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bip: A: will be answered as the story continues. B: There will be plenty of men tempted by Iz's breasts. C: yes it is a certain blonde genetically empowered solider.
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Jensen Lover 37: Hope this part helps your Alec fix for a little while.

Chapter 10

Mason’s Bar; 9:00 p.m.

“Id.” The deep accented command resonated through the night air. It was a common occurrence; new comers stood in line like morons. Mason, the manager of the bar hated out of towners so he had Stavros a 250lb Greek man without an ounce of fat on him terrify his potential customers. The broad linebacker shoulders and chest, steely electric blue eyes, and a snarl that would make the toughest of SOB’s shit their pants.

A frightened, whiny-almost female soft reply came from the skinny boy standing in line. “Here you go Sir.” The id shook in his hands, holding it out to be checked.

Stavros flicked a small flashlight on taking his time inspecting the identification. “You are not eighteen.” He glared at him.

“Y-yes I am.” He didn’t look at the scary wall in front of him, big mistake. No way would he be getting in now. In all honesty Stavros gave a rats ass about the age of a customer, since the Pulse no one seemed to care. Even the legal drinking age had decreased to sixteen.

Liz ambled up to the front door. “Hey Stav. Still giving shit to the out of towners?”

“Of course. What else can I do to keep from falling asleep? No one in this town tries to start anything. I'm a little insulted.” He ignored the kid practically standing in a puddle of his own urine.

“Is Mason around tonight?” She had some business with the manager. Nothing bad but not necessarily legal.

“Working the bar with Shelley.” He opened the door for her. “Erin mentioned she had a package for you. She’s on stage tonight but should be taking a break shortly.”

“Thanks.” Liz left the kid still quivering in front of the bouncer. Why should she help him into the bar, she wasn’t too fond of tourists either.

After she talked to Mason and got the package from Erin she’d head back home. From her confrontation with Michael that ended on a good note, to being a few minutes late to her interview with Congress Woman Whittaker, followed by a small B & E, only to get home and realize she was out of her “special” pills, to put it bluntly she was fucking exhausted.

Allowing Michael in had gone fairly well, she’d explained a good part of who and what she was, with hardly any lying. New world record. She hadn’t told him about Alex though, hadn’t revealed a lot of the personal details. Those were none of his business, had no right to know the deeply private stories.

Congress Woman hadn’t been happy she was late, Michael asking millions of questions held her up. Thankfully she seemed to have forgotten that fact by the dime lunch finished because she offered Liz the position as her secretary. After a few pieces of paper work she had to fill out Whittaker welcomed her to the team.

Then the breaking and entering that-let’s just say it was interesting. Not the B&E itself, that’s a common occurrence but what she stole for Mason-she searched the bar. There the man stood pouring shots and filling beer mugs.

He caught a glimpse of her before she appeared in front of him leaning over the bar. With a nod he motioned her to the back room and told Shelley he’d be taking a couple minute break. Once the door closed behind him he wiped his hands over his Bermuda shorts-he loved the tropic type clothes. Bet he thanked the Blue Lady he lived in a climate where could do that and not freeze his nuts off.

“Do you have it?” For a man who had three large bouncers who’d take the wrap for anything he did and a bar full of customers doing illegal transactions in front of him he was really nervous.

Mason didn’t quite make “tall” status he was six inches taller than her, not large by any means but make no mistake he’s definitely in charge. The way he commanded attention in a room full of druggies, prostitutes, criminals of all kinds, and the occasional “innocent” folks was a skill to be in awe of. Mistaking his laid back fashion sense for weakness, you’d end up flat on your ass.

“Yea.” Like she wouldn’t get it. Please. “Cash first.”

“Let me see first.” Did she mention he wasn’t stupid either?

She reached into her backpack and pulled out the item, even did a little dance with it in her hands. “Cash.”

Immediately wads of hundreds materialize. Five thousand dollars all for the still wrapped box set of the Resident Evil Trilogy. “Beautiful.” He handed over the cash and she gave him the set. When the pulse hit a fourth might have been in the works but that fell through like so many other things had. “Have you ever wondered about why they banned these movies?”

“Nope.” Short, simple, direct. She had other things to worry about.

“Aren’t you curious? They probably don’t want us to know what they’re really doing in government facilities. Probably banned it because this is a documentary about the direction they’re heading in when it comes to genetics.” He’s also a conspiracy fanatic. Once he got going it was hard to shut him up.

“That’s great Mason. Gotta go talk to Erin. Later.” Liz patted him on the back and left to find her friend.

Across the room balls on a pool table clack together as they race for an open hole. In seconds a groan of frustration followed, someone either made the shot and their opponent suffered, or the guy missed his shot. A distinct male shout traveled through the crowd. “Anybody else want to challenge me? I’ll take you on? How bout you?”

Liz shook her head at the guy trying to find a worthy contender; she’d take him up on it if she weren’t so tired. He didn’t sound like a regular at the bar, which was note-worthy all by itself. How did a new guy get in? Mason would be severely disappointed.

“Good you’re here.” A soft, shy voice from beside her distracted Liz from the game. Erin stood in shorts and a blue bikini top with tennis shoes on her feet. She looked like she’s headed home, but Stavros mentioned a break, which implied there’d be more hours of working on the clock.

Erin’s an exotic dancer; there were only three that work at Mason’s, all others work at Gold or The Tank. She had the place packed each and every night she worked-one glance at her figure and you knew part of the reason she was hired. Long shapely legs that were made for being wrapped around a poll or body, slim waist, full rounded breasts, and a cute face framed by dark red hair. If she weren’t such a sweet woman she’d hate her.

She marveled at how Erin’s regular voice differed greatly from her working voice. The only people she knew who were that good weren’t normal humans. When she’s working Erin’s confident, developed a purr, even a hint of an accent but speaking to the people that truly knew her she had no accent, no sultry purr, and no confidence.

“Course I am. How much?”

“Usual would be fine. Or-a little less if you don’t have the money right now.” She tucked a stray strand of burgundy hair behind her ear. If Liz didn’t know any better she’d be sure Erin was pulling a scam-pretending to be non-threatening. But see she did know better.

“Usuals fine.” She pulled out a hundred and fifty dollars. Sounded ridiculously high for calcium pills right? She thought so too but it kept her from having seizures, she could justify spending that much to keep her in constant supply. Alex was lucky, he never had the seizure problem, she didn’t know why but she was thankful he would never worry about that.

“You headed home?” Liz nodded toward the door.

“Yea, having Destiny take over for the rest of the night.” She pulled her purse up higher on her shoulder.

Guilt ate at Liz for bringing Erin into even a tiny part of her life. But she didn’t feel comfortable stealing the pills, if she was caught or the missing pills were noticed Lydecker would be hot on her trail. Erin could get the pills without raising suspicion, she worked part-time at the Roswell Medical Center.

“Thanks for this. See you later?” Her friend and supplier nodded and scurried from the crowded bar.

She put the bottle into her backpack whipped around to leave but ended up smashing into another patron. “Oh Jesus, sorry.” Strong arms held her up till she gained balance back.

“It’s my fault…completely my fault.” That same cocky voice she heard a few moments ago brought her eyes up. Wow, the body and looks went with the alluring rumble. “Let me buy you a drink.” Striking green eyes pinned her down.

“Hmm, I don’t know, should be getting home.” What, was she crazy? A gorgeous man asked her for a drink and she’s close to turning him down? Yep it’s official she’s crazy. Send in the shrinks to figure out what her problems were.

“What’s a few more minutes? Come on I could get to know you-you could get to know me?” He left the sentence hanging.

Should she or shouldn’t she? Liz glanced toward the door and back to the man. He really was handsome. Tall, at least six foot, rolling green hills for eyes a smirk that she wanted to run her tongue across and did she mention the muscles encased in a T-shirt and leather jacket? “Okay one drink.”

“Right this way.” He turned her around placing his hand on the small of her back leading her toward the bar. Mason still hadn’t returned but Shelley still manned the bar.

“Hey Shell, a rum and coke for me and for my friend…?” Liz turned to him.

The guy stared at her as if in awe… “Just a scotch.” Once Shelley left he fixed his gaze completely on her. “You’ve been here before?”

“A few times-a week.” She admitted Mason’s had a homey feel…after you’d had a few dozen drinks. But she adored the people who worked there.

“So since I’ve bumped into you and bought you a drink I think I’ve earned the right to know your name.” Their drinks arrive and the bartender hurried off to help another customer who was quickly reaching his limit.

“Ah, an ulterior motive.”

“Of course. Gotta have an ‘in’ you know?”

“Beth Michaels.” Yea, another lie. Like she was going to tell her name to some stranger. Not likely. Not only would that make it incredibly easy to track her down, she never told her adopted name to any of the guys she planned to sleep with. That was one of her rules that she never broke. “And yourself?”

“Alec Spencer.”

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Chapter 11

Alec sipped his scotch watching Beth suck the alcoholic drink from a pale green straw. Teasing him with her tongue barely caressing the plastic before wrapping her lips around the tiny object. Every once in a while she’d smile at him keeping the straw between her teeth gently flicking the hole with her pink tongue.

He’d seen her the second she strolled into the club, he had been waiting for his billiard partner to hit the ball and caught a glimpse of her face. Dark eyes lit up as she saw people she knew. Long chocolate hair that swished against her lower back, a face that wasn’t a stunning beauty but there was no doubt she was pretty.

The soft curve of her hips swayed as she made her way to the bar. A nod passed between her and the bartender and she was off to a back room with him. What the hell was that about? Fire, anger, rage pulsing inside flared to life. Those emotions so foreign to him it made him pause. Catching himself before he stormed over there ripping the door off its hinges to kick the bartender’s ass.

He couldn’t explain why his heart stopped, why his body suddenly heated up with rage, it made no rational sense. He’s jealous, he’s possessive—over a woman he’d never met. If he had met her he’d have remembered her. She didn’t seem like the kind of woman he’d forget.

Alec just about lost his cue-stick in relief when she came back out clothes still in tact. The bartender followed a short second later clutching what looked to be a box, close to his chest. He made a beeline for another back room while the dark haired beauty searched the place scanning her eyes over every nook and cranny. Able to concentrate on the game at hand again he looked for another challenger as he sunk the eight ball in the side pocket. “Anybody else want to challenge me? I’ll take you on.”

A few guys held up their hands in surrender not willing to lose more of their precious money. One guy seemed like he’d be willing to take Alec up on his challenge but his buddy to the left whispered to him effectively talking him out of it. Disappointed that no one wanted to take him on he set down the cue-stick and left the table.

He checked his watch, not even 9:30 yet, hmm; he had a couple options he could do. The first being the most responsible and dedicated to the mission which was to leave the bar now, go back to his place and get to bed so he’s ready for the 9 o’clock meeting at the school tomorrow.

Another option, one he was leaning toward the most was to stay at the bar, have a couple more drinks, find the dark haired girl, get her number, maybe convince her to get a hotel room and let the evening progress from there. It took him all of a second to decide.

He found her talking to a woman—one he saw on stage in a back room before he was rudely told that his presence wasn't wanted there. The woman's gorgeous, he'd have to blind not to notice but his attention hardly strayed from the brunette.

In a rush the red head scurried away smiling shakily at the dark haired woman before disappearing into the crowd. He's directly behind her getting a healthy dose of roses and baby powder with a twinge of sweat when she turned ramming right into his chest. On reflex he reached out holding her steady and keeping her close.

Then she spoke. "Oh Jesus, sorry." A soft sweet melody reached his ears and he instantly wanted to find out how she sounded when he caressed her intimately.

“It’s my fault…completely my fault.” He stared down at her and her eyes lifted to meet his. Deep rich pools of dark mahogany sucked him in and threatened to bring him to his knees. He could get lost in those eyes. As she assessed him up and down he smirked; she could check him out for as long as she wanted. She swallowed hard and stared back into his eyes. “Let me buy you a drink.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, should be getting home.” No, he couldn't let her leave, his smile lowered a bit but he came back with a cocky smirk that he knew she wouldn't be able to resist. He knew what worked.

“What’s a few more minutes? Come on I could get to know you—you could get to know me?” He left the sentence hanging, hoping she'd take him up on his offer.

Alec could see her uncertainty but there was a hint of temptation glistening in her eyes. A small twitch of a smile bowled him over, he couldn't remember having that strong of a reaction to anybody, he wondered what it would be like to have her fully smile at him. Finally she put him out of his misery. “Okay one drink.”

“Right this way.” He turned her around placing his hand on the small of her back leading her toward the bar, as if she didn't know where the bar would be. She tilted her head and snuck a glance up at him. Her hair fell over her cheek blocking any chance of seeing what she was thinking in that moment.

When they got up to the bar she tucked the stray piece of hair back behind her ear and smiled at the female bartender that was now all alone catering to the various customers. “Hey Shell, a rum and coke for me and for my friend…?” She turned to him. Alec liked a girl who knew what she wanted.

Alec stared at her in awe; maybe she had been here a few times before. “Just a scotch.” Once the girl she called, Shell, left he fixed his gaze completely on her. “You’ve been here before?”

“A few times-a week.” She admitted shrugging her shoulders with a bit of guilt.

As she stared at him, trying to get a read on him he realized he hadn't asked her name. A problem easily remedied. “So since I’ve bumped into you and bought you a drink I think I’ve earned the right to know your name.” Their drinks arrive and the bartender hurried off to help another customer who was quickly reaching his limit, he was shouting that he could take anyone in the bar and who wanted to take bets.

“Ah, an ulterior motive.” She chuckled.

“Of course. Gotta have an ‘in’ you know?” While normally a name wasn't a requirement for him to sleep with a woman he didn't want to call this one by the standard 'honey' or 'babe'. He wanted to know her name, wanted to know exactly who she was so she wouldn't feel like one of his many conquests.

“Beth Michaels.” Hmm, she didn't seem like a Beth, but who was he to judge her nickname? No way did her family name her Beth. “And yourself?”

And he definitely wanted her to know whom she was screaming for. "Alec Spencer."

"It's nice to meet you Alec Spencer." She shook his hand and sparks flew. Soft and warm her small hand gripped his firmly.

"Nice to meet you Beth Michaels." He refused to take his hand away first. When she didn't take her hand back he pulled her a little closer. "Very nice to meet you."

When she sucked her lower lip into her mouth pinning it down with her teeth he came close to begging. Beth leaned in close and spoke in a low, husky, desire filled voice, "You don't waste time do you Alec?"

"Not when I find something I want." Grinning coyly she leaned back and took the plastic stick with a row full of cherries from her drink and plucked one off with her teeth. Blue Lady he wanted to be that cherry. But to his surprise she didn't chew it or swallow it instead she returned to her previous position of being within inches of him.

The bright red ball of sweetness peeked out from between her teeth, her tongue gently stroked the curve and kept him captive. Alec wished he were the cherry held prisoner in her delicate mouth. Beth sucked it back in her mouth and closed the remaining distance between their lips.

Heat flared though his body; he lifted his hand to cup her cheek. Alec caressed the smooth skin beneath his palm with his thumb. Pillow soft lips met his firm ones enthusiastically; their tongues touched as Beth passed the sweet treat to him. He pulled back and chewed the cherry. "Hmm. That's the tastiest cherry I've ever had." He grinned and swallowed.

"There are plenty more where those came from." She leaned back and twirled the stick with the cherries around her glass. "And Alec, I don't waste time either." She lifted the stick out of the rum and coke and sucked another into her mouth.

"That's good to know. "He rocked back and forth on his feet. It's good to know she was on the same track he was.

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Jensen Lover 37
polar vixen

Thank you everyone for the great feedback. Don't hate me for this chapter, it's been planned since the beginning and that's all I can say without giving much away.

Chapter 12

Next Morning; 6:57 a.m.

Light pierced painfully through the thin curtains of the hotel room, slices of brightness skewer her brain. She couldn't remember a time when she wasn't light sensitive, Alex told her it was because Manticore wanted her to see best at night. However the theory she went with and was sticking to was torture.

The warm body next to her stirred but didn't wake. Last night was the first time she slept with a guy and it wasn't heat motivated. Sure there was heat, lots of heat but not 'gotta mate for babies' heat. Two completely separate urges, same action required.

Why had she chosen her bedmate as her first non-heat experience? Why did she break pattern for this total stranger? It was simple. She wanted a time where she was in control of her decisions, her body, and her desire. That's it. No--she looked into his eyes and saw his soul; no--she felt whole for the first time in her life, none of that happened.

Silently she rose from the bed and pulled the heavier curtains closed not bothering to cover her naked body. She hadn't exactly been modest last night--anything but. Sex with Alec had been amazing; no one before him had met her--pardon the pun--thrust for thrust. Everything she gave, he gave equal or more of. By the end of the night it had been she that surrendered to sleep first.

Liz scanned the room; it's in shambles. The mirror that was on the dresser now law shattered beneath it, which had to be seven years bad luck. Or was it more since she shattered the shatters when she kicked the TV off its cheap stand. Yea, that's broken too. What could she say, Alec reached just the right spot and her leg reacted...as did the rest of her body.

And the bed, don't even get her started. The frame was cracked, the sheets were flung around the room and wall behind it sported a few dents as well. Hopefully her clothes weren't in bad shape, to be honest she couldn't remember how Alec took her clothes off, all she recalled was his mouth occupying all of her attention.

Quietly she crouched down near the bed, she knew she had a sock around here. She'd caught a glimpse of it when her head faced that area. Those were her favorite socks, thin and airy cotton to cover her feet but a thicker patch of cotton near the ankle to keep it up on the leg.

No sock there, but she did see a swatch of baby blue in the corner. A small, happy "Ooo" slipped from her lips as she crawled over to the fabric. "Oh" It was underwear, it was even her underwear which was an even bigger bonus but it wasn't all there. There's only half--guess these were headed to their new home--the garbage heap.

Liz paused, how did Alec rip these in half? He ripped the lace part easy enough but how did he tear the middle? This would probably be one of those great mysteries that would never be solved. Like when you put two socks in the dryer and got back one.

Flippantly she tossed the underwear over her shoulder as she did that she saw a piece of white thin cotton--her sock. Happily she crawled over not caring if she looked like a complete dork on all fours when she could easily have walked over. There's one sock--now it's on to the other. She rose off her hands and sat up on her knees to put said sock on the bed.

Alec was lying on his stomach smirking at her when she emerged. "Hello beautiful. What are you doing crawling around on the floor?" He had to admit she looked adorable. Hair sleep tousled, eyes wide with excitement when she found what she searched for, it's cute.

Liz proudly held up her trophy. "Sock hunt. Want to help me find the other one?"

"I got a better idea." With ease he lifted her from the floor and brought her back onto the bed to lay beside him. "See much better." Their heads rested together on the end of the bed while their bare feet entwined.

"Mmm, you're right this is loads better." Denying it wouldn't make it any less true. They sat in silence for a few minutes touching each other, and kissing softly. This was so weird for her; she'd never stuck around after a heat experience, never wanted to stay to see her partner wake.

All she pictured if she stayed after an encounter was awkwardness, a question about monies for services, maybe even the occasional 'Do you want to go out?'. Nothing worth sticking around for, for one she hated awkwardness it's the one emotion she couldn't even find a reason for. Most of her emotions had a purpose not awkwardness.

Two, she wasn't a hooker, it was two sweaty bodies needing release. That does not a hooker make. Normally it's the one sweaty body needing release with another body there being the vessel...maybe they're the hooker and she's the customer--another reason to leave before the bed partner woke up she didn't have to pay.

Three, the whole 'do you want to go out with me' afterwards. Now that was the top reason she bolted--what part of 'one-night-stand' did they not compute? The whole point of a one-night-stand was to get your kicks and then when the night finished shake hands, wish each other well, God speed and be on your way.

But if she had all those reasons for leaving before dawn then why wasn't she gone now? Why was she relishing being held by Alec in the darkened room, why was she contemplating asking if he wanted to see her again? Hell she's even going to give him money to pay for the stuff she broke.

Was this the reason she bailed? Would this be the way she acted if she stayed with the others? Mushy and warm, wanting to cuddle her one-nighter. Was she the one that would put her heart out there to trample on? Maybe she was running from her own reaction to the one night stand. Couldn't be hurt if you weren't there to get hurt.

Blue Lady she had to get out of there. No more of this fluffy bunny stuff. She should have stuck to her general rule of sex. Get some and get gone. Turning from Alec she hurried off the bed zeroing in on her jeans and shirt.

"Where are you going?" Alec sat up leaning on his elbow watching her scurry into her clothes. He had no idea what just happened but whatever it was it had her spooked.

"Uh, I have to get home." She shimmied into her jeans, shoved the shirt over her head and grabbed her shoes pulling them on violently. She didn't even bother to tie them.

Seeing she was hell bent on getting out there before the clock on the wall changed to the next minute he needed to get out what he wanted to say. "Hope you're not planning on leaving me to pay for the bill for all the broken furniture in here?"

"Wouldn't dream of it." She pulled out a wad of cash and tossed it on the bed. "Thanks." Liz grabbed her backpack, her jacket, and her traitorous feelings slamming the door behind her not once looking back.

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A.N. Sorry this took a few months to get out, I started writing what I thought would be this chapter, but it had the sense of being a future chapter, not too much further in the future but at least not this chapter. And I got stuck, really stuck and stopped writing it a few paragraphs in. So I apologize for taking so long hopefully that won’t happen again for at least a few more chapters.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Chapter 13

September 1; 7:15 a.m.

Liz climbed in through the window of her bedroom, Alex lounged on her bed, drumming his fingers on his stomach. "And where have you been young lady."

"Hotel." She tossed her jacket and backpack on her desk chair. "Shoes." Liz glanced at Alex resting on her bed with his dirty shoes on her clean sheets.

He rolled his eyes but took off the shoes before moving back into his previous position. "And why were you at a hotel?" He had shown up in her room at 6:30 needing to talk to her but she wasn't home. He recalled her telling him she had a business transaction she had to take care of but would be back probably no later than midnight.

She didn't say anything and continued to move around the room. Liz grabbed some clean clothes and went into the bathroom to change. Once she was in there she set the clothes down on the toilet lid and sat down on the edge of her tub.

Normally she didn’t feel this bad leaving a guy. It could be because she usually left while the guys were still asleep, she didn’t look into their eyes then, didn’t see pain or anger lingering in their eyes. Swallowing she stood up and undressed.

She contemplated taking a shower but decided against it, she didn’t want to wash off his scent yet. She didn’t want to forget their time together yet. Instead she dressed in clean clothes, brushed her hair and teeth and made sure the marks Alec left last night were visible.

When she left the bathroom Alex was still on her bed only now he was sitting up staring at her. “What?”

“Don’t want details but where were you last night?” The teasing tone had disappeared and in its place was concern.

“Hotel, I told you that.” She shrugged and threw her clothes in the bin next to her dresser.

Alex pursed his lips, “Obviously not alone.” She didn’t answer so he continued. “Are you alright?”

“Fine.” She grabbed a hair-tie and gathered her hair up securing it with the tie.

As she swept her hair into the ponytail he caught sight of a red and purple hickey on the side of her neck, it stood out sharply against her skin. Something was definitely up—she never showed the marks a one-nighter left on her. Even if it was a scratch that could be explained away she covered it with a Band-Aid or make-up.

“What’s going on with you?” He hoped that if he asked her straight out she’d give him a straight answer.

Finally she stopped moving about the room and looked at him, “What are you talking about?” Why was Alex acting suspicious? “What’s going on with you?”

“I’m worried about you Liz. You’re gone all night, no call to me to let me know. Then you come sneaking in through the window, your scent is different, and not your normal I’ve had sex scent…”


He continued like she hadn’t said his name. “And you’re proudly displaying the marks of whoever you were with left. All adds up to something is not right.”

“There’s nothing wrong.” Although what her brother pointed out did make her stop and think. She never displayed marks…most of the time she didn’t allow them to mar her skin in any way.

Angry Alex stood up, grabbed his shoes and started for the door. “Fine, when you’re ready to tell me you know where to find me.”

He barely got to the bedroom door when Liz called to him. She touched his arm lightly and silently begged him to turn around. When he did she spoke, “Last night was the first time I’ve ever—I’ve been with someone and it wasn’t a ‘heat’ problem.”

Breathing a sigh of relief he hugged her. “I thought it was something far worse than that like Deck had found us. Or you had been hurt.” He chuckled. “Don’t scare me like that ok.”

Liz smiled up at him. “Sorry.” She pulled him back to the bed and let him sit. “So what did you want that made you seek me out at 6 in the morning?”

“Worry and I wanted to make sure you were alright. Plus someone’s birthday is today.” Alex kissed her forehead. “Tonight, you and me in the desert, I have a present for you.” He smiled and left the room. He left the apartment quickly, got into his parent’s car and drove off. He had gone there to tell her what he found. When Liz hadn’t been in her room he’d been a little relieved, the information he now had could open the door to a memory that Liz didn’t want opened.

Alex pulled into a store parking lot, Mom asked him to pick up some ingredients for a dish she’s testing out tonight. Of course Dad and him were her guinea pigs. He had been prepared to tell Liz what he came across, until she climbed through the window and he saw her. At that moment he knew he couldn’t open that emotional wound she kept walled up to the point that she didn’t even remember what happened. And it was her birthday, what kind of person would he be to cause her pain on her birthday? Everyone should have one day when nothing caused hurt.

The hustle and bustle of the store didn’t jar him from his thoughts; Alex maneuvered and dodged through shopping carts, squalling children, and the mothers who did their best to quiet them with ease. Liz might not remember what was done to her but he remembered her crying every night. He’d crawl from his bunk and go into hers, holding her while she relived the humiliation and pain over and over in her mind.

Last night he did what he normally did when he was at home alone, he searched for anything dealing with Manticore and the people involved with them. And last night he managed to hack into a Manticore scientist’s computer, it took him a good long while to get passed firewalls and traps but once he did what he found shocked him.

The special program that Jondy, Tinga, Zack, and Zane were assigned to was on there; at least fifty videos with detailed reports of their progress and mental charts. A note on Zack’s chart mentioned that Lydecker ordered brain scans after every session and to make sure the children had a therapist to talk with. The shrink was denied but the scans were approved.

He could only bring himself to watch one and he couldn’t even watch it the whole way through. If he had told her what he found and saved it to an encrypted disk she’d be devastated. She never told him specifically what happened during that special program, she didn’t want him to have nightmares too.

There was one video file separated from the others and labeled CO Sparks incident, it was dated 12-3-08. He didn’t want to open that one ever. After that date Tinga hadn’t been seen for two weeks. No one would tell their unit anything except she was on a mission. When she came back there were slight bruising on her legs and face, almost gone but still visible, she wouldn’t talk about it but after that night she stopped crying. She was more irritable, quick to anger, and even quicker to kill.

Alex pushed the cart up to the check out stand and unloaded the grocery’s Mom wanted him to get. He didn’t know if he’d ever be able to tell Liz what he had found. No matter when it’d be brought up it would cause pain and he couldn’t do that to his big sister.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg 20 4/16

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A.N. I could not stop writing this chapter. Once I got started it was difficult for me to find a stopping place. When I reached page six I finally stopped and went back and found a place where I could split up the chapters. While the next chapter isn’t completely done yet I still was able to get this chapter out.

Chapter 14

September 4; 7:45 a.m.

Alec Spencer stood in the teacher’s lounge, on the outside he was calmly drinking his coffee while reading the sports section of the paper. However on the inside he was frustrated and annoyed. Not only had he not initiated contact with Alexander Whitman he hadn't even been able to find him.

If that wasn’t bad enough he couldn’t get Beth Michael’s out of his head. She occupied most of his waking and all of his sleeping thoughts. He should have been thankful that she didn’t want to stick around, last thing he wanted or needed was for a woman to become attached to him and distract him.

Although that’s what he told himself that didn’t stop him from wishing she hadn’t bolted. The money she left covered a little over half of the damages they caused in the hotel room. That was an interesting conversation to have with the front desk clerk.

One of the teachers who taught math came in, it was the first day of school and there was a mixture of happiness and irritation from the various teachers that had come in and out that morning.

Today he would make contact with Alexander Whitman, then he could determine whether or not he really was the illusive transgenic that broke into a Manticore facility.


Maria turned the corner toward the school while Alex reclined in the backseat munching on chips that were supposed to be for his lunch. Meanwhile Liz stared out the window watching the buildings go by till the school was reached.

“This has got to be the quietest car ride I’ve ever been on with you two.” Maria pointed out. “Mind letting me in on what’s going on? Because if you two have to disappear for a while I’d like to know so I don’t worry.”

Alex finished chewing on a chip before telling Maria what was going on. He put the half-empty bag on the seat beside him and leaned forward. “Ms. Parker over here has been pissy these last couple days because she can’t get her mystery man off her mind.”

“Alex!” Liz turned and glared.

“What? It’s true. Besides you would have told Maria anyway today at lunch.” He shrugged his shoulders and went back to his chips.

“What’s this about a mystery man?” She took her eyes off the road for a second to smile at Liz. “Come on babe. Spill.”

“Went down to a bar, met a guy, we screwed, end of story.” Liz simply said. No way was she having a deep and meaningful conversation about the guy with Alex in the back seat listening to every word.

Maria rose an eyebrow. “That is not good enough. It's not just an ordinary screw if you can’t keep your mind off him.”

Liz turned around to look at Alex quickly. His attention was captured by the contents in his chip bag and didn’t seem to be paying the least bit of attention to her and Maria. Although looks could be deceiving. She held a finger up to Maria, signaling to hold on a second.

“Hey tattle-tale put your headphones on.”

“What? Why?” He glared at her.

She rolled her eyes. “Do you want to hear the details?”

“That never stopped you before.” Alex argued. There was a part of Liz that got some sick pleasure out of torturing him; usually it was enough to make him reach for his headphones anyway. He liked to be able to sleep at night.

“Wow, this is different.” Maria commented.

“Hush.” Liz spoke to Maria but didn’t take her eyes off Alex.

Irritated but grateful Alex reached into his backpack and grabbed his headphones and ipod. It was an ancient form of music device but in a post-pulse era he’d take what he could get. Although he would still be able to hear some of the girls conversation much of it would be muddled by the music flowing into his ears. Which he was grateful for.

Satisfied that Alex wouldn’t be able to hear she turned her attention back Maria. “This was my first non-heat experience with a guy.” She admitted.

“Oh my God. Seriously?” Maria smiled. “That’s wonderful honey. No wonder this guy got under your skin. He must have been something to make you go ga-ga over him. So what’s his name?”

“Alec.” She smirked. “He’s…” Liz let her head fall back on the headrest of her seat. “There are no words that are suitable enough to describe him. Gorgeous, funny—“ Great with his tongue.

“So are you going to go out with him again?”

At that she brought her head back upright. “Doubtful.”

“Why not?” Maria frowned what could possibly be the problem? “Is he like freakishly short? Does his penis have some deformity? Did he make some weird sound in bed that you can’t get passed?” She chuckled.

“No, no, nothing like that. He’s tall, his penis is fine, and his sounds are normal.” She defended.

“Then what’s the problem?” She pushed.

Liz sucked on her bottom lip lightly biting the top of it. “The morning after wasn’t that wonderful.” She admitted.

“What happened?” Maria asked, softening her tone.

“Everything was great and wonderful when I woke up—the room wasn’t but I was. For the first time I felt…safe, protected. It was nice.” She whispered looking out the window for a little bit. Maria kept quiet and waiting for Liz to continue.

“I got up and started looking for my clothes. I wasn’t going to leave yet but my clothes were everywhere. So as I’m crawling on the floor searching my socks Alec wakes up. And he’s adorable with his hair all mused and wild from sleep and me.” She smiled. “Then he pulls me up off the floor and back into bed with him and for a second I’m fine. Not panicking at all.”

Maria nodded, suddenly understanding. Liz’s world wasn’t one where lasting partnerships were apart of the package. All she had before were one-night stands that meant nothing to her. That being her first sexual experience, without it being heat induced scared her transgenic friend. And with her first instinct always being to escape it wasn’t shocking what her reaction would have been. “But then you freak.”

“Big time. I started thinking why hadn’t I left yet? Why did I stick around till morning when going into it I knew it would still be a one-night stand. Then more thoughts, like what if I left all those times before because I was the one that would be too attached in the morning.”

“Liz are you saying that the experience with Alec was the first time you stayed till morning?”

“Yea, before I had always left, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of dealing with clingy one-nighters. Or the awkwardness of saying goodbye. I don’t have time for that.” Liz shrugged.

“So what happened after you thought all those things?” She questioned.

“I bolted. Found my pants, shirt, and shoes and I was out of there.” Liz shook her head in embarrassment. “God I even gave him money.”

“You gave him money? Like he was a man-whore?” Maria cringed. That wasn’t good.

“Not in that way, he was upset that I was leaving in such a hurry and he said that he hoped I didn’t expect him to pay for all the damage to the room. That’s when I gave him some money.”

Maria nodded. “Okay that’s a little better at least.” She turned the corner and pulled into the school parking lot. “After school you and I need to have an ice cream gab session. When the carton is empty you’ll feel much better and be ready to look for your next hunk.”

“I hope so, because feeling guilty, horny, and angry all at the same time…sucks.” Liz unbuckled her seat belt and turned back to Alex who was still happily listening to his music. She tapped him on the leg, “Hey you can take those off now.”

“What?” Alex didn’t take his headphones off.

Growling she reached for the ear piece. “You can take those off now.”

“Oh, thanks for telling me.” He rolled his eyes and straightened his headset. Alex grabbed his backpack and chips and climbed out of the Jetta. “See you in Science.” He jogged into the school leaving the two girls in the parking lot.

“Something tells me he’s meeting Isabel before class.” Maria commented.

“What was your first clue?” Liz joked back.

“The desperation in his jog and the puppy dog look he was sporting. Classic seeing Isabel signs.” The two friends laugh and follow Alex into the school.

As they round the corner walking toward their lockers Maria instantly noticed Max waiting directly in front of Liz’s locker. “Moping alien at eleven o’clock.”

“Fantastic. Just what my day needs.” Liz sighed. Quickly she searched the area and pulled Maria into a deserted classroom.

“Yes, thank you I wanted to go this way.” Maria huffed.

“Sorry but he hadn’t seen me yet and still need to talk to you.” The last thing she needed was to deal with Max when she didn’t have a solid plan of attack. “Okay, I’m going to go to my first class and avoid my locker till lunch.”

“Avoid your locker? Liz you told the boy that you didn’t want to see him anymore, if you avoid him he might get the idea that you still have major feelings for him and then he’ll never get over his obsession.” She logically pointed out. “And besides how do you know he won’t be in your first period class—then you’d have to talk to him.”

“He’s not.” She told her firmly.

“How do you know?”

“I had Alex change his classes, the only two we’re in together are Science and English, those were unavoidable though since there is only one advanced science class and the other English class was filled this year.” She sheepishly admitted.

“So you’d have to deal with him today anyway. Just get it over with and then you can breathe easy.”

Liz thought it over for a moment. “You’re right. I can do this.” She stood up straighter.

“Yes.” Maria pumped her up.

“Go up there and acknowledge him.”


“Show him that I’m staying firm in my decision.”


“And you’re coming with me.” Liz grabbed Maria’s arm and dragged her with her.

“Huh? Wait.”


Coming Up: Max begs Liz to reconsider. Liz meets the new English teacher.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 14 pg 20 4/30

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A.N. This next chapter mentions a meeting between Michael and Liz, originally it was going to be chapter 14 or 15 but I wanted to get to the school so instead of the whole meeting being it’s own chapter it’ll only be mentioned.

Chapter 15

Liz held on tightly to Maria’s hand till she reached the hallway that both her and Maria’s lockers were on, then she let go portraying a strong front. Max still waited directly on her locker searching the hall for her.

As soon as she was within fifteen feet of him he noticed her. He smiled sheepishly at her and moved aside a little so she could get into her locker. “Hey Liz.”

“Hi Max.” She didn’t return his smile but wasn’t rude to him either.

Maria waved, greeting Max, even though he hadn’t noticed her till she said hello. Distractedly he smiled and greeted her back but then returned his full attention to Liz. She rolled her eyes keeping the smirk off her face while she went behind Max to her locker.

“Sorry about the ambush but I needed to talk to you.” Max admitted.

“Kinda figured.” She put some of the books from her backpack into her locker. “So what did you want to talk about?” As if she didn’t know.

From behind Max Maria made faces toward Liz showing exactly what she thought of the situation. She rolled her eyes toward the ceiling and shook her head. Yea, Maria knew too what was on Max’s mind. It was hard not to know.

“Well, I know you said that we shouldn’t see each other more.” Max started.

“Yes, that is what I said.” Liz agreed.

Max swallowed and continued. “It’s been almost a week, I haven’t called you, talked to you…”

“Can you get to the point please.” Dancing around the issue would only annoy her. Maria leaned back and mouthed ‘Be nice.’ To which she glared back at her friend.

“The point is I was hoping you had changed your mind. If this is about Tess and spending time with her this summer I’m sorry but it’s important Michael, Isabel, Tess, and I get stronger but we’re not together.” Max practically pleaded.

“Max, I’m not upset that you spent time with Tess this summer. If it helps you and the others then you should have. It’s not about that.” She sighed.

He shrugged, “Then I don’t see what the problem is. Did I upset you when you came back? I hadn’t seen you for the entire summer I was excited to see you, I don’t see a problem with that.” He argued.

No matter what she said whether it be in a nice way or a downright bitchy way Max would be hurt. “Max you are a great guy, I’m sorry that I was so mean to you when I first came home and I’m sorry that I wasn’t more…sensitive when I broke up with you.”

Max smiled a little thinking they were getting back together. Maria took note of his changed posture and shook her head. That boy never learned, he was going to get his heart trampled on again and he couldn’t see it coming.

“I could have said it a little nicer, calmer. But Max the message behind it, where we are over and never getting back together again…that I meant. If you want we can still be friends but that is as far as we will…” Max didn’t let her finish, he stormed off away from her down the hallway and to his first class.

“The dreaded friends category.” Maria closed her locker. “No guy, especially that boy wants to be friends with his obsession.”

“The last thing I want is him out of my life completely. He’s a good guy but dammit—“ She didn’t finish her sentence just shook her head negatively.

“I hear ya girl. Max refuses to believe that you and he weren’t meant to be.” She wrapped her arm around Liz’s shoulders. “Hell, I have a problem believing it but if you’re sure and happy with your decision what can I do besides support you.”

“Thanks Ria. You’re one of a kind.”

“Better believe it chica. See you in Math?” Maria squeezed her shoulders and then hurried toward her first class of the day.

Liz shut the door to her locker and made her way toward her language class. She had Spanish, Michael, Kyle, and Alex shared the class with her. As she rounded the corner a hand reached out and grabbed her around the waist and mouth pulling her into the nearby room.


Tess sat in the library with her newly purchased laptop, with Nasedo gone pretending to be Pierce she had to keep busy somehow. It was so lonely in the house, she wished she had a puppy, at least then she wouldn’t feel as alone.

For the last couple months she had been working to figure out the destiny book. She had hoped she would have an easy time of it. After all she knew the language at one point but unfortunately her memories hadn’t included the language and knowing how to read it.

Over the summer she had gotten a little closer to the others. Max sought her out regularly but it was only to get information. Michael only got together with her during their training sessions. Isabel on the other hand spent some time with her doing her best to get to know her, however their conversations usually went back to information gathering. While Maria refused to acknowledge her, that had more to do with her being Liz’s friend then anything else.

Tess started up a solitaire game tired of working on the destiny book. She wished she had a friend that would support her no matter what. It sounded like it would be a nice thing to have.

Feeling sorry for herself she closed down the computer. Class would start soon anyway. Slipping her laptop into her backpack she left the library and walked toward her first class. Checking her schedule she saw she had History. She had no idea whom if anybody she knew had the class with her; no one bothered to ask her.


Years of military training kicked in and she wrestled her way out of the person’s embrace. Liz kicked her opponent in the stomach, and then she twisted their arm behind their body and plowed them into the chalkboard.

Only then did she see who her capture was. “Michael?” She glared. “What the hell are doing.” She let him go and moved away.

“Jesus, that’s a strong kick.” He complimented.

“Thanks. Now what the hell were you doing dragging me in here?” She straightened her jacket and picked her books up off the floor.

“I needed to talk to you but Maria was with you and I didn’t want her to get suspicious.” He admitted.

“And dragging me into the Eraser Room isn’t being suspicious? Maybe I should remind you what this room is for?” She smirked. Laughing she hopped up onto the desk. “So what do you want.”

“Isabel and Max were asking questions about where I was two days ago.”

Liz glared. “And what did you tell them?” She knew he didn’t tell Max anything, if he had Max would have mentioned it in his desperation to get back together. He wouldn’t be able to contain his anger at not being let in on her secret since he had trusted his with her.

“Nothing, just that I needed a break and went out to the desert.” He assured her.

“So what’s the problem?” She leaned back.

“How am I going to explain the bruises and cuts?” Since Hank, Isabel and Max were more aware of abrasions he suffered, now they weren’t scared to confront him about abuse he may be suffering.

Liz shrugged. “We can always stop the training. Or you can join a class that teaches what I’m teaching you.”

Michael had come to her on the second of September and asked her to help train him. He wanted to be ready for whatever threat came at them. She admired his willingness to learn and protect his family any way he could.

“No, that’s not an option. I want to learn, I have to learn. The enemies won’t take it easy on me if I can’t fight well.” He knew how to fight but it was street fighting, basic protecting of one’s body. He didn’t know how to kill, to permanently injure, Liz did and against their enemies those were handy skills to possess.

“Then my only piece of advice is learn fast. The faster you learn the less owie’s you’ll get.”

“Owie’s?” He rose an eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes and picked up her books from the desk and made her way toward the door. “Oh by the way. My father wants to talk to you.”

“What why?”

“Michael he found you on my bed at six in the morning. Granted I hadn’t been there all night,” She had been out in the desert with Alex; he gave her a small birthday celebration with him and Maria. “But my Dad didn’t know that.”

Her parents knew she and Alex were siblings and that they were different but they never pried further than that. Neither wanted to traumatize her more than she had been, so they never asked and she never told.

“I thought your Dad believed your excuse?” Liz had told Jeff that Michael called and asked for her help in getting back with Maria, so she told him to come over. They were on a little bit of an off phase but it was only a matter of time before they were back on again.

“He did but he’s overly protective of me and wants to make sure you have no ill intentions toward me. Be prepared to be threatened.” She smiled and left the Eraser Room quickly and quietly.


The day had continued in much the same way as any first day would. Students grumbled going to classes but were thrilled to see friends they hadn’t seen since the end of the last year. English was her next class; she had Alex, Max, and Tess in the class.

She went in through the back door, most of class was already seated but there was an empty seat next to Max and another next to Alex. She closed her eyes in a silent thank you for Alex’s foresight. He had set his backpack and some of his things on the desk and chair so it looked like the seat was taken.

Liz hurried toward him, once he saw her he moved his stuff back to his side. “Hey partner.” Alex smiled. The name of the English teacher that was on their schedule was known to make people partner up and work on assignments together.

“You’re in a happy mood.” She smiled back. “Anything to do with Isabel?”

“Always. But that’s not the only reason.” He smirked. “There’s a rumor going around school about you and certain…Czech.”

“What?” Liz frowned. “What about me and Max?” She didn’t think their conversation had been that interesting to garner the whole school talking about them.

“No not you and boy King. You and Michael.” He revealed.

“Me and…”

“Michael. Pam Troy saw you leave the Eraser room and then a few seconds later a rumpled Michael came out. She’s been spreading the rumor like wildfire.”

“Dammit. Has Maria heard?”

“I’m sure she has but you know her, she’ll confront you in Math and clear the whole thing up.” Alex looked back at Max and Tess. “So what really happened?”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Nothing like Pam Troy is spreading. Michael wanted to talk to me about the whole me and Max breaking up. Wanted to make sure I wasn’t just stringing him along till I was ready for him to be my boyfriend again. Unfortunately he grabbed me and pulled me into the Eraser room which was when I shoved his body into the chalkboard.” She felt awful for lying to him even a little bit but he didn't know that Michael knew about transgenics.

Alex let out a loud laugh. “Oh Blue Lady I would pay to see that.” He held his stomach and continued to laugh.

“Oh shut up.” She lightly hit his shoulder.

The bell rang loudly and many of the students quieted somewhat but didn’t stop their conversations because the teacher still hadn’t shown yet.

A minute after the bell rang though the teacher entered and Liz’s heart stopped. Alec. Alec there, at her school, in her class, setting his briefcase on the desk. “Oh shit.”


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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg23 8/27

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A.N. Don't hate me for leaving the end of this chapter where I did. :twisted: :lol:

Chapter 16

Liz who had been sitting on one of her legs quickly lifted her butt up and moved her left leg till her foot laid flat on the floor. She slid down in her chair until the guy’s head in front of her effectively kept her out of the eye line of Alec.

Alex turned and stared at Liz oddly. One second she was smiling and talking to him now she’s slouched in her chair keeping her head down, doodling on her notebook. With the room being completely silent he couldn’t get her attention without disturbing the class.

Liz stared intently at the paper in front of her. Oh shit; of all the guys she had to sleep with it had to be a new teacher. There was no way this man had been a teacher at West Roswell High till recently, she would have noticed.

“All right class. As some of you may know your regular English teacher is on maternity leave. I’ll be filling in, my name is Alec Spencer.” He sat on the edge of the desk.

Alec noticed a few of the girls in the class stare appreciatively at him. He knew he looked good in his black slacks and light blue buttoned shirt. Earlier that morning he had debated about the real Alec Spencer’s glasses, he decided to keep them. He’d have to pretend to change to contacts before his Phys Ed. class but it’d help keep up appearances.

“Feel free to call me Alec. Or if you’re not comfortable with that then Mr. Spencer’s fine.” That morning he had looked over the names of students in his class. Alex Whitman, his intended target was in the class, along with Elizabeth Parker, the girl he was going to check out as Whitman’s sister.

Thankfully Whitman would be easy; they already had his picture from the video at one of the Manticore facilities. Granted it was a little blurry but it still gave a fairly good head shot.

“I’m going to be taking roll call now. If you prefer a nickname you’d like me to call you please let me know.” He spotted Alex Whitman immediately after he entered the classroom. Alec turned slightly picking up the folder that had roll call. He took out the piece of paper and started to go down the list out loud, taking in account of who was there and who wasn’t.

“Debra Donald?”

“Here.” A red-headed girl in the back raised her hand. He acknowledged her and continued down the list.

“Maxwell Evans?”

He raised his hand gaining Mr. Spencer’s attention. “Max.”

Alec made a note next to the boy’s name. He continued down the list till he reached the other person he was supposed to be keeping an eye out for. “Elizabeth Parker.”

Liz swallowed passed the lump in her throat before saying. “Here.” She didn’t raise her hand though. The last thing she wanted was to have him recognize her but she couldn’t expect to hide from him the whole year.

“Where?” Not seeing the person who went with the voice that sounded familiar but couldn’t place. He had probably passed by her one of the days he walked around the town getting to know the area.

Realizing that there was no way out but to draw attention to her she straightened a bit in her seat and lifted her hand. “Here.”

Alec stopped short. That was Elizabeth Parker? The woman he knew as Beth Michaels. She sat there and obviously had recognized him, no wonder she didn’t raise her hand the first time. It bothered him that she lied to him, granted he lied too, he wasn’t Alec Spencer, but seeing as he had no name he didn’t see it as lying to the extent she did.

Also, while he wasn’t a teacher in the technical sense, he still posed as a teacher. So he had slept with a student. Possibly an underage student. That could cause him a lot of problems. More accurately she could cause him a lot of problems. Although from the morning of their encounter she didn’t seem the type to follow him around like a stalker he couldn’t be sure.

“Go by any nicknames? Beth perhaps?” He tightened his jaw a bit.

“No, Liz.” The students watched the staring contest between the teacher and one of their own.

“Of course.” Alec said sarcastically. He made a note on the roll call sheet even though he’d never forget her name. Any of them. Angry but not willing to show it he finished up the roll call until he got to the last student. “Alexander Whitman?”

“Yep.” He put up two fingers in greeting and kept his eyes on the teacher. Something happened between his sister and the man at the front of the class. To protect Liz he’d find out who he was and deal with him if need be.

Suddenly Alex remembered the morning Liz snuck in through her window. She had proudly displayed the marks from her encounter with whomever she had been with. Could this be the man that caused such a reaction from Liz? If it was then he was much more interested in Mr. Spencer.

“Okay.” Alec set the sheet down and found the first set of papers he would hand out. “Here is the syllabus. There will be three exams, six papers, one group project and weekly assignments. I’ve given you the dates for when the tests are, and when the papers and weekly assignments are due.” He walked in front of each row and handed them each a stack of papers to hand to the person behind them.

He didn’t fight the urge to take a quick glance at Liz two seats back from the front. She stared back at him, not once turning away. Alec stayed in front of her row for a second longer than he should have. He got back on track and finished passing the first packet of papers out.

“And because this is an English class there will be reading involved. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a student come up to me and complain about the amount of literature. There really isn’t that much, most are short stories, no more than ten pages.” Alec sat on his desk facing the students.

“Now with that being said, you will have to choose a novel to read. On the last page of the papers I gave you is a list of suggestions. You don’t have to read those it’s just there to give you some ideas.” He explained. “Any questions about whether a book is ok, feel free to come talk to me.”

“It is very important that you choose a novel within these first two weeks because the final paper is about your novel.” He looked over the classroom and briefly lingered on Liz. Every time he glanced around his eyes strayed to her and wouldn’t leave for many seconds. Currently she was popping the cap of her pen off and sticking it back on repeatedly.

As Alec furthered explained the way he ran his classroom Liz couldn’t stop staring at him. When his shirt moved with his body she remembered what was under that shirt, rock hard abs and arms that were strong and defined. While his black pants left others to imagine what the looser fabric was hiding, not her. She knew better than anyone in the room.

Liz shifted in the seat and focused on his voice. Alec didn’t speak loudly but he spoke firmly and demanded to be listened to. That voice did wonderful things to her during their night together. Ok, don’t focus on his voice, desire pooled in her low belly. It wasn’t good to get hot and bothered during class.

Finally thirty minutes later the bell rang and saved her from any further torture.

Alex smiled at her and opened his mouth to talk to her but Alec cut him off. “Miss. Parker, if you could wait I’d appreciate it.”

He wanted her to what? “I really don’t think…”

“It won’t take long.” Alec cut her off too.

Liz cast nervous glances from Alex to Alec. By the question in Alex’s eye she’d have to explain some things later. She’d avoid that conversation if she could but Alex wasn’t one to be ignored when he really went after information. “Ok, sure.”

“Great.” He smiled falsely. Alec leaned against the desk and waited for the classroom to clear out. Alex was the last to go but not before telling her he’d see her at lunch.

Liz was tempted to call her brother back but she resisted that urge. Once Alex left she and Alec were alone. Thankfully the door was still open but then she saw Alec move from the desk and closed the very door that gave her a modicum of comfort.

“You lied to me.”

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 16 pg23 8/28

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Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback. Here's the next chapter.


"You lied to me."

Chapter 17

“So?” Liz crossed her arms angrily.

“That’s all you have to say to me?” Alec stepped forward. He didn’t know why it bothered him so much that she lied to him on their first meeting but it did.

Liz shrugged. “What the hell should I say? Yes I lied to you somewhat.”

“You call giving me a fake first and last name somewhat lying to me?” He couldn’t believe her.

She sent him a look that asked him if he was that stupid. “Technically ‘Beth’ was not a fake name. Granted it’s not the nickname I usually use but it’s still a nickname for Elizabeth. The last name however I’ll admit was a lie; I don’t see why you’re so upset about that.”

Alec stepped closer to her and came dangerously close to invading her personal bubble. His presence surrounded her and she wanted nothing more than to apologize to Alec for not being wholly truthful so he’d forgive her then screw her into the wall. Yea, she had her priorities straight, sure she just had to keep telling herself that.

Why was it that when she was around him all her sensible and rational emotions shut off and went into hiding? Standing close to him brought out instincts that she at times tried to ignore or deny she had. Animal instincts that clawed and fought with each other.

“The name thing doesn’t upset me as much as screwing a sixteen year old does. Not to mention you’re my student.” Alec argued. He could get fired and that would compromise the entire operation.

“First of all I’m…seventeen not sixteen,” She almost blurted out her actual age of twenty-one. That wouldn’t have been very smart of her. That information would only raise red flags and she couldn’t afford that. “Second of all I had no idea you were a teacher and you had no idea I’d be your student.”

Alec’s eyes drifted down to her chest heaving with irritation and a bit of anger. It was September in Roswell and sweaters were not a part of the attire yet. A bead of sweat trickled down her tanned neck and fell down between the valley of her breasts.

“Doesn’t change the fact that you are.” His voice had become husky and filled with want. As soon as he came an inch closer he saw her breath hitch. Liz swept her lashes up and stared at him with a fire smoldering in her dark orbs.

“What bothers you more?” She closed the gap between their bodies and touched her hands to his chest playing with the buttons holding his shirt closed. “The fact that you slept with your student...” Liz bit her lip and projected the air of sexy innocence. “Or the fact that you want to do it again?” Liz stood on her tip toes and delicately nipped at his jaw. She reveled in the gulp she heard.

A screech from outside the classroom and down the hall cut into their moment. Liz pulled away. In a few minutes the classroom would be crawling with students again. After the pulse school attendance dropped away significantly. Almost fifty percent of students left school, but that had more to do with their parent’s home schooling them.

Although she pulled away from Alec she kept her palms pressed against his stomach. “See you later…Mr. Spencer.” She brushed passed him making sure to touch him with her body.

When she got arms length away from him he grabbed her arm gently but firmly. “Don’t play games with me. This can come back to bite us both in the ass.” He barely noticed his thumb rubbing assuring circles on her delicate bicep.

Liz smirked. Stepping closer to him she stared up at him. “Well, when you’re ready to play let me know. We’ll have fun.” She kissed his lips quickly before leaving his grasp and hurrying out the door.

Alec watched her go and clenched his fists. Dammit, he wanted to follow her and show her who the alpha was. His scowl remained on his face until the first student of his next class came into the room. He had a job to do and he couldn’t be distracted. If she wanted to play though then he’d be game. She just better be ready for him.


Liz ran to her math class, Maria would want to talk to her about what she had heard happened between her and Michael. Pam Troy of course had to tell Maria the worse possible explanation for their appearance after leaving the Eraser room.

She passed through the doorway and sure enough there Maria was tapping her pen. Unfortunately she and Maria weren’t alone in the class. Tess, Pam, and Vicki Delany were also present.

Seeing Liz, Pam spoke up for the whole class to hear. “Well Liz, going for your friends boyfriends now? And going for it right in the Eraser room where Maria’s locker is nearby, that’s ballsy.” She sneered.

Liz nodded tweaking her jaw to the side in irritation, Pam, while being the town mattress wasn’t stupid. She held a solid 3.5 GPA and at one point was neck and neck with her and Alex for top scores.

“What are you throwing stones for Pam?” Maria spoke up. “Didn’t I see you last week at the movies making out with Daryl Fern? Isn’t that Tina’s boyfriend? You remember Tina don’t you, your best friend since first grade, the same best friend that is in the hospital with a broken leg and concussion from a car accident that you caused?”

Liz and Maria high-fived each other as Liz sat down in the chair next to her. “Nice.” She complimented Maria.

“Thank you.” She smiled. “So I know what Pam was spreading was the highly exaggerated version of what actually happened but just to ease my mind what did happen?” Maria questioned. It wasn’t that she believed anything that came out of Pam’s mouth but if she didn’t get the real story then her imagination would run wild and that would be hell.

“Michael wanted to make sure that I wasn’t stringing Max along. He pulled me into the Eraser room; it being the only room we could talk privately in and since I didn’t know who it was I shoved him into the chalkboard. Hence his mused appearance.” Liz explained the same lie she told Alex. “So ease those racing ideas.” The two continued to chit-chat for a couple minutes before the bell rang.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 17 pg25 10/22

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Since I'm going to really busy this week (Halloween is a big deal at my house) I'm posting the next chapter now.

Queen Fee
Touch of the Wind

Thank you all the feedback. I love reading it.

A.N. This chapter has a little bit of everyone. I’m also messing with the events of Season 2, some things happen, some things don’t…I’m being real specific there aren’t I? Nasedo is still alive and some of the things that happen in the first 2 eps of season 2 are being spread out over a longer stretch of time.

Chapter 18

Leaving Math, Maria and Liz linked arms laughing at Pam, because she was so frazzled by what Maria had spilled to the whole class she wasn’t paying attention to much and tripped over a backpack laying on the floor. She landed on her face fairly hard and had to go home for the day.

“That bitch should know never to mess with me and mine.” Maria’s locker was first on their stops then they’d stop by hers.

“You do take on the Mama Bear persona when someone tries to tear us down.”


Tess stared longingly after Maria and Liz. For once she’d like someone to have her back. Nasedo, when he was there took Max’s side on many issues. He’s the King he must be followed. It’d be nice if he took the side of the girl he had been protecting for years once in a while.

She gathered her books and left the classroom plastering a confident expression on her face as soon as she turned the corner she slammed into another student heading the opposite direction. “Oh crap.” She dropped her books and instantly bent to pick them up.

“Sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going.” The familiar voice apologized.

“It’s ok Alex.” Tess assured him as he bent down to help her gather her books.

“Tess? Wow I just can’t seem to help running into you. First at the mall now in the hall.” Alex laughed. “Hey, that rhymed.”

Tess chuckled along with him. “I guess it did.”

“It’s ok, you don’t have to laugh. I know a lame joke when I tell one.” Alex helped her stand up and held onto two of her books. “Hey, Maria and Liz are in this Math class too.”

“Yea, I saw them in there. We didn’t really get a chance to talk though.” Tess lied; they hadn’t wanted to talk to her. They were too busy chatting with each other and didn’t bother to let her join in even though she was in the seat behind Maria.

“What class do you have next?” Alex kept the books and started walking with Tess.

“Economics with Mrs. Eleanor.” She told him a little nervous that he wouldn’t let her carry her own books. It was sweet but she’d never have someone do it just to be nice. Usually a guy did it to get into her pants and if a girl did it they wanted to throw the book across the hall.

“Just had her. She left her hearing aid at home so be prepared to do nothing. She’ll hand out the syllabus, tell you to read it then leave you to your own devices.” Alex explained.

“Sounds like it’ll be fun.” Once they reached the classroom Alex handed her back her books.

“Have fun, and I’ll see you at lunch Tess.” He waved and hurried off to his next class, music with Mr. Longhorn.

Tess waved but Alex didn’t catch it since his back was turned. Smiling a little she shook her head. That was a first, most of the time when someone from their group bumped into her or passed her in the hallway they’d continue on their way with barely a hello and goodbye. Alex had actually stopped where he was going and walked with her. It was nice.

Holding the books off to her side she walked into Economics. No one she knew, so far were in the class. There was still five minutes before the bell rang though so maybe Max, Michael, or Isabel would be there.


By the time lunch rolled around Alec had officially beaten himself up at least twice…mentally anyway. He had Alex Whitman, his intended target in his class and he let the kid walk away without even initiating contact. At first he tried to rationalize his decision by acknowledging that Elizabeth, Liz, was also on his list of suspects but he knew that wasn’t the real reason.

Already she was causing wrinkles in the mission. He had to be more focused, make it clear that nothing would happen between them again. He’s her teacher, she’s his student. It couldn’t work.

He stood up from his chair as the last student in his freshman English class left for lunch. Alec took the keys from his jacket pocket as he slipped it on over his shoulders. His last mission before this had also been a teaching job, that time he taught Math to a bunch of middle schooler's. A rogue transgenic had been enrolled and Manticore wanted him back.

He loaded his briefcase up with papers and some other items he brought with him; he then closed the top and swung it off the desk. Walking out of the room, briefcase in hand, he locked the door behind him. He’d go down to the cafeteria buy lunch and eat in the teacher’s lounge.

As he walked down the hall he noticed the blatant stares directed his way from girls. Even a few female teachers he hadn’t met yet were gawking at him. It didn’t shock him or bother him but blending in wasn’t his forte.


Max stood at his locker and watched as Liz breezed by him without noticing him. She and Maria had their arms linked together hurrying to the cafeteria. Ever since their break up he’d been picking up more hours at the UFO Center. Anything to keep his mind off Liz.

Having a new boss certainly helped. He had to figure out Brody Davis rules, what kind of person he was, what he tolerated, what he didn’t. Most importantly what he was hiding. Brody was off, he couldn’t pin-point what it was but he was clearly hiding something big.

Nasedo had returned to his Agent Pierce appearance and headed back to Washington D.C. after his brief visit there. He drew in a shaky breath; he still had nightmares of his time in the White Room. The after affects of being tortured didn’t just go away when the morning sun came out.

Mom and Dad were worried about him, he was pulling away from them, and the only person he stayed close to anymore was Isabel. Even his sister didn’t know everything he went through though and she wasn’t going to either, not if he had anything to say about it.

He and Michael on the other hand were growing further apart. Every time they were in the same room they were at each other’s throats within minutes. He shook his head, they usually did get into arguments but they’d been escalating in frequency lately.

Now, since the rumor about Michael and Liz made their rounds, he had to talk to him. It was unlikely the two of them had anything going on but he couldn’t stop the wild thoughts being conjured in his mind. Both of them were free technically, but he knew neither would do that to him or Maria. At least he hoped they wouldn’t.

Max doubted Maria would be linking arms with Liz if she believed or knew about the rumor. It was unlikely that Maria didn’t know, she knew gossip, which was her form of entertainment.

Max quietly shut his locker door and followed the sea of students toward the cafeteria. Tomorrow he had a therapist appointment. Mom was determined to get him to talk to somebody, if not her than maybe someone outside the family could help. There wasn’t much anyone could do though, not unless they knew the whole story which wasn’t going to happen ever.


Isabel clutched her books to her chest as she walked with Michael towards the cafeteria. “How could you drag her into the Eraser room? It’s not like we need more attention.”

“Isabel I told you I couldn’t have Maria seeing Liz and I talking. Last thing I need is for her to think I’m trying to get back together with her.” He shrugged off.

“Oh, so it’s better that she thinks you’re going after her best friend. Yea, that makes sense.” Isabel rolled her eyes and grabbed a tray.

Michael sighed. “Nothing like that happened.”

“That’s not what Pam Troy’s spreading around.” Isabel pointed out.

He shook his head. “Pam Troy is just trying to spread something other than disease. She saw my shirt a little askew and jumps to me screwing Liz in the Eraser room. Girl needs a hobby.”


Kyle, already seated with his team mates, shook up his milk carton. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Isabel and Michael chatting by the cashier and Liz and Maria entering the cafeteria, shortly followed by Tess.

Ever since Max placed a hand over his chest and healed him he’d been on the lookout for antennas coming out from his head or a green tint to his skin. To his relief so far there hadn’t been but he had no idea what happened after Max healed him. Liz obviously had been fine, to his knowledge anyway, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be different.

Biting into his corn dog he tried to get his mind off the idea of possibly becoming an alien but it was difficult to not be worried. Dad couldn’t stop praising Max and it wasn’t that he was ungrateful for what Max did he just got tired of the constant bowing Dad did to Max now.

It bothered him that Dad picked him up late from football camp because of some alien mini-meeting. Why did he have to be a last priority now that the alien secret had been revealed to him and Dad? It wasn’t fair.

A bit after Tess came in and got in line Max and Alex slid passed the line of kids getting food and went straight out to the courtyard. The two carried sack lunches and were probably on their way to securing a table for everyone. He expected at some point one of the members of the ‘I Know an Alien Club’ would come and ask him to sit with them, he couldn’t see that happening. He didn’t want to become any more involved in their drama then he already was, Dad might put his life on hold for them but he refused too.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 18 pg3 10/28

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Queen Fee: There may be. :wink: And I wouldn't hold your breath on Liz liking Tess any time soon.
Touch of the Wind: There just might be. :wink:
alexceasar: I'm glad you liked Tess's characterization.
Egyptian_Kiss: Thank you, I'm glad you liked the way the characters are being written. I especially wanted to put a bit of Kyle in the last chapter because at least right now and for a while to come he won't be a part of the fic except in small bits.
Maiqu: Thank you
Ellie: Tess can definitely use a friend.
Synera: Thank you.
DreamerAZ: Thanks, there could be something between her and Alex.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. It's great to read.

Chapter 19


“So I’ve been thinking about—and I know this is completely crazy but maybe Michael and I could start back up again.” Maria shrugged. “I mean if you and Max aren’t taking the plunge back into date land at least Michael and I can try.”

Liz spotted Alec striding through the double doors of the lunch room with confidence. Seeing him walk across a room, taking in that swagger he had that let anyone looking know he knew how hot he was. Damn that man.

“Hello? Liz? We were having a conversation that usually requires at least two people and more than just me speaking.” Maria teased.

“Sorry. Umm, yea, if you really want to get back together with Michael…”

Maria pushed her tray down the line and groaned loudly with frustration. “No, no, no this not a supportive best friend exchange, this is a talk me out that idea exchange.”

“Again, sorry. I got distracted.” Liz apologized and turned her focus back to Maria. The least she could do was listen to her friend while she talked about Michael and their on again, off again relationship.

“It’s ok. What’s got you so distracted?” Maria handed the cashier money then had to wait while the student in charge tried to make change for her ten.

Liz glanced away for a second to grab an apple off to the left and sneak a peek at Alec who had paid for his lunch and was leaving the cafeteria. “As you might say I saw some candy…”

“That needed lickin’.” Maria finished and the two girls laughed together. “Let me take a stab at this one, the hot new English teacher?” She smirked happily.

“How’d you guess?”

“Please Liz, the man has made his way around the fair female sex today.” Maria waited off to the side while Liz paid for her lunch as well.

“What?” Liz glared a bit. No, Alec clearly had a problem with getting involved with a student. There was no way he would hit on other girls after their conversation. She swallowed hard passed the lump in her throat. Blue Lady why did that bother her so much?

“Mr. Spencer has been gossiped about all day. Not a single straight female or gay male hasn’t been told or seen how hot the man is.” She explained. “This is the one time I regret not being a brain. Mr. Spencer is teaching only one normal level English class and it’s for freshmen.”

Without Maria noticing she breathed a small sigh of relief. Although Maria didn’t catch her eased mind she certainly caught the reaction she had only a few seconds earlier.

“So feeling a little possessive are we of the new teacher?” She whispered softly in her friend’s ear.

“What? No.” Liz shrugged off her question.

“Sweetie, come on. It’s me we’re talking about here. We’ve been friends for years I think I know when you’re a little—“ She searched for the right word.

“Interested?” Liz supplied.

“I was going to say uppity. But interested is also good.” Maria smirked. Once Liz had paid the two walked slowly toward the outside entrance.

“It’s nothing really Maria.” Liz fibbed.

Maria rolled her eyes. “And I may believe that if I didn’t know you as well as I do.” Although she called Liz on her evasion of the question she didn’t push the issue. Yet.

Getting in sight of Max and Alex, Maria nodded toward her other best friend when he waved to them. The duo were still a minute or so away, so Maria jumped right into what had been bothering her for the last few days.

“Ok, so I don’t want you to find out from Max and think I was keeping something from you, but he and I spent a lot of time together this summer.” Immediately realizing how that sounded she added. “In a friends kind of way not a sneaking behind your and Michael’s backs kind of way.”

Liz nodded. “That’s good. I’m glad he had someone to hang out with. You know besides the Czech’s.” She ceased caring about Max after she cut ties with him after the message from his and Isabel’s mother. Inwardly she sighed, she’d like that to be true, but fact of the matter was she did care what happened to him, just not in a relationship way.

Neither girl had a chance to talk about anymore private things because they had reached the table. Since they first spotted the table Max and Alex picked out Michael and Isabel had joined them and Tess was on her way over. Maria seeing an opportunity to bug Tess quickly snagged the only seat left open next to Max.

Liz noticed Maria’s game and fought the smirk itching at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t like Tess, everything about the girl screamed manipulator. From her delicate blond curls, down to her baby blue eyes and full mouth not to mention the killer body on top of her beautiful face. Manticore would have loved her.

That could be why she didn’t trust the blond, she reminded her too much of Manticore and what they strived for—perfection. Liz could clearly see Tess undercover getting information for them and not only doing it but enjoy playing with people.

Liz sat next to Maria and tore into her food with her plastic fork. There were two times the amount of food on her plate than Maria or Isabel had on theirs. She even had more food than Michael, but not Alex. Because of their DNA and enhanced abilities she and Alex needed approximately fifteen hundred more calories than regular humans…or regular aliens.

“Here Tess, there’s enough room for you right here.” Alex scooted over a bit pressing into Isabel a little more.

Liz chewed and dangled her fork over her noodles drenched in a sauce so disgusting that she didn’t want to know what it was made out of. The pulse hadn’t made school food taste any better. She cautiously watched as Tess sat down between Alex and Michael. Liz sniffed and swallowed her food. Alex from across the way glared at her slightly.

She raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes at him. What was he getting all irritated at her for? It wasn’t like she was obvious in her dislike of Tess and she certainly hadn’t lied about her feelings toward the blond. Although that’s probably the only thing she hadn’t lied about lately.

Over the next half hour the group talked about normal teenage things and left the world of aliens (and transgenics) behind. If only for a little while.

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