Time Runs Both Ways (CC,All,TEEN) Epilogue & Author's Note - 6/2/16

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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,TEEN) Repost 12/07/09

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“Just try and get through the day, ok? Just keep moving forward, keep breathing . . .”

Interlude II: I’ll be

“She’s doing it again” Maria said, resting her forearms on the order window and looking worriedly over at Liz who was staring out of the window blankly.

“I know” Michael answered pensively, looking over at Liz too. “But what can we do?”

Maria looked at him hopefully. “I think you should talk to her. She came to you for help before, maybe you can help her again.”

Michael sighed.

“I tried talking to her awhile ago. I got nowhere” he said, frustration hitting him once again. Maria’s shoulders slumped as hope deflated and Michael felt even worse. He followed Maria’s line of sight back to Liz. She was talking with Alex who managed to coax a small smile out of her. Even though it disappeared quickly, it was there . . .

Then they both watched as she left the table Isabel, Alex, and Kyle were sitting at and went back to staring out of the window.

“Honestly?” he said, lowering his voice. “I think you and Alex should talk to her together. I mean, you’re her best friends right? If anybody besides Max can get through to her, it’d be you two.”

Maria's head tilted contemplatively. “You know, Isabel kinda said the same thing, but I discounted it.”


“I didn’t want her to feel like we were ganging up on her.” She chewed on her bottom lip reflexively. “I guess we have to do something though, huh?” she said with a shaky inhale.

Michael didn’t answer and looked at her for a minute before saying “Could you come back here for a minute?”

She nodded absently as she sent another worried look in Liz’s direction and then proceeded to the kitchen. Michael stood waiting, leaning with one hip against the counter. When she entered, he outstretched a hand and said softly “Give me your hand Maria.”

Without preamble she placed her hand in his. Just as he suspected, it was shaking. His brow furrowed as he took his other hand and sheltered her shaking one between his. He looked into her eyes and watched as she dropped the facade of keeping it together and her face crumbled.

“I’m so scared Michael” she said as he pulled her to him, enclosing her in his warmth. He just held her closer.

“We could be in our final days here and . . . and I can’t change that one way or another . . . But I’m watching one of my best friends fall apart, right before my eyes and I can’t seem to do a thing about that either . . . I’m just, I’m not doing too well with all this.” Her arms tightened around him as she buried her face in his chest.

“I know Maria, I know” he said, holding her tighter. “Liz will be ok. We’ll make sure of it.”

Maria shook her head.

“There’s something I should tell you” she said as she listened to the solid thump of his heart in her ear. It reassured her . . . Made her feel calmer, safe . . .

“What is it?” he murmured, once again hating the useless feeling that came over him, realizing how scared Maria was.

“Liz told me something awhile back and it scared me at the time, but I’m even more afraid now . . .”

“I’m listening” he said patiently, running a hand soothingly up and down her back.

Maria took a shaky breath and closed her eyes. “In that other timeline . . . after Max and Alex . . . died . . . Liz tried . . . she tried to kill herself . . .”

“What?!” Michael said as his hand stilled. He looked down at Maria as she looked up at him. He went back to rubbing her back.

“She tried to kill herself Michael” Maria repeated in a calm voice that belied the turmoil she was feeling inside. “She said that it just became too hard for her, so she gave up . . . Oh god” she said, collapsing against him. “I can’t lose her Michael, I just can’t” she sobbed as she gripped the back of his shirt in her fists.

Michael held her tightly and murmured soothingly to her until she calmed down, while in his head he was reeling with this new information. As bad as things seemed, it had never occurred to him that they should be on a suicide watch for Liz . . .

“Wait, Maria, you said she tried to commit suicide. What stopped her?” he asked, thinking they could just do whatever had helped the first time.

Maria looked up at him pensively as she answered “You.”

Michael looked down at her, shocked speechless. Finally he managed to get out “Me? H-How?”

“She said that you pulled her back from the ledge . . . I don’t know how you knew to be there, but you were . . . I love you Spaceboy” Maria said, pulling him down for a sweet kiss.

Michael’s heart flipped. He still wasn’t used to hearing those words. He didn’t think he’d ever get used to hearing them. But he’d always want her to say them . . . Always . . .

“I love you too Maria” he said, holding her tightly again. She nodded against his chest, too emotional to revel in him uttering those words like she normally would. “And Maria?” She looked up at him curiously, eyes still full of unshed tears for her friend. “When you and Alex talk to Liz, count me in too . . . I want to be there.”

“Ok” she said, feeling some of her tension lessen, now that she had shared her fears with Michael.

“Ok, I should get back out there” she said, stepping back. Michael’s arms reluctantly loosened, not wanting to let her go.

He watched as she straightened her uniform, replaced her antennae that had fallen at some point and wiped her face. He wondered not for the first time how he had managed to get someone like Maria to fall for someone like him . . .

“How do I look?” she asked, interrupting his reverie.

He waved a hand across her face, taking away any indications that she’d been crying. “You look beautiful Maria, as always” he said, kissing her briefly on the lips and then pushing her lightly out of the kitchen, gruff manner fully restored; Only the soft look in his eyes reminding her of the Michael of a few moments ago.

“Thanks Michael” she said softly before she left the room, returning to work.

As he looked back out through the order window, he frowned.

Liz still hadn’t moved from the spot she’d been standing in . . .


Title from song by Edwin McCain
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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,TEEN) Repost 12/07/09

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Previously on Time Runs Both Ways:


“Liz?” Michael spoke up from the doorway. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.”


“Liz, you are not fine. The tears you just wiped away prove that. How can I help if you won’t let me?” Michael asked her gruffly, hand falling to his side listlessly as she continued avoiding his eyes.

“Please just let it go for now Michael.”

She finally looked up at him, pain undisguised, turning her eyes a darker brown. “Please” she said when he looked ready to protest.

He reluctantly nodded and she sagged against the sofa in relief.


“How are you?” Max asked her softly.

“I’m ok” she said firmly, the lie tumbling from her lips automatically now.


“Child, you need to share your burden. It was not meant to be carried alone.”

“So the responsibility is mine but not the burden? That doesn’t even make sense!” Liz cried, frustrated. “How can I just lay this knowledge on them when they can’t do anything to change it? As you said, only Max or I can! And I can barely handle knowing and I lived through it once before.”

Eve’s voice drifted to her quietly.

“It’s a hard gift to have, isn’t it?”


“She’s doing it again” Maria said, resting her forearms on the order window and looking worriedly over at Liz who was staring out of the window blankly.

“I know” Michael answered pensively, looking over at Liz too. “But what can we do?”


And now . . .


The Intervention

I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time - Bush “Glycerine”

“Liz, could you come out here for a minute?” Maria called from the living room where she, Alex, and Michael were waiting.

“Sure” Liz answered, reluctantly lowering the crystal she had been so focused on just moments before. A rainbow of colors swam in the crystal’s depths as it changed from a bright red to it’s usual transparent state. She sighed as she placed it back in the pocket of her sweater and wearily left the room with no idea at all what was in store for her in the other room . . .


“Hey, so where’s my other shadow?” Kyle asked, looking around when he came back to the table from the bathroom.

“Alex is upstairs with Maria, Michael, and Liz” Isabel answered, not even minding the ‘shadow’ comment anymore.

Kyle’s voice lowered conspiratorially “So they’re doing it now? The intervention thing?”

Isabel nodded, listlessly picking at her fries and the table was quiet as they both contemplated whether anything would help Liz at this point.

As the bell over the door signaled the departure of a customer, Kyle shook off his heavy thoughts and reached for the worn pack of cards he kept in his back pocket. He waved the pack in front of Isabel, interrupting her reverie. “What do you think? Deuces wild?”

She nodded absently, her mind drifting back from what could be happening upstairs. She reached for the deck as a welcome distraction.

“I’ll shuffle.”


“What’s going on?” Liz asked, her eyes flickering to the room’s three occupants curiously.

“Liz, you know we love you right?” Maria asked carefully.

“Yeah?” she answered, puzzled.

~*I am wondering who I am today*~

“So we want you to be ok” Alex spoke up from the sofa.

“And I am ok” she assured them, not focusing on any of them until her eyes met Michael’s.

~*I’ve been wondering who I am all week*~

He gave her an ‘I know better’ look and she looked away.

~*If I am wondering who I am all month, all year*~

“Ok, so I’m not ok” she said, eyes focused on a faraway point beyond the room. “But these are not ‘ok’ times. I’m just trying to cope . . .”

~*Is that ok?*~

The room was silent for a moment.

“Remember when you were 13 and you had to get your appendix removed?” Maria asked, out of the blue.

Liz paused, then nodded.

“You hated being in the hospital. You were so scared of having surgery and just wanted to go home.”

“Your parents let Maria and I stay in the room with you until they wheeled you into surgery” Alex said, picking up the story.

Maria continued, her smile bittersweet. “The anesthesia started to kick in, so your eyes were closed, but right before they wheeled you away, your hands reached out . . .”

“And we each grabbed one and you held tight until you were fully asleep . . .”

“I remember” Liz said softly, comforted by the memory.

~*I feel like I used to know my dreams*~

“Well, we’re still here Lizzie” Alex said softly.

“All you have to do is reach out” Maria finished, looking at Liz hopefully.

Liz’s mind drew inward.

“I’m just supposed to tell them that I get visions and that in the one I just had I know that Maria will die first . . .”

She suppressed a shudder and blinked the room back into focus.

~*Now they’re wrapped up in my tears*~

“It’s not . . .” Liz stumbled over her words “. . . It’s just, it’s not the same . . . I just can’t . . .”

~*When I hear my voice, it’s not my voice I wanna hear*~

She silently pleaded with them to understand and forgive her, even though she hardly recognized herself these days.

~*When I look for my dreams I find it’s not that clear*~

Maria’s face fell and Alex looked down at the floor. Michael finally spoke up as he stepped over to Liz. He lifted her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. “It’s exactly the same Liz. You’re scared . . . And they’re here . . . We’re here . . . There’s no reason to handle this alone, because you’re not alone.”


~*I am looking in myself today*~

“Lizzie?” Maria interrupted in a small voice, having moved to the mantel and studying the picture of the three of them resting there. “I’m just so afraid all the time Lizzie . . .”

~*I’ve been looking in myself all week*~

She looked over at Liz as slow tears began to fall from her eyes. Liz struggled to hold her emotions in check looking at Maria.

~*If I am looking in myself all month, all year*~

“I feel like I’m losing my best friend” Maria said as a sob broke free.

~*Is that ok?*~

Liz rushed over to her and threw her arms around her, tears falling from her own eyes now.

~*I feel like I used to know my dreams*~

“I can’t lose you Lizzie . . . I need you” she said, her voice coming out muffled as her arms flew around Liz and the two friends embraced tearfully. Alex threw himself into the hug, looping an arm around both of them tightly.

~*Then wrapped them up and I held them close to me*~

Michael just breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed against the back of the sofa.

“I know we can’t possibly understand what you’ve been through, but just don’t shut us out. Don’t close yourself off from everyone so much that you waste away” Alex finally said to Liz softly.

Liz pulled back. “I’ll try not to” she said, giving them both a watery smile that left a moment later.

~*But now it’s escaping me*~


“They were supposed to have 14 years . . . Now what do they have?”

~*What am I doing here?*~

Her whole body shook as guilt bombarded her . . .

~*What am I doing here?*~

She couldn’t do this . . .

~*What am I doing here?*~

Without so much as a word, she lunged away from them and bolted from the room, leaving three stunned people behind.

~*I am wondering who I am today*~

“What just happened?”

~*I’ve been wondering who I am all week*~

“I don’t know . . .” was the confused answer.

~*If I am wondering who I am all month, all year*~
~*Is that ok?*~

After that, all that followed was silence . . .

tbc . . .

Music in this chapter from Nyree “Wondering”
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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,TEEN) Repost 12/07/09

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“What makes hope reality is Faith” – Dead Zone

Interlude IV: Pandora

Liz sat staring out at the stars as Max climbed up the fire escape and onto her balcony.

For a second, she just stared in shock, unable to believe that he was really there . . .

Then as the breeze blew and his clothes rustled, she unfroze was in his embrace before a word was even spoken.

Her soul exhaled as his arms came around her and her heart cried . . .

~*I didn’t come this far*~

He was real . . . Solid, warm and real . . .

The flash hit her unexpectedly . . .

‘Max is dead . . . He’s dead’

She pulled away from him quickly and stepped back, catching her breath and reigning in her emotions.

~*For you to make this hard for me*~

Away from his comforting arms, she felt cold. She wrapped her arms around herself and went back to her chair, avoiding his eyes and staring out into the dark void of night.

“How can I help?” he asked, surprising her with his question . . .

~*And now you want to ask me ‘How?’*~

She didn’t answer. ‘I’m fine’ echoing over and over in her head until the words lost all meaning.

~*It's like*~

Not that they had much meaning to begin with . . .

~*How does your heart beat?*~

They were more reflex than anything.

~*Why do you breathe?*~

Realizing he wouldn’t get an answer, he sat down in the chair next to hers, his hand automatically reaching for hers across the expanse . . .

~*Why did you come here?*~

“I can’t” she said softly, a catch in her throat, as she pulled away before his made contact. She folded her hands in her lap in an attempt to occupy them and avoided looking at him.

~*You weren’t invited*~

“It’s getting worse, isn’t it?” he asked her softly, drawing her gaze.

~*You’re on the outside*~

‘Getting worse’ . . . What did that even mean? All she knew was that she was falling apart and Max was here.

Here . . .

~*Stay on the outside*~

“I’m so afraid I won’t be able to stop it from happening again” she said quietly, head lowered, waiting for the barrage of questions from him.

~*And now you want to ask me ‘Why?’*~

He reached for her hand again and this time she didn’t withdraw, the heat from his body soaking into hers, warming her from the inside . . .

~*It’s like*~

Words continued to pour from her lips.

~*How does your heart beat?*~

“I feel like I’m drowning sometimes, like I’m being pulled under . . .”

~*How do you breathe?*~

“I can’t come up for air” she said, her voice catching again on the last words.

~*How does your heart beat?*~
~*Why do you breathe?*~

“C’mere” he said as he pulled her towards him.

~*With all the things that you could be*~

She settled on his chair as he pulled her close, her back to his chest, her head came to rest beneath his chin . . .

~*I never could learn how to be me*~

After a comforting silence, Max spoke up, his voice resonating against her body.

“Do you know what was the last thing to come out of Pandora’s Box?” he asked in a bewildering change of topic as he pulled her closer.

~*And now you want to ask me ‘How?’*~

Warm . . . So deliciously warm . . .

~*It’s like*~

She shook her head slightly. “Pandora’s box? The box that supposedly released all of the bad things into the world . . . Disease, Hatred . . . That box?”

~*How does your heart beat?’*~

“Yeah, that one . . .” She turned to him confused and he continued. “The last thing out of Pandora’s Box was Hope Liz.” He looked deep into her eyes as if willing her to understand.

~*Why do you breathe?*~

“You’ve gone through and experienced” he paused and her eyes dropped “more pain than anyone ever should have to . . .” He squeezed her hand even as her heart clenched at the raw emotion in his voice. “But Liz” he waited till her eyes met his again. “I promise it’ll get better. We’ll make it better . . .” She looked down, memories swimming in her head that belied his words. “I’m not asking you to believe Liz, just have hope” he said as if he knew where her thoughts had drifted. “There’s a way to win this and we’ll find it. We have to . . . Just have Hope” echoed in her head as he sat back and tightened his arms around her reassuringly.

They sat there in silence for a while until she suppressed a yawn.

~*How does your heart beat?*~

“Sleep Liz” he said to her softly, as he caressed the side of her face, putting her to sleep. “I’ll still be here when you wake up” he said, soothingly.

She smiled as she snuggled further into his embrace and let her eyes drift closed, trying to hold onto Hope . . .

~*How do you breathe?*~


Lyrics from “How” by Lisa Loeb
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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,TEEN) Repost 12/07/09

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Chapter 20: In the air tonight

Maria made her way tiredly up the stairs, then pushing the door open she stepped into the apartment and turned to go down the hallway, slowly regathering her hair into a ponytail.

A noise behind her caused her to turn . . .


Liz finished wiping down a table. She could hear Michael in the kitchen, cleaning the grill.

~*I can feel it coming in the air tonight*~

A chill caused her to shiver and she clasped the sweater she’d thrown on over her uniform close and shook her head as she went back to cleaning.

~*Hold on*~


Maria’s breath whooshed out of her as she came face to face with the person Max had been chasing for over a month.

~*I've been waiting for this moment all my life*~

“Tess” she said as her eyes narrowed.

~*Hold on*~


Liz stared out at the endless night through the window and turned when she felt Michael behind her.

“What is it?” he asked as he looked over her shoulder out into the night.

~*Can you feel it coming in the air tonight?*~

“Probably nothing” she said as she went back to stacking chairs.

~*Hold on, Hold on*~


Maria swung a hard right, putting all her rage into the punch, her fist smacking into Tess’s face so hard her whole head flew sideways, a stunned look on her face as she collapsed to the floor in a pile of boneless mass, passed out cold.

Evil Alien Bitch: 0
Teflon Babe: 1

Maria shook her head, ridding it of her favorite daydream . . .

The plan was if anyone saw Tess, call for backup.

“You’re not who I came for, but you’ll do” Tess said, waving a hand and a shimmering bubble appeared around the outer edges of the living room and kitchen. She stepped closer to Maria, who proceeded to take two steps back.

~*Well I remember, I remember don't worry*~
~*How could I ever forget?*~

Maria’s mind was working overtime, considering and then discarding various scenarios for taking out Tess without endangering anyone else.

“Michael! Liz!” Maria called out as she tucked her hands into the folds of her uniform.

“They can’t hear you.” Tess waved her hands at the bubble, stepping closer. “It’s sound proof” she said smugly.

~*It's the first time, the last time we ever met*~

Maria finally grasped the swiss army knife she’d started carrying tucked into the large pocket of her apron. In reality she just hoped to slow Tess down enough to get to the others. She knew when she started carrying it that if she came face to face with Tess that it was a long shot against Tess’s powers, but being only human, she had to try . . .

She flipped the blade open with one hand and grasped the handle.

She knew she’d only get one chance . . .

~ .~.~

Michael glanced over at Liz as he brought the bucket of water and mop from the back. Something was definitely bothering her . . .

~*But I know the reason why you keep your silence up*~
~*No you don’t fool me*~

Liz wearily stacked another chair on top of the table and tried to ignore the nagging worry at the back of her mind, not even noticing Michael watching her, concerned.

~*The hurt doesn't show, but the pain still grows*~
~*It's no stranger to you or me*~

~ .~.~

“Max!” Maria said surprised, looking behind Tess.

~*I can feel it coming in the air tonight*~

When Tess turned, Maria lunged at her with the knife outstretched. Tess spun quickly and fired a blast at Maria before she even reached her destination. The blast knocked Maria’s feet from under her and she went sprawling, falling heavily on the knife she was holding. She gasped and turned over, putting her hand over her stomach then lifting it to eye level, noting the blood coating her hand and the pain spreading from her abdomen.

“Bitch” she said to Tess before she passed out.

~*Hold on, Hold on*~

~ .~.~

“I’m gonna go help Maria with the extra napkins” Liz said as she set down her rag. Michael nodded as he began to mop the floor with renewed vigor, wanting to get closing finished so that they could all go home and try to relax.

Liz headed through the doors to the back, a sense of urgency gripping her as soon as her feet touched the stairs.

~*I can feel it coming in the air tonight*~
~*Hold on*~
~*Hold on*~

~ .~.~

Tess stood on the balcony, impatiently waiting for the hapless human she’d mindwarped to make his way up the ladder. She had him take Maria, who was unconscious but still breathing, out of the apartment and place her in the car she’d parked down the block.

Before following him out of the window, she dropped her parting gift on the bed where Liz would see it and climbed out and into the night . . .

~ .~.~

Liz made her way into the apartment and the first thing she noticed was the trail of gray liquid leading to the hallway. She followed it to her bedroom, her heart pounding wildly in her chest. She walked with purpose, even though she wanted to run . . . which way, she wasn’t sure, she just knew she wanted to run . . .

“Maria?” she called, meaning to speak loudly, but the sound emerged as barely a whisper that died away when she spotted the large pool of liquid in the middle of her bedroom floor.

She bent down and hesitantly touched it, then brought it to her nose and sniffed.

The copper smell filled her senses and she jerked back and fell down, staring at the puddle as the room dipped and went sideways, taking her with it . . .

They say that there are moments in life that change you forever. Liz felt like she’d had a lot of those, too many really. Truthfully, she wanted no more . . . Yet without her permission, her world once again changed, shifted . . . Before her eyes the room blurred and then cleared into bright and horrifying clarity. She stared at the puddle in dawning comprehension and horror.

Red . . .

Color suddenly came back into her world . . . But it was too much color . . . too startling, too bright . . . too much . . . She wished she could shut it off, turn the world gray again, because the most horrible part of being able to see colors again was that she now recognized that she was looking at Maria’s blood . . .


“I’m just supposed to tell them that I get visions and that in the one I just had I know that Maria will die first?”

A violent tremor shook her whole body and her arms wrapped around her waist as she bent forward, taking deep breaths to keep from sobbing . . .

That’s when she spotted the note with her name on it on her bed. She slowly rose, reigning in her emotions as she avoided the puddle and picked it up.

She’s not dead yet, but she will be if you don’t do as I say.
Meet me outside the pod chamber and bring the rest of the translation.
Come alone or I finish the job.


Liz sucked in a breath. A moment later her spine stiffened and as the tremors stopped she grabbed the keys from the dresser, tucked the note in her pocket and, without looking back, climbed out of the window . . .


Michael made his way up the stairs to Liz’s apartment slowly, telling himself that he was being ridiculous, that Maria and Liz were having a gabfest and that’s what was taking them so long to come back.

So he forced his steps to be slow and measured instead of pounding and erratic. He had felt this panicked feeling every time any one in the group wandered out of his vision for too long. They had even started teasing him for his overprotectiveness and, feeling embarrassed, he had tried to keep it to a minimum.

As he finally made it up the stairs, he wondered why he didn’t hear anything, but he was so busy convincing himself that nothing was wrong that when he first spotted the blood by the coffee table, he almost overlooked it.


tbc . . .

Music in this chapter from “In the air tonight”

Next chapter: Liz and Tess confrontation . . . finally . . .
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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,TEEN) New Part! 12/07/09

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A/N: Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It's been 2 years since my last update . . .

So yes, it has been a long, long time since I've posted to this story . . . And as stated above, I know this is a terrible, terrible thing. But you know, that real life thing gets in the way sometimes and things just fall by the waste side. I definitely apologize for that. Now I suspect that most of the people who were reading this way back in the long ago are long gone now, but still, in the interest of not leaving a story forever unfinished I figured I'd post even if no one is reading. I still get credit for that, yes? lol . . . With that said, if anyone is still out there, please let me know . . .

And now, on with the show . . .

Previously on Time Runs Both Ways:

Liz stands on a ledge contemplating suicide . . . Both Alex and Max were gone, killed by Tess in her attempt to return to Antar. Michael pulls Liz back from the ledge and in the following days, she tries to recover. But things go from bad to worse when she gets a vision of everyone dying . . .

Enter mystery lady, later identified as new character, Evera (a.k.a. Eve) in Liz’s dream to tell her that her vision will come true and Future Max’s letter that offers a way, not to prevent this future, but to undo the past that led to it . . . Liz is also told that she has powers that she will know how to use “when the need for them arises . . .”

As predicted, Liz’s vision comes true . . . Nicholas and company lead an attack that leaves most in their group either dead or dying . . .

So using the crystal that Future Max left her and the granolith, Liz’s essence (since her body was moments from death) travels back in time . . .

Now in the past a week before the prom and before Alex and Max died, Liz struggles with her memories of that other time . . . She finds it increasingly hard to prevent the past from repeating itself and she is also haunted by dreams where her other essence reminds her of the inevitability of certain events . . .

Max is away most of the time trying to track Tess, who is unaware of her role and just wants to return to Antar. Tess attacks Alex at the prom, trying to get the translation that will tell her how to get home and as Liz heals him she gets another vision of everyone dying, a vision that she's terrified will come to pass . . . When asked, all Evera will divulge is that from now on Liz should keep the crystal with her at all times and ending with ominous parting words that cause Liz more worry than solace.

Then Maria is attacked and taken by Tess from the Crashdown. Tess leaves Liz a note that tells Liz to meet her at the pod chamber, to bring the translation and to come alone. Given that Maria is in danger and evidence that she is hurt, Liz complies.

And now . . .

"It'll all be over soon . . ."

Chapter 21: You can run...

The calm Liz had been holding onto slowly disintegrated the closer she got to the pod chamber, so that by the time she parked the car, she was in an almost full-on panic. Not having time to pull herself together, Maria was bleeding somewhere!, she grabbed the translation, jumped out and ran to Tess’s SUV, but more importantly, the bundle beside it.

The bundle turned out to be Maria, propped up on the side of the vehicle, breathing shallowly with blood seeping out of a wound to her abdomen. Liz gulped in huge amounts of air and tried to control the panic quickly building inside her.

There was so much blood . . .

“Oh god” she gasped, dropping to her knees in front of Maria and placing her hand over her wound. “Oh god, Oh god, Oh god” she chanted, her body shaking in reaction. “M-Maria, pl-please wake up, Maria!” she yelled, trying to find a way in to heal her.

This was her vision . . . things had been more abstract, but this was it . . . Maria had died first, Tess got away and Nicolas and the skins showed up. Max died next, and after they wiped out everyone else.

"Pl-please wake up Maria" she pleaded softly.

Tess walked up, not even noticed by Liz and picked up the notebook that Liz had haphazardly dropped to the ground. She thumbed through it, a satisfied smile overtaking her features. Then she looked at Liz and her entire expression hardened.

“This really is unfortunate for you” Tess said, now towering over Liz. Liz blinked up at her, uncomprehending. “Here you are, all alone and defenseless.” Tess flicked her wrist and Liz flew across the sand, away from Maria.

“No!” Liz wailed as she righted herself and stood. She looked at Maria, wiping the tears blurring her vision, smearing Maria’s blood on her face in the process. Then she looked at Tess just as Tess was raising her hand to fling her again. Anger filled Liz and she used it as fuel as she allowed the power within her to build. She raised her hand and shoved. “I wouldn’t say ‘defenseless.’”

A surprised and more than a little pissed off Tess flew across the sand, ending up in a heap a little ways from where she’d been standing.

She got to her feet, angrily brushing sand off her clothing.

“Ok so little Lizzie Parker thinks she’s a match for me, now that she has some borrowed power because Max couldn’t resist healing a stray?” She tossed her head, her blonde curls bouncing, as she said cockily “No matter, you’re no match for me either way. You have no idea who you’re messing with little girl.”

Realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to get back to Maria till this battle was finished, Liz sent a silent prayer that the others would arrive in time, ending with a final desperate plea . . .

Please don’t let Maria die...

She hoped someone out there heard her.


“You’re sure they’re out by the pod chamber?” Kyle asked again from the back seat, crushed next to Isabel who was holding onto Alex’s hand for dear life, speeding headlong towards their destination.

“Yes!” was barked out in unison from both Max and Michael who were currently sitting in the front seat. Hands fisted on his knees, Michael focused on the road ahead of them, barely blinking, as if by sheer force of will he could help get them there quicker.

For his part, Max’s hands gripped the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were white. Jaw clenched, muscles bunched, he was a ball of barely controlled energy, just waiting for a focus.

Suddenly the jeep slowed and Max’s grip became lax as a whispered prayer greeted his ears . . .

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Michael growled at him. His control fairly close to snapping knowing both Maria and Liz were in danger.

“Maria’s hurt” Max said as he pressed the accelerator to the floor once again. Sharp exhalations followed his statement, but no one questioned how he knew.

“Get us there now Max” Michael said in a low voice.

Max didn’t bother to respond. His grip simply tightened on the steering wheel and silence consumed the jeep once again.

“I’m coming Liz...”


"...just hold on.”

A grateful sigh escaped Liz at Max’s quiet answer in her mind. He would take care of Maria. She’d be ok . . .

Clearing her mind, she focused once again on Tess, who was looking at her curiously now with a glint of speculation in her eyes. Liz realized that her best defense was to distract her.

“Am I pissing off the great "queen" Tess?” she said, displacing the air again with a shove.

This time Tess was prepared and deflected the power coming at her.

She smirked at Liz. “Fool me once, shame on you” she taunted as she casually waved her hand and the world, Liz’s world, went away . . .

There was nothing . . . and then there was the ground.

The darkness blurring the edges of her vision seemed to linger as she sat up, blinking the landscape back into focus. Tess was preparing for another strike when Liz’s hand rose and a blue shield suddenly surrounded her.

Tess blinked. ‘How the hell did a *human* get so many of Max’s powers?!’ she thought angrily.

“Enough of this” Tess said, shaking her head as if clearing it, not sure why she hadn’t finished this before now. “Why am I even wasting time trading blows with a mere human? You are so below me, you barely register” Tess said, sending a blast that, if it made contact, would end their battle once and for all. Liz's shield held as she reached in her sweater pocket to grab the crystal. Only it wasn’t there . . .

“Do you really think your ‘powers’” Tess spat the word “are any match for mine?” She sent another blast at Liz, this time stronger and smirked as Liz stumbled as the blast made contact with her shield.

“Maybe not” Liz said as she let Tess’s blast knock her back where she appeared to stumble, but she was actually making a grab for the dropped crystal. “But let’s test it.”

She concentrated and felt the power explode through her veins. For a second she lost it, lost control, the power took over, she felt like she would combust with it. Inside she sobbed, afraid she’d already failed.

Then a voice whispered through her mind and, after a brief stutter, power aligned and repositioned within her using the crystal as fuel. Her head, which had been thrown back, lowered and when she finally focused on Tess, the irises of her eyes were completely black as she said calmly “Shall we?”

Tess paused, not expecting this and not sure what to think of it. There was just no way Liz Parker, a human, could have the kind of power it took to . . . She shook her head, clearing her thoughts. This was . . . a cheap parlor trick is what it was. She needed to focus because once Liz was eliminated, she could take the translation and leave this sorry excuse for a planet once and for all. And right now, Liz was her only obstacle.

She waved a hand that warped the area around them, hiding them from view. She found that she could no longer warp anyone in the group, but she could manipulate the environment to create a barrier between them and the approaching Max and his reinforcements, that she could sense was on it’s way.

This ends now . . . she thought grimly.


“Maria!” Michael yelled as he jumped from Max’s jeep before it had even come to a complete stop. Sand rose in his wake as he dropped next to Maria’s crumbled form beside Tess’s jeep.

“Maria” he said again, his voice breaking slightly as he gathered her close, oblivious to the blood that immediately covered his clothing.

“You're ok. You're gonna be ok” Michael said, rocking her slightly in his arms.

“Michael, she’s hurt, you have to let her go so Max can heal her” he heard and looked up into Isabel’s eyes and discovered Alex kneeling next to him, concerned and pleading eyes meeting his across the sand.

“No” he said gruffly, shaking his head stubbornly.

“But Michael-” Alex started but silenced as Michael gently laid Maria down on the sand, adjusting her to ensure she was comfortable.

After the mini-freakout he had just had, Max was surprised when Michael looked up at him with complete clarity in his eyes. “Go find Liz and help her Max, I’ll take care of Maria.”

“But Michael your healing powers are erratic at best” Max said to him gently, not wanting to offend but needing to be honest.

“I’ll be able to heal Maria, Maximillian. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life. Go help Liz” Michael said as he opened Maria’s uniform enough to reveal the wound underneath.

“Michael- Are you sure?” Max asked hesitantly, wanting to go help Liz but also knowing Liz would want him to make sure Maria was ok first.

“Go Max!” Michael barked and Max, after ordering everyone to stay put, scuttled off as Michael began trying to get Maria to open her eyes . . .


Moments had gone by silently as Tess sent blasts at Liz that she easily deflected. Finally Tess gathered up all of her energy and continued building it, preparing to send a blast at Liz that she wouldn’t be able to handle, much less deflect. When she finally let the blast go, she nearly collapsed, it took so much of her energy with it. But she stayed standing and watched it go . . .

Liz’s eyes followed the blast curiously and when it hit her force-field, the impact caused it to bounce. For a moment, Liz stared in shock, her irises returning to normal as the blast went back towards Tess in slow motion . . . Tess, who was too exhausted to move out of it’s way, much less try to deflect it . . .

The force of it was so strong it sent her flying back towards an outcropping of rocks. Tossing her away like a ragdoll, the impact was so shocking that for a moment she didn’t even feel the boulder embed itself into her back . . . Or the outpouring of blood that flowed from the wound . . .

Liz stood stock still . . . Shocked and horrified that it had come to this . . .

Tess coughed and blood poured from her lips. Liz gasped in shock . . .

What had she done?

And at that moment, it wasn’t about what Tess had almost done, or what she’d done in that other lifetime, about saving her friends or the world . . . It was about a living being in pain . . .

If she could help . . .

Tess was now struggling to rise, but too injured and too weak from the power she’d used to do more than fall back on the rocks, tears began to roll down her cheeks. She hadn’t felt this helpless since she was a child first emerging into this new world, alone.

Liz dropped down beside her. “Don’t move Tess” she said softly as she reached to turn her slightly to the side to assess the damage.

“Stop, what are you doing?!” Tess said, slightly hysterical, ineffectively trying to push Liz away, afraid of what she’d do to her in her weakened state.

Liz grabbed one of her flailing arms and held it calmly. “Tess, please, I just want to help.”

“Yeah right” Tess chuckled and coughed up more blood “*You* helping *me*?” she panted, starting to have trouble breathing. “Th-that could h-happen . . .”

Liz ignored her as she concentrated, trying to find a way in . . .


“Maria!” Michael said hoarsely, a hint of desperation creeping into his voice now. She had lost too much blood already and her breathing was getting shallower.

Alex and Kyle were silent beside him, not knowing what to do to help.

“Pixie, I swear if you die on me, I will follow behind you just to make your afterlife miserable” he said desperately. “Now dammit Maria, open your eyes!” His voice broke and slowly his eyes closed, a prayer escaping his lips to a deity he didn’t even believe in to help him heal Maria.

“God Spaceboy, there’s no need to yell” Maria said weakly as her unfocused eyes opened slowly, landing on Michael after a moment.

“Oh thank god” he said softly, wasting no time, his eyes met hers and he was in, both of them so deeply entwined they didn’t hear Max calling for Liz a few moments later.

~ ~ ~

The sounds around them seemed to fade and all Liz could hear was the rough breaths Tess was taking trying to catch her breath. It felt like the wind stopped blowing, crickets stopped chirping, like everything froze in that instant, and Liz had time to recognize Max’s voice calling her name . . .

And then the flashes started . . .

Edward Harding walked in, or, as Tess was supposed to think of him, “Dad” walked in, with a pile of photos that he dumped on the table where she was reading a magazine. She sighed as she moved the magazine aside. He’d been gone for weeks with no calls, no contact, nothing, but as always when he did show up there was no “hi”, no “how’s it going?”, just his usual brisk attitude and straight to whatever he felt like letting her know. She pulled the photos toward her disinterestedly until he voiced the words that made her heart pound . . .

“I found them” he said with perfect calm, a note of triumph in his voice.

She eagerly looked at the first photo. It was of a tall, statuesque blond girl . . .

“Velondra” Ed voiced from behind her.

‘Pretty’ she thought as she moved the photo to the side.

Next she encountered the photo of a boy with spiky hair and a sullen expression. Before she could form an opinion, from behind her came “Rath.”

She nodded and moved that photo aside also.

Her breath caught at the next photo of a somber faced boy with amber eyes. He looked so intense, so focused, she wondered what he was thinking when the picture was taken . . .

“Zan” Ed said from behind her at the same time that she thought “Mine” . . .

She looked at the photo for a moment longer before moving onto the next one which was a group photo with all three of them sitting at a table eating. Her heart seemed to settle and she felt almost happy with thoughts of finally meeting her family, the only ones like her on this world . . .


Seeing Max for the first time, she stood inside the cafeteria looking out as he stood by a tree, quietly reading. Every once in awhile he’d look up and around as if he were waiting for someone . . . Suddenly arms appeared around his waist and he smiled a smile so wide it was almost blinding and her world flashed as he turned to embrace a short brunette whose smile matched his own . . .


“How do you know women so well?”

“Who are *you*?”

~*Love will abide*~

“Liz is human. She has nothing to do with us.”

“No, *you* have nothing to do with us!”

~*Take things in stride*~

“I knew this was meant to be.”


~*Sounds like good advice*~

“It's not working. Why isn't it working?!”

“I think whatever happened to him is...something we can't reverse.”

~*But there’s no one at my side*~

“He can't die! We need him.”

“I’m sorry Tess.”

~*Time washes clean*~

“You lived another life, Max...a life completely different from this one...a life when you loved me.”

~*Love’s wounds unseen*~

“I don't remember that.”

~*That’s what someone told me*~
~*But I don’t know what it means*~

“I don't care about my destiny . . . or my planet or anything else . . .”

“I don't care about my destiny . . .”
“I don't care about my destiny . . .”

“All I care about is you. So just know this...I'm coming for you, Liz.”

~*‘Cause I’ve done everything I know*~

“Max, just close your eyes and let your mind drift . . . ”

~*To try and make you mine*~

“The memories are right there, just concentrate . . .”

~*And I think I’m gonna love you*~
~*For a long, long time*~

Liz tried to pull back, to focus on healing Tess but Tess’s memories were bombarding her as if her story needed to be told. And the worst thing about seeing Tess’s life play out before her was that unlike how Max’s memories started when he first emerged from the pod, it was like Tess’s life didn’t start until Nasedo found her “family” . . .

“No, I don't understand. I'm a girl from another planet. No family, no friends. Only 3 other people like me in the world. And the man I grew up with...the man who raised me...he was just murdered. You're right, Kyle. What would I know about needing peace of mind?”

The damage . . . Liz shuddered . . . It was too much. Tess’s internal organs had been shredded by the boulder. Liz struggled to find enough to rebuild even as she felt herself weakening. Tess was losing blood rapidly . . .

“Stop!” Tess half-coughed, half-yelled, violently wrenching herself free of their connection. “Stop” she said again weakly, faintly, a sob breaking free.

“Tess” Liz said softly, reaching forward.

”I never liked you, you know” Tess laughed and then coughed brokenly, red specks peppering her bottom lip.

Liz's hand fell slowly.

“Something to remember me by” Tess murmured as her hand made contact with Liz’s chest.

Liz's scream rent the air a moment later . . .


Maria gasped as Michael blinked them out of the connection.

“Spaceboy?” she asked as her vision cleared.

“Yeah” Michael said as he fell back on his haunches and swayed before Alex caught him.

“Whoa there-” Alex started to say, but was silenced by the scream that sent a shiver of fear racing down his spine . . .



One minute Max was searching the area for signs of Liz and Tess and the next they were simply there . . . As if they had materialized out of thin air. Before his mind could even sort out what he was seeing though, Liz started to scream and his feet propelled him forward.

He wrenched Liz out of Tess’s grip and Tess collapsed back against the boulder. Tess’s gaze met his even as the light faded from her eyes.

~*I think I’m gonna love you*~
~*For a long, long time*~

tbc . . .

Music in this chapter by Linda Ronstadt "Long Long Time"

A/A/N: If you made it this far (I know this is a loooong fic) I'd love to know what you think . . . The good, the bad *and* the not so attractive.

Thanks for reading!
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Time Runs Both Ways - New Part! 12/12/09

Post by Assilem_1 » Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:03 am

A/N: Ok, so first of all I wanted to say thank you to those of you who've left feedback for this story. So thank you to begonia9508, Natalie36, keepsmiling7, Itzstacie, and Janetfl. You guys ROCK! . . . Seriously. Now I haven't gotten a tremendous response to this story but as I stated when I started reposting, I'm not really posting for the glory. These characters just really deserve resolution; especially after all I've put them through. Besides, I've put over 75,000 words into this fic so far, not to mention all the blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes, so it just seems like it would be downright negligent to leave this story unfinished. With that said, I have to admit that I have been occasionally peeking at the counters for this story (guilty pleasure :oops: ) and every time I look they've gone up and that, well, that makes me almost as happy as feedback would. And every time I see the counters go up or that I have feedback, it makes me want to write faster and post sooner, if only to give everyone a reason to keep coming back. So thanks to everyone who's reading . . . Even all of you lurkers out there who just, well, lurk . . . :) . . .

Anyway, just wanted to say that . . . Sorry for the long author's note . . . Onwards and upwards and all that :o

Chapter 22: A Mind is a Terrible Thing

“So what are you guys gonna have?” Maria asked, order book and pen poised.

“Is there even anything left that I haven’t tried yet?” Kyle grumbled, flipping the menu over as if looking for new options on the back.

Maria smacked him with her order book and rolled her eyes over his “ow!”

“Will Smith burger and fries it is” she said as she wrote down his order as if he’d just recited it.

“But-” Kyle started till she held up the order book again threateningly.

“Nevermind” he muttered, defeated.

Maria turned to Alex expectantly. “Ahem” Alex cleared his throat and put the menu back in the stand carefully. “I’ll have the same” he said, folding his hands on the table. “And uh, I totally have no problem with the menu” he added quickly.

“Ok, I’ll be right back with your drinks” she said cheerfully as she walked away, ignoring Kyle’s grumbled “Suck up” comment, aimed at Alex.

“Liz! Hey, how’s it going?” Alex asked enthusiastically as she entered from the breakroom.

“It's going” she answered, giving them both a tired smile.

“Did you see Maria rough up Kyle? I could do a replay” Alex said eagerly, testing out the dessert menu as a substitute for Maria’s order pad.

Liz laughed slightly before assuring him that that wasn’t necessary. Kyle just glared at him.

“Well, if you change your mind, I’m here all week” he said grinning.

“What are you smiling about?” Isabel asked as she joined them at the table.

“Maria roughing up Kyle” Alex answered, smiling wider.

“Again?” she asked.

“Yup, must be Tuesday” Kyle muttered, flicking his menu with his finger.

The sound of many plastic glasses hitting the floor and bouncing wildly drew their eyes to Liz who had just knocked over a stack and was now crouching to pick them up. Alex had already left his chair to help and Michael, who had been leaning over the counter hassling Maria, started to make his way across the restaurant.

Liz stood quickly and held her hands out forcefully. Everybody was so sure she needed help nowadays. It was nerve-wracking and crazy-making.

"Stop. Just stop ok? I've got it. It's fine" Liz said tiredly.

Alex's brow crinkled then smoothed as he returned to the table and Michael turned back to the counter without speaking.

Liz 's expression filled with horror even as pain exploded like starbursts behind her eyes. Her vision blurred and she stumbled.

“Liz?” she heard as if in a tunnel.

‘Not again’ she thought before the world flashed white.



She woke up without pain, warm and wrapped securely in Max's arms.

She murmured his name, still floating in that in-between place of wakefulness and the nightmare she had just worked herself free of.

"Shh" he said softly. "It's ok. You're ok."

She stiffened, sitting up and Max let her go.

She took a moment to note that they were settled in a lawn chair on her rooftop before she focused on the ground in front of her. "It happened again, Max."

She turned to look back at him and he met her eyes squarely, no point in shying away from the truth now. "I know. I got the short version. But it's ok, everyone understands. We just need to practice-"

Liz stood up in agitation.

"-practice what Max? Practice using the mindwarping power that Tess gave me as her last act on earth? So I can get used to having a power that screws with people's minds? So that I can stop using it on my friends?!"

Max stood and reached for her. She stepped back.

"What part of this is ok Max?"

She crumbled and he pulled her close. Burying her face in his chest, she began to cry softly. "I don't want this power, I can't have this power. Why did she do this?"

"I don't know Liz. I'm sorry, shh, I'm so sorry" Max murmured into her hair, folding her in closer.

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it, please . . . I don’t want it” she sobbed brokenly.

At times she was her old self . . . just Liz Parker, living her life.

At times she even managed to forget the curse that was this power she now had.

Other times she was like this . . .

Please, I don’t want it . . .


Next part coming in a week or so . . . Feel free to let me know what you think :wink:
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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,All,TEEN) New Part - 12/23/09

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A/N: Ok, I apologize to those who have been waiting for an update to this story since last week. The past week was truly craptastic and I didn't post because I wanted to edit this part some more, however, I have family coming down tomorrow and no time (none!) so I figured I'd better post what I have or you all probably wouldn't see an update till after Christmas. And if I have to come back and edit later, then so be it.

With that said, I once again want to say thank you to those who have left feedback, so thank you Janetfl, begonia9508, Natalie36, keepsmiling7, and tequathisy. You all rock so hard! Seriously. Also keepsmiling7 I remember getting a notification that there was a new post but when I clicked the link to get here there wasn't one and the counters had seemed to decrease. My theory is that the board had a hiccup and had to roll back to the last backed up version? I don't know. What'd you say in your feedback? (It has been established that I am shameless for feedback, lol.)

Anyway, here goes. It's a short part, but still, hope you all enjoy. Also Happy Holidays for those of you celebrating.

“Everyone falls. Not everyone rises.” – Maren Ord “Perfect”

Interlude V: The Villain of this Piece

Tess had never thought much about her own death.

Unlike most, she actually had a memory of dying once before. She had seen it coming and she hadn't been able to do a damn thing to stop it. The pain, the fear, the nothingness that came after . . . All of that sat right within reach if she cared to explore it . . . But she didn't.

No, Tess didn't spend a lot of time thinking about her death at all.

The second time Tess died though, that was the one she figured would stick.

As she lay there bleeding out against a rock on the side of the road in the desert, it seemed beyond unfair that she had been taken out by a human and, insult to injury, by Liz Parker.

Life couldn't get more cruel.

But when she was lying there broken and Liz could have easily left her to die, or better yet, finished her off, she didn't. Liz actually tried to help her . . . And that turned out to be the cruelest irony of all because while Liz was trying to heal her she saw . . . everything . . .

And what she saw, dear god, it wasn't supposed to be . . .

In the space of a heartbeat she felt love, heartbreak, pain, and loss so deep it made her breath catch even more painfully in her chest. These emotions weren't hers but they felt like hers.

She got it then.

She understood it though she never had before, never wanted to before. And it hurt worse than the pain that was currently coursing through and stealing her breath.

She knew what she had to do now.

She had never felt that humans were important. She tolerated them as a means to an end, but generally considered them toys and therefore disposable. But here she was at her weakest, without the strength to even stand and Liz Parker wouldn't quit trying to help her.

A sob broke free even as she yanked herself out of the connection Liz had forged trying to save her. This injury was too extensive to be fixed, she knew that. Dying out here in the desert? That was her fate. It had already happened once before in that other timeline. Liz wasn't there that time though.

It was ironic considering how much she had disliked Liz. Her chuckle strangled in her throat, quickly turning into a wet cough when she tried to tell Liz this.

Liz didn't get it. Probably wouldn't get it for a while, but from where Tess was sitting she could see the big picture. She could see the roles they were all supposed to play and the space that would be left with her gone. It was the kind of clarity one only gets when death is just a few heartbeats away. And she knew not to waste it as she pooled her meager resources to perform this last act.

She reached and Liz never even shied away.

After, Max came. He came and pulled Liz away but that was okay. Tess's job was finished here. One final breath, her heartbeat thumped a final time, then oblivion reached up for her and she simply let go.

She had done her part.

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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,All,TEEN) New Part - 1/5/10

Post by Assilem_1 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:22 pm

A/N: Ok, so yes, I know it's been almost two weeks since my last update which totally throws off the momentum I had going with this story. And it's tragic because I can't even use the excuse of the holidays because yes, they were busy, but truth be told I just kinda hit a wall with the next part. Regardless, we are definitely in the home stretch with only 3 or 4 parts left. I actually hope to finish this one out by the end of January but we'll see how it goes.

As always, a huge Thank you! to those who reviewed: tequathisy, begonia9508, keepsmiling7, Janetfl, zaneri1 and newcomer mary mary.

Here's a brief part while I get my act together. Hope you all enjoy . . .

Interlude VI: Service and Repair

It had been another long day and Liz Parker once again found herself exhausted. Emotional rollercoaster had somehow become the norm and she found she couldn't remember a time when that wasn't true. She exhaled as she sank deeper into the sofa. She was just gonna close her eyes for a minute, that was all.

"Hey Liz" Michael said as he flopped down next to her on the breakroom's sofa with a plate full of food.

She squinted one eye open suspiciously and returned a cautious "Michael."

He glanced at her before popping a fry in his mouth. "What?"

She sighed and opened both eyes. She was awake now. "Ok, I'll bite. Why are you eating in the breakroom instead of at the counter like you usually do? People are trying to sleep in here, you know?"

"Riiiight. It's packed out there and when said 'people' decide to sleep in the busiest location on the block they forfeit the right to complain about interruptions."

Liz sighed again as she sat up and swiped the pickle from his plate. "Uh huh. You know if the whole Crashdown Cook thing doesn't work out, you should try your hand at Law. I'm thinking you'd be good at it." Truth be told, the stairs had seemed like a lot of work when there was a sofa right here, not that she'd tell Michael that.

Michael grunted as he picked up half of the burger he'd "conveniently" cut in half and took a bite. After crunching the last bit of pickle, Liz settled back into the sofa and closed her eyes.

Michael's voice came again, interrupting before she could doze. "Hey."

Liz sighed and opened her eyes again.

"You alright?" he asked and concerned eyes met hers. Her expression softened.

"I'm doing ok Michael." He stared pointedly, munching on a fry and she backtracked. "I'm doing as ok as a person in my situation can."

"You wanna talk about it?"

"Not really, no."

Michael nodded then grunted "Good."

Liz's mouth fell open and she sat up quickly, smacking him in the shoulder harshly. Michael grinned as he continued eating, melted cheese and grilled onions practically dripping from his burger. "I was just kidding Liz, you know that." She settled back in her seat and Michael asked "How are the headaches? Have you been sleeping ok?"

Liz waved her hand vaguely. "I really am ok Michael. None of this is easy. Not sometimes seeing what's to come, not knowing how terribly it could have all turned out and not having this power of Tess's that I can't control that causes brain damage if a person gets it used on them too much. But Max helps with the nightmares and making sure no one's brain gets fried and all of you help with everything else. A girl couldn't have a better support system if she tried."

Michael smiled. "So, good talk?"

Liz smiled back. "Good talk."

Maria came bursting into the breakroom with a bin full of dishes and glared at both of them. "Really? You're both gonna just sit there relaxing while there's a packed Crashdown out there?"

Michael responded as she headed into the kitchen with the bin. "Jose's handling things on the grill and I'm on lunch break."

"And I've been off since 4." Liz tossed in, grabbing some fries from Michael's plate. "Agnes traded with me this morning, remember?" she said when Maria passed back through with a now-empty bin.

Maria glowered and pointed a rag at Liz even as the bell over the front door rang out, announcing new patrons. "You said you were gonna get some rest with that time."

"And I would be if some people weren't interrupting" Liz said, tossing a pointed look at Michael even as she stole the other half of his burger from his plate.

"Hey!" Michael protested, even as he finished off the fries on the plate and passed it to Liz to catch any crumbs.

"Blah, blah, blah is all I'm hearing from both of you" Maria muttered, passing Liz a cherry coke and then heading back out into the bustling Crashdown.

"Well, back to work!" Michael said, standing and brushing crumbs off his clothes as he headed back into the kitchen.

Liz sipped her soda and looked down at the now empty plate she was holding. How'd that happen?

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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,All,TEEN) Chapter 23 - 2/10/10

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A/N: Ok, so uh, that slump took a bit longer than expected to get over, huh? Sorry 'bout that everybody. I didn't forget about this story though and I can happily report that there are only like 4 parts left after this and that includes the epilogue. In the meantime, this part . . . It's...strange, is all I will say besides that I guess it explains why Liz is exhausted all the time . . . Her life is an emotional rollercoaster even in her sleep . . . Still, as always, I have to say thank you to those who have left feedback and for being so patient with me, so thank you Mary Mary, Begonia9508, Keepsmiling7, Janetfl, Zaneri1, and welcome back Smac! I hope you all enjoy this part. :-)

So here we go . . .

Life is but a dream. ~ Lewis Carroll

Chapter 23: Rest for the Weary

Kids chased each other around the playroom when Liz opened her eyes. She smiled, delighted, when she spotted a younger version of Maria and Alex having a familiar argument.

"Al-ex, you have to stay within the lines!" Maria whined, trying to take the coloring book from him even as he frowned in concentration, tongue peeking out the side of his mouth as he hung onto it trying to finish his masterpiece.

"Nuh uh. I'm a rebel!" Alex declared as he finished and held the coloring book up in triumph. The cow in the picture had been colored in purple crayon, and it now somehow had wings and, yep, there it was, the cow even wore a cape.

Liz chuckled as Maria and Alex started wrestling over the book. Alex was shaking his head wildly and pulling for all he was worth, which, at his age, wasn't very much. He spotted Liz out of the corner of his eye and called out for assistance. "Lizzie, come help! Maria's trying to be the boss of me again!"

Liz grinned, feeling herself now in her little girl body as she ran over and tickled both of them till they let go. They collapsed in a heap, still giggling and pulled Liz down with them.

Liz turned over and stared at the ceiling full of glow in the dark stars and planets, chuckles still escaping as giggles subsided.

Her head tilted, puzzled, as the room realigned itself into one with red-spattered walls. Something about it was familiar, but-

She gasped and sat up, terror blossoming so quick it felt like ice in her veins.

From one blink to the next her limbs unlocked and her breathing slowed enough for her to hear Alex and Maria talking nearby.

"Maria, how can I finish if you're hoarding the supplies?"

"Hmm, maybe you can use that pack of crayons you stole from me in 3rd grade" Maria said haughtily.

Liz looked up tentatively and discovered she was in art class with Alex and Maria. Maria was angled so that she was curled protectively over the tubes of paint. She turned to Liz expectantly. "You remember right, Liz?"

Liz hid her grin. "Well it *was* the box with the 64 colors" she told Alex mock seriously.

"And it had it's own sharpener!" Maria said accusingly, as if that made the offense worse.

Alex crossed his arms over his chest and muttered about people bringing up old stuff.

Liz just chuckled. She really, *really* loved her friends.

"You destroyed my mind! How could you do this to me?”

She flinched and tripped into a backwards fall. She blinked and Alex stood over her, peering down curiously.

She shook her head, confused. "Sorry, what?"

"You were dreaming."

For a second she'd swear Alex's voice had echoed.

He sat down on her bed, looking eager. Maria settled on her other side. "Was it the one with the crazy Bedazzler? Did it attack Maria's trapper keeper again? Did she yell?" he asked gleefully.

"Hey!" Maria said, reaching over Liz and pushing Alex sideways onto the floor.

"It was her jeans with the flowers this time and she did a little" Liz replied, propping herself up on one elbow and chuckling.

Alex didn't bother to sit up; he just lay there giggling as if he'd witnessed it firsthand.

Maria clutched her trapper keeper to her chest protectively. "Why's it always attack my stuff, huh? Possessed Bedazzlers should be attacking everyone!"

Liz ran her hands through her hair and shook her head. "Yeah, I have got to stop eating so close to bedtime. My dreams are insane."

"Nuh uh" Alex said as he sat up. "You have the best dreams, ever!"

Without warning she was on her knees, hand sunk into the wound in Maria's stomach, blood pulsing out around her fingers even as she tried to make it stop. So much blood . . . God, too much blood . . .

The memory burned white hot and felt like an electric shock. She curled into herself and covered her ears. It hurt. God, why did it hurt to be here?

She could hear her name being called, but she just pressed her hands harder against her ears. She was sick of dreaming.

The faint buzzing she had been hearing throughout her dream suddenly arranged itself into words. "...ax can't keep doing this Liz. You have to stop this."

Liz looked up at Evera, lowering her hands as she realized she was now seated on her balcony. Anguished, Liz met her eyes in wordless question.

Evera looked back sharply. "Don't you have somewhere you're supposed to be?"

A scene flashed in Liz's mind and she inhaled sharply. A moment later she nodded numbly.

Liz woke up on Michael's couch sheltered in Max's arms. She inhaled deeply and just absorbed the comfort, the warmth, listening to the deep breaths Max took as he slept. Then she gently untangled herself and left the apartment quietly.


Liz had made it here, yet now she found herself afraid.

She drew in a shaky breath and let it out slowly as she took her final steps forward onto the ledge...


Next chapter: How do you breathe?
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Re: Time Runs Both Ways (CC,All,TEEN) - [WIP]

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Author is ready to update.
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