Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

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Date with Destiny (Multi,XO,UC,MATURE) Ch 39 3/24/20

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Title: Date With Destiny
Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx
Rating: Mature (violence, language, sexual innuendo’s and some sexual situations)
Couple: Spike/Liz, Kyle/Liz (implied), Liz/other, B/A, slight B/Aus, Fred/Wesley, and others.
Category: Roswell/Angel/Buffy X-over
Summary: After EOTW Liz finds out that she’s pregnant, she leaves Roswell to go live with her cousin Fred in LA. There she meets some of the hottest guys she’s ever seen but they have a secret.
Note: Takes place, Season 2 of Roswell, Season 7 of Buffy, and Season 4 of Angel.
Note 2: I am changing some of the things that happen in Buffy and Angel.
1. Buffy and Angel are together as a couple.
2. Buffy and Spike never slept together they have more of a brother/sister relationship.
3. Angel did still sleep with Darla in Season 2 but Darla never showed up pregnant. So no Connor (I can sometimes stand him but most of the time it’s a big no.)
4. Cordy isn’t evil but she’s not nice either. And she will have the hots for Angel for a little bit anyway.
5. Lastly (finally) I wasn’t sure how old Fred was when she was sucked into Pylea. So I made her 19 and a sophomore in college when it happened so now she’s 25.
Note 3: At first Kyle is going to be kind of an asshole. But that’s probably going to change later on in the fic since I can’t be mad at Kyle for to awful long.
Note 4: After the prologue the timeline is going to jump ahead but there is going to be a lot of flashbacks during the fic.
Note 5: This came from Illyria’s challenge found here.
Note 6: And lastly (again finally) Alex does not die, Liz has to have at least one friend in Roswell.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything belongs to somebody else that isn’t me.


December; 2000

She finally did it.

After weeks of being ostracized by the people she thought were her friends. Liz had found the courage that had been long buried deep inside her, packed her bags, and left the only home she’d ever known.

She just left.

It was the only way for her to start fresh. Starting over in the same town, a small town at that, was near impossible. You would see the same people, talk the same talk, and be stuck in the same rut you’ve been in all your life. That’s why she’s on a bus heading to California, Los Angeles to be precise. At first she figured she would go back to Florida where her Aunt lived but it was an obvious destination and she didn’t want anyone to find her. Her parents knew of course but that was it.

Her “friends” would find her if she went to Florida, they might not want to socialize with her or even be in the same city as her but there would be an alien emergency of some kind and they’d suddenly need her back in the fold to help. It was the last thing she wanted to have happen at that point.

The night her life went to hell, that cool October fall night, she really had sex with Kyle; there wasn’t any other choice for her, none that she could see. If she had only pretended to sleep with him it wouldn’t have looked real, their hair wouldn’t have been mused, their bodies would have been unmarred and not a drop of sweat trickling down their spent figures, the bed would have been almost perfect like all they did was lie there. It wasn’t exactly a hardship, not by any means, Liz was still attracted to Kyle, just as he was still attracted to her.

Afterwards when Max had gone from her window after seeing Kyle nuzzling her neck, with her leg peeking out from the quilt and wrapped around his waist, it was awkward. No easy way to put it, it was strange and weird between her and Kyle, something their relationship hadn’t been for a long while.

Kyle felt extremely guilty; he couldn’t handle it and lashed out at her. Calling her names and yelling at her to not come near him ever again. He gathered his clothes and away he went back to his house. Then she was alone with Future Max who had heard everything she and Kyle did. He wouldn’t even look at her when he told her that he still loved her.

Over the next two weeks rumor spread of her and Kyle’s night together. With the news came the looks of lecherous males wanting to take a ride on the “Liz X-press”. The aliens sided with Max, no big surprise there, Maria only stopped her in the halls to call her slut or whore, Kyle completely ignored her, again not surprised considering how he acted afterwards. Alex was the only one out of the once close knit group of friends that still talked to her on a regular basis.

It was during those two weeks when she began to get her affairs in order to leave. Another four weeks would pass before she could actually leave, but leaving was necessary. She told Alex she was going the day before she left he even offered to go with her so she wouldn’t have to be alone. As much as she wanted him to come with her she couldn’t let him do that. The day she left Alex and her parents were there to see her off, after receiving hugs and whispered support and love she got into her car and left Roswell without looking back.

So with her Aunt in Florida crossed off the list of places to go, Liz’s next choice was going to her Aunt and Uncle’s in Texas. They weren’t as cool as the Aunt in Florida, but they did have a daughter that was a few years older than her, named Fred. Liz had gone to visit them one school break when she was ten and Fred had invited her to the amusement park with some of her school friends all day, she bought her ice cream, cotton candy, cheeseburgers, and candy. Which later she ended up regretting since it ended up all over Fred’s parent’s car. Not one of her shining moments.

Liz adored Fred; they had so much in common. Fred would talk to her about science and Liz understood everything she said. Some of her theories could be a little bit out there, but that made her all the more lovable. When Liz had to go back to Roswell she wasn’t a happy camper, she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay with Fred.

But Fred promised that she would call Liz every other weekend so they could catch up. And she kept her promise. They had talked about everything under the sun, even made plans to see each other next year.

However, that trip was the last time she saw her cousin. No more than a year later Fred had disappeared, vanished off the face of the Earth. She was gone for five years, no leads came up, and no body had been found. Just nothing.

So last year when Fred’s parents called and said that their daughter had finally been found, she could hardly contain her joy. After the confusion that had become her life she never thought anything would be completely clear to her again, but now there was, Fred being found gave her some clarity back to her.

After she got the news she called her older cousin at the number her Aunt and Uncle gave to her. The cheery voice that answered didn’t register in her brain; all she wanted was to talk with Fred. Finally she came onto the phone and while she sounded far shyer then Liz remembered she was still the same lovable Fred.

Liz was nervous while talking to her, she wasn’t sure what happened to her while she was missing, and didn’t know how to bring it up or whether she should or not. She decided against asking until she could see Fred face to face.

They had talked for hours, something they both really missed. At the end of their conversation Fred made the offer to her to come down sometime and hang out. It didn’t take her long to take Fred up on that offer, only a month. Now she’s on her way to LA, with her unborn child.

Yea, she was pregnant with Kyle Valenti’s baby. How ‘bout that.

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A.N. This has some disturbing images.

A.N. 2: This fic will jump from past to present often so please look carefully at the dates so not to get confused.

Chapter 1

5 years later; February 17, 2005

She never thought she’d be back here.

After what happened it wasn’t like she had much choice.

Liz got the news last week, at first she thought she had heard wrong, she had talked to them for hours just last week. It had to be a joke, but Alex continuously had to tell her that it was true. Even when it sunk in it didn’t seem real.

Nancy and Jeffrey Parker were dead.

A car crash, Alex said. A man coming home in his jeep from pulling an almost twenty hour workday, had decided that he was ok to drive home the ten miles. After all at that time of night it would only take him fifteen minutes. He fell asleep at the wheel a mile from his home, rammed into her parents car head on.

They had been coming home from a party that had been held at a local family’s house. Mom hadn’t been wearing her seatbelt and she flew through the windshield, her skull hitting the jeeps grill, she died instantly. Dad hit his head against the steering wheel, when the airbag went off it came out with such force it snapped his neck and he died.

Now the man that caused this whole thing by not pulling over and taking a nap or calling someone to pick him up was released from the hospital three days ago. He had cuts and abrasions, a small concussion. He was able to go to home to his family. His wife, son, and daughter. All in all, Phillip Evans would be fine; he was still living and breathing.

Of course Alex didn’t tell her all the gory details, she had to go digging for those on her own. It took a couple days but she found what she was looking for. She sniffed, tears threaten to spill over her dark lashes and trail down her cheek, but she’d done enough crying for now. Until he got there she didn’t want to cry, she had to be strong, at least for a little while longer. When her mate was there with her then she could let go again.

As she drove through the town, with her son playing with his GI Joe and tank in the back seat, she couldn’t help but wonder about the people she left behind all those years ago. Alex had kept her updated on everything, just incase she was needed she would know the back-story.

Maria, shockingly, was still residing in Roswell, married to a Darren Jacobson, Maria had met him at the Crashdown while working he told her he’d get her a record deal; so far he hadn’t come through. Michael was single but dating Isabel occasionally, maybe he figured he might as well give ‘destiny’ a shot. Max was married to a Veronica Lowell but it didn’t last probably because he made a habit of plowing into Tess every chance he got.

Kyle, the father of her beautiful baby boy, was currently engaged to Tess, and she’s expecting his child. She said she stopped sleeping with Max, but one could never know. Lastly Alex, he fell in love with a tourist named Serena Mitchell, the girl that Future Max told her would be a friend of hers one day, he was right. They have twins and were expecting another child in March.

“Mama, I'm hungry.” Lucas had tried unsuccessfully to reach his travel bag, where he knew she had put his snacks and juice.

“You’re hungry?” She teased him. “Well, what do you want me to do about it?”

“Give me food…peas.” He clapped his hands together, giving her the most adorable smile and continued to try to reach his bag.

“Ok, hold on sweetie.” Liz pulled over on the side of the road, reached into the bag and pulled out some Cheerio’s in a zip-lock bag. “Try not to make a mess honey.” She buckled her seat belt and pulled back out onto the road. The sound of Lucas munching away on his snack helped give her something to focus on, her parents had only met Luke once. She should have come home more often.

The Parker’s funeral was today…well, tonight. Fred took care of all the arrangements long distance, while Liz hardly did anything, not that they would let her even if she could. All she did was cry and hold onto her mate and son. Her friends had been so supportive while she’d been in her catatonic state, helping take care of Luke, giving her as much time as she needed away from work, and even helping her mate cook her meals…he’s not a very good cook.

When she called Alex yesterday and told him all the information he said that the ‘I Know an Alien Club’ had been meeting at the Crash everyday since Nancy and Jeff’s death. They would probably be there when she arrived, he asked if she wanted them at the funeral. Liz told him they could come to the funeral, the funeral would be held after dusk, but afterwards they would not be allowed back in the Crash, not during closed hours anyway.

“Done mama.” He tossed the baggie on the car floor and picked up his toys again continuing to act out his story from where he left off.

Liz chuckled and shook her head good-naturedly. The night she found out about her parents Fred, Buffy, Angel, and Gunn had just come back from slicing and dicing a demon. Normally Fred wouldn’t have gone but she was needed to say a spell to make sure the demon stayed dead. Her mate, Spike, was disappointed he couldn’t go, but after an injury to his side the previous night he would have done more harm than good.

Liz remembered when she first arrived in LA and the Hyperion Hotel, Fred had been outside waiting to greet her, and she hadn’t been alone. And Liz had no clue what was going on for months after she arrived. When she did she was shocked to say the least.

It was when everyone was celebrating that the phone call came. Cordy had picked up the phone and in a cheery voice said the motto of Angel Investigations, her smile had left her face and she held the phone out, looked directly at Liz and said it was Alex.

More curious than worried she took the phone from Cordy and listened. She told him that it wasn’t funny. It wasn’t meant to be funny. After that she couldn’t remember anything and suddenly it was the next night. Spike was there with her holding her, told her about what happened from the point she couldn’t remember.

She told Alex thank you and goodbye unemotionally, had hung up on him. Then turned to everyone and said she had to check up on Lucas, Spike had called Alex back demanding to know what he had told Liz. He found out.

Spike had run upstairs to Lucas’s room and found her there singing to him, a lullaby that her mother had sung to her when she was a child. After he was sleeping she got up without acknowledging Spike and went to their room where she lay there for hours staring at the wall till she finally fell asleep.

It took her another few days to be able to cry but when she did she couldn’t stop and Spike had been there, solid and supportive. She could hardly wait till he’s there with her; he had to finish things in LA before following her.

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A.N. Gunn was my favorite character on Angel. I absolutely love him so there will be a little Liz/Gunn couple-ness in this fic. Great, now I feel the need to write a Liz/Gunn fic, damn my muse I have enough fics I'm working on as it is. However the main couple in this fic will be Liz/Spike.

A.N. 2 I'm going to be busy with finals for the next month so I'm posting this part now and chapter 3 either Friday or Monday then after that I won't be posting for about a month.

Chapter 2

December; 2000

Liz drove down the street Fred told her the hotel was on; she had called five minutes ago asking for directions. Unconsciously Liz began to rub her stomach, ever since she found out she was pregnant she had developed the nervous habit of caressing her belly when scared or hesitant. Looming ahead of her she noticed what she thought could be the hotel, slowing down the car she glanced at the address, yep, that was it.

Pulling into the side alley she parked her rental car behind a big black car with its top up. She had no idea what kind of car it was all she knew was that it was big, black, and shiny. Someone obviously loved his or her car, there didn’t seem to be a speck of dirt on it.

While she had been outside preparing herself to meet Fred again and her friends, people who had taken her in after she returned from wherever she had been, Fred, Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, and Wesley heard her car drive up in the side alley. The perky brunette smiled wide and began pacing the lobby.

“I'm going outside to meet her.” Fred suddenly said and made her way toward the doors that led to the street.

Wesley called to her ceasing her forward movements. “Why don’t we all go greet her?” His English manners shining through. He heard from Fred as to why Elizabeth had left her hometown, after breaking up with her boyfriend all her friends and his friends turned against her. The male students had called her names and degraded her so much that she was in tears by the time she got home. All except one, a boy named Alex Whitman. “It can’t be easy for her move to a new town.”

A few seconds later the Angel Investigation’s Team was standing outside waiting for Elizabeth Parker to come walking up. They didn’t have to wait for long, seconds after they exited the massive hotel Elizabeth saunters up staring at the hotel in awe. Not yet taking notice of the smiling and slightly nervous group standing awkwardly in front of the double doors.

“Lizzie!” Fred couldn’t hold in her squeal of excitement as she ran toward her younger cousin. She gathered the tired and worn looking girl in her arms and whispered assurances in her ear. “We’ll take care of you. I promise.” Without asking she placed her hand on Liz’s stomach and rubbed the barely there lump.

Instantly Liz knew that she’s going to be ok there with her cousin and it calmed her frazzled nerves somewhat, enough where she could grin at the anxious group of people standing behind Fred. “I'm just happy to be out of Roswell.”

“Umm,” Angel stepped forward his hand extended. “Hi, I'm Angel. This is my hotel and as long as you’re here in LA it’s your hotel too. Fred’s told us a lot about you and I can hardly wait to get to know you.”

Liz shook his hand and was shocked at how cold it was. “Hi, Elizabeth Parker, feel free to call me Liz.” It’s obvious the tall hunky brunette wasn’t used to meeting a whole lot of new people, and came across as trying too hard.

“Hey, I'm Gunn. Fred told us you were pretty but I don’t think she gave you enough credit. I’d say you’re more gorgeous than pretty.” He raised her hand and kissed it affectionately. “If you need anything and I do mean anything I am at your beck and call.”

Giggling for the first time in a while she smiled wide at the handsome black man that caused her to blush. “Why thank you. I just might take you up that.” She gnawed at her lip coyly.

Rolling her eyes at the overt flirting of Gunn and their new houseguest she stepped up next to Angel and extended her hand. “And I'm Cordelia Chase, actress and occasionally I work here at Angel Investigations. It’s nice to meet you.” Her tight smile said anything but ‘nice to meet you’ more like ‘one more person to steal my spotlight’.

“Nice to meet you too. What have you acted in?” Knowing that she hadn’t seen her in anything, but that didn’t mean a whole lot. She’s not a big TV watcher.

“Well…I was in a play once a couple years ago…” Cordelia thought about anything else that she’d been in but couldn’t come up with anything.

To save Cordy from any embarrassment Wesley stepped up from behind his friends. “Hello, I'm Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Absolutely wonderful to meet you my dear, if there is anything that I can do to make your stay more comfortable don’t hesitate to ask.” He placed a soothing hand on her shoulder and squeezed encouragingly.

“Thank you.” Wesley was Fred’s boyfriend. She would go on and on about how wonderful Wesley was, and she could see him being a perfect big brother.

Fred picked up one of Liz’s bags that she placed on the ground when she greeted the AI team. “Come on Lizzie. Let’s get you settled in and then we can cook dinner. You always used to love helping me when you were younger.”

Nodding she hoisted her backpack up higher on her shoulder. “I’d like that.”

“Is this all you brought?” Fred questioned.

“No, I have one more suitcase in the car and then later my parents are going to send the rest of my stuff.”

“Do you still have that umm, oh what was it…”

“My memory box?”

“Yea.” Fred nodded.

“Of course I do. It holds all of my most precious moments. Unfortunately I had to leave it back in Roswell; I could only bring so much on the bus. But mom and dad are going to send it with some of my other stuff.”

The AI team watch as the two girls took the bags and began to talk about old times together, Angel waited till Liz and Fred were upstairs before turning to the others. “She’s pregnant.”

“Fred never mentioned that.” The seer paused and turns her full attention to Angel “How can you tell?” Cordy scrunched her nose up.

“For one Fred rubbed Liz’s stomach, normally that’s not done if the woman’s not pregnant. Second I can smell the baby. She’s not that far along either, maybe a month or so.” The vampire told his team.

“That smelling people thing is really gross Angel.”

Wesley stood behind the counter. “I wonder why Fred never said anything about it to me.” He just thought the torment was getting a little rough on Liz and she needed a change of scenery.

“Maybe Liz didn’t want anyone but Fred to know yet.” Gunn told them. “I know I wouldn’t want a bunch of strangers knowing all my secrets when I first met them.”

Angel shrugged his shoulders, he’d ask Fred later, and it wasn’t a question that needed to be asked or answered at this point in time.

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Chapter 3

February 17, 2005

The scenery goes by quickly; homes gave way to businesses, it’s not long before she found herself in front of the Crashdown Café and turning into the back parking lot, mentally preparing herself for the meeting that was bound to happen. She shouldn’t be nervous, those people, the people who were sitting in her restaurant meant nothing to her.

They were the ones that should be nervous…if they knew she was coming. She had nothing to be ashamed of; she did what she had to do to save the world. Sleeping with Kyle was the only sure way she knew of that would get Max to fall out of love with her and it worked like a charm.

“Why are we just sitting here mommy?” Lucas innocently questioned her.

“Well, baby, Mommy is a little nervous, we’re about to meet up with some people that I haven’t seen in a long time.” Liz explained.

“Are they nice?”

“I used to think so, but they hurt mommy a great deal and they stopped being nice.” She gathered her sweater from the passenger seat and exited the car. Crossing behind her vehicle she opened the rear passenger door, unbuckled her son’s car seat and lifted him out of the chair. “Oh you’re so heavy baby. You’re growing like a tree. Let’s hope you didn’t inherit your natural father’s height deficiency.” Liz chuckled and grabbed Lucas’s travel bag swinging it onto her shoulder.

Liz shut the door and locked the car with the locking/unlocking remote on her key chain. Spike bought the car for her; she had been looking into new cars for a couple of months previous, Spike saw her circling different kinds of PT Cruisers. For her birthday he took her to the car dealership (at night of course) asked her which PT, she wanted and the next day called the dealer and paid for the car.

“Will he be here?” Lucas wanted to know.

“Yes honey, he will be.” She had always been truthful to him about his natural father. Liz knew that someday she would come back to Roswell if only for a visit and the last thing she wanted was to have Lucas hurt if his paternity came to light about Kyle being his biological father. Besides it wasn’t as if she could hide it, Lucas looked so much like him. From his short dark blonde hair to his to his piercing blue eyes, she really hoped however that he got the height gene from her side of the family, most of the men in her family were over six feet.

“Will daddy still be my daddy?” Scared that Spike, now that his real dad was in the picture, wasn’t going to his father anymore.

“Of course he will sweetie. Just because your meeting Kyle today doesn’t mean he’s going to be a part of your life, not if you don’t want him too. And even if you do want to get to know your natural father, Spike will still be your daddy.” Liz explained. She understood her son’s fears; he didn’t want Spike to be hurt if he decided he wanted a relationship with Kyle.

“Does he know about me?”

“No honey. After Kyle and I were…together that night we weren’t on good terms anymore. See he really cared about this other girl and when we got together and made you he was upset that it would ruin his chances with the girl. So he took his anger out on me and I never told him that we made a beautiful child that night.” Liz set Lucas down on the hood of the car.

“Is he a bad man?” Frightened that his natural father was like the boogey men that haunted the city he lived in.

Liz licked her lips and thought of a way to explain it to him. “He’s not a bad man Luke, he was just angry. Kyle is a nice man but sometimes when people get angry they say things they don’t mean. From what Alex tells me he’s sorry for the way he acted that night and wishes he could take it back. I promise you Kyle is not a boogey man.”

“Were you mad at him too?”

“Yea, I was, I still am a little, but you know something I'm also very grateful to him. Do you know why?”

Lucas shook his head negatively. “It’s because he gave me you,” she caressed his cheek, “and he also helped me meet your daddy.”

“How’d he help?” Lucas shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

“If he and my old friends hadn’t have acted the way they did I never would have met your daddy. I probably would have stayed in Roswell and never known of him.” She probably would have met the others because she would have gone to visit Fred at some point, but not Spike.

The only reason they met was because she had needed protection from a demon. Since Angel and Buffy were off to help with the First issue, Cordy while strong in a human way wouldn’t be able to do much damage to a hoard of demons attacking. With Gunn it would have been awkward to have him guard her since they had broken up a month previous and Wesley and Fred while capable of taking care of themselves weren’t that strong in the physical category.

Which brought in Spike, Buffy phoned him, told him that situation and that his assist was needed. From the moment she set eyes on Spike she knew that he was going to be hers, she had fallen and hard. According to Spike he had the same reaction to her, even if he did try to down play it at their first meeting.

“Is Uncle Alex and Aunt Serena going to be here?” Lucas voice broke Liz out of her memory.

Liz nodded her head in confirmation. “And it’s ‘are’ sweetie.” She corrected his sentence out of habit.

“What’s ‘are’?” He swung his little legs back and forth in boredom

Liz chuckled, “Never mind.” She kissed his forehead and picked him up again. “Ready to go see them?”

“Yea.” He wrapped his small chubby limbs around his mother’s waist and neck, he missed Alex and Serena, they were cool. Uncle Alex would fly him around the room in his arms so he could pretend he was Superman. Sometimes he would even pretend to be the evil Lex Luthor. Aunt Serena would let him help her cook whenever she made a big dinner. He loved pounding the bread dough.

Slowly Liz made her way toward the front of the Crashdown. She could see through the window, that the ‘I Know an Alien Club’ was sitting in their regular booth with somber expressions, with the group in the booth were their significant others. While Alex and Serena are sitting at the counter, Mariah and Jasmine age 2, are Alex and Serena’s twin girls were being baby sat over at the Whitman’s.

Lucas didn’t like the girls all that much, he said they were no fun and all they played with was Barbie Doll’s. Liz told him that GI Joe were also dolls, but Lucas set her straight immediately. Barbie’s were dolls and GI Joe’s were action figures, and there’s a huge a difference.

Taking a deep breath Liz calmed some of her nerves and pulled open the Crashdown doors ready to meet with people she hadn’t seen or cared about in five years.

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Chapter 4

January 8, 2001

It’s been almost a month since she arrived in LA; it’s been hard keeping the fact that she’s changing into an alien hybrid from her new friends. When Liz was settled in at the hotel she had begun to think about the people she left in Roswell. At one point she was so angry the glass of the milk Fred brought in had exploded, milk cascaded over the table and glass shards fell around the table and bed.

To say she was scared was a huge understatement. Apparently Angel heard the small blast, although how since her room was on the third floor, was a mystery. Liz lied to them saying she was clumsy and dropped the glass when she picked it up. Angel didn’t quite believe her, again she had no idea why, after becoming a member of the alien abyss she learnt how to lie and more importantly lie well.

After the group of concerned people left her room Liz took out of some of the science equipment of hers she packed in her suitcase. Liz pulled out a needle from her bag; another thing she learned to carry around, you never knew when you had to check someone’s blood to see if they’re of this Earth. Carefully she stuck the needle in her arm and slowly drew out a tiny amount of blood.

Keeping her eyes closed after she stuck herself she forced her body not to faint. She hated needles, hated them with a passion and when they were near her skin she tended to break out. So far she had yet to pass out but she wouldn’t be surprised if one of those times she woke up on the floor with the needle sticking out of her arm.

Liz placed a drop of blood onto a glass slab then placed another on top, walking over on wobbly legs to the microscope she set the glass and blood under the lens. Her blood looked almost human, almost. The cells, the majority of them were still red, but a few were showing signs of green. It was just as she suspected she’s turning into a hybrid.

What was that going to mean for her child? Kyle might also be changing he just didn’t know it yet. However he was healed about nine months after so it probably wouldn’t happen for a while. It was fairly obvious that them being changed were Max’s doing, he healed the bullet wound in her stomach, saved her from death, same as Kyle.

Everyday, after figuring out her cells were changing, she checked her blood and everyday her blood got a little greener. She wanted to call one of the aliens, question them about what to do, but she made a promise to herself before she arrived that she wouldn’t seek them out for anything. At this point she wasn’t even sure she’d help them if they asked her for help.

Last night she met the infamous Buffy Summers, the love of Angel’s life. She heard Cordelia and Fred talking about her a few days after she arrived. Apparently Buffy had called Angel needing to vent about new people moving into her home, which caused Cordelia to vent about Buffy.

She got the feeling Cordy had the hots for Angel, but then again who wouldn’t, he’s tall, dark, and handsome but there was something about him that made it awkward for her to be attracted to him. For the past month he and Wesley had been like brothers to her, just last week Angel comforted her after a violent dream, it wasn’t like any nightmare she’d had before. These had blood, creatures that were definitely not human, and what seemed to be vampires.

Angel questioned her about what the nightmare entailed, after telling him he got an odd look on his face. The rest of the time he was in her room he was out of it, like he knew something she didn’t. Which in that place was very likely.

Just last week, after a rather long nap, she trekked down the stairs only to be greeted by the sight of a green guy, a green guy with horns. The entire group was nervous, Fred explained that the green guy was Lorne, and he was the latest subject of a friend of his whom was trying his hand at extreme make-up. Liz had no clue how that would make the group act nervous, it was a perfectly logical explanation. The fact that they were nervous rose her suspicions that weird things went on here.

But anyway back to meeting Buffy, she’s really beautiful, even if she was scratched and bruised up. Another thing that caused Liz to think everything wasn’t quite normal. What could be happening in this young woman’s life to give her those marks? The oddest part was that no one seemed all that concerned, they asked what happened and Buffy said she had a disagreement with a gang called the Turok-Han, which made no sense.

Now she was walking downstairs, nobody was in the lobby, at this time of night that was an odd occurrence too. Normally this place was busy at night and quiet during the day. Angel and Gunn were running off someplace, Cordy and Fred stayed behind and Wesley changed from going with Angel and Gunn and staying at the hotel.

Liz heard muffled voices, curious as to who’s there she quietly crept over to Wesley’s office. Buffy, Angel, and Wesley were talking in hurried whispered tones.

“I'm telling…think…Potential…dreams…same…Buffy…having…was called.” Liz could only understand ever couple words from Angel.

“…possible…an eye on Liz…powers or abilities.” Wesley commented on Angel’s garbled mess, luckily she was able to hear a little more, but still not everything.

Did they know she’s different? No, they couldn’t she’d been careful, nothing had exploded since that first day with the milk. She’d even hidden a lot of her science things.

Buffy who made no effort to keep her voice to a whisper, but wasn’t yelling either, leaned forward in her seat. “Listen, I’ll check with Giles, he knows some powerful witches that told him about the others, maybe they can tell us about Liz?”

Not needing to hear anymore Liz rushed back upstairs, entered her room, and locked the door. They knew about her. Maybe she should leave again, go to live with her Aunt in Florida. Wait, she had to stay calm, she couldn’t flip out.

If they knew about her why wouldn’t they be up there with torches or sending her to the FBI to be dissected? Maybe they didn’t know, but if the didn’t what the hell were they talking about?


“I'm telling you both that I think she’s a Potential. Those dreams she described having were the same ones Buffy told me she received around the time she was called.” Angel stood behind Wesley’s desk while the ex-Watcher was looking up some information.

“It’s definitely possible, we’ll keep an eye on Liz, see if she’s displaying powers or abilities.” He set the book back on the shelf, noticing Angel behind his desk he raised an eyebrow causing Angel to move to the other side of the desk and take a seat next to Buffy.

“Listen, I’ll check with Giles, he knows some powerful witches that told him about the others, maybe they can tell us about Liz?” It felt good to be close with Angel again. Last night he held her all night his strong embrace a great comfort to her.

Holding Buffy’s hand Angel continued. “If it’s the case this was something I didn’t want to happen to her. She’s a good kid, not to mention she’s pregnant, raising a baby in this environment isn’t good.”

“Angel I understand how you feel, Liz brings out a protective quality in all of us, but from what I know about her from spending time with her and listening to Fred she’s stronger than she looks.” Wesley sat down crossing his hands on the desk.

Buffy rose her hand and stroked Angel’s cheek bringing his gaze to her. “Besides it’s not as if Liz is going to be alone during this whole changing process. She’s going to have you, Wesley, Gunn, Fred, and even Cordelia somewhat. It’s going to be scary finding out she might become a Slayer but just watching her briefly yesterday I think she’ll be able to handle it.”

“But how can I tell you she might be a Potential. She hasn’t even told any of us besides Fred that she’s pregnant, she’s going to start showing soon and I won’t buy that she’s gained weight, I mean you see how she works out.” Angel rubbed his free hand over his face in frustration.

Since Liz arrived in LA she had been going down to the basement and working out for almost two hours everyday. Nothing overly strenuous but enough to keep her in shape. One time he went down to the basement and watched her.

First she did thirty minutes of Palates; the only reason he knew about Palates was because Buffy began them last month. Then Liz took a brief break stretching out her muscles, followed by five minutes of jumping rope, then thirty minutes of working with a punching bag, another five minutes of jump roping, and then after stretching again she sat on the mat and meditated.

Liz didn’t even move a muscle the entire time she was meditating. He almost thought she hadn’t seen or heard him, after all he’s stealthy, he’s a vampire, a vampire couldn’t be loud when stalking someone. When out of the blue Liz said ‘hello’ to him and scared the shit out of him.

However for the past two weeks Liz had cut out the punching bag out of her routine, he had a sneaking suspicion Fred told her to take it easy. “How the hell am I supposed to tell her that she’s going to be hunting vampires and demons on a nightly basis only to die a young woman?”

“Do you want me to talk to her? It might be easier coming from someone who’s gone through this before?”

“That would probably be best, you’d be able to answer questions that Angel and I wouldn’t be able too.” Wesley told her.

Angel scratched his head, “I think you should be the one who breaks it to her, but I don’t think we should right now. She’s pregnant and it might put the baby in distress.” He stood back up only to squat down in front of the mini-fridge that’s in the office. The coolness didn’t faze the soulful vampire as he reached for the Coke and pack of blood.

Pouring the packet contents into a coffee cup that Buffy had personalized for him, it’s black with red paint that look like blood, dripping down to form the words ‘Angel’s Elixir’. Heating the blood he handed Buffy her Coke, he’d always been able to feel her wants and needs even something as minor as what she wanted to drink.

“Oh I don’t need a drink Angel. Thank you.” Wesley sarcastically commented.

“You didn’t ask me Wes. Besides you’re drinking tea, didn’t think you’d want a soda.” The microwave beeped and he pulled the steaming liquid out taking his seat next to Buffy again.

“So we hold off on the Question and Answer period for a while right?” Buffy asked the two men. They nod confirming. “Ok, in that case I'm going to patrol, I'm going to try to get a staking in before dawn. Thanks for the Coke.” She kissed his lips gently wanting to taste more of him but wouldn’t in front of Wesley. “I’ll be back in the morning.”

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A.N. Thank you so much for all the fb, I love reading it. :D I won't be updating for about a month after this part because my mom's having surgery today and she's going to need my help around the house. And next week I start my summer classes so it won't leave me a lot of time to write. Hopefully I'll be back sooner than that but you never know.

Chapter 5

February 17, 2005

The bell above the door signaled the entry of a customer. Maria stood from the booth not noticing or caring who was at the door. “’Scuse me did you not see the sign on the…” It finally registered who was now standing inside. “What are you doing back here?” Maria hissed.

Dressed in tight black leather pants, a deep ‘V’ neck purple velvet top, black biker thick low-heeled boots, and her hair pulled into a loose pony-tail was Elizabeth Parker standing there with a young child on her hip looking a lot different than when she left. Her physical appearance didn’t change much however she exuded this aura of confidence.

“Why do you think Maria? My parents were just killed where else would I be?” Liz growled back at her once best friend.

Alex rose of his stool and gently pushed Maria aside and brought Liz into his embrace with Lucas squeezed between them. “How are you holding up?” He whispered into her. Lucas didn’t really feel much regarding the death of his grandparents, he never met them.

“Pain comes in waves, when I'm by myself it’s harder but if Spike or this little guy are near me it makes it bearable.” Liz granted him a half smile and kissed Alex on the cheek. “I got the flowers you sent to the hotel, they were beautiful, don’t know how long their going to last though considering none of us are great gardeners, we’re not even mediocre gardeners, we just suck.” Liz chuckled lightly.

“Don’t worry about it, if it will make you feel better every time they wither I’ll send more.” While he was talking Serena waddled her way towards the trio. Without saying a word she hugged Liz tight whispering words of love and support. She too lost her parents and knew that she’s going to need all the support she could get.

“Have you decided yet about what you’re going to do?” Alex took Lucas’s travel bag, setting it in the booth next to them as Serena questioned their friend.

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, I mean this was my parents second child, they would want me to take it over and make it my own. On the other hand I have a life in LA a good one, I just don’t know yet.” She sighed out.

“We’ll help you any way we can.” Alex placed a kiss on her temple; the three adults finally notice the deafening silence of the restaurant.

Max had an expression of pure fury, although for what reason she had no idea. Wasn’t her that should be furious with him, since his father killed her parents and here he was sitting in her parent’s Café? She could honestly say that if he made the mistake of speaking down to her or lecturing her about her choices she’s going to beat his ass down and enjoy every second of it.

Isabel and Michael seemed… torn, which didn’t make much sense to Liz considering they were two of the aliens she had the least harmony with. Maria was just glaring at her and Lucas, that automatically put her in the ‘might kick your ass’ category. She didn’t care if Maria glared at her but Lucas didn’t do anything to warrant that look.

Next were Kyle and Tess who both had welcoming yet nervous expressions. They were smiling at her and that made her a little weary. In her experience when someone who you weren’t on good terms with grinned at you it’s best to be on the alert. Great she’s beginning to sound like Giles, he’s Buffy’s Watcher, technically her ex-Watcher, but it depended on whom you asked.

Lucas sensed the tension between the group of people and his mother and just wanted to hide somewhere. Staring at the group shyly he knew immediately which one was his father. Nervous he buried his face in his mother’s neck and breathed in the scent of strawberry, lingering cigarette smoke, and baby wipes. It smelled like home, his family, Mom didn’t smoke but Dad does and the baby wipes were part of his own smell because he was messy and Mom used the wipes to clean his hands.

Kyle stared at the little boy huddling in Liz’s arms, he looked exactly like he did when he was child, the resemblance was uncanny. When the child called Liz ‘mommy’ he knew the boy was his son, he looked the right age for when he and Liz were together. But when the boy questioned Liz when his daddy would get there he began to wonder.

“Daddy will be here tonight honey. He won’t miss singing you your lullaby.” Liz assured him.

“It’s not a lullaby, it’s a song, lullaby’s are for baby’s.” Lucas yawned into his mother’s shoulder, tired from the long car ride from LA.

“Come on honey, I’ll take you upstairs and you can take a nap ok?” She whispered lifting the travel bag back onto her shoulder.

“I'm not sleepy.” Again he yawned his little eyelids fighting to stay up.

“I know you’re not sweetie, but how about we go up to mommy’s old room and you can just lay there for a little while, not take a nap just relax?”

“K.” Lucas murmured.

Liz began to walk into the backroom but Maria stood in front of the swinging door. “No, you are not going upstairs, not till we sort this out. You can put your bastard s…” Immediately her sentence was cut off by Liz raising her up by her neck, the child, now asleep in her arms wasn’t disturbed in the least.

“You,” Liz seethed through clenched teeth, “never speak about my son like that again. If I so much as hear a whisper of you or anybody else saying something negative or derogatory about my son or to my son I’ll rip out your vocal cords by way of your ass. Understood, Ria?” Her threat never raised above a whisper but it was no less frightening, if anything whispering made it worse.

Alex ran up to the irate Liz. “Lizzie, let her go, she can’t breathe.” For a moment he thought Liz wouldn’t let Maria go, but slowly the pissed off mother eased the terrified blonde onto the ground and lowered her hand from her now bruised throat.

Without stopping to explain she brushed past a cowering Maria and climbed the stairs. Standing at the door of her parent’s apartment, now hers, she prepared herself for the emotional tirade that was going to happen when she entered the old family dwelling.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Calming her nerves, well hiding them was more like it. She hid the emotions behind a mental wall the size of Mount Everest; she unlocked the door and stepped inside.

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A.N: Liz/Gunn romance ahead, kind of. There will be a little bit of them getting together but this chapter will have the most with them as a couple. After that I’ll just skim over a lot of their relationship (it will only be a month long romance.) Don’t worry this is a Liz/Spike coupling fic. Spike will make an appearance in part 9 and as it looks right now in part 10 in the past parts.

Also in the Angel Time-line a lot of things have been messed with. No Jasmine, no Connor, and no Beast (as of yet he will be making an appearance later in Chapter 8.)

And lastly I got the names information from ‘What Shall We Name the Baby?’ Edited by Winthrop Ames.

Chapter 6

January 19, 2001

It’s been over a week since Liz stumbled onto the conversation that transpired in Wesley’s office. For the first couple days she was extremely nervous around Angel and Wesley, Buffy had gone home a day after she heard bits and pieces of the conversation. But when nothing happened by the fourth day and Angel and Wesley treated her like normal she relaxed.

However something was definitely going on with the hotel residences. A phone call came in three days ago from a woman who said ‘I want my zombie of a husband to be killed, for good this time. He refuses to leave me be, and he’s upsetting the dogs’. Oh yea, that’s another thing, that phone call didn’t transpire on a answering machine, no Cordelia had picked up the phone and that was when she heard it.

Besides the handy green cells and fun explosive powers she also received the nifty alien hearing which was over five times better than a normal human. Liz was still getting used to the hearing of a pin drop from the floor above her, it was scary there were some things that she didn’t want or need to hear.

“Hey Liz.” A deep husky voice jarred Liz out of her thoughts. She turned toward the stairs, sitting there on the middle step was Gunn. He wore a bashful grin that warmed her heart; Gunn had been a constant support system while she’d been at the hotel. Not being able to think about the hotel as ‘home’ yet, there’s something missing almost, what she didn’t know.

Gunn had taken her out to lunch, when she’d been left to own devices, everyone else off doing something of importance. “Hey Gunn, what are you doing here? I thought you went with Angel on a case?” She stretched her arms up and back tightening then relaxing her tired muscles.

He smirked and shrugged his shoulders, “We finished early, came back here, I was going to take you out to lunch, nothin’ fancy just a small diner down the street.” He raised his eyebrows in invitation.

“Ok, I’d like that, let me just take a shower so I'm not sweaty and smelly.” She giggled taking a swig of water from the sports bottle she brought down with her. Gunn stood and nodded.

Liz began her ascent up the stairs, he moved aside to let her by but she stopped right in front of him, “Thanks Gunn, I really appreciate everything you’ve been doing for me, I don’t have a whole lot of friends anymore and it’s nice having friends again.” She whispered.

“I’d like to be more than a just a friend Liz.” He told her, slowly he leaned in and kissed her softly and her lips were smooth and supple against his. Gunn’s palm cupped her cheek deepening the kiss for a moment, reluctantly Liz broke the kiss smiling shyly.

“That was nice. I think I want to be more than friends too. But please, I need to go slow for a while.” Liz pleaded hoping he understood, even though he didn’t know about her pregnancy. She couldn’t just jump in feet first with a relationship, she had her unborn child to think about.

He grinned his cute boyish smile and nodded. “Hey that’s cool, I mean you just moved here, you have a child to think of…” Gunn trailed off at her quick raising of her eyes and was pained at the slight narrowing of her deep chocolate eyes, conveying her anger and shock. “Oops, I wasn’t supposed to say anything.” Wondering if he blew his chance with Liz before they even began.

“What? How do you know that I'm pregnant? Did Fred tell you?” Liz demanded to know. She wasn’t ready for people to know about her baby. She wanted to know a little more about her pregnancy before she let anybody but Fred in on the information.

“Umm, no Fred didn’t tell anyone, I swear, it’s just you’re starting to show and I figured since you work out everyday it couldn’t be that you were gaining weight so I went with the other logical option.” Phew, did that sound believable enough? It’s not like he could say his vampire boss could smell the baby; Liz would freak out if that were to happen.

He’s lying, she knew she hadn’t begun to show yet, she measured her stomach every night and every morning, Liz supposed she took after her mother in that respect, she didn’t start to show till she was almost into her fifth month. After that her mother grew like a balloon, gaining 60lbs while pregnant. Awkwardly she cast scared glances around the room anywhere but at Gunn. “Listen Gunn, I can’t go to lunch with you today, I'm sorry.”

Without giving him an explanation she rushed upstairs leaving a heartbroken Gunn behind standing on the stairs uncertain of what just occurred. For almost a week she avoided Gunn not knowing what to say or what to do. Liz knew she overreacted to him knowing she’s pregnant but she didn’t want to share her baby. As selfish or as weird as that seemed it was true, she didn’t want to share and she definitely didn’t want anyone to know unless she told them.

Finally she gathered up her courage and confronted Gunn, explaining why she reacted the way she did, luckily for her he understood what she was saying and forgave her. After telling Gunn she decided it was time to tell the others, from their less then shocked reaction it was obvious they knew or suspected something about the pregnancy. But how was a mystery to her.

Fred wouldn’t have told them and Liz wasn’t showing as of yet. It was extremely odd to her and left her wondering about her new friends. Later that same night as she was lying in bed her baby connected with her. She was going to have a baby boy.

Liz was so moved by the emotion and connection she felt when she touched his silver handprint she cried with joy. He’s beautiful, Liz could only imagine how handsome he’d be once he’s out of the womb. Her little boy, she needed to start thinking of names for the little guy. And she wasn’t going to give him any weird names like Poindexter or a name that could be mistaken for a girls like Angel, hey she cared about the big guy but let’s face it, Angel was a girls name.

Grabbing a piece of paper she began to write down all the names she liked and thought would be good names for her son. For almost an hour she wrote till she had a list of almost 30 names, glancing at the list of names she crossed off some that didn’t feel right until she’s left with 5 names. William, Brant, Jeffrey, Lucas, and Quinn. Not being able to decide between the five she decided to look up the meanings to all of them.

After reading through each of the meanings of the names, she liked what ‘Lucas’ meant the most. The meaning rang true to her life; Lucas’s meaning was ‘Light’ and she looked at her son as the light of her life. It was perfect for him, now she knew what to call her child when she talked to him. Liz could hardly wait for him to get here.


Sneak Peak: Liz tells Max off.
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A.N. Thank you so much for the fb I love read it so much, it makes me feel so good. Mom's 100% better, thank you so much for those well-wishes. Now onto the fic.

Chapter 7

February 17, 2005

With Lucas fast asleep in Liz’s old room she quickly hurried out of the apartment. It hurt so much to be in that house without the sounds of her parent’s laughter or her mother listening the Elvis Costello while folding the laundry. The place was dead, just like her parents.

Now that her son’s sleeping she could speak with the group waiting in the dining area of the Crashdown, when Lucas was in her arms she wouldn’t raise her voice and scare him. He lived in a scary world; the last thing she wanted was for him to be scared in his own home.

Liz pushed the swinging door open and stepped back into dull roar of secretive whispers and rising panic of what ‘she had become’. Ignoring them for a moment she walked behind the counter and poured herself a glass of milk, taking her baggy of pills out of her pocket popping an Excedrin for her growing migraine, if she could avoid this confrontation for a few days she would.

For a brief moment she stared out the window of the Café, he’s on his way here, she could feel him sending waves of comfort and love to her. Spike marked her almost four years ago and they had been able to feel each other ever since, it was a nice feeling.

“Everyone except Alex and Serena I want you to say your peace and get the fuck out of my restaurant.” Not bothering to mince words.

“You can’t talk to us like that, you have no idea what we have been going through here, so you have absolutely no say in what we do or don’t do.” Max stood anger radiating off his entire body.

Liz could almost swear he wanted to get beat down by the way he talked to her. “Max I'm going to say this as calm as I can. You don’t get any say on how I speak; you shouldn’t even be in this restaurant. Your father killed my parents, in my opinion the second that happened you and Isabel were banned from this establishment. And my opinion is the only one that matters in this case.” Her voice even, not rising in anger or lowering to deliver a threat.

“He didn’t mean to Liz, he accidentally fell asleep it could happen to anyone.” Max continued to badger Liz.

Serena and Alex wince at Max provoking Liz, although he might not realize he that was, he’s still pissing her off and he’s going to pay for that. Alex didn’t think she’d hurt Max…yet, but she’d definitely give him a verbal smack down.

“Oh…” Liz placed her glass on the counter her expression faking understanding and stalked closer to the once love of her life, “I'm sorry you’re right. It could have happened to anyone, but the point is, it happened to your father and he killed my parents.”

Liz’s face transformed to one of utter rage. “He ripped them out of this world and away from me and my son. You’re father is alive and well Max, my parent’s are laying on a cold metal slab waiting to be put in the ground. So I don’t give a shit whether he meant to or not, the end result doesn’t change.”

Liz could feel various nerve endings inside of her beginning to crackle and spark. The powers that she had controlled for years wanted to be let out, badly. It was like her powers had a mind of their own and they wanted to make Max pay for his father’s sins.

Alex quickly rushed to Liz’s side, if the fury on her face was any indication to what’s to come he needed to be there to calm her down. “Lizzie relax and breathe you don’t want to let the surprise out of the bag too early do you?” He played to her desire to keep her changed status hidden.

“Well, then the big eared bozo shouldn’t provoke my anger.” Her teeth clenched and a fake smile was plastered back on her face hissing the words out.

Isabel stood up from her seat in the booth, everyone stared at her wondering what she’d do. “Liz…” she took a shaky breath “I am so sorry with what my family, my father has put you through. But Max and I had nothing to do with that.”

Liz licked her lips thinking over her response carefully. “I know you two aren’t responsible for your father’s actions. Really I know that, but seeing you and Max here now makes me angry.” She held back the tears welling up in her throat.

Subconsciously she rubbed her neck, where Spike’s mark was permanently visible on her lightly tanned skin. She could feel him getting closer and closer to her, he’s closer than she thought he was Spike was only an hour away from her.

“I know you probably don’t want to see Max or I right now or even ask for our help but do you need anything done that I can do for you to prepare for your…parent’s funeral? Anything to ease the pressure off you?” Isabel kindly offered.

She felt awful for how she treated her after the whole situation with Kyle; it wasn’t until she had dreamed walked Liz that she learned the whole story, something she shared with Michael. Both aliens were awed by her sacrifice, however neither told anybody else what they knew.

“I appreciate that Isabel, but my husband and our family took care of the arrangements over the past week. The funeral is tonight.” Max’s gaze rose at Liz’s mention of a husband but wisely didn’t say anything.

“How long have you been married?” The tall blonde alien asked trying to move to a subject that’s not heart wrenching.

For the first time since Liz arrived she smiled a real smile. “Over three years now.” She remembered when he proposed, Spike had planned this perfect evening for the both of them up in her room, she didn’t want to leave Lucas that night for some reason, lucky she didn’t because demons ended up storming the hotel much to Spike’s anger.

After the fight was over and demon guts was sprayed all over the both of them Spike began swearing at the dead demons not realizing completely what he was saying. For a while all that came out of his mouth was ‘bloody fucking demons’ and ‘piss ants ruined everything’. It wasn’t until five minutes into Spike’s tirade he said ‘I was gonna propose to my mate tonight. What happens you bleeding poofters screw it up.’

Hearing her vampire lover say that to the long dead demons stopped her from cleaning the goo off her body and dress. She questioned him on whether or not he meant it. At first he didn’t realize he spoke out loud, but when he saw he did he didn’t even pretend he didn’t say it.

He held her saying how his long dead heart would beat anytime she was near him and he could swear he turned a little more human every time she told him she loved him. Liz melted at his sweet words and kissed him passionately, Spike took out a princess cut 1 ½ caret diamond and officially asked Liz to become his wife. After that how could she refuse? Within four months they were married.

Coughing nervously Liz shook the pleasant memory and stared at the occupants of the Café. “Listen there are still some things I need to prepare before the service. So I'm going to ask all of you to leave, you can all come to the funeral if you want.”

“Liz,” Kyle slowly walked up to her, “you and I really need to talk.”

“I know we do, but not now. After the funeral we can talk okay?”

Kyle nodded understanding and satisfied for now, he stood back over near Tess rubbing her shoulders affectionately. Slowly everyone even Alex and Serena file out of the Crashdown to get ready themselves for the funeral.


Chapter 8: Past: AI team gets a huge shock, some B/A snuggling, and the Beast makes an appearance.

Chapter 9: Present: SPIKE! finally makes an appearance.

A.N. This fic won't be updated for about a month, I'm taking a month long hiatas till Sept 1, because my grandmother is having open-heart surgery on Aug. 2, so understandably my mind won't be on my stories, so I'm not even going to try, so I'll be back in a little over a month. :D
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A.N. Angel’s soul is in tact, but can be taken by spells. There will be some Angelus in this fic don’t know about the rest of you but he’s so much yummier than Angel. ::drool::

Chapter 8

February-March; 2001

Liz and Gunn’s relationship didn’t last all that long, but then again after Kyle he’d been the longest boyfriend she had. Kyle and she went out for a little over three months, with Max it was more of one step forward, ten steps back, and when they finally did get together it was over before it began. Of course she had other boyfriends but they never stayed around for more than a month. Either she’d break it off or they’d just get tired of her not putting out as James Fina rudely told her when he broke up with her.

At first the relationship between her and Gunn was hot, scorching almost, they never slept together but it was heading in that direction. It was during that month long courtship that she found out some interesting things about her new friends. Liz had been talking to Wesley out in the lobby when this big hunk of rock came bashing though the door yelling for Angelus.

Almost immediately Angel came running out of his room his shirt gaping open, fingernail marks fully visible scratched down his sculpted abs. Buffy ran out behind him, pants unbuttoned carrying a sword, looking mighty mean. Angel rushed to his weapons case and grabbed an axe swinging it expertly.

Angel asked the creature, there was no way that was make-up, what the Hell he wanted, and who he was? The large rock thing told Angel they could begin to take over the world; he asked once before but was now giving him the chance to reconsider. Angel’s expression was one of confusion; he had no clue what this hunk of concrete was talking about.

Since Liz was still sitting on the large round couch near the door to shocked and scared to move the rock pile made a grab for her. Before she could think of what to do she raised her hand, the glow was quick but it packed a powerful punch. The power surging from her body and through her hand was like a wave flinging the creature back crashing into the stairs.

For a moment no one knew what to do except stare at Liz who didn’t seem as shocked. Without warning Buffy and Angel were a flurry of motions kicking, punching, and slicing at Rock Boy. Eventually after much fighting the Beast left stomping through the walkway crushing the concrete beneath his feet.

During the fight Liz ran up the other set of stairs to her room trying her best, but not succeeding, to calm her breathing down. Energy crackled along her arms and hands the sizzling power causing pain under her skin, not being able to control the power lamps and light bulbs explode around her room, “Stop! Stop!” She yelled. The noise becoming too much for her ears to handle, she fell to her knees and laid down on the floor in the fetal position holding her ears.

Liz never saw Gunn charge into her room, the rest of the AI team following behind him. She never felt him grab a hold of her electricity charged arm, nor did she feel the current exit her body, or see Gunn flying through the air and luckily landing softly on her bed. After that she blacked out.


“So how do you think she’ll take it?” Angel caressed Buffy’s bare back as she laid on top of him. Liz had passed out after zapping Gunn with that green current that was flowing through her arms. He was going to be all right but he was thinking about his relationship with Liz a lot more closely. Evaluating whether or not he wanted to continue with the romantic aspect.

“Well,” her hot breath fluttering over his cool skin, “it seems that she’s not exactly Miss Normal-Girl either, first with the light shooting out of her hand and putting a hefty dent in lava boy, then electrocuting Gunn…I have a feeling she’s going to accept it. Granted it will be a shock but she’ll take it a lot better than I did.” Buffy’s reminded of Merrick and how he brought her to the graveyard that night making her fight her first vampire and how she freaked afterward.

Angel chuckled, “You didn’t take it so bad…you accepted your destiny and have become one of, if not the Greatest Slayer to walk the Earth.” He fiddled with the top of the thin silk sheet that was just over Buffy’s ample behind.

“I wouldn’t say…Ok, I am the Greatest Slayer, everyone else should bow down before my wonderful-ness and pay respects to their Goddess of Vamp Slayage.” She teased her lover.

“Well at least you got your priorities straight, having people worship you definitely has to be at the top of every list as a God.” Angel pressed a peck to her lips, Buffy not settling for that alone opened her mouth deepening the kiss, to which Angel had no objection. As they ignite each other’s passions an irritated Cordelia barged into their bedroom.

“Hello! Employee in the room!” The May Queen’s jealousy poured out, they’d have to be idiots not to see her anger…or otherwise occupied. Cordelia sighed loudly at the still kissing couple, Buffy had her arms wrapped around Angel’s neck her face over his mauling her lips against his. Angel had one hand under the covers obviously massaging something that she didn’t need to see while the other hand was cupped on her other cheek…the one on her face not the one below the covers.

Cordelia stomped her foot on the carpeted floor. “Stop making out you two, it’s disgusting.”

“Go away Cordelia.” Angel commanded under Buffy’s lips before attacking them again. His secretary had been working at getting between him and Buffy it had practically become an everyday occurrence with her.

“Thought you might be interested to know Liz is awake and Fred’s with her now. You don’t have to bite my head off.” She left in a huff slamming the door behind her, the walls shook at the force of it.

“We really should go check on Liz.” Buffy reluctantly told him; still leaning close to him she nuzzled his nose with hers.

Sighing Angel nodded. “You’re right.” He ran his fingers through his hair trying to make it somewhat presentable. Reluctant to leave the safety of their room he held onto his mate for a moment longer. After a few minutes they finally rose off the bed, dress, then made their way toward Liz’s room. It was time to get some answers…and to give some.


Coming Up...

Chapter 9: Spike makes his appearance, and it's time to get ready for the funeral.

Chapter 10: The AI team wants answers...but so does Liz.

Chapter 11: The funeral, will everything go smoothly? Come on when does anything go smoothly?
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Ace Roswell
pandas2001: Yes Gunn will start to rethink his relationship with Liz.

Thank you all for your reviews. You have no idea how much they make me feel better after a hard day or rough morning.

Finally Spike makes his appearence. :D

Chapter 9

February 17, 2005

Liz watched the sun set from the Crashdown windows, it had been fifty minutes since everyone left and the only movement she made was to check on Lucas and come back down to the restaurant to sit in one of the booths, just remembering her parents. The cash register would ring taking the money of a satisfied and loyal customer, her mother scurrying about in the back trying to make due with one more jar of ketchup till the end of the week.

Then her father would exit his office, hold her mother close and within moments she would be calm again. Dad had that special talent of keeping the family on track and never letting things get to him. Liz chuckled shallowly, well that wasn’t exactly true he’d get fairly uptight when it came to her and Max dating, couldn’t really blame him, Max wasn’t for her, it just took her moving to realize that.

A drop of moisture fell on her arm, glancing down she raised her hand to her arm and ran it over the drop, she lifted her hand up to her face, and her face was dripping with tears. Now that’s she’d started she couldn’t seem to stop, doing the only thing she could do; Liz curled up in the booth and let the tears out.

Never once did she notice the sun fall completely so darkness had its turn, nor did she hear the chime of the Crashdown doors opening repeatedly, all she felt were arms and hands. Strong capable sinewy arms holding her close, comforting friendly hands stroking her hair and a deep seductive voice whispering soothing words to her. But it wasn’t so much the words that eased her tears it was his voice; he could make everything all right in her world with just his voice.

He rumbled more words to her before picking her up with ease. Gently he carried her upstairs into what he hoped was the upper apartment she told him about. Always cautious when carrying his precious cargo he sniffed out any possible intruders before proceeding into the silent home. Quietly he makes his way into her room; her scent was everyone even after five years of being away.

He entered the room and saw Lucas laying under the covers snuggled against his mother’s pillows. Smiling the vampire carefully laid Liz down on the bed next to Luke, shrugging off his coat he tossed it over a desk chair, kicked off his dusty boots and rested on the bed next to his wife easing her body closer to his. There he waited for her to calm and come back to him.


“Poor Liz, I hope Spike can bring her out of her trance before we have to leave for the funeral. She can’t miss their funeral, it would just break her even more.” Fred sat on the barstool next to Wesley across from the booth Spike and the AI team found Liz curled up on moments ago. She glanced at her watch; her Uncle and Aunt’s funeral would be starting in two hours.

Although she loved her Aunt and Uncle and missed them she didn’t feel a loss in her life at them being gone, she never really knew them; her strongest emotion through all this was concern for Liz. “She won’t miss their funeral Fred, Spike wouldn’t let that happen, he loves her too much.” Angel assured her.

“Will Buffy be able to make it to the funeral?” Wesley questioned Angel, he knew she wanted to be there for Liz but she was in England dealing with a Potential issue that Giles needed her help on. Dawn was in Rome with Xander and Willow picking up another batch of Potentials that was going to be brought back to England.

Angel shrugged his shoulders. “Doubtful, she said she’d try but the earliest she’ll probably be able to get in is tomorrow night sometime.” He wished Giles hadn’t called her to England, Buffy’s pregnant with his children, twins, one boy and one girl, and he couldn’t stand being apart from his mate and children.

“Do you think they’ll be there?” Cordelia asks, after a year of Liz living at the hotel she began to warm up to the brunette and the two had in the years that followed become very close friends. The last thing Cordy wanted was for those people, Max, Maria, Isabel, Michael, Tess, and Kyle to cause any problems for her on her day of mourning.

“I don’t know. For Liz sake I hope not, if they’re at the funeral, there’s no telling what could happen.” Fred let Cordelia know. “They hurt her enough while she was here, she doesn’t need to be hurt anymore. Plus, I have a feeling that if they are there it won’t be pleasant.”


Stirring awake in Spike’s arms Liz slowly opened her eyes. Staring down at her with his piercing blue eyes was Spike rubbing her upper arm with his thumb. “Hello luv, sleep well?” He nuzzled her forehead with his nose taking great pleasure in her quiet giggle.

“Of course, I always sleep better with you holding me.” Sweeping her eyes up she stared up at him her gaze falling on his mouth. She almost moaned, as he bit his lower lip, not able to resist she pulled him into a deep kiss reveling at his lips against hers.

From her left side she could feel Lucas moving around, breaking the kiss she turned slightly so she could see him, he noticed his parent’s were awake and crawled onto his knees. “Daddy.” He leapt over Liz and into his father’s arms hugging him close. “I missed you Daddy. How come you couldn’t ride with us?” Luke understood that he couldn’t go out in sunlight, but Mom’s car had tinted windows so he wouldn’t go poof.

“Well, I had things to take care of before I came here.” Spike held both of his loves in his arms, his wife and his son, it didn’t matter to him that Lucas wasn’t his blood, he was Liz’s blood which meant Luke was his too.

Lucas squirmed in Spike’s embrace, “Gotta pee.” Chuckling his daddy lets him down as he ran to the bathroom.

Caressing Liz’s cheek, Spike asked in his deep rumbling voice, “What is it?” She had a look of extreme worry and terror. The only time she’d had that expression was when Lucas was two years old and a demon that had a certain taste for children came charging toward him. Liz, even with a huge gash in her stomach, broken arm, gaping head wound and various cuts and bruises rushed the demon tackling it down to the ground keeping it away from Luke till he, Angel and the others arrived.

“Please don’t leave my side tonight.” Liz whispered into his chest.

“Of course not pet, but what brought this on? Did you see something?” His voice soothed some of her nerves.

Liz shook her head, “No, but something is going to happen. With them coming I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it won’t be anything good.”

“Wait those wankers are coming to your parent’s funeral? Bloody hell why?”

“As much as they hurt me I do have to admit that they cared for my parent’s and it would be petty to not let them pay their respects.” Liz admitted.

“Be bloody petty, they are your parent’s you can be as petty as you want.” Spike told her but knew that Liz could never be that way. No matter what he told her she’d do what she wanted and letting the people that hurt her but cared for her parent's be at the funeral was what she was going to do.

Lucas re-entered the room and jumped back into Spike’s arms, after getting Luke settled in his arms Spike glanced at the digital clock Liz had plugged in. “The others are downstairs pet, do you want to talk to them before we all leave?”

Liz nodded, “Yea,” swinging her legs over to the other side of the bed she stood up and pulled up her falling leather pants, she hated falling asleep in her leather it always got uncomfortable when she woke up. She wasn’t going to change for the funeral; the second after the service was over she was on patrol duty and she couldn’t exactly kick ass in a dress, well she could but she’d be flashing her red thong underwear to everyone.

Angel and Spike offered to take over for her for as long as she needed, but she needed to keep busy, nothing else could keep her mind off her parent’s death better than slaying the big bad evil. It was a huge shock when she found out that she wasn’t just an alien hybrid but a Potential Slayer as well, when Faith died the Slayer power went to her.

“Do you want to go see Uncle Angel and Uncle Wesley kiddo?” Liz asked Lucas.

“Yea,” Spike let him down on the ground and off he ran to the stairs taking them slowly till he reached the bottom and again he ran out to the Crashdown, his scream of joy could be heard even from upstairs.

“Uncle Angel, shouldn’t it be more like Aunt Angel?”

“Be nice mister.” Liz admonished her husband as they leave the apartment to the Crashdown Café eating area.

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