A Christmas Noelle (AU,M/L,Adult) One Parter 12/15/07

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A Christmas Noelle (AU,M/L,Adult) One Parter 12/15/07

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sat Dec 15, 2007 4:30 pm

Title: A Christmas Noelle

Author: Tanya

Rating: Adult

Category: M/L, AU w/out Aliens

Disclaimer: I do not own a thing, except for my thoughts and ideas, those are all mine.

Summary: Reunited just in time for Christmas, will Max and Liz find their happily ever after? A Sequel to: The Christmas Gift. I do suggest you read it to understand, but I don't think it's required :D

Author's Note: A special thank you to La'Shon, and to Tiffany, because they both encouraged me to not only write this, but to keep myself in the chair long enough to finish it. And to Stacie, I hope you feel better soon, and because I promised you "mistletoe'! Love you -- Merry Christmas!

***Posted in 2 parts due to length***
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***Reunited— And It Feels So Good***

“Are you sure you’re okay with coming here first?” I ask as I watch her carefully, perusing my house with a childlike awe. I should be back at Izzy’s place for dinner, but I had to have her alone for a few minutes, to really take in the shock and utter relief of seeing her again.

I told myself time and time again over this past year, that I missed Liz. I knew in my heart that I did, I just never realized how much until I saw her again an hour ago.

She said she was looking for her happy ending, I just hope she can accept what I intend to offer, which is nothing short of everything.

“This is perfect. Max, your house is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more magnificent,” she pauses and turns to face me, then adds, “except maybe in magazines.” We share a smile and my heart lurches in my chest at the slight twinkle in her eyes when she looks back at me.

I remember her perfectly, except differently. Then, a year ago, she was this girl that changed my life for the better, this beautiful stranger that I shared the most memorable experience of my life with. If I never saw her again I could have lived, or so I told myself I would have to. Now though, looking into those familiar brown eyes, watching as she almost floats from room to room, opening and closing doors, I realize how wrong I was about her.

She is everything I ever wanted in another person. She is the one thing I never thought I could have. She is the love of my life.

“You want to see the rest? Or do you prefer the kitchen, over any other room in the house?” I tease as I approach her, wrapping my arms about her slim waist and kissing her lips gently. The urge to take her on the counter comes to mind, and I realize with a smile, I haven’t changed in some departments of my character, at all.

“I think there is someplace I’d like to see more than this room,” she says as she slips from my hold and skirts around me. I catch on quickly and close in on her, scoop her up in my arms and throw her over my shoulder.

“Max! Put me down! I’m scared of heights!” she screams in reprimand all the while laughing as I pat her bottom gently. I take the stairs; turn down the long hall to my bedroom. Strolling inside, I’m thankful I made my bed this morning.

I efficiently toss her onto my bed and watch as it too, swallows her up, just as another bed did one year ago today. My body temperature heats up at the thought and my very vivid imagination pictures her sprawled out naked over my dark tan bed sheets, her hair splayed over the pillows and her body arched in sweet anticipation of my arrival.

I tremble at the thought of how much I want her. I knew I missed being with her, but seeing her small, fragile form, burns my blood. I shouldn’t start anything. There isn’t enough time…but God help me I just can’t find it in my heart to care about anything other than Liz.

“You going to join me? You’re not scared are you?” She offers me a nervous laugh as she lays back against the pillows. I resist the urge to pounce her, to rip her clothes from her body and have my sinful way with her. It’s hard, I don’t know how I do it, but I do.

“As much as I’d like to,” I clear my throat, suddenly it seems as if all the air has been sucked out of the room. “Isabel is expecting me for dinner,” I say a little calmer, but then add, “I want you to meet her and I don’t want it to look like I have my evil little way with you before that.” Her cheeks actually burn a bright pink, God she’s truly amazing.

“I love that I can make you blush,” I offer honestly as I take a seat at the edge of the bed. I don’t want to touch her; it would be too much for my senses. It’s bad enough I can smell the sweetness of her perfume in the air, and see her creamy skin at the base of her neck.

“Yeah well, that’s not the only thing you make me do,” she says as she scoots to the bottom of the bed to sit beside me. I take her hand immediately; I know I said I didn’t want to touch her, but how can I not? I lace her smaller hand in mine and rest it against my lap.

“I want to meet your sister too, but I have to get back to the hotel.” I frown in confusion. What’s so great about her hotel…unless she has someone with her? A boyfriend? No, she wouldn’t be here offering herself up as a delicious meal if that were the case. So then who?

“Max, would you stop.”

“Stop what?”

“Thinking whatever you’re thinking,” she pauses then looks up at me. “My mom is with me. It’s Christmas tomorrow and even though she told me to just go and not to worry about her, I couldn’t…” I cut her off by sealing my mouth with hers. Damn, she tastes sweet; I could drown in her forever.

I pull away, panting, wanting her and knowing that I can’t have her, especially since I know her mother is here. I have to be on my best behavior.

“I understand. Why did you leave your mother, and while I’m at it, how did you know where to find me?” I ask the question that should have been my very first, but at the time I really didn’t care. And right now I need to focus all my thoughts on something else. I want to keep her, lock her in this room and make her fall in love with me enough to never leave me.

Liz smiles and tells me how when she saw the picture in the magazine, she had done a search for me online. She tells me it wasn’t hard for her to find the hotel in New York.

“I understand that, but how did you know I would even be here? And how did you know that I would see the balloon?” I ask, and she shifts a little closer to me, reaches out her hand to my cheek and strokes it gently.

“That was the hard part. I had to make a number of phone calls, and then my mother and I decided that I needed to be here in person, in order to accomplish my goal. When I got to the hotel two days ago, no one would tell me anything. I was getting really discouraged, and hanging out in the lobby wasn’t working,” she frowns. Security is really tight; they would have asked her to leave immediately.

“I’m sorry—” I begin to apologize but she stops me with a shake of her head. “No it’s okay. It made me that more determined. So I waited outside, struck up a conversation with your doorman – Charles, nice guy. He had actually overheard a conversation I had with my mother on the phone. He was nice enough to offer me up a clue as to where you were,” she says and offers me a knowing smile.

Curious, I ask, “Where?”

Releasing my hand, Liz slides from the bed and crosses the room. She takes a seat by the window before turning back to me. “Charles said that you weren’t at the hotel, that you go home or to your sister’s house for holiday’s. To which I asked, if he could point me in the right direction.”

“And he said no,” I surmise, knowing Charles. Liz nods and says with a brilliant smile, “But then he caught a glimpse of my necklace and his demeanor changed.” I can’t help the small laugh that escapes; Charles is the only person I work with that knows about Liz. He’s like my quasi-therapist when I’m at the hotel.

“Yes, well, Charles knows all my secrets,” I add, and watch as she moves from her position, crosses the room and stands before me. I look up into her face, and resist the urge to pull her down into my lap.

“All your secrets?” she asks with a smirk on her lips, and I swallow back my groan of appreciation, when she reaches for the first button of her sweater.

I shake my head, knowing we don’t have that much time, but the second that red sweater slides off her shoulders, I realize, there is always enough time.

“It’s been so long, Max,” she murmurs as she slides onto my lap. I can’t help but wrap my arms around her, sliding my hands up her back, stopping only when I reach the snap of her bra and easily undo it. She breathes a sigh of what I can only describe as relief and presses her lips against mine.

I capture them roughly, sliding my lips across them without preamble, dipping my tongue into the warmth of her, tasting, licking and appreciating every single moan that escapes.

Liz hands are roaming my chest and back in a steady motion, my heart jumps in my chest as she wiggles her bottom against my prominent erection. Sliding my hands to rest on her waist I grind her down harder and she breaks the kiss, only to pull my shirt over my head and then capture my lips once again.

“Damn, it’s been too long,” I murmur, lifting her, cradling her in my lap and turning to deposit her on the bed behind me. I quickly cover her with my body, but her hands stop me. I look down into her upturned face, and she smiles.

“What?” I ask in a whisper, resisting the urge to press my body against hers. Pushing her hair away from her face, I place a kiss on the tip of her nose, but her smile doesn’t disappear.

I return the sentiment, and ask again, “What is it?”

“I have to tell you something,” her words from a year ago today, cause me to hold my breath.

My body lingering above hers and resting my knuckles against the mattress beside her head, I listen intently on her next words.

“Since our last time, I haven’t…with anyone.” A slight blush rises and I can’t help but let out a sigh of relief. It wouldn’t have mattered, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to hear it.

Our time was special to her, really special, and I now have proof of it, from her lips.

I bend my elbows and press a chastised kiss against her lips and tell her I haven’t either. She looks surprised.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I say, finally pressing myself against her fully.

“Max, until you just said that, I wasn’t sure if I’d left an impression on you. I mean I knew what you said when we last saw each other, but that was a year ago. And I didn’t even know if you would be settled with someone or…” she trails off, running her hands up and down my arms, around my neck and down my back.

Resisting the urge to grind myself against her, I nuzzle her neck and tell her exactly how I’ve felt without her. “Liz, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t thought about you, about finding you, of having you, of making love to you. I never thought I’d see you again, I thought it was better that way,” I pause and lean up to regard her. Tears swimming in her eyes, give me pause but I continue.

“I wanted you day and night, since I let you go at the airport, and then today you show up and I can’t help but hope this isn’t a dream. I knew then we couldn’t be anything more, just like I told you, but I would have tried. I’m a different man, Liz. Because of you,” I confess and she smiles, tears sliding down to the sheets. She wraps her arms around my neck, pulls me closer and kisses me. Slides her tongue against mine and we kiss, ardently.

Hot and heavy, the feeling that slides over me causes me to pull away. It’s too much, too soon, but when I look down at her, I know she’s as ready as I am. With little hesitation, I reach down and unbutton her jeans, slide the zipper down and peel them from her body.

My legs astride hers, I lean in, taking one puckered nipple between my lips, sucking, licking and teasing it with a nibble here and there. Her body arches in response, and I trail my tongue across to deliver the same attention to her other breast. Her hands automatically lift and plunder through my hair. I close my eyes and swallow back the wave of sensation that small touch evokes within me.

Liz’s lids grow heavy; she peers up a moment later though, catching my roaming eyes and slides her fingers over my shoulders, down my arms and rests them on the opening of my jeans. I draw in a ragged breath, as she works at the fastenings, and quickly I stand above her and pull free from my confines.

My boxers and her red and white thong are the only things between us, without much thought I pull my boxers down over my legs and toss them to the side. She giggles, and urges me to return to my position.

I happily, almost greedily oblige. I moan out when her lips and tongue begin to trace my nipples, her hands roaming my backside, her fingertips urging me closer to the cradle between her legs. My hands, slide down her body, latch onto the thin scrap of material separating us and pull, hard.

The sound of the material giving echoes around the room, but Liz doesn’t pause. Instead, she roams her lips up my chest, my neck and finally…finally my lips once again.

I press my hard flesh against her soft core. We both strain against one another; the knowledge that she’s mine suffuses itself deeply inside of me. I capture her lips, with a promise of more to come as I slide myself down her fevered body.

Just as I’m about to get my fill of her, she stops me with her hands; I peer up at her and see her sliding up the bed. I narrow my gaze, wondering if I’ve done something wrong.


“Max, as much as I want you to enjoy me like that, we don’t have time. Come here,” she says, boldly urging me with her hands up against her. She kneels before me, smiles and captures my lips, sliding her tongue roughly into my mouth; I can’t help the smile that forms on my lips at her sudden aggressiveness. Liz manages to get me seated and without another thought, she climbs into my lap, wraps her hand around my cock and sinks herself over me.

Letting out a groan of not only satisfaction but also one of appreciation, my hands wrap around her back, she whispers, “Teach me,” and I nod against her. I slide my hands down to her waist, teaching her the movements, which she quickly picks up, duplicates, but it’s that much sweeter from my view.

Her nipples poised just above me, her lips parted, her eyes closed, her body moving fluidly over mine, the tightness is evident, her body unused to any attention; something I’ll be more than willing to rid her of in the near future—forever in fact.

Grinding myself up against her, she lets out a long serrated moan, and picks up her pace. Her face falls forward; her forehead rests against mine, and her breathy moans fan my eyes, my nose and finally my lips. I growl in appreciation, widen my legs and push further into her, filling her completely, stretching her fully.

Liz’s brown eyes meet my golden gaze, and she breaths my name reverently, “Max,” the sound only surges my longing, my want, a damn if it doesn’t make my heart fall just a little bit more in love with her.

I’ve yet to speak the words, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any less true. I wrap my arms around her, pull her flush against my chest, lavish in the feel of her pert breasts against my hard chest, and plunge deeply into her, eliciting a moan of satisfaction, of completion as my body grows rigid, and finally, the release I’ve waited an entire year for washes over me.

The Moment of Truth

A stick of dynamite couldn’t knock the smile off my face, the smile in my eyes and the giddiness I feel seeing Liz stand and dress in front of me. Resting my hands behind my head, I drink in the sight of her, and close my eyes breathing in the scent of our coupling.

My eyes go wide, in that instant my senses return and I realize what we’ve just done.

“Liz,” I say, trying to steady my voice. Leaning up on my elbows, shaking my head and resisting the urge to place a kiss on her sweet bottom, I wait until she straightens.

“Yes?” She turns to face me, slipping her sweater over her shoulders, gathering the center to button up. I roll from the bed, snatch up my boxers and brace myself for what I have to tell her.

She has to know. Had to have realized. God how could I be that irresponsible?

“Max, what’s wrong?” her voice hitches, worriedly, she comes to my side. I push my hands through my hair, take her hand and stand her in front of me.

I place my hands on her shoulders, and take a deep breath. Looking down into her face, I can’t help but want to kiss her again, tell her it doesn’t matter, because I’m never leaving her. Instead, I let the words slip from my lips.

“We didn’t use any protection, Liz. I’m sorry I should have stopped or…” my words are cut short, as she stretches up on her tiptoes and presses a soft kiss to my lips. I pull away confused by her reaction.

“You’re not mad?” I ask and she shakes her head.

“Max, I’m on the pill. While I realize it’s not a hundred percent, I didn’t exactly think we’d end up in bed together when I saw you today,” she blushes, and I know she’s lying. I decide to tease her a bit.

“So you didn’t want to sleep with me?” I ask, turning to the side, looking for my discarded jeans.

“No. Yes. Of course I did, and it was…amazing, but I didn’t plan on it.” Liz says coming up behind me, I pull my jeans up my legs and fasten them before turning to face her.

I look down and offer her a teasing wink. She slaps my chest, and tries to turn away, but I reach out and pull her against me. I capture her lips, roughly against mine, drink my fill of her, and smile when I feel her body soften beneath my hands.

“When did you decide to go on it?”

She shrugs, but doesn’t avoid my gaze, “After we were together. It’s not that I planned on being with anyone else, because I didn’t…”

“Not even if you never found me?” I ask, a valid question, I think.

“I was determined to find you, but if I didn’t then, I guess if I ever found someone that made me feel the way you did, then I guess I would have,” she admits reluctantly, and I can’t help but kiss her in earnest.

“What was that for?” she asks, blushing again.

“I don’t know how you can blush after what we just did, but that’s okay, I have plenty of time to wipe the blush from your body,” I say, allowing my gaze to slide down her body and back up to her face, she blushes even further.

“Max, must you always do that?” I tap her nose, before turning in search of my shirt laying haphazard on the floor, and say “Yes.”

“What did you mean by that?”

I look over my shoulder, my hands suspended in the air, ready to tug my shirt over my head. “What?”

“You said, that you’d have plenty of time to wipe the blush from me,” her voice trails off, and she crosses the room to tug on her boots.

Sliding the shirt over my head, I smooth it out and hope the wrinkles aren’t too noticeable, before taking a seat on the bed.

“Liz, I hope you don’t think that after waiting a year to be with anyone, that I would just let you walk away again, did you?” I query lightly, but she doesn’t answer. I sigh, knowing her insecurity lies deeply. How could it not? The last time we were together, I offered her sex, nothing more.

I never told her that I fell in love with her that night; I never told her that it was the single most self-defining experience of my life.

With a puff of air, she straightens her clothes and crosses the room. “I didn’t think much more into trying to contact you. I didn’t plan anything out.”

“Yet, you told me you were looking for your happy ending, did you mean it? Or was it something you said in the moment?” I ask, trying to keep the hurt from my voice. I couldn’t be lucky enough to have her show up at my proverbial doorstep, and hope that she wanted forever.

That she hoped to find me to truly see how great we could be. A part of me thinks maybe I thought so much more into it than she, but when I look up into her eyes, I know it’s not just me.

I know she feels strongly, but she’s hesitant because of my past. Cocky as I am, I thought a year of celibacy for her, would be enough to prove it. I set my shoulders and stand in front of her. I peer down into those brown eyes; searching for an answer to a question she’s terrified of asking.

I know the feeling.

“I meant it. That was what I was looking for, in you. I just didn’t know if you felt the same way, if you feel the same way about me.” I pull her against me, and nuzzle her neck gently. Relief washing over me in tides, I hug her closer, never wanting to let go.

Never wanting to leave this room, but it’s inevitable; there are people to see and introductions to be made, namely, her mother.

I pull back, and cup her face between my hands. “I waited a year for you. I was working up my nerve in finding you. This isn’t just sex, Liz. If I’m honest, from the first moment we kissed, it was more.”

“Yeah?” she looks up expectantly.

“Yes, now get your coat, I’ve got a mother to meet, and you both have a small family to be introduced to.”

“Max, what happens now?” she asks, as I tug her along, through the doorway.

I stop only when we reach the bottom step, I turn and look down to her, caress her face with my thumb and smile. “What happens now is, I give you your happy ending.”

***Continued On Next Post***
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A Christmas Tradition

“That went well,” Liz comments over her shoulder, pausing in her coffee making to regard me. I nod. After meeting her mother, I invited them to dinner at Isabel’s. Liz’s mother, Nancy, didn’t want to intrude and I reassured her Isabel would welcome more people.

I could immediately tell that Liz had wanted some alone time with her mother, so I decided to drop her off at her hotel and told her I’d be back. I also mentioned that she and her mother should pack up, because they would be staying with me. My house was twenty minutes from the city and that I wouldn’t see it any other way. I informed her that Isabel, her husband and my niece would be joining us for Christmas dinner; a dinner Isabel would also be cooking.

Liz asked me if I was sure, to which I kissed her and told her I’d be back and she’d better be ready.

Then I made a quick stop to my hotel, to pick up something I had in the safe in my main offices, and headed over to Isabel’s.

Isabel was more than excited to hear about my meeting with Liz, I of course left out the details of the quick romp we shared. Again, I smile at the thought.

Pulling out a stool at the counter, I watch Liz move around my kitchen, her mother is upstairs showering in her private room, and a devilish thought enters my mind. Quickly, I round the counter and come up behind her, place a kiss against her exposed neck.

Liz had changed into a pair of cotton pants, fitted with red Christmas ornaments, and a tank top that left nothing to my imagination. I’m still wearing my jeans, but changed into another T-shirt.

“It did. I like your mom, she reminds me of you, but different,” I explain, nibbling her lobe gently.

“Max, she’ll be down any minute,” she chides, without heat. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her flush against my front. She laughs, “Don’t you get enough?”

“Never,” I rumble out and allow my hands to travel up, under her shirt, cupping her breasts in my hands. I gently I tug on her nipples, and smile against her shoulder when I hear the intake of her breath, and the feel the tightening of flesh between my fingers.

“You are so bad,” she says, and scoots her bottom against me.

“Liz, I hate to tell you this, but you haven’t seen bad yet. Tonight,” I promise with a kiss against her cheek before pulling away.

Just in time, it seems because Nancy comes into the room shortly thereafter. We all move into the living room. I tend to the fireplace, while Nancy tells me how much she loves the room.

“Isabel decorated that one. I told her she could have two bedrooms to decorate when I bought this house.”

“When did you buy it?” comes Liz’s question, and I turn to face her from my place by the hearth. “In February, I thought it was time to leave my hotel suite. It was nice, but I needed a real home.” I smile, with a twinkle in my eye, hoping she understands that I bought it in hopes that one-day she’d be here with me.

Liz smiles back, and blushes, I feel my heart tighten. I’ll never get tired of her, hearing her talk, hearing her laugh, moan, breath.

Nancy asks, “Max are all the rooms fully furnished?” I shake my head, and stand; making my way across the room I take my seat beside Liz.

“I thought about it, but I left some of them empty, to be filled later.” Nancy nods, and then I can almost read the next question in her eyes, but I wait.

“Just how many rooms do you have?” I know the question is not born of anything other than curiosity.

“Mom!” Liz gasps, but I place my hand on her knee.

“Oh, forgive me. I didn’t mean for it to…” Nancy trails off, when I shake my head.

“That’s okay. There are a total of eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, one large living room, which you’ve seen, a formal and informal dining room, a game room, library, my office, two indoor swimming pools, as well as the one outside. Those are the major rooms, I can think of.”

When I finish, Liz and Nancy’s jaws have grown slack, and I realize how overwhelming it must seem. I hope not so much that Liz wouldn’t like it.

Then again, maybe all my thinking is futile. She does have a life back home, one she’d been living without me for a long time. Internally sighing, I bump Liz with my elbow, breaking her staring match with her mother.

“That is impressive, but from what Liz has told me, not undeserved. This is an excellent achievement for someone so young,” Nancy remarks, stifling a yawn behind her hand. She smiles, and it reminds me of Liz’s, but different.

“Thank you.”

“I think I need some sleep, the day has worn on me. I’ll see you both in the morning, and Max, thank you for today.” She kisses Liz goodnight, before turning to leave.

“You’re welcome, it was my pleasure.” I watch her depart and turn to Liz, who has grown completely quite.

“Liz, are you okay?”

She shakes her head, but doesn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I ask, pulling her into my lap.

“I- Max, I sold the diner.”

My brows furrow together, “Why?” I don’t allow myself to think of the implications.

“My mother and I both decided, that she wasn’t getting younger and running the diner was a lot of work. So we sold it to the highest bidder, and we are using that money for her retirement.”

“But you said it was your father’s dream and…”

“Yes, it was his dream. We fulfilled it, but it was time for us to let go. It was time for my mom to let go.” I cradle the back of her head, and press it against my chest.

“My mother needs to live out the rest of her life, with the least amount of stress possible.” There is something in her voice, that hitches, that gives me pause. I pull her away, look down into her teary eyes and ask her what she’s not telling me.

“She had a heart attack, eight months ago. It was from stress, so the doctors said, and that’s when I decided nothing was more important that her. That’s when I started looking into it. She just agreed, I think because she didn’t want to show how much relief she felt. I almost lost her, and I wouldn’t have…” her tears over take her and I cradle her against me. Standing I place her beside me, putting out the fire as quickly as possible, I scoop down and lift her in my arms.

“It’s okay, Liz. She’s okay now.” I feel her pain deep inside, knowing what it’s like to lose someone you love. Nancy was all Liz had in the world, I know what that’s like, it hits closer to home than ever.

After passing the threshold of my bedroom, I pause and look down at her, not knowing if this is where she wants to be.

“I want this, Max.” She says against my neck, holding me tighter. I close the door with a kick of my foot, and place her on her feet at the foot of the bed.

“Liz, there is something I have to tell you, before we go any further, okay?” She swipes her tears and nods.

“Good, now just stand there, I’ll be right back.” I cross the room, pull open the curtains, allowing the moonlight to flood the room. It’s started to snow, just in time, I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

I turn to her from my place, she looks so small, so fragile, but I smile knowing she’s anything but. I beckon her over, she comes without hesitation, when she’s standing before me, and I lean up, brush her hair away from her face, and kiss her lips gently.

“I’m going to make you a promise, I know I can keep.” I search her eyes; she waits in anticipation of my next words. “From this moment on, I’m going to love you for the rest of your life. I’ll never leave you, I’ll never betray you, and I’ll never make you doubt how much I love you. How important you are to me, to my life, to my soul.” She breaths out a breath of surprise, but quickly recovers and repeats the only words I care to hear right now.

“I love you too, Max. So much.” In that moment, I can’t help but feel the relief, of knowing that she loves me. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to hear the words, until she released them.

Leaning up on her toes, she brushes a kiss against my lips, I quickly take over, resisting the urge to strip her naked and have my way with her. She’s hurting still, upset over her mother; I can’t take advantage of that.

Besides, there’s one other thing I need to take care of before the night is over.

Liz wraps her hands around my neck, presses her front to mine, and purrs out softly. Everything male in me stands at attention, knowing what she wants, and knowing that I can’t give it to her, not now.

I pull her hands away, step back a little and ask for her to just give me a moment. The smile on her face falls, and she steps back a little, but I reach out, taking one hand in mine, and dropping to one knee in front of her.

She blinks once, twice and then says my name. I smile up at her, “Let me finish this okay? Because I’m only going to do this once in my life.” She nods, but holds her breath.

I reach into my back pocket, taking the black velvet box and popping it open, holding it out to her, I ask her to be my wife.

“Marry me Liz, because I love you too much to go another day without knowing that you will be mine, forever. Marry me, because no one will love you better than me. Marry me, because without you, I can never truly be happy.”

“Yes!” she nearly shouts and throws her arms around me.

I slip the ring out of the box and onto her finger; she looks at it, and looks up at me, “It’s so beautiful. It’s just…I mean…it’s…” I urge her on, and she blushes, “It’s huge! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ring this big.” I look down at her hand, and realize that while the six-carat, emerald cut ring is statement worthy, it looks much larger on her petite hand then it did in the box, but it’s still perfect for her.

“Nothing but the best for you,” I murmur out against her lips, she pulls away. “Max, I don’t need a ring this big, I don’t want you to…”

“Liz, you need to get used to the fact that I am going to spoil you, so you really should save your breath.”

“Hmm, what should I save it for?” And just like that she’s turned into this sex kitten.

Frisky and revving to go, just the way I like her.

Without another thought, Liz pulls her shirt up, over her head and deposits it next to us. She then reaches out, removes my shirt, and trails her hands up my body, then back down, to the waistband of my jeans.

Liz smiles impishly, at my indrawn breath, and works at freeing me from my bindings. I stand, and make quick movement of removing her pants as well. Together we stand in front of the window, the snow falling behind us, and she pauses. I look down into her face, and she brushes a piece of hair away from my forehead and whispers, “Merry Christmas, Max.”

I smile at the reminder of the moment she first said that, “Merry Christmas, baby. Do I get my present now?” I whisper confidentially.

“Oh yes,” she says, pulling my hands up around her, she kisses my fingertips before moving my hands down to her breasts. She moans out softly, tilts her head back and I realize that control I thought I once had, snaps. I walk to the loveseat behind her, rest her against the arm and then lift her. Her bottom settles on the edge of the arm, level with my hips, I offer her a wicked grin as I drop to my knees in front of her.

I steady her with my hands, her legs part and offer up a view I hadn’t known I was missing that much, until this moment. I part her heated flesh, and take my first taste of her in a year. Sweet and tangy, the taste of her, hot and wet, the feel of her, they all drive my senses crazy. I lick, nibble, and suck until her body quakes above me. I smile in satisfaction, knowing, I myself, cannot wait another moment to be inside of her. To feel her body stretch, to feel the wetness that floods from her body, around me, because of me.

Rising up to my feet, I lean in and capture her lips, allowing her to familiarize herself of the taste of her on my lips, she groans and bucks her hips against me. Knowing my control has completely deteriorated, I take myself in hand, and push into her, swiftly.

“God Max!” she moans, her head tips back and I cradle her in my arms, keeping her body flush against mine, and safe from falling. I plunge into her hot wetness, over and over, steadily, gasping at the feel of her closing around me. Panting for the want of filling her completely.

The sounds of her moans fill the room. They however, don’t pull me to the edge as much as the slapping sound of our wet flesh meeting, the sound speeds as we both near our ends. Grinding harder, panting for more, Liz raises her legs higher on my waist, locking them behind my back. I respond to her request by slamming harder into her, my body wound tight, wanting that final release more than anything else.

“Jesus,” I pant against her breast, taking her nipple into my mouth and biting down gently. Liz’s body tenses, her eyes meet mine and we both wait to feel what we know is coming.

Watching her, her eyes slip to where we are joined, I groan and put forth more effort than before to satisfy her. “Max…Max…” she pants, she groans, she sighs, her body grinding up, her legs tightening against my back and I plunge once, twice, and feel the release from my fingers tips to my toes.

Moments later, we lay in bed, her cuddled up to my side, my arm around her, our breaths normal, even. “I think we found a new tradition,” she says, over a yawn. I shift and look down at her, and say, “Yeah? What’s that?”

“We always manage to make love on Christmas, we should never, ever break the tradition.” I smile, kiss her lips, and tell her I couldn’t agree more.

Under The Mistletoe, Your Every Wish Can Come True

I watch my wife move about the room, it’s been six months since we became man and wife, but it feels like yesterday. After I asked her to marry me, we both talked and decided she should live with me. I made sure, however, that her mother wasn’t far. After careful conversation, I offered to either buy Nancy a home, which they both refuted, and then we compromised on the fact that Nancy should get the hotel suite.

Nancy however insisted on paying me rent, so I couldn’t refuse. Although I wouldn’t allow her to over pay, and we agreed on the only price I could accept from my to-be mother in law, a dollar a month.

They didn’t like it, but that was one argument they weren’t going to win. I think the greatest challenge in all of this, is the fact that Liz didn’t want me thinking she was taking advantage of the fact that I have a lot of money. Since, I am a millionaire.

It took some time for her to get used to it, I still don’t think she is. She still bargain shops.

Our wedding was small, only close family and friends from her side and mine. Of course I was lacking in the family department, but in getting Liz I gained Nancy. Who, despite the fact that I don’t like to admit it, is like a mother to me as well. She looks out for my wellbeing, and without a hesitation, she tells me how proud she is of me.

It’s genuine and more than I could ever thank her for.

“Max, are you listening to me?” she asks, and I notice she’s holding up a Christmas stocking, waiting for me to comment.

“I like it.”

She narrows her eyes, “That’s not what I asked you.”

“Sorry,” I smile sheepishly.

“What am I going to do with you?” she says, murmuring to herself as she hangs up the stocking.

I stroll up to her, wrap my arms around her and she says, “I can’t believe Christmas is tomorrow. I should have had this place done already. But you kept distracting me,” she says without heat. And I nuzzle her neck, biting her flesh gently.

“Max Evans, would you stop it!” she huffs out, and walks to the archway to hang up the mistletoe, she asks me to help and I do, quickly. We have guests arriving tomorrow and she’s trying to finish up the decorating. I shouldn’t impede her progress, but I can’t help myself.

Looking around the room, I see she has a white blanket lying across the back of a chair in the corner of the room. I make my way over, sling it over my shoulder and meet her under the mistletoe.

“Hey,” I nudge her with my hips, and she groans. “Max, there is no time for this,” she says, sounding irritated, but I know I can change her mood.

Actually, I’ve noticed that lately she’s been a bit more moody than normal. I shrug, and continue my seduction.

“Baby, do you see where you are standing?”

“No where?” she turns to me, and I point up and she tries to bite back the smile forming on her lips, but it’s too late.

“You know what this means?” I ask, pulling the blanket from my shoulder, and laying it out in front of us.

“Max…” she says admonishingly, but I can tell she doesn’t mean it.

“I can’t break tradition, Liz. I’m sorry. Now,” I pause, rove my eyes over her, she looks really beautiful in her red silk, wraparound dress, too bad she’s going to have to lose it.

“Get naked.” I punctuate my statement by slipping my sweater off, and quickly making work of my pants.

I kneel before her, and she rolls her eyes, but still slips the dress from her shoulders, and I can’t help but groan at the sight she makes. Matching white bra and panties fill my vision. I smile as I cup her in my hands, and urge her to join me.

Liz follows and settles in my lap, I rest my back on the wall behind me, pull her flush against me and without a second thought I drag my lips over hers, roughly, biting, nipping and sucking on her bottom lip. My hands skim down her sides, and I realize it’s been a full week since we’ve made love. My hands shake in urgency. Her hips grind against mine, and I find the place between us, ruffle through her already wet curls, and slide a finger deep inside of her.

She moans above me, and I wrap an arm around her waist, allowing her the freewill to ride to her hearts content, when her body tenses, she pulls up, away, and frames my face with her hands.

“I love you,” she whispers against my lips. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing her say that.

“Hmm, I love you too,” I say through gritted teeth as she slips from her panties and bra, then covers my body with hers, pushing deeply, clutching my back with her legs. I groan in appreciation at the feel of her breasts scraping against my chest, fast, furious, fevered, she can’t get enough, and I can’t give her enough it seems.

“Harder, Max…please,” she begs, panting for air, her face pressed into my shoulder and I go about to satisfy her. Harder, I push, faster, I move, slicker, we become. Our release within reach, quickly we near the end and my lovely wife, pulls back, cups my cheeks in her hands and waits until my eyes connect with hers.

“I’m pregnant, Max.” With that I cry out in release, pulling her tight against me, reveling in the feel of her body tense above mine, the feel of her release all around me and her words ringing in my ears.

I open my eyes, rest my back heavily against the wall and look to her for confirmation. “You’re sure?”

She nods her head excitedly, and I can do nothing but pull her against me, and whisper, “Thank you.” My voice hitches, and my heart fills with utter happiness.

“For what Max?” she asks, searching my eyes for reasoning.

I shake my head, try and find the words, but they fail me, so I say, “For everything. I love you, you’ll never know just how much.”

She smiles, her eyes sparkling in the light from the room beside us, she says, “Oh, I think I have an idea.”

I take her again, this time gently, savoring her, feeling her from head to toe, and realizing not for the first time, that tonight, and for the rest of my life, I’ll always love her, no matter what.


Watching the snowfall, I realize it’s been four years that I’ve watched the snow through different eyes. Four years since we first met in the airport. Four years since she gave me her virginity and four years that I’ve been in love with her.

Its Christmas Eve, once again, seems like something monumental occurs on this eve, but tonight, we’re having a quite night at home. I smile, when the reason why wriggles in my arms, and causes me to look down at her, to pay attention to her, as if I could ever ignore her.

“Is she awake?” comes my wife’s voice drifting into the space behind me. I nod in the darkness, the moonlight the only light that shows. She wraps her arms around me and I smile and think how lucky I am.

“She knows when you’re holding her, she always wants to watch you,” Liz says with a awe in her voice.

I look down into my daughter’s face; I see how much she looks like me, how much she looks like Liz. A perfect split of the two of us, healthy, beautiful and more than I could have even imagined.

“She’s already daddy’s girl,” Liz says, taking a seat across the room, rocking in the chair she’d used to hold our daughter in when she was weeks old. Now five months later, my daughter craves my touch, just as much as her mother’s.

“I already warned you when she was born, that I was going to spoil her,” I say lifting my daughter up, kissing her warm cheek, and pressing her against my chest.

“Oh don’t I know it. But just remember, she’s going to grow up and be a teenager, and you’re going to have to tell her whom she can and cannot date, I don’t envy you,” says Liz, as she stands, kisses our daughter goodnight, and moves to the doorway. Whoever told her my daughter would be allowed to date, was sorely mistaken. I don’t recall ever agreeing to that.

When Liz pauses at the entrance of the room, I can see the change in her eyes, feel the need radiating off of her. It’s been months since we’ve made love, and tonight is Christmas Eve, I know my wife won’t want to break tradition. I smile knowingly, as she moves from the room.

Looking down at my daughter as she lets out a yawn, I can’t help but be thankful for all that I have. Thankful that Liz loved me enough to want to spend the rest of her life with me, to make a family with me.

The night Liz told me she was pregnant, I thought, nothing could feel better, but looking into my daughter’s sleeping face, I know how wrong I was. It doesn’t get better; it just grows deeper.

I kiss her forehead and place her in her crib. I look down into her face; I realize even though she wasn’t born on Christmas, she was created because of the events surrounding her mother and I so many years ago during that time.

I smile and I whisper, “Goodnight, Noelle, you are by far the best Christmas present your mother could have ever given me.”