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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg6 1/27

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A.N. I’ve been making some progress, outline wise, on where the next four chapters are going and even wrote out the group’s class schedule for school/after school so everything wasn’t getting messed up. Who else caught the Supernatural ep where Dean was a gym teacher? Love it. Enjoy.

Chapter 20

After lunch the group split up each heading toward their next class of the day. Maria, loud enough for Tess to hear, said that she couldn’t believe she had to have one of her favorite classes with one of her least favorite people. Both blondes had photography and Maria clearly made her displeasure known.

Alex cleared his throat and threw Maria a glare. He didn’t like that his best friend and sister were constantly showing Tess, by look, comment, or action that they didn’t like her. Neither were being fair to her, she didn’t ask to be Max’s bride in a previous life, he was fairly certain she didn’t ask to come to Roswell and shake things up. Essentially being the start of Max’s and Liz’s downward spiral.

Maria not the least bit intimidated stared right back. “I stand by my statement.” She waved to Liz and was off to photography, leaving behind a slightly embarrassed Tess.

Michael, who couldn’t care less about what the problem between the three chicks was, left the group quickly. He and Isabel had their next class together, English with Ms. Rothman, but he figured Isabel would want a few moments with Alex before coming to class.

Max, Liz, and Alex all had the same advance science class that period and while she was waiting on Alex, Max was waiting on her. He hadn’t tried to talk to her all lunch period except for the occasional short sentence. Max had given her space during lunch now he wanted to talk if only for a little bit.

Liz noticed his eagerness to walk with her, which became the main reason why she stayed and waited for Alex. She didn’t want to be alone with him, if only to avoid having essentially the same conversation she’d had with him twice before.

She stayed far enough away from Alex and Isabel to give them some privacy but remained close enough to the couple to give Max a moment or two of hesitation. Since they were headed in the same direction she couldn’t exactly dodge him without him suspecting something.

Tess left the remaining members of their group without saying a word to anyone. Liz barely noticed as she raced down the hall and got lost in a sea of students.

Peeking over at Alex Liz realized that he didn’t plan on leaving Isabel’s side yet. The two were whispering quietly and nuzzling. “See ya in class Alex.” Liz didn’t wave because he wouldn’t see it.

Max fell into step behind her. “Liz wait.”

“Sorry Max, I really have to go to the bathroom.” She pushed open the door to the girl’s bathroom and left Max standing frustrated and confused in the hallway.

Yes, she knew it wasn’t the best way to deal with the Max situation but if she had to tell him the same thing for the third time he wouldn’t enjoy her reaction. One time fine, twice a little irritating but nothing to freak out about, third time she wouldn’t be nice or gentle…although she wasn’t that gentle the first time so maybe she would be nice about it the next time.


After leaving the group Tess hurried into the Eraser Room. She didn’t care if people saw that wasn’t her problem. It wasn’t as if she was meeting someone in there.

Using her powers she melted the lock. With another wave of her hand she made the room soundproof. As soon as she did Tess dropped her books and purse on the floor with her body following close behind. She gripped the door knob and slid down the door sobbing in pain.

Maria’s words hit her hard. She was use to being hated by many girls, the occurrence wasn’t an oddity when they were constantly worried about her intentions toward their boyfriends or crushes. But to hear it from a girl who had the chance to know her and knew her better than most people did hurt.

While Maria didn’t know everything she knew some of what kind man Nasedo was, how she had to of grown up in his care. She knew that Tess was an alien, one of her biggest secrets. While they weren’t close Maria knew things that people walking in the hall didn’t know about her.

It only drove home the reason why she put up a façade that nobody could penetrate. If Maria could hurt her and in the grand scheme of things only knew a small portion of who she was than she could only imagine how hurtful it would be with someone that she let completely in.

She took a few moments to gather her emotions and place them back in the box she kept them in. With a swipe of her hand she erased all the indications that she had been crying. With two more swipes she de-soundproofed the room and undid the damage to the door. With her confident air back in place she left the small room and rushed to Photography.


After making sure Max had left the hallway Liz left the bathroom. She briefly thought about skipping the rest of the day but then she might not get to choose Alex as her science partner. The two of them working together on an assignment cut the time in half. Technically it could be done faster but they didn’t want to raise suspicions.

She jogged to Science and entered a second before the bell rang. Mr. Seligman looked away from the chalkboard and raised an eyebrow at her. “Cutting it close today aren’t we Miss. Parker?”

“Sorry Mr. Seligman.” She hurried over to where Alex saved her a seat. Liz didn’t notice Max’s hopeful face fall when she didn’t sit by him or acknowledge him.

“Where were you?” Alex whispered.

“Bathroom.” She simply told him.

Alex stared down at his blank paper. “Why are you and Maria so mean to her?” He asked suddenly.

Liz felt the coolness in his tone. “I’m not going to pretend to be stupid and not know who you’re talking about.” She told him. “And I didn’t say a word about Tess or to her at lunch.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about.” Alex finally turned his eyes on her. “Not once have you made an effort to be her friend and find out what kind of person she is.” He pointed his pen at her. “Whenever Tess makes a move you have a look. When she talks you roll your eyes. She doesn’t deserve it.”

“First of all, I don’t need anymore friends. Second, I just don’t like her. It’s not a requirement for me to like everyone.” She glared.

“You don’t have to be friends but you’re not even polite.”

Liz shook her head. “Never thought you’d be so gullible to fall for a pretty face.”

“Mr. Whitman. Miss Parker. Care to explain why you’re talking through my introduction to Science speech?” Mr. Seligman questioned.

“Sorry.” Alex said. He glared at Liz for a moment before writing a note on the once blank paper. When the teacher returned to the chalkboard he tossed the note in her general direction.

The note almost hit her in the face, yea, she crossed the line with her comment but why did he care what she did or didn’t say to Tess? She opened the note. Scrawled angry words jumped from the page as she read what he wrote.

‘Don’t go there. Besides going after Max when she first got here she hasn’t done shit to you. And if you think I can be easily duped by a pretty girl then you clearly don’t know me as well as you think.’

Liz let out a soft but frustrated breath. She quickly wrote back to him. ‘Dammit Alex, there is something not right about her. How can you not see that? She’s getting close to you for some reason and you’re stupid to think otherwise.’

Once Alex read what she wrote his expression got angrier. Truth hurts brother dear. His biceps flexed and he tried to calm some before writing back to her.

‘Nice to know you think so little of me. It’s one thing with Tess since you don’t know her but with me? That’s low Liz, really fucking low. Heaven forbid another beautiful girl, besides Isabel, wants to spend time with me.’

‘I’m sorry Alex. I didn’t mean it like that but Tess is manipulating you. She knows how nice you are—‘ Alex saw what she was in the middle of writing and snatched the paper from under her pen. “You’re just digging that hole deeper Liz.” He whispered with venom.


“No, don’t talk to me.” He stared straight ahead and continued to ignore her for the rest of the class period.


Next chapter: Alex, Alec, and Michael in gym. Liz tries to talk to Alex but he’s ignoring her. Maria is praising God for a certain good fortune.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 20 pg6 2/17

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Touch of the Wind
Queen Fee

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. It helps motivate me to write more. :D

A.N. I promise there is a reason for Alex’s hostility/anger, it might not come out for a few more chapters but there is a reason. Also some of the scenarios that were supposed to be happening in this chapter won’t be happening till the next chapter, I had a couple of ideas/scenes that wouldn’t fit later in the story. Enjoy.

Chapter 21

A shrill bell rang through the hallways of West Roswell High. One more class down. Alex gathered his belongings and left Liz in the room to deal with Max alone. He saw the teenager clearly stalling hoping to get a chat with her.

He realized he’d been curt with Liz about the whole Tess issue but his patience was wearing thin. When Tess first arrived she caused problems with Max and Liz. He understood why Liz wouldn’t jump at a friendship with her. Their past alone gave them issues with trusting people. The difference between him and Liz was he didn’t believe everyone had an agenda and could or would hurt them.

They were brought up in the same environment. Manticore. A dark place hidden in the shadows that caused him to still wake up on occasion in a cold sweat and thanking the Blue Lady he was out. Manticore stuck with him and probably always would.

He was able to adapt though, he stopped peeking around every corner, stopped being so cautious, and stopped doubting every person who tried to be his friend. Liz however didn’t stop looking over her shoulder for something to happen.

Alex went by his locker and tossed his science books and binder in. He grabbed his gym clothes and made his way toward the gym. He passed one his band mates in the hall and high-fived him as he continued down to class.

Although he and Liz had been brought up in the same way they didn’t have the same experiences. He was constantly protected by Liz both in and out of Manticore.

But he wasn’t that little kid anymore that needed his big sister to fight his battles and protect him from people. Tess had only been talking to him because he took the first step and walked her to class. She wasn’t seeking him out to do something for her. It hurt that Liz thought he was being stupid with the whole situation.

Entering the boy’s locker room he went to an open locker and shoved his clothes in. Since it was the first day he wouldn’t have to dress down but he still had to pick a locker and tell the teacher which locker number. He pulled out a lock and looped it through the holes securing his clothes.

Mentally taking down the locker number he started to leave the room and head toward the gym but stopped when Michael called his name out. Alex walked over to him.

“Hey,” He greeted, “you’re in this class?” He already knew Michael had that class with him, he found out when he went to change Liz’s schedule.

“Yea. Don’t need the PE credit but I’d rather do this than have a class with homework.” Michael explained.

“I hear ya.” Alex nodded. He waited in silence until Michael got his locker number and they left the locker room together. “Do you have any idea who the new teacher is for afternoon PE classes?”

Alex and Michael weren’t the best of friends, they hardly talked outside the group meetings, and even then they tended to ignore the other. He didn’t dislike Michael he just didn’t think about him all that much.

“Nah, heard he teaches some other classes too but didn’t catch the name or the classes.” Michael said gruffly. In that short sentence he made it clear to Alex how much he hated small talk.

The only things the two talked about regularly were aliens, Maria, and Isabel. Every once in a while Liz would enter the conversation but usually that was in conjunction with one of the other three things they spoke to each other about.

There were four big signs around the gym, each with a class name. One for body building, one for swimming, one for dancing, and the last for general PE. Alex and Michael were in general PE.

The duo made their way over to where their class would meet. Three PE instructors came out from the lower offices. One went over the swimming sign and waited for the rest of the students to arrive, another over to body building, and the last went to the dance class.

There was one more office upstairs next to the wrestling room and across the way from the entrance to the girl’s locker room through way of the gym. That was the same office of the last gym teacher who got fired.

Michael stood with his arms crossed impatiently waiting for the class to begin. Alex saw a friend of his from previous computer classes and went over to talk to him. As he caught up with Ryan he noticed two adults walking down the stairs. Mr. Spencer his English teacher was also his PE teacher. The other man had to be an assistant to Mr. Spencer.

As Mr. Spencer got closer it struck Alex how familiar he looked. He hadn’t noticed it during English because he was too busy paying attention to Liz’s reaction to Mr. Spencer. Now that he got a good view of Alec Spencer a nagging feeling washed over him.

Where had he seen the teacher before? It couldn’t have been recently he would have recognized his face easily. The not knowing was going to drive him insane until he could remember.

Across the room the dance class caught his attention. Some of the girls were on their school dance team and were stretching out catching the attention of more than just him. He tore his gaze away to look back at his friend who was still chatting with him.

When Ryan saw his class leaving the main gym without him he quickly said good-bye to Alex and ran to catch up. Alex went back over and stood by Michael waiting for the new teacher to start the session. The other two classes that were left in the gym split off into other areas, the body building went to the weight room down the hall from the gym and the dance class heading toward gymnasium B.

The teacher blew his whistle and got the attention of the remaining class. “Ok, this is P.E. 2, if that is not what’s on your schedule you are clearly in the wrong class. So come on up and we’ll see where you’re supposed to be.”

One student came up and Alec checked the schedule. “All right you’re in body building which is out that door and to the left. There’s a big sign out front, can’t miss it.” The student ran out of the gym and Alec turned to the others.

“Ok, next order of business. I’m your teacher Alec Spencer. Feel free to call me Alec but if that makes you uncomfortable Mr. Spencer is fine. Role call. Say here and raise your hand.”


“What are you doing in Auto shop?” Kyle mentally smacked himself, he shouldn’t have asked the question, he should have ignored her and made it clear he didn’t want to talk to anyone from the alien secret group.

When he saw her enter the room with her hair pulled back and nothing except a schedule he admitted he was curious. Then once he thought about it for a few seconds he got irritated. Did they send her there to watch him? They didn’t trust him so they wanted her to keep an eye on him.

Liz folded her schedule and slipped it into her pocket. “To learn how to fix cars.” She knew that wouldn’t satisfy Kyle but it had to be enough.

“You don’t exactly need this class.” Kyle told her.

She narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean?”

“When we dated. Remember you’d sometimes sit and watch me work on Dad’s car or my car?” He reminded her.

Liz nodded. “Yea I remember, what’s the big deal?” Kyle wasn’t making sense. Had she done something that showed her knowledge of car repair? It was a standard class given at Manticore. Never knew when the car you were driving would crap out.

“Even though you didn’t say anything you clearly had some knowledge of fixing cars.” He told her.

“How do you figure that?” She wouldn’t admit to knowledge of anything until she knew exactly how much Kyle thought he knew.

Kyle sighed and leaned in closer to her. “When I’d mess something up, whatever it turned out to be you’d get an expression on your face. Like you knew I was wrong. At first I didn’t really notice but then after the fifth or sixth time I made a mistake and you made the face it became clear that you weren’t stupid when it came to car repair.” He revealed. “So I ask again, what are you doing in auto shop? Are you here to watch me?”

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg8 5/11

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Kyle sighed and leaned in closer to her. “When I’d mess something up, whatever it turned out to be you’d get an expression on your face. Like you knew I was wrong. At first I didn’t really notice but then after the fifth or sixth time I made a mistake and you made the face it became clear that you weren’t stupid when it came to car repair.” He revealed. “So I ask again, what are you doing in auto shop? Are you here to watch me?”

Chapter 22

“A little paranoid don’t you think?” Liz questioned.

“There is no such thing as a little paranoid when it comes to the E.T. club.” Kyle hissed low through clenched teeth.

Liz tilted her head in acknowledgement, she couldn’t argue with him on that. “To answer your question, no. I am not here to keep an eye on you. I had no idea you had this auto shop period. The reason I’m here is because it’s an easy ‘A’ and there is no way Max would look for me here.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. There is no conspiracy to make sure you keep your mouth shut.” She started to move to a free work station before turning back to Kyle. “And if there is one, I wasn’t let into the loop.”

A few minutes passed and more students entered the room. There was only one other girl in the room so far and she didn’t look pleased to be in the class with a bunch of guys. She took a seat across from Liz but the two didn’t speak to each other.

Kyle didn’t give him self a chance to think over what he ended up doing. He took his schedule off the table, stood up and walked over to where Liz and the other girl sat.

Liz watched as he sat down next to her and twisted his body in the chair towards her. “Sorry about snapping at you.”

“Thanks.” She smiled. Both turned away and waited for the teacher to start.


During role call Alec made note of who he’d ask to go get the various rubber balls from the equipment room. Since it was the first day and no one had to dress down the class would be playing dodge ball. At Manticore his unit and others would regularly play the game.

The commanders would give the winning team a reward…they didn’t get put in Psy-Ops or solitary. His unit only lost once and he made damn sure it never happened again.

At fifteen he had been appointed the commanding officer of his unit. After the escape of ’09 Manticore stopped allowing children under the age of thirteen to be CO’s. Being an alpha and the strongest of his unit, even at that age, put him front and center.

The dodge ball game was never for fun, neither were any other “games” played there. There was a purpose to everything. The first game with him in charge ended with his unit losing against a stronger group.

What Lydecker had him, then later his unit, put through in that room, along with extra training outside the room, made him obsessed with never losing like that again. It didn’t matter if it was a reward or a punishment he either got it first or worse than any other members of his unit. He trained his team hard ever since. Besides that first game his unit never lost another of anything that required a winner and a loser, whether it was dodge ball or capture the prisoner.

Alec slid the pencil into the space on his clipboard. “Ok, this week is going to be fairly easy. Dressing down is not required this week, you certainly can if you have the clothes but you won’t lose points for staying in street clothes.” He explained.

So far that day he had given four classes the classic first day speech. The one he was currently giving was number five. And the final speech of the day was fast approaching, after this gym class he had one more, then he’d have to go to a brief info sharing at the Java Martian a fairly popular, yet out of the way place that served a ‘multitude of coffee drinks and sweet tasty treats’…yea, he read the brochure.

“By Friday you’ll need to give me the locker number you’ve chosen. Next Monday dressing down will be required. Every day you dress down, five points, when you participate that is another five points, making the total ten points that can be received a day. Any questions?”

A pretty dark haired blonde girl raised her hand. “I have a question Mr. Spencer.”

“Yes?” By the gleam in the young teens eyes he could only imagine the kind of questions she had bubbling in her sexually charged mind.

Smirking she breathed deeply giving him a better view of her ample assets. “Will there be any way to receive…extra credit in this class?”

Alec smiled warmly at the girl, like he hadn’t heard the double-entendre loud and clear. “No. There are only two ways to get points. Dressing down in gym clothes and participating in the activities of the day. Any other questions?”

No one spoke up. “All right then I’ll need you, you and you.” He pointed to Alex Whitman, Briony Chafer, and Marcus Lydell. “We’re going to the equipment room. First half of the class we’ll be playing dodge ball, last half is your choice.”

With that Alec led the way to the equipment room. Unlocking the door he allowed the students to go in first. “Okay, you,” He pointed to Briony.

“Briony.” The girl volunteered her name; it was a common practice for her. Nobody seemed to remember her name; they always remembered Michelle but rarely her.

“Thank you, I’m getting you and your twin mixed up.” Briony had a twin named Michelle that was in one of his advance English class. He handed her a mesh bag filled with a bunch of medium sized red rubber balls. “Take these out to the gym please. And you two,” he pointed to Marcus and Alex, “Marcus take the basketballs and the volleyballs and Alex why don’t you help me with the volleyball net.”

“Ok.” Marcus grabbed both bags filled with white and orange balls and left the room with Briony.

“How about you grab that end.” Alec motioned toward the other pole. Alex nodded and walked over there. While his back was turned Alec used his keen eyesight to glance at his neck. Nothing.

He took one more moment to look closer; there couldn’t just be no barcode on his neck. Alex Whitman was the one in the still from the security camera, he’s the one Manticore was ninety-nine percent sure of.

Alec stopped staring at his neck right before his target turned around to face him. “Ok, on the count of three lift.” Alec instructed. “One. Two. Three.” Lifting it up the two walked carefully out of the room. Behind them the door to the equipment room slammed shut and locked.

“How’s you’re first day going so far?” Alec questioned. It wasn’t a hard hitting question that would reveal if Whitman was an X5, namely X5-711, but it would open the door.

“Alright I guess. It’s the first day; today and the last day are always the best days during school.” Alex joked.

Cautiously they descended the stairs, “I understand the last day but why the first day?”

“Normally all that happens is learning what is going to go on in your classes. And it’s rare that homework is given.” He explained.

Alec and Alex set down the volleyball net. “Thanks for the help you three.” He opened the bag filled with red balls. “Ok this is dodge-ball; the way you play is that you dodge. You get hit, you’re out until someone from your team catches an incoming ball. Understand?” The students nodded. “I’ll split you into teams.” In moments he had them split up and throwing balls at each other.


Liz left auto-shop with barely a bye to Kyle, she had to hurry to the gym. Jogging at a steady pace she made it to the gym doors just as Alex walked through them. “Alex.” She hated that her brother was upset at her. When they fought, they tended to fight hard.

Alex sighed, he knew he should stop and talk to her but he had a destination in mind and nothing would distract him from getting there. “Not right now Liz.” His tone less curt then earlier in science class but it still held a coldness that left Liz shivering.

When the two fought neither really held back their anger. There were so many people they lied to and covered their true natures from that the only people brother and sister could be honest with about their emotions and everything else was each other. So they took full advantage of that.

Alex breezed by her and left her alone in the hallway. “Ugh!” Liz grunted out. A childish response was on the tip of her tongue but she stopped it before it left her mouth.

Michael came out of the double doors a second later spotting Liz. She nearly ran into him but her quick reflexes made her jump back before that happened. “Frustrated about something?”

“Yes.” She frowned. “What do you want?”

“Am I bothering you?” He questioned.

“Somewhat.” One good thing about Michael knowing a part of her secret was that she didn’t have to pretend to be a sweet girl with him. The Jondy side to her wasn’t mean at all just colder and blunter than the Liz side.

Michael rolled his eyes. “Well I don’t care. Can we meet at the quarry?”

Quickly going over her schedule in her mind she nodded. “Yea but it’ll have to be after ten. Won’t be done with work till seven, then I have a bit of homework.”

“Perfect, my shift at the Crashdown doesn’t end till ten-thirty. I’ll pick you up say ten-forty five.” Since she lived right upstairs from where he worked it wouldn’t be difficult to swing by.

“Fine.” She agreed.


Maria swung around the corner waving to a band member from the Whits. In two days they had a gig down at Big Pete’s Tavern. She loved that the drinking age was lowered to sixteen. The new age limit gave the band more venues to play at.

As she continued down the hall toward the gym she spotted Michael, he was talking with Liz. Both nodded at each other before going their separate ways. Straightening her spine she walked by Michael like she didn’t have a care in the world.

When he looked at her and said, “Hey Maria.” She did a little victory dance in her head before returning the greeting. “Hello Michael.” Maria didn’t stop though and neither did he. Instead she went on her way toward Liz.

Once she got within arms length of Liz she whispered. “Was that too cold? Just saying ‘hi’ and not stopping?” She didn’t feel the need to ask Liz about her chat with Michael, it was probably something about Max anyway.

“Too cold? No. I think it gives the impression that you’re not pining.” Liz comforted.

“Which is good, pining can be considered unattractive especially when the other is trying to move on.” Maria nodded happily. “Saw Alex in the hall.”

“Did he say anything?” Liz asked hopefully.

“Like what?” Maria didn’t know what was going on with the siblings but the eagerness to know what he said caught Maria’s attention.

Liz shrugged. “Anything?”

“No, actually he seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. He barely waved to me. Weird.” The two friends entered through the double doors of the gym neither brought their gym clothes, they’d bring them next time. “Oh thank you God.” Maria smiled at the ceiling when they came in.

“What?” Liz looked in the direction Maria was pointing. No, he couldn’t be a PE teacher too. She saw him walk near the sign for PE 2. Oh crap, Alec Spencer was her PE teacher. Liz jutted her chin out in disbelief. The world was conspiring against her. It had to be. As if being in his English class wasn’t bad enough now she was in another class he taught.

“Yes, the Gods are smiling on me. He’s our teacher too.” Maria was thrilled that she had a class with the stud-muffin teacher. She was a bit disappointed earlier when she found out Mr. Spencer only taught one regular level English class but it was only for freshman. Now she too would get to stare at the eye candy.

Liz shook her head. Well upside to whole scenario, she’d have some fun teasing him in the weeks to come. From across the room Alec lifted his head from his role call sheet and as if knowing she was there immediately locked eyes with her.

“Come on, let’s go over there.” Maria subtly dragged her by the arm and ignored Liz’s gentle pulling trying to release her arm from her friend’s grasp.

“Maria, I don’t…” But Maria ignored her and within seconds she and her blonde friend were within two feet of Alec.

“Mr. Spencer.” She was proud that her voice didn’t shake.

“Miss Parker.” Alec nodded briefly keeping his eyes glued to hers.

They stood there staring at each other with Maria looking on in confusion. Alec cleared his throat and excused himself for a second. When he was out of ear shot Maria turned to her. “Ok, you two so had a moment. Spill. What’s going on?”

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg9 8/7/09

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Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. I hope you enjoy this next chapter. :D

Chapter 23


Liz watched after Alec, should she tell her friend the secret of her encounter with Mr. Spencer? Maria gave her a look that said she better and if she didn’t there’d be hell to pay for decades to come.

“Don’t even think about it.” Maria cut off her friend’s thoughts. “Something happened between you two. If the intense staring back and forth didn’t convince me, the fact that you haven’t denied it yet speaks volumes.”

Nodding Liz agreed. “But not yet. I’ll tell you when there aren’t so many ears around.”

“Promise? This isn’t just a diversionary tactic to never tell me right?”

“Swear.” She held out both hands with her pinky stuck out.

“Double, wow you are serious.” Maria linked her pinkies with Liz’s, a ritual from when they were younger. “Deal.”


As Alex made his way through the halls he rubbed at the back of his neck. He was tense from the arguing with Liz and his back ached all along his spine, like someone was squeezing the bones.

When he rounded the corner he spotted Isabel waiting by his locker for him. Although he was already walking quickly he pushed his legs to speed up even more. Before she could open her mouth to speak Alex moved in for a kiss.

Isabel, however, evaded his lips. “Not so fast Romeo.” She teased. “We do that there’s no way I’ll get to the children’s hospital on time…if at all.” She worked three afternoons a week volunteering at the children’s hospital, since she was a senior she had the option of not taking a seventh period which she didn’t.

Alex stepped closer but kept his lips to himself, even if it was a struggle to do so. He wrapped his arms around her waist, linked his fingers together and lightly brushed his thumbs over the small of her back. “Are you sure I can’t convince you?”

“I’d love to have you try but I really can’t stay.” She gave him a peck on the lips and scurried out of his arms before he could pull her closer and deepen the brief kiss.

Alex’s head angled to the side as he stared at his girlfriend strut down the hall. Damn that woman had a fine ass. He watched for a few more seconds but couldn’t anymore when she turned around and walked backwards.

“Stop looking at my butt and get to class.” She smiled and left the school.

Once Isabel was out of sight Alex bashed his forehead against his locker and sighed. He closed his eyes and let the cold steel of the locker seep into his heated skin. Students continued to mill around the hall but he paid them little mind.

Breathing heavily he pushed away from the locker and opened it. He grabbed his backpack and started to fill it with the books he’d need that night to do what little homework he had. After computer class was over with he doubted he’d feel like going back to his locker, he’d just want to leave.

Entering his final class of the day he spotted Tess sitting in the last row of computer desks and sitting as close to the corner as possible. Alex waved to the teacher who smiled when she saw him. He’d taken so many computer classes over his first two years of high school that he gone through all the given courses that West Roswell High had to offer.

Now he still took computer classes but instead of having assignments it was his free period. If he was a senior he probably wouldn’t take the class but being a junior he had to have seven classes scheduled. The teacher sometimes would ask him to help the other students if they had a problem or ask him to run a couple errands for her but other than that he could play solitaire for the entire class time and the teacher wouldn’t give a crap.

A few times the computers crashed or the Internet went down…the Internet went down a lot actually. But the computers despite their age worked fine. He helped keep them in working order.

Alex made his way down the row and sat next to Tess startling her. Quickly she covered the book to her left and shot a surprised look at him. “Alex? I didn’t know you had this class.”

“Yea, it’s my free period.” He motioned toward the book she’d hidden. “What’s that?”

Tess glanced at her jacket, which covered the Destiny Book from Alex’s prying eyes. “Oh it’s just something I’m translating.” She smiled shyly at him.

“Is it that thing you got at the library when you went with Kyle?” Alex saw her expression and nodded. “Yes, I know about that.”

Shrugging her shoulders Tess realized that it was futile to hide the book from him. She nodded and uncovered the Destiny Book letting him see it. “I’ve been trying to figure out what it says but it’s not going very well.”

“I can help you.” He offered.

“Really? You’d help me?” Tess questioned.

“Sure why not? Besides it will give me something to do while in this class.” Alex smirked and moved his chair a little closer to her. He reached across her and grabbed the book.

As he leaned close he got a whiff of the perfume she’s wearing. Honeysuckle. An aroma that sent shockwaves through his system. Alex practically drooled when Tess’s chest lifted and fell in time with her breathing. An innocent enough movement but her low-cut top didn’t help the fantasy forming in his brain of diving into those soft creamy pillows and feasting on her gifts.

Slightly uncomfortable and guilty Alex pulled away from Tess and set the book between their computer stations. What was wrong with him today? Isabel, of course, got his motor revving no problem, and he’d always appreciated the female form and he looked often but kept his ogling discreet. Today though girls everywhere were driving him insane, he hadn’t passed a girl today without thinking about banging her into the nearest locker—oh shit.

Sweat broke out on his forehead, he was going into heat.


A.N. While I don't think any of the guys on Dark Angel went into heat that's not going to be the case in my fic.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 23 pg10 9/1/09

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Touch of the Wind

Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. While yes I do believe on the show guys didn't go into heat however when I started writing this fic I figured that it was only fair that if the transgenic females went into heat so would the transgenic guys.

A.N. This is an Alec/Liz centric chapter. Yay! It is a little shorter than I would have liked, I was hoping to add in the Liz/Alex part but it didn’t work out that way. I hurt my wrist a couple days ago (but it's fine now) so it took forever to write this much.

Chapter 24


Alec watched in appreciation as Liz spiked the volleyball. Several students on the other end of the gym were enjoying a game of dodge ball while others were enjoying playing volleyball.

Despite the lack of barcode on Alex Whitman’s neck he knew that the boy was an X5. He was the guy on the security cameras, the one Renfro and Manticore were sure of. However there was another thing he was now sure of too.

Elizabeth Parker was an X5 as well. The way she moved he knew she was an X5 more importantly, X5-931. He had observed her close relationship with X5-711, the fact that she and Alex Whitman were neck and neck when it came to academics, now her perfect form in volleyball, and not to mention his strong attraction to her.

Alone those factors wouldn’t raise red flags but together it spelled out that she was Alex Whitman’s sister. That would mean she was with him during the Manticore attack. Although it would be awkward that he slept with his one of his targets that wouldn’t stop him from performing the duty he was sent there to do.

Alec stepped over to his assistant and told him to take over for a few minutes. The assistant nodded and he went upstairs to his office.

Once he closed the door he pulled out his cell phone. Calling a number he knew by heart he waited until the person on the other end picked up. “It’s me.”

“Well?” The sharp voice asked.

“Target’s have been found. Nearly 100% positive on that.” He told her.

Silence. “What’s keeping it from being 100%?” She questioned.

“Although everything has pointed to it being X5-711 and X5-931 there are still some anomalies that need to be answered before I am completely certain.” Alec explained.

“Well then you shouldn’t have called until you were certain. Or have waited until this afternoon at the meeting.” Without a goodbye she hung up the phone leaving Alec with a dial tone.

Glaring Alec shut his cell phone. “Bitch.”

“I’d hate to be the person on the other end of that phone call.” An amused voice told him from the now open door to his office. “With a look like that I’d have a burned hand from the phone being so hot.”

“Miss Parker.” Alec searched her expression closely. How much of that conversation had she heard? Well, she wasn’t slamming him into a wall demanding answers so he took that as a sign of she hadn’t heard what he had been saying.

Liz rolled her eyes. “I think we’re passed the Miss Parker, Mr. Spencer stage.” She licked her lips bringing Alec back to the night they spent together. “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” He watched her step past the threshold and into the suddenly smaller room. “What do you want to discuss?”

Liz shut the door and turned back to him. “Just one thing. You can’t keep staring at me the way you are down there.” She felt his gaze on her ever since the class began.

“Does it bother you?” Alec smirked not denying that he was staring at her.

“No it doesn’t.” She told him. “However if you don’t want people to think you’re not a pervert then you might want to lay off the lusty stares. After all I am seventeen…”

“Thought that didn’t bother you?” Although since he’s sure Liz was X5-711’s sister she sure as hell wasn’t seventeen, more like twenty-one. What made it funny was that she was pretending to be younger than him when really she was older than him. Not by much only a week, but still older.

“It doesn’t. Actually I like it. But it would bother the school board. Why do you think the last gym teacher was fired?” Liz teased.

Alec took a deep breath then stepped closer to her shrugging one shoulder. “Then I guess we’ll have to be more discreet.”

Liz shook her head. “Wait a minute. Just a few classes ago you were pushing me away. What’s changed?”

“You said that when I was ready to play to let you know.” Alec reminded her. When he was within arms length of her he wrapped an arm around her waist bringing her flush against him. “I’m ready to play.” He whispered huskily.

“This next year is going to be very interesting then.” Liz smiled. “So since you want to play what are the rules?”

“First,” Alec leaned down and began to nuzzle the exposed skin on her neck, “no one can find out about this. As you said that would cause problems.” He kissed the side of her neck enjoying the hitch in her breath. “Second no one can see us out together.”

Liz shut her eyes and took pleasure in the sensual kisses he continued to lavish on her neck and shoulder. “What about while we’re in school?”

She gripped his strong shoulders lightly. “I’ll come up with something.” He promised. Alec, after one more kiss, lifted his face from the curve of her neck. “Deal?”

“Deal.” Liz agreed.

Without skipping a beat Alec put his fingers under her chin and angled her neck just enough to kiss her lips without bending down too much. In seconds the room was silent except for the sound of lips meeting and soft moans of approval.

Renfro wanted more proof that Liz and Alex were their two targets and she’d get it. If he had to play along with Liz to get the proof he needed then he would. It didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy every bit of his time with Liz but this was his job, he was trained to get the information his superiors sought. Then why did he feel guilty.

The woman he held in his arms didn’t know he was from Manticore, didn’t know he was sent there to bring her and her brother back. All Liz knew was that he was a man who was interested in her, a man who desired her, and boy did he. Liz didn’t see the ulterior motive behind the desire and passion and it made him feel guilty that his seduction of her was tainted by his duty.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature)

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A.N. I am soooo sorry this took as long as it did. Honestly I have no excuse. I had the chapter planned out in my head, everything flowed well for the most part but my motivation to write it down has been nada. However yesterday and today I got bitten by the motivation muse. I wrote this chapter, the next chapter and parts of Ch 27 and if my muse continues to bug me I’ll probably have Ch 27 done tomorrow. So expect at least one more update of this fic in the next week or two. Also a quick reminder, the male transgenics can also go into heat.

Chapter 25

Liz pushed back the strands of hair that came loose from her ponytail. She had her cell phone pressed to her ear and was making her way through the side alley toward the stairs leading to her home. The female robotic voice spoke the same words in her ear for the third time. “Dammit Alex.”

She sprint up the stairs and opened the door. Frustrated she put the phone back in her pocket. If Alex didn’t want to talk to her then fine, she’d give him hell tomorrow but it was fine.

After her impromptu make out session with Alec that afternoon in the gym, which, frustratingly enough only lasted a few minutes because of the knock on his office door, she went back downstairs to where the rest of the students were still engaged in sport activities. Maria saw her come down the stairs and only smirked at her before focusing again on the volleyball game.

When class finished Liz promised Maria that tomorrow night she could come over and Liz would tell her what exactly was going on with her and Alec. That afternoon however Liz was busy working her last day at the Crashdown. Next week she’d start her job with Congress Woman Whitaker. Then to top it all off with the homework assignments she received that day and meeting with Michael that night she wouldn’t have time for a proper girl chat until tomorrow.

Liz tossed her backpack on the chair in the living room. She’d watch some TV while she worked on her homework, it’d make the boring task pass by a little quicker.

She went to the kitchen and poured a glass of milk. An hour before her shift started, what would she do until then? Maybe she’d practice her flips on the balcony edge…a little danger would keep her awake for another nine hours.

Liz made her way towards her room when she heard a noise coming from the same direction. She paused. It wasn’t her parents, she saw them downstairs taking care of the restaurant. Could be any one of her friends, they tended to stop by when she least expected. It could also be someone far more dangerous to her and Alex, which wasn’t the kind of danger she was after.

Setting down the glass she tiptoed her way to the bedroom she opened the door and thankfully found Alex. The irritating little brother that wouldn’t pick up his phone. However before she got out a sarcastic comment she saw why he was there.

“Hey, didn’t think you’d mind.” Alex wrung his hands together.

“You’re right, I don’t. So was this why you were all pissy today?” She knew it was but she needed him to say it.

Alex nodded and ran a shaking hand through his sweaty head. “Can you close the door?” He asked as he sat on her bed.

“Sorry.” She did as he asked. The smells from the house hit him like a freight train, especially the smell of at least one available and ready female that had been up in the house a few hours ago. Normally her home was safe for Alex to go to when he was in heat, she was his sister and there for unavailable and her mother wasn’t able to have children so she didn’t drive Alex crazy. But today the bathroom for the Crashdown wasn’t functional for an hour and customers had to use the upstairs bathroom in the apartment.

Unfortunately for Alex that included a couple of females that were able to breed. It drove her brother up the wall. She was the same way with men when she was in heat.

“Why did the bathroom downstairs have to be non-functional today?” Alex growled.

“Don’t ask me.” She got on the bed next to Alex and wrapped an arm around his back rubbing muscles tense from trying to control the heat.

“I’m sorry I was such an ass to you about Tess.” He apologized.

Liz smiled. “I’m sorry I was such a bitch about Tess.” Alex laid his head down on her shoulder and concentrated on breathing in and out calmly.

“Part of it was the heat. I was getting protective of her because I saw her as a potential breeder.” He explained. “But the other part—I just don’t get why you and Maria are so mean to her, she’s trying to get by, like we all are. The heat just made something that would have been a minor irritant into a much bigger one.”

Liz nodded and sighed. “I know you can take care of yourself Alex. I know you don’t need me to protect you from every little thing. I can’t help it though.” She admitted to him. When he didn’t speak she continued. “I don’t trust Tess. I may be a hundred percent wrong about her but I can’t see you hang around her and not say anything. Not watch her for any sign that I’m right.”

Although his first reaction was to argue he didn’t. Instead he asked. “Have you seen any sign that you’re right about her?”

“Besides the fact that Manticore would love her? No.”

Alex thought about what she said. Yes, Manticore would love Tess. She’d be perfect for what they wanted. Beautiful, focused, and not afraid to use her sexual wiles to get what she wanted. Even though Tess wasn’t one who could blend in easily that would have been fine. There were plenty of gorgeous X5’s and blending in wasn’t their forte either.

“Other than that you haven’t seen anything though?”

“Nope.” She would have loved to have said ‘yes’ but she hadn’t seen anything besides the typical alien stuff. Liz saw Tess with the Destiny Book a few times and figured she was trying to read it. She saw Tess trying to warm Max, Isabel, and Michael up to her. And she occasionally saw her and Nasedo talking together but none of that raised red flags.

Alex sighed, even though he didn’t agree with Liz’s hate and suspicion of Tess, he was aware enough to realize that some of his instincts might be clouded by the heat that came upon him.

“Listen, if you want I can shut my mouth about Tess…at least in front of you.” She offered.

“No, it’s fine. Just try to be civil at least to her.” Alex asked.

Liz breathed in and slowly exhaled. “Ok. I can try.” She promised. “But this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching her and looking out for you.”

“Wouldn’t expect you too.” He smiled and moved out of her arms to lie back on the stack of pillows behind him.

“So when did you realize that you were in heat?”

Alex chuckled. “This isn’t going to make you like Tess anymore than you do already.” Liz remained silent and waited for him to continue. “We were in computer class and I offered to help her with the Destiny Book. I leaned over to grab said book and lets just say I was eyeing her assets…a lot more than I normally would, then I realized that I had been eyeing a lot of women all day and practically every woman I came across I wanted to pound her into the lockers for a few hours.”

“Eww.” She regretted asking her question. It was one thing to know her brother had a sex drive it was another to hear about it.

“You asked.” He laughed out loud.

“That I did and I regret it.” She told him.

Alex draped his arm over his eyes covering them from the sunlight outside. “Speaking of things we regret. What’s up with you and the English teacher?”

“Excuse me?”

“The interaction between the two of you during class. Him telling you to stay after so he could talk to you. Plus the fact that I’ve never seen you that nervous or that excited over a guy before. All adds up to something happened. Do I need to kick his ass?”

“No, don’t you dare.” Although she appreciated his willingness to protect her honor it wasn’t necessary. “Do you remember the morning I came home a few days ago and you were here?” Alex nodded but kept quiet. “He’s the guy I met.”

“Non-heat guy?”

“Yea. I didn’t realize he was a teacher and he didn’t realize I was a student, let alone his student.” She explained.

“Awkward. No wonder he looked like he swallowed a Buick.” He started laughing as he visualized Mr. Spencer’s face the second he saw Liz.

“Oh shut up.” She picked up a pillow and hit him in the stomach with it. “It’s not funny.” Even as she said that though her mouth turned up at the sides.

“This is going to be a very interesting school year big sister.” Alex predicted.


Next Chapter: Alec gives an X-5 information to give to their mutual boss, but he leaves something out. Liz’s last official day at the Crashdown.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 25 pg 4 11/6/10

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Thank you all for the feedback. Here's the next chapter and Ch 27 will be out next week sometime. Hope everyone enjoys. :D

Chapter 26

Java Martian; 4:00 p.m.

“So how is everything going?” The dark haired transgenic male, from his own unit, that sat across from him questioned.

Alec took a sip from his real coffee. “As good as can be expected.” Java Martian was the only place in Roswell that served honest to god coffee. All other restaurants and drink establishments served the synthetic crap.

“I’m going to need to tell her more than that.” X5-342 chuckled.

Alec nodded, silently agreeing with Randal Smythe as he was to be called while in Roswell. He was glad his friend and unit buddy was the one who showed up at Java Martian. Although he was a little surprised considering his other assignment with the recently recaptured 09’ escapee.

“Progress is going at a steady pace. I’ve made contact, with both targets.” Alec shrugged. Besides the new plan to get closer to X5-931, Liz, there was no change or mission related surprises that popped up.

Randal finished off the muffin in front of him. It wasn’t often he got out of Manticore and was able to have civilian food. He planned on taking advantage of that while he was away from the base. “How sure are you with who they are?” He wiped his hands on his black cargo pants.

“Fairly sure. Obviously with 711 we have a picture. There was an issue today though. He didn’t have the identifying mark, but that could be because he had a treatment a couple days ago and this is in the few days where there’s no mark.” Many of the escapee’s and even those out on assignments would have laser treatment to get the barcode on the back of their neck removed for a short time. For the first two days there was redness where the barcode used to be then there was a few days between the times they have laser work done and when the barcode returns where the skin was completely intact and bare. No redness and no trace of a barcode.

“What about the other?” Randal pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He didn’t smoke but while in Roswell his alias did.

“Again, fairly certain. She moves like us, she is right up there in the top of her class category, right behind the guy in academics, clearly close to him, one issue is that I haven’t seen a mark but again that could be because of treatment.” She didn’t have a barcode when he first met her and slept with her. That night he definitely would have noticed if she had one.

“Despite that you’re sure?”

“Nearly a hundred percent. The only things that are stopping me from being solid are the mark issues and they are in the same grade and are listed as having the same ages.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s not them. How many of us have various birthdays listed?” Randal pointed out and drank the coffee in his hand. “Well, it’s more than was expected this early. She’ll be satisfied…for now.”

“So enough about my stuff. Why did she send you? I thought were busy with the new resident?” Alec smirked.

“I was, still am. Renfro is pleased…somewhat with my progress with her.” Randal shrugged.

“Want to elaborate on that?” He prodded.

With all the samples destroyed, Manticore had to go a different route with getting new children to break and teach into adult hood. Breeding partners were all the rage now in Manticore. It could be fun; it could also be some of the worst experiences of their lives. It depended on how you looked at it.

“The girl’s hostile. She tried to kick my ass when I went into her room.”

Alec laughed. “I told you, the girls from the outside are feisty.”

“Eventually she calmed down. We’ve done our duty a couple times but nothing to show for it yet. Renfro was surprised I got her to yield so easily…however if she was in the room with us there was little ease about it.” He had to talk to her and listen to her a lot. Most of the females in Manticore wouldn’t need to talk or need him to listen, they’d know their duty and do it, but not 452, she needed conversation and a connection. He fought the urge to roll his eyes. She couldn’t shut up about a guy named Logan, which almost killed his mood.

“So why’d she let you out if things are progressing well?” He wondered aloud.

“Renfro put her in the hole. Max, that’s her name, talked back and of course Renfro can’t be seen as weak especially since she’s so new. She’s going to be in there for a few days.” He took another drink. “She even gave me a name.”

“Really what?” Alec asked, this should be interesting.

“Biggs.” He smirked.

Alec stared at his friend for a moment before saying, “Do I even want to know how she chose that name for you?”

“Let’s just say I impressed her.”

“Apparently so.” He finished up his food and coffee. “How long are you going to be in town for?”

“Until the boss calls me back. Which will probably be in the next couple days.” They both stand from the booth and make their way outside. “Is there anything else that I need to tell the boss?”

Sure, that he started a hot affair with the female target and he could hardly wait to see her tomorrow in his classes. While on missions Manticore didn’t necessarily frown on sex as long as it didn’t get in the way, however sleeping with part of the mission, completely different story. Oh yea, that would get his ass reassigned or chewed out. Either way Alec figured he’d keep that little tidbit to himself.

“No, that’s it. We’ll get together before you leave. Talk to you later.” Alec waved and went to his car.

“You too.” Randal…Biggs, followed suit and both drove off in opposite directions.


Crashdown Café; 5:15 p.m.

“I can’t believe this is your last day.” Maria stated.

Liz couldn’t believe it either. She had been working at the Crashdown for the last three years. At first only doing little jobs here and there but then she moved up to waitressing, then ordering food and supplies for the restaurant, and now sometimes she’d manage the place when Dad and Mom were out of town.

“It feels weird. I’m not going to be working here anymore.” She paused then added. “Unless Dad’s in a bind and needs another waitress or something.”

Michael, from behind the grill, growled at the chattering girls. “Would you two stop chit-chatting, you got orders to give out.”

Maria walked up to the window and looked at the basket of food. “No cheese on that one.” She pushed it back at him.

Liz watched them glare at each other. She’d miss these daily squabbles they got into. Hmm, she might have to get the two of them to argue at school just so she could get her daily dose of it. Liz snorted at her insane thought.

“Maybe if you wrote clearer I could get it right.” Michael shot back.

“My writing is fine. Deal with it.” She argued.

Then again the arguing did get old rather quickly. “Guys.” She sighed out. “Less arguing, more grilling.” Liz saw a family come in for dinner. She left Maria and Michael alone to greet them and took them to an empty booth. She quickly took their drink orders and left them to read over the menu.

When she returned Maria was staring at her strangely. “Was Michael found in your room a couple mornings ago?” Her friend questioned.

“Yea but where did that come from?”

Maria pointed behind her toward the swinging door. “Your Dad just came out of his office and wanted to talk to Michael. I didn’t hear everything but I heard enough to know that Michael was in your room really early in the morning.”

Sometimes she wondered if Maria was an X5 as well, she heard almost everything. Liz went through her mental filing cabinet of excuses; she couldn’t tell Maria the lie she told her father about Michael being there because that would make Maria think Michael wanted to get back together with her. Although that could be very true she had no idea so she didn’t want to give Maria false hope. So instead Liz went with a different lie. One that would make sense but that wouldn’t be about Maria and her relationship with Michael.

“Yea he was there. Woke my ass up and out of a good dream mind you. He was doing his normal rounds to see if everything was all right.” Maria knew of Michael’s desire to keep everyone he knew safe. So occasionally he would go out and check up on Maria, Alex, Tess, Max, Isabel, and her. Neither Liz nor Maria would be surprised if eventually he added Kyle and Sheriff Valenti on his security watch.

“With you and you’re X5-ness you’d have woken up to a bird on your balcony. Not surprised alien lead feet over there woke you up.” Maria mentioned.

Liz nodded. “Pretty much it. I invited him in once he realized I was awake and we talked for a couple minutes, then Dad came in and saw Michael there. Grilled us both on why he was there and then didn’t leave the room until Michael did.”

“You know normally I’d be worried for Space Boy having to deal with your Dad but he’s had to battle my Mom so he’s been through worse parental interrogations.”

Liz breathed a mental sigh of relief. Just like that Maria was ok with Michael being caught in her best friend’s room early in the morning.

She wished she could tell Maria that the reason Michael was really there was to talk to her about being trained and to learn how to fight like she did. Unfortunately because she told Michael that there were no other transgenics and that no one else, at least in their group, knew of her X5 status that would cause a problem when Maria went up to him and started talking to him about her.

Keeping all the lies straight could be exhausting; she should really look into telling the truth and nothing but the truth. It’d cause problems galore but at least it would be one less thing to worry about. But since she didn’t see herself doing that anytime soon, lying it is.

Before Maria could go off to grab the correct order that Michael put on the window she stopped her friend. There was one more thing Maria needed to be aware of. “Just a warning, don’t go near Alex till tomorrow sometime.”

“How come? Is he ok?” Maria’s voice became a little high-pitched, immediately concerned for her other best friend.

“Yea, he’s going to be fine. He’s just in heat at the moment.” She whispered. “You’d be a tasty morsel to his fired up male hormones.”

“You know he’s the only male I know that has an excuse for being a horn dog...or horn cat.” Maria joked. She had only been around once when Alex was in full blown heat. She had come over to hang out and Liz forgot to call her to let her know about Alex. She walked into the bedroom and Alex was up from the bed and taking her in his arms trying to kiss her neck, when she pushed Alex away from her he apologized profusely, while still ogling her. It, understandably, freaked her out for a couple days until Liz explained that Alex couldn’t help it.

“He’s up in my room so just steer clear of the apartment.” Liz said.

“Gotcha.” With that Maria went to the window, took the food Michael placed on top and brought it to her table.

Again the bell above the door jingled and Liz almost groaned with annoyance when she saw who it was. Of course he would show up on her last night working, thankfully Max was with his family tonight, unfortunately there were only two tables available that could fit the family of four, both in her section. Did Max plan that out so he could be served by her? Of course he did, the Blue Lady above was conspiring against her, She had to be.


Next Chapter: Michael and Liz out in the desert.

ETA: I just realized that I started posting this fic 4 yrs ago tomorrow. So happy anniversary to Teacher's Pet. :lol:
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 26 pg4 11/12/10

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Lauren721: Thanks for the feedback. :D

Chapter 27

Desert; 11:59 p.m.

It was pitch black out that night. No moonlight to speak of, only a smattering of stars and that wasn’t enough light for Michael to see what he was doing. She could see fine of course but that would have given her an unfair advantage. Which was fantastic when in a fight for her life but when training it wasn’t a good idea.

For light Michael left on the headlight to his motorcycle and she left on the headlights to her Dad’s truck. It gave them enough light to train easily.

Although Michael had only been training with her a couple times she could tell he had a natural ability for hand to hand combat. To be honest it impressed her how far he’d come within two lessons.

She was thankful that she got to let out some of her frustrations while training with Michael. Her last day as an official Crashdown waitress had ended less than fantastically. After the Evans family showed up she had to show them to a table in her section. Isabel was cool, thankfully not as icy as Liz thought she would be, to her as she ordered her drink but Max was annoying. He asked her what kind of beverages they had when he knew exactly what they had since he was always at the Crashdown.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough Maria informed her that Alex knew Isabel was there. Apparently Alex could sense her…more likely smell her through the vents. She wore a very distinct perfume that Alex would recognize anywhere. Her little brother had been opening and shutting the door to her bedroom for the last two minutes and Maria heard.

It took Liz a good thirty minutes to get Alex to calm down and stay on her balcony. Being outside would protect him from Isabel’s unknowing call and continue to protect their transgenic secret. She even threatened to tie him up to the ladder so he couldn’t run amok downstairs. The threat wasn’t very threatening because Alex could get out easily but he was so deep in his heat, and would be for the next twelve to twenty-four hours, he didn’t realize how futile the threat was.

After she got Alex secured on her balcony she went back down to finish her last day. She had hoped it would be smooth sailing from there but it wasn’t. Kids spilled faux milkshakes all over the floor, one waitress slipped and broke her tailbone, Max took almost twenty minutes deciding what he wanted only to order the same damn thing he normally had, and then he spent almost an hour eating the meal once it arrived.

Maria offered to take over the table after the fifth time Liz was signaled by Max for a refill of his cherry coke or more ketchup or more mustard or to send back his burger to have mayo put on it. She knew Max must have done some alien thing to empty the ketchup and mustard bottles because both waitresses had spent the half hour before their shift refilling those bottles. There was no way they would have been empty in an hour without some alien mojo.

Although she appreciated the offer Liz declined, she wouldn’t give her former boyfriend the satisfaction of knowing he was irritating her. It would drive him insane to realize that he didn’t get her worked up anymore, in any way. No, that spot was reserved for Alec now.

Now Michael and Liz were releasing anger that had been stored up throughout the day by kicking each other’s ass for the last hour when suddenly Michael disrupted the rhythm. “I don’t want to get back together with Maria.”

“What?” Liz dropped her fighting stance for a split second and Michael got a good solid punch to her cheek. Her head whipped to the side and she groaned more in irritation than pain but pain was there in spades too.

“Shit, are you all right?” Michael broke out of his stance, worried he’d hurt her severely, and hurried over to her slightly bent form.

Seeing her moment to bring Michael down Liz crouched low and swept his legs out from under him knocking him onto his back. To make sure he stayed down at least for the moment she rolled over onto his splayed body straddling his upper legs. “Another point for me.” She smirked down at the large alien boy underneath her.

“You’re good.” He reluctantly admitted.

Liz laughed. “Of course I am.” Michael made a move to get up but Liz pushed him back down. “What’s this crap about not wanting to get back with Maria?” She jumped right to the point. “Was that just some comment to distract me or are you serious?”


Liz crossed her arms staring down at him and focused on the serious part. “And why’s that?” Liz felt anger toward the boy beneath her. How dare he not want to get back together with Maria? She was insulted on her friend’s behalf.

“We’re not compatible. It’s better for both of us if we don’t get started up again.” Michael explained again trying to remove Liz from his waist. However he underestimated her strength and persistence.

Frustrated that he wouldn’t stay down she tightened her thighs around his hips and gripped his wrists holding them down against the dusty floor of the desert. He wasn’t going anywhere until she was finished.

“Parker I didn’t know you were into this domination kind of thing.” He smirked up at her.

Anyone passing by the duo at that moment could have easily mistaken the hold as something sexual. However despite her slight sexual interest towards Michael the hold wasn’t for fun. “You have no idea what I’m in to.” She lobbed back. “Now you do realize letting me know about your lack of interest in being with Maria again puts me between a rock and a hard place.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Maria’s my best friend. If she starts talking about you or expresses interest in getting back together it’s my job as the best friend to tell her exactly what you told me. However if I do that not only do I hurt Maria, which would kill me to do, I’d have to tell her how I came about this piece of information.”

Michael shrugged as best he could with his arms over his head and in Liz’s hands. “I don’t see the problem, tell her that we were talking and it slipped out.”

At that Liz released Michael’s wrists and sat back up. “How gullible do you think she is?” She hooked her hands onto her hips. “You want me to tell Maria that you let it slip out? You the guy who is the Fort Knox of secrets? Plus not to mention that Maria is already looking at us suspiciously.”

“How suspiciously?”

“You dragged me into Eraser Room, which granted I smoothed over but it didn’t exactly win you or me, for that matter, trust points.” Liz started off.

“But you smoothed that over.” The two were linking arms and laughing up a storm at lunch.

“Yes because Maria knows I wouldn’t go after you—“

Michael scoffed, “What do you mean you wouldn’t go after me?” That was rude. Just up and tell someone that you wouldn’t even try to get with them. “Aren’t I go-afterable?”

“Listen I think you’re cute, in fact you’re delightfully do-able. If Maria wasn’t in the picture I’d have given you a few test drives by now. I even like you Michael…when you’re not being an asshole. But I don’t love you. Maria knows I’d never risk our friendship on ‘like’.” Liz quickly explained.

“Oh. Ok then.” That was better than being completely uninterested. “So what else have we done to cause her to look at us with suspicion?”

Liz stood up from her spot on his legs and helped him up from the dusty ground. “She heard Dad mention you in my room one morning really early.”

Michael grimaced. “Crap.” That girl had bionic ears. She heard everything. “By the way, your Dad? Kinda scary.”

She laughed. “Which speech did he give you? The ‘You hurt my baby girl I’ll rip out your fingernails one by one’ speech or the ‘I better not catch you in my little girl’s room again or they’ll never find your body’ speech?”

“A combo.” He admitted. “I will never be alone in your room without an escort.” He replied in a monotone voice.

“Don’t worry so much. If Dad didn’t like you, you’d have gotten a much more graphic speech about mangled body parts and hours upon hours of torture.” Liz shrugged. Her hair challenged friend got off light in comparison to Max and he hadn’t even been in her room alone to get that speech, all Max had done was pick her up for a date. “Listen let’s cut the training short today. I gotta get home and get some sleep before school tomorrow…today, whatever.”

“Thought you didn’t need much sleep.” Michael commented as they walked toward their vehicles.

“Usually don’t but it’s been a long, tiring day. I need a couple hours.” She told him.

Michael was tempted to ask what but he didn’t think she’d tell him. Although she had been fairly candid with whom she was and where she came from he knew she was hiding things. It bothered him but he wouldn’t pry.

“See you tomorrow.” Michael put his helmet on and revved his motorcycle engine taking off just as Liz started her Dad’s truck up.

In the car Liz opened the glove compartment and watched as Michael took off down the road back towards town. Thank the Blue Lady he didn’t argue with her about cutting training short. Yes, she was tired and needed sleep but more than that she needed her tryptophan pills. Her hands shook slightly as she poured out five pills into the palm of her left hand. She’d stay there for a few minutes while the pills took effect, she locked the truck doors and closed her eyes leaning against the head rest.

You’d think an organization that specialized in gene research and the like would be able to catch the flaw that was in her and a few other transgenics DNA. Maybe Manticore left it in as a punishment, as if they weren’t punished enough in that place. Finally after a few minutes the shakes stopped and she left the desert heading for home.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg6 2/15/11

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Here is the next chapter. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback.

Chapter 28

September 5; 6:28 a.m.; Roswell High Parking Lot

Liz ran through the almost vacant parking lot of the high school. Nobody came to school this early, not even the teachers, in this post-pulse era. Most teachers didn’t show up till ten minutes before classes start. So why was she running into the school like Lydecker was on her trail? Simple, Alec.

After getting a much needed two hours of sleep last night, after Michael’s training session, she got a call on her cell phone from Alec. He wanted her to meet him at the school at six thirty that morning.

When he asked her to see him that morning her heart started to pound, she wouldn’t have been surprised if Alec heard those thumps loud and clear over the phone. He didn’t even have to ask more than once, she said yes immediately.

Once they hung up she could hardly stand still. Waiting for clock to reach six in the morning was killer. Alex had already left her room, his heat under control and he was thankfully a normal horny boy again…as normal as those could be anyway, so she didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Desperate to keep busy and her mind off of what was to come that morning, she cleaned her room and bathroom so they were spotless, and she also organized her book shelves and her desk drawers. Until finally the clock reached six. She ran out of the apartment so fast she barely came up with a good excuse for going to school so early.

When she was half way to the school she called Maria and let her know that she wouldn’t need a ride. After she told her that Maria, of course, asked why, since it was rare that they didn’t go to school together. Instead of telling her friend the truth about her hot and sexy teacher/student love affair she lied and told Maria that because Alex had been with her most of the night she needed to get the exercise, that she didn’t get yesterday, in.

Now, there she was entering the side doors of the school and making her way to Alec’s classroom. As she turned the corner she saw the door to Alec’s room was closed. Was he there yet?

She slowed her pace before stopping in front of the door. Was he in the room waiting? Or maybe he changed his mind and was blowing her off?

Liz didn’t have much time to ponder either option because the door to the classroom opened up and she was quickly dragged inside. Familiar lips crashed down on her own and any worries she had flew away.


He pulled Liz close and deepened the kiss he initiated. She tasted so sweet.

Alec had heard her hurried footfalls down the hallway and the almost sudden stop just steps away from his classroom door. Although they hadn’t known each other for very long he already could tell that she was a worrier. The way she constantly gnawed on her lower lip yesterday after finding out he was her teacher made that perfectly clear.

He lavished attention on that lower lip that had caught his interest. He couldn’t count how many times he wanted to take that lip and gently kiss away those bit marks she placed on them.

When he called her that morning it had been after hours of picking up the phone and putting it back down. He mentally smacked himself repeatedly wondering why he was behaving like a fifteen year old boy asking a girl out on his first date.

All morning until he placed that phone call that brought her down here he wondered, would it be right to call her to come meet him that morning before school? He knew the people at Manticore, if they approved of his plan, which was unlikely, would want him to hurry the seduction along but he didn’t want to scare her off. He wanted to spend time with her, was looking forward to seeing her that day in his classroom and if he was being honest with himself it had nothing to do with Manticore.

Alec groaned softly as he felt her delicate arms tighten around his shoulders and bring her softer body closer to his harder frame. After a little while they pulled back and took deep breaths filling their lungs with much needed oxygen.

“So, do you kiss all your teachers like that?” He smiled naughtily.

She raised her gaze to his, “Just the hot ones.” She teased.

He laughed low in his throat. “And how many, hot teachers do you have?”

Liz stood up on her tip toes and kissed him gently. “Just you…and Mr. Seligman. He’s a major dream boat. Any guy who talks that much about science…” She purred.

He pulled back a bit more. Wait what? He looked down at her and the expression on her face was completely dead pan. Who was this Mr. Seligman? He hadn’t met all the teachers on his first day; he definitely hadn’t met any Mr. Seligman. And was she really kissing him or was she just teasing him. Instead of questioning her he by passed that subject.

“Do you want to go somewhere for lunch today?” Maybe if he changed the subject he wouldn’t want to hurt the other man, who quite possibly was a challenger for Liz’s attention.


Liz saw the spark of jealousy flash across his green eyes. Has Alec even met Seligman? Apparently not if he was worried about her kissing the science teacher.

She probably should have eased his insecurity but she decided not too. She had to admit she wanted to see his face when he realized she was just teasing…after he saw Mr. Seligman of course.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Well, I am new in town and I don’t think we should be having lunch in town where anyone could see us and cause a huge problem for us. So where would you suggest?”

“If we had a longer lunch I’d suggest the quarry. It’s a nice out of the way spot that hardly anyone goes too.” Except of course for her group of friends when they had alien business to discuss and deal with. But thankfully the quarry was big enough that they would be able to find a spot that the others wouldn’t see them in if they went to the quarry as well.

“Hmm and where would we be eating lunch on that quarry visit?” Alec questioned as he kissed her ear lobe.

Liz giggled as he nibbled softly down the column of her neck. “Oh so you really want to go eat somewhere?”

“I knew it. You only want me because I’m hot.” He leaned back and stared down at her as if disappointed. “I don’t even get lunch. Just straight to the sex, no talking at all.” He shook his head sadly.

She smiled and chuckled without out making a sound. “Oh, ok.” Two could play at that game. Let’s see how much he loved talking to her over making out because honestly that’s all she wanted to do right now. Liz released her arms from around his neck and ran her hands down his biceps and down to his elbows and took his hands off her body.

“What are you doing?” He asked confused.

“Well you want to talk. So let’s talk. Where did you grow up?” She raised an eyebrow, he wanted to talk, so that’s what they’d do, and then they’d make out.

She stepped away from him, swaying her hips just a bit and sat on his desk crossing her legs demurely. Liz clasped her hands together and rested them on her knee as if she was an interviewer on television ready to conduct the interview of the century.

Alec put his hands on his waist and nodded. “Ok, I see what you’re doing.”

“What? You said you wanted to talk. So talk and I’ll listen.” She sat up straight trying not to smirk but she couldn’t stop the muscles in her lips from forming that sarcastic curve.

Alec came up to her and put his hands flat on either side of her hips on. “In that case, I grew up in Michigan till I was about twelve, then my family and I moved to Texas for a couple years, and lastly we moved to Washington. How about you, have you always lived in Roswell, New Mexico? Alien capital of the world.”


Alec knew she hadn’t lived there all her life. There was no way she could have if she’s who he thought she was. But he wanted to see how well she lied. She been out of Manticore for about ten years, she couldn’t be nearly as accomplished as lying as him. Constantly going on missions and being taught by Manticore honed those skills till no one could lie better than him.

To his utter surprise though, she was just as good. “Most of my life. There was a brief stay in Arizona for about six months and of course my almost mandatory visits every summer to Florida to stay with my aunt but other than that I’ve lived in Roswell all my life. Basically your typical small town girl.”

“So you’re a typical small town girl who goes to bars, regularly enough to have the bartender know what you drink, and sleep with a random amazingly hot guy who happens to be your new teacher and gives him a fake name?” He teased her.

Without missing a beat Liz nodded. “Yep. That’s what all of us small town girls are doing now a days. It’s whole big thing.” She leaned in and kissed him. Her eyes flared with naughtiness. “Are we done talking now?” She whispered.

“For the moment.” Talking could be done later, when they had more time…and when she wasn’t looking so irresistible.


Next Chapter (to be posted next week): Max and Maria have an exchange in the hallway. Tess and Alex talk in the hallway too. And Alec meets Mr. Seligman.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 28 pg6 2/19/11

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Thanks for the feedback. And thank you Lizzy for beta'ing. :D

Chapter 29

7:50 a.m.; Roswell High Hallway


Maria heard her name being shouted through the school hallway, and if the desperation in the tone was any indication, it was Max wanting to talk. She stopped and turned.

“Yes Max?” The two had bonded over the summer. It’s hard not to bond when most of your friends are out of town, in the case of Alex and Liz, or when your boyfriend breaks up with you before the summer even officially started. However, despite the closeness that grew between them, she was still Liz’s best friend and that meant Max got a bit of coldness when talking to her.

Max came to a stop in front of her, and she noticed how his eyes roamed the hall around her in search of a certain brunette. “Can we talk? About Liz?”

And the desperation begins. Maria felt so sorry for Max, she really was hoping he and Liz would make it work, but Liz clearly didn’t want to be Max’s girlfriend, and she had to support her. “No, we can’t talk about Liz,” She told him firmly.

“What? But I thought…” He fiddled with his backpack strap. “I thought you were going to help me get her back?”

Maria pushed a long blonde lock out of her face and nodded. “I was, until Liz made it very clear to me, and you by the way, that she didn’t want to get back together. I’m sorry, Max, but you need to move on to someone else.” She wanted Max to be happy, but him crawling and begging after Liz like a lost puppy would only make him, and everyone else he talked to about Liz, miserable.

“I can’t do that.” Max admitted. “She’s all I think about. She’s my destiny, not Tess or any other girl.”

Maria sighed; this conversation was going nowhere good. “I know you think that, Max. I don’t doubt that you care about her, you love her, and you think she’s the one. But she’s not. If she was, then shouldn’t she feel the same about you too?”

“She does. She’s just worried that Tess and I are something we’re not, and she doesn’t want to get hurt again.” Max smiled shakily.

Maria took a deep inhale. Why didn’t Max realize that chasing after Liz like this would only make her run in the opposite direction faster? Most girls didn’t like to be stalked or if they did they wouldn’t admit it to anyone. “Max, she’s not going to change her mind.”

“How do you know that?”

“I know my best friend. And if you claim to love her so much, then you should know her too. Every time you beg and plead for her to take you back, it just makes her want to avoid you more. She’s not going to suddenly change her mind about you two.” Maria told him. “Just leave her alone and stop asking me to help you get her back. The only thing I will help you with, girlfriend, is moving on.”

Maria gave him an ‘I’m sorry’ smile and left him standing in the hall.


“Tess.” Alex saw her walking toward her class.

Tess grinned at Alex as he weaved through people to come talk to her. “Hey Alex.”

“Sorry I had to bail yesterday. I wasn’t feeling very well and had to get out of there.” He explained his quick getaway during computer class.

“Oh it’s ok. How are you feeling now? Should you even be at school today?” Tess questioned worried for him. He didn’t look well during their last class yesterday. He had been flushed and sweating, and he had been taking deep breaths that didn’t seem to help at all.

Alex nodded. “I’m better. Still a little under the weather, but I should be fine soon. Listen, do you want to get together and work on the book this weekend?”

“Sure. That would be great. Where do you want to work on it?” Tess jumped eagerly at the chance to get started.

“How about my place? My parent’s are going to be off on their second honeymoon, so no one should barge in and find us working on the different language.”

Tess agreed to the place and reached into her backpack looking for a piece of paper. “Here, I’ll give you my number so if plans change or you want to get together sooner, you can call me.” When Tess couldn’t find a piece of paper after thirty seconds she let out a little growl of frustration.

“You can just tell me the number. I’ll remember it.” His memory was fantastic. He still remembered security codes that Lydecker made him remember for a mission from when he was seven.

“Are you sure?” When Alex told her yes, she told him the number. “The only time I’m not available is after school till about six.”

The warning bell rang above their heads, signaling that classes would start in three minutes. “I’ll give you my address sometime today so you’re not wondering around aimlessly in random neighborhoods.” Alex waved and took off toward his first class.

As he got out of sight of Tess, he let out a huge exhale. The heat was still affecting him a bit. He didn’t have the insane need to mate every available female, but he did still want to nuzzle up to Tess and find out exactly where on her body that she put that intoxicating scent she was wearing. Thank the Blue Lady for the warning bell.


Alec, whose class was right next to the teacher’s lounge, could not get Liz off his mind. That girl would be the death of him. After their hot make out session in his classroom for nearly a solid forty minutes, their lips were red and chapped, and he had a major case of blue balls.

She was such a tease; even though they had sex before that morning, they had, unfortunately, decided not to this morning. Neither really wanted to get caught, and if they had sex in the classroom, someone would come very quickly to investigate the sounds emanating from the room. From their one night together, they were a rather enthusiastic duo.

A disturbing thought crossed his mind, was she that enthusiastic with all hot teachers? The comment about the other teacher she kissed came back to him.

Scowling, he drank up the last of the awful fake coffee in his cup as he made his way toward the door. As soon as he started to walk out, another man walked in, and they nearly collided.

“Sorry about that,” Alec quickly apologized, slipping back into his neutral expression.

“It’s all right. You’re the new teacher aren’t you?” The other man asked.

Alec shook the man’s hand. “Yes, I’m Alec Spencer, the new English and P.E. teacher.”

“I’m Larry Seligman.” He greeted back.

“Seligman?” Oh that girl was so going to get it today. The other guy was not what many would define as hot. Long face, grey hair, in his mid fifties, tired eyes with dark circles and bags under them, plus not the best physique he’s ever seen. Alec suddenly felt a whole lot better. “You teach science right?”

“That’s right. Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy. Anything that the principal needs me to do.” He bitterly trailed off.

Alec stifled a smirk. Sounded like Seligman was unhappy with the amount of classes the principal gave him. Probably even had some issues with the students. No way would he try to flirt with one. Let alone his one. “Well, it was great to meet you. See you around.”

He tapped Seligman on the arm and maneuvered around him. His special little student was going to pay for making him jealous. He straightened his suit jacket and light blue tie and went to his first class of the day.


Next Chapter: Liz's English class with Alec.
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