Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature * updates! * 5-25-2021

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Incomplete (AU M/L M/M) Mature * updates! * 5-25-2021

Post by DestinyDreamer » Wed Apr 27, 2005 10:17 pm


Rating - mature (I guess)
Summary : Someone from the future tells liz that she must leave roswell in order to prevent her death (hehe I dont want to give away details! and sorry I'm not good at summaries!)

A/N - I dont know if this belongs in AA! I just started writing this and I want to see what people think! And I want to know if I should continue it or not! It just came to me while I wast thinking about the episode "the end of the world" hehe hope ya like it!

Chapter 1

Liz's Pov -

Something is missing, something deep down inside. its Like everything is a haze. I cant even remember what happened yesterday. I cant get over it, I cant over come what I am feeling right now. I've left everything behind, everyone I loved and my life. I walked away without even saying goodbye. I couldnt help it , I had to. There was no choice in the matter. I sensed someone come up behind me. I knew who it was.

“What are you doing?” He asked softly. I didnt want to answer him. I just wanted to walk away and leave. I was half way there until he stopped me.

“Nothing” I replied turning to face him. He looked down and noticed the bag I had.

“Is this the answer to your problems? Just to leave? Leave everything behind and run?” He said coming closer to me.

“you dont understand! I Have to leave! For my sake and yours!” I yelled. Lately that has been all I have been doing with him. Yelling at him made it so much easier to live.

“ where is this coming from Liz? We were happy until...” He wouldnt dare so her name. It was a name that disgusted me.

“Until Tess came around! Until Tess ruined everything! Thats Right! Tess! She is the reason why I am leaving!” I said as I picked my bag up and started to leave.

“your lying! Its not tess at all! Its something else! What are you not telling me Liz?” He said as he grabbed my arm.

“Let go of Me!” I yelled pulling his arm away from me.

“something happened didnt it? something your afraid to tell me about. What happened?” he pleaded.
“max just go, Forget about me.” If only he knew. If only he knew that If I stayed , the world would end people would die.

“I cant forget about you liz.your my life!” He yelled.

“you dont understand! If I stay things will....” I stopped myself from saying anymore.

“Things will what Liz? Change? what will happen if you stay in roswell” Max asked me.

“I will die, I will die a slow horrible death. I will wither away and die! I want to live! I want a normal life! Now let me go!” I said as I opened the door and started to leave.

“I dont even know who you are anymore” he said softly.

“thats the problem you never knew me” I said as I slammed the door on him and walked out of his life for good.

Three years later -

Its been three long years, sometimes I find myself picking up the phone and dialing his number just to hear his voice. But I stop myself. I've done the right thing. Thats what I keep telling myself. I never thought I would have left roswell or my life behind. But when serena came to me from the future things changed. She said In the future I would be married to max, We would have three Lovely children, 2 boys and girl. you see thats the happy part of the story. But here comes the dramatic Horrible part.

Serena told me have to change the past in order to change the future. I could tell the future was horrible. She told me I would Die a slow horrible death by kivar and that my children would always be in danger. She said she saw everyone she love die in front of her because of this war with Kivar.

“so your telling me that I wont beable to have a life with max?”

“exactly, what kivar wanted was your Children. Liz you have to change everything or else Kivar will take over the world. Thats how your children died. your children posses great power. they tried to fight kivar but they each died in the process. you can change all that, prevent it from ever happening”

“What do I have to do?” I asked curiously.

“Run, Leave everything. If you stay in roswell you risk your life.” serena said.

“But about My children?”

“They wont exist in the new future. If you do everything right we will prevent all this from happening”

Now here I am all alone with nothing to show for it.I feel incomplete now. And I know I will always feel incomplete.
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Post by DestinyDreamer » Sat Apr 30, 2005 11:58 pm

Chapter 2

Max's Pov -

lately I have found myself thinking about her. I dont know why, its been three years since she left and walked out of my life forever. Now everything is screwed up. Isabel barely speaks to me, The group has split apart and Here I am alone. The only person that is really talking to me right now is Maria. I dont really know why. Tess is gone, she decided to leave Roswell. Something just didnt feel right when she left. Something told me to stop her and make her stay But I didnt.

I look up and see michael entering the crashdown. He sat across from me in the booth.

“your actuallt going to talk to me now?” I asked softly.

“ I think ever since liz left you have become a different person. you scared Isabel to death with that little stunt of yours with your powers. You pratically Killed her max. Whats going on with you? I've never seen you use that much power in my life” Michael said.

“I dont know” I replied As I covered my face with my hands and sighed.

“something is going on, And I think it has to do with Liz” Michael replied.

Liz's pov -
I tried Sleeping, but lately I havent beable to sleep. I turned on my side and stared at the wall. All I could think about was him. The way he use to look at me with so much love and passion. I close my eyes trying to forget everything about him. I have to face the world without him.

I tossed and turned, I realized there was no way I would be sleeping tonight. So I grabbed my jacket and Decided to go for a walk. I ended up walking all night. When I got back to the apartment a concerned serena was on my doorstep.

“Serena?” I said.

“Liz where the hell have you been? I've been standing here for hours” She said with a concerned voice.

“Sorry” I said as I entered the apartment.

“Sorry? Thats all you have to say? Someone could have grabbed you or something!” She started yelling and panicing.

“Well nothing happened, see I'm here” I said as I took my jacket off and laid it on the table. Serena has always been concerned about me.

“ I came to talk to you about something” serena said as she sat across from at the table.

“And that would be?” I asked.

“ I've been having these weird visions. they are so real That it nearly knocks the wind out of me. I saw...I saw him and I think he's in danger” I looked at her concerned. There was no way this was happening. She saw Max in one of those stupid visions? No I'll just pretend like I dont care. I'll pretend like I dont care that max is in danger because I cant go back to roswell. I cant face him not now not ever.

“yeah and?” I said as I poured myself a cup of coffee.

“you dont want to know the details? Come on Liz! Dont pretend you dont care! He's the one you want. He's the one your suppose to be with! Why are you here and not in roswell?” Serena asked curiously.

“I told you why!” I yelled.

“No you didnt you lied!” She yelled back.

“Its hard to explain.” i said. there was nothing to hard about it! It was just that I didnt want to talk about it!

“so explain it to me please because I want to know!” Serena yelled.

“You see I was told that if I was with max basically the end of the world would happen , because kivar will try to take over. And Everyone I ever cared about would die. Even the three children I have with max” I said.

“where did you hear this?” serena asked curiously.

“it doesnt matter, because as long as I'm not with max none of it will happen” I said as I quickly got up and walked to the sick .

“Thats a bunch of bull!” serena yelled.

“It isnt! You came to me three years and told me that I had to change everything” I said.

“What? I didnt even know you three years ago?”

“you came to me from the future, nevermind! Just leave it that! Thats why I cant go back to roswell and I cant face max!”

“you dont know that going to happen! And if it does you can fight kivar! With my power and your power combined we can fight him! I believe max is in serious trouble! In my vision he is hurting. He is longing for you, his queen”

“His queen? I'm not his queen! tess is his queen!” I yelled. Serena wasnt making any sense at all!

“According to what I know thats not true” Serena replied.

“what?” I said turning to her and making her explain what she was talking about it.

“ Its all in the prophecy.” serena replied.

“What prophecy? In the book it states that max is destined to be with tess!” I yelled.

“ Do you always believe what you read? Think about it for a sec. Tess arrives just in time for them to get the book. Tess arrives just in time for them to get the message from their mother. Its not real! Tess mindwarped the whole thing! When max healed you that day he changed you. He gave you the royal seal of the Queen of Antar and didnt realize it. Thats why you two are sp connected thats why he loves you. If you connect with him you will see it. See that you two lived a past life on Antar. Tess and Max never had a past life on antar. She made it all up.” serena said. How could this be true? How could I have lived a past life on Antar? It didnt make sense? Or does it?

“This doesnt make sense? How can I have lived a past life?”

“ My father knew about the prophecy, He needed a human child to put your past life essence into. So he chose you, but it didnt show until max healed you that day. He didnt think it had worked. so he left it alone and went back to antar. And then max healed you and The seal was broken.”

“What exactly does this prophecy say?” I asked wanting to know more.

“It states that the true queen will be awakened. And that she will bare the royal children. But see since your not with max that will never happen, thats why everyone thinks that tess is still the queen” serena said.

“So tess has fooled all of us. She has betrayed everyone in the group”

“ She has been playing all of you like a fiddle!” serena said. hearing this I wanted to run and go back to roswell and tell everyone everything. But I stopped myself.

“ that was then this is now. Its all in the past I'm not going to deal with this anymore!” I yelled. Serena looked at her with a shocked face.

“your telling me your not going to jump on the phone and tell him! Liz! Are you insane!”

“No! I'm Doing what I think is right! I walked out on him three years ago and its going to stay that way! I dont care!” I said. But in the back of my mind I did care. I cared about everything. I was dying inside now that I knew what she ahd told me. But I still dont believe it. How could she tell me this now after all this time.
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Chapter 3

Max's pov -

I walked into isabel's room and seen her arm. I did that? Where was all this coming from? I cant believe I hurt her like that. She turned and gave me a death glare. I deserved it.

“ can we talk?” I asked softly.

“No” Isabel said abruptly as she grabbed her bag and left the room. God I am such an idiot! everything is going wrong! I'm destroying my sisters life! what is wrong with me! I looked at myself in the mirror.Suddenly I started seeing things. It was the strangest thing, I saw Liz in the mirror. She looked so beautiful. She was wearing a white gown and these odd colored Flowers adorned her hair. I closed my eyes and reopened them and the image in the glass disappeared and all I saw was my reflection. Suddenly I punched the glass. The mirror cracked and shattered. I looked down at my fist which is now covered in blood. The funniest thing is I didnt feel any pain. Lately all I have wanted to do was to break something in order to get my anger and frustration out. But I now realized I have been taking everything out on everyone I care about.

Liz's pov -
I had to keep my mind off what I now know. If I kept busy maybe I wouldnt think about it. I got a job waitressing at a little cafe down the street. It doesnt pay much but its enough to get by.

“you look like a wreck! You cant work like this!” Matt my boss said.

“I know I didnt get much sleep last night, But I need to work because I need to keep my mind off things” I said.

“No I cant let you work today, you need to get home and get some sleep. I'm giving you the day off” he said as he walke into the back. Great! just great! If I sit in my apartment I will find myself picking up the phone and dialing his number! As I walked back to my apartment I saw a pay phone. I stopped knowing what I wanted to do. I went to the pay phone and put a quarter in. I dailed the number. It rang 4 times before his machine kicked in. His voice was so soft and tender in the recording. I longed to hear his voice again. It beeped and I was afraid to say anything.

“Umm max hi Its...Liz. I..wanted to hear your voice Just to know your ok. Dont try to call me back” I hung up the phone. I started to cry. God! What am I going to do!

Max's pov -

I replayed the recording over and over Over again. Was it real? Was I hearing things? No it was real, it was her. Why would she call after three years. I heard the door open and maria walked in. She smiled at me softly.

“Hey I just wanted to check up on you makesure everything is ok.” She said softly.

“Yeah Um everything is fine. I want you to hear something” I replayed the message again for Maria.

“She called you?” Maria said shocked an sat down next to me.

“So you know where she is?” I asked. Maria gave me that look. I knew she knew something I didnt.

“Maria just tell me” I said demanding.

“If I Knew would you hurt me like you did isabel? I'm not going to let you go on a rampage looking for her. She doesnt want to be found.” Maria said.

“How do you know? If she didnt want to be found she wouldnt have called! Now tell me what I dont know!” I yelled as anger built up in.

“No I cant I promised That I wouldnt say anything” Maria said. I got up and kicked the table across the room in front of me. I scared mariahalf to death.

“I'm going to leave before you decide to kill me” Maria said as she quickly left. God! I hate this! I Hate everything! Why did she have to leave! I want answers I want answers to all the questions I have. I went and replayed the message once more. As I looked over at the phone I had completely forgotten that I had caller ID.

“yes!” I said as I looked at the number. I realized it was a pay number. That didnt help me because there are a hundred million payphones around. I slammed the caller ID down in frustration.

Liz'sPov -

“What are you going to do Liz?” Serena asked as she Popped a piece Of popcorn in her mouth. I looked over at her and gave a look. A look that told her that I wasnt going to do anything.

“Nothing I'm just going to leave everything alone. Because I know if I dont everyone will die” I said as I Went to my bedroom to lay down.

“But you dont understand” Serena said.

“Ok what dont I understand?” I asked curiously.

“ you have to tell him. He has the right to know.”

“ I know but I cant risk anything”

Serena's Pov -

God! If she only knew! If she only knew How much more danger she is now Then she would listen to every word I have to say. Why is she so stubborn!

“look Liz, I know that you want nothing to do with this but Kivar knows your the real queen. He is going to try to convince tess to work with him. Thats why she left, town. She's a coward! But if she joins forces with kivar were in deeper shit then we are now” I said.

“ I cant face max, Not after all this time! its been 3 years! Do you know how bad I want him? Do you know how bad I want to be in his arms and have his children? I cant do that!” She yelled at me. I was getting frustrated what would it take to get her to go back to roswell and see, tell him everything.

“Whats it going to take liz? I mean you have to do this. Just go back to roswell tell him, and thats that and settle everything and then you can leave. Its that simple.”

“Nothing is that simple Serena.”

“Ok maybe not considering what you 2 have been through” I was trying my hardest. I know what max is going through. If tess comes back to roswell and Plays her mind games with him she will surely fall into her arms before Liz will ever get a chance to be with him again.

“But seriously I think max is in danger. I can feel it. there is something deep inside of him that is going to bare its ugly head. As side of him no one has ever seen. He's changing, and if tess is there he will change into a man you wont know. We have to stop that from happening.”

“How do you know all this?” She asked me.

“My powers, I'm you and max's protector. I know everything.”

“ I dont know if I can go back to roswell” Liz said softly.

“You can and you will because its something we have to do” I said hoping I am getting through to her stubborn self.
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chapter 4

That Night -

Max's Pov -

The Dreams were so vivid. Liz stood so beautiful in front of me. Her white dress flowed in the breeze. The way she looked at me was so tender. There was so much love coming from her. I walked closer to her and her eyes never left mine. I took her hands in mine. She come closer to me and whispered in my ear.

“ Your my destiny, my life my soul. I'm your queen” She whispered. the words and her voice were so tender and sweet. She pulled away suddenly. She looked up at me as if something was wrong. I look down and her beautiful white dress is covered in blood.

“Max” she whispered softly. I jumped up out of bed in a panic. I was sweating so bad. I gasped for breath. It felt so real so vivid. I went to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water.

Where was all dreams and images coming from? Things started flashing in my head. It was like things I remembered but couldnt because something was causing me to forget. they were...flashes..from the past. Flashes from...being on antar. But all these flashes consisted of liz when they were suppose to consist of tess. That doesnt make sense?

Liz's pov -

I didnt sleep, I just kept thinking about what serena said. Maybe she was right.Maybe I should go back to roswell. I went the closet and pulled out a bag and stuffed some clothes in it. When I was finished I wrote serena a quick note and taped it to my door. I had to do this on my own.

several days and Hours later I found myself back in Roswell. I found myself On Max's doorstep. Maria had given me his address and I told her not to tell anyone I was back in town especially not max until I went to see him myself.

I softly knock on the door. There was no answer. I knock again and then I hear his voice call.

“Just a second” He siad. His voice was so sweet, I missed it so much.I stood there nervously as I heard the door click. he opened the door and Looked me straight in the eyes. It was like he had seen a ghost.

“max” I said softly.
Max's Pov -

I'm dreaming, she isnt standing here right in front of me. I just stood there staring at her. I didnt know what to say.

“Liz?” I said.

“We need to talk” She said softly as she walked into the apartment. I closed the door , still shocked. Realization hadnt hit me yet. She turned to face me. I saw the seriousness in her face.

“I...Dont know How to say this but I am just going to come out and say it” She said. I know she was having a hard time finding the right words to say. She was nervous and upset.

“ Wait, Are you really here? I mean its been 3 years and you left witout telling me why.” I said.

“The reason why I left isnt the issue max. Just let Me get out what I need to tell you” I kept my mouth shut and sat down and listened tpo everything she had to say.

Several hours went by I was still processing everything Liz had told me. Was what she was telling me really true?

“ It still hasnt hit me yet” I said as I covered my face with my hands.

“ Look, I know I broke your heart but I had to do what I thought was right. Right Now I am risking everything by being here with you.”

“so your saying that in order same everyone you loved you had to give everything up in order to change the future?”

“yes In the future We are married and have Three children. And Our children are killed in the war. That kivar will start. I have to makesure none of that happens”

“So we cant be together? We cant have a family? Are you saying I have to be with someone else?” I am so confused right now. How can I not be with Liz? She is my life my soul.

“Yes” She said softly.

“Whats going to stop us from having...children? I mean your here now And I want you more then anything in world!” I yelled.

“stop! Dont say that! I know you want me But we cant be together.” I cant believe she is sitting here saying this to me.

“And your telling me that tess has mindwarped us all this time. And that your the real queen? That makes things even harder Liz”

“I know But...I have to makesure you stay out of danger. well serena has to makesure both of us stay out of Danger.” She sat down next to me on the couch. She was so close, she brushed up against me. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to touch her , feel her be with her.

“God! Why tell me this after three years!” I yelled.

“I didnt know about any of this until serena told me. I have to change things.”

“Does anyone else know your back?” I asked.

“No Maria and you are the only ones. I told her not tell anyone about this. I cant risk anything. Where's tess now?” She asked.I turned to her and she knew what the answer was by just looking into my eyes.

“She's gone?” She asked.

“She left right after you left I havent seen her since.Look Liz I....I want everything to disappear. I want us back. I want what he had and what we are suppose to have, screw what serena says. It doesnt matter! Its what we want” I said Looking into her eyes. she started crying and quickly got up and started pacing.

“Do you not care about what happens? Do you not care that everyone will die because of this war? Our children will fight to survive! I have to change that by stopping Tess or who ever the hell is causing us this pain and torment we are going to go through!” She yelled at me. I quickly got up and took her into my arms and Wiped the tears from her eyes. The next thing I knew we were kissing. The Feel of her kissing me was incrediable. I wanted her more then anything. She pulled away.

“We cant do this.” She said.

“ Things have changed Liz, maria and Michael are no longer together. isabel Barely talks to me. I have no one”

Liz's Pov -

“I'm sorry max. I have to go ” I said softly. He grabbed me by the arm and stopped me from leaving.

“No stay, with me please. just stay with” He slowly touched my cheek with his thumb wiping The tears that were running down my cheek.

“i cant” I said. He put his finger to my lips to keep me from talking. We kissed. As we kissed this time I saw Flashes. The flashes were so intense I wanted more. The next thing I know he was carrying me to his room.
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chapter 5

Liz's Pov

Every touch and Kiss was Explosive. I Felt like I was going Explode if he didnt touch me. But I knew it was wrong.

"Max" I whispered as he kisse my neck. I didnt want him to stop, This was going to far. I pushed him away and Jumped off the bed.

"Liz" he said laying there taking in deep breaths.

"We cant do this. I have to go" I said as I walked out. I wasnt going to let it happen. It didnt matter how bad I wanted him I had to remember that The world is on the line. I cant think about myself right now. I walked out on him. I ended up on maria's doorstep.

Maria's Pov -

When I opened the door and saw Liz I knew that I wasnt the person she had seen when she got back into town.

"you told him didnt you? Does Anyone else Know your here?" I asked her as she walked in.

"No just you, max and serena" She said.

"You look horibble Liz" I said.

" I dont know what to do Liz. I...I...Think I'm going to go crazy!" She yelled. The next thing I knew the Lamp in the living room blew up into a thousand pieces. I jumped startled by it.

"Liz calm down, before you blow everything up I own" I said.

" maria, If I go back to him, Everything I want in the future I will loose!" She yelled.

" Look Liz sweetie, Eveything is already screwed now as it is. I dont think you can screw Up anything more" I was trying to make things better for her.

" Tess has been playing Us" Liz said softly. I looked at her curiously.

"What?" I asked.

"Tess mindwarped the whole thing. She isnt the reall queen I am" She said softly.

"Oh my god! so does this mean That she mindwarped you into seeing future serena?" I asked curiously.

"you see I dont know! And I cant take the chance!" She yelled.

"max has been suffering ever since you have been gone. He's changed. Him and isabel dont speak. Me and Michael...well there is no me and michael when he decided to take sides with max after you left. Everyone is taking a side Liz. Its Humans verses aliens." I said as I sat next to her on the couch.

" I cant choose A side, I'm in between, I'm...I dont know what I am anymore" She said.

" your hurting Liz. you have to do what you think is right. But If I was you I wouldnt believe what the future serena says. They may be a war in the future, We can fight it." I said. I could see Liz wasnt convinced. if there was a war coming in the future I will makesure that I am there to fight. I will fight to the end if I have to.

"We need everyone together just in case something happens. If tess works with Kivar there will be danger lurking around the corner " She said.

"Getting everyone in the same room will be Like putting oil and water together, right now we dont mix. But Maybe with you being here things would change" I was hoping I was right about this. lately I havent been so right about things.

" Everyone Needs to know whats going on before tess decides to show her ugly head again" Liz said.

"Last time I saw Tess, she was hoping on a bus out of roswell" I said.

" That doesnt mean anything" Liz replied.

"I always thought she went back to antar. You see Max had been Ignoring Tess. He was so caught up in you that he didnt see tess. Tess decided to leave and Wrote max a big long boring note that said, 'you never looked at me like you looked at liz' Bla bla bla. And then she left and we havent heard from her since and that was three years ago to. She left just before you left. Well actually a day before you left." Liz covered her face with her hands. I could see she was frustrated and didnt know what to do.

" Look if you want my advice on what to do, do whats in your heart. If its being with max and putting everything on the line then so be it." I said, I was hoping what I say was sinking in.

"I dont know what to do maria. A part of me is saying be with max and then a part of me is saying dont do it"

" Ok I know what we need" I said jumping up and pulling her up and out the door.

Liz's pov

"madam vivian's? No Maria I dont think so" I said as I started to walk away.

"Look she is a really good pyshic maybe she can tell us something. Or help us to figure out something to do" Maria said. I dont see how this lady can help me? But its worth A try I guess. we went inside and I sat in front of the table and madam vivian spread out the tarrot cards.

"Ohh" She said as she flipped through the cards.

"What?" I said.

" your confused, incomplete. you need guidance. A man with a great responsibility awaits you."

"Ok and?" Maria said.

" There is something special about you. I see a...War...a very dark war. I've never seen the cards come out like this" madam vivian flipped through the cards.

" anything else" I asked.

" yes, I see...2 boys and A girl. Each are special."

"Ok so I will have children?" I asked.

"yes, you choose love, and your Destiny." She started flipping more cards out.

"there's more" Maria said.

" death I see Death."

"Who's Death" I asked.

"I'm not sure." she said. We left there Knowing alot more then when we went in. I realized that maybe tess did mindwarp me into leaving three years ago. But It doesnt make sense. Why would tess leave and never come back?

" I'm not so sure about what she said" I said to maria.

"What? you have to believe what she said. I mean Me and my mother thrive by her word" Maria said.

" Look Liz I know I deep down that you cant honestly stand here and tell me that you can stay away from max. you to are like Rubber and Glue. He has been in love with you ever since you two were in grade school" Maria said.

"Maria I dont want to talk about this anymore" And I didnt want to talk about this anymore. I was tired and exhausted. We pulled up to her place and we saw Michael's motor bike sitting outside. We looked over and saw michael standing there waiting. Maria got out of the car.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asked.

" Max told me Liz was back in town. you knew all along why she left and didnt tell anyone" Michael said.

"I really dont see how you have anything to do with it" Maria said.

" We had a right to know"

"yeah sure, and you could use it to control all of us!" I got out of the car and came between them.

"Stop it! Stop yelling stop fighting! I want everything to be normal again!" I yelled. They looked at me suprised, I dont think They have ever seen me yell like that.

"Whatever" Michael said as he got on his motot bike and rode off.

" He has some nerve" Maria said.

" Maria... I need some air I'm going for a walk" I said as I walked down the street. At this point and time i felt like running again. I felt like running from my problems. But I knew that wasnt going to solve anything. I'm going to do what my heart is telling me too. I'm to risk everything.

"Screw what I was told" I said outloud as I walked. We can fight this, If there is a war there is a war. We can stop it from happening. I ended up at the crashdown. I found max setting in the back booth eating a piece of men and black berry pie. I went and sat across from.

"hey" I said softly. He didnt look at me I knew he was upset.

"I know you hate me right now" I said.

"I more then Hate you. But I still love you" He said softly as he looked at me in the eyes. There was so much more I had to say to him.

"look max...I" I was interupted when serena walked and threw this book in between us.

"Liz there is something I need to show you" She said as she started Flipping through the book.

"What?" I asked.

"Can you me, and..Him go someplace more quiet" She asked.

"Sure" I said as max and I followed serena into the back. Max looked confused. I knew something was going on. I could see it in Serena's eyes.

"Look this is the Antarian Prophecy book. keep it safe. Someone is looking for it I'm not sure who" Serena said.

"Are you in trouble serena" I asked.

" Look I came here to protect you two. I know you 2 are getting closer. I can feel it, and soon the first will be born. And when it is Kivar will be on your doorstep."

"Will that cause the war?" I asked.

"Its all in the book. I only read What I know and what My father told me" She said as she handed max the book.

" Keep it some place safe where no one can find it" She said as she left the crashdown. Max held the book tightly and then looked at me.

"We have a lot to talk about now dont we?" he said. And It was true we did have alot to talk about.
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chapter 6

Liz's Pov

the silence was nerve racking between us. Max rubbed his eyes from the lack of sleep. I know he has probably had sleepless nights. He sat there staring at the book on the table. he's probably wondering what else I havent told him.

"Is there anything Else I need to know from you. Anything else that you've been hidding from me" He asked.

"no" I said softly. he reached over and opened the book. It was all written in a language he knew but could never translate.

"I Know what this says I just cant read it" Max replied.

"Does it really matter At this point" I replied. He slammed the book just and Looked up at me.

" It does Matter Liz." He said softly."

"Look if I could go back and change everything I would."

" It would matter Liz things will still be the same"

"Look I will get serena to translate the book and we can really know...." I was about to pick the book up but max grabbed it and threw it across the room like it was a rag doll.

"I dont give a dam what the book says I dont give dam About anything anymore. All I want is things to be normal again!" He was scaring me. really scaring me now.

"Max" I said softly.

"Dont. Dont give me that tone where your caring and sweet and comforting. because when you do I want to wrap you up in my arms and Never let you go! Do you know How much I really missed you! Your here right now and I can really...feel you and touch you..." He comes towards me and starts to touch my face. Oh god I cant do this. I start to pull away.

"your pulling away from me " He said softly.

"I have to"

"You dont have to do anything Liz! Lets just go! Forget the Dam book! Forget that your an half alien queen, forget everything and Lets just run away and never look back"

Oh How I I wish we could do that. Just run and forget our problems.

"We cant because we will always have a past. And Someone will always be after us." I replied.

Serena's POV-

That feeling I get is so nerve racking. Someone was following me. The next thing I know I am being shoved into an alley. I fall to the ground hard. I use My powers to put a shield. I look up and I see a familiar face. A face I hadnt seen in forever.

" Adam what the hell are you doing" I asked him.

"The Job you should be doing" he said softly.

" Dont tell me what I need to be doing Big brother" I replied as I walked out of the alley he followed me and grabbed me by the arm and jerked my hard.

"What the hell is your problem."

"your My problem" I said.

" Little sis If I wasnt here you would be running in the wrong direction. Now what did you do with the book" I looked him with that look that always told Him I did something really drastic and stupid.

"You gave it to the king!" he yelled.

"What was I suppose to do with it! I think he can protect it!"

" He's at a point now where he doesnt care Serena! Its no good to him or any of the other royals if they cant read it!"

"I'll translate it for him!" I yelled.

"yeah and send off a flare that will signal Them right to us" Adam said. Adam didnt understand. He didnt understand that Max needed to know and the rest of the royal four needed to know everything they didnt know. All he can think is The rules. He plays by the rules. The rules that our father taught us That in a way I didnt believe in or live by. That was what got our father killed in he first place. He played by the rules and ended up being desperate and got killed in the process.

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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature)*authors note*

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Incomplete ch 7

Max Pov

“tell me you don’t love me” I said softly looking at her knowing she could never say that in a million years. She looked down and I knew she couldn’t say it.


“ Stand here and tell me you don’t love me and …I will leave. That’s what you want right? For me not to love you? Because then it would make it so much easier on you.” I said. She couldn’t say anything , tears started forming in her eyes. I was hurting her just the way she hurt me.

“ You cant say it can you? I want you to say it! Im giving you what you want! Im giving up!” I yelled.

“Max please” She said.

“don’t. This time Im doing it. This time Im walking out and giving you exactly what you want. Bye Liz” I said as I wallked out. I wasn’t half way out the door when she stopped me.

“Max wait please” she said to me as she followed me out into the alley.

“ Why should I?” I said. Suddenly rain came pouring down on us.

“ Don’t walk out on me. Im trying to do what is right” She said.

“What is right? You don’t even know if any of this bullshit is true Liz. When you walked away it killed me. Every day for three years I was miserable. I…have no one now. I hurt my sister, Maria, everyone I cared about. I have no one. And when you walked back into my life….” I paused for a moment. I was soaked from head to toe from the rain. She walked towards me and looked me straight in the eyes.

“ I want you to walk away. For my sake and yours” She said. I knew she didn’t mean it. I could see how much she was hurting inside.

“ You don’t mean that” I said.

“ I do” She said.

“No” I said as I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She pulled away again.

“ Walk away max” She said pushing me.

“no!” I yelled not letting her go.

“Walk away please! Im begging you please!” She yelled. Fine I would walk away.

“Fine” I said as I turned to walk away. I was waiting for her to stop me and she didn’t.

Several hours later -

The rain was still barreling down. The storm knocked the electric out. I heard a soft knock on the door. I Went to the door and opened it and a wet and cold Liz parker was standing there.

“Can…I come in?” She said softly. I didn’t have to say yes. I let her in. She stood in the middle of the living dripping wet. She had her back turned towards me . She was shaking from head to toe from being wet. She slowly turned towards me. She dropped the Book onto the couch.

“I…cant do this” She said softly.

“Cant do what?” I said playing dumb.

“Don’t play dumb with me” She said as she pulled me towards her and kissed me. I carried her into the bedroom once again. And this time she didn’t hesitate or stop me from getting what I want. And what I wanted was her. Screw what was said, screw everything it didn’t matter as long as I could have her, feel her against my body. We stood in the middle of the room. She was completely soak and wet from the rain. I could see the passion in her eyes and the desire. I was nervous now all of sudden. I didn’t want this to be quick I wanted it to be nice and slow.

“What are you waiting for?” She asked. I looked into her eyes and I was suddenly hit with these flashes. It was like I was watching myself in another world. Liz was standing on a balcony in this beautiful white flowing dress. She turned and smiled at me. She so beautiful. The visions were suddenly changing. I saw us making love to each other. I saw us laying a field full of strange pink and red flowers. The vision had caught me off guard. I snapped out of it. I was wondering if they same thing was happening to her.

“ your so dam sexy ” I said pulling at the hem of her shirt. Her clothes were sticking to her from the rain. I pulled her shirt off admiring her body. I could feel her heart racing. I placed my hand over her heart and it glowed a deep read. I felt her pulse racing. She came closer to me her breast touching my chest. She laid her head on my chest.

“Im so cold and your…so warm” She said wrapping her arms around me. I placed my hands on the small of her back and they glowed. It was like my hands were her personal heater. I took her face in my hands and Kissed her passionately . We walked over to the bed. She sat on her knees in the middle of the bed. I sat across from her waiting for a second, hesitating. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“Liz” I said softly trying to catch my breath. The visions were continuing as we kissed. Liz was standing in front of me. We were holding hands. I touched her face and smiled.

“Will you be my wife now and forever?” I said to her in the vision. She smiled and touched my cheek with the back of her hand.

“Always and forever I will be your queen” she said softly. I was pulled back into reality again.

“touch me, make love to me. Screw everything all I want is you here now all night” She said kissing me. Touching her was like pure ecstasy. I kissed her neck making my way down to her breast. She moaned with pleasure. I unsnapped her bra and her beautiful breast were exposed. She laid on her back as I had my way with her. It was like I was floating. Our bodies were a perfect fit for each other. Were completely naked now. I crushed her with my body feeling her breast touch my chest. The flashes were coming on faster now as I made my way inside of her.

I was dancing with her. Were at some kind of ball or wedding maybe. I whispered in her ear. She giggled softly as we danced across the dance floor. Was Liz having these same visions.

Liz’s POV

I felt Like I was going to explode. The more he touched me the more The flashes got stronger. One flash right after the other. Max handing me this beautiful flower from this rare looking garden. It was like I was watching little snippets from a movie.

“Max” I moaned as he pushed inside of me slowly. I moved my hands down his back feeling his muscles I was hoping if I touched him more the visions would come on stronger. Suddenly it was like I was flying through outer space. Star were lit and twinkling all around me in a midnight sky. It was like I was watching some kind of light show. I felt dizzy. It was like I was being pulled. Suddenly the vision was changing again. We were in the garden gazing up at the sky. He turned to me and touched my cheek with his hand. He took my hand and we were in this magnificent bedroom. He Was making love to me.

“Liz keep touching me please” Max said. I sat up straight and I pulled him closer to me wrapping my arms around him as he kissed my collarbone and made his way down. Each kiss I moaned with pleasure.

“Oh god Liz” Max said gasping for breath as he held me.

“What?” I whispered into his as he tried to settle his breathing.

“ your so amazing. Were you seeing things Like I was seeing?” he asked holding me and kissing my face.

“Yes” I said softly.

“Could it be true? Could we have lived a past life?” He asked.

“I…don’t know. All I Know is I cant let you go” I whispered into his ear. Max looked down and noticed something glowing on my stomach. I looked down and there was this mysterious mark glowing where max had healed me a while back. I touched it as it glowed.

“ What does it mean?” he asked softly.”

“ I…need to see Serena” I said softly as I quickly got up.

Later that night -

I told Serena to meet me max’s place. When she got there I pulled up my shirt and showed her the glowing mark on my stomach.

“The seal” She said touching it.

“The one max gave me when he healed me?” I asked.

“Yes. The queen has awaken. You and max….” She said looking up at us both.

“yes. Will it stop glowing?” I asked.

“ you cant let anyone see it glow” Serena warned.

“I wont” I said pulling my shirt down.

“We need to get everyone together. They need to know whats going on” Serena said.

“ That will be a problem” Max said softly.

“ Then fix it we need everyone.” Serena said with concern.

“Whats going to happen now?” I asked her.

“I need the book I have to translate it” She said.
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) [WIP]

Post by jbangelo » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:07 pm

Author is ready to update.
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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) [WIP]

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All I can say is wow. Wonder if Max can get everyone together.

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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) [WIP]

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:44 am

So glad you have come back to continue this story.
Max and Liz have serious problems to get together, hope Serena will have the answer.

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