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Post by anonymousarfan » Thu Feb 02, 2006 4:23 pm

Challenge 29 (Taken but in the Dead and Buried....availale again)
AU Without aliens


*Max and Liz work in a hospital as well as the rest of the gang and her (Liz's) family

*Liz is having an affair with a married man who happens to be a very good friend of her father

*She gets pregnant and only finds out after breaking up with the married man

*She doesn't want to tell him 'cause they didn't end up well and he's back with his wife and child

*Max works in the hospital but while Liz is from a rich family and is a resident doctor, daughter of the director of the hospital Max is only a nurse who's trying to get the money to finish med school

*They don't like each other

*For some reason he finds out about her pregnancy. She makes him an offer: pretend to be the father of her baby, and she will pay him for it. They have to pretend to be in love

*While they're alone, they are constantly fighting as when they are in public they put up the perfect couple act

*Max starts to go with her to the doc and she starts to fall for him

*Liz loses the child in an accident and Max is devastated. He was starting to feel the baby as his own. Her family is supportive with them and tells them separately that the other is gonna need them to get through it

*In order to keep him close Liz offers Max money to marry her and keep up the act

*Max agrees

*In their wedding night they end up having sex but Max still thinks Liz sees him as a toy. So they keep the arrangements they made before, they can date anyone they want as long as the others don't find out

*Max starts to realize he had fallen for Liz

*Liz finds out Max is really sick and she wants to help him. Max thinks she only feels pity but they end up together fighting against his disease.

*Max gets well

*Happy ending

*NC-17 preferred. Your choice
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Post by anonymousarfan » Fri Feb 03, 2006 10:31 pm

Challenge 30

*AU. No aliens. M/L

*The group was very close when they were at junior high. They were more kids, but after their last year everyone took different paths and went to different schools.

*Some of the girls kept in touch and so did some of the guys

*Ten years later the girls think it would be fun to have a reunion and know how everyone's now

*Liz and Max were best friends since kindergarden but never saw each other again after junior high

*They met again at the reunion but nothing happens between them. They're just happy of meeting again.

*Everyone decides to go dancing after a few hours

*Max is dating someone and it's quite serious

*Don't know how but they end up spending the night together. It's LIz's first time, and without her knowing it's his too (she thinks he already slept with his girlfriend)

*A month and some later she discovers she's pregnant.
She doesn't know how to tell him. They haven't seen again after that night

*She goes tell him and they decide it would be best if they get married.

*They go to the doctor and get an ultrasound

*After that they get their parents together but they don't tell them they're meeting the others. Liz takes her parents to Max's without knowing them where they were going

*After they know they still don't get why they're meeting

*Max and Liz had all set. They sit togetehr on the couch and had gotten the Tv and the VCR and start playing the film with the baby. That's how they break the news

*Their parents freak out. They hadn't seen each other in ten years and now they're not only having a baby but getting married too

*Troubles, troubles, more troubles

*Happy ending

*NC-17 prefered but it's your choice
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Post by Zanity » Sun Feb 05, 2006 9:57 pm

#31 M/L AU w/o Aliens

-- Max and Liz have been in love with each other for as long as either can remember
-- Neither is aware of the other's feelings
-- Both are near the top of the social standings of Roswell High
-- Both are clueless to their own social status while all too aware of the other's
-- Neither thinks they have a ghost of a chance with the other one
-- Neither dates because they refuse to betray their hearts and date any body but their love
-- Neither has even had their first kiss; though not for lack of volunteers
-- They are both constantly turning down dates
-- It's Friday afternoon and school just dismissed for winter break of their senior year. Maria and Alex rope Liz into attending a party. Isabel and Michael talk Max into attending the same party.
-- Someone spikes the punch and Max and Liz have their first experience with alcohol each getting total plastered
-- They wake up in bed together in the honeymoon suite of a local hotel neither having a memory of the night before
-- When they spot the rings on their fingers they find out they got married the night before
-- They decide to go back to the same chapel (they have receipts for both the jewelry store where they bought their rings and the chapel) and get married again so they can remember their wedding
-- On the way Max stops by the jewelry store and buys a an engagement ring. He takes their wedding rings off and proposes.
-- When they get to the wedding chapel the minister recognizes them and tells them that for annulments they need to go to the courthouse
-- Max and Liz correct him saying they want to repeat the ceremony so the could remember.
-- After getting married again they return to their suite
-- Liz gets worried about how much everything is costing but Max assures her he's been putting money away for years in a "Liz Fund" so in-case he'd ever got up the nerve to ask her out he'd have enough money to woo her properly and sweep her off her feet and that was the account he was using to pay for everything
-- They spend the next week in the honeymoon suite making love and talking
-- They share their deepest secrets and their most embarrassing moments. They share their fantasies and reenact many of them. They learn all the little intimate details about each other like favorite colors and foods. They discuss their dreams and plans for the future. And by the end of the week they are both positive they made the right decision in staying married
-- On Friday they leave the hotel and go apartment hunting and find a nice little place that comes fully furnished and the last of Max's "Liz Fund" pays for First month, Last month, and security.
-- They go to Max's place first, finding no one home they quickly pack Max's belongings and get his stuff moved into their new apartment.
-- They go to Liz's next and surprisingly no one is home their either, they thought at the very least Jeff Parker would be manning the restaurant but he was nowhere to be found. They packed Liz's things and got her moved into the apartment.
-- After the long day they both fell asleep in each others arms
-- The next day was spent christening their new apartment
-- Sunday they went to breakfast at the Crashdown and found everybody there, both their friends and their parents.
-- Everybody is upset with them, not only for eloping but also for disapearing for the week without telling anybody
-- Max gets upset at the lack of support, writes down their new phone number and throws it down on the table shouting that they were both 18 and capable of making their own decisions to call them when they could accept that, until then stay out of their lives
-- Liz supported his decision and they both go home
-- Their friends come around first and spend Christmas morning with them at their new apartment
-- When school starts Liz changes her name with the school and as the news spreads Max and Liz become the talk of the school.
-- The parents don't listen to their request to leave them alone until they can accept the marriage and there are lots of fights
-- Eventually one by one the parents start coming around first Nancy Parker, then Diane Evans, the Philip Evans, then finally Jeff Parker
-- By the time they leave together for Harvard they have reconciled with all their friends and family

I have a few ideas for the morning after... PM me if you're interested in taking the challenge.

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Post by anonymousarfan » Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:47 pm

Challenge 32

*AU. No aliens. M/L

*Liz is a rich girl who goes to an exclusive school where they are all boarders

*Max's father committed suicide after bankrupt. He was about to make bussiness with Liz's dad so Max thinks Mr. Parker is responsible for his father's death

*He works hard to get a scholarship for Liz's school.

*He tries to gain confidence of Mr. Paker.

*Meanwhile Liz hates him and he thinks she's a spoil rich daddy's little girl type and picks on her all the time

*After some time he realizes she a sweet, caring, loving girl. A good friend and he falls in love with her

*he also realises that Mr. Parker is not the bastard he thought but actually a decent guy, and a good father too.

*Liz and her father find out about Max's revenge because Liz's ex whose still in love with her finds out

*They fiht, fight

*Mr. Parker loved Max as a son since he had started working for him after school

*They are all hurt

* eventually everything gets resolve and Max finds out his father spent the money before the business was safe and that Mr. Parker had nothing to do with it

*Happy ending

*NC-17 is your choice but preferred
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Post by anonymousarfan » Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:56 pm

Challenge 33

*AU. Without aliens. M/L

*Max and Liz are in the same group of friends but they hate each other.
They had a small fight whe they were in Junior High and have hate each other ever since, but before they used to be really good friends

*They are both currently dating other people

*One day they bump into each other and have a stupid fight (about whatever you want) and they end up kissing/sleeping togheter

*They still hate each other but can resist the attraction

*They keep dating the other people

*Problems, problems, problems

*Happy ending

*NC-17 your choice but preferred
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Post by anonymousarfan » Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:57 pm

Challenge 34

*AU Without aliens. M/L

*Liz and Max go to the same school and are lab partners in bio class, but they're not really frinds. Both of them have different groups of friends.

*They are attracted to one another but nothing has happened between them

*The Gerbil is after Max and Kyle is after Liz (or anyone else you chose)

*There's a party at one of the students house

*Liz and Max get drunk and end up sleeping together

*The day after they talk about it but they don't admit their feelings. They agree it was a mistake and they jut stay like before. Although it is uncomfortable at the beggining

*A month later, Liz finds out she's pregnant

*Max proposes to Liz and she accepts

*Now, married they have to get to know each other, and everything

*In the beggining they don't even sleep in the same room. They getting married could be a parent imposition if you want

*Gerbil is still after Max

*Liz is really sensitive and they fight

*They realized their true feelings for each other, but won't admit it out of fear

*fight, maybe separation or wathever you chose

*Happy ending is a must

*NC-17 is your choice but preferred

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Post by Lillie » Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:59 am

Challenge 35

*Got this idea from watching this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Fantastic episode by the way.*

Liz Parker knew that today was going to be a bad day. She felt it in her bones, but she wasn't prepared for it when she was literally holding a bomb in her hands, after a bizare accident with one of the patients brought into the hospital. With her life literally hanging in the balance, Liz realizes that she's not happy about certain things that have happened in her life. She's not happy and hasn't been for a long time. She is too reserved and passive and doesn't go for the things that she wants. She vows to herself that if she gets out of this alive, that she will change her ways.

And the first one she wants to start with is Max Evans, who she meets on this fateful bad day. Max Evans is the lead member of the bomb squad. He meets Liz Parker and is amazed by the amount of courage this woman is showing and he feels something for her that he hasn't felt in a long time. Liz realizes that maybe this bad day happened in order for her to finally meet her Mr. Right.

-- AU. M/L. You can have the other couples in there if you like. If you chose to do so, I think that Tess could be completely hilarious if she was like Christina from Grey's Anatomy, and Kyle could be her Burke. (Now, who doesn't love that couple?)

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Post by Poison Ivy » Wed Feb 08, 2006 1:30 pm

# 36

I got this idea after reading the Plot Outline of 'Kevin Hill'. I never saw the show.

Max Evans is your # 1 bachelor, he lives a free life, does what he wants and isn't on planning to give this life up.

Max and his cousin Kyle were always very close. Kyle lived the same life as Max, but he changed when he met a girl. Very soon they got enaged and even were blessed with pregnancy. But during the birth there were some complications and the girl died. The baby barely made it, but luckily it survived.

Kyle was hartbroken of the loss, but finally got the courage to raise the baby. When it reaged the age of 9 months, Kyle got a terrible car accident and died.

What Max didn't expect, was that in his will, Kyle stated, if anything would happen to him, Max would get custody over the little baby.

Now, Max must deal with raising a baby and giving up his bachelor life. Luckily he gets hulp from his sister and his parents. He gives up his job in a big firm (you choose what his job is) and moves to his hometown to work at his father's firm. Now he can spend more time with the baby.

After living there for a month or so, he meets Liz Parker while shopping in a local supermarket. She immediately thinks that it is his own baby and he lives the the all american dream: wife, kid, house, garden.

Max finds himself attracted to Liz and does immediatelly tells her the truth. The two meet on some occasions, and Liz feels the same, but it can't cuz she thinks he's married.

But after sharing their first kiss in the moment, the two are confused. Liz feels like she cheated. Max has never felt this way.

Eventually the truths comes out ...

You can add the other characters, your choice. And you can decide if the baby's a boy or girl. But pick a cool name!

Interessed? PM me!

xxx Ivy
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Post by Lillie » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:09 pm

Challenge 37

This is an idea that I thought of a long time ago, and I thought might as well, let someone try it.

AU, M/M, M/L. Maybe A/I.

Maria DeLuca has always had a crush on Max Evans, he was everything that she ever wanted in a guy. Smart, cute, nice, athletic, but there was one problem he had a girlfriend. Max had been dating Liz Guerin since they were twelve. For Max, there is no other girl for him. Another reason, Maria liked him. Maria has always wished that she was a part of Max's group that consisted mainly of Max, his sister, Isabel, Michael and Liz Guerin.

But she wasn't expected for what happpened, and how she became a part of their group. The day is Valentine's Day, and Maria's date of the night is her best friend, Alex Whitman. The two of them stop by a gas station, after Maria catches sight of Max's jeep. It's while in the gas station that someone attempts to rob the place and e a gun goes off, and Maria is shot.

She is shocked to realize that Michael Guerin healed her. Maria is in for the shock of her life when she discovers that the four of them are aliens from another world. And when Maria also realizes that Michael believes her to be firmly in love with Max, his best friend and his sister's boyfriend.

-- Maria is not really in love with Max, just thinks that she is. She falls for Michael, but after a long while.

-- Even though Liz and Max are together, they still have some problems. Just months before, when they were fighting their enemy, the pregnant Liz suffered a miscarriage, and it still bothers her to this day. And Max is adamant about not talking about it, cause it hurts him way too much.

-- You can include Alex and Isabel in this story however you like.

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Post by Lillie » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:18 pm

Challenge 38

Taken by: Ms. Anonymous

*I was thinking about the Beatles one day and this idea came to me.*
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