Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature Authors Notes and Updates * 4-26-2020

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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 9 7-22-18

Post by DestinyDreamer » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:27 am

hi guys

ok I started ch 10 and so far im not liking where it is going. Im going to scratch the whole thing and start over. I wanted to introduce my own original character but its just not working.

so here I am trying to come up with something! But my brain wont function! Update soon!
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) authors note update 10-11-18

Post by DestinyDreamer » Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:01 pm

chapter 10

"Bring her back" I demand as I looked at faithful doctor of our people. I trusted him I know he can bring her back I need her back. He looked me in the eyes with deep disappointment. He could not bring her back. I fell to my knees and suddenly Im numb, my beautiful queen lay lifeless on this table. Some how I find the courage and strenght to walk over to her lifeless body. I held her hand and brushed her hair away from her face. how will I live my life without a queen? How will I live my life without my love? She is my everything and I am nothing without her. I Let go of her hand and utter rage and anger poured threw me.

" I will fight for you my love" I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

I sat up gasping for breath I felt warm hands touch my shoulder and I looked over and saw liz and I Immediately pulled her towards me. I closed my eyes trying to push out the images in my mind. Taking slow deeps breath i just wanted to breath her in wanted her comfort and not leave me.

" Its ok" she whispered and she looked at me. God she is so beautiful and she is here and alive. Its all a dream I keep telling myself its all a dream. I touched her face wanting to makesure she was real and she was alive. Her skin is so warm and so alive , alive thats all i cared about she was alive and here. Softly I kissed her lips electricity flowed threw me I wanted her more then anything and she didnt resist.
With every caress and touch I felt more relieved I just wanted to love her.

" Max" She whispered as she was under me. If this kept the nightmares away then so be it.


Just focus and concentrate I cant let this drive me mad I cant let him drive me mad. I let things get to far out of hand. Now Im finding myself not able to stop thinking about him and the more I think about him the more I get distracted. I cant be distracted I asked to have my duties switched so I wouldnt be around him. I practically begged to be in the wash room all day so I wouldnt have to be near him.
In the little room surrounded by laundry that needed to be folded was better then being distracted by him. I was in my own little world folding when trinity came into the room.

" He has summon you and only you. He doesnt want anyone else to serve him" I dropped what I was folding and sighed.

" Well...I...cant he is not satisified with you?" I asked.

" No he doesnt like the way I do things" I threw the laundry and stomped past trinity. I headed right to his room. I didnt even bother to knock I just walked right in . He was sitting on the bed reading a book. A book! Doesnt he have something royal to do?

" yes?" he said as he laid his book down beside him on the bed.

" I dont appreciate being summon when I am not yours to summon" I said.

" I didnt like trinity" what? If I had something to throw at him I would throw it but I know its against the rules.

" you have done nothing but bother me. I have work to do" I said as I started to walk away he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

" you have done nothing but avoid me and ignore me. Dont do that" he said as he pulled me closer. our eyes met and he leaned in his lips met mine...

I rolled over and felt strong arms wrapped around me my vision was a little blurry and as it started to come to I realized Michael was in bed next to me. when did he crawl into bed with me? And when did I go to bed? what time is it? I didnt really care at the moment I just sighed and laid there watching michael sleep. He looked so peaceful I didnt want to disturb him and I wondered if he had just dreamt what I just dreamt. How can I have an alien connection and not be alien? None of this makes sense to me. I wonder if I can make the connection deeper? I wonder if I can connect to him the way he connects to me? Suddenly I found myself suggling closer to him and I touched his face and brushed his hair from his eyes. His hair has got long and I kind of like it long. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I pulled back from the kiss, this is wrong so wrong in so many ways. Im not royalty Im a servant nothing more just a commoner.

" We cant do this" I said stepping away from him.

"Why cant we? I find myself thinking about you. I find myself dreaming About you and I cant keep my mind off you" he said as he took my hand in his and pulled me closer. He can placed my face in his hands and looked me directly in the eyes.

" Please dont pull away from me. Just...stay with me please. Stay with me I need a distraction for just a moment" he said softly as he laid his forehead against mine.

" I have work that must be done" I said softly.

" I told them you were to only attend to me and me only. Please just stay with me" He pleaded. I found myself nodding and smiled softly and lead me over to the balcony of his room. As I stepped outside the table on the balcony was covered with an array of food so much my eyes widen.

" We can sit and eat if thats what you want. let me serve you for once" he said with a smile as he stood in front of the table with food on it.

"dont you have something royal to do today?" I asked as I sat down at the table.

" Not at the moment. They can summon me if need be" he said.


When my father told me of his plan I thought he was mad but he knew what he was doing and he felt this was his only option to save our race. I loved watching him work he was good at what he does.

"Father do you think this will work?" I asked.

"yes we have no choice in the matter. I have everything prepared and ready to go" I walked over to the incubation pods and looked threw the glass. He is actually doing this.

" these are the ones that will be going to earth?" I asked him mesmerized.

" yes once the call is made they will be placed on earth" he said as stared at the pods with me.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the wall that had a mural of a little green man flying a spaceship and the smell of greasy food brought me back to reality. I look up and see Michael and maria walking into the diner and heading directly towards me.
Michael pulls up a chair next to me and Maria sits across from me.

" you keep having flashes I know. Time for me to explain" I said as I looked up both them and they both have their eyes on me.


This place is ridiculous if they only knew the truth they wouldnt be parading around this town dressed like little green men and eating diner food that is alien themed. I dont have time for this I have a job to do. I didnt come to this planet to watch these humans act like fools.
I cant let them see me not just yet because I know serena will flip out if she finds out im here. She cant hide much longer from me and she knows it she knows That i would be sent here sooner or later. I know she wont like seeing me but she will get over it.

" We shall meet soon" I walked back into the shadows and I stay hidden as I watched. When the time is right we will meet once again.


Everything that Serena has told me has my head spinning. So I...I.. Have Alien DNA in me? how is that possible? When did it happen? None of this makes sense to me I dont understand any of it. I feel like Im going to be sick from all this.

" So your one of us after all" Michael said. He acts like this all some kind of joke.

" So serena is basically saying that her father was like a mad scientist and was experimenting on humans" i said. I dont know if I am ok with any of this Ive have handled this whole alien thing very well but after hearing this Im not too sure now.

" Sounds like it. so you were on our planet at one time or another" Michael said.

" I didnt ask for any of this" I said.

" I know you didnt Do you think I want any of this?" He asked.

" so what does this mean now? I dont know the whole story only what she has just told us. Im some kind of alien servant, maid whatever you want to call it and I fell in love with the second in command. Im trapped in an epic love story!" Im so confused and so I dont know frustrated at the moment. I dont understand any of this and all michael can do is sit here and be cool about it.

" Her father was trying to conserve our race and he thought this was the only way to do it" How can michael be so calm about this?

" so i was the ginea pig" Just great just wonderful.

" Looks like it" I want to smack michael in the face right now.

" I cant deal with this right now" I need to think I need to clear my head and Just breath. This is all too much for me.

"Maria..." Michael started to grab me but I pulled away.

" I just...I need to be alone" I said as I walked away from him.


How do I make him feel the same way I feel? How Do I get him to look at me the way he looks at her. Ive tried so hard and nothing and she waltz in and he is begging at her feet. Its taking all my energy to not hurt her. I keep thinking the time is coming and she will be destroyed and I will get what I want.

" being angry is not going to solve anything" I turn to see Kivar in the room staring at me.

" I am not angry just upset" I replied as I watched them from the window. They look so happy with each other as they both sit in the royal garden holding hands and stealing a kiss or two.

" There time will come" Kivar said with an evil grin.

" It shall come and I will be there" I said.

" Of course" he said with a smile.
I will have what I want and It will be soon She will fall and I will be there to take her place. It is my rightful place and I will do anything in my power to take my rightful place upon that thrown.


I feel like I am in heaven Like I am floating on cloud nine On a high I dont want to come down from. I rolled over and stared at this hansome creature I love so much he is sleeping so peacefully. Are the night terrors over with? I have no clue but at least he is at peace now. I need him to be at peace I dont ever want to see him so frieghten like I did.
I reached over and brushed his hair from his face and his eyes flutter open. He starts to say something but i put my fingers to his lips.

"Rest" i whisper as I kiss his lips softly.

" I want you" he whispered softly.

" rest" I said as I stood up and went to find my clothes.

" what are you doing?" He asked trying to pull me back to the bed.

" Rest you need it" I kissed him softly on the lips and hopped out of bed.

Dont have any where else to turn right now I have no choice. I quickly pound on the door hoping that he would answer well.. praying that he would answer. I dont know what else to do this is my last resort. He needs to know max, isabel, all of them need to know. They are all in trouble.

" What the hell do you...." Michael guerins eyes meet mine "Tess?"

" Help.... I..." Suddenly I felt dizzy and disoriented I felt Michaels strong arms catching me before I fell to the floor after that everything went black....


I really dont want to talk to anyone I just want to be by myself to figure all this out. I need to to breath and time to think. I keep looking at myself and thinking and wondering have I changed? Am I going to change? How is it after all this time I never knew? Is that why I am so connected to michael? So many questions I dont have answers to.
I have alien DNA in me, how is it possible? was I abducted and didnt know it? All these questions are driving me absolutely insane. Lookin into the mirror I find myself being pulled in every direction I see myself but its not me. Its... my past me I guess you could call it that or should I call it my alien me.
I can see a story unfolding in the glass am I having another alien flash?

Seeing him laugh is the most incredible thing he is happy but deep down he is a true warrior deep down he has so many things on his shoulders. Why is he wasting his time on me? Me a servant who not of royalty.

" This was all nice but I must be going I have chores to do" I said as I finished my food and began to stand and start cleaning the mess I made. He stood and stopped me from touching one part of the mess.

" Leave it" He said as he took my hand.

" Im sorry but I must go" I said looking into his eyes. His were captivating so beautiful and warm. I look down Knowing I must not get close to him once again for fear of punishment.

" Will you stay with me tonight? Please. I need company And I need to take my mind off things" He whispered softly as if he didnt want no one to hear. I still kept my eyes down not giving him a response. He placed his fingers under my chin and lifted my eyes to his I had to catch my breath for a moment. Slowly he inched closer to me and his breath touched my lips and the soft of him saying "please" on my lips made me warm inside. How can I say no to him how can I deny him? I want him to kiss me more then anything right now And I know this is wrong in so many ways.

" This is wrong" I whispered on his lips.

" Only if you let be" He whispered as he softly kissed my lips.

I open my eyes and was suddenly pulled back to reality and gasping for breath. What just happen? trying to compose myself I realized my phone is going off I fumble around trying to find it and the screen is flashing michaels name. I dont want to talk to him but I feel like I should.

"hello" I said into phone.

" get over here now" Michael demanded into phone.

" Michael I dont want to deal with you or anyone right now" I said.

" Please I really need your help" he said into the phone.

" Fine" I said as I hung up the phone.


I let max sleep because he really needs it I found myself in the kitchen grabbing a jar of peanut butter and really large spoon and I started chowing down. As Im eating this delicious peanut butter Im examing the calander thats hanging on the frige. Wait. I need to go back and think. Looking at the date todays..... Thinking back....

" Oh shit" I dropped the jar of peanut butter to the floor. I must of woke up Max because he came running to the kitchen.

"Liz?" he asked confused.

" Oh umm... Im...just...Yea Im ok" I trying to get my mind straight. This cant be right this just cant be right.

" you dont look so good" He said.

" Im..fine I need to call maria" I said as I walked passed Max and went into the bathroom. Shit! What am I going to do? How...How...Ohh I know how I just need to makesure. Shit! Ok no need to panic. No need at all it could be wrong, i could be wrong the calender be wrong but I doubt that. I stepped out of the bathroom and find max cleaning up the mess I made.

" everything ok liz?" he asked.

" Yea. Im...fine I just need to go run an errand real quick and track down maria. I will be right back" I said as Quickly scurried out the door. Oh god what am I going to do?
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 10 1-25-19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:48 am

Oh boy, things are moving along.
Serena has a plan......Maria has alien DNA and is wondering what changes will effect her.
Of course Tess is still wanting to be Queen and Kivar is right there to help her out......
But you left us with a cliff hanger........what's going on with Liz????
Hope you'll be back soon!

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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 10 1-25-19

Post by DestinyDreamer » Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:47 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:Oh boy, things are moving along.
Serena has a plan......Maria has alien DNA and is wondering what changes will effect her.
Of course Tess is still wanting to be Queen and Kivar is right there to help her out......
But you left us with a cliff hanger........what's going on with Liz????
Hope you'll be back soon!
I will be back soon!

I know this chapter is short Next one will be a little longer I promise! thanks for the feedback!
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 10 1-25-19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:44 pm

Can't wait for more.
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 10 1-25-19

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Chapter 11
"is she dead?" I asked as I tried to check her pulse. There is a pulse she is still alive but the question really is why is she here and was she this whole entire time?

" She is sick Obviously something happen to her" Well, duh something has happen to her. I notice something on her shirt. I lifted her shirt up and I see what looks like a bandage on her stomach. I slowly lift the bandage and see what looks like a cut as I examined it closer I realize its not just a cut.

" oh my god" I said laying her shirt back down.

"What?" Michael asked.

" Looks.... like someone might have cut her open. We need serena now" I said. I dont know how I get myself in the middle of all this alien drama. I dont want to be a part of this anymore I dont want alien DN, blood or whatever it is inside me. I looked down at my hands and they started to glow a light green. I looked over at tess's lifeless looking body and lean down over her. I placed my hand on her arm and closed my eyes.

Tess's body laid on a table she was strapped down she pulled on the restraints but there was no use.

" No!" She screamed as she fought on the table.

" We have to take the baby out" Someone said as she tried to kick and scream.

"No! Dont take my baby!" She yelled.

" Cut her open!" Tess screamed in bloody pain as Someone cut open her stomach.

I gasped for breath as I pulled my hand away from tess's arm. What the hell is going on?

"Maria?" Michael asked curiously. I looked up at michael and Then everything went black and my head hit the floor.

Is this really happening How is this possible? Well I know its possible but I dont know if I can believe it right now. Ive been sitting in this bathroom for what seemed like hours hyperventilating as I wait. what am I going to do? This wasnt planned obviously and what will happen now? I dont even know how this will even work. Fear is starting to settle and suddenly Im starting to feel really sick.

" Liz?" I jumped startled by the knock on the bathroom door. Max is starting to worry oh god what am I going to do? What am I going to say?

"I'm fine" I quickly grab everything and put it back in the paper bag didnt even get a chance to even look at anything and I shoved the paper bag under the sink hopefully he wont look under there and find it. I open the door and found max looking at me curiously.

"you ok?" He asked.

" Yea. Im fine" I said as I walked out of the bathroom.

" Something is going on with Michael he has been blowing up my phone. And serena took off I dont know where she is. Are you sure your ok?" he asked me again.

" yea go find michael" I said hoping he would leave so I could get this done and over with. He just stood there looking at me curiously suddenly I felt really sick and I found myself running to bathroom and putting my head in the toilet. Max Came in behind me and pulled my hair back and held my hair away from my face as I got sick.

" Im fine max" I said as I tried to breath in fear of throwing up again.

" Obviously not" he said.

"Just a stomach virus or something" I said he handed me a towel and I wiped my mouth and face. I could see the concerned look in his eyes. He wasnt going to give up on this he knew I was hiding something. I looked over at the cabinet under the sink and pulled out the paper bag. He looked at me curiously then looked at the paper bag.

" There is something" I said as I opened the bag and pulled out the pregnancy test. I didnt need to look at the test to know what it said.

" Im pregnant" I said softly.


I slowly open my eyes and sat up Now I have a massive headache. Michael helped me up and I pushed him away from me.

" dont touch me" I said pushing him away. I dont want him touching me I dont want any of this.

"what happen?" He asked.

" She had a baby. Someone cut the baby out of her" I said as I tried to push the images out of mind. Now I have so many more questions I dont have answers to and I dont want answers to. I dont want any of this I just want to live a normal life alien free.

" your saying she was pregnant?" Michael asked.

" I dont know and I dont care. I just want to be left alone" I stood up but felt dizzy and ended up sitting right back down.

" Maria" he said softly. I pushed him away once more I held my head trying to get the dizziness to stop and the room from spinning.

" Just dont touch me right now" I said. Michael backed away.
I dont know what to say or do right We cant get Liz to a doctor because what if the baby is alien like me? And how do we know for sure she really is pregnant?

" you have alot of questions dont you?" Serena asked.

" Yeah I do" I said.

" We have trouble coming our way now max. Liz isnt going to be safe" serena said. Another thing I have to worry about now. I paced the room back and fourth not know what to do or even how to feel right now. Should I be Happy? Should I be scared?

" She is going to need medical attention we cant give her medical attention doctors will know something is up" I said.

" Her pregnancy wont be a normal human pregnancy. The baby may grow a little faster then normal because of the alien DNA. We have to keep her safe they are already out there watching and looking. Pretty we will have trouble at our door" serena said.

" Im not running I will fight to protect that baby and Liz. They can come all they want they will not get my child or liz" Suddenly flashes from my visions flooded my mind I wont let her die and I wont let my child grow up without its mother. I cant let that happen I wont let that happen.

" My brother can help us our father trained him to be the best he can help liz if he is willing" Serena said.

"Find him" I said. she shook her head and headed out the front door. I went into the bedroom and found Liz curled up on the bed sleeping. She had been sick practically all day and I have been trying to get her to eat but she wont.

" Liz baby lets try to eat" I said softly.

" I want peanut butter" She said softly. Peanut butter, I think I can handle that.

" Ok I think I can handle that" I said softly.

"apples put it on apples" She whispered.

"Apples" I said As I went to the kitchen. I dont know if I can handle all this I dont know if I can process all this right now.
I dont know how to process all this I dont know how to accept all this or even what to do now. I Just need some time alone to think to breath and process everything. Tess. Something happen to her when she left here but why did she return? why am I worrying about this? My head is spinning and I feel Like Im going to puke.

"You ok?" Serena asked as she came over to me.

"yeah I will be fine" Serena took my hand and I felt a shock wave and I pulled back.

" That's not good. Not another thing we have to deal with where's Michael?" She asked.

" At his place with..." I started to say.

" With Tess Lets go" She said.

" No" I said shaking my head.

" you have to help us Michael needs you we all need you" She said.

" No you dont need me. I 'don't want to be a part of this anymore" I said softly. Serena looked at me curiously.

" Maria we are all about to be in trouble Liz is pregnant your a part of this your connected to Michael in so many ways. He needs you Liz needs you " Serena said. Tears started to roll down my cheeks I shook my head yes and followed her.


Tess was finally coming around I gave her some water and she drank and was resting. I dont think she knows where she is at. The front door open and Serena walked in with maria I was worried about her. Our eyes met and she looked away and rushed over to tess with serena. Serena examined her and noticed the cut on her stomach.

" They took the baby" She said.

"So she was pregnant? By who?" Michael asked. Maria at me curiously and then looked away she knew something I didnt know.

" Its max's" She said softly. What?

"What? How do you know that?" I asked her.

" max slept with Tess after Liz left I confronted him about it and he said it was a mistake and That he thinks Tess mind warped him or something to make him think she was Liz" She said. This is news to me holy shit!

" Who took the baby?" I asked.

" I...don't know" maria said softly.

" wasn't aliens" Serena whispered.

" What?" I asked.

" I don't think it was aliens who took the baby They wouldn't have cut her open like this and then sewed her back up they would have just killed her and tortured her and killed the baby" Serena said. So what is she saying We have alien hunters after us now? Great just great!

" That doesnt matter because we have other fish to fry. Has she drank anything?" Serena asked.

"Water thats about it" I said.

" Good I know you guys don't really particular care for Tess but she needs to stay alive we all need to stay alive we have a battle we are going to have to fight" Serena said. We each took turns watching Tess and making she was comfortable. Serena didn't want us to use our powers on her because it would probably end up hurting her more. I say let her suffer but Serena had other plans. I cant believe Maxwell fell her bullshit now he has a kid out there and we don't know where it is or if its even alive.

I'm exhausted and tired Maria wont even look at me I need to know whats going on in her head.

" Liz is pregnant" She said softly not looking at me.

"what? Dam it Maxwell!" I yelled.

" I don't want to do this anymore I will stay long enough to fight and to make sure your ass doesn't die but I don't know if I can do this" She said. I stood in front of her took her hand in mine lifted her chin up and made her eyes meet mine.

"Don't you leave me don't do this to me maria" I said. she started to push away but I forced her to look at me.

" Don't please because I will break if I loose you. We do this together" I said. Tears were rolling down her cheeks I reached in and Kissed the tears off her cheeks and laid my forehead against hers and just took her in. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in closer and kissed me.

" We can do this" I whispered on her lips. I held her tightly not wanting to let her go I never want to let this dam girl go. I'm incomplete without her now I'm sure as hell not letting her go no where. We held each other for what seemed like an eternity all I want to do right now is go to sleep in her arms as corny as that sounds but That's how I feel right now.


"Are you going to tell her your here or just stalk her from the shadows?" Serena's brother asked me. He is a annoying little bug I just wish I could kill but unfortunately I cant because I love Serena way too much to kill her brother.

" I will when the time is right besides she has been running around town looking for you. She needs your medical expertise" I said.

" The queen is with child. dam it that means Kivar will be on his way were all screwed" He said.

" The alien hunters had one baby and Kivar wants the other" I said.

"Wait what? what do you mean had?" he asked.

" No worries there my friend. All is good we dont have to worry about the alien hunters all we have to worry about is Kivar and If this baby survives. The moment I saw tess and The moment I saw that baby I knew" I said.

" Where is serena now?" He asked me.

" Let her find you" I said.

" If she needs my help..." I stopped him from saying another word.

" Let her find you" I said once again.

"Ok your the boss" he said with raised hands.

I know what I am doing Its my royal duty to serve and protect thats why I am staying in the shadows until its the right time. Serena knows I will be showing up soon she is going to need my help soon and her brothers help soon too. Kivar wants them all dead and I Cant allow that I wont allow that its my job to protect until I can longer do so.
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 11 2-26-19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 6:25 pm

I wouldn't want what happened to Tess's baby to be true........,.but is it Max's baby????
Liz might be in real danger if she is pregnant......
Where is Kivar??

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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 11 2-26-19

Post by DestinyDreamer » Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:06 pm

hey everyone! I know I havent written anything in a long time. Have alot going on! going to work on ch 12 and this may the last chapter!
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature chapter 11 2-26-19

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hey guys!
Hope everyone is well!

I know its been crazy out there!

I know I haven't posted in forever I have been taking a break from writing and I need to get back in the grove of things

Does anyone know someone that would love to edit my stories for me? Proof read them before I post? If you know someone please contact me.
My stories need some proof reading.

Love you guys hope to hear from you soon!
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature Authors Notes and Updates * 4-26-2020

Post by Jlwharton » Fri May 08, 2020 8:21 am

Hope you come back soon to post another chapter!

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