The Christmas Gift (AU,Adult,M/L) COMPLETE 12/20/06

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The Christmas Gift (AU,Adult,M/L) COMPLETE 12/20/06

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:29 pm

Title: The Christmas Gift

Author: Tanya

Rating: Adult (and I really mean that)

Category: Dreamer. AU without Aliens. Max's POV

Disclaimer: I do not own a thing, except for my thoughts and ideas, those are all mine.

Summary: Stranded at the airport on Christmas Eve, what will Max Evans discover about himself and a stranger named Liz Parker? A little Christmas fluff.

Author's Note: So here I am a little early with my Christmas story for the year. I spent the greater part of nine hours today writing it. It was a story that just wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. If you know my writing, then you know I haven't written strickly *adult* fic ever. So hopefully you like!

This is dedicated to Itzstacie because she told me I could do it and encourged me to write the fluff *lol* and La'Shon because she kept me completely motivated through the final stretch of this. Thanks to both of you for the read through and the corrections! Love you both!! *MUAH*

Posted In Two Parts Due To Length


<center>***Say You Will***</center>

“Mom, I’ll be home tomorrow. All the flights are grounded, there isn’t much I can do at this point.” I listen intently to the woman seated directly behind me. She has been on the phone for about a half hour. Seeming to grow increasingly agitated with her conversation, I can’t help but laugh. It’s been a volley back and forth; anyone would have given the conversation up ten minutes ago, but not this woman.

“No, I don’t have a room. I got here late, then found out the flights were all cancelled. I’ll stay here.” There is a pause. “Yes, mom, at the airport. I’m starving so I’ll call you tomorrow before I leave.”

I feel her lean back and sigh heavily. “Gotta love the Jersey snow, don’t you?” I try to lighten the mood, and notice that she quickly turns around. I have yet to lay my eyes on her, but that’s okay I can clearly see her leaning over the chairs between us.

“Tell me about it! It’s Christmas Eve and I’m stuck in an airport, with a bunch of strangers, and forced to sleep on these extremely uncomfortable chairs.” Her voice is soft, but has a distinct crispness about it. I can’t help but smile as I turn towards her.

Not only a nice voice, but also a very pretty face, is what I’m met with a second later. She’s resting on her knees, from what I can tell and her arms are settled on top of one another. I turn in my seat just a little, and I’m now face to face with an all-together innocent looking brunette.

How old is she, I wonder. If I had to fathom a guess, I’d say she was in her early twenties. Too bad I’m in my early thirties. Besides, seeing as no one is going anywhere tonight, I should just go across the street and check in to my hotel.

“I think they make them that way to deter people from falling asleep, who knows. Anyway, I won’t keep you.” I fold the newspaper in my hands and stand as she unfolds herself to stand. She really is a tiny thing, maybe five-one or five-two. Long brown hair, and the roundest most innocent brown eyes I’ve ever laid my eyes on, lips that look as if she crushed a ripe strawberry and brushed her lips with the juice from it…I need to get away from her, quickly.

“Oh, you’re not keeping me. I was going to get something to eat, did you want to join me?” Did I want to join her, of course, but the prospect of eating another airport meal made my stomach roll. Besides it was Christmas Eve, she deserved better than this.

“Actually, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I have a hotel suite across from the airport, you could join me…just for dinner and I’ll bring you back.” I promptly add because I don’t want her getting the wrong idea. Of course, being the guy I am, I wouldn’t mind if she did, but as I said, she’s innocent.

I see her hesitate. I can’t believe it! She wants to accept my offer, but she’s torn. I can see it in her eyes, when she nibbles on her bottom lip and the ever telling wringing of her hands. I know the signs, I read women at least the women I come in contact with so well, but she’s different. I can’t quite pinpoint it, but I can tell.

“You sure you wouldn’t mind? I don’t want to impose on you and your…” Ah, so she thinks I have someone waiting for me there. She couldn’t be more wrong.

“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just me.” I smile and she does something that normally wouldn’t affect me in the least.

She laughs and gives me this look, a look I can barely describe in words. It’s as if her eyes almost radiate with happiness and her smile exudes that same sentiment.

I shake my head clearing my thoughts and offer to take her bags; she trails beside me as we make our way to the exit.

<center>***One Night***</center>

After I place our room service orders, I watch from the bedroom as she lounges on the couch in the living area of my suite. She’s playing with the television remote and completely scrambling the channels.

“You need some help with that?” I ask casually as I step into the room with her, she jumps up, turns and offers me a coy smile.

She really needs to stop smiling at me. I really need to take my mind off her damn lips; they are going to get me into trouble.

“I’m sorry, but the damn thing just doesn’t work right at all.” She huffs and plops down onto the couch. She isn’t wearing anything that would draw my attention to her body at all, but the yearning is still there. A simple pair of blue jeans, and a black sweater is nothing to write home about, yet the simplicity of it stirs something deep inside of me.

I turn my attention to the television and work to get the channels cleared up, because if I have to spend the evening watching her eat with those perfect lips, I might have to drown myself in the bathtub.

“Since we haven’t been properly introduced, I’m Liz Parker,” she says from beside me on the couch. I can’t get the damn thing unscrambled and she knows it.

“Max.” I don’t offer my last name because she obviously has no idea who I am right now, and it’s better that way.

“How old are you Liz?”

“I’m twenty four, and you?” she asks leaning over me and her hair ends up brushing over my hands. It’s as soft as silk, and I would love to run my hands through it, but I can’t. So I grip the remote harder and focus all my attention and efforts on this piece of shit television.

“Thirty one. Now, Liz, can you tell me what the hell you did to this remote?” I ask as she throws herself back against the couch in a fit of giggles. I turn to look at her, but the little anger I feel drains away as I watch her. Her long sleek neck thrown back, her lips parted, the creamy skin being revealed to me from her sweater rising up. I swipe the drops of sweat that form on my brows.

I need to stay away from her. She’s a dangerous endeavor.

“I’m so sorry! I’m not good at those things at all. My boyfriend usually hides them from me, because he knows…” I lost her at boyfriend. She has a boyfriend, yet she’s here with me? What kind of game is she playing?

I stand abruptly and ask her that very same question. Her eyes narrow in confusion, oh she’s good.

“I’m not playing any kind of game.” She stands and crosses her arms. She looks simply delectable.

“You just said you have a boyfriend…”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I broke up with him, which is why I’m stuck here with you!”

“You’re not stuck sweetheart, you can leave anytime you want,” I grit out through clenched teeth. I want to kick myself for pissing her off. Although it does have a little benefit, she is damn sexy when she’s all fired up. This could be fun.

“Fine I will! After I eat!” She turns and walks across the room to stare out the balcony. And I just…laugh. Not a little either, I fall to the couch beside me and laugh heartily.

She turns around, her eyes are narrowed but my vision is blurry from laughing. “What is so damn funny?” she asks coming across the room to stand in front of me.

“N-nothing…you. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a long time.”

“Well, I’m glad I can entertain you!” she bites out acidly.

I’m saved from a rebuttal at the sound of room service.

“Oh please, don’t get up. It will be my pleasure,” she says and I watch as she walks away. Her perfect hips sway back and forth, and her bottom is round and tight…I bite down on my fist to hold back a groan.

She is quite amusing though, of that I can’t deny. Putting aside the fact that if she were someone else I would have already tried to kiss her, she really does have a good sense of humor.

Once we are alone, we begin removing the covered dishes and place them on the dining table off of the living area.

“This place is really beautiful,” she comments as I pour her a glass of wine.

“Are you sure you’re twenty four?” I ask and she narrows her eyes at me, and I laugh. I raise a hand in defense. “I was only kidding Liz.” She eyes me for a second more, before relaxing her shoulders and lifting the glass to her lips for a sip.

“So tell me, what brings you to Colorado?” I ask after a few minutes, we were eating in comfortable silence, but I want to know more about her. I notice how she shifts uncomfortably and reaches out for a drink. Once the glass touches the tablecloth, she explains.

“I flew out here yesterday to visit my boyfriend. We were going to spend Christmas together, but when I arrived, early,” she pauses, and I feel like such an ass. Obviously she already told me she had a boyfriend and that she was stuck here because of that. I shouldn’t have asked, and I’m about to change the subject but she continues on.

“Let’s just say I was the one that was surprised,” her voice is bitter, and unconsciously I reach out my hand to hers, stroking it gently.

“I’m sorry.” I say even though it’s not my place.

She shrugs and takes another sip of wine. I can tell she’s not a drinker at all, I poured her half a glass and all she’s managed to drink of it was a few sips. I smile.

“My mother told me, warned me about him, but I didn’t listen. I convinced myself that him moving here was good for him. Even though that left me in Jersey alone.” Why I’m seething inside at this information is beyond my comprehension. She’s a stranger, I shouldn’t care, but damn it, I do.

“Wait, so he up and left you…when?” She doesn’t make eye contact with me, so I lean over and urge her chin up to look at me.

“About a year ago.” I drop my fork with a loud clank.

“A year? He left you, his girlfriend in another state for a year?” I blink a few times to clear my head. She nods her head.

“I’m sorry to say this Liz, but your boyfriend…ex-boyfriend was an ass.”

“I agree. I should have seen it sooner, but at least I didn’t…” she trails off and I eye her suspiciously. What was she going to say?

“Anyway, he’s old news. I will go back to Jersey tomorrow and I will start again without him.” She smiles genuinely at me and I decide to steer the conversation over to other things.

“So what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a waitress.”


“Why do you seem so surprised?” she asks as she finishes up her mashed potatoes and gravy. For a tiny thing, she can eat with the best of them.

“I guess because you seem intelligent and…” I’ve certainly stuck my foot in my mouth, haven’t I?

“Yeah well. I happen to own the place.” Now that shocks the hell out of me.

“Seriously? Wow, that’s great!” She smiles brightly and it takes all my willpower not to drag her into my lap.

“Thank you. I graduated college and well I wanted to stay close to home. My father always dreamed of owning his own, but he died before that dream was ever realized. So that left my mom and me. She helped me so much, and still does. She worries about me, she thinks I’m too…too…”

“Trusting?” I offer and her eyes immediately snap to mine in amazement.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Why not? How did you know?”

“It was a guess.”

“A pretty damn good one if you ask me. How did you know?” I lean back and study her for a moment. Our meals are finished but neither of us is in a rush to leave the table.

“You’re here in a hotel room, in an unfamiliar city, with a stranger. If that’s not trusting, I don’t’ know what is.”

She blushes and I can’t help it, this time I lean over and run my hand down her soft cheek. Her eyes close for a moment, and I have the inclination to pull away, but her hand covering mine, stops me in my tracks.


“It’s okay. You’re right. I’m trusting of you, but only because you had plenty of opportunity to take advantage of me, and you didn’t.” She smiles at me from beneath her thick brown eyelashes, and I can’t help but kiss her. I shouldn’t, but I want too more than anything.

My lips brush against hers gently, as I allow my hand to slide behind her neck, urging her closer. Her lips are soft and warm, perfect. I don’t take the kiss any further; I don’t want to scare her away.

I pull away and watch as her lips are parted slightly and her eyes open and stare directly into mine. I can read that expression on any other woman’s face, but there is something hidden within those brown depths that causes a wave of caution to stop me.

“Maybe we should just clean this up and I can get you back to the airport.” I don’t want her to leave, but it would be best for her if she did.

“Max, can I ask you something?” I nod.

“If I were someone else,” she pauses and looks around the room. “If you didn’t meet me in an airport on Christmas Eve would you…” She doesn’t need to finish the sentence; I already know what she means.

“Yes.” I answer honestly because she deserves that. I would have taken her to bed tonight, I would have slept with her, but it wouldn’t have been a commitment by any means. We would have parted ways and never spoke again. I like it that way. No attachments.

“What if I want to stay? Will you make me go?” she asks, her voice just above a whisper but I can hear her words ringing in my ears. It would be so easy to get lost inside of her, for one night make her mine, but she’s too good for that.

“Liz, you’re twenty four and I’m…”

“Thirty one. I know you told me already.” She moves around the table to stand before me. She looks so determined, so beautiful and so sweet. I close my eyes and continue.

“You don’t understand. You don’t know what you’re asking me for.” I can’t even form the right words anymore to deter her from this hasty decision.

“I know what I’m asking you for. I know because when you look at me, it’s like you really see me. I don’t know how you do that. I don’t care. I just want you to spend the rest of tonight looking at me the exact same way.” I groan as I pull her flush against me, my lips descend upon hers roughly, seeking, searching. I could kiss her for an eternity.

I rip my lips away panting, hoping I’ve scared her off with my roughness. I look down at her, and see she’s not changing her mind.

“I can’t. Liz, I’ve been with…and you…I just can’t.” I step back from her, running my hands through my hair. I feel like I’m suffocating with her standing there, her lips swollen and wet, calling me to take them again, to take her.

She looks away finally, thank God. I didn’t know how much of her penetrating gaze I could have taken. She walks around until she reaches the couch, she sits, in silence and I have to wonder if I’ve hurt her feelings.


“Don’t say anything,” she whispers out.

“For my entire life, I’ve done everything I was supposed to do. I got good grades, I went to college, and I graduated and started my own business. Lucas was the one thing I did that I shouldn’t have. I knew it, when he asked me out, I knew I should have said no. I took a chance on him, a chance he never deserved. And I paid the price, but I didn’t love him.” She stops and turns towards me, tears are brimming her eyes and its all I can do to not kiss them away, take everything she’s feeling away. But then what? Afterwards, in the light of day, it will all still be there.

I move slowly and take a seat beside her. I don’t touch her, but I softly urge her to continue.

“When I found him with those girls today. I immediately thought, how could he? It was logical; he told me he loved me. But deep down, I didn’t feel anything but anger. Anger at myself for trusting him, even though everything inside of me told me he was no good.
He was the one thing I forced myself to do, because it went against everything that was logical.”

“Do you understand?” she asks and I’m quite honestly lost.

“No. I don’t. Liz, you may not have loved him, but what he did was low. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. But if we do, what you’re asking me, you’re going to regret it.”

“No. I won’t,” she says with such conviction, I almost believe her.

“And then what?” I ask the most logical question. She has to understand that this will go nowhere.

“What do you mean?” Damn her for being so innocent! I stand and pace in front of her. She is making me be good; she’s making me take her feelings into consideration, that’s something I never do. Never. If a woman wants to sleep with me and I her, that’s great. But then she leaves, its done and over. No sentimental lingering around.

“Damn it, Liz! Its just sex. Nothing more. I can’t give you more than that,” I hiss out in frustration, because even as the words leave my mouth, a part of me wishes…No, wishes are for children.

“I’m not asking for more than that. I’m asking for one night, that’s all. I’ll be on a plane in the morning and you’ll never see me again.” I see her swallow nervously.

“You can’t mean that. You are only trying to get back at…”

“Never! I may be a lot of things, and innocent being one of them, but I would never use you, use anyone to get back at someone else. That’s not fair to judge me like that.” She’s right.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m not used to someone like you.” I turn and she walks right up to me, places her head against my chest and slides her arms around my waist. I drop a kiss on top of her hair. What the hell am I doing?

“Will you, be with me tonight?” she asks so softly, and even though I know I should just let her go, I can’t.

<center>***The Gift***</center>

“Could you talk to me?” she whispers out into the room. She’s still pretty much dressed, except that her top was lost somewhere on the carpet, in the other room. The snow is still falling steadily outside, I wanted to pull back the curtains, but she insisted she liked the way the room lit up with the moonlight and snow.

I turn to her, and lay beside her, running my hands up her exposed arm on the way. I lean my head against her shoulder, dropping a kiss there before looking at her.

“You smell so sweet, do you know that?” She shakes her head at me.

“Well you do. Now, what do you want to talk about?”

“How many times have you done this?” Is she serious? That line of questioning, I’ve learned, is not a wise one when you are trying to seduce a woman into giving herself to you in bed.

“We should talk about something else,” I murmur against her cheek.

“I’m serious. I don’t want to disappoint you, and I do have a reason for asking, so please tell me,” she urges on, her face now upturned and her eyes burning a hole in mine.

I roll to my back, and stare at the ceiling. Is she trying to make me understand that she’s too good for me? Because it’s working. She shifts gently against me, runs her tiny hands along my bare chest, it’s enough for me to cover her body with mine, but I don’t.

After I tell her, she’ll probably run from the room…from the hotel.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean? Has there really been that many?” she asks, I can not only hear the confusion, I can see it etched on every single feature of hers.

“Yes, there have been that many.”

“Oh.” She says nothing else. Instead she lays her head against my chest, and I can’t help but finally run my fingers through her hair.

“You can stay here Liz, tonight. We can go to the airport in the morning, we don’t have to do anything.” A part of me wants her to accept my offer. It’s a part of me I didn’t know existed until I met her. I try not to let the logical sense of me kick in here. I don’t know her, I only just met her a few hours ago, she can’t possibly change my feelings…my life in that amount of time.

“You’re not going to get rid of me that easily.” She leans up and rests her chin against my chest.

“I’ll be right back.” She scoots from the bed and runs to the living room. Where the hell is she going?

“Close your eyes!” she yells out, and I comply. I don’t know why, but my heart starts to pound in my chest and I’m having a hell of a hard time breathing normally.

A few minutes later, I feel the bed dip and I feel her moving over me. Her legs straddle my waist and of their own accord, my hands lift to situate her more steadily. In an instant I realize she’s not wearing her jeans any longer, instead where my fingers dig into her delicate flesh, trying to hold onto the last shred of decency, is the silkiest material I’ve ever felt.

“Can I…” I swallow thickly, my heart thundering in my chest, my blood pounding in my ears. “Can I open my eyes now?”

“Not yet.” She wiggles her delicious bottom against the erection straining between us. I’m defenseless to try and hide it.

“First,” she says, leaning over and brushing a kiss against my chest. I let out a hiss, and slide my hands down, and around the curve of her bottom.

“I have to tell you something, but I want to see you first.” I swallow, and nod my head. She wants control. I can give her that.

Slowly I reach for the button on my jeans, and I feel her hands slide up my arms, her nails scraping gently over my hot skin. A shiver creeps up my spine, I want her so damn bad, but she’s making me wait.

I know she’ll be worth it though.

Liz places both her palms in the center of my chest, as I try pushing my jeans over my hips and down my legs. She settles down against me, and I can feel her twist to pull my jeans free.

“Thanks,” I say and she responds with a kiss on my lips. I lift my head to seek her out, kiss her more thoroughly, but she won’t allow it.

“I want to see the rest of you now, are you embarrassed?”

“Me? No, Liz it would take a lot for me to get to that point. Can I open my eyes now?”

“No, not yet. I want to see all of you first.” She says as her warm fingertips graze the inside of my boxers. I take in a deep, ragged breath and wait. She’s hesitant; I can feel it in her movements. I know she’s not that experienced, just by the way she kisses; obviously this ex-boyfriend of hers didn’t know what to do with her. At least, I can give her that. I can satisfy her so she’ll know how it should feel the next time.

Finally I’m completely naked and I hear her take in a deep breath, letting out a sigh so soft it makes me want to pull her down against me and kiss her until she’s breathless. That, in fact, sounds like a great idea.

“Let me kiss you.” I reach for her, but she pauses for just a minute before complying with my request. Her lips are so damn soft, and she’s so responsive; her hands curl around my arms, her body is pressed exquisitely against mine. She’s petite, but perfect at the same time, I am going to enjoy her for as long as I can tonight.

I drag my hands up her delicate back, running my fingers along her spine, up to her cup the back of her neck, and then back down again. It’s only when I reach for her waist and press her against my erection that I realize how awkward her movements are. They still feel amazing, but it was more than hesitation this time. I coax her softly, placing my hands on her bottom, squeezing gently and showing her the right rhythm. She rolls her hips against mine, and I can’t help but groan. If I can’t look at her…us…I might go insane.

“Liz, please,” I choke out begging…and I never beg.

“You can open your eyes now,” she says in the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. I don’t hesitate; I drag her against me, sealing our lips, licking, tasting, sucking, every delicate curve of her mouth.

I pull away panting for air, I need to see her against me. That’s when I notice she’s wearing a pure white, completely see-through negligee and her body is breathtaking. Her hips still roll against mine, and God help me she looks so damn innocent. I might just die when I finally have her, but what a good way to go with her lingering above me, as I take her from below. Stretching her, stealing her breath away…I shudder with anticipation.

“Do you have any idea just how much I want you?” I ask, brushing my fingers over her lips.

“No,” she’s breathless when she answers. Good, just what I was looking for. I make sure not to break eye contact with her while I reach under the front of the scrap of silk she’s wearing, cupping her breast in my hands.

“They’re not…probably what you’re used to,” she mumbles out, but never breaks eye contact with me. She is pretty bold isn’t she?

“Can I have a taste?” I lean up, lifting my knees so she can rest her back gently against them, as I pull the material up and attach my lips to one rosy nipple. The moment my lips touch her delicate skin, she moans, grips my head, urging me for more. I don’t intend to disappoint her. I cup her other breast in my hand, rolling the tip between my fingers until her nipple is hard and tight against my palm.

“They are sweet, just like you. Does that feel good? Do you want me to stop?” I ask as I lean up and lick the underside of her jaw. I nibble on her earlobe and await her response.

“No…please…” she arches her body against my chest and I lean back down, giving her other breast the same attention. She moans, pants and shivers with each lick, each tug and each stroke of my tongue and lips on her plump flesh. She might not be very large, but the fact that they are about the perkiest breasts I’ve ever seen, and the enthusiasm she packs into each movement, is enough to keep me very interested.

I settle back against the headboard, watching as she tries to regain normal breathing. I had to pull away a minute ago. I was ready to just take her, no preliminaries, nothing. I want her that bad. That has never happened before. It’s just the way her body reacts to me, the way she moans, the way she kisses me with such eagerness, at least that’s what I am trying to tell myself.

What is it about her that has me this worked up? She’s a woman, a very petite one at that. I go for the long legs, curves that go on forever…but looking at her right now, so pliant, so damn hot, I can’t imagine ever wanting anyone like this.

“Keep wiggling like that, and things are going to change really quickly.” I offer her a wink and she stills her movements, with a timid smile.

I pull her up against me, but she protests with a hand against my chest.

“I want you naked baby, it’s only fair.” I tease as I run my finger along her bottom lip.

“I know…it’s just that this is a little overwhelming for me.”

“What is?”

“You…naked.” Well I don’t know what to say to that.

“Me? Naked? Why?”

“Because you’re the first man I’ve ever seen this way, and you are a bit overwhelming.”

“You said that already. What’s wrong?” I reach out and push her hair away from her face. Her skin is soft like a hothouse peach, flawless like porcelain. She has a scar above her left eye. I wonder what caused that. I run my finger over it lightly and she tells me it was from a dog bite.

“It must have hurt,” I say, still rubbing it gently.

“It did.”

“I think you’re a little overdressed,” I whisper out against her lips. I really could kiss her forever. This time, however, she pulls away.

“What’s wrong, Liz? And don’t tell me you’re overwhelmed again.”

“I am! I can’t help it!” she hisses, and leans back, I lift my knees back up so she can rest against them once again.

“Tell me are you disappointed?” I ask, and I’m not that cocky, but it would probably shoot my ego to the ground if she said yes.

“Are you crazy? You’re perfect, and lean, muscles all over and you’re…really…” she blushes, I should let it drop and not further embarrass her, but I can’t.

“I’m really what?” I ask reaching out and squeezing her breasts in my hands, kneading them, coaxing an answer from her lips.

“Big! Okay, it’s just that you’re just bigger than I thought a man could be.” So that’s her problem, I can remedy this situation quickly.

“I promise, I won’t hurt you, if that’s what you think.”

“I’m so…small…” I groan. I can’t help it; she’s got me wound up like a damn spring ready to be let go.

“That you are. But trust me, it will be okay.” I reassure her, and she nods. I don’t know what to make of her, there’s something she’s not saying.

“Give me a minute. I’ll be right back.” I lift her from me, and with a sigh, I stroll out of the room in search of a box of condoms.

When I return, I take a look at the clock, it’s only about eight and can’t help but give thanks that I have hours with her in that big bed. It swallows her up.

“You’re very comfortable walking around naked, aren’t you?” she asks, following me around the room. I place the box on the nightstand beside her; she eyes it carefully and then focuses back on me.

“I am. Besides, now that I know you like what you see there’s nothing to stop me.” I smile at her, she lifts herself on her elbows to regard me now standing at the foot of the bed.

“Now, how about I help you?” She doesn’t say anything, just leans back and waits. I crawl up to her, trail my hands up her legs, reveling in their smoothness, and continue on my path. I reach the tops of her thighs and rub gently over the scrap of material blocking her from my view. I continue up, only this time I take my time, kissing my way up her body; her flat belly, her delicate ribs and then those perfect breasts once again.

I watch Liz as she watches me, and it has got to be the most erotic thing anyone has ever done to me. I slowly lift the fabric from her body, over her head and toss it to the floor. I suck in shallow breath; it’s all I can manage.

“I didn’t even know…” I trail off, leaning back over her, covering her lips before she has a chance to ask my meaning. I’ve never needed to have sex with anyone as bad as I feel like I need to right now. My body is primed; every single bone in my body wants her. I slowly reach down her body, our lips still tasting one another, and slip my hands inside her tiny panties.

They’re also white. I can’t get enough of it; I think it’s my new favorite color…on her at least. I find the tiny thatch of wet springy curls between her thighs, and I moan loudly into her mouth.

“How can you be so damn perfect…” I mutter against the hot flesh of her neck. She moans as her body arches. My clever fingers seek out and find the hard little nub at the center of her body. Slowly I stroke it, but it’s not enough for me.

I kiss her lips once more before skimming down her body. I slowly press her legs wider, and wrap my arms around them, opening her perfectly to my gaze. I push aside the material to get not only a look but also a taste of her sweetness.

“Max…wait…” her hand on my head stops my movement. I look up at her, her chest is heaving at this point and I can’t help the smile that curves on my lips.


“No one has ever…I…” her face is bright red; her body is growing flusher by the second. I understand what she means, but that in no way will stop me.

“Don’t worry, just lay back, it won’t hurt…not at all…” I trail off as my tongue seeks out the moisture gathered between her sleek thighs. I stroke her once, twice and can’t suppress the driving hunger to plunge inside of her.

“You taste so damn sweet baby, how do you do it?” I can’t keep the wonder from my voice, she doesn’t answer, and I don’t want her to. Just to know that I’m the first man to ever do this to her, to give her this, is so overpowering. My hips move of their own free will, grinding my pelvis into the thick mattress, exactly the way I want to inside of her.

“Max,” she moans out, her body already trembling beneath my lips and tongue. I continue to taste her, suck her, and lick every single drop of her until her body tightens beneath me. I know she’s there and I can’t wait to feel her. I tear my lips away with a sorrowfully groan, I have to see her. Slowly I slide a finger deep inside of her and reveal in the hot, tight flesh wrapped around me. Her body begins to shake uncontrollably and I smile, placing a kiss against her thigh. I lean down once more; moving my finger sleekly in and out of her body, once…twice and then replace it with my tongue. Plunging it deeply inside of her and with deep satisfaction her body convulses around me.

“Oh God! Max…ah…Max…” she moans out as her body continues to twitch in the aftermath. I can’t help but feel some pride in being able to give that to her. I wonder if it was her first…I won’t ask, I just wonder.

I pull myself up over her body, cover her dry lips with my wet ones and allow her to taste herself. Hoping it elicits the same kind of excitement from her as it does me.

She runs her hands up my back, I can feel the fine sheen of sweat forming on my body just from doing that to her. Hers equally shares that same gleam of moisture; it only makes me want her more though.

“That was a first for me,” she smiles lazily, pushing my hair away from my face.

“You have such beautiful eyes and lashes. I’ve never seen lashes this long on a man before,” she whispers out, delicately tracing my face. I turn and place kiss in the palm of her hand. Her body is sated now, she’s no longer trembling, but I can see it wasn’t enough for her.

“You, Liz Parker, have a beautiful smile and an even more beautiful body. Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to have you?” She nods as I move over her, resting myself on my elbows.

“I really meant it. I can’t help but want you so damn bad. Don’t make me wait,” I say kissing the creamy flesh at the tops of her breasts. She runs her hands through my hair and arches her back wantonly towards me.

I place a chastised kiss on her lips, before reaching out for the box of condoms beside us. She halts me this time. I look into her face; it doesn’t appear that she’s changed her mind. I hope she hasn’t. Of course if she has, I will just suck it up and take care of the damage myself at this point. Even though I want her as badly as my next heartbeat.

“What’s wrong, Liz?” I ask moving back on top of her.

“I have to tell you something.” I nod and wait, but all I get is a tear streaking down her cheek. I quickly wipe it away and ask her again to tell me.

“I’ve never done this before, and I don’t mean having a one night stand.” Her eyes are downcast, what is she talking…

I rear back in alarm. I honestly hope I’m reading too far into her words, but curiosity is nagging at me. I have to ask, God help me, I have to know.

“Are you…God…you’re not a virgin are you?”

“I am.”

“What? Liz…we have to stop this right now.” I push off of the bed and pace. Pace because if I don’t, I will take her right now and I can’t. I might be an ass but I’m not a scumbag.

“No!” she leans up and doesn’t even bother being modest and cover herself. She’s on her knees in front of me, the white panties are the only stitch of clothing she has on. I swallow audibly.


“No. You said you wanted me, you said you couldn’t wait to have me. Didn’t you mean it?” Her face is etched with anger and hurt.

“Yes, of course I meant it.” Does she think I walk around with a hard on all day?

“So what’s the problem?”

“The problem is I don’t go around having one night stands with virgins!” I hiss out in disbelief. Am I really having this conversation?

“I should have never told you!” she crosses her arms and settles back against the headboard. The anger drains from me and I join her on the bed.

“Liz, just listen to me for a minute. I might want you…really bad but you’re going to regret it. I regret a lot of things in my life, and I’d hate to sleep with you and have another regret.” I tell her one of my biggest fears in life. Regret. I’ve lived with so much of it, but she’s not supposed to be one of them. And if I have to turn her away right now, I will.

“I won’t regret it. I promise,” she says with such passion I am tempted to take her word for it.

“Baby, you say that now but after we’re done…”

“I’ll have one of the best memories of how sweet and kind you were to me. I almost gave myself away to him,” she sneers out bitterly and I know whom she is referring to.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” I say in earnest.

“Why? You don’t want me. If I would have given my first time to him, then you would sleep with me right now wouldn’t you?” she asks a question, she already knows the answer to. I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

“Liz, the idea of sleeping with you when I thought you weren’t a virgin was beyond my wildest dreams. Now that I know you are, I can’t take that from you.”

“You’re not taking it, if I’m giving it of my own free will!” she grinds out even toned. She definitely has an iron tight grip on her convictions. I don’t know how to compete with what my body wants and what my mind knows is wrong.

I don’t want her to think I’m treating her like a child, or even giving her some kind of lecture, but it might just turn out sounding that way. She needs to hear it anyway.

I reach down to the foot of the bed and pull up the blanket to cover us both. I’m sure she’s grown a chill, and Lord knows her telling me she was a virgin definitely stoked my fire.

“Could you just listen to me for a second?” I ask and she nods, but she snuggles closer to me and damn it all to hell, I grow as stiff as a board once again. I guess I’ll just get used to sitting around with a rock hard erection while she’s in my company.

“I want you to know that just because I want you and you want me it doesn’t make this situation right. Liz, after tonight, we will probably never see each other. You don’t know me and I don’t know you—”

“But you’d like to,” she comments so softly and I pretend I don’t hear her. So what if she’s voicing something that I’ve thought about in the last few minutes? It’s not important.

“What you’ve managed to hold onto most people give away without a second thought. It’s a gift you should give to someone you love, and maybe since you’ve held out this long, you can save it for your husband. But not me, Liz.”

“I know what you’re saying, and I have thought about it—”

“What? For the four hours we’ve known each other?” I shake my head in disapproval.

“Don’t look at me like I’m sixteen years old and sleeping with her boyfriend for the first time,” she clips harshly.

“Why the hell not? You’ve managed to get yourself into a very similar situation,” I grind out through clenched teeth. Her arguing with me only makes me want her more. She infuriates me with every word from her mouth, but even still, I want to kiss her.

“No, I’m a grown woman, Max. I get to choose whom I sleep with and whom I don’t. I didn’t just decide when I got up this morning that I would get stranded at the airport and sleep with the first guy that shows interest! I’m smarter than that!”

“Obviously not, if you want to waste your time with me!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re too damn good to even see what kind of person I am.” I turn away in frustration. I’ve said too much.

She reaches out a hand, coaxing my head to face her. I’d rather look out the window until the sun rises. If I look at her, I won’t be able to look away.

“We can’t do this, Liz. I can’t.” My voice hitches and she must notice because she backs down.

“Okay, Max. We won’t do anything.” I feel her rest her head against my shoulder, and pull the covers over us a little higher.

Tomorrow she’ll be just a memory of a girl, of the only girl who ever wanted to share something so delicate and special, with me.

~Continued On Next Post...
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<center>***Christmas Wish***</center>

“Do you have a Christmas wish Max?” she asks, it’s nearly ten and the hours seem to drag by. About an hour ago I would have willed the time to speed up, but now we just lay silently, her head on my chest and our eyes peering out towards the thick snow continuing to pound on the ground outside. This is perfect, just being able to hold her is enough. It’s more than I should have.

“I don’t have any wishes Liz. What about you?” I ask, extremely interested in what someone like her wishes for.

She settles a little higher against my chest, we’re both still naked except for her panties. I feel her silken flesh against mine; I will the taste of her to be erased from my mind.

“When I was a little girl—”

“Where are you from Liz?” I ask, I shouldn’t but I want to know.

“Roswell, New Mexico. My mother and I moved from there after my father died seven years ago, to Jersey.” I nod, and because I can’t resist I begin stroking my hands through her hair, urging her to continue.

“I used to wish for things like a Barbie dream house to be sitting under the tree when I woke up. As I got a little older and my father got sick…cancer…I wished him better. I prayed he would get better, but he never did. I stopped wishing after he died,” she pauses and I pull her closer, wrapping my hands around her.

“I’m sorry, but I know what you mean.”

“You do?” she peers up at me with those brown eyes that I could just fall in to and I tell her a little about myself.

“Yeah, both my parents died, when I was nine. My sister Isabel, she’s ten years older than me, from a previous marriage, took care of me. We didn’t have much, but she made sure I was at school every day, and that I got good grades. She wanted something more for me, than what she had.” I think about my sister with a smile, she yelled at me for not being home yesterday, but I decided to take a later flight, I had business to take care of. I always have business to take care of, I think with a tinge of regret.

“So she raised you at nineteen?”

“Yeah, she worked two jobs and when I was old enough I worked too.”

“What about family? I mean grandparents or…I don’t know friends?” she asks, such hope in her eyes.

“Liz, we had family but they all tried to split us. Like I said Isabel is from my mother’s first marriage. And no one wanted to take her in, and I wouldn’t leave her. So she decided to take me instead. She gave up everything, school, a great career to raise me.”

I watch as the emotions cross over her beautiful face, but I hope none of them are pity.

“Don’t feel bad for me or my sister, Liz.”

“I don’t.” She doesn’t?

“You don’t?” Liz leans up, actually no, she’s sitting up now and staring at me with an indescribable expression.

“What is it?”

“Tell me what you do for a living, Max.” I grow stiff. Does she know who I am?

“W-why do you want to know?”

“I just want to know. You know what I do, so share.” She’s right, but is it wrong of me to not want her to know who I am? What I own?

“I own my own business.” To my surprise, she doesn’t ask me to elaborate.

“And you take care of your sister now?”


“So you used to have wishes then, right?” What is she getting at?

“I guess, but that was a long time ago.”

“I don’t think so,” she moves over me this time, and I swallow back a moan. The sheet falls away and she’s bare before me. I ache to touch her, to kiss her, to taste her, but this is wrong.

“Tell me, when you were little, what was your wish?” She whispers hotly against my ear, licking it and then gently tugging on it. I ball my hands into fists, so that I don’t touch her.

“I don’t remember,” I lie.

“Tell me,” she urges me on, grinding her hips roughly against mine. It’s all I can do to not tear that scrap of material away from her body and drive into her.

“I wished that one day I would make enough money to take care of Izzy for the rest of her life,” I rush out, surrendering to her ministrations. I feel her hands slide between us, her body slide down further against mine.

“Liz,” I warn but she doesn’t listen. Instead her head disappears beneath the sheet and my head hits the headboard with a thump. I should stop her, I really should, but I just don’t want to fight her anymore.

I won’t sleep with her, but I will enjoy her for tonight.

“I’ve never done this before either, so forgive me,” she says as I pull the sheet away from my body. I have to see her.

I swallow thickly as she grasps me in her hand; she pauses as I grow beneath her fingers. “Max, help me.” I close my eyes and will my body to stop responding so effortlessly to her.

Since I can’t open my eyes, if I do, it will be all over. I’ve never had anyone bring me this close to the brink without even trying. I bring my hand to hers, covering it, showing her how to stroke me.

“Can you look at me?” she whispers out, and I gather the strength to do as she asks, but it’s a mistake.

The moment my eyes land on her, on her knees, my erection in her tiny hand, dwarfing it, I nearly lose it.

“Liz, God…just…” And then she does it, she covers me with her warm mouth and I groan with enthusiasm.

“You taste good Max.” I smile. Despite the strain on my face, I manage a smile.

“You’re too innocent to make that line work, baby.”

“Really? Damn!” she says and covers me once again. I reach down, to move her, but instead I find myself grasping the back of her head, urging her forward, teaching her the rhythm to drive me insane.

After a few minutes, the sensation puts me on overload. I feel the tiny hesitant licks, the soft whimpers of frustration leaking from her charming lips. I pull her away.

“Max, don’t stop me…please,” she begs and I drag her up my body, cover those pouty lips with mine and kiss her the way I’ve wanted to for the past hour. She leans into me, spreads her legs over me, and purrs so softly into my mouth. I drag my hands up and down her body, hoping it will suffice me.

She pulls away this time, she watches me closely and then before I know what’s happening, she slides her hand between us, grips me and brings me to the opening of her body.

“Liz!” I yelp and pull her off of me.

“What the hell are you doing?” I say, running a nervous hand through my hair. If I was a second delayed I would have been inside of her. Putting aside the fact that I already told her I wouldn’t sleep with her; it’s what I wanted but I never forget protection…never.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t going to put it in.”

“And where the hell are your underwear?” I ask, tossing the sheet to the side and then I eye them. She must have slipped them off when she was…well just before.

“Liz, I already told you we aren’t doing anything.”

“But you liked what I was doing right?”

“Yes! But we are not sleeping together.”

“Okay, I won’t force you.” She lays down beside me, the sheet is long gone, so she’s naked, creamy and naked and I can’t have her damn it!

“I’m sorry, Liz. It’s just all my life, I’ve just taken what I wanted and this is one of those rare times, where I can’t.”

“Because I’m a virgin.”

“Because you’re a virgin.” I nod, and she understands but probably has no idea how damn hard it is to resist her.

“What time is it?” she asks, and I eye the alarm clock.

“It’s a little after ten-thirty. Are you tired?”


“Are you hungry?”


“Liz, can we just talk about something else?” I say softly and watch as she curls to her side, away from me. This is not what I wanted.


“I’m scared, Max.” I roll over beside her, spooning behind her before I even know it.

“Scared about what?” I push her hair away from her shoulder and kiss her cheek.

“I don’t think I’ll ever find someone to love me, not for me. I’ve had three boyfriends my whole life, none of which stuck around to wait for me. I know what you’re saying, I understand it even, but I just wish you understood me.” I wish I did too.

“I wish you knew that no matter what you say, I won’t change my mind…I won’t stop…” she pauses and takes a deep breath, I fear she won’t continue, but she does, her voice a little softer than before.

“I won’t stop wanting you. I know I probably sound like a whore or…”

“I don’t ever want you to use that word when referring to yourself, you are anything but that.” I tug her shoulder gently, making her face me.

She nods, but she’s crying too. Damn, I wish I was a scumbag, I would take her right now and then she could hate me later, but I can’t.

“Please don’t cry, Liz. I can’t handle it.”

“Why not?”

“You damn near break my heart when you do it.” I can’t believe I just said that, I’ve never let any woman’s emotions get to me.

“Then I do affect you,” she asks.

“Of course you do. Like I said before, do you think I walk around with this,” I nudge her with my hips, showing her just how much she affects me.

“But you don’t want to sleep with me,” her voice is tiny and fragile

“I didn’t say that.”

“Yes you did,” she retorts coolly.

“Maybe I did, but that’s not what I meant.”

“Then explain it to me.”

Explain it to her? How the hell am I supposed to do that, when I myself don’t understand it? Honesty is always best in these situations, isn’t it?

“Liz, I was fifteen when I lost my virginity.”

“Fifteen?” she turns and eyes me warily. I nod but continue. I try to ignore her when she turns in my arms and lifts one delicate leg over my hip, holding me in place.

“She was someone I met, when I was someplace I shouldn’t have been.”

“Where were you?”

“I was at a bar,” I pause waiting for her shock to settle in, but it never even came.

“She thought I was older, at least I guess she did. She took me to her place and I had the most awkward experience of my life. I felt dirty afterwards, but she didn’t say anything, she knew it was my first time. She just dropped me back off at the bar and I never saw her again.”

“I’m sorry,” she says and kisses my cheek softly. I don’t know why I accept it, but I do and I kiss her back, hold her closer.

“I understand what you’re trying to tell me. No one should have a first time…anytime be like that. But can I ask you then, why do you sleep with so many women?” I stiffen, but answer her question.

“Because I want to, and they are willing partners.”

“You don’t want anything serious?”



“I don’t know.” I really don’t. I never desired it; I never questioned it until now.

“Tell me why?” she queries as she presses herself against me once again, but then rolls away, laying flat on her back.

I trace an invisible line from her lips to her belly button. I revel in the feel of her skin, the firmness of her body, if only I could give myself to someone. If I ever did, it would be someone like her, I would imagine.

“I never really thought about it.”

“Nonsense. You told me before that I deserved better than you, why?” she eyes me suspiciously and I shrug, leaning over her on my elbow. I cup her breast with my free hand, trace the darkened skin around her nipple and watch elatedly as she responses instantly.

“I guess, ever since that day I never thought that much of myself. When I got older and more successful it was easy to sleep with women, it was fun. I have no attachments, I can just walk away and…and…”

“Never get hurt?” she touches the heart of the matter with such little effort, I envy her.

“Yeah. I never get hurt.”

“Then why live?”

“What?” I question in confusion.

“Why live? Life hurts, your feelings get hurt, when people you love die or leave you, it hurts like hell. You don’t feel like going on, you don’t want to because that would mean you would have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and live in a world that was, yes, maybe a little bit sadder. But there is so much good, and you’re part of that.” I have to blink a few times, hard.

I look at her; maybe for the very first time tonight, I really look at Liz Parker. She’s not just another naked woman in my bed, she’s not just another pretty face, she’s a warm human being with feelings and emotions and she’s willing to share them with me.

“How do you know so much about the world?”

“Because right now, in this room, I’m living it with you. I only want to share that with you, even if it’s just for tonight.” She smiles and leans up to kiss my lips. I can’t fight her anymore, I don’t want to…I just want to feel her, us, even if it’s only for tonight. I need to.

I kiss her harder, sliding my tongue between her parted lips, run my hands down her body, between her legs, willing her to open for me. She does, without question; she gives herself over to me. I pull away; the emotions are running so heavily through me that I just need a minute.

“Max?” she whispers out, the blue glow emanating from outside casts as delicate glow over her.

“Yeah baby,” I whisper back, just as soft.

“What’s your Christmas wish this year?” I smile, because for once in a long time, I actually have an answer.

“You.” She smiles and reaches out to me, for me to hold her, for me to touch her and for me to make my wish come true.

<center>***Something To Last For As Long As You Live***</center>

“I’ve waited my whole life for this moment,” I say honestly as I kneel in front of her. I’ve kissed her breathless, I’ve caressed her body but now it’s time for me to make her mine…for tonight. I feel a sharp tightening around my heart at the thought of never seeing her again.

As I look at her though, I know I don’t have to see her again to remember her. The memory of her is something that will last me for as long as I live.

I look into her eyes and I can see how much she trusts me, I’ll have to remember to give her a lesson about trust before she leaves. I smile at her, a little sad and a little eager.

Running my hands up her thighs, I lean over and kiss her lips once, twice, before pulling away. She raises her legs and wraps them around my waist, I eye her suspiciously, but she just grins at me with mischief stamped on her features.

“You want me to sit?” She nods so I obey. I scoot up closer to her, as she lays still. It is still killing me to wait, but even though I’ve resigned myself to be with her, I have to be patient.

“Now that you have me here, whatever will you do with me Ms. Parker?” I entice her with a thrust of my hips against her sweet flesh.

“I think you can figure it out from here.” Oh, I can and I will.

I reach out, parting her wet flesh, I lick my lips in anticipation of tasting her again. I lean forward as awkward as it is, and feel my arousal bump against her plump flesh. I close my eyes and groan.

“Feels good?” she asks, trailing a finger over her breast.

“You know it does, sweetheart.” I lean forward again, covering her damp curls with my lips. Tasting her, teasing her, allowing all of my senses to be consumed by this amazing woman in my arms.

I watch as her back arches, her tiny fists ball the sheets tightly, and her lips, I watch her lips form the cutest little sounds I’ve ever heard. I sit up now, watch her as she urges me to continue, but I get an idea. A dangerous one, but so long as I keep myself in check, this will feel incredible.

“Lay still, Liz.” I reach between us, spread her glistening folds with one hand as I grasp my erection in the other.

“Max…” her voice quivers, not in fear but in anticipation. I know the feeling.

I test myself, simply placing my arousal between her lips and shudder at the sensation. I won’t be able to keep this up for long, but I won’t need to. I rock my hips forward and slide through and over her lips, hitting that hard sensuous nub every time.

“Max…ah…please…” she moans, she begs and I damn near explode with the feeling.

“Incredible, I wish I could Liz…I really do…” I say panting for air, and I raise myself over her, reaching for the box on the nightstand. I tear at the foil packet and roll the condom over my straining erection.

“I won’t hurt you…but you have to stay still for a minute okay?” I whisper out to her, pressing kisses all over her face. I feel her nod and slowly…gently, I press into her untried flesh.

My eyes nearly cross as I breach her opening a little further. Her body stiffens, her fingernails dig into my back and I stop.

“Liz, are you okay? I’ll stop.”

“No, it’s just…I wasn’t kidding when I said I was small and you were…” she looks up at me, so trusting, so honest; I could love her so damn easily.

“I know baby, just let me in,” I cajole as I push even further. The iron hard grip of her, forces me to move slowly. I continue until I’m insinuated completely inside of her burning flesh.

“Max…” she pants out; sweat forming on the tip of her nose and her forehead.

“Yeah, baby?” I haven’t moved, I’m letting her get used to having me so deep inside of her.

“What time is it?” she asks and I look at her in confusion before tilting my head to see the time. I can’t help but laugh when I do.

“What?” she asks tracing my lips with her fingers.

“It’s five past midnight.”

“Merry Christmas Max,” she says and kisses my lips softly. I hold her tighter, pressing inside of her deeply.

“Merry Christmas, Liz.” I kiss her with a smile on my lips.

Liz begins to squirm and I thrust inside of her steadily, in and out, feeling her body relax against mine. She moans against my chest, I urge her legs up and around my hips.

“God…you have to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life. You feel…God Liz, you feel amazing. Am I hurting you?”

“No…Max…ah…you feel…ah….” She moans, long and serrated. Her body convulses beneath mine and I’m right at the edge, but I need to feel her once more…just one.

“Oh God…Max…that was…” I lean up, pressing my palms into the mattress on either side of her. I thrust fully inside of her, forcing her legs wider. I cover first one breast then the other, sucking, licking and tugging all just to elicit another delicious moan from her.

“Ah…God…so…good…” she pants, her body arches…I can tell she’s tiring out but I just need her to give me a little more.

“Don’t stop Liz…I need you…just one more…” I thrust deeper, harder, forgetting all thoughts of her virginity and claim her as mine. Urging her with my body, my hands and my lips to surrender to my desires.

“I can’t…I…it’s too much…it’s….”

“You’re so damn tight, baby…just give me one more…just let go…” I reach down between us, finding the sensitive button and rubbing it ardently.

In that instant, my body grows tight, just as her body arches beneath me like a bow and we strain against one another riding out the longest climax of our lives…well mine at least.

I drop down beside her a few minutes later, pulling her with me. I run my hands up and down her back until her breathing returns to normal. Kissing the side of her temple, I pull back to regard her.

I hope I don’t see regret on her face. I close my eyes and then open them to see her staring right at me, with nothing but an emotion I could only describe as happiness.

“You okay?”

She snuggles closer to me. “I feel great. Thank you, Max.” I don’t know what she’s thanking me for. I think I’m the one that should be thanking her. But I don’t say anything; I don’t want to ruin this moment. Least of all I don’t want to think that in a few short hours…I’ll never see her again.

<center>***All Good Things, Come To An End***</center>

We made love twice last night. I filled a hot bath for her just after two in the morning and then I watched her sleep afterward. I couldn’t help it. I have to say goodbye to her this morning.

I already called the airlines, seems the snow stopped just after midnight and the flights are commencing in about an hour. She’s sleeping now; I left her for a little while I took care of something.

I know I have to wake her; she’ll want to get her things ready and be a little presentable for the plane ride. But I want to be selfish; I want to keep her here with me, in this room forever.

I don’t know how…hell I don’t know when, but she managed to claim a piece of my heart last night. I swore I’d never allow it. I promised myself I’d never hurt like the way I did when I lost my parents, but to my surprising gratitude, I will hurt when I leave her. It will hurt for a long time to come.

And I’m so thankful for it. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m feeling again. I’m not blocking out my emotions, because they are getting in my way. She was right last night, I was afraid to live. But now, because of her, I know that I can even if it does hurt.

“Liz,” I whisper out to her, reaching my hand out to stroke her cheek. She’s beautiful, I don’t know if she knows just how much, but she is. She was mine; she will always be mine…in my heart.

“Is it time?” her voice, unsteady and sad. I nod. She offers me a small smile before rolling off the bed. I don’t want to touch her, because if I do I won’t be able to let go.

She had a life before me, it would be easy for me to be selfish and ask her to stay but I won’t do that to her. She deserves a real life, with a man that can love her and make all the time in the world for her.

I’m not that man. Maybe one day…but not today.

“I’m just going to get dressed. Will you…be here when I get out?” she asks, it’s a valid question. This was after all a no strings attached situation, but when I look up at her from my place on the bed, she knows I won’t leave her. Not yet.

She smiles and then closes the door behind her.

I make a few phone calls and then check the room to make sure we weren’t leaving anything behind. I hear the water running, I wonder if she’s crying. I know I feel like I am, inside, deeply.

It doesn’t take her long to get ready, we don’t really say anything, except for a few exchanges of words on when her flight was, we make it a chore to gather our things quickly and head to the airport.

“I think I’m up first,” she says, not looking at me.

“Yeah. Jersey before New York.” I smile down at her, she finally looks at me, and she’s breaking my heart. I want her to know I don’t want her to go, but that would hurt her more, it would create a decision she wasn’t ready for…that I’m not ready for.

“Yeah. I should go.” She swallows thickly, the tears are brimming her eyes, but she won’t cry. I offer her a thin smile and then because I can’t help it, I pull her into my arms. She grasps me tightly, hugging me to her body as hard as she can.

We stay this way for what seems like a second, because they are calling her flight now. She has to go. I have to let go but God I don’t want to.

She pulls away first. “Merry Christmas, Max. I wish…” she doesn’t finish her sentence, but I know what she means. I wish it too.

“I uhm…I have something for you.” I reach into my pocket and pull out a medium black box and open it for her.

“Max…I…” she shakes her head, and looks at me in confusion. I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it. I pluck the necklace out of the box and toss the box to a nearby chair. I place the necklace on her and step back.

“It’s so beautiful,” she says while running her fingers over the diamond snowflake I just gave her.

“Never more than you. I know we said…but I wanted you to have something to remember me by. And it is Christmas and you deserve a present.” I smile down at her upturned face.

“I didn’t get you anything.”

“Liz, you've already given me the best Christmas gift any man could ask for.”

“Last call for Newark” I hear in the background. This is it. “I don’t know what to say, but thank you.”

I reach out and push her hair back away from her face. I want to remember her this way; her cheeks flushed from the bitter coldness outside, her eyes sparkling like fine wine, and her smile, one that I can make myself believe was made only for me.

“Just say that one time a year, you’ll remember me and that will be enough.”

“I will. I promise.” And I know she will. I let her walk away. She doesn’t turn back. That’s my girl, so brave and so damn strong. I would have had to look back once.

It’s better this way.

<center>***Miss You Most At Christmas***</center>

“Max, are you even listening to me?” comes my sister’s voice from the kitchen. It’s Christmas Eve again and this year I’ve decided to stay close to home.

“I’m listening Isabel, but I think Alex and Megan would like to go ice skating with you this year.” I’m trying to get her out of the house with her husband and daughter. I need some time alone.

I miss her. I try not to say her name or even think about it. It’s been a full year and there isn’t a night that goes by that I don’t think about her. I can admit that now to myself. She changed me and for the better. I had to fight with myself not to look for her. I know her full name it was easy enough, but I thought better of it.

I could offer her nothing then, but now…maybe I could. But it’s probably too late and that’s okay. Some things just weren’t meant to be.

“Max, are you sure? What are you going to do then?” Isabel steps out and eyes me cautiously. She’s noticed the change in me from the day I stepped off the plane last year.

I work less and I spend more time with her and Megan. I’m trying, but is it all in vain, is what I wonder.

“I’m positive. Besides I need some fresh air. I’ll probably just take a walk.” She nods and offers me a bright smile. If it’s one thing my sister knows how to do is to brighten your mood up with a smile.

“Be back for dinner okay?”

“Okay.” I pick up my jacket and make my way to the front door. I notice immediately, it started to snow already. Well at least some things never change.

I wonder where she is, and what she’s doing. I wonder if she knows that I haven’t been with anyone since her. I made a promise to her, to what we shared that night that, I wouldn’t be with anyone else until I was in love.

I don’t know if I’ll ever fall in love, but it’s nice to finally believe that I can. She taught me that as well.

I watch, with a sensitive eye as the couples stroll up and down the busy streets. It’s still early; the sun has yet to set. I feel a longing so deep, that I have to wonder if it will ever go away.

Cutting across the snowy path I make my way into the park across the street from Izzy’s place. It’s a small park, only a few benches and a now completely frozen pond. I take a seat and just take in my surroundings.

That’s another thing I do. I make time for small things, such as breathing in the snowy air, something I haven’t done since I was a kid. She taught me that as well.

I try not to…

“What is that?” I say to myself, standing up and noticing a giant snowflake balloon floating in the air. How the hell did someone get that thing up there? I laugh and take my seat…but pause for just a moment.

It’s silly for me to think…

She wouldn’t even know where to look…

I have to find out. I can’t let whatever this feeling that’s come over me go, without seeing where that damn balloon is coming from.

I stand again, and notice that the balloon is tied to the side of a building…the side of my building. What the hell?

I turn and run, flagging the next taxi. I give him the directions and ten minutes later I’m standing in front of…

“Evans Hotel & Spa?” I stand frozen to the ground. I must be losing my damn mind. I turn and that’s when I see her.

“Liz?” How the hell did she find me?

“Why didn’t you tell me you owned the hotel we stayed in? I would have never known who you were if I my mom didn’t pick up the latest issue of People for me to read. And guess who was on the cover?” she crosses her arms in front of her, resting them on her cream colored coat. She isn’t wearing a hat or gloves. She must be freezing.

“I didn’t want you to know who I was,” I say honestly. I can’t believe she’s here, right in front of me. I turn to face her. She is freezing, her cheeks and nose are bright pink but she looks beautiful.

I want to touch her, but I don’t. What if she’s not real? What if I fell asleep in Izzy’s living room or better yet on that bench? No, I won’t touch her.

“I can understand that. You didn’t want me liking you for the wrong reasons.” I nod.

“Are you real?” She laughs and steps closer, raising up on her tiptoes and pressing her cold lips to mine. God! She’s really standing here. I wrap my arms around her, and kiss her with all the longing I’ve felt for the past year.

“I see you’ve thought about me?” she pulls back, offering me a bright smile, the one that’s reserved just for me.

“I think about you everyday, but especially today.”

“Yeah, me too.” I lean my forehead against hers and take her in. She feels the same, smells the same, perfection. I promise myself I’ll never let her go, if she’ll have me, I will keep her with me for the rest of my life.

“What are you doing here?” She steps back a little and unzips her jacket, pulls out the diamond snowflake necklace I gave her and smiles confidently at me.

“I was looking for my happy ending.”

<center>The End</center>
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