just that… But then that would mean seeing Max, and also that Michael would know what she was doing, and while she wasn’t ‘scared’ of either of them, she wasn’t sure that she was ready to face all that just yet.

Dropping her hand from the door she was about to push open, Liz stepped back and looked around as she heard Isabel. “Hey…”

“Hey…look…I meant what I said the other night, I’m sorry about how it worked out, and I do want to be friends with you…” Isabel looked somewhat awkward as she tried to explain. “It’s just my brother is an idiot, and stubborn and-“

“It’s okay…I understand…” Liz responded softly, holding up a hand to stop the other girl. “I don’t hold it against you, and neither does Max…” She shook her head and sighed. “I understand that Michael is angry with us too, I just wish he’d give us a chance…”

Isabel nodded. “I can see that…”

“This is a real mess isn’t it?” The younger of the two girls commented, glancing nervously at her watch to check the time.

“Yeah…” Isabel looked at her. “Sorry, I don’t want to make you late; I just…wanted to talk a bit…” She shrugged awkwardly. “I haven’t seen you around school at lunch, and thought maybe you were avoiding us…”

“What…no, of course not…” The suggestion caused the brunette to look down in an attempt to hide the guilty look she was sure Isabel would be able to see if she looked at her. She was right in fact – she and Max had been practically hiding out in the library over lunches… Their excuse was that they had a lot of schoolwork, and needed to get stuff done, but if she was honest, that hadn’t exactly been their main consideration.

Getting schoolwork done was often a struggle, but they managed… That week it was a convenient excuse, and one which they had taken advantage of though. It was just…difficult…

Looking down, Liz began to fiddle with her fingers. “I think Max was going to call you later tonight about a training session if that’s what you’re wondering about…”

Isabel shook her head immediately at the suggestion. "Oh no! I mean it's great if he is, but that's not why I wanted to talk to you..." The taller of the two girls rushed to assure the other. She hated to think that Liz might think she wanted to put pressure on them, although after Michael's behaviour the other night she could well understand why the brunette might think such a thing... "I meant what I said the other night Liz - about wanting to be your friend..." Shifting her weight awkwardly, she offered the other girl somewhat nervous-looking smile.

"And I want that too Isabel...Max does as well, if you'll let him..." Liz returned the smile, albeit a little hesitantly. "It's not that we're trying to stall you, or make out we're better than you... I know that Michael seems to think we are, but really, it's just not true..." The young girl tried to explain. "Not that I'm saying that Michael is consciously lying, or anything like that though...I know he's only doing what he feels is best for you, and that he means well..." Feeling that she was perhaps doing more harm than good, Liz broke off, falling into an awkward silence as she continued to face the other girl. She didn't want Isabel to think she was criticising Michael... Not that she would do that truly anyway, but she knew the other girl had no way of knowing that...

Her reluctance to criticise Michael was something which Isabel in fact found quite amusing. She would probably be the first to defend him if she did hear a stranger criticising, but Liz was hardly a stranger, and besides, she couldn’t deny that the other girl had good reason to want to complain. Hadn't she herself objected time and time again to the way her brother had insisted on acting around the new kids even before they had found out the truth....? She had thought perhaps that he had rethought things when he had agreed to go and see Max and Liz the other night, but the resulting confrontation was one which she remembered with a certain amount of horror. Not because she was scared of the young couple, far from it, because she was embarrassed that Michael could have been so blatantly and utterly rude to them. Sighing, she shook her head, reaching out towards the younger girl who she hoped to get to know a lot better. "It's okay Liz, you have every right to be angry at him, and there's no doubt in my mind that he was completely out of order..."

"Yeah, well Max wasn't much better..." Liz bit down on her lip, chewing on it ass she thought about the night in question. "I tend to think they're a lot alike on the inside, but they certainly manage to rub each other up the wrong way..."

"Yes, well, they both have one priority, Max's is you, and Michael's is me..."

The statement was very true of course, and made Liz think. "I hope that you know that Max cares about you too thought Isabel..." She commented softly. "He just doesn't want to be thought of as trying to take Michael's place...which he would never do, he just..." She paused a moment, searching for the correct words but in the end gave up. "He wants to get to know you..." She finished, unable to keep from thinking that the statement was completely and utterly insufficient to tell the other girl how Max really felt felt.

"Thank you..." The simple words brought a smile to the other girl's face. "I'd like that too...I'd like to get to know both of you, if you'll let me...?"

This time the brunette's response consisted solely of a nod as she checked her watch, realising that she really should be getting inside to get changed before her shift. "We'd like that too... Unfortunately, I really do have to be getting to work...maybe if you came in later, or gave us a call we could fix something up...?"

The manner in which the suggestion was made was genuine enough, but Isabel couldn’t help thinking that there was an edge Liz's edge of...sadness...? She puzzled over it a moment, and then, just as she was nodding, agreeing to speak later, it came to her. "Liz!" Reaching out, she stopped the other girl again just as she was about to push open the door and, before Liz could say anything as she turned, Isabel spoke again. "Liz, I just wanted to say, I know that Michael is gruff at the moment, but I know him, and he will come around... It might take a lot of time, that I can't deny, but eventually I'm sure that he'll calm down and begin to open himself up a little..." She offered another small smile. "Just don't give up on him okay...He just needs a bit of time..."

"Okay..." Liz responded softly in little more than a whisper, nodding and returning the smile before wishing Isabel a good afternoon and heading on into the diner.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys.

Zanity - One wake-up call coming up...maybe... Glad you're enjoying the story and thanks taking the time to leave such detailed feedback
force - you have nothing to be sorry about, I hope you didn't think I was objecting to your feedback, I simply intended to respond. As for the boys getting their stuff together,'s your answer...
lazza - I might just have something then :wink:
anonyamousarfan - It's sad really don't you think - Michael's worried about being replaced, Max feels like he has been replaced. If only Michael would listen to what his sister has been saying though, family isn't determined by blood!
Timelord - well, explosive is one way to put it...
sylus27 - You're right about Michael, unfortunately it's not exactly an easy fear to address - especially when the guy with the fear refuses to listen to what people are telling him!
Ellie - Thanks, glad you liked the chapter.
Flamehair - Well, Michael will be Michael...unfortunately...
Michelle in Yonkers - Welcome to the story! Thanks for taking the time to leave such detailed feedback. I'm going to do my best to adress everything you brought up.

First of all I'm with you 100% as far as Michael and adjusting his clock - unfrotunately I'm not sure that will actually make much difference to him. Probably all it will do is convince him he is right... You're completely right though, he has been rude etc, and I'm delighted that you think that my portrayal of him is accurate. Michael isn't my favourite character to write about, so to know I'm doing it well gives a lot of encouragement - thanks!

I'm sorry you seem to think that Liz is defending Michael too much - I agree with you that what Max said in the last chapter was perfectly justified, and I don't suppose that Liz really thought it wasn't...she's just trying her best to make things work and avoid conflict, and to be fair Max's demands were looking as though they were heading towards a violent incident so both she and Isabel tried to act accordingly. Maybe you're right though, perhaps a new tact does need to be taken...

As for the little they told the others - in truth no, they didn't lie, but they did deliberately decieve. The thing which should be remembered by Michael is that his group did the same! Maria, Isabel and Alex all seem to have accepted this and moved on, but of course this is Michael we're talking about, and we all know how stubborn he is...

And finally as for Michael's motives, I do believe that he truely cares about his family, but then I think as you say there's some self pity, some anger at not having been looked after as he believes Max and Liz were. He and Isabel haven't had it easy, but as you say that's not Max and Liz's fault. The question is how to make him see that.
isabelle - I think that for Max and Liz it was perhaps a choice - see Michael AND Isabel at lunch, or miss both - they do all sit together afterall... And they were going to call them to fix up a meeting, just I think they needed a little time to collect themselves and work out exactly how to approach the others next...
maya - thanks for the congrats

I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone reading and responding to this story. I know I've said it before, but I read every bit of feedback, and it really does help! I want to say thanks to anyone who nominated Family Connections in the awards this time too :D:D.

I'm afraid this chapter isn't out quite as soon as I would have hoped, but the first scene is something which I struggle quite a bit with so it took me a while to write anything I was happy with. I'm still a little unsure about it, so I only hope you guys won't be disappointed.

Thanks to anyone reading this story, hope you're all enjoying it and here's the new chapter.


Chapter 34

“Easy, try taking it a little slower, give the power time to grow before you try anything…” Liz suggested to Isabel as her friend once more gave a resigned sigh and lowered her hand. As she spoke, the younger of the girls demonstrated her words as she held out her own hand, focusing her energy and then turning to aim at one of the stones which they were using as targets. “Concentrate on accuracy and strength first, and speed will come later okay…?”

Before she had chance to release the blast however, a sound not unlike an explosion came from behind, causing Maria, who had been stood watching from a distance, and both other girls to turn sharply.

Quickly allowing the energy to dissipate, Liz closed her hand up and hurried over with Isabel and Maria as the three of them headed over the ridge to where the guys were doing their own practice. Max and Michael working together was simply a disaster waiting to happen… None of the girls had been keen to accept the plan proposed, but nor would the guys agree to the other option.

The best way to teach was to do one on one so that Michael and Isabel wouldn’t begin comparing their performances directly with one another and be disappointed. It was the same way that Nasedo had taught Liz and Max when they were younger, working with one, and then the other, and keeping the second away from the area while practice with the first was taking place. As their control over the powers had grown, they had practiced together of course, but initially it had been done as one-to-one, and that was the way that they had intended to pass it on.

“WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?” Max looked up from the smouldering hollow next to his foot to glare at Michael. “The targets are over there in case you hadn’t realised…”

Hearing the raised voices travel through the air, Liz and Isabel and Maria were all running as they approached the guys. “What happened?” Liz questioned as she scanned the scene, noting Alex who was stood to one side, and crossed towards her husband.

“What do you think…?” He responded in a stony tone. “Michael here seems to have a death wish…”

The other guy’s head shot up. “A death wish? Is that a threat? Do you think you can take me, do you…? Come on, I’d like to see you try!”

Isabel groaned and shook her head, holding up her hand as she stepped between the two of them. “No one is fighting anyone!” Her tone was firm and definite.

“But this is supposed to be practice right?” Michael questioned. “Surely the best way to practice defending and attacking is to do exactly that…”

“Don’t tempt me…”

Michael’s head shot up. “What did you say?”

“It doesn’t matter, because as Isabel just said, no one is fighting anyone!” Liz stepped in now. “You said you wanted to learn about your powers, you demanded to be taught, so why don’t you listen?” Her tone was angry by now, having had quite enough of all this already. She did not need this hassle… She had been up until two in the morning last night trying to complete some schoolwork which she needed to hand in, had a long shift at the Crashdown tomorrow, and her schoolbag contained a new pile of assignments which she should be doing right now. All in all, she wasn’t in the greatest of moods, and listening to her husband and cousin acting all macho was not even in the range of things which she classified as fun.

“I already know how to blast!” Michael retorted, glaring at Max.

The other guy showed no hesitation in returning the glare with one of his own as he pointed to the ground. “Doesn’t look much like it to me – you did it too fast, the blast was weak and your aiming was poor!”

“It could still have taken you out had I shifted a foot to the left…”

“Actually it wouldn’t, but you’re free to try if you want…”

A showdown between the two guys seemed inevitable right now, and both Isabel and Liz seemed powerless to stop it…

Or were they…?

Suddenly two sections of earth, one directly in front of Max and a matching one in front of Michael blew up, causing them both to start and look back in the direction from which the blast seemed to have come.

Liz stood with her hands both out, looking back at them. “Oh I’m sorry, is this a private fight or can anyone join in?” She questioned in a hard tone which seemed to show she was less than impressed by the display. “You see I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a training session, not a free for all!”

Michael looked from Max to Liz and back again, glaring at both. “I don’t need to be told how to blast!”

“No, of course you don’t, the fact that I could probably take you out right now, when your blasting is supposed to be more powerful than that of the rest of us put together…” Liz trailed off and shrugged. “But no, of course you don’t need help…”

“Michael maybe it would be an idea just to give it a try…” Alex suggested hesitantly, trying to calm the situation a little although making no effort to move closer for the moment.

His input earned him a cold glare much like those which his friend had been sending Liz and Max as he continued to demonstrate how stubborn he was. He looked back at Liz and sneered. “You couldn’t take me out!”

“Wanna bet…?” She smiled sweetly. “You’d be surprised what I can do Michael, because as you’ve been so keen to point out in the past, we’ve had over eight years of tuition and practice that you haven’t…”

“Yeah, because we were abandoned and weren’t important enough…” Michael responded sourly.

The story was getting old, fast. “Believe what you want Michael, but you were the one who came to us and asked, no, demanded these sessions… Now either listen to what I’m saying, or we’re done!” Max looked back at Michael before turning and stalking away.

Closing her eyes, Liz counted to ten in an attempt to cool down. This was definitely not the session they had been hoping for… The one which should have been expected perhaps, but definitely not that which had been hoped for… It seemed like every time Max and Michael spoke, things just got worse…

Biting down on her lip she opened her eyes and took a deep breath before looking to Michael again. “You have been rude and intrusive, you have broken into our apartment and my locker, you have demanded answers and then when we try and give them you throw it all back in our faces…” Her tone hardened further as she continued. “It stops now Michael! Enough is enough! Max is trying to help you – in case you hadn’t realised… Your blasting isn’t half as strong as it could be, and from the little I’ve seen I agree with Max – you like aiming for big targets because then you’ll hit a part of it while with smaller ones you might miss…”

“RUBBISH – I can hit anything you can!”

“Really…?” A thoughtful smile passed over Liz’s face before she focused on building up her power while searching for a suitable target. Her eyes lit up as she saw one. “Okay, do you see those rocks?” She pointed out a small cluster of what would more likely have been described as stones. None were any larger than the palm of a hand and stood several yards away. “I can select and take out a single stone and leave the others completely intact!” Holding out her hand, she indicated the middle stone which a moment later exploded just as she had said. Dusting off her hand now, she looked over at Michael. “Your turn…”

Just as expected, Michael’s attempt was less than successful. He took out two stones anyway, and both were at least two stone-lengths away from that which he had been aiming for. Liz nodded her tone softening as she now tried again to speak to him. “We can help you with that Michael… If only you’ll let us…”

“Whatever…” His pride obviously hurt, Michael was in no mood to start letting anyone in. He just wanted out of there…now! “Are we ready to go now?”

In fact, it didn’t seem to matter how Isabel and Maria responded, because he was already on his way back to the car by the time they were nodding. Both girls sent an apologetic look in the direction of the brunette, saying they’d see her later, before Maria reluctantly turned and hurried after her boyfriend.

Isabel hung back a little as her friend and brother disappeared, once more feeling as though she were stuck right in the middle, and hating every minute of it. As Alex approached, pulling her into his arms, she smiled softly, looking up but pulling back quickly to look back at Liz. “Don’t beat yourself up over it – he deserved it, and he’ll get over it…” She offered the younger girl a reassuring smile. “I have to go after him, but I’ll see you later, okay…?”

Biting down on her lip, Liz nodded. “Yeah, I’ll call you later maybe…” She returned with a somewhat sad smile which seemed to say everything, speaking of her original hopes, and the disappointment and guilt she now felt at the outcome of the meeting.

Wishing his girlfriend goodbye with a quick kiss, Alex watched as she disappeared over the horizon before crossing over to Liz. “It’ll get better you know…” He commented in a low voice. “He’s just stubborn and doesn’t want to admit he’s wrong… He’s a good guy though, when you get to know him…”

“I know, I just wish things didn’t have to be such a mess…” The petite brunette sighed and shook her head, looking out across the barren landscape to where her husband stood a little way off. “I probably shouldn’t have done that just now…”

Alex’s eyebrows twitched with amusement as he remembered the look on the guys faces. “Oh I don’t know about that, I thought it was probably just what was needed…”

Smiling gratefully, Liz nodded. “Yeah, well…it didn’t exactly have the effect I was hoping for – Max leaving was definitely not the desired result…” She shrugged and shook her head. “But I should go get him anyway…you don’t want to be stuck out here with us a lot longer…” Pausing a moment, she looked back at him. “Sorry about us having to ask for a lift…we’ll be sorting some transport soon, just we needed to know if we were staying first you know…”

“Sure…” He nodded. “And I honestly don’t mind giving you a lift, it’s no trouble, not even if you want to stay out a bit longer…”

His words caused a small smile to flicker across her face. “Thanks for being so understanding Alex...”

He grinned and shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, I’m happy to help!”

“Yeah, well thanks anyway...I’ll just go get Max…” Sending another grateful smile in his direction, she now turned and hurried away, practically running towards where her husband was still stood and only slowing as she reached his side whereupon he turned, and the couple seemed to speak briefly before they began to head back the way they had come.


“Max…are you okay…?” Liz walked up behind her husband as he sat on the sofa, leaning over to rest her head on his shoulder. He hadn’t said much all evening, not since they arrived home after that disaster of a practice session…

Perhaps it had been a useless hope that she had harboured; that the session might go off without incident, or that maybe it would even go well… The whole thing had been a disaster waiting to happen if she was honest – Michael and Max, both using their powers, the latter trying to teach the former…

She squeezed her eyes shut; even thinking about the events of the afternoon was giving her a headache…

Max turned his head as he felt the weight of her chin rest on his shoulder, looking up to see his wife’s beautiful eyes close. “Shouldn’t that be my line…?” He questioned softly. “You don’t look so great yourself you know…”

“I’m fine…” Liz opened her eyes to look back at him, almost as though she were trying to read his thoughts. “I’m sorry…about what I did – I know it didn’t really help…” She trailed off awkwardly, lifting her head off his shoulder as she straightened and slipped her arms around his neck, using her thumbs to try and work the knots out of his back.

Letting out a sigh, Max closed his eyes and allowed his head to rock back, savouring for a moment every touch of her small, beautiful, wonderful hands… Unfortunately, there were things she had said which needed to be addressed though… “I don’t think it really made things worse baby…they were all pretty dire anyway weren’t they…?” He pointed out sadly.

Knowing him well, Liz could hear the undercurrent of upset and even anger which ran under his words. She knew he didn’t like this any more than she did, even if Michael had been getting a rise out of him on more than one occasion. “It wasn’t your fault…” She assured him softly, continuing to work his shoulders as she leant back around in order to kiss him. “Michael is just…”

“An idiot?”

Struggling to stifle a laugh, Liz looked down at her husband who gave a shrug. “Sorry, it was too tempting…”

“You’d better not say that in front of him…” His wife commented softly as she began to run her fingers through his hair.

Max tipped his head back to look up at her. “I promise I’ll be good…” He responded, faking a repentant look.

Liz shook her head in amusement. “You know you have more in common with Michael than you might like to admit…” She commented, giggling at the look on his face as she said this. It was priceless!

“Me, like Michael?” Max stared at his wife with an open mouth which spoke of his disbelief. “You can’t be serious!”

She raised an eyebrow and shrugged. “Actually, yeah… Isabel and I were talking about it the other day… For starters each of you has one priority – us…” Offering him a small smile, she stepped back and moved around the sofa, preparing to sit next to him. “You’re both stubborn, and determined that you’re right…”

Watching her hips sway as his wife approached his side, Max grinned as a thought occurred to him and he reached out to settle his hands on her hips. “And we both have a one track mind…although right at this moment in time I don’t think they’re focused on the same thing…” He commented, the look in his eyes leaving no doubt as to where his mind was focused…

Despite the fact that he was basically making fun out of something which had started off as serious, Liz couldn’t help but smile at his response. “Really…so what’s your mind focused on right now…?” She questioned softly.

Max smiled, listening to her voice, which came out almost as a whisper and watching her tempting pink lips as they moved to form the words. “The here and now…” He responded in an equally soft manner standing as he slid his arms up from her waist and then back down to her hands, tugging gently as he began to move away from the sofa, taking her with him. “How about we try and forget about all about Mr Sulky for a little while…and concentrate on you, and me…?”

Raising her eyebrows at the suggestion Liz seemed to consider. “And what might you have in mind Mr Evans…?” She questioned playfully, smiling as she leaned further forward to meet his lips.

As he pulled back, Max grinned. “I’d have thought that was pretty obvious Mrs Evans…”

Liz batted her eyelashes, having fun now. “Maybe, but why don’t you make sure and enlighten me…?”

“You mean like this…?” This time it was Max who leaned forward to capture her lips in his again before breaking away to move back, teasingly towards the bedroom.

Giggling as he tugged on her hands again, allowing her husband to lead her towards the door, Liz smiled, leaning forward to kiss him again. “Maybe I need just a little more…?”

Max’s eyes twinkled in amusement as he pushed open the door behind them and led his wife through the door. “A little…? I don’t know, I think maybe a lot might be needed actually…just so that we know we’re both on the same page of course…”

“Oh, of course…” Turning as they stepped up to the bed, she gave a coy smile as she dropped down onto the bed lightly, folding her arm back under her head as she lay back and looking up at him. “And I think I’m going to need a lot of clarification…”

“Well, maybe we should get started then…” Max sat down on the edge and leant over, brushing her beautiful, long, silky hair back from her face and pressing his lips against hers gently at first, but deepening the kiss quickly as he felt her respond.
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Post by KatnotKath » Thu Aug 03, 2006 7:41 pm

Hey guys, I'm back :) sorry for the delay and thanks for all the feedback :D:D

Zanity - Sorry, it's my fault for not being clear - I didn't exactly mean both girls when I said us... It was more Liz being Max's, and Isabel being Michael's...if that makes sense...

As for Michael - he's stubborn, we all know this. I do believe that he is for real in his claims that he believes that he's trying to protect his family, even if it doesn't seem neccessary though. He's not all bad, and I'm not trying to make him out to be although I know some people think I am. Just maybe he doesn't go about things in the best of ways at times... He's done a lot of things which he probably shouldn't, and some of those I'm sure he would take back if he could. Others probably aren't quite as knowlingly insensitive as they might seem, such as walking into Isabel's room at night perhaps, or even asking Liz to go into the bedroom...

I'm not sure that cutting him out is the answer though, he needs to be integrated not ostracised... Maybe this chapter will help a little...?
anonyamousarfan - yes, it didn't exactly seem likely to end well did it? Here's more anyway, hope you enjoy it.
Timelord31 - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the delay but here's the new chapter.
Ellie - Glad you're continuing to enjoy the story, thanks for reading.
Flamehair - Thanks for reading, as for Michael, how about we see what the others think about it all? Oh, and thanks for the bump too :)
POM - He'll come round I'm sure, it's just a case of when...
teqauthisy - Whose bright idea - well that would be the guys in question :-? Max didn't want Michael working with Liz, and Michael was the same about the idea of Max and Isabel... The result, a disaster of course... As to something else bothering Michael, well, maybe this next chapter will explain a little...or at least make some suggestions...
lazza - Glad you enjoyed the new chapter, here's more
Isabelle - Actually both guys insisted on it - neither wanted their 'girl' working with the other guy... I really like your imagry when talking about Liz and Michael though lol very nicely put. And as for Isabel following Michael, perhaps it was a bad choice of things to do but maybe she thought she could try and calm him down or something...
midnightstar29 - Welcome to the story, glad you've enjoyed it so far. As for Michael, yes he's been out of line, but no, I don't think that violence is the answer. In all honesty, it would give him exactly what he wants wouldn't it? - an actual reason to dislike Liz and Max...
WomanofMystery - welcome, glad to know you're enjoying the story.
Redrumm - :D:D welcome to the story, thanks for reading and glad you're enjoying it.

Okay, so I know this has been a long time coming, and I'm sorry. I just couldn't work out how to make this work at first and hence nothing got wrote. It's been sat on my harddrive without having even a word added to it for weeks, but finally my muse decided to reappear and I only hope you like what I've come up with.

I want to apologise to anyone that thinks I'm focusing too much on the negative side of Michael, or making Liz and Max out to be wimps - neither of these did I intend... I will say that the characters are different, because their backgrounds make them so - these aren't the people we knew from the series, and that means some things will be different, although other things will be the same.

I'm not trying to make Michael out to be the devil, or anything like that, and while his actions have in many cases been wrong, I hope people can see that his underlying motivations are not supposed to be selfish or mean. He's trying to protect his family - this I really believe whether others do or not. I'm not trying to make him out to be all bad at all, and if anyone thinks I am, I'm sorry...

This next chapter is rather different from recent ones, but I hope you'll think it works and enjoy the content.


Chapter 35

“I just don’t get it…”

“Don’t get what?” Alex questioned, looking over at his best friend as she continued pacing the length of the room.

“The way Michael is acting…” Maria clenched her fists and ran a hand through her hair. “It just isn’t like him…”

“What, to be grumpy, rude and confrontational?” Isabel raised an eyebrow in amusement. “Actually I think it sounds exactly like my brother…” She responded, letting out a long sigh as she leant back into the arms of her boyfriend and looked back at her friend “I mean come on, I love the guy to bits, he’s my brother and I’d do anything for him, but he’s not exactly Mr Conversationalist. He’s not big on the whole ‘get to know you’ routine…”

Maria, it seemed had a differing opinion though as she shook her head and turned to look back at the others. “Yeah, but he does have a reason for all that – your whole secret does rather mean keeping most people at a distance. It’s like his defence mechanism – you know kinda like your ‘ice queen’ persona for the guys…” She looked over at Isabel, who gave a slight nod, before continuing. Friendship requires trust, and I’m not bagging you for it or anything, but your trust isn’t something you easily give…”

Nodding again absently, Isabel shrugged. “Okay, so we’ve established that he doesn’t like letting people get close, so what’s the big mystery about his reaction to Liz and Max then..?”

The second girl shook her head. “Don’t you see though, it’s different… With others he has a reason – he needs to keep them at a distance so that they don’t find out the truth… With Liz and Max though, they already know. In fact more than that, they share the secret with you…” Upon reaching the limit of how far she could walk in Alex’s relatively small bedroom, she spun on her heel and then went back the way she had come.

“You know I knew I should have asked mom to have that bit as bare boards…” Alex commented, attempting to inject a little humour into the situation.

Unfortunately, his comment that day fell on deaf ears as Maria simply turned and looked blank. “Sorry, what did you say, I didn’t catch…”

“Never mind…” Shaking his head, he leant back further on his bed, brining his girlfriend with him. Laying there silently, looking up at the ceiling he thought over everything that had been said for a moment. Both girls were right, he felt, it was Michael, and then again…it wasn’t…

“I could understand him being a bit unpleasant at first, and even after we first found out, but he should have snapped out of it by now – especially considering how many times we’ve told him to…” Maria pondered out loud, pulling out a chair from the desk to perch on as she looked back at the others, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back.

“Careful Ria…” Alex commented, although his warning apparently came too late as she leant back too far this time and ended up on the floor.

Usually a fit of laughter from everyone would likely follow this, but things at the moment were too strained and apart from asking if she was alright, the incident passed without incident as the group went back to discussing Michael. “It just doesn’t make sense…”

“I don’t know, maybe it does…”

Sitting up, Isabel looked back questioningly at her boyfriend. “What do you mean…?”

Shrugging, he pushed himself back up to join her in sitting now as he looked from one girl to the other. “Okay, well, you’re saying that it’s not like him, that he has no reason to still be acting like he is, but see the thing which is the main reason he acts like that in the first place is the want to protect you two… He doesn’t like to let anyone get close because Isabel, and now you too of course Maria, might get hurt…”

“But doesn’t he get that we’re not in danger from them…?” Isabel’s brow creased in frustration as she thought over the many times she had told him that Liz and Max just needed a chance… “We’ve identified that they’re not enemies, and yesterday they were even giving him his practice session…”

Alex nodded. “Yeah, I know all that, but you’re not getting my point… What if he’s worried…scared even…?”

Maria looked uncertain. “Michael, scared…” Her first impulse was to say that the words were like an oxymoron, and yet when she thought about it they weren’t… He might not have wanted her to, but she had seen him some mornings, or even evenings…he liked to appear tough, but there was a more gentle side to him and that side knew what fear was like…

“What of though…?” Isabel could sort of see where her boyfriend was coming here, and she admitted it was a possibility, but she couldn’t work out the details… This wasn’t like with Hank were he might hurt her or for that matter that Liz or Max were going to do so either… No, she had a feeling that her brother had accepted that much, but still…

“How about of losing the person who is the most important thing in the world to him…?” Alex suggested softly.

“Maria? I don’t get how he would even think that though. Max is married, so it’s not like he’s going to t-“

“Not me…” The blond interrupted, shaking her head as she suddenly twigged what Alex was going on about. She was important to Michael yes, but she knew that there was one person who was more so, and she would never hold that against him… Smiling softly, she gestured to her friend. “You Isabel… You’ve said it yourself in the past – you’ve always been his priority. He protects you first and foremost, and while Alex and I have now fallen under that umbrella too, it’s you that is ‘the’ person…”

“But that’s stupid!” Isabel responded, shaking her head as she took in what they had said. “I mean why would he even think that? He’s not going to lose me, he’s my brother for goodness sake, even if I might wish he weren’t at times…” The joke she added to the end went down like a lead balloon considering and the girl who had made it shrugged, holding up her hands. “Okay, bad joke I know, but seriously, where would he come up with that idea…?”

“Maybe because he now knows you’re not siblings by blood…?” Maria suggested softly. “Max is right there, and you have said you wanted to get to know him…”

The first girl let out an exasperated sigh. “To get to know him yes, but I told Michael originally that it wouldn’t change anything as far as I was concerned… I barely know Max, and even when I do it’s not like I’ll have grown up with him.” Shaking her head, she tossed her hair back, pushing it out of her face with her hand as she looked from one to the other. “Michael’s the one who protected me from the bullies, he’s the one who looks out for me… He’s the one who I remember having ice-cream sundaes with on a weekend and who gave me those reflectors for my bike when I was ten…even if I would have preferred the doll I had pointed out to him the week before…”

The others chuckled at her comment about the gift, which was so typically Michael style, although the message beneath was serious as Isabel showed as she continued now. “Max will never be that person for me… A friend? – yes, I hope so… Family – maybe… But my brother? – No, he’ll never take Michael’s place in my mind…”

Her voice started to wobble it seemed to Alex, towards the end of this speech, and inching closer, he reached out towards her, slipping his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders and squeezing gently. This hadn’t been easy on her he knew. She tried not to show it, and had been far more positive than Michael about the whole thing, but it had sent her spinning, and no wonder…

Suddenly, from believing themselves to be alone, she and Michael had discovered there were others like them, and not only that, but they were related… And it wasn’t a distant relationship, like some third cousin or anything like that. A cousin and a brother; that had to take a little getting used to…

And that was even without mentioning the whole exactly ‘who’ they were… The identities in their previous lives had been something that Max and Liz had been reluctant to expand much on, but surely it was enough to know that they were royalty…and, oh yes, that Michael and Isabel’s past selves had been betrothed…

That last had wierded them all out… The idea of Isabel and Michael together, it was just… Well, put it this way, he was just pleased that Liz and Max didn’t seem intent on them mirroring those past relationships…

Isabel, as she felt him slip an arm around her, looked over and smiled gratefully, willingly surrendering into his arms as she leant in towards his body. “Thank you…” She murmured softly as his arms tightened around her and she felt his lips touch the top of her head.


Although she intended it to be sooner, Isabel was surprised to find that Hank was actually home when she got back that evening, and it wasn’t until late that night, when she was certain he was sleeping, that she made her way to Michael’s door and knocked gently. “Michael, are you awake…?”

The sound of a lock releasing followed, as the door swung open to reveal her brother who waved her inside silently, closing and locking the door behind her, to ensure they wouldn’t be interrupted unexpectedly by Hank, before finally turning back to speak. “what d’you want…?”

His somewhat gruff-sounding greeting wasn’t that unusual, and it didn’t upset Isabel. In fact, if anything it caused her some amusement, as the expression on her face showed now. “Well it’s sure nice to know that I’m wanted…”

Immediately there was a change in her brother’s posture it seemed as he shrugged. “Yeah well, it’s not like you’d stay out if I said to is it…?” He commented with a smile as he motioned toward his bed for her to take a seat. “So what’s up anyway?”

“I want to talk to you…” Crossing the short distance, she dropped down onto the hard mattress gently, pulling one leg under the other as she sat on the side, patting the bed in front of her as an indication for him to do the same.

“Okay…” Michael nodded uncertainly as he took his seat, eyeing his sister questioningly as he waited for her to start.

“Michael…” She trailed off, struggling to work out how to start.

“What is it Izzy…?”

The nickname her brother had always used brought a faint smile to her face as she looked back up at him, taking a breath and then plunging in. “Max and Liz…”

The effect on Michael of the mention of these names was instantaneous as his eyes hardened and his lips thinned. “What?”

Gripping her thumbs tightly, Isabel turned to him pleadingly. “Michael please, hear me out…”

Her brother responded with a silent nod, but made no further comment.

“I-I think we need to talk about them…properly…” Isabel attempted to explain, reaching out now to touch his arm. “I think we need to discuss what they’ve told us…” Since Michael made no attempt to respond, she pressed on. “I know what Max said, about who we were, and how we were related, I heard him say about being my brother, but you’ve got to understand – He will NEVER replace you…”

Her word caused a flicker of emotion to pass over Michael’s eyes, although it was gone too quickly to work out exactly what it was – anger, upset, fear…? Whatever the explanation he suppressed it quickly it seemed as he turned back to his sister. “You can’t know that – he’s your blood, you’re bound to have a connection with him…”

Grabbing his wrist, Isabel shook her head as she turned over her hand. “It’s not about blood Michael – if it means that much to you, we can do that blood brothers thing that kids do – then each of us has a little of the others blood…” She shrugged and looked back at him. “That’s not what makes family though Michael! Blood doesn’t mean you’ve grown up together, or that you’ve shared experiences…but we have…”

As much as he wanted to believe her, Michael couldn’t…he couldn’t believe that she would honestly choose him over Max, because after all, the other guy seemed to be pretty much great at everything didn’t he? “You said you wanted to get to know him though…”

“Of course I want to get to know him! I want to get to know Liz too, but the main reason for that isn’t any family relationship that might exist…” She sighed reached back, collecting her hair into her hand much like she would a band and then twisting it over and over, putting it up on her head. “I want them to be friends Michael! I want to know where we come from and learn about our powers.” Letting it all drop back down when she was done, she shook her head, causing her hair to fall back over her shoulders as she looked back at Michael. “They might become like family, and I don’t say I would hate, but I don’t need a new brother, because, as annoying and irritating as he might be, I like the one I have just fine…”

Michael eyes her for a moment, almost as though trying to figure out if she were for real, and Isabel reached out again, taking his hand in hers and squeezing it in a reassuring manner as she spoke again gently in a soothing manner. “I don’t want to replace you Michael…I love you, and you’ll always be my brother…”
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Hey guys, sorry for the disappearing act but I've been busy with some stuff recently, and my muse hasn't exactly been the most cooperative... I do have a new chapter now, but how long it'll be until the next I wouldn't like to say, sorry...

Many thanks for all the feedback, I really do appreciate it, I only hope you realise that.

Redrumm - Glad you thought it worked, as for Michael, you never know :wink:
Flamehair - well she has told him before, but yes, hopefully this time he heard her. Thanks for reading
tequathisy - I think perhaps they initially just told him to act differently because his behaviour had afterall started before they knew the truth about the others...maybe it took them a little while to realise he wasn't still doing it for the ssame reason...?
Timelord31 - Thanks for reading
pandas2001 - I think part of the thing with Liz was simply he was being stubborn - he did stick up for her with Kyle even before he knew who she was remember? Although he couldn't exactly work out why... Following his feelings about Max though, if he accepted she was his cousin, he was accepting his sister was actually Max's sister... Maybe he just wasn't ready for that...
anonymousarfan - Thanks, glad you liked the chapter. As for Michael, guess we'll have to wait and see.
Sternbetrachter - Glad you enjoyed it :)
Zanity - Sorry if you think that he's getting off too easy, he is really I know, but maybe 'punishment' would just make the situation worse on this occassion...? He's already adgitated afterall... And I don't imagine that Max will welcome him with open arms after all that...I think he's going to have to work hard to gain his trust and build a friendship, and maybe somewhere along the line an apology will come... Oh, and I'm sorry if I misunderstood you latst time :oops:. Thanks for taking the time to leave such thoughtful feedback
Maya - Thanks for reading, glad you're enjoying the story
Isabelle - Glad to know you enjoyed it as always hun. Thanks for reading. I'm delighted to see that you thought that it played out fine.

The plain fact is that at the moment I'm struggling with writing. I have a couple of other things going on, and even when I can write, it's rare its one of the fics I'm already posting on here... I am trying to reign in my muse and get back to writing properly, and I'm sorry for the delay in this next chapter. I hope that it'll be worth the wait though, because I know I thoroughly enjoyed writing it as a change from the heavier stuff that recent chapters has involved.

Thanks for reading and sticking with the story.


Chapter 36

“Oh come on Liz, it’ll be fun!” Maria pleaded with the younger girl as they cleared and wiped the tables.

“Maria’s right, it’ll give us a chance to talk some more, really get to know one another – to say nothing of finding out more about you and that hunk of a husband of yours got together…” Isabel, who had been roped into helping thanks to the absence of Agnes, looked over from the counter and nodded.

Liz shook her head. “I don’t know you guys…” She hedged uncertainly. “It’s not that I don’t want to, just-“

“Well if you want to, that’s settled, you can both even sleep over at my place, and we’ll have a real girly night with no guys allowed!” Maria interrupted grinning.

Shaking her head again, the brunette couldn’t help laughing. “It’s not that simple Maria… It sounds really nice, but I just don’t k-“

“So why can’t it be simple? – You want to come and you come!”

A look of amusement danced over Isabel’s face as she saw the look on the youngest girl’s face. “Maria maybe if you would let Liz speak without keep interrupting, she could explain what the problem is and we might be able to sort it that way…” She suggested lightly.

Liz smiled softly. “It’s fine Isabel, like I say, it’s not that I don’t want to, just that Max and I usually spend Friday night at home together…when we’re not working of course…”

“Is that all?” Maria looked quite amused. “Surely changing the plans for one week wouldn’t be so bad…?” She attempted to coax her friend.

“I don’t know…” The young woman in question still wasn’t certain. “It’s just we don’t get that much time together you know – what with both working, and having school… Even when we are both there we’re often busy too…” She paused awkwardly and looked back at the other girl. “Maybe you two should go ahead without me this time and we can try and sort out something another time…?”

“And have you back out of it then too?” Showing no sign of letting it go, Maria looked back at the other girl. As soon as Isabel had asked if she would be able to come over that Friday, she had been determined to include the brunette. This was exactly what they needed! A chance to have a bit of fun, and get to know one another a bit better, and she wasn’t taking no for an answer! To this end, she now changed her tact as her voice took on a teasing edge. “Chica you sound like an old married woman!”

“Well you’ve got the married bit part, but less of the old if you please!” Liz returned in a similar manner, smiling in amusement.

“Aright then, you sound like a young married woman, but seriously Chica, how long is it since you had a girly night with your friends?”

Although meant in jest she knew, the question caused Liz to bite down on her lip and swallow. Honestly; it had been too long… She hadn’t had a lot of friends to spend time with over the last year or so, and even before it wasn’t as though they were close… “You know we really should be getting on…” The young girl commented, grabbing her cloth from where she had dropped it on the last table and moving onto the next.

Her apparent reluctance to answer the question didn’t escape the notice of Isabel and Maria, the latter of whom looked distinctly uncomfortable with the knowledge that she had been the one to bring it up. The last thing she had intended was to upset the other girl as it seemed she had… Stepping forward, she reached out to touch her arm. “Liz…I’m sorry, I didn’t think I-“

“It’s okay…” The younger woman interrupted. “Honestly Maria, it’s fine…really, I’d rather just forget it…” She insisted shortly, saying again that they should probably finish clearing up and then turning her back on them to do just that.

“Okay…sure…if that’s what you want…” Isabel responded softly as the girls all returned to work.

A silence fell over the room for a short while it seemed, but soon a comment from one of the girls prompted a response from one of the others, and gradually the easy chatter began to flow once more.

Working well together, both quickly and efficiently, the three girls made short work of the remainder of the tidying up, and about five minutes later, as there came a tapping on the door, they were just finishing off the last little bits.

“Sometimes I really wonder if people in this town can read you know…” Maria commented, rolling her eyes as she headed over to open the door.

“Maybe it’s just that the word closed isn’t in their vocabulary where food is involved…” Isabel suggested with a laugh, thinking of how true that was when it came to her brother. Nothing came in the way of him and his stomach, and there was many a time when he had come into the diner after closing and wanted something to eat. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact he was supposed to be spending the night with Alex to go over some work for an upcoming test, she might have thought it were him now…

“You know what, that’s not impossible…” Maria responded as she pretended to consider the suggestion, “…not impossible at all…anyway, best get it over with I guess…” Fixing a smile on her face, she opened the door and looked out as she began to speak. “I’m sorry, we’re closed t-“ Breaking off quickly as she recognised the figure, the girl smiled, saying ‘hey’ and moving to one side in order to allow access to the diner.

“Maria get back here and help me move this table!” Isabel’s voice boomed down the length of the room as she looked up and fell silent upon realising they weren’t alone anymore.

Stepping in through the door and reciprocating Maria’s greeting, Max smiled before looking around the diner and shifting awkwardly upon realising his wife was nowhere to be seen. “Sorry…I..uh…thought Liz would still be working…I just finished work and didn’t want her walking home alone…”

His explanation came out as somewhat fragmented, and Maria had to smile. He was sweet, and she had to say, even if she couldn’t imagine being in her situation, Liz was one lucky girl… “Oh yeah, she is.” She assured him quickly. “She’s just clearing up in the back; do you want me to call her for you…?”

Although the offer was tempting, for it would be very nice to see his wife after a long evening shift at work, Max shook his head quickly. “No, not if she’s still working, I don’t want to interrupt her or anything… I’ll just wait…if you don’t mind…”

Isabel smiled and nodded. “Sure, of course it is…” She motioned towards the table she had just straightened. “Do you want to sit down… I can get you a drink too if you like…?”

Max returned the smile as he sat down. “Thanks… But didn’t Maria, and of course the notice on the door outside just say you were closed…?”

“Not to friends…” Isabel responded. “Is it a Cherry Coke?”

Smiling at the language used – a friend – Max nodded in response. “Yeah, thanks, that would be great!”. Glancing over at the counter, his gaze shifted, following Isabel’s figure as she moved to one of the soda machine and grabbed a glass, filling and then carrying it over with a smile and setting it down in front of him.


“No problem…” Isabel smiled and nodded as she retrieved her cloth and began to wipe down the last table. “Did you just get off work then?”

“Yeah… I’ve been stocking the shelves and such…” He shrugged and stretched, struggling to control a yawn which rose in his throat as he turned in his seat in order to continue talking to her. “How about you, I didn’t know you worked here…?”

“I don’t…well, not usually… Agnes called in sick though, and I was around so Mr Parker asked me to cover…”

Max nodded. “I see…”



Isabel shifted her weight awkwardly from one foot to the other. “I-I just wanted to say that Michael isn’t all bad you know, and he means well, he’s just stubborn…” She swallowed. “I guess we all still need a bit of time, to get to know one another you know…?”

“Yeah…” Max nodded slowly. He just hoped they were going to get that opportunity, to get to know one another. Much as Michael was infuriating, he knew that Liz wanted to know her cousin and he, more than anything, wanted to know his ‘sister’… He knew he would never be the one she thought of in that way, that Michael had been the one to take that role, but still, he cared about her…

Heck he cared about both of them, and Maria and Alex too… Michael and Isabel were the only family he and Liz had, and the others…well…it had been a long time since he had been able to say he had true friends…


A familiar, warm velvety voice drew him back to the present and Max smiled as he turned, finding himself mere inches away from his wife. “Hey…” He greeted her softly, his smile widening as he reached out to catch her hand in his, drawing circles on the back of her hand as he looked up into her eyes. “All done…?”

Liz sighed and pulled a face. “Kinda not…but nearly there…” She assured him, dropping down into the seat next to him for just a moment and leaning her head against his shoulder as she tried to battle back a yawn.

“Tired…?” He knew she hadn’t been sleeping too well with all of this stuff with Michael still up in the air, not to mention the fact that she had insisted on staying up late the night before to wait for him getting back from work, and the late shift she had worked that day too…

“Uhuh…” She murmured, pulling her head back reluctantly and sitting up. “Sooooo tired…”

Smiling, her husband slipped an arm around her back, pulling her into his side for a moment as he leant over to kiss the top of her head.

“Hmm…that’s nice…” Liz opened her eyes, raising a hand to stifle another yawn as she looked up at him.

“Not bad from here either…although I think anything further we’ll take a rain-check on – when we get home it’s bed for you!” He grinned and leant to kiss her again, reaching up to push some stray hairs back from her face with a loving smile.

Looking over, Maria couldn’t help smiling at the sight of the couple. They looked just so…right… She couldn’t explain it, she couldn’t imagine being married at her age herself, and yet on them, it just seemed to fit… They were so loving, and gentle, and there was something far more between them than with a boyfriend and girlfriend she was sure… Maybe she and Michael would have that some day… She loved him, of that much she was sure, and when she looked into the future, she had to admit he was a big part of what she saw…

A smile lingering on her lips, she gave the counter one last sweep with her cloth and then headed over. “Hey, why don’t you two just head on home… We’re practically done now anyway, and I’m sure that Iz and I can finish up…” She offered with a smile.

“What, oh, no, thanks, but really I’ll be fine…” Liz sat up awkwardly. “I don’t want to leave you guys to-“

“We’ll be fine, it won’t take more than a few more minutes and you look absolutely shattered! Go home and get some sleep!” Maria interrupted, waving away her concerns in a gently chiding manner. Her eyes twinkled mischievously it seemed as a thought occurred to her and she continued. “Besides, you’re going to need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Friday you know…”

Max looked up, surprised by this last. “Why Friday?” He questioned, looking from one girl to the other.

His wife shook her head quickly. “No reason…” She looked over at Maria and shook her head. “I told you before, I have other plans… Maybe another time, but Friday is out!”

Unfortunately, it seemed her words only confirmed to Max that there was ‘something’, and he now looked towards Maria expectantly. “Well…?”

The curly-haired young woman shrugged. “I invited Liz and Izzy over to my house this Friday is all, I figured they could sleep over and we could have a girly night…”

“I don’t want to though; I told them that Friday was our night…” Liz jumped in quickly, knowing full well what he was likely to say.

Her husband laughed, pressing his lips to her head once more. “Honey, every night is our night… Sure we might have work, homework and chores, but once we’re done, it’s still our night…” Looking down into her eyes he smiled. “Go, have fun…” He urged her softly. “It sounds like it’ll be a good night…”

Liz was still unconvinced though. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to see the other girls…she did, and she loved talking to them, but… “I’ll have a good night if I stay in with you though too you know…” She protested.

Maria faked an injured look. “You know anyone would think that you didn’t want to spend the night with us the way that you keep trying to get out of this…” She commented.

The brunette shook her head quickly. “What, oh, no, it’s not like that, I do, it’s just…” She trailed off awkwardly.

Max reached for her hand and squeezed it gently. It had been a long time since either of them had really done anything other than at work or school without the other. The last few places they had been, they had made little attempt to make friends, having learnt in previous ones that it only made the leaving harder in the end… So they had kept themselves to themselves, and their social circle had pretty much consisted of themselves...something which he wanted to rectify… “I know honey… But you need more than me… We may be married, but we’re still teenagers after all, and sometimes we should get to act like it…”

His calm, measured words were spoken in a voice so full of love and warmth that Isabel and Maria almost felt as though they were intruding… As it was, the subject certainly included them though, and they nodded in agreement with Max, pleading and wheedling to try and convince her now. “Come on Liz… Please…?”

“Please baby… I think it would be good for you…” Max spoke again, pausing as a thought hit him before continuing, albeit a little more hesitantly. “Maybe I could try and fix something similar up with Alex and Michael…” He looked over at Isabel, trying to gage her thoughts on the matter. “I mean only if they wanted to of course, but we could rent some movies or something…maybe we’d even get to chat a little and bury the hatchet… What do you think…?”

Realising that he was asking for her thoughts, Isabel smiled. “Well, as long as you don’t bury the hatchet in one another’s skulls…” She joked playfully before turning serious as she nodded now. “I think it sounds like a great idea Max…”

Maria grinned in delight as her plans were finally accepted by all involved. “Okay, so you, me and Izzy at my house this Friday…” She told Liz with a smile.

The petite brunette smiled and nodded as she came around to the suggestion. “Sure…I’m looking forward to it…”

“And I’ll speak to Alex about your idea Max…if you want me to…?” Isabel offered. “I’m sure he’ll be okay, but just to check you know, and he can maybe ask Michael…”

“Sure, sounds like a good idea…” Max nodded and smiled before looking back down at his wife who was clearly worn out. “Now, does that offer about us going still stand…?”

Both other girls nodded. “Of course it does…” They assured him quickly, Maria even going as far as to fetch Liz’s bag from the back which she set down in front of them. “You go on and get home!”

With a reluctant nod, the brunette finally gave into them, allowing her husband to help her up and then heading out with him onto the street.

From her spot in the middle of the diner Maria smiled as she watched them go before following to lock the door with a smile of anticipation as she thought about plans for Friday night… Turning back into the diner quickly when she was done, she looked over at Isabel with a smile as she attempted to stifle a yawn of her own. “Okay, let’s get this done and get home…”
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Chapter 37

“Hmm…I just wish we could stay like this forever…” Liz mumbled a she stood there with her face buried in Max’s chest.

Her husband, who had his arms wrapped around her small frame, smiled and leant down to kiss the top of her head. “Not possible I’m afraid honey…” He responded after a moment, looking down at her.

She sighed and nodded reluctantly, having learnt only too well that there would be no changing his mind. “I know…and I am looking forward to tonight…” She admitted softly, although of course the fact that she was looking forward to it didn’t mean that she still wouldn’t rather just stay there with him.

“Okay, so who’s up for a night of fun?” Maria asked as she appeared in front of them, shaking her head at the sight of the couple, before reaching out and grabbing Liz’s arm, pulling her away from Max quickly.

“HEY!” Liz protested as her head lost it’s pillow and she suddenly found herself outside the warm embrace of the man she loved.

Her friend shook her head again, laughing at the two of them as she looked from Liz, to Max, and then back again. “You know, you guys have got it soooo bad!”

The brunette looked over, pretending to pout. “Say’s you! I’ve seen you with Michael you know!” She teased playfully, a mischievous smile spreading over her face before she looked back towards her husband almost as though begging for assistance.

Help from that quarter, was severely lacking however, as Max shook his head firmly although with a smile. “Uhuh…no! Lizzy I told you before; it’s only one night, and I want you to have fun…” He told his wife, looking straight back into those beautiful, chocolate brown eyes which just seemed to suck him in.

“I can have fun with you though…” Liz knew as soon as she spoke that she would sound silly, and it wasn’t as though she felt unable to function without her husband around or anything like that… It was just that it had taken a long time to find the others… For the past year it had been just him and her, and now…well…she supposed that meeting them was still something of a shock mentally… Maria and Isabel were great, wonderful even, and she really liked them, but she was just a little shy…

“Not going to happen today Mrs Evans!” Alex jumped in as he arrived with the rest of the group. “Your hubby has a date with the guys, and you wouldn’t want to stop that now would you?”

His teasing tone, combined with calling him her ‘Mrs Evans’, couldn’t help but cause Liz to smile as she looked back at the others, shaking her head with a sigh.

Grinning in response, Alex slapped Max on the back, looking from him to Michael. “Okay good, so are we ready to go?”

Isabel nodded brightly as she joined the other two girls. “Right, let’s get this show moving!” She smiled and looked towards Liz, motioning down the corridor.

Still the youngest of the three girls didn’t move however, as her gaze remained fixed on the figure of her husband. In the end, it was Max who moved instead, as he stepped forward, pulling her back into his arms and then dipping his head to capture her lips in his for one searing kiss which caused the others to look away immediately.

It was Maria and Alex who finally pulled the couple apart, dragging them away from one another and heading up, and down the corridor respectively, ignoring the protests of said couple as they both insisted it was time to go.

“We have some shopping to be doing so let’s get out of here!” Isabel stated, sliding into position on the opposite side of Liz to Maria as the two of them ushered her down the corridor. No one noticed, but as they turned the corner, she did look back however, her gaze drifting to the figure of her brother as he stood in stony silence next to Max and Alex who had stopped at the end of the corridor, apparently watching the girls leave…

Taking a breath, she put her best foot forward, continuing on with the girls, although her thoughts were left with the guys as she hoped beyond hope that this wasn’t all going to blow up in their faces…

And from the other end of the corridor, Max stood, watching the recinding form of the three girls, his thoughts mirroring that of his ‘sister’ as he looked from Alex to Michael, and then back to the girls as they disappeared around the corner, out of sight…

He really hoped they had a good time… He and Liz didn’t get much of a chance to act their age, and he just didn’t want them to get to the age of twenty-one, and find that they had given up on fun… Certainly they had to be responsible, they’d had to grow up quickly, right from the start, even before… But that didn’t mean that they couldn’t have friends, it didn’t mean that they couldn’t enjoy themselves…

Not that he didn’t love spending time with her, and they spent most of the time they weren’t working, or studying, they spent together. He loved every moment of it, and wouldn’t change it for anything, but he also knew that they needed friends too, and a little time apart, a night out with the girls, and guys, respectively, did them good…

Assuming that the latter didn’t end with actual bodily harm… He added silently to himself before blinking as Alex’s voice penetrated his thoughts…

“You know you really have it bad…” The tall, lanky guy of the group commented as he watched Max with some sense of amusement.

He grinned sheepishly. “I guess I have…but I just can’t help it…” He shook his head and sighed. “It’s just like I’ve always said…this isn’t for show…not for her, and not for me… I love her…” A small smile settled over his face as he thought about his wife, remembering how she moved, and spoke, the deep brown of her eyes, and soft lips…

Alex laughed, needing little assistance in reading that expression. “Anyone can see that man, believe me…” He commented, pausing a moment and looking back at him. “And you know, you’re a lucky guy…”

Max smiled back and nodded. “Yeah, I know…” He drew in a breath and looked around, realising the corridor was emptying fast as everyone started their weekend. “So…what do you guys say we get out of here anyway…?”


“Honestly Isabel, I’m fine…” Liz protested as her friend tried to persuade her to try on a dress which she and Maria had picked out. Thus far, she had humoured them, trying on a top or two, and even a pair of jeans, it was just a bit of fun, and she assumed they were aware she couldn’t actually afford to buy anything…

It was probably over a year since she had bought something literally ‘new’ in the clothes line… They just didn’t have the money to spend, and besides, just as for Isabel, her powers came in rather handy in ‘stretching’ her wardrobe…

Besides, from what she had gathered, Isabel was in a similar position, so the window shopping and trying on with no real intention to buy hadn’t been a problem… It just gave ideas for future manipulations of their existing wardrobes, or so Maria said when both girls had protested that they wouldn’t be buying anything, and she couldn’t deny it had been fun…

The dress which Isabel was holding up now was quite different though… Tops and jeans were one thing, but while the dress was beautiful, she certainly didn’t feel that it was her style. Surely it would suite Isabel, or even Maria far more than herself… “It’s lovely, I admit, but you should try it on yourself…” She attempted to weedle her friend around.

Isabel however, wasn’t budging, and Maria was right there beside her. “Certainly not, this would look fabulous on you Chica, just try it on and you’ll see that!” The younger of the two other girls insisted, taking the dress hanger from Isabel and holding it out to Liz again, “Come on humour us…please…”

The pleading tone in her voice did at least make Liz take another look, but she still wasn’t convinced. The dress was glamorous, and she…well…wasn’t… For starters she didn’t have the height to pull of such a slinky number, to say nothing of the fact that she had nothing up top either… “I don’t know guys, I really don’t think this is a good idea…it’s just not me…”

Maria again shook her head at this. “Not you? Chica, this is made for you, and you have to try it on… Believe me, this is the sort of dress that guys fall head over heels for…” She stated firmly, pushing the hanger into her hands.

Her comment simply made Liz laugh though, as she handed it back to her friend. “Well, if that’s why you want me to try it on I’ll definitely give it a pass because, unless you haven’t noticed, I’ve already got my man…” Indicating the rings on her left hand, she smiled, her eyes shining even as she spoke about her husband so vaguely…

Isabel couldn’t help laughing at this, and she was just about ready to give up, but Maria it seemed was not. “I know that Chica, and anyone can tell that he’s head over heels for you anyway, but don’t you want to look nice for him at the dance?” The bouncy young woman questioned with a grin. “Come on, just try it on, what do you have to loose?”

Liz however wasn’t really listening by this point, her attention having been caught late on in her last statement as she now looked over at Isabel. “Dance? What’s she talking about, what dance…?”

Her friend laughed again and shook her head. “You haven’t heard about it? It’s in about a month, after all the exams you know, as a way to celebrate the end of the year…”

Maria nodded. “Right, there’s loads of talk about it at school all the time at the moment…” She paused a moment, eyeing her friend teasingly as she continued. “Of course in order to hear that talk one would have to be around other students and actually listening, as opposed to lost in their own world staring into Lover-boy’s arms or hiding in the eraser room…”

Her choice of words was calculated perfectly, as the young brunette’s cheeks turned quite a shade of scarlet. “W-we listen…” She protested awkwardly, although, to the other girl’s amusement, she made no attempt to deny the fact of their trips to the eraser room.

“Yeah, for about two minutes and then after Max has said something, you’re just mooning…”

“I do not!” Liz shook her head, her cheeks burning with embarrassment although she knew no harm was meant by it. “I sometimes just get a little distracted…” She responded slowly, her words prompting further laughter from her friends.

“Well, distracted is one way to put it…” Isabel joined in now, an amused smile on her face.

Liz held up her hands in mock surrender, blushing profusely. “Okay, okay, so I like looking at my husband…but I can’t help it that he’s so handsome…” She winked and grinned.

Shaking their heads, the other two girls giggled and then allowed the subject to drop as they again turned their attentions to the issue of the dress which Maria still held. “Anyway, we have exams in a couple of weeks, and then the dance to take our mind off it – it’s usually pretty good, and definitely an excuse to dress up so…” Motioning with her hands, Maria again offered the hanger to her friend. “Come on, what’s the harm in trying, the worst that can happen is that you don’t like it right?”

Sighing, Liz shook her head again. “I don’t suppose you’re going to accept no as a valid answer really are you…?” She commented with a wry smile.

Isabel laughed. “Well…since we both think that it’ll look fabulous on you, I’m thinking no…” She responded with a twinkle in her eyes.

The young brunette looked almost trapped, although in a nice way. “I don’t know, it’s not exactly my style, it would probably look far better on you, you know…“ She attempted to wheedle out of it, still reluctant to take the hanger being proffered.

“Me?” The other girl shook her head quickly. “No, I definitely don’t think that Liz… This dress is going to look devine on you, and you’ll knock Max’s socks off if you wear it to the dance…” Reinforcing previous assurances, she nodded in a definite manner to show she wasn’t going to change her mind and grinned. She knew of course that Liz wouldn’t ‘buy’ the dress, but she or Liz for that matter, should have no problem in changing something either which she already had, or which they could pick up cheap while they were out, into something resembling the garment. It was a pretty simple style afterall, a loose cowl-like neck and spaghetti straps, falling to just below the knee in a beautiful teal… It was simple, stylish in a classic manner, and would look fantastic she was sure.

Opening her mouth to refuse again, Liz stopped as Max was mentioned, appearing to at least consider for a moment. “Y-you really think so…? – that he’d like it I mean…?” She questioned softly in little more than a whisper.

Catching onto the fact that she was beginning to waver, Maria nodded enthusiastically as she stepped into the frame once more. “Of course, we wouldn’t be saying it if we didn’t…” She assured her friend with a smile. “I think you will look fabulous, and I can definitely imagine him wanting some after-dance action after seeing you in something like this…” The middle of the three girls commented, raising her eyebrows in a somewhat suggestive manner.

“MARIA!” Isabel couldn’t help laughing although she tried her best to give the appearance of being horrified.

The brunette who was the subject of the comment had again gone a deep red colour, looking down as she attempted to hide her embarrassment from her friends.

Maria giggled and reached out towards her, shaking her head as she apologised – well, sort of... “Oh, I’m sorry Chica, I couldn’t resist…” Smiling, she looked back at her friend. “Seriously though, I really think that it will look fantastic on you!” She repeated her earlier urges as she again tried to press the hanger into the other girl’s hand.

“Come on Liz, just try it on, what’s the harm in that…? If you still don’t like it, we’ll drop it and never make another mention, but won’t you at least try it on…?” Isabel spoke up once more, her voice soft and gentle this time as she backed up Maria and offered the youngest another smile.

Shaking her head in amusement, the brunette nodded and giggled as she realised she wasn’t going to get out of this without doing so. “Okay okay, give it here…” She looked from one to the other. “You two are terrible – you know that right?”

Maria and Isabel both laughted, before the former winked and grinned. “Yeah, but you love us for it don’t you…?”

The younger girl nodded as she took the hanger with a smile. “Yeah…You guys are great…”


“Okay, so movies…” Alex stopped outside the video store and turned to push open the door as the group trouped inside.

So far very little had been said between the guys it had to be admitted… Michael had been quiet and a little sullen, while Max seemed preoccupied and Alex had been content to just concentrate on his driving…

They had however, agreed that a couple of movies for them to take back to Alex’s house and watch that evening would be a good idea. Their intention was to pair this with a takeaway pizza and a couple of cans of soda – a good night in for all concerned…

Of course Alex was still a little nervous about the whole idea of Max and Michael in the same house for a whole evening, something which he had voiced when speaking to Isabel about the arrangements, but he understood that Max was making an effort, and just hoped that Michael would do the same…

Certainly he seemed to have eased up on the new couple a little since that talk Isabel had with him after they realised some of his problems, but he still wasn’t as open and friendly as most of the group would like, and it was no secret that Liz still wasn’t completely comfortable with him which seemed like a huge shame.

From what he had gathered from the girls, Liz wanted more than anything to get to know her ‘cousin’…but Michael’s attitude and responses to her previous attempts had made her reluctant and nervous to try again…

It was still far from ideal of course, and there was a long way to go… There was a part of him that felt that Michael had got off too easy for the way that he had acted too, but he understood why no one had chosen to press the issue. To start complaining about that just as he was beginning to ease up would seem like a highly silly idea, and would only cause further trouble he was sure…

Not that Michael shouldn’t have to realise that his actions had consequences, and that he couldn’t treat anyone like that, but the last thing the group needed was to have further trouble…

Blinking, he realised Max and Michael had already moved further into the store, and refocusing his attention on their current intentions, he pushed other thoughts to the back of his mind and moved to join them. “How are we doing?”

Both of the other guys looked round as they heard Alex’s voice, moving apart slightly to allow him to come between the middle as they pointed out a couple of possibles…

Michael’s choice of course took little guessing, and as Alex saw the title groaned, shaking his head. “No! Michael we are NOT watching Braveheart again!” He complained strongly as he realised what his friend had picked out.

“Why not…?” Michael scowled.

Well, at least he wasn’t scowling at Max, Alex thought briefly as he noted the look on his face. “Michael, I’ve watched that film with you at least fifteen times, two of which were in the last month, and much as it’s a good film, I think even good films have their limit…”

As Michael declined to answer this, Max directed his attention to the rows of DVDs in front of them, considering a moment before picking up one and offering it to Michael. “What about this on…?” He suggested, holding out a box which bore the name ‘The Patriot’.

Perhaps surprisingly, Michael actually took the box, turning it over to read the synopsis…

“I’ve heard it’s similar to Braveheart, but set in a differet time…” Max supplied, looking from one to the other. “I can’t comment personally, because I haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t mind doing so if you were interested…” He shrugged. “Anyway, just a thought…”

Alex nodded and grinned. “Sounds like a plan to me!” He responded eagerly, watching Michael carefully.


Realising that grunted acceptance was probably about the best he was going to get, and not wanting to cause problems, Max didn’t push for anything more of an answer as the three guys turned their attentions back to selecting another couple of films.

Of course Michael and Alex soon ended up in a disagreement over what to watch again, and after picking out ‘MI 2’ as his own choice, he left them to it, saying he was okay with whatever, before moving towards anther display of cheaper rentals.

In truth really he tended to prefer comedy nowadays, a compromise which he and Liz had come up with at a time when she was into romance and he into action, and neither wanted to watch the other… Comedy on the other hand was something that both could watch and enjoy so had seemed like a good choice. Having been watching a majority of comedy in recent years however, he had to admit he had come to prefer that sort of film but as he had said, he could watch others, and his own choice had reflected this since he had a feeling that Michael wouldn’t much like comedy…

As Michael and Alex continued to debate the choice of the third title, the third of the guys focused his attention on the boxes in front of him as he studied the titles of the section of seven-day rentals he had found. They were older ones of course, but there was nothing wrong with that…

After considering a moment, he picked out Ocean’s Eleven, Rush hour and Kindergarten Cop – an old favourite, for he and Liz the following evening, grabbing the last just as Alex called and he headed back over to join them with his own selections in his hand.

“What’ve you got there?” Alex asked curiously as he noted the boxes in the other guys hand. He had three for that night held in his own hand, having finally settled on Johnny English.

Max shrugged, holding up the titles for him to see. “Nothing really special, there’s a seven-night deal section over there though, I thought Liz and I might have a movie night this weekend too…”

Michael simply grunted, his hand closed over another box which as yet neither of the other guys had noticed. Alex however, nodded, expressing his approval of the choices and that the idea sounded nice.

Max smiled back and nodded. “Yeah, well I have to work tomorrow of course, and I think that Liz is too, so I can’t imagine us wanting to do much come evening…” And he couldn’t think of anything nicer than just holding her in his arms…

“Okay, so let’s go pay for these!” Michael spoke up now for one of the first times, causing the other guys to move towards the counter, at which point he placed an extra box on top of Alex’s just as the assistant was ringing them up.

Not having noticed that he had picked it up, Alex’s eyes showed first surprise, and then resignation as he saw the fourth box, and noted the title. “Fine, have it your way Michael!” He grumbled good naturedly as Braveheart was rung through with the others. “You can watch it when we’ve gone to bed!”

While Alex was paying for the selected rentals, saying that Michael could pay for the pizza, Max filled out a membership form and then when his friend was done, moved up to pay for his own disks.

“I hope you enjoy the films…” The young woman behind the counter, who was probably their age, smiled flirtaceously as she rang them up and asked for the money, taking the note he offered but not moving her hand away immediately. “And you know if you’re wanting some company, I might be convinced…”

Max was taken a little by surprise, but to his credit he simply released the note on his end and pulled back easily. “I don’t think that would go down so well with my wife…”

His simple comment caused her mouth to drop open in surprise. “Your WHAT?”

Alex, who had been watching with some amusement shook his head. “His wife!” He supplied. “You know, Mrs. Evans…”

The effect of this was that the girl fell silent, quickly handing Max back his change, and wishing them a muted good evening as the three guys headed out of the shop together.
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So having found somewhere to live, sorted out internet and settled somewhat in work, what happened but a huge case of writer's block, I've hardly written anything over the past month or more, ANYTHING...and it's been driving me nuts! I'm so sorry for the delay in updating this, I just hope it's worth the wait. Like so much of this fic, this chapter has just written itself it seems. It's like nothing that I would have thought to put in orginally, but when I started writing finally this week, it just seemed...right... I hope you agree and will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reading everyone, and for the wonderful feedback.

It meant a lot to me to see those good luck wishes too. It's been difficult, moving away, especially with the problems with accomodation. As stated above, I do now have somewhere, and I've fixed up phoneline, and internet, so hopefully I should be able to update more regularly from now on, assuming that my muse cooperates. Thanks for your patience.

ultimatepickupline - well from the fact I wrote it, you might have guessed that I agree, but I'll say it anyway I love writing people's responses, and I like showing them surprised because that's how I figure they would be. I'll admit to having had a bit of fun on occassion with the choice of people used though lol. Just glad you're enjoying it.
somewhere87 - Thank you :)
Redrumm - here's more
Zanity - Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, only hope you find the same with this part
carter13 - welcome to the story sam :D. Sorry not to have been back sooner, but glad you're enjoying the story. I agree that maybe Michael had been unfair, but am glad that you see his side in a way too. It's a difficult situation to be sure...
anonyamousarfan - Thank you :D:D so pleased you liked the last chapter, hope this next will work too
tequathisy - sorry to disappoint by not showing that - if it helps I figure that the girls would have been working on him to make him go, not to mention Alex too...
nibbles2 - you may be right, but in that case this next isn't going to help either...
Ellie - well no Liz and Max in this literally either, but perhaps there's something else you might like :wink:. As for the scene in the shop, it wasn't my intention to read as though an outsider was making those observations, and I'm sorry if it did seem that way. I was simply trying to show the three girls having a good time...
Flamehair - well guess we'll have to wait and see, read on for more if you want it.
Ladeia3 - you're still reading hun? I didn't know, hope you're enjoying it, I miss chatting to you, haven't seen you online in yonks :(. Hope everything's okay with you.
Timelord31 - well as long as you found it, and here's the update you've been waiting for, sorry for the delay.
lazza - well, who knows...maybe you're just relucant to accept that somthing is going well though. I miss chatting to you hun, sorry I haven't seen you in ages, my fault as much as yours, but thank you for the feedback and glad to see you're still reading. Hope you enjoy this next.
Natz - thank you hun, here's the update.
isabelle - :D:D glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading, hope you like what I have coming up, as yo say, still plenty of the night to come...

Well guys, long time waiting I know, but here's the new chapter, I hope you'll enjoy it, as said before, it's not exactly what I had planned, so hope that it works okay.


Chapter 38

“Oh come on Liz…” Maria pouted as she pleaded with the younger girl.

Liz however, it seemed was unmoved by the pleading as she simply shook her head firmly once more. “I don’t think so!” Her brow furrowed in distaste as she eyed the items her friend held with suspicion.

“You don’t think so, oh honey, but it would look so great, and it’s not as though I don’t know what I’m doing …” Maria looked somewhat thrown by the intense distaste Liz was showing towards the tongs in her hand.

“That may be so, but you’re not coming anywhere near me with them!” The brunette shook her head again, refusing to budge.

“But you’d look so great with curled hair…”

This comment caused Isabel, who was sat a little way off watching, to laugh softly. She raised an eyebrow in amusement as Maria looked over questioningly, and shook her head. “And you don’t think there’s any other way to make it curly…?”

Liz looked over, immediately gathering what she meant and nodded enthusiastically. She wasn’t going to say she was mad keen on the idea of curly hair in the first place, but if she understood Isabel’s meaning correctly, that was far preferable to the use of red hot, burning tongs, on her hair… “Right, no need for those…” She responded, motioning for Maria to put them down.

Still holding the implements for the moment though, Maria looked completely bemused it seemed. The meaning of the other girl’s words was completely going over her head. “Huh…?” She questioned blankly.

The other two girls giggled, and Liz seemed to look over at Isabel, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Should she…? A nod from the older of the two girls decided the matter, as Liz reached up, drawing her hair into a bunch tightly and pulling it through her hair. “Well, why would I use those…” She motioned to the tongs… “…when I can just do this?” She grinned as waves of curls emerged from her hands, falling down to settle over her shoulders lightly as she shook her head.

The difference was astounding… Maria’s mouth dropped open in shock. When she came to think about it, of course she didn’t need curlers, that had been silly to even suggest, but what a change… On occasions when she had seen Isabel do it, it was one thing, but with Liz the change in her resulting appearance was so pronounced… The straight long tresses which had fallen way down her back were gone, replaced by loose curls which looked so natural and easy, and yet framed her face so much more as they sat on her shoulders. Her eyes appeared darker, and her cheeks flushed in the shade caused by her hair.


Isabel laughed at the single word which expressed the amazement of her friend. Of course, she couldn’t say she didn’t agree, it made such a huge difference…

“Not what you expected…?” Liz questioned, reading their faces easily as she ran a hand through her hair and pushed the newly acquired curls back from her face, her eyes dancing, full of amusement it seemed.

The older of the two other girls shook her head slightly. “I guess not…” She studied Liz again for a moment. “It’s just so…”

“Oh this is nothing…” The brunette raised an eyebrow. “You should see me with red hair!”

RED?? Maria opened her mouth to say something and then closed it again… If curls made this much difference, she could only imagine what she would look like with a different colour…

“Something which you’re not going to do!” The younger girl added quickly upon seeing her mouth open. “I did it once…” She pulled a face, making it clear that she hadn’t liked the result. “Some friends dared me to do it, so I did, but never again!” She shook her head vermontly. Those weeks she had to wait before changing it back, saying she had gone for another rinse, had been terrible… It just looked so…

“You didn’t like it…?” Isabel guessed with a grin.

Liz laughed. “That’s an understatement!” She responded with a wry smile, shaking her head as she reached up and touched her hair once more, causing it to seemingly shrink and lengthen as the curl was removed and she restored her usual straight locks. “I know it’s boring, but I like what I was born with, dark brown, and straight…” The young girl shrugged as she ran her hands over her hair, checking everything was back to normal now.

“Which is certainly not something which can be said about Ria is it…?” Isabel laughed and teased her friend.

The other girl shrugged. “I can’t help it if I like a change every now and again…afterall, not everyone has perfect hair like you two you know!” She retorted playfully.

“Now hold on a moment! Don’t be silly, I never said I had perfect hair!” Liz held up her hands in protest, worrying for a moment that Maria honestly thought she had been boasting, although the look on her face was enough to reassure her and the brunette’s tone was more playful as she continued. “I just said I liked it, and of course Max does too…”

Maria’s eyebrows quirked in amusement as the edge of her lips turned up in a smile. “You had to put that in didn’t you?” She teased lightly.

“Well…I have to consider his views too you know…” The youngest of the three girls commented, her eyes shining as she spoke of her husband even so generally. There was just this way he made her feel, even when not there… It was so…right… She smiled and fell silent for a moment, thinking… “And besides, I wouldn’t want him to decide to trade me in for another version you know…”

Isabel scoffed. “Now who’s being silly, there’s no way he would do that and you know it!” She stated firmly, watching the younger girl for a moment. Even if she hadn’t had a chance to get to know Max very well by now, there was little doubt in her mind that he would think Liz beautiful whatever her hairstyle or colour. Because it wasn’t a case of appearance, but the whole person, and she had seen how much he loved the petite-framed girl.

Which was true of course, anyone could see just from looking at the couple they were head over heels, and Liz’s previous comment had been a joke, nothing else. She smiled and nodded, accepting the words of her friend with another smile as she looked down, her gaze resting on the her wedding finger, and the rings which sat there proudly. “Yes…I know…” She whispered softly, her mind drifting back to the time when she and he had realised just how they felt about one another…


“How long have we been together…?” Max repeated the question Alex had asked thoughtfully. The boys were spread out in the living room of the lanky boy’s house, waiting for the pizza they had ordered to arrive before starting their films. Michael, ever the unsociable one, had dropped down onto the sofa, watching a game he had found on TV, while Max had chosen to sit a little way away at the table, and Alex had joined him…

He was well aware of the trepidation felt by all three girls about this meeting which, although they knew could be good, they were also aware could turn into a complete nightmare and disaster…

So far, it had actually been surprisingly okay, but then that could be because the two guys in question had barely spoken more than a few words to one another all night… Which left Alex torn, whether to push for more interaction in the hopes it helped to ease the tention between the two boys, or alternatively, whether to try and keep one away from the other…

As it happened, there had been little choice since Michael had immediately sat down at the TV to wait. Max had chosen not to, and Alex had decided to let them be. Choosing to sit with Max however, the conversation had meandered from one topic to another, touching briefly on Isabel and Maria, and now he hoped to turn it to Liz and Max, not that he was trying to pry, more that he was interested…

Smiling, he nodded in response to Max. “Well yeah, I mean you seem so solid, I imagine you must have been dating a few years before…” He trailed off awakwardly, beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea.

Sensing his discomfort, Max shook his head, reaching out to touch his arm. “It’s okay Alex, there’s nothing wrong with asking it…” He shrugged. “I guess sometimes its just difficult for me to imagine a time when we weren’t together…”


“So you mean you were together from the start?” Maria questioned in response to Liz as the brunette spoke.

Liz shook her head. “No, not at all!” She responded firmly. “In fact, nothing could have been further from the truth at first… Nasedo always told us we were supposed to be together, right from the word go, we were never treated like brother and sister, we always knew that we weren’t related in that way, and he made it perfectly clear what he expected from us…” The young girl sighed and shook her head. “At first we fought it, we were determined that what happened in a past life wouldn’t determine our current one… I mean the first time we were told about ‘being together’, we weren’t yet ten…”

Isabel’s eyes widened as she listened. She and Michael had been through a lot yes, but she wasn’t sure she would have wanted to know Nacedo when she was younger if that was the way he acted. Sure, maybe he would have been different when it came to her and Michael, since they weren’t the King and Queen, but to tell any kids that… “That must have been really hard…” She commented softly.


“Actually, not so much…” Max shrugged acceptingly. “I mean, it wasn’t as though either of us wanted anything to happen, and we both shared the same opinion about it, so really, other than it being a bit of a pain how he kept bringing it up, it really wasn’t that much of a problem…” A small smile lingered on his face as he thought about the long discussions he and Liz had shared about the subject all those years ago.

Nacedo of course hadn’t liked the conclusions they had reached, but the two of them had been so determined, so set in their views, that nothing would change them…


“It might have been nice to go without the constant pushing, but you know, we were friends, and that was it…” Liz smiled. “He kept telling us that we were supposed to be together, and we kept right on telling him that we weren’t going to be ruled by our past lives… It caused a couple of arguments, but nothing major, and we were both happy enough…”

Maria’s lips turned up in something of a smile as her friend related the tale in a determined manner. She had to say, she didn’t like the sound of this Nacedo guy one bit… “Good for you guys!”

Isabel nodded, hesitating a moment, before asking the next question which seemed inevitable. “So what changed…? How did you end up together…?”


“Well…” Max shook his head and sighed. “I guess like a lot of other couples…” He pulled a face and scratched his head. “Sorry, I know that doesn’t help really, it’s just pretty difficult to explain… We were friends, good friends, we had been all our lives, but then…well…” He paused a moment, thinking. “I guess it all started when we got paired together for a project in school…”


“It wasn’t the first time we had worked together of course…” Liz commented with a shrug. “In fact, it was nothing special really, but it did mean that we spent a lot of extra time together, away from anyone else…


“We’d always been close, and we worked well together… But at some point during that project, I guess I realised that what I was feeling towards her wasn’t just friendship anymore…”


“So he asked you out after that…?” Maria’s eyes lit up as she listened, always having been a huge one for romance, and finding this tale quite entrancing…

The youngest of the three girls shifted in her seat, pulling one leg up under her as she swung the other under the seat absently with a sweet smile lingering on her face as she remembered…. “Yeah, there was a dance coming up at school, and one night when we were sat studying, right out of the blue, he suggested we go together…”


“She was shocked to say the least… In fact stunned might be a better description for it…” Even though he knew it had all worked out, Max could remember like yesterday the five minutes spent waiting for her to respond. It had been agony…

“But she obviously said yes…” Alex pointed out with a smile.

The older of the two boys nodded slowly. “Yeah, but not immediately…”


“Basically, I ran…literally…” Liz looked a little embarrassed at the admission. She had known it was wrong then, but it had just been so sudden, and she hadn’t been ready for that… “I think I muttered something about needing to get some air, essentially closing the study session, and headed out the door…”


“The look in her eyes seemed like it was one of pure terror, which it might have been I guess…” Max shook his head. To this day, the two of them had never really discussed exactly how they had felt at that moment in time, although he had a feeling he could take a pretty good guess… His heart had plummeted on watching her leave the room though, and the sound of the door closing as she left the house had seemed thunderous…


“What can I say, I was scared…” She bit down on her lip, remembering that day. “I mean, you have to understand, that I was only twelve at the time, and maybe it sounds like I was completely over reacting, but this wasn’t just a case of some teenagers having a night out…” She paused a moment. “All our lives, we had said no, but by saying that, by asking me out, Max was basically saying he wanted to give it a go…to give us a go…”


“I knew what I was doing… Once we took that step, Nacedo would be on our backs constantly, trying to convince us that it was the right thing to do…” He exhaled deeply. “I could completely understand why she might not be ready…”

“But it didn’t make it any easier…?” Alex guessed, reading between the lines.

His friend shook his head and smiled. “Not exactly…”


“So where did you go?” Isabel asked softly, in her mind imagining how overwhelmed a twelve year old might have felt with such things going on.

Liz smiled. “A treehouse Max and I had built together a couple of years before…” She shrugged. “I guess a part of me was wishing that I could go back, to a time when things were so much less complicated…


“I hated the fact that I had made her feel that way…” Max commented softly. “I hadn’t meant to upset her of course, but that didn’t change the fact she had gone out because of me, and when, by the time it was nearing bedtime, she still hadn’t returned, I was cursing myself for being so selfish…”

Michael, who had been listening, unknown to the other guys, for a little while now since the game had gone on break, felt a strange feeling of protectiveness surging inside as he thought about Liz as a twelve year old girl, probably feeling as though she wasn’t in control of anything… He blinked at the realisation of these thoughts. Why would he care? He hadn’t known her then, he hadn’t been aware of her existence, and there was really no reason to care now was there?

Except that there was… A memory flashed through his mind from the day he had burnt himself at the Crashdown… How Liz had tried to help him, and how he had pulled away… The image of her hurt face seemed etched in his mind…

And that day when Kyle had been teasing her, and he had come to her rescue…

Why did he care? – because she was family… It hit him like a tone of bricks as suddenly everything the brunette had said seemed to come back to him. Everything his sister and girlfriend had pleaded with him to listen to… Liz was his cousin – of course he cared…?

He could try and deny it all he liked, but there was already a connection there… His anger as he thought about the day Max had been speaking about wasn’t aimed at the young man relating the tale, but at himself, because he hadn’t been there for her… His cousin, and what had he done – pushed her away… “It wasn’t your fault…” He commented, those few words offered as a kind of handshake and offer of truce it seemed, as he got up from the couch and went to join the other boys at the table…
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Hey guys, I'm back :)

Zanity - Yup, seems that Michael is coming round, of course the big question would be is it too late already... Thanks for reading, glad you're still enjoying the story.
angeleyes - thanks for reading
tequathisy - Don't worry, I'm working on explaining the other two couples in coming chapters. As for Michael coming around in his own time, well he isn't exactly one to go with what others say, and he's pretty stubborn, so I'd say you might just be right about the connection lol. And Maria and Michael - well...I'm sure he cares about her, just he has a different way of showing it...
ultimatepickupline - I'm glad you thought that worked, I debated for a long time whether it was too corney, but I think I liked the way it worked out, glad you did too. Liz's hair - I see her more like a natural red colour...I don't see her changing to candy apple red for anyone really, do you?
Redrumm - Thanks, glad you're enjoying it.
Behrsgurl*87 - Thanks for reading, happy to know you enjoyed it.
nibbles2 - how the other couples got together will be explained eventually, I promise, just not in this chapter, hope that doesn't disappoint you too much. As for Michael and Liz having a relationship, well. it's up to the two of them of course, but maybe some of the others can help a little...
Flamehair - Thanks :)
Ellie - I think as long as the others don't push him, Michael is going to give it a real go...the question would of course be is it already too late.
Timelord31 - Waiting's over, hope you enjoy :wink:
closintime - Thanks for reading, here's another.
Lazza - aww Laura, as long as you're still reading, and enjoying, I'm happy.

Sorry not to have been back with this sooner guys, I was trying to get it sorted, but this chapter took a little longer than I had hoped to get sorted, I was a little uncertain about the balance, still am at the moment I have to admit, so I'm hoping it will be okay. Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement, it means a lot to know you're enjoying this, and I hope you'll continue to do so. Here's the new chapter, I hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 39

“So what happened then…?” Maria pressed as Liz trailed off. She was a huge fan of romantic stories, and from having seen the couple together, she knew this had to have a happy ending…

The young brunette looked down, chewing on her lip. “I-I didn’t mean to go on, really, maybe we should see about that pizza huh…?” She suggested with a weak smile, picking herself up from the sofa and heading through to the kitchen.

Maria, however, was close behind, ready to pull her back. “Okay, first of all, you’re my guest so I do the cooking!” She scolded lightly before going on. “And second, you cannot leave that story there!”

Isabel’s eyes twinkled in amusement. “Sorry Liz, but she’s right…you just got to the good bit, I mean we both know how it ended out eventually, but some details would be wonderful…”

Again the brunette’s cheeks seemed to flush as she shook her head and gave a small smile. “T-there’s not really much more to tell…” She responded softly, running a hand through her head as she came to sit back down. “I was still gone that night when it came time for bed, but after Max offered an explanation, revealing some of what had been going on, he didn’t seem to care…I guess he thought it inevitable then that we would end up together…” Liz shrugged. There was a time when she had found that hurtful, that their ‘guardian had just ceased to care as soon as he thought they would be together, but that was a long time ago… “When he had gone, Max got out of bed though, and came looking for me…”

“And he found you…” Maria commented although everyone already knew the answer…

She nodded. “Yeah… And he didn’t mention anything that had gone on – he made it perfectly clear, even without using the words, that we never had to mention it again if I didn’t want, we could just ignore it and pretend that it never happened…” Toying with her engagement ring, Liz spun it around her finger beneath her wedding band as she spoke, shaking her head again now. “B-but you see I couldn’t do that… It had been said, and was out there, and I guess I’d had time to think…” She paused a moment before continuing. “I’d been sat there, for well over two hours, his words running through my mind, just thinking about how I felt about him, and I guess I realised that it wasn’t one sided. I told him yes… And then had to spend a good half hour convincing him that I didn’t feel that I ‘had’ to…that it wasn’t something I was saying out of obligation, and that I didn’t think he had been pushing me…”

An amused smile played on Isabel’s face as she imagined the scene. Even without knowing Max that well, she could easily imagine him trying to back peddle on what he had said had he thought it was upsetting Liz, and she could equally well imagine him insisting that she shouldn’t feel obligated. In fact, that was kind of like when they first found out about one another she guessed – how he and Liz had assured everyone that just because they had been King and Queen didn’t have to mean anything now…

“So it went from him trying to convince you, to the other way around…” Maria giggled a little. “I bet that was fun…”

The youngest of the three girls shook her head as she smiled again. “Actually, Max had never ‘tried to convince me’…” She pointed out. “He had asked me out, that was all…and he was willing to forget all about it…” It was one of the things she loved about Max, he would never have pushed her into being with him, whatever his feelings…he was kind, caring and, wonderful…

“You’re glad now that you didn’t though…forget I mean…?” This question was asked in a more serious tone as Isabel watched the other young woman. She thought she already knew the answer of course, but she just needed to ask…

“Yes…” Came the response without hesitation. “I love him…” Her eyes shone with love. “We might not have wanted it at first, in fact, we fought it tooth and nail, but I wouldn’t change it for the world now…” Liz smiled softly, a slightly faraway look passing over her eyes for a moment as she thought of her husband. To be with him was just so…right…

“Well anyone can see that Chica!” Maria responded softly with another smile. She shook her head. “So you’ve been together since you were thirteen then…?”

“Yeah, that’s right… We went to the dance together, and it was really…good… We hung out, chatted, danced and, at the end of the night, he looked at me, said he’d have a really nice time and asked if maybe we could do it again sometime… I agreed, and from that point on, we were a couple I guess, even if a lot of people didn’t give us long…

“Well anyone that couldn’t see that you two were made for one another really isn’t worth worrying about you know!” Isabel stated firmly as she looked back at the other girl. The couple were head over heels, and anyone that couldn’t see that, well honestly, she just couldn’t see how they could miss it…

The brunette smiled softly as she nodded. “Yeah well, you can say that now, but then you have to remember how young we were at the time… Max and I were together way before any of the popular crowd had started hooking up, not to mention the fact everyone knew we were living in the same house – I guess I can see why people would have looked on it as nothing more than a kid’s crush type thing…” Liz admitted to her friends. “We weren’t exactly your normal teenage couple after all were we…?”

Nodding in acceptance at this, Maria shugged and offered a wry smile. “But then again what’s so great about being normal…?”


“Michael NO!” Alex yelled before groaning and dropping down on the sofa as the credits of the film began to roll. The idea had been that Braveheart would be saved for when he was asleep – or so he had hoped – but apparently his friend had other ideas…

In truth though, he couldn’t feel too angry because in truth, and without wanting to tempt fate, he couldn’t help thinking that this evening was going incredibly well… Not only had they managed to get through three hours without any sign of bodily harm, but Max and Michael had actually spent the last few minutes talking, together, from choice…

It hadn’t been about anything major of course, but the simple fact that they could be around one another without sounding and looking as though they wanted to kill each other seemed like a significant step forward and certainly wasn’t something that he was going to complain about…

Certainly it was more than he himself had dared hope for when Isabel told him about the plans for the evening. How she had persuaded Michael to even come was a mystery, he had no idea what she had said or done, but he had held few illusions about the potential for everything to go wrong… It could have been a disaster, no doubt about it…

So, while he didn’t really want to see Braveheart for what seemed like the fiftieth time, Alex simply leaned back in his chair as the film began, silently thanking whoever it was up there for the relative success of the evening so far.


Max didn’t’ really care which film went on first. In fact, he wouldn’t have complained had they given up on the films all together… Sitting back in his seat, he watched Michael as he set up the machine, thinking over what had been said.

He hadn’t even known that Michael was listening, and in truth, had he done so, he might have been more reluctant to speak… Because much as he had never been one to show an open dislike and always tried to give people a fair chance, the other male alien simply rubbed him up the wrong way.

First there had been the fact he had been rude in the first place, and then he had broken into their apartment, he had been hostile, pushy and quite simply out of order! When he had found out that the other guy had been following Liz when she came home one evening that had been like a red rag to a bull, and the way that Michael had spoken to his wife that evening when he just turned up at the house was very plainly unacceptable in his mind.

No one spoke to his wife like that! To say nothing of the fact that it hurt Liz incredibly he knew… She really wanted to get to know Michael…he was the closest thing that she had left to a blood relative, and all that time when they had been looking, she had been thinking of him he knew… And what did Michael do? - He was hostile, rude, and blanked her on occasion. They had given him chance after chance, allowed things, which were truly unacceptable, to slip, and all they got back was more grief…

It seemed that the more they tried, by ignoring his blunders and allowing him to get away with things, the worse he got…

But on this occasion it was Michael who had taken the step forward, and as opposed to the hostile glares and such which Max was used to receiving, he had received the closest thing to an apology from the other boy that he felt he was likely to get…

He had reluctanctly included Michael with Alex in the plans for the night, but it had been more for necessity because it seemed the right thing to do of course, rather than through free choice and he couldn’t say he had been looking forward to seeing the other guy. He had been anticipating fireworks and trouble, and instead had received an ‘apology…’ Certainly mnot what he had expected from the evening, but it wasn’t something to complain about for sure! Now all they had to do of course was work out where to go from there…it should be interesting…


He loved this film, so why couldn’t he concentrate on it…? Michael frowned as yet again he lost track of his body count. That was nothing unusual of course, it was one of the arguments he used for wanting to watch it again, but usually he did get a little further than ten minutes into the film… When he was watching, he was obsessed with the idea of getting an accurate body count, and the battle scenes were ‘the’ best!

Tonight though, while his eyes had never left the screen, he just couldn’t seem to keep his mind from wandering… Instead of allowing himself to get engrossed in the storyline and action, and forget about everything else for a couple of hours, he just couldn’t stop thinking…

With the realisation of the fact that he cared about Liz, came the sickening thought that he might have thrown away any chance he ever had to get to know her and become close already… Not that he was someone that liked to admit he had been wrong, but well…maybe he had been…

His reasoning for how he had been acted was good of course – and he wouldn’t believe anything else – but maybe he could have handled it better…

He couldn’t help but keep thinking about how his girlfriend and sister were beginning to know Liz so well it seemed, while he was still a virtual stranger!

And whose fault was that?

“Give them a chance Michael…before it’s too late…”

Maria’s words echoed in his mind. Was it already too late…? He hadn’t exactly been the most welcoming towards her or Max, and every time she had reached out to him, he had pushed her away…

His gaze dropped to his hand as he turned his palm over and studied the patch of discoloured harder skin which remained from his burn the other week. It was his own fault he knew, Liz had pleaded with him to go to Max, but he had refused, and was left with a reminder that would last his whole life…

Sighing, Michael shook his head mentally as he continued to stare at the screen although his focus was certainly elsewhere…


While his gaze hadn’t shifted from the screen, Alex could just tell that Michael wasn’t paying attention… There was something about the look in his eyes, and it just didn’t make sense…

Michael loved this film! That was why they seemed to rent it every time they took out movies, and why even Alex could probably recount most of it word for word if asked to…

Tonight though, he could just tell that he wasn’t really watching and he only wished he knew what was going through his friend’s mind…


“Have I completely blown it…?”

Max and Alex both looked around as Michael’s words seemed to come from nowhere… Both knew what he was talking about though, and as he looked back at the other guy, Max shook his head slightly. “No Michael, can’t say you got off to the best of starts, but if you want to get to know her, go to her and tell her that…” He responded simply, seeing no point in responding with flowery sentences when in truth, the simple truth was what was needed… “She won’t turn you away…”

The other boy seemed to hesitate a moment, as though thinking over his response before nodding. “Sure I want to get to know her, and I know I was rough at first, it was just a shock though…” He shrugged slightly. “Things were just…”

“Complicated…?” Max questioned.

“Yeah…” He responded gruffly.

“It’s okay to be confused you know…or worried, or even jealous…” Alex added in hesitantly, watching for any sign of reaction from his friend.

Max blinked at the last but then, as he thought it over, nodded slightly. “I’m not going to take Isabel away from you, you know…”

“Did I say you were?” Came the defensive retort although the other boys could see it was an automatic reflex as opposed to meaning anything now. He just wasn’t good at heart to heart stuff, especially not with two guys…

Making no response, Max moved on. “You’re her brother, always will be…” He told him in an even tone as he spoke about Isabel. “You’re the one she’s grown up with Michael, the one she’s turned to in her times of need and the one she’ll continue to do so with I’m sure…” He paused a moment. “I’m not going to take your place, so you don’t need to feel threatened by me. I’m just a friend when it comes to Isabel, and as for Liz – she wants to know you…just don’t push her away…please…?”

Alex watched the last of the exchange in silence, noting the look in Max’s eyes as he spoke not for himself, but for his wife…

Michael grunted, shrugging non-commitedly.

“Just give it a go Michael, what have you got to loose…?” Max looked over at him again, hesitating a moment before finishing. “J-just please…don’t hurt her…”

His words made Michael blink, shaking his head quickly as once again it seemed things were pulled into focus. He shook his head repeatedly. “I won’t…and Max” He paused a moment before nodding to the other boy. “…thanks…”
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Okay guys, first of all thanks for all the wonderful feedback.

Secondly, I have a new part, but this one I'm extremely nervous about... The orginal idea was simple enough, but as it 'flowed' - as much as it could, it seemed to go in a slightly different direction... I've seriously debated holding off posting to see if I can come up with something better, because I think maybe this is too touchy-feely, but the idea hasn't changed since I first came up with it really, and I've sat in front of it for ages trying to see where I can steer it slightly differently, and failing...So I'm posting, and hoping for the best...if it's really bad, I apologise and I hope the next will be better.

Zanity - Nacedo will be explained soon I hope, but not right now, I hope that doesn't disappoint you too much.
tequathisy - Thanks for reading, glad you're still enjoying it
Redrumm - Here you go
nibbles2 - well, you never know, whether he would listen to them even if they tried of course, now that could be another matter. I'm glad you liked the bit about Braveheart, it hadn't been planned, but just seemed to fit so I'm glad you agreed. Unfortunately a present of a DVD might raise a few eyebrows with no player to watch it with...
Timelord31 - Well it's about time isn't it?
Flamehair - Thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked the last part, I hope you'll enjoy the next too.
Isabelle - You're reading my mind girl ;). As for Michael, I'm glad someone likes him, or the idea of him anyway, I know he's been even more stubborn etc than in the show, but then this isn't the cannon universe, and experiences are at least half of what make a person aren't they?

Anyway, here's the new chapter, I hope you'll enjoy it and would love to hear what you think...

Oh, and just two little plugs - if no one minds - The sequel to my CC fic goes up today (Reality Revealed), and I put up a little one parter a short while back too which is actually like a little prequel to L+L in the cannon universe ([url=]The Important Thing[/url), if anyone is interested, I'll make sure the links are provided on my author's thread.


Chapter 40

“So enough about me anyway, Liz commented as the girls began to clear their pots away in preparation for the last film which they intended to watch before going to sleep. She felt as though she had been talking about herself, and her past, for practically the whole evening, and while she knew that wasn’t exactly true, it didn’t make her feel any less self conscious about it… “I want to hear about you guys, how did you end up with Alex and Michael for example…?”

Maria looked around from her spot at the sink as Isabel brought the remainder of the pots through. “Well, I think that Isabel should answer that one…after all, she and Alex were the first couple…”

The oldest of the three girls shook her head in amusement. “Yes, but don’t forget that it all started a long time before that…” She commented with a smile. “If it hadn’t been for making friends with you guys, I don’t suppose we would ever have ended up together…

Unable to argue with this, Maria simply nodded in acceptance. “Alright, I guess you’e right there…” She conceded softly.

Watching and listening to the exchange with interest, the brunette looked from one to the other again now, eagerly. “So…? Come on guys, I mean you’ve listened to all the stuff about Max and I, isn’t it time for me to do a little listening now…” She pointed out, pushing gently.

“There’s really nothing much to tell…” Maria responded, waving away the interest shown. “I mean not like with you and your hubby…” She shook her head with a sigh. “I mean sometimes I wonder why I’m in a relationship with Michael myself…if you can even call it that…”

The other two girls fell silent at this, not knowing how to respond. Finally though, Liz spoke up. “Oh course you can call it a relationship, and I know precisely why you’re in it…” She responded slowly.

Maria looked over, waiting.

By this time, Isabel had worked out what came next and it was her who finished. “Because you love him…”

The statement was so simple, and yet so…true… Maria swallowed, her eyes welling up with tears as she bit down on her lip. “Of course I love him, which is more than I can say about him! Oh why do I bother, why am I such a glutton for punishment…”

“He does love you…” Liz spoke up again now, reaching to touch her arm. “Maria, I might not know much about Michael, but I know that he loves you, and Isabel too… He might struggle to show it sometimes…”

“That’s an understatement…” Isabel interrupted with a wry smile.

The brunette nodded and held up her hand. “Perhaps so, but maybe that’s just his way, some people have trouble showing their true feelings and-“

“So how do you know what he’s thinking…is this another power of yours…?” Isabel’s brow furrowed in question and confusion…

Liz shook her head with a small smile. “maybe it is, but I haven’t used it, and it doesn’t have anything to do with what I’m saying right now…” She shrugged and looked from one girl to the other, putting the cloth she had been using to dry the pots down for a moment as she spoke again. “There are signs there… Like when we met out in the desert…Michael wanted both you behind him – a protective measure!

“But that’s just Michael being Michael…”

“Exactly, it’s a part of him, but it’s also a way he shows he cares… All the times that he has protested to you hanging with me…”

The other two girls looked a little embarrassed as they realised she had been far from unaware of Michael’s objections.

“It’s okay…” She gave a soft smile and shook her head. “He was worried about you, because he cares…” She shrugged. “In truth Max and Michael have a lot more in common than they might like to admit…”

This last caused the others to laugh as they thought about the two guys.

“But Michael is so pig-headed, and Max is-“

“Liz interrupted, shaking her head. “Oh don’t you believe it! Max can be just as stubborn, believe me, I’m the one that has to live with him…”

The other girls looked at her in surprise. Somehow they had never imagined Liz complaining about her husband… “B-but you seem so perfect together…” Maria commented softly.

The younger girl nodded. “And we love each other dearly, but there are times when we rub each other up the wrong way, honest… When you live with someone day in, day out, there’s always going to be times when you don’t get on great, and Max and I have had our moments like anyone else… Because marriage isn’t easy, especially with the situation we have…you know…?”

Maria nodded slowly, taking in what she was saying. “I just wish that Michael was more romantic though, and that he could stop being such a pain about all this…” She shrugged and looked over at the other girl again. “I mean if he would, maybe he’d start taking a few lessons from Max…couldn’t do any harm surely…”

Again the girls laughed at the thought and it took some time before Liz was able to compose herself sufficiently to redirect the conversation. “So enough said about me and Max again…weren’t you two supposed to be telling me how you and the guys got together…?” She pressed curiously, showing genuine interest.

“Well, we became friends first, as you might have guessed…” Isabel started, shrugging as though there wasn’t much to tell which, in her mind, was probably true.

“Alex and I had been friends for a while, when these two new kids started at our school… One of them was really grouchy and unfriendly…”

“That would be Michael if you haven’t guessed…” Isabel supplied with a wink. “He was protective, wouldn’t let anyone near me, and got into a fair bit of trouble for it…”

“Protective is a major understatement, he practically chased anyone away who came within about five yards!”

“He even hit someone once…” Isabel admitted with a sigh, shaking her head as she thought about how awful her brother had been. Not that he hadn’t meant well, even then she had known that he only wanted to protect her, but she had to say, it had got old fast as anyone who tried to make friends was scared away and she was left with only her brother for company who she loved of course, but quite simply could be a real pain at times…

“And that was our way in…”

Liz looked questioningly to her friends as they told their tale, uncertain of exactly where this was going…

“He got put in detention you seem which left me all on my lonesome in the yard for lunch…” Isabel explained with a shrug.

“She seemed kinda lonely, and I convinced Alex that without big brother around, it was actually safe to go up to her…” Maria grinned. “We hit it off immediately, and so when Michael came out, he couldn’t really complain or object…”

Isabel’s eyes twinkled in amusement. “Well, he could of course…” She admitted after a moment. “But basically I knew my brother, and he knew me, and he knew better…”

The girls all laughed at this, reading easily between the lines of her words.

“Anyway, we became friends or sort of, and that was that…” The second of the girls telling the tale shrugged, not really sure what more to say. “Michael hung around too, but he was a pain, and a complete idiot most of the time and-“

“You can see that she had fallen from him right from the start actually can’t you…?” Isabel interrupted in a teasing manner, winking at Liz.

“FALLEN for him? I HATED HIM!” The blond’s eyes widened as her voice raised in indignation…

“Well you know, love and hate, two sides of the same coin…can you have one without the other…?” Liz questioned, playfully joining in now, watching Maria’s expression with some degree of amusement.

“Oh believe me, there was no love lost…” Maria rushed to insist, shaking her head and nodding towards Isabel. “It was Alex and this girl here who were the perfect couple…”

“Yeah, because he was so shy and I was so nervous…” Isabel rolled her eyes.

“He liked you right from the start though, better than me and Michael who were constantly at one another’s throats…” She broke off and paused for a moment, seeming to think. “Come to think of it, that much hasn’t really changed has it…?”

The other girls laughed and Isabel smirked. “Which is exactly what I was saying… You argue, you fight, you scream and shout, and deep down, you love one another…it’s the perfect match…” She paused and pulled a face. “Well, maybe not perfect, but you get the idea…”

“I guess…I just wish he was a bit more romantic at times…I mean I’m not saying he has to be buying me flowers all the time or anything like that, but all the time, but a sweet word, a nice date every now and again…” It was no secret that money was at a premium for the siblings, but the fact was that Maria wasn’t asking to have a lot of money spent on her…she just wanted to know that he cared… “I mean there’s plenty of things he could do, it doesn’t take a wizard or anything…”

“He does care about you Maria…” Isabel took her turn now, turning to her friend as they finished up and moved back into the living room together. “Believe me, I’m the one who lives with him, and he talks about you plenty girl…”

“Everyone has different types of relationship, and that’s not to say that one is right and the other wrong…” Liz commented softly as she took a seat on the chair next to the sofa where the others had positioned themselves. She gestured to her rings. “Like just because Max and I got married doesn’t mean every sixteen year old couple should…it’s what right for the individuals involved you know…?”

Shaking her head, Maria turned back to the others. “I know, and I know that you keep saying he cares for me, and I do want to believe it, but why can’t he show it, why can’t he come out and show it for once… I’m not asking for a lot am I…?”

“No, you’re not, and there’s nothing wrong in wanting that, but neither does arguing with you mean he doesn’t care… It’s just Michael’s way hun…” Isabel reached out towards her friend who closed her eyes as she dropped back against the armrest of the sofa.

Maria ran a hand through her hair as she shook her head again. “I know, I just wish it wasn’t.” She whispered softly, not for the first time finding herself thinking about the more than a little volatile relationship she shared with her boyfriend.

Isabel nodded, threading her fingers through those of her friend as she squeezed her hand gently. “I know…I know…”

The conversation having taken a rather more woeful turn, a silence now fell over the room for a few moments. The happy tone of the meeting seemed to have evaporated, and the fun atmosphere had disappeared…

So much had been said, so much had been shared, and no one it seemed knew what to say next…

It wasn’t the first time that Maria had wished that her boyfriend would be a bit more open with his feelings though, and much as she hated to say it, she doubted it would be the last. Deep down, she knew, just as the others had said, that it was a part of who Michael was, and truth be told, given the choice of him as he was now, or not having him, she knew there was no choice to make…

Like it or not, argue as she might with him, she had fallen for Michael Guerin, and she was pretty sure that no one else would compare… She might not be ready for the sort of commitment that Liz and Max had, then again few kids their age would be, but she loved him, for all his faults…

That was why she put up with it all, his irritating, infuriating actions, his rude, abrasive manner… He was rough and cause, hard, overprotective and stubborn at times, but deep down his heart was in the right place she supposed…

Sighing, she shook her head and pushed her hair back from her face, looking from one girl to the other and then motioning to the TV. “Anyway enough of my moping, we all know that Michael is Michael so there’s nothing new there…” She shrugged as though she didn’t care. “Didn’t we say we were going to watch a movie…?”

Far from fooled by her apparently blasé attitude though, Isabel looked over at her friend, sighing as she thought about her brother. “I’m sorry Maria, my brother is an idiot, and if he doesn’t realise how lucky he is, he doesn’t deserve you…”

The curley haired blond shrugged again. “Well, maybe you’re right there, but I think it’s already too late for me to walk away…don’t you…?”
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